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Hello, since I haven't made a roleplay in like ever, I thought I would. This is a free join RP, but I would like you tell that you want to join here. Unlike most RPs, this will feature a strange chapter system. For each day closer to Christmas, the last chapter will finish, and a new one will start.


Not much of one, but it is one, that's for sure. The entire population of Glacier Plains is planning a large Christmas party, and Blizzard is the head of organizing the entire thing. But, unknown to him, there are going to be multiple mishaps and mistakes that can ruin the party for everyone.


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Chapter 1, 18 days left

In the main village of Glacier Plains, the towns-people organizing their annual Christmas party, and they have nominated Blizzard, the local cyrokenitic, to decorate the town accordingly. However, Blizzard is running around town looking for some help with the matter.

Blizzard: AGGGHHH! Why won't anyone help with the decorations? I guess I forgot how cruel these people can be.

"Would you stop your whining, kid?" Jesse exclaims to him. "I volunteered, didn't I? I don't even live in this town!"

Blizzard: Since when have you been standing there?! I thought I was the only one here!

"I've been following you for twenty minutes, are you blind?"

Blizzard: Why would you follow me? And there's a vounteer list? Since when?

"I didn't say there was a list," Jesse says. "You are trying to get volunteers to help you with the decorations, ain't ya?"

Blizzard: I guess I did, didn't I? God, I can't remember anthing for crap.

Loki: *walks over* I heard you needed volunteers....Could I help?

Blizzard: Sure, since I need all the help I can get.

Loki: Alright, thanks. How can I help?

Blizzard: Ummm.... Go rally up some other people to help! That's always a good place to start.

Lien-DOS: May I help too? Christmas is so lovely!

"Ah, Lien. It's been a while," says Jesse fondly. "How you been?"

Lien-DOS: Hello Jesse! I have been just great, how about you?

"Doing awesome, did you hear I got married?" Jesse says, almost in a laugh.

Blizzard: * Runs of to find lights*

Lien-DOS: *to Jesse* Oh wow! That's great!

"Thanks," Jesse says. "That's not all, either," he hints.

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head* It's not?

"Take a wild guess," he laughs.

Lien-DOS: Oh I really don't know!

"Come on," he laughed. "I think you could figure it out!"

Lien-DOS: Well, I don't have sufficient data for this calculation but I'll try. Are you going to have a baby?

"Going to? I already did."

Lien-DOS: Jesse that's wonderful! Is it a boy or a girl? What is its name?

"Well, that's the tough part to explain. She didn't tell me 'til she had 'em that they were twins."

Blizzard: * Still running around in the background, looking for lights*

Lien-DOS: Wow, you are going to be busy. Now let's help Mr. Blizzard.

"What is he even doing anyway?" Jesse says, with a slight chuckle.

Blizzard: Found some! * Pushes a very big box of lights into the scene* I just found these lying there, in the snow!

"You know, you probably should've just gone to a store or something."

Blizzard: Do you see any money on me?

Jesse would've said something snappy, but in this case, he couldn't think of anything to say. So he just stood there with a somewhat dumb look on his face instead.

Blizzard: Didn't think so. Now, let's get these lights up!

"So then, where are we putting up the lights?"

Blizzard: All over town! You deal with the houses, I'll do the big tree in the middle of town. * Speeds of towards the tree*

Jesse calmly takes a string of lights, pitches it up on top of a house, and then wall-jumps off the side of the house, grabs the roof, and pulls himself up on top of it. "Ho, ho, ho," he laughs.

Blizzard: * Creates a ice spirial around the tree, the proceeds to run up the spirial, while throwing lights on the tree, finally ending with an oversized star on top* I'm to much!

Lien-DOS: *takes some of the lights and flies around to different buildings*

Blizzard: Now, to plug these in..... * Looks for a plug* Aha! There you are, little plug! Now, before I plug this in, I have to make sure that ALL the bulbs work, because if one goes out, they all go out. Screw it, I'm not doing that! * Plugs it in* YES! YES! It works!

