Control is a roleplay about Eggman creating a device that allows him to hypnotise heroes, and the heroes trying to destroy it without getting brainwashed along the way. It was created by 09jhero and it is free join.

Plot Summary

Eggman has created a strange device that makes a noise that makes everyone who hears it into a mindless slave. He uses it on many heroes and soon he has a legion of heroes under his control. But the surviving heroes are soon enslaved, one by one, and none of the remaining heroes know who to trust and who might be a slave, which makes their quest of stopping Eggman even harder, especially when other villains make their own versions of the device. This means that there are different groups of hypnotised heroes fighting each other, which causes chaos across the world.


There are not that many rules but they must be followed otherwise you will be banned from this roleplay.

No G-Modding!!!

No major swearing or sexual content (you all know what it means!)

Must be PG-13/12a

Anyone is allowed to have their character hypnotised if they want, but don't do it to anybody elses character!

No breaking the fourth wall

No changing the plot drastically

Don't make it focus on you character


Anyone can join! Just put your name here.









Frozen Scorpio




Note: When your character is hypnotised, move them to the neutral section.


Hero the Echidna (09jhero)

Sonic the Hedgehog (anyone)

Knuckles the Echidna (anyone)

Miles 'Tails' Prower (anyone)

James the Wolf (Pandaboy2)

Necro the Corrupted - if anyone wants to know why, (he is normally my main bad guuy o_0) just ask on this' Talk. (Pandaboy2)

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Bluray The Fox (Who Else?)

Aleah The Fox (Blu)

Kai The Fox (Blu)

Allison The Fox (Blu)

Joanne Hedgecat (Maryxgil)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

Zero the Wolf (ZX) (Got deleted from this list for some reason, putting it back here.)

Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)

Brittney the Bat (Gurahk)

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk)

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk)

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk)

Target the Eagle (RioFan01)

Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk)

Boombomb the Hedgehog (Boombomb)

Ivy Prower (Gurahk)

Chronicle the Hedgehog (Sonicstar3000)

Jester the Hedgehog (Sonicstar3000)


{C}{C {C}Chaoix the Demon - hypnotised (Me, or anyone with permission from me)

JT the Androhog - corrupted (Sonicstar3000)

Shadow the Hedgehog - normal (anyone)

Lightning the Hedgehog - hypnotised (Pandaboy2)

Lianne Hedgecat - hypnotised (Maryxgil)

Angel Caroso - hypnotised (Gurahk)

Jackie The Wolf (Sonicsmansion97) - normal

Pierce the Cyborg Hedgehog (Sonicsmansion97) - normal

Blaze the cat (when hypnotised, Frozen Scorpio) (when not, ----) - Hypnotised

Nina the cat (frozen scorpio) - normal

Gus Chaos (Anti hero thats not infectied) *Hudhouse*

Drake the Hedgebat - normal (Gurahk)


Dr. Eggman (anyone)

Falco the Eagle - hypnotised (09jhero)

Nerin the Cat (Maryxgil)

Slish the Cat (Maryxgil)

X-Nad the Robian (Maryxgil)

Freeze the unknown (Frozen Scorpio)

Uber-Seedrians (Gurahk)



[In the middle of a field, all of the heroes are relaxing until they see an Egg Carrier fly towards them]

Falco: (standing up) Hey, whats he doing here?

Hero: I dunno, but something tells me that we should probably get out of here!

Falco: Lets see what he wants first.

"I vote we leave," says Jesse, uncaringly.

Hero: That sounds like a good idea. C'mon Fal- Falco?

(Falco flies up to the Egg Carrier and begins smashing pipes. Chaoix flies out of the Egg Carrier and punches him)

Falco: (surprised) Chaoix? What are you doing?

Chaoix: (grinning) Beating you up.

Falco: Why?

(Chaoix punches him and he goes flying down to the ground)

Falco: Ok, how about we run now?

"Sounds like a plan," Jesse says, and he rushes over, helps Falco up, then runs.

Bluray: *Runs By* Egg Pawns Everywhere!

(The three heroes flee, but Falco stops for a second to see what Eggman is doing. Suddenly, a loud noise begins to play and many heroes become confused. Falco listens for a second before covering his ears)

Falco: Now we should definitely run!

Jesse sticks his fingers in his ears but it doesn't keep out the noise. "Heh, it's like that episode of Code Lyoko where the bad guy makes the soundtrack that puts people in comas," he says, not actually listening to what he's talking about, and just focusing on running.

Falco: (grinning) Yeah, run now, talk later!

"What, what did you say I can't hear you!" Jesse yells, still running from Eggman's machine.

Falco: I think that's a good thing!

Blruay: *Covers Ears & Runs*

Hero: (shouting loud enough to be heard) What does it sound like?


JT: Aw, great, another Eggman invention?

"Shut up and run!" Jesse yells at JT, just in time to trip over some loose roots of a tree and fall.

Falco: (shouting) Jesse!

Hero: Who's listened to it?

JT: Me.

Hero: Hmm. Stay with us. We need to find out what it does to a living being.

Jesse has to take his hands off his ears to stand back up, leaving him vulnerable to the noise. His ears are uncovered for about four seconds. "That sounds like my toilet when it needs a plumber!"

Falco: (takes his hands off of his ears, becomign exposed) Jesse, are you ok?

JT: Gosh, Is Eggman Singing of is that really one of his inventions?


(Falco stops running)

Falco; Hey, this noise isn't that bad. It gets better when you start listening to it.

Hero: Crap. Falco, Jesse, cover your ears!

"Yeah I'm fine other than my head hurts a lot!" Jesse shouts, but he doesn't cover his ears.


Falco: (laughing) Guys, its ok. Stop covering your ears, you're being ridiculous.

"Does anybody else's head hurt?" Jesse asks, seemingly confused.

Bluray: Falco's probably hypnotized! That's why don't trust him!

Falco: I'm fine. This noise is so... relaxing.

Hero: Anyone who hasn't listened to it, Run!

"This sucks," moans Jesse, who seems to be zoned out from reality completely.

Bluray: Jesse Wake up!

Falco: Just stop resisting and it will stop hurting.

JT: You guys think that sounds good? You must have eaten rotten tofu!

Bluray: *Diga A Hole Underground And Hides*

Jesse stumbles back into a tree, then suddenly seems to regain touch with reality.

Falco: Everybody, stop resisting.

"When you say resisting it makes it sound like it's bad," Jesse says to Falco.

Lightning: *is hugging a tree far away, smiling and not plugging his ears*

Falco: It is. You won't feel true peace until you listen to it. Isn't that right Lightning?

JT: Shut up! JUST SHUT UP!

(Smacks Falco)

Falco: (grinning) If you took your hand off of your ear I presume that you're listening to the noise right now, am I right PJ?

Jesse grabs his open hand and holds it away from his ear. "Alright, problem solved."

Falco: You see. Isn't it great?

JT: My hands were in my pocket... And NO. It is not great, It's EARRAPING ME!

Falco: Just stop resisting. Its good, isn't it Jesse?

Lightning: it's good for you. *runs over to JT, break mach 1 and trys take his fingers of/out of his ears*

JT: (smile) Yeah... Your right!! It is good... (angry) SO if it does feel good this must too!

(kicks in the crotch)

Falco: PJ, stop resisting.

Hero: JT, Bluray, run!

JT: (follows) Calling me JT? I must be dreaming!

Hero: Only Falco calls you PJ.

Falco: PJ, you might as well stop resisting. For the rest of your life, if you stop for a second, you'll succumb to the awesomness of it.

JT: Anything that will stop Failco and Frightning from being completely demented over there?

Bluray: *Jumps Out Of Hole* He's Obviously possesed

Falco: Possessed? It's just a nice noise.

Hero: Guys! Run! Now! Seriously!

Bluray: Yeah, so I don't get tricked *Rushs Off*

Hero: (shoutar him) Anyoning loud enough so that the whole valley can hee who hasn't listened, run!

(Most of the survivors flee)

Chapter 1 - The Next Day

[In a hut near the fields, the remaining heroes rest]

Hero: Ok guys, we have to find out who is a hero and who isn't.

JT: You're acting as if it isn't a challenge.

Hero: Of course it's a challenge. But I already know one hero who was infected with whatever it is.

JT: You mean that machine that simulated Eggman at a Kareoke bar?

Hero: (thinking) Hmm. So, when someone's been infected, they still act normally. (out loud) Yeah... I guess so.

JT: You guess what?

Hero: What? Oh, um, nothing.

Sonic: (whispering to Hero) Are you thinking the same thing as me?

Hero: (whispering) That JT is infected, yeah.

JT: (ears twitch) Y'know, If you "whisper" too loud then I CAN HEAR YOU!

Hero: (raises his fists) JT. Leave now and we won't have to hurt you.

JT: I'm an android y'know. What happens to you guys might not work on me!

Bluray: We know.

JT: I'm not hypnotized...

Aleah: *Tackles Bluray* I finally fould you guys! And Bumray!

Bluray: -_- Why couldn't you be hypnotized.

JT: Eggman created me but he had plans to create the hypno machine... So, without worry, he gave me immunity to that machine and in any case, another creator's machine... But then I couldn't gave a crap beating Sonic up, so I left Eggman's harrier during he was gone!

Bluray: Oh.

JT: That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Hero: Ok. I believe you.

(There's a knock at the door)

Sonic: Who's that?

(Hero goes to answer it. When he opens the door, Falco is standing there)

Hero: Falco!

Falco: Hey Hero. Sorry for sorta going evil back there.

Hero: (shouting) Guys. Its Falco!

Falco: No wait. I think it was only temporary. I'm fine now and there are Eggman robots chasing me.

Hero: Hmm. Ok, come in.

Falco: Thanks.

JT (behind his breath) You thought he was hypnotised...

Falco: Hey PJ.

(Falco twitched his neck)

(Over with Duan and Floyd)

Duan: I heard people are getting hypnotized by the minute!

Floyd: That's not good...

Duan: We should save them!

(Hero hears as he walks by)

Hero: But how can we save them without becoming mindless slaves ourselves?

JT: Falco, is your neck o..k?

Duan: You're right. We'll need to sacrifice someone.

Floyd: No way I'm giving myself up to mind control!

Duan: Then I will! I'll let them hypnotize me while you guys go for an offensive! And if I'm a slave, don't do anything I tell you to do! If you come my way, fight me! No matter what!

JT: Are you sure that's a good idea? It's crappy ideas like that that got others hypnotized

Joanne: *runs up to them looking frantic*

Hero: What's wrong?

Duan: Face it, they'll do anything to hypnotize someone like me. While they are trying to hypnotize me, you go for an offensive. They can't possibly hypnotize all of you at once!

Joanne: *to Hero* It's my sister! She's started acting really weird!

JT: Damn soundrays...

Joanne: *looks at JT* Yeah.. how'd you know there were soundrays? We saw this weird cat, and she had a machine that made a weird noise, and after Lianne heard it she hasn't been the same since!

Hero: A cat? But only Eggman has that tech.

???: *Walks in*, Do you guys need any help?

Falco: Who are you?

JT: Yeah... Who are you?

???: Zero the Wolf, at your service.

Falco: Hey Zero. It has been a while since our last fight together.

Bluray: ...

Hero: (looking at Bluray and Zero) Are you guys enemies or something?

Zero: No.

Bluray: I never met this guy.

Hero: Then why are you guys being so hostile towards each other?

Zero: What?! I haven't even talked to him!

Bluray: i just stood here.

Hero: But- Oh never mind. What are you doing here Zero?

Zero: Let's just say that, I saw that little battle you had with Egg-face, and I thought you need my help.

Aleah: Meh.

Joanne: I haven't even seen Egg-brain so it must be more than just him.

Bluray: Well who cares let's stop um!

Falco: Wait, shouldn't we come up with a plan or something first?

Hero: A plan? That's nothing like you Falco. What's up?

Zero: Something is very wrong. Let me see. *eyes turn green* ((He is not mind reading BTW))

Falco: What are you doing, Zero?

Bluray: yeah as if Eggman Has a plan

Falco: Zero, seriously. Guys, what's he doing?

Bluray: Hm..I wonder what Eggmans doing right now.

Falco: Bluray, Hero, guys. Get Zero away from me!

Joanne: I thought he was just trying to make sure you were ok.

Falco: Yeah but um, he's giving me a headache. (He's actually lying)

Joanne: Don't be such a baby about it.

Zero: I'm not going to hurt you, just stay still for ten seconds!

Falco: Ow, ow. I'm feeling faint. (He's still lying)

(Falco collapses to the ground, pretending to be injured)

Zero: If you're injured, then it makes it easier for me, caseu then you have to stay still.

Falco: (in fake pain) Zero, why are you doing this? Did the machine get you?

Joanne: *looks at Zero* What?

Zero: No, and thanks for letting me scan your brain, it was all I needed to determine something.

Joanne: *looks at them both strange, now not sure who to trust*

Aleah: he's an android he can't be possesed

Falco: Well then why was he trying to kill me?

Aleah: *Facepalm* He isn't.

Zero: You can stop faking the pain, Falco.

Falco: I'm not faking anything!

Zero: I scanned your brain and it's current procedures, your faking.

Falco: (acting surprised) What?

Aleah: Idiot...

Zero: You can't foll the most advanced android on the planet. I've found out that Falco's brain is taking a different route of logic.

Falco: (looking scared) Guys, please listen, I'm not lying I swear.

Joanne: Wait what do you mean he's using different logic?

Zero: In other words, his brain in think in different ways, and it's taking the wrong path to think correctly, in other words *faces falco* you've been hypnotized.

Falco: Don't listen to him guys, I'm telling you the truth, he's lying. Please believe me!

Joanne: *pulls on her "hair" in frustration*

Bluray: Android can't be hypnotize it's go time! *Tackes Falco*

Aleah": *facepalm*

Falco: Guys, please listen to me!

Joanne: Why should we?

Jesse stumbles in through the door, gripping his arm in genuine pain. "Sorry to interrupt, but one of those Eggman robots just shot me." He is lying, but the bullet wound in his arm is convincing enough.

Bluray: Oh my god!

Falco: You see, you can't throw me out there if there are Eggman robots there. They'll kill me!

Joanne: If we've got a hypnotized guy here, doesn't that mean we can use him to figure out how it works and help the others?

Zero: Do we a mega genius with us?

Falco: Guys, you have to believe me.

Hero: Unfortunately, Falco was the closest thing we had to a medical genius.

Joanne: What if Zero did more brain scan things?

Hero: Maybe... Zero?

Bluray: ok but if he's lying I'am beating that Eggslave up.

Zero: I could only detect abnormal activity in the brain. Everybody who comes in here will have to be scanned, immediately.

"Will you help me first?!" Jesse exclaims in pain.

Hero: Somebody help him. Zero, Falco, get over here.

Bluray: ...

Zero: So what did you want us for? *tightens his grip on Falco*

((Somebody buy time so that Jesse doesn't get discovered for 10 more edits))

Joanne: We need to treat his wound.

"Thank you!" Jesse exclaims painfully. His mind however, is trying to figure out a way to mask that it's hypnotized.

Bluray: I can't wait till we get to the bosses.

Aleah: Hm...

"So is anybody gonna help me or are we just gonna watch me bleed out on the carpet?!" Jesse exclaims, a bit angrily.

Joanne: Hold on. *gets some bandages*

"Freakin' finally."

Joanne: Lemme see it. *cleans the wound*

Jesse winces from Joanne touching his bullet wound.

Joanne: Man, the bullet's still in there. *gets some tweezers and pulls it out, then wraps Jesse's arm in a bandage*

Jesse is still wincing in pain, but still has the courtesy to say, "Thank you."

Joanne: Now that that's out of the way we need to figure out how we're gonna rescure my sister and whoever else has been hypnotized.

"Your sister? What happened to her?" Jesse says, concerned.

Joanne: She was like hypnotized by some weird cat.

"Hypnotized? How's that?"

Joanne: Haven't you been paying attention? There was this machine and it made a strange noise and when Lianne heard it, she wasn't herself anymore.

"No, I was a bit distrated by getting shot. But yeah that does sound like a problem," he says.

Joanne: Well yeah it's a problem. Now what're we gonna do about it?

"Track the guy down and kick his frilly butt?" Jesse says.

Joanne: That sounds like a plan!

Jesse laughs. "Sweet, so when do we get started?"

Joanne: Why not now? We need to find her before something bad happens.

