In the year 3256, several fan characters and canon characters went to Mobian College+. This roleplay focuses on their adventures at college, along with some awkward relationships between students...


  1. No Godmodding!
  2. No swearing!
  3. No bad toliet humor.
  4. Have fun!


9:00 AM: In Dorm.

11:00 AM: English

12:00 PM: Science

12:30 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM: Social Studies

1:30 PM: Art

2:00 PM: P.E.

3:00 PM: In Dorm.

3:30 PM: Dinner

3:50- 4:50 PM: Detention.

4:00-9:00 PM: In Dorm.

9:30 PM: Shower.

11:00 PM: In Dorm

11:30 PM: Lights Out. Any students caught out of bed will have detention!



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  • Miles "Tails" Prower- 14:33, October 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Knuckles the Echidna- 23:37, October 29, 2012 (UTC)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog- 14:33, October 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Amy Rose-
  • Sliver the Hedgehog- ( Son Of Light/Sword Of The Sun: ~ Apallo ~ 16:01, October 8, 2012 (UTC))
  • Blaze the Cat- ( Son Of Light/Sword Of The Sun: ~ Apallo ~ 16:01, October 8, 2012 (UTC) )
  • Manic the Hedgehog- (Draon029)
  • Sonia the Hedgehog-
  • Snively Kintobor-
  • Marine the Raccoon-
  • Hope Kintobor-


(Feel free to add characters here!)

  • Azure the Merhog- 14:33, October 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Burner the Wolf- 14:33, October 8, 2012 (UTC)
  • Stargaze the Wolf- 18:35, October 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Experiment the Fox- 18:35, October 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Cybor the Cyborg Echidna- 18:35, October 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Metal Sonic 10.0- 18:35, October 9, 2012 (UTC)
  • Max the Fox - Apallo
  • Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox - Draon029
  • Gregory the Magihog - Draon029
  • Jared the unknown (Frozen Scorpio)
  • Abmite the Abra (Frozen Scorpio)
  • Temporal Kitsempt (NeroTH)
  • Jade The Cat (Tranzitz)
  • RavenCool the Wolf ( super silver fan)
  • Lighting the Hedgehog ( super silver fan)
  • Steve the Nocturnus Echidna ( super silver fan)
  • Spark the Hedgecat (
  • Eagletalon the Hedgehog (
  • Jordan the Dog (Roblox3ds77 (talk) 11:02, October 16, 2013 (UTC))
  • Nate the Hawk (YoungEezy27)  
  • Spike The Hedgehog (Spike The Awesome Hedgehog)
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AnnabelleRich)
  • Josh The Cat (HiddenChaos)
  • Krys the Unicorn (Pianoteen)
  • Arthur the Unicorn (Pianoteen)
  • Leon the Hedgehog (Leo55566)
  • Moros (Saren the Dark Lynx)
  • Nexus the Hedgehog(NexusandWisp)
  • Dante the Fox(NexusandWisp)
  • bobo the monkey(BTM)
  • chris the porcupine(BTM)
  • Dakota the hedgehog(BTM)
  • Xai the Hedgehog (Derpythesonicfan)
  • Flare the Gecko (Derpythesonicfan)
  • Tye The Hedgehog (TyeTH)
  • Neo Sakura Miyagi (leo55566)
  • Nathan the Wolf (Zero1000 the Wolf)
  • doom the hedgehog-BTM321
  • Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64)
  • Labradorite The Terranoid (Loid Anderson)
  • Enid the hedgehog (Indubitably8Awesome)
  • Aloysius "Al" the African wilddog (Indubitably8Awesome)
  • Fasar (fastpager200)
  • Helga the Jotunn (Jaredthefox92)
  • Swift the Armadillo (Digilord 64)
  • Dingy the Chao (Z88)

College Begins!

(NOTICE- New kids can hop in anytime)

Day 1

Arrival on Campus

(Burner's SUV pulls up to the college)

Burner: *jumps out of car* Ahh, Mobius College+, only the finest college in all of Mobius!

Stargaze: Ugh! Can you guys help me with this luggage?

Metal Sonic 10.0: *extends arms* Here.

Experiment: Can't wait to get to our dorm!

Cybor: Chill out Experiment, it's just the first day.

Azure: I guess that means no classes.

Max: -is walking carring his luggage- Man what a relief....10 DAYS on that plane and 5 on that bus!

(A blue sports car with it's top down pulls up and snatches a parking spot from someone attempting to get it first. Annabelle gets out with her pink hair flowing as she smirks, looking around at the people staring) Annabelle: Kristy was right...College people DO watch my movies too~! (She smirks and gets out, opening her trunk as bags start to come out) Annabelle: Well...I wonder if I can get someone to help me...~ (she winks at a couple of guys nearby)

Nexus:-Woah, Diva Alert.

Dante:-Really Bro, I mean you're right, but she is one of our classmates.

Nexus:-That's Hilarious.

Dante:-Ohh Burner: Looks like we got dorm #111!

In Dorm

Azure: Nice!

Cybor:Hey, isn't that Team Sonic?

