This is the story of the adventures of Courtney the Hedgehog to save her animal friends from an armada of robots who wat to destroy them.


Please, no godmodding. The rest of us won't like it.

No vulgar content. Kissing, hugging, and flirting are ok.

No cussing at all, please.

Use proper grammar at all times. ('No I liek pie' or 'cat are furrey' stuff)

Be kind to everyone.

Please help me to create a detailed storyline.

Most of all, have fun!



  • Courtney the Hedgehog(Bitbyte1214)
  • Ricky (a purple flicky) (Bitbyte1214)
  • Felix Fox (Bitbyte1214)
  • Cinnamon the Mongoose(Bitbyte1214)

Anti Heroes

  • Strike the Stoat( Bitbyte1214)


  • I-52263x8 (Bitbyte1214)
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