"Let's do it, just don't expect me to be as good in combat," he says, gripping his hurt arm, and opening the door for her.

Joanne: That cat was wearing a stupid dress, how tough could she be? *walks out*

"How you planning on finding this person?" Jesse asks, shutting the door behind him.

Joanne: Well, I figured we'd start where it happened.

"Wait. We might want to get some earplugs, just in case," Jesse says.

Joanne: Good call. We could always stick some more of those bandages in our ears.

"Works for me, give me a few."

Joanne: *gives him some* Alright the place where it happens is this way. *runs off*

"Yeah," Jesse says, popping the bandages in his ears, and following Joanne.

(They eventually reach a hill side, the machine isn't there anymore but there is still a spot in the grass where it had been)

Joanne: Here we are.

Jesse examines the spot where the machine was. "I think it was moved less than an hour ago, or the grass would be upright..."

Joanne: Then they couldn't have gotten too far...

X-Nad: *appears* Not far at all. *looks at Joanne* The machine was supposed to have gotten you too. Figures Slish can't do a thing right.

Jesse puts up his one uninjured arm in a way of surrender, but cannot raise his injured one very high, so he just holds it out instead.

X-Nad: Smart. Come quietly and you'll both be hypnotized quickly and easily.

Jesse walks up behind Joanne and restrains her with his good arm. "I really can't thank you enough for taking me out of there before Zero scanned my head."

Joanne: *gasps* Let go of me you traitor!

X-Nad: *smirks* Looks like this one's already been hypnotized.

"Will you make sure she's not wearing earplugs, kind sir?" Jesse says to X-Nad. "I'd do it myself but I had to shoot myself to buy their trust."

X-Nad: *goes up to Joanne and pulls the bandages out of her ears*

Joanne: Rrrr! *starts kicking*

"Alright, so where's your machine?"

X-Nad: *leads him to the machine which is now in a nearby cave*

"Alright, Joanne, you have any final things to say before your revelation?" Jesse says extremely sarcastically.

Joanne: *spits on Jesse*

"Alright, boot it up, mate." Jesse tightens his grip on her restrained arms.

X-Nad: *hits some buttons on the machine*

Joanne: *trys to charge a plasma blast in her hands*

Jesse notices this, tightens his grip on her arms, and steps to the side. "Hurry up before she attacks me, will ya?"

They were noticed by a unseen observer, who was trailing them for quire a while.

X-Nad: *starts the machine*

Joanne: *screams and flails, desperately trying anything to keep herself from hearing the noise*

Jesse notices the observer out of the corner of his eye, but focuses on keeping Joanne restrained. He also clamps her mouth shut. "Shush now, it'll be over in a moment."

The silent observer know that time is of the essence, so he draws his pistol and takes aim the machine. Not at Joanne.

Jesse sees this, and moves Joanne in front of his aim. "Come now, there's nothing to be afraid of..."

((Maryxgil: If the observer successfully saves her, that'd be great 'cause I've got myself backed into a corner where I can't get out without g-modding or turning X-Nad into an idiot XD))

Joanne: *bites Jesse's hand*

Jesse winces, but keeps her restrained, and decides to push her up against the machine. "Struggle and I'll only make this more painful."

The observer is using every trick in the book to get a good aim, so he sets his gun for reflect.

Joanne: *trying her best to ignore the noise*

X-Nad: She's stubborn. *turns the machine up*

Jesse whispers to X-Nad, "Armed hostile, outside the cave."

The observer took the shot, using all his brain could muster to confique the anlge of the trajectory, but scatches the machine.

Jesse uses this opportunity to bash Joanne into the machine, then run at the shooter.

The observer was quick on his feet, and jumps on the cavern rooftop- seeming disappearing, also thinking in his head, 'Thank god for the gloves and boots!'

Joanne: *pushes the machine over and falls on the floor panting*

Jesse realizes that he lost the target, and runs back to grab Joanne.

The observer took the shot while Jesse was running back, busting the machine.

X-Nad: That little...!

Joanne: *falls flat on the floor in relief, breathing heavy*

Jesse grabs Joanne up off the ground and puts her in a bullet shield position. "You're gonns kill us she goes too!"

Joanne: *is now too weak to do anything*

"Coward, thats what you are, using someone as a shield that can't do anything to save themselves., I don't know anybody that would do it, atleast, not personally" called out the observer.

"Tell you what, Zero!" he exclaims, making an educated guess that that is who the shooter is. "You let us go and I'll let her live!"

Zero then jumps down from the ceiling, "Well done, but how about we make a bet?" If I win a fight against both of you and that cheap robot, I take her and both of you with me, if you win, you can take me instead, and let her go, how do that, sound, oh, and if you cheat, I'll get both me and Joanne out in the blink of a eye"

"You run, you're dead," Jesse whispers in her ear. "At least not until I'm done with him." He looks up at Zero. "Challenge accepted."

X-Nad: *looks at Zero* Trying to be a hero. But you're out numbered.

"Trying to be a hero, no, it's just that I value other lives above my own!" Then he assumed his battle stance with his ignited Z-Sabre. "I value the life of people who are flesh and blood, above those of cold steal!"

X-Nad: *gets into a fighting posture* I've been flesh before. Flesh is weak.

"Steal may be stronger than flesh, but flesh can bring about so many good things, steal can only bring about destruction, escpecially from a cheap robot like yourself" Mocked Zero.

Jesse lazily gets into a fighting stance. "Less banter, more fighting."

"Wouldn't have it any other way!" Said Zero, then he drew out his Shield Boomerang,

X-Nad: We'll see who's cheap. *charges his arm canon*

Jesse doesn't even pull anything out, he just stays in his fighting stance.

"Come on, take the first shot! I dare you!" Mocked Zero.

X-Nad: If you want it. *fires a laser bolt at Zero*

Zero easy blocked it with his shield boomerang and then threw it at X-Nad, then brought his sword up incase of a counter-attack.

X-Nad: *moves to the side to avoid the deflected bolt, then extends his arm in a punch at Zero*

Just before the aforementioned punch occured, the shield boomerang slammed home in X-Nad, and made him recoil. Then Zero used a Zerodasshu to increase his speed, grab the extended arm, and then flip him.

While Zero is attacking X-Nad, Jesse jumps up and drop kicks Zero in the back.

The attack from Jesse landed home, but Zero, used Triple Rod the regain balance, then counter-attack Jesse. Then the sheild boomerang returned to Zero, then made a powerful swing into X-Nad's still extended arm.

Jesse is hit by Zero's attack, but rolls back and stands back up as if nothing had happened.

X-Nad: *Uses his arm to pull Zero down with him*

Zero uses his Zerodasshu ability to phase through X-Nads arm,then puts away his triple rod, then performs a Kougenjin, which is a vertical energy crescent sent from the Z-Sabre and can pierce armor and shields and is rocketing at X-Nad at breakneck speeds, then puts his Shield Boomerang on his other arm to prepare for a counter- attack.

Jesse once again attacks him from behind, this time aiming to his him in the neck with a judo jumping chop.

Zero hears the Jesse coming, so he swings around with his shield boomerang, hiting Jesse in his injured arm, and sending him back flying.

X-Nad: *just barely dodges Zero's energy attack, it scratches his shoulder. He then manages to get his arm realed back in and back to his feet*

Jesse flies back against the wall, but forces himself to get back up.

Zero was about to put a smile of over-confidence on his face, but he rember one crucial thing, 'never be over-confident, for it is what gets you killed' Zero bolts and the grazed X-nad, with a murderous Sengatotsu, which is used in conjunction with the Zerodasshu and tries to run X-Nad through his robotic arm.

X-Nad: *sees Zero's coming attack and braces himself, ready to hit him when he arrives*

Zero ran until he was 2 meters from X-Nad, then he used the Zerodasshu, to phase himself through X-Nad, leaving both of them un-harmed.

X-Nad: *whirls around when Zero phases through him, ready for another attack*

Zero was already charging his Z-Buster, then he suddenly turned around shooting it's charge, then fring loads of rapid bullets, to boosts it's power, size and speed.

Jesse is waiting for Zero when he phases through X-Nad, and punches him right in the nose.

Zero gets a right nook in the nose from Jesse, and sends him into the wall, from which he gets up, his armour lightly damaged, and have markings on it.

X-Nad: *picks up the broken hypnotizing machine and throws it at Zero*

Zero acctivates his 'Zero Knuckle' program and punches right through the machine. And the powered, powered up shot hit X-Nad sending him flying since he didn't make any attempt to dodge it.

Jesse runs up the cave wall and tries to Mario stomp Zero in the head during his attack.

Zero uses his Recoil Rods Soul launcher move to launch a energy pulse above him.

X-Nad: *get slammed into the wall by the shot and now has some exposed wiring on his left arm*

Jesse again attacks at Zero's back with heavy punches and kicks.

Zero uses his Zero shield to block most of the attacks, being hit by 1/3 of the attacks. He recovered rather quickly, then used his Z-sabre to damage Jesse's joints and hit Jesse's injured arm reapetedly.

Jesse falls back onto the ground, and then kicks Zero in the crotch.

X-Nad: *uses his eye piece to look for any weak points that have shown up in Zero's armor and shoots focused laser bolts at them*

Zero was basicly unaffected by Jesses attack 'cause he's a android, and his attacks hit home, then X-Nads attacks hit home, hiting him in the 2 chinks in his armor.

Jesse keeps kicking uselessly at Zero from the ground.

X-Nad: *starts moving in on Zero*

Zero fires multiple rounds of Shingetsurin. Zero launches multiple blue, ring like projectiles, that home in on their target, which is X-Nad. And it makes it easier for Zero, as X-Nad is running towards them.

Jesse reaches up with his legs, and tries to wrap them around Zero and yank him to the ground.

X-Nad: *still making his advance, gets hit by several projectiles and the exposed wiring on his arm is now sparking*

Zero activate the clamps on his boots, with secure him to the ground, but not to stop Jesse, but to fire his next attack on X-Nad. He fires multiple Kougenjin. ((You read about it above, how it can slice through most metals)), with the purplose to slice of X-Nads robotic arm, which is weakened by the eariler attack.

Jesse releases his grip on him and attempts to stand, extremely shakily, and using the wall for support.

X-Nad: *trys to dodge but the attack slices through the wiring, causing his arm to fall limp. In desperation he rips it all the way off and begins using it to hit Zero*

Zero charges up his Z-sabre, then hits Jesse with the flat side of it. Then he gets hit with X-Nads robotic arm multiple times.

Jesse falls back across the wall, then pushes himself off the wall with his somewhat still working arm and roundhouse punches Zero in the face.

Zero gets hit, and is sent flying, along with X-Nad who was on the other side of him, but Zero regains his balance, then charges up his recoil rods, then uses their full force to send X-Nad flying into the wall and supersonic speeds. The attack has made some minor sparks appear in localized area of his body.

X-Nad: *is now having trouble moving, but is still trying to get up again*

Jesse, on the other hand seems to have regained his footing and attempts to tackle Zero to the ground.

Zero was struggling in getting a fierce Jesse off him, so he activated his Zero Knuckle program again (which boosts his strength) and starts laying into Jesse's injured arm.

Jesse attempts to counter this attack by putting hard punches into Zero's face.

X-Nad: *is moving slowly up behind the two*

Zero tries to block, and blocks some of them, then he charges one of his fists and it slams into Jesse's wound with a sickening crack. Even Zero wienced at the sound of it. Then he follows up with a few swift blows into his face, follwed again by a powerful uppercut in Jesse's jaw.

X-Nad: *grabs Zero's throat with the claws on his remaining hand*

Zero has been put in strangle hold by X-Nad, but is trying to figure a way out of it.

Jesse, who is about to pass out at this point, delivers his last possible move: a devastating reoundhouse punch to Zero's face, thrown with as much force as possible.

The hard punch landed home, but it also freed Zero from X-Nads hold and sent him (Zero) into the wall. Zero got up again, as it was just him and X-Nad.

Jesse collapses up against the destroyed machine. He was down for the count.

Zero was panting heavly. "You know, I thought that he was gonna be that last taken out." said Zero with some pain in his voice. "You put up a good fight, one of the best I've had in a while."

X-Nad: You've got quite a few nifty weapons on you... *has glitches in his voice and sparks coming from several parts of his body*

"But now the fight ends," Zero takes out his Z-Buster, and put a chip into it, and charges it up to a high level" And I'm taking you in!" Shoots the gun which now has the element of electricity. Zero uses his android eyes and reflexs to shoot into the charged shot many times over, increasing it's size, power and speed 50 fold, and aimed right at X-Nad. "Checkmate and Endgame!" ((Don't worry, it won't hit him, just paralyze his systems.))

(Soon after, several other heroes arrive at the scene)

Hero: Zero, what were you do-. (sees X-Nad) Oh, right.

Sonic: Falco got away.

(three suspicious looking spacecraft jets are seen flying overhead)

Red Fang

The Mysterious Space Jets

Sonic: What the...

Hero: It must be Eggman!

(the three jets are seen separating and searching the airspace)

{C {C}Hero: Guys, get ready for a fight.

Lightning: *runs up to the group, covered in scars and panting* I dispise those robots... *sees the jets* HOW MUCH WILL I HAVE TO FIGHT TODAY?!?!?! *gets ready*

Hero: Ready?

(Ok, there'll be no more pausing for a while)

Clyde: (notices them below) Huh?

(Hero throws a shuriken at the engine of one of the planes, causing serious damage to it)

Hero: Hah, take that!

Clyde: What the hell?!

Ivy: Clyde, what's wrong?!

Clyde: I've been hit by someone on the ground! Musta been Eggman's men! My engine's in bad shape!

Hero: Yes, I got one! Guys, prepare to fight whatever robot is in that thing.

Clyde: Damn! Now the G-Diffuser's going crazy! I'm losing control!

Angel: Sit tight! I'm on my way! (accelorates back to Clyde's position)

(As the plane approaches the ground, Hero jumps onto it and begins punching the glass at the front)

Hero: Take that Eggman!

Clyde: Damn! I can't get away!

Leon: Clyde! Clyde, get outta there and fast!

Clyde: I can't! I'm gonna crash!!

Hero: Wait, is there a person in there?

Clyde: GAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (his Wolfen crashes and it's wrecked)

Angel & Ivy: (lsoe contact with him) CLYDE!!!

(Hero lies in the shipwreck)

Hero: Ow. Dude, are you ok?

(Nearby, Falco watches while talking to Eggman via phone)

Falco: I've been exposed. It's all up to Jesse now.... Master.

Although Jesse was injured, he managed to escape Zero and Sonic using Eggman's distraction.

Clyde: (beaten up, but barely alive)

JT: (notices) Oh my God!! Clyde, are you ok?

Clyde: Uhhh....yeah....wait! How do you know my name?

Hero: Jesus I'm sorry. i thought you were an Eggman robot!

Clyde: Eggman is the reason me and my team came here for!

JT: That doesn't matter how I know your name.... WHAT HAPPENED?

Hero: Then we should team up. He's been mind controlling my friends.

Clyde: Yeah....he's got one of my friends too!

JT: (!) Who?

Clyde: His name is Kyle Oikonny.

(two Wolfen's land near them and Ivy & Angel raun towards them)

Angel: Clyde! You're ok!

(Hero looks at her and instantly gets a crush)

Hero: Uh, hi. M-my name i-is Hero. Wh-who are y-yo-you?

Angel: (chuckles) Name's Angel. Angel Caroso You're kinda cute.

Clyde: Wh-WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY!!! He nearly killed me!!

Ivy: There she goes again....

Hero: R-really? Oh and sorry dude.

Clyde: (still gives him an evil stare) (That bastard touches Angel, he's f***ing dead!)

Hero: Dude, seriously I'm sorry.

Clyde: Whatever!

Ivy: C'mon! We can't stand here all day! We gotta help our friends!

Bluray: What happened!

Clyde: We're Star Wolf. We've come to find our lost comrade!

Aleah: Idiot! Pay attention!

Christy: *Comes In On All Fours* Egg pawns...EVERYWHERE


Star Wolf: (take out their blaster guns and prepare for battle)

(when can i come in)

Joanne: *regains consciousness* Wha-? What's going on?

Clyde: Get ready, team....

Hero: (still looking at Angel) What? (realises whats happening) Oh right. Bring it on, Egg Pawns!

(Apallo: Thee now u will know who is asking)

(09jhero: You can say that you were already fighting the robots and we can help you fight them)

Ivy: I'm ready for ya!