Sonic: If it isn't my old trick or treat pals! Burner and Azure!

(See my upcoming fanfiction: How It All Began, to find out how Sonic and his friends met Burner, Azure, Stargaze, Cybor, Experiment, and Metal Sonic 10.0, and how they saved the world from Dr. Robotnik. User:

Tails: Hey Experiment! You're in pretty great shape!

Experiment: Don't use me as a lab rat again....

Tails: Right, right...

Sonic: C'mon Tails and Knux!

Knuckles: We got Dorm 112!

Burner: We got Dorm 111! Oh wait.

Cybor: What?

Burner: It's only 3 to a dorm. So, Experiment, Metal Sonic 10.0, and Cybor get 110.

E,C,MS10.0: Aww...

Then, both a tall, pale human male and a strange purple mobian... thing literally appear out of nowhere via teleportation.

Marcel: Registration day, huh? I just hope we can brave this year's fiasco of a school-year.

Jared: Let's hope we get "her" in our dorm this year.

RavenCool: Hey Lighting, Steve! We got Dorm 123! I'm so calling it Omega Dorm!

Steve: Not if I can help it!! It sould be Nocturnal Dorm!

Lighting: Guys, I think RavenCool's idea is better because people can get the name. Besides, Steve, why do you want it to be Nocturnal Dorm?

Steve: Because I was houoring my Clan!!!

RavenCool: We can call it Nocturnus Omega Dorm...

Lighting & Steve : OK!

RavenCool: GOOD!

Eagletalon: What about me?

RavenCool: I so do not know where your dorm, eagle dude...

Steve: RavenCool, that " eagle dude" 's name is Eagletalon.

Lighting: Thats just eagle and talon put into one name....

Eagletalon: Don't make fun of my name. It comes from my clan.

Steve: Good, one more person from a clan, now we need one more nocturnus....

Lighting: Sorry, my name is Lighting the Hedgehog.

RavenCool: I'm RavenCool the Sol Wolf.

Steve: Don't ask about the Sol part of her name, that is about where she's from. I'm Steve the Nocturnus Echidna.

RavenCool: Eagletalon, what and where is your clan?

Spark: We're both from ThunderClan. I'm Ranheart but-.

Eagletalon: Since she's the deputy she goes by her real name, Spark.

Spark: We have the same dorm as you all.

RavenCool: Me, Lighting and Steve have the same dorm because I heard it's only 3 to a dorm, so I don't think we have the same dorm. Also have we met before? ( that is something about a roleplay I'm doing, Fursora Madness. Read it to get what RavenCool said 22:26, March 17, 2013 (UTC))

Spark: RavenCool and Lighting?

RavenCool & Lighting: Yep.

RavenCool: Jrex!  Lighting you own me a soda!

Lighting: Ok, you big puppy. ( Note: RavenCool only lets Lighting call her a pup or puppy, as she knows he means it in a nice way, if anyone other than Lighting does, she gets a little mad as she thinks you think your better than her)

RavenCool: So yes or no, Sparky? ( RavenCool has a nickname for Spark!)

Spark: Yes

Steve: Then how do I not know you?!

Spark: I do know you just not in a good way.

Steve: Oh yeah, sorry about that....

RavenCool: Hey what's your dorm number?

Spark: We don't know.

Steve: We got ours when we got here. Odd.


Nate: (Walks down the corridor and trips over spilling luggage). Aaaw shiz....


Spike:(walks inside the college carrying lots of luggage.) Okay, have to make good impression...I don't know anyone here....(he got there by a week of long plane rides and he ran the rest of the way)

Nate: Who left all this stuff hallway? (stands up)

Spike: Ha! I got room 333 (chuckles)

Nate: (Rubbing His head) Since everyone's talking about rooms i got 333 too...

Spike: :O You are my roommate...My name is Spike The Hedgehog, what is yours?

Nate: I'm Nate the Hawk, pleased to meet ya

Spike and Nate shake hands

Spike then goes to his room and unpacks his suitcases

Spike: Okay, clothes, Wii U, toothbrush, pillows, money, video games, 3DS,all that stuff.....

Nate: Wii U and 3DS....Seems like i'm not the only one who came prepared

Nate the Unpaxks his own suitcases

Nate: 3DS, Vita, Tootbrush, Towel, Spare towel, Hoverboard.....

Spike: Like the other people, let's give our dorm a name! Um....The Gamers Dorm?

Nate: Not a bad idea

(Annabelle comes in through the doors of her assigned dorm) Annabelle: Yup, you're all the lucky ones to get a dorm with the most amazing actress this side of Mobious~! (She smiles as she comes in, some random people pulling in bag after bag as they follow her) Annabelle: Now what in the world is my room number again~?

Jade the cat:(looking at paper with room number on it) hm... 013 of course. why do i always get something to do with that number....

Assistant: Room 013 Anna.

