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A new nation had come and developed in Northern Mobius, seemingly bent on bringing order to lawless cities as well as taking down corrupt officials. Only two cities have been brought down to their jurisdiction so far, and so far, the leader of this group is unknown. Though they are identified by their colors of black, crimson, and gold. What the people on Mobius do is of their own jurisdiction and decision. To some Heroes, they could actually be a harsh dictatorship bent on putting anyone under their tyrannic rule, and G.U.N.'s been keeping close tabs on them (Bastille Icaria) too.


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  • Were you to go against Bastille Icaria, it's notable that you've signed a warrant for war, and would by in that way, hold me not liable should a character death occur. Character deaths are non-canon in this RP, although it is within Bastille Icaria's canon to've taken over the current Glacian Capital.


  • BDO (Host)
  • ToLP
  • Jaredthefox92
  • MaverickHunterSigma (At some point.)
  • Saren (seems like fun)

Involved Characters

The Nation of Bastille Icaria

  • Masked Lord and the soldiers under her command
  • Fayris Shauteier
  • Whatever Shautier's summoning


  • Solar (Although his sister is rumored to lead Bastille Icaria, he stays out of her affairs often, that, and the Masked Lord is in her place leading only her troops on the planet. Were the Masked Lord's identity become revealed, he may either become a supporter or an opposer.)
  • Mobian Defense League  (Jaredthefox92, stationed in Eurish)
  • Nature Clan of Mokuhana - Worried of the possible, adverse effects the coming war may have on their homeland, the Nature Clan aims to defend themselves in any way possible. Played by Ryu.
  • The Blood Army - Not sure what the Bastille Icaria wants, so staying neutral is their first approach. However, if they feel threatened, they may attack without warning. [RapidTH]
  • Raje Spite - Staying neutral to avoid conflict, but is waiting to see which side to choose. [RapidTH]
  • OmegaCorp Research & Security Consulting, Inc. - As an anti-terrorism organization, OmegaCorp fulfills some of the same goals. However, with Bastille Icaria electing themselves as the de facto government of territories they've invaded, this was enough to warrant an investigation from OmegaCorp. They're also encouraged to gather data on other potential threats, then strike the most valuable targets when resistance is low. Their goal is to break an army, not break it apart. (Also, I don't have a proper page for these blokes because I haven't updated their information in 2 years.) (MHS)
  • Saren - While technically a part of the blood army, he does have his own interests in mind and Bastille Icaria may be a problem for him in the future.

Bastille Icaria's Enemies (Reason given towards why)

The Lawless (Also count as enemies, but no reason need be given)

Other opposers of Bastille Icaria

Supporters/Allies of Bastille Icaria

  • Magnus Bloodson


Part 1

  • TV News Reporter: "There's been reports of seemingly hostile takeovers occurring in Northmost notable one being of the now-former Glacian capital, which they were on the move after a coup d'etat from the Trinity Organization and trying to regather their strength from there. It would seem that a series of battles are being fought in Northern Mobius from a force that seems to identify itself as Bastille Icaria. Nothing is known on this group thus far. But officials recommend to avoid this glory-seek--"

[A Masked Lord held up the remote and turned the TV off.] "Glory seeking," Hm? "It's just an act to pull together world order, as the Lady had ordered herself. Were it to be for Glory, we would've made it a lot more obvious and would've called ourselves Conquerors...though no doubt everyone on this planet would just assume it's a conquest because of it...Tell the Rangers to scout ahead in disguise."

Word had soon spread to Eurish that these the "conquers" also intended to conquer Northern Eurish as well, the Mobian League Council was call into meeting together to divert the united forces of the MDL in Eurish from peacekeeping on their eastern borders to help bolster Mobian League aligned cities in Eurish.While this was happening members of the Mobian League Coucil decided to send emissaries to the former Glacian capital in order to work out a peace treaty and a stable non-aggression agreement.

[Word would eventually come back that as long as their government wasn't corrupt or inadequate, Bastille Icaria would leave them alone.]

Fortunately word from the emissaries sent to the former Glacian capital were promising. It seems that a non-aggression treaty was in talks and that the MDL might not have to worry about this new threat after all, however deep within the frozen mountains of Uralia another threat was looming, a supernatural one.