Joanne: *gets up* I'm ready too!

Angel: C'mon!

Hero: Yeah. W-wha-whatever you say!

Hero: (thinking) Maybe I can impress her)

(Hero runs up with his sword and slashes a large amount of robots in half, one by one)

Joanne: *starts blasting robots, despite the fact that she's still a little off balance*

Star Wolf: (shooting all the robots)

Neos:-in a starship-- blast the majority of th robots- Nice Huh Guys?!

Angel: Well, well...the more the merrier, I say....

{C Falco: (to Eggman via phone) Hmm. I think I've found you someone to control. Her name is Angel and she seems to have an... interesting effect on the other heroes, especially Hero and Clyde! Eggman: Interesting. The Egg Carrier is almost there now. (The Egg Carrier appears in the sky and begins transmitting the noise) Hero: Angel- I mean Wolf Star. Cover your ears! (Hero covers his)

Clyde: It's Star Wolf!!

Star Wolf: (cover their ears)

Neos:-blast the deck of the eggcarrier- Guys im goin in

Eggman: Grr. Robots, grab the one known as Angel and make sure she listens!

Joanne: No not again! *covers her ears*

(The robots grab Angel's arms and force them away from her ears)

Hero: Angel!

Angel Lemme go!!

Clyde: Angel!! (shoots them)

Neos: -in the ship and rusges to Eggman Blasting Egg Pawns and others-

{C {C {C {C {C {C}Hero: Angel! I'm coming! (Hero runs to her and starts fighting the robots)

Clyde: (points his blaster at him) Keep your mits off her!

Even though Zero was heavly sparking from the ealrier battle, he is still fighting with his trusty Z-sabre.

Hero: (to Clyde) Dude, I'm trying to help!

(Hero gets to Angel)

Hero: Angel, please tell me you haven't listened to it!

Angel (gets up)

Clyde: (sighs) Thank goodness you're okay, Angel....


Clyde: Angel?

Hero: Angel? Please say its still you!

Angel: (turns around).........

Hero: Well?


Ivy: (gasps) Oh no.....

Hero: Angel....

Leon: (through radio) She's been hypnotised too, I;m afraid,....

Clyde: Dammit! First Kyle and now Angel!

Hero: Are you sure?

(He looks at Angel)

Hero: She doesn't look hypnotised. Maybe....

Angel: (kicks him in the crotch)

Hero: Ow. Angel, no....

Both: Oooooooooo......

Zero readys his weapons incase this turns into full confrontation.

(Hero jumps inbetween Zero and Angel)

Hero: No, don't shoot her!

Clyde: Back off, punk!

Hero: Punk? That's it. Bring it!

Clyde: (takes off his gloves, revealing sharp claws, he growls venomously and charges to slash him)

Zero charged his Z-Sabre a slammed it into ground and Clyde's path, creating a massive shockwave. "Both of you stop it!" he said.

{C (Hero pulls out his samurai sword and swings at Clyde) Hero: Take that!

Jesse is hidden nearby, watching the battle of Hero and Clyde, and almost laughing. They were doing his work for him.

"BOTH OF YOU STOP IT!!!!!!!!" Yelled Zero at Clyde and Hero.

Clyde: (growls)

Ivy: This isn't helping at all!

"We've got better things to do than tHe both of you being idoits." Said Zero, then started to spark even more.

Ivy: Are you okay?

"Yeah, I've had worse, this is basicly nothing to be worried about." Said Zero.

Ivy: Stay still. I can fix you up!

"No, I 'm fine thank, but it's much appercaited none the less" said Zero

Ivy:'re hurt....

"I'll live, and I will continue to do so."Said Zero calmly.

Aleah: That Eggman...

Joanne: What'd he send so many of these robots for?

"I don't know..." Notices that Angel has disappeared in the commotion."Maybe Angel?"

Joanne: Oh by the way, Zero. I don't usually do this, but thanks.

"No problem." Zero's body is not sparking anymore.

Clyde:....Kneels down crying)

Ivy: Clyde?

Joanne: *looks sympathetic* I know how you feel, Clyde. Those creeps hypnotized my sister.

Zero just turns his back on the group, not willing to be part of this discussion.

Ivy: W-wait! You're still hurt!

"I'll be fine, and I'm not going anywhere." said Zero.

Bluray: So now what?

"We try to find a cure or destroy the machine that caused this." replied Zero.

????: Can't let yo udo that, Star Wolf!

Ivy: Huh? That voice....Kyle!

Zero just face palmed, thinking that it was cliche.

(lol, sorry had to do the joke)

Joanne: Just who we needed to see, another hypnotized person.

Kyle: (fires a charged shot from his zWolfen above) DIE!!!!!

Clyde:...huh? LOOK OUT!!!!

Zero, with his lightning fast reflexs, draws his shield boomrang and reflects the laser, barely.

Kyle: (does a Barrell Roll to deflect it aside)

Zero uses his Chain Rod to stab into the Wolfen's underside, and hold on to it in the air.

Kyle: (accelorates and moves all he can to try to get him to let go)

Ivy: Kyle!! Zero!!

Zero activate the recoil function on his chain rod to pull him slef to just underneath the Wolfen.

Kyle: (smirks) That's one scum dead....(u-turns towards the group)

Zero activates his boots magnetic function, puts away his chain rod, equips his recoil rods, then unleashes a flury of powerful charged attacks on the hull, unbalancing the Wolfen and leaving massive dents in it's underside.

Kyle: Huh?! What the hell?!

Zero then focus on the wings of the craft, using as much energy as he could muster to destroy the wings with the charged attacks of the recoil rods.

Kyle: URGH!!!! Losing control!

Ivy: Zero, stop!! If you don't, he'll--


Zero moves up on top of the Wolfen, infront of the cockpit, smashes the glass, pulls Kyle out of cockpit, then jumps for it.

Kyle: URGH!!! Let go!!!

Zero then jumps off the Wolfen, rocketing towards the ground.

Ky;e: (struggle to break free)

"Don't even try to get away" said as Zero maintainted his iron grip on Kyle. Zero has rocketing on the ground.

Ivy: Kyle!

Then Zero landed on the ground, even more damaged than before, but Kyle was basicly unharmed.

Ivy: Zero! Kyle!

Kyle: (growls)

"Don't even try to attack me." said Zero with a dangerous tone.

Kyle: (grabs his blaster, but is too traumetized to shoot)

"*sigh*" sighed Zero, unamuseded. Then he started to spark again.

Ivy: Oh no, They're both hurt! (runs in)

Clyde: Ivy, get back here!

Zero puts Kyle next to Ivy, "There you can have your friend back, just make sure he doesn't try to shoot me again," Zero then limps off, and holding his left arm, and sparking.

Ivy: Zero! You're hurt!!

Kyle: (growls) IDIOTS!! I still work for Master Robotnik!

Zero threw a blunt shield boomerang onto Kyle's head, landing a hard blow.

Ivy: Kyle!

Kyle: (growls)

Zero just stood there his back facing Kyle, "Go on hit me, if you have the guts."

Kyle: (points his blaster at him)

Ivy: Kyle! Think about what you're doing! You have to fight it!

"Come on Kyle," Secretly grabs a unignited and returned shield boomerang, and no one notices, "Do it, if you can."

Kyle: (prepares to charge his blaster)

Ivy: I know there's a prt in you that can still hear me, Kyle! You have to fight it!

Zero thinks ("He hasn't got the guts").

Kyle: (drops his gun and is seen to be fighting the hypnosis)

Clyde: I can't believe it....he's trying to fight the spell!

Zero thinks (maybe, I wrong about him).

Joanne: Fight! Fight! Fight!

Ivy: (kneels down and whispers in his eye) I love you....Kyle Oikonny...(kisses him)

Kyle: (gasps and snaps out of his hypnosis, kissing her back)

Zero then just walks off, leaving them behind, still majorly sparking.

Kyle: I love you too....Ivy Prower.....

Ivy: (smiles and they embrace again)

Zero just thought, "what a happy couple", then walked off into the dust made by the crashed Wolfen. Then only thing visible about him was the sparks, but then they dissappeared as well.

(Clyde hears some romantic musiv coming from his wrist com)

Clyde: (to his wristcom) Uhhh....ROB? What're ya doing?

ROB: Appropriate music found in library. Playing now.

Clyde: (sweatdrops)

Zero's built-in comms system picked up on this aswell.

Hero: ROB?

Clyde: He's a robot. He and Leon look after the Great Wolf and help us out in our missions.

(he's the robot from the Star Fox games)

Hero: Oh, ok. Anyway, we should probably look into the 'cure' for the mind-control. Is it just by kissing, or are there other ways?

Kyle: There's definatly other ways.....

Hero: Thats good, I suppose, but we have to look into this. Kyle? Would you mind being a, um test subject for a while?

Kyle: (nods) If you insist.....

Hero: (grinning) Sorry, but it might be the only way to find a cure.

(Falco watches this from above)

Falco: Master, they're being friendly towards each other again and we need a rivalry. May I suggest sending in Angel, master?

Eggman: Good idea bird-brains. (To his robots) Send in Angel!

Angel: (nods)

(Hero looks over Kyle's shoulder and sees Angel from a distance)

Hero: Hey, there's someone coming!

Ivy: (takes out techy binoculars and notices Angel's Wolfen closing in on them) It's Angel!

Hero: (sounding half excited, half nervous) A-angel?

Kyle: Just what I was waiting for.....(takes out a Rocket Launcher and fires it at Angel)

Angel: (counters it with a charged shot)

Hero: (steps in front of Kyle's rocket launcher) Wait, don't kill her. We might be able to cure her, like Ivy cured you.

Falco: Pathetic, she hasn't even worked her charm yet and they're already fighting!

Target: (Walks to a tree and sits down, withdrawing her sword and scratching "T" into the bark)

Falco: What the..., who are you?

Ivy: Oh yeah....I forgot to tell ya....Kyle and Angel do not see eye-to-eye!

Hero: Good to know, since Angel and Kyle are both here.

Angel: (lands near the group and charges at Kyle)

Kyle: (kicking her)

Angel: (using cat instincts to counter him)

Hero: (reluctant to fight Angel) Um guys, maybe you should just stop and we can talk about this.

Kyle: NO!!!!!

Hero: Kyle, you don't have to kill her, there is a cure.

(Back on the cliff with Falco and Target)

Falco: Master, Angel isn't even usig her charm on Hero and Clyde and they're about to kill each other. This is brilliant. Also, there is a strange girl up here with me. What should I do?

Kyle: Pro tip: Don't date sluts!

Hero: (looking desperate) A-angel. I-if you stop f-fighting, they will t-too.

JT: Guys, stop or I'll butt in!!

Angel: Well you are all sexy....but I want him gone!

Kyle: SHUT UP!!!

{C {C}Hero: A-angel. M-maybe you can fight it i-if you try r-really hard.

(Falco watches)

Falco: Hmm. (talking to Angel through an earpiece) Angel, fake being 'cured', then you can make them do practically anything you want.

Angel: (fakes it)....Clyde? Guys?

Clyde: Yes! It worked!

Hero: Yes! Angel, are you ok?

JT: What the... there's something wrong about this...

Hero: N-no, she's fine, (looks at Angel) right?

Sonic: Hero, Clyde, step away, we can't trust her.

Hero: No way.

Sonic: Guys, grab Angel.

JT: Yes way! (angry)

Hero: Hey, back off. (looks at Angel) T-tell them that y-your cured.

AngeL: Believe me boys...I'm all better...(winks)

Ivy: seemed way too easy....

Sonic: I agree with you Ivy.

Hero: No, your just being overly suspicious.

Kyle: And you're being overly obsessive!

Hero: (begins to come to his senses) I guess maybe....

(Falco watches this)

Falco: Angel! You're losing support!

Angel: Awww, don't listen to him, babe...I'll make you feel better....

Clyde: (abput to lose it)

JT: ...Exactly WHAT is happening!?

Hero: (in a trance) Babe.....

Sonic: That's it. Grab Angel!

Joanne: You guys are seriously gonna believe anything she says just 'cause she's pretty?

Kyle: (tackles her)

Angel: (shoot him and smirks)

Kyle: UGH!!!

Ivy: KYLE!!!!!

Hero: (still in a trance) You guys, leave her alone.

Joanne: *grabs Hero's shoulders and shakes him* SNAP OUT OF IT!

Angel: (kicks her) HAH!!!

Hero: She's only defending herself from you guys.


Kyle:'re falling....for a slut....(faints)

Ivy: kyle!!!

Hero: It's his fault for attacking her first!

(Falco watches)

Falco: Perfect.

Ivy: (ctarts to cry when Kyle doesn't respond)

Sonic: (to Hero) How can you fancy someone who does that kills people?

Hero: (snapping out of the trance) Yeah, your right. I'm being stupid.

Falco: Damn.

Angel: (kisses him)

Clyde: (so pissed off that he wants to kill Hero)

(Hero freezes in happiness)

Hero: Wooooooow!

(just then a wolf and cyborg hedgehog walk in)

Jackie: Dude, I'm telling you... your gun is no match for my warrior skills...

Pierce: What about that stupid noise?

Jackie: Do what I do... find an underground cave and hide.

{C {C {C {C}Jesse almost laughs from his vantage point. "All we'd have to do is get Mr. Clyde to attack Hero, and then hit them while they're down."

Hero: D-did that r-really just h-happen?

Clyde: (takeles and slases him repeatdly)

Angel: (smirks)

Joanne: Guys? Don't you realize how stupid you're being over some girl?

???: Jo?

Joanne: *gasps* Lianne?

(Hero punches Clyde and then grabs some knives from his pocket and tries to stab Clyde)

Pierce: *holds down Hero* Calm yourself...

Jackie: *hold down Clyde* Don't try it

Jesse smiles. Too easy. "May I suggest broadcasting the signal again?"

Pierce: *gets up* Do it... I dare you... SONIC BOOM! *claps his hands hard*

(A barrier protects him and Jackie)


Ivy: (still crying)

(Hero stabs Clyde in the gut with his knife)

Hero: Angel.... Is.... Mine!

JT: What the HELL do you think you're talking about?

Lianne: *into her wrist com* I'm in position to make sure they listen.

"Do it," Jesse mutters back.

Hero: Clyde started it, and Angel is mine, not his!

Clyde: (passes out) An...gel.....

Ivy: No.....

Lianne: Start it on my mark, 3... 2... 1... *runs around in circles creating a wind tunnel to amplify the sound and disorient everyone*

Joanne: Lianne... what.. are... you ... doing!

Ivy: (covers her ears) AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hero: Huh, Angel cover your ears!

Angel: (laughs) Did you actually think I was free?!

"That'd be too easy," laughs Jesse, coming out behind them.

Hero: No....

Sonic: Hero, cover your ears!

(Sonic dives and covers his ears, exposing himself)

Ivy: (ears still covered) Uncle Sonic!!

Hero: How could she do this.....

Clyde & Kyle: (still out)

JT: Sonic, No!

(Who keeps erasing my edits.)

"Sonic, yes!" laughs Jesse.

Bluray: So Jesse evil now? What a surprise.

"I'd hardly say I'm the bad guy here," he says, with a smirk. "I'd say I'm just helping out an old friend."

Bluray: I'am confused. After I bashed Kyle's head in the ground I walked off due to whiners.

???????: (laughs evilly)

JT: Huh?

Aleah: What was that!?!?

(a shadow flies around everywhere)

Ivy: 9scared tp death)

JT: Show your fat, ugly face!!

???????: the dark heroine of the future....I am the hier to the great Mephiles.....(the shadow takes the form of a pretty sexy & attractive girl) I am Fetalia the Dark!

Joanne: This really isn't the time for theatrics.

Fetalia: Do I look like an actor to you?!

JT: Wow.... I was really wrong about "Fat and Ugly"

Fetalia: (giggles)

Hero: Angel.....

Lianne: Most of them resisted, but I think we might have gotten Sonic.

Angel: (shoots Fetalia with her rocket launcher)

Fetalia: (counters with a dark energy sphere) Hmph!

Bluray: A hooker XD

Aleah: *Smacks B ack Of Head* Dude, no she's dangerous

Fetalia:.....what did you call me?

"I'm pretty sure he called you a hooker," Jesse says.

Fetalia: (gets pissed and charges two energy spheres) So I'm a whore, am I?!!?!?!

JT: Yes! It's pretty clear!!

"I say we beat him down," Jesse says.

(Sonic wakes up)

Sonic: Hey guys.