Annabelle: Oh yeah~! C'mon~

(Leon walks through the doors of the dorm with his maid, Maria behind him)

Maria: Master Leon, your father will worry about you, are you sure you don't want to be homeschooled

Leon: Miss Maria i told you, i'm fine now please leave

(Maria bows and heads out and Leon walks up to the desk)

Desk Receptionist: Hello, are you one of the new students

Leon: yes ma'a- (Leon notices her chest and looks aeay blushing) Y-y-yeah

Receptionist: well here's your room key, sir, your father sorted everything out over the phone (She hands him Room 014's key and he snatches it, still blushing)

Leon: (Picks up his bags) Now time to find my room (He puts on his fedora and wanders around crashing into a girl)

(Moros walks into the dorm with his luggage slung over his shoulder and a pencil and paper in his hand.)

Desk Receptionist: Sir, are you transferring into the dorm?

Moros: .... *stares at the receptionist blankly before writing down "Yes ma'am. Sorry I'm not speaking. I was born mute. So if I could have the keycard for my dorm then I will head down there." on his notepad and showing her the notepad."

Desk Receptionist: Alright, here is your room key sir. *hands him the room key with the number 12 on it*

(Morod thanks the receptionist before walking up the stairs to find dorm room twelve thinking 'What a pain... I just want to go put my stuff in my dorm and take a nap.')

Chris:(a Lamborghini pulls up to the college with two people in it) ok, bobo. Let's see what cool stuff is here.(goes in)

desk receptionist: hello sir, are you transferring into the dorm too?

bobo:yes ma'am. May we have our room keys?

desk receptionist: Of course, sir.(Bobo's room key # is 52)

chris:(carrying his luggage) can I have mines too?

desk Receptionist: one moment sir.…(Chris' room number is 98)

chris and bobo:see you around!!!(they go and fix their rooms.)

(Annabelle is getting her things settled into her room (013), taking as much space as she needs with her many memorabilia of high school and her achievements in the movie making business)

Annabelle: (Takes pictures of her side of the room) Perfect. (she grins)

Jade: *looks over at Annabelle's side of the room* Do you really need that much stuff? I mean, really. * Jade's side is basically nothing but a bed, a computer a suitcase, and a dresser*

chris:oh great, its you. and my life was fine whenever you weren't Here.

Dakota:same here. Now shut up and help me with MY side of the room

chris:drama queen. do you do anything besides being one of the top ten divas?(smirks while looking outside the door)

Annabelle: (Looks over at Jade) Um, YEAH. If you have a problem, I hear you can talk to the front desk. (She flutters her lashes as she jumps onto her finely decorated bed, before plugging a surge protector into the wall and plugging up her laptop charger, alarm clock, and phone charger as she starts texting on her bedazzled iPhone 6)

Chris:(uses iphone and laptop to facetime bobo)Houston, we have a problem.Dakota.anyways, im counting zzz's

dakota:(fixes her part of the room too.) Look Chris, I don't like you and you don't like me. Don't into each other's buisness and we'll be fine.okay?

Chris:sounds like a plan

Jade: *thinking* why'd I have to get stuck with ms. popular... eh whatever. as long as she doesn't try to do anything, this room won't burst into flames. *sighs and starts screwing around on her computer*

Xai and Flare hopped off a strange-looking contraption. "Ugh. Next time, don't use the experimental hoverbike." Xai said, looking queasy. Both of them walked into the lobby and got their room keys.

Tye: (comes in carrying his bags along with his friend Trails) Alright, So what was our room number again

Trails:(Shrugs) I don't remember, Go ask someone

Annabelle: (Gets a call) Hello...? HEY~! Yes, I'm settled in. (She grins) It's fine besides the roommate crap...Gonna need to get use to that...(She scoffs softly and continues to talk while looking at her claws) Neo: *Runs into the dorm exausted and looks from Jade to Annabelle* Yay finally found the room *has a ditzy aura around her* And it's so warm in here *giggles*

dakota:(yawns)well,I got my stuff settled.

chris:(falls and lands on his bed.and it feels like stone!) ow! Did someone put freakin' bowling balls here!?!

dakota:yea.we were supose to bring our OWN beds because of that.

(Annabelle rolls her eyes at Neo and goes back to talking on the phone)

Neo: *sets her bag down and jumped on the bed* Nya, it's so soft, I hope we can all be friends *giggles once more*

Annabelle: (To herself) Yeah. You wish. (She goes back to the phone and lays on her bed) Yeah. I'm here. (Gasps) He did? So adorable...

Neo: *throws her pillow at Annabelle hoping to hit her face* Tag, you're it!

Moros hears the commotion from room 14 and grabs a notepad and pencil. He then wrote down 'Hi, can you people please keep it down?' and walked out of his room to knock on the door.

(Annabelle stopped as the pillow hit her right in the face and she glared)

Annabelle: Do it again. See what happens. (She goes back to talking on the phone, calmly shredding the pillow with her claws) Anyway, what were you saying...? Oh yeah! Tsk, that's so sweet of him...Yeah. No, of course she's gonna be behind bars for life. Trying to gun me down in front of my own house? No way you're getting away with that...Not to mention the rape threats, UGH. (she shudders)

Neo: *digs food from her purse and begins to munch on a chocolate pretzel* Gosh, Mrs.Popular

Nathan enters the college to register as a student. "Hi, i don't know if i'm late. Can i register?"

