Welcome to the Cosmic Championship

I didn't want it to come to this, but I'm declaring this roleplay officially dead. E-113! Code name: Xi 19:50, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

Once in every existence, a mysterious force calls upon powerful warriors from across the multiverse to participate in a contest of epic preportions. Sixteen fighters will compete in a four-round tournament, and the last one standing will challenge the reigning champion for the true title. Once your character is registered, you will enter your info in Fighter Stats. Fight stats requires:

  • one to five moves
  • one or two finishers
  • one to five super form moves (optional)
  • one or two super form finishers (optional)

Upon doing so, I will observe the character's page (if he/she has one) and set up the matches based on their moves and other information. Godmodding will not be tolerated. Compatability will be based on the character's backround information, and whether or not the character has a super form/access to chaos energy. If I see a character to be acting in an unfair/illogical manner, it will be dealt with immediately. The match-ups will be determined once all sixteen fighters have entered their stats. Spectator chat is limited to the Stadium (Audience). Fighters who are not currently in a match will talk in the Locker Room. Other basic rules are as follows:

  • swearing is to be kept to a minimum. Excessive swearing will be censored
  • sexual content is not allowed. Kissing, flirting, etc. will be restricted to the Stadium (Audience). The arena is no place for being romantic
  • no trolling or harassing other users
  • out of character talk is restricted to the talk page
  • no controlling your opponents actions. This is common in roleplays and I don't think it's very fair. Example: He threw a punch and it was a direct hit. He threw a punch.
  • there is no plot, so don't try to make one. You can back up whatever storylines you want in the Stadium (Audience) or the Locker Room, but other than that, it's just fights. No villain, no threat, just fights
It's just something I feel like I should address to keep things fair. When you are knocked down, a timer begins. At that point, it is ultimately your decision whether or not to get up. However, you still must avoid godmodding or anything similar. If you are knocked down early in the match, then you should probably get up. If it's late in the match and you've taken a heavy beating, then you should probably stay down. In the latter situation, though, you can still get up (it's your decision) but make it believable. Struggle, show weakness, be creative. There are also rules involving super forms. If you are in a super form upon being knocked down, then you should probably get up. If your opponent is in a super form, then the situation should be similar to the rule regarding late knock downs. If you are both in super forms, then they cancel eachother out. You can also pull off a pinch change. If you are knocked down, then you can activate your super form and get up with more strength than you normally would. That is a pinch change. Sorry if it's a little long. I just wanted to make sure everyone understood what is reasonable and what isn't. Remember, it's your decision!
  • if a fight becomes too out of hand, it will go to a mortal draw. A mortal draw will have both fighters strike eachother once simultaneously. The successful and/or more effective hit wins

With all of this in mind, fighters and spectators alike are now free to enjoy the Cosmic Championship


Fighters (Invite Only)

Eclipse the Hedgehog (E-113:Xi)

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (Numbuh712)

Darkness The Dragon Hybrid (EternalAbyssJustice)

Dusk the Hedgehog (DuskoriontheDarkPrince)

Liger Moyasu (LionOfFlames)

Nora Kouba (NoraKouba)

Aero The Bandit (Dragonballzfan)

Krinkinko the hedgehog (Sonicfan919)

Smash The Echidna (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Summer the Hedgehog (ProtectTheShadows)

Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog (Played by Smash The Echidna)

Arc the Hedgehog (E-113:Xi)

Saizo Marushagan (Guyviroth)

Keith The Dragonolf aka Metal The Wolf (played by MetalTheWolf/User:Drago55 )

Memphis the Shining Demonhog (Memphis the light)

Abumi Anko the Panda (Played by Famotill)


Fighter Stats


  • enhanced strength and speed
  • nearly all chaos abilities
  • teleportation
  • immunity to mind control/reading
  • Finisher: Chaos Burst - concentrates two Chaos Blasts simultaneously into lasers and fires them as one

Solar/Lunar Eclipse

  • previous abilities are upgraded
  • flight
  • Hellfire
  • Swift Strike
  • Flame Crescent
  • Finisher: Sun Ray (Solar) - simultaneously shoots 66 fireballs, all of which home in on the target
  • Finisher: Moon Beam (Lunar) - simultaneously shoots 3 Hellfires which rap around eachother. It's really just a flashy laser beam


  • umbrakinesis
  • his shadow is alive
  • Dark Eye
  • Dark Spear
  • Finisher: Shadow Tendril

Nightfall Tendril

  • umbrakinesis
  • magnetic powers
  • Chaos Boost
  • Chaos Beam
  • Finisher: Chaos Cannon


  • Dark Manipulation
  • Teleportation
  • Can use the 7 elements
  • Flight (Wings only)
  • Finisher: Demon Claw

Darkfire Dusk

  • Abilites are upgraded
  • Can fly without wings
  • Uses Darkfire Blades
  • Uses wings as a sheild
  • Finisher: Dark Supernova

Darkness the Dragon Hybrid

  • Shadow possesion (his own shadow)
  • Flight without wings and with them
  • Swords can be summoned by mind
  • Blood Art (controling his blood by mind)
  • Finisher: Demonic Maggeto (weaker version)


  • Fusion of Demon and Angel forms
  • Body dosent destroy itself and is way more powerful
  • swords are now Soul Edge and Soul Caliber
  • Finisher: Demonic Oblivion (fusion of Oblivion and Demonic Maggeto)


  • Fire Manipulation
  • Low level Magic
  • Sword fighting techniques
  • Partial body metal transformation
  • Finisher: Blazing Spear

Demon of Rage

  • Melting
  • Arm stretching
  • Crimson Energy
  • Transformation
  • Finisher: Raging Oblivion


  • Very light agile body, extreme evasivness
  • Photokinesis/ Light User
  • Uses a heavy guitar as a weapon
  • Able to use different Lazars
  • Wears a headset purifier, immune to poison gas
  • Finisher: Miracle Lazar

Purity Nora

  • Able to conjure multiple lazars without getting tired
  • Teleportion
  • Light bending
  • Able to create lazar whips
  • Finisher: Crystiliza Lazar


  • Dark Fist
  • Thunder Finish
  • Able to Create Shadow Illusions
  • Darkness Bomb
  • Destruction Punch
  • Shadow Creature Choke(Finisher)
  • Evil Shadow illusions(Finisher)

Gerian Aero

  • Berserk Punch
  • Fist of Destiny
  • Chaos Fist(only used when wearing jewel gloves)
  • Power of Demon's
  • Darkness Beams and Blasts
  • Ultimate Fist(Finisher)
  • Adavadian Combo(Finisher)

Krinkinko the hedgehog

  • Leaf blade
  • Leaf sheild
  • Bounce
  • Sky dive
  • Extreme speed
  • Super charged spindash (Finisher)
  • Rage punch(Finisher)

Dark krinkinko

  • Dark blast
  • Dark cloud
  • Dark sheild
  • Rage punch X50 (super form finisher)
  • Dark spirit bomb (super form finisher)

Smash The Echidna

  • Super Uppercut: A rising uppercut, quite identical to the famous Shoryuken.
  • Seven Stars: A blow to the head, aimed to knock the wind out of the opponent.
  • Pummel: A vicious combo, Smash goes all out on an enemy, showing no mercy.
  • Spirit Blast: A powerful attack that puts Smash's whole spirit into the attack. Can leave himself open.
  • Skull Cracker: (Finisher) With all his might, Smash delivers a powerful blow to the head, threatening to kill the oppenent.

High Tension

  • All abilities are enhanced.
  • High jumping and slow decent, AKA floating.
  • Meteor Smash: (Finisher) Calls upon a giant meteor from the heavens and hurls it down at the opponent.
  • Divine Fist: (Finisher) Used in the same way as Spirit Blast, however, he jumps over the opponent and attacks from above.

Summer the Hedgehog

  • Darkfire Manipulation
  • Has a device strapped to wrist that can concentrate light into a laser. Takes a minute to cool down, and a few seconds for Summer to reload it. It also has a retractable blade attachment.
  • Reflect (Shield that lasts for 1 second if not hit, if hit, lasts for 5)
  • Blackout
  • Sword Throw
  • Light of the Fire (Finisher) Just an orange laser. A big, orange laser.

Believe the Angel

  • Armed with a Crossbow of Light
  • Whiteout
  • Teleportation
  • Super Reflect (Shield that lasts for 5 seconds if not hit, 10 if it is.)
  • Rapid Fire (Finisher) Arrows of light rain from the sky.

Kyle Tyris

  • Magic skill with the Gemblade: It varies, depending on which gem Kyle calls upon.
  • Guillotine Slash: A high jump into the air, coming down at the opponent spinning with his sword out.
  • Power Strike: Puts all his strength into three consectutive attacks. Such blows could penetrate most people's defense.
  • Flash Strike: Calls upon the power of both the Wind and Lightning gems to strike at lightning speed and appear behind the enemy. A delayed reaction hit ensues if successful.
  • Mirage Cut: Calls upon the power of both the Wind and Earth gem to trick an enemy and attack from above.
  • Multi-Blade Frenzy(Finisher): Calls upon the power of both the Wind and the Lightning gems to strike multiple times at lightning speed.
  • Hyper Blade(Finisher): Calls upon the power of All 6 gems, and puts all of the previous skills into one long combo. The finishing blow is a magic skill using all of the gems' power put together in an explosion of elements.

Gem Kyle

  • Magic Skills with the Gemblade are enhanced
  • Floating and high jumping
  • Unnamed Skill(Finisher): It is the finishing blow of Hyper Blade. Used for quick finishing.


  • psycokinesis (EXTREMELY skilled)
  • flight
  • Chaos Blade (weapon)
  • Finisher: Angel's Might

Saizo Marushagan

  • Jutsu Master; a wide variety of Jutsu lay at his desposal.
  • Emeragan; a Bloodline power that enables Saizo to view long distances as well as to view his surroundings at a low framerate, effectively everything slows down to him.
  • Summoner; Saizo can utilize his Summon Scroll to summon various dragons to aid him in battle.
  • Martial Artist; Saizo is a powerful Taijutsu fighter, utilising close quarters combat effectively.
  • Demon Skin; The entirety of Saizo's left side is made of a strong demonic hide, stronger than steel and resistant to all elements.
  • (Finisher) Getsuga's Fifth Great Jutsu: Surge of the Moon Dragon's Wave; A powerful technique that Saizo had created prior to leaving the Moon Village, and taught it to the then current Kage of the village. Saizo will create enough energy in his hands to form a ball, similar to Fourth Great Jutsu, except will expel it in a stream of energy, capable of destroying mountains.
  • (Finisher)Shun Goku Satsu is a dangerous attack to the user and opponent alike. the user catches the opponent and, using the Yin Yang portions of Chakra control, clutches a hold of the opponent's soul, channeling the power of all sixteen hells through the opponent's soul using their own soul as a medium; because of this, it is extremely dangerous to an inexperienced of weak fighter. However, because Saizo is a half demon as well as a king of one of the sixteen hells, he is not affected by this drawback, and this is a one-sided technique

Keith The Dragonolf aka Metal The Wolf

Super Keith

Memphis the Shining Demonhog

  • Demon and angeloid enhancements
  • Corrupted Bullet
  • Corrupted Mirage
  • Corrupted Wave
  • Corrupted Mortor

Demon Memphis

  • Oblivion's Abyss (Demon Finisher)
  • Ragnorok's will (Demon Finisher)

Abumi Anko the Panda

  • Martial Arts & Ninjustu Practioner
  • See: Abumi Anko the Panda#Arsenal
  • Earthworm Barrage- When a piece of ground is broken, Abumi can throw her golden kunai in it to transport and burrow through the hole. She then summons multiple weapons and shoots them up underground at her opponent.
  • Spinning Dragon- Abumi uses her pole in a spinning motion, that allows for temporary flight.
  • Whirl Deflection-Abumi uses her staff in a spinning motion to deflect any incoming weapons.
  • (Finisher): Forced Entry- A Fatal Blow move. Abumi throws her golden kunai at an opponent then summoning her sabre sabers. She transports just as the kunai reaches the person, and if not dodged, she slices through them. This move is very complicated and would reqiure excellent precision, accuaracy, and a stunned opponent.
  • (Finisher): Dragon Style: Heaven Shaking Jutsu- A devastating attack first witnessed at the Trial of Conquest. Abumi summons all of her weapons as they rumble the surrounding area. As the weapons appear from hammer space they erupt and rain down at the opponent on Abumi's command.

Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon

  • Large Array of Chaos Powers
  • Medium Array of Shadow Powers
  • Medium Array of Elecrtic powers
  • Near unmatched super speed, reflexes, agility Ect.
  • Tension/Crimson Boost
  • Ballistic Raging Demon (Finisher One)
  • Hell Blaster(Finisher Two/Ultimate Blast)

Super Turbo

  • All Non-Finishers are greatly enhanced
  • Damage Taken is halved
  • Extreme Super Strength
  • Can survive in ANY enviroment
  • Ballistic Raging Demon X50 (Finisher one)
  • Super Hell Blaster(Finisher Two/Ultimate blast)


These are the people who have been summoned to support fighters from the sidelines. Anyone can add characters here.

Stadium (Audience)

Voice: Welcome one and all, heroes and villains from across the universe, to the Cosmic Championship! I've brought you all here to test your skills in the art of fighting, and hopefully to pass on the title of Cosmic Champion. Unfortunately there have been some... technical difficulties, so not every fighter has arrived. Take this time to get to know your opponents and prepare... for what is to come.

Inferna: i wonder how Tendril will do.

Tsunami: he's strong. and smart. i dont think we should be worried.

Cyclone: you sure about that? his new powers have made him a little.....arrogant.

Quake: like you?

Cyclone: i dont know what you're talking about

Flare: oh please. of course you're arrogant. it comes from your ability to suffocate people at will.

(Soro seems nervous)

Soro: I hope she'll be okay...

Inferna: who?

Soro: Huh? Oh, my friend Nora... She tends to go into things that may cause trouble... She always does...

Quake: Nora? as in Kouba? i think i know her.

A pink echidna with purple hair walked in and took a seat. "Looks like I won't be watching TV, then..oh well, this is much more exciting." She said to herself. She looked around, waiting for everything to begin.

Inferna: *to the echidna* what's your name?

Soro: Oh really? Well I'm her...

(Hears the large thud caused by Nora punching through the wall)

Soro: *sigh* The 1st round hasn't even started yet and she's already causing trouble... That's Nora for you!

She looked over at Inferna. "My name's Pearl. What's your name?" She said brightly.

Inferna: Pyra. but i prefer to be called Inferna.

Flare: *to Soro* could've been Tendril. he's been a bit arrogant lately.

"Nice to meet you, Inferna." She smiled. She then looked down in the direction of the locker rooms. "Gosh, I wonder what happened down there..."

(Soro's feathers ruffle up as he got a chill)

Soro: You probably don't want to know...

Pearl looked over at Soro with concern, then looked back down not saying anything.

Tsunami: no worries, no one's hurt down there. and it was Nora by the way.

(Soro looks up at Pearl)

Soro: Hmm? What is it? Something on my face? Or you just never saw a winged hedgehog before?

(She wasn't still looking at him, by the way.)

She looked back at him. "Oh, no. That wasn't it." She said. "I've seen a winged hedgehog before..come to think of it, why do you have wings, anyway?"

(Soro looked away, it shows that wasn't the first time he was asked that)

Soro: Well, I don't know... My parents didn't have wings, nor my grandparents... The doctors presumed it as a birth defect...

No normal birth defect gives you wings...whether they work or not. She thought. Something must have happened to him. She then noticed him looking away. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable."

Soro: Nah, it's okay. Infact, the thing you said about another winged hedgehog kinda made me feel a little better... Like, I'm not... so different.

"Hehe. I'm glad." She said. Poor thing. She thought. I'd better not talk too much about her here. I might cause some trouble, mentioning Cymbeline's origins.

Soro: Eh, I don't care about it that much though... The only thing I care about right now, is Nora making it out alive!

Teal: *peeks over the railing* When are they gonna start?

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be alright. I doubt they'd allow killing in this tournament." She said encouragingly. She then paused for a few moments. "....Do they?"

MHF: No. Upon dealing a successful finishing blow, the loser is sent back to the immediately Locker Room. That, however, does not prevent fighters from becoming fatally injured.

Soro: O_O;;;

Pearl fell silent, with a large sweat drop rolling down the side of her face.

MHF: ...But then again, I don't run the championship, so I shouldn't be the one spewing out information. *looks to pearl and smiles*

Pearl gave a fake laugh, but still felt uneasy. "Y-yeah..Of course." I hope Smash will pull through alright...

(Soro does a facepalm)

(Soro then heard a explosion, and then he sighed while his wings drooped)

Soro: If you had a list of people you least wanted to meet, Nora in her Anger Mode will be on the top!

Inferna: i might be able to think of a few scarier beings

Soro: What's scarier then a Short-tempered seedrian who carries a over 200lb EX guitar on her back who also can blast mulitple lazars?

Teal: And took down the lord of darkness!

Soro: She didn't take down a lord.... it was a god... >>

Tsunami: how about the ancient beings Ultima and Hypra who, with their constant conflict, have caused insane amounts of chaos ultimately destroying each other, all happening once every hundred years

Flare: *adds* since the dawn of time itself

Teal: Well, I was captured and starved for a week, so maybe I wasn't thinking staight, Soro! So kill me.

Soro: I must admitt, Nora did tell me it was really the shadow of the god Loki she fought before... But none of the less wanted to destory the world... She also told me the real Loki was sick because his shadow was using him... But that happened around a year ago, she probably won't say anything if you ask her, she tends to leave the past behind! That, or she has memory as short as her temper...

(Soro looks down, his feather ruffled again)

Soro: But, I know Nora is strong.. but.. I can't help but.... worry about her safety.....

(Soro started blushing)

Teal: I can just SENSE that you're about to launch into a speech about how you and Nora aren't "together" and that you're only friends. Trust me, I've memorized it.

(Soro glared at Teal, and then covered his face with his wings to hide his blushing)

Pearl just giggled at how easy it was to read Soro's feelings and mind.

MHF: *walks over to Soro and examines his wings* Hmm, apologies if I am making you uncomfortable, but I couldn't help notice these magnificant wings of yours. Quite a gift you have.

(Soro lifts his wings from his face)

Soro: Well... that's... uh... a first!

MHF: I fail to see why. You shouldn't be ashamed of them, for they are truly a thing to be admired. Healthy, too, by the looks of it. Do you fly often?

Soro: Yes, quite alot... But I still think it's rather freakish for a hedgehog to have wings... and that other ability...

MHF: Freakish? Heavens no! Anything that can be put to good use is a wonderful thing in my eyes. I also happen to know a hedgehog with wings just like you... or rather, knew a hedgehog. And you said something about another ability. Would you mind sharing?

Soro: Well, I also have the ability to fully control wind... Unlike my wings, my wind ability does have a background because my grandfather also had the same ability. My father said it skips a generation, that's why I have it, and he doesn't.

MHF: Well then... why don't we play a little game of catch. *raises hand, it glows red. A rock from down next to the ring flys into the air* Hmhmhm... Catch!

(Soro lets out a sigh, but then practically vanished as he bursted into the air and snatched the rock and then quickly went back to his seat)

Soro: Is that what you wanted me to do? I don't like showing off much...

MHF: Well, I wouldn't call it showing off. If you can do it, then do it. If you maybe looped around the rock a few times first, that would be showing off. What I'm trying to say is... you shouldn't be afraid to embrace your gifts.

Soro: I only use them when I have to, unlike Nora. Her entering this championship is a example...

Tikala: *a tanish echidna heads out to the front near Soro with a small child by her side* okay Espiata now dont get mad if daddy losses okay?

Espiata: okay mommy. i hope dad can win.

Tikala: i hope so to honey. i hope so.

Pearl gasped softly. "Look! They're starting!" She leaned forward to see Darkness stepping into the ring. "It sounds like your friend Nora will be fighting this one." She said, looking Soro at the corner of her eye.

Tsunami: *looks up at the tournament board* Tendril's in the third match.

(Soro sat up looking unfazed about the anoucement, but the fact he's sweating a little couldn't be avoided)

MHF: *gazes at Soro* Ah... you have feelings for her, don't you?

Tikala: *sitting close to Soro and over hears the MHF* dont worry there both good fighters. Darkness knows when he can or cant win and he knows when to stop. so no worry right?

"He's going unarmed, too." Pearl added. "Unarmed against a giant....Is that a guitar?"

Inferna: looks like it.

"Ah heh...That's new." She laughed nervously. That was the last thing I expected to see...

Pearl suddenly got excited. "There's Smash down there!" She pointed, looking at Ring 2. "His match is here!" She cupped her hands over her mouth and shouted "Good Luck, Smash! I'm rooting for ya!"

Voice: Repeat, Arc to ring two...

MHF: Ah, my cue. *jumps over the seats, and down into the ring*

Quake: so, that means Tendril's match is that much closer.

A mobian bear appears high in the stands, taking one of the empty seats that no-one else seemed to want. "A gladiatorial contest." He said. "I can enjoy this."

Pearl stood from her seat and cheered, Smash had won his first match.

Tikala: ummm this is to much sweetie *covers Espiata's eyes from seeing darkness fly with black wings and no legs*

Espiata: but mooooom this is a good way to test sight adapatation....

Tikala: yes..... alright but no trying this here.

Espiata: yes mom. *after tikala uncover her eyes if anybody looks they look as if they were blood red and pitch black*

Split: *walks in* I hope I'm not late! Stupid hoverboard...*runs over to Soro* Hey Soro! ^_^

Lumina and Tsunami: *see Tendril being stranggled. try to run into the ring and help*

Inferna, Cyclone and Quake: *hold them back*

Inferna: come on Tendril....

Quake: *notices Split* hey. dont i know you?

(Eclipse appears in the stands)

Eclipse: Arc! Don't hide from me. I know you're still here.

MHF(Arc): *reappears* Well, long time no see, Crymnian scum.

Split: *nods and wiggles her ears happily* Yep! I helped you defeat Darem with Nora Kouba! ^_^

Espiata: Desmont!? mom! that demon that copied dad's blood sychthe's is Desmont!

Tikala: yes i know. i hope Darkness know's how to handle him better than last time.

Pearl watched Nora's battle with confusion. "Uhh..I don't know what's going on now. But I'm pretty sure this is breaking a rule or two."

Arc: *watching Nora Vs. Darkness* This isn't good. Eclipse! Whatever you want can wait. I'm going down there to help straighten things out. *flys down to ring one*

Soro: That... was the last thing I'd expect from the battle... What Nora said just now... was HIGHLY predictable.

Arc: *flys in* Ah, there you are Soro. I apologize for being so secretive earlier. How do you feel knowing that you aren't the only hedgehog here with wings?

(Soro is in a daze)

Duan: Sorry I'm late, guys, I was gonna be in this contest, but it was full. At least I get to watch people get the toast kicked out of them, and it's even better that RMG-24 isn't here.

Tsunami: hey Duan. i was wondering where you were

Duan: Well, here I am, I can just sit here, watch battles, and not have to worry about RMG-24. (Took a seat next to Tsunami)

Cyclone: who's this?

Inferna: Tsunami's date.

Duan: (Watching Tendril vs. Aero) Tendril is gonna OWN Aero!

Tsunami: yup. Tendril's one of my friends

Duan: Really? I don't know Tendril very well, but from what I heard, there's a strong fighter in that guy!

Tsunami: you bet there is. he is the king of the Shadow Realm after all. when you team him up with part of the spirit of Ultima, they are a powerful team.

Duan: Oh, that is just AWESOME!!! I wonder how he'd do against RMG-24... Naw, that wouldn't even be a match.

Tsunami: yeah. i dont think a robot would do too well against the magnetic spirit of Nightfall

Duan: Especially if he figures out where his memory chip is, it doesn't matter whether he goes into Memory Conservation Mode or not.

Tsunami: yup. Tendril is indeed a powerfull warrior.

Duan: If anyone manages to beat him, they'll have to be immortal or at lest all-powerful.

Tsunami: not quite. i could probably beat him if i release my Ultima part.

Duan: Yeah, I suppose so. I might be able to beat him If I go Hendrix Duan. I wouldn't necessarily be unbeatable, but I'd be pretty darn close.

Pearl's eyes widened. "Kyle..? I didn't know he was here." She said, surprised.

"Oh no..." She said, softly. She was still looking at Kyle's match. "Kyle..Get up..."

The crowd watching Kyle's fight with Krinkinko was in an uproar. Some were booing Krinkinko, some were yelling complaints, some just turned away in disgust. Pearl couldn't bear to watch what was happening to her friend. "Somebody, please do something! That can't be allowed!"

Some of the crowd was cheering for Krinkinko and some girls were holding signs that said YOU DA MAN KRINKINKO , YOU ROCK! and, WE LOVE YOU KRINKINKO!

Pearl held her hands out in front of her as if she were trying to make a point, but couldn't get any words out. You can't be SERIOUS! She thought. Are you even looking at what he's..he's...DOING!? Ugh, I don't understand some people...

A girl:It's Dark Krinkinko doing the vile stuff! The normal Krinkinko is strong and hot!

"Whether he's dark or not, Can you really cheer for someone doing THAT!?" Pearl asked, somewhat angrily. "That's not fighting, It's torture!"

Jag:(Walks in)Every life is just torture fights are just away to speed them up!(Looks at the fight)That is what I call speeding up.Don't start thinking life is just as easy as mine.

Pearl shot him a fierce glare. "Nobody asked you! I didn't say life was easy, What I'm saying is that is completely inappropriate!"

Jag:I was just making a point (starts to growl)But I agree this is completely inappropriate!Now lets get to the real part its not like I'm scheming to set the place on fire.

"I didn't say you were, but that was a suspiciously specific denial!" She said. She turned to look at what was going on and gasped. "Oh no..He's down again..." Her voice quickly changed from angry to pififul.

Droget's Brother:Oh Krinkinko is givivng it his all since he lost to Smash the first round his last fight. Anyways pink Echidna lady want me go buy you some popcorn?

Pearl looked at him at the corner of her eyes, then looked away. "..No thank you...I'm not feeling hungry."

Soro: It's quiet, I guess Nora must be asleep now...'

The Elder of frog village:That was an awesome fight!

Tsunami: *to Duan* hey. what songs can you play?

Duan: A lot of songs, actually. A lot of them I learned just so I could play. Hm... let's see... I can play Crazy Train, Miss Murder, Sweet Child o' Mine, Through the Fire and Flames, Killer Queen, and much more. Then there's songs I made up.

A tall frog: You sound just like my baby brother Droget. You know? A frog, chubby, scared of robots, hates blood, hates fighting? He loves to sing and play instraments you should help him sometime.

Tsunami: anything from Naruto?

((Try not to break the fourth wall, please?))

Kyle walked into the stands, and walked over to Pearl. "Hello, Pearl. Good to see you again." He said with a friendly smile.

"Hi, Kyle...Sorry about the match." She responded, somewhat glumly. "I was rooting for you."

"Do not worry." Kyle said. "Even though I lost, Smash still has a chance. I have had my glory already, it is time that someone else gets it." He looked at an empty seat next to her. "May I?"

"Sure, Go ahead." She said. Kyle then took the seat.

Droget's Brother: (To Tsunami) I beleive it's omething called fighting dreamers from the fourth season. Something about a season when the hokage dies I think but I don't watch those shows.


Duan: No, not really. I never have time to watch TV. What I mean by this is even though I have free time, I know when to stop. If I'm hanging with friends, I know it's time to leave when I go insane. If I'm on the computer printing tablature for a song, I know I'm done when I've printed the fifth song. But when I watch TV, I never know when I'm finished. So, I don't watch TV. That's pretty crazy to some people, but I don't

Droget's Brother: My question is could you help my brother out with his singing skills.

Duan: In that case, yeah. I can definitely help him in that case.

Droget:Sweet! When will our first lesson start?

Duan: When you find me a bottle of Sparkling Apple Juice. It improves my singing for some reason.


Droget: (Takes one and hands it to Duan) Here ya' go!

Duan: Thanks. Remember that pitch and tone are everything. That is the first thing I want you to remember. People have probably already told you this, but think about it. Just think about it. Later, we'll do some actual singing. Right now, I want to watch battles.

Droget: Okay. Did you see Krinkinko Vs. Kyle? That battle was awesome!

Flare: Krinkinko is a maniac.

Tsunami: *playing the Naruto Main Theme on an ocarina made of water*

Droget: I will not just sit here while you trash talk about my friend!!! It's his darkform that's crazy not him! He can't even control his dark form! If you remember the end of the fight Kyle even said that Krinkinko couldn't control it!

Quake: i know about insane super forms. but at least my Earth Beast form is under control. i only lose it when i use Charge. and all i do is pound my opponent into the ground until i faint from lack of power.

Droget: Then clearly we arn't talking about the same level as insane.

Interrupting the conversation, two figures walk between both parties, moving them out of the way as they passed through. A tall human dressed nearly all in black with pale skin, green eyes and golden hair, while a smaller hedgehog, colored red and black wearing a pair of dark beige pants. "Such a nuisance. Are all Mobians like this, Summers?" The taller man spoke, agitated from such trivial debates. "One who can't control their own powers should be destroyed by them..."

"They are, mostly." Summers spoke, nodding softly. "I couldn't agree more, Guyviroth. It's any wonder why he won in the first place."

Droget:That's very bias and stereotype. Wait are you Saizo's friends?

They both turned to look at their questioner. Guyviroth merely turned his head, ignoring the person, but Summers nonetheless spoke. "Yes, we are. We've come here to see how well Mobian's warriors can fight." Guyviroth merely shrugged at the last comment.

"You guys don't look like much," Guyviroth said. His neutral expression turned to a sinister smirk. "I'm sure Summers here could take you all on at the same time." Summers sighed and turned to Guyviroth.

"That's enough. We're not here to fight; we're here to spectate. If you may please, Guyviroth, go find us a couple of seats." Guyviroth huffed before walking off, but Summers stayed, thinking it would be the best to avoid any more hostility. "Our heroes will not be around forever," Summers stated. "So that is why we are here. If our future generations of fighters cannot live up to our current's expectation, then this world is doomed. That is why we are here, and also why Saizo has entered this tournament." Having said his reasons for being at the stadium, Summers turned to walk away to find Guyviroth.

Droget:Well don't just look at this place because there are only 16 fighters. I hope you didn't miss the Krinkinko fight because that was some good material.

Kyle sighed and looked up. "I still have so much to learn..." He said, softly. "The way the battle turned out in the end, I just might shame our "Generation of Heroes"..."

Droget:Dude, you held out long enough for Krinkinko to revert. I would have died out there!

"You may be right, but still...I was foolish to not use the power of the Gemblade." He said, shaking his head. "I thought that I was being fair by using only my own strength, but by doing that I basically let him win. With his speed, there was no way for me to keep my balance against that attack."

Droget:You two both used your normal strenght. It wouldn't just be unfair if you used the gemblade it wouldn't be from where it matters most. (He points to his heart) There will be a time when you won't have the power of your sword and you'll just need to use you and your wits.

Kyle thought about it for a moment, and then smiled. "You're right." He admitted.

"This time was a perfect example." Pearl said, joining in on the conversation. "The Gemblade lost all of it's power in the middle of his fight. I can't imagine what it must've been like fighting without that power when Krinkinko was still berserk in his dark form."

Droget: Also one thing. (He rumaged in his backpack and got out a rainbow colored rock) This is a friendship rock. Krinkinko also has one. Just rub it on someone who's your friend and you'll have their power or you can carve the rock's power into the Gemblade.

Kyle blinked, looking at the rock with interest. "A...Friendship rock?" He looked up at him. "..What is your name?"

Droget: My name is Droget Tereya Frog but my family last name is Lucky. No, really! My full name is Droget Tereya Lucky.

Kyle seemed amused, but didn't comment on it. "Kyle Tyris. A pleasure to meet you, Droget." He said. He placed his hand on the rainbow rock. "And I thank you for your kind offer. I shall hold on to this, and remember this day."

Droegt:Arn't you going to rub it on Pearl?

Kyle's eyebrows rose. "Hm? On Pearl?" He looked over at her.

"Er...I dunno." She shrugged. "I guess it would be kind of an honor to have my power shared with you, but it's kinda unexpected."

"Well, You are the only one of my friends here." Kyle said. He turned back to Droget. "I think I will wait. I would like to show my other friends as well before I use it."

Droget: N prob. Do you know when Kink's next fight will be?

Krinkinko fangirls:GOOOO KINK!

Kyle shook his head. "Somewhere in the next round. That won't be for a while, I'm sure." He said.

"Yeah, so that means pipe down." Pearl said, looking at the fangirls.

Krinkinko Fangirls:Your just saying taht because you hate Krinkinko.

Kyle Fangirls: We all hate Krinkinko because he's lame.

Krinkinko Fangirls: OH no you didn't!

Kyle Fangirls: Oh yes we did! Kyle rules! (Start to fight)

Pearl shook her head. "Now I didn't say anything like tha-" She quickly turned to see the Kyle fangirls starting up a ruckus. "W-what the..."

Kyle shook his head, burying his face into both palms. "I am not in the mood for dealing with this again..."

"What do you mean again?" Pearl rose her eyebrow at him.

Droget: Again!? I would love this if I were you!!!

Kyle narrowed his eyes at Droget. "I'm not talking about fans, I'm talking about mass arguments."

Droget: What other mass arguements have you got into?

Kyle Fangirl:Don't listen to that frog! He's a friend of Krinkinko!

"You haven't been in the locker room." Kyle stated. "They argue in their free time. Generally over who is stronger, etc. That is why we're here, to prove who is stronger through battles, not boasts"

Droget: People are people. If you had a awesome new power wouldn't you inform people?

Kyle looked around. "Not really. Maybe to my friends, but not everyone I see." He modestly said with a shrug. "These people weren't even talking about new powers, they were just saying that no one could possibly even hope to beat them if they even make it far enough. But yes, People will be people. That's just who they are." He frowned. "I just wish they would not bother other people with it. I found it hard to get any peace in that room."

Droget:(Smirking) If they say that to the wrong person they'll get their butt handed to them in the real fights!

"That's partly what I tried to tell them," Kyle said.

"But they don't wanna listen?" Pearl finished as a question. Kyle just nodded.

Fa-La-Stu: (Takes a seat next to Droget) So when will the next fight start?

Droget: No clue.

Fa-La-Stu: Hey, Pearl. This might be personal but at waht age did Smash start taking care of you?

Pearl's eyebrows rose. "Huh? How did you know about that?" She asked, rather surprised. "And who are you?"

Fa-La-Stu: My name is Princess Falalala-Stu Ruth Echidna but just call me Fa-La-Stu. My friend Krinkinko told me about the whole Rodrick thing.

"Oh..I see." She said. "W-Wait, You're a princess!?" She suddenly exclaimed.

"A princess?" Kyle asked, looking over in their direction with his eyebrows raised.

Fa-La-Stu:Yeah, why?

Pearl felt a tad nervous. "I..well, I've just never met a princess before." She said. "But, getting back on topic, How did Krinkinko know that Smash started taking care of me at one point?"

Fa-La-stu:Please just treat me as a normal echidna with ears...well that's not very normal but you get my point. Rodney said You try to replace our parents and this is how you repay me!? so I pretty much now that he's the one who took care of you.

((Actually, that was Rodrick who said that. Rodney disguised himself as Pearl once I think, but I don't remember what he said.))

"Oh...I see." She said, now getting why she came to this conclusion. "Well, Lets see...I had just turned twelve years old. That was almost eight whole years from now."

Fa-La-Stu:Oh. When will the next fight start!? I want to see what Krinkinko and these fighters are truly made of!

"We must have patience.." Kyle said. "I do not know when it will begin."

Meanwhile, Summers managed to find Guyviroth, who instead decided to take a seat on top of the wall surrounding the standings; his Emeragan would allow him to view the fight as though he was tens of meters closer. "Took too long to find seats," Guyviroth said, looking at Summers. "So This is as good as I could find. Hope you don't mind the view." Summer shook his head before taking a seat next to Guyviroth.

"It's not a problem for now," Summers replied. "I only want a good view at Saizo's fight. That reminds me, when in his match?"

"Last match, so we could be waiting for quite some time."

"The best till last, eh?"

(Ichiro sits down nearby)

Jag:(Stares at the battles and took a deep breath)Been a while since I could hunt.(Grits his teeth)I haven't tasted flesh in days.HEY IS THERE SOMEONE WITH A CHILI DOG OR SOMETHING!

(a chilidog appears in Jag's hand)

Voice: If you need something, just ask. Politely next time, if you please.

Jag:Sorry.Its just I didn't know if there was somebody to go to.Where are you?It doesn't look like anybody's talking to me.(Gazes around the Stadium)

Ichiro: He is the host of this tournament, or whatever you may call it. He chooses not to show his physical to those who are unworthy of witnessing it.

Voice: Well, aren't you informed? Ichiro Keiken of the Orochi clan, correct?

Ichiro: *remains silent*

Summers looked over at the two while hearing a distinct voice. It intrigued Guyviroth as well, especially about only the worthy are shown a certain presence. "Hmmm... you think saizo has met this guy?"

"It would surprise me," Guyviroth replied, arms folded. "If he wasn't considered worthy then the rest of these people must be below garbage."

Ichiro: Your friend Saizo, or whatever you said his name was, has not seen him yet. Nobody has. He is quite sure of himself, though. He may go far.

"Then it is as it is then," Guyviroth said with a sigh. "These other contestants are below garbage."

Ichiro: Hmhmhm... you are just like he is. I'm sure that none of you are as strong as you believe yourselves to be. I doubt you could even beat half of these fighters in a fair match.

Kyle's ear twitched, and he looked away. His gaze was fixed on the direction he arrived from. The Locker room. "What is it, Kyle?" Pearl asked, noticing the look on his face.

"I thought I heard something...and suddenly, I felt some sort of powerful energy." He said. "It might just be people training all at once..."

"Guyviroth, did you feel that?" Summers had asked. The look on his face gave off an impression of curiosity as well as worry at the same time. "You think that might of been one of the contestants?"

"I can say for sure it's one of the largest I've felt before... much higher than Saizo's." Summers was in awe, but Guyviroth just smirked, prompting confusing from Summers. "But Saizo simply doesn't win through power; he wins for having absoluteness in everything in a fight; before he attacks, or even when he attacks, he's already calculated every possible outcome of the situation he can think of, as well as conjure a counter. His mind... is brilliant. Like a super-computer."

Ichiro: Saizo is not from here. I do not doubt that he is one of the most powerful warriors in his world, he is even quite powerful in this world, but he know little of the ways of Chaos Energy, the Chaos Force. His being uninformed may lead to his downfall. Smash does not even know much more than Saizo, but I believe he has just tapped into the Chaos Force. Not even I can see for sure, but whatever he did, he is now a force to be reckoned with.

"On the contrary," Summers began speaking, with a slight smirk. "Saizo understands chaos force, simply because "Chaos Force" is our equivalent of his world's "Chakra", in which we can use it in a multitude of ways with training. The Book of Orion Sigmus is aiding him in manipulating and increasing his Chakra, until soon enough he has obtained a Super Form like ours. When that happens... who knows how much more powerful he will be..."

"Sure enough, I'll be taking a look at that book when he's finished..." Guyviroth said in conjunction with Summers' conclusion.

Ichiro: If he can achieve a super form, then I assure you it is not like ours, and not like the one that Smash has just unlocked. I'm can guarantee that it will be a long time before he can fully comprehend this power, despite how similar it is to you "Chakra".

"Sure, it might not be like ours. It could be stronger." Summers seemed to smile at the revelation of something being stronger than their world's. "But what does it matter if it isn't stronger than ours? Saizo doesn't win with strength alone. He'll just out-think everyone one of his opponent's moves."

Tsunami: can this Saizo out think Tendril? after all, he is two minds in one.

(a faint light appears in front of Summer, which turns into an image of the android which the host used in his battle with Saizo)

Ichiro: My apologies for interrupting, Tsunami, but I want Summer to pay attention to this for a moment. *several features begin to glow, specifically the head and the chest* Take a look at this for a moment, and tell me what you see.

"I answer those in order, regardless of how special you believe yourself to be," Summers retorted with an agitated look. However, Guyviroth placed a hand on his shoulder and nodded.

"Don't worry, I'll explain," Guyviroth assured Summers, who turned to Tsunami. "In our world there exist powerful people who, in lamends terms, have two minds, in the form of oneself and one-'s demon inside them. Me and Saizo have fought countless individuals like these, so fighting against people who have two minds is what we do, and who we can overcome."

"Right," Summers nodded, then turned to the metallic android. "I see a tin-can Christmas tree. Bare in mind, whoever you are, don't believe you have the right to stick your nose into our business, especially after interrupting our conversation. If you don't mind, leave us."

Ichiro: I am Ichiro Keiken of the Orochi clan. Also, I believe there is a difference in interrupting and responding to a point. I just want to make sure you understand that no matter how Saizo may out-smart his opponents, or even overpower them if it comes to that, his lack of compassion to those around him will lead to his downfall. I see many things... and what I see is never wrong. *the image disappears* Think about what has happened, and maybe the cloud cast upon your gaze shall be lifted. *Ichiro begins to shine, then seemingly fades into nothingness*

"... What a tremendous creep." Guyviroth retorted loudly; some of the crowd could hear him, but he didn't care. "Lack of compassion... Saizo's always been a chearful guy, almost disgustingly so. I can't believe some no-namer would suggest such a thing."

"I believe it's something to do with Saizo "Now" than it was "Then"," Guyviroth looked at Summers, as though he was waiting for him to fit in the missing piece of the puzzle. "Saizo has been on edge, almost frustrated of not finding many worthy opponents as he did before. A touch of nostalgia, basically. You're right, Saizo is a great guy to be around, but... when he's in situations like these he gets irritated at those who think a few punches and a blast would win them the fight. I guess Saizo is too used to life-or-death fights... but "lack of compassion" is too far a statement to say; both Abumi and Smash are in this tournament; two people he has respect for."

Arc: *returns from the locker room with a bruise on his cheek* Don't mind Ichiro. Like Saizo, he has been through a lot, but he did not take it so well. It has affected his judgement, and he tends to over exaggerate. Ignore what he said... well, most of it. Please don't judge him on first impressions, though. I will set him straight if he chooses to show himself again.

"I'm starting to get sick a tired of these pests coming out of every nook and cranny of this arena..." Guyviroth uttered harshly. "Two people can't even discuss the pairings without some random guy appearing out of nowhere nowadays?"

"Calm down Guy, you'll end up giving yourself a heart attack..." Summers said in response to Guy's outburst.

Voice: Would you two perhaps prefer a private box?

"Anything to get me away from these annoying fans." Guy muttered under his breath, without even looking up.

Voice: *teleports Guy and Summers away*

Arc: *sits down next to Soro* Well, these matches are taking quite some time, so I think I'll just stay up here for a while. Hello again, Soro.

Summer: *comes out of the locker room and sits next to Teal*

Teal: *has a disappointed face* You lost...

Summer: Hey, little guy, sometimes, it's not about winning or losing. It was fun, so be happy about that. Anyways, I'm gonna be in the training ring to train some guys. You can watch those.

Teal: Sure.

(Soro looks around)

Soro- I wonder where that banging noise is coming from...

"I wonder..." Saizo was on top of one of the many pylons that reached to the sky around the tournament grounds, sitting comfortably with his body arched forwards, wondering who would win. "Even though there's no competition here for me... Whoever wins may prove to be some sort of challenge to me."

(a figure stood below, on one of the many roads of the Cosmic Interstate)

Voice: Mr. Marushagan... Good to see you've come back.

"Even though I forfeit the competition, something about the fighters here keeps catching my attention... It must be Smash." Saizo looked down towards the buildings; he could feel Smash' energy; something that he hasn't been able to do with many Mobians here. "I hope he proved to be the challenge I am after... if not... then perhaps I have wasted my time here."

Voice: *jumps up to Saizo's level* Yes... Smash has definitely grown stronger since this contest began, and we haven't even passed the first round. He is quite a force to be reckoned with. But I'm somewhat confused. Did you not find my god-like abilities to be enough of a challenge for you?

"No..." Saizo said bluntly. Looking up at him. "You are a God; your heritage alone is what makes you powerful. You've no concept of the mortal's fighting spirit; the urge to surpass everyone else to fight and protect. That is what I want to see from the people here."

Voice: ...You're wrong. I don't expect you to know of my past, so I cannot blame you for believing that. I believe it myself sometimes. What you see before you... I was not always like this. Long ago, I was once a Mobian like the rest of these fighters. Mere coincidence turned me into a monster. I was lucky enough to be given a second chance, but I will never get back what I had. And if it weren't for that coincidence, no one in this multiverse would have power anywhere near what these fighters do. I have responsibility, and I make mistakes, just like everyone else. Fate is unkind to me, so I tend to stray from the path of enlightenment. But I assure you, I am no different than anyone here.

"I'm not interested in your life story," Saizo's demeanor became dark, almost uncaring. But that was the point. "when I fought you, it was with no meaning. That's why I so easily "lost" to you; I no longer wanted to fight such a redundant and meaningless battle. I've had several centuries of them, and I wanted no more. You have nothing to fight for; these people do. And that's what a battle is about; to fight for something..."

Voice: Nothing to fight for... Come back to the stadium, please. Watch the rest of this contest. I want you to see its end. *fades away*

Saizo looked down towards the tournament grounds; he could see a fight ensuing and stared for a bit, almost just thinking over his own words. "... I wonder why the people in the tournament are fighting... perhaps I can find out..." Saizo stood up from the pylon and, with a single leap, leaped from the spire to on top of what was the locker room building.

From behind came Ray. He was excited about the tournament, excited seeing all the fighting. He took a seat close to the edge where he could see the action the best, almost oblivious to everyone else. Here he cheered, waved, and just enjoyed the violence.

Kyle leaned back in his seat. "These battles are beginning to drag on." He said. "The fighters must be getting tired, but neither one appears to be backing down."

"Well, that's the problem being such a strong fighter," he said calmly, leaning back as well," Battles get easier, fighters come less and kess often. Soon you're consumed by the greed to fight."

"Pride also takes a role here." Kyle added. "One with pride will not accept defeat until he is completely unconscious. And even then they are still fighting to regain consciousness to continue on."

"Either way, it's not the road I'd like to take," he said calmly, watching the competitors below," Me, I just go with the flow and do what fate tells me to."

"It is not a road I would take in particular, either.." He said. "You seem to be a very easy going fellow." He commented, smiling a little bit.

"Thanks," he said, turning to the blue hedgehog with a grin," You're pretty cool yourself." He then held out his hand and said," My name's Sharyar, but you can call me Ray."

"My name is Kyle Tyris." He shook his hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Ray."

"Thanks." he said with another smile. Ray then let go of Kyle's hand asked," So, what brings you to a place like this?"

"You are welcome." He said as he pulled his arm away. "An invitation, as a matter of fact." His gaze turned to the audience. "I was one of the fighters of this championship. Unfortunately, I did not make it past the first round. Hence why I am here." He explained.

Tikala: *she was with Espiata and she hears it and turns to kyle* neither did my husband but that didnt stop him from fighting here again in pratice matches. but he still has limits, and i gotta run.

"That stinks," Ray said calmly, but then turned his head to Tikala and said," Well y'know what they say: Practice makes perfect."

He then looked down and said with an air of both worry and curiosity," And that Saizo person looks like he's had plenty of practice."

"That's one way to put it," A voice said. Saizo walked down the stairwell near the group of them before taking a seat on the end of their row. "but I dropped from this tournament as well. I'll be fighting whoever wins afterwards."

"Speak of the Devil," Ray said leisurely," I gotta say, you're pretty impressive."

"Practice matches..?" Kyle asked aloud after Tikala had left. "I wasn't aware." He looked over at Saizo taking the seat. "After seeing so many powerful fighters here, I now know that I have very much to learn." He said in response to Ray. "Even moreso than I previously thought."

"I don't think we ever really stop learning," he replied," So long as you see one more person you think has a chance of beating you, you'll try getting better."

"It's the best of both worlds," Saizo said looking towards the fights. "learning is one half of the battle, and practice is the other. But even two halves of the sum doesn't complete the equation; real life battles, wars and other physical revelations is what truly makes you strong. Knowing your calculations doesn't mean that things will go accordingly, and practice targets and tree trunks don't fight back. The better way to fight is against a real opponent. But the best way is a fight to the death. Knowing your life is on the line is what draws you to fight with everything and anything you have."

"I can't say I approve of that," Ray replied, looking down at the fights too," Life is a sacred thing, and I don't think it's our right as humans to take it or not. Sure, sometimes there's no other way, but in insignifigant tournaments, it's not worth the blood on your hands."

"We all have our own views and philosophy," Saizo remarked in response to Ray's statement. "No one is right, as is no one is wrong. We all have our own way of life; of doing things. In a tournament, perhaps it's not worth it to kill. But if your desire to win is that great, you will end up aiming to kill."

"Hmm....you've given me alot to think about," he said kindly. He then smiled and said," You're not bad for an old man."

"I'm not that old..." Saizo said, shrugging.

"Relax, it's just a joke," he said with a slight chuckle," Lighten up a bit."

"It's hard for someone like me to lighten up," Saizo said, turning his head. "I'm surprised you're not in the tournament."