(Sonic shoves JT and pushes Fetalia over)

Sonic: Gotta go!

(Sonic runs off)

Fetalia: (growls and shoots the spheres at Bluray and JT)) CLEAR THIS, PERVERTS!!!!!!!!

Hero: Angel....

(Falco talks to Eggman)

Falco: Master, Jesse is sucessfully causing arguments and Angel played her part very well!

Fetalia: (turns to Angel and Jesse) Now for you two!!

Lianne: Nope. *stands in front of Angel and Jesse*

Fetalia: Then you go too!! (starts charging dark energy)

Jesse hesitates. "Hey, we're kinda on your side on the kicking butt part."

Hero: (angrily) Angel! (Hero attacks Angel with his sword) Hero: Grrrr!

Fetalia: So what?! I fight for the sake of my world! You won't contaminate it!!

Jesse spin kicks Hero in the head. "Lianne, reactivate the signal!"

Fetalia: No you DON'T!!!! (shoots a dark beam at Lianne)

Jesse pushes her to the side and takes the shot.

Fetalia: NO!!!!!

(a time portal opens up and someone steps from it)

Lianne: How dare you! *charges her wind attack*

?????: I will change the future!

Fetalia: Just in time, Shine!

Shine: Heh!

"Activate the signal!" exclaims Jesse.

Lianne: *hits a button on her wrist com and the sound starts again*

Shine, Fetalia, and Ivy: (cover their ears)

Jesse gets up and pounces on Fetalia, trying to uncover her ears.

Shine: (lifts him with Psychokinesis and throws him into the cyclone)

JT: (smashes cyclone was Knuckles powers) Heh.

Lianne: *stops the cyclone*

Shine: (feels himse;f slip into hypnosis) No! Not now!!

Jesse gets back up and jumps on Fetalia again, punching her in the face, and trying to uncover her ears.

Fetalia: Must....not....fight...back.....

Shine: (punchses Jesse)

Jesse kicks her in the face, and tries to make sure she gets hypnotised.

Shine: I punched you, dude!....oh f*ck it!! (kicks him in the nuts)

Lianne: *wind blasts Shine*

Shine: (thrown into a bunch of rocks)

Freeze: (appears) Hello, select few who retain their free will.

Hero: Who are you?

JT: Let him introduce himself first

"I like this guy," laughs Jesse.

Hero: Ok then. Introduce yourself.

Freeze: You can call me "Freeze," until you become infected, then you will refer to me as "Master," and I see that happening very soon.

"I already have a master," Jesse says, angrily.

Fetalia: won't disrupt my world!!

Lianne: I work for the Mistress. And she does not take competition lightly.

JT: I used to work for Eggman... No wait... He only created me... (chuckles)

Angel: (points her gun at Freeze)

Hero: So where is your version of the machine?

Bluray: Alright, it seems I've got a correct guess on my next oppenent.

(Whoever keeps erasing my edits stop.)

Freeze: (pulls out a bag full of rusted knight helmets) This is my method of mind-control.

Joanne: That's stupid.

Bluray: Joanne I'am confused. Who's good and who's not?

Aleah: *Facepalm*

Kyle: (wakes up) Ugh....what? What happened?

Ivy: kyle! You're alive!!

Bluray: Told ya he'd survive!

Freeze: People are currently falling under the control of my helmets as we speak.

Hero: How?

Lianne: The Mistress's technology is far superior. With your helmets everyone will know they are hypnotized!

Bluray: Jared & Joanne's sister too!

Jimmy: (walks in wearing a helmet) I live to serve you, my master....

Joseph & Brittney: Jimmy!!

Christy: Jimmy?!?!? fools dare to oppose him?! You will all DIE!!!!

Christy: Jimmy stop! It's me Christy!

Freeze: He's not the only one of your friends I'm now in control of. There're many more.

Bluray: So what do we do. Fight? Die? Give In? Nah, we can win!

Christy: *Runs Up To Jimmy*

Jimmy: (punshes her in the mouth) BEGONE!!!

Joseph, Brittney, and Ivy: (gasp in horror)

Bluray: How could you!

Aleah: >:(

Christy:" D;

Jimmy: (stares at her, venomously and uncharacteristically)

Freeze: (chuckles)

{C}Bluray: That's it! It's fighting time!!! Aleah: Blu no! Bluray: ZAKER! *Shoots Lightning From mouth At Jimmy*

Jesse sighs. "Alright Frostie, you're done." He takes a swing at Freeze.

Jimmy: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freeze: (chokes Jesse) So you would like to join me.

"Screw you," he says, taking another punch.

Freeze: You are no longer worth my time. (vanishes)

Bluray: No... *Tackles Jimmy*

Jesse falls to the ground. "At least he ddn't drop a helmet on me."

Aleah: *Pats Jesse's Back* It's ok it'll be alright...

Bluray: Ok *Jumps Back*

Jesse grabs her hand. "Don't you touch me."

Jimmy: (grabs Bluray and does a german suplex)

Fetalia: Hmmm...not bad for a litttle shrimp....

Aleah: Ok...

Bluray: Ahh!

Jimmy: (looks back, viciously) Weak!

Jesse releases Aleah, stands up, and walks over to Jimmy. "Mind if I beat him down?"

Bluray: ZAGERZEM *SHoots A Golden Glow making Jimmy glow Gold* Nah, I'am good Jesse >:)

Jimmy: What is this?!

Bluray: ZEO ZAKERUGA! *A Huge Blue Lightning Dragon Comes From Blu's Palm And Aims For Jimmy* Zagerzem reinforces electricle power. Which is just my type.

Aleah: Nice going Bumray! *Smiles*

((Bluray, stop g-modding - 09jhero))

((Okay how is this G-Modding I never said he couldn't dodge))

((You're making blue dragons come out of your hand and you're turning people into gold - 09jhero))

((Zagerzem is an attack that reinforces Electricity in objects))

((Like dragons? And you're still turning people into gold - 09jhero))

(see, this is why we're deleting most of your posts dude)

((Sorry dude, but it is kind of G-modding - 09jhero))

((Because the Zagerzem shows reinforcement by giving people a gold glow. The Dragon thing is just one of his moves.))

(('sigh' Just try not to be too powerful in future - 09jhero))

Hero: Try and take that helmet off of Jimmy.

Jesse pushes Bluray out of the way and kicks Jimmy right in the chin to dislodge the helmet.

Hero: Jimmy, are you cured?

(Falco angrily watches)

Falco: Master, you're not the only one using mind-control. There are others.

Jimmy: GAH!!!! (falls backwards, out cold)

"Works for me," says Jesse apathetically.

Hero: Jesse, stop being so.... evil!

"Shut up," Jesse says, annoyed, and strolls off. He speaks into his comms unit, quietly, "Boost the transmission."

Falco: Master, did you get that? Boost the transmission.

(The noise begins to play again)

Hero: Crap, we need to get out of here. (looks at Angel) We should take her with us.

Jesse turns around, and runs at them. He jumps up and drop kicks Hero.

Hero: Jesse! Turn off the transmitter and fight me, one on one.

"Keep it on," Jesse mutters into his transmitter.

Fetalia: (turns to shadow form and heads to the ship to stop the transmission)

Hero: Hpph. I thought you were honourable. But you're just a coward.

Jesse right hooks him right in the face. "Listen up!" he says, purposely ironically.

Hero: Turn off the transmitter!

(Hero sends a strong gust of wind at Jesse, tossing him backwards)

Jesse hits the ground. "Why aren't you being affected?!" he yells angrily.

Hero: (grinning) I'm just resisting with everything I've got.

(Hero throws several shurikens at Jesse)

Jesse literally catches them and throws them back, then rushes him to attack head-on.

(Hero manipulates the wind to throw them back and tosses Jesse backwards again)

Jesse rolls under them and runs at Hero again. "You will break!"

Hero: Not when I can focus entirely on resisting.

(Hero creates a small tornado that drags Jesse towards him, trapping Jesse in the tornado)

Hero: Hah. Your move.

Fetalia: (running through the base) I gotta shut that noise off and destroy it before it's too late!

Shine: (appears via Chaos Control) Need help?

Jesse remains trapped in the tornado and cannot move.

Hero: Sorry Jesse, the tornado will only last a few minutes, but I've got a machine to destroy.

(Hero runs off towards the ship and manipulates the wind to get on board)

Jesse yells into his comms unit, "Protect the machine! Broadcast everything into that room, as high power as you can!"

(Hero stands outside the broadcast room and sees Fetalia there)

Hero: Ready?

Jesse manages to free himself from the tornado. "I repeat, broadcast everything into the broadcast room!"

(Falco flies in front of Hero and Fetalia)

Falco: I can't let you destroy the machine, old friends.

Unknown to them, there was another silent observer.

Hero: Falco, step out of the way!

Falco: Or what?

Hero: Or I'll have to fight you.

Falco: (laughing) Man, would you really hurt your life long best friend? Besides, I know all of your moves!

Hero: (knowing that he can't fight) Falco, please just let us past. Its to help you!

"How am I gonna get to the ship?" Jesse asks over the comms. "If you can hear me, send me a ride up there!"

Falco: Uggh. Jesse! I'm kinda in the middle of something.

"Fine, just set the transmission in the broadcast room, max power! Got it?!"

Jackie: So hows your training, Pierce?

Pierce: Good I guess... I need to know why I can't hear that noise...

Shine & Fetalia: (arrive at the broadcast station)

The are still being followed.

Fetalia: Now how d'ya we stop the broadcast?!

{C}(OK) Bluray: I almost had him

Aleah: Get over it!

Freeze: (Appears) You don't!

Bluray: Jared!

Shine: F*ck off, troll!

Bluray: Language!

Christy: *Cries* Jimmy....

Freeze: (Chokes Bluray) Do not call me that! (twitches)

Bluray: *Choking* Now I must *Uses Spindash To Turn Freeze's Arm*

Freeze: (arm dislodges from body, causing static to surge around the building)

Bluray: I'am so screwed...

Shien: Oh no, the broadcast!!


Brittney: (crying on Joseph's shoulder)

Christy: *Hugs Jimmy* Please wake up...


Freeze: Now who's going to join me this time?

Jackie: What the?! Pierce do something!!

Pierce: Right! *uses his robot arms to pin Bluray and Freeze down*

Fetalia: We gotta stop this transmission!!


Freeze: (Re-attaches arm, then tries to grab Pierce)

Bluray: Oh god!


Aleah: That's it!

Joseph: Jimmy.....(hugs Brittney and cries)


Christy: *Kisses Jimmy One Last Time* Good bye, my prince

Bluray: Please work! Zaker *Shoots A Weak Lightning Spell From Mouth*

Freeze: Ya' know, I'll leave if you answer a simple question I have. Where can I find the onw known as "Blaze?"

Pierce: *looks at Jimmy* Yow-ouch... poor kid... *looks back at Freeze*

Bluray: You still have a crush on Blaze even though she won't go for you. Anyway...I'am not sure search Eggman's lab that's were I saw her last.

Jimmy:..........(gives a soft groan)

Christy: Jimmy? Say something!

Joseph: He's dead, Christy......

Freeze: (vanishes)

Jackie: Yo! The kid's ok!

Pierce: *looks at Bluray* What's that one's deal anyway?

Aleah: She to love blind to give up. So what killed him I wasn't paying attention. The helmet or the lightning dragon?

Bluray: I'am ready for battle so watch your mouth!

(Whos pierce)

Jimmy: (groaning in pain).....g-guys.....

Brittney: Huh? J-Jimmy?

Christy: Ha! I knew if we believed! What do you need Jimmy!

(Pierce is cyborg whose friends with Jackie the Wolf)

Jackie: Dude... he was refering to the one who attacked you, boy

Pierce: Yeah

Aleah: He's so insecure XD

Bluray: What? Shut up!

Bluray: Hypnotized by Robotnik.

(No who plays Pierce, he/she is a good rper.)

Joseph: Jimmy!! (he and Brittney hug Jimmy tight, glad he's alive)

Jimmy: ACK!!! hurts!!

Christy: What do you need Jimmy?

(check the neurtal)

Pierce: Huh? Not again.... just like our friends back home.

Jackie: Pierce.... let's go

Jimmy: Huh? Whaddya mean? What happened to me?

{C}Bluray: Hey can I come with you guys! You seem legit.


Christy: Hypnotized by Eggman. Ya miss us :)

Pierce and Jackie: *back up*

Pierce: SONIC BOOM!! *force field goes around them* I am not letting Jackie hear tha awful noise like poor Sol and Kai.

Bluray: I'll take that as a no...

Jimmy: I had this awful dream....I was being controlled to kill you all.....

((Lolwut? Whats happening, 'cause I'm confused.))

Pierce: We would let you come but how do we know Eggman doesn't have a hold on you?

Jackie: Yeah dude? You seem cool but how do we know?

(Jimmy thinks he was dreaming....kind of.)

Brittney: I'm just glad you're okay....

Christy: It wasn't a dream. You were, but we missed you *Hugs Jimmy*

Aleah: Because Bluray is STILL a block head! XD


Jimmy: (Hugs back)

Christy: We missed you!

Jimmy: I'm not goin' anywhere, babe!

Pierce: Are you telling you people aren't controled yet?

Jackie: Pierce can put a soundproof shield around you guys! It should work for now...

Bluray: Thanks!

Christy: Alright let's go beat Eggman.

Shine: Dammit! How do we shut this thing off?!

((You do know that the shield is gonna be destroied slowly in the control room, right))


((Jesse told them to put the sound up to full ball, which is gonna be louder than a rock concert.))

Pierce: SONIC BOOM!! *puts soundproof shields around everyone*

Jackie: Don't worry... we paired everyone with their friends... me and Pierce are going solo on this

Fetalia: Good luck!

The silent observer has been watching the whole affair.

{C {C {C {C {C}Kai: Me and my sis

Christy: Me and Jimmy!

Aleah: Me and Bumray!

Bluray: -_- Fine.

Pierce: This is for everyone in the Dream World, Jackie...

Jackie: I know... yo everyone! It's been an honor to meet you all... FAREWELL!

Bluray: See ya again! Now let's go beat the Eggman!

The observer jumps across the tops of the walls. near the roof, following Jackie and Pierce undetected.

(Jackie and Pierce leave to find something)

Allison: Ready guys!

(gtg bye!)

(Back with Hero and Falco)

Hero: Just let me pass, I'm trying to save you.

Falco: Sorry bud, but I don't need savin'. Oh and guess what? The transmission is on..... now!

Hero: Oh crap.

Clyde: (coming to his senses) Whoa...what?!

(Jackie and Pierce return with 2 stange gems)

Joseph: ACK!!!! What...are those?!

Jackie: Our power gems... they can give us one wish or power during a charge attack

Pierce: Yep... problem is... our powers have been acting weird... that's why I can only do Sonic Boom... instead of my other powers.

Jackie: We'll have to try, though.... Ay Pierce... do you think everyone in the Dream World will miss us?

Pirece: I don't know pal... but we have to destory this stupid noise

Hero: Guys, don't go in. The machine is so loud that it would destroy all of your defences and leave you as mindless slaves.

JT: (runs over) Thank GOd I found you guys

Hero: JT! Nice timing, I need someone to um, 'distract' Falco.

Pierce: I'm going alone.... I'm a cyborg... it won't effect me

Jackie: But!

Pierce: I'm sorry....

JT: What, Distracting Falc is hard?

Jackie: I guess I can help while my bud gets that noise

Hero: Just fight him for a while. Can you do that?

JT: I beat him when he lost his memory and beat him when he was Nemesis so...

Falco: (laughing) You think your so tough, don't you PJ?

JT: Grr (thoughts) Why didn't the machine make them act different? I freakin hate being called PJ!

Falco: (laughing) See, you are so easy to anger!

JT: Y'know... Rice is a special meal for birds! (chuckle)

Jackie: *bears his fang* Listen, bird meat! You can go down hard or easy!

Falco: (laughing) Oh, I have no intention of fighting you. (looks behind them) But they do.

(Chaoix stands there, along with several Giant Eggman robots)

JT: i'm still fighting you, Peabrain!!

Falco: Yeah.... Not a chance.

(Falco walks through a door that seals itself behind him)

Jackie: *uses a signal beaker*

Pierce: *comes in* What? I only left for.... What the?!

JT: Falco get back here you chicken!! (Begins to beat the door in an attempt to break it)

Chaoix: Stop!