Annabelle: Gosh Miss. Get a Life~! (She rolls her eyes and gives a fake smile before going back to her phone, picking out the stuffing of the pillow from her claws) I know, you can hear her? (Scoffs) I know...

Neo: *a malicious aura appears around her* Do you believe people will do as you ask? *She looks at her with red eyes*

Annabelle: Excuse me. I'm on the phone. Thank you. And I wouldn't do anything stupid. You may get expelled before you even have your first day of classes. (She flutters her lashes and lays down on her bed before going back to talking) Why can't you be like her? (Gestures to Jade) Polite and quiet... Not a terribly bad fashion sense either.

Moros knocked on the door of room 13, holding his hand written note.

(Annabelle looks to the two and sighs)

Annabelle: (To herself) Lazy...(She gets up and answers it, smiling) Can I help you?

Neo: At least you're doing something other than talk on the phone, Princess

Moros hands Annabelle the notepad and waits.

Annabelle: Shut up for 5 seconds, will you? (She shakes her head as she blinks and takes the note pad) Why can't you just talk like a normal person. In fact. I'm not the one causing the noise, SHE is. (Gestures to Neo) Roommates. Am I right? (she sighs)

Neo: *huffs in anger* Flat chest

Moros looks at Annabelle, his normal apathetic expression ever present, and mouthed the words 'I'm mute.'

Annabelle: (She ignores Neo) Mute...? Like...Link from Legend of Zelda mute?

Moros nodded.

Nathan passed through where Moros and Anabelle conversed when he got his key. "Hey, what happens here?"

Annabelle: Fine. Whatever. (she glanced at Nathan and raised an eyebrow as she handed the notepad back to Moros.

Moros nodded his head in thanks before heading back to his room. 'This shoukd be intriguing.' He thought to himself.

doom:(comes to Bobo's room)Holy crap!bobo? Man, I haven't seen you since back in elementary!

bobo:Oh yeah. remember when you lighted fireworks in the hallway at the last day!?!(They both laugh)

doom:( his part of the Room is fixed.he gets his iPad 2)dude, let's play sonic dash.

Bobo:you're on bruh!

Nathan seen Moros heading out. He then looked at Anabelle. "Hello, my name is Nathan. What is your name?"

Annabelle: (Is about to walk back into her room when her ears twitch at Nathan's voice and she sighs in an annoyed manner before turning around and pretending to present herself) You should know this face since it's all over pop culture related subjects. Now if you don't mind...~ (She goes back into the room and closes the door behind her, not even slamming it but closing it softly before climbing back into bed and telling whoever was on the phone she would text them instead)

Moros entered his room and sat on the bed, Staring off into space. 'I swear....'

Neo: Oh now I remember where I saw you, you were talked about in the village.

Moros continued staring, the word 'normal' echoing in his head repeatedly. Moros couldn't handle it and summoned an ethereal blade before launching it at his alarm clock to try and distract his mind.

Xai entered his room. "Oh, let's see what's in here. Junk. Junk. And unsurprisingly, junk." (He chucks the contents of the room into the closet) "It's a good thing to have an infinite storage space in your hat." *he starts pulling his stuff out of his hat*

Nathan went to his room, but heard Xai on the side room, so he knocked the door.

(Annabelle continues to text, ignoring her surrounding as her fingers tapped away at staggering speeds)

Jade * completely oblivious to what has been happening around her, also not noticing that Neo ever entered the room, Attempting to hack into the school's database* *mutters* why does this school have such a advanced security system... i mean seriously what kind of school has that.... *continues trying to hack it*

(Meanwhile, at the front desk, Lunari walks in with her bags. She looks around the room, before being greeted by the desk attendant.)

Attendant: Hello there, young lady. You must be new here.

Lunari: (politely) Yes, that's correct. my name is Lunari.

Attendant: Ok then. ( the attendant turns their attention to a computer monitor) Oh, yes, Lunari the Echidna. You have dorm number 120.

Lunari: ( walks to the front desk and grabs her key) thank you! (she walks away, while thinking to herself, "I wonder when I will have to tell the other students about... my powers...")

Moros calmed down and decided to go out and stretch his legs. Hoping that he wouldn't have to deal with anymore unexpected nuisances.

Nathan: *checks his key* So, my room is, Room 113. Ok, let's go. *walks to his room.*

(Annabelle continues to text her friend about how much she already despises Neo, but how Jade is nice and quiet. She continues to text them about planning a party some time during the up coming weekend on campus somewhere)

Moros frowns as he continues his walk. Deep in thought to the point where he didn't notice lunari and bumped in to her by accident.

(Annabelle sits up, still texting)

Lunari: Oh! Sorry, I didn"t see you. What's your name?

Moros mouthed 'no problem, and my name is Moros.'

Lunari: My name is Lunari. Nice to meet you!

'Nice to meet you too..' Moros signed.

Lunari: You look familiar from somewhere.... Have we met before?

Moros shrugged.

