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Part 1

Temporal:*walking around with Serana as she is holding his hand*

Hikaru:(Walking,she then sees Temp)Hey Temp.^^

Temporal:Hey Hika ^^ whatcha doing?

Hikaru:Just taking a walk.Its real nice today.And hello to you too.(To Serana)

Serana:Hey Hika ^_^

Hika:How are you two today?

Temporal and Serana: Pretty Good ^_^

Temporal: How bout you?

Hika:I'm pretty good too.^^

Temporal:that's good, *scratched his head*

(Suddenly, a loud hovering noise is heard)

???:*a mobian lopunny sitting on a bench and reading a book sudenly notices the sound, and looks up*

???:*hovering over the group and quietly laughs* hello Cat.

Temporal:*looks up at the figure* W-who? *noticed a red jacket and a big mustache*

???:*has never met Eggman before* Who is that?


???: Eggman? What kinda name is Eggman?

Eggman: That's my name!!

???: Yeah, well you have a stupid name!

Eggman:SILENCE!! *shoots ??? with a laser gun*

Hika:What does that laser do?

???: Looop! Lop? *gets angry* Lopunny!!!

Temporal:well, that answers that question, looks like, well, I don't know what it looks like.

Hika:Well,she looked looked like a mobian Lopunny,so now she must be a real Lopunny now.

???: Lopunny!


Eggman: now for my real target!! *shoots at Temporal*

Temporal:oh crap *jumps out of the way and which he was in front of Hika*

Hika:(Gets hit and turned into a dog mobian)What?

Temporal:*looks at Hika* opps, Sorry.

Eggman: *looks at the gun* hm, that's interesting, oh well, how bout another shot at her >:D *fires at Hika*

???: Lopunny?

Hika:(Gets hit again is turned to a dog)Bark?


Eggman:finally, getting to the point.

Serana:oh boy, *pets Hika for a second* come on *runs over behind a tree*

Temporal:don't think you'll hit me..

Eggman:yeah, I will. *shoots Temporal and this time it homes onto the metal which is on Temporal's body*

(and the laser hits Temporal)

Temporal:ah! *turns into a small kitten*

Eggman:HAHAHA, my work here is done! *flys off*

Hika:(In dog)Get back here!

Temporal:(In cat) wait, I can hear you talking, but I could hear you barking before.

Hika:I guess since we're both animal,we can understand eachother

Temporal:yep...... wait a second, do I still have my robotic parts? (ears, half of his chest, right arm, and legs)


Temporal:ok, good to know, *walks around on all fours* this feels awkward*

Hika:(Does the same)Yeah.We better check on that Lopunny girl.I bet she's wondering what's going on.

Temporal:alright, *walks over to the Lopunny girl* hello?, you ok?

???:*nods* Lopunny.

Hika:I think that's a yes.

(You can speck in animal form)

(Yeah, but she isnt an animal, shes a pokemon)

Temporal: Probly. *suddenly, small electrical grids start appearing on Temporal's body and face, and he moans in pain* gah *falls down*

???:*jumps excitedly*

Hika:Temp!What's wrong?

Temporal:ever since I turned into a mechromancer because of some jerks blood, I've been feeling like this, grids appearing on my body, face and eyes, and it hurts like crazy. Take a look *opens his eyes*

Hika:You poor thing

Temporal:yeah, it hurts extremely bad, but *stands up* we got to find Eggman before this happens to more people. Hika:Let's go check Serana.

Temporal:alright *walks over to Serana and meows, then thinks for a second, then licks her hand*

Serana:*laughs, then pets Temporal*

???: Lop? Lopunny? (Huh? Why did she laugh?)

Hika:(Goes to Serana and barks)

???:@Serana Lop, looooop, lopunny!

Serana:*smiles* well then, how about getting this fixed, shall we *stands up*

Hika:Bark.(Wags tail)

???:*hops up and down* Lopunny!


Serana:should we wait for you all to get used to your new.......... bodys?

