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It's been two months since the events of Missing Mobians. The Underground Monarchy, a gang that rules the Underground, and G.U.N have teamed up to take the Station Square. The government has no idea how to deal with this madness and most people who stayed in the city are under constant marshal law. What's worse is that if nothing is done, they will move on to bigger places and soon take over the whole world. The only ones who can stand up to the villians are our Heroes, but the prediction a girl from the future made said that many people will die. Can our Heroes save the city and put a stop to these monsters, or will all of this be for naught?









Involved Characters

Neo Tranquil the Fox (NeoEx)

Ages Tranquil the Fox (NeoEx)

Echo the Cat (NeoEx)

Zero Evol (NeoEx)

Millie the Mouse (NeoEx)

Fury the Blue Jay (NeoEx)

Ellie the Bunny (NeoEx)

Random G.U.N and Underground Monarchy troops (NeoEx)

Vanessa the cat (Cyclonestar)

Argent Hellsing (MHS)

Rose Hellsing (MHS)

Cheryl Valder (MHS)

Masako Haruno (MHS)

Monica DeLouise (MHS)

Natalie Alister (MHS)

Random OmegaCorp Soldiers (MHS)

Christina "Christie" the Hedgehog (Pianoteen)

Louis Robinson (Pianoteen)

Emma Calero (Pianoteen)

Zapor the Hegdehog(Zapor888)

Blade the Hedgehog(Zapor888)

Lexi the Hedgehog(Zapor888)

Aurum the Hedgehog

Astrid the Fox (BlazingLeopard)

Part 1: Prelude of Battle

The indigo skies above that normally would give a comforting and wistful feeling now seem to radiate a sense of dread through the world. Neo, Ages, and Echo have gathered at a coffee shop where they sit with some of their closest friends, and even some new faces. There is a large tension in the air that seems like it can never be broken. The coffee shop sits in Streetopolis, a town very close to Station Square.

Neo, who normally has a more determined look, appears like he's sick to his stomach. Ages, who normally had a happy-go-lucky expression, now looked depressed and sad. Echo still had her childish innocence about her but also looked a bit sad. Neo was the first of the group to speak. "How did it happen...?"

Christina: [She walks in brining two friends.] Hi.

Neo didn't seem interesed but Ages perked his head up. "Who are they?" He asked

Christina: I'm Christina.

Louis: I'm Louis.

Emma: And my name is Emma.

Neo still looked kind of depressed. "Ages, you know Christina."

Ages ignored Neo. "Nice to meet you. My name is Ages Tranquil. This is my adopted brother Neo, and our...niece...Echo." He said pointing to the little cat.

Rose seemed to be in the coffee shop already. She was rather indifferent about Emma and Louis; she was more used to seeing Mobian faces and wasn't all that familiar with human ones.

Argent had just walked inside after wasting some time wrestling a bottle of coke from a greedy vending machine. He walked up to one of the seats, hopping in. He sat with his legs crossed and his head resting on his hand... then he actually sat down.

Rose just rolled her eyes at her brother's hamminess.

Zapor: Man, the world just went from being somewhat crappy to the world is taken over by baddies!

Blade: *Drinks his coffee* ugh, coffee is gross, but you have a point.

Lexi: *Walks in and sits by Zapor* Hey guys...

Zapor: Sup Lex, whats the word on the world?

Lexi: Its official, the world is being crap to us.

(If im not here for a while, take control of my characters---Zapor)

Vanessa:*jumps from a tree*Hey,guys.I'd just like to say......Th-tha-tha-Thanks!For saving me.What are you buys up to?

(Vanessa spent the last two months alone-Cyclonestar)

Ages: We're wallowing in depression. Station Square got taken by the Underground Monarchy and G.U.N. There's so many heroes there you'd think it wouldn't get taken so easily...but I guess Neo and I didn't exactly fight. Can't expect that all the other heroes did the same.

Vanessa:Oh...I've missed alot?

"Well ya did pretty much run off and disappear after that incident two months back..." Rose casually said to Vanessa. "I think that Masako girl might be trying to fight, though."

Neo's head perked up. "Fight...?" He muttered to himself.

"Well, she did mention that there was some bad blood between OmegaCorp and G.U.N...." Rose said.

Neo looked as if he just discovered buried treasure. "That's what we'll do! We'll fight them and take Station Square back!"

"Well I can't imagine doing anything else with our time. Actually, we're probably better suited for that task than OmegaCorp's troops on account of veterancy; sure, they're more than capable of wiping out entire squads of G.U.N. soldiers, but they aren't familiar with the Underground Monarchy. Most of us here, on the other hand, have faced Millie herself, or at least know what she's capable of." Argent said, taking a swig from his bottle of cola.

"Except, if Millie's there then we're going to have to deal with everyone else. Including several other illusionists, shadow-mancers, Brutes, and possibly Millie's two seargents, Zero and...Fury..." Neo told Argent with a shiver. "In any case, your still right, we are much more capable of fighting those two then they are."

Argent nodded. "I've seen OmegaCorp in action at least once or twice... knowing them, their first operations will involve neutralizing G.U.N.'s infantry rather than going straight for Millie or the like. That way they'll be able to gain some ground and prevent their own forces from being surrounded and boxed in. So when we do take the fight against the Underground Monarchy, G.U.N. will be too busy fighting OmegaCorp to interfere."

Neo looked greatly inspired. "Then all the more reason fo us to go!" Ages however stepped in the way. "Won't there be a bunch of guys trying to fight us though? I mean G.U.N will be taken care of no problem, but don't we still have to deal with the Underground Monarchy troops?"

Zapor: Which is why the only way to beat them is to get some heavily equipped killing weaponry.

Lexi: And I suppose you two know a guy that can hook us up?

Blade: Actually, we do.

Lexi: Well don't wait for Sonic to come, tell us!

Zapor and Blade:.......................

Lexi: Its you two, isn't it.

Zapor and Blade: *Grin evily*

Lexi:And its in your Grandma's house where we live? (no they aren't related)

Zapor: yup

Blade: In his room.

"No." Ages told Zapor and Blade, standing up from his spot and walking towards them. "We don't kill anyone. Ever." Neo opened his mouth to say something but Ages flashed him an Icy glare that caused him to close his mouth and look around like it's nothing.

Zapor: Well, can we beat them until they're unconcious?

Blade: We sorta can't die, its a family thing.

"Heavy weaponry won't be necessary. We probably caused quite a stir when we invaded their home two months back. They know we're the ones who brought most of their plans to a dead stop then, and they know what we're capable of. There's a good chance that all their confidence and bravado will leave their bodies the second they see our faces, and it'll take several seconds to get it back." Argent said. "They'll be worried about their own survival. It's common nature for both humans and Mobians alike."

"By the way, I forgot to ask. How has your training been coming along, Lexi?" Rose asked her.

Lexi: Its been going pretty well. I can do some now.

Zapor: Okay, while hearing good news is awesome, we need to figure out how to get the city back and eventually beat those guys.


Louis: Emma, is everything okay?

Emma: [She fakes a smile] Yeah Lou.... I'm just fine...

Louis [He starts to think What the? I've known Emma since the third grade and she never called me Lou...]

Christina: I don't really trust gun if you ask me...

Emma:.... [She turns around and sighs while rolling a nickel.]

"Well I can't say I'm surprised that you don't, considering they did try to kill you..." Rose said.

Zapor: I got a somewhat legite plan! I bring a bunch of guns just to be safe, then we find out who is doing this and beat him up until he stops!

Ages looked horrified. "Guns lead to killing people." Neo simply rolled his eyes and gave a thumbs up to Zapor.

Zapor: Well, you have any other ideas?

Blade: We bring in the you know what.

Zapor: *Gasp*you mean the....

Blade: *nods*

Zapor,Blade,and Lexi: Zak army!!!!!!

Christina: They almost klilled me...

Emma: I remember when GUN and Anna Williams' army attacked me.

Louis: You were surrounded by GUN soilders.

"Okay... what are all these armies that keep popping up in this conversation?" Argent asked, making a sort of shrugging gesture.

Emma: Well.... picture GUN's Army 3 times stronger. And that's Anna Williams' army.

Neo shrugged at Argent. "I don't know either." He turned around started to fumble with something, then he pulled out a small cube. He placed it on the table and pressed a button, which opened a large, holographic, 3D map of Station Square.

"Alright, we need to take care of where G.U.N's troops are if we're going to get in the city." He said pointing to three openings. "There guards on all of these sides, so we need to find another way into the city." He turned the city around and focused on a building. The building there is very climbable, if we can get three guys over it, they can cause a distraction and the rest of us can sneak in. Millie's likely to be somewhere there is power." He zooms out and zooms into a large, white building. "Most likely she's in the town hall, but she'll be keeping her pets on her at all times. Fury and Zero will be difficult to take out but I have a plan. For Fury if you guys can get him to drink his own blood, he'll be knocked out. Zero's powerful but if we keep a light on him then none of Millie's shadow's can power him up. Even better if we all attack him at once, there's no way that he can beat all of us. That only leaves Millie but like with Zero, if we can keep a light we control on her, she can't send us to the...void and she can't use any of her shadow powers. All she has left to fight with is her shadow claws but I've never seen her use them. We should be able to take her down, and have her surrender the city to us in no time." He zooms out once more to see the whole city. "Now then, who wants to cause a distraction?"

"I'll gladly--" Argent went to speak, but was interrupted.

"That'll be my job." Another woman's voice entered the room. It belonged to that of a bat, dressed in black clothing and black high heels.

Rose looked over at her... she seemed to be comparing her to a picture she'd pulled out of her pocket. "So you must be the other Stand user my mom said I'd be meeting... a miss Cheryl Valder, correct?"

"Quite." Cheryl replied.

Blade: So, someone causes a distraction, then what?

Zapor, trying to pay attention, couldn't stop taking quick looks at Echo. He had no idea what was with him.

Lexi: Zapor, you get the plan?

Zapor: Huh, oh yeah, make a distraction, etc.

(Zapor is 8 years old-----Zapor)

"Well, what do you have planned for a distraction, then?" Argent asked.

"Well, I am an explosives expert, so a distraction should be easy for me. Explosions are anything but subtle; I just need to make sure nobody's around who could get hurt." Cheryl replied.

Zapor: Yeah! Now someone is speaking my language!!

Blade: Or, I'm just fireballing, we could mug some GUN soldiers, take their uniforms, get inside and get whoever their leader is.

Lexi: You mean like Assassins Creed?

Blade: Yeah, except without the kiling.

Zapor: Well, wouldn't we need someone to get the camera's so that no one sees?

Blade: True, if they see us, we're screwed.