Jesse finishes hanging the ligths on the first housetop, then tests them. They don't work. He proceeds to flick every light, and on the very last one they light. "Oh come on!"

Blizzard: Oh, way to go, Grizlwald!

Lien-DOS: *Scans the lights* All the lights appear to be getting adequate power. *plugs them in and they light up*

Jesse takes another set of lights and throws them up onto a second story rooftop, then jumps from the roof he's on, catches a pipe on the side of the house, and climbs up it. "Before you ask how I did that, I'm trained," he callse out to Blizzard.

Blizzard: I don't care how you did that, but keep doing it!

Jesse rapidly strings up the lights, tests them (this time they work), then jumps down off that roof and nearly rolls off a first floor roof below, but catches himself.

Blizzard: At this speed, we'll be done in no time!

Chapter 2, 17 days left

After putting up the lights all arould town, Blizzard and his friends work on putting other decorations up, starting at his house.

Blizzard: Here we are! There's the scary Santa! * Hauls a scary looking cardboard Santa cut out and places in in front of his house*

"Remind me what we're doing today," Jesse sighs, still tired from yesterday's work.

Blizzard: Putting up more stuff! * Tosses him a plastic reindeer* Put that somewhere.

Lien-DOS: *looks at the Santa* I don't see what's wrong with him.

Jesse plants the reindeer in a random spot. "Is this good? No, wait, that's in the street." He moves it. "Is this good?"

Blizzard: Yeahsurewhatever. Now..... Where's that sleigh? In the garage? * Runs into the garage*

Fifi the Bear appears. She pops in front of Jesse with a basket of Pumpkin Bars. "Hihi, Jesse!" She greets him.

Blizzard: * Still running around in the garage, the next thing you hear is a large crashing noise* OW. Who knew that a toaster landing on your head can hurt?

Jesse looks up lazily at Fifi, then says, calmly, "I don't think I know who you are."

Blizzard: * Still in the garage* No " HUZZAHS!" for you toaster! No " Oh Yeahs!" either!

After finding the decorations, Blizzard ran all over town putting, them up.

Chapter 3, 16 days left

After putting up the decorations, Blizzard has started to look for a good place for a party.

Blizzard: Ummm.... Ahh.... Where? Is there even a good place to organize a party on this stupid island?

"The hotel, perhaps," mutters Jesse, looking through a recipe book.

Blizzard: Nah, I don't think that would work. Plus, that's way out of my price range.

"The square?" Jesse says lazily.

Blizzard: Umm.. Nope! Too busy.

"Well then you're screwed." Jesse says, looking at a cake recipe.

Blizzard: Hmmm..... Wait! I got it! * Runs off*

"Whatever." Jesse takes out his phone and takes a picture of the recipe.

Blizzard: * Still in the background* I found it! And it's still froz- * Slips* OW.

Jesse continues flipping through the cookbook, not paying attention to Blizzard.

Lien-DOS: Mr. Blizzard, are you ok?

Meanwhile, somewhere else on the island, a scrawny gray hedgehog, not even bundled up for the cold weather, was looking around in confusion at all of the decorations, shivering intensely. He had no idea what was going on at all.

Blizzard: * In the distance* Yep! Come here guys! I found the perfect place!

Jesse folds his catalog shut and stands up. He walks over toward Blizzard.

Blizzard is standing in the middle of a frozen pond.

Blizzard: Oh god, this pond brings back memories.

The gray hedgehog looked up, towards Blizzard standing in the distance.

Jesse happens to see him, and he breezes right past Blizzard to him and gives him his jacket. "Son, it's 12 degrees out, you're gonna freeze yourself to death."

The hog looked quite surprised at being suddenly approached. "U-Uhh..."

Blizzard: It's not cold, what are you talking about?

Lien-DOS: Temperatures are reading at 14.7 degrees Fahrenheit.

"Let's take the kid in," Jesse says, putting his arm around him.

Lien-DOS: We should get him some food. He is showing signs of malnourishment.

Blizzard: *Runs off towards a house in the distance* Guys! Bring him here!