Hika:Bark bark.

Serana:I'm guessing that means yes.

???: Lop.....

Temporal:meow *nods*


Serana:um, well, *thinks for a second* maybe to be on the safe side, we should get collars for you guys.

Hika:Bark bark.(Agrees)

Serana:well, ok, let's go get some collars. *smiles*




Serana: would you prefer a Pokeball?

???:*nods* Lopunny!

Serana:ok, collars for Hika and Temp and a pokeball for..... you. *thinking* what's her name, oh well *walks inside*

Hika:@Temp:We don't even know the Lopunny's name.

???:@Hika: My name is Ebony Barbara Delicado, but most people call me Nudge.

Temporal:@Nudge: Nice to meet you, I'm Temporal. :)

Nudge: Nice to meet you to.

Hika:And I'm Hikaru.

Nudge: So what exactly hapened to us?

Temporal:Eggman Happened.


Nudge: Who, that weird guy?

Temporal:you've never heard of Robotnik? or Eggman?

Nudge: No, not really.

Hika:Then we got alot to tell you

Temporal:ok, well, it's a long list of crap, so I'll get to the point, he's a very bad man.

Nudge: He didnt look that scary to me.

Temporal:well, he is, he's created a giant ship the size of the moon, infact, he's blown up half of the moon.

Nudge: Dang!

Temporal:yep, so you shouldn't underestimate him.

Serana:*walks out with a bag, and in it is 2 collars and a pokeball* ok, should we put them on now or later?

Temporal:meow *nods for now*


Nudge: Lopunny (agrees)

Serana: OK then *takes out a collar for Temporal and puts it on him, then takes out a collar for Hika and puts it on her, and finally gets the pokeball out* do you want to go in it now or later?

Nudge:*nods for now* Lop.

Serana:ok then. *throws the pokeball for Nudge*

Hika:(In dog,wagging tail)I like this collar.^^

Nudge:*goes inside the pokeball*

Temporal:(on cat) it looks good on you. ^^


Temporal:your welcome ^^

Serana:*rubs her head* ugh, I'm feeling a bit.... sick.

Hika:(In dog)Somethings wrong with Serana.

Temporal:(In Cat) *walks up to Serana and meows worriedly* meow?

Serana:*wraps her arms around her stomach and moans in pain* M-maybe we should head to the house.


(later at Temp's house)

Serana:*lays down in Temp's bed and continues moaning in pain*

Temporal:*whines* meow.. (in cat) I hope she's ok.

Hika:(Whimpers)Bark..(In dog)Me too.

Temporal:maybe we should get some rest, it has been a long day. *jumps up onto the bed with Serana and cuddles with her*

Hika:Good idea.(Yawns,jumps in the bed and lays next to them)


Temporal:*wakes up to find that Serana is gone* Serana?

Hika:(Wakes up)What's wrong Temp?

Temporal:Serana is gone.

(suddenly the front door opens and Serana walks through)

Serana:*has a giant scowl on her face*

Temporal:*runs out* meow?

Serana:*looks at Temporal* I blame you. *drops a piece of paper so he can see and then walks away*

Hika:Whoa.What was that for?

Temporal:*reads the paper* O_O *stands still in shock for a second* I-I-it's apparently saying that she's..... pregnant...

Hika:But why is she mad?

Temporal:because she thinks I got her pregnant, probly.

Hika:Did you?

Temporal:....... NO, one I'm not old enough to get a girl pregnant, and two, I'm going to wait till I'm married, but I would not be surprised if she tried to or if it was something else.

Hika:Serana dosen't seem like that kind of girl.So it must be something else.

Temporal:*suddenly he thinks of one thing that would have done it* I'll give you one guess on that something else is......


Temporal:Yep, before, he got my DNA to make Cassandra, and he must have got Serana's during the Mechromancer Crisis, which would allow him to put it in her just by drinking some water, it's genius.

Hika:I see.