[The Masked Lord had sat back.] "......." [(S)He wrote upon a letter and handed it to three Rangers, the letter is proceeded to be photocopied, they then went off to different routes to other locations.]

* * * * *

Meanwhile, in the Eastern Eurishian country of Uralia, Arnzarel the Revolting was preparing to lead yet another incursion force into Mobian League territory in yet another attempt to break through their lines and conquer the neighboring cities on his western borders.

[Rangers would take note of this and would head back to Bastille Icaria, giving reports. Bastille Icaria then takes note of this presence, but lies back for now.]

Soon Arnzarel's army started to advanced towards their western bordering neighbors, amongst their numbers were Arnzarel's personal cabal of lesser necromancers, his legions of elite Spearhead warrior zombie units, several of his trained Frost Spiders, and following behind his dreaded Plague Bearers. The demon prince proudly led the march up front and would direct his forces towards their destination when need be. As the giant demon prince slowly moved the ground would tremble beneath his very feet with every step.

[Standing across the room from the masked lord, a large snow leopard stood with a bored expression on his face. From his lack of movement, one could assume he was asleep or resting.]

* * * * *

Meanwhile, deep within the Great Forest of Northamer, the Nature Clan of Mokuhana seemed to be on edge. Despite not having access to television sets, an old-fashioned radio had been set up in one of the larger public huts, where a few villagers were gathered around it. The staticky voice spoke of the hostile takeovers of the former Glacian capitol, and something about the 'Trinity Organization'.

[Thankfully though, Trinity's now only here for the Aetherium tournaments that they hold annually, they seem to have lost all other desire to 'be' there aside to this..Of course. That's not to say Solar won't snoop around because of this. That, and knowing him from the news, he'd just jump in regardless.]

* * * * *

Arnzarel started to move his forces towards the borders of Vinland for it to be the first victim of his campaign of terror in Eurish. Soon his forces took positions on the hills overlooking the Vinnish borders. The demon prince gazed below at this unkowning kingdom and it's neighboring towns.

"Look at them, all depressed and glazed in snow. A fine first target for a being such as myself. I suppose they might even thank me for brightening up their lives with the excitement I'm about to bring them." Arnzarel said laughing.

Arnzarel then took his hand and with it ordered his undead minions to load the Plague Bearers with their boulders before the sorcerers assigned to each Plague Bearer cast their tainted spells upon each boulder for maximum potency with their plague. When all the boulders glistened with a putrid and mysterious glow of green and yellow Arnzarel turned around and faced the city.

"Now my Plague Bearers, on my command let fly your ordinance and allow this city to be the first to fall under my wrath! Ready! Now, let fly your boulders! Bring the fury of death down upon them!"

One by one, Arnzarel's Plague Bearers hurled their boulders at the nearby village upon hearing his command. Soon the sky was filled by massive boulders being flung into the air before falling down into the village and not only impacting and causing massive structural damage as well as loss of life upon impact, but also spreading their vile plague deep into the city streets.

[Doing so causes alarm for Icaria, although contrary to the thought of a surprise attack and having the advantage, their Rangers are based as informants, which the Lord had sent out earlier had made quite some preparations (who wouldn't notice a large demon walking around with a force reeking with such energy?) , as they had them sent out earlier. Ballistae had rocketed the sky, being fired rather accurately at the boulders when they filled the air. Whereas seemingly yellow energy starts to glow throughout three keypoints at the city, the one closest to the border. The one farthest, and the one at the middle of the city, shooting what seems to be a purifying holy energy, combatting the tainted spells and plague. Five notable people ride out of the town on horseback, seemingly in the direction of further of what this Kingdom's territory is.]

"Interlopers! Necromancers ready your minions, Plague Bearers prepare for another barrage!"

Soon Arnzarel's Lesser necromancers conjure up his undead army with their supply of corpses and his forces suddenly spring to life. Arnzarel conjures up his trusty claymore, Ferocity and orders his undead warrors to advance towards the city. Meanwhile he leaves his son in charge of commanding the artillery to strike again where neccissary.