Jesse sighs, and gives the kid a bit of support to walk toward the house. "You need to take better care of yourself, kid..."


Chell walks out of the house, with a look of confusion on her face.

Chell: What's going on out here?

"Nothing, really, other than that this kid is probably gonna catch hypothermia if he stays out here much longer. Can we come in?" asks Jesse.

Chell: Of course! Get him inside quick! I'll make some soup. * Runs inside*

"Y-You don't have to, r-really..."

Jesse walks the kid into the house and abruptly puts him down in a chair.

Blizzard: *Grabs a blanket, and tosses it on him*

The hog let out a yelp as he was pushed onto the chair. The blanket then flew onto his head, covering him.

Lien-DOS: *runs a diagnostic scan of the grey hedgehog*

He gasps a bit and cringes away, nervous.

Chell: Soup's almost ready!

Jesse takes the blanket off of the kid's head and wraps it around his legs.

Lien-DOS: *sees the hedgehog's reaction* Oh I'm sorry, it's ok.


Blizzard: This guy looks like he's someone punching bag!

Jesse considers this, then slowly brings his fist to the kid's chest. "Tell me kid, how often you get punched?"

He cringed away a bit from Jesse's fist. "Uhh...u-umm...."

"I'm not gonna punch ya, son," Jesse says sternly.

Noticing the sternness in his voice, he sat back up. "Y-yes sir.....s-sorry sir..."

Blizzard: No need to be afraid, no nes gonna hurt you.

Lien-DOS: No one's going to harm you here, we wish to help!

Jesse sits down in a chair across from the kid. "What's your name?"

"Uhh...D-Dismal, sir," he said softly.

"Yeah, son, well you certainly seem it."

Blizzard: Is that soup ready yet Chell?

Chell: Just about.

Chapter 4, 15 days left

After giving Dismal some warm soup and a large sweater, the group sticks around Chell's house for lunch.

Blizzard: * Making a sandwich* Hey Dismal, what's a guy like you doing in a cold place like this?

"Uhh...w-well, I noticed all the lights and stuff..."

Lien-DOS: Where do you live?

Blizzard: And what were you doing out in the cold with nothing on?

"W-Well...I d-don't really have a home...a-and I don't have any other clothes..."

After having a breif disscusion with Dismal, Blizzard leaves him with Chell, and begins searching for some one.

Chapter 5, 14 days left

Blizzard has been searching the island for a friend of his, but with no avail.

Blizzard: Ohhh.... Were are you? I know you don't like hiding, especially from me.

Jesse steps out from behind a tree. "How did you know?"

Blizzard: Not you, some one else.


Blizzard: Chell said she was skating somewhere, but she never said where.

Lien-DOS: Who are you searching for?

Blizzard: Akiza, Chell's sister. She's bound to help with what ever is needed to spruce up this place. Plus, she's my girlfriend. That's gotta count for some thing, right?

Lien-DOS: Yes it counts for a lot. Would you like me to run a scan for nearby heat signatures?

Blizzard: You can do that? Thanks! Although, mine might not show up, in case you were wondering.

"Cold-blooded," comments Jesse. "Appropriate."

Blizzard: * Fideling with an icicle* What? Were you saying some thing?

Lien-DOS: *concentrates* I'm picking up someone 215 feet north-east of here.

Blizzard: * Runs off in that direction* HEY! Akiza? Is that you?

Akiza is seen skating in the distance, but then looks toward Blizzard, puzzled.

Jesse, who has already gotten up behind her (sneakily), says, "What's up?"

Akiza: * Screams, and runs behind Blizzard* Not cool!

Lien-DOS: Oh my, Jesse! Don't frighten her!

Akiza: * Still hiding behind Blizzard* Since when is it nice to scare people like that?

"Hey, I'm sorry," Jesse says concernedly. "Obviously you reacted much worse then I'd thought."

Akiza: Well I'm sorry for being so jumpy! Maybe you should come up in front of me, so I can see you!

After arguing with Jesse, Akiza agreed to help Blizzard with what he needs.