"Not that surprising," Ray said, leaning back and putting his hands behind his head," I'm not nearly strong enough. These guys'd break me in half."

"Considering what I had gone through, you would be lucky if they stopped there." Kyle remarked, remembering his own battle.

With a bit of a shudder, he expelled those thoughts and went back to watching the fight.

"But Smash," Saizo said, recalling what happened in the locker room. "I believe that he will be the tournament's victor. And then I shall face him myself."

Kyle looked at him with interest. "Do you really think so?" He asked, a hint of curiosity in his mind. He sounded very sure of his prediction.

"His power..." Saizo hesitated to say; he didn't want to admit it, but even if he didn't, it wouldn't change the fact that it was the truth. "When I saw his power, it was almost as great as mine. Perhaps, with experience, he could control it better. When he does, he could possibly match my power. Better yet, he could exceed it."

Kyle's eyebrows rose. He then looked back down at the stadium. "..Yes, I believe you are right." He said. "I believe that he can do it..He has come a long way in training. It is time to see if it was worth it."

"You two sound like pretty good friends," Ray said, turning back to them," And this Smash guy sounds pretty strong too."

Kyle nodded. "Yes. He is a dear friend of mine." He said. "We have known eachother for years. And I can assure you that he is quite powerful. Even though everyone else in the tournament has..unusual powers, Ones that he does not have by far...He always finds a way. Not only is he strong, he is clever."

Arc: Oh, believe me Kyle, Smash has far more "unusual powers" than once known. Believe it or not, Smash has a strong connection with the powers of Chaos, and he has been slowly tapping into them from within the locker room. However, if this power does not reach its full extent soon, Smash may suffer difficulty in the later matches. Memphis, Tendril, Eclipse, and Nora as well, all have amazing and unique abilities which they have practiced for quite a while. Smash will have to muster up all of the cunning, strength, and agility he has within him to progress successfully.

Keith:Tell me about it...I can't even beat Smash...

Kyle was silent for a bit. He thought about what he had just said, and realized that it's probably true. "I think you're right..." He said. He then stood up. "If you'll excuse me. I would like to see how the remaining fighters are fairing." He then walked back to the Locker Room.

It would be immense, that's for sure. Saizo sat with one leg over the other, arms folded and placing his unfixed gaze at the stadium grounds below. it was no secret that he was beginning to get impatient at the slow pace at which the rounds were proceeding. "this is going a bit too slow..."

Soro- Smash won't have a chance if he can't beat Nora's evasivness... Being a plant, she is very light, if she takes off her guitar it's like taking of a restraint, since she's wearing it on her back currently, it means she's just playing... Once she takes it off, her evasivness increases to the point she looks like she's teleporting.

"He will." An approaching voice spoke. Kyle had just come out of the locker room. "He may show signs of being overwhelmed at first, but he will prevail. He has his ways.."

Soro- Well, Nora always had that one problem...

Darkness: *he comes over limping* yeah woo! finally frcken made it! damn laegs dont do shat when busted as they are now!

Tikala: found you.

Darkness:.... has Jyscal arraived yet?

Soro- Great, Nora went evassive, she's dropped her defense to exchange for speed...

"And Smash seems to be having trouble keeping up with her quick movements..." Kyle muttered. "This is not good."

Tikala: dont get a fussy. i know about it. anyway lets get to patching you up. Mr Host? can we have a private box please?

Voice: Absolutely. *teleports Tikala and Darkness to a private med room*

Arc: *watching Eclipse Vs. Tendril* Hmm, bold move, Eclipse. Let's hope for your sake that it pays off.

Tsunami: his isn't the only bold move. Tendril's already worn himself out big time with all those Dark Chidori. Not to mention using a Weapon Style technique at his age.

Burst: I think they're both pretty good. I sure as hell couldn't beat 'em.

Arc: *sees Eclipse use Chaos Vortex* No!!! Eclipse, you fool! What have you done?!

(in private med room)

Tikala: *after 15 minutes of working she is done* a;right everything is in working order but be more carefu of those backsurges of yours they happen even without showing it.

Darkness: alright. il try and thanks.

Tikala: its best you do a diagonostic check after every battle to see if any backsurge of power happens therefore i can help you fix them.

Darkness: alright. im ready to go back. Mr. Host? were done here.

Pearl and Kyle watched Smash's battle intensely. "This is it..the moment of truth..." Kyle said, his eyes widened.

"Smash...." Pearl whimpered. She couldn't even see him anymore, but she knew he was fighting back with all he had.

Both Kyle and Pearl gasped at the same time. They looked closely to try and spot Smash in the explosion.

Soro- Nora... I know that grin anywhere, when she smiles like that means "I approve, or you have impressed me to the point I respect you"....

After hearing Smash being announced the victor, Pearl suddenly jumped out of her seat, cheering excitedly. Kyle sat still, smiling broadly. "You have done well, my friend." He said, quietly. "I am truly impressed."

Soro- I swear, Nora's gonna be the death of me...

Keith:Fine.(walks into the locker room)

Locker Room

Voice: Welcome one and all, heroes and villains from across the universe, to the Cosmic Championship! I've brought you all here to test your skills in the art of fighting, and hopefully to pass on the title of Cosmic Champion. Unfortunately there have been some... technical difficulties, so not every fighter has arrived. Take this time to get to know your opponents and prepare..... for what is to come.

(Nora lied down with her eyes closed, but was smirking)

Tendril: what do you have to smile about?

Eclipse: She's probably happy that she doesn't have to do anything yet. I, on the other hand, am not. *walks over to the corner and watches the door*

Tendril: heh. we're just eager to show our strength.

Smash walked through the entrance right as the voice began to make the announcement. He took a look around the area, the locker room made him feel almost at home. Feels almost just like the Blitz Pit. He thought to himself. He listened to the rest of the announcement, and rose his eyebrows. "Techinical difficulties? Hm..." Well, I might as well make myself comfortable, and get ready like the man said. He then set his shoulder bag of stuff down beside a chair, and started to do a few stretches before sitting down.

Krinkinko: Hey Smash! Long time no see!

Tendril: Smash and Krink. i remember you two.

Aero:(Shrugs then walks in the room)What is this place I just got an email there was fighting here so I came.

Smash smiled a little. "Hey Krink, Tendril, How've you guys been?"

Tendril: pretty good, you?

"Ah, I've been alright. So, you guys happy to be in a real tournament this time?" He asked, referring to the events of the Shadow Crystal Cloud tournament.

Tendril: yeah. Nightfall and i are eager to show our new skills. *grins*

Krinkinko: (Grins) What do you mean by real this tournament has a sponsor! (playing dumb)

Summer:*hanging by his feet on one of the pull-up bars* This is harder than it AH! *falls*

"Yeah, A sponser with no intents on universal domination." Smash said in a sarcastic tone. He then heard a thump on the floor, and looked towards the pull-up bars. "Hey, you okay over there?" He called.

Voice: What's the point in dominating the universe when I am already a controlling body in it?

Tendril:hey. whats your name?

Summer: Summer. Hey.... you look kinda like someone my dad once told me about. *stands up* Have you ever met a 'Static the Hedgehog'? And yes, I'm ok.

Smash looked at Krinkinko. "Static The Hedgehog...Hm, I know I've never heard of him."

Tendril: no. my name's Shade Nightwing. but i prefer to be called Tendril

Krinkinko: Smash, how's Pearl doing? She saved our skins last time. If your wondering Rachel's doing just fine.

Summer: Ok... so, Tendril, you said you know Nightfall?

Tendril: yup. in a way, your looking at him.

"She's doing great." He said. "She couldn't come, but she said that she'll watch us on TV. And that's also good to hear."

Voice: *Sigh* I suppose I'll televise it.

Summer: *to the voice* Hey buddy in the roof, tell me WHY exactly you had to kidnap me again?

"Huh?" Smash's eyebrows rose high. "Was this not already going to be broadcasted? I'd expect something as big as this would have at least someone recording it all. And what's this I'm hearing about a kidnapping?"

Voice: It wasn't a kidnapping, it was a summoning. You should be honoured to even be in this sacred place.

Summer: You mean nearly getting killed by ninjas and being responsible for the death of about 10 civilians? Yeah, TOTALLY a summoning!

Krinkinko: Who said summoning because I have a new summon!

Voice: I had nothing to do with such things. I brought you here, and I brought everyone else here. You don't want to make me angry. You can finish this squabling amoungst yourselves. Even the omnipotent get stressed...

Summer: *sighs and thinks* Yeah, because your ninjas did it.... *out loud* alright. *turns to Tendril* I feel like I can only relate to you. You use darkness too, right?

Smash frowned, looking a little confused. "Uh, I don't think there's anything to finish between us three, I mean I didn't have anything to do with that either. I just wanted to know why this wasn't being broadcasted before..And where exactly ARE you, anyway?"

Tendril: yeah, im an umbra.

Summer: Nice to meet you. Anyways..... *sits down* what next?

Tendril: not sure.

Smash sighed and sat down back at his seat. "I just want to have a normal tournament. No evil overlords, no ninjas, just..plain..competition." He said, sounding tired of it all.

Tendril: So, Nora. how are you doing?

(Nora acts asleep)

Summer: *picks up a stick he found randomly on the floor and begins to poke Nora* Wake up, sleepyhead.

Voice: (to Smash only) You will have a normal tournament. Whatever ninjas were there, they were not my doing. However, this is not exactly a common tournament. I can bring anyone you wish to observe your fights in the stadium, but to televise it across the multiverse is a large feat, even for one such as myself.

"Hm, I suppose that does make sense." Smash said, nodding. Since this won't be televised, I'll ask you to bring my sister. But first, just who exactly are you, anyway? And where are you?"

Voice: (again only to Smash) The deed is done. Now, you are aware of the multiverse, correct? All I wish to tell you now is that I am a being who can not exist soely in one Zone, but in all of them. You are a great warrior, and I have a feeling that you will go far in this tournament. At that time you shall learn more...

"The Multiverse...Yes, I have a pretty good idea what that is." Smash said. I've had some experience in the past with such matters... He thought. "Yes, I see. Thank you for the compliment. I will do my best, and won't disappoint you."

Tendril: *chuckles softly* oh Smash, you can't possibly hope to beat me with my new powers.

(Nora snaps Summer's stick, she didn't look too happy)

Nora: Do you poke everybody who's taken a nap with a stick? I'm not worried about this, unlike you blokes, I don't give a care if I lost or not! I lost many times in the Grand Prix, so it's not a big a deal in this championship either. I'm just entering because I'm darn bored....

(Nora knockes her headset's glasses down covering her eyes, but you can tell she went back to sleep)

Smash rose his eyebrow at him. "Maybe, But we don't know that yet!" He said. "I may not have any "Special Givings", but that ain't gonna stop me."

Eclipse: Just hope that neither of you are in the same half of the bracket as I, or else you won't make it far.

Tendril: you really believe that? ha. i've got more up my sleeve than my last tournament. you know what im talking about, dont you Smash?

(Nora raises her glasses revealing her deep blue eyes)

Nora: Ya thinkin' because I'm some flower, I'm suppose to be weak, huh? Well, be careful dude, because some flowers have thorns!

(Nora places her glasses on top of her head again)

Eclipse: Look, *gazes at each fighter* I don't plan on losing. This tournament showcases the great. I will not fall to anyone, not even... flowers.

Tendril: *chuckles* ever face part of the ancient villain Ultima and an umbrakinetic at the same time? didn't think so.

Smash folded his arms. "I'm not saying anyone in here is weak, I know you're all strong. Words alone will not prove your strength, so save it for the tournament." He eyed Tendril at the corner of his eye. "That means you. I know you're powerful, but I still remain unphased."

Eclipse: An umbrakinetic is nothing. I've faced the spirit of a psycokinetic, the strongest in the multiverse, and one. Did you do that? Didn't think so.

(Nora swings her heavy guitar right next to Eclipse's head with one hand)

Nora: I'm stronger then I look, so watch your mouth or I'll just go ahead and remove it!

(Nora draws back her guitar and places it on her back)

Nora: But I do have a reason to win... But it's not a big deal!

(Eclipse stared at the guitar, chuckled, then stayed silent)

Tendril: still never faced a part of Ultima. i'd know. *to Smash* you haven't seen my new powers.

"So?" Smash said, raising his eyebrow. "I'm not saying I did. What I'm saying is shut up with the gloating."

(Nora heard Eclipse chuckle and knowning she can't attack till her round, she took her anger on the wall and punched a hole right through it, then she yawned and went to "sleep")

Tendril: someone's got a temper

Smash sighed, holding his forehead. "This'll be a long day."

(Nora woke up lifted her head towards everybody)

Nora: Uh, when's the round gonna start again?

Smash just shrugged. "I don't know. Sponser said they were facing technical difficulties, last I heard."

Tendril: we're probably just waiting for the other competetors

Nora: Oh, well okay then...

(Nora placed her guitar up against the wall and started really sleeping on it)

Smash, out of curiosity, walked towards the hole in the wall and peeked out.

(a small flame appears in the hole and starts laughing)

"Hey, I can see the-UURRGHII!!" In an instant, Smash threw a nearly lightning quick punch at the flame out of fright.

flame: *keeps laughing, growing bigger*

(Nora goes evasive and appears on the other side of the locker room staring at the flame)

Nora: Uh... What the heck is that thing?

Flame: *grows and becomes Tendril*

Tendril: *sitting in the hole, half of him was red and orange instead of his normal black and purple* im the fire in the hole.

Summer: Oh, ha ha ha, Tendril. *looks at broken stick* .....sorry stick.

Smash performed a backflip, getting away from the flame. "I don't know, but I don't like it!" he then saw as it changed to Tendril, and rolled his eyes. "Gimmie a break, man.."

Tendril: *becomes shadow and goes back to his seat, back to normal now*

Summer: *one of his quills begins twitching* so, what are we gonna do while some people are sitting around drinking soda rather than get over here?

Tendril: *shrugs* dunno

"Yeah, it's painfully obvious that some people are getting bored, right now." Smash sighed, sounding a bit annoyed.

Summer: *goes over to the bars and begins to hang from his feat again* Wake me when I need to wake up. *closes eyes*

(Out of boredom, Nora starts doing graffiti on the walls with a spray can)

Aero:Thats it!I'm taking a nap.(Lies on the couch in the locker room and starts to snore)

Liger: What up, various species?

Aero:(Woke up then quickly lifted his head towards Liger)Who the heck are you?

Tendril: *eyes Liger*

Liger: I am Liger Moyasu. My tail flame speaks for it self.

Tendril: a pyro eh? hmph. you wont go far if you're fighting me.

???: Enough! *the voice came from the wall behind Tendril*

Liger: Is that so?

Eclipse: Hm? *looks towards the voice in the wall, seemingly interested*

Tendril: *looks at the wall* what did you say to me?

Tendril's shadow: *climbs off the wall and looks Tendril in the eye* i said enough! i've had it with your arrogant atitude! you've had it since Nightfall sealed his soul inside you and i'm sick of it!

Smash glared towards Tendril's direction. "Yeah. Whether you're as good as you're boasting, no one wants to hear you brag and gloat about how badly you'll beat them before the tournament even starts! You're just grating on everyone's nerves, hence that hole in the wall! So CAN IT!"

Tendril: *ignores Smash. stands and faces his shadow* you will not talk to your master that way!

Tendril's shadow: i'll talk to my master anyway i want!

Tendril: i made you loyal to me and me alone!

Tendril's shadow: you also gave me a brain! and with that came free will!

Nora: Wow, a animated shadow... Now doesn't that remind me of someone I know...

(Nora spoke sarcasticly, and finished putting her name on the wall)

Tendril: *rolls eyes* i dont have to take this from my own shadow! *walks off*

Tendril's shadow: *sigh. turns to the others* hey. could you guys do me a favor?

Smash sighed and then looked at the shadow. "What is it?"

Tendril's shadow: if your first match is with Tendril, give him one heck of a fight. even if you cant beat him, at least give it everything you've got. knock him off his high horse. show him that just because he's two beings now, dosen't make him a god.

"Oh I sure as heck WILL!" Smash said, cracking his knuckles. "If I don't win, I'll take him down with me. Of course, that's only if I do end up fighting him."

(the spray paint shifted to say "Nice Try" and splashed onto Nora's face)

Tendril's shadow: thank you.

(a clank was heard and Tendril was thrown back in the room, tiny cuts on his cheek. a black hedgehog with glowing silver streaks and sharp knuckle spikes walks in.)

Nightfall: Tendril. your shadow is right. your out of control.

"No proble-" Smash was interrupted by the clank, and then looked over at Nightfall. This guy looks pretty tough. Especially if he's going at Tendril outside of the tournament. But hey, he deserved it.

Tendril: *to Nightfall* i dont know what your talking about.

Nightfall: yes you do. im talking about you acting all high and mighty just because you have me to back you up! you need to cool it with the attitude.

Aero:(Finally he flashed his eyes open and sat straight up)All of you your strong but there is no need for bragging like little kids who won a basketball game unless you are just kids.

(Nora's fury showed more intense then before, if she could control fire, the whole building would be burnt! But instead, she started blasting lazars at the wall until she did a Complex Lazar and blew the whole thing up)


(the lasers are held suspended at their end-points. Nothing is blown up)

Voice: Please, Miss Kouba, save this... fury, for the battles. They will begin as soon as the remaining four fighters arrive.

(the lasers disappear)

Smash looked at Nora. "Cool it, will ya? You're not making this any easier for the rest of us." He turned and walked to sit back down in his chair.

Tendril: *smirks*

Nightfall: *to Tendril* you too!

Tendril: why should i?

Nightfall: simple. *glares into his eyes* you don't cool it, and maybe i'll go hang out in Flare for a while. got it?

Tendril: right. sorry.

Nightfall: good *nods to Nora and Summer. opens his mouth and a silver mist pours out and into Tendril's mouth. body collapses into a pile of metal dust*

Aero:Hmm witch one would be the best to rob (looks at Smash)That should do!

Voice: Ah, another challenger arrives...

(nobody enters the room)

Voice: ...Four remain. The moment of truth approaches

Smash sat down at his chair, and waited patiently.

Eclipse: *looks up* What are you talking about? There's no one else here. Still the twelve of us. *sigh*

Voice: *chuckles*

Tendril: *closes his eyes and begins to focus*

The doors opened, and a cyan hedgehog walked inside slowly. Strapped to his back was a sword with 6 gems on the handle, and a blue backpack with red straps. He looked around, seeing most of the fighters inside. "This must be the Locker Room..." He said softly. He then noticed the hole in the wall. "What happened here?"

Tendril's shadow: *gestures to Nora* she got mad

He looked over at Nora and frowned, but didn't say anything.

"Kyle?" Smash stood up from his seat, looking at the hedgehog.

"Smash! Hello there, friend." Kyle walked towards him, and the two shook hands. "I did not expect to see you here."

"Likewise. How have you been?" The two began chatting like old friends.

Tendril: *ignoring them. opens his eyes and at the same time says* Dark Eye. *his eyes reverse colors, each one becoming it's opposite. his pupils became white, the whites became black, and his red irises became green. looks around. his gaze stops at Aero. points at him* you. bandit. dont even think about it.

Summer: Nightfall! How's it been going, buddy? *adjusts a device strapped to his wrist*

(Nora fell asleep again, she seems to do that after every time she gets mad)

Nora: *snores*

Tendril: *to Summer* you know Nightfall left right? i can release him if you want to talk to him

Aero:Heh hehe I know I'm a bandit and trust me if you got any gold hand it over or your not gonna like where your going to Die!

Tendril's shadow: *rolls eyes* and i thought Tendril was acting like a jerk.

Aero:I heard that!(takes a deep breath)The only reason I became a Bandit!Is because people treated me as an outcast!Do you know what thats like huh huh!

Tendril's shadow: in a way yes. until the Shadow Crystal Cloud Tournament i could've sworn i was the only living shadow in existence.

Tendril: i haven't but i bet i can top that.

Nora: I can't, I'm just a run away who likes to spray "tags" on walls...

(Nora woke up)

Tendril: i've had an experience far worse than anything you've gone through, bandit.

Aero:Really you have been sent on fire and had all your fur burned completely grey other then a few brown stripes!

Tendril: ever lost a family member? well i've lost my whole home town! and on my sixth birthday too!

Aero:I lost my whole village everybody died except me and my brothers!

Tendril: yeah, lucky you. i had no one! everyone in my home town was killed by a random army of light beasts! I was all alone until i met Tsunami.

Eclipse: Will you two SHUT UP! Your lives suck, we get it! It's not a contest to see who's lamer! Now please... I'm trying to concentrate.

"Thank you." Smash said, sounding aggravated. "Don't you guys have anything better to do? I mean, really?"

Tendril: not until the fight starts.

"So until then, just keep your bickering to yourself." He said. "That goes for all of you. I'm tired of hearing all that crap, it's an endless contest to top eachother! 'I'm gonna win the tournament!' 'You won't get past me.' 'I've beat an army!' 'I've beat a navy!' 'I'm an outcast!' 'I'm wanted in 15 countries!' 'I'm the only one that likes me!' Just stop. No one wants to hear all of that." He then looked at Aero. "And if I catch you stealing anything in here, that will be it. Do I make myself clear?"

Tendril: *shrugs*

Eclipse: *grabs Tendril by the neck* I'm not one for rules, and I don't feel like waiting for four other fighters to kick your ass. Do I make myself clear?

(Nora just goes back to sleep, but heard everything)

Tendril: *becomes liquid shadow and falls to the floor. reforms and walks back to his seat* you've both made yourselves crystal clear. im done arguing with you guys.

Voice: Would Nora and Darkness please report to the ring. Nora and Darkness to the ring.

Darkness: alright. il head out. *comes out of his portable coffin* time to get started! *heads out to the ring*

Smash looked up. "Well it's about TIME!" He said in a snarky tone. "The first match is finally getting underway."

"Has it really been that long?" Kyle asked.

"You were only here a third of the time we were waiting." Smash said in a chuckle. "Anyway, They must have their tournament board written out now. Lets go take a look, shall we?"

Kyle nodded. "Yes, lets." The two of them walked to check out the tournament board. i.e, seeing who was facing who.

The two looked at the board. "Hmm..Lets see here..." Smash ran his finger across it. "Hey, there's you. You're up against Krinkinko, that should be interesting."

"Do you know him?" Kyle asked.

"Yeah, we met a couple weeks back." He replied, and looked back at the board. "And I'm up against...Arc, huh?" He looked around. "Hm...I don't think I saw him in here..." He glanced at Kyle, who shook his head. "Well, I'm gonna start training. I'm gonna get the warmups out of the way before my battle." He headed towards the pull-up bars and the rest of the training equipment. Kyle turned and walked towards the doors leading to the ring, and watched the match between Nora and Darkness.

The door to Ring 2 suddenly appeared. Kyle, being the closest one to it, was the first to react. "Oh, my.." He said, his eyes widened.

"Ah! Thats me." Smash marched towards the door. "That was quicker than I thought."

Tendril: sooo......

Kyle watched Smash's battle intently. He was amazed by all the events transpiring inside, and couldn't take his eyes away. "Could that be an Angel that Smash is fighting?....That was a smart move....Oh, my..." Were some of his comments. "I did not realize that Smash was capable of such feats...And Arc, he is truly powerful to have parried that."

Eclipse: *watching Smash Vs. Arc* Hm... Arc, looks like you lose again, old friend...

Kyle looked over at Eclipse. "Pardon? I'm sorry, Were you speaking to me?" He asked, as he had not quite heard him properly.

Eclipse: *looks to Kyle* ...Shoudln't you be preparing. Krinkinko is an admirable foe, or so I have heard. You'll need all the practice you can get. *looks back at the monitor with the match-up listings*

Aero:Now that Smash's fight is done could we start my fight!(Stares at the board)Tendril You have no idea whats coming.

Eclipse: *looks to Tendril* You're up next. Don't get too cocky, Nightwing. *shifts gaze to Aero* Same goes for you, thief.

"You are right, I should be getting prepared." Kyle admitted. "I just wanted to know how Smash would do on his first round."

Smash then walked through the door. Man, that was pretty rough. He thought. But from now on, I'm going to amp up my training a bit. He began to walk towards the workout equipment before he heard,

"Congratulations, Smash." Kyle smiled at him. "I can forsee you getting far in this tournament."

"Thanks, Kyle. But honestly, I dunno how far I'll really get here." He said with a sort of frown.

"What do you mean?"

Smash put his hands on his hips. "Lets put it this way. Look at all the fighters here." Kyle looked around the room. "All these fighters have something special about them. For starters, Krinkinko has that Leaf blade, and other unique skills and that giant ball of death he used in the last tournament. You have a sword as well. Not just any sword, but the Gemblade. So you can use magic with it, which makes you a formiddable opponent. The guy I just fought was an angel. 'Nuff said about him. Tendril over there just fused with someone, n' I don't even know if that's legal or not. That Nora girl has a giant GUITAR that she probably whacks people with. Some of these guys have telekinetic powers and I'm willing to bet that more than half the people here utilize Chaos abilities. i.e Chaos Spear, etc. And what about me? I'm just..me. I only fight with my bare hands, only got close range, and I can barely go super on my own strength, which I thought was like a gift, a unique gift that I wrapped for myself, but now I've seen people are far stronger than I am. They can do these things like it's normal, while I struggle to keep that one special form for a whole minute."

Kyle listened carefully and nodded. "That is true...But listen, you managed to win this first battle-"

"Only 'cause I got lucky." He interrupted. "This next battle I need to win on my own. And if I'm even the slightest bit unprepared I'll be down for the count."

Kyle frowned. He wasn't sure what he meant by 'I got lucky', as he didn't see or hear Vendetta's spirit.

"Starting now, I'm going to train myself harder than ever before." He said. "You should get ready too, Kyle. You may be armed, but you never know what'll happen." He then proceeded towards the training equipment, not even bothering to rest after his battle.

"...He is right." Kyle said to himself. He took a deep breath before going to train himself.

Dusk:....*starts playing on his guitar*

Eclipse: *walks over to Smash* I hate to admit it, but you did well for your first fight against Arc. Granted, he was going incredibly easy on you the whole time, but still. Just know this... In round three, I won't go easy on you. That is, if you make it that far. *walks away chuckling*

Smash glared at him at the corner of his eye. No need to rub it in, I already know he was going easy. He thought frustratedly. Whoa, it just hit me. What exactly I need to do...In order to get that form to last longer, I have to make it feel normal..so..I'll just act like a normal person, in that form. If I go about my regular business, I'll forget all about that form and maintain it. And then when I NEED that form.... He ended his thoughts with a smirk. ..Brilliance, if it works. He stood up from the bench press and tensed his muscles, and focused his energy. "Urrr...URRGHII!" In a blast of energy, he quickly changed to his High Tension state. Now I just need to control it, level it down a bit, conserve...and then do something else. His lightblue aura weakened, and he began doing regular stretches.

Kyle drew his sword and began practicing his fencing skills.

Eclipse: *observing Smash* Impressive... I suppose. *whispers something inaudible. A flame appears at Smash's feet* Just be careful you don't... burn yourself out. I don't want you to get eliminated too easily. I think I might actually be looking forward to a fight with you. *looks to Summer* I know I'll be making it *smirks* but you I'm not so sure about. Good luck... you'll need it. *teleports away*

Smash looked at the flames at his feet, and his eyebrows shot up in surprise. He then gave Eclipse a look that was on its own an inaudible snarky comment before he teleported away. He then put out the flames and kept doing light training. This guy's also pretty cocky. Almost a hypocrite. He thought.

Dusk stretches out his huge dragon wings, then folds them behind his back again, but leaves them visible. He then sighs and draws his claws and starts filing them to a sharper point. "These fights are always easy. *YAWN* I don't know why I enter...Oh yeah, I'm bored...*shrug* Oh well."

Smash then stopped stretching after letting out a bit of a yawn. "I think it's high time I got some rest." He said. He walked back to his chair and sat on it, leaning back. It's working..a little. Its still on my mind, but at least I'm conserving my energy some. I just need to forget about it, but still hold the form up....

Dusk then stands up and the guitar disappears, then he yawns. "Might as well get aquainted before I get beaten..." Dusk casually walks over to Smash. "Hey, what's your name?"

Smash sat up straight. There was still a slight aura around him from his High Tension state. "Smash. Smash The Echidna. And you?"

Kyle's training began to get even more intense, and he began acting like he was actually fighting-and beating somebody. His endless hacks and slashes showed no sign of him holding back any strength, nor did he seem like he was gonna stop any time soon. The Gemblade glowed brightly with every swing and thrust.

Dusk scratches one wing. "My name's Duskorion, but most people just know me as Dusk, the hedgehog. But this is just my hedgehog form...I'm acually a hybrid with 5 seperate species."

Summer: *listens to the announcement* ok, that's me. *pats Dusk on the shoulder* See you in the finals.

"I'd like to hope so!" Dusk puts one hand behind his head and grins a bit.

"A hybrid?" Smash asked, curiously. "That's interesting. I don't see too many hybrids around here. Especially not ones mixed with five other different species." He said. "Hedgehog form..Does that mean you shapeshift?"

"Yep! I'm part Animal, Demon, Dragon, Spirit and Ghost. Notice I said animal. That means I can become any animal species, along with my other 4 species." Dusk spreads his wings. "But because of my species, I have dragon wings, demon claws and eyes, and I can pass through walls and the floors with ease."

Smash bit his upper lip. "How exactly did you become all of those at once?" He asked. "That couldn't have happened normally."

Kyle finally stopped swinging his sword. He was panting heavily, and the tip of his sword hit the floor as he lowered it. "I...I mustn't overdo it..." He said to himself between breaths.

Dusk looks at Smash, then turns away. "I was kidnapped and experimented on at a very young age. I was lucky to get out alive.".....

Smash's eyebrows shot up. Experimented on? He thought, surprised. Dang, more and more people are falling victim to stuff like this... "Oh..Sorry, I didn't know." He apologized.

"It's fine." Dusk folded his wings behind his back and picks at one claw.

After catching his breath, Kyle walked to Smash and Dusk. "Smash, shouldn't you be preparing for your next match?" He then noticed the change in his fur color and the weak aura around him. "...What are you doing?"

"I kinda am preparing." Smash said. "A good rest before a match is essential, you know."

Kyle looked puzzled, but shrugged it off.

(Nora whistled random notes)

Liger: Hm? I think I felt...a bad pun....

Dusk sighs and sits back in his chair, then pulls out his guitar and starts tuning it.

Smash leaned back, putting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes. "I need a nap. Wake me up a little before my next mach, okay?" He said to whoever could hear.

"I shall." Kyle said. He then walked back towards the training equipment, and sat down on the floor. He appeared to have began meditating, a perfect opportunity now that the locker room had quieted down some.

(Nora fell asleep again, her snoring was very unlady like...)

Dusk just laughed. "Ahh, man....Nora's so boyish, it's sick."

Krinkinko: (Raises an eyebrow as he watches Aero's match on T.V.) He's sure strong for the common theif.

Metal:I'm more eager to fight Smash again you see. My name is Metal and I'm a Wolf.

Krinkinko: (Winces)Arn't you the guy who fought him in the shadow crystal cloud tournament?

Metal:Yes I am the guy who fought him and tried to attack you.

Krinkinko:So why do you want to fight him again? (A safe distance away)

Metal:To become stronger than him and Rachel's master it seems.

Krinkinko:After we killed her dad Rachel is free she doesn't take orders from anybody. Except her boss so she won't get fired. Is this because you like her?

Metal:I don't like but want to be the toughest warrior in the world.

Krinkinko:Oh you said become stronger than Rachel's master.

Krinkinko:So your going to become the toughest person in the world by godmodding. I'm sorry my friend but nothing is tough about that.

Metal:Not godmodding. I don't how by the emeralds I think?

"Now now boys..." A voice cam from behind, along with a pair of hands, one on each of the mobian's shoulders. "We're not here to argue, we're here to fight. Good luck and have fun, right?"

Krinkinko:Arn't argue and fight basiclly the same thing?

Saizo laughed a bit, then patted Krin on the shoulder. "No no no, my friend. Arguing is when two idiots try to outwit each other in a contest of stupidity, much like you two right now. Fighting is what truly decides the winner."

Krinkinko:Were you born a jerk!? *Sigh*


Saizo lifted his hands from their bodies and smirked. "Comes with the territory, I s'pose. I hope the both of you provide some form of challenge to me, if I do see you in the quarter finals and onwards." He turned to walk off, but then stopped briefly. "Give it your all." Saizo then walked off.

Metal:I will give my all and Krink I will beat you sometime.

Saizo sat on one of the benches in the locker room, pulling a book from his pocket before sitting down to read it. "You bastards better not disappoint me..." Saizo muttered to himself; he wanted a real challenge considering how high in regards Summers had told him the Mobian race was.

Krinkinko:I heard that!

Kyle sighed and shook his head. "I was wrong to think that I had a moment of peace." He said, sounding upset.

Smash could hear it all, as he was not yet asleep. He scrunched his eyebrows at it, quite obviously annoyed.

Rachel: (To Smash) Whatcha' doin'?

"Ugh, What does it look like I'm doi-waait a minute.." He opened his eyes. "Whaaaa!" He sat straight up. "What're you doing here?" He asked in surprise.

Rachel: I came to see you and Krinkinko but I'm not going to just be in the audience so I snuck in here.

"I see..." Phew, I thought she was actually thinking about entering. He thought, a sweat drop rolling down the side of his face. "So..yeah. I'm here. How..are you?" I think...This is kinda awkward. Casually talking to the girl who tried to kill my family, randomly proposed to me, and then tried to help me afterwards.

Rachel: I'm good a little lonely. How old is crash? Tell me quick because I was thinking of sighning up.

Smash's eyebrows shot up. "How old is C-Crash? You mean my Cousin? You're not thinking of marrying HIM, Are you?"

Rachel: NO! I know I'm going to marry him if I can!

"Uh-Uh. Sorry, but no. Crash is off limits." He shook his head, waving his hands in front of his face. "You'd best keep searching." It's hard to imagine that she was so bent on not having a relationship at first. Now she's the complete opposite. He thought. AND she's thinking about entering! What's with this girl!?

Kyle stood up with a frown. "This is taking a bit longer than I had expected..." He said to himself.

Krinkinko:I know I'm so bored.

Rachel:So Kyle. You doin' anything tommorrow?

Krinkinko: (Ultimate facepalm)

Smash slapped his forehead so hard, he actually hurt himself.

(A.K.A. facepalm)

Kyle's eyebrows rose high. "...Do I know you?"

Rachel:No but you'll want to!

Kyle gave a very unsettled look, and took a step back. "Might I ask how you know my name, then?"

Rachel:Your the best fighter ever! (She then turns around to stick her tounge out at Smash)

Smash was looking at her with his eyelids half open, with a sarcastic expression on his face. You can't be serious...

"But I haven't...Oh, I see. You must have seen me obtain victory at the Blitz Pit World Tournament last summer?" Kyle suggested. "That would explain it."

Kyle, do you even realize that she's flirting with you? Smash facepalmed again at the thought.

Rachel: (Puts her finger on Kyle's nose)How bout' we get a burger before your fight starts.

krinkinko: (Whispers to smash)Does he realize she's a goat!?

Kyle backed off a good distance. "I'm sorry, but I'm afraid that I will have to decline your offer." He said.

"Kyle ain't that stupid." Smash said. "He just doesn't like to jump to conclusions." At least I hope that's what the reason he delayed turning her away was, and not just plain obliviousness.

Rachel: (Walks towards Kyle)Oh come on teach me some of your moves!

Kyle stood firmly. "Miss, I'm afraid that I mean it when I say 'No.'." He said as firmly as he stood.

Krinkinko:BACK OFF RACHEL LEAVE HIM ALONE! Oh no tuesday is her flirting day!

Rachel: (Turns to krinkinko's age)Want to go to the movies sometime?

Krinkinko:AAAAH hmmm maybe. Nah just keep chasing kyle.

Rachel: (Turns to kyle's age) I just want to learn how to be strong. (Puppy dog pout)

((Did she just do what I think she did? 0_o; ))

Kyle's eye twitched. Oh, please, for the love of all that is holy, let my match begin NOW! He thought desperately. "I-Is that really all?" He asked. "I get the feeling that there is more to it than just that, which is why I refuse. Plus, I hardly find this "Flirting Day" appropriate."

Krinkinko: (Throws Rachel out the window) The galaxy is saved! U-oh

Emerald Trophy3.png Voted Best Quote for Spring 2012!

A baby doll: (Hugs smash's legs)Moma!

((There was a Window? o.o))

Kyle wiped his forehead and let out a sigh of relief. "Although I would never do that to a lady, I believe thanks are in order." He said.

Smash, thinking that he could finally try to get some sleep, opened his eyes again seconds after closing them and looked at his legs. "What the...Er...what?"

Baby Doll:Why momma look like a hairy old man?

Krinkinko:Looks like you'll have one more mouth to feed! 0_0

A vein mark appeared on his face. "Hairy old man? I am Not Old!" Smash said, quite offended. "What's more, I'm not your momma!"

"Where did this child come from?" Kyle asked. "I could have sworn there were no children in here a moment ago."

Krinkinko:I'm 12 you know!

Baby Doll:It's okay your ugly. Where's daddy. (Smash's wife) Where my swiblings.

"I meant really young children only reaching up to a grown man's knees." Kyle said.

"Where do you get off, kid? Where's your manners?" Smash asked. "I don't know where your family is, but I doubt they're here. So why are you?"

Baby Doll:My momma and Swibwings are in Greenflower city (refering to smash's family) and my mooma right here (points to smash).Where couzin Cras?

Smash fell silent. "....." .....Please....somebody...make..it...stop. He thought.

Baby Doll:Where is papa? His name is Luna the hedgehog.

Smash stood up, and walked away. He walked out the door leading out of the locker room, and left down the hallways with a blank expression on his face.

Saizo looked on, and shook his head. "I don't even know why I'm still here," he muttered to himself, disgusted at the extent of conversation that this world could accel to. "As if any of these goons could pose any challenge..."

Krinkinko: I could pose as your undoing if you don't shut up! Smash could do worse!

"Smash...?" Saizo thought for a while, then he chuckled, before bursting into full laughter. "Ah ha! Smash the Echidna... I know him. He's put up a good fight in the Trials of Conquest. But he's still ten thousand years too early to compete with me... and seeing as he's "worse" than you... That makes you incomparable to me on any scale. I'll have fun teaching you a valuable lesson in the arena."

Krinkinko:Last time I checked he was stronger old man!

"SILENCE!" Kyle yelled at both of them. "I am trying to think, if you do not mind! It is very irritating to listen to your silly arguments! You will not know who is stronger until you face eachother in battle. The last time I checked, Neither of you two will even face off in this round! Save your witty banter for later."

Saizo stood up; he was still chuckling from the apparent joke that perhaps they could beat him. he shrugged off one shoulder, loosening it up before walking towards Krin, then past him. "Then perhaps you can tell me what it's like when this "Old Man" puts you down with no effort. I'll look forward to cleaving you in sections should we meet."

Krinkinko:Make sure you do that without God-modding!

"...God...? Whatever." Saizo retored, walking from the locker room, deciding to go ahead and take a seat in the stands in view of the next upcoming matches.

Kyle sighed and shook his head, and left back to his previous spot and began meditating again. Or at least, he attempted to.

Rachel: (Appears next to kyle) Whatcha' doin'? Should I try to become referee?

Kyle's eyes popped back open only seconds after he had closed them. He felt a strain on his temper, but managed to hold it. "I..am trying to meditate. It requires Great concentration." He said through gritted teeth.

Rachel: Okay. (Puts headphones on his ears and on it it's a singer singing Bow chikkka wow that's what my baby says moe mow mow and my heart starts pumpin' chikka chikka choo wow nevr gonnah stop itchy gitchy goo means that I love you! over and over again)

Kyle's eye twitched. He took the headphones off calmly, and placed them on the floor. "What do you want?" He asked, now sounding annoyed.

(Krinkinko tried to help but Rachel taped him up)

Rachel:Just take me out to eat.

A vein mark appeared on his face. "Okay, I've been polite, but now you are trying my patience. My answer is still the same as before: No. It is hardly appropriate for me to go out with you alone. I would have said this before, but the boy you have tied up in tape "escorted you out" before I could. My heart is for one and only one person: Marina The Echidna." He gave her a firm look. "With that said, I will not betray my love. If you truly want to find love, you must at the very least consider others feelings before your own."

(The G.U.N. commander appears on his wristwatch):RAchel why arn't you at your post at the front desk!?

Rachel:Ummmm I...

The G.U.N. commander: Get back here this instant or your fired!

Rachel:Yes sir! (She jumps out the window and air swims towards mobius)

Krinkinko: (Taped)MMMMm

Kyle sighed and shook his head. "This is far too much..." He muttered. "And those lyrics...What trash." He stood up and walked towards Krinkinko. "Hold still." He drew his sword, and gave a swift slash at the tape. He cut off a good portion, enough for him to peel off the rest with ease. He withdrew the blade, and helped him to his feet. "Are you alright?" He asked.

Krinkinko:Only if you count being taped up by a loon okay. Still I feel bad for her.

Arc: *walks in and sees Kyle un-taping Krink* Now what did I miss here? *looks up* Did you have anything to do with this?

Voice: I don't even know anymore...

Kyle looked up. "Do not bother thinking about it. Please, The past events are best left in the past." He said.

After hearing the voice, Kyle turned to look at the door to the ring. "Understood. I am on my way." He said. He walked through the door and into the ring.

The door opened rather slowly, Saizo entering the locker room, wheeling in a trolley of assorted food, likely "acquired" from the canteen. "Saves me having to go looking for it later..." he muttered to himself; assorted sandwiches, candy and other foods lay on the many shelves of the trolly. Saizo took the time to partially remove his mask, but used his hair to obscure his face, while eating a cheese and ham sandwich.

Metal:(fall asleep) So much for waiting...

Tendril: *walks back in from his match. sits in his seat* i'm back.

Saizo looked up, replacing his mask back on and finishing off the sandwich. "I saw your match from the stands. I wasn't particularly impressed though..." Saizo smirked; he was somewhat impressed of the shadow manipulation, but wondered if this guy could use it more effectively than demonstrated on the battlefield. "I hope that wasn't everything you got. It's not good to show you entire hand early in the game."

Tendril: oh don't worry. i've got plenty more in store. *black fur darkens. grows silver streaks and knuckle spikes*

Nightfall: *in Tendril's body, speaking with his own voice through Tendril's mouth* hey. can you come here a second?

"Sorry, following orders just isn't my style..." Saizo retorted, smirking under his mask before leaning back against the locker, hands behind his head. "If you want me so badly, why don't you come over here?"

Nightfall: it was not an order. it was a request.

"Oh, well that's different. I don't do requests, either."

Nightfall: fine. looks like i'll be doing it the hard way. *leaves Tendril's body in a wisp of cyan smoke. metal gathers around him, making him a new body*

"Oh?" Saizo leans forwards, then stands up, turning to the now metal abberation. "You looking for trouble? that's good, I was getting bored." Saizo said, smirking with a gleam in his emeragan.

Nightfall: what purpose would i have to fight you? i was only going to jump from Tendril's body to yours. i do not wish to be within him when it kicks in.

"Well, sorry to say; not happening." Saizo said, turning back round to sit on the bench, taking a seat while still keeping his eyes on him. "I already have someone else accommodating this body, and he's paying me rent in energy. Unless you want him to drain your energies completely, you'd better jog on to somewhere else."

Tendril: *suddenly clutches his chest in pain. falls to one knee*

"Saizo glances around Nightfall, looking at Tendril. "He having a heart attack or something?"

Tendril: no, no. i'm fine. i must have been hit harder than i thought.

"that's fine then," Saizo said, grabbing at another sandwich from the trolley. "I don't want you dying in your next match."

(a green light surrounds Tendril)

Voice: You are healed, Mr. Nightwing. However, you should still rest on the beds over there. You need to be at full strength for your round two match with either Eclipse or Summer. And you(Saizo), where did you get that food? On a similar note, how did you get out of this room?

"Oh great, now I'm hearing things..." Saizo muttered to himself. He didn't like talking to nothing. So he didn't respond to either question, instead decided to eat the sandwich he was holding.

Voice: *knocks the sandwich out of his hand with an energy slash* You aren't hearing things. I am responsible for putting this championship together, and the one who brought you to this realm. You are not to leave this room again without either my request or permission. And if that food is to stay here, where ever it may have come from, you are to share it with the other fighters.

"Tight-fisted bastard..." Saizo said, stabbing the sandwich with his sword and drawing it to him. taking the sandwich from the blade, he took a bite out of it. "Does it even look like I'm hoarding this stuff for myself?" Saizo shook his head, looking at the trolley that lay in the middle of the room. "I don't plan to starve to death while I wait in boredom for my match."

Voice: Nobody starves, nobody dies. I'm only trying to teach you some manners. When you want something that isn't yours, you ask nicely. Understand?

"Not likely," Saizo said with a smirk plastered along his lips. "Manners are given to those who deserve it. Can't say you do."

Voice: *uses another energy slash, purposely hitting Saizo's hand* Ungrateful bastard! You should be honoured that I even considered bringing you here. You don't at all deserve to be here, but I stand by my decisions, so you are. Be ready. Once your time in this contest is up, you will know what true power feels like.

Smash walked back into the locker room and sat back down at his chair, letting out a heavy sigh.

Saizo snickered loudly, trying to keep in the laughter. "Ha, coming from the guy who can't even show his face to me. Don't fret though; after this tournament, I'll give you a reason to never want to see my face again once I show you the true meaning of pain."

Tendril: heh. you sound like me when i arrived

"Though there is a key difference," Saizo said, finishing his sandwich. "Unlike you, I'm no coward who's all talk and can only blindside people."

Smash glared at Saizo and Tendril at the corner of his eyes. "And THIS time..." He muttered to himself. He took out a pair of earmuffs and shoved them onto his head frustratedly. He leaned back and tried to get comfortable. "Sheesh...Can't ever get a moment of peace around here..." He mumbled to himself, closing his eyes.

Tendril: *rolls eyes at Saizo. walks back to his seat*

Nightfall: *returns to Tendril's body. the metal body collapses*

(Abumi makes her way into the locker room. She looks around, luggage strapped to her back. She has an unusualy cheerful look on her face for a situation like this.)

Tendril: hello

Abumi:Hello there, I'm Abumi Anko the Panda

Voice: Preparations are complete. Now Saizo, if you believe yourself to be so powerful, then why don't you give us a little demonstration.

(Saizo disappears from the locker room)

Voice: Oh, and welcome, Abumi.

(a fifth monitor appears on the wall, showing Saizo standing in an isolated ring)

Tendril: nice to meet you Abumi. i'm Shade Nightwing. call me Tendril.

Abumi:Hello Tendril a pleasure to meet you *bows, and turns to the monitor* ?...hello...?

Metal:Hey. I'm Metal the Wolf. Are you any tough by any chance I would like to see you go up against me.

Abumi: Well I'd like to think I'm strong.....but strength is determined by more than just one's ability. It is also determined by their determination, heart, and will to fight. Of course if you wish to face me, it is one wish I will not hesitate to grant.

Tendril: *watching Saizo's fight. thinks* hmm. just as i thought. a shinobi like those from Naruto. i can only wonder if my mock jutsu would be any match against his real ones. *smirks* guess we'll have to wait and find out.

Arc: Your friend Kyle's quite the fighter, isn't he Smash?

Smash opened one eye and slid the earmuffs off one ear. "Who, Kyle? Yes he is." He said. "Few months ago, He defeated me in the Blitz Pit's World Tournament." He nodded. "'Course he got lucky, like I did with you, but he still deserved that victory I say."

Abumi:*Bows* sorry to intrude, but is there anywhere I can store all of my things, they're quite heavy...

"You can use my locker..." A voice from a nearby bench flooded to her ears. "Good to see you, Abumi." Saizo said, smiling under his mask with a wave. "I don't need the locker, so you can use it."

Abumi:!! *She quickly bows in respect* Saizo Sensei....it has been quite a long time. Thank you very much *She makes her way to the locker room looking back at Saizo" So any idea who you are facing in the first round?

Saizo chuckled and shook his head. "You've no need to call me that... And yes, I know my opponent. I think I might have a good fight. What about you? Know who your opponent is?" Saizo didn't want to tell her he was her opponent out of fear that maybe she might back out of it.

Abumi:So, if you pardon my asking, who is it? I have no idea of my opponent yet.

Arc: *walks up to Saizo* That mark on your forehead... did the host give it to you? I would be concerned if I were you.

Saizo turns to the person, but then turns away again. "If you don't tell me what I've to be concerned with, then I'm not interested." Turning to Abumi, Saizo just smiled. "Ah well, you'll just have to watch and find out."

Arc: ...How rude. Fine then. Just don't come crying to me when that thing kicks in.

Abumi: *She simply smiled and looked at Saizo* Oh, I failed to mention the whispers that pricked my ears. I heard that you were my opponent... If this is true then I'd like to make myself very clear....*She looks Saizo in the eyes* I may respect you....but I fear no man nor any supernatural. You may be stronger, faster, and far more expierenced....but I can promise I will give it my all and lay my life on the line to achieve victory...I trust that you'd do the same. *She looked away, again smiling and resuming unpacking her things*

Saizo looked at her blankly for a bit, then smiled. He patted Abumi on the head and ruffled her hair lightly. "I'm glad you're not intimidated. And I'm proud of you; you make a great Ninja."

