Let the Cosmic Championship continue!

The first two rounds of the Cosmic Championship are over, and things have begun to get interesting. Four fighters remain, and most of the others have retired to the stands to spectate the remaining matches. The tournament draws to a close, and the strongest of the strong will finally face off for a chance to claim the title of Cosmic Champion.


See the main roleplay page for the full list of rules.

  1. Zero tolerance for godmodding.
  2. Do not troll or harass other users.
  3. Sexual content is prohibited.
  4. Keep swearing to a mimumum. Excessive swearing will be censored.
  5. Respect the established "rules" of the setting.
  6. Surround out-of-character talk in ((double parentheses)) to distinguish it from actual dialogue.

I expect you guys to know these rules already, but I'm putting them here for the sake of policies and consistency

Fighters (Invite Only)

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (ZeroPath)

Smash the Echidna (STE)

Solarestro the Cosmic (Memph)

Krinkinko the Hedgehog (Sonicfan919)

Other Characters

The Host of the Championship -appears as a disembodied voice- (Xi)

Arc Aungel (Xi)


  • Nate the Hawk  (YoungEezy27)


This section is for characters other than fighters to watch matches and interact with eachother.
Anthony the hedgehog
  • Nate the hawk walks into the spectators seats and picks a spot. He puts his feet up and stares at the arena*

Nate: There better be some good fights today.

Locker Room

This section is for fighters and other permitted characters to interact between battles.

Round Three - Semifinals

Smash the Echidna Versus Shade "Tendril" Nightwing

Krinkinko the Hedgehog Versus Solarestro the Cosmic

Extra Battles/Round Zero

This section is for practice battles amongst fighters, or even anxious spectators.
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