(Chaoix causes shadows to shoot out of the groud and start choking JT)

Pierce: SONIC ALPHA! *attacks the door*

Jackie: Let him go!!

Freeze: (appears) Why should he?

JT: Get off of me you b-----d!!

Pierce: FIRE CANNON! *his hand turns into a cannon and fires at Chaoix*

Jackie: Cuz I said so

Freeze: (burns Jackie) Give me a better excuse!!!

Jackie: *shakes it off* Our world is different than yours!

Pierce: We're warriors


Jackie: *takes out a ice blade* I'm coming.... Pierce!

Pierce: Right! TRI CANNON! *aims for Chaoix*

JT: Ya know the least you can do is Help Me Out!!! I don't care if I have no nasel passages I still have air!!

(Chaoix causes more shadows to appear, that chase everyone around)

Chaoix: Fools.

Hero: We have to destroy the machine!

Clyde: (loads his blaster) Right!

Hero: Oh Cyde. No hard feelings about earlier?

JT: This is all your fault!

Hero: For having a crush? Like you've never had a crush!

Clyde: It's fine, Hero. I just get upset and jealous whenever Angel hits on someone, that's all....friends?

Hero: Yeah, sure. I wonder where Angel is now?

Angel: Right here! (blasts them with a missile launcher)

Pierce: *shoots 3 beams at Chaoix*

Jackie: *slices Chaoix with his ice blade* Hehe

Hero: (dreamily) Angel....

Clyde: Angel, snap outta it! If Kyle can fight the hypnosis, then so can you!

Angel: Shut up! (shoots again)

Jackie: Hmm... *throws a knife near Angel* Stop attacking!

Falco: (over transmitter) Guys, if you stop fighting, we can strike a deal here.

Jackie: What do you have that we could want!

Pierce: Jackie and I are fighting in the name of Sol and Kai

Angel: What kind of deal?

Falco: Lets face it. You guys are gonna lose. So, if you leave now, we won't stop you. What do you say?

JT: Yeah, right, You're just gonna pull of that crappy noise!

Falco: No, I swear that you will be free to leave. Then maybe we can fight another time.

Hero: Can we trust him.

Falco: Of course you can, but its your choice. Stay here and die or leave and live to fight another day. Choose.

Clyde: You return our friends to normal first!

Falco: Sorry, thats not part of the deal.

Hero: He's gone crazy. He's like a villain in a film.

Kyle: Then no deal! (shoots Angel)

Angel: ACK!!!! (falls down)

Clyde: Kyle, what are you doing?!

Hero: Angel!

Falco: A pity, I would have liked to see you struggle on for longer, but fi you insist....

(Many more giant robots march down the hallway)

Hero: Guys, we can't fight all of them. We should accept his deal.

Clyde: (looks sadly at the seemingly dead Angel).....No! We have to fight!

Shine: He's right! We're not giving up!!

Falco: But I would prefer to fight later, so I've decided that it isn't your choice anymore.

(The airlock opens and people start getting sucked out)

Hero: (hanging onto something) We'll get you Falco, we'll save you and everyone else.

(Hero grabs Angel's body as he falls out)

Falco: Bye bye Hero.

Chapter 2 - Lost

[Hero wakes up in the middle of a desert. Everyone else is lying nearby]

Hero: Wha? Guys wake up, Where are we?

Kyle: (coming to) Urgh....what happened?

Hero: Falco.... Threw us out of the ship.

Shine: Damn....just when we were so close.....

Hero: I think Falco had that planned from the start. I don't think we ever actually had a chance.

Fetalia: (feels insulted) Excuse me?!

Hero: What?

Fetalia: Shine and I could've handled them just fine! We had it in us to beat 'em!

Ivy: (coughs) oh, man! Now my whole dress is sandy!

Hero: But Falco wanted us to get that far, he was making it easy. He was planning on using the airlock to get rid of us from the start. He had the whole thing planned out.

Angel: (lying the sand)

Clyde: (looking down on her, sad)

(Hero also looks down at Angel)

Hero: Now that we have her, we can use her and Kyle to create a cure.

Clyde: (stands up) Use my own friends as lab rats?! Angel could be dead, and I may be losing the closest person I have to an actual girlfriend! And all you can think about is this stupid epidemic?!?!

Ivy: Clyde, calm down for a min--

Clyde: SHUT UP!!!

Ivy: (looks scared and surprised)

Kyle: What has gotten into you?!

Hero: Dude, I like these guys too, but if we can experiment on Kyle, the only person who has been sucessfully cured, and Angel, who hasn't been cured, we might be able to cure Angel and Falco.

Clyde: How do I know you won't pull something sneaky?!

Kyle: Besides, I shot her. How do we even know she's even still alive?

Hero: (sighing) I'm just trying to help. Anyway, we can't experiment until we get back home, so does anyone have any idea where we are?

Ivy: (checks her radar) We're in the Dusty Desert.

Hero: Does that thing tell us how far we are from civilisation?

Ivy: About.....145 miles.

Kyle: 145?!?!

Hero: So basically, we're stranded in the middle of nowhere (looks at Angel) with a pychopath under Eggman's control.

Ivy: Yep.

Hero: Well, it could be worse....

Clyde: Oh, shut up! (picks up Angel and starts walking off)

Kyle: Hey, dude! Where ya goin?!

Clyde: trying to get us outta here!

JT: God, how did we get sucked over here?

Shine: Falco set us up and threw us off the ship!

JT: That damned liar! I will KILL him!

JT: But He'll probably suck me out beforehand!! (frustrated)

Pierce: Calm down... this won't get us anywhere

Jackie: Pierce's right... We must stay calm

JT: How can we even go anywhere? We're stranded in who-knows?

Hero: Well, if we stop fighting, we might be able to get outta here.

Neos:-wakes up from not being edited- Wth

Hero: We're in the middle of nowhere with no way to get home.

Joanne: Ugh well that ain't good. *sits up* Lianne's gone!

Hero: Yeah, they all escaped in the ship.

Joanne: Aw man. They're probably all off hypnotizing people while we're stuck here.

Hero: Yeah, thats the problem. It would take far too long for us to get out of here.

Joanne: Well we've gotta do something!

Hero; What?

Joanne: *starts pacing*

Hero: Joanne, wait. We're 145 miles from civilisation. What you're doing is suicide!

Joanne: I'm just thinking! But what other choice do we have anyway?

Hero: Hmm. If I can manipulate the wind, I can increase our speed and get us home in, maybe an hour, but we'd be so tired that we would probably rest for days and be exposed to the device.

Joanne: *pulls on her spines in frustration* Come on there's gotta be something that'll work.

Hero: If we take a break every 15 minutes, we could be there in a few hours and still have some energy, but I'd need to charge up some energy first.

Ivy: What about Clyde? We can't just leave him out there like this!

Freeze: (appears) This is where you stop!

Fetalia: Not you again!

Freeze: I'm not alone this time.

Jimmy: (growls)

JT: Ugh, it's that brat again!!

Jackie: Let's just be calm... nothing good can come from panking

Pierce: Exactly

Freeze: I believeit's time to test out my new toy on you guys. (snaps fingers, causing what appears to be Blaze, except wearing one of the rusted helmets, to appear)

Ivy: That's not good....

Clyde: (from afar) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shine: Neither is that.....

Meha: Where should we look? What if Metal Dash comes?

Dash: Don't say that... I don't know where

Blaze: .... (hands catch on fire)

Freeze: Now, who wants to be the 1st to try defeating her?

Ivy: (hides behind Kyle)

Kyle: (goes into a protection stance)

Dash: Hmm... I know... we can ask Grasstorm and the others

JT: (Goes into block pose, ready to take a hit)

Blaze: ... (launches a fireball at JT)

Freeze: (throws an ice ball at Kyle)

Kyle: (gasps) Oh cr**!


Kyle: (frozen in ice)

Ivy: Kyle!!

Blaze: (lobs a fireball at Ivy)

Freeze: (throws an icicle at JT) (cackles)

JT: Agh! Now the broken fridge is hitting me!! (freezes)

Ivy: Aaaaahh!!! (burned a lot)

Joanne: *charges plasma in her hands*

Freeze: (Cackles)

Blaze: ...

Fetalia: (chargiung up dark energy)

Joanne: *shoots at Freeze*

Fetalia: (shoots a dark beam at Blaze)

JT: (thaws) Yes! Let's do this!!

Freeze: (throws an ice ball at Fetalia)

Blaze: (throws a fireball at Joanne)

Fetalia: (dark beam is frozen solid) Drats!

Joanne: Aah! *stops, drops, and rolls*

Freeze: (makes hail fall from the sky)

Ivy: (covers her head) ACK!! Man, I wish I brought an umbrella with me!

Blaze: (throws fireballs at Ivy and Fetalia)

Both: (getting hit pretty hard)

JT: Y'know Blaze you're just burning off that hail... and maybe some calories...

Ivy: (panting) I don't....think I can....survive another....hit like that....

Freeze: (Stops the hail) I think I've seen enough. (grabs Ivy)

Aleah: *Tackles Freeze*

Ivy: (too weak to grab a gun)

Freeze: I guess I'll just go with 1 new member, than. ((if that's okay))

Kyle: (still frozen in ice)

JT: (Looks at Kyle) Kyle! (attempts to thaw out)

Christy: This is bad!

Bluray: ZAGERZEM! *Puts A Gold Electrical Field Over Ice Surronding Kyle*

Clyde: (running back to them, hurt, but alive)

Bluray: I've gotta time this just right!

Freeze: (vanishes, while still holding Ivy)

Blaze: (vanishes)

Fetalia: Damn!

Aleah: We're getting screwed! Uhh If only I was able...

Clyde: (clashes the ice and thaws out Kyle)

Kyle: was not cool at all!

Bluray: *Picks Up Ice* Thanks...

Kyle: (looks around) Where's Ivy?

Joseph: She got taken by that Freeze guy.....

Jimmy: That means he's gonna hypnotize her too!

Christy: Stay calm we can do this!


Bluray: Does anyone have a way to keep this ice cool?

Joanne: Sorry, if I had it I'd just melt it.

Bluray: I have an Idea to do with it when we come across an enemy.

JT: Damn, this is all Falco's fault!!

Joanne: It's not really his fault, he was hypnotized.

Bluray: I'll be back I gotta go get some ice.

JT: It is his fault, he uncovered his ears in the first place. (Falco Impression) Ooh, Lightning Listen to this! Ooh Hero listen to this! Ooh Bluray listen to this! Ooh Jesse listen to this! Ooh PJ listen to this!! DAMN HIM!

Joanne: And I suppose it's my sister's fault she got hypnotized too?

Bluray: *Runs Off*

JT: You wouldn't know...

Aleah: Calm down, we'll deal with that aspect later let find them first.

JT: (Begins attacking the sand) Damn. Damn. Damn DAMNDAMNDAMNDAMN!!!

Aleah: Calm down dammit! We can do this if we stay the frick calm!

Joanne: We're gonna die out here if we don't do something!



(Sorry, wrong character)

Aleah: *Exhales* I can't wait to crush Eggman and

Bluray: I have an idea!

Joanne: What is it?

Bluray: I can use one of my Psychic abilties to flick us far a few times to reach Grand Metropolis (Place In Sonic Heroes*

  • Chopper plane flies into desert island*

Boombomb: There are the survivors, land the plane.

Pilot: Roger that Boom.

Bluray: Go For The Controller! * A Wiimote appaears and Starts Flicking Heroes To Civilazation Uses Motion*

Joanne: Wait! Look there's a helicopter!

Bluray: I just flund Aleah :( Please save me...

  • Plane still in the air, just off the ground.

Boombomb:(Shouting) Grab on! I'll get you outta here!

Bluray: Fine.... *Gets On*

Aleah: ...Jerk! *Gets On*

JT: Hmph... *Gets On*

Joanne: *gets on*

Kyle, Clyde, Fetalia, Shine, Joseph, Jimmy, and Brittney: (get on)

Christy: *Gets On*

Aleah: Sorry about that Joanne it's just that everyone was getting angry and...

Boombomb: Is that all of you?

Joanne: I think so. *to Aleah* Don't worry about it. It's crazy out here.

Bluray: Hurry! My ice is melting in my face!

  • Helicopter takes off

Christy: It's time to strike back!

Jimmy: Right!

Christy: Do you think we can do it Jimmy?

JT: Grrr....

Boombomb: So, were you all immune..?

Aleah: No just to awesome to be hypnotized!

Bluray: Mmm-Hmm!

JT: I'm immune, because Androids can't be infected by it.

Boombomb: I see... Im taking you to the CIA, I need your help... they hypnotised a strong one. He is called Falco, and he could kill you in a split second if you let you gaurd down.

Christy: We'll help!

JT: I'll help, as long is I can have Falco's head!!

Boombomb: Thank you. But you must be operation JT... I cant let you fight him. we need you for experimentation.

JT: Experimentation my ass. {C {C {C {C}Aleah: I'am glad wedidn't listen to him. So what City are we heading to?

Bluray: I hope Metropolis--Wait I can still fight though, right!

Boombomb: Everybody but JT can fight, and were not going to a city. were going to an island.

JT: I can do what I Damn well please!!

Bluray: *Smirks* Oh wow.

Aleah: Just let him do it, if your right he'll get his punishment.

Boombomb: IM FROM THE CIA, I DO WHAT I DAMN WELL PLEASE... And if I let him fight, he can go out of ontrol and kill everyone. The CIA need to find out what makes him do that.

JT: It's that damn "Punishment" Form I have!!

Christy: O.O

Boombomb: Once we remove it safely you can fight. *Puts on blazer* Hmph.

Bluray: Is there a store on this Island. I need Ice.

JT: I can control it... don't worry...

Boombomb: No store, but we can give you some. *Leans one hand on side of window and stares out* and we must remove it JT. no matter what you say.

Bluray: Thanks I'am saving it for something...

JT: Remove THIS!! (Punch)

Boombomb: *holds fist.* *Looks directly at Bluray.* What...

Bluray: For a battle of course. Or we could just go to Ice Cap On Angel island.

JT: You know what? FINE!!!

Boombomb: Dont worry we have loads of ice.

Bluray: ok I think my plan to free everyone helmet controller should work!

Boombomb: Heh, sure... *Silence for about 8 seconds* Looks like were here.

Bluray: Alright lets go!

JT: ...Hmph...

Bluray: *Opens Helicopter Door*

Boombomb: Let us through, these are the survivors...

Doorman: Sure. head on up to the lounge...

Kai & Allison: *In The Lounge*

Allison: I hope he's ok.

Kai: I hope Tori and Plasma are ok.

Boombomb: Okay. Everyone make yourself at home, we'll be here for about an hour or 2, play X-Box, Chat you can get what ever you want if you press that button and ask for it. Bluray. Ice is in the freezer. JT. come with me...

JT: (tut) Fine...

Bluray: *Kicks XBox* PS3 AND WII FTW! *gets Ice*

Boombomb: in the closet there is a PS3 and a Wii... *Leaves then tkes JT to lab then returns*

JT: So, what do you guys do, you open my database and... what? What? No, Don't touch me with that. Ah! AHHHHHHHH!!!


Aleah: I'am Shiek!

  • Everyone hears JT

Boombomb: *eyes shut* He'll be fine...

  • JT Leaves the room

JT: It's done... (sigh)

Bluray: That was easy.

Kyle: (standing in the corner, not saying a word)

Christy: What is the ice for?

Boombomb: Its not over yet, they do another test in half an hour, *picks up Wiimote* lets go Fox.


JT: (Begins to get angry) No...

Clyde: I call next match!

Boombomb: Sure Clyde, The tests need to be done JT, Im sorry..


Boombomb: Mhm...

  • Opens Clydes hand and places Wiimote in it.

Clyde: Sweet! Then I choose my dad! (chooses Wolf)

JT: I WILL KILL YOU IF YOU BOTHER TO DO THESE TESTS ONE MORE TIME!! (electricity forms around him and all electric turns off)

Boombomb: *Locks door* We'll be safe in here. its scientifically proven that they cant break it. Nothing can break the walls or the doors.

  • Relines on sofa*

JT: You really think!? (Charges electric pulse and smashes wall)


Boombomb: Hmph... *A wall opens and there is diffirent colour suits 1 for each of us.* EVERYONE TAKE A SUIT!

(JT makes a giant pulse. After a flash, JT Is gone)

(Hero puts on a green suit)

(Boombomb puts on black suit)

Clyde: (puts on a grey suit)

Bluray: *Plugs In Gamecube Controller*

(Just remember that JT cut off all the electricity)



Aleah: *facepalm*


Christy: ...