Temporal:well, I hope she's ok.

Hika:Me too

Serana:*walks out and bends down to Temporal's level* I'm sorry for blaming you, I'm just frustrated, can you forgive me?

Temporal:*nods* Meow

Serana:Thanks *pets him* should we go out for a walk?


Hika:Bark.^^(Wags tail)

Serana:ok then, let's go ^_^ *opens the door*


Temporal:meow. ^^

Serana:*walks outside*


Temporal:*follows both of them*

Serana:*closes the door behind them and starts walking*

Nudge:*comes out of her pokeball* Ugh, what happened......

(sorry i didbt join in earlier, it was getting to akward for me)

(NeroTH: that's alright)

Temporal:nothing happened.

Nudge: I see.

Temporal:well, besides finding out my girlfriend is pregnant.... probly because of EggHead.

Nudge: O_O !!!!


Nudge: Wow........thats really messed up.

Temporal:yep, it's messed up, but whatcha gonna do.

Nudge: Wait a minute! You actualy..............with the bed?

Hika:They didn't do that.

Nudge:*sighs in relief* Oh, thank god............................but how did she get pregnant then?

Temporal:I don't know how, but I want to find out.

Nudge: O_O

Hika:You alright Nudge?


Temporal:you sure? because your eyes are wipe open.

Hika:He's right.

Nudge: Its nothing.


Temporal:ok then *continues walking*

Hika:(Does the same)

Serana:should we go to the park? we can't go after Eggman for awhile because your not used to your new bodys.


Hika:Bark bark.(Agrees)

Serana:*snickers* Temporal does not get a vote

Temporal:*-_-* meow (in cat) of course I don't, oh well, my vote would have been the same

(at the park)

Hika:Bark bark!(WAgs tail)*In dog*What fun!

Nudge:*hopping around* Lop lopunny!

Temporal:*sleeping in Serana's lap*

Serana:*petting Temporal*

Nudge:*strokes her long, fluffy ears*

Temporal:*gets up and stretches then walks around some*

Cop:*walks up to Serana* Miss.

Serana:*looks at him* Yes?

Cop:You do know that your animals have to have leashes right?

Serana:No, I did not know.

Cop:Alright, well, make sure it does not happen again. *starts to turn around and notices Temporal walking back to Serana then he goes and picks Temporal up by the back on his neck*

Temporal:Meow (in cat) Gah.

Cop:Definitely looks feral *continues holding Temporal and walks back to his car to take him to the pound*

Serana:*runs up to the Cop* you can't do that.

Cop: well obviously I can, have you seen this cat?! *messes around with his ears, right arm, and legs* he's a cyborg cat, and those usually mean feral experiment, he's going to the pound to be put to sleep*

Serana:O_O *thinking* oh god no.

Cop:*gets into his car and drives off*

Nudge: Oh no you don't! *fires Focus Blast at the cop car*

Serana: no you don't, we will get him back trust me.

Nudge: Hmm....... ok.

Hika:(In dog)I hope we get to him in time

Serana:I don't know what your saying, but we will get him back :)


Nudge: Lop, Lopunny!

(at the Vet)

Temporal:*laying down in a cage* sigh, of course this happened.

Vet: Well, looks like your being put down little one, sorry about that.

Temporal:uh huh, *thinking* when is Serana gonna get here?

(suddenly, a door opens in the front room)

Vet:*walks out there* Hello?

Serana:Hi, um, some cop took my cat away from me and I want him back.

Vet:um, can I have some ID?

Serana:Yeah, you can, it's called the military out front.

Vet:O_O' uh, ok then *runs back to get Temporal and brings him out* here you go miss, please don't come back.

Serana:thank you *walks back outside holding Temporal*

Hika:(In dog)Thank goodness we made it in time

Nudge: Lopunny (indeed)

Serana:*puts Temp down*

Temporal:I wasn't worried, I knew you guys would get me ^_^

Nudge: That's good to hear.