[The undead warriors would start to receive hail after hail of arrows and holy lances. Scouts seem to be abuzz the area. Whatever this force is, they're certainly not hopeless victims. Some lances are even shot at Arnzarel due to his immense size.]

The undead hordes succumb to the lances and arrows, some of Arnzarel's minons are fortunate enough to get hit in the non-essentual part of their undead bodies with the arrows and simply walk them off, others are not so lucky as they are struck with the lances and instantly destroyed. Arnzarel gets hit in the side of the arm by one lance, it burns a maddening burn as the holy lances pieces his demonic flesh, however he is merely temporary wounded and in pain as he pulls it out and tosses it to the ground. While he tries to let his demonic regeneration slowly heal his wounded arm, he begins to charge towards his enemy to close in the distance of their ranged weaponry. Some of his more capable Spearhead Elites charge with him and are much more manuverable and quick than the standard undead zombie 

[After seeing the essential parts, the archer and bishops focus on those parts, in the middle of the city's path and Arnzarel's, appears to be a woman, looking at the chaos, but certainly armed.. Soon enough, arrows and lances start to be fired from the skies too, soldiers mounted upon wyverns and pegasi filling the air slowly but surely, as if the people on horseback had returned with help. From their particular height, some may start to notice the Plague Bearers, and continue to rain down little holy light bursts and javelins at them, two working together to conjure up a spell.]

"Air forces, unlesh the Frost Spiders!" Sarihash commands the army stationed upon the hill commanded.

Soon a entire cluster of giant ice covered spiders are unleashed and crawl down the hill to join the undead horde. They fire at the Pegasus and Wyverns with barrages of icy cold spit into the heavens. Meanwhile Arnzarel raises up his shield to defend himself from these arial attacks as he advances closer towards the woman.

[The Frost Spiders are met with what seems to be Pyromancy from at least a sixth of the force, the icy cold spit being combated with various fireballs, but some are hit and start to glide down or fall, after Sarihash had commanded this (which also basically informed them that he was going to unleash something like that..), the lancers had fired their holy lance spells at him, seeing he just gave himself away with the shout. The woman raises her sword, however, the archers from the front as he preoccupies his shield from defending against these aerial attacks makes him susceptible to be hit from the front, multiple black arrows and holy lances making their mark from his large size.]

Some of the Frost Spiders are hit and are burnt to a crisp, still others engage the airborne targets. Sarihash sensing the magic of the lances quickly flew backwards behind his forces to dodge them. He wanted to engage the airborne units but knew it was against his father's plan. Arnzarel gets pelted with a few arrows all around his body, luckily for him non of the lances have struck his heart. However he is suppressed between guarding the Arial attacks from above and wielding his claymore to cast a long range spell against these foes.All he can really do is close more into the distance of this woman to engage her in melee combat.

[The fire spells proceeded to explode, melting the spit and making it fall short due to a liquid's ability to not go as high as a solid would when hit to the air, the pyromancers continued to suppress the spiders, where the others had continued to suppress both Arnzarel and Sarihash. The two fire their spell at Arnzarel, an orb coursing down near him, and then violently exploding, consuming him and his guards in both fire and holy energy (as one hand was on the shield, the other was used wielding a claymore), seeing that no order was given to just attack them, whereas the others had noticeably got in the way. The woman smiled at the sight, as the archers and lancers in the fortification and town behind her had then fired at Sarihash's forces and Sarihash himself. The woman had remained ready for any other things..a longsword and a rapier ready.]

Arnzarel's body burned around him with fire and holy energy, the pyromancy to him was bearable, however the light magic was making him almost vomit as his skin litterally boiled due to it. Arnzarel decided now would be the best time to use his teleportation ability to close in on the one using light magic. He concentrated the best he could hand stared next to ground where the woman was. In the blink of an eye he was able to switch locations and advances all of a sudden to close proximity of the woman.

Sarihash on the other hand preformed a series of evasive maneuvers to dodge the holy lances and some of the arrows the best he could, he took an arrow to the side of his waist, but to him this would be the least of the worries presently. In Sarihash's mind he was able to calculate the flight patterns and speed of some of the projectiles in order to evade them. He then ordered a second barrage fired from the remaining Plague Bearers to be fired upon the city again.