(Echo's a girl. -NeoEx)

Neo shook his head. "That won't work. While Camera's aren't around, all the G.U.N troops are human, except the Hunters, who have unique uniforms for each one. The monarchy works in similar ways. We either take the distraction or we try and spearhead our way in." Ages looked to Cheryl. "I like your idea, as long as no one gets killed." Echo looked at Zapor and gave him an odd look. "Why are you staring at me?" She asked quietly.

"I don't see any point in putting innocent lives at risk. But there's a chance that they'll ignore an explosion in a remote location. I'm fine with waiting for a place to clear out if it's necessary to make a statement." Cheryl said.

"Wait... who are the Hunters? Are they Mobian?" Rose asked.

Zapor: Huh, oh uh sorry..*blushing*(I need advice).

Blade: Wait, are they some sort of group that is based on all of our attributes and abilities?

(Zapor I know where your going with this. I'm just going to sit back and see where this goes. From what I understand of Zapor's personality this could go one of two ways. -NeoEx)

Neo started to press a bunch of buttons on the cube and a group picture of about 10 humans and 2 Mobians appeared above the cube. "The hunters; an elite group of select fighters united under the force of G.U.N. Each one is talented in some ability enough to prove that they deserve to be where they are. They are the equivalent of G.U.N's top soldiers. They specialize in secret dealings, huntings, and killing Mobians. They each come with their own talent along with the ones they train to get. We know that Zero is going to be there since he's working under Millie at the moment. That being said his ability is...well I don't know what it is. From what I've researched it has nothing to do with his Chao, nor does it have to do with his elemental forms. As far as I know he's yet to reveal his talent."

Echo looked back at the cube and just watched what Neo had to say.

Rose frowned, she seemed to be shaking in frustration. "How many innocent lives do you think they have taken?"

"I don't think you really want to know the answer, do you?" Argent asked, rhetorically.

Ages looked down Sadly.

Neo seemed to zoom in on a blue hedgehog with a white chao on his shoulder. "I don't know...From what I saw when I was escaping...137."

Rose let out a ferocious scream, slamming her fist down on the table. "I'll gladly take more than twice of that of their numbers myself!"

"And there she goes..." Argent said.

(MHS: Actually this might be beneficial for her Stand ability... if she manages to seal someone within the pocket space known as "Oblivion", she's capable of turning the spirits of those killed by that person against them.)

Neo held a hand up at Rose. "As much as I wish to do the same, we can't do that. The hunters are too powerful, from what I'm told, you all couldn't defeat powered-up Zero without the help of...someone. Well whoever he was he's gone now, and Zero's the weakest of the hunters so far. No, we should avoid any battle with them that we can. We need to focus on Millie, if we can."

Emma: [She has seem to of left...]

Christina: Louis, have you seen Emma?

Louis: She's probably talking to the forest animals...

Christina: Oh... that's right, she can talk to animals and make them obey her every command....

"Know this. I have no intention of sparing any of their lives. They're nothing but dogs." Rose growled.

Christina: [She giggles and looks at Rose.] Then ask Krys to get a life tube if anybody dies...

Ages looks at Christina and Rose angrily. "I told you, we don't kill anyone. We don't bring anyone back, and we don't take any lives. If we do that, we're just as monsterous as they are."

"Sorry Ages... reasoning with Rose is like trying to reason with a brick wall when she's like this." Argent said.

"Rose, we don't kill anyone." Ages said, ignoring Argent. "Not a single person dies in that city tonight. Not by your hand, not by my hand, not by your stand's hand, no one kills anyone. If you kill one person..."

"Next you're gonna say... 'I'm leaving you behind to finish this fight my way. I'm not going to be associated with a murderer.'" Argent said. Either he was screwing with Ages because he was ignored, or he was trying to warn Rose about what her actions might cause.

Or both.

Rose sighed. "Fine, I won't kill anyone then. But I'm not going to let them go home without any broken bones."

Ages nodded. Neo kept moving the image being displayed from the cube. "Alright then, does everyone know what their doing?"

Emma: *Comes back* Then this might be worrying... I know we can't kill anyone because true heroes don't kill, but god forbid Millie orders Louis, or Ages, or Neo dead...

"I presume everyone knows the plan." Cheryl said.

Neo nodded this time. "Alright, then let's head to Station Square."

Part 2: Bolero of Rage

Station Square is very dark, many soldiers border the city exits and there seems to be anarchy inside the actual town. The group seems to have found a part of the wall that isn't guarded. Neo looks around at the group, then to Cheryl. "Well, you go first."

Cheryl nodded, and easily flew up using her wings.

A voice rings out not far from the group's location "Did that hurt you sleazebags?"

Neo, Ages, and Echo looked towards the voice.

A hedgehog inside a building is fighting some thugs by himself.

Neo quickly made his way towards the sound of the racket. It sounded like a struggle and right now they could use all the help they could get, especially since Neo did not know if they would succeed. Sure they were a powerful group, but Neo knew the strength of the underground monarchy. If it was anything like the last time he fought with them they would surely lose. Neo continuted till he found a building on the outskirts of the town. There were some guards but he could get by them without any problem. The only question was if his hearing had gotten him to the right place.

A gard went flying through the wall of the building Neo found. This was the place.

"Well, since Neo's over there investigating, I guess I'll go next." Argent said. He took a deep breath, channelling a Ripple to his fingers and climbing the wall.

Neo looked at the guard for a split second, then rushed into the room where the hedgehog was, attacking one of the guards with his poison claws.

"Who're you?", asked the hedgehog as he kicked a guard away.

"Name's Neo. I used to live in Station Square." He threw the guard he was attacking into a wall. "A group of people and I are trying to take back the city."

"Aurum." He punches one of the guards in the visor*

Neo knocked another guard back. "Well then Aurum. Our group is powerful but we could use a few more hands. What do you say? You wanna help take Station Square back?"

"Eh, I guess. If it gives me a reason to hit more of these guys.", he sends a wave of psychic energy at more guards.

Zapor: mmhm, ok.

Blade: Who are you talking to.

Zapor: The inside source in here.

Lexi: When did you have time to call for help?

Zapor: I have a life outside of you guys.

Blade: Well what'd he say?

Zapor: Well, he sent me some pics of people who are most likely trapped. But, he got those photos from another guy, so for all we know, we could be searching for someone who isn't even here.

Blade: that is bad...

Zapor: Ok, boss what do we do?

Argent managed to climb up the wall, turning around and waving to those below. They needed one more over the wall.

Neo nodded. "Well then, let's get to the rest of the group. They should have started a distraction for us to get into the city by now." He left the building and started to head back to the rest of the group. Ages nodded to Argent and started to scale the wall.

Aurum walks after Neo.

Cheryl looked down at the city below, looking for an appropriate spot to set off an explosion... she drew a revolver-like pistol from its holster, opening the chamber.

Completely empty.

She tossed six bullets in the air... they were a bit larger than most, carrying a potent explosive in each one. She made one quick swipe with the pistol, catching the bullets in the chamber and loading it in one swift movement. But the chamber only held five bullets; why toss six bullets?

The reason for the sixth became soon became apparent. A small, mechanical humanoid rose out from behind Cheryl, kicking the bullet with the same velocity as if it were fired from a gun. It landed right near the location of one of the riots.

"Let's make sure that nobody's around who could be injured by the explosion..." Cheryl said, looking around at where it landed.

Blade: You gotta tell us where you guys et all these stuff!

Zapor: Ok, he sent the names, but he sucks at drawing letters so I'm gonna pronounce them the best I can. Lexi read this.

Lexi: *looks at his phone* OK, first person.....its either Fite or, um, Fate the Cat, I dunno.Next person, .......I think either Disk or Desk Evol. Last person...I'm pretty sure thats Masako.

Blade: How can you be so sure?

Lexi: I remember that face.

Blade: hmmm... wait, did you say Dusk Evol?

Lexi: Uh yeah, why?

Blade: *flashbacks to races with her* we had....history.


Neo's head perks up. "Fate the Cat and Dusk Evol sent you what?"

Ages looks around the building. "I think you clear, Cheryl."

Zapor: the guy who is undercover sent me pics of the peeps we should most definitely save.

Lexi: a rescue mission again?

Blade: This one is worth it.

Neo looked angry. "I don't know if you guys didn't notice this or not, but Fate's been dead for four months by now. Furthur more Dusk has been trapped in Millie's void for the past five months. Who the hell is your undercover?!"

"Who's this Fate and Dusk? And what do you mean by dead?"

Rose glared at Zapor. "Think about everything that's happened... you could be walking into a trap."

Cheryl nodded, detonating the bullet.

Lexi: Blade, who'd you hire for an undercover?

Blade: ...Crow.

Lexi: *sighs and walks down the hall*

All they heard was GUN soldeirs being mercilessly being beaten.

Lexi:*Walks back* Why. Crow.

Blade: You name a stealthy person to call and go undercover when the city is under seige?

Lexi: Zapor!!

Blade: That won't shoot everything that moves.

Zapor: Woah don't drag me into this those people are probs still alive and are being brainwashed.

Blade:......You know, thats a pretty good guess.

Echo spoke up. "Except in our last battle with Millie I saw Visor and Ellie trapped there. You don't remember because you were dark but we fought Millie in the void. She let us go but that doesn't mean the others got let go. Plus they live in Greenflower city, on the other side of Mobius. Not to mention that we know Zero is working for Millie still, which means she still has Dusk."

Neo turned to Aurum. "Fate is my adopted sister. She was...killed by the leader of the group holding the city. Dusk is a prisoner of the same leader and a friend of ours."


"Lastly, I doubt someone like Masako would be in any danger... she's a born soldier." Rose said.

Cheryl looked around, wanting to make sure the guards took the bait.

Most of G.U.N's guards had taken the bait and ran towards the sounds, including the ones guarding most of the exits.

Zapor: hmmmm.

Blade: What'chu thinking of bro?

Zapor: A plan.

Lexi: This won't end well.

Zapor: Oh come on. The worst thing that could happen is if Spike comes. Then that chapter is gonna take weeks.

Blade: Not the best time for worst-possible scenarios.

"...What chapter? Are you writing a book or something? Because I can't really see you as an author of anything." Rose remarked.

Argent gave a thumbs up to the group below, letting them know they were clear to sneak in.

Zapor: ok, If we're gonna do this, I brought us some bullet proof vests

Blade: You do know you and me don't need one.

Zapor: Which is why I brought one for everyone else.

Neo nodded at Argent and looked to the group. "Alright, first we need to look around to see if we can find anyone. We'll cross down this street and keep making our way to the center where town hall is. Once we're in the center of the city, things are goind to take a down turn. By then their going to know we're here and who knows who we'll meet. After we're finished the Millie should be in the mayor's office. Once we've confronted her, we need to keep light focused on her so she won't be able to use any shadowmancer abilites. Ready?"

"Eh. I'm game."

Rose cracked her knuckles... she figured that was enough of a response.

