Haven't had a proper roleplay in a while so...


It's a new dawn for all our heroes. They have gotten stronger, and older in some cases. Maybe is a day for them to relax after all the hardship. Or is it? Will there be a new threat?


  • No Godmodding
  • Don't take characters that are not yours
  • No extreme romance, kissing and flirting is just that.
  • Swearing is cencored, hell, damn and crap are fine.
  • Leave a little time for everyone to edit.
  • You can only enter freely if you're invited, other then that, ask on the talkpage.

Invited Users


Destiney the Hedgehog

The Jay Master

Memphis the Light

Hikaruyami-having fun*


Allowed Users




Cielestra the Litemon - A silver-furred cat with heterchromia. Her inner self is the Litemon. (Sakura Misato)

Elizabeth "Liz" Stone - Ciel's best friend. A flame coloured cat.

Sora "Ryan" Kurai - A brown fox with a scar on the right side of his forehead (Covered by hair), and is known to have an Inner Demon called Leon. (TheJayMaster)

Jack Kenshiki - One of Ryan's good friends, is a light brown hedgehog.

Drago The Titanium Dragonoid- A 80ft tall red dragon like-mobian.(Metal)

Smash The Echidna - A veteran fighter at the reknown arena "The Blitz Pit", and is generally looked upon as a leader to most people. (Smash)

Pearl The Echidna - Smash's little sister. She is generally kind and easy to get along with. (Smash)

Splice The Hedgehog - A jolly fellow living in Green Flower City. (Smash)

Gizmo The Cat - A young inventor living in the southern outskirts of Green Flower City. He works hard to create new things with his chao friend. (Smash)

Kitty The Cat Chao - Former prince of the Cat Chao race, who now helps look after the Cat Chao Garden while visiting his father, who is the founder of the garden. He is often found hanging out with Gizmo. (Smash)



Cameron "Cam" the Death Rebel - A black and purple striped hedgehog with purple eyes. A sadist.

Rience the Demon - Ryan's dark half, is a jet black fox.

Keith The Dragonolf- A blue Dragonolf with red Stripes.(Metal)


[In a flowery field, Cielestra and Liz are relaxing, just taking advantage of the good weather]

Liz: Finally, I got you out in the sun.

Ciel: Yeah yeah..

{Around the beach, Ryan is helping Jack with his brother's new automail upgrade part}

Jack: Ryan, hand me the wrench.

Ryan: -sighs then does what he said- Why have I've been dragged into this...?

Kou: Cus you're unlucky :P

Ryan: -before he hands the wrench to Jack, he whacks it at Kou- And who asked you?

Kou: Owch. *flies off*

Ryan: -hands the wrench to Jack-

Jack: Thank you.

Farther down the beach, a red and blue hedgehog laid down with his legs crossed, and his hands under his head. He wore a pair of dark purple sunglasses, and looked pretty relaxed.

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