Jimmy: Something wrong, Christy?

Christy: oh no. Thanks for asking. I just think Blu is overreacting.


Aleah: *Slaps Him* Shut up.

Boombomb: GUYS!!!! Can we PLEASE just stay on track!!!

Bluray: Ok. What do we need to do?

(A knock is heard)

Christy: What was that? {C {C {C {C}Aleah: Where's he going

Christy: Someone probably not good

Bluray: let's follow him!

[Meanwhile Falco is sent to Freeze's base by Eggman]

JT: (teleports above his base) (tut) He should be here....

Falco: Hello? My master told me that there would be a slave here to meet me when I got here

JT: (electricity flows around him) They changed me....

Falco: (grinning) Is that you PJ? Why are you here, you're immune to the device. I was expecting Ivy.

JT: I'm not hypnotized... I'm corrupted.... They did it. ALL OF THEM!

[Back to the CIA]

Boombomb: Everone get a suit on! We need to get to JT! {C {C {C {C}Bluray: *Puts On Suit CHristy: *Put On SUit*

Aleah: *Does The Same*

Allison & Kai: *Put On The Suit*

Hero: I've already got mine. And I think I know where JT is.

Fetalia, Shine, Jimmy, Joseph, Brittney, and Kyle: (put on suits)

Bluray: *Grabs Ice And Controllers*

Hero: JT has probably gone after Falco. We find Falco, we find JT.

Allison: let's go!


Kai: Were at the base...

Boombomb: Huh... lets go...


(Back with Falco and JT)

Falco: PJ, any second now, I'll have reinforcements. (shouting) Ivy? You're late!

Ivy: I had to wait for Angel to get ready!

JT: Don't worry Falco, I'm not gonna hurt you...

a kid heartless shadow apears

Heartless: I found you... *dissapears but put micro scoft object on them*

Falco: What the- Enough. Ivy, would you care to show me the entrance to the base?

Ivy: Gladly. Follow me. (walks to the base)

Falco: We will fight soon, but for now I must talk with the beautiful Ms Prower.

JT: Hmph... I always knew you were a chicken...

Kyle: You try anything al all,birdbrain, I'll shoot your brains out! {C {C {C {C {C {C {C {C}Falco: Oh don't worry. I'll leave you something to play with. (Falco throws a small smoke bomb) Falco: It's full of hallucination dust, for the next few hours, you will be constantly attacked by invisible monsters.

Bluray: Falco stop!

Kyle: GRRR!! Why you--!

JT: Grrr... (hallucination) Is this... My creation again? {C {C {C {C}Falco: The effects will be setting in about now. Bye. (Falco follows Ivy)

Aleah: Get um!

Kyle: I'll get you for this! (gets slashed by the monster)

Bluray: *About To Chase After Aleah*

Joanne: I'm here! Did I miss the fight?

Bluray: Nope just in time!

Clyde: (growls at the monsters)

Bluray: *Rusn After Falco to the lab*

(The doors suddenly close, leaving everyone trapped outside with the hallucenegic gas)

Fetalia: Damn you! Everyone, fight the hallucinations and pretend they don't exist!

Bluray: Crap! *Puts Ice In Back Pack* ZAKERUGA! *A Stream Of Yellow Lightning Shoots From Blu's Mouth At The Door*

Bluray: *Closes His Eyes* Dangit!

Kyle: IVY!!!!!!!!


Falco: So beautiful, should we get straight down to business?

Ivy: Let;'s (smirks)

Heartless: *apears at door and opens it from inside* Get in here before they notice guys!

Bluray: Thanks! *Jumps In* Won't the gas get in?

Joanne: *whoozily* Is that you Mimi...?

Kyle: (barely crawls in; panting)

(Five more doors close in front of them and an anti-teleportation field is activated)

Falco: (to Ivy) Listen up. My master is about to bomb your base, so if we can join forces then he will deactivate them. But, then he gets to be in charge.

Falco: (to the others over radio transmission) Don't worry. I'll let you in when its time.

Heartless: *apears where falco is* i was in the base idiot so i can telaport around here freely... just not out.. *smerks* but can you explain whats going on and why they want you...

Falco: Sorry, but you were only in the entrance, not the proper to facility.

Kyle: On a few conditions: you promise to let them go and you give Ivy back to me!

Falco: Sorry, but I think the new Ivy prefers me.

Kyle: You son of a--!!!

Falco: Sorry, what was that? You should probably look at the bombs on the wall before saying something like that.

JT: Falco, Let us in alread- (hit by monster) UGH!!!

Kyle:.......(groans, irritated)

Ivy: 9chuckles)

{C {C {C {C}Christy: Falco I see now...your scared aren't you?

Falco: Now why would I be scared. You've all been infected with loony gas, I'm protected from you by a massive facility and none of you could beat me anyway.

JT: Oh yeah!? Wanna prove it? When you're finished being a CHICKEN?

Christy: That's just it. You keep us away because you no that alone we'll lose but togther we are strong. You keep us away because of this fear...

Kyle: So fight us fair & square!

Bluray: *Determined To Fight*

{C {C {C {C}Falco: (Laughing) Don't worry PJ, we will fight very soon. But for now, I think that Blaze and Chaoix will be enough of a distraction. (Chaoix, Blaze and an army of robots arrive)

Bluray: *Tackles Charmy To Ground And Punches*

Kyle: This proves you're a coward!

Bluray: ZAKERUGA! *Shoots With Lightning Charmy*

Falco: You can't taunt me Kyle. Oh Ivy, do you want to let Kyle know that you've found a new boyfriend?


Bluray: *Uses Charmy's Stinger To Stab Blaze* I gots a weapon XD

Aleah: *Kicks Espio In The Face*

Ivy: oooh, Falco. You SOOO turn me on. (kisses him)

Kyle: (shocked) No......

Falco: Sorry Kylie. Guess I'm Ivy's NEW boyfriend!

Kai: Don't fall for his Bull crap! She's hypnotized!

JT: Don't worry Kyle. When I get in there I'll kick Falco's puny ass!!

{C {C {C {C}Falco: (laughing) I'm sure you will PJ, in fact.

(JT is teleported into an arena)

Falco: Why not now?

Kyle:......(falls to his knees and cries)

Clyde: K-Kyle? Are you....crying?

JT: Falco I will KILL YOU (Attempts to break one of the doors)

(Falco jumps down with a gun and prepares to fight JT)

Bluray: I call next!

Boombomb: N-No! Dont fight! You could Kill us all! Falco dont do it! You'll die!

(In the arena, it's just Falco and JT)

Falco: Ready PJ? Lets fight!

Chapter 3 - A Legendary Rivalry

Falco: Lets fight!

(Falco uses all of his memories of Sherlock Holmes to see the fight in slow motion)

Falco: (thinking) When he makes first strike, duck and deliver one to the balls. As he recovers, punch in chin and then trip him up, knocking him down.

(Falco does this)

JT: Grrr! How do I know that you won't run off and make us fight invisible monsters again!?

Ivy: Teach him a lesson, sexy!

JT: You stay out of this!!

Ivy: (chuckles)

Kyle: Ivy.....

Falco: Because PJ, I'm winning!

(Falco stomps on JT's nuts and kicks him in the face)

Clyde: This isn't fair! Only cowards fight dirty!

JT: You want dirty!?

JT: Shi no fera! (delivers a devastating blow)

(Falco is hit by the blast and is knocked backwards)

Falco: So, you can hit back.

(Falco runs towards JT and uses his flight to do a backflip which claws JT's face)

Angel: (watching from the shadows above)........

JT: JT dengen wa ageru! (Powers up)

Ivy: I don't think so....(aims her sniper at JT, ready to fire)

(Ivy's red dot appears on JT, as do several others)

Falco: Wait guys, I still want to- Oh but I have a better idea.

(Falco throws JT his gun)

Falco: If you shoot me, you die, but if I live, odds are, so will you. Choose.

Ivy: (chuckles) This will be too easy....

Kyle: I gotta snap her out of it....only one thing I know.....

Falco: Oh, and point some snipers at Kyle. Don't want him getting away.

Kyle: Relax. I'm not going anywhere. (grabs Ivy and kisses her right on the lips)

Ivy: MMMMM!!!!!!! (struggling to break free, but Kyle's grip is too tight)

JT: I want to fight like a man, and not like you!! (throws gun on floor and steps on it, the resulting impact shatters it)

Angel" (chuckles, still hiding)

JT: That gun'll be your face!!

Falco: Sorry to disappoint, but I want this streched out. So how about we play hat game again? Only this time, you decide their fates rather than your own.

{C {C {C}(Falco points at the others and the snipers point at them. Falco throws JT a gun)

Kyle: (stops and notices this) Oh crap!

Falco: (shouting insanely) Choose!

Ivy: Ugh...wha...what happened? How did I get here?

Falco: Oh great, someone point a sniper at her too. (to JT) CHOOSE!

Ivy: (gasps)

JT: (holds gun sideways towards Falco) If anybody's dieing it's you n' me!

(some colored rays are shot all over the place)

Falco: Destroy the source of that. (to JT) Choose.

(Everyone watches scared, until suddenly a ringtone of Funky Town begins to play)

Falco: (incredibly annoyed) Sorry, do you mind if I get that?

JT: Grr.... I'm not getting distracted this time! (Pulls the trigger)


(Falco dodges and answers his phone)

Falco: (mouthing sorry then speaking to the phone) Hello?

(The phone replies)


(the call ends)

Falco: (sighing) You're free to go.

(Falco flies off)

Jimmy: What was that all about?

Hero: Someone who's on their side just saved our lives.

Kyle: (growls) I'll nuke that f***er next time I see him!

JT: I'm going to see where he's going...

Kyle: Soften him up for me when ya see him, okay?

Hero: Guys, we should be looking for the caller, that person saved our lives.

Joseph: Hmmm.......

Hero: What is it, do you have any ideas?

Brittney: No idea.....

Angel: (still watching)

JT: You mean the guy that saved your lives? I'm as p----d as ever!

Joanne: You're mad, but not dead.

Aleah: Now what?

Joanne: Well we can't just stand around, people are still getting hypnotized.

Christy: Let's go then!

Hero: Wait guys, Falco left a note! It says, come find me at the indoor sea.

Bluray: Let's go! *Runs Off Excited*

Joanne: Um, Bluray, do we even know where that is?

Hero: Isn't if obvious? He wants us to find it so it's obviously, the Station Square community pool!

Clyde: I dunno....I smell a trap......

Bluray: Duh. If that fails keep looking.

Freeze: (Appears) I guess this may as well be the end of your journey.

Joanne: Not you again!

Freeze: Yes, me again! I've come for more people to assimilate.

Blaze: (appears next to Freeze)

Ivy: (runs up with a rocket launcher) You may've got me last time, but not this time!

Freeze: I know that you won't fire that and kill me.

Blaze: (smirks) ...

Ivy: Think again! (fires at them)

Freeze: (gets hit, and breaks apart)

Blaze: (smirk grows wider)

Kyle: Ivy....?

Freeze: (wires extend from neck to re-attach removed parts) I told you, you can't kill me with that rocket launcher.

Ivy: Wh-What?!

Freeze: (wires grab the rocket launcher, than combine with it) And now I have a new method of killing.

Kyle: (stands in front of her, in a defensive pose)

Freeze: Alas, I grow bored again. Ciao! (vanishes)

Blaze: (vanishes)

Joanne: That guy's really bugging me.

Hero: Well, I guess we should take our problems one at a time, we should probably go to the pool, it's our only clue.

Ivy:.....go without me. I'd just mess it all up.

Hero: How could you mess it up. If anything, you'd help. I think Falco has some kind of crush on you.

Ivy: I've been trying to help sicne I joined Star Wolf....but I keep failing...I can't even find my own mom!

Hero: C'mon, I won't take no for an answer.

Clyde: He's right, Angel's in trouble and so many otehrs! You're the brains here, Ivy! I don't think we woulda been able to keep Lylat as safe as it is without you!

JT: Water..?

Hero: What about it?

Ivy: (silent, simply looks at and opens her gold locket, which has a picture of her parents--Tails and Cosmo).....

Hero: (notices Ivy, but decides not to comment) We should go.


Ivy: Huh?

Kyle: Have faith....we can get through this. I promise....

Ivy: Kyle.....

JT: Ugh.. I can bearly swim.

Hero: We won't need to. Falco can't swim, so we won't have to enter the water. Lets go!

Ivy:.....okay! Let's do it!

Kyle: That's the spirit, baby!

Ivy: Love you too sweetie! (kisses him)

Kyle: (kisses back)

Hero: Ok, I'm going. Feel free to follow.

(Hero leaves and heads towards the pool)

Shine, Fetalia, Jimmy, Joseph, Brittney, Clyde, Kyle, and Ivy: (follow after him)

[At the pool, a small box is seen with a phone attached to it. Hero picks it up]

Hero: Hello.

Falco: Hello Hero!

Ivy: (sitting by the pool, looking at her locket)

Hero: Guys, it's Falco! What do you want?

Falco: I just want to let you know that in one hour, a citizen of Station Square that is stuck to a bomb, will di unless you can solve my puzzle.

Kyle: (grabs the phone) Gimme that! Whaddya want ya gimp?!

Falco: If you can't solve my puzzle within one hour, the hostage will die. Otherwise, she shall be released. What do ya say?

JT: I say I'll kick your ass!

Kyle: What hostage, specifically?

Falco: You'll find out when you find her! Now, open the box for your clue. Goodbye for now!

(Falco hangs up)

Clyde: (opens the box)

JT: ... (complete silence)

(Inside is a picture of a famous female singer)

Hero: Hey, I know her. She died last week!

Clyde: That can't be. Who is she anyway?

Hero: (tells him her name then continues speaking) I bet Falco wants us to find out how she died!

Kyle: Then it must be a trap.

Ivy: or he could be trying to psych us out.

JT: Anyone into pop culture?

Hero: Sort of. She died last week and no one can explain how.

JT: Well if nobody can explain how, how will Falco know if we're right or wrong?

Hero: Falco will know, he's a Sherlock Holmes fanatic, if anyone could deduce it, he could.

Kyle: When I get my hands on him--!!

Hero: Guys, later. We only have one hour to save the hostage!

Ivy: (looks at her locket again) (I wonder....)

(The phone begins ringing again)

Falco: Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention. Each hostage will mean something to at least one of you!

JT: He couldn't have...

Hero: Why, who means something to you?

JT: ...

Hero: JT, this is important....

Ivy: Means something?...(gasps) Mom! Dad!

Clyde: Oh no....Hero, Angel is in danger!

Hero: Guys focus. We have to find the answer. Lets go to her house!

Ivy: (nods)

Hero: I'm gonna go to the police, see if I can get this call traced. Good luck guys!

Ivy: (runs to her home to find Tails)

JT: ... (lets his head down and closes his eyes)

Clyde: JT?

{C {C}[Earlier, at Tails' house, Falco arrives] Tails: What do you want. Falco: You! (Falco grabs Tails and flies off with him) [Back in the present]

Ivy: 9arrives at her home) Dad!! Dad, where are you?!

JT: ...(deep sigh)

Kyle: We're too late! Falco must've taken him!

Ivy: (looks at her locket) (I wonder if my mom is taken as well....)

JT: (I wonder if he knows about them... How he knows)

Shine: (gasps) Mom! She had to have been taken too!

(JT's mobile phone begins ringing)

Fetalia: It's Falco, no doubt....

JT: (answers) Hello?

Joanne: Who is it?

JT: (opens his eyes and looks up, silent. In shock) ..!

Joseph; What is it?

JT: He has her...

Clyde: Who?!

JT: HS... I loved her... But I never got to tell her.

Jimmy: Someone important to me.....

Joanne: It's not too late.

JT: ...B-----d!!

Kyle Hmmm......

Joanne: So are we gonna save her or what?

Ivy: My dad's in trouble too! Maybe even my mom!

Joanne: And don't forget my sister is still hypnotized. No, that can't be....

Shine: What?

Fetalia: Falco couldn't get my dad, cuz he's who--?

Bluray: What's going on?

Joseph: Falco's holding alot of people hostage near a bomb. And at least one person means something to each of us....

JT: He's using them as bait...

Kyle: Sad to say, but he's right. Falco's laying a trap to mush our brains too! Or.....