Tendril: so, Saizo. i've been wondering. what village are you from?

"I'm from the Hidden Moon..." Saizo didn't even know why he answered; it astounded him why this guy would know to ask such a question, but he didn't bother bringing it up.

Tendril: *opens his eyes, the pupils are white, the irises are green, and the whites are black, sygnifing that he was using Dark Eye* i know a little about you shinobi. i've always tried incorporating their skills into my fighting.

Abumi:Really? That's interesting. I look forward to the oppurtunity to face you and see what you've learned.

Smash groggily opened his eyes, letting out a big yawn. His eyes wandered around the room sleepily, wondering if anything interesting was going on. "....WHAT THE CRAP!?" He suddenly blurted out as he realized what was going on in Ring 2. He accidentally knocked his earmuffs off as he jerked forward in surprise. "Holy...That is BIG..." He said, staring at the monitor. "Kyle..."

Smash's eyes shrunk in shock as he saw what happened to Kyle. "No...Wait hold on, how did Krinkinko pull that off..?" He said to himself. "Whatever the case...You need to get up..."

Tendril: *watching Kyle's match* O.O' *thinks* that guy is a lunatic!

{C Smash's expression was just about the same as Tendril's. What the heck is WRONG with him!? He thought. "I ain't ever seen him THIS crazy before." He said. {C The Elder of frog village:I snuck in here to see Krinkinko on the big screen. Looks like he went Dark that form is crazy!

Smash looked at him. "Hey old man, I think the spectators are Thataway." He said, pointing towards the door leading to the audience. "But still...What's wrong with him? How much more can this guy TAKE? I mean he's been stabbed in the stomach, head, chest, slashed several hundred times, blown up, AND electrocuted. Twice."

"Oh, I can't even WATCH this." Smash turned away in disgust, holding his hand in front of him to block his view.

"Sorry, Krink." Smash said. "No offense or anything, but if anybody's getting my energy here, it's Kyle."

Saizo kept tapping his fingers on his legs; his last fight was great, so he thought, but considering he went toe to toe with the spondor and came out reletively unscathed, it pretty much told him that he was going to win no matter what... depending on what the mark on his forehead meant. His beast kept telling him to remove it, but he didn't have the time or the reasoning to remove it; if it was a control device, his beast could take over, though it was a double-edge risky job. His chakra control could nullify the powers of that mark, but that wasn't even guaranteed. That and he didn't feel like bleeding everywhere grafting it off.

Arc: *looking up* Are you really going to let him walk around with that thing. Despite how powerful he is, it could be very dangerous.

Voice: *to Arc only* Don't worry, old friend. I have plans for him, and I will make sure that he leaves these grounds alive. His fate off them, however, I cannot guarantee.

Krinkinko: (Back from his fight) So did you see the fight?

Kyle appeared at the doorway to the ring he just left from.

"Hey Kyle..Sorry about the match." Smash called out to him. Kyle smiled and shook his head.

"It matters not." He said. "I'm sorry that I won't be facing you during the championship. Besides, I have had my glory."

"You take this so lightly." Smash said, smirking a little. "I guess it's different to people who don't do this kinda thing for a living." He chuckled. "Besides, We can have our rematch anytime."

"Indeed." Kyle nodded. His face turned a bit serious. "Smash..You saw what happened in there. You must be careful." He put his hand on his shoulder. "Never give in, Trust in your abilities, and don't let your opponent get the best of you. Be strong...Be what I wasn't, and you will win."

Smash nodded. "I will. You can count on it."

Kyle smiled, and took his hand off Smash's shoulder. "Good...For now, I shall be watching you from the audience." He said. "If, of course, that is fine with you?" He looked up, directing his question to the Host.

Krinkinko: (Ears drooping) Do you hate me because of my dark form?

Kyle looked over at Krinkinko and shook his head. "I do not hold a grudge against you." He said. "However, like I said before, you must learn to control that. No one should suffer such torture, whether they can handle it or not. And I'm sure it was quite demeaning to your own self to be uncontrollably biting someone like an animal. Not only that, but you left yourself open far too many times. That is how I was able to defeat your dark form in my normal state."

Smash looked over at Krinkinko from behind Kyle. "That should tell you something." He remarked, both eyebrows raised. "Beating a Super/Dark form when you're normal...Either the normal guy is just plain awesome or you screwed up somewhere. In this case it was both."

"In any case," Kyle said. "If you learn to control yourself, you will be a powerful opponent. Far more powerful than you were there. And even then, I still lost. "

Krinkinko: (Smirk) You didn't take me down! I just reverted.

"Not every form lasts, I guess." Smash shrugged.

"Even so, You still left yourself wide open far too often." Kyle said. "The point is, when you face someone far more powerful than I, They will defeat you if you cannot control yourself."

krinkinko: It's not like your good at defense either. (Picks Kyle's chopped off Tail)

A vein mark appears on Kyle's face. "Y-You...!" He snatched his tail out of his hands. "How dare you. Here I am trying to help you and you go and insult me! I'll have you know that defending myself against a raging uncontrollable dark form in my normal state with my energy drained is NOT easy. You had already gravely injuried me by the time you took my tail. Not to mention that it wasn't even you who took it, but a clone you summoned to backstab me! I could scarcely call that lack of skill on my part. And by the way," He looked up. "Pardon me, Host. May I humbly request that my tail be returned to it's former state, if you possess that kind of healing power?"

Krinkinko: (Chuckles)

Smash's eyelids lowered and he sighed. "Leave him alone, Krink. I think you've offended his honor."

"Oh? So you're the victor, hm?" Saizo exclaimed, directing his gaze towards the green freckled hedgehog. "Your match wasn't as grand as I expected it to be, but you have strength obviously." Saizo stood and walked over to the ground; he was aiming to direct his speach towards Krin, but decided to direct it to everyone. "Strength is not power. Your speed is your power, and your mind is its source. You cannot fight what you cannot hit, and you cannot overcome what you do not understand. Strategize; always think three steps ahead of your opponent, and attack when he leasts suspects it. Anyway..." Saizo sighed after finishing his speech, then extended a leg behind him and hooking the handle of the food trolley with his foot, pulling it towards the group. "Eat and regain your strength. Things will only get more difficult here on out, especially if you'll be facing me."

Voice: ...Well, these recent events have given me a lot to think about. There are still many aspects of you mortals that I fail to understand. But I digress... *Kyle's tail glows green, disappears, and reappears on his body* You are healed. If you wish to continue your experience here from the sidelines, then you may do so. The door will now open for you. Personally, I would advise leaving some space between you and Krinkinko. Oh, and Saizo... I appreciate your change in attitude... as subtle as it may be.

Krinkinko: Sponsor guy! You have anything to eat. (Stomach growling like a lion)

Voice: Have you paid no attention to Mr. Marushagan's gestures?

Krinkinko: Oh I thoght he just said to eat. I didn't know he was providing. ( Eats a chili dog in five bites)

Many thanks to you." Kyle said, gratefully. "And yes, I shall take your advice. I can't say that I was not thinking the same, after all." He walked towards the door leading to the audience, and then turned to look at Smash. "Good luck, Smash."

"Say hello to Pearl for me." Smash called to him with a wave. And with that, Kyle headed through the door. Smash then walked to the food trolley and took a piece of food. "I think I'll just help myself to some of this. Thanks."

Dusk spreads his wings, then curls them slightly and runs forward, so that the wind will start to swirl in his wings, then he stops and flaps them, making two small tornados.

Smash rose an eyebrow at him. "What are you doing?" He asked, after gulping down a mouthful of a hot bun. "Training, I assume?"

Dusk nodded and said nothing, then started to slice the air using his wings like swords. He then suddenly sliced, and made a strange magic curve appear and strike the walls, leaving a noticeable slash mark.

(the slash mark fades)

Voice: Careful now, property damage is never a good thing. Also, it's time for your first match.

Tendril: *pulls out an ocarina made of shadows and begins to play the Naruto Main Theme*

After finishing his food, Smash felt refreshed. It was only then when he caught a glimspe of his arm that he realized something. "Wait..Crap, I'm back to normal." He said, scowling. "I guess now's a good time to test and see if it's working or not." He walked over into the training area and clenched his fists. He began focusing his energy, tensing his muscles in the process. "Urr...URRGHII!" He let out a blast of energy as he transformed back into his High Tension state. The sky blue aura around him was pretty much the same as before. But he found it easier to control his energy and not burn it all out at the same time. The form lasted longer than a minute without having to cut down his power. "It's working..." He said to himself. "I just need to control it, and not strain myself..."

Krinkinko: (Looked confused) Smash, what are you doing?

Tendril: *stops playing to watch Smash*

Saizo watched for a small second, before drawing his book and flicking over a few pages. He began to read a bit, but was somewhat confused. "Mmmm... Chaos Energy still bugs the hell out of me." he muttered; the science behind it is awkward, but he only knew that Chakra and Chaos Energy were similar things, so a human obtaining a super form was possible, although difficult.

Krinkinko: You need to not mutter so loud! I know a friend who might be able to help you on Chaos energy.

Liger: Yes, finally! (Liger turns his feet into jet boots and busts of to the stadium)

Smash looked over at Krinkinko and smiled a little. "This is part of my training." He said. "For a long time, I've been working on my own sort of "Super Form". It needs a lot of work, seeing how its still incomplete, but I'm making progress." He explained.

Krinkinko:You used your super form when you fought me remember?

"I know. This is that same form." He said.

Arc: Smash, may I request something of you?

Smash looked over at Arc in surprise. He accidentally let his form power down until he was back to normal. "From me? You want something from me? What is it?" He asked, his eyebrows raised curiously.

Arc: My apologies for breaking your concentration. If you could, power up your "super form" again and fire at me. Anything you have in your arsenal. I'd like to see what you can do with Chaos Energy.

Smash fell silent for a moment. "..This isn't Chaos Energy." He said. "This is my own energy. Without a powersource other than my own willpower and, you might say, lifeforce, I struggled to keep this form up for a whole minute. Until now that is." He explained. He then straightened up. "But in any case, I'll give you a piece of my power." Focusing again, he repeated his transformation from before. "URRGHII!" With a blast of energy, his aura returned and his fur turned lime greenish cyan. "Get ready!" He concentrated most of his energy into his next attack, and threw a punch towards Arc's face. He began moving in slow motion, glowing brightly as he was leaving a trail of afterimages. Suddenly he broke out into his normal speed and delivered the blow. A bright flash would occur, blowing the target back if it were successful.

(the punch passes through Arc's head, as if it were nothing)

Arc: Not Chaos Energy, you say? I know many people like you, Smash. They are unaware of their connections to the Chaos Force. Your connection is quite strong. *chuckles* Keep practicing, it'll do you good. If my Zone's counterpart of you is anything like this, then I'll have a lot to talk about when I meet him. But I digress, thank you for your time. *walks away in thought*

Tendril: *blinks, then begins playing Loneliness from Naruto*

Smash didn't seem too surprised when his fist went right through him, but his eyebrows rose when he heard "Chaos Force". He watched as Arc walked away, and went into deep thought. The Chaos Force...my connection to it...is strong? He thought. I thought that this was my own energy...But maybe it has something to do with the experiments with the real Super Transformation and my own...or maybe, all this time I was trying to unlock my potential Chaos Force within me or something. He shook his head. "Whatever the case, I need to keep training. I know I'm getting somewhere..." He quietly said to himself.

(Rachel Some how broke in again)

Rachel:(To Smash)Who would you say is stronger? You,Your dad, or Crash?

Krinkinko:I wonder who's stronger.

Smash seemed startled. "Dad..?" He repeated. Now that I think about it...Just how strong was Dad, anyway? He wondered. I know he was a great fighter...But have I surpassed him? I never really thought about it... He appeared to be ignoring Rachel from then on.

Voice: That's it! Out with you, out! *uses energy slashes to push Rachel out of a hole in the wall. The hole meds as soon as she is out*

Smash snapped out of his deep thought and looked at Rachel being shoved out. He let out a sigh. "Thank you." He said, sounding annoyed with the fact that she keeps coming back. "Anyway, to answer her question...I dunno. Crash is about as strong as your average guy. He doesn't train, he ain't a fighter. But my father...I can't say. I don't know how strong he was exactly, and there's no way to compare our strengths now."

Arc: Oh, and Tendril, I just remembered something. I had that strangest suspicion that you may one day run into an old aquantaince of mine. He's a stubborn old wolf by the name of Demon. If you do happen to see him, tell him that I still hate him. And if he gives you any trouble, use this. *tosses a small purple gem to Tendril*

Tendril: *catches the gem* thank you. *goes back to playing Loneliness*

"Well, I should get back to training." Smash said. He powered up his form, and began doing a few exercises.

Soon, Smash stopped his training, and appeared to be going into deep thought. He had a solemn look on his face, staying silent for a few moments. "Say, Host. Can I ask you something?" He soon inquired. "Just a curious question ringing in my mind."

Voice: Anything, Smash. What seems to be troubling you?

"Nothing too important, Just wondering." He said. "This Cosmic Championship's been going on for a while, right? Do you remember ever bringing in a fighter named David? David The Echidna?" He asked.

Voice: Hmm, over time there have been many echidnas given the honour of stepping onto these grounds. I can't say that I have ever summoned one by the name of David. Would he have gone by a different name?

Smash shook his head. "Not that I know of. Back when he was fighting, there was no need for fighting aliases. Anyway, thanks. I just wanted to know..If he was better than me, then he probably would have gotten in here, one of those days..."

Voice: Your father, right? Now that I think about it, I do remember fighting an echidna myself. I don't remember his name, but I believe he did look a little like you. If we are thinking of the same person, then you should be proud. He almost beat me.

Abumi sat by herself, eating a bowl of rice with vegetables and meat within. It smelled absolutely delicious, and as the steam rose, so to did Abumi's appetite. She wasn't in her normal attire. She wore some type of kimono, but it seemed to be comfortable enough to battle in. She wore fingerless gloves, and sandals with her hair simply tied back in a ponytail. The kimono had a light red color and a dark green trim that matched her gloves and sandals. She occasionally looked up at the events unfolding in the locker-room, or to seem some of the training, but kept to herself.

Smash was taken by surprise. "He almost beat..Y-you..!?" He gasped. He fell silent for a few moments, reminiscing on the past. "...My father was a great fighter, from what I can remember." He said. "I never knew how strong he really was..My memory of him is like a blur. All I can really see when I think of him is him standing victoriously in the ring, and his smiling face." He closed his eyes and sighed.

Voice: ...Smash. You recall when I challenged Mr. Marushagan not too long ago, yes? *hesitates* I would like to challenge you. Not for the same reason, of course. There is just something... that I have to see for myself. Do you accept?

Smash looked up. "...You mean, like right now?" He slowly smiled, then laughed. "That's a coincidence. I actually planned to challenge you after this tournament. After I won, I hoped." He muttered that last comment under his breath. "I'd love to accept, but do you think it could wait until after the tournament? I want to save the best for last."

Voice: *pauses for a second, then begins to laugh* Definitely, Smash. If you do win, though, hope that the reigning Cosmic Champion doesn't finish you off first. You do have to defeat him before you can truly gain the title. This contest is full of suprises, my boy...

Tendril: ever have anyone by the name of Elem, Ental, Ultima, or Hypra in the tournament?

Voice: No, but I have heard of them. Quite popular in your Zone. Isn't that right Nightfall?

Smash grinned. "Well then, I'll have to come up with my own surprises, eh?" He seemed to be in a much better mood now. "I'm gonna get back to training. I need to be ready for the next round."

Tendril: *streaks become silver and grows knuckle spikes*

Nightfall: *inside Tendril* indeed.

Smash turned to continue his training, and began to power up again. He went through the same methods as usual to transform into his High tension state-except he was already in it. "Urr-Nnghh!" He sounded a bit strained, but he forced himself to go forward. "Urr..URRGHII!" At that instant he remembered that he had already transformed earlier, and didn't power down after Arc requested a demonstration. But he had already forced his energy out. He let out a blast of tense skyblue aura, growing bigger by the second. In only a few seconds, the aura flashed and changed its color to lime green, along with Smash's fur turning the same color with the exception of new cyan stripes on his arms and legs. In nearly an instant, the entire form went out, rendering him completely normal again. He clutched his chest, trying to catch his breath. What the heck was that!? He thought to himself, feeling shocked and a bit out of it. That was...what was that?

Arc: *looks over to Smash in shock* Smash... was that what I think it was? I, I had no idea.

Smash looked at Arc in the same manner. "And I still don't. I don't know what I did." He stood up straight and looked down. "...I thought I was just..wait a minute.." He started thinking clearly again. "If I thought I was normal and tried to transform, but was already in that state..." He looked up. "It really is working."

Arc: That's fantastic my boy! I knew you had it in you. Now, if you would be so kind, build your strength back up and then hit me again.

He smiled, but then shook his head. "It might have to wait." He said. "I need to gain my strength back first. I don't think I can do that again so soon." He ended that with a wipe to his forehead using the back of his hand. "Phew, I'm nearly beat."

After a while, Smash walked over to Arc. "Okay, I think I'm good to go now. You ready?" He asked.

Arc: Only if you are absolutely ready. Take all the time you need to reach that power you showed before, and hit me again.

Abumi: Guess I could get some practice in myself. *She summons a golden kunai the same as the ones Saizo used previously against the host* I think I've got this thing down. *In a secluded area she tosses it and then a few regular kunai. She transports and with another regular kunai in hand she deflects all of them, but one which pierces her arm slightly* Darn! I'm almost fast enough, I just need to push harder!

(Nora wakes up)

Nora- Huh? It's still not time yet? But I'm bored!!!

Smash looked over at Nora at the corner of his eye. She's the one I'm up against next...She's not training or anything. Is she really that confident in her abilities? He looked back at Arc. "Last time, I only showed you half of my power as a demonstration." He said. "Hrr...URRGHII!" With another blast of energy, he transformed into his usual High Tension state. "This time...I won't hold anything back." He began to focus his energy, as his aura increasingly got stronger and flowed faster.

Saizo looked on at everyone training, but he just went back to reading his book. "It's good people are taking this seriously..."

Arc: Excelent Smash. Now, build your power and release!

The floor around the two began vibrating as he was building up his power. Normally, this would be as far as my strength would get me in this form, before it completely depleted in an instant. But now... His aura slowly turned greenish, before he let out another huge blast of energy while yelling. The new form completed in a bright lime green flash, and during that flash he came at Arc, throwing his deadliest punch. "SKULL, CRACKER!!" His entire form went into this attack. If he were still living, it would most definitely be fatal to get struck by this attack.

Arc: *stands still, waiting for the attack to pass through him again so he can measure it's power. This time, however, the attack connects as if Arc were in his solid form. He is thrown across the room by the force of the attack and lands amongst a group of sandbags in the practice area* My goodness. How the hell did you do that? *pauses to stand up, then begins to laugh* My boy, I think we've found your true super form... or rather, you did. I was just target practice. *looks up to address the host* Looks like you've gotten yourself something new to worry about, old friend. Smash is sure to give you a run for your money now. *extends his wing as if to shake Smash's hand* May I be the first to say congradulations.

Smash was almost frozen in position, his fist extended out straight in front of him from the attack. He was shocked that he actually hit him. He was gasping for breath, clutching his chest with his other hand as his regular high tension form faded completely. He used his already extended hand to shake his wing. "T-thank you...I still need to master that form." He said weakly, but he was smiling warmly.

Saizo looked up and smirked, with a gleam in his eye. He hesitated before saying "I'm done here."

(everyone looks at Saizo and gasps)

Voice: You're done here? Are you sure about that? It's a very big decision.

Saizo closed his eyes, as if to think. This decision was final. "I'm sorry. I can't help but to believe that no one here is of a significant challenge. Smash; I believe you're the only one who can satisfy me, but I won't fight you here. We will fight when you've mastered your own power; only then will I accept you as a challenge." Saizo turned to Abumi almost with an apologetic face. "I'm sorry Abumi. Our match will have to wait..."

Voice: ...Then you may go. *Saizo slowly fades away, back to where he came from* This is an interesting development. Ms. Anko, I regret to inform you that your match will have to wait longer, until I find a suitable replacement for Mr. Marushagan. I feel as though I should give you compensation for the constant inconvenience... so feel free to travel between this room and the audience whenever you wish. My deepest apologies...

"Well THAT was certainly unexpected." Smash remarked, both eyebrows raised. "But he's got a point. I'm not sure what happened in that ring between you two, but I'm gonna take what he said into account."

Arc: I couldn't agree more, Smash. We all need to be careful here. *looks up at a monitor showing Eclipse Vs. Summer* Now what could be taking them so long? I'm sure everything that just happened could definitely give Eclipse something to think about.

Smash nodded. "Yes..." Can't afford to underestimate anyone...but... He looked over at Nora. Is she really okay like that? He wondered. Not preparing at all, just sleeping until its her turn? I've never seen anybody do that before in a tournament..especially not one as grand and important as this. If she's that confident, then she must have something up her sleeves. He stroked his chin. I have to be cautious...

Voice: Ah, excelent. A replacement for Mr. Marushagan has been found. He should arrive shortly.

  • a green slime cackling with electricity oozes in*

On instinct, Smash performed a backflip away from the slime and got into a battle stance. "What the heck is that!?" He exclaimed.

Krinkinko:Hey you! Mister voice and announcer guy. I don't know what he looks like or sounds like..I never even met him but has my dad ever entered this thing?

Voice: Well, I don't know. He very well may have. Why do you ask? Have Smash's inquiries gotten you curious?

Krinkinko:Yes,yes they have also the elder told me he was summoned in this once. Is he telling the truth or is he just saying that to be cool? He's an old frog.

(Nora takes out her spray can and shakes it, but she didn't know to do with it strangely)

Nora- Hmm.... I'm rather bored... I would make another tag, but it'll just splash into my face again...

Smash let out a heavy sigh. "I can't say that I'm not bored myself. I've trained, I've napped, I've ate. Talked to people, watched the other battles, learned a few things, but now I really feel like there's nothing to do."

Voice: I feared something like this may happen. Unfortunately, I have no clue what I could possibly add to what we have now. I just don't how to keep things interesting. You've been so helpful keeping things in order, Smash. Surely you have some idea as to what can be done.

Smash closed his eyes and stroked his chin. "Hmm...." He began to go into a deep thought. "....Mmm...mm?" He opened his eyes. "Well...what if the people here in the locker room practiced against eachother? Practicing for what's there to come, make sure they don't feel out of it before their match comes up. Just to, y'know, stay loose?"

Voice: Well, I suppose that could work. Did you want to face someone? The fifth ring in which I fought Mr. Marushagan is free.

"Hmm, we could use that." Smash nodded. "I don't quite have anyone in mind though. But how about everyone who wants to can head over there, rather than two people? That way no one else is bored."

Tendril: i like that idea.

Darkness: *comes back through a portal* god i hate Master. first he caused me to lose my match then trained me for a long ass time. good thing those bank robbers were willing to give up their souls.

Voice: Ah, Darkness. Welcome back. I hope your personal matters are sorted out. You're just in time, too. We've come up with the idea to allow the waiting fighters a practice arena. You will all be able to access it through the same door as the stands from now on.

Darkness: alright yeah they are sorted Desmont and everything. i had Master lock up my powers from getting out of hand lke during my match sadly... oh well. anyway thanks for the kind words as well.

"Welcome back, Darkness." Smash greeted. "Alright, well, Lets head on over to ring 5. Who's coming?"

Darkness: i never pass up training.

Tendril: i'll come too.

Darkness: i also brought my other sword this time. oh and Mr. Voice. i heard something about a needed fighter.. but i dont know if its been solved but if it isnt can i invite my brother over? its been sometime since i saw him fight but i know he fights to keep him and his family safe.

Voice: I regret to inform you that the suddenly emptied spot has now been filled by Mr. Turbo, who is currently fighting Ms. Anko in ring four. However, I can summon your brother here to view fights from the sidelines. Since you have been eliminated, you will be able to come and go to see him whenever you please. If he behaves, I may even consider allowing him into the training ring.

Nora- I wanna come to the training room too!

Smash smiled. "Well then, shall we go?"

Darkness: nah more or less he is the type that is better off informed before being brought... i did that a few times and i dont want him to flip again. but if you let me call him i can see if he wants to.

Smash, although making arrangements to go to the training grounds, had begun to pay close attention to some of the battles on the monitors. One in particular caught his eye. "...He just beat the crap out of Metal..without even breaking a sweat..." He said quietly, a hint of worry in his voice. "...Memphis...he'll be a tough one to beat..."

Tendril: (follows Smash's gaze) agreed.

(Nora walks in with her guitar slung on her back again)

Eclipse: *returns from his match an immediately goes to train on a Sandbag*

(Nora goes to the sandbag next to Eclipse, she punched it with all her might that it hit the wall)

Nora- I love doing that!

(the sandbag passed through the wall. A screen appeared that read "112.6ft")

Voice: If you're training, then might I suggest attempting to combo the sandbag, like Eclipse.

Eclipse: *finishes his combo with a powerful kick*

(the sandbag flies through the wall, and the screen displays "1772.9ft" Two more sandbags appear to replace the others)

Eclipse: *begins another combo*

Smash walked back into the locker room, carrying a really badly injured and crippled Darkness in his arms. He walked slowly towards the nearest bed and laid him down on it to rest.

Darkness: thanks..... *he cant say much more before he falls asleep*

"You're welcome. Rest easy, now." Smash said softly before leaving him alone. He walked over to the sandbags. Since I wasn't able to try my move out on Darkness, I think I'll test it out here.. He thought.

Nora- Sorry, combos aren't my thing... I like to do hard solid shots. But if it's a combo you want it's a combo you get!

(Nora lifts Flash Spark, and points the tip at the sand bag and started jabbing it with fierce speed, and Nora then side-kicked it and spun 360 and then slammed it with her guitar flinging it off again)

Eclipse: *briefly glances at Nora, and the approaching Smash*

Voice: Again, merely a suggestion. You may train however you please, whether it be single shots or taking a nap. Speaking of rest... *heals Darkness* His wounds are mended, but he should still be given time to sleep. I would appreciate it if the rest of you allow him to do so.

Nora- Meh, I don't do fisticuffs anyway... I perfer um... tossing, shooting, and swinging... Oh! Banging, smashing, crushing...uh... I'm going on forever with this aren't I?

Smash stopped at the sandbag. He stretched his arms out, cracking his knuckles separately as he prepared to attack the sandbag. He took a deep breath and focused his sights on the target. Here goes... He thought. He cocked his fist back, as if he were going to do an uppercut, building up all of his strength. But instead, he jabbed the sand bag hard in the area that would generally be someone's stomach. His fist caused a deep dent in it, without actually ripping the bag. He quickly followed up with an equally powerful punch with his other hand to the side of the bag. His other han began glowing as it was cocked back again. He gathered up all of his strength again, and struck with a rising uppercut. His entire body burst into a sky blue aura, soon flickering into a lime green aura as his fur color changed with his sudden transformation. The sand bag was soon obliterated. Smash landed on the ground, bits and pieces of the bag and it's contents rained down on him as he returned to his original form. "..THAT...felt good." He said to himself.

(Nora wasn't impressed by Smash's display, and put her guitar back on her back)

Darkness: *his metal arm is the only thing repaired with healing* dont try that... it hurts if i dont have my medium to transfer it.... also dont let my wife know... she will flip if she finds out i overdid it a little....

Voice: My apologies. I'll remember that. As for you wife, she will know nothing of the matter. *repairs Smash's sandbag* And Nora, I admire your great confidence. Smash has displayed great improvement in a single round, yet you seem so sure of yourself. I'm actually excited to see what kinds of tricks you have yet to show us.

"Oh, hey I wasn't trying to show off, here." Smash shrugged. "I was just trying out a new move"

Darkness: thanks.... and i dont blame you.. im a lot different than other hybrids like my kind... my magical connection was destroyed when i lost my essence... and it cant be mended only replaced... thats where my black magic comes in... long story short i use my metal arm for more than just showing off and hacking computers...

Nora- Nah, I'm not that confident! It's just I've seen alot more powerful guys before!

(Even though Nora said that in a semi-honest tune, her smirk seems to say something else)

Darkness: but i have a request... can my brother come? i got a call from him asking about it because my master told him when he went looking for me... and... can you let my wife try and fix me up a little? she is after all the reason im still alive today...... long story for another day... *his metal arm acts up a little but is worsned as Darkness sticks his sword Shimato into it* ignore pain... with more pain...

Voice: Well, I suppose there's no reason not to let your brother here. Just make sure he doesn't cause any trouble, and that he stays in the stands. As for your wife, you'll have to go to the stands yourself for that. No one is allowed in here but the fighters.

Darkness: fair enough. just teleport him to some place in the stands. he likes figuring stuff out. *gets off the bed grudingly* dont worry bout my pain... its not as bad as one would think.... at least not as bad as surviving 13 decapitations in a row...

Smash was now furiously pounding on a sand bag at full force, in a seemingly endless chain of blows. Each blow was gradually getting stronger as he went on. He forced himself to move faster, making sure that he wouldn't leave himself open, despite this being a sandbag. He soon uppercutted the sandbag into the air, and leaped up after it and contined the combo in mid-air. Right before descending to the ground, He delivered a hard kick that sent it down into the corner. As soon as he landed, he forced out his energy, quickly transforming into his High Tension state, and charged towards a whole group of sand bags as fast as he could. Whoever wasn't near him could only see him disappear behind the pack, and then hear some nasty blows as Sand bags flew in every which direction. Those who WERE near him could actually see as he was quickly and constantly turning around to attack every sand bag near him at a high speed.

Eclipse stopped to watch Smash. He began concentration on the blows, rather than Smash himself, in order to more easily follow his movements. Focusing energy into his right hand, he disappeared using his Chaos Warp. Once the moment was right, he reappeared to strike at Smash.

Smash quickly whirled around and threw a swift punch towards Eclipse's face, which ended up blocking his attack. The moment he realized that he wasn't a sandbag, he let out a startled cry before unleashing a quick chain of blows, ending with a powerful, straight punch to his chest.

Eclipse blocked each blow, with less ease than expected. When the two were steady he said to Smash, "What is the point of training this speed if you are not prepared for an oncoming attack. You much expect the unexpected, and ready yourself for your opponent's strike. Everyone here fights differently, and you never know what they will be thinking in the heat of battle. If they choose to attack when your guard is down, you'll only startle yourself like you did just now. In matches as heated as the ones this tournament brings, you can't afford that mistake." After his oddly out of character pep-talk, Eclipse returned to his single sandbag and began his combo practice once more.

"The reason I was startled is because nobody was training with me until now." He said. "Besides, I was still able to guard it, wasn't I? I've already proven my strength, but what good is strength alone if I don't have the speed to back it up?"

Memphis is seen walking into the training room. He eyes the training material and lets out a sigh as he sits down and thinks of his battles to come. "Why did I allow myself to be dragged into this pointless spar" He said with a major frown.

Voice: If you wish to leave, Memphis, then by all means do so. But let me say this: My "spar" is far from pointless. If you continue to fight, and you move on, you will draw closer to its purpose. And if you find indestructable punching bags to be beneath you, then feel free to challenge one of the other fighters in the practice ring. Even I am available, if you so wish to challenge me.

Kyle entered the room, and saw sandbags everywhere. "Goodness. I see people are as messy as ever." He said, eyebrows raised.

"Eheh, sorry. That'd be me." Smash said, scratching the back of his head sheepishly. "What brings you over here, Kyle? Came to check up on us?"

"Indeed I have." He replied. "How is everyone-"

Voice: Would Nora and Smash please report to ring one. Nora and Smash to ring one.

Smash and Kyle looked up at the voice. "Well it's about dang time!" Smash exclaimed, before looking back at Kyle. "Sorry, can't really talk right now." Smash shrugged. "Match time" He headed towards the ring doors.

"I will watch you from the stands. Good luck." Kyle said before leaving.

Tendril kneels down and whispers to his shadow.

Krinkinko:(Laying on the ground)*Yaaaawn*When is the next match?!

Arc returned to the locker room after Tendril and Eclipse's match. He took a seat on a bench and focused on the monitor showing Smash and Nora's match. Without a word, or even a movement, he simply sat and watched, as if he were waiting for something to happen.

Smash re-entered the locker room. He stretched for a bit, and then let out a slight sigh of satisfaction. "Well! That was challenging." He said. I'd better start rethinking my strategies now. That was far too close. He thought. "Huh?" He'd only just remembered something. "Uh oh. My glove. Dang, now I've only got one left in that pair." He grumbled to himself.

Voice: Look to your righ, Smash.

(his glove had appeared on one of the benches)

Arc stood up and picked up Smash's glove. We slowly walked over to Smash and handed it to him, then said, "Well done Smash. That was quite a unique match. Not many fighters I know will willingly take a blast like that head on... That is, without some sort of energy absorbtion ability."

((Actually, unless he or the host restored the glove and just left it on the floor, that couldn't be possible. Remember, Smash used his glove to detonate the Compact Laser, (if that's what the laser was called?) and it got blown up? His glove got destroyed.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 20:16, June 10, 2011 (UTC)))

((The host can do a lot of things. Remember, he repaired the wall after Nora made the hole in it, and he mended Kyle's tail. Reforming a glove is nothing. E-113! Code name: Xi 20:20, June 10, 2011 (UTC))

(Nora grabbed her guitar and was ready to head out, she still had that same grin on her face)

((I know that, but wouldn't he have given it to Smash himself in that case?))

Smash took the glove and smiled. "Thanks. I wouldn't have done that if I didn't think I could beat it." He said, putting his glove back on. "Still, I need to practice with that more. Actually there's a lot of things I need to practice with. We may be at the semi-finals, but this is only just the beginning."

With a slight chuckle, Arc repeated, "Practice... I actually have an offer for you. You have all the choice whether or not to take." He then began to approach the door to ring five and continued, "Meet me in the practice ring, before the next round... If you're interested." With another chuckle, he headed through the door.

Smash's eyebrows rose as he watced him walk out the door. "An offer...?" He wondered aloud. "Hmm...." He thought about it for a moment, but soon found himself heading towards the practice door.

Round One

Voice: Welcome one and all, heroes and villains from across the universe, to the Cosmic Championship! I've brought you all here to test your skills in the art of fighting, and hopefully to pass on the title of Cosmic Champion. Unfortunately there have been some... technical difficulties, so not every fighter has arrived. Take this time to get to know your opponents and prepare... for what is to come.


Nora Vs. Darkness

Smash Vs. Arc

Tendril Vs. Aero

Eclipse Vs. Summer

Krinkinko Vs. Kyle

Liger Vs. Dusk

Keith Vs. Memphis

Abumi Vs. Turbo

Nora Kouba Versus Darkness the Dragon Hybrid (Winner: Nora)

Voice: Would Nora and Darkness please report to the ring. Nora and Darkness to the ring.

Darkness: yeah im going.*grabs shimato and himako (twin katana's of opposite powers) and heads out*

(Nora gets up while not saying a word and slung her guitar on her back as she heads out)

Darkness: *sitting on the ground all casual as Nora heads out* hmmm the first match and i get picked to fight Nora. im glad to fight someone like her because i never got to fight her before nor have i seen her in actual combat.

Nora: Okay, lets get started...

(Nora sounded rather casual)

Darkness: *pulls out his swords and tosses them to Tikala* i fight fairly. *takes his king's cape off (Vampire Kings and queens are recognized by there power and cape) and just throws it aside which floast just outside the arena showing a scared body on his right arm and a metal left arm but his body is covered by a black shirt* ready Nora?

(Nora takes out her guitar with one hand)

Nora: Yep, is there a ref. or someone that counts down to start or somethin'?

Darkness: i dunno. *takes a coin out of his pocket* wanna flip a coin and hen it hits the ground we start?

Voice: There will be no need for a coin toss. You may begin whenever you please. Also, a very bold move on your part Darkness. Fighting unarmed is quite honourable in some cultures. Anyways... Begin!

Darkness: i have no intrest in attacking first.

Nora: Okay, since I have no patience for back-and-forth talk... I'll just start first!

(Nora puts her hand in a two-fingered gun pose and shot many lazers at Darkness)

Darkness: *dodges some but not all because his natural powers allow him to control blood*

Nora: Hmm...

(Nora created a orb and threw it in the air, it soon started shooting the same lazars at random angles)

Darkness: *in the time while nora made that orb he ran up to her and threw a sliding kick*

(Nora used her great evasiveness to avoid the attack as if teleporting, but then she appeared behind Darkness and then took her heavy guitar out and slammed him)

Darknes: *right before the guitar hit him he summoned Shimato and blocked the attack and parried before Nora knew what happened*

Nora: Ugh! Is summoning someone even legal? No matter!

(Nora then summoned a Sniper Lazar, it looked like she didn't even shoot anything, but it ended up paralyzing Darkness's right leg)

Darkness: *rips off both metal legs and flies with Shimato in hand (twin katan number 1) forgot to mention my body is over half metal. (g2g Nora)

Nora: Urgh....!

(Nora fired a dangerous Complex lazar that explodes on contact)

Darkness: *without his legs he can fly on dark magic which he does but a lot faster now and dodges the lazer* Shimato become my blade and roar with the blackest flames! *the katana transforms into a scythe with black flames covering it and he throws it*

(Nora's EX Guitar sheilded the scythe)

Nora: As something that shape-shifts, to prevent it from breaking down it must be made out of indestructable metal. It's logic!

(Then Nora jumps up and swings her guitar hard at Darkness)

Darkness: *stops the guitar with his metal hand* i..... hate to end my life...... *grabs nora and throws her away from him just as 7 sycthes start penatrating his body* of corse father... its time for us to end our struggle.

(Nora activated the gravity boosters in her gear guitar which caught her in midair, she climbed on it which looked like she was riding a broom)

Nora: Okay, what's with talking to yourself? T_T

Darkness: family issues with my father. *rips the sycthes out from his body* blod art scythes... im the only vampire left that knows Blood Art. *on the ground the arena starts changing into water and demons start forming out of the water*

Demons: YOUR FATHER REQUESTS YOUR APPEARNCE DARKNESS! COME QUEITLY AND NO *darkness threw the sychtes killing all but the speaker demon* damn your good. *his body becomes stronger and gains 4 wings and 2 more arms so he has 4 arms 4 wings and 6 feet long sychte claws*

Darkness: is it the 1,00th hybrid year... my other half?

Desmont: yes brother.. it is and i want him!

Darkness: try me.

Nora: A little help here? I don't think this is legal!

Darkness: when Desmont comes all rules are broken. look around Nora. he's frozen the time around the ring.


Voice: No rules are to be broken in my domain! *time restarts and both Darkness and Desmont are held in place* Darkness! What is going on here? If this demon is not a summon of yours then he cannot be here. He is interrupting your fight with Ms. Kouba!

Darkness: true he isnt a summon of mine but he IS a part of me. back when i was born i got mutated and he took over half my soul. i split us apart after he destroyed 7 realms. every 1000 hybrid years he tries and fails each time.. but each time it gets harder and harder because he chooses the time. i never choose when he comes.


Voice: If you want everything... then you will get NOTHING!!! *slash of light hits Desmont, rendering him completely immobile*

Arc: *flys into the ring* For goodness sake, what is going on here?

Darkness: Desmont. this has to take place another time another place. that is even if you want to live.


Darkness: i wont allow that.

Voice: Arc, do the honours.

Arc: Chaos... RIFT!!! *Desmont is sent to the No Zone* The deed is done.

Voice: *sigh* Good. Now we can resume the proper fight?

Arc: *flys back into the audience*

Darkness: give him 20 days then the fights begin. *raises his hand* quick thing Nora i hope you dont mind me saying im sorry for this do you? *takes his own sword* Anima... dont bother. *slices his metal wing open and black blood flows from it* but im not takein it easy. and also i want Death to incur to me so be careful. i just made it so i will die if i take another hit. and i hate blocking just to also add to that.

Voice: Nobody dies in my arena. The only ghosts or spirits or whatever we have popping up here are the ones that are already dead. *cough cough* Arc *cough cough* Whether or not you want it, I will not be held responsible for such things. The final blow will merely send you back to the Locker Room, like it does everyone else.

Darkness: then my pressence is meaningless. *stabs himself with a sword and dissapears not to the locker room but to his own realm out of his control leaving behind a note says "I FORFEIT!"*


Voice: Hmm, can't say I've never seen that before... Nora wins by forfeit! Any parting words from the victor?

Nora: Uh.... Okay that was lame!

Voice: I agree, quite lame. Don't worry though, I'm sure your fight with Smash in Round 2 will be much more interesting.

Nora: Okaaaaaaaaaaaay.... >_>

Smash the Echidna Versus Arc the Hedgehog (Winner: Smash)

Voice: Would Smash and Arc please report two ring two *ring two appears next to ring one*. Smash and Arc to ring two.

Smash walked into the ring, and stood at his corner. He took a moment to look around at his surroundings. The place was huge, and a large audience surrouned him. This place is amazing... He thought. He looked in front of him, waiting for his opponent to show up.

Voice: Repeat, Arc to ring two...

(Mysterious Hooded Figure jumps down into the ring)

MHF: Allow me to introduce myself, I am Arc Aungel.

Smash rose his eyebrow. So that's where he was. He thought. "And I'm Smash The Echidna." He returned the introduction. "Lets have a good fight, shall we?"

Arc: Oh, I know you well already, Smash. I was told to tell you that Rachel is doing fine. And yes, let's have a good fight. *smirks*

"Oh..I see. Well, that's good to hear." He said. Urk..Rachel again? I honestly don't think I care much for that girl, but whatever. How did he know me..? He got into a fighting stance. "You can make the first move."

Arc: If you insist. *the Chaos Blade appears in his hand* Now I shall see what truly made my son see you as worthy. Enguarde! *fires a flurry of psyco-darts from the blade*

Son? Could it be tha-DODGE!! Smash quickly began to dodge the darts as fast as he could, relying only on instinct. One of them sliced past his shoulder, and another nicked his leg. But it was nothing serious. He regained his composure and faced him. "My turn!" He ran towards him and threw a strong left hook, followed by a spin kick.

Arc: *leans back to dodge the hook. He blocks the kick with his sword but is thrown of balance. He steadies himself and jumps high into the air, only to remain suspended* Quite a kick you have there, boy! *he looks to the audience at Soro, then back to Smash* Catch! *three rocks fly towards Smash from the ground next to the ring*

Smash looked at the rocks heading towards him, then jumped into the air towards Arc. The rocks collided with eachother, and Smash threw an uppercut towards him, hoping to knock him out of the air.

Arc: *shifts backwards, smirking* This is who Vendeta was so sure about? You're a very slow fighter, but I suppose if I don't go easy, then maybe you won't either. *the source of Arc's flight and psycokinesis appears: two large, shining angel wings*

Smash landed on the ground and looked back up at him. A flying enemy... He thought. There isn't too much I can do to someone in the air. I COULD try to outsmart him... He looked over towards the rocks behind him. Yeah, lets try that. He grabbed the rock and slowly lifted it. DANG this thing is heavy. He's sure to dodge this. He managed to get it over his head and turned to look at Arc. "Dodge THIS!" He threw the rock towards him.

Arc: Silly boy, I don't need to dodge it. *catches the boulder with his wings* These aren't only for flying you know. *the boulder shatters. Arc moves a bit closer to the ground* Is this better?

The moment he was waiting for. As the boulder shattered, Smash came flying towards him after a great leap. "Seven Stars!" He threw a mighty punch towards his head.

Arc: *receives the hit. He falls and lands on his feet. He breathes in* Much better. *flinches. The Seven Stars hit harder than anticipated* Hm... goodbye. *wraps himself in his wings and disappears*

Smash landed in a kneeling position. Pieces of the boulder landed around him. He stood up and looked at Arc, who soon disappeared. "What the.."Goodbye"?" He looked around the ring, trying to make sure he wasn't going to jump at him from a random spot.

Arc: *appears behind Smash* I'm back. *throws a backhand with his wing*

Smash quickly whirled around and just barely managed to block the attack. I knew he was gonna do that. He thought. He countered with a punch with his free hand.

Arc: *hit square in the nose by the punch* Urk! Is that all? Where is the fighter that saved an entire world from having it's life force drained? Where is the fighter who Vendeta would have trusted with the sacred Mayhem Rubies? Is he dead? I hope not, because I was looking forward to fighting him. Now stop trying to hit me and hit me!

"Alright, then. Enough with the warmups." Smash said, cracking his knuckles. "From this point on, no holding back!" He tensed his muscles and went into a flurry of vicious blows. He picked up speed and didn't show any signs of letting up, as his attacks gradually got stronger with each hit. Ending the combo, he came at him with a rising uppercut, a blow like this would possibly break his jaw.

Arc: *took every blow, showing little resistance. The uppercut knocked his head back, but with a crack it moved back into place* Urgh... That's more like it. If you want to go far in this Championship, then you shouldn't hold back like you were doing before. It's this speed and technique that leads you to success. Do not be afraid to live up to your potential. Let me give you an example. * flexes wings, and creates a shockwave similar to Chaos Blast*

"The reason I wasn't giving it my all was to observe your fighting style." He admitted. The shockwave came towards him quickly. It's time to get ready to end this. He clenched his fists and focused his energy. "URRGHII!!" He released it in a blast of light blue aura, his fur changing to a lime greenish cyan. He put his arms up and resisted the shockwave. It hurt a lot, and pushed him back a few feet, but he wasn't backing down. He charged towards Arc and came at him with another rising uppercut, following up with another attack, he brought his fist down towards him from above in an attempt to smash him into the ground.

Arc: *blocks the uppercut with his sword, and is thrown off balanced. He attemps to block the second attack with his wings, but is still forced to his knees. With Smash at a close range, he tries the shockwave again*

With the shockwave right next to him, he didn't have time to dodge or defend. It successfully knocked him halfway across the ring. He landed on his back, wincing in pain. That...hurt. He thought. No, You gotta get up. This form won't last too much longer! He rolled onto his stomach and pushed himself to his feet. He looked towards Arc. Just go all out on him, don't let up! He went behind one of the two remaining boulders from earlier, and punched it towards him. He ran behind it, heading straight for Arc, ready to follow up with another attack.

Arc: *catches the boulder with his wings and holds it out in front of him. He positions himself into a guarding stance with his sword* Give me your best shot!

Smash smirked, seeing him holding the boulder. Alright then, you asked for it! He leaped up into the air, quite high above. His fist began glowing with its own aura, then his whole body began glowing brightly. His aura grew higher as he put more energy into his attack. He began moving at slow motion as he was coming down, except for the gravity pulling him in faster than he was moving. "This is a new move of mine!" He said as he came closer. "Divine FIST!" He yelled as he threw a mighty punch down at him and the boulder. The impact usually let out a flash of light, but instead it let out an explosion of energy and aura, shooting straight up into the air. It could be seen high above the audience stands. The boulder completely shattered from the blow, and Smash drove through it heading straight for Arc with his fist ready for him.

Arc: Fell right into my trap. Angels MIGHT!!! *with Smash between his wings, he draws them inward. His sword remains at the ready in case the move does not work*

The last effects of Smash's attack created a shockwave spreading out all around him. Smash looked up and proceeded to try and attack him again while he was still close to him. Suddenly his aura flickered and faded away, and his fur returned to normal.

Arc: *pulls in Smash with his wings. He holds Smash by the arms, with the tips of his wings pointed into Smash's back* Hm... So much potential, and so much to learn. I suppose I cannot blame you, for I have much more experience fighting with my abilities than you do yours. Even so, you couldn't have won with me being-- *Arc flinches. He drops Smash, and is stunned*

Smash fell to his knees. He began gasping for breath, after he depleted much of his own energy from his powered up state and attacks. He looked up at Arc in confusion. "What on...earth..?" What just happened to him? Wait, this is your chance. He's wide open, and I won't last too much longer in this battle. He gathered up the rest of his remaining energy and concentrated it all in his arm. "SKULL CRACKER!" Putting all his might behind his attack, Smash threw his strongest punch towards Arc's face.

(SFX: Crack!)

Arc: *falls to the ground*

Voice: Arc is down. He has ten seconds to get up. *timer begins*

Voice2: Hmhmhmhm... Looks like that's two you owe me, Smash...

Arc: *fades away. He reappears next to Smash in his true spirit form* Congradulations, boy...

Voice: *timer ends* Smash the Echidna is the victor! Any closing words?

Smash held his chest and let out a sigh of relief. I managed to win... He looked up. "All I can say is, Arc is right. I still have much to learn, and I know that good and well. But with every battle comes experience. I think that I've gotten quite a bit of it this time. There are still more fighters that I'll face off against, each even more threatening than the other. I've felt only a piece of the power that could overthrow me, so I have to be ready for anything. And yes, I see you Pearl." He smiled and waved at the audience. He looked to the side. Thanks...Vendeta.

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing Versus Aero the Bandit (Winner: Tendril)

Voice: Would Shade and Aero please report to ring two. Shade and Aero to ring two.

Aero walked in the ring his eyes gleaming this was his attire and he was going to enjoy this battle.He walked to his corner and started to do some stretchs then he sat up and looked straight towards the other corner.Aero started to speak,"Well looks like Tendrils not here.Oh well I'll give him a beating soon."

Tendril: that's what you think. *rises from the shadows in his corner. cracks knuckles* alright. let's do this!