Chapter 6, 14 days left

After finding Akiza, the group goes back to the frozen pond that Blizzard said " brings back memories"

Blizzard: Hey Akiza, this time I made sure the ice was thick enough! We don't want any body else falling into the pond, now do we?

Akiza: Very funny Blizzard, let's just get this party set up.

"Can I do the cooking?" asks Jesse politely.

Blizzard: * Making ice tables* Sure, but your gonna have work with Akiza, she's already volunteered for that job.

"Since she hates me so much, I'll let her do it."

Akiza: Good, I don't need any help, especially his. * Scowls at Jesse*

Lien-DOS: What should I do?

" Can I help?"

Everyone turns to look at a grey and white bat standing there. A splat of blood can be seen on her muzzle.

Blizzard: Eh? Who are you?

Chapter 7, 13 days left

After having a gray bat interrupted their work, the group starts to question the girl.

Blizzard: I'll ask again: Who are you? And why are you staring at me like that?

The girl says nothing, but just continues to stare at Blizzard, with a confused look on her face.

Chapter 8, 12 days left

The girl continues to stare at Blizzard, with a confused look.

Blizzard: Would you stop staring at me?

[Back at Chell's house...]

Dismal: So...uhh...what's everyone decorating for, anyways...?

Chell: Christmas, what else? Haven't you ever heard of Christmas before?

[He shakes his head.]

(Two eleven year old girls accompanied by 30 year old woman notice the decorations)

Fuchsia: Whats going on here?

"Well, we're decorating from Christmas, ma'am."

Hikari: Oh that sounds lovely, you here that girls? A Christmas party!

Fuchsia: Will Santa be here?

?: (appears) You still believe in Santa? Pathetic!

"Wow, okay, way to ruin their holiday cheer," Jesse says, annoyed. "And who are you?"

Chell: Hey! I think we have some one who hasn't even heard of Christmas before! Go talk some where else!

[Dismal looks down, embarrassed at this.]

Fuchsia: Santa IS real!

Rika: Im sorry, she's............. special.

Chell: Just don't ruin it for him there. * Points to Dismal*

Dismal: Oh, don't mind me...

Rika: I'll try my best to keep my friend under control.

Chell: Speaking of Santa, where's Blizzard? You just gave me a great idea.

Back at the pond, the girl is still staring at Blizzard.

Blizzard: Seriously! Come on! Stop staring at me! Didn't you just say you wanted to help me?

Lien-DOS: I'm getting a strange signal from her.

Blizzard: And whats with that blood? It's kinda creepy.

The girl notices what he said, and wipes the blood on her sleeve.

Lien-DOS: *steps towards the girl* What is your name?

" GLaDOS. Short for Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System."

Just then, a confused Black bat appears, with her twin. She has no idea where to go.

Lien-DOS: Oh! My name is Lien-DOS. DOS standing for Dimitri's Operating System. *notices the bats* Hello there.

Bat 1: Umm, hi... M-my name is Jewel.

GLaDOS goes back to staring at Blizzard, who's back is turned.

Lien-DOS: Nice to meet you, Ms. Jewel. Are you lost?

Jewel: uhh...

Bat 2: i'm sorry, Jewel is shy and we ARE lost. By the way, i'm Jenny.

Blizzard: Please don't tell me that she's still staring at me.

?: (teleports to behind Blizzard) Fine, I won't.

Akiza screams and hides under the ice table

Akiza: Will you people stop that!?

  • A blood red with black highlights walks in to the room*

The girl named GLaDOS walks off, with a slight smile on her face.

Blizzard: Hey, where'd that girl go?

Pyran: Does it really matter?

"This is making less sense by the minute," Jesse sighs.

Blizzard: What fun is it making sense?

Pyran: How doesn't make sense?

Chapter 9, 11 days left

After having attracted some more people, Blizzard has started gathering materials for a parade.

Blizzard: Oh god, this is gonna take a while.

Lien-DOS: *messing with a bunch of tinsel* We'll get it done!

Blizzard: * Carrying a box of lights* If you say so.

Pyran: *Carrying a box of paint* So, how big is this float suppose to be anyways?