Lunari: Well, I'll see you again soon. (Walks ahead some, then turns around) I have to go find my dorm. Bye! (She waves as she walks away)

Nathan seen Lunari before entering his dorm. "Hey, who are you? My name is Nathan."

Lunari: My name is Lunari. I'm new here.

"I just entred my room. I'm going to unpack from my backpack." Nathan said to Lunari.

Lunari: I'm still looking for my dorm.

Nathan then allowed a small bolt to go out of his finger. "By the way, i have electric powers, so don't ask me to light your things if something happens and the electricity is cut." Nathan then showed his backpack to Lunari, which looked small, but actually carried many things. "Here, i carry most things for my dorm."

Lunari: Neat! ( uses her electrokinesis to bend nathan's bolt ) I can't summon electricity, but I can bend it. *changing the subject* Oh! There's my dorm! See ya around, Nathan! (she takes off)

Moros walked into his dorm room, closed and locked the door and crashed on his bed.

"Ok, see ya, Lunari!" Nathan then took out some things from his backpack. They were a lamp, a painting of Sylvan Island, a 3ds, an empty box and a lightning stone collar. Nathan then locked his door and went to his bed.

Lunari finally finds her dorm and unpacks.

Lunari: ( splays herself across her bed )Phew! Finally unpacked. (someone knocks on the door) *sits up* Who is it?

(Annabelle decided to leave her room and walk down the hall to explore the rest of the dorm as sh continued to text and scroll through Facebook)

(Lunari opens her door and sees Annabelle) Hello!

Moros walks out of his room, his face set in its usual blank expression.

(Annabelle glances at her as her nose wrinkles in an annoyed manner as she gives a smile as she walks on)

Lunari: (shuts the door) * softly* Drama queen.

Annabelle: Loser...(She continues to text)

Neo: *passes by the room in a towel and looking confused* Where are the showers?

(Annabelle continued to walk down the hall before exiting the building as she texted away)

Moros bumped into Neo, not paying much attention, and was knocked on the ground. 

(Annabelle groaned as she stopped texting for a moment) 

Annabelle: Can't believe I'm stuck in a dorm full of low lives...  

Flare was testing the ventilation system. And probably creeping everyone in the building out.  

(Annabelle groans before heading back inside)  

Neo: Sorry, I should've watched where i was going*help Moros up smiling* Also do you feel like someone is watching you? *looks around*  

Nathan got out of his room and then crossed through Neo. "Hey, how are you?"

Moros waved. 'No, but I had to deal with your unpleasant room mate.' he mouthed.

Neo: *she giggles* She's not that bad...i mean i guess she's an alpha b***h but she has a heart *turns to Nathan loosening the towel* Hi there.

Moros shrugs. 'Yeah yeah, a heart.... I doubt that.' He thought to hinlmself.


Nate the Hawk walks out from his dorm and decides to walk around the college and check out the other dorms.

Meanwhile in room 013 Jade has successfully hacked the school system, "jeez, finally I got that done... Now to screw with ms. Popular...." An evil grin stretches across her face as she begins to try to hack into Annabelle s phone System Thungy.

Flare had successfully planted a speaker in the vents. She tossed the microphone to Xai. "Hello? Is this thing on? Well, anyways. I'm just going to say, we're going to be stuck here for a while. Might as well get along." His voice echoed through the building.

Moros, who was taking a much needed nap, was woken up with a jolt and fell off his bed. He looked at the vents before firing six ethereal blades at them.

The six etheral bladed sliced through the vents destroying the speakers and slicing through the other side. Nate ducked as the blades flew inches past his body.

"What the heck!?" he exclaimed.

Neo heard a crash and she saw the vents were damaged,"Oh my." For some reason she was now dressed in gym clothes.

Moros looked at the vents, his usual expression on his face but it seemed darker, he lowered his hands and went to sit on his bed.

Annabelle: Stuck in a dorm with people that need to be in an insane asylum...(She sticks her phone in her pocket before heading back into her room and closing the door behind her, looking for some more comfy clothes to put on) PJ pants...tank top...(she dug through her dresser and pulled out both articles of clothing)

Neo collapsed on the bed with a sigh,"Nya~! Can't wait for classes." She then clutched a body pillow and started to snore softly.

(After Annabelle had changed she looked on her laptop for class times and set her alarm)

Annabelle: If I go to bed fast enough I might wake up before the alarm...(She taps her chin and thinks for a moment)

Moros just closed his eyes and went to sleep.

(Annabelle plugged her phone up to her charger before putting her hair up in a pony tail and snuggling under her red and white sheets before going to sleep, ears twitching a bit in her sleep)

Jade notices that Neo and Annabelle have fallen asleep, and that Neo was in the room, and grins even more, "While everyone else sleeps, I guess i can cause some havoc...." Takes out a marker and draws over Neo and Annabelle's faces before jumping out the window, to go screw with things around the school.

Nathan returned to his dorm and started thinking on some things. "Hmm, i think i would sleep too. Oh wait, i don't need it now. Well, anyways, i will keep here thinking of some things."

(Anna twists in her sleep)

Neo meowed happily in her sleep and starting to mumble about food,"Nya~! That tiramasu sounds tasty...oh he has steak...must eat." She then began to eat the body pillow.