Voice: Begin!

Tendril: i'll let you go first

Aero:Whatever Dark Fist!(Aero charged up a fist with a dark aura around it.It started to form around Aero and come out in a ghostly view.He released the punch aiming at his neck.Two shadows rose up from under the ground and gripped Tendril.The other shadows rose up by Aero and started to form into him.)

Tendril's shadow: *jumps up and pushes Tendril out of the way, taking the full force of the attack*

Tendril: *hits the ground and gets back up.* another powerful umbra, eh? lets see you handel these! Shadow Blades! *twin blades of shadows appear on his arms. he slices at the shadows gripping him and charges at Aero*

Aero:(Charges up a beam of darkness and tries to shoot it at Tendril Then he makes five shadows holding darkness blades try to cut Tendril)

Tendril: ha! i've been training with the Shadow Blades all my life! *slides under the beam, gets up and spins, slicing the shadows*

Aero:(A shadow blade appears in his hands)Shadow Weaponry!(Jumps in front of Tendril and tries to cut his shoulder at a real fast speed backed up with an uppercut with his free hand that if it landed it would send their opponet up in the air)

Tendril: *stops the blade with one of his own. blocks the uppercut with the flat of the other blade*

Aero:(Two shadows rise up behind Tendril and try to slash Tendril with the swords they had)

Tendril's shadow: *runs up with shadow blades of his own and slashes at the shadows*

Another Shadow:(Rushes behind Tendrils shadow and begins to try and Slash at him)

Tendril's shadow: *sinks into the ground and comes up behind the other shadow*

Other 2 Shadows:(Slashes way faster)

Tendril: *thinks* ugh. shadow vs. shadow isn't working. it's my shadow againts all of his i didn't think i would need him this early in the fight, but i do. Nightfall! lend me your power! *new silver streaks appear on him and spikes grow on his knuckles. his black fur seems to darken*

Nightfall Tendril: *unleashes a burst of magnetic energy, knocking Aero back*

Aero;(Feels the great amount of energy)I gotta use something else.Thats it!(His fur started to turn into a bright yellow and thunderbolts started to shoot in his fur.Streaks of Grey and Brown Ran threw his yellow fur and he started to glow in a very fashionable way.His power level rose to 200 and thats when it ticked he had turned into Gerian Aero)

GA:BERSERK PUNCH(He threw such a powerful punch if it landed it would send the person up in the air and you wouldn't see them)

NT: *sinks into GA's shadow as soon as he gets close enough. rises up behind him. nightfall's voice* you'll have to do better than that to beat our combined power

GA:(Two Shadows rose up and grabbed NT.GA pulled back a Berserk Punch and hit his opponet as hard as he could)

NT: *magnetizes himself to the ground, trying to resist the blow. knocked high into the air but not quite as high as anticipated. magnetizes GA to the ground* Chaos Beam! *fires a beam of chaos energy at GA*

GA:(Puts on jewel gloves and reflects the blast with his hand.GA jumped up and Punched him Again with a Berserk punch except aimed for the ground)

NT: *hits the ground hard. floats back to his feet magnetically* alright, let's try this! *surrounds GA with shadow clones. each one attacks at the same time. but one stays back and watches*

GA:(Shadows rise out of the ground and fight for him.GA came straight down fist in front of him aiming for NT he punched him consecutively knocking him away)

(the NT that GA hit dissolved into shadows and disappeared. one of the 'clones' below jumps up and punches GA to the ground, his fist surrounded in a metal glove)

NT: wrong one!

GA:(Punches him away.GA ran towards NT and punches him into the Ground using Berserk Punch!)

NT: *dissolves into shadows. another one appears behind GA* man your bad at this! *kicks him, his foot covered in metal*

GA:(A giant shadow rose up in the earth and grabbed NT.GA ran and Punched him with all his might!)

(that NT dissolves as well)

other NTs: *stop fighting the shadows and surround GA again. four of them run forward while a fifth uses a sixth one as a springboard, launching himself high into the air. the first four slide and kick upwards upon reaching GA, sending him into the air.*

fifth NT: Shadow Barrage! *brings his foot down, slamming his heel into GA's stomach and knocking him back down*

GA:(A shock wave flew away from him knocking everyone away.GA summoned shadows they grabbed all NT's and cut their shoulder open)

NT clones: *dissolve into shadows*

NT: argh! *lands on the ground* time to borrow another move from Naruto. *a swirling ball of shadows, magnetic and chaos energies appears in his hand* Nightfall Tendril's Rasengan! *charges at GA and slams the spinning ball of energy into his stomach*

GA:(Is not affected other then a few burns from the energy)You know I love that move I watch naruto every saturday!ULTIMATE FIST!(He plunged his fist straight threw his stomach and uppercutted him with his free hand)

NT: AAARRRGGHHH!!! i will not give in. not to a common thief! *slams Shadow blades together above him* Shadow Blades! Acend! Dark Wing Axe! *the blades combine and change form into a giant axe of shadows. kicks GA off of him and swings the axe*

GA;(Blocks the Axe but starts spitting blood because of the rasengan.)ADAVADIAN COMBO!(He started punching rapidly then knocked the axe out of his hands and slashed him.GA kept punching him at the speed of light and power of all the demons in the Neverworld)

NT: *unleashes a blast of shadow and magnetic energy to give him room* Shadow Tendril! *unleashes dozens of tendrils of shadow energy at GA*

GA:(Summons 700,000 shadows and the shadows destroy everything and piles up on NT)Heh you expect me to be some normal thief his eyes gleamed I am my own side neither good or bad.I am a legendary thief!(eyes glow and summons 400 more and the shadows punch NT rapidly)Evil SHADOW ILLUSIONS (NT gets sucked into a dark void and all his worst fears and time repeated in front of him if this causes anything it normally causes the opponet to get weaker from fear)

NT: RRRAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sends out a powerful burst of magnetic and shadow energy, knocking everything back* and i am no ordinary umbrakinetic! i am the king of the Shadow Realm combined with a third of the ancient villain Ultima! Chaos Boost! *uses chaos energy to boost his power temperarely.* and now, Chaos..........CANNOOOOONNN!!!!!!!! *fires a powerful beam of chaos energy at GA*

Tendril's shadow: *grabs GA so he cant escape the blast*

GA;(The jewels in his gloves started to glow and he blocked the attack reversing it)FIST OF DESTINY!(He disappeared but he was just moving at the speed of light he punched NT and then punched threw his leg and arm)I hate when I have to hurt someone I actually am starting to like!

NT: *lands* Dark Restore! *fills in the holes in his body with shadows, healing them. panting. thinks* i must work quick. chaos boost won't last very long. *out loud* i mustn't lose! not now! *combines a chaos cannon with shadow tendrils. surrounds the jewel gloves in shadows to make them useless. follows the beam with a Nightfall Tendril's Rasengan*

Tendril's shadow: *holds GA in place*

GA:(throws Tendrils Shadow off of him then jumps to dodge the attack when NT got down he started choking him with a Darkness band)SHADOW CREATURE CHOKE!(Punches downward and hit's NT in the head REALLY hard)

NT: *hits the ground and struggles to get up. thinks* dang! chaos boost has nearly run out! i didn't want to try this but....*out loud* im not going down that easy! Shadow Strangle! *transforms the shadows in GA's throat and lungs to liquify*

GA:UUURRGHH Shadow herb!(eats a black herb that makes everything heal in his body)SHADOW CREATURE CHOKE!(Puts five more bands on NTs neck and in the inside four)

NT: *chaos boost wears off. takes control of the bands, loosening them* Dark Eye! *his eyes reverse colors* lets try.... Shadow Command! *uses the shadows in GA's mind to convince him to release the bands*

GA;(Uses Bandits Spirit to break out and grip even harder)(The Shadow Bands invert much more)

NT: *struggling to breathe. fires chaos beams at GA*

GA:(Gets hit by the beam but doesn't fall down)

NT: *vision becoming blurry* im.....not......through......yet! *absorbs all the shadows in the arena. unleashes a powerful, concentrated blast of shadow energy at GA*

GA:(Absorbs the blast)Don't worry I'll save you after I wi-Urrggghh

Tendril's shadow: *comes up from below with a devestating uppercut laced with shadows*

GA:CHAOS FREEZE (Freezes the shadow then Punches it cracking it in half)

NT: *while his shadow defends him he absorbs the shadows again. focuses all of the shadows into one hand then hurls a Shadow Bomb at GA. it lands in front of him before he can absorb it and explodes*

GA:(Is not affected)My fur was burned completely remember?

NT: *uses magnetism to cause each part of GA's body to magnetically attract each other* release me or be crushed!

GA:(Breaks out)You can't no matter what(Shows jewel gloves)This gives me immortality!

NT: *smirks* fool! never show the secret to your strength! RRRRRAAAAGGGHHHH!!!! Nightfall! Split from me! *his silver streaks fade, leaving only his purple ones. a cyan mist escapes his mouth. metal rises from the ground and forms around it to create Nightfall*

Tendril: You know what to do!

Nightfall: right! *charges at GA*

GA:(Punches Nightfall away then uses Dark Punch and successfully hit Nightfall)Chaos Death!(Nightfall is surrounded by Chaos Energy and close in and crush Nightfall)

Nightfall: did you not see what i made this body out of? metal and magnetism! even if you crush this one i'll just make another! *pulls GA toward him with magnetism and grabs the jewel gloves*

Aero:*Smirks*(The gloves appear right back on his hands)Do you know that if someone different touches it it comes back to me.Its MASTER!

Nightfall: *smirks back* well then. why dont you release my friend and we can fight. immortal against immortal. interested?

GA:No but I have no intentions of killing Tendril

Nightfall: i am apart of Tendril now. my spirit won't go far without him nearby. *punches GA* you will not touch him! *punches again* release him! *spinkicks him*

GA:Sure if you let me win!

Nightfall: i've been a villain since the dawn of time and even i have more honor than you! *charges at him and disappears at the last second.reappears under him and kicks him into the air. appears behind him and grabs him magnetically. the two start falling head first toward the ground. Nightfall causes them to spin and magnetizes them to the ground, pulling them faster* Magnetic Lotis! (again from Naruto) *they smash into the ground*

GA:(Punches Nightfall away from him then uses homing attack then kicked him 5 times)

(each attack hurt GA more than Nightfall since Nightfall is made of metal.)

Nightfall: *kicks him in the jaw*

GA:Ok I'll release him(Releases hold)

Tendril: *runs over to Nightfall* Dark Spear! *fires hundreds of spears of darkness at GA*

Nightfall: *returns to Tendril's body*

GA:(Punches NT then shadows form into NTs body and possessed him He forced him to defuse then he kicked him into the head and hundreds of Shadows appeared around NT)!

Nightfall: *runs around behind him and holds him in place magnetically*

Tendril: *flicks his wrist and Moonlight (his sword of shadows) appears in his hand. stabs GA*

GA:Shadow RIP!(All the Shadows in Tendrils body caught on fire then disappeared)Darkness of YAKAMIZARA( A dark cloud of Darkness flew over them and healed GA then the cloud had a hand of darkness flying out of it.It grabbed Tendril and Nightfall and pulled them back to the cloud they disappeared in the cloud and when they fell out they had Burns Scratches Cuts and Scars on their bodys)!

Tendril: Dark Restore! *heals himself.* i'm tired of this! shadows! attack! *every shadow in the arena stands and charges GA, swords in hand*

Nightfall: *metal dust rises from the ground and forms more Nightfalls. they attack as well*

GA:CHAOS SMASH(Everything was smashed except people in the crowd and him)

Tendril: ggggrrrr!!!!!! Dark Surrocation! *the shadows in GA's throat solidify*

GA:(Falls to the ground)

Tendril: *the shadows change back into nothing but ordinary darkness*

(countdown begins)

Voice: Time is up, and Aero appears to be unconscious. Shade Nightwing is the winner! *Aero is teleported to the locker room* Any closing words from the victor?

Tendril: that was definately more difficult than i expected.

Nightfall: *returns to Tendril*

Tendril's shadow: *sinks into the ground at Tendril's feet*

Eclipse the Hedgehog Versus Summer the Hedgehog (Winner: Eclipse)

Voice: Would Eclipse and--

Eclipse: *teleports in* Present and accounted for.

Voice: Um... Ok then, would Summer please report to ring one. Summer to ring one.

Summer: *jumps in* Here. *points at Eclipse* You are going down! Might as well forfiet now!

Eclipse: Forfeit? I think you're the one who should forfeit around here. You're comparing yourself to me? Ha! You're not even good enough to be my opponent.

Summer: Let's see who's laughing when I put a hole through your head! *fires the wrist laser*

Eclipse: *hand begins to glow with energy. He deflects the laser* There's no time to play games. You won't even get the chance! Chaos Fire! *ring of fire appears around Summer*

Summer: *raises eyebrow* Why did you think I was named Summer? *touches the fire and it becomes darkfire* Sorry. But you can't fight fire with sparks! *sends the darkfire at Eclipse*

Eclipse: You think that pathetic light show can stop me? After all, I'm the coolest. Chaos Freeze! *freezes the darkfire and then smashes it with a kick* Anything else?

Summer: Why, yes. Blackout! *darkness engulfs the stadium* A little trick of mine.

Eclipse: You're right, this is pretty tricky (sarcasm). I've got a few tricks myself. *begins teleporting wildly around the ring, appears behind Summer and does a spinning kick*

(But what he kicked was just a shadow....)

Summer: *chuckles* My fur blends in.

Eclipse: *also chuckles* So does mine. *fades into the darkness*

Summer: Let the darkness take over your eyes

Eclipse: Silly boy, we Crymnians can see in the dark. I assume you can as well, but can you see what isn't there. *he began to laugh, which seemingly came from all around the ring*

Summer: I don't need to! *lifts the blackout suddenly*

Eclipse: *still nowhere to be seen* Guess again, rodent! *Chaos Rifts begin to come at Summer from multiple directions*

Summer: *takes out a book* Now what are those..... Chaos Rifts..... one way trip to no zone... eh, whatever the heck they are, they aren't good. *puts book away and summons his sword* But I have more than one trick up my sleeve. *the sword splits apart into two, one white and one black* Let's see how you go against pure light and darkness! *throws each one into a Chaos Rift, which breaks them, resummons them, and repeats until all the rifts are gone* Now, you were saying?

Eclipse: *appears behind Summer* I have nothing to say to you. *jabs summer in the back*

Summer: *falls down and rolls forward* CHEAP. *a pool of darkfire appears at his feet, and he sinks into it*

Eclipse: *disappears and reappears outside the pool. Some darkfire remains on his feet, but he pats it out* Hmm... ouch. Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with fire? You might get burned. *snaps his fingers. A flame appears in his hand which he blows on, turning it into a flamethrower*

Summer: *hisses and rushes at Eclipse with his wrist blade, beginning to jab it furiously at his neck* My mother is dead! Bring her into this and I will rip your throat out!

Eclipse: *backs up, dodging the jabs. Some, however still hit him, but not in the neck* Urk! Anger is good. Let it out, release your darkness. *disappears once more, and reappears on the other side of the ring* If she could see you now, I'm sure she would be disapointed.

Summer: *breathing deeply* You remind me of that time I faced Dusk. *fur begins to glow a rainbow color* But in this battle.... *a crossbow made of light appears in his hand* I'll win!!! *Fires two bolts blindingly fast*

Eclipse: *hit in the right shoulder by the first bolt. His hand begins to glow and he hits the second one away* You will, will you? Then why don't you come and get me. *waves his finger tauntingly*

Summer: Why do you think I favored a crossbow over an Artsword? *shoots another bolt* I prefer ranged, thank you very much.

Eclipse: *hits the bolt away* Yes, but now I know it's coming. But... I suppose I could change things up a bit. Chaos Spear!

Summer: *sidesteps the Spear, but it does skim his leg* Hm. That's gonna hurt in the morning.

Eclipse: And this will hurt now! Chaos Dash!

Summer: I knew I should have stayed in bed this morning. *holds out his hands and holds back the dash from hitting him full on, but the skin on his hands begins to tear from the energy*

Eclipse: Impressive, but block this! Chaos Harpoon!

Summer: *was prepared for that, and jumps back and shoots three bolts against the Harpoon*

Eclipse: *hit by all three* Argh!!! *kneeling* That's it, I'm through playing with you. Now you will see what true darkness is. *fur turns dark purple, streaks and wrist bands become blood red. His spines spead out, giving him an appearance similar to a regular hedgehog. He closes his eyes in pain, and when he opens them his whites are orange and his irises are black* You shall face my wrath, Mobian scum. *shoots a Hellfire at Summer*

Summer: *counters with darkfire* You see, that's the problem with people around here. *makes a coulmn of darkfire and leans against it* Everybody thinks I'm Mobian because I'm a hedgehog. That can't be farther from the truth. As you can see, I'm a special case. I control darkfire while in a light form. I'd launch into a full-on explanation, as with anyone else interested, but we're fighting. So, long story short, I'm a sucessful expirement, born and raised to fight, to steal, to survive. I intend to do two of those here. *holds out his hand, showing a cirular burn mark on his ring finger* Nothing's true, everything's permitted, right?

Eclipse: Whatever test-tube you may have come from, I'm sure that there was at least some Mobian DNA thrown into the mix... unless you are some kind of android. I, on the other hand, am one-hundred percent Crymnian. My appearance is merely a matter of circumstance. If you came to fight though, then en guarde! Swift Strike! *fires a crescent of energy like a boomerang*

Summer: *sidesteps, but the boomerang gets and even deeper cut on his arm than on the leg. The smell of burning flesh fills the air.* I wasn't born in a test tube. I used to be human. Mother and Father, killed in the attempt to save us. We were taken and expiremented on by a corrupt Elementian government. *fires his crossbow*

Eclipse: *catches the crossbow and snaps it* Do I look like I care? I am here to win, just as you are. Unfortunately for you, I don't lose. *shoots a Swift Strike along the ground and a Flame Crescent in the air*

Summer: *teleports out of the way of the attacks* That it? *yawns* But I have to give it to you, you are a pretty good fighter.

Eclipse: You have seen nothing yet, rodent. *summons a Chaos Spear and slashes at Summer, using it as a sword*

Summer: *deflects it with his own sword* You really get on my nerves sometimes.

Eclipse: Quick to judge, are you? You've had hardly any time to get to know me. *disperses the Chaos Spear and grabs Summer's sword* Heh, gotcha. *winces in pain slightly, then fires a Hellfire*

Summer: *deflects the Hellfire with a Darkfire and kicks Eclipse in the place men should not be kicked*

Eclipse: *doesn't even flinch* What do you think I am? An Overlander? *roundhouse kicks Summer*

Summer: *stumbles back, holding his cheek* You know, technically, that would still hurt. Actually, that should still hurt.

Eclipse: I suppose it would hurt at least a little. You seem to have forgotten, though, that my current form is what you might call a super form. My resistance to pain has increased. *teleports closer to Summer and throws a punch to his stomach*

Summer: *teleports away and fires his wristlaser*

Eclipse: *blocks the lazer* That's not how you do it, boy! This is how you do it. *teleports closer and fires his Flame Crescent*

Summer: *absorbs the Flame Crescent and fires it back* You never learn, do you!

Eclipse: *hits away the Flame Crescent and follows up with a Swift Strike* I don't have to learn what I don't need to know.

Summer: *guards against the Swift Strike with his sword, but his sword breaks* ......ok, I know that's not physically possible in my world. *sighs* Well, that's nice. WHITEOUT! *holds his hand up and the stadium is enveloped in a bright white light*

Eclipse: *flinches from the initial flash* I don't have to see you to hit you! Chaos... BLAST!

(....remind me which Chaos Powers he doesn't have? It says nearly all in the description.)

Summer: Super Reflect! *blocks the blast with the reflect*

(Ah. Never mind. You don't have Vortex, Fusion, and (I believe) Boost.)

(Actually, he can use Fusion. There's just no one to use it with. He also can't use Counteract unless he's in his Solar form, and his Healer is fairly weak. If he were in his normal form, Blast would also be different)

Eclipse: Excelent. Now I know where you are! *charges at Summer*

Summer: *jabs his crossbow out of the shield, breaking it, then fires it*

Eclipse: *unable to dodge due to the light; flies backwards on impact* Urk! That's it, now I'm mad. *fires multiple Hellfires in many directions, the first in the direction of Summer*

Summer: *touches the Hellfire, turning it into Darkfire* You tried this as your first move! *sends it back*

(Hellfire isn't actually fire, it's a large laser attack from Sonic Chronicles. I'll just pretend you dodged it and made the Darkfire on your own)

Eclipse: *absorbs the Darkfire into his Focus Rings* Chaos Blast! *shoots a Chaos Blast concentrated into a beam at Summer*

(Not even gonna ask why it's called Hellfire.)

Summer: Light of the Fire! *shoots his large laser, which absorbs the smaller laser*

(Probably implies the verb, not the noun. Ask the developers...)

Eclipse: Chaos Control! *time stops, and the beam is frozen as a ball of energy* Die, along with the rest of my prey. *shoots a Hellfire at the enery ball, detonating it within the Light of the Fire. Time starts*

Summer: *teleports in front of Eclipse and stabs at him with his wristblade*

Eclipse: *hit by the stab. He grabs Summer by the arm and pulls it out* Hm... nice dodge. *glow green (Chaos Healer) then uses Chaos Blast once more*

Summer: *gets blasted back* Grrr... *kneels down* Ascension... *thousands of arrows appear behind him*

(If he has a healing move, can't he just use that to be practically unbeatable?)

(Like I said, it's a weak move, and he can't use it often. If he takes to much damage in a short amount of time, it would be virtually useless)

Eclipse: *begins charging Chaos Spears*

Summer: Precision... *aims his wristgun at Eclipse*

(I just noticed something. When did you become Believe the Angel? I looked at your Fighter Stats and noticed that moves like Whiteout and Super Reflect were listed under Believe)

Eclipse: What are you going to do? You've seen my power, and that's not even half of it. Take your best shot.

(Oh, and be happy I'm not using Protect. That would be cheap)

(Right after Eclipse insulted Summer's mother, his fur turned rainbow. That's the sign he's turning super. Sorry for not making that clear.)

Summer: Oh, just to aim. NOVA! *every single arrow launches at Eclipse* (Rapid Fire) To give you a heads up, they're not affected by Chaos Control.

Eclipse: *runs forward, using the Chaos Spears to block the arrows. Some manage to break through but he ignores the pain. His fist glows with negative Chaos energy and he throws a punch for Summer's face*

Summer: *grabs Eclipse's hand, which breaks his own, and fires his wristlaser* Agh! This better work!

(I BROKE your hand?!?)

Eclipse: *hit in the shoulder, still ignoring the pain. He throws a punch to Summer's gut with his free hand*

(Effectively, with enough force, his hand would bend back too much, disconnecting the wrist and the hand. thus breaking it. I'd say Eclipse has enough force.)

Summer: *gets hit and winces, then uses his free arm to fire a crossbow bolt at Eclipse's face*

Eclipse: *flies backwards slightly. His hands glow brighter and he begins a quick flurry of close range attacks*

Summer: *teleports back* Ascension... *begins to repeat the process for Rapid Fire*

Eclipse: No... I will not lose!!! *teleports in front of Summer and grabs him by the throat. His hand is now glowing blue and white*

Summer: *choking* Precision... *vision gets blurry* Nova... *arrows fire just as he falls unconsious*

Eclipse: MOON BEAM!!! *a spiral of lasers fire from Eclipse's hand as the arrows fall upon him. When the attack is complete, he drop Summer and falls to one knee, back in his normal form*

Voice: And Summer is down! *countdown begins*

(the arrows suddenly disappear, and Summer wakes up in his normal form, but only with the strength to kneel)

Eclipse: *struggles back up to his feet* Why... won't... you... fall?

Summer: I'm beaten. *smiles weakly* You're great, Eclipse. *closes eyes* Go the distance. *hands Eclipse his crossbow* Take it as a memior. That we....could be friends.

Eclipse: *slowly limps forward, stopping in front of Summer* ...Thought so. *with little remaining strength, Eclipse backhands Summer to the ground*

Summer: *grabs Eclipse's hand and pushes it away* I forfiet. I'm done. Stop fighting. *stands up weakly, and limps away* Oh... and if you face Dusk next round... say hi for me. *salutes* See you in the training ring. *disappears in a flash of light*

Voice: ...Eclipse is the winner. *teleports Eclipse back to the Locker Room*

Krinkinko the Hedgehog Versus Kyle Tyris the Hedgehog (Winner: Krinkinko)

Voice: Would Krinkinko and Kyle please report to ring two. Krinkinko and Kyle to ring two.

Kyle walked into the ring, and stood at his corner. "I am here." He said.

Krinkinko:(Stood at his corner)Prepare to be amazed. (In a flash he leaps in the air and comes down on Kyle with extreme speed)

Kyle drew his sword, the Gemblade. The sword glowed bright golden as he unsheathed it, and he held it in front of him and blocked the attack. He used the sword to throw him off him. "That was nothing new." He said.

Krinkinko: (Regains his footing and spindashes kyle in the stomache then slashes Kyle with his leaf blade in a uppercut fashion) I save my new moves for later!

Kyle managed to block the spindash with his sword again, but it broke his guard for the second attack. He took the damage and stepped back a few steps, before wiping some blood off his chin. "You got me there." He admitted, calmly. "But now it is my turn." He swung his sword at him multiple times, ending the short combo with a thrust towards his chest.

Krinkinko: (He yelped in pain as he got hit in the chest)Trying to kill me eh!?Well two can play at that game! (He hopped on his extreme gear and made a radio screeching noise then crashed in to kyle on purpose)

Kyle gasped and dodge-rolled out of the way. He stood up and held his sword in front of him tightly. "What is that contraption..." He said quietly to himself. He prepared himself for if he came back around.

Krinkinko:(Kicks kyle in the back he then grinded on the side of the stadium then jumps on Kyle) Huff huff.

Still on guard, He was able to block the first attack with ease, however he fell over when Krinkinko jumped on top of him. He then threw him off and regained his footing. "Would you like me to show you one of my "special moves"?" He asked rhetorically. He spun his sword around a few times, moving it to his side when he locked it's position with the tip facing directly behind him. As he was doing this, he whispered something under his breath and closed his eyes. A slight breeze blew by them.

Krinkinko:(Started guiding his hand toward signaling for him to come to him)

In seemingly an instant, Kyle appeared behind Krinkinko in a flash of light with his sword facing outwards. Several delayed reaction strikes then slashed at Krinkinko from all sides, swiftly, quickly, and powerfully.

Krinkinko:(Used leaf sheild but it reflected making it look like he was hitting krinkinko he then punched kyle in the air using Rage punch and finally uses spikedash on kyles stomach then lands) That's called jungle survivor combo!

Kyle landed into a kneeling position, hurt from the attack. "Impressive...Not many people are able to defend against the "Flash Strike"..." He said. He stood up and held his sword close to his face, the tip facing directly upwards. "Oh Gem of Lightning, Lend me thy strength." The yellow gem on the handle of the sword began to glow in response. "Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power! Thunder Bolt!" He rose his sword above his head as it shot a bolt of lightning into the air. The bolt took the form of an electrical orb which shot several bolts of lightning down at Krinkinko.

Krinkinko:(Gets hit and cries)Lightning is my weak point. I know yours!!!!!!

Semi Dark Krinkinko:(Grinds on air currents then scratches Kyle's face and Bites his lips)HAHAHAHA!

((Krinkinko bit KYLE'S lips!? O.O;))

Kyle screamed in more shock than pain, and quickly shoved Krinkinko away from him. Has this boy lost his mind? He thought. However, Whatever that was, it was not my weakness...If Lightning is his weakness, Maybe I could...No, He moves too rapidly for that. I must go for something more direct. He then ran towards Krinkinko and jumped towards him with his sword behind him. Once he was close enough, he gave a mighty swing towards him, possibly strong enough to end the match.

Semi Dark Krinkinko:(He simply looked at the bleeding hole in his stomach then he licked it)Yummy! (He then bit one of Kyle's spines scratching him not letting up one inch)

Kyle looked shocked. "Impossible...AUGH!" He cried out as his spine was chomped. "What in heavens name is wrong with you!?" He leaped up into the air, Krinkinko still gnawing away at his quill, and then began to spin around while holding his sword out, slashing rapidly. "Guillotine Slash!" He called out. The rapid spinning was an attempt to throw him off, if the slashing did not strike him.

Semi Dark Krinkinko:(As he fell he grabbed Kyle's crotch and wouldn't let go gripping super hard)I'm going to crush it you puny ant!

Kyle screamed in agony, but then glared furiously. "Then I will finish you right here and now!" He held his sword above his head, the tip facing downward, and thrusted it down towards Krinkinko's head in an attempt to stab him.

Semi Dark Krinkinko:(He took the hit and fell to the ground)

(countdown begins)

(At the last Second a Black Krinkinko rose up)

Dark Krinkinko: RAAAAH! (He then flew up and Bit his neck and used twister energy beam on Kyle's crotch)

Kyle cried out and flew away several feet. He landed on his back, wincing in pain. "Ugnn...P-powerful...." He rolled over onto his back and used his sword to support him as he tried to stand. "This...this will be...ugh.." He fell to his knee, gasping for breath. "Is this...the...No." He looked up. "I still have...A chance." Gathering the remaining bits of strength he had left, He resisted the pain long enough to stand and face Krinkinko. He held his sword over his head, and then stabbed it into the ground. The sword drove halfway through the floor before stopping. "Oh, Gems of the Gemblade...lend me thy power." He said, weakly. All 6 gems began to glow in response. "Lend me the power to rid this world of evil, to shine the holy light upon the darkness and spread peace and prosperity around the world! Oh, Gems of the Gemblade, Lend Me Thy Power!" As he spoke, the gems shot out of the Gemblade, each glowing and sparking with a portion of their power, and then shot back into the blade as they powered up. The entire sword began to glow brightly as Kyle pulled it from the ground King Arthur style. A brilliant flash of light covered the entire ring, and when it faded, Kyle was floating just above the ground with his eyes closed. His quills had moved upward, and his fur was rapidly changing different colors-Each colors were the same as the gems. The Gemblade now had a magnificent aura around it. "So it has come down to this..." He said, his eyes slowly opening. "It is time to put an end to this."

Dark Krinkinko:A supa form? OOOOH! This gone be good! (Charges at Kyle ready to start a swordplay and starts slashing with double leaf blades)

Kyle blocked his slashing attacks with ease. The rapid clashes of their blades only added more excitement to the spectators. They soon clashed together, their blades locked as they forced their might against eachother. "The Darkness will not avail you!" He said.

Dark Krinkinko: (As the swords clashed Krinkinko started headbutting Kyle like a bird pecking, started clawing Kyle's fur trying to rip it off, and kicking kyle in the crotch)

Person in the crowd:Now that's what I call multi tasking!

Kyle was taking in a lot of damage while trying to hold him back. Eventually, He had to pull back so he could get away from him. "Prepare yourself!" Kyle spun his sword around and stopped it in front of his face, the tip facing the sky again. "Oh Gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy strength..." He began. Instead of continuing with the spell, He charged forward and slashed at Krinkinko again. After three slashes, he backed off again, and then began swinging his sword at him from a distance, slashing waves of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Wind, Water, and Earth elements respectively at him. As soon as he finished with his magic, he closed in on him again and began slashing rapidly, showing no mercy. He held his sword behind him as if he were about to pull off a heavy swing, but was suddenly covered in sand after a sudden sandstorm picked up, caused by the Gemblade's magic. He stopped in place, and then vanished as Kyle came from above, using his Guillotine Slash from before. As soon as he landed, he continued with his combo, slashing with more force than before. Each slash this time created a flash of light as he pulled of more fancy spinning strikes like a professional. He then backed off and held his sword in front of his face as if he were going to continue the magic skill he had first intended to do. "O' power that lies in the root of all creation, o' memory inscribed in ancient's past, hear my call and arise before me...!" The aura around the Gemblade rose twice as high and powerful. "HYPER BLADE!" He rose his sword above his head and swung it down with great force. As he did so, the Gemblade unleashed powerful magic attacks, all of each 6 elements, at the same time heading towards him. The combined attacks would create a large explosion in the spot they collided.

(After the explosion it would seem Krinkinko was uneffected but in truth he was badly hurt freezing, burning, and crying)

Dark Krinkinko:You have a strong super form. Now you shall perish!

(Dark Krinkinko summoned clones of himself which bit Kyle in the crotch with super sharp vampire of fangs)

Dark Krinkinko:(Since he went through semi- dark krinkinko he can use Super darkspirit bomb)I'll show you the deepest depths of doom! (He charged his Super Dark spirit bomb so big it could engulf the arena,the audience, the locker room, and the door to the tournament then he threw it at kyle with such force it could break normal Krinkinko's wrists)

With the clones holding him down, there wasn't too much else that he could do. It's enormous... He thought. I have to stop it! Ignoring the pain the best he could, he thrusted the Gemblade into the Super Dark Spirit bomb and held it in place. "There-ugn!-Must be something that I can do...If I let this fall, it will be the end of me-no-It will be the end of All of us!" He said to himself. "Oh Gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy strength one more time!" He called out. Kyle didn't know what he was going to do. Such a powerful attack floating inches away from him, big enough to wipe out the entire arena. The arena..Yes, I need to get it out, but how? He thought. He closed his eyes and focused, after kicking the clones off of him. "Lend me the power to rid this world of evil, to shine the Holy Light upon the darkness and spread peace and prosperity around the world! Oh, Gems of the Gemblade, Lend. Me. Thy. POWER!" He yelled. He began to float upwards with the Dark Spirit Bomb as the Gemblade let out another blast of aura. He pushed it high above the ring, still moving upwards with it.

Dark Krinkinko: (Makes the Spirit bomb smaller then uses dark mind power to try to weaken Kyles mind then he makes the spirit bomb go around the other blast then it heads for Kyle again. The Spirit bomb then rapidly gained speed)

((What other blast?))

Kyle began to feel strange, but he shrugged it off. Now was not the time to get distracted. The spirit bomb moved around and began heading for him again, although it was smaller than before, it was still lethal. "Now is my chance!" He said. "Unleash thy power!" He swung the Gemblade, and once again it unleashed several magic attacks at once-although far less powerful than what he used on Krinkinko himself. The magic collided at the point where the Dark Spirit bomb was, and caused an explosion in mid-air, detonating the Dark Spirit bomb as well. Kyle flew higher to get out of the blast range. Once he was a safe distance away and the smoke was still clearing, he held his sword up again. "This may be my last chance...Oh Gem of Lightning, Lend me your power..." He said. The gem glowed in response, and he continued. "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of hell!" As he spoke, three rings of light appeared over the ring. They were sparking with electricity. "Come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!" Through the rings, Large and powerful bolts of lightning struck through them at full force. They began shocking anything in it's path.

(It starts to shock Dark Krinkinko and the whole Championship)

Dark Krinkinko: GAAAAAAAH! (Extremely weak he's shedding a tear then he blasts a blast through his mouth and it gathers some lightning then he fires it at Kyle)

Dark Krinkinko: Are you stronger than Smash?!

Kyle held his sword up, gathering more of the energy from the gems, and slashed the blast in two, both halfs flying right past him. "I thank you for the compliment, but I cannot say." He said. "We shall know the answer when we both face off against eachother!" He flew down towards him at high speeds, and whispered to himself again. "Oh gems of Lightning and Wind, lend me thy strength." As soon as he got close, he swung his sword at him. "Multi-Blade Frenzy!" Before impact, a blinding flash covered the area as Kyle struck at lightning speed multiple times, each swing aiming to finish him off.

(Eye of the tiger plays as Krinkinko's Nose,ears,Mouth and any hole in his body started to rapidly bleed because of the damage he took)

Dark Krinkinko:Living on a forgotten prayer! (He then fired a heavy blast out of each hole in his body then Kyle's body started to deform and if hit correctly the move started sucking any other super form other than Dark krinkinko's out)

"What is this!?" He gasped. He held up his sword and held the blast back the best he could. He then started to feel weakened, and his body began to numb. "No...I can't..hold on..." The blast broke through his defense, and knocked him back several feet. He landed on his back, reverting back to his normal form. "Ugn...Is..this..." He looked towards the Gemblade, lying on the ground next to him. The sword's aura disappeared, and the gems glow faded. The golden glow from the blade died away. The sword had been drained of it's power. "No...." He stayed on the ground, gasping for breath.

Dark Krinkinko: (Carves a knife out of some of the Tournament grounds.)

Dark Krinkinko:(Picks up Kyle by the neck at slices his crotch)I hope you can get to the Dr. WAIT NO I DON'T! (Throws a chunk of the tournament ground at Kyle)

((Do not conflict my edits with your double posting. That isn't fair, not giving me a chance to do anything.))

Krinkinko:(Kicks Kyle making him roll over)

(countdown begins again)

Kyle winced in pain from the slice. He couldn't take much more, it was brutal. I'm..finished... He thought. I'm sorry, Smash, but I won't be fighting with you today... He felt himself get dropped to the ground as Krinkinko went to pick up the chunk of the tournament ground. Wait..then that means...Smash will have to fight this savage beast. If this monster gets to him...he could suffer the same.. A second wind blew into him I cannot let that happen to him. Even if the host treats his wounds afterwards, no one deserves to suffer his torture! He stood up, grabbing his sword. "I...must come out victorious." He said, somewhat weakly. "I may have lost the power of the Gemblade..." He held his sword out in front of him, regaining his battle stance. "But the light burning inside me...will not be snuffed out so easily.."

Dark Krinkinko: (Uses two Leaf blades and Stabs them in Kyles stomach so far it comes out his back)

((That is what I mean by auto hitting. You can't just make your attacks direct hits. It was one thing when he was already down, but now he's up and ready to get back into the battle.)

Kyle used his sword to deflect the blades away from his stomach, and followed up with a counter attack, aiming to slash his head off.

Dark krinkinko: (Grabs Kyles sword and starts bleeding badly he starts seeing things and imagines Kyle as a twix and Chomps on Kyle's head and licking it with passion)

"AAUUGH!!" Kyle screamed again. Not only was this extremely painful, but it was frightening as well. If I am going to fall, I certainly will not allow myself to fall into this boy's stomach! He twisted away and brought his sword towards his side with great force. The attack could have chopped him in half.

Krinkinko: (Holding his stomach and falling to the ground bleeding and losing strength he then thought it was a hot cheeto and started lethally beating Kyle. He then thought it was a honey bun and uses dark fire to heat him up then he started chewing on him with extreme passion)

Kyle managed to block most of the pounding, but the last blow knocked him to his knees. The dark fire then burnt him, and he was only holding himself up with his hands. "I..won't last much lon-GNNGH!" He felt the teeth gnawing on him again. I...I just can't believe this person. He thought. He pushed himself to his feet, still feeling himself getting chewed on, and then punched Krinkinko off of him. He then gripped his sword with both hands and put all his strength behind his next attack. He slashed at him diagnally from both sides, and then thrusted his sword towards his chest at full force, threatening to impale him.

Dark Krinkinko:Gaaa no! It hurts! (Some of normal Krinkinko breaking through)You called me a monster!..all my life people have called me and Droget monsters....What because I get angry.......NO MORE! (Back to Dark a.k.a. crazy Krinkinko) (He flies high in the air charging a universal extreme speed gathering a bunch of energy he seethed with power and a shadowy green aura formed around him, a bunch of wisps circles him and meteorites came came crashing near Krinkinko but he controlled the meteorites and launched them at Kyle then charged at such Kyle with such force if it hit the ring because kyle dodged it the ground would shatter)

((Kyle didn't say he was a monster, he was THINKING that.))

Kyle knew that he would certainly lose if that hit him. He ran out of the way as fast as he could, only to get knocked back by the impact on the ground. The ground shattered, and Kyle flew through the air from the force, landing on his face several feet away from where the ground seemingly exploded. "Uggn...That..was painful..." He struggled to stand.

Krinkinko: Gah I'm starting to revert. (Imagines Twix and starts to chew on Kyle but as Krinkinko's form get's weaker (which is rapid he chews harder))

Feeling him chewing on him again caused him to fall back down. But now he was starting to get annoyed. "I pray that after this battle you will come to your senses!" He turned over onto his back and sat up. He held his sword high above and brought it down with great force towards his head. "CEASE AND DESIST!"

Dark Krinkinko:Kyle...RUN! (Krinkinko resisted for a while but then he....he imagined Kyle as a honey bun and flamed his tail then....started to chew...it)

Dark Krinkinko:(Mouthfull)Run!..NO DON'T! (Bites harder!)

Kyle managed to get him off of him and scrambled to his feet. He took his advice and ran back several feet. "He's regaining his sanity...somewhat." He said as he turned to face him. He was panting heavily, and had so much pain in his lower area he was feeling numb. "It's a miracle I have even survived this long...How much longer can I last..?

Krinkinko: Forfeight before I.......GAAAH! (Dark Krinkinko bites Kyle's.nose, twisted his head and kept knawing on it with passion.

Kyle cried out in pain. "What is Wrong With YOOOUUU!?!!?!?" He screamed. Desperate to get him off, Kyle started thrusting his sword into Krinkinko's back multiple times. "You won't fall, no matter what I do! And you seem to think that I'm some form of food! I can't take this anymooore!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, still stabbing at him rapidly.

Dark krinkinko: It feels so wrong...(Dark Krinkinko started taking over and Krinkinko allowed some of it so he could win the fight) BUT IT'S A HONEY BUN! (Chomps harder)

"AUUGH!" Kyle screamed again. "Oh Gems of the Gemblade, PLEASE Lend Me your Strength!" He pleaded. The gems flickered in response, but the glow didn't last for long. Kyle was rapidly losing strength, and he was horrified beyond all else. "Oh Gems of the Gemblade..Please Lend me thy Strength..." He pleaded, sounding weaker than before. He held his sword up, the tip facing the sky. "O-...O-..." His vision began to get blurry, but he gritted his teeth and tried to bear through the pain. "O' power..that lies in the root of all creation...o' memory inscribed in ancient's past...hear my call and arise before me...!" He rose his sword above his head. Life flickered into the blade and the gems, and the gems began to glow once again. The sword regained it's original golden glow, and a small aura surrounded it. "This...Is the end." He swung his sword down like before, and casted several magic spells of each elements down at Krinkinko, who was still on him. The elements collided, and exploded like before. It wasn't as strong as the first time, but it should have been enough to at the very least blow him away.

Krinkinko: (Reverts)Ooogah I got some of my strength back but not much. (Makes leaf clones to bite Kyle's tail as he uses extreme speed on kyle's stomach)Just saying the clones are biting you not me!

Kyle hacked away at the clones as they got close, absolutely not wanting anything like that to happen. However, he was knocked over by his dash attack, and fell to the ground. His vision blurred, and he was in terrible pain all over. "I...My light...is fading...." He said quietly.

Krinkinko: (Runs over Kyle) Will the countdown start yet?

The countdown began. Getting run over caused Kyle to cough up some blood. I've...failed... He thought. On the first round...I am a sad excuse for a "Heroic Guardian" if I can't even...can't even...can't...even...No! I must come to my senses! I only have a few seconds left. Rise..Rise! With only a few seconds left, Kyle used the last bit of his strength to lift himself up. He couldn't get past a kneeling position, he felt almost paralyzed on his lower body area. "I...Still have...a flicker of light..burning inside me..." He said, weakly. He used his sword to support him. "I do not...think that I can win, but...I will do whatever is left in my power..." He winced in pain as he forced himself onto his feet. He nearly stumbled over, but he managed to stand up straight, and regain his battle stance. He was shaking all over, finding it hard to balance. It was a wonder he was still standing. "By my name, I will not allow myself to fall to such foul tactics." He managed to say in a straight sentence. "If I am to lose, I will lose honourably!" He gripped his sword tightly, starting to feel some of the fighting spirit return to him with his words.

Krinkinko:(As Kyle was speaking he kicked Kyle in the Stomach)

Kyle slashed at his foot, deflecting the kick and possibly damaging him in the process, and finished his short speech. He swung at Krinkinko a couple of times, and then thrusted his sword at him in an attempt to stab him again.

Krinkinko: (Catches the sword's ahndle and starts slashing Kyle with the leaf blade and his sword which extreme speed)

Kyle fought back for the control of the Gemblade, but the Leaf Blade caused him to fall to his knee. Now this is definitely my final chance at victory. He thought. He gripped the handle tightly and began to chant. "Oh Gem of Lightning, Lend me thy strength!" The yellow gem began to glow in response. "I, who stand in the full light of the heavens, command thee who opens the gates of hell!" As he spoke, three rings of light appeared over the two of them. They were sparking with electricity. "Come forth divine lightning! This ends now! Indignation!" Through the rings, Large and powerful bolts of lightning struck through them at full force, coming down towards Krinkinko and Kyle. The electricity didn't seem to affect Kyle, but if it hit Krinkinko, he just might be done in. Definitely so if Lightning truly was his weakness, like he said.

(Would tail be a good substitute)

Krinkinko:(As the lightning crashed everyone expected krinkinko to be dead but when the smoke cleared they knew he uses final leaf sheild he then used a spinning extreme speed at Kyle's tail)

Kyle turned around before he could reach his tail, and thrusted his sword towards Krinkinko as he sped towards him.

Krinkinko:(As he fell in pain a clone sneaked behind Kyle and slashed his tail and if done correctly would cut it off)

Kyle cried out in pain, and was horrified when he couldn't feel his tail anymore. He turned around with rage in his eyes, and slashed at the clone mercilessly, not stopping until he was sure that it was dead. He turned to face Krinkinko and looked down at him. "It's finally time that we end this." He said. He took a few steps back and held his sword in front of him, the tip facing the sky again. "Oh Gem of Fire, Lend me thy strength." He chanted. The red gem began to glow in response. "Destruction of Nature, gather from the ground and awaken! Raze all greenery with Flame! Flare!" He swung his sword towards Krinkinko, and the ground under him burst into a pillar of flames. "Your leaf shields should not be able to withstand this!"

Krinkinko:Oh the elder, Fa-La-Stu,Smash,Pearl,Droget,Turbo,Artixunio,Nyx,Mint,Jonik,Snap,lend my thy power yo counter this attack. (Pillars of rainbow energy shrouded Krinkinko and bursts out of the ground and starts to rap around Kyle.

"Wh-What is this!?" Kyle gasped, getting wrapped around the energy. He did his best to try and break through.

Krinkinko:It's the power of my friends. (The energy tightens since Smash isn't giving his energy it loosens but then it starts to use the powers of ice,ground,fire,lightning,nature,poison,air,fighting,ghost,dark and friendship)

Since the Gemblade absorbs most elements related to that of the gems inside, a little more than half of it was not affecting him. "If-Gnngh!-That is even possible.." Kyle managed to say through being squeezed. "Then..I should be able..to summon...the power of all of MY friends!" He said. "Oh holy gems of the Gemblade, Lend me thy strength...Smash..Frost..Keela..Pearl...Splice.....Mother...Everyone...If you can hear my plea, lend me the power to once again fight for your cause!" The Gemblade reacted first, glowing brightly in response. He just barely managed to shove the blade into the ground about halfway. "Lend me the power to rid this world of evil, to shine the holy light upon the darkness and spread peace and prosperity around the world! Oh, Gems of the Gemblade, And all of my friends who I love dearly, Lend Me Thy Power!" Repeating as it did before, the Gems shot out of the blade's handle and powered up, soon returning to the sword and letting off another flash of light. When the light faded, the rainbow energy had released him. Kyle was in his super form again, but the form soon diminished, as the Gemblade was still facing some effects from it's energy drain earlier. "Our friends have helped us, but in the end, this is something we must finish by ourselves." He said.

Krinkinko:(Nodded)But...I DOUBT I HAVE ANY FRIENDS SINCE YOUR MAKING SUCH A BIG DEAL ABOUT ME BITING YOUR TAIL! (He leaped for kyle while doing savage melee attacks.)

Voice: Enough! *Krink and Kyle are frozen in place* Under normal circumstances, I would let you two continue, considering the fact that technically no real rules have been broken. However... to me, Mr. Krinkinko's methods are very unorthodox. You're clearly torturing the boy with no intent on finishing him. I say this match is to go to a mortal draw! *the ring is instantly repaired and the two fighters are moved to opposite sides of it* The rules of a mortal draw are simple. You will strike eachother once simultaneously. Whoevers hit is successful and/or more effective wins. This madness has gone on for far too long and must be settled. When both fighters are ready, you may begin.

Krinkinko:I'm ready! I'm tired of being a loser! (Crying)My parents died because of a coward echidna! I died then was revived because of a coward named eggman.NOW EVERYONE HATES ME BECAUSE OF MY DARK FORM!? No more I'm ready to stop being a baby. I'M READY FOR MY DESTINY! ARE YOU READY KYLE!?

Kyle shook his head. "Do not bring personal matters into this." He said. He flashed him a serious look. "And do not even think for a second that you are the only victim of a cruel life!" He spun his sword around and held the tip behind him. "For this, I will not use the power of the Gemblade. I shall use my own strength." He said. "I am ready."

Voice: Then let the mortal draw... begin!

After all I have been through in this long, harsh battle...I must not fail. Kyle thought, as he gripped his sword tightly. I have put my honor into this battle, and went as far as to fight for the sake of others as well as myself. I musn't fail them! Putting all of his strength behind the attack, Kyle swiftly brought the blade away from his back and swung diagonally, the sword slashing towars Krinkinko's bottom right side to his upper left.