[The Knights in the sky proceed to counter the barrage, whereas more reinforcements arrive, this time on the ground. A Masked Lord would get off of a Fenrir wolf and would unsheath a golden lance, pointing it at Sarihash, the Lord, whoever he or she is, exudes the aura of a war cleric, though the holy aura is that of greater than his or her cohorts, even weakening to a demon. The woman grins, not surprised by the teleportation and having expected a parlor trick (That along with being prepared for such things), she simply sliced out of her instinct the moment he had appeared in close proximity, though it seems she wasn't using holy magic at all...if anything she just stood there.]

Fayris: "Hello~" [The woman had said, staring Arnzarel dead in the eye, whatever this woman had, she had an unnervingly calming aura, although her aura was likewise that of the war cleric's, albeit not as holy but a bit more of a mix between arcane and psionicry, her hair being of platinum blonde nearly considerable to alabaster were it not for it's faint gold tint. Her skin however, was of that color. Lavender eyes continued to stare into Arnzarel's own, but signs could show that this woman was far from being able to be corrupted. As if she's been around demons for so long..]

"You wish to match wits with me, mortal?" Sarihash lets out not showing very much emotion besides grunting in pain for a little bit.

Arnzarel: "Greetings" {Arnzarel's own aura could be felt flowing from him even with his damaged state. His body surged with a mixture of demonic and hint of devine magic. Clearly he was a creation made by someone far greater than himself, however this wasn't to mean that he wasn't powerful as well. She could feel that he was somewhat akin to a demon prince, a poweful greater demon that was once a mortal being but has descended into demonhood. ]

Masked Lord: "Depends on the humiliation factor. Leave now and I might not banish you and then build a statis cage around your banished form." [The Masked Lord took their hood and mask down...revealing him or herself to be what seems to be a girl. She twirled the golden lance.] "And Mortal? Quite the arrogance coming from a simple haemonculic daemon. You're just as mortal as I am, you senile child. I advise retreating peacefully."

Fayris: Hmm... "Ascension. So. Kindly tell us why you were mobilizing against us? Our scouts did see you. And we did expect something like this. Perhaps it might give me a nice laugh before I send you on your way." [The woman leaned back, perfectly calm, but seems pretty intent on staring him dead in the eye.]

'Sarihash: 'Correction, I was never mortal, and I shall not disobey my father's orders and retreat without his wishes.

Arnzarel: Because soon this land shall be mine. All of Eurish shall fall before me and my legions!

[As they continued to talk and monologue, some of Bastille Icaria's troops seems to've surrounded them, whilst others preoccupy the enemies' troopers. Fayris had made eye contact long enough to execute a psionic mind shock onto Arnzarel, her eyes glowing and flashing as a large burst of psionic energy would burst from her mind, causing large pain to the brain's receptors.

Blind/Stun Duration: One turn.]

Fayris: "Rule one of a battle? Never fall for the oldest trick of the book which is known as stalling. Your bravado is nihil against a tactician."

Lady: "So, 'wits'? You said? Shame...Shame indeed.."

[Fayris snapped her fingers, the lancers and archers at the ready and the Sky Knights under her command raining down rather accurate arrow shots and holy lances, this time aimed for the heart and the head. The ones under the woman's command just seem to surround as the Lady raises her lance up, seemingly the lance also doubles as a staff, as the four blades form into one, which in the midst, is a blue crystal. The soldiers are then guarded by a blue energy.]

[A large snow leopard made his way up toward the field from behind Fayris. He wore a rather bored expression as he had before, making his way over and looking at the commotion.] "Should have woken me up, if we were going to have guests..." [He leaned his neck to the side, crackling it once, then once more in the other direction. He seemed unarmed, save for a single revolver hanging from his belt.]

Arnzarel: *Growls in pain while he does his best to bend down and curl to protect his heart* You will pay for this!

Suddenly something appears over the mountainside, something big. From the way Arnzarel's army aproaches as giant sized woman in what appears to be nordic like viking attire moves towards Sarihash. She is a massive being at least 100ft tall, yet covered in ice. 

Fayris: "Now leave peacefully, demon... I have no intents to pay for something that is a lack of planning on your part, and in turn, a horrible invasion to boot, as well as an effective humiliation. 'This land will be mine, and everyone will fall'! I would revise your learning technique, as this is how most nations would act in the cases of facing a threat."

