This is a FREE JOIN roleplay. (This roleplay will start when there are 4 people, check on this in a while and it may have started)


  • No god-modding, too many god-modding incidents and you will be kicked from the roleplay.
  • Don't steal other peoples characters.
  • 15 characters max
  • No invinicble characters
  • Stick to the plot
  • Don't break the fourth wall.
  • Limit the swearing (E.G don't drop the f-bomb) and censor any inappropeite language (Light curse words are acceptable)


The heroes; Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Espio, Vector, Charmy, Silver and Blaze have being corrupted by an unknown force and are killing anything in their sight. The people they kill are then turned into a zombie like craetures, adding to their armies to help them destroy the world. What is causing them to go insane and killing people? Can you turn them back to normal again and undo the damage they have caused?


  • Dan the Hedgehog (KFC)
  • Blade the Hedgehog (KFC)
  • Honor the Hegehog (KFC)
  • Gus Chaos *first appearnce* (Hud)
  • Hero the Echidna (09jhero)
  • Arrow the fox *First appearance* {Meme}
  • Spark the Hedgecat (Warrior4ever)



  • The corrupted heroes (KFC)
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