Krinkinko:(At the exact same time as Kyle since the Voice said sumutaneously) I don't give a crap if you say no personal matters! (Runs Super fast in a spinning formation with his sword in front of him so fast it picks up dust about to ram into Kyle)

With precision, Kyle managed to clash his blade against his, diverting it away from himself. However, with Krinkinko still going at the speed he was, he was knocked back. He lost his balance and fell on his behind, however, he was barely harmed.

Krinkinko: (He skidded back too but he did so with such speed his shoes and feet caught on fire but Krinkinko shook it off with a tear in his eye as the flame died down and Krinkinko calmed)

Voice: ...Interesting. It appears... that Krinkinko is the winner. Kyle, your technique was spectacular, but it was flawed. Krinkinko's speed and endurance are clearly forces to be reckoned with. You will go far in life Kyle, but you still have much to learn. Any words from the victor?

Had I used the power of the Gemblade, I might have won. But in it's current state, I'm afraid to use too much of it... He thought. "Very well." He said. "Congratulations, Krinkinko. I only have one more thing to say to you." He gave him a serious look. "You must learn to control your dark form."

{C Krinkinko: (Victory dancing as Kyle speaks) Okay got it. It's weird the dark form is like a horrible split personality. (Holds out hand to help Kyle up)

Voice: Excelent sportsmanship from the both of you, always nice to see. You two should definitely get some rest. That battle was... well, it was something alright. And Krinkinko, I strongly suggest you take Kyle's advice. *the two are teleported back to the locker room*

Liger Moyasu Versus Duskorion the Hedgehog (Winner: Dusk)

Voice: Would Liger and Dusk please report to ring two. Liger and Dusk to ring two.

(Liger crash lands as if he were Kirby on a Warp Star)

(Dusk appears in a flash of smoke, and he spreads his wings)

Voice: Excelent. Now that both fighters have arrived, you may begin.

(Dusk curls his wings slightly, then runs until a pair of small tornados appear in each wing, then quickly flaps them, sending the tornados spiraling towards Liger)

(Liger manages to stop one of the tornadoes and is caught in the other, he then uses his fire element to make it a small fire tornado and starts heading towards Dusk)

(Dusk starts spinning, creating his own tornado, and makes it into a darkfire tornado, charging at Liger)

(Liger shoots fire pellets, out of his tornado, into the sky, which will eventually fall like rain)

(Dusk suddenly stops and takes out his guitar and strums the strings, making a huge sound wave)

Liger: (Liger is pushed backwards, due to the sound wave) Well I never knew you could do that before. Okay then, (Liger pulls out a basic white wand) Pegasus carmine: sola NIMBUS! (Lightning spell: Lone Storm Cloud) (A storm cloud appears over Dusk to strike him with lightning)

(Dusk looks up and seems a bit startled, then quickly rolls out of the way)

Dusk: I bet you never knew THIS either! (Dusk quickly turns one knob on the guitar, then strums them again, creating a huge pulse wave strong enough to tip cars)

(Liger was pushed backwards by force, and later stands up)

Liger: Oh hell...! Well then,(both of his arms become covered in metal) Tuorum gemmam carmine: EXILIM! (Turquoise spell: High speed) (Liger's feet glow turquoise in colour as he runs at high speed, with his metal hands in a fist, towards Dusk)

(Dusk grins and his wings turn gold, then he folds them in front of himself and charges at Liger)

(Liger pulls his arm back, ready to punch, as they approach each other)

Dusk: Dragon Scale: Metal!

(Dusk's gold wings turn silver as they turn into a hard metal alloy)

(As they probably would have clashed by now, Liger's hand cracks against Dusk's wings)

(Dusk suddenly slides backwards from the impact, but remains standing)

(The metal on Liger's left hand brakes off)

Liger: Well, what hard wings you have!

Dusk: All the better to attack with...*starts to spin, using the edges of wings like blades*

(Liger covers his left hand in metal again, then turns both hands into claws and starts spinning around)

(Dusk then became a spinning tornado, firing small, projectile spikes in every direction)

(Liger suddenly stops spinning and summons his sword to block some of the spikes, however, some still hit, and get stuck into him)
{C (Dusk smiled and started charging towards him, pulling out his Liquilizer)

(Liger's arms return to normal and his fingers ignite with flames)

(Dusk fire off rounds from his Liquilizer, which instantly freeze anything they touch)

Liger: OBIECTACULUM! (Barrier) (A clear barrier protects Liger. After it freezes from some of the liquidizer shots, he breaks out of it and shoots fire to block the other shots, however, one hits him and freezes his left arm) What in the...!?

Dusk: Looks like I gave you the cold shoulder! *aims at Liger's feet and fires*

(Liger tries to dodge, but is hit in the right foot and it gets frozen)

(Dusk smiles and fires another shot at his other foot)

(Liger's other foot gets frozen. His body then ignites with flames to melt the ice)

Liger: Ha! The cold is nothing to me!

(Dusk turns a knob on the side of the Liquilizer)

Dusk: That's quite the fire hazard. *aims at Liger*

(Dusk fires off a jet of water)

(Liger braces himself as he sent back by the water, which puts out the tail flame. As he almost fell over, his red fur turned black and his eyes brown)

Liger: Gah...! There goes fire... I suspected you would be prepared Dusk, and it seems I was right!

Dusk: *shrugs* Well, whaddya gonna do? *rolls eyes and smirks* Anyways...

(Dusk then ran at Liger and fired off another ice blast)

Liger: Terra carmine: Petra marum! (Earth spell: Rock wall) (Liger protects himself with a rock wall)

Liger: At least I still have magic!

Dusk: Rocks are nothing against ice like this!

(Dusk freezes the wall, then shatters it to pieces in no time, then fires at Liger again)

Liger: Just needed some protection! (Liger tries to dodge but is hit in the tip of the tail)

Dusk: I aim not to kill you, friend, but I will fight my best!

(Dusk then puts his gun away and pulls out his guitar, firing off another sound wave)

(Liger turns his hands into metal claws and jams them into the ground to hold himself against the sound wave, which frees his tail from the ice)

Liger: Same here buddy, same here!

(Liger's hands become normal again as he draws his sword and a symbol appears beneath his feet)

Liger: Swordsman Technique: Swordsman's Dance! (This move propels the user at high speed with multiple sword slashes from various directions around the target, in this case, Dusk)

(Dusk folds his wings around his body, protecting him from all physical attacks, but leaving him open to magic)

(Liger's Swordsman's Dance ends above Dusk)

Liger: Pegasus carmine: fulgur VIS! (Lightning spell: Lightning Zap) (Liger's wand is covered by a small black cloud, shooting lightning at Dusk)

(Dusk starts to run, trying to avoid the strikes, but gets zapped multiple times, leaving him in a smoking heap on the arena floor)

(Liger lands on his knees when a blood red mist surrounds Dusk for two seconds, doing nothing)

Dusk:..........................speed my not be my forte...................But I can't give up yet. *Dusk stands up and looks at Liger, weak* Not without a good fight.

(Dusk then runs at Liger, unarmed, and starts throwing punches)

(Liger tries to block but still gets hit and falls to one knee)

Liger: That's it.........never give up....

(Liger goes down on all fours.....)

Liger:.....No matter what...!

(.....and charges at Dusk)

(Dusk charges at Liger, claws ready)

(As they drew closer to each other, Liger extended his claws)

Dusk: Spell Card: Fury Swipes!

(Dusk throws out a glowing card, which disappears and casts a spell at Dusk, which makes his claws increase in length)

Liger: Beast release: Lion's Valor!

(Liger's claws glowed with red streaks)

(Dusk leaps to the air and draws his arm back, then slashes at Liger as they connect)

(Liger counters with his own claws)

(Dusk continues to slash at Liger)

(Liger jumps backwards)

Liger: Ignis carmine: flagrantes Columna! (Fire spell: Blazing Pillar) (A symbol appears below Dusk, and will shoot a pillar of fire upward)

(Dusk looks at his feet, and seems to be startled by the spell, then quickly leaps out of the way just before the pillar fires)

(Liger charges towards Dusk)

Liger: Pegasus! (Liger's arm is covered in lightning)

Dusk: Spell Card: Blazing Spear!! (Dusk throws out a huge spear made of fire)

(Liger turns around and is hit by the fire spear. It pushes him to one knee, but reignites his tail and turns his fur and eyes back to red)

Liger: I was expecting Darkfire, but oh well. (his hands ignited in flames) At least I don't have to burn up any more mana.

Dusk: *grins* That's exactly what I was hoping for...Ability: Toxic Gas! *breathes out a flammable toxic smoke that fills the arena*

Liger: Okay, what's with the smoke? (Liger is reluctant to release his fire as the smoke begins to ignite near him) The hell?!

(Dusk flies over Liger, and continues to spray the smoke, then lands behind him)

Dusk: Fire Spell: Spark!

(Dusk snaps his fingers and flies into the sky. His snap let out a small spark that filled the arena with fire)

Liger: GAH!!! To much fire to absorb, and the smoke's not making it any easier! So then...Lymphia carmine: Charybdis! (Water spell: Whirlpool) (A whirlpool was created to wash away the fire, afler doing so, Liger was coughing, he then checked his tail, and his flame was out....again)

Liger: For the love of ketchup, really?! Fine...Swordsman Technique: Swordsman's Dance!

(This was the best he could do, since he can't fly. It propeled him towards Dusk before it fully activated to slash at him from various directions)

(Dusk struggled to block the attacks, and his dragon wings were weakening. Dusk then took out his Liquilizer again and made huge frozen spikes from the ground)

(After the move ended, Liger fell towards the ground)

Liger: Oh no, I'm not dieing again! Not this week! Ignis!

(Liger shot fire from his wand, at the spikes of ice he was about to hit to melt it. After he landed with an almighty thud, he pointed his wand at Dusk)

Liger: Pegasus carmine: fulgur VIS! (Lightning spell: Lightning Zap) (covering his wand in a small black cloud, shooting lightning at Dusk)

(Dusk quickly spun out of the way, and aimed what appeared to be a small crystal spike)

Dusk: Alteration Spell: Paralyze!

(Dusk's crystal suddenly glowed brightly, then fired from his hands like a sniper bullet)

(Liger rolled to stand but was hit in the right arm)

Liger: GAAAAHH! Ventum carmine: Ares rapienda! (Wind spell: Tempest Scramble) (Liger's wand summoned wind from different directions towards Dusk)

Dusk: Awwww man....

(Dusk rolled out of the way and stood up)

Dusk: I really don't want to kill you, so I'll just immobilize you. Alteration Spell: Paralyze!

(Dusk aimed another spike, then fired again)

Liger: Then I'll try to end this fast.

(Liger jumped and aimed his sword)

Liger: Blazing Spear!

(Liger was covered by a large amount of fire and came down like a comet)

Dusk: Air Spell: Aerial Ace!

(Dusk flew at top speeds, then aimed his spiked wings at Liger, flying like a jet)

(The Blazing Spear and Aerial Ace clashed in mid air, pushing against each other)

(Dusk knew Liger wouldn't let up, but Dusk's hard wings weren't moving either)

(Liger started to make his Blazing Spear spin to add intensity to the move)

(Dusk suddenly used his Dragon Scale ability, making his wings stronger, and faster. Dusk wasn't giving up.)

(Liger turned his feet into metal jet boots, to push his spinning special move forward)

(Dusk then made two jets of flames from his hands, propelling him forward)

(Liger used his tail flame as an extra jet)

Liger: Hang on Kaji...! This is our strongest move, we can take him...!

(Liger was talking to his sword, which was pointed in front of him)

Dusk: Ahcnem jeraka gho matua!

(Dusk suddenly turned into a blazing spear, and the heat kept increasing)

Liger: Demon Leak: Raging Flame!

(Liger's Blazing Spear became crimson red with the demon energy)

(Dusk suddenly turns into his dark form, as his body absorbs the demonic energies)

Dusk: *grins and teleports out of the way, then draws his razor-like claws* OH YESS....That's the good stuff....*cracks neck* Alright Liger....Let's end this...*flies over to him, and breathes out a toxic gas*

(Liger takes off the rings on his wrists and turns into his demon form, then uses his demon powers to seal his mouth from the gas, he then stretches his arm into the air)

Liger: So it has come to this, has it? Very well. *brings down arm like a hammer*

Dusk: *easily avoids it, then stabs claws into the ground, creating a huge shockwave*

(Liger jumps to avoid the shockwave, then melts into the ground, his arms resurface, bigger and outstreched, at two sides of Dusk ready to clap with him inbetween)

Dusk: It that the best you can do?!? *turns into a black toxic smoke, then floats a safe distance away, and resahpes himself into a huge dragon* RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! *breathes a extremely toxic gas at Liger*

(Liger melts and slowly slithers away from the toxic gas)

Liger: Not...even close! *he stretches an arm up to tie Dusk's mouth close* I...can do....so much more!

(Dusk reaches up with one huge claw and grabs his arm)

(Liger's finger's become weaving needles to strike 5 different points)

Dusk: *managed to pull his arm off, but doesn't see the needles*

(Liger latched on with his needle fingers and pulled himself in)

Liger: Last chance! Raging Oblivion!

(Liger's body released energy as a massive explosion, after which he landed wobbly on his feet)

Dusk: *roars in pain, then growls and switches back to his normal form* THAT'S IT! *pulls out a strangly familiar hakkero* BLACK LIGHTNING!!

(The hakkero fires a huge black lazer at Liger)

(Liger tries to block but fails. After the dust from the lazer's blast settles, Liger is seen lying faced down, one again his fur is black and his tail flame has gone out)

Voice: It looks like Liger is down!

(countdown begins)

Dusk: *panting*

(Liger tries to lift up his arm but it falles down)

(countdown ends)

Voice: And there you have it! After such an intense battle, Dusk is the victor. Any words?

Dusk: *bows, then disappears in a wisp of smoke*

Memphis the Shining Demonhog Versus Keith the Dragonolf (Winner: Memphis)

(Two more rings appear next to the first two)

Voice: Would Memphis and Metal please report to ring three. Memphis and Metal to ring three.

(Memphis walks into the ring)

Memphis: Hmm I haven't had a battle in a good while.... (-Thinks- I need to follow Memph's instructions and tone down my power to make it fair.) *sighs*

Keith:Looks like you haven't had a battle against me yet. Memphis...I'm going to thrash you! Right Now!

Memphis: *looks uninterested at Keith*..... *yawns* Can we make this quick. I am getting a headache from holding back my power to match you.

Keith:*uses Chaos Spear on Memphis*

Memphis: *simple sidesteps it*..... Do you even have a plan?

Keith:No but I do have this...*thunderpunches Memphis*

Memphis: *simple raises his hand to stop Keith attack on his palm* You really should learn then.

Keith:*uses Metal Claw on Memphis*

Memphis: *smiles and fazes out, he then appears behind Keith* Very good change of tactics..... but from what I see you have 34 openings at the moment. *sits down and relaxes* Try to fix them before I decide to take advantage of it.

Keith:*uses Ice punch on Memphis* But I do have my speed...!

Memphis: *sits there and takes the hit*.....

Keith:*uses Chaos Spear on Memphis*

Memphis: *Sits there and takes the hit, he remains silent*

Keith:Your not as strong as they say you are....*punches Memphis*

Memphis: *stops the punch dead with his finger* Ok now I have a good read on your power... and *stands up* I have my plans set. *brushes himself off*

Keith:Grr.....*uses Aura sphere on Memphis*

Memphis: *disappears from sight and appears behind Keith* Now we fight seriously.... *swings his hand at Keith's at full speed, just the movement of the attack creates a sonic boom*

Keith:Just looks exactly like Ash's Buizel's Sonicboom....But anything is possible! *Uses aura sphere on rapid fires towards the sonicboom and towards Memphis*

Memphis: *fazes out and appears above Keith* Don't be distracted that creates more openings!!! *does a piledriver at blinding speeds*

Keith:*counters it using Thunderpunch back to back*

Memphis: *smirks* Bad move! *increases speed and plows down to the ground*

Keith:*Keith becomes surrounded by a electric aura, powering up his Electric-type attacks,he uses thunderpunch on the ground back to back*

(Brilliant bullets begin to rain down on Keith)

Keith:*he uses Thunderpunch back to back to protect him*

Memphis: *appears behind Keith and uses brilliant barrage on his back*...

Keith:*takes the hit but falls down and tries to get up again*

Memphis: *Puts his foot on Keith's back* Concede defeat to me..... now. *A dark aura radiates around him* I do not like fighting.

Keith:I'm not defeated yet...*transforms into Super Form and uses Flamethrower on Memphis*

Memphis: *Backs away by fazing out and reappearing at a distance* So you reveal your trump card..... how sad.

Super Keiht:Now you totally sound like Paul from Pokemon....Stop acting like your the toughest because I am the toughest! *uses Draco Meteor on Memphis*

Memphis: *sighs* So naive..... *watches the Draco meteor fall*

Super Keith:I win.Hehe. *draco Meteor falls onto Memphis*

(The dust clears and Memphis is seen standing with a dark and light aura radianting around him)

Memphis: *unfazed but dirtied* You asked me why I act so tough? I will tell you... *serious face* because I am tough! *a brilliant light comes about the area*

Super Keith:Look Behind you! *uses Night Slash on Memphis*

(A demonic looking hand stops the attack)

D Memphis:....... Really? Is that how you really fight?

Super Keith:*uses Volt Tackle on Memphis*

D Memphis: *goes into a feral like stance and charges at S Keith using the dark and light aura to amplify his power*

S Keith:*takes the hit and falls down*

D Memphis: *Takes the hit and stands* You are still to young. *Radianting a dark and light aura*....*sighs* I hate holding back.....

S Keith:*stands up and uses Mega Shock but becomes paralzed because the attack he just used* You are tough I can say that...

D Memphis: *fazes out and appears before S Keith* Actually.... if you were paying attention I have been holding back... to make it fair. I must say you put up a good fight for your rank.... but you are no longer in any condition to fight. So stand down now. *punches at S Keith aimed at the gut at blinding speeds*

S Keith:*takes the hit and distransforms* You are tough I must admit...

D Memphis: *frowns and fazes out and reappears at a distance not facing Keith*.... I am not just tough. I am Memphis the Shining Demonhog... Remember that name...


D Memphis: *looks back at Keith* Do you concede defeat?

Keith:Yes, alright? I'm done, you win.

Voice: Memphis is the winner!

(Keith is teleported to the audience)

Abumi Anko the Panda Versus Turbo the Chaos Hedgedragon (Winner: Abumi)

(Two more rings appear next to the first two)

Voice: Would Abumi and Turbo please report to ring four. Abumi and Turbo to ring four.

Turbo:*flies in* YES! Finally!! *powers up*

Abumi flips onto the scene. She summons forth her Bo-Staff and takes a battle stance. She looks towards Turbo and then looks around. "Well, here we go," she thought to herself. She stood in place ready for Turbo to make his move.

Turbo:Chaos.....Spear!!! *launches a spear at Abumi*

Abumi:!! *Quickly moves to the side. She throws kunai quickly at Turbo's direction.*

Turbo:*gets a medium sized laceration* Technovolt! *aims a chaos charged volt at Abumi* Hehe *laceration heals but the pain is present.


Abumi:Hit already? 'Is he trying to get me to underestimate him? *She dodges the chaos volt by flipping, and tosses a few more kunai* I can't get too close yet.

Turbo:Shadow Shash. *creates a vortex of darkness with sharp edges*

Abumi: *She backs up looking on in suprise at the vortex* What in the world could that be? I better stay long distance.

(Due to unfortunate circumstances, the rest of this battle cannot be portrayed. Abumi is the winner, and Turbo had gone silently to the stands)

Round Two - Quarterfinals

Voice: One and all, spectators and contestants alike, I thank you for being so patient in the first round of this championship. The the victors, I say congradulations. To the fallen I say, do not let this defeat stop you in whatever sort of journeys you may be on. You all have so much potential, and I hope your opponents have helped you reached it. Now, without further ado, I declare the second round of the Cosmic Championship... begun!


Nora Vs. Smash

Tendril Vs. Eclipse

Krinkinko Vs. ---

Memphis Vs. Abumi

Nora Kouba Versus Smash the Echidna (Winner: Smash)

Voice: Would Nora and Smash please report to ring one. Nora and Smash to ring one.

Smash walked into the ring, looking up at all the lights and impatient fans cheering as he entered. "Round two..." He said to himself. I'm up against Nora....what is it about that girl that disturbs me so? He wondered. Whatever it is, I'd better not let it get to me. This is too important to lose. He began to do some stretches before Nora showed up.

Nora-*Slungs off her guitar onto the ground making a loud banging noise* Well, it's round 2 time! Bring it on!

Smash finished up his stretches and got into a battle stance. "Alright, Lets do it." He looked up. "Anytime you're ready."

Voice: Both fighters ready? Begin!

Nora- I don't want any boring back-forth talk about starting first, so.... Fire! *Nora already blasts a lazar at Smash*

"Suit yourself!" Smash turned to the side and backflipped out of the way of the laser. He quickly turned around, keeping a bounce in his step as he looked to see if she had a followup attack.

Nora- Eh, oh well~! Take this! *Nora goes into the air lifting her guitar like a hammer and then smashed down on the arena causing debrise to fly as she smashed a crater in it* Oh man, it didn't take up the whole arena, this sucks~....

Smash slid his foot backwards a few inches as he braced himself for the debris coming at him. Once they got close, He swung his arms and batted them back towards Nora.

Nora-*Nora blocks the attack with her guitar and then swung it around at Smash*

Smash tried to block by catching the guitar, but it's force and density was much more than he anticipated. Although he nulled the damage, he was thrown a few feet away. He tumbled backwards a bit until he stopped himself and stood up. "D-Dang...I shoulda known, seeing how she smashed a hole in the wall earlier." He said to himself as he returned to his battle stance.

Nora- *Slungs the guitar back on her back and then did her gun hand-pose* Duo Lazar! *Two spinning lazars were blasted at Smash*

Smash closed his eyes, focusing his energy and trusting in his strength. A slight glow apeared around him as he reopened his eyes. He swung his arm just when the lasers reached him and deflected them right back at her. The glow disappeared shortly afterwards, and he felt a burn on his arm from the lasers.

Nora-*Didn't flinch and raised her palm reflecting the lazars back like a mirror* Hmph...

Smash repeated the same tactic as before, reflecting the laser back. Knowing that he couldn't go on like this, he prepared to follow up with something else...

Nora-*Tilts her hand so that the lazars ended up going somewhere else* Not one of my favourite games...

With the laser out of her sight, Smash was too. He was gone from that spot he was standing in. Instead, He was overhead, coming down ready to deliver a powerful punch towards her head.

Nora-*Once again blocks the blow with her guitar*

Smash had come down fist first, which was blocked by the guitar. He now landed on his feet in front of her, and with his other hand, attempted to uppercut her from under the protection of the guitar.

Nora-*Falls over backwards and drops her guitar* Ugh~....

Smash raised his hand to deal another blow, but then lowered it. He took a step back, and waited for her to get back up. He kept on the defensive, however, in case she decided to pull some kind of trick to take him down with her.

Nora-*Gets up, but gave one of the most scariest scowls ever* That... hurt....! *Nora stood up straight, and then released 3 orbs of light* Slave Lazar! *All of a sudden, all 3 orbs started shooting lazars in all directions*

Smash almost regretted not taking advantage of her being knocked down. He held up his arms to guard the lasers the best he could. He ended up backing off a great distance, mainly so that most of the lasers wouldn't hit him. "Grr...nnngh..." His arms were burning from taking the most of the damage.

Nora-*The orbs fizzled* Great, needs more work... Take this! *Nora goes into a quick dash* Blast Lazar! *She fires a much larger lazar then the others*

At this rate, I'm going to be overwhelmed with these lasers! He thought. But when the orbs fizzled, he let out a sigh of relief. He began to approach Nora, only to see her fire a much bigger laser at him. "This is gonna be close..." He held his hands out in front of him, and stopped the laser in front of him. The force of the blast shoved him back several feet, but he didn't let himself fall. I have to-Nngh-hold out long enough for her to stop...IF she stops.

Nora-*Notices Smash blocking her attack* Tsk! *Nora puts her other hand alined with her hand and increased the lazar's power by double*

Smash grunted as the laser's power and size doubled. It shoved him back even farther, and kept going until he managed to hold his position. "N-No...Not...yet..!" He strained. The laser was starting to overwhelm him, and it was almost touching his face now. It can't end like this..not when it just started! I didn't want to have to do this so soon...but I don't have any other choice! His body began to glow brightly. "Rrrgh...rrr..grrgh..." He managed to push it away from his face. "rrrgh.....URRRGHIIIIII!!" He cried out as he transformed into his high tension state. He began to walk forward slowly, pushing the laser blast backwards. Each step was shaky, but he was managing.

Nora- *Cuts off the lazar knowing it was no good" Hmm... Looks like I have to... speed... things.. UP!! *And in a quick dash Nora disappears*

Smash deflected the last bit of the laser into a random direction. He was panting now, his muscles feeling relieved. He let his aura fade, and returned to his normal form as he looked around to find out where Nora went. Gone...No, Keep looking. She's gotta be around here somewhere. He braced himself in case she managed to hit him.

Nora- Up here ya bloke! *Nora was in the air and shot a downward lazar at Smash* Heh heh... *After finishing the lazar Nora dashed again*

Smash quickly looked in the direction he heard the voice, and ended up leaping out of the way of the laser, causing the ground where he used to be standing to explode, leaving a crater. He landed a few feet away, and looked to see where she went. "This is no good. If this keeps up, I'll be in trouble." He said to himself. I'm no where near that fast..so...how do I counter someone that quick...? He thought. He kept his guard up and looked around again.

Nora-*Quickly comes up beside Smash and throws a punch*

Smash whirled around to block it, but ended up getting hit in the chest. He coughed in pain, this one really hurt. He glared, and countered with his own punch, aiming for her face.

Nora-*Nora throws another punch to block Smash's punch*

The two punches collided, stopping eachother's attacks. Smash quickly pulled his arm back and punched at her fist again, aiming to hurt her arm.

Nora-*Tries to dash again but gets hit anyway*Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *Nora cripples down to the ground, but gets up with a face of determination*

Smash stared her down with a firm expression. Judging by the last two blows he dealt to her, He knew she couldn't defeat him in hand to hand combat. But she wasn't giving up. "A fighter till the very end, eh?" He said.

Nora-*She raised her hand-gun pose and started charging a red lazar* Complex Lazar... *Then Nora shot the Explode-on-contact lazar at Smash*

Like before, Smash rose his arm up and deflected the laser like before-except that the moment he touched it, it exploded. He flew several feet away, and tumbled a few more. He stopped, lying flat on his face, his fur darkened from being burnt. He stood up, gritting his teeth. Well I didn't see that coming. He thought. I gotta be more careful.

Nora-*Nora then sliced at the arena with the same lazar causing a line of explodsions coming toward Smash

Smash's eyes widened. "Uh oh. He ran to the side to get away from the explosions. Once he was clear of their range, he steered around and ran towards Nora.

Nora- Complex Lazar! *Shoots another at Smash*

Smash smirked. He slipped off his glove as he ran towards it, and threw it towards the laser. Right afterwards, he leaped into the air. The explosion threw him skyward, burning him a bit, but not nearly as badly as it would have if it hit him directly. He cocked his fist behind his head, and came down towards Nora from above, ready to punch her with full force.

Nora-*Nora Dashes* Close-combat are weak to Long-range combat!

Drat. I was close. He thought, frustratedly. I'll have to wear her out first before I can finish her off... He stood to look at her dashing away.

Nora- *Points out both of her hands* Duo Lazar! *Two spinning lazars came from both of her hands*

Smash rolled to the side, letting the laser fly right past her. He stood back up and looked to see what else she would do.

Nora- *keeps up firing the lazars*

He began running to the side again to dodge the lasers. He ended up running circles around her. He was gradually closing the distance between them as he did so.

Nora-*Jumps in the air* Take this! Complex LAZAR!!!!!!! *Nora then blasted with all her might*

Smash skidded to a stop. "Whoa, boy!" He cried out before turning to run in the opposite direction. The laser hit the ground and created a huge explosion, knocking him far away. He landed on his face, but soon stood right back up and looked back at Nora. "That was close...I can't let her stay so far away from me." He said to himself.

Nora-*Panting* I'm... not... giving up so easily... *Nora does another Blast Lazar*

This time, Smash ran straight towards the laser. His body glowed as he made a great leap over the blast, heading straight for Nora.

Nora-*Dashs out of the way*

Smash landed right down on the spot Nora had been standing, and quickly ran after her.

Nora-*Keeps firing random lazars*

Smash did his best to dodge the lasers that flew at random, and then cut across the ring to try and get in front of her.

Nora-*Throws a nasty punch towards Smash*

Smash was already about ready to punch her himself, but he ended up moving onto the defensive and catching her punch. Not wanting to get blasted by another laser up close, He knew he had to act quickly. With his free hand, he threw a hard left hook towards her face.

Nora-*Blocks the attack with her other hand, but then grins* Blast Lazar! *A big laser fired from her clutched fists*

Right before he got blasted away, Smash grabbed her wrist with his other hand. The laser nearly blew him skyward, but he resisted as long as he was holding onto her. With all of his remaining strength, he used his other hand once again to attempt to deliver a powerful blow to her stomach, while straining to shout "Skull Cracker!"

Nora-*Nora jumped causing the two to switch places to avoid the punch*

Still holding her wrist, he attempted to slam her down hard onto the ground before the blast finally blew him away.

Nora-*Nora clutched her fist and smashed down her hand on Smash's grasp*

Smash couldn't hold on any longer with the laser still blasting him. He lost his grip and was sent flying skyward. He just barely managed to catch himself at his landing, but collapsed to the floor almost instantly afterwards. He groaned and managed to pick himself back up slowly. He was in a lot of pain and was badly burnt.

Nora- *Panting hard* Not bad... for a close-combat...

Smash was breathing heavily, holding his arm in pain. "This is...gonna be a lot more annoying than I thought..." He said to himself. That almost worked in my favor, He thought, but she managed to fend me off. At least I'm wearing her out, but I'm getting worn out in the process! I need a better plan... He looked at her to see what she'd do next.

Nora- *Takes off her petal cape* Time for the trump card! *Nora straightens her gloves with a smirk*

Smash rose his eyebrow. "Is that right?" He asked, now silencing his loud breathing. "I guess it's time for me to go all out myself." He threw off his remaining glove, and let it hit the ground. In place of them, he equipped a pair of emerald green gloves with two curved, blood red spikes on each one. His hands momentarily glowed as he placed them on.

Nora- *Takes out a white crystal* Not as strong as a Chaos Emerald but it'll do! *Nora places the crystal in her palm, after doing a certian pose action-* MIRACLE LAAAAAAAAAAAAAZAAAAAR!!! *a giant color flashing lazar blasted out, it was so big it was destroying part of the arena, or what was left of it*

"The time's now!" He said to himself. Quickly, he released a blast of energy as he transformed into his high tension state, and held his hands up to block the laser. The laser stopped at his hands, but shoved him back a great deal. He had planted his feet so firmly on the ground, the floor began to crack and crumble beneath him and the laser drove his feet into the ground slightly. He just barely managed to stop it near the edge of the ring. "Nngh! Just as I suspected...This is gonna be real close..."

Nora- *Takes out another crystal* This is going to hurt me alot as well, but it should knock you down! *Nora used the crystal and the lazar got stronger*

"NNGH!" Smash was pushed even farther back. He just managed to stop it right at the edge, but it was breaking through his guard. "Grr...No...not here..!" He tried his hardest to push it back more, but it wouldn't budge. His hands were starting to separate, the laser was getting through. I didn't wanna have to do this, but I've got no where else to go, and everything to lose! He thought. His aura began to change color slightly. "With everything...I've got...URRRRGHIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs. Releasing another blast of energy, his aura changed from sky blue to lime green, as did his fur. He gained cyan stripes going across his arms and legs as well. With all of his might, he began to push the blast back just enough to give himself some room. His aura grew in size and intensity, Nora could see it from above the laser.

Nora- *Nora merely grins* Time to give it my all as well! *Nora removes her headset revealing her white roses, and then a bright light started to glow from her and ribbon appeared from her roses* TIME TO FINISH THIS!!! *Nora got into a pose again* CRYSTALIZA LAZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!! *And then a giant all powerful lazar that was white with the inside flashing 7 colors with acient rings pulsing with it was fired*

While she was preparing the finisher, Smash knew he couldn't stay like this. It's gonna take all my strength to throw this thing off of me! At this point it's all or nothing! "URRRGGHIIII!!!" He cried out again. He managed to divert the entire laser into going right past him. That was when he heard and saw Nora unleashing her biggest and most powerful laser yet. He immediately knew he was no match for this one. He sprung into the air without wasting any time, the laser managed to catch him before he was completely out of the way, but he kept on course. He was now high in the air, breathing heavily. If he had stayed in the laser a second longer, he wouldn't have made it. "Now..for the moment of truth..." He put all of his strength into his next attack, his hand glowing with it's own aura. As he fell, after images of himself followed behind. "Divine...FIST!" He threw a punch aiming for her head, ignoring the laser she was firing. With all of his strength put behind it, Not only would a bright flash occur upon impact, but a whole column of energy would shoot into the sky like a beautiful explosion. The average person couldn't hope to survive this.

Nora- *Nora moves the lazar directly at Smash, she fired even harder with the ribbon on her flowers started glowing*

Upon impact with the blast, Everyone could see the column of energy shooting into the sky. Smash disappeared from everyone's view. He was trying to break his way through the laser and reach Nora. The two attacks were locked in the same position, fighting with equal force. "Come on...C'mon...!" He said to himself, frantically. "C'MON...! URRGGHIII!!" He let out another burst of energy and started to break through very gradually.

Nora-*Takes out a crystal and tossed it at Smash*

The Crystal was blown off course from the massive power of the two colliding attacks.

Nora- RRRRGGGHH.... RAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! (Nora increased the Lazar's power to maximum)

Smash felt himself being pushed back out. His form wasn't going to last much longer. The sudden outburst was almost too much for him. He forced himself back down with all of his might. His aura increased in size and intensity, and his entire body glowed brightly. Releasing every ounce of his strength in one attempt to burst through the laser, he began to go through it, slowly heading towards her. He felt his heart pounding like crazy, and was almost feeling faint. But he subconsciously kept going. This..is it... He thought as he broke through the laser. He was slowly losing consciousness, but his body kept going with everything it had. He let out one last battle cry as he tried to force himself to go further.

Nora stopped firing the lazar and moved out of the way.

As soon as the laser stopped pushing him back, Smash shot down towards the ground at an incredible speed, driving his fist through the floor. The moment he made contact, the whole area around him exploded; if Nora wasn't fast enough, she would be caught up in it. The explosion took up a good portion of the whole ring.

Nora jumped back to the area after the debrise and such died down.

Smash sat in the middle of the destroyed portion of the ring in a kneeling position. His fist was driven into the ground, and his feet had caused it to crack beneath him. His head was hanging low, obscuring his face. He remained in that position, motionless.

Nora stoodfast....

Smash still stood in that same position without budging an inch.

Nora didn't move either...

There was a long moment of silence.

...Smash still didn't move.

Nora- Looks like it's over, but I don't like this vibe I'm gettin'...

Even then, he didn't move.

Finally, there was a sign of life in him. His legs began shaking and his arms were quivering as he tried to stand up. At first it appeared that he was actually stuck with his hand and feet breaking through the floor. But he managed to pull his fist out and slowly stand. He almost fell over, but he just barely caught himself. He looked to be in a whole lot of pain, and could barely even finish standing.

Nora- (At a closer look, the hand she was firing with was covered in blood and the arm was worn. It apears she can't fire anymore lazars, but Nora was still ready for what Smash had left)

Smash managed to fully stand. He was gritting his teeth and bearing the pain. "I...I'm not...t-through yet..." He managed to say. "I-I..have to..win this..." He didn't look like he could last much longer. He held his arm and just barely managed to take a step forward.

Nora- (Grabs the guitar she left behind and tossed it straight at Smash)

Smash collapsed to the ground, the guitar flew right over him. He struggled to stand back up, but was able to stand quicker than before.

Nora- (Does nothing but watch)

I have to...regain my strength... He thought, weakly. He stood his ground, breathing heavily. I'm not sure how long it'd take, and I know this girl's patience doesn't run very far, but I have to get it back...

Nora- (Starts running with a battle cry and tries punch Smash with her good hand)

Instinctively, Smash managed to catch her wrist inches away from his face. He countered by trying to bash his head against her's.

Nora- (But then Nora smashed her head at the same time countering it, her face was determined and agressive)

Smash looked determined as well, and also strained. He used his free hand to try and punch her in the gut.

Nora- (Nora grabs the hand and starts crushing it in her fist)

Still holding her wrist, he tries to use both hands to hurl her over his shoulder and slam her to the ground.

Nora- (Catches him with her feet taking him down as well)

((Wait, wait, wait. Unless I missed something, I think Nora just made a... let's call it a mistake. Smash was already holding her good hand, so she just caught his punch with her mangled hand. If it were me, that would probably hurt a lot. E-113! Code name: Xi 14:43, May 14, 2011 (UTC))

((Actually, you're right. That would have really hurt her hand even more than it already was, possibly even breaking it. And using it to crush his hand would probably hurt her more than it'd hurt him, if it's even possible.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 22:06, May 14, 2011 (UTC)))

((Meh. If she's not gonna fix it, I'll just go on with it.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 09:07, May 22, 2011 (UTC)))

As Smash went down, he held up both of his fists to slam down on her back with great force. By doing this, he couldn't stop himself from falling. However it would be difficult, if not impossible for Nora to dodge as she was holding his head with her feet, and his arms were going over her legs to reach her back.

Nora fell, and tried to recover...

Smash pinned her down, until he could think of a way for himself to recover. He then just started banging his fists on her back, seemingly desperate to take her out here and now.

Nora kicked him in attempt to get him off.

Smash took the hit, and blood trickled down the side of his face, but he wouldn't stop.

Nora continues kicking till she tried to toss dust into Smash's face.

Smash eventually rolled over onto his back. He swung his arm down hard against her legs, aiming to make sure she wouldn't be able to walk.

Nora- You idiot, we plants don't have fragile bones! (Nora manages to get away from Smash)

Smash laid on his back, breathing heavily. He knew he couldn't keep going like this. He slowly sat up, and made his way back to his feet.

(Nora aimed at Smash with her bloody hand, even though she couldn't use it anymore)

Smash turned around to see Nora coming at him. He loosely swung his arm and deflected the punch away from his chest. His arm swung around to his back, as he wasn't putting any control in it's direction. He then swung both of his arms towards her sides, aiming to punch her on both sides.

(Nora took the blow, but when she did, she gave out a grin. Nora fell to the ground, and didn't get up)

Voice: And Nora is down!

(countdown begins)

Smash let out a gasp as he clutched his side. "Guh...ugh..." He groaned. I gotta take it easy... He thought as he backed up a safe distance. He wasn't sure what that grin meant, but he wasn't about to take any chances.

(Nora whispered something, but it was too quiet. She still didn't move, but she kept smiling, she was pleased by something)

((I'm getting mixed signals, and I don't want to make a bad call. Is Nora taking a dive? E-113! Code name: Xi 01:27, June 10, 2011 (UTC))

((Yeah, I'm not really sure how to react to this either.~Smash The Echidna~ Smash_life.png 01:43, June 10, 2011 (UTC)))

Smash heard her whispering something, and was just hoping it was something among the lines of "I did my best" or something. He just wanted this battle to end now.

((I should just call it, but she still seems perfectly capable... which is a little much considering the mutual beatings you took. E-113! Code name: Xi 01:45, June 10, 2011 (UTC))

(Nora gave up)

Voice: It looks like Smash is the winner! After such an intense beating, Smash still managed to come out on top. Any words from the victor?

Smash let out a huge sigh of relief, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. "Whelp, I'm just gonna say that I've learned a few things from this. I'm not taking on gigantic lasers head on like that again." He said, almost as if it were intended to be a joke. He let out another heavy sigh, this time of fatigue. "You know I'm glad this is over? I need to rest." He said, smiling a bit.

Voice: I couldn't agree more.

(Smash and Nora briefly eminate a green light, and are healed of their wounds)

"Phew! Needed that." Smash commented, now standing up straight.

Voice: I thank the two of you for an excelent match. I look forward to seeing you face Tendril in the semifinals, Smash.

(Smash and Nora are teleported back to the Locker Room)

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing Versus Eclipse the Hedgehog (Winner: Tendril)

Emerald Trophy2.png Voted Best Fight for Winter 2011!

Voice: Would Tendril and Eclipse please report to ring two. Tendril and Eclipse to ring two.

Tendril enters the ring and waits for his opponent.

Eclipse entered the ring in a flash of red light. He tightened the focus rings on this wrists, and stood with his arms crossed. He said nothing, and simply stared at Tendril with determination.

Voice: Both compeditors are ready? Then, begin!

Tendril immediately charges at Eclipse and throws a punch.

With ease, Eclipse sidestepped out of the way. Oddly enough, he didn't counterattack. He merely waited for Tendril to attack again.

Tendril stops and spinkicks toward Eclipse's head.

Eclipse caught Tendril's foot mid-kick. With a smirk, he threw Tendril backwards and dealt a kick of his own, aimed at the midsection.

Tendril dissolves into shadows, allowing Eclipse to pass through him.

Eclipse stood, unfazed by the the lack of Tendril's solidity. "Come out and fight me yourself!" he shouted, "Your shadows cannot fight for you forever."

Tendril smirks and throws a kick at Eclipse's back, solid as a rock. "Who says my shadows are doing anything?" he replies.

As Tendril's kick "hit", Eclipse disappeared. From the edge of the ring, behind Tendril, Eclipse chuckled, "Who said I was standing over there?"

(Sorry. Wiki logged me out for some reason.)

The shadows on the edge of the ring reach out and grab Eclipse.

Eclipse looked down, unamused. "Really? This is what you send after me? Clearly you are not putting your best foot forward... or are you just that awful?" Eclipse disappeared once more, as maniacal laughter filled the echoed across the ring.

Tendril smirks again. "You can't possibly think that i have no way of finding you? Light and shadow are as intertwined as time and space. Where one bends, so, too, does the other."

Eclipse's voice continued to echo. "But you must wonder, am I really limited to time and space?" Just as in his match against Summer, Chaos Rifts flew at Tendril seemingly from nowhere.

Tendril's fur seems to darken and his streaks gain a silvery sheen. Bursts of chaos energy appear around him, deflecting the attacks. "I may not have any Chaos of my own, but my spirit friend is a master of it."

"Oh, I know good and well who Nightfall is, but nobody is greater than I at utilising the powers of Chaos.," Eclipse continued, "But... if you want to try and prove me wrong, then go right ahead."

Nearby shadows surround Tendril and form into clones of himself. "Show yourself and i will."

"But I'm right over here," Eclipse said from the other side of the ring, as if he were standing there the entire time. He wagged his finger as to taunt his opponent, then balled up a fist with the same hand. A pale red glow emminated from his Focus Ring, which slowly spread across his entire body. "Now... you were saying?"

Tendril's purple streaks dissappear,replaced by silver ones, as he lets Nightfall take control. "Chaos Beam!" he yells, and fires a beam of chaos at Eclipse.

Eclipse thrust his hand forward, striking the beam at it's centre. As quickly as it was fired, the beam was absorbed into the Focus Ring, changing the aura from red to blue. Quickly afterwards, Eclipse released his counterattack. "Chaos... BLAST!!!"

Caught by surprize, Nightfall takes the hit, but it doesn't seem do do much other than force him back a few feet. Nearby rocks begin to lift into the air, then fire at Eclipse.

After lagging for a moment, Eclipse dodged away from the rocks, narrowly avoiding some and having to hit away others. "Is that all? I expected more from a being such as yourself."

"Oh, that isn't nearly all. I have plenty of tricks that not even Tendril knows about." Nightfall replies, magnetizing Eclipse's feet to the ground.

Eclipse looked down at his feet and began to chuckle. "Quite an interesting trick your have there. I didn't know non-metal shoes were magnetic. Have you anything else?" Pointing down to the ground beneath his feet, he shot a small Chaos Spear, separating it from the rest of the ring. He lifted one foot and kicked it against the ground, trying to remove the rubble that still stuck to it.

"Did you also know that, like time and space, electricity and magnetism go hand in hand?" he asks. His hands begin to crackle with electricity.

"Really?" Eclipse asked, almost disappointed, "I'm sorry, but I don't find that very shocking." He raised his finger once more, and a bluish spark appeared at its tip. He twirled it around out of boredom.

"Well unlike you i had to figure that out on my own!" Nightfall says in annoyance. He fires a lightning bolt at Eclipse.

Eclipe pointed his finger towards the bolt, and a small beam fired, redirecting it towards the ground. "I'm curious... What happened to you between now and when you arrived here. There was so much confidence, which I assume you and Tendril shared, but now there's nothing. It's as if our roles have switched." Moving himself down on one knee, and placing his hand flat upon the ground, Eclipse prepared a spindash. "I'm almost sorry to say this, but I'm disappointed. I'll have to finish this quit as to not ruin the experience for myself any longer." He began to spin, as a cloud of yellow lights appeared around him and binded to his person.

Nightfall takes a step back, but doesn't make any attempt at getting out of the way.

Once all of the light were in place, Eclipse was covered with a bright yellow aura. However, immediately once he released the dash, he disappeared, with several yellow flash appearing in random patterns, all across the ring.

Nightfall watches the flashes, as if trying to predict where the next one will be.

After a moment of seizure enducing lights, Eclipse reappeared directly in front of Nightfall, ramming into him will the full force of the dash. Several afterimages followed, immitating the same attack. (If it was a success) Eclipse followed up with a homing attack, the afterimages doing the same. He bounced back and landed firmly on the ground, a good distance away.

Nightfall takes the full force of the attack, the homing attack knocking him to the ground. He climbs to his hands and knees and looks up at Eclipse.

Eclipse laughed. "Ha ha! It's no use. Give up?" He was confident that he was winning but he would not make the foolish mistake of letting his guard down. Carefully, he watched Nightfall's every move.

Nightfall grins and his streaks become partly purple. Sharp tendrils of shadow come up from beneath Eclipse.

Almost suprised, Eclipse jumped high into the air, pointing his hands down at the ground. He cried out, "Chaos Fire!" as the tendrils below burst into flames.

With a smirk, Nightfall Tendril vanishes and reappears above Eclipse. He brings his foot down, aiming to slam his heel into Eclipse's head.

Eclipse fell to the ground from the hit, but caught himself upon the tiles of the ring and rebounded with great force. Surrounded by a red aura once more, Eclipse threw a rising uppercut straight to NT's jaw, his hand blazing with energy.

Tendril vanishes again, just before the attack hits, and reappears standing on the ground not far away.

Redirecting himself, Eclipse did a 180 degree turn, swiping his hand towards Tendril. "Disappear!" he shouted as several Chaos Spears appeared around Tendril, striking with great speed.

Shadows rise from the ground around Tendril and jump in the way of the spears, taking the hits for the original. Tendril fires a Chaos Beam at Eclipse.

Straightening himself, Eclipse dropped to the ground, barely avoiding the beam. A small energy ball slowly began to grow in his hand as he pulled back his arm, as if he were about to throw a punch.

While Eclipse is charging his attack, Tendril grabs one wrist with his other hand. Purple sparks of electricity begin to crackle in his open hand.

Eclipse brought his fist in front of his face, and disappeared yet again. More quickly than last time, he reappeared, right behind Tendril. He brought his fist down hard upon Tendril's back, snapping his fingers to release the charged up Chaos energy.

Taken by surprize, Tendril is knocked foreward from the blast. He spins in the air and attempts to throw the half-charged Dark Chidori at Eclipse. As soon as the attack leaves his hand, it becomes incredibly unstable and explosive.

Eclipse attemped to absord the Dark Chidori into his Focus Ring, but it's instability overloaded him, and created a small explosion of energy. He jerked forward in pain, but was soon after enveloped in a green light. Once it faded, he stood straight once more, and chuckled under his breath.

"Hmm....That ring's gonna mess with the plan...." Tendril mutters to himself. A sword of shadows appears in his hand.

The chuckling became more clear now. "A sword? If you keep changing your tactics like this, I might actually get confused," he said as he kicked at his heels, "I wouldn't advise it, though. I can get quite aggressive when I'm confused." He took a fighting stance, predicting Tendril to charge.

Tendril grins slightly. "Just the way i like it." he says quietly. He charges at Eclipse with a diagonal slice.

"Chaos Control!" With the powers of Chaos, Eclipse slowed time, almost to a stop. He manoeuvred around Tendril, and dealt a roundhouse kick to the back of his head.

Tendril is thrown foreward from the kick. He rises and tries a horizontal slice.

Eclipse jumped backward to avoid the slice, sliding a bit from momentum. His Focus Rings produced the red aura for a third time; he was storing energy.

Wings made of shadows grow on Tendril's back. He flaps once and flies up high.