Blizzard: Big enough to that it attracts a lot of attention.

Jesse runs up with a few empty boxes. "I got uptown completely decorated with lights. What now?"

Blizzard: Make a float! Go find some plywood, a trailer, and a truck. Don't ask, just do it!

"Yes, sir!" Jesse says with a mock salute, then runs off.

Blizzard: * Thinking* Were'd that bat go? And why was she staring at me?

Lien-DOS: *notices a big tangled up bunch of tinsel and unties it quickly*

Blizzard: * Trying to untangle a large ball of lights* Honestly, who does this? Did they do so that I couldn't get into them?

Lien-DOS: *laughs* Perhaps they wish to challenge you?

Blizzard: No, I think someone's doing this on purpose just to annoy me.

Lien-DOS: *helps Blizzard untangle the lights*

Blizzard: Thanks. * Lays the lights out in a line on the ground.

Lien-DOS: What else do we need to do before Jesse gets back?

Blizzard: Find a giant inflatable snowman. That's sure to get every one in the Christmas spirit!

Pyran: *sets down the box of paint* I'm on it. *dashed off*

Blizzard: Wow, I didn't think any one would actually do that.

Lien-DOS: Where do you find a "giant inflatable snowman"?

Pyran *Gets back* At a Christmas store.

Blizzard: At a giant inflatable snowman store.

Lien-DOS: Oh ok. So now we wait for Jesse?

Blizzard: I guess, I mean there's nothing else to do until then.

Chapter 10, 10 days left

While waiting for Jesse, Blizzard and Lien-DOS started walking back to Akiza's place to grab some lunch.

Blizzard: Oh man, working can really get you hungry!

Jesse pulls out in front of them in a Christmas float truck. "I got you the float!"

Blizzard: Not now, lunch! * Speeds of towards Akiza's house*

Lien-DOS: *follows Blizzard* I don't eat though.

Blizzard: You might not have to eat, but I do!

Fuchsia: *running around as if she is looking for something*

Rika:*chasing after Fuchsia* Fuchsia! Get Back here!

Blizzard: * Makes an icicle, then starts to eat it*

Lien-DOS: You just eat ice?

Blizzard: Yeah, so? It's just frozen water.

Lien-DOS: I know. But I thought most people need more nutrients.

Pyran: *Wakes up* Where did they go? *Dashes off to look for Blizzard and Lien-DOS*

Blizzard: Pfft. Screw nutrients. * Eats another icicle*

Lien-DOS: Ok then. Blizzard: * Starts juggling snowballs* Hey, you now when you said that you got a strange reading from that girl who kept staring at me? What was it?

Lien-DOS: She was giving off a unique electronic signature.

Blizzard: Really? Wow. I thought she was cold or something.

(Ryu-Just let me know when I'm needed)
(Blood-Yep. Can do.)

Pyran: *Finds Blizzard and Lien-DOS* Next time, tell me where you go!!

Blizzard: Hey! It's not our fault! We left a note, right?

Pyran: No you didn't!!!

Blizzard: Weird. I could of sworn I did.

Lien-DOS: *looks and sees a note stuck to the back of Pyran's head*

Blizzard: HAH! I was right!

Pyran:*Starts to create a fireball in his hand*

Lien-DOS: Oh no, you'll melt all the ice!

Blizzard: AH! Not cool!

Pyran: * Throws fire ball up into the air then bows, resulting in the note on the back of Pyran's head being disinergrated*

Blizzard: PHEW! I thought your gonna kill me!

Pyran:Next time you don't TELL me where your going I just might.

Blizzard: Let's just get going to Akiza's. I'm starving, and this ice isn't gonna cut it.

Pyran: Fine.

Blizzard: Race ya there! * Speeds off*

Lien-DOS: *starts flying*

Pyran Hehe. *pulls out darkness emerald* DARKNESS CONTROL!!! *teleports to Akiza's*

Blizzard: HEY! THATS CHEATING! * Creates a large road of ice, the starts skating on it*

Lien-DOS: *flys faster*

Blizzard: * Thinking* Screw this. * Speaking* HEY CHELL! GIMME THAT MONKEY WRENCH!

