Kyros is a hedgehog that will do anything for friends and family. When Exodus came, he fought. This is where the roleplay starts...


  • You MUST follow the plot!
  • No extreme romance! Kissing, flirting, holdin hands, and hugging, that's fine.
  • Absolutely no God-Modding! If your character has God-Modding attacks, ask on the talkpage.
  • This is free join!
  • Have fun!




  • Exodus the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Ryddo the Hedgehog (RTH)
  • Lord Shado (RTH)

Part 1: Powercharge City

Kyros: *running from Exodus*

Exodus: *throwing shuriken and ninja stars at Kyros*

Kyros: *dodges them all*

Exodus: *teleports in front of Kyros and throws 3 swords at Kyros*

Kyros: *dodges 2 but gets hit in the arm with the 3rd one* Gah!

Exodus: *about to finish him off*

Raje: *uses a Fire Blast on Exodus*

Exodus: What the- *Gets hit in the face with a Fire Blast*

Resident: Hang in there you two! *throws a rock at Exodus*

Exodus: *catches rock and throws it back at the resident, going through his head* With that distraction gone, I'll kill you both.

Raje: No way! I'll kill you kno-

Exodus: *runs off*

Raje: *sweatdrop* He's gone. He's probably looking for the Sphere of P.C. We gotta find him.

Kyros: *nods and follows Raje*

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