(I forgot to mention, get ready for a teleport. There aren't going to be many people that can help us take the city back and I don't really have anything planned for those moments. Plus once we get to the town square, there is going to be an epic fight scene between a few other characters we've met before. -NeoEx)

(MHS: Fair enough... I'm not sure when to move OmegaCorp in anyway.)

The group managed to run the opposite way of the explosion. They ran through the winding city, having to deal with little G.U.N resistance as they haven't started to scramble their soldiers yet. Any soldiers they did meet were easily dispatched. Neo thought for sure that they would easily be able to get to Millie, but things are never easy for them, are they? As they approached town square they found what looked like, an endless army of G.U.N, Underground Monarchy, and other troops. "Ah...Crap." Neo said as the troops surrounded the group. There were so many soliders, it seemed like even the strongest member of th group would be overcome by their forces. Then there was a loud yell. "HOLD!" The soldiers all moved to the side to reveal a group of enemies. There was a red bird, that looked like Fury the Blue-Jay, there was a blue hedgehog, which could be identified as Zero, there were two Echidna girls, one dark green and the other was dark red, who had sabers similair to them in color, then there was a shadowy figure that looked like one of Millie's shadows. Fury was the first to speak. "What is it that you require?"

"Is he asking us? What should we say?" Rose whispered to Neo.


"I don't know..." Neo said before clearing his throat and stepping up. "You have taken this city, killed hundreds of innocent people, and assulted those who you didn't kill. W-why do you think we're here?" It was obvious that Neo was scared of Fury who only smiled.

"Then how about we negotiate?" The guards quickly took their weapons but Fury waved them away. "Let's talk about how this works. Your group will fight four of us, you will fight Zero. Once one of you die, we get to kill the rest of you, if I call it off, because you won't kill any of us, then you win and we leave the city. How about it?"

Neo looked back at the group. "I can't make this decision on my own, what do the rest of you think?"

Cheryl was visibly sweating... to her, nothing was worth giving up all their lives. Even if they did surrender the city, who would be left to oppose them afterwards?

"Hold on, I'll handle this." Argent walked up towards Fury, keeping his hands up so he didn't present himself as a threat.

Fury's smile faded. "Maybe I wasn't clear enough. Either you fight all of us, or you the five of us. Your choice."

"Wait a second, I just want to see if I can get a better look at our odds before we decide... not that they're good, or anything." Argent said, now only a few feet away from Fury.


"No, you take one more step towards me and we all fire on everyone in the group, starting wit the little cat first. Back off and make your decision. My paitience is wearing thin." Fury told Argent aggressively.

Argent stopped immediately, taking one step back. "Sheesh, would you listen to yourself? It doesn't even matter who you start with, the effect would be all the same! Think with your head, not your sword; a simple 'no' would've sufficed!" After Argent said this, however, his tone changed dramatically.

"...You can be social, right? Hey! How're ya doin'? Happy, joy-py, nice to meetcha-py! Happy! Joy-py! Nice to meetcha-py!" Argent said, with a careless smile on his face.

Cheryl and Rose were absolutely speechless.

"C'mon, Fury, all together now! A one, and a two, annnd... Happy! Joy-py! Nice to meetcha-py!" it looked as if Argent had lost his mind.

Rose seemed to have other thoughts that her face continued to hide, however... she knew Argent was up to something, even if she had no idea what.

Zapor: Yeah, everybody sing along! Chao-py! Zapor-py! Pizza-py!

?????: Still as dumb as before.

Zapor: ......Wow. I knew Spike was gonna come, but not this early.

A purple hybrid of a fox, echinda, hedgehog, crocodile appears next to Fury.

Zapor: Well well. If it isn't Mr. Hy-guy.

Spike: If it isn't Mr. Red and idiotic.

Zapor: *pulls out Machine gun* So, we gonna settle this or what?

Spike: *Makes a negative blast in his hand* Just say when!

"When are we gonna get the chance to trounce these suckers?"

Fury turned away. "Times up." He said. "Shadow M, bring out the girl." Millie's shadow nodded and with a purple flash Ellie appeared, she looked dazed, hurt, confused, and tired. Like she hadn't slept in months. "Ellie, we are in control of this city, you have to listen to our laws. You took that oath when you became a priest correct? Our laws say they are illegal. Kill them." Ellie looked up at everyone. She didn't seem to recognize anyone. She nodded and charged at them with her large axe. "Now then, Vorpa, Veera, why don't you assist Ellie." The two echidna's swung at Argent. "Zero, do what needs to be done. Do it to save your sister." Zero nodded, it now starts to dawn on everyone that Zero looks very sick, his eyes look glazed over and blank. In fact, Weapon looked that way too. Zero hit the ground and a purple barrier erupted around him and Neo, causing them to be alone from everyone else. Neo's fur turned black, signaling him entering Bloodrage form and he started attacking Zero, who just deflected all his attacks. Fury then pulled his sword out of his sheath and his red claws started to glow. "Now then, let the fun start." He dashed at Rose.

Argent's confident smirk disappeared for a second. "[I thought I'd be able to p*** him off enough that he'd go straight for me just to shut me up...!]" However, in a disturbingly short amount of time, that same smirk reappeared. "Two against one, eh? I'm okay with that!" As soon as he said this, he tugged on something... something wrapped behind the echidnas' legs and tried to trip them from behind.

Rose growled, staring Fury down as he approached her.

Fury slashed at Rose when he was close enough in range.

Vorpa and Veela continuted to go towards Argent. There wss nothing on them at this point. "Trying to trick us, eh? I like Tricks!" Vorpa (the green one) said. "For that we'll gut you slowly." Veela (the red one) said.

Neo kept holding Zero off. "You can't win. I will kill you!" Neo told his enemy. "You think Bloodrage is the highest emotion form? Your dead wrong!" Zero's fur went red, then black. His eyes went from their normal color, to red, but then something happened. His eyes changed shape, his clothes were enveloped by the same blackness that was his fur. His entire being changed, it looked like he was wearing a black cloak, and had a white mask on. Weapon changed into a scythe and a gun. He started attacking Neo and it wasn't going well. Neo was losing.

Spike: Everyone! You go after them, *Looks at Echo* I'll get the cat.

Zapor: *Uppercuts Spike* Over my dead body!

Blade: Okay, you protect Echo or something, we'll go help the others! *runs to help Argent*

Zapor: I got this. *Pulls out 2 pistols*

Spike: *Makes Negative energy ball* Oh, we're playing that game again?

Argent looked at Vorpa. "Is that so? Then you'll love this one!" He tugged the same string forward, relieving a row of soldiers of the magazines in their guns, then swung them all around at Vorpa and Veela in an attempt to wrap them up, using the magazines as a weight.

Rose summoned her Stand the moment Fury slashed at her, jumping back and trying to catch the blade between The Reaper's hands.

Vorpa and Veera joined hands. Veera jumped and Vorpa lifted her off the ground, causing her to be out of the way of the string. Veera let go and landed out of the rope's grasp, her blade cutting straight through the rope before it tied around Vorpa. Vorpa slashed at Argent.

Fury's blade was caught by the stand. "Huh, a stand user. I knew a stand user once." He kept attacking the stand.

Ages stood next to Zapor and Echo, pulling out his spear to protect her. Echo pulled two cards out of her hand, a diamond and a spade. "I can take care of myself, I'm not some little kid." She went to attack Spike.

Aurum is leaning against a wall and yawning.

"So you know how they work..." Rose let out a piercing glare.

The Reaper suddenly vanished as the onslaught of attacks came her way. She hadn't returned to Rose's body, however; her presence could still be felt.

Argent was still smiling. He ducked and slid under the slash, chuckling and pointing up at Vorpa. "Next you're gonna say... 'I've seen through your tricks, and you've played your last one!'"

The length holding the magazines had swung back in the air. Argent had sent a Ripple into the string before it was cut, magnetizing the magazines and throwing them around straight toward Vorpa's head.

On a sidenote, Vorpa was close enough to notice that the decorative ribbons hanging from Argent's jacket collar were missing. That explains where he got the string from...

Vorpa laughed. "Nope! Next I'm going to say; that was a neat trick. I want to see another!" Veera threw something into the air, there was a flash and then metallic objects around her and her sister started to repel from her. Though their swords did not. There was a compass on Vorpa's shirt. It just kept spinning.

Fury's eyes flickered. "That won't work on me. You'll need to try something else." His eyesight let him see everything, even things that were hiding from him, no matter where they were or what they were actually doing. He did something different than normal though. He walked away from Rose, and watched the fight going on between Neo and Zero.

The Reaper couldn't be seen... rather, it wasn't in this dimension altogether.

"Where the hell are you going?!" Rose yelled at Fury.

Strangely enough, Argent also began to slide away as well -- by his jacket, no less! On that note, his collar was also choking him as he was being pulled, rendering him unable to use the Ripple. ["Damnit, what's wrong with this girl? Does she actually LIKE being juked?! Nevermind that -- if I don't find a way to breathe soon, I'm as good as dead!"]

"Well guess I might as well get involved...",He sends a wave of red energy at Vorpa and Veera.

Fury looked back at Rose. "What I do best, watching my work blossom." He turned back towards the fighters. "Two students of mine fighting. I know who'll will win, I just want to make sure."

Veela ran towards him, dodging the red wave, her saber ready to slice Argent's throat. "Veela, don't kill him, then we can't play anymore." Vorpa told her sister. Veela sighed and looked towards her sister. "Fine..." Vorpa threw something in the air that caused a pop, her compass was back to normal.

Rose seemed indubitably perplexed... just what was Fury to Neo and Zero? However, she wasn't going to attack him yet...

Argent gasped for breath as his collar released his throat, looking up at the two sisters... ["Am I seeing this right? Did she seriously just save my bacon? Just so she can please herself more less..."] Argent breathed deep, sliding away from the sisters and using his Ripple Magnetism technique to quickly pull the bullets from the magazines and bring them to his hands. He smirked, revealing a belt of bullets on the ends of his fingers as he rose up, aiming them at both sisters. "Since the young lady decided to save me from suffocation, I can use the Ripple again! Which means... I can use it to fire these bullets by igniting the gunpowder in the casings! However..." He aimed them at the nearby soldiers instead. "It would really break my heart to have to waste you with these. But tell me, can you afford to let these soldiers die?!"

"Tch... I can't do a thing can I?"

Ellie's axe landed right next to Aurum. She looked up at him and her face looked like she was in pain. She raised her Axe once more and swung it at Aurum.

"I can still change the magnitisim and stop it." Veela said. Vorpa looked angry. "Your supposed to play with us, not them!" She stamped her foot.

Argent raised an eyebrow, before frowning. "Tough crowd... oh well, I'm still not going to let these go to waste!" he said, pointing upwards and sending a Ripple into the bullets, firing them into the air. The cases spun around on his fingers after they were spent, allowing him to reshape the casings into two knives. "At least this seems a bit more fair."