Chell looks out the window, then runs to the back of the house*

Blizzard: * Thinking* Oh it's on now!

Lien-DOS: Why are we in such a hurry? *flys so fast that she's just pixels in the air then arrives at the house*

Blizzard: Not amused. * Arrives at the house* Hey Chell, you gonna gimme that wrench?

Chell: No! * Whacks Blizzard with the monkey wrench, sending him deep into the snow*

[Dismal sticks his head out the door, wondering what's going on.]

Lien-DOS: We're back for lunch!

Pyran:*starts to throw darkness emerald up in the air like a ball*

Blizzard: Anyone wanna give me a hand getting out of this snow?

Lien-DOS: Oh! *goes to help Blizzard*

Blizzard: Thanks. * Looks at Chell* Were did you even get that thing?

After Blizzard pulled himself out of the snow, the group went inside Akiza's for lunch.

Chapter 11, 9 days left

Chell is standing at the counter with Blizzard, making some home made pizza.

Blizzard: Ohoho! This is gonna be delicious!

Pyran: JUST don't put fruit on the pizza.

Chell: Why would we put fruit on the pizza? That's just disgusting!

Pyran: Just saying.

Blizzard: * Rolling the dough* Why would you have to say that? I think its kind of obvious that people don't like fruit on their pizza.

Pyran: Have you ever heard of a fruit pizza?

Blizzard: ....No....

Chapter 12, 8 days left

After making the pizza, the group wait for it to cook.

Blizzard: * Fidling with an icicle* I never realized how long it takes for a pizza to cook.

Lien-DOS: Maybe that means it is going to be really good.

Blizzard: Huh. Never thought of it that way. I thought it wanted to taunt me.

Lien-DOS: I did not know pizza could think.

Blizzard: It can't. Confusing, huh?

Lien-DOS: Yes. It makes decisions to take longer yet it doesn't think!

Blizzard: How about we stop talking about the pizza, and start talking about the party.

Lien-DOS: Oh you're right! We must get it planned.

Jesse open up the door, panting. "I got downtown decorated with lights. Anything else?"

Chapter 13, 7 days left

Blizzard: Make the float.

Chapter 14, 6 days left

Blizzard: Make the float while I sit here.

Lien-DOS: Ok, let us make that float!

Blizzard: OK, time to get of my lazy arse and get this done! * Walks outside*

Lien-DOS: Wow, Jesse found a lot of materials.

Blizzard: Yep. I'm starting to think that he's not all that bad. * Grabs some word, and throws in on the trailer* Can you pass me up that toolbox?

Lien-DOS: Sure. *hands Blizzard the toolbox*

Blizzard: Thanks. * Takes out a hammer and some nails, then starts driving the nails into the wood*

Lien-DOS: *starts sifting through wood* What's the float going to look like?

Blizzard: I dunno. I was gonna make it up as I went.

Lien-DOS: *holds two pieces of wood together* I've never built something without a plan.

Blizzard: I was thinking that we make a cage and make someone dress up as Santa, put him in there, and handcuff him to the bars. How about that?

Lien-DOS: I thought cages were for bad people.

Blizzard: That's the ironic part. Santa's normaly a good, jolly fella, but, he was caught stealing one to many cookies from the table.

Lien-DOS: Oh my! He will have to put himself on his own naughty list!

Blizzard: Wait! That just gave my an idea! How about we put the naughtly list right in front of him, and his name is emblazoned in giant, red letters?

Lien-DOS: I suppose we could.

Blizzard: Hold on for a sec. * Runs to his house, comes back with a Santa outfit and a large box of Twinkies* I'll be Santa!

Lien-DOS: This'll be fun!

Blizzard: Note to self: The Twinkies are for later.

Lien-DOS: So now we have to build your cage. *finds a saw and cuts starts cutting a bunch of perfectly even bars*

Chapter 15, 5 days left

After making the float, the group goes back to the pond, to continue setting up the party.

