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"So You Want to Be a Magical Girl?" (Madoka AMV)

Do you have what it takes to be a Puella Magi?


Well, Im gonna give this another shot, Hopefully I can make this work. This roleplay will incorporate elements for the Puella Magi Series, but this will not be entirely based on it (Ive learned my lesson). This rolelplay will follow its own storyline and will include some of my own touches.

My name is Nuubey, I will grant you any wish, in exchange for a contract.


"If you could have the one thing your heart most desires, would you be willing to risk your life, combat bizzare and dangerous entities, and be able to live with the negative consequences of your wish? All it takes is a contract, and I can grant you any, and I mean ANY wish you desire, but be warned, every desision, has its consequences, and with that said, are you willing to combat your fate?"



  • 1.No breaking the fouth wall without permision
  • 2.No Godmoding (No Exceptions)
  • 3.No killing (Except for witches and familiars)
  • 4.No Extreme Sexual Content, Kissing, Cuddling, is fine, or you can say they are going to, then move to a new scene for another character, or just move to the next day, just don't describe it.(and dont abuse the references)
  • 5.Censor all profanity(exept for damn, hell and crap)
  • 6.No altering the plot (No exceptions)
  • 7.No villians without permission
  • 8.Do not join without asking on the talkpage first


(You MUST ask on the roleplay's talkpage to join unless you received an invite)

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-Emily the hedgehog



(Do not add your character until after you've made the contract first)

Emily the hedgehog (Emily the hedgehog)


Part 1

Station Square, 11:00 AM

New Reporter: Authoreties across the country are baffled by the recent outbreak of mass suicides and dissappeareces that seem to happen for no clear reason, investigators report that all of these vitcims apeared to have mysterious markings on their necks, and thoose who survive the attempts, seem to have no memory of the events. If you see anyone with these strange markings or acting unusual, it is strongly recomended that you contact the police imediatly.

Angela:*yawns* Looks like more witches are popping up, huh Nudge?

Nudge:*eating a sandwhich* Yep, but what is a few witches to a couple of expert magical girls like us? *munch* We beat them, get the grief seeds, and become the srongest magical girls around! *finishes eating*

Angela: I wouldn't get to full of myself if I were you.

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* Yeah, like we really have anything to worry about. Hmm, I wonder where Nuubey is.

???????:Nuubey?(Cannot be seen do to being invisble)

Angela: Hey Nudge, did you you hear something?

Nudge: No why?


???????:(Thoughts:Bey....Rosadiya told not to talk to people who bey in the back of their name,though,she never explained it.Maybe I should find out more.)Hey...umm Excuse me,who is this Nuubey?

Nudge: Oh, you see, Nuubey is a member of an alien race called "incubators", we have made a cotract with him to become magical girls.

Iamashi:And what do these magical girls do for the incubators when they make contract's with them?

Angela: We fight witches and collect grief seeds, but first he grants us one wish.

Iamashi:(Thoughts:Maybe Shimai and I could become magical girls and make wishes for our older brothers to be a little more happy.)

Nuubey:(a small rabbit-like creature appears behind Iamashi) So what will it be?

Nudge: There he is!

Iamashi:*Turns around and sees Nuubey*(Thoughts:I wasn't expecting him to look like a rabbit..And did he read my thoughts?)

Nuubey:*telepathicly* Yes, I can hear your thoughts, and you can hear mine.

Iamashi: So...umm....Nuubey....Can I make a contract with you?

Nuubey: Yes, you can, so tell me, what is your wish?

Iamashi: I wish my brother,Tsuyu, wouldn't be so sad and depressed all the time.

Nuubey: Is that your final decision?


Nuubey: Alright then, *he outstretches his feelers and then removes Iamashi's soul from her body and places it inside a bright red egg shaped gem* This is your soul gem, it is the source of your magical power, you must always keep it with you, and never lose it. *hands her the soul gem*

Iamashi:*Takes the soul gem*

Nuubey: The contract is finalized,  your wish has come true, and now that it has, you are now a magical girl, and you must agree to fight witches.

A female hedgehog walked up to the two. "I am with the police. I need some answers." She said.

Angela:*looks at Nudge*

Nudge: What do you want?

"I'm Officer Chantrea Moldest. Have you seen these markings?" She asked. She showed the kinds of markings on the victims.

Nudge: Yes.....

Chantrea wrote something on a piece of paper. "Who did you see this on? And why was it there?"

Nudge: Um, I can't tell you that......

"Why not?" She asked.

Nuubey:*looks at Nudge* (Note: Nuubey cannot be seen by normal people)

Chantrea gripped her handcuffs. "If you do not give me a valid answer, I am allowed by law to arrest you for failure to colmply with a police officer."