Vorpa gigled, she and her sister slashed at Argent.

Aurum jumped out of the axe's way and sent a wave or energy at Ellie. "EAT THIS!!"

Ellie picked up her axe and swung it right through the energy wave. The only problem was that it went through it, not destroying it at all. The wave hit Ellie, sending her back a few feet. She got up once more and went to swing once more at Aurum but this time she said something. "Shadow Word: Pain!"

Ages, still trying to help Echo, yelled at Aurum. "Don't kill her, she's not evil!"

"Well then tell her I'm not evil."He jumps out of the axe's range.

Argent tried to counter the blades with both knives, retaliating with a kick.

Rose still seemed to have her eyes fixed on Fury, wondering when he was going to strike again.

Ellie kept attacking, it's obvious she didn't want to, from the look on her face, but she didn't stop swinging at Aurum.

Vorpa got hit by the kick. Both sisters stood back to back and started twirling, with their swords pointed out. They moved so fast that it looked like a red and green tornado.

Fury kept watching as Zero had taken Neo to the ground. The two anger were messing with their power, causing them to be more powerful. Then something happened. Neo tried to fly into the air once more but Zero sent his scythe directly into Neo's shoulder. The fox fell to the ground and returned to his normal state. He was covered in blood, bruises, cuts, and gunshots. Zero stayed in the air, but he returned to his normaal form too. He stood in the air, holding his gun at Neo but he didn't shoot. "Do it, Zero! Kill the fox, save your sister!" Fury called out. Ages ran towards them but smacked into the barriar in the way. He tried breaking through it but had no luck. There was no way to get to Neo and Zero.

Rose's rage finally peaked. At this moment, she'd hated no man more than she hated Fury right now. He'd been manipulating both Neo and Zero this entire time, driving these two boys against each other, waiting for this moment to happen... and she couldn't stop it. She felt so useless... "NEO!" she cried out. "I'm not letting you give up here! Think about the people you still need to live for... Ages... Echo... your friends... we all need you! Think about the sacrifices that have been made up to this point! If you give up now, they'll all be for nought!" Rose cried out again. "ZERO! Look at yourself! This man and Millie have been pulling both of your strings this entire time! You're not even yourself anymore! Are you really going to sit there and execute the boy before you just because this slimeball told you to?! I know your sister is at stake... but this is just disgraceful... whatever you do after these words leave my mouth should be of your own accord! Find yourself, Zero!"

Argent thought he might've had a way to counter this... he decided to use his Resonating Crimson Cutter Overdrive technique, channelling a powerful Ripple into the knives with a resonation frequency that would allow them to cut through almost anything.

"Hold!" Fury called causing all of his troops to stop fighting and turn towards the barrier. Zero stood there still holding the gun, unable to make a decision. "Zero, I thought you wanted to be a hero!" Ages called, hitting the barrier again. Zero's eyes darkened, he looked even more sick than he did before. He turned to Ages and said. "I'll never be a hero." He pulled the trigger of the gun and the bullet fired. As if it was in slow motion, the bullet went right through Neo's chest, or more specificlly his heart. Blood spurrted from his chest, covering his clothes with it. The moment the bullet passed through Neo's heart, he died. Neo laid on the ground and Fury laughed. Echo shriekied, and Ages look horrified. The barrier fell to the ground and all of Fury's warriors had all gone towards Fury. "There. Our agreement is finished. One of you has died. I am a generous man, so take his body, and his murderer and go." He turned away, with all of his allies. The guards stayed in position, one picked up Neo's corpse, and the other picked up Zero, they both threw them towards the group. Zero looked worse than ever, then something happened. Zero's sickness seemed to worsen when Fury balled his hand into a fist. There's also a very tight bracelet on Zero's arm.

Rose looked down at Neo's body, then to Zero... she hadn't been this angry in a long time. "He used both of them... all for some sick game... I can't let him go." She looked up at Fury, screaming. "FURYYYY!"

"ORAAA!" The Reaper climbed its way out of Oblivion, about to strike at Fury with all of her might.

"EAT THIS, YOU SON OF A B*TCH!" Rose screamed.

There was a barrier in between Fury's group and Rose's group. Fury looked over at them with a smile. "I was nice enough to let you leave of your own will, now your going to refuse my offer? Guards take them out of Millie's city."

Zero struggled to get up but did so. "Wh-...what about my sister and her friends?"

Fury didn't even look at Zero. "I think I'll keep them for a while longer. They may prove useful once we've broken them." The soldiers did as they were told and grabbed Zero, Neo's body, Echo (who was crying), and Ages, who just sat there with his mouth open. They also grabbed the rest of the group and forced them out of the city walls.

Rose screamed as she was being dragged away. "TURN AROUND AND FIGHT ME, YOU DAMNED COWARD!" She summoned The Reaper one last time, abandoning all reason just to fit one last punch in.

The barrier broke, most of the guards had fear in their eyes, Fury only had determination. He ran up to The Reaper and jumped, both his sword and his claws cut right through the Stand, digging deep within her stomach region.

Rose's eyes shot open as The Reaper was stabbed, the exact same injuries being inflicted onto her. She was stabbed in the stomach the same way her Stand was, bleeding. She coughed and spat up blood as her resistance faltered, her vision starting to fade as she succumbed to her injuries. The Reaper had no choice but to retreat back into her.

"Let go of me!" Argent struggled, reaching for his sister. "Rose! Please, hang in there!"

Argent's words became muffled to Rose as her vision turned to black.

Part 3: Serenade of War

The outer wall of the city was being held by many of the soldiers. The heroes had no hope of getting in once more with all these soldiers. Morale was low. Zero, with a blank expression closed Neo's eyes. Echo was still crying, and Ages was jabbing his spear into the ground, looking angrier than he ever had been before. The sun was going to rise soon, and there was a high tension in the air.

Argent could be seen trying to tend to Rose using some spare supplies that Cheryl had. However, her wounds were severe. It would take more than this for her to make a full recovery. "Damnit sis... why? The battle was already over... why did you keep fighting?!"

Cheryl seemed to be trying to comfort Echo... she wasn't able to participate in the fight after having her pistol taken away by the soldiers, and had no idea how to make up for it...

(MHS: I'm planning on introducing OmegaCorp soon, May I recommend some music? I imagine 0:00 - 1:06 playing at this moment, and 1:06 onward is OmegaCorp's attack.)

(I'm good with that. I'm planning on something else here too. Though to be honest, I had no idea where to go with this afterwards. -NeoEx)

Zero threw a rock at the ground. Weapon, his white chao, had turned back into her chao form and laid on the ground, looking very tired. "This is all my fault..." Zero told everyone. "YOUR DAMN RIGHT IT'S YOUR FAULT!" Ages screamed at him, still stabbing the ground. "WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU EVEN TRY TO RESIST! I SAW YOUR FACE, YOU LOVED KILLING HIM!" His stabs in the ground started to become much stronger. Echo couldn't even seem to form any words, everything she said was drowned out by the sound of her own sobs. Zero looked back at Ages with a disgusted look. "I took no interest in killing your brother. I wanted only to put the gun down or to at least fire it at that damned bird." He hit the ground with his fist.

"Did you even hear a damn word that my sister said?!" Argent yelled at Zero.

"I DIDN'T WANT TO KILL HIM!" Zero yelled at Argent. "FURY'S THE ONE WHO PUT THIS DAMN BRACLET ON ME! IT CONTROLS MY POWERS! YOU THINK I WANTED TO SHOOT HIM? I WAS GOING TO KIIL FURY!" As Zero started to yell, Echo jumped and tried to hide herself behind Cheryl.

Cheryl wrapped her arms and wings around Echo, trying to hide her from the violence.

"...I just asked if you heard what she said." Argent said, trying to be calm. "But now that you mention that bracelet... is it still active? Or does it only work in the city?" He seemed rather worried when he thought about it a bit.

"To be honest. I don't care, I don't care who that guy thinks he is. I don't care what position he holds. He's gonna suffer a slow, long, and agonizing death when I'm through with him." ,said Aurum as he limped towards them, "And what was up with that girl? I think she had the same problem Mr. I had no choice did or does."

"The braclet's not off yet. Fury just hasn't given it any orders. I need something to cut it off with." Zero told Argent. He turned to Aurum. "Ellie's a prist of the church. When she took her vows, she agreed to listen to the laws of any city. It also doesn't help that she was in the void for five months before this took place. Who knows what happened to her."

Zapor: Dammit all!!*Starts shooting randomly at the sky*

A few birds followed by a GUN plane fell.

Lexi: Ok, I think I can heal him, but I don't know..

Blade: Whaddya mean you don't know?!

Lexi: I only practice a little.

Zapor:*Pulls out a knife and stabs himself* Wait, can't Neo drink blood of someone and get their abilities?

Blade:I think.

Zapor: *Puts the blood in the jar* Well, lets hope he isn't dead enough.*Wound closes up*

"...OHHH NOOOOO! Are you saying Fury could just send an order through that bracelet right now to kill us all?! Well, I'm not having that at all! Resonating Crimson Cutter Overdrive!" Argent sent a powerful Ripple to his fingers and... well, you get the point. He chopped at the bracelet, making sure to stop before he hit flesh. He tried hard to avoid risking damage to Zero's arm or worse, severing any arteries.

Up on top of a building, Astrid sat relaxed and swinging her leg back and forth across the wall. She watched the others yelled at each other down below. She wore her usual attire, her thin assassin outfit, a hood and her cape which was a wine red colour. She was unnoticed by the people below.

Zero shook his head after having his braclet cut off. "Zapor, if he drank your blood, do you even think it will work? Your not a normal mobian, Neo might not be able to drink it. Even if he did, it's only for a short time, and requires his heart to pump out matching blood to his brain, which neither are working right now. Neo's just...gone."

Two people were walking up towards the group. Both wearing dark black clothing and hoods that hid their faces. One had yellow hands and the other had red hands. The red one was carrying a staff with a green orb at the top. "Gone but not forgotten, young Zero. You'd do well to remember that."

Argent looked up at the two after the Ripple covering his fingers dissipated... though all he could notice was the color of their hands, he was already trying to put something together in his head.

Didn't Ages mention Fate being a yellow cat?

And the other person with the staff... it felt like it wasn't the first time they'd met, but they appeared to be completely absent from Argent's memory.

Suddenly, Argent started yelling randomly, holding his head. "AAAGH! I hate trying to remember someone when I can't even recall their name or their face!"

Zapor: Who the Hades are you guys?!

Blade: Wait.... are you the seven sages off of that game I played?

Lexi: Well...... what are we gonna do about Neo?

Zapor: *sighs* I don't even know... but something about this whole thing just doesn't add up.

Blade: How?