Ivy: Or what?

Kyle: Or kill us with the hostages, if they're being controlled too....

JT: Most likely...

Ivy: dad.....

JT: We're going anyway!

Falco: Uh just to let you know, you never turned off the phone and the only way you'll ever see your loved ones again is if you solve my puzzle!

JT: Damn it Falco, I will snap your beak directly off your FACE. You understand that?

Falco: Maybe, but later. Better solve that puzzle. You only have 40 minutes left! Bye!

(The phone hangs up)

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Chapter 4: The Puzzle Ransom

(Hero calls JT)

Hero: Any luck with the puzzle?

JT: Unfortunatley, no. I actually have no luck of finding Falco and the hostages either. Do you know anything that might even be a tiny bit useful?

~Signal Goes off~

JT: Damn! No Signal, but why? This spot usually gets great reception!

Boombomb: JT? What are you doing here? I thought you were in a fight with Falco...

JT: Yeah. But I guess you could say he's been his usual self and ran off. Only this time, he took all of our closest friends and made them hostage. that sick son of a- Anyway, He may take somebody close to you too. He may have also killed off the connection to my phone, because Hero obviously knows something and he was gonna tell me...

Boombomb: Wow... Sounds crap... Well, we better find Hero before Falco gets your loved ones.

JT: ...Too late....

(Back with Hero)

Hero: Damn Falco. So smart, yet so immature! I have to try and find them!

(JT Calls Hero)

JT: He o, we n ed t m ke hi cal qu ck, I thi k I ca s e h m! And I th nk I n w th answ (Call completly cuts off)

Hero: Damn it, I need to find him! (thinks) Hmm, Ivy said that she was going to check Tails' house.

(Hero goes there and finds the group)

Hero: Found you! What's the answer?


Hero: So, Tails is gone then? (to JT) Well, we need the answer in the next (looks at his watch) 30 minutes!

JT: (There is a big tear through the city, JT is unconcious)

Hero: JT, damn! We need to solve that crime fast!

Ivy:......(gasps) I got it! I've figured it out!

Hero: What is it! We need answers!

Ivy: (whispers the answer to Hero)

Hero: No, that can't be right. You haven't even examined the body or anything. We still have half an hour, but we have no idea.

Ivy: has to be!

Hero: Sorry Ivy, but we should actually go look for some clues or something.

(JT regains conciousness)

JT: Damn I was out cold...

Ivy: JT! You okay?

JT: I'm a bit hurt... I-I think it was Falco...

Kyle: That coward! He's trying to make sure we're clueless!

JT: Besides him using me to rip up the city, I'm fine...

Clyde: So d'ya know the answer to the puzzle?

Hero: (Nodding) I think so. It had nothing to do with her death. It was-

(Hero is hit with a tranquliser dart and collapses unconscious)

Clyde: FALCO!!!! YOU COWARD!!!!

JT: Falco, you b-----d! Come out and quit hiding!!

Joanne: Cheater!

JT: He's beating us senseless because we're finding out! If we just free the hostages, we'll be safe!

Ivy: I think I've got it now....but just hope that Falco doesn't try anything....

Jester: Daddy! Oh no! The city's been destroyed!

Chronicle: Don't worry, son. We can fight the culprit off!!

Clyde: I am gonna skin that bird when I get my hands on him!

Kyle: Ditto, dude!

(JT's phone starts ringing)

Joanne: Hey what if we just pretend to know, and then when Falco comes to beat us up then we catch him?

Ivy:....that's a good idea!

JT: Hold that thought... (answers) Y'ello?

Jester: (Tugs at Jesse) Do You know who did all this?

Allison: What's going on?

Jesse had been watching the group for a while now, waiting to make a move until they were fully distracted. He and Jester were still out of their sight. "You see that group of guys up there? One of them is called JT, and he's the guy who destroyed the city, and that little group supported him." His lie sounded perfectly like the truth. Jesse was great at doing that.

Ivy: WHAT?! That's not true!!

Bluray: Jesse again!

"Do you people have super hearing or something?" Jesse says, revealing himself. "Don't bother denying it either."

Bluay: Why not? Spew B.S into our ears.

Ivy: Don;t listen to him! He's the evil one! And he's framing us!

Bluray: Calm down, Ivy. That will only make Jester think your indenial. You need to stay calm and show that we didn't do crap.


Bluray: Stand with great pride, and show them him with such confidense that Jesse's lieing.

"And how do you plan on proving that?" Jesse said with the slightest hint of a smirk.

Ivy: (shows them some proof)

"Fabricated," Jesse laughed. He seemed to have his hand behind his back, as if reaching for something.

Bluray: And what proof do you have we did it?

Ivy:.....(gets on her knees) Even if we did do could I have helped when I can't do anything right? I'm....I'm just so useless....

Bluray: *Tighens His Fist* Stand up....

Ivy: I'm only...a liability to my friends....a true evil would not be so useless....and I am COMPLETLY useless!! (starts to cry)

Kyle: ivy...that;'s not true!

Jesse reaches into his back pocket and pulls out what looks like a tape recorder. "You really shouldn't have come for JT."

Ivy: (crying) I...I don't care what happens to the world....I...I just...I just friends....and my family....I don't wanna be putting my friends in danger anymore!! I'm wortheless!!

Bluray: Shut up Ivy. And stop saying garbage we're gonna get through this! Your not worthless now wipe up your tears!

Ivy: (continues to cry as she looks at the picture in her locket) don't deserve to be your daughter.....

Kyle: (approaches Ivy)......

Bluray: Fine. Kyle deal with her. While the rest of us go get Jesse.

Ivy: I...I.....I WANNA DIE!!!!!'

Kyle: (shocked)

Ivy: (crying while whimpering the same thing over and over) I wanna die....I wanna die....I wanna die....I wanna die....I wanna die....

Bluray: *Twitches*

Kyle: (kneels down) Ivy,,,,don;t think that....

Jesse hesitated. This isn't right, he thought. I've just driven that girl to want to kill herself. The programming put in his head by the noise was trying to convince him otherwise.

Aleah: Ivy, don't say that. You have your uses. Everyone does.

Ivy:'d all be better off...if I just left this world forever!

Kyle: NO WE WOULDN'T!!!!....I wouldn't.....if you died....I'd never be able to forgive myself....

Aleah: Your not worthless and do you no why!

Bluray: *Jumps Up To Jesse*

Jesse's brain just about snapped from the pressure being put on it. He gripped his head in pain, dropping the switch he was going to use to activate hte trap he had lain.

Ivy: (looks up at them, still teary-eyed)

Bluray: *Steps On Switch Crushing It* I'am not buying into this "Headache" Get up.

Jesse's brain was telling him two things: turn his old friends to the other side, and to save Ivy from herself. Each side was disagreeing with the other: moral versus hypnotism. It was killing his head, almost literally.

Shine: Wait, hang on....I actually think he's really trying to fight it!

Bluray: I said get up! We can do this the easy way or the hard way.


Jesse's legs gave out as his brain started losing functionality, focusing most of its power entirely on its internal dispute.

Bluray: Hm.. *Steps Back To Give Him A Second To Recover*

Kyle: mean way too much to me for you to die....

Ivy: Kyle....

(Gotta go guys see ya later)

Blaze: (appears) perhaps I may be of assistance.

Jesse was slowly losing motor control in his limbs, which were instead being dedicated to his mind's internal dispute. If he didn't get aid soon, his body was going to start shutting down more important systems.

Ivy: (whipes the tears from her face and defends Jesse) Stay away you filthy b****!!

Blaze: Relax, I'm not here to harm anyone. I'm just here to help.


Jesse's mind literally stopped interpreting what was happening on the outside. He couldn't see or hear anything. Almost all his brain power was now in a battle, and neither side seemed to be winning.

Ivy: Jesse?

He stopped moving altogether. His eyes contracted. If a side didn't win now, there never would be a winner.

Ivy: You have to fight the hypnosis, Jesse.

Jester: You were lying! I'll beat you to eleventy you idiot (throws a punch)\

Ivy: Wait! (blocks it)

Jester: I hate waiting! (prepares another punch)

Ivy: He's being controlled! This isn't his fault!

Hero: Guys, we should help!

Clyde: Ivy can handle it, trust me!

Jester: She's being really D-U-M-B, How can she help us!?

Hero: I was talking about Jesse. He needs help!

(JT's phone begins ringing again)

JT: I've got an idea, there will be one sign that it's Falco... If he calls me by 'PJ'! (answers)

Falco: Hello PJ!

Clyde: Yup, it's him.

Jesse couldn't hear or see. Even if he did make it out of this, he had a pretty high chance of mental damage.

JT: What do you want, Falco!?

Ivy: (attending to Jesse)

Falco: Ok listen up. You can do the right thing and save Jesse 'or' you can save the hostages. Your choice!

JT: (puts Falco on hold) ... We only have one chance... Jesse. Or our hostages?

Clyde: (growls)

Falco: Tick tock, you're running out of time!

Clyde: You coward! Don't you have any sense of fair play?!

Jester: I'm gonna beat you up. Birdbrain!! (runs, but Chronicle holds him back)

Falco: Choose now or they both die!

Ivy:.......(growls and points her Gattling Gun at him)

JT: Don't shoot my phone! But Jesse would want us to save the others...


Although Falco was right that the hostages would die if he didn't help them, he had no control over Jesse. He might die whether they "saved him" or not. And JT was right, Jesse would have preferred they save the hostages over him.


Falco: But the hostages might want you to have helped Jesse instead? What to do, what to do?

JT: Falco, we're saving the hostages, that's it!

Ivy: (looks at Jesse, then her locket picture) (Mom would've wanted me to help both, but....)

Falco: Ok then. Say bye bye Jesse! Now come and collect your prize on the roof of the nearest building!

Shine: (runs off to the city)

Fetalia: (turns to a shadow and follows him)

Jester: (Breaks free from his father) Nearest building! (leaps up)

Chronicle: Ugh! (Leaps up with his son)

Brittney: (flies her, Joseph, and Jimmy up the building)

Chronicle: Bird! What do you want!

(The heroes arrive atop the building to see one hostage tied to a chair wit ha bag over his/her face)

Jester: Who is it?

Hero: (just after waking up) Lets find out.

Ivy: (stayed behind)


(Hero takes off the bag and Tails lies there, unconscious)

Kyle: (gasps) Ivy! Get up here! Your dad's in trouble!

Ivy: (gasps and runs up the building as fast as possible)

Jesse was left behind to die, and a few of his internal organs started stopping. He was probably going to die. Then, something broke. Everything restarted in him.

Ivy: (running up) Dad!!

(Hero inspects Tails) Hero: Wait Ivy, I think it's a- (It suddenly transforms into a Tails Doll)

Ivy: (screams)

(The Tails Doll prepares to blast Ivy, but Hero jumps onto it and rips off its head)

Ivy:...Jesse.....Falco knew I wouldn't leave he used this fake as a diversion....

(Hero's phone begins ringing)

Hero: Falco!

Falco: Hey buddy. Listen, if you still want to save a hostage, go back to the pool!

Ivy: Why should we trust you?! You tricked me into letting Jesse die!

Falco; Because Ivy, you have no choice!

Ivy: (growls)

Falco: Well, bye!

(The phone hangs up)

Hero: Damn, you guys go to the pool. I've got something else to do....

Ivy: (jumps down into her Wolfen and flies off to the pool)

Kyle: Ivy!!

Hero: Kyle, follow her. I've gotta go.

(Hero runs off the building and into the distance)

Clyde & Kyle: (follow her in their Wolfens)

Ivy: (arrives at the pool)

Bluray Aleah, Allison, Kai: *Arrive At Pool"

Allison: Falco and his mind...

Jester: Where are the water wings!?

Star Wolf: (looks around)

Bluray: *Goes TO Store To Restore Ice*

JT: Keep your Guard up! And Bluray. Keep that Ice up..!

Bluray: It'a has a reason when we meet up with Falco.

JT: Speaking of which, Where IS Falco..? And Even the hostages?

Bluray: I'll need you to throw me in the air over the Ice JT, when I say "ramen".


Bluray: Thanks.

Jester: I'll check up! (Spins Spines around and begins to fly)

Bluray: That is so cool...

Jester: Thank you very much!! Hold on, Daddy, I think I see something!

Chronicle: What is it?

Jester: I can't make it out!

Kai: Huh?

Joanne: Try!

Bluray: Where is he...

Jester: It's getting closer!!

Boombomb: Goddamn!!!

  • Radar starts making loads of noises.

Boombomb: Damn it! My radar is Spazing up...

Ivy: Falco!! Where are you, you coward?!?!

Jester: I think it is Falco!!

Ivy: Hmm?

Kai: Let's just see...

Allison: *Looks Around*

(Falco watches from atop a balcony)

Falco: Hello everyone!

Chronicle: There you are! GRRR... (Charges up to Falco)

Falco: Ah ah ah!

(Several red dots point at Chronicle and more point at the others)

Jester: Daddy!

(A red dot points at Jester's head)

Falco: Shoot the kid!

Jester: Woah!

Falco: Enough times so that he stops breathing.

(The snipers aim and prepare to fire)

Chronicle: Don't ever threaten my son like that! (Prepares to punch)

(Falco nods and Chronicle is shot in the leg)

Falco: I don't want you getting up here! Now kill the kid!

Jester: (Pink swirl begins to go yellow) YOU B-----D! I'LL MAUL YOU TO ELEVENTY! (Charges energy very quickly, to an extremely high level)

Falco: Kill him!

(Jester is shot in the gut and falls to the ground)

(Jester is still breathing, besides the bleed, he shows no emotional signs of pain)

MAX. Jester: Th-That the best Gun You've got? (Struggles, but manages to get up)

Falco: Yes, but that isn't all.

(Jester is shot in both arms and legs)

JT: Falco, you sick, twister son of a b---h! Shooting a 5-year-old?

Falco: Technically, I didn't shoot him. They did.

(Several snipers point at JT and Falco nods, so one of them shoots JT in the leg)

JT: (nods at Jester)

Jester: (Runs out of sight, knowing that JT saved his life, since he met these friends, JT had become more friendly, nobody had noticed this, until JT took the shot for Jester)

JT: Hey, Falco. Gunmen? Are you pussy?

Falco: Sorry PJ, but you can't taunt them, that's the main reason I chose these guys. Now leave, here's the hostage.

(Tails walks out with a bomb strapped to his chest)

Falco: Say bye bye Tails!

JT: A... Bomb?

Falco: Thats right!

(Jester is dragged up beside Falco by two large goons)

Falco: Oh PJ, you might not want to encourage kids to run away!

Chronicle: No! Jester!

JT: Falco, no! Don't!

Falco: Don't what? Oh you mean this?

(Falco pulls out a pistol and shoots Jester in the chest)

Falco: (grinning) Oops!

Chapter 4.5 - A New Hatred

JT: Falco, what are you doing to Jester!?

Falco: Well, I'm not doing anything, but I did shoot him in the chest!

JT: Grrr... JT... HENKAN! (Transforms Purple. Into Punishment Form)

(JT is shot in the other leg)

Falco: Bad PJ! Now here's the kid.

(Falco throws a Jester with blood pouring out of him off the balcony and down towards the heroes)

JT: !

Chronicle: Son!!

Falco: (laughing) Lets watch the kid go splat!

Jester: GH!

JT: I will KILL you Falco!

Falco: Well, I think I should be going. You won't be seeing me for a while, but you'll be meeting your savior soon.

Boombomb: !?!... Oh my god... You B*****d... You shot a kid...

Falco: No, I shot a kid who'll be dead in five minutes! Bye!

(Falco leaves, and then returns)

Falco: Oh and, if you try to follow, then Tails goes kaboom!

(Falco leaves again)

JT: Grr...

Jester: Where's Mommy? She can heal me!

Boombomb: How... Dare he... Shoot... a kid... and say something... LIKE.. (Gets dark red aura)THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

Ivy: Dad!!

Chronicle: Anybody good at defusing bombs?

Ivy: I can handle it!

Boombomb: (Eyes glow yellow)

Chronicle: Good! Because he'll blow up Tails if we go after him, defuse that bomb and we'll be able to get him without harming your dad! And I'll wipe that b-----d off the Earth for shooting my 5-year-old son!

Ivy: Hang ion dad! (starts trying to defuse the bomb)

Jester: Now, somebody who can heal, cuz I have 5 bullet wounds!!

Boombomb: (Still Shouting)

Fetalia: Huh? That voice.....