"You can't run forever, Nightwing!" Eclipse yelled as he jumped into the sky, a burst of energy propelling him higher. He continued to ascend until he had passed Tendril. Once he was high enough, the red aura concentrated onto his hands, forming incredibly compact balls of energy. He threw his hands in Tendril's direction and opened them one over the other. The energy balls combined and he shouted, "Chaos... BURST!!!" A large beam of Chaos energy shot from his hands, coming down upon Tendril with force greater than a locomotive.

"Chaos Beam!" Tendril yells and fires his own beam of Chaos at Eclipse. It isn't quite as powerful as Eclipse's, though, and Tendril is knocked back to the ground, using his shadow wings to cushion the blow.

The Chaos beam was weaken from a collision with Chaos Burst, and the remnants were absorbed into Eclipse's Focus Rings. As he fell to the ground after Tendril, his aura returned, but it appeared much weaker. He dropped fast, ready to come down upon Tendril with his fist.

Tendril rolls out of the way and sweepkicks toward Eclipse's legs when he lands.

The kick fliped Eclipse over, but he landed on his hands and threw himself upright. He flew at Tendril with a kick.

Tendril grins as his foot passes under Eclipse, then kicks upward to meet Eclipse's flying kick.

Eclipse bounced back off of Tendril`s foot and landed on the ground a few feet away. He thrust his palm forward and shouted, "Chaos Freeze!" A chilling wind blew from his hand to freeze whatever it touched.

A solid clone of Tendril made from shadows appears and kamikazes into the attack, giving the original time to escape.

Destroying the frozen shadow with a kick, Eclipse moved forward towards Tendril in a menacing fashion. "Are you going to go on like this? You just delaying the inevitable." He continued forward, each step seeming heavier than the last.

Looks like he's weakening. Tendril thinks, Not much longer till the plan takes place. He draws back one hand. Shadows cover it and he prepares to strike.

A claw of energy appeared over Eclipse's hand, and he lunged at Tendril's neck, hoping to grab it.

Tendril throws his shadow-infused fist at Eclipse, stopping his attack. He then draws back his fist and sends a punch toward Eclipse's stomach.

Eclipse took the hit to the stomach and grunted, but merely reached for Tendril's neck once more. There was fury in his eyes, and his Focus Rings were a darker shade of green than usual.

Tendril dissolves into shadows, moves back a few feet, and reforms.

"It always comes back to shadows. Is this your last line of defense? One small skill?" Eclipse began to shutter and in a flash of black light, he transformed into Lunar Eclipse. "You bore me, so I am finishing this." With little effort, he shot two Flame Crescents from his hand at Tendril.

Both attacks hit, but Tendril immediately reforms, smirking. "Bore you, do i?" he says calmly, "Well, let's see how you like fighting the REAL Tendril!"

Eclipse chuckled. "Thought so." He crossed his arms and waited. "Well?"

Without warning, Eclipse's shadow kicks upward, slamming it's foot into Eclipse's chin.

The kick knocked his head back, but his body didn't move. With a slow crack, he tilted downward into its regular position. "So much to learn," Eclipse sighed, "Anything else?"

The shadow returns to it's ordinary place. Tendril backs into the shadows of the arena and waits.

Sighing once more, Eclipse rose into the air. "I don't like being forced to do things I don't have to do. You've done so, and you shall regret it." From high above, Eclipse rained a bombardment of energy blasts. They flew in an eradict pattern, stirking all corners of the ring and more.

When the dust clears after the attack, Tendril is nowhere to be seen. Then, suddenly, a large arm reaches out of the shadows of the arena, taking some of the shadows with it.

Almost casually, Eclipse shot a Hellfire down at the arm, hoping to speed things up.

The attack goes straight through the arm. The shadows themselves stand up, becoming a clone of Tendril so big it is looking the flying Eclipse in the eye. "Now you shall know the power of the living darkness." He says.

Eclipse yawned. "Go ahead. I suppose I have nothing better to do.

The massive Tendril grabs Eclipse, throws him into the ground, and steps on him.

Eclipse burst throught the giant's foot with a spindash. He looked up at it with disappointment. "Am I really going to have to destroy this thing?" he asked rhetorically, "Fine... Chaos Harpoon!" He shot up throught its stomach towards it head at unimaginable speeds, turning into a bolt of energy. He burst through the forehead with great force.

The giant dissolves into shadows and reforms. "Not quite that easy to defeat a creature made of shadow."

Hovering at eye level with the giant, Eclipse asked, "Do you think you're strong, hiding behind shadows? I watched your fight with Keiken in the practice ring. You're just like him. You know, up until Nightfall got past his little 'magic tricks', he was still sitting peacefully in the stands. He won't let himself break a sweat unless he really wants to. Are you going to sit back and do the same? He's messed up. Don't stoop to his level."

"You still think im the real Tendril, don't you?" The giant asks, amused, "The real Tendril can't merge with the shadows, just surround himself in them. I am merely Tendril's living shadow."

Eclipse smiled. "You're underestimating me again," he chuckled, "I know that this thing isn't really you, but I also know that you're using it. It wouldn't look like you otherwise. Now, are you going to acknowledge what I said to you, or are you going to sit there and let this thing do all your work for you?"

The shadow dissolves, returning to it's original positions. Tendril's shadow is standing where it used to be. "If you insist." he says.

"Good. Now, say cheese." Eclipse laughed as he shot another Hellfire down at Tendril.

He dissolves into shadows and reforms. "Don't you understand?" he asks, "I already told you I am Tendril's living shadow."

Eclipse sighed, "And I to you... Stop screwing with me and fight!" Eclipse slowly floated downward as the red aura returned. He was charging once again, but it went faster this time. "Chaos... BLAST!!!"

The blast goes right through Tendril, reinforcing his statement about being merely a shadow. "Who says i'm screwing with you?" the voice came from below Eclipse. A hand reaches out of his shadow and grabs his ankle.

Looking down, Eclipse laughed once more. "Hmph! You tried this already, remember?" He disappeared in a flash, freeing himself from the grip of the shadow.

The hand vanishes as well, the same way Eclipse shadow does.

Eclipse's voice echoed, "You aren't the only one who can hide, Nightwing!" A Chaos Rift opened in the centre of the ring, seemingly doing nothing.

"Don't you get it yet?" Tendril's shadow asks, "He's only hiding because you are! He's been camping out in your shadow practically since the battle began."

"Precisely why I did this!" Eclipse shouted as he reappeared inside the Chaos Rift, his shadow nowhere to be seen, "I just needed you to confirm my suspicions."

Tendril appears beside his shadow.

"Good," Eclipse said in a calmer tone, "Now can we finish this?"

"If you insist...." Tendril begins charging a Dark Chidori in one hand, and a Nightfall Tendril's Rasengan in the other.

Eclipse mirrored his actions by changing up a ball of blue energy in his right hand. It was similar to the Hellfire, but unlike anything he had used before.

While Tendril finishes charging, his shadow runs at Eclipse.

Eclipse countered by raising his other hand, and firing a Hellfire at the shadow.

The shadow takes the hit but keeps running, intent on giving Tendril enough time to charge.

Eclipse was getting annoyed now. He opened up a Chaos Rift in his left hand and dropped it to the ground. "Have fun with that. Take all the time you need, Nightwing. I can wait."

Tendril's shadow dives to the side to avoid falling in the rift. He touches Eclipse's shadow, merging with it. Tenticles of shadow reach out of Eclipse's and wrap around him, holding him in place.

"Will you ever learn?" Eclipse asked as he disappeared again.

Annoyed with himself for forgetting that, Tendril's shadow replies, "Apparently not," and reforms.

The Chaos Rift caught fire, as if to show some sort of warning. The flames slowly burned it out of existance, while Eclipse was still nowhere to be seen.

Tendril finishes charging and begins looking around, trying to find Eclipse. "What's the matter? Scared of the dark?" he chuckles.

Suddenly, as if he were there all along, Eclipse appeared behind Tendril, holding Summer's crossbow to his head. "No. But you should be," he said as he pulled the trigger, firing a bolt charged with Chaos energy.

Tendril simply smirks as the bolt stops just before hitting him. "Why should I fear my own element?" he says, spinning and lunging at Eclipse, aiming the spinning sphere of shadow, chaos, and magnetic energies at his stomach.

The sphere hit him, hard. Ugh, figures that piece of junk wouldn't work. Should've tested it first, he thought. He tossed the crossbow aside, and grabbed Tendril's arm with his left hand. He raised his right to Tendril, which was still glowing brightly with a bluish-white light. "I won't go down that easily," he said as the light formed into three energy balls, "Moon Beam!" Three lasers shot from Eclipse's hand, wrapping around eachother as they flew, and Tendril was at point-blank range.

Tendril takes the hit but at the same time, brings the ball of dark lightning in his other hand toward Eclipse's chest.

Eclipse deactivates his Lunar form, and a red light surrounds his Focus Rings. "Your more persistant than Summer... But twice as fun to hit!" he grunted as he threw a punch, aiming for the nose.

Eclipse finds himself unable to move, held in place by magnetism. Tendril, panting from the dark chidori, puts a hand to Eclipse's stomach. "Chaos Beam!" he cries, firing a beam of chaos out of his hand.

Eclipse teleported away, just in time. He reappeared on the other side of the ring, panting. Holding his chest, the red light turned green, and he stood up straight once more. "Heh... dropping a form has its benefits."

Shadow blades appear on Tendril's arms. He merges them into the shape of an axe with blades resembling wings. "Let's see how you do against this."

Taking a fighting stance, Eclipse began to look quite confident again. "Try me, Nightwing," he shouted across the ring.

Tendril tosses the axe into the air and jumps up with it. "Weapon Style: Dark Dragon Form!" The axe attaches itself to his back. The wing-like blades become actual wings and the handle becomes a long, bladed tail.

"Chaos Spear!" Eclipse shouted as a blade of Chaos energy appeared in his hand. "Looks like it's time I slay a dragon." He jumped in the air after Tendril, ready to strike.

Tendril aims a kick at Eclipse's head, ducking under the spear at the same time.

Eclipse disappeared and reappeared almost instantly above Tendril, and dealt an axe kick to him, hoping to knock him out of the sky.

Tendril wraps his wings around himself to block the attack as his tail whips around at Eclipse.

His tail was blocked with the spear, and Eclipse followed up with a chain of homing attacks.

Eclipse is stopped mid-attack by magnetism and thrown to the ground.

Hitting the ground hard, Eclipse struggled against the magnetism, eventually reaching his feet. "You won't stop me that easily," he growled, "Chaos... Harpoon!" He shot upwards, slowed slightly by the magnetism, yet still travelling at great speeds.

Tendril flies down toward him, a Dark Chidori in each hand.

Eclipse stopped himself in mid-air, converting the Chaos Harpoon into a Chaos Blast.

Tendril surrounds himself in Dark lightning, becoming a huge, living Dark Chidori. He powers through the blast and straight at Eclipse.

With the Chaos Blast useless, Eclipse became desperate. He had to use an ability that he was unskilled at, and it could cost him the match, but it was a chance he had to take. "Chaos Protect!!!" A barrier flew up around Eclipse, and it was pushed back to the ground to the Chidori. As the two impacted, the Protect pushed against the Chidori, holding it back. Eclipse struggled from the inside.

Inside the giant chidori, Tendril was going through his own struggle. A normal Dark Chidori takes tons of power for him to use. During this battle, he used three dark chidori, one half-charged chidori bomb, and now has become a massive chidori himself. He pushes himself to his limit, trying to break through the barrier.

Eclipse was on one knee now. The Chaos Protect was draining a lot of energy from him. It hadn't been long enough since his last Healer to use another, but he would not give up. He was determined to win.

The same determination flows through Tendril as he pushes himself past his limit, desperately trying to maintain his shroud of Dark Lightning.

Stuggling to speak, Eclipse shouted, "Why... won't... you... fall?!"

"I.....will.........not..........give up!" Tendril manages to yell. The dark lightning cloak starts to become unstable as Tendril slowly loses control.

Eclipse had almost reached his limit. The Protect was breaking. He could not let it shatter. He struggled up to his feet, trying his hardest to sustain himself.

Energy from the giant Chidori begins lancing off in different directions as Tendril loses control. Soon, it would explode in a blast of dark energy.

It was too much. Eclipse dropped the Chaos Protect. Any more would knock him unconcious. He had one last thing to try. "Chaos... Control!" Time slowed, nearly to a stop. He slowly move out of the way, behind Tendril's 'Giga Chidori'. Trying something else he hadn't done before, he raised his hand up to the sky and shouted, "Chronos... Control!" He had no idea what would happen, but all he could do now was wait for a result.

The dark lightning shroud dissolves, exploding outward in a devastating blast of dark lightning. Somehow, Tendril manages to rise to his feet.

Eclipse raised his arms to defend himself against the blast. He fell down to one knee again in exhaustion.

Tendril's shadow, seeing his master's exhaustion, urges Tendril to give up, but Tendril stubbornly refuses. His hand begins to crackle with energy.

"I won't lose to you..." Eclipse whispered, almost to himself, "I won't lose... not again." He struggled up to his feet once more, and his hand became surrounded in red energy.

Despite not having any power left, Tendril somehow manages to charge up a dark chidori and throw it at Eclipse.

Eclipse smacked at the Dark Chidori, absorbing it into his Focus Ring. He moved forward weakly, trying hard to sustain the energy.

"Chaos....Boost!" Tendril says. He draws power from Nightfall's connection with Chaos and temporarily boosts his power.

"That... will do you... no good," Eclipse said weakly. He then did the same, and activated his own Chaos Boost: Level 3. "My ability... to control Chaos energy... is much more advanced than yours." He was glowing red, with purple sparks eminating from his Focus Rings. "You... stand... no... chance."

"Stronger, eh?" Tendril replies, all fatigue has left his voice, "So that means that, like Nightfall, you've restored the lost Chaos energies of this world so many times in the past that you've become one with it?"

Eclipse smirked. "No... but I don't need to." The red glow now entirely purple, Eclipse rose about a foot off the ground, and released a powerful blast of energy. In a strange and disrtorted voice he shouted, "Chaos Vortex!" Purple bolts of energy flew in every direction, destroying all they touched.

Tendril dodges the bolts that came his way and fires a chaos beam.

The Chaos Beam seeming disappeared in the flurry of energy. From the inside, Eclipse appeared to be in pain. Arc's cries could be heard from the audience, "Tendril, be careful! Eclipse has used a very dangerous move!"

Tendril hears Arc. The shadows nearby come up around him, creating armor. Metal is then magnetized to him and infused with Chaos to reinforce the armor.

Eclipse's attack continued, almost uncontrolably. Eclipse's own cries could now be heard fainlty, "Make it stop! Make it stop!" In a flash of orange light, the Chaos Vortex disappeared, and Eclipse stood on the ground, hunched over.

Voice: What were you thinking, Eclipse? The both of you could've been killed!

Eclipse looked up, with a small smile on his face. The Chaos Beam absorbed by the Vortex gave him enough energy for one more Chaos Healer. "I suppose I owe you some thanks," he said to the host. Looking back at Tendril, he continued, "Now that my... uncharacteristic display has ended, we can finish this." The red light returned to his hands. He was ready for more.

Tendril's three-layered armor dissolves into multiple arrows of metal, shadows, and chaos. "Good idea," he says and fires the arrows at Eclipse.

Eclipse summoned several Chaos Spears to block the arrows. Some made it through, but he ignored the pain. He teleported closer to Tendril and dealt a flurry of rapid physical attacks.

Tendril raises a wall of shadows to block the attacks. Spikes grow out of the wall on Eclipse's side.

As to not hurt himself on the spikes, Eclipse jumped backwards. He used Chaos Fire to spawn a large flame on the other side of the wall, hoping to draw Tendril out.

Tendril begins absorbing the heat from the flames. Using his innate traces of pyrokinesis, coupled with the heat energy gathered from the flames, he enters Darkfire Form.

"Hmm... Interesting," Eclipse commented to himself. He took a more casual stance then, as if he were thinking.

Tendril, knowing perfectly well that his chaos boost would only last a few more minutes, decides he needs to finish the battle before that happens. He lowers the shadow wall and charges at Eclipse, his fists infused with Darkfire.

Eclipse smirked. "Chaos Freeze!" he shouted as he ducked down, attempting to uppercut Tendril with an icy fist.

Tendril bursts into flames. The ice from the fist melts but the uppercut itself catches Tendril on the chin, sending him flying. He catches himself with a burst of darkfire and begins hurling Darkfire balls at Eclipse.

Sidestepping eradically, Eclipse managed to dodge most of the Darkfireballs, but one hit him in the shoulder. He grunted in anger, and quickly homming attacked Tendril.

Tendril bursts into flames again in an attempt to burn Eclipse.

Eclipse flew back, suffering a few singes. He landed with a skid, and immediately followed up with a Chaos Spear.

Tendril attempts to counter with Darkfire spears, but they seem to be weaker than his other darkfire attacks. Dang, he thinks as he narrowly dodges the Chaos spear, My boost is starting to wear off.

"You can't go on like this forever!" Eclipse shouted. He burst into a run and did a spindash, the blood-red aura from his Focus Rings now spiralling around him. As he drew closer to Tendril, he jumped, hoping to score a headshot.

Tendril holds his hands out in front of him, stopping Eclipse magnetically. He breathes out a jet of Darkfire which surrounds Eclipse in dark flames.

Eclipse teleported away, but oddly not very far. His fur was burning, and he shook off the flame. The red aura grew brighter as his face grew angrier.

Tendril, despite slowly getting weaker as the boost wears off, surrounds himself in an aura of darkfire.

Once more, Eclipse began charging a Chaos Dash. He didn't fear being haulted again, for his determination was far too overpowering.

Tendril's darkfire aura begins to concentrate itself into a sphere. He draws back as the sphere is combining with magnetic and chaos energies.

Eclipse released the Dash, with greater speed than before. He barreled towards Tendril, showing no signs of stopping.

As soon as the sphere is fully charged, Tendril thrusts it foreward, yelling "Chaos .....CANNON!" and firing a huge beam of concentrated chaos, darkfire, and magnetic energies.

Like before, Eclipse leapt into the air, barely avoiding the Cannon. This time, he ascended much higher and, with his afterimages still following, exited the spin. 'They' came down upon Tendril with a mighty punch, flaring with the blood-red aura.

The punch connects with Tendril's head, sending him flying back. He climbs to his feet, panting slightly.

"Are you finished?" Eclipse huffed. He was clearly losing energy, but he was not ready to give up.

"Not a chance," Tendril replies. As he says this, he runs out of pyrokinetic energy, reverting back to normal.

Eclipse chuckled. "Hmm... Is that so?" He clenched is fists, ready for anything, all while a big smirk sat on his face.

Tendril's Shadow Blades appear on his arms. He holds them up and shouts, "Weapon Style: Shadow Blades!" Multiple blades of shadows appear all over his body, turning him into a living weapon.

Eclipse paused for a moment. Snapping his fingers, he summoned a Black Sword into his hand. This was no ordinary Black Sword, however. It was red instead of violet, and it appeared to be fit to Eclipse's hand. He brought it in front of his face and eyed it with remorse. "I didn't want to have to use this again," he began, "But you leave me little choice. Besides, this could be fun." He then swung the blade a few times in a skillful manner, and took a fighting stance. "En guarde!"

Tendril charges at Eclipse and slashes at him with one of his arm blades.

Eclipse blocks the attack and follows up with a backhanded, upward slash.

Tendril deflects the attack and jumps upward, attempting to slice him with one of his knee blades.

Eclipse jumped backwards to avoid the knee blade, and countered with a strike from below, hoping Tendril's guard would be down in the air.

The blade clashes with Tendril's other knee blade and Tendril kicks at Eclipse with a bladed foot.

The kick caught Eclipse in the shoulder, and he stumbled backwards. Seeing that he was bleeding, Eclipse grew angry, and the aura from his Focus Rings spread to his sword. He began another spindash, this time with his sword sticking outwards, making him like a buzz saw.

Tendril smirks. He curls into a ball and begins to spin rapidly, becoming a whirlwind of razor-sharp blades. He begins to roll straight at Eclipse at high speed.

When Eclipse released his spindash, he became surrounded in energy, activating Chaos Harpoon. He flew at Tendril with lightning-fast speed, and no holding back.

Magnetic energy pulls the two toward each other even faster.

The energy surrounding Eclipse's body, the sword that spun with him, and the momentum he had were working together to tear through the tiles of the ring. As his speed increased, so did his power.

Tendril, despite his Chaos Boost begining to wear off, manages to infuse the shadow blades surrounding him with Dark Lightning, as well as pushing himself even faster with Nightfall's magnetic energy.

Finally, like speeding locomotives, the two collided. Eclipse pushed forward with great effort. He would not let himself lose.

Tendril pushes himself hard as well. He magnetizes bits of metal to his blades to reinforce them.

As Eclipse spun, his grip on his sword began to loosen as it hit against Tendril's blades. He was struggling, but he would not give up.

Tendril's blades, however, do not loosen because they are attached to him. But he does begin to loose control of the Dark Lightning.

The energy from Eclipse's Harpoon struggled against the Dark Lightning. It was almost too much for Eclipse to handle. He focused all of his excess energy into the speed and force of the spin, knowing that one of them would soon let up.

The blades covering Tendril start to crack, but his magnetic and umbrakinetic powers keep them from shattering.

Eclipse couldn't take any more. The power struggle was too much. As if he were a bumper, Tendril knocked Eclipse away. He flew backward and his sword flew upward. After bouncing across the ground for a moment, Eclipse brought himself to a stop, landing on his knees. He stood once more, out of breath, as the sword began to descend.

Tendril unrolls and stands up. The metal coating his blades falls off and the Dark Lightning dissipates.

As the aura of his Focus Rings disappeared, Eclipse knew he was getting weak. He didn't want to believe it, but it was true. I... I can't lose to this... this... Mobian! he thought. He directed his attention to the falling sword, which gave him an idea.

Tendril's Chaos Boost has nealy worn off by now, and he starts panting.

The sword struck the ring, stuck in the tiles hilt-up. Eclipse mustered up all of the energy he could into the Focus Ring on his right wrist, charging a yellow-green enery into his hand. He just needed to wait for the right moment.

Tendril opens his mouth and a wisp of cyan smoke billows out. Metal gathers around the wisp, giving Nightfall a solid form.

Eclipse gave a weak smile. Everything was going according to plan. He couldn't reveal what he was trying to do, or else it might not happen. Patience was the key. The time was almost right. "Once again..." he began, almost struggling to speak, "You cannot fight yourself... so you send another to do it for you... If I wasn't disarmed... I would go other there... and hit you."

Tendril smirks. "Nightfall doesn't fight for me. Not like my shadow. We fight together," he says. Despite his fatigue, his voice is full of confidence.

Good, let them both fight, Eclipse continued to think. He took one step forward, but then stopped, not wanting to risk anything.

Nightfall charges at Eclipse and throws a punch to his head.

Eclipse managed to teleport away, but with the energy he was charging, he wouldn't be able to much more. He was now balancing atop his sword, gesturing for the two to attack him.

Nightfall turns and fires a Chaos Beam at Eclipse. Tendril fires a beam of shadow energy at Eclipse from the other side.

Eclipse jumped, causing the two beams to strike the sword. He landed next to it, slowly losing breath.

"Quit dodging and fight!" Nightfall shouts. The rocks around him lift up into the air and fire at Eclipse at high speed.

Carefully, Eclipse dodges around the rocks, only getting hit by a few. "Now you know how it feels," he said, "See how you like having to run after your opponent."

"It's never a good idea to provoke Nightfall," Tendril warns, "Like my shadow said before, Nightfall has powers not even I know about."

Eclipse smiled. "Then why don't you come over here and show me," he called out with confidence, "Both of you even!"

Nightfall growls and charges without waiting for Tendril. He throws a punch laced with chaos.

Perfect, Eclipse thought. He jumped out of the way of the punch, and used Chaos Freeze to freeze Nightfall to the sword, still sparking with energy from their two previous attacks. One down, one to go. This better work.

Nightfall roars in rage and a wisp of cyan smoke billows from his mouth. Metal forms a new body for him around the wisp while the old body collapses into a pile of metal dust. Nightfall smirks.

Eclipse's smile quickly turned to a frown. Damn, there goes that idea. He kept up his guard, expecting Nightfall to counterattack. If I could just get Tendril in there, I should be fine. After all, he's the one I'm supposed to be fighting. I have to work quick. I can't keep this up much longer.

Nightfall slams his fist into the ground and stays that way. Tendril tries to spinkick Eclipse from behind.

Eclipse dodged the spinkick and grabbed Tendril by the leg. He threw him into the sword and tried to freeze him to it like he did to Nightfall. It's now or never. That ice better hold.

Tendril stops midair, caught by a wall of silver energy. The same silver energy is radiating from the ground beneath Nightfall's fists. His eyes and streaks are glowing silver.

Eclipse took a chance and tried the Chaos Freeze anyways. Tendril was still close to the sword, but not right next to it. Whatever he was planning would be very risky, but worth it if it worked.

The wall of magnetism throws Tendril away from the sword. Eclipse suddenly finds himself unable to lift his legs. When he looks down, there are tendrils of magnetic energy snaking out of the ground and coiling around his legs, holding him tight.

Taking a big risk, Eclipse teleported out of the grip of the magnetism, and it would probably be the last time he did so this match. Nearly all of his remaining energy was being charged, and his opponents were not in position. He would have to draw it out a bit longer if he wanted to do this right.

The magnetic tendrils rise up further out of the ground. They shoot toward Eclipse, drawing chunks of metal and rock toward them.

Eclipse rolled out of the way of the debris. He stood straight with exhaustion, still on guard for more.

The metal and rock attatched to the magnetic tendrils forms the shape of spikes. The tendrils swing toward Eclipse.

Eclipse jumped over the spiked tendrils, and tried to get back onto the ground as quickly as possible. He didn't want to risk leaving himself open mid-air.

As soon as Eclipse hits the ground, another tendril of magnetic energy burst out of the ground below him. If it hit, it would send Eclipse high into the air, where Tendril would come up behind him, bind him in tendrils of shadow, and the two would fall toward the ground headfirst, spinning at high speed.

The tendril hit, and Eclipse was hurled into Tendril's combo. He managed to slightly loosen himself from Tendril's grip during the descent, hopefully weakening the blow. The impact caused the tiles of the ring to jump, including the ones Nightfall had burried his fists into.

Nightfall is thrown from the blast, but catches himself magnetically.

Eclipse struggled to his feet, his body trembling from the force of the hit. His energy was still being charged into the Focus Ring on his right wrist, and he was struggling to keep it that way.

Tendril stands behind him. By now the Chaos Boost has worn off completely, but he refuses to go down.

"G-- Give up..." Eclipse said weakly, "I am... I am the ultimate life reborn... I cannot be... defeated."

"And I am......the king of the Shadow realm...." Tendril replies. Nightfall and Tendril's shadow grab Eclipse by the arms and hold him in place. Despite his fatigue, Tendril manages to charge up a spinning sphere of shadows. "Give up...." he says, "...On me giving up!" he slams the sphere into Eclipse's stomach.

Eclipse was barely able to take the hit. It was too late to continue stalling. He had to carry out his plan now, or else he might not be able to. Thinking back to what Nightfall was able to do with magnetism, and how he is linked to Tendril, powers and all, Eclipse had an idea as to how his plan may still work. He struggled against the shadows and managed to raise his right arm above his head. "I have a question... for the king of the Shadow Realm..." he began, "Magnets... how do they work?" With a bright flash of light, Eclipse shot a beam of energy into the sky (see Gallery pic). The charge of energy reacted in the air, and caused a powerfull bolt of lightning to strike down, attracting to the sword like a lightning rod. The electricity was drawn into the ground and brought up by Nightfall's magnetic pull, and the same power he shared with Tendril. Eclipse, having previously pointed out that he wears no metal, was unaffected. However, the loss of energy caused him to collapse to his hands and knees.

The electricity coarses through Nightfall's magnetic shell, nearly frying the gaseous spirit inside. Tendril, thinking quickly, manages to use his own Dark Lightning to channel the electricity through himself and fires the energy at Eclipse.

The Dark Lightning surged through Eclipse, greatly harming him. He was still keeping himself stiff, not letting himself fall. He knew he was merely delaying the inevitible, but he refused to give up.

Nightfall, enraged by the unexpected jolt, recovers quickly and slams his fist into Eclispe. He follows up with a Chaos Beam.

Eclipse was tossed aside by the two attacks. He rolled across the ground and landed flat on his back.

Voice: And Eclipse is down! *countdown begins*

This is it... I've lost, Eclipse thought to himself as he lay on the ground, No... this can't be it! There has to be another way, there has to! He weakly mustered up the strength to bring his arm forward. It was then that he noticed a crack him his Focus Ring, but more importantly that there were still trace amounts of energy eminating from said crack. That... that's it! It's the only thing I can do, but how long will I be able to sustain it, and how long will they resist it? He dropped his hand and closed his eyes, focusing one last time before the match ended. Whether or not it would be worth it, he would know in a few moments.

Nightfall collapses into a pile of metal dust. The cyan smoke that emerges enters Tendril through the mouth and lends him his strength.

As the countdown continued, a dim, yellow light appeared around his Focus Rings. He rolled himself over and crawled back to his knees. Tilting his head to the side, he glared at Tendril, his eyes burning with determination... almost literally.

Tendril takes a defensive stance.

Eclipse's fur began to glow yellow. All who knew him knew what was coming next, the host included, and the countdown stopped. Slowly but surely Eclipse rose to his feet, his fur now a cream yellow colour. It was glowing, but very dimly, showing that he was still quite weak.

Voice: Ah... Solar Eclipse shows his face. Are you ok to continue?

"I'm fine," Eclipse replied, "...For now." He cracked his neck twice. Two bright balls of energy appeared around his fists. "Now, where were we?" he asked as he shot the balls at Tendril, one after another.

Tendril counters them with bursts of shadows, then fires spheres of shadow back at his opponent.

Eclipse teleports out of the was of the shadow sphere, reappearing behind Tendril. He dealt a backhand with a an energy-charged fist. "Care to try again?" he said with a newfound confidence.

Tendril hits the ground. He climbs to his feet, his fists now coated in metal, and begins throwing punches at Eclipse.

Eclipse stepped backwards, dodging side to side. He caught one of the punched and paused, possibly from pain, only to throw him forward.

Tendril steps back but maintains his balance. He summons Moonlight and slashes at Eclipse with the sword.

The slash left a cut on Eclipse's chest. The fact that it wounded him brought him to realize that he had less time with this form than he though. "Time to finish this," he said to himself. "Chaos Counteract!" With that, he began the most complicated Chaos technique he knew. Time around him slowed to a stop as he sped up. He dashed towards Tendril and dealt a long physical combo. After it was finished, he alone travelled backwards in time, causing him to repeat the combo in reverse. Once he was back to his starting point, time around him began again.

Tendril, is rocketed across the arena from the force of the attack. The sword vanishes as he struggles to his hands and knees, clutching his own injured chest. His shadow returns to him.

Eclipse charged two more energy balls and walked forward, shouting "Why won't you fall!"

Tendril remains where he was and doesn't respond.

As he did before, Eclipse threw the energy balls one after another, this time putting a little curve on them. The attack took little energy to use, so he was not afraid to repeat it.

The attacks hit and Tendril drops to the ground. Once again, he struggles to his hands and knees, still clutching his chest.

Eclipse laughed. "About time you showed some weakness!" Slowly, he stepped forward again, charging more Chaos energy into his hand. This time, however, it wasn't as basic as the energy balls.

Tendril remains on his knees with his back to Eclipse. He doesn't say anything, waiting silently for Eclipse to get close enough.

As Eclipse approached, he fired a beam at Tendril, similar to a Hellfire, only concentrated. He stopped a few feat away from his opponent and said, "I've told you before, and I'll tell you again... I don't lose." He fired another energy ball at Tendril's back, just for the fun of it.

The Hellfire engulfs Tendril. When it fades away, he is nowhere to be seen.

Seeing that Tendril had once again pulled a vanishing act, Eclipse became frustrated. "Are we really going to do this again?" he called out, "Though you don't show it, I know you can't take much more of this. You can come out and fall honorably, or you can exhaust yourself with these shadow tricks of yours." He stood straight and crossed his arms, seemingly letting his guard down.

Suddenly, the ground begins to quake. Very slightly at first, and slowly growing till Eclipse could hardly keep his balance.

Eclipse lifted himself about a foot into the air, floating to maintain his stability. "What are you doing now?" he asked impatiently.

Cracks in the ground widen and huge tendrils of shadow reach out, all attacking Eclipse at once. Tendril is lifted up into the air by one tendril, looking refreshed and almost at full power.

Easily, Eclipse defended himself against the tendrils. "Where do you keep getting this power from?!" he shouted furiously. "You have no Focus Rings as I do, there are no deposits of energy here. How are you not dead yet?!" He fired another laser, this time aimed at Tendril's head.

The tendril holding him moves to the side, bringing Tendril with it. "You know," Tendril begins, "I tend to forget just how much power I have housed in my shadow. I remembered when you knocked me to the ground and so I absorbed those energies from him. He is harmless now, and as a result, I am nearly at full power again."

Eclipse paused, for quite a few moments. He had a look on his face that included rage, shock, and even disgust. Eventually, he mustered up the ability to shout, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! All of this time, all the work I've done to get you to where you were, all for NOTHING?!" The red aura returned to him; he was beyond furious. "No! I didn't come this far to be bull****ed out of a win! I don't care what some voice in the sky says! I... will... MURDER YOU!!!" With great force he flew up into the sky. The aura focused around his hands, darkening as it did so. He opened his palms and placed them one over another, aimed at the ground, and they shot out a thin red beam at Tendril like a sight for a riffle. "Chaos BURST!!!!!!" With at least twice the power as before, Eclipse shot his beam of energy down, engulfing the entire ring. Its force practicall incinerated every intact tile, and the debris of the destroyed ones. He was really, really mad, and he didn't intend to let Tendril leave alive.

Tendril retreats into the shadows beneath the ring at the last second and emerges from the shadows in the stands. He flys into the arena on wings of shadows and begins absorbing the bright light from his opponent's attack.

Eclipse haulted the attack upon seeing it missed, only infuriating him more. Without another word, he released a wave of Chaos Rifts in all directions.

With a blast of light, Tendril has used the light from Eclipse's previous attack and changed into a new form.

Eclipse's eyes blazed with rage. He turned around and released a quick Chaos Blast, ignoring Tendril's new transformation.

Tendril vanishes in a flash of light and reappears behind Eclipse. "Like my new form? It's my most volitile. I call it Twilight Tendril."

Without a word, Eclipse turned and attempted to punch Tendril. No flashy lasers, nothing to show off. Just a common right hook.

Tendril catches the punch easily, then fires a beam of light out of his hand.

Eclipse was pushed back by the beam, but when he steadied himself he didn't seem to care. The force of the beam was absorbed into his Focus Ring, and he immediately began charging it into another energy ball. However, this one he threw to the ground, rather than at Tendril. He seemed to be returning to his senses.

Tendril fires a chaos beam at Eclipse.

Eclipse raised his hands and stopped the blast. Again he suffered minimal damage, but absorbed most of the attack into his Focus Rings. Also again, he immediately fires the resulting energy to the ground. It appeared as if he was stalling.

Tendril smirks. "What's the matter? Aren't you gonna fight back?"

Remaining silent, Eclipse floated back to the ground without letting Tendril leave his sight. He landed on one knee, and the ground around him began to glow red and yellow.

Tendril watches silently, wondering what was going on.

Finally Eclipse spoke again, enigmatically uttering the words, "I am become Chaos, destroyer of Zones." The ring of light on the ground swirled, forming a short pillar of energy for him to rest within.

Tendril raises his hand. Light and shadows begin to swirl in his palm. The two opposing elements naturally reject each other, but Tendril's will forces them together.

Eclipse remained motionless within the pillar of energy.

Tendril lowers his hand, aiming it at Eclipse. He fires a beam of light and shadow that, upon contact with the opponent, would explode outward in a powerful blast of light and shadow.

The blast impacted, and definitely left a devastating aftermath, but once it cleared Eclipse was nowhere to be seen. He had teleported, directly behind Tendril. The red and yellow light surrounding him grew brighter, and he shot a beam of energy at Tendril similar to the one which conjured the lightning.

Tendril spun around and blocked the beam with a wall of light.

Charging his hand with the same energy as the beam, Eclipse karate-chopped the light wall with great force, hoping to break through and strike Tendril on the other side.

The wall stops the attack, but cracks in doing so. Tendril's glowing yellow streaks that symbolize being in Twilight Form fade slightly.

Eclipse strikes the wall again, and repeats, each time hitting the same spot.

Each attack cracks the wall a little more until it shatters. Tendril jumps back and fires another twilight beam at Eclipse.

Eclipse crossed his arms to block the beam. This time, however, he didn't store any of its energy and instead flew after Tendril, keeping up with the physical attacks.

Tendril deflects each attack with bursts of light and shadow. However, with each burst of light his yellow streaks dim slightly.

Though difficult, Eclipse continued his efforts, alternating between punches and kicks.

Tendril vanishes and reappears high above Eclipse, his yellow streaks have nearly faded entirely.

Eclipse fires another beam into the sky, aiming to strike Tendril down.

Tendril, glad that his plan had worked, narrowly dodges the beam, absorbing the light givin off by it. His yellow streaks begin glowing brightly again.

Eclipse saw what he had done and became frustrated, but he quickly thought of a much better idea. He rushed back to his sword and pulled it out of the ring. The beam he fired into the air did the same as his first, and conjured another bolt of lightning to strike the sword. He held it up high, and absorbed the energy from the bolt into his Focus Rings. The yellow and red light darkened as power surged through him. It was a bit much at the time, but he would settle.

Moonlight appears in Tendril's hand. He infuses the sword with light and charges at Eclipse.

Holding his sword into the air, Eclipse began to blaze with Chaos energy. He brought his sword down with much force, firing off a crescent of energy, then charged as well.

Tendril swings his sword in front of him, slicing the cresent in half. He coninues his attack.

The two swords clashed, creating a powerful burst of light and Chaos. Eclipse pushed forward, not wanting to lose the power struggle.

Tendril presses foreward as well.

Eclipse placed his feet back onto the ground for more support. "You will behold my ultimate power, and die for opposing me!"

Tendril's streaks dim slightly, but nothing seems to happen.

As they continued, the force increased, sending small shockwaves across the ruined ring. This time, Eclipse had a better grip on his sword, and would not let a repeat of last time happen.

Tendril vanishes.

Eclipse stumbled forward, his sword striking the ground. Bearing his teeth in frustration, he began to look around for anywhere he may had disappeared to.

Eclipse feels a slash to his back.

Out of reflex, Eclipse pivoted and slashed the air behind him. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," he called tauntingly, slowly turning back and forth.

He feels another slash behind him.

This time the slash was blocked by an invisible wall of energy. "Hah! You won't get me like that twice," he laughed.

The sound of metal scraping stone is heard nearby as a seemingly random slit appears in the ground.

Eclipse followed the sound with his eyes. "Good, you're still here," he whispered, almost to himself. The light around him grew brighter as he shouted, "Chaos Blast!" However, this Chaos Blast was different. Rather than one large blast coming from himself, several large blasts formed across the ring, in the air, all over.

Shadows billow from a spot above the slit in the ground, covering the arena. The shadows are so thick they reduce the light from the sun till it looks like the moon.

(Ignoring my attack, much?)

"Hmhmhm. Silly Mobian. You've made the same mistake that my last opponent did. Crymnians can see in the dark." Eclipse looked around throught the shroud of darkness, thinking that he would now be able to see Tendril more clearly.

Tendril is still nowhere to be seen. Eclipse starts feeling slashing on all sides.

Eclipse flew into the air, high above the arena and out of the cloud. "Hmm, time to rethink my plan," he said to himself. He observed the arena, and the area around it, looking for something to give him an idea.

The shadow dome covering the arena dissolves. Tendril and Moonlight appear on the ground. He draws the blade and charges up at Eclipse on wings of darkness.

Reacting quickly, and somewhat poorly, Eclipse fire a concentrated Chaos Blast down towards Tendril.

Tendril counters with a Chaos Beam.

The two beams collided, and Eclipse teleported away. He reappeared purched on a pillar aside the stadium, and the light around him returned to its original brightness.

Tendril flies toward him, absorbing some of the light as he went to sustain his Twilight form.

Eclipse looked around. "Dusk is falling upon this subspace. Soon you will see how one such as myself works at night." He stood up straight and waited for Tendril.

Tendril gets close. "You think you're the only one who's stronger at night? Im the friggin king of the Shadow Realm!"

"This is not the Shadow Realm!" Eclipse shouted, "This is the Cosmic Interstate! Your powers of the night mean next to nothing here."

"Is that so?" Tendril replies, "How, then, have I lasted this long in our fight? And during the day no less."

Eclipse chuckled. "Yes yes. I still wonder what kind of shenanigans you may have pulled to gain such endurance." He then raised his head to look Tendril straight in the eye and continued, "But know this... As long as blood corses through my veins, I will fight on."

This time Tendril doesn't answer. He begins to glow brightly until he was almost too bright to look at.

Eclipse holds his hand up above his eyes, almost mockingly. With his other hand he gestured for Tendril to approach.

Tendril thrusts his hand toward Eclipse who is suddenly rocketed back by some invisible force.

Eclipse flew back, but managed to correct himself. He rushed forward like a rocket and attempted to ram Tendril.

Tendril thrusts his arms foreward again and Eclipse slams into an invisible wall.

As before, Eclipse flew back. Instead of charging a second time, he teleported away, but his return point was currently nowhere to be seen.

Tendril's blinding aura fades, revealing that he is once more dangerously low on light energy. He looks around, trying to find Eclipse.

From one of the many winding pathways below, Eclipse called up, "Down here, Nightwing!"

Tendril flies down at high speed, then flips midair, aiming to slam his feet into Eclipse with incredible speed and power.

As Tendril came down, a hole opened up in the pathway for Eclipse to fall through, and closed as Tendril impacted. Further down the pathway, another hole opened up that Eclipse flew out of. "I know this realm far better than you," he shouted to Tendril, "Just try and stop me out here!"

Tendril charges at Eclipse and throws a punch laced with chaos.

Eclipse backed away from the punch, and teleported to another path. "Come now, Tendril," he began, "I thought you were faster than that!"

"So you're just gonna keep running away now?" Tendril taunts. "I thought you weren't a coward!"

"I thought you weren't weak!" Eclipse replied, enjoying himself more now than before.

Tendril vanishes and reappears behind Eclipse. He fires a beam of light at his back.

Eclipse was knocked forward by the blast, and seemingly plummeted into the empty space below. No victory was announced, so it was clear that he was still stirring.

Tendril runs out of light energy from the blast and leaves Twilight form, returning back to normal.

Up above the stadium floated Eclipse, laughing maniacally. "You really need to stop falling into my traps, Nightwing!" he shouted down to his opponent. He then flew back down into the ring and reverted back to normal as well, to conserve energy.

Tendril sinks into the shadows and reappears in the arena. "This battle's gone on pretty long," he says, "I think we should finish it soon."

Eclipse chuckled. "Come and finish it then," he taunted.

Tendril seems to begin charging an attack, but it can't be seen.

Eclipse charged a small ball of energy on his index and middle fingers. He held it close, as if cherishing the attack.

Tendril fires the blast a massive beam of gamma rays is fired at Eclipse.

Startled by the attack, Eclipse released his Chaos Spear, then braced for impact. It looked quite painful, but no immediate effects could be seen.

Tendril tries to dodge, but the Spear scrapes his shoulder.

Eclipse stumbled forward, but managed to keep himself on his feet. Well, that was unpleasant, he thought, A Healer should do the-- no. Not yet. He tried to stand up straight, but found it difficult. Instead he simply began charging another Chaos Spear.

Tendril smiles. "Looks like that gamma blast did some damage. I wonder why Nightfall never mentioned he could do that."

With only a grunt, Eclipse released his second Chaos Spear, stumbling forward again.

Tendril tries to dodge again, but the Spear scrapes his other shoulder.

"Heh, I haven't hit with two of those in a row since before I died the first time," Eclipse began, sounding somewhat intoxicated for some reason, "Usually people dodge those."

Tendril's eyes widen at 'died the first time'. He fires another beam at Eclipse, this time using Ultraviolet rays.

Eclipse roled out of the way of this beam, but faltered getting up. "How many evil spirt things do you have in there," he said, almost tripping over his words, "I thought Nightfall could only magnetise things... like stone, and flesh."

"Just one," Tendril replies, "Over Nightfall's countless incarnations as part of Ultima, he has learned to manipulate not just magnetism, but the entire electromagnetic spectrum."

"Oh boy," Eclipse said sarcastically. He clumsily fired one more Chaos Spear, at a seemingly lower power as well.

Tendril succeeds in dodging this time and counters with a Chaos Beam.

Eclipse tried to jump over the Beam, but got caught in the leg and thrown back. "You've got to teach me that one sometime... It's powerful," he said as he climbed from the ground.

"I'd be happy to. But first I'm gonna win this match." Tendril unleashes a blast of Infrared waves at Eclipse. He seems to be weakening, since each electromagnetic blast is less dangerous than the last.

Eclipse braced himself for impact again, but shook this attack off more easily than the others. Rubbing his eyes, he commented, "You know, you've got a lot of tricks up you sleeve. What's your secret?"

"A good magician never reveals his secrets," Tendril replies with a slightly joking smile, "But I think I've watched you more than enough to figure this out." He fires a Chaos Spear of his own at Eclipse.

Eclipse did a sommersalt forward, causing the Spear to strike the ground behind him. Stumbling to his feet once more, he boasted, "That's how you do it!"

"I'll let you in on one of my tricks," Tendril says, "The royal family of each elemental realm has a special ability passed down through thier bloodline. My family has the ability to study an opponent's technique and, if possible, use our abilities to make it our own."

"Really?" Eclipse asked, "Alright then, show me... Chaos Vortex." He crossed his arms and chuckled.

Tendril studies the move and, using Nightfall's connection to Chaos, makes one of his own.

Eclipse watched the Vortex charge up in Tendril's hand. "Go ahead... fire," he said with a smirk.

Tendril fires it at Eclipse with almost as much power as Eclipse's own Vortex.

Eclipse teleported away, and remained out of sight. His voice echoed across the stadium shouting, "Mwahahahaha! I told you to stop falling for my traps, Nightwing!" With no target, the Vortex slowly began to eat away at Tendril's own energy just as it did to Eclipse.

Tendril releases Nightfall's spirit. Metal magnetizes around it, making a temporary body. With Tendril no longer using Nightfall's power, the Vortex begins taking energy from Nightfall instead.

"Clever, clever boy," Eclipse's voice continued to echo, "Host... stop him." With that request, the Vortex was haulted.

Voice: I'm sorry, but I cannot allow you to do that. Not because he asked me to, but because it's just too dangerous. If you kept that up, Nightfall might have been absorbed completely. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true.

"Well, thanks for your concern," Tendril says, putting a hand behind his back.

Eclipse reappeared with his hands on his hips, tapping his foot. "Anything else, magicman?"

Nightfall immediately begins firing rocks and Ultraviolet blasts at Eclipse.

Jumping back and forth, Eclipse dodged the attacks, only getting hit by a few. I can't heal now, or he'll just copy it, he thought, I have to think of something better.

Nightfall's assault stops and he begins charging another attack.

Eclipse began to wobble back and forth. What's going on with me?! he pondered, Why am I so light-headed?"

Nightfall uses Eclipse's hesitation to finish charging, then fires a massive beam of chaos, shouting, "Chaos Cannon!"

Eclipse tried to jump out of the way, but he wasn't fast enough, and took a big him from the attack. He rolled to the edge of the stadium, and crawled up to he knees when it had finished. Ugh... it's now or never, he decided. A green light shrouded him as he weakly shouted, "Chaos Healer!" He stood straight, revitalized, expecting Tendril to copy it and do the same.

Tendril seems to have vanished, as if the whole point of Nightfall's assault was to distract Eclipse.

"Oh... joy." Eclipse sighed with much sarcasm in his voice. He then looked to Nightfall and unenthuseastically asked, "You have any idea where he is?"

"Of course I know," Nightfall replies.

Eclipse looked around at the ground, searching for unnatural shadows. "I get so bored when he does this. At least I gave him the opportunity to chase me."

A loud sound is heard behind Eclipse, like trees cracking. A purple light is coming from behind him.

Eclipse turned around. (Ya... I really can't think of anything else to add to that.)

Tendril is standing behind Eclipse, Dark Chidori in hand. He charges foreward and thrusts the attack at Eclipse's chest.

Eclipse turned to the side to dodge the attack, and karate chopped Tendril's arm.

The chop strikes the inside of Tendril's elbow, forcing it to bend and allowing Tendril to adjust his aim, swinging the Dark Chidori at Eclipse again.

In an attempt to lean back and dodge again, Eclipse lost his balance and fell backwards. However, he grabbed Tendril's other arm and tried to take the two down together, rolling as he landed to toss Tendril away.

Taken by surprize, Tendril is thrown and his Dark Chidori dissipates. He rises to his feet, panting slightly from the attack.

"You were right," Eclipse began as he climbed to his feet as well, "This has gone on far too long. You're quite too persistant for your own good."

"Chaos Cannon!" Nightfall's voice is heard behind Eclipse as he fires another Chaos Cannon at him. At the same, time, Tendril unleashes a blast of Dark Lightning at Eclipse from the front.