"DANG IT! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH THOSE COST?!" Xai yelled at no one in particular. He fell backwards onto his bed. Note to self: Never try that again. he thought, going to sleep. Flare was sticking to the side of the building, not requiring much sleep.

Nathan heard Xai yelling and Neo talking and eating. "Ugh, why are the side ones so loud? I mean, it is not that i'm trying to sleep, but it is so annoying. I should ignore them. But first, i should not talk alone."

Lunari was already in bed, lost in thought, when she sensed Jade's presence. She focused her powers. She could sense rebellion, mischief. "Well, s***. At this time of night?" She muttered to herself as she got out of bed, slipped out the window, and glided to the ground.

"Nnn...~" Annabelle dreamed about her and Shadow on a date together and smiled softly, but the thought of her ex Jason cheating on her when she was so loyal came back and she whimpered, tearing up in her sleep.

Neo sleepwalked over to Annabelle and slept next to her, nibbling on her ear,"Nya~! Such a good dumpling," She then rolled over and went back to sleep.

"AGH!!" Annabelle ended up punching Neo in the mouth before falling out of bed, "UGH!!" She pushes her out of her bed, "F**king FREAK."

Nathan thoughts were interrupted by Anabelle screams. "Can you stop being so loud!?"

Jade was sneaking around the campus grounds when she noticed Lunari exiting a window, "Oh great, they look like they want to ruin my fun..." She said, checking to make sure noone else was around, "well I better get this done quickly... If only Jinx were here" She took out a green spray paint can along with various other things and got to work, painting the school as fast as possible.

"Well tell this B!tch to not crawl into my bed in he middle of the NIGHT and then maybe we'll TALK!!" Annabelle through something at the wall, "First thing tomorrow. I'm moving into the HOUSES they have on campus. I can't DEAL with you f**king MORONS."

Nathan scratched the back of his head, as he let out a slight laugh. "Well, i don't have telepathy, plus i don't really care about what do you do, so, go ahead." He then let out another slight laugh.

"WASN'T talking to you!!" Annabelle growled as she got up, and walked to her dresser and growled softly and what had been done to her. She grabs her phone and calls someone.

"PARIS. YOU have some kind of vacation house nearby this hell hole right?" Annabelle asked, "F**K, THANK you SO much. YEAH. First godd@nm night and these dip sh!ts are already getting on my LAST. NERVE. I'm TRYING to stay calm! With all this CHANGE I can't hardly keep tabs on myself!!" She walks into the bathroom still raging and slams the door behind her, "PLEASE do send over some guys to get my stuff too...!"

Neo continued to snore softly even though she was now on the floor," don't take my tofu I don't want a healty diet." She then gave a small giggle.

Moros' ears twitched and he sent a few ethereal blades into there room, spelling out the message 'Shut the f*ck up you whiny little furred c***s****** b***!!!' into Annabelle's dorm.

"Go F**K yourself!!" Annabelle yelled back as she read the message. She went and got a cup before filling it with hot water and pouring it on Neo, "Go look at yourself, you look like an idiot." She went and cleaned herself up before gathering her things up and rolling her bags down the hallway. She leaves a complain on the front desk before getting a number to send a complain to the school itself about practically everyone in the dorm, hoping to get at least some of them kicked out since the ethereal blades piercing the wall were proof that she believed someone needed to be kicked out. A group of body guards stoop outside waiting to gather her things and she hops into her car. She stops for a moment before she heads back inside. She uses her tail lengthening powers to move in quickly and unseen and flicks a lighter on near the sprinklers in the dorm, and the alarm blares as they go off all through the building.

"HMPH." Annabelle heads back to her car and hops in after checking over her car and heads off campus, and she and the truck of body guards leave the campus.

Moros just opened a void portal and walked through it before closing it, not wanting to get soaked.

Neo walked into Moros's dorm wet,"Sorry to intrude but I didn't see any towels in my dorm so may I use yours?" Her emerald green yukata was drenched in water as Neo had accidently sprayed herself with water trying to find a towel.

Moros had already left so neo would walk in an empty dorm.

Lunari was looking for the mischief maker. She sneaked quickly around the campus. Then she spotted the culprit. Jade. "Drop the spray paint. Now." She ordered, telepathically.

Jade stops for a second, before realizing that it was a telepath speaking to her "pfft, yeah right, why would I do that? Also whats gonna stop me? A telepath? Yeah right." Jade laughs then continues spray painting the school.

Ethereal blades were flung at the wall above jade and lunari. Drawing a crude depiction of Annabelle's face, only 'X's were her eyes and she generally looked hideous. 

Neo plopped down onto Moros's bed, having dried off and was in a kimono inspired bathrobe. "Hopefully he won't mind." She the rolled over and went to sleep.

"Fine then. I'll just let you get in trouble." Lunari said, with a snotty tone. She walked away, back to her dorm, to get some sleep.

"Yeah, as if I would do this if I didn't know I wouldn't get caught" She continued to spray paint the school green

Moros stepped out of a void portal and waved.