Shine: It's him.....

Boombomb: (Earthquake starts, then stops as the shouting did...)

Ivy: UGH!!!

Kyle: Ivy!

Ivy: I'm fine! I can handle this!

Boombomb: (The earthquake now stops, and silence occours for a few seconds, before lightning starts)

Ivy: AAAH!!!

Kyle: Ivy, I can do this if you--

Ivy: No, Kyle! I gotta do this myself!

Kyle: But--

Clyde: (puts his hand on his shoulder)

Boombomb: (Flys near everyone, hes in his super form, except blue bits of lightning aura him)

Fetalia: Boombomb!

Boombomb: Fetalia... Where is he...

Fetalia: Where's who?!

Ivy: Just one more wire....and dad's safe....

Boombomb: Falco... That B*****d...

Fetalia: (looks at her)....don't go after him just yet....

Jester: Seriously... These wounds hurt, can somebody nurse these?

Ivy: Hang on, I'm almost there.....(finishes the defusing, and it was successful; sighs in relief) Dad's safe.....

Jester: OK. Will you help me now?

Ivy: (attends to his wounds)

Shine: (to Boombomb) He went that way!

Boombomb: Im going to choke him with his own intestines...

JT: Ok, Tails will be safe, if we follow Falco, Tails won't explode anymore. (JT Takes a bullet from his leg and pulls it out himself.

Ivy: (continues to heal Jester)

Boombomb: Hmph... hold still. This may sting a bit, but it'll help cure the last of your wounds....

Tails: (wakes up) Where am I?

(The bomb reactivates)

Ivy: What?! Impossible! I just defused it!

Tails: Falco's.... gone evil..... but he's still...... a genius.

Ivy: Yeah, well I'm smarter! I'll just deactivate again!

Tails: No Ivy.... I recongnise the mechanics..... if you try to...... deactivate it before Falco.... leaves, it will..... detonate.

JT: How about we just cut it off and plant it on Falco's carcus when I'm done with him?

Kyle: Did you even pay attention?! If we follow Falco, the bomb goes off!

Ivy:......I'm gonna get you outta here, dad!

(Outside, Hero spots Falco and attacks him)

Falco: Grr!

(Inside, the bomb explodes)

Ivy: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Tails lies on the ground, alive, but very weak and injured)

Ivy: Dad!! (runs over to him)

JT: Falco, you b-----d!

((09jhero: Two things, first, how could JT have seen Hero and second, Hero didn't know, he wasn't with them))

((I didn't know Hero wasn't there))

Ivy: (shakes Tails) Dad! Please, dad! Don't be dead, please!

Jester: None of us even hit him!! Or even saw him!

Ivy: (starts to cry)

Tails: (still unconscious)

JT: Ivy, don't worry! We can get him better!


(Outside, Falco and Hero get in a fistfight, until Falco throws Hero through the window and into the pool area)

Clyde: Hero!

JT: Hero!! What Happened?

Hero: Ugh, I attacked Falco and he threw me through a window.

Ivy: (gasps) could you?!?!

(Jester begins to back away from Hero, holding bandages, for his father's wound)

Hero: (surprised) What? I thought that Falco was the bad guy!

Ivy: Falco reactivated the bomb after I defused it! Falco outsmarted us!

JT: And if anybody approached him, he'd detonate it!

Ivy: (holding Tails close and crying)

Hero: Bomb? What bomb? ((09jhero: For the last time, Hero wasn't with them!!!))

Kyle: Falco planted a bomb attached to Tails and if anyone followed him, he'd activate it.

Ivy: I tried to defuse it, but....(still crying)

JT: That's unfair though, Hero had no idea of the bomb's general existance...

Hero: I'm really sorry guys.

Fetalia: it's fine.....


JT: He also shot Chronicle once, Me twice, and Jester 5 times...

Hero: That son of a b*tch.

(Hero takes Tails' pulse)

Hero: He'll live, but he's badly injured, we need to get him to hospital.

Ivy: (nods and takes Tails in her Wolfen to the hospital)

Clyde & Kyle: (follow her)

Hero: You're gona suffer Falco.

(Hero follows)

Shine: Hmmm......

Chapter 5 - Recovery

Tails: (in recovery)


Jester: I gotta admit, these bullet wounds still kinda hurt!

Ivy: Huh? Oh right! (takes out a medical needle) Now hold still. This may sting, but it'll make your wounds heal faster.....

(Nearby, Jesse lies in the dirt and Falco stands over him)

Falco: Hello Jesse.

Who the heck was talking to him? Jesse wondered groggily as he slowly woke up. He was too tired and confused to make a response.

Falco: (fully aware of what happened) Your name is Jesse, you're an echidna, you have a wife and kid and you do anything I order you to do.

"What?" was the first word out of Jesse's mouth. What was this guy talking about? "Who are you?"

Fetalia: (runs in and notices them) Falco!!

Falco: Oh for god's sake!

(Falco pulls a tranquilizer from his back and fires it at Fetalia)

Falco: Jesse, come.

Fetalia: (knocked out)

Shine: Jesse, don't go with him! He's the bad guy!

Falco: Don't listen to them. They're the villains.

(Falco throws a smoke bomb and stuns them)

Falco: Hurry, before they recover.

Shine: UGH!!! Falco! Remember who you are! If you go through with this, the future will be a world of ruin!

"What?" Jesse asked. He didn't trust the bird, he'd just shot someone. "What's going on?"

Shine: You were being mind-controlled like he is! And if you go with him, you'll doom the world!

JT: (runs in) What the heck?

Shine: JT! I need help! Jesse's lost his memory and Falco's taking advantage of him!

Jesse teared up. He had no clue what any of them were talking about. Now that he thought about it, he didn't know anything about himself either. He didn't remember the internal battle his brain had had which erased what little of him was left in his head.

JT: Falco's here?

Angel: (jumps down beside Falco) Hey boys!

JT: !!

Angel: Well, Jesse, how 'bout we keep these idiots occupied while Falcky gets the next bomb ready?

JT: Next bomb!?

Slish: *shows up* Hello peoples! I'm here to check on your progress.

Shine: Who are you?!

Slish: I'm Slish! Hee hee. And I'd say Falco's doing a pretty good job!

"Next bomb, what are you talking about?!" Jesse just woke up for he first tmie he can remember and he's already getting talked to about bombs? It was too much for him.

Kyle: (walks out) Dammit, what's that annoying noise out here?!

Slish: Don't worry Mr. Orange Echidna. Falco's just going to make pretty explosions!

Shine: Yeah, and kill a couple innocent people in the process!!

"No," Jesse says, still disoriented. "Don't do that." He seemed sincere and sad.

JT: ?

Kyle: (points his gun at Falco)

Slish: Uh uh uh. No guns for you. *extends her claws and slashes Kyle*

Falco: Oh no Slish, let him fire. (at Kyle) But, I may have already set up the next bomb, and I wonder who will die?

Kyle: UGH!!!

Angel: (smirks)

Falco: Oh Angel, give Hero and Clyde something to think about, will you?

Angel: Huh? Aaah, right!

Hero: What are you talking about?

JT: I'm guessing their hypnotised too. The only thing that'll get me hypnitised if somebody nullens my immunty stick.

Angel: You two don't please me enough....but I've found someone who can....(smirks)

Jesse had had enough. He took a swing at Angel.

Angel: OWW!! How dare you scar my sexy body!!

Jesse felt genuinely bad about punching Angel, but he did it again anyway.

JT: Sexy my ass!

Angel: Oh HA HA!! You won't be laughing once your little s*** is in hell!


Jester: What's happening? (runs in)

Angel: Aww, a kid! (smirks)

Jester: (confused)

Slish: Isn't he cute?

Kyle: God, your vocie is so annoying!!

Slish: *crosses her arms* Well same to you, fella!

Jester: (looks at Falco) Hey! You're the guy who shot me!!

Jesse turns around and takes a swing at Falco. Call it getting that kid payback or call it wanting real answers, Jesse put everything he had in him behind that punch. And that was a lot.

(Falco falls down, unconscious)

Kyle: Hmmm........

(Jester runs up to Falco, and sticks his tounge out, he makes a rasperry sound towards Falco)

Jesse sighed. He just knocked the guy out. At least he knew he was good at something.

Angel: (grabs Jesse and holds him at gunpoint) Well....I can always get a new're coming with me!

Jester: Mr! No! (punches Angel very hard)

Angel: OWW!! Hey kid! Didn't your mommy teach you it's not nice to hurt girls?!

Jester: No, but my Daddy told me if somebody hurts a friend I can fight back!

Jesse uses this distraction to bring his elbow back right into her nose. He sure didn't like fighting but he didn't want to be taken by Angel.

Angel: URGH!!!

(Falco awakens, but decides to fake lack of consciousness, he had a plan)

Jester: (see's Falco unconsious and approaches him) Hey lady, mess with him and you end up like this guy!!

Kyle: (throws Falco in the building, where a flipped off Ivy awaits)

(One of Falco's snipers points at Jester and Hero notices)

Hero: Hey kid, watch out!

(Hero pushes him out of the way and takes the bullet)

Ivy: (picks Falco up) I know you're awake, birdie! And I'm gonna give you some REAL pain!!

Jester: Hey birdbrain! Do you have an obsession with shooting kids or something!! (flies in the building)

(Falco continues to, convincingly, fake unconsciousness)

(Jester gently sits beside him, thinking he is unconcious)

Ivy: WAKE!!! UP!! (punches him in the beak)

Jester: Stop, It takes time to regain conciousness

"Can we get out of here now?" Jesse asked angrily. He didn't want to fight, but he wanted answers.

Ivy: (looks back at the Emergency Room)..........

Jester: What if birdbrain doesn't get up?

Ivy: He won't wake up after this! (kicks Falco in the nuts)

Jester: (ears twitch) Are you sure?

Ivy: Positive! (goes into the emergency room)

Jester: (smiling) I'll just stay here.

Ivy: Dad?

(JT Walks in)

JT: So, how is he?

Ivy: he's recovering, but still asleep....

(Hero lies outside in the dirt with blood pouring out of the bullet wound in his chest)

Angel: (smirks)

JT: Maybe we need to take Hero in, too.

Hero: A-angel..... h-help.

(Hero faints)

Angel: Heh!

Clyde: Angel!

JT: (walks outside, and takes Hero inside)

Angel: Hehehehehehe..........


Slish: *looks for Falco's body*

Angel: Don't bother. He's not our problem. We gotta jet now!

Clyde: Angel, don't do this! Think of what would happen!

Angel: I have....and I wanna see it from a great view! See ya hun!

Slish: Okey dokey! *goes with Angel*

[Later, Falco lies in his cell and awakens to see an injured Hero lie in a bed across from him]

Falco: Morning Hero.

Hero: (weakened from the shot) Fal-co.

Kyle: Hmph! Enjoying your stay?

Falco: Oh yeah, although I'll admit that it isn't the best hotel service ever. The room service doesn't work.

Kyle: That's because we don't give room service to a**holes!

Falco: (sighing) Oh well. (Looks at Ivy) Can I at least have some alone time with the pretty maid?

Ivy: Back off, pervert! (kicks him)

(When Ivy tries to kick him, Falco grabs her leg and twists it at an impossible angle)

Falco: How rude!

Ivy: ACK!!!!

Kyle: (points his gun at her) Hey, let her go! Let her go, NOW!!

Falco: Well, ok. But first-

(Falco pulls her down and puts his arm around her neck)

Falco: Ok guys, I want a gun, some grenades, guaranteed escape and some workers.

Ivy: (choking)

Clyde: On two conditions!

Hero: (struggling to get the words out) No Ky-le, don't let... him es-cape.

Falco: Well, what are the conditions?

Clyde: You let Ivy go, of course. And you tell us how to turn everyone back to normal!

Falco: But why would I tell you anything when I can just walk out of here with her.

Clyde: Cuz we can make you being the first cowardly bird to be killed while trying to weasel his way outta death!

Falco: (laughing) Ooh, harsh. But here's the good part. You kill me, I kill Ivy AND, my death is the order for Angel's execution too! How great it that?

Clyde: What?! No!!

Kyle: I don't give a f*** about that s***'s death....but you touch Ivy, I will rip your heart out!!

Falco: So, how about they both die? Then you can both mourn.

Clyde:.....tell us how to reverse the spell and I promise on my father's soul you will be able to leave quietly and alive!

Falco: But why would I bargain, you have no choice here. Just give me what I want and you can have Ivy and I'll even cure Angel.

Ivy: Guys....he's lying....don't do it....

Falco: (angrily) Quiet you!

(Falco covers her nose and mouth)

Falco: Ok guys, now she's suffocating. You better choose before you run out of time.

Kyle: Okay, you win! got a deal!

Falco: Great! Now give me what I want.

Clyde: You let go of Ivy first!

Falco: Hah. Do you think I'm stupid?

Hero: D-don't ans-wer that... guys.

Falco: Give me what I want first.

Kyle: No!! We're smarter than that, Falco! You honor your part of the bargain, and we'll honor ours!

Falco: (thinking) Ok, I don't want to have one of these ridiculous 'you first' arguments so how about we do this instead? Drop your guns and kick them across the room, or she dies.

Ivy: Don't do it guys! (coughing)

(Flaco tightens his grip, squeazing her neck)

Falco: Drop the guns, and we'll negotiate from there!

Clyde & Kyle: (quietly, reluctantly, drop their weapons)

Jester: Ms. Ivy!

Falco: Great, the kid's here! This'll make it more dramatic. Now guys, stand on the window ledge.

Clyde & Kyle: (do so)

Kyle: I'm gonna kill you for this!!

Jester: I may be the kid but at least I'm not the one whos a son of a b---h!

Ivy: J-Jester....(starting to lose consciousness)

Jester: Ahh! Ms. Ivy!!

Kyle: Falco! If you want someone to be your b****, then I'll volunteer!

Clyde: Kyle!!

Falco: Ok guys, I thought it would be funny to make you jump from ten storeys up. And you have my word that Ivy will be released and Angel will be cured if you jump!

Jester: Funny!? Do you know what FUNNY is!?

Ivy: Don' it....he' consciousness)

Kyle: Ivy?! IVY!!!!

Jesse had been watching speechlessly, and he finally decided to step in. "Just let them go. Take me instead." He knew this was a horrible plan, but he hoped it was for the best. He didn't know.

Jester: No! He's LY! Don't do it, he's ly!!

Kyle: We don't have a choice......Jester, Jess, grab onto us!

Jesse took a moment to realize that Kyle was talking to him. He really hoped they weren't just diving to their deaths.

Falco: Looks guys. Either you all jump, or everyone who's under mind-control stays under mind-control PERMANENTELY. So jump!

Clyde: (quickly grabs Jester and jumps)

Kyle: (grabs Jesse) I'll kill you for this! (jumps out)

Jesse couldn't help but close his eyes. Five minutes he could recall and he was already about to get killed.

(Jester leaps out as quick as he can, he knew that he could figure out a plan.)

Clyde & Kyle: (catch them and use their agility to land safely)

Falco: Oh yeah,, and thanks for giving me access to the radio tower!

(Falco walks into a different room and suddenly, all across the city on every TV and radio, the mind-control noise begins playing)

(Jester begins to fly, knowing that others thought he fell)

Jester: (Giggles)

(99% of the city begin listening to the music and Falco walks up to Hero in his bed)

Falco: Well Hero, have a look at what's happening now! I win!

Clyde & Kyle: (try to resist the noise)

Kyle: FALCO!!!!! YOU B******!!!!!!!!!!

(Jester flies back in)

Jester: Oh, really!? Nobody says they actually win!

Jester: Guess you really jump to conclusions, don't you, Mr. Falco?

Ivy: (still out of it; she appears to be dead)

(The doors seal themselves shut, trapping everyone outside before Clyde and Kyle could get in)

Hero: Damn you.... Fal-co.

Falco: (laughing) Hah hah. I win. I RULE THE WORLD!!!

Clyde: (blasts the door open with a rocket launcher)

(Jester is just laughing)

(Falco pushes a button that causes all weapons to deactivate, which he was given by Eggman. He then seals all other doors, leaving Clyde trapped in the lobby)

Clyde:.......(falls down, saddened and tramautized) Guess this is it....I've failed....

Kyle:......(sits on the steps, outside and cries) Ivy.....I'm sorry.....

Jester: Dumbfaced cheating b-----d

Falco: Hah Hah!

To Be Continued

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