Lady: "Last chance to.." [The woman spun her lance, most of them are taking note of the giant, but they show little concern unless the giant would start to attack.]

There was a sudden gust of wind blowing behind the two representatives of Bastille Icaria, at a degree that wasn't consistent with the usual direction of the wind. This would probably be the only clue that a large force had just warped into the area.

[They notice, but they seem more so concerned on the invaders of their land. According to history (were it be given), the Glacians were a communist race that started a rebellion simply because their leader didn't like having a shipment intercepted, and the land's laws. It's well presumed Solar pulled the strings to put him down, and then slowly had the nation infight from there. Bastille Icaria however seems to be different, the only one with a Trinity emblem but also seemingly in service of Bastille Icaria would be the Lady.]

Lady: "Leave with peace. And kindly don't attack us again.."

[For some supposed nation hellbent on conquering (at least according to the news), the Lady herself seems to be one who'd prefer peace more than violence. Though it's likely they conquered the Glacians simply because of the fact that they've waged war more than anyone else on this planet up until the nation's disolvement. Her troops start to withdraw, noticing the people who just warped in. Though they just walk past without much alarm, seeing the conflict as finished and heading back to other areas. The town that was attacked seems to've been evacuated of civilian life, with more of the troops helping lead the civilians out or underground. The Lady on the other hand, kept her eye to make sure that Sarihash would leave. Fayris lowered her weapon and gave Arnzarel a 'shoo' gesture, before slowly starting to walk off.]

Fayris: "Now to check on the civilians-- Oh?" [She looked at the OmegaCorp personnel behind her.]

Arnzarel: I shall return...

Soon the giant starts to stomp into the small battlefield below and heads over towards Arnzarel. With each step she takes the ground shakes and loud booming is heard.

Arnzarel: Tamara...

Fayris: "I'm well aware you shall return. Although you should keep us out of your little conquest to sow terror or whatever. It's heartwarming to see you have ambition. But it's annoying to deal with such a desire that is unobtainable and childish. There will always be chaos, there will always be order, but they always won't exist in an area." [Fayris smiled, before leaning against the village wall. The ground is littered with arrows. Though silence rings forth as most of Bastille Icaria's soldiers have left aside to Fayris and the lady herself, and a small group of soldiers checking for anyone in the town still staying indoors to inform them that they're safe, but need to move to a safer ground for now.]

From the looks of it, there probably wasn't any need for Fayris to worry about OmegaCorp at the moment... they were there, yes, but their rifles weren't aimed at her. Nor were they about to just throw their arses into the fire and create an even bigger mess to clean up.

Arnzarel: Fool, you are mere puppets....Of the me...

Tamara: *Steps down next to him.* I'm late...

Arnzarel: Pick me up and take me away, Tamara....

Tamara: You got it boss. *Picks him up and holds him safely into her hands.*

[Bastille Icaria now puts more Scouts at the borders, they also start to put Statis wards all around their turf.]

Soon the giantess carried off Arnzarel and the Army of the Damned began to retreat, however a new threat was begining to show itself. In lower eastern Eurish trucks armed with what appear to be machine guns rolled into Eurish from Efrika. These gray colored trucks beared the mark of Grief, the Fighting God.

Fayris: "More?" [She sighs.] "And they have gunpowder weapons? Get the Troopers then...well, that aside to our rifles and what not.."

Lady: "Actually, instead, I think we should refer someone to them....all they seek is a fight, is it not? Besides." [She looks to OmegaCorp.] "Oi, you lot. We get the feeling this is another warwaging group of buffoons. We'll be summoning our own help. But if you with to deal with them, you may."

[Fayris nods and then smiles.] "Very well.." [She noted, creating a summoning circle, a rather large one at that. Larxene raises her staff as Fayris then glows blue.]

Summon; Three turns remaining.]

Following behind the fast moving technicals seemed what appeared to be soldiers riding on the back of strange glowing tanks painted in the colors of the Fighting God, black, green, and dark violet. These tanks seemed to be relics dating back ot the Age of Man, yet they also seemed to be preserved and operation in top condtion. The soldiers riding on the tanks appeared to have various types of weapons, but most prominatly ones akin to Kalashnikovs..