Blizzard: OK, whats left to do here?

Lien-DOS: Do we need tables?

Blizzard: Nah, I can make those anytime.

[Dismal is inside Chell's house.]

Chell: So Dismal, what did you do to scratch your self up so badly?

Dismal: Huh? O-Oh, I've always looked like this...

Chell: Really? Wow, you need to take better care of your self.

Dismal: [Looks down] Y-Yeah...

Chell: Good thing Akiza isn't here, she would turn you into a mummy with all the bandages she would put on you!

Dismal: Err...okay...

Chell: You don't like jokes, do you?

Dismal: People play 'em on me all the time...

Hikari:*knocks on the door*

Chell: Eh? Who's that? * Walks over to the door, then opens it*

Hikari:*holdinng a baby and acompanied by two eleven year old girls* Hello, is this were the party is?

Chell: No, sorry. The party's on a frozen pond not to far from here.

Chapter 16, 4 days left

Back at the pond, the group is still working on setting up the party.

Blizzard: Hmmm...... Streamers! We need streamers! * Runs off to find some*

Chapter 17, 3 days left

Blizzard is still running around, looking for streamers.

Chapter 18, 2 days left

Blizzard: Where are those streamers?

Fuchsia:*come in running almost as fast as Sonic* Is Santa gonna be here?

Blizzard: Umm.... Yep!

Lien-DOS: Yes, he's going to be here. He's going to be.... oh wait, nevermind.

Blizzard: * Leans over to whisper in Lien-DOS' ear* Don't tell her that I'm gonna be Santa.

Lien-DOS: Do not worry, I won't!

Blizzard: Wait.... * Runs off towards Akiza's house, then comes back* Akiza said that she would keep an eye out for any streamers.

Lien-DOS: What else is left?

Blizzard: Not much. But I was thinking, why not hire a band to play at the party?

Lien-DOS: That sounds like a great idea!

Blizzard: Now, thats the problem. How are we gonna pay for the band?

Lien-DOS: Oh.. I don't have any money.

Blizzard: Me nethier. Maybe if we sell Chell's wrench.... Nah, she'll kill me if I did.

Lien-DOS: We have to aquire the money in less than two days!

Blizzard: Unless we plan on robbing a bank, we're screwed.

Lien-DOS: We can't do that! So there must be something else. Aproximately how much money do we need?

Blizzard: Uhhh.... I'm guessing..... Maybe 200 bucks? I dunno, I was never good at math.

Lien-DOS: Maybe we could do a job for someone?

Blizzard: Nah, that'll take to long. We need to find a faster way.

Lien-DOS: Find something else to sell other than the wrench?

Blizzard: Wait.... I got it! A fundraiser! We organize a fundrasier to help pay for the band!

Lien-DOS: We are able to do that fast enough?

Blizzard: Maybe if we got Akiza and Chell to help too.

Lien-DOS: Ok we should try it, and quickly!

The two run to Akiza's house.

Lien-DOS: Ms. Akiza! We need your help with a fund raiser.

Akiza: * Looks out window* A fundraiser? Sure! I'll help!

Lien-DOS: I should be able to transmit a television signal so people can hear about it.

Blizzard: Great, you do that while me and Akiza make some containers for the money.

Lien-DOS: Ok, do you have a camera?

Akiza: I think I do.... * Walks into her room, comes back with a camera* Here.

Lien-DOS: Thank you. *takes the camera, then starts concentrating*

Blizzard: * Walks inside* Now where are those old boxs I saw around here...

Lien-DOS: *still appears to just be standing there concentrating, but is really establishing a connection with a local broadcast tower*

Blizzard: * Rummaging around in a closet* I know your there, stop hidding....

Lien-DOS: Connection established. *Sends a few of her nanites to control the camera*

Blizzard: Why are you hiding my pretties, don't be scared...

Lien-DOS: Finished!

Blizzard: AHAH! I found you! * Pulls out a large cardboard box* Now, lets make ourselves a container!

Lien-DOS: *finds Blizzard* Blizzard, I am ready with the signal.

Jewel: Soo...