This time, Eclipse was able to jump away from the Cannon, but the Dark Lightning threw him back a bit. He skidded along the ground and followed up with Chaos Spears aimed at both Nightfall and Tendril.

Nightfall counters the Spears with some of his own. Tendril releases multiple tendrils of shadow out of his chest. Each one wraps around one of the Spears fired at him and hurls them back at Eclipse.

Eclipse held up his hands to catch the Spears coming his way, absorbing most of the energy into his Focus Rings. When the barage had ended, he released the energy as a Chaos Blast.

Tendril erects a wall of shadow between him and Eclipse, while Nightfall counters the attack with a blast of gamma rays.

Thinking he was ok to dodge this time, Eclipse teleported away from the gamma rays. However, when the rays passed over is original location, he reappeared in that very spot, stunned. A faint, purple mist seemed to be burning from his flesh.

Nightfall looks surprised for a moment, then smiles. "Looks like the gamma rays have done something to you," he says, "Better be careful it doesn't get out of hand."

Eclipse fell to his knees in agony, the mist of seering flesh still rising from him. His eyes were bloodshot, and his mind was racing. What has he done to me? and Why is that so powerful? were among the thoughts that filled his head. He struggled back up to his feet, disoriented, and let out a heavy breath of exhaustion.

Despite Nightfall's amusement, Tendril looks horrified. "That's just not right! We've got to finish this soon so he can be returned to normal!"

Shifting his gaze between Nightfall and Tendril only made things more confusing. Soon Eclipse began seeing double, triple, more than he had the current concentration to count. "The shadow clones again," Eclipse weakly shouted, "I thought we agreed that... that those were annoying."

Nightfall's darker side, the side that he showed in all of his past incarnations as part of the villainous Ultima, has begun to show as he draws back, preparing another gamma blast.

Eclipse adjusted his focus to see that Nightfal was indeed charging another attack, and the only thought that came to him at the time was too inappropriate for the potential audiences of this roleplay. He began to determine what was happening to him, and he knew another blast of gamma rays wouldn't help, so he tried something different. With little confidence in his most recent idea, Eclipse teleported to a point high above the stadium, high enough that he would have time to carry out his plan mid-fall.

Nightfall, completely ignorant of the idea that his opponent might have a plan, goes to send the blast at Eclipse. Tendril stops him by grabbing his arm. "Nightfall, what are you doing?!" he demands, "Your previous blasts have done quite a bit of damage and another might actually kill him!"

"Hmm, perfect," Eclipse said to himself. As he fell, he entered a spindash. The momentum from the fall and the energy he had just begun to release made him like a spiraling laser, activating a Chaos Harpoon variant. With Tendril distracting Nightfall and stalling the laser, Eclipse crashed down upon his opponents with the force of a meteor.

Nightfall senses the attack coming and attempts to block it, but Tendril causes the shadows in Nightfall's metal armor to break their way free, allowing Nightfall's spirit to escape. After being knocked back and hitting the ground hard from Eclipse's attack, he absorbs Nightfall back into himself.

As the dust cleared from impact, Eclipse could be seen in the centre of the crater that the ring had already become, kneeling with one fist firmly on the ground. He slowy rose to a strong looking position, but it was clear that he was in much pain. His fur stood on end and he shivered, albeit ever so slightly.

Tendril slowly rises to his feet as well. "Eclipse, you can't go on. Nightfall's attack has taken quite a toll on you."

"You know no more... about this than I," he replied, sound like the words were forced, "For all you know... I could be undergoing... an increase in power." He moved forward, each step like he was carrying heavy weights on his feet. As he moved, he began focusing energy into the Focus Rings on his wrists. This time, however, it was purple instead of red.

"You're right," Tendril replies, "I don't know what's going on. But I can only assume that it's the effect of Nightfall's gamma blast. And you're right, I don't know what to do about it, but something must be done."

Eclipse forced a smile. "Yes... the gamma blasts," he began, "Their affect on Crymnian DNA appears to be different than on Mobian DNA." The purple energy in his hands was now glowing brightly. "It has changed my Chaos energy... I can tell by how it feels." He brought his hands up to level with his chest, resting them one over the other, palms inward, with about half a foot of space in between. The energy sparked across from hand to hand like an electrical discharge, but this was far from electricity. "My only hope... is that whatever sort of attack this may become... will take out the both of us!" With that, he shot his hands to the sides, splitting the energy and creating a blinding flash of purple light. Its result would be known very soon.

Tendril gets into a defensive stance, ready to protect himself from the attack.

The violet light remained as Eclipse stood within it, his arms still held outward. He could feel his own energy surge through him, as if revitalizing him and harming him at the same time. Carefully he watched Tendril through the brightness, waiting for a reaction. Only then would he assess the attack's recoil.

Not seeing an effect on himself, Tendril summons Moonlight and draws back, preparing to attack.

Noticing Tendril to be uneffected made Eclipse angry. As the initial blast reached its aftermath, he began to charge energy as he would for a Chaos Blast.

Dark Lightning begins to race along Moonlight's blade. It begins to crackle with purple energy.

In a rough voice, Eclipse shouted to Tendril, "Come and get me!"

Tendril charges foreward, using a Shadow Boost to push himself faster, and swings his Dark Lightning infused sword at Eclipse.

With great prominence, Eclipse released the stored energy, hoping for a devastating counterattack. Instead, there was no immediate visible effect, and the strike from Moonlight sent Eclipse flying backwards. He landed on his feet, frustrated that his efforts appeared to be futile.

Tendril aims the blade at Eclipse, sending a blast of Dark lightning shooting out of it.

Unable to react in time, Eclipse merely attempted to brace himself for the impact, but oddly enough the lightning did not strike him directly. It was conducted by his left hand, and it passed through his body for him to return it out the right. Although satisfied with this outcome, Eclipse couldn't help but be a little suprised.

Tendril rolls out of the way of the reflected blast. Although able to emit it, he doesn't seem to have much control of the lightning. He jumps up, aiming a diagonal slash at Eclipse.

This time, Eclipse was ready. He rolled out of the way of the slash, and followed up with a Chaos Spear. Unfortunately, this attack was also altered, coming out in the form of a barage of energy balls.

Tendril erects a wall of shadows to block the attack. Tendrils of shadow reach out of the wall and lunge at Eclipse. Some try to wrap around him while others attempt to impale him.

Eclipse teleported out of the tendrils range, but the altered effect of this technique was one that left him completely dumbfounded. Upon reappearing, Eclipse looked around the ring to see four more of himself, each doing the same. The only words he could think of to describe his feelings were, "What the hell?!"

Tendril, confused at what was going on, allows the shadow wall to dissolve, then charges foreward again with his sword.

The Eclipse that Tendril charged for hesitantly charged back, but burst into energy as he went. The others looked at eachother, not wanting to be the next one that would happen to.

Tendril sidesteps so he doesn't slam into the sudden wall of energy. To be safe, he then fires Chaos Spears at the others.

All of the Eclipses tried to absorb the Spears into their Focus Rings, but all but one burst into energy like the first. The one survivor suddenly felt light headed, and the stored energy from the Spear dispersed into the air.

Tendril sinks into the shadows and comes up again directly beneath Eclipse. He slices upward with his sword, aiming to cut his opponent's chest.

Eclipse tried to back away from the attack, but the slash struck him in the chin. He fell backwards and landed on his head, rolling over onto his hands and knees. With disvcontent, he wiped the blood from his neck, leaving a dark green stain on his glove. In anger, he punched the ground, and a purple aura began to form around him.

Tendril spins his sword and stabs downward, burying it's blade in the ground. He releases the hilt and takes a step back as, once again, shadows billow out like smoke.

"You're going to pay for that, rodent!" Eclipse grunted, "Nobody makes me bleed, especially not one as lowly as you." As the darkness spread, he slowy began to change back into his Lunar form. This time, however, it did not seem as forced.

Tendril ignores Eclipse's threats. The darkness covers the arena once more as Eclipse begins feeling slashes across his body from different directions.

Eclipse took each slash as they merely creased the flesh of his Lunar form. "Funny. You think I can't see you, don't you? I thought I told you that my species can see in the dark."

"That's not the main effect of this ability," Tendril's voice is heard, "That's simply a plesant side-effect for those who can't see in darkness."

"Ha. I enjoy your confidence," Eclipse remarked. His tone now seemed calmer for some reason, as if he were beginning the fight anew. "I experience no setbacks from this veil of darkness."

"Shame. And it seems that the main effect doesn't seem to be doing anything, so...." the slashes stop and the darkness dissappears. Tendril pulls Moonlight out of the ground

Pacing back and forth now, Eclipse asked, "Do you want to know something interesting?" He began to snap his fingers, creating sparks of purple energy. "Your gamma rays, we have determined that their effect on my DNA is different from that on Mobian DNA, yes? Well it appears... that it is limitting my Mobian capabilities, and forcing me to embrace my true heritage. This form does feel quite natural now." The purple energy changed to move in a circular motion, and rested in the palm of his hand. "Let's see what it has done to my natural abilities." He threw the disk of energy as a Swift Strike, moving faster and with more power than before.

Tendril narrowly dodges to the side, but the disk still cuts his arm.

As the Swift Strike flew, it bounced off of a wall in the distance without a sound, and flew back towards Tendril. Eclipse, acting oblivious, fire two Flame Crescents with a similar increase in momentum to his previous attack.

Tendril holds his hands out in front of him to absorb the flames, but he senses something pass through the shadows of the arena. He drops to the ground at the last second to avoid the Swift Strike coming up behind him.

The Swift Strike faded away as it returned to Eclipse. "Hmm, just missed," he sighed.

Tendril jumps to his feet and the shadows in his palm begin to spin.

"Go right ahead. Try and hit me," Eclipse taunted.

Soon, Tendril is holding a copy of the Swift Strike, but made entirely of shadow energy. He hurls it at Eclipse with all the speed and half the power.

"As expected," Eclipse muttered to himself. He raised his hand to Tendril, and almost instantaneously shot a Hellfire, engulfing the Shadow Strike in its light. The blast continued towards Tendril, ready to do the same to him.

Tendril watches the Hellfire closely, then sinks into the shadows as soon as it gets too close. He rises out again in another part of the ring and fires a chaos beam at Eclipse.

Eclipse quickly teleported out the Chaos Beam's range, disappointed that another of his attacks had missed. With a slight lag, he reappeared behind Tendril and deals a kick to his back.

Tendril, sensing Eclipse's shadow appearing behind him, knows he's there, but is too slow to react. The kick launches him foreward. He turns midair and hurls Moonlight at Eclipse with all his strength.

Eclipse tried to catch the blade as it flew to him, and succeeded, but not in time. He held the sword in both hands by the hilt, and its point was embeded into his stomach, about a centimeter deep. With an expression of pain and shock on his face, Eclipse pulled the sword out. The diamond shaped wound glowed green in the twilight of the Cosmic Interstate, along with the blood that stained Moonlight. In optimism, Eclipse saw an advantage to this; Tendril was now unarmed.

Tendril hits the ground, glad that he had partially succeeded. He doesn't seem at all worried that his weapon is gone.

"Quite a fine weapon you have here," Eclipse commented. "Too bad it won't last much longer." Struggling against the previously inflicted pain, he held Moonlight at both ends, and brought it down hard a upon his knee, snapping it in two. He tossed the tip to the side and the hilt behind him, brushing his hands against eachother with a sense of accomplishment.

Tendril simply smirks. "It won't be gone for long," he says as the two halfs of the sword dissolve into shadows, "When a weapon of an elemental realm breaks, it is transported back to it's realm, completely in tact." Tendril climbs to his feet. A Dark Chidori appears in his hand.

As quickly as it appeared, the smile on Eclipse's face vanished. A ball of fire appeared in his hand, as if he were about to fire off another Flame Crescent.

Instead of throwing the chidori like usual, Tendril hurls the sparking sphere at Eclipse, calling out, "Dark Chidori Bomb!" As soon as the attack leaves his hand, it becomes incredibly unstable and explosive.

Nonchalantly, Eclipse raised his other hand, and shot a Hellfire to overpower the Dark Chidori Bomb as he did the Shadow Strike. He waved away the flames in his right hand, showing that it was only a diversion.

Tendril begins absorbing the heat energy left in the air from Eclipse's Hellfire. At the same time, the area around him seems to darken slightly.

"You power over shadow seems very insignificant, considering that fact that I can wipe it away with the simple light of a laser," Eclipse mocked. Ignoring the advancing darkness, he looked over to his own sword, which had now fallen from the side of the ring. Hmm, maybe... his thoughts began. He looked back to Tendril and tried to determine what exactly he was doing.

Tendril seems to have lost interest in Eclipse, focusing entirely on absorbing the heat.

Snapping his fingers, Eclipse called the Black Sword back to his hand. For a moment he examinded it, but then simply stuck it in the ground next to him. "It's worth a try, I suppose," he said to himself. With another snap, Eclipse summoned a Black Shield. Like the sword, this shield was different. It was serrated, and black rather than translucent. The crest of the Black Army was painted on its surface. Again, Eclipse merely examined it, but his following look was much more satisfied.

Shadows, flames, and light radiate from Tendril. Soon he is enveloped in a flash of bright light. When it fades, Tendril's fur is black, red, and yellow with streaks of purple, orange, and white.

(Twilitflame Tendril, right? I didn't feel like I needed to ask this, but now I do. All of these alternate forms you're having him use fall under umbrakinesis, right? You have Nightfall Tendril listed as his Super form, so I just wanted to know.)

(kind of, yes. he absorbs the energies that he doesn't have, (anything but shadows), and combines them with his umbrakinesis. does that count?)

(I'd like to let it slide, since I'm guilty of some pretty iffy things too. However, I'm kind of sitting on the fence, because I've been fighting the urge to have Eclipse change into his true form since the whole 'embracing his Crymnian side' idea was established. But I digress, you can have these forms now, but keep it to a minimun in later matches. That is... if you move on.)

(thanks. I'll keep it down more if I move on)

Eclipse brought the shield up to his face, shielding his eyes from the flash. Another form? Now I may have to, he thought. He pulled his sword back up from the ground and hit it against the shield, shouting to his opponent, "Come, and show me your new power!"

A ball of flame appears in one of Tendril's hands and a ball of shadows in the other.

Eclipse began to spin his sword in his hand and said, "I'm waiting."

Tendril brings the two spheres together in front of them, firing them at Eclipse as a Darkfire blast.

Eclipse thrust his sword into the ground as a means of holding himself in place. He then raised his shield to block the attack, resisting most of the damage.

The blast stops and when it dissipates, Tendril has vanished.

Eclipse lowered his shield and noticed that Tendril had disappeared once again. His frustration was now visible, as several veins made their attempt to breach the surface of his flesh.

Tendril reappears directly beneath Eclipse and kicks upward. If his plan worked, the kick would knock Eclipse high into the air. Tendril would then vanish again and reappear behind Eclipse. Next, he would magnetically restrain his opponent and the two would plummet to the ground below headfirst, spinning at a ferocious speed.

Tendril's initial attack struck, and Eclipse was indeed sent flying into the air. As he rose, a red light slowly began eminating from him. The combo ended and the two hit the ground, sending a cloud of dust all across the ring. Eclipse's silhouette appear from within, but it was different, larger.

Tendril flips away just before striking the ground, landing on one knee as Eclipse hits instead. He looks up, surprised when he sees Eclipse's silhouette.

As the dust cleared, Eclipse stood, seeming very stiff. Once vision had returned, the figure of a Black Oak stood before Tendril. He held his sword and shield tightly, now looking much more natural. The wound was still on his stomach, but now much smaller by comparison. With a crack of his neck, he turned his head to Tendril. The yellow of his eyes glowed in the twilight of dusk.

Tendril gasps in shock. He stands and watches the figure carefully.

"To be completely honest... I'm a little shocked myself," Eclipse said. He walked forward slowly, swinging his sword as if he hadn't held it in years. "Sometimes it's nice to be a rodent, but nothing can exceed one's true self."

"I'd do the same, but since I'm only half shadow being, this is my true form," Tendril replies, "Oh, well. It'll have to do." Tendril begins charging a ball of light and shadow.

Eclipse laughed. "This is just too perfect!" he boasted. It was unknown what exactly he was referring to, but there was definitely something he was sure about. "Show me! Show me what you can do to the heir of the Black Army!"

Tendril fires the twilight blast at Eclipse, sending flames racing along the beam.

Eclipse raised his shield to guard against the blast. When it had ended, his shield was glowing hot from the energy. By hitting his sword against it, the energy released in a flash, and now the sword was glowing instead. "Care to try again?" he asked tauntingly.

Tendril begins charging another twilight blast, this time infusing it with fire, magnetism, and chaos as well.

After raising his shield once more, Eclipse began to swing around his sword like a baseball bat

Tendril, annoyed by Eclipse's taunting, fires the blast with all his strength.

Carefully, Eclipse watched the blast approach him. At the last moment, he lowered his shield and struck it with his sword, sending it flying backwards.

Tendril sinks into the shadows and comes up behind Eclipse. He throws a spinkick to the back of his head.

Eclipse jerked forward from the hit, then spun around with his sword held out, attempting to slash his opponent in two.

Twin Shadow Blades appear on Tendril's arms. He blocks the slice with one blade and delivers his own with the other.

Eclipse stepped backwards to avoid the slash, and followed up with a hit from the edge of his shield.

Tendril takes the hit and flies backward. He flips and lands on his feet. Then, Eclipse is suddenly surrounded by Tendrils.

The sudden appearance of clones would have startled Eclipse if he hadn't had a way to stop it. Upon spinning again, a Swift Strike shot from his sword and whirled around him, barreling through the shadow clones.

Unlike shadow clones, however, the attack goes right through them all, leaving each one completely unharmed. They all smirk and prepare to attack.

Eclipse roared in discontent and begain waving his sword around above his head. A purple stream trailed behind it, forming a circle as he increased its speed.

Ignoring the potential danger of this move, the army of Tendrils charge foreward and slice at Eclipse with their shadow blades.

"Begone!" Eclipse shouted as he brought down his sword. Meteors formed on the ring of purple energy and shot at the oncoming army of clones. Eclipse remained on guard incase this attack too did not work.

The meteors go right through the army and they continue foreward. Each one slashes at Eclipse from different sides.

Eclipse knealt down, holding his shield above his head. As it blocked a portion of the attacks, he guarded against the others with his sword. Some still got through, but they were less than a nuisance. He waited for the real Tendril to make himself apparant. Then would he couterattack.

The army of Tendrils continues it's attack, slicing at Eclipse mercilessly. From his point of view, Eclipse notices what appears to be a slight distortion not far away.

"Found you," Eclipse whispered to himself. Flailing his arms to knock away his attackers, he burst into a run at the abnormality ahead of him, keeping his shield up just in case.

The distortion suddenly shifts, becoming Tendril. He leaps backward and summons Moonrise, good as new, despite having been snapped in half earlier.

Eclipse skidded to a stop and immediately slashed at Tendril with his own sword.

Tendril blocks the attack as the clones charge Eclipse from behind.

Eclipse threw his shield behind him like a boomerang. He hoped a physical attack would work better than his previous attemps. Without even turning to face the clones, Eclipse continued his strike on the real Tendril.

The real Tendril continues blocking Eclipse's attacks while the clones run right through the shield and attack Eclipse's back.

With no other choice, Eclipse leapt away from Tendril and his clones to the other side of the ring. He caught he shield and said, "You confuse me, Nightwing. We've been in combat this entire time, yet you show no signs of fatigue. None. Even when it appeared I was gaining the upperhand, you received a complete revitalization from within your shadow. I'm honestly suprised that none of this was called as against the rules." He then posed for a moment, and continued, "That's not to say that I have not been guilty of some questionable acts. Still, though, it makes one wonder."

"What can I say?" Tendril replies, "I'm a complicated guy. Keep in mind, though, you ARE fighting the orphaned king of the shadow realm and part of the legendary Ultima at the same time."

Eclipse became impatient. "That should not matter," he stated, "I have witnessed the both of you fight twice before in this tournament, and not once until now have you shown such endurance. Can you not see the point in my questioning this?"

Tendril remains silent for a moment. Another Tendril suddenly appears directly in front of Eclipse and slices at him.

The angle of the attack allowed Eclipse to guard with his sword in time. He thrust his sword forward against the clones, trying to knock it away.

The clone leaps backward and vanishes. A second one appears on the opposite side of Eclipse and attacks.

Eclipse tried to turn and counter this attack as well, but it struck him in the leg. He did, however, manage to swing at the clone with his sword.

The sword slips right through the clone, as if it's not even there.

Slowly Eclipse grew anrgy again. "Fight me yourself, you coward!" he shouted impatiently.

Tendril smirks. "You don't notice anything odd about these clones?" he taunts, "Think hard. I'm sure you'll figure something out."

"There is nothing I cannot see, Nightwing!" he growled, "They are not you, and I cannot hit them. Fight me yourself!"

"You sure about that?" Tendril replies, "Think harder."

Eclipse stopped. "Think of what?! There is no other answer... Except--"

"Brute strength cannot defeat cunning tricks," Tendril says. In that instant, all of his clones slice at Eclipse at the same time. Only one of the attacks is solid while the others go right through him.

(To be honest, I'm still confused. What exactly is going on?)

(he's still in Twilitflame form. he's bending the light and creating illusions, then hiding himself in those illusions to make them seem real)

(I thought it might have been illusions. Damn, I shouldn't have had Ichiro show him so many tricks.)

Unable to determine which attack to block, Eclipse was struck by the slash. Once he knew where it came from, he thrust his sword in that direction.

The stab goes right through the clone's head while another clone slashes at Eclipse from behind.

With no other choice once again, Eclipse jumped away from his false assailers. When he landed, the crest on his shield began to eminate a blue light.

The clones stop at the sight of the light, wondering what it could be. Soon, they get over their curiosity and attack again.

As the clones approached, the crest on the shield launched a Hellfire. Eclipse rotated slowly, to ensure that his attack covered the entire ring.

The clones vanish upon being struck by the attack. (gtg dinner)

Eclipse looked back and forth, pleased at his apparant accomplishment. "Hmm... Much better." (see ya)

(nvm. im eatin at the computor tonight)

Tendril appears not far away in a burst of flame.

(Good idea)

Eclipse smiled... or he would have if he had a mouth. "Welcome back. Now, are we going to fight, or are you going to continue playing games? I am a warlord, and warlords do not like games."

"Simple logic tells me that the best way to beat a large brute is with cunning tricks," Tendril replies, "So I think I'll continue with the games." With that, Tendril bursts into flames and enters an offensive stance.

Stepping forward and swinging his sword at the air, Eclipse asked, "Didn't your mother tell you not to play with fire? You might get burned." With that, he shot another Hellfire from his shield.

Tendril infuses his flaming aura with shadows and fires the resulting Darkfire at Eclipse, meeting his Hellfire with his own blast.

The blasts of light and shadow collided in a power struggle. Eclipse moved his sword in front of his shield, obstructing the path of the Hellfire. The beam now came from the sword, and Eclipse charged forward. As he approached the collision point of the attacks, he slashed through it, causing the energy to burst out in all directions. However, he continued forward, ignoring the recoil of his actions, and charged at Tendril with his energy-charged sword.

Tendril reaches out and seems to grab a stray flame from his Darkfire. He spins once, stretching the flame and coiling it around himself. When the flames dissipate, Tendril has dissappeared as well. He reappears behind Eclipse and fires a twilight beam at him.

Eclipse's slash struck air as Tendril disappeared. Expecting this, he managed to turn around in time and block the beam with his sword. He moved forward slowly, trying to force the beam back to Tendril.

The beam flies back at him, but the light and shadows in the beam separate at the last second, swerving around him and shooting toward Eclipse from opposite sides.

Eclipse raised his shield at one side and moved his sword to the other. The two beams were blocked, but he was now left wide open.

Tendril fires a concentrated beam of combined light, shadow, and fire at Eclipse from the front.

The beam struck Eclipse, dealing increased damage due to the wound he suffered earlier. He flew backwards and landed with a thud. As he sat up, he clenched his stomach, trying to endure the pain. Now he was angry, and he had an idea.

Tendril stumbles foreward a bit, but quickly regains his composure, determined not to let his opponent know that he's weakening.

Slowly, Eclipse made his way back up to his feet. His condition was growing worse, but determination would drive him forward. "The Lords... of the Black Army... never yeild... until they die," he said weakly, "As I stand before you... I shall not yield."

"And neither shall I," Tendril replies. He kneels down, putting his hand to the ground.

Eclipse chuckled as the blue light returned. "That is more like it..." he grunted, "About time you showed some mortality... Still, your determination annoys me."

The shadows around Tendril begin to gather closer, feeding into his arms, then dissappearing into cracks in the ground.

With heavy steps, Eclipse moved forward. "I promise you... you will not move on in this tournament... and I never back down on a promise."

"Goodie for you," Tendril replies with a sarcastic grin. The waves of shadow are joined by waves of light and fire.

Eclipse raised his shield and said, "Don't think I'm not ready for you this time."

Tendril continues pouring energy into the ground, adding magnetism and chaos to the mix.

The blue light on Eclipse's shield grew brighter, and he stabbed his sword into the ground, holding it tightly.

Tendril's energy feed stops and he rises to his feet. He beckons for Eclipse to come after him.

"After you, Nightwing," he said, not releasing his stance.

"If you insist," he replies. Tendril raises his arms above his head. The ground begins to shake.

Held in place by his sword, Eclipse remained motionless, waiting for Tendril to make his move.

A giant, sharpened pillar of shadows bursts out of the ground beneath Eclipse.

Not expecting the attack from below, Eclipse was thrown away, losing hold of his sword. He landed on his back, his shield still glowing blue.

More spears of shadows, light, fire, metal, chaos, and mixtures of the five begin popping out of the ground at other points in the ring, All targeting Eclipse.

Eclipse rolled away from the intial attacks and quickly climbed back up to his feet, shielding himself from the others. Unable to form a 360 guard, he was struck several times.

Soon, the eruptions stop and most of the pillars dissipate. Those made of metal collapses into large mounds of metal dust.

Eclipse remained idle, turning slightly to face Tendril once more.

Thoughts are racing inside Tendril's mind as he tries to come up with a plan. He has almost run out of ideas, and power, and the one recurring idea was the one he dreaded the most. This move, if it hit, could bring an opponent to the brink of death, while leaving Tendril himself unconcious. He kneels again, trying to think of another way.

"Well?" Eclipse chuckled, "Can you think of nothing else to strike me with?" Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his sword, still sticking out of the ground. Two plans formed in his mind, both involving that sword.

Tendril puts a hand to his chest. With a quick flash of blue light, he is back on his feet. He watches Eclipse carefully, trying to think of a plan that didn't involve mortally wounding his opponent.

(Did you just heal yourself AGAIN?)

Eclipse continued to chuckle. It was all he wanted to do at the time. "Go ahead," he began as he slowly inched back to his sword, "Hurt me... I dare you." One more plan came to mind, but it was a risky one, and might require a bit of cunning.

(that was the first time Tendril used the Chaos Heal he copied from Eclipse)

Tendril simply waits, not letting Eclipse out of his sight.

(Ok, that makes sense. Remember, it only revitilizes the body and mind, and mends minor wounds. It's not much better than a Red Bull. Oh, and the light should have been green.)

Once Eclipse reached his sword again, he regained his tight grasp on it. He didn't pull it out, nor did he push it farther. With his shield raised to Tendril again, he simply stood there.

Tendril, still watching Eclipse, decides that he might have to resort to his plan. First he would wait for Eclipse to make a move.

"This is the end, Nightwing..." Eclipse began, "No matter what one of us does next, someone will fall."

Tendril nods in agreement. His Dark Eye activates.

(Dammit! I forgot what that does.)

(It heightens his ability to sense the movements of shadows. he's using it to make sure Eclipse can't sneak up behind him or anything.)

Eclipse stood his ground. "That will not help you. I intend to stay right here..."

"Just a precaution," Tendril explains, "I don't want you attacking me without me knowing it."

Eclipse chuckled once more. "Why so untrusting? Even if I could, I would not pull a trick as dirty as having somebody else sneak up on my opponent."

"Anyway, I'm waiting for you to make the first move."

"But that would be rude," Eclipse said tauntingly, "After you. I insist."

"Really, it's alright. I'll wait for you."

Eclipse sighed. "Hmph, fine." he momentarily shifted his shield to the side, and casually shot a Swift Strike from his... muzzle.

Tendril blinks and counters with a burst of Firelight, sending himself out of Twilitflame form in the process.

Right on cue, Eclipse thought. As the two attacks collided, the Swift Strike was clearly overpowered. However, at that moment, Eclipse released the energy being stored in his shield in his ultimate counterstrike: Moon Beam. It barreled through the Swift Strike, and likely overpowered the Firelight blast. Eclipse would have been thrown backwards if he were not held down by his sword. The Moon Beam was headed straight for Tendril, and Eclipse was prematurely satisfied.

Tendril's eyes widen. He jumps up into the air, boosted higher by wings of shadow. Once out of range of the blast, Tendril reluctantly creates two rifts to the shadow realm, one on each side of him. He thrusts one arm into each and seems to float there for a moment.

Upon recovering from the shock of the blast, Eclipse forcefully drew his sword from the ring, taking a soon-to-crumble stone with him. He grunted a phrase in his native language, likely a swear. He looked up at Tendril and took a defensive stance.

Shadow energy seeps out of the rifts, covering Tendril's arms. The energy continues moving along his body until he is covered in it. The shadows infuse with his body as his shape begins to change. His fingers grow sharp claws and eight long, spider-like legs sprout from his back. His tail extends and changes, becoming scorpion-like. His neck and fangs also lengthen, giving him the appearance of a strange cross between spider, scorpion, and snake. He closes the rifts as his wings dissipate and he falls to the ground, landing on his spider legs. "I didn't want to resort to this," he says, "But I'm running out of ideas."

Despite everything he had seen in his centuries of existance, on Mobius and his home planet, this new form of Tendril's disgusted him. "What the hell do you call that thing?"

"This is a species of shadow beast. We call them, quite simply, Striders," Tendril replies, "It is used as the model for my Shadow Beast Form."

Ignoring the shadow beast's appearance, Eclipse slashed at the ground tauntingly. "I don't care what you've become," he shouted, "I'll cut it appart limb by limb. Expect it to hurt, too. That's a lot of cutting."

Tendril emits a sound that seems to be half roar, half screech. He lifts one spider leg and slams it into the ground. When he pulls it up again, a chunk of rock comes with. He flings the rock at Eclipse.

With ease, Eclipse swung his shield at the rock, breaking it on the serrated edge. "Is that all?" he laughed, "I was expecting a threat."

"You haven't seen a fraction of this form's power!" Tendril shouts back. He charges at Eclipse on the spider legs.

Eclipse charged as well, aiming to remove one of the legs early, and get behind the beast.

Tendril jumps up high and comes down toward Eclipse, spinning like a buzz saw.

With little time, Eclipse jumped out of the was and tossed his shield like a boomerang, landing on his back as a result.

Tendril moves to the side and slams his tail into the flat side of the shield. He slams the shield into the ground, held in place by his tail.

"Well, that's unfortunate," Eclipse muttered to himself as he stood up. He broke into a run and circled Tendril, still trying to get behind him.

Tendril takes his tail off the shield, replacing it with one of his spider legs. He lashes out at Eclipse with the scorpion-like tail.

Eclipse raised his sword horizontally, and the tip of the tail struck its dull side. The force of the attack, however, did manage to throw him off balance.

Tendril strikes again, turning his serpentine head so he can watch Eclipse closely.

With an effective impact, the scorpion-like tail of the shadow beast struck Eclipse in the chest. He fell to the ground, panting dramatically.

Voice: And once more, Eclipse is down. Will he succeed to get up again, or will his inability to activate his super form be his downfall? *countdown begins*

Tendril moves the leg he has on Eclipse's shield, sliding it foreward and putting a different leg on it so it's further away from Eclipse.

Slowy, Eclipse struggled to sit up. He lifted his sword into the air and said, "I... will not... lose... to... a Mobian...... not again. With the energy he had left, Eclipse threw his sword like a spear and fell back to the ground, still concious. The countdown continues.

Tendril swings one of his legs at the flat of the blade, knocking it to the ground. He walks over to Eclipse, standing over him.

The panting slowed, weakned. Eclipse was finished. With the large, hideous mass standing above him, he gave his parting words. "I promise you... revenge..." The countdown ended, and Eclipse passed out. After a brief silence, the crowed roared in excitement. It was clear that Tendril was the favoured contestant.

Voice: Shade Nightwing is the winner! Such a long and intense battle has finally come to a close. Any words from the victor?

Tendril reverts back to his original form. "I'm just glad I didn't have to go too far with that form," he replies, "It's most powerful ability has the potential to kill an opponent. And I wouldn't want that."

Voice: Oh, nobody dies here. If you did infact have to resort to that, I would have made sure Eclipse would not suffer a fatal injury. I look forward to seeing your Round 3 match. Unfortunately, Eclipse will not. He has requested to leave, and must complete that request. Good luck with your next match.

(Eclipse and Tendril disappear from the ring, Tendril back to the locker room)

Krinkinko the Hedgehog Versus Duskorion the Hedgehog

Voice: Would Krinkinko and Dusk please report to ring three. Krinkinko and Dusk to ring three.

(Three smoke bombs go off, and Dusk flies into the ring, then creates a huge lightshow with his flames)

Dusk: I'M BACK! Miss me?

(Krinkinko walks into the ring and bows)

Krinkinko:Let's get this show on the road and since I'm so nice I'll let you attack first. (He folded his arms)Hit me. I dare ya'.

Dusk: Alright.....

(Dusk throws more smoke bombs out and fills the place with smoke, then disappears)

Dusk: This is Duskorion to Night Shadow. I'm clear and ready to fire.

(Night Shadow: [on earphone] Roger that Dusk. You have permission to fire.)

Dusk: *fires his Pyroblaster at him*

Krinkinko:(Smiles then jumps up right as the blaster is about to hit him then falls rapidly towards Dusk)

Dusk: *folds wings over body and takes the impact*

Memphis the Shining Demonhog Versus Abumi Anko the Panda (Winner: Memphis)

Unfortunately, Famotill (the creator of Abumi) has retired from the wiki. Therefore, this match cannot be portrayed, and Memphis is the winner. 


The roleplay is being continued here.

Extra Battles/Round Zero

Saizo Marushagan Versus the Host of the Championship

(Saizo appears in an isolated ring, standing opposite a generic, motionless android. The android begins to shake and glow orange, and the voice starts talking through it)

Android: Here, you and me, we battle. For fun, yes?

"... If you insist..." Saizo drew a single gold kunai from his pocket before twirling it around his finger. "Fighting a trashcan on legs should be fun."

Android: Believe me Mr. Marushagan, this android is simply for show. An idle host to my divine spirit. On a more appropriate note... make your move. An honourable fighter never takes the first strike. You clearly have no honour, so you should have no problem. *raises arms, seemingly leaving himself wide open* Go ahead.

"Oh? And using a scrap metal body to fight me is "honorable", is it?" Saizo said; he found the remark to be insulting to his name. "Fine, I'll take the first move..." Saizo flung the kunai towards the robot; it was fast, especially considering all his did was flick his wrist. The kunai charged through the air, aiming to pierce the robot through the head.

Android: (the kunai was stopped dead by an invisible barrier) Ha! Clearly you are poorly trained in the ways of Chaos Energy. Otherwise you would have expected the obvious Chaos Protect spell. And for your information, my true form is that which you are unworthy to lay eyes upon. Now... pay for your insolence. *fires a bolt of energy at Saizo*

"... fool." Saizo smirked. he vanished, completely, instead appearing right in front of the android, where the kunai landed, and drove his fist into the barrier. The force was reckoning to say the least; enough force would of been applied to cleanly puncture steel. Who knows what it would do to a Chaos Barrier. "I know a lot about Chaos Energy. But you're just another person to fall for my scapegoat."

Android: Your brute force cannot pierce a Chaos Protect of this power. But... because I believe in fairness... *drops the barrier and jabs Saizo in the chest*

Saizo quickly turned sideways with his left side facing forwards. The jab collided with Saizo's demon skin before scraping away past him. "Not bad. Not good either." Saizo gabbed at the arm that the android struck with and tossed it into the air. "I likely will not require full force against you." Saizo clamped his hands together to his mouth before inhaling deeply. "Fire Style, Great Fireball Jutsu." Exhaling harshly, a huge ball of fire, several times bigger than Saizo himself, was directed towards the android at a fast velocity. Dodging would be a slight option, should the android be able to dodge in mid-air, and fast enough to get around the fireball's large circumference.

Android: *steadies himself in the air and kicks the fireball off to the side* Hmm, impressive... that is, if I were a child. Even then I could easily dispose of you. *orange glow turns red: Chaos Boost. The Android disappears and several blows are dealt to Saizo from all sides at incredible speeds*

"Sure thing..." Saizo noticed the android disappear, but it wasn't much trouble to him. His eye seemed to gleam, and he could begin to capture glimpses of the android at it began each attack. Saizo blocked the first two, but the third managed to collide with him in the side, although it was the left side, which left Saizo feeling a bit wobbly but otherwise in no serious amount of pain. Saizo couldn't help but smile before catching the androids fists with his own hands. "It's been a while since anyone has hit me. Good job." Saizo smirked before his hands began to glow a translucent white color.

Android: *the red glow brightened: Stage 2* Hm... nice catch. *A powerful electric shock is sent through Saizo*

"Hm!" Saizo grunted. The initial shock was painful at first, but the entire left side of his body began to earth the lightning into the ground, and Saizo still stood firmly. Smirking, he felt his grip loosen on the android's hands. Not because he was loosing his grip, but because the Android's hands were starting to dissolve away. The fingers were already gone, and only the palms remained. "Should of let go while you had the chance, unless you want to risk more of your hands dissolving away."

Android: *hands flash green and are instantly repaired* Loose what now? *red glow brightens: Stage 3* Farewell. Chaos... BLAST!!! *the explosion engulfs the entire ring and more, leaving few places to hide*

It was a rather ...large attack, to say the least. Dust, smoke, dirt, tiles were kicked up from the explosion. "... superb..." The dust clouds began to settle, and there stood Saizo, a few feet away from the android, seemingly unscathed. "It's not often that I need to use Izanagi. But, kudo's for making me have to. That attack would of surely... hm, I'd say "kill", but that's not entirely possible. "Done some significance" would be a better phrase." Saizo kicked up the kunai from the ground from some time ago, catching it in his hand. "So you can regenerate on a molecular level, and you possess Chaos abilities. I guess removing your body entirely with a single attack is the way to do it." Saizo smirked and shook his head. "I can only do it one of two ways, but I'm not going to use either one. I don't like to show my hand to my opponent."

Android: Really? Then would you mind if I show you mine? *raises hand and fires a Hellfire*

"Sure, you can do," Saizo said, before just stepping out of the way of the attack, clearing it by a foot or so. "If you don't mind me stepping out of the way. Not that i'd need to, mind you..."

Android: *begins to pace* I have to admit, Mr. Marushagan, you are an admirable fighter. Your personality leaves much to be desired, but that's another story. *an orange jewel appears in his hand* Do you see what this is? This is a Mayhem Ruby. These gems are granted to only the most worthy warriors. You, my friend, would never be given one even if your life depended on it. I know this, for I created them. It's holds a great amount of power, more than I believe you currently have in your entire body. *throws the gem to Saizo* Show me what you can do with such power. I am curious.

"You say I would never be given one," Saizo said, looking down at it; it seemed to gleam, to sparkle, as though resonating with his own energy. "yet you give one to me... This power is great, of course; for exceeding what I believed to be possible..." Saizo sighed and looked back at the android before tossing it back to him. "I have paid the price in my search for power. The only strength I believe in now is that of my own. Give the gem to someone else; I've no interest in it."

Android: Congradulations, Mr. Marushagan. Most beings would fall before the awsome power of the Mayhem Rubies. You gave it up willingly, realizing that it was not for right for you to behold. Whatever you may believe, I know that's the reason. Don't get me wrong, I still plan on winning this fight, but now I will do it while respecting my opponent. *the red glow fades back to orange. The Android rushes towards Saizo at unimaginable speeds and throws several more jabs*

Saizo's eye began to gleam again; the movement was faster, with the single eye being unable to keep up with most movement. Saizo managed to parry the attacks, then at the last punch, placed his hand on the fist and pushed himself backwards to get some distance. Saizo quickly placed his left hand over his mask and pulled it away, revealing a second Emeragan, as well as a hardened demon skin with demon-like visage over the left side of his face. "Well, I should be able to see you much more clearly now. Anyway..." Saizo took out eight gold kunai and tossed all of them towards his opponent and blinding speeds, targetting several points on the android that, in a human, would be considered fatal.

Android: *kunai bounced off and caught on fire upon hitting the ground* I must say, you are very pretty Mr. Marushagan(sarcasm). But this is how you pierce an opponent. *creates an energy blade and begins slashing at Saizo*

Saizo didn't care; bouncing off his was what he aimed to do. As the kunai landed, Saizo manipulated them in a circle around the android. The android began to attack, but Saizo merely smirked and appeared at one kunai instantaneously and took a slash at the android. Saizo then kept shifting from one kunai to another, slashing at eight possible different angles within milliseconds of eachother; that was the Infinite Omnibreaker.

Android: *takes each hit, and is quickly torn to pieces. After a few seconds, though, the pile of parts disappears in a puff of smoke. The android then appears behind Saizo* Suprise, Mr. Marushagan. *stabs Saizo in the back*

"gah!" Saizo gave a small yelp as the blade punctured through his skin and through his back. Saizo couldn't help but smile; the pain was... great. The initial sting with the numb feeling present now was almost too good for him. "Ah... I only let you hit me... just to experience the feeling of pain again. It makes me feel good to be alive!" Saizo turned his waist slightly to use his leg to push the android from him, with the blade unsheathing from his flesh. Saizo hunched over for a bit before standing upright again. "That was great... But it's time to finish this." Saizo said, smirking, with energy crackling from his eyes as black embers began to form in front of him. "Amaterasu... should finish you." The black flames dashes to the android, unrelentlessly. Being touched by them would mean vaporization.

Android: *orange glow brightens in a blinding flash* Believe what you must, but I know you are resorting to desperate measures... meaning I am almost finished. *the light fades revealing the flames to be held in place by an unseen force* This is my world. Your magic means nothing here. I control all. *the flames fly towards Saizo, but stop in front of his face*

"Oh? Interesting. But calling this "Magic" shows you have no knowledge of my powers." Saizo extended his left arm and grasped at his flames, merging them with his arms as they flickered around it. "Only one person here controls my flames, and that's me." Saizo said with a grin; being in contact with his flames meant he had more control over them. regardless if he did or not, Amaterasu doesn't harm the user. "This isn't so much as "drastic" as it is "I can't be bothered to prolong this fight any longer"." Saizo smirked lightly, looking down at the ground. "Besides... You're in the circle." Of course, that meant the ring of kunai around the android. Disappearing, Saizo would yet again use the Infinite Omnibreaker, but instead of his Masamune sword, he used fast, powerful stabs with his hand.

Android:* takes each hit, but they are much less damaging than last time* You know... this won't work on the real thing like it did the duplicate. So, to save you the trouble... *the kunai are absorbed into the ring* Now you have nowhere to go. *grabs Saizo by the neck and releases another electric shock*

Saizo just stood there. he took the electric shocks, but this time it wasn't... doing anything. Having a grip around his neck, all electricity immediately went to his left side, into the demon hide, then earthed into the ground. Saizo smirked at this, but also the revelation of his attacks. "You think so?" Saizo said, pointing around the android. "My new attack has done more than just punctures. The flames of amaterasu are already burning away at the body. And they'll keep burning, until there's nothing left." True to his word, the body already started to burn away, as well as the joints in the shoulders, neck and lower area. Soon enough, the arm that was grabbing Saizo burned off and kept burning away, while the rest of the body slowly crumbled. "Like I said; you have no idea of what I can do. I've already seen your powers, but you've yet to see a fraction of mine." Saizo raised his hand in front of his, when suddenly the kunai burst from the ground before gathering around Saizo. "As much fun as I've had, just admit that you have lost. Better yet, you can just crown me the champion now." Saizo laughed jokingly; he was having... fun. His opponent was strong, but Saizo's experience led him to fight on equal terms.

Android: You have won, have you? *voice begins to distort from face melting away* I should crown you the champion? You've seen my power!? Clearly you know nothing. *the body melts away completely*

Voice: I'm not finished! That android was to give you an advantage. I felt bad for you, losing to something you couldn't even see. You've only made it harder on yourself. *the ring begins to morph into a gelatinous state. It moulded around Saizo, and he was bombarded with energy slashes. A face shapes in the mass* It's over, Mr. Marushagan. My power is infinate. You may have many tricks still hidden up your sleeve, but if I let them, they will run out. Mine, on the other hand, *gelatinous substance begins to burn through Saizo's flesh* will not. You have lost.

"Hm..." Saizo remained unusually calm. The energy slashes were no problem; as one was about to strike, he just teleported to a kunai that was out of range from the slash' hit zone. When the goo began to form, then he knew he was in it. "I'm not one to lose..." Saizo's own energy began to swell to powerful proportions; much more immense than before. In a sudden burst of golden light, Saizo burst through the top of the gelatinous mold and suspended in the air, formed with two dragon wings, two horns that extended backwards from his forehead, and a large gold dragon tail. "You call this a fight? It's just me dancing circles around you." Saizo taunted, smirking at his... or whatever it was, that was his opponent. "You give me a couple of jump scares and apparently that's supposed to convince me that I can't win. Sure." Lifting his hand again, the kunai burst from the gelatinous form and encircle Saizo again. "I might be something else to make you go to such extremes, like not being able to fight me one on one. I'm almost disappointed."

(after another orange flash, the room goes completely dark. A figure appears in front of Saizo, but it is too dark to see... even if you can see in the dark)

Voice: Fine then, have it your way. *there is a purple burst of pure energy: Chaos Vortex. All energy was immediately drained from Saizo, leaving a nearly lifeless body to fall to the ground below. The figure stands above Saizo* I didn't want to, but you left me no choice. You were persistant, I'll give you that, but no match for Vortex magic... no one is. *places a finger on Saizo's forehead, burning a diamond-shaped crosshair into his flesh* Goodbye Mr. Marushagan... enjoy your first match. *Saizo is teleported back to the locker room, with all energy returned to him by the host*

Ichiro Keiken Versus Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (Winner: Tendril)

Voice: Show yourself, Mr. Keiken. Your optical tricks can't get by me.

Ichiro: *becomes visible in the centre of the ring* Am I not allowed in here?

Voice: I'm not sure if you're allowed anywhere. You were quite rude to Guyviroth and Summers.

Ichiro: I had my reasons. If they left with Saizo, then hopefully I will not be seeing them again. On a different subject, are you even going to be using this ring anymore?

Voice: I've just opened it up for practice. They showed interest, so they should be arriving shortly. If you're good, maybe I'll let them use you as a punching bag.

Ichiro: Hmm, I might take you up on that offer. These fighters must be powerful to have been chosen for this tournament, so I'm sure one will be able to provide me my redemption.

Tendril: (behind Ichiro) hey, look at that. a target.

Ichiro: *turns slightly* And what are you supposed to be?

Tendril: half hedgehog, half shadow being.

Ichiro: Shadows? Now I'm interested. But first, let me ask you this: have you ever come across a photokinetic before?

Tendril: you kiddin? my friend and rival is photokinetic.

Ichiro: Good, then you should be used to my powers. *Ichiro seeming faded away, and Lumina Lightbeam appeared in his place* Is this the one?

Tendril: that's the one.

Lumina: Well I don't like it. *Lumina faded and was replaced by Terron Subrock* Your friends have quite a wide spectrum of abilities. *runs at Tendril*

Tendril: Quake now, eh? (sinks into his shadow as soon as he gets too close)

Terron: *disappears* You can't hide from me where light does not shine. If I wish it so, then I will make the light shine! *Tendril's shadow begins to shrink*

Tendril: (he's in Ichiro's shadow. comes up out of the shadow and uppercuts him)

Ichiro: *reveals himself and stumbles forward* Good eye, Shade. But you shouldn't always trust your eyes. *all of Team Ultima and Team Hypra appear before Tendril. Ichiro replaced him on Team Ultima, now with a purple and black colouring*

Tendril: heh, your illusions can't fool my eyes. (upon closer inspection, one could see that his eyes had reversed colors. the whites had become black, his pupils became white, and his red irises are now green)

Ichiro: Your "Dark Eye"? It does not amuse me. Aquella, Pyra, attack him!

Tendril: shadow, defend.

Tendril's shadow: (stands up) aww! i wanted to fight the real one!

Ichiro: *plants his feet. The illusions of Tsunami and Inferna proceed to fight Tendril's shadow* Burst Bomb! *upchucks a ball of lava at the real Tendril (assuming it is the real one)*

Tendril: (wings of shadow appear on his back. he flaps them, flying above the lava)

Ichiro: Aero, after him! *the Cyclone illusion flies up after Tendril. A bar of light begins forming in Ichiro's hands*

Tendril: (soars straight at Cyclone. slams a fist laced with shadows into it)

Ichiro; *dispels the Cyclone illusion. The bar of light forms his weapon: a staff with a spiked warhammer on one end and a short blade on the other* One down, me to go. Stop playing around and fight like you used to, Shade!