Nudge:*throws a card to the ground and multiple ribbons constrict the oficer*

Angela:*unfurls her large, Golbat wings, grabs Nudge, and flies off*

Chantrea struggled to get free. "Wait! Help me!" She yelled. She sat there. She started to cry. 

Angela:*lands on the other side of the city* Good, we lost her!

Dana walked with Zerofuse. "Hey Zero, do you still have that job as a roller coaster manager?" She asked.

Zerofuse rolled his eyes. "Yes. Why?" He answered.

"I want to go. For free." She said.

Zerofuse shook his head. "No. I don't have to and I don't want to." He said. "Why are we here again?" Zerofuse asked.

Dana laughed. "Trying to find something to do since your house is being cleaned."

Zerofuse sighed. "I should have went by myself. I wanna do parkour! Or mess with cops. Or SOMETHING FUN." He yelled.

Angela:*picks Nudge up* For a minute there,we could have gotten into some trouble there.

Nudge: Cops are nosy around here, they need to mind there own buisiness.

Zerofuse saw a police officer. He run towards him and knocked his hat off and kept running. "Come and get me!" He yelled. He started to run backwards.

Nudge:*notices Zerofuse* What the heck is that kid doing?

Angela: I don't know, but he sure is an idiot.

The police officer called back-up. A police car tried to block his path. Zerofuse simply slid over the hood of the car. His parkour skills were starting to show.

Nudge:*rolls her eyes* Not to mention a show off.

A cop then open a door onto Zerofuse, causing him to fall. He was dizzy, but still got up. By the time he was up, he was surrounded.

Nudge: Hmm..... if you play with fire, you get burned.

Iamashi:*Uses Dragonbreath on the police officers*

Nudge: What the f**k?

Zerofuse saw the officers burning. "What the hell..." He looked around and saw Nudge. He got nervous, but approached her.

Nudge:*looks at him strange*

Zerofuse saw her look. "Is there something wrong?" He asked.

Nudge: Yeah, you look liked a complete idiot back there.

Zerofuse got a bit angry but put the anger away. "Well it's not my fault I was bored. What do you want me to do?" He asked with a slight smile.

Emily walk past Nudge

Nudge:*her soul gem glows* Hmm? There is a witch nearby.

Angela: What? Where?

Nudge:*grabs Angela's arm* This way! *runs off*

Emily:*sees Nudge and follows her*

Dana saw all three of them run. She shrugged and walked away. Zerofuse sighed and played with fire.

Nudge and Angela:*they arive at an abandoned factory*

Angela:*holds out her soul gem and reveals the barrier* Found it!

Nudge: Good work, Angela! *enters the barrier*


Emily:*wander around the witch's barrier*a barrier...

Witch's Barrier, 11:50 AM

(The area resmbles that of a dark, tropical rain forest with bizare creatures slithering and flying about the trees)

Nudge: I wonder what kinda witch this is.

Emily:*looks around*

(What appears to be a monkey with a birds head and wings, and a snake for a tail crawls past Emily's feet)

Emily:*looks at it*

Nudge:*walks closer the the center of the labyrinth*

Angela: These are some strange familiars.


(One of the familiars charges at the group)

Nudge:*sees it cooming* Grr...*takes out her soulgem and undergoes her magical girl transformation*

Angela:*unfurls her wings and undergoes her transformation*

Emily:*looks at them*

Angela:*swings her battle axe at the familiar, slashing it in two*

Emily:I wish I can become a magical girl...*stares at Nudge and Angela*

Nuubey:*behind Emily* Is that your final decision?


Nuubey: Alright then. *He outstretches his feelers and then removes her soul from her body, and then places it inside a blue, egg-shaped, gold trimmed gem* This is your soul gem, the source of your magical abilites, you must always keep it with you.

Emily:*stares at it*

Emily:*undergoes her transformation and attacks the familiar*

(A large bird-like creature with a pair of tallons where its head shoul be emerges from the center of the chaos)

Nuubey: That is a witch.

Emily:I know because my sister was once a magical girl.

Emily:*summons a lance and start attacking a witch.

Witch:*shoots spikes from its claws*

Emily:*slice the witch to half*

Witch:*the two halves disintegrate into a black aura and then vanish*

(The area returns to normal and a black, egg-shapped thorn falls to the ground)

Abandoned Factory, 12:05 PM

Nudge:*looks around* Hey, what happened to the witch?

Emily:*transform to her normal form and picks up the grief seed*

Emily:*cleans her soul gem with the grief seed*

Nudge: What? You killed the witch?

Angela: What the f**k? That was our fight!

Emily:*toss the grief seed to them* here is your grief seed.

Angela:*catches it* Um, Thanks, *uses the grief seed on her soul gem*

Emily:*glares at them and walks away*

Angela:*looks at Nudge*


Emily:*looks at them with a peace sign and walks*

Angela: That chick is wierd.

Nudge: I know.

Emily:*thinking of something*


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