"Oh, hey Moros! What's goin' on?" Lunari said.

-Labradorite shows up through portal in sky, and lands face first somewhere nearby, but not near Lunari or Jade, and brushes himself off-

Lunari senses Labradorite's presence. "Hm? Who's there?" she said. She turned around to see Labradorite. "Oh, hello there. Who might you be?"

"My name's Labradorite. I'm one of the Terranoids. we're made from rocks, minerals, gemstones, etc. we're also all based off animals. I'm based off a human. but scratch that, i'm not here to talk all fancy, i'm here to learn stuff and do things, and well, you get my point."

"Ok! Nice to meet you! My name is Lunari." Lunari said, excitedly.

"Also, before anything, keep in mind i have no gender. since, well... have rocks ever had genders? but if i was a real human, i'd be male. so you can use He/Him/His as gender words for me."

"Sounds good. Anyways, this is Moros." she says, while gesturing toward Moros. She was thinking to herself, "This is getting more and more awkward by the minute... Maybe I should just sneak away when they're not paying attention."

Moros just waved before walking away.

"Dang it, Moros! You're gonna ditch me?" Lunari thought as she watched Moros walk away. (Let it be known, here and now, that Lunari is a b**** late at night.) She yawned, and said, " Well, I'll see you tomorrow, Labradorite. I gotta get some sleep. Bye!" She walked back to her dorm

"alrighty then. see ya!" And so, Labradorite headed to his new dorm."

Moros shrugged and just slept on the ground.


The entire school was green, with the ethereal blade Annabelle still there along with it.

Nathan got up after a large night he didn't need to sleep. "Huh, i guess i could have slept, if they weren't so loud on the side." He grabbed his notebooks, his small notebook, a pencil and a pen. Then he left his dorm.

Cleaning crews seemed to be working on in when a long black limo is seen pulling up on campus. A poodle gets out on the phone with someone as she looks at the school.

"Immature commoners." She mumbled as the door opened and Annabelle climbed out, wearing short shorts and a priceless tank top with a jacket, wedge heel sandals and a Coach purse."Thank you. Goodbye." The poodle hung up and looked at Anna, "Well you're in the clear Anna. You can thank me later. If they honestly thought YOU did this then they need to go back to school for common sense.Didn't take much to 'convince' them..."</p>"You rock Paris~" Annabelle grinned as she hugged her and headed off for the school. Students looked on in awe as she tied her hair up into a high pony tail, smiling at her new classmates as she glanced around, flaunting the fact that she was probably the most famous person ever on the campus.</p>Nathan seen the limo, while Annabelle was saying that. "Yeah, but you are also the most hot-headed person here." Nathan shouted to Annabelle, as he remembered her attitude the last night.</p>

Annabelle stops, and closes her eyes before opening them, looking at Nathan softly with her dark sapphire eyes, "I'm sorry for being so rude. My personal space was being invaded. And I was feeling very aggitated and out of place. I hope you can understand." She sticks her nose in the air as students look on in awe and follow her.

"Ok, i understand. Sometimes having roommates and side people like that can aggraviate most people." Nathan said to Annabelle before going to look at a classroom.

Moros sighed as he walked in the building, his face set in his usual expression.

Labradorite had stayed up, since he doesn't require sleep, and had been making a manga, which is one of his pastimes, and set out to greet the day, and students.

Tye walked in the building with a bit of confidence his day would better than his stay in his dorm.

"Oh, Hello sir. Who might you be?" Labradorite asked the person who walked in the building.

Tye turns to him with a smile on his face. "Oh Hello, My name is Tye, Who are you?"

Labradorite pulls out a katana from the gemstone outline on his shirt. "I am Labradorite, a Terranoid who's goal is to protect humanity, and the residents of earth and mobius!" he puts his weapons back. "Also, i'm here to learn things. Nice ta' meet you!"

"Yeah, Nice to meet you too Labradorite", Tye says to him.

"I Think class may be starting. i should head on to my English Class. i'm also taking several other classes, so i oughta study for those. Later!", and with that, Labradorite headed off to his class.

Annabelle walked into class, a few students staring in awe as a few gather their bravery and ask for her autograph, even asking if she'd like to sit next to them. She signs a few things and decides to sit with a group of girls near the back.

Labradorite, with a backpack full of school things, sits somewhere near the middle row, and prepares to study.

Nathan arrived and sitted on a place, at the side of Labardorite and a few people.

Labradorite turned and saw Nathan, then looked back, waiting for the teacher.

"When will the teacher arrive?" Nathan looked at the door. "After the classes, i may send a letter to Beck."

"Yeah, when will he or she get here?" Labradorite asked.

"Hmph. If they don't show up in 15 minutes I'm leaving." Annabelle says, the girls agreeing.

"If they don't appear, i could fill in." Labradorite said relaxedly.

Tye walks in and takes his seat.

"...I Guess the Teacher's not gonna arrive. i guess i'll teach." Labradorite then headed up to the teaching podium.

"Oh brother..." Annabelle rolls her eyes slightly and looks at her nails.