[Magnus frowned in some disappointment. He looked out at the new clouds of dust/snow being kicked up as new forces drove in.] "Well, at least that is something..." [He started walking out of the area toward the tanks.]

Fayris: "Feel free to work your magic, mister Bloodson." [Summon; Two turns.]

The first person amongst OmegaCorp's forces to step forward was a female ocelot. Her fur was grey with a royal blue pattern, and she seemed to be in charge of the forces there. Her eyes scanned across the battlefield for a moment... when she was finished. she finally spoke. "Looks like their armor has some pretty thick plating, but they don't look particularly mobile. Our snipers could pick off the crews from this distance, and they don't stand a particularly high chance of hitting anything this far away. But if they have snipers positioned somewhere... right. Marksmen, assume positions and commence spotting. Hold your fire until you're certain all enemy positions have been found." She wasn't responding directly to anyone, but she wanted to show her experience.

Instead of heading towards OmegaCorp's and the Icarian forces the convey began to turn and headed into another village. Oddly enough their soldiers simply got off the tanks and entered the city. Within this small village the soldiers began to try to rally the people ot their cause of rebellion against the now opressive Icarian goverment. The soldiers began to move through the streets shouting chants of rebellion and revolution against the Icarians in the name of the Fighting God.

[Well implying that the Icarian government was oppressive..the civilians don't appear to be that much convinced, most of them simply just ignore the chants and go about their daily lives. Even the Bastille Icarians stationed there.]

Soon a Ml Mi-26 transport arrive, this massive Uralian helicopter dates back to the Age of Man, yet it is colored in a dark coat of black paint combined with dark violet as well. It lands outside the town and unloads cargo supplies of weapons, food, and medical supplies to be distributed amongst the local population as well as with propoganda fliers and books informing others about the power of the Fighting God and his offers of freedom and rebellion from opressive imperialistic goverments.Russian_Air_Force_Mi-26_Beltyukov.jpg

[Most of them continue to ignore this, some even get a good laugh. What freedom is fighting for a God they've never known? They've been well off in peace enough, Hell, it's even these sorts of people that end up starting conflicts in the first place. They seem to ignore the shipments, most of them telling the delivery people to head over to places where people could use them. As the place it is needed is not here at all. While power was tempting. Stories of Lord Furea's exploits had well enough proven that power can corrupt, though she herself was a powerful woman. Lord Furea however is not the same Lady wielding the lance. Nor was it Solar himself, despite a title being rather fitting. Solar only really made himself known as the Field Leader. They continue to go along their lives before the city is all of a sudden, flooded by people in black and red..but given the absence of gold. These guys were likely not even Bastille Icarian.]

The soldiers begin to take postions in the city and load their weaponry. Behind them the helicopter's cargo is loaded in a haste and eventually the massive flying machine lifts off and heads for a village closer towards Efrika. The soldiers in the techncials aim their guns and prepare to fire upon the unkown people entering the village. Meanwhile the tanks stay still and await further orders.

[Those in Black and red continue to approach, seemingly in full body armor, all of them an example of a faceless soldier, they continue to march despite weapons being pointed at them.]

The soldiers with the rifles take aim as they have been trained and place their guns at their other's weakpoints.

The ocelot hadn't issued any orders to engage, instead weighting her options given the drastic change in the situation. "What in the world is going on down there? Didn't they come to fight?" she thought to herself. "Darn it, we need eyes in the village. Whatever's about to happen, civilians shouldn't be involved in."

From OmegaCorp's main force in the area, a small group began moving towards the village. They were to be the eyes and ears inside the village, and they were going to do everything in their power to avoid being spotted.

[They still approach, nary concerned about the rifles and tanks.]

"Let's bury em!" One soldier says as he fires upon them with his rifle. Soon the other soldiers instinctly do so as well as they unleash a hail of lead and semi-automatic bullet fire from their rifles.

[The lead and bullet fire would mainly bounce off of the armor for the most part, though a few fall. The continue to march until they all had to reload. Accurately it would seem, if these soldiers were smart enough, that the visors are the weakpoint.]