Zapor: Well, we all know that GUN made an appearance in City Escape with that truck.

Blade: Yeah.

Zapor: And we've been here for a while.

Blade: mm hm.

Zapor: So where'd the truck go?

Aurum turned around and sighed. "Neo's dead, really everyone's just stoppin, and they all won't stop screaming at each other. How are we going to fight to take the city back if they don't stop fighting themselves?", he says out loud.

The yellow handed one put her hood down revealing her young, calm face. She took her cloak off revealing an odd dress with two pistols on it's side. She smiled at the group. Ages look surprised and very happy. Echo immediatly jumped up and embraced the cat. "MAMA!" She cried as she hugged her mother. Fate looked very warmly at the girl. "Hi my little angel." She said to her. She looked up at the rest of the group. "Let me introduce myself, my name is Fate, currently one of the two champions of the spectacle." The red one also put her hood down but did not take her cloak off. At the sight of her face, anyone who saw her in Millie's mansion was flooded with the memories of her. They could remember everything that Leah had done. Of course this didn't exactly look like Leah, her face was a much lighter red than before, and her eyes were a different color. Was this the same person? "Fate are you sure we are in the right area, most of these people seem quite...uncouth." She turned to her companion. "Yes, this is the right area. Look, and there is the reason we're here." Fate said pointing to Neo's body.

"Fate? You mean the cat who died apparently?", asked a now-curious Aurum.

Argent's reaction to Fate seemed to be both happy and melancholic at the same time... "All this time, he thought you were dead... if only he were alive a few hours longer..." He clenched his fist, looking up into the sky. "Neo, I hope you're seeing this!"

Rose's tail moved. Her eyes shot open as she regained consciousness. She rolled over, letting out a nasty cough and gagging up a lot of blood. She gasped for air as she tried to look up.

" Hey is she ok?!"

"Yes, I am that Fate." Fate said. "Like I said before, Neo is gone but not forgotten. I've planned ahead in case this would happen. I know how to revive Neo but it's going to take a lot of work." She looked over at Rose. "I remembered you too Rose." Her hand formed a pink sphere. "Sign of Power: Kindness." She sent the orb towards Rose. It should heal her wounds, that is if it hits.

" you know these people?" Leah asked Curiously.

Fate replied with a giggle. "Perhaps once, in a dream mind you but I do know them indeed."

"Argh! The phrase I hate the most is 'hard work', and my second most hated is 'work hard'! ...Eh?" Argent stopped complaining as the sphere touched his sister.

Rose's breathing steadied, and her body seemed to relax... she could feel her wounds starting to close, the pain leaving her body. And yet... she began to cry once she saw Fate. "I should've killed Fury the second he turned his back on me... he's the one pulling all the strings... when I finally had a chance to kill him, I let my guard down... I'm so sorry..."

"Rose, do you really think you should be the one to kill him? After everything you've goone through, yet you've only known him for four months. Neo knew him for all his life, and Zero worked under him for 2 years. Don't you think it'd be best to let this one kill him?" Fate said pointing to Zero. She turned to Argent. "While it does require lots of work, the time can be shortened if we have something to speed up the power of the seal, while I do the healing. I have to warn you that once he's alive he won't be the same Neo. Whether he remembers you all or not is a mystery, this has only happened once before, but I wasn' around when it happened." She turned to Ages. "I know you have the blue world ring, I need you to give it to me." Ages stared at Fate in awe for a while and tried to speak. When he couldn't form any words, he just handed her the ring. "This should shorten the time immensly. Everyone should stand back."

Rose stumbled back a bit... she was still weak from the blood loss. However, she recalled Leah saying something similar to Masako... about how someone else was destined to battle Millie instead of Masako...

Argent just took a step back. "Hear that, Christina? Maybe if we're lucky, we won't need to give Krys more work than she can handle."

(MHS: I'm just acknowledging Christina's existence here... to be honest we should probably keep Pianoteen in the loop sometime after OmegaCorp appears.)

(Once Fate gets close to finishing Neo's revival, I'll tell her. -NeoEx)

Fate nodded at Leah who pointed her staff at the ground and shot an orange light out onto the ground, causing a glowing glyph to appear. Fate took the ring and put it in Neo's hand. She stopped for a second though, examing Zero. "Zero, I need you in the glyph. I have to change you too." Zero looked down for a second before standing on the glyph. Fate put her hands in the sky, she was holding two jewels, a ruby and an emerald. The jewels began to glow and the ground around the glyph was acting up. Whatever it was that they were doing, it was taking a lot of energy from the world but what kind of energy was it?

Argent and Rose were both watching on... they had their own bizarre experiences, but not anything quite like this...

"Wait a minute. Do you think Dusk will be able to recognize Zero after this?" Rose asked.

Leah turned towards them. "Since Zero's alive, the only things that will happen are minor changes. She doesn't have to reconstruct his entire DNA like she has to do with Neo. She only has to mutate some of the ones that have to do with his powers and brain process. Neo's has to be re-made almost entirely."

Rose simply nodded. "Understood."

"So basically... Neo's being reincarnated?" Cheryl asked. "This is just... bizarre!"

"It's not exactly re-incarnation. It's more like a defib unit and a bit of a DNA make-over." Leah told Cheryl.

"...Oh." Cheryl casually replied.

"Let's just wait for the process to finish before jumping to conclusions..." Rose said.

Leah nodded. Fate continuted to manipulate the energy in the world as it caused the DNA in the bodies of Neo and Zero to change and Mutate, Neo's also being rebuilt. Lightning started to form in betweeen the jewels, and the sky started to become very cloudy. Zero flashed and his clothes were different now. His ears seemed larger and he was pushed outside of the Glyph as it became smaller, now it only held Neo and Fate. The ruby cracked and broke into tiny pieces. Once they touched the floor, they disappeared and left behind a type of smoke. That smoke flew into Zero, filling him with a new found energy. Weapon was awake once more and sat on his shoulder happily. Neo's body was starting to pulsate, flashing different colors and many things about him were changing. His body flashed and he was in white clothes. The emerald Fate was holding started to crack and Fate threw it at Neo, shouting; "Sign of Power: Life!" At Neo as she did so. The glyph they stood on disappeared. Fate stood holding nothing but air, there was no sign of the emerald, and Neo still laid there, motionless in his new clothing.

(Both Neo and Zero are in their season 2 outfits now.)

"He... he's alive again, right?" Cheryl asked.

"What's with the white outfit? When did he wear that?", Aurum asked

Fate stared at the body. "I...I don't know...that should have revived him."

Zapor: Neo, you alive buddy?

Crow: Well hello hello. Who's this pretty lady?*Looks at Fate*

Blade: Not now Crow. Just help us out.

Crow: Yeah yeah..*Walks over to Neo and starts slapping him*

Zapor: What the f-word are you doing?!

Crow: Trying to wake him up.

Lexi: *sighs*

Blade: Speaking onto other problems, how're we gonna get past those GUN soldiers?

Zapor: You leave that job to me! *Pulls out sword and takes off running*

Again, all you hear are screamsfrom soldiers, and Zapor taking a car and blowing it up.

Crow: So, do I...

Blade: Go home, Crow!!

"Hold on, let me check." Cheryl checked Neo for a pulse.

Astrid was intrigued. She sat forward and stopped swinging her leg. She watched Fate closely.

“How did she do that?” Astrid asked herself.

Interested in Fate’s ability, she jumped off of the roof of the small building and began walking quietly towards the group.

Fate continuted to look at Neo, waiting for something. As Cheryl checked Neo, she found a pulse. Neo gasped for breath and fell back to the ground.

Emma: ... I'm a bit worried....

"Any minute now, he'll get up." Fate told Emma, and partially herself. "Neo's a fighter, now that he can he should live."

Emma: I sure hope so...

Argent's face seemed to brighten up. "Welcome back to the world, Neo!"

"Zero, I know that you have a bigger grudge against Fury than I do because you've known him longer, and in any other case I'd gladly let you kill him on your own. But he made one mistake. One fatal mistake." Rose pushed her hair out of her face, revealing a determined expression. "He p*ssed me off." She tore off the bloodstained bandages covering her stomach, her wounds being completely closed. "So I'm going to make sure that I make him suffer before you kill him."

Meanwhile, within the walls of the city, something felt out of place. A dense air could be felt in areas off the midsection of the city. It was here that another person had sensed the usage of a Sign of Power outside the city.

"...It's time. Disengaging Ars Magus Spatial Lock."

The facade of a once-empty space gave way to a unit of soldiers, armed with weapons and technology ahead of the current century's standard. The same event occurred in two other sections, their formation not unlike the points of a triangle.

"Awaiting further orders, ma'am." one of the soldiers reported in.

"Initiate 'Operation: Roundabout'. We'll push our way towards the walls and squeeze the enemy from both sides with the forces heading from outside the city. Neutralize every threat you see."

Outside the city, the group could see something approaching far off in the distance.

Neo blinked several times, he looked around the group and his eyes widened, as if he had forgotten something. "Where the hell did I go? Where am I?"

"Alright, just slow down a bit and start off with what you do remember..." Cheryl said.

"For starters do you remember any of them?" Aurum motions to the group.

Neo looked at the group. "Ages, Echo, Fate, Ar...Ar...Argent, and...Sunflower?" He said pointing at Rose.

Rose just sat there staring at Neo for a second. Then she made a stifled giggle. "Close enough... Rose." she corrected. "Now, what about the others?" she asked, motioning to Christina and the others.

Neo looked at everyone once more. "Christina, Zero, Zapor, Lexi, ...Sword,,,,I remember you." He pointed to Aurum,

Hoping that she wasn't seen, Astrid moved closer to the group, specifically, to Fate. As she was mainly paying attention to Fate, she didn't know that Neo was awake and remembering his friends.

"Course you remember me, I was in one of your most recent memories."

"We were fighting...someone. I remember fighting lots of people though. Speaking of which, where are my claws?" Neo asked.

Fate walked up to Neo. "I think you should have something else." She gives him a beautiful blue and white dagger. "You may be a bit more comfortable using that in this form."

Argent grumbled. "They probably took my personal dagger when they took our weapons..." he began checking around in his jacket.

(MHS: I don't know, I thought they had their weapons taken away...)

(That could work. I was going to say that Fate took Neo's claws but this works better. -NeoEx)

Argent showed empty hands, sighing. "That was an heirloom, too..."

Emma:.... some battle.

Fate nodded. "By now Fury has left, along with the twin echidna's. However one of Millie's shadows are still here. She has your weapons. To take the city back we have to defeat her, but even with Leah and I we won't be able to do it alone. Perhaps..." She turns to Rose. "Your friends could help. OmegaCorp if I remember right."

"Well they aren't exactly my friends... they're Masako's--" Rose was suddenly cut off by the sound of gunfire coming from in the city.