Labradorite's eyes jolted over to Annabelles, with a clearly upset look. he then returned his focus to teaching. "Today, we shall learn words that have been rarely heard, as well as a study of the evolution of the language, and how it has changed over time. Now then, does anyone know what pusillanimous means?"

Annabelle raised an eyebrow, "How come they didn't teach me that in high school?" She said softly, a few people agreeing as the lesson peaked their interest.

"No one? well, i didn't think so. i didn't know it till i googled it last night! but, pusillanimous means fearful, cowardly, afraid, etc. For example, 'The circus performer was pusillanimous about the tightrope act she didn't practice for.'", Labradorite stated.


Students nodded as they listened in.

"Now, can anyone tell me what adust means? Here's a hint... With out sunscreen, you'd be this." Labradorite stated calmly.

Neo runs into the class room dressed in gym clothes,"S-Sorry i o-overslept," She began to bow with an emberrassed blush.

"Oh, It's okay! Well, adust means burnt/scorched/etc. so, now... Let's make this fun. I'll give you 3 words, and you have to try to make a word that is at LEAST 4 letters long using those words. you don't have to use all the letters, so no worries .but do define them." Labradorite then listed three words. "adust, perspective, seldom."

"Just a question, why are we studying this? WE talk english. So, an spanish class or japanese or other language should be logical." Nathan said to Labardorite.

Labradorite gently chuckled. "English class isn't about LEARNING the language... it's about learning new words in the language, learning about the history of our language, LEARNING to master the way of words. There's a difference between knowing how to speak, read, and write a language, and actually KNOWING the language. If you truly know about it, you can learn new things about it, it's history, maybe even WHY we choose this language to speak. You see?" Labradorite then waited for them to make new words from the three words he gave them. he hoped he could get them to reach a breakthrough and be able to dive very far into english as we know it.

Nathan then started literally talking spanish. "Esta bien, profesor substituto. Solo creia que aprender un nuevo idioma seria bueno. Pero bueno. Podria intentar aprender frases antiguas del ingles." But he then thought about the past words and the history class. "Wait, aren't we supposed to learn the past of our language on history class?" He said when he was back to english.

"Will you just be quiet and let the man do his job?" Annabelle rolled her eyes as a few students scoffed slightly.

(What the... why are we back here?! oh well, uh..) Labradorite then rubbed his eyes. "Whoa, weren't we JUST in science... i think something happened to the timeline... Um, due to time reversing somehow, class is dismissed. Please, be careful, and find some time-resistant paper, write down some stuff in science class about what's happening, and hold onto it... see... see you later, folks."

Annabelle blinked and rubbed her head, "Ow...Deja Vu..." She stood up and grabbed her things and left the room.

"Something seriously wrong here, Annabelle... maybe we oughta have weapons at the helm if we are dealing with a space-and-time-bending entity. Take this katana i found during a mission one day." Lab then gave her the blue and sharp katana.

"Whoa, the time, we are back here! Something is wrong with the timeline." Nathan then grabbed his things and left the classroom.

"Katana?? Fine, whatever you say..." Annabelle scoffed, "Just means I have more than just my tail in case someone tries to start something..."

Lunari fiddled with a small spark of electricity, nervously. She was trying to figure out what had happened.

"Cant I have one day without someone screwing up the spacetime continuum?" Jade said somehow now in the class

"Ugh, tell me about it." Labradorite groaned.

"No consideration for the rest of us...~" Annabelle sighed as she rolled her eyes.

"Why should i care about you ms.popular? Everyone else already does" Jade said, barely glancing over at annabelle.

"Was I even talking to you...?" Annabelle rolled her eyes.

"Well then who were you talking to? The air?" Jade said not even glancing over at annabelle

Annabelle rolls her eyes painfully, "It's called thinking out loud... Idiot..." She sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Jade,there's something called should get some.あnyわや、whwれかない(Japanese for Anyways, wheres that room?)" blake thought as he searched the hallways for his room also hearing everyones commotion.

"Hmph." Annabelle walked on as she smiled softly to herself.

"私は会う誰の地獄を打つことができるように私は限り、友人を必要としない、私は大丈夫ですよ" Jade said, walking off to her next class.

"you couldnt beat me with or without arms or legs.and the last time I checked, I was thinking of those words. I didnt say anything."blake answered as he found his room."FINALLY!"

Annabelle rolled her eyes at them before thinking, "I'm surrounded by morons..." She then headed into her next class.

Moros, who was absent for a majority of the classes and the disruption of the space time continuum, smirked. 'I may not know what caused the distortion.. But hopefully I can use it to my advantage...' He thought to himself befored he went to his own room.

Annabelle sighed as he sat down in her next class and stretched before yawning, then looks at her claws as she huffs softly.

Lunari walked into her next class. She looked around, before taking a seat.

Nathan also walked to the next class. He took a seat, and looked at Lunari.

Lunari waved. "Hello!" She said.

"Hi!" Nathan said to Lunari.

"How are you?"Lunari asked, casually.

Annabelle glanced at the both of them and rolled her eyes lightly before looking at her claws.

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