"Frags out!" Soon the soldiers lobbed all the fragmentation grenades they had at the mob of soldiers in armor. These grenades surely would be of piercing their armor with a concussive force.

[Some draw and fire what seems to be force shotguns, as the frags had flew at them. The forceful push made them only fly into the air lightly above the soldiers, and in the end, had exploded fairly harmlessly. Seconds after, they draw their sidearms and their own assault rifles with drum clips and fire upon them with fairly accurate shots..It would appear that the civilians take shelter now, shame they had to lob all of those frags.]

Soon a firefight erupted as the soldiers took cover behind the alleyways and various shops and buildings. The technicals entered the fray and moved in before unleashing a hailstorm of anti-infantry armor piercing rounds at their foes. Meanwhile the tanks surrounded the city and were prepared to fire at anyone not loyal to the Fighting God.

[Soon, citizens, soldiers and all, from both sides, began their attack, the tanks outside were fired upon by not only the flight corps of wyvern and pegasus riders barraging them with heat-based magic, easily making short work of the vehicles, mainly the slow tanks, by overheating the engines, making the steel hot enough to even set fire to the fuel it ran on. The soldiers in red and black fire their weapons a second time, taking note of where the enemy took cover, but making sure not to hit the Icarians, whereas any alley doesn't seem to be safe. Filled with both Icarian militia and Icarian soldiers, using swords if close, and bows, crossbows, and even what seems to be assault rifles from afar. The result of having nowhere to hide would likely cause high morale damage, seeing the sudden attack of the Icarians that seemed to be minding their own business, as well as launching their sneak attack from their facade so quickly as the soldiers had turned to fire at those in red and black. Numbers seem to be winning this battle aside to them exploiting their enemies' weaknesses and lack of now proper cover, the Icarians chanting not for the so called Fighting God, but their desperate loyalty to the Lord that had brought the land under order.]

Bastille Icarian: "F-for our Lord..!" [He takes a few bullets, kneeling down and collapsing, but still trying to hang onto his lance as Technicals still drive about town.]

Icarian Ranger: "The tires, aim for the tires!" [She fires a shot from her crossbow towards one of the Technicals' tires.]

The surviving tanks moved and fired their machine guns into the air, they also called in reenforcements. Soon portals opened up again and seeming out from another realm came several ZSU anti-aircraft guns. These ancient relics of the Age of Man now covered in black and painted with sharks teeth on the side came out and fired into the sky to support the ground divisions with heavy anti-aircraft artillery fire. With each shot the sky was littered with flak rounds that would be very hazardous for flyers. Meanwhile the soldiers trapped inside the town began to fire back at the Icarians.

EA Sgt: "Fight on boys! Please the Fighting God! Gun these infadels down!" [One of the technicals is hit in the tire as it spins out of control and crashes into a nearby abandoned alleyway as the surivivng pasangers run out of it.]

[A flaming arrow would then be fired at the technical's passengers. Whereas the rest of Fayris' force would arrive along with OmegaCorps' ground forces (presuming they proceeded with Fayris) to take care of the AA brigade, along with mages firing at the tanks, both on the ground, and mounted with horses. The black and red soldiers Fayris summoned are still marching out, this time with rocket launchers and machineguns, also providing support for the fliers. Which most now fly lower and land, now being ground units and continuing to charge with their pegasi, whereas the wyvern riders retreat. Sniper fire from both mages and rangers also fire at the Tanks' weakpoints as well as the machinegunners with barbed black arrows and various spells of fire, and lightning. Within the city, various spears, spike traps, and arrows serve as obstacles for technical drivers, threatening for more crashing, possibly resulting in death and whiplash if they crash into something hard. Any gunners with an obvious exposed point out of their vehicles will be fired upon. Whereas a man in a black and gold coat and a glowing aura would run towards the soldier, wielding seemingly a pistol and a combat sabre, trying to gun down anyone near him.]

A certain lynx was watching the conflict in the cities from the roof tops, wearing the blood army insignia on the back of his grey trench coat. He seemed to be waiting for something ever since he had watched the televised broadcast about Bastille Icaria.

"Hm... This could be note worthy, or it could be a total flop."

[The Icarians still continue to fight for their Lord.]

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