OmegaCorp's forces had now engaged the enemy soldiers within the city, firing upon the command of their leaders, who were oddly all females.

A sliver of light struck one of their leaders, a resolute vixen clad in crimson. At one point she was fully illuminated, revealing the calm, determined face of Masako. She was making a push toward the outside of the city.

"Gunfire." Astrid said out loud.

"Indeed." Fate told Astrid. She didn't even turn towards the Assassin, it was like she was expecting her. "Now then, let's go take back the city."

Blade: ....Did he call me Sword?

Lexi: Just go with it.

Zapor come back with multiple gunshot holes and knives in his body.

Zapor: Well, we won't have to worry about the GUN soldiers.

Lexi: What happened?!

Zapor: I went in their, knocked all the G.s's out and came back. Sheesh, you think you've seen me stabbed and wounded enough times to get used to it.

"I'll get to a high position and take out enemies from there. Unless there's something else you need me to do," Astrid said revealing a bow from behind her cape.

Fate turned torawds Astrid. "Try and leave everyone alive. I do know that your an assassin." She smirked as she said this. "However we're doing this clean."

"Well, we're doing this clean. OmegaCorp's soldiers don't have much of a choice." Cheryl said.

"As long as there are no Gun or Underground soldiers left to fight, then I don't care.", said Aurum.

Zapor: Ok, but if they pull out the truck, *Pulls out machinegun missle launcher* they get screwed.

Blade: Calm down.

"I wouldn't count on it..." Rose said, with an irritated tone.

"Huh, impressive. What else do you know about me?" Astrid asked Fate.

"Enough." Fate told Astrid. She turned towards Zapor. "No missles, young one. We must focus on reclaiming our items from shadow M. Weapons like that won't be neccesary. Plus your holding it wrong." She focused on the rest of the group. "Now then, she's certainly going to me an intresting fight but it's nothing you haven't faced before. Once we get our weapons it should be a breeze. Anyone with weapons right now should be fine."

Echo stared at Zapor, hiding herself behind her mother.

Zapor: Well, follow me!!

Blade: Why you?

Zapor: I have more experience.

Blade: I'm older than you! By 3 years!

Zapor: So?

Blade: *Starts brotherly beating up Zapor* You little fireball!

Rose sighed, facepalming. "Anyone else want to be leader? I nominate Fate."

Fate looked solemn. "While we will join you, this is not my battle nor is it Leah's. Perhaps it would be best to look to Zero for leadership, now that he has been bestowed with the fire of Courage." She knew they didn't know what the fire of Courage was, thouggh maybe some of them would realize that was the ruby she used to change his DNA.

Zero nodded. "I can get us into the city and to Shadow M."

Rose turned to Zero, nodding. "Lead us in, Zero."

Zapor: Ok, so whats the plan, other than getting in and pwning Shadow M.

Lexi: *Gives Echo a hard look*

Blade: Uh, are you ok Lex?

Lexi: Yeah yeah, I'm fine.

Zapor: Cuz you seem to be staring at Echo pretty hard.

Lexi: I'm FINE!!

Zapor and Blade: Ok......

Zapor: Ages, once this is over, I need advice.

Neo gets up with Ages' help. "With what?" He said. He looked at Zapor, then to Echo, then back at Zapor. His eyes widen as he seems to understand. "You all go in, Zapor I want to speak with you."

Zero gathers everyone else up. "Let's go." He leads the group into the city.

(Zapor and Ages will continute here. Everyone else goes to the next part. -NeoEx)

Ages approached Zapor, clutching his spear in a very casual manner. "I think I've figured it out but run it by me. What do you want to know?"

Zapor: Well, you might've noticed, but I'm having....girl problems with someone.

Ages scoffed. "Clearly. You've been bumbling around my niece for a very long and awkward time." He put his spear onto his back. "Now you sit here, asking for my help to try and date her. I wonder why I should even help you. I think it's safe to say, that your a bad influence."

Zapor: Exactly! I don't even know what is what! I say I want a lot of things, chicken sandwiches with chicken for the bread, world peace, world domination, Echo to go out with me, advice, pizza, a chao room, make a documentary about chao,and find the meaning of life. The point is I'm young, dumb,and tired, and now I just wanna go home and take a nap!*Breathes* ya know, I feel a little better. I got everything off my chest. Why don't you ever give peeps advice like this?

Ages shook his head. "None of those will happen." He said ignoring Zapor's question. "You stay away from my niece. I don't care what Neo thinks of you, I don't like you." He told him.

Part 4: Song of Battle

Most of the OmegaCorp soldiers had already taken care of the G.U.N soldiers, many of them knocked out, or are fighting. This allowed the group easy access to the town hall. Zero directed the group. "Shadow M is in there. Once we take her out, the city will be in normal control again. We should also be able to break open the Void and break any one in there out."

"Proved noone knows we're already here. Right?"

"Before we take her out, I need to ask Shadow M a... personal question," Astrid said.

"Are you sure you'll get an answer?" Rose asked.

It seems that Cheryl's predictions about OmegaCorp were incorrect. Killshots weren't their primary focus here; if they had the opportunity to capture someone without putting themselves in danger, they took it. They were using something called "Ars Magus" to bind the G.U.N. soldiers.

One of them refused to accept defeat, however. They were finally subdued with a boot to the head, courtesy of Masako, who was now clearly in the group's view. Masako brought up a holographic screen with the image of a blue female hedgehog. "Monica, I need an early assessment. What's our current kill-to-capture ratio?"

"Can't say for sure, but next time, you probably should keep Natalie on a leash or something..." Monica replied over the screen's comlink.

This prompted another screen to appear in response to Monica's comment, this time showing a masked cat. "I heard that, you know."

Fate nodded at Astrid. "Go for it."

Zero shook his head though. "How will she answer? She's just one of Millie's shadows?"

Leah held her hand up. "Quiet you, she'll reply."

"How do you know that to be true?" Zero replyed angrily.

"Because I'm not some dimwit, ex-soldier who thinks he knows what he's doing." She smirked.

Neo was the one to quell the conversation. "Zero, just get us inside." Zero nodded at Neo, gave a quick glare at Leah, then started to move into the Town Hall, with the group following closely.

Whether it was by chance or by destiny, Masako's eyes met Leah's. She completely abandoned what she was doing at that exact moment, closing the conversation and running up to her. "Leah...!"

"Masako? Where'd you go?" Meanwhile, Monica was trying to figure out why Masako closed her comlink.

Leah looked confused at Masako. Just who was this person speaking to her? "Who are you?" She said with a hint of annoyment in her voice.

"Huh? Don't you remember--" Masako smacked herself in the face when she realized her mistake. "...Duh, this is the first time we meet... I'm Masako Haruno, a Champion of the Spectacle. My Sign of Power is Justice, two months back y--... oh. Sorry, spoilers."

"Champion of the spectacle?" Leah said. "Ms. Fate here is the champion of th-"

Fate interrupted. "It's best explained at another time, Princess. You must focus on the task at hand."

"...Well, she did mention there being two..." Argent stated.

Monica forced her way into Masako's comlink. "Masako, Natalie and I are closing in on your position."

"Huh? Oh, sorry, Monica." Masako replied.

Monica sighed. "What's up with you? You're acting really weird right now."

"I'm fine." Masako said. She turned to the group. "Let's keep going, don't mind me."

Zero nodded, finding a set of grand doors that lead to the mayor's office, or that's what it said on the sign next to the doors. Fate looked to the rest of the group. as if asking a question.

Christina:... [She slowly takes steps back.]

Masako confidently nodded.

"Christina, this is no time to be chickening out! It's now or never!" Rose said.

Blade: What do you guys think Zapor did?

Lexi: I dunno. I can't tell if Ages was mad or something else. *in her thoughts:How dare he like another girl!!*

Zapor: *Catches up to the group* Ok, well that was a waste of time.

Blade: What did you..?

Zapor: Don't ask.

"Can we hurry up?", asked a very impatient Aurum.

Zapor: Thats what I'm saying!

Neo seemed confused. Zero looked a bit angry, Fate and Leah looked fairly normal. "Christina, this is no time to back down. The shadow is just in this room! We can't just stop while we're so close." Zero said.

"Then stop complaining and get a move on. She obviously doesn't wanna go so we can't let her stop it."

Zapor: Why doesn't Millie stop bringing shadows and fight us?

Blade: Because everyone except you and me would be dead.

Zapor: oh.

Christina: [She looks with one eye closed and one eye looking at him.] Some queens aren't physically powerful.... and Millie is a perfect example.

Zapor: Huh, so she's the type that specializes in magic attacks.

Lexi: How do you know?

Blade: Video game logic.

Christina: I wish Krys were here... she'd handle the queen perfectly.

Zapor: Well, lets stop wasting good lines of this roleplay talking and use it with fighting!

Blade: Made no sense.

Zapor: It never makes sense.

"You're not making any sense." Rose said. "What in God's name are you talking about, now? Live-action roleplaying? We're supposed to be focusing on the battle ahead, I don't think now's the best time to start throwing paper lightning bolts, okay?"

Christina: Um, okay. Still. I still have my florokinesis on my side. [She takes out a couple of twigs and vines.]

Zero gave a sigh of relief. "The battle with the shadow shouldn't be a problem, we need to worry about the bunny girl." Neo looked up. "We'll remember, Now open the door."

Zero creaked open the door the room was in an oval shape, it was filled with a lot of furniture and had several symbols of the town around the walls. Unlike the rest of the town, this room was kept nice. Sitting at the desk was a dark shadow in the shape of Millie, and right next to her was Ellie. The shadow stood up and pointed at the group. Ellie charged at the group with her axe, the lights around the room went out, and the shadow changed to a more tiger look. The tiger pounced at Aurum, while Ellie swung at Christina and Zapor.

A crimson glow covered the shadow and threw it against a lit wall.

Zapor: Of course the girl with the axe comes after the deadliest person in the room! *ducks*

Blade: Wait, how are you not turning into Dark Zapor?

Zapor: Don't kill the moment!

Masako almost seemed to act upon instinct, drawing Susano'o from its scabbard and blocking the axe before it hit Christina. "..."

Rose flinched. It was obvious that she still hated the dark.

Argent had a wonderful idea. He took the twigs and vine and wrapped them all together. "Christina! You can make more of these things, right?"

Lexi: While you think of that, Burning Ripple Kaiser! *A fist made of Ripple energy is formed*

Zapor: Woah, when'd you learn that?

Lexi: While I was training. I made it up. *Throws the fist at Ellie*

"Shadow Word: Negate!" Ellie said as she threw her axe into the ground, causing the Ripple fist to be thrown right back at Lexi. Something wasn't right with they way she said it thouh. "You'd better watch what you do girl!" She told Masako. "You may just hurt someone you care about." She thew her hand up. "Shadow Word: Pain!" A dark wave of energy flooded through the ground, it came up at Leah and latched onto her like a snake, causing Leah to scream in Pain.