Chapter 19, 1 day left

Blizzard: Yep, lets get this done.

Lien-DOS: We must hurry! Only one more day until Christmas! *sets up the camera on a stand*

Blizzard: * Runs in front of the camera* I have to admit, I'm a little nervous.

Lien-DOS: Don't worry, I'm sure you'll do fine! We are live in 3... 2... 1... *starts the camera*

Blizzard: Hello people of Glacier Plains. I'm Blizzard, or " The guy who's organizing a huge Christmas party". It seems we've found a snag in our plans. I want to hire a band for the party, but, I have nowhere near enough money to pay for one. That's why I've come up with this. A funraiser. We need at least 200 dollars to pay for the band. Your donations are greatly appreactated. Come to the frozen pond behind town hall to donate.

Blizzard waves to Lein-DOS to stop the recording.

Lien-DOS: *stops it* That was good!

Blizzard: Phew. Now, lets can those containers made! * Walks inside*

Lien-DOS: *follows him* How quickly do you think people will come?

Blizzard: Depends. If the video was convincing enough, people should be pouring into the house. If not, well, you know what happens. No band for us.

Lien-DOS: Surely they will come! Who wouldn't want a nice Christmas party?

Blizzard: I can think of a few people.

Lien-DOS: Oh my, how strange! Anyway let's get the containers together.

Blizzard: * Grabs a box and some scissors, then starts cutting*

Lien-DOS: *gets one of the other boxes and starts cutting as well, she cuts a circle and a long rectangle and tapes them together into a cylinder*

Blizzard: * Does the same, albeit in a slower pace* And now, we wait.

Lien-DOS: *sits patiently*

An hour later, 3 people come in and donate, giving the group 150 dollars.

Blizzard: 150? Still not enough, but we're getting there.

Lien-DOS: Those people donated an average of $50 a piece. We probably just need one to two more people to come.

Blizzard: Yep.

Before too long another person came and donated $30, then another donated $24.25

Blizzard: I think that should cover it! Or am I mistaken?

Radiation: Oh, you're covered if you don't want another $70. Sorry I'm late, the cold killed my cybernetics. Anyone got two double A's?

Lien-DOS: You may use the ones out of the camera since we're finished with it. *gets the batteries out and hands them to Radiation*

Blizzard: Nah, keep your money. We got what we need anyways.

Lien-DOS: Yes. So now we have to contact the band?

Blizzard: No. Akiza already sent them a letter saying that they'll be paid after the show, that's if they decide to do it.

Lien-DOS: What is left to do, then?

Blizzard: Nothing much, other than make some ads for the party.

Lien-DOS: Ok. *gets some paper*

Radiation: Ads, you say? Is there something I can replicate to help?

Lien-DOS: Oh yes. If you could make copies once we make the orignal ad, that would be lovely!

Radiation: One copier then, as per request!

Chapter 20, the party!

Some time later on Christmas, the party has started, the float went by, and the band is playing Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer.

Blizzard: Phew. That's a good 100,000 pounds of my back.


Blizzard: * Grabs her collar, holding her back* Whoa there, Santa will be here soon.

Fuchsia: YAAAAAAAY!!!! I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT I CANT WAIT!!!!!XD *jumping up and down*

Hikari:*walks in* There you are Fuchsia-can.*to Blizzard* Im sorry if my daughter is causing any trouble.

Blizzard: Nah, it's no problem. She's just a little too exited. If I were you, I would keep her away from the snack table.

Hikari: I'll do my best.

Fuchsia: Snacks! YAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Hikari:*holding Fuchsia by her collar*

Blizzard: She's quite hyper, isn't she?

Radiation: Did someone say "Santa?" Santa? SANTA?! SANTA! OMIGOD! SANTA!!!

Blizzard: * Faceplams* It's gonna be a long night.

Fuchsia:*chanting* Santa! Santa! Santa!

Blizzard: * Thinking* Now where did I put those Twinkies and that suit? * Runs of to find them*

Rika:*facepalm* She is such a kid, the funny thing is that i am younger than her.


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