Tendril: i prefer Tendril, but alright. Shadow Blades! (twin blades of darkness appear in his hands)

Ichiro: *rushes towards Tendril with the Flare and Quake illusions at his side*

Tendril: (wings dissappear and he plummets toward them, blades at the ready)

Ichiro: *counters with his own blade* I have trained in this art for many years. You cannot hope to defeat me. *Quake stands idle, ready to defend, and Lumina fires a beam of light at Tendril*

Tendril: (blocks the beam of light with a wall of shadow) i have trained on my own since i was six. (lunges at Ichiro)

Ichiro: *bats away Tendril's blade with the hammer* Then we are both quite skilled. *dispells the remaining illusions* However, I know my abilities much more well than you know yours! *upchucks another ball of lava and stabs through it, aiming at Tendril's chest*

Tendril: (dissolves into shadows and dissappears. the real one lands on Ichiro's shoulders and backflips off, pushing him foreward) is that so?

Ichiro: *dissolves into light and disappears. The real one appears behind Tendril and jabs at his back with the hammer* You tell me.

Tendril: (sinks into Ichiro's shadow. comes back up and kicks upward, slamming his foot into Ichiro's chin, sending him high into the air. he appears behind Ichiro and grabs him, ropes made of shadow wrap around him, restraining him. the two begins to fall, headfirst toward the ground, spinning at a ferocious speed) Tendril's Primary Lotus! (slams Ichiro into the ground)

(auto-hitting much?)

Ichiro: *fades aways on impact. His voice then comes from seemingly everywhere* What did I tell you Shade? Just because you think you have me, you may not actually have me. For all you know, I could be anywhere in this room.


Tendril: and what makes you think i don't know where you are?

Ichiro: Do you?

Tendril: (silver streaks appear to accompany his purple ones. spikes grow on his knuckles)

Nightfall Tendril: i do now.

Ichiro: Nighfall, part of the ancient Ultima. Am I correct?

Nightfall Tendril: finally. someone who remembers the legends. we don't find many who do.

Ichiro: Memory is not the extent of my knowledge. However, you may choose to believe what you wish. So, if you know so much, then find me.

NT: (raises his hands. metal gathers between his fingers, forming needles. he hurls them all straight at Ichiro, even though he couldn't be seen)

Ichiro: *the needles fall to the ground. Ichiro reappears and is spinning his staff* Ah, excelent Nightfall. Now, stop trying to hit me and hit me.

NT: (behind him) if you say so. (punches him with a fist covered in metal)

Ichiro: *stumbles forward, then stabs back at NT with his blade*

NT: (rolls to the side and sweepkicks)

Ichiro: *jumps the sweepkick and turns in mid-air, swinging his hammer*

NT: (rolls back to avoid it)

Ichiro: *fires another Burst Bomb*

NT: (magnetically boosts himself high into the air)

Ichiro: Quit running and fight me!

NT: if you insist! Chaos Beam! (fires a beam of chaos energy at Ichiro)

Ichiro: *bends the light from the beam to go around him* Is that all?

NT: (opens his mouth. a wisp of cyan smoke comes out. metal gathers around the smoke, making a body for Nightfall. Tendril loses his silver streaks and knuckle spikes)

Tendril: alright, let's double team him.

Nightfall: right.

Ichiro: *creates a salamander with two samurai swords out of light* Shade, Nightfall, I'd like you to meet my friend Toshi.

Toshi: You aren't the only one with allies.

Tendril: heh, have you forgotten already? shadow, fight Toshi.

Tendril's shadow: yes master! (charges at Toshi with twin blades of shadow)

Toshi: *disappears in a puff of smoke and reappears behind Nightfall, slashing at his back with one sword*

Ichiro: *charges at Tendril*

Nightfall: (the sword bounces off him with a clang) im made of metal, remember?

Tendril: (a spinning ball of shadows appears in his hand. he charges at Ichiro) Tendril's Rasengan! (brings the rasengan foreward, hoping to hit Ichiro in the stomach)

Ichiro: *fades away (it was and illusion)*

Toshi: *fades away, replaced by the real Ichiro, and swings at Nightfall with the hammer* Surprise!

Tendril: (dissolves into shadows and dissappears. the real one comes out of Nightfall's shadow. blocks the hammer with a blade of shadow) surprise yourself!

Ichiro: *jumps back and fires another Burst Bomb* Excelent Shade. Your repeated showcasing of your abilities continues to amaze me. I think I'm actually having fun.

Tendril: (runs around to the right of the bomb) yeah, me too.

Nightfall: (runs around to the left)

Ichiro: We should rap this up, though. Drawn out battles can get boring quite quickly. *several copies of Ichiro appear in a flash of light* Shall we?

Tendril: sure. (multiple clones made of shadows rise up and charge at Ichiro's clones)

Ichiro: *disappears amongst the clones. They all speak simultaneously* Then let it end here! *they strike at once*

Tendril: (all at once) agreed! (all of them charge at the Ichiros. all except for one, who stays behind and watches)

Ichiro: *they all clash with the Tendril clones. One jumps at the idle Tendril*

Tendril: (a sword of shadows appears in his hand. he attacks Ichiro)

-there is a flash of light upon impact. When it clears, Tsunami is seen on the ground-

Aquella: Why did you do that Tendril? Why?

Tendril: (smirks) Tsunami is my best friend. you can't fool me with your cheap illusions! (stabs the Tsunami illusion)

Aquella: *receives a deep wound* Stop hurting me Tendril!

Tendril: you should learn how people behave before trying to pass yourself off as them. Tsunami wouldn't lie there sobbing as i stab her! she would get up and fight back! (slices at the illusion's throat)

Aquella: *crawls backwards and gets up to a kneel* My mistake... Would you prefer this? *tendrils of light burst from the illusion, snapping at Tendril*

Tendril: better. Shadow Tendril! (dozens of tendrils of shadow burst from his chest, slamming into the illusion and it's tendrils full-force)

Aquella: *bursts into a puff of smoke and wraps around Tendril. A face forms in the smoke* Hmhmhm, copycat.

Tendril: who copied who? that technique is where my master got the nickname 'Tendril'.

Smoke: *forms blades that stab into Tendril* Specifics, specifics. Why don't you just fall down and die already?

Tendril: if you insist. (dissolves into shadows and dissappears. it was a clone set as a diversion)

Ichiros: Fine then. We'll go down together. *the Ichiro clones latch onto the Tendril clones and explode simultaneously*

(not a single Tendril is left. only Nightfall and Tendril's shadow)

-smoke bursts from the ground, creating a thick cloud over Nightfall-

Ichiro: You're quite a formidable adversairy, but these petty tricks cannot breach the light.

Nightfall: what trick?

Ichiro: This one! *a beam of light shoots out from below Nightfall*

Nightfall: (he magnetically launches himself to the side, narrowly dodging the beam) i bet you don't even know where he is do you? (charges at Ichiro)

Ichiro: *fades upon impact* You're my real concern Nightfall. Tendril is nothing without you. You have the power, while he just acts as a solid host for your magnificent form.

Nightfall: while that may be true, you shouldn't underestimate that boy. even i had trouble against him when we first fought. (magnetically hurls chunks of rock at Ichiro)

Ichiro: *again, fades upon impact* Tsk tsk tsk... He's corrupted you. You believe him to have true power, when you are more powerful than he could ever be. He's ruined your state of mind. You can't even tell illusions from the real thing anymore.

Nightfall: is that so? (surrounds himself in a ball of metal. spikes grow all around the ball. he begins magnitizing everything in their ring to himself, causing every solid object to fly straight at the spikes)

Ichiro: Hmhmhm... Hahahahahahaha! Just as I thought. *the smoke around Nightfall parts, forming Ultima*

Ultima: What shall you do now?

Nightfall: (the magnetic field around him shuts off. the spiked ball collapses) you may look and sound like Ultima, but you could only dream of being the real thing! (fires every chunk of metal and rock caught in his magnetic field at Ultima)

Ultima: *catches the debris with his own magnetism* My powers far exceed that which you have at your disposal. It would be wise of you to yield. *drops the debris*

Nightfall: Ultima, of all beings, should know that i could never give up. (charges at Ultima, his fists coated in metal)

Ultima: *fires a bolt of lightning at Nightfall* If I wish it, I shall make you give up.

Nightfall: (dodges the lightning and throws a punch at Ultima)

Ultima: *lifts Nightfall by his fists with magnetism* Fall! Fall before your superior! *tosses Nightfall*

Nightfall: (hits the ground and rolls. stands up. thinks) no way. that's not possible. these aren't just illusions. he's physically attacking. come on, Tendril. finish up and help me out here! (out loud) Chaos Beam! (fires a beam of chaos energy at Ultima)

Ultima: *absorbs the attack* I find it difficult to believe that you of all people would underestimate me. Chaos Ultimate Beam!

Nightfall: (narrowly dodges the blast) i find it hard to believe your illusions can hit me! Chaos Boost! (uses chaos energy to boost his speed and strength. he charges at Ultima)

Ultima: *backhands Nightfall* As I have told you before, I know the extent of my abilities far better than you know yours.

Tendril's shadow: (spinkicks Ultima in the back of the head)

Ultima: *flinches from the hit* Come to join us once again, or will you shadow be doing your deeds as always?

(the real Tendril is still nowhere to be found)

Nightfall: (grabs Ultima by the throat) not so fast! you haven't finished with me yet!

Ultima: Maybe so, but I am through with you. *surrounds himself in a tornado*

Nightfall: (knocked back. thinks) impossible. Ultima can't be formed without me becoming a part of him. which means that he is an imposter created by illusions. how, then, can he directly strike me with Ultima's attacks?! (struggles to his feet. sends waves of magnetic energy at Ultima)

Ultima: *absorbs the waves* I am disappointed in you. *Ichiro becomes slightly visible in front of Ultima*

Ichiro: My powers not only allow me to bend light. I can see things. Things I do not want to see, things I cannot unsee. I can see into your mind and that of Tendril's. I can see images of your friends, your peers, your lives. Ultima is a part of you just as much as you are a part of it. If you believe it to be true, then I can make it so. *fades once more*

Ultima: *the seven Chaos Emeralds appear around him* Chaos... Ultimate... CANNON!

Nightfall: well, if it's as simple as belief, then in theory.... (stands motionless, willing himself to stop believing that Ultima's attacks have any effect on him)

-within the beam, and image of Ichiro become visible-

Ichiro: *jabs the idle Nightfall with the hammer*

Nightfall: (notices Ichiro just in time. jumps to the side then slams into him with his shoulder as he passes. chaos boost wears off afterward)

-the Ultima illusion fades-

Ichiro: Now you're getting it. But... as much as I enjoy fight you, I would like to finish my fight with Shade. There is nothing more I can do to you.

Tendril: (the ground beneath Ichiro explodes. Tendril comes out with an uppercut. his right half was normal, but his left was now brown with orange streaks) then it looks like i finished the transfomation just in time.

Ichiro: *flies backward, but lands on his feet. He briefly flashes, and is suddenly clad in samurai armour* Hahaha, why don't we finish this the way fights were meant to. No clones, no shadows, no illusions. Just you, me, and our weapons. *takes a fighting stance* Shall we?

Tendril: (changes back to normal. a blade of shadows appears in his hand) no prob.

Ichiro: En guarde! *charges at Tendril*

Tendril: (charges and slices at Ichiro)

Ichiro: *blocks with his staff, then counters with a slice from the short blade*

Tendril: (sidesteps and lunges at him)

Ichiro: *let's the blade hit off his armour* Heh. Made of metal, remember? *swings at Tendril with the hammer*

Tendril: (jumps and lands on the hammer) if you weren't wearing that heavy metal you could move faster! (jumps onto Ichiro's head and jumps off behind him)

Ichiro: *stabs backwards with the short blade* Speed isn't everything. One has to have a balance of speed, skill and strength to be successful.

Tendril: (deflects the blade with his own. counters with a quick cut)

Ichiro: *jumps away to avoid the cut* I should also warn you that, although this armour may be a burden to most, I have trained in it for years. I'm used to it.

Tendril: good for you. (lunges)

Ichiro: *sidesteps to dodge, then swings the hammer*

Tendril: (rolls under the hammer. comes up with a vertical slice)

Ichiro: *blocks with his staff then counters with a kick*

Tendril: (takes the hit and backflips away)

Ichiro: *runs at Tendril*

Tendril: (twirls his sword, then thrusts, feints, and slices diagonally)

Ichiro: *blocks the thrust, leaving him open for the diagonal slice; takes the hit full on* Urgh... Excelent move. *stabs towards Tendril's head, then follows through with an upward swing from the hammer*

Tendril: (parries the stab. sees the hammer coming too late. takes a hit to the chin)

Ichiro: *continues his attack, alternating between the blade and the hammer*

Tendril: (deflecting the blade with his own while narrowly avoiding the hammer)

Ichiro: *holds back Tendril's blade with his staff and deals a roundhouse kick*

Tendril: (takes the hit and jumps back)

Ichiro: You're slipping Shade. If you keep this up, you won't stand a chance against Eclipse next round. He and I are from the same Zone, and I'vee seen him fight seriously. He will destroy you if you don't improve. *stands at ease* Now come, hit me once more.

Tendril: alright, looks like im done with these weak moves. time to do something useful! (holds Moonlight up high and jabs the blade into the ground. he lets go of it and begins charging his next move.) Weapon Style: Moonlight! (shadows begin billowing from the hilt of the sword like smoke. they surround their battlefield, blocking out the sun until it was barely as bright as the moon. Tendril and the sword fade into the shadows and seem to dissappear)

Ichiro: Hmhmhm... Is that all? *spins his blade. Tendril suddenly becomes white and reflective* ♪Found you.

Tendril: (the shadows remain. Ichiro feels a slice to his back. Tendril smirks)\

Ichiro: *flinches* Urgh! ...Told you. *stabs backwards*

Tendril: (Ichiro's blade hits nothingness. Tendril is still in the same spot as when the attack begun) there's nothing to stab. (Ichiro begins feeling more slices, each one seeming to come from a different direction)

Ichiro: *is hit by some slashes, but many connect only with his armour* I thought -urk- we agreed on... No... these are not your shadow clones. What else have you been hiding from me, Shade?

Tendril: this is the main effect of Weapon Style: Moonlight. the fact that i blend in with the shadows is only a pleasent side effect. (the attacks begin to slow down and Tendril starts looking a bit tired)

Ichiro: *closes his eyes* Well, I suppose I have underestimated you. But you as well, have underestimated me. *hits the hammer of his weapon to the ground. White smoke billows from the other, bladed end, and is almost luminous* Anything you can do, I can do my way. Your not the only one with a few abilities left to reveal.

Tendril: (removes the sword from the ground as the shadows fade away. takes a defensive position)

Ichiro: *sighs* Looks like you're not one to call a bluff. *charges at Tendril as the white smoke clears*

Tendril: (lunges at him)

Ichiro: *parries the lunge, then follows up with a swing from the hammer*

Tendril: (drops to the ground and sweepkicks)

Ichiro: *is tripped by the sweepkick, but cartwheels to the right and jabs towards Tendril's head*

Tendril: (ducks under the jab and kicks upward, aiming for Ichiro's weapon hand)

Ichiro: *weapon disappears just before his hand is hit. Is thrown off balace slightly, but comes up with a jab to the chest with his other hand*

Tendril: (sees the attack coming and just manages to block it with his free hand. counters with a quick cut to the side)

Ichiro: *jumps back. The cut is blocked by his chest plate. He snaps his fingers, and his weapon reappears in his left hand*

Tendril: (spins his sword)

Ichiro: *spins his staff*'

Tendril: this battle's getting boring. what do you say we end it?

Ichiro: I never leave a fight unfinished. But... I respect you as a warrior, and will respect you decision as well. Next time, however, only one of us will leave standing.

Tendril: agreed. (prepares for a final attack)

Ichiro: *moves into a defensive stance with a confused and excited look*

Tendril: i said let's finish this. i never said no one would win. (his sword dissappears and shadows began rubbing up against each other in his open palm) you should be grateful. your the first to see my new technique.

Ichiro: Hmhmhmhmhm... After the Championship, I do hope we meet again. I've enjoyed this far too much. *becomes surrounded in a white mist, and is left as a white frame* Only one other has seen me in this state, and he fled before I could finish my blow. Together, we shall showcase our true capabilities. *moves into a fighting stance*

Tendril: (doesn't answer. his focus seems to rest entirely on charging his attack. after a moment or two, tiny purple sparks can be seen in his hand. each spark seems to be bigger and longer than the last until a ball of purple lightning appears in his hand. instead of the high-pitched sound like birds chirping that most chidori's give off, this one seemed to have a low cracking sound, like trees snapping in half) Dark Chidori! (charges at Ichiro, aiming the ball of dark lightning at his stomach)

Ichiro: Light of Redemption! *disappears into the mist and passes through Tendril, slashing his blade simultaneously. He reappears with small sparks of purple energy snapping at his transluscent body*

Tendril: (falls to one knee, panting hard. it was obvious that the Dark Chidori had drained a lot of his power. he struggles to his feet and turns to face Ichiro. his twin shadow blades appear on his arms) let's try........another style. Weapon Style: Shadow Blades! (his body is soon covered in blades made of shadows, practically turning him into a living weapon. he charges at Ichiro dispite his fatigue)

Ichiro: *turns slowly, feeling the pain of Tendril's chidori gradually increase* It's over... you've lost. *begins vibrating subtly, yet eradically; the form was fading. He stabs forward as Tendril charges*

Tendril: (deflects the slice with an arm blade. begins to spin rapidly, becoming a whirlwind of spinning blades) Shadow Blade Hurricane!

Ichiro: *moves into a blocking stance to defend against the attack* (thinks)Urgh! Why won't he fall? I... can't... lose! *thrusts forward, hoping to knock Tendril off balance*

Tendril: (stops spinning and slams the blade on one knee into Ichiro's weapon, hoping to knock it out of his hand)

Ichiro: *the weapon bursts into mist, but quickly reforms. The vibrating worsens* Fall! *swings at Tendril with the hammer*

Tendril: Give up.....(curls up into a ball, the blades serving as sharp spikes covering him. the hammer hits but doesn't do much other than knock him away. he begins rolling back toward him in an attempt to run him down) ......on me giving up!

Ichiro: *swings the hammer once more, like a golf club, hoping to hit Tendril away* (panting)

Tendril: (swerves around the hammer just in time)

Ichiro: *falls back from the hit, his form fades* Ugh! Stop... (panting) I yield... I have lost. *hangs his head*

Tendril: (stops and uncurls. kneeling and panting. stands and walks over to Ichiro)

Ichiro: *climbs to his knees. He attempts to get up, but fails* (whispering) I... I lost... Why did I lose?

Tendril: (holds out a hand to Ichiro and manages a smile despite his fatigue)

Ichiro: *looks up at Tendril, pauses, then accepts the gesture* You... You are quite the warrior, Shade Nightwing.

Tendril: (helps Ichiro to his feet) so are you. never heard of any one controlling reality before.

Ichiro: You would be suprised, the things you can learn in the Dragon Kingdom. I'm sure if you were around back then, you would have made an excelent member of the Orochi Clan. Few have defeated me in battle.

Tendril: next time though, you might not want to tell your opponent the secret of your power. as displayed with Nightfall, as soon as they know that it relies on belief, they stop believing.

Ichiro: Maybe so, but most do not have the power to stop believing. I was aware of Nightfall's physical strength, but his mental capabilities eluded me until now. When one can see, feel, and hear their opponent, they believe the opponent to be real. It is an unavoidable trap of the common mind. But on a different note... I apologize, for some of the things I said and did.

Tendril: all is forgiven. you put up quite a fight. no one's ever stood up to my Dark Chidori. of course, it's also true that you're the first to witness it. Nightfall and my shadow are the only one's who knew it existed 'till now.

Ichiro: It was a difficult attack to withstand, that's for sure. If not for it, I doubt my Redemtion state would have faded so quickly. You remind me of someone, Demon Yamato, but he was a very evil man. We had a fight similar to this one. However, unlike last time, I fought you and enjoyed it. The more I fought him, the more my rage and lust for vengeance built. But enough of my past. You should return to the locker room. The first round can't be far from over now.

Tendril: right. Nightfall!

Nightfall: (walks over. opens his mouth and a wisp of cyan smoke leaves it and enters Tendril through his mouth. Nightfall's body collapses into a pile of metal dust)

Ichiro: Well then, farewell Shade Nightwing. I hope we meet again in the future. *heads for the door*

Tendril: you too.

(After Ichiro leaves, an illusion of a midnight-blue wolf appears. He seems to be watching the door. He turns to Tendril, then fades)

Smash The Echidna Versus Darkness the Dragon Hybrid (Winner: Smash)

Smash soon walked into the ring. It was quiet, especially since no one was watching them from the audience. They were too busy watching the other fights. He turned around to look at everyone else walking in. "So! Who wants to fight who?" He asked. "I don't really have anyone I wanna challenge off hand, yet, but I'm open for one."

Darkness: *stepped up to the ring* im just good for practice due to my... master's interference. but i wont go easy. *cracks his neck and knucles* lets do this smash!

"Oh? Well this should be interesting." Smash rose his eyebrow before moving into his battle stance. "Alright, then. Show me whatcha got."

Darkness: just give me a sec. gotta go by the book my bro wrote for useing *he pulls out a katana that transforms into a huge 2 handed sword and with it Darkness is encased with blue demon armour* Yamato. alright. first move's yours.

"Hmph, that's my line." Smash said. "Alright, Just this once." He shrugged. He glanced at the blue armor. First, lets see just how tough that armor is.. He thought. He came at Darkness quickly, and threw a powerful, straight punch towards his chest.

Darkness: *he knew he was going to be tested and he himself never tested the armour and it was strong because he didnt feel the hit but he was pushed back a few feet from the blow* Dang... my brother knows how to make a dang good armour. i didnt feel a thing! but time to get started. *he slides towards smash in a fashion where he can attack with Yamato and his free hand*

"Indeed he can. Almost unfairly strong, but all the more challenge!" He agreed. He then sidestepped, just far enough to stay out of range of the attack, and came back in with a counter attack. He threw a strong punch towards his head.

Darkness: *a big thud was heard and he was stunned because the flaw of the armour was that the helmat was never there so when Smash's fist made contact it almost killed him but his powers made him pass out for a few seconds*

Smash followed up with a spin kick, knocking him down as he passed out. Waiting for him to get back up, he noticed Darkness' eyes were closed. He wasn't moving. He sood up straight, looking down at him. "...Did I really do that much damage...?" He asked himself.

Darkness: *after getting up* yeah... your first punch did it. my armour's flaw as you can see is my head's exposed. that gave you the perfect opportunity to hit me. i have to be more careful... your first punch almost did unrepairible damage.

"Whoa." Smash said, nearly in awe. He looked down at his hands. "I really am getting stronger..." He said to himself before looking back at Darkness. "Well then..Shall we continue? Or do you need to rest? That blow was pretty bad."

Darkness: dont worry about it. if i can survive being decapitated i can survive some nasty blows. but damn your getting stronger. im glad i didnt fight you. but forget this *the armour and sword fly off of him and he's now only wearing gauntlets and greives of white armourish powers* these *points to the gauntles and greives* are a soul called Beowulf. Beowulf the light beast. but lets continue on.

Smash nodded. "That's more like it." He said. "Come at me!" He returned to his battle stance, ready for whatever Darkness was about to dish out.

Darkness: *charges at him with a dash/slide jab*

Smash watched as he came closer, coiling his legs up slightly, before springing to the side of him and performing a spin kick in mid-air in an attempt to knock him back and cancel out his attack.

Darkness: *the hit knocked him off balance but it worked to his advantage for him to spring off of the ground do a flip and attack with a down punch*

Smash landed on the ground, only to see Darkness coming down at him with a punch. He held his hands up to block the punch, and successfully caught his fist. But with him in a crouching position, holding his fist, he wasn't able to do much at the moment.

Darkness: nice but it would have been better to dodge it than catch it... because this weapon has an effect that this punch causes *a white power volcanoish blast erupts from the ground underneath Smash but Darkness also got blasted from having contact with Smash* dangit... i hate Volcano! i didnt even call out the move name and it still happens!

"URRGHIII!!" Smash cried out in pain, now leaping high in the air while comically holding his burnt tail. He landed on his feet and ran from the spot where the volcanic blast came from, just in case it was still hot. "What the CRAP was that!?"

Darkness: the effect of the down fist attack... a blast of white light called Volcano. now you know what these things are meant for when i use them. *brushing off the resido from the blast* but from now on when you see that just stay away from me and the blast of it. as soon as it dissapears its harmless.

"I will." Smash said in a matter of factly tone as he brushed himself off. He then rushed towards him, taking the initiative. "Try this on for size!" He called out as he appeared to be ready to ram into him. As soon as he got close enough, he tried to use a round-house kick on him.

Darkness: *the force of the kick hurt them both when it contacted with his gloved hand after catching it* dang. i love this man! *grabs Smashes leg and twirls it around like a cathc flip trick kind of move*

While Smash was being twirled around, he tried to pull Darkness off balance by pulling his leg in.

Darkness: *after twirling Smash around a few times he let go by sending him on a spiral rolling trip with little time to prepare for the fall* dang man il need a big break after this but for now lets do this. *his body shots out a quick burst of red energy not to attack Smash but to increase his own powers* alright this should be good. *he does three backflip handstands and then he jumps up and launches off of the ring side toward Smash*

Smash was in for a series of uncontrolable kartwheels. He was beginning to get dizzy from the constant spinning, until he finally managed to gain control of himself by forcing himself over and falling down face first. "Nngh." He grunted, sounding off key after hitting his nose on the floor. He stood up, holding his head while trying to shake off the dizziness.

Darkness: il cut him some slack... that was kind of mean.. *he controls his balance and lands close to him only to flip over him without doing anything to attack him*


Smash shook his head, his senses returning to him. He soon noticed Darkness near him. "Maybe that wasn't the best of moves. Anyway, Lets do this."

Darkness: you sure Smash? that last thing i did... that was mean.. even for me. so you need a rest? or just a quick breather?

Smash shook his head. "Nah, I'm good. If you got knocked out cold, even for a few moments, in the first blow and still got back up to fight, This is nothing. Don't worry about it."

Darkness: yeah i know. alright lets get it on! *his hands are pulled back as in a charge to an attack*

Smash knew immediately that he was charging something. That particular position he was in was similar to one of his friends, who often does that when charging an attack. He put up his defense.

Darkness: *he lunges foward but his feet dont move until there about to hit Smash*

An odd attack it seemed, but Smash was ready. He jumped into the air, and attempted to smash down on Darkness' back as he came under him.

Darkness: *right as Smash jumped up so did he with an uppercut that had light energy swirling arond the gauntlet from it but it was to late Smash came down on his scar badly and it sent him down to the ground and he got back up weakened but still able to fight* ouch..... *the fatigue from the match is getting to him switching styles in battle is not easy nor is some of his actions and so he is breathing heavy*

After dealing the blow, Smash backflipped off of him, allowing him to stand, and got back into his battle stance. There's this move I've just been itching to try out. Two of them, actually. I just haven't had the chance to do it yet... He thought to himself.

Darkness: i might be.... weakened but my resolve remains unwavered...... *two barriers form around him and he starts floating in them charging up both Light and Dark powers* i... am... the....dedicated warrior seeking peace through fighting.... my sin haunt my soul and help it prosper as well... there is not limit to my wants... but i must fight for those rights.... *as he's saying this incantation his body starts tearing off the skin to reveal an entirely pure body of energy*

Smash looked up at him. "Ah, So it's time to get serious now, eh?" He commented. I'm not sure I like where this is going. I want to judge his strength in this form by seeing how well I do in my normal state, but something tells me I'd better not... He thought, nervously.

Darkness: *his body starts mutating on his own but is cut off only when half of Darkness's arms are changed* im in half my state of power..... dang.. i though i sealed that up... oh well at least i have my soul arms now... so lets continue. *the barriers are wishked away and he lands back on the ground*

That, was kind of a disturbing transformation..Think I've seen worse, though. He thought. "Alright then. I believe it was my turn to make a move?" He ran towards him, and threw a hard punch towards his side, his free arm ready to follow up with another attack.

Darkness: *blocks both with both hands* sadly the only thing with enough power to get me out of that transformation would have been a nuke.

"Heh. Unfortunately that's not something I can do offhand." With both of his hands caught, he decided to take advantage and attempt to roll backwards, onto his back while pulling Darkness on top of him, and toss him over his head with a kick.

Darkness: *lands and gets right back up and jumps up and trys doing a jump stomp attack* lets do this right!

Smash rolled back onto his feet, and jumped back into his battle stance, right when he heard a stomp behind him. He quickly whirled around to see Darkness with his feet planted hard on the ground, right where he was laying. That could have been ugly. He thought. He rushed back towards him, his fist cocked behind him, and attempted to pound him with a downward chop.

Darkness: nice but not to easy *he caught it it after it hit him and before he could retract his hand and threw a punch where his knuckles are closed but his hand is open also known as a knuckle cobra strike*

Smash managed to catch his wrist with his free hand, before the attack struck. He then twisted it, in an attempt to injure it.

Darkness: *let him capture it and headbutts him without warning* comeon man no offence to you but make sure this is also covered.

Smash took the hit directly, but didn't move back. "With both my hands occupied, the only thing I can do is this!" He then attempted to bash his head against his as a counter attack. Of course, his head would be aching after that.

Darkness: oh crap! *when it hit he let go of Smash's hands and sent down with an aching head*

Smash took a step back, holding his own head with one hand. "I need to get used to doing that, again..." Smash grumbled to himself.

Darkness: *as the demon he is he gets back up without useing his hands but rather just floats back upright* i need to embrace my true powers to be fully adaptable.

"And I need to practice with my own, as well." Smash said. "So far I've been able to come this far without any sort of gimmicks. So lets try taking this up a notch, shall we?" He stood with his clenched fists in front of him. "Hrr...URRGHII!!" He let out a battle cry as he released a blast of energy. A skyblue aura surrounded him, as his fur changed from deep blue to lime greenish cyan.

Darkness: my body's more stable now. i can try again for my full transformed state. *as he had hoped this time his body fully transformed into the form of the black and white mixed energies on each side with a yin,yang symbol where his Essence is* lets keep going at it!

"Good. Come on!" He yelled, enthusiastically. Smash then charged forward and delivered a quick combo of several punches and kicks. Each blow was rapidly growing stronger than the other.

Twinaka: *blocks every punch while getting fast as he moves just like how smash was getting stronger so was Darkness* nice but *he throws an illision fist type attack where his fist dissapeared and could reappear anywhere* im not going any less than my best *he also throws up his legs as in trying to do a flying upperkick*

The fist struck him, but he didn't let himself get thrown off. At the same time Darkness attempted his flying upperkick, Smash ended his combo with a powerful punch towards him in an attempt to pierce his guard.

Darkness: damn. *the punch hit him but he grabbed smash's shoulder's and did a flip and at the end of the flip kicked off of smash to get away from him which was not a good move when some bones of his broke while doing that*

Smash was sent rolling away from the attack. He somersaulted a few times, but then sprang back to his feet. "Nice move." He complimented as he faced him again.

Darkness: acrobatics are a vampires most leathal weapon... against their enemies and themselves... *indicating his body is past its limits even in his god form he cant keep going so he decides to finish it* .... i really enjoyed this smash.... but my body wont let me fight for much longer.... im going to end it in my next attack.... *he throws his hands above him and a big ball of black and white energy starts forming* Demonic... Oblivion! *he throws it at the ring and when it explodes it covers most of the rings not leaving much room to dodge it at*

Smash's eyes shrunk. "Oh..Oh CRAP!!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. He wasted not another second, and bolted towards the edge of the ring in an attempt to get away from the blast. He ran as fast as he could, just praying that he could outrun the blast. He soon came to the edge, and wobbled a bit while trying not to fall off. He regained his balance, and turned around to see what had become of the blast, and Darkness for that matter.

Darkness: *he was laying unconsious and fully reverted back to normal with more of the injuries visable for that matter and the blast only stayed and went away and that showed darkness on the ground*

"I..I managed to avoid it..." Smash thought aloud. He then let out a sigh of relief as he powered down. He walked over towards Darkness, and bent down beside him. "You put up a good fight. But it's about time we wind down, now." He said.

Darkness: *his injuries prevented him from speaking but he could move barely and with each movement came pain to him and by loud bone craking sounds*

"Hey, Don't try to move. You'll only hurt yourself worse." He looked up. "Excuse me! Host? We need some medical attention here!"

Darkness: *his body stops moving after he gets in a better position to be heard from* no... my metal arm acted as my medium for unnatural healing... but its beyond repair for now.... so its best just to get me to a bed and let me stay there....il remake my metal arm out of plain steel when im ready....

Smash looked back down at him. "Alright, if that's the case..." He lifted Darkness into his arms, carefully, and headed back to the locker room.

Saizo Marushagan Versus Memphis the Shining Demonhog

Memphis: *walks into the stage and looks around* A practice battle huh?..... *sighs* Ok then at least it is some good practice.

Saizo turns and faces the mobian, without a look of concern nor caution in his eye. He simply folds his arms over and sighs softly. "Damn. It's about time..." Saizo gives off a stern stare at his opponent, and laxes a single arm and holds it infront of him, gesturing the mobian to attack. "Come."

Memphis: *simple stares at him* Not my style man.... but I will do this. *charges a brilliant bullet on his finger tip and aims it at Saizo* I will take the first move I suppose. *fires the half charged brilliant bullet at Saizo, the shot moves at a blistering pace*

Saizo watched as the bullet formed; even before memphis fired the attack, he knew he'd need to dodge it; it wasn't much different from Saizo's own Spiralling Moon Bullets. As soon as the shot fired, Saizo stepped to the right to avoid it before bursting forwards in a sprint, using his Moon Body Flicker to create a blinding flash of light as soon as he pressed forwards. Within the flash, Saizo drew his sword and though several feet away, executed a slash which would be able to cleave his opponent in half.

Memphis: *impressed with his speed, he quickly leaps over the extended cut and frontflips so that he is standing behind his opponent now * Wow seems like this should be an interesting match! So your a thinker to huh? *smirks* Let us see who can come up with the better plans. *creates another Corrupted bullet and fires it into the air* Please show me what you can do.

"Your deathwish..." Saizo started, forming his hand into a claw-like shape while five small orbs of white light began to form themselves at the tips of each finger. "Moon Release: Spiraling Moon Bullet." Each shot fired at a high velocity, like an actual bullet. Their power was enough to pierce through stone and steel alike, let alone what it could do to an actual body; it'd been a long time since Saizo could last recall such a thing.

Arc Aungel Versus Smash the Echidna II

As Smash entered the ring, he saw Arc standing opposite him. "Ah, excelent," he said,"I'm glad you decided to join me. Trust me when I say, this will benefit the both of us."

Smash took a quick look at his surroundings. "What's this offer about?" He asked, despite already having a pretty big hunch on what was about to happen.

"I've been watching you since our match," he began, "And I must say, I'm quite interested." Arc then started to pace as he continued, "You are a very skilled fighter, one of the greatest I've seen in my time, and you have much potential. However, I fear that this potential is not being reached. It first came to me with the unintentional advancement of your High Tension state. I'm still not quite sure, but I believe it to be a hidden connection with the Chaos Force, waiting to be unlocked." He then stop, and his wings became visible again. They slowly flapped back and forth as faint red glow eminated from them. Smash took a slight step back, listening carefully to what he had to say. "I believe that you will win this tournament, but that match with Nora was far too close. I have been watching the other fighters as well, and unless we do something about your hidden potential, I fear that Tendril will destroy you. He did well to defeat Eclipse, one who has mastered his connection with the Chaos Force." Arc reared back his wings, as if preparing to take off. "Defend against this for me, if you please." Without any other warning, he thrust his wings forward, sending a flurry of Psyco-Darts straight towards Smash.

Smash didn't waste a second. With the amount of Psyco-Darts coming at him, Smash moved quickly to dodge as many as he could. Knowing that he couldn't dodge them all, he began deflecting darts with his arms and occasionally his legs as he dodged.

Arc tried to hold back a slight laughter, as to not offend. "Just as expected," he began, "Before I evaluate that display, I ask you to strike at me as I did you. Any attack will do, but a frontal strike would be prefered. I promise I will remain tangeable this time." With that, he folded his wings and placed his hands behind his back, seemingly leaving himself wide open.

Smash slit his eyes at him. He could tell he was amused, even if subtly. "Alright, then..." I'd better not hold back this time. He thought. Save the High Tension, but don't hold back your strength... He cracked his knuckles, and then rushed at him as fast as he could. He was moving rather quickly, and reached him in almost no time. He began to throw a flurry of punches and kicks, each blow gradually getting stronger. He pushed himself to hit harder and move faster, now aiming for any general weak points to deal more damage.

Smash's assault was fast, that was undeniable, but perhaps too fast. He was unable to notice that each hit was blocked by an unseen force, sending ripples of yellow energy across an invisible dome that had appeared around Arc. After the barrage, Arc commented, "Quite powerful, that's for sure. Now let us discuss." Arc dropped the barrier and glided to another corner of the ring. "You have great power, Smash, but little of an arsenal to back it up. I'm not saying that this is never useful, but it does have its drawbacks. My main purpose for asking this of you is to teach-- no, help you to find your arsenal." Pacing again, Arc continued, "Take the ability I just used, Chaos Protect. It is a very effective technique, but also very straining on new users. I chose to show you this first for one reason. You mentioned that you believe your High Tension state to be powered by your life force alone, and not Chaos Energy. Well, that is basically what the Chaos Protect is. A barrier of Chaos Energy which draws upon the user's life force to sustain itself. I want you to try and use it. Do as you would to enter your High Tension state, but focus your energy outward. Around you, not within you."

Smash stroked his chin, listening very carefully. "So basically, it's activated in a similar fashion to High Tension, in a more of a defensive way rather than offensive?" He asked, not entirely expecting an answer. "Alright then. I'll give it a shot." He then began to focus his energy within him, and tried to bring it out around him. His fur began to change color, and a sky blue aura began to swirl around him.

"Very good Smash, very good," Arc cheered, "Remember to focus it outward. The only energy that should build up within you is that which sustains the barrier." Casually, he flexed his wings and leaned forward, continuing, "Now let's see you put it to use. Right here and now." At a relatively average speed, he flew towards Smash and dealt a right hook with his wing, hoping to hit a barrrier.

Smash was getting way into his attempt to make a barrier. He was fascinated with the idea, and felt like he could really do it and much more. As Arc closed in on him, He began to control the energy around him. He was already familiar with focusing his energy. Even though this was new to him, he felt almost like he already knew how to do it. He then let out a burst of energy right when Arc was unleashing his attack. His wing didn't touch a barrier, however, he felt it getting pushed back by the energy flowing around him. Smash looked almost as if he had just realized something when he looked at Arc. He then thrust his palms forward, unleashing another burst of energy which caused his wing to completely bounce backwards and possibly throw him off balance. It felt almost like a barrier, but not quite. It mainly felt more like two magnets repelling from eachother.

Arc flew backward, stunned by what had just happen. Several thoughts filled his mind as he was overcome with awe, confusion, and pride. He landed on his feet, skidding to a stop. Brushing the dust which was carried up off of his robe, he stared at Smash with an enigmatic look. "Smash..." he began with a serious tone, "What did you just do?"

Smash stood up. He looked almost as if he had just snapped out of a trance. His aura returned to it's usual movements of just flowing through him as his High Tension state completed. "Y'know, That's a really good question." He said. "I started out just doing what you told me. But then I felt something..I felt like I had more control over my energy than I thought. Instead of solidifying my energy into a barrier, I was able to shove you back with a powerful force." It sounded more like a deduction rather than just explaining what he did. "Amazing..."

Again, Arc chuckled. "Well, that was unexpected. If you were able to turn Chaos Protect into... that, then let's see what you can do with Chaos Control." Immediately he charged forward, teleporting back and forth, ready to strike Smash again.

Smash watched him closely as he began to focus his energy again. Chaos Control...That's something I could never pull off. Even with the Chaos Emeralds... He thought. If I can't do that, I should at least make up something to make up for it. The moment Arc got close enough, Smash let out almost an explosion of energy behind him, launching him forward at an alarming speed as he let out his traditional battle cry, though it sounded more like he was startled. He held his fist out in front of him, ready to drive it right through him.

As Arc flew forward, he teleported past Smash and turned around, dealing a psycokinetic slash to his back. "Repeating the same technique in different ways makes your moves easily predicted," Arc criticized, "I want to see you try something new. It doesn't have to be Chaos Control, but that would make a decent starting point. Try it. Build up your energy, then focus on where you want to go. Once you feel ready, focus your energy on that location, all at once."

Smash forced himself to stop once he felt the blow to his back. He turned around, and scratched his head sheepishly. "To tell you the truth, That was completely unintentional. I only put my fist outward because I didn't wanna use my head if I hit you." He then returned to focusing his energy. Something new...Think, How can you use your energy in a new way? What can you do, that hasn't already been done? Hmm...I suppose I'll just try that Chaos Control. Focus your energy on one spot....one spot... He began to build up as much energy as he could. His aura increased in intensity, while slightly growing in size.

Arc watched carefully as Smash built his energy. He was simply fascinated with Smash, and everything he could do. Come now, Smash, you can do this, he thought, If my theory is right, then this should be but a simple task for you... or at least, it should become one. Arc raised his hand, and the Chaos Blade appeared in his grasp. Slowly he lowered it to a point where it was pointing at Smash. "Whenever you're ready."

Smash kept building up his energy. His eyes fixated seemingly on Arc. He appeared to be straining himself, trying to do this without fail. Suddenly, he yelled his infamous "URRGHII" as a large blast of energy covered him. His aura immediately turned lime green, along with his fur. Almost that same instant, he was launchd into the air--so fast that he seemingly disappeared.

He reappeared a ways above Arc's head, being launched back down with nearly the same speed as before. He threw a mighty punch towards his head, the same punch that knocked him into the sandbags earlier.

Hmm. That's not-- He couldn't even finish his thought. Smash was fast. Very fast. Arc had seen that kind of speed in few people before, and he definitely did not expect it from Smash. There was virtually no time to avoid it, and to do so would be difficult even if he expected it. Arc was hammered beneath the tiles of the ring, the attack's shockwave throwing them into the air left and right. As the dust cleared, Arc stood up slowly. He rubbed his head to ease the pain and said, "I must say... I'm impressed. Very impressed."

(You don't mind me putting Smash through all of this, do you? I was thinking about it, and I hadn't even realized that I might be railroading your character.)

((Well, it's interesting to see the extents of Smash's power, but I never wanted Smash to learn Chaos Control. He wasn't supposed to even be capable of using that with a Chaos Emerald. Other than that, it's fine.))

Smash stood up slowly as well, clutching his chest seemingly in pain as he returned to his regular state. "U-ugh...that was a bit much for me." He said, weakly. He was breathing a bit heavily. "Not even sure what exactly I did there, but I don't think I'll be doing that again anytime soon...Gah..."

(I didn't mean for him to use Chaos Control. He first discovered this ability when trying to use Chaos Protect, so Arc wanted to see what he could achieve when trying to use Chaos Control)

"Are you alright?" Arc asked with concern, "If this is too much for you, we can stop."

((Well, true, but it did seem like he was trying to get him to use Chaos Control.))

Smash stood up straight and shook his head. "I'll be fine. I just needed to catch my breath." He said, holding back the pain. He really didn't want to stop, even though he drained up most of his energy. "Besides, I'm gonna have to practice this stuff sooner or later. If I had to choose between training in here or the locker room, I'd rather my opponents didn't see what I'm learning."

(Sorry I wasn't more clear.)

"If you insist," Arc replied. The Chaos Blade disappeared and he folded his wings before continuing, "I'll be sure not to go too hard on you until you get your strength back."

Smash nodded. "Alright, so what's next?" He asked

(('tis okay.))

Arc paused for a moment. "Hmm... I'm not quite sure. We could start on improving some of your older techniques, but I'd have to think for a while of anything new to try."

Smash nodded again. "Fine by me." He said. He wound up his shoulders, loosening up a bit.

Arc hopped out of the crater as it terraformed back into the regular shape of the ring.

Voice: We can't have that obstructing you two, now can we?

"That Skull Cracker of your is quite an interesting attack," Arc began, "Why don't we see if we can come up with a new spin on it."

Smash grinned slightly. "I've already got an alternate version and a super powered upgrade, and you want more?" He chuckled a bit. "Sure thing. Have you already got an idea in mind? If not, I think I have one."

"You know yourself more than I do," Arc chuckled. After a brief pause, his tone became more serious and he continued, "Show me."

"Now that I think about it, there are TWO things I have in mind." Smash said, thoughfully. "Let's go with the second. I'm a bit more curious about your opinion of it." He cracked his knuckles. "Alright then. Lets do it." He charged towards him quickly, building up his energy again. As soon as he got close enough, he threw a right hook towards his side, with nearly as much strength as Skull Cracker. The impact could stun someone. He threw a left hook with the same type of power, but with a tad bit more force in it. His right hand began to glow with power as he followed up with a powerful rising uppercut towards his chin. He put so much strength behind it that he transformed into his high tension state in the process, which also gave him a bit of a boost into the air.

Arc took each hit with little resistance. He wasn't trying to defend against them, after all. He simply wanted to see how powerful they were. The first hit shot him to the side, which made the second much more significant. Arc probably would have fallen over if the uppercut hadn't stopped him. He flew high into the air from the impact and stayed there, using his wings to keep himself afloat. "If I weren't already dead, that would've really hurt," Arc joked.

After landing on the ground, Smash powered down back to his normal state. He silently took deep breaths as he looked up at him. "So, a keeper?" He asked with a slight grin. "I wanted to use that against Nora, but she seems to have a thing for giant lasers."

Slowly, Arc hovered back to the ground. "Yes. Yes she does," he began, "That was a part of my original concern. You had no way to defend against those other than dodging, and when dodging wasn't an option you took them head on in hopes of overpowering them. Unfortunately, Chaos Protect is out of the question now, so you are still without a proper guard. I'd like you to try once more to tap into the powers of Chaos before we move on. Would you mind?"

Smash nodded. "I'll give it a shot." He said. He took a deep breath, and began to focus his energy again. I think I'm starting to get the hang of this...I'm sure it's possible that I could pull this one off. I just need to control it properly...

Arc smiled. "There is one ability that isn't to difficult to use, so I want to see if you can do so," he explained, "You recall how each fighter is enveloped in a green light after their matches, yes? This is the host using Chaos Healer. Obviously you couldn't have it as powerful as his - even I can't - but I'm sure if you can get it to work, it will at least have the power to revitalize the body and mind, and even seal minor wounds." Arc then slowly raised his hand to Smash, and used Chaos Healer on him. "Did you feel that? I focused Chaos Energy out from myself, and into you. All you have to do is focus your energy out, then right back in again. One quick flex, nothing to it."

Smash nodded, still focusing his energy. "Yeah, I felt that." And man do I feel better. "So I just focus it out and back in, huh? Doesn't sound too hard." He built up his energy to the point where he went into his high tension state. He let out that familiar blast of energy which occured during the transformation, but this time the aura and energy appeared to separate from his body, and his fur returned to normal. "Wait a minute...I think I've got it." He held his hands out in front of him, trying to control his energy that surrounded him. "Before I bring it back, try hitting me. I think I've figured out how to do the other one." He said.

Arc was intrigued. "Really?" he said with curiosity, "Alright then. Let's see what you've got." He quickly moved into a basic fighting stance, and jabbed towards Smash's chest with a psycokinetically charged hand.

The energy shined as it began to solidify. His attack merely bounced off with seemingly no real effect.

As his attack was blocked, Arc grew excited. So excited that he attacked again, expecting the same result.

The results were indeed the same. Smash clenched his fists and brought his arms back, the energy began flowing like it usually did, and he thrust his palms forward in a similar fashion to when he shoved Arc back with his energy before, which was exactly what was happening now.

Arc flew backwards like last time. He was ready for it this time, however, and landed on his feet. "Excelent, Smash! Excelent!" he cheered.

Smash closed his eyes and let his arms drop. His energy flowed back into him, and then let out a bright flash as he returned to his high tension state. He reopened his eyes, feeling a little bit refreshed. "Yep, I'm getting the hang of this alright." He said.

With a nod of agreement, Arc commented, "Indeed your are. Now, what do you say we put off all of this learning for a while and actually put these new techniques to the test."

He stood up straight and cracked his knuckles, and then his neck. "You got it." He then got into his battle stance, and motioned for him to make the first move.

"If you insist," Arc said, replying to the gesture. He pulled back his hand as the crimson light of psycokinetic energy swirled around it. With a mighty swing of his arm, he dealt a powerful energy slash.

Smash merely sidestepped the attack. His hair blew back slightly from the slash passing by him. He appeared to get ready for an attack, but only took a couple of steps forward. His eyes were locked onto him.

Arc did not hestiate for even a moment. As Smash moved forward, Arc attempted to intercept him with a jab from his wing, and would follow through with a hook from the other.

Smash batted his wing away from him with one hand, and caught his other wing. He quickly followed up with a jab towards Arc's chest.

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