Fate raised her guns to Ellie but simply was met with another Shadow word. "Shadow Word: Prison!" Both the spectacle members were trapped in a dark cage of energy, Leah was still screaming in pain, as if a knife had pierced her chest, and she couldn't pull it out. Fate tried to break it open but it didn't work.

The shadow Tiger got up from the wall and ran towards Aurum again, trying to slash at the rebel.

Neo and Zero found themselves stuck, they couldn't move but something was happening to them, they were starting to glow a beautiful gold color.

Aurum rolled out of the way and made a crimson knife of energy. "Come here little kitty..."

"Temee... (You...)" Masako growled. She stepped back. "Sign of Power: Justice." Susano'o glowed in her hand, and Masako slashed through the darkness in a peculiar pattern. She stabbed the blade into the ground, illuminating the ground with a blue light that spelled the word out in kanji.

Argent just stood there, looking at the makeshift torch in his hand. "Nevermind, I'll deal with this later." He stuffed it into his pocket and charged a powerful Ripple into his right arm. "So, who wants it first?"

Ellie shook her head at Masako. "Sign of Power: Revenge!" She said bringing her axe into the ground and causing the same effect that Sign of Power: Justice did, but with dark energy, instead of light. The purple energy radiated from her hand, causing the smell of something burning. It seems that Ellie was forced to take on a sign of power, one that was not compatible with her.

The shadow tiger continued closer to Aurum, not seeing the knife as it continued on it's path to destroy the him.

Zapor: *Spin dashes at Ellie*

Lexi: Ok, next move! Ripple Slasher! *Sword made out of ripple energy appears and swings at Ellie*

"Hmph." Masako seemed to just pity Ellie. "Look at yourself. You're going to burn up before this battle is over. Perhaps that's what Millie wants too..." She scoffed. "Muda da! (It's useless!)"

Meanwhile, Monica and Natalie were making their way inside... or trying to.

Aurum waited for it to come closer. "Closer..."

Christina's vines and twigs suddenly disappear.

Christina: Weird.... they were here a second ago.

Blade:Sheesh, this day gets more semi-complicated!*Throws a fireball at Ellie*

The tiger pounces towards Aurum, if nothing is done, it will pin him.

Ellie holds the spell and keeps up. It's clear that she's in pain but it's hard to figure out why she still holds it. The efffect seems similar to Zero's in castle forte. However no shadow strings seem to be connected to her body. There has to be some reason for her betrayal.

Zapor: Dudes nothings working!*jumps on Ellie and starts shaking her* Why aren't you ok?!

"...You're doing this of your own free will..." Masako just seemed to stop fighting... she returned Susano'o to its scabbard, starting to walk toward Ellie.

"Got'cha." Aurum reveals the knife and plunges it into the tiger's chest.

The tiger backs away a bit, letting out an ear piercing cry as it claws at the knife in it's chest. It tries to focus it's attention back on Aurum, but it can't.

Ellie picked up her axe. "Not...exactly..." She says. "I am bound by oath to comply with the law, no matter where I am. Even if the law dictates that I must kill right-minded rebels." She goes back to trying to swing at both Zapor and Masako.

Aurum covers his hands in glowing red energy and throws punches at the tiger's face, each punch feeling like a jakchammer if they connect.

Unknown to the rest of the group, Astrid had left them and had gone into the air vents of the building. She climbed through them quietly. After a few minutes, she began to hear the fighting. She looked down through a grate in the vent then slowly pulled it off and put it to one side.

"Everyone's distracted. Now's my time to strike," she said, readying her dagger.

"Ehhh... do you mind if I have a crack at that thing?" Argent asked Aurum.

"..." Rather than trying to parry the blow, Masako caught the axe with her bare hands, the blade digging into her flesh. "Forget the oath. Ask yourself if this is really what you want. I might not know you on a personal level like the rest of these people, but I've learned enough to know that you once dedicated yourself to fighting evil, no matter how far your travels took you. Are you that willing to throw it all away now? All the people who have put their faith in you, are you just going to toss them aside as well? I admire your loyalty... but to pledge obedience to a law that forces you to murder the just... you'll be sending yourself down a path of no return, abandoning all traces of your normal life, leaving a pitch-black stain on your soul for eternity. Are you prepared to spend the rest of your life as a monster? As one of the villains you once vowed to purge from this land?"

The tiger was hit with the attacks but tries to counter with a few swipes of it's dark indigo claws.

Ellie shook her head. "I swore, on my religion, to fight those who fight the law. The lord put them in power for a reason, I will do as he..." She stops for a second, as if trying to come to terms with something, then gives a bit of a smirk. " he commands, and comply with whoever is the rightful ruler of this land but...would you say that shadow is a person? Because if not, it's my duty to destroy it as a demon." The cages around Fate and Leah have stopped. Leah is paanting deeply but is not in pain anymore, Fate is healing her.

The golden aura around Neo and Zero seems to have been imbued into their fur, causing to glow gold for a second before returning to it's orignal color, they look at each other, then look at everyone else in the fight. Something was wrong, but what was it?

"...I'll take your silence as a 'yes', then." Argent said, throwing a powerful Ripple-charged uppercut towards the tiger.

"...Actually, you've got a point. If the one who left this shade here couldn't be bothered to manage this city in person, then isn't that basically forfeiting their authority?" Cheryl asked.

Aurum was cut in the stomach before jumping back. "That hurt. I'd appreciate it if I GOT SOME HELP!."

Ellie shook her head. "No, the shadow still has power and acts as a leader, so it's still technically in charge. However if it was a being of shadow, then it's a demon, so I have to kill it. Then since it's the only one left in charge...well I think you can guess where that's going." Ellie told Masako and Cheryl.

The tiger was pushed back by the punch. It wasn't fully over-powered yet but it's getting weaker. Zero tries to shoot the tiger, and Neo rushes it with his dagger. Both don't seem to do much damage. The Tiger slashes at Neo, who gets cut. The tiger-shadow then goes for Argent, going for his arm.

"I'm confident you have the means to finish it off, then." Masako said.

"Hey, I'm not complaining when they're going right for me!" Argent smirked, transferring the Ripple to his other arm and trying to counter with a haymaker. If this one connects, it's likely to knock it straight into the air.

Astrid waited patiently for the shadow to pass beneath the hole in the vent. She held her dagger tightly.

(Just so I know, is the tiger also the shadow? - Leopard.)

(That would be correct. -NeoEx)

The tiger notices the ripple this time, and backs off, right underneath Astrid. Neo and Zero try to attack again, only to be met with a roar, and little to no damage to the shadow.

"Someone hold it still for second." Ellie said, the etchings on her axe are starting to glow and there is a cross on the ground below her. She was beginning her exorcisim attack.

Masako nodded, drawing Susano'o from its scabbard. The blade changed shape and turned a light blue. A cold air resonated from it as she stabbed it into the ground, transferring it through the ground and trying to freeze the tiger's legs.

"Well, here goes nothing," Astrid whispered to herself.

She jumped down from the vent and landed on the tiger's back. She held her knife up, prepared to stab it.

"Excuse me, I have a few questions to ask you," she said, clinging to it's back.

The tiger bucked around for a few minutes but then stopped, a disembodied voice resounded. "What do you wish of me?"

"Apparently, you know where my parents are. If you do, you'll have to tell me where they are," Astrid replied, jumping off of the tiger's back, but still restraining it.

Louis: ... I have no idea what's going on here right Emma?...... Emma? [Notices Emma disappeared?] Strange...

The tiger seems to think for a minute. "My dear, I am a being of Desire, I know nothing of your parents...but if you truly desire something I can help. I know the hearts of mortal's are very desirable. Money, Power, fame..." She giggles as she says the next word. "...pleasure. What do you seek?"

"I desire to know the location of my parents. But, if you "nothing of" my parents, you are useless to me. Therefore, you either tell me what I desire, or I'll just let my allies here finish you off. Your choice, not mine," Astrid said, walking in circles around the tiger.

Zapor: *Gets pistol out* At your word.

Cheryl opened her mouth to speak. She'd been meaning to ask how she was frisked but Zapor wasn't. However, she held her silence for now.

Masako was leaning on her sword now, looking toward Leah. "Do you still need me to prove my worth as a Champion, Leah?"

Leah looked confused. "Worth? How are..." She was interupted by Fate. "Shh, princess, you need your rest. Things will be explained but for now you need to calm down. Not even you can shrug off that shadow word." The cat looked up at Masako, after looking up at Leah. "She did it right, didn't she? No one was killed in the battle? Did he tell anyone about the future?"

The tiger moved around Astrid. "So what you desire is the location of your parents, but I can do more than that, I can take you to them."

"You'd better not be messing with me," Astrid said, being careful whether or not to trust the tiger.

Masako nodded to Fate. "She was right about everything... about the battle... about when we would first meet... although, I swear she mentioned something about stale soda..."

"Well, that coke I had earlier was pretty flat." Argent said.

Fate smiled warmly, just like the way Leah did in Castle Forte. "Yeah, just something I made sure would happen." She gave a bit of a giggle, her healing efforts still focusing on Leah. "Now then, how did things go with the...chao...problem. Zapor didn't say he was a chao, right?"

The tiger smiled crookedly. "Oh no, I know exactly where they are. They're..." The tiger goes to pounce at Astrid.

Louis: ?..... Emma?!

Christina: What are you doing?

Louis: Emma's gone!

Christina: Really? Where is she?

Louis: I don't know.... maybe she's getting an army of woodland creatures or writting a song? I just...

"Unfortunately, he--" Masako was cut off when she saw the tiger trying to pounce Astrid.

Suddenly, another Mobian shadowformed in front of Astrid, slashing at the tiger with a blade.

Astrid had quickly grabbed her dagger and was ready to defend herself. She swung at the pouncing tiger, but then quickly stopped, narrowly missing the Mobian's head.

"What the hell? I could've killed you!" said Astrid walking past the Mobian to the tiger, "And as for you, I don't take betrayal too kindly," Astrid said to the tiger holding up her dagger, prepared to stab it.

The tiger gave a confused look. "What are you talking about? I was merely doing as you desired. You wanted to find your parents, so I simply was going to end your life, so you could see your parents."

Ellie was still holding her exorcisim. "Desire demons aren't too bright there, kid." She told Astrid.

"My parents aren't dead. At least that's as much as I know," Astrid said to the tiger.

"Don't worry, I'll just squeeze whatever information's in that little head of his out." The Mobian said, unleashing several serpent-headed chains from her palm, wrapping them around the tiger's legs. She glanced over to Astrid. "By the way, I knew you could've killed me. I still took the risk."

If Astrid or anyone else was paying attention to Masako before she joined the group, this Mobian was the masked cat on the computer screen before... Natalie.

