Eggman has scattered the Time prophets Everywhere In the Bad future of Collision chaos, While the heroes are stuck in the present era. And Many traps await them on their Journey to get the Time prophets.


  • MidnightTH
  • Sonicsmansion97

The RP

Midnight: * Running through the strange landscape and skids to a stop * Well, Witch way to go? * Grabs out compass and it points to north, witch is west * Well, i have to go west. * Notices a Bigbom This is a Bigbom. *

Baros: Well that's werid... what's a bigbom doing here?

Midnight: I mean, look at it. Its huge. * Points to it * Then it must make a big explosion.

Ashura: * Climbs up a cliff and walks to midnight * He's right.

Rex Dragon the 1st: We shouldn't be near it then.... Let's get out of here before something goes wrong

Midnight: * Walks twoards it and picks it up * Dude, its heavy. * Throws it * There, so it wont hurt us.

Ashura: * Shrugs * I dunno, But the landlord of that ranch on that mountain witch you threw it will be Boiling mad at us.

Midnight: True fact, bro.

Ashes: *growls* Why would you throw it! If you knew that was gonna happen, you should have re-wired it.

Suddenly, a explosion can be heard from a mountain.

Midnight: Aaand i knew that'll happened.

Zero: * Teleports by Ashura * This is bad, Had you heard of the Collision chaos prophets?

Midnight: No, I dont even know what they a- LOOK ANOTHER BIGBOM! * Points to it *

Zero: * Facepalm * That Bigbom exploded a entrance to Prophet Alpha's Stronghold.

Wexn: Huh.... how would have thought that there was an enterance... Well I going....

Prophet Alpha

Midnight: Come on! What are we wating for?

Baros: *sighs* My group can't... we NEED Wexn... he know "Chaos Regenrate" which is very useful in dire need.

Midnight: If we can get to the stronghold before eggman does, Grab onto me!

Everybody gets a chance to hold onto midnight, But Wexn refused and walked to the stronghold himself.


Teno: Are even listening to us?!

Rex: We need Wexn here!

Midnight: I gave you the chance, But Wexn refused!

Zero: * Walks to the stronghold * Hmmm.. * Scans the Aincent letters witch is ℳ€₦₣$₰₪ * It means that The Prophet inst here, We have to go to the bad future!

Midnight: No way!

Flint: I'm going back for him and that's final!

Teno: Flint! Wait for me!

Baros: Dear God! *Looks at Midnight and Zero* Do we have a choice? We have to go to the bad future!

Zero: I dont have a time travel ability, But we have to look for a Future sign! Once we return the Prophets to their strongholds. We'll activate a Good future.

Midnight: Dont we have to go fast to activate the bad future?

Ashura: We have no time to chatter, Lets do this!

Baros: Lord have mercy on our souls! Wait up!

Zero: * Senses a strong sense of energy coming from the stronghold * Wait, it must be Evil zero!

Midnight: I dont even sense his energy!

Ashura: We have to fight him!

The fight against Evil zero

  • Scarabs appear This is a Scarab ( Badnik ) And grab the heroes into the stronghold while Bigboms Blow up the entrance, Caving in the heroes. *

Midnight: Aw, shoot! Now we're stuck in!

Evil zero: Hahaha, Some worthless hedgehogs fell for the Alpha prophet trap! Now i must execute them, Because i have to do my orders by the Darkness overlord.

Ashura: Not HIM again....

Baros: What the... *sighs* This is worse then Mecha, Zul, and Raul combined!?

Flint: We got Wexn...

Teno: Hurrah for us! What happened here?

Baros: Don't ask....

Ashura: * Kicks Evil Zero in the chest *

Evil zero: Ah, So you want to mess with me? * Rams into ashura *

Ashura: Agh! CHAOS SPEAR! * Spawn a chaos spear and throws it at Evil zero *

Evil zero: * Dodges the Chaos spear *

Midnight: Man, He's GOOD....

Baros: We have to do something! Wexn!

Wexn: *looks at Baros* What?

Baros: Attack him!

Wexn: *sighs* Fine... *aims for Evil Zero* CHAOS TRIPLE BEAM!

Evil zero: * Puts his Right hand out and Multiple transparent hexagons come out * This comes in very handy against Immature brats Like you. This brat repellent is Called the Energyhex Sheild.

Wexn: *grins* That won't stop me from attacking you, CHAOS CONTROL! *warps behind Evil Zero*

Evil zero: * Turns around and punches Wexn in the face, Knocking him out * Whos next?* Disables The Energyhex sheild *

Ashura: Now!

Midnight: CHAOS FLARE! * Alot of cyan fire appears from his hands, Burning Evil Zero *

Baros: Yes! *looks at Wexn* Teno, is he ok?

Teno: *checks pluse* For now... We have to be more careful

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