Neo looked at the demon with surprise. "The demons...not lying. Your parents, aren't exactly in hell, no, but they aren' They're in another place, I think I might know where they are's not exactly hell. We can hope they aren't dead though."

Zero looked to the masked mobian. "Doubt it. Demons aren't affected by normal torture effects like we have. Normally only light and holy powers will work on them. I do wonder though, Astrid, if your parents are where Neo thinks they are, then you and I might have a common goal."

"I'll take your word for it... however, I wouldn't say there's anything 'normal' about me or the weapon I'm using..." Natalie said.

Astrid sheathed her dagger, calming herself down. "Where is it? Where do you think my parents might be?" she asked.

Neo looked forward, towards the tiger. "The hell she's talking about is actually the void. It's place that shadowmancers can manipulate, with someone's fears, emotions, and anything that could break someone's spirit. To the point where someone could turn on their own allies. That's what happened to Ellie."

"Thats where my sister is." Zero said with rage in his voice.

"That's a fate I wouldn't wish on anyone." Masako said.

Monica brushed past Cheryl as she was the last person to enter... for now. However, if the demon could tell, she wasn't alone, really. Something seemed off about her soul... like there was actually two of them fighting for the same body, with Monica being the dominant soul and suppressing the other. Surely, the other soul had some questions of her own

Blade: Then how do we get to the void?

"A void? Perfect. Especially if it turned that girl into an enemy who tried to take my head with an axe." Aurum said.

Astrid felt worried. The bottom part of her face was hidden, but in her eyes, it was easy to spot her emotion.

"W-what? I don't want my parents to be like that," she said.

"Relax ma'am. They might not turn out like her."

"Yeah, they "might" not. What if they are like that?" she asked.

Aurum's hand glows red and she would start to float.

Neo raised his hand towards Astrid. "Relax, as you can see with Ellie, myself, and just about everyone here, the effects are only temporary. We've all been in the void, whether its been through fighting, or imprisonment, we've all been there." He turned to Blade. "If we want access to the Void, we need Millie to let them out. This can be done one of several ways, one of which is an attack similar to this, but we can't hit her at home. There are problems there." He turned to Aurum. "Aurum...?"

Aurum's hand stops glowing and Astrid would float to the ground. "Hm? Oh I was showing her how to help her get her parents to calm down if they get affected like Ellie."

"That was different," Astrid said as she was lowered, "Now it looks like I'm going to the void with you guys."

Astrid walked over to a wall, leaned against it, then sighed. "So, what's next?"

Fate walked towards them. "Breaking into Millie's home is a suicide mission right now. We aren't strong enough to take on her and all of her guards. We'll need to rest for now, train to become stronger, then head back into the fray." She turned to the tiger-demon. "Once this thing is gone, Station Square will be returned to freedom."

"So, that's it then? The battle here is over?" Monica sighed. "I hate being late."

"Sorry I haven't been very useful, guys. My Stand isn't very strong by itself, and without my gun I can't use all of its abilities..." Cheryl said.

Aurum's hand glowed red again and a red sword appeared in his hand. "Can I finish the tiger off?"

Zapor: Wait, I got a plan!

Blade: That can't be good.

Zapor: Since I can't die, I'll just go and beat Millie myself!

Blade: 1: Thats dumb, and so are are you. 2: She specializes in magic attacks remember?

Zapor: Chill. If something bad does happen, you guys just tell Leah to go back in time to this exact moment punch me in the face, and I'll know that it won't end well. Problemo solved!*Runs off*

However, Zapor is met with a wall of ice, courtesy of Masako.

"Have you already forgotten that Millie can easily turn you against us because of your dark form?" Masako said, walking toward him. "You can't just take off and expect the rest of us to bail you out every time you screw up. Just because you can't die doesn't mean you're allowed to be careless. If you continue to act without any thought about the consequences, you'll be a liability to all of your allies because you'll be constantly putting them in danger. Do I make myself clear?"

"I agree with her," Astrid said, "We need to do this tactically. If we have you running of to who knows where, things could get extremely difficult."

Fate shook her head. "Not only is that tactless and rather ignorant, but Leah cannot go back in time whenever she wants to. There are paradoxes, worm holes, and rules to this sort of thing. Plus, who's to say that Leah isn't killed because you doing something. Maybe by the time we find out you turned dark, you already killed her." Fate approached the hedgehog. "Not to mention, Millie can, and will, kill you. Your immortal to most attacks Zapor, but if Millie latches you into the void, your powers drain. The darkness will destroy you, immortal or not. Even if we did find a way to break you out, your immortality would be gone in a matter of three days. You'd never get that back." She turned to Astrid. "Do it."

"Spoken like a true death-cheater. Impressive miss Fate.", says Aurum as he claps his hands.

Zapor: Wait, I'm immortal?!

Blade: I guess we are.

Lexi: Well, you guys seem to have wrapped this up, so I'm going back to ripple train. I'm outies.

Zapor: Peace.

"I can't believe this. There's still a lot more to do and she leaves," Astrid said, slightly annoyed at Lexi.

Zapor: Well, Sonic isn't gonna stop Millie, so I guess we should hurry up.*taps his foot impaitiently*

Masako shook her head. "Everyone here took up arms knowing full and well that their choice would put a long road ahead of them, and that road likely won't end anytime soon. Given everything that's been said by Leah, we won't see Millie's defeat until years from now. Until then, that's time best spent resting until the next time we're called to battle. Besides, Sonic has his own issues to worry about... like Robotnik."

Blade: Which if why something happens to him, we get him after Sonic croaks.Right bro?

Zapor: *snore*

Blade:*facepalms* You can't actually be telling me that you found good enough time to sleep.

Zapor: ugnh!? Well.....we gotta do something, otherwise I'll think we're done with this, keyword:THIS, mission.

Fate nodded. "As soon as Astrid destroys the demon, we're free to go. Millie however, escapes our grasp once more."

Zapor: Thats what I hate about life. Youfinish one thing, but the true goal doesn't get done soon enough.

Astrid walked over to the demon, with her dagger in her hand. She put the dagger against it's neck and pushed it straight through, severing the head. "Done," she said.

(Didn't know what to type because I already thought the demon dead. - Leopard)

Zapor: Ok, in that case...*falls to sleep standing up*

Blade: *facepalms*

"There. It's dead. Now we have to wait?", asked a obviously exhausted Aurum.

Blade: I hate waiting.

"If it's okay with everyone... I think I might do some travelling with Leah and Fate after this..." Masako said.

"Masako, really...? But we've been friends since the Academy, you're just going to leave me and Natalie and the rest?" Monica asked.

"I do intend on returning at some point... I'm sure we'll still cross paths until then." Masako replied.

"Well that may take some time, you see." Fate said. "You see, the princess and I just finished our journey. Her kingdom is not far from this city, and I plan on staying with my family in the city. We aren't due for another adventure in quite a while." She nodded to Masako.

"Well, that's fine. I'll just stay close by in case you need me." Masako said.

"So...we wait to build up our strength then finish her? That's all?", asked Aurum.

"From the looks of things, I'd say... yep." Argent said. "Besides, it'll make it a lot more satisfying when we finally finish Millie off."

"Gives me an excuse to keep my skills in tune."

Zapor: *wakes up* Ungh,....Bye Misaki, have a nice life as a prisoned....doughnut........ZZZZ

Blade: Ok. if we're done, I'm out.

"..." Masako didn't say anything. Just a low, barely-audible, irritated growl of sorts.

Blade:.....So, just out of curiousity, how long do you guys think it'll take t finally get Millie? 8, 10 years, maybe.

Fate looked to blade with quite a mischeivious grin. "If things go the way they should, we go through the constants with the correct amount of variables, then we should be able to take on Millie within a maximum of five years."

Blade: Well, thats a relief. And just for the heck of it, do you guys think Zapor will get mor serious in 5 years?

Fate sighed. "No...probably not..."

Part 5: Minuet of Recovery

Soon after these events took place, the city was returned to the true government. Many people began to question the motives of G.U.N but they simply gave a report that they were tricked into working for the Underground Monarchy. They stated that the Underground Monarchy had sent an assassin, named Astrid, after the president to and if they did not listen to the captors, the president would be killed. G.U.N was cleared of all charges against them.

Meanwhile the Underground Monarchy has declared war against mobius, claiming they are their own country now, led my Millie the Mouse, and they have since called themselves Monarchy. They have taken control of some blank teritory, and now are building their own towns and cities. Many people have gone out and declared themselves as members of the Monarchy, siding with their country. This includes many slum districts throughout the country, several gangs, and even several mayors and goveners throughout the world. Their is high tension rising, however many have called this to be just a show, and that nothing will come from it.

The Chao-born country known as the Zue Garden has now settled itself next to Station Square. The king has signed a treaty with the president of Mobius, now there are many Chao-born roaming the country and many answers about the species have come to light. All is well between the two governments.

One of the places where you'd thing strategy wouldn't be talked about is no where. A place that does not exisit, and thus no one should be able to exist in it. Yet here we have the two strategists talking to each other. A purple hedgehog girl, with baggy eyes and sore muscles. She sat at a small, shadow-made, table that held a chess board. Across from her was a red blue jay, wearing a purple clothing. "Your brother's not coming to save you, you know." The bird told her as he moved his bishop and took her pawn. "You should remember what her majesty and I have offered you. A safe place, where your power can be used properly. You don't need to worry about the war, or anything evil in this world. Just join with us."

The purple girl didn't say anything, until she moved a knight, and took the bird's bishop. "Yes, let me just make a deal with the devil himself. I know what your going to do. Zero will find me, he'll find Visor, and he'll find the other chao too. It's all just a matter of time."

The bird chuckled, and moved his rook, towards the large king piece on her side. "Check." He told her. "It doesn't matter what he finds, if he doesn't even want to get you. Your finished on both sides. You can wait here and die, or you can join us. Besides, why does he need you when he's got the blond hedgehog, or that red Chao-born." The images of Cyclone the hedgehog, and Leah swam through the purple hedgehog's head, as Fury gave her images of the two.

She looked down at the board, the bird's pieces were all around her king. No matter what she did, she wouldn't win. She let out a tear as she put her hand on the king, putting it down and signaling her surrendur. "H-he wouldn't just leave me here...right?"

The bird stood up and stretched his arms. "I don't know. I think the better question is; do you want to take that risk?" He disappeared into the darkness, leaving the girl to her thoughts.

For now; there is peace. Our heroes may rest easy, now knowing that there hard work has finally paid off. Of course there will be more fighting to come, a war perhaps. There will be a strange new race visiting from another dimension, accusations of treason, secrets revealed, adventures to be had, and many will find the warmth of friendship with their companions, some may even find love. For now things are slow and normal. This confrontation; was a success.

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