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[[Tammy Watercolor]] (Gurahk)
[[Tammy Watercolor]] (Gurahk)
Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AnnabelleRich)
Kristy Summers the Dog (AnnabelleRich)
Christian Mitchel the Cat (AnnabelleRich)

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Club Rouge used to be a a fighting club, but now Rouge has converted it to a normal night club! It runs all the the time though since it's located in Night Babylon. KHGenesis651 SUPER NOVA 22:49, September 3, 2010 (UTC)



(Most of the workers are female, (Waitresses and such) though there are a couple of male ones who work as bartenders.)

Other characters

(The other characters can party and stuff, they can also go to the reserved arena where you can battle like th club was originally for.)

Nova the Wolf (KHGenesis651)
Scream the Bat (KHGenesis651)
"Bone" the Cat (KHGenesis651)

Sergeant Master Capt. Bangkok (UltimateDude127)

Lauren Analougue (currently out, may return) , Lee (currently out, may return) (Manta-bee)

Endac the Hedgehog (SHADW THE HEDGHOG)

Memphis the Shining Demonhog (Memphis the light)

Lightning “Selenia” the Hedgehog (Lightnimg2315)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Shadow the Hedgehog: The Ultimate this is his back ground for my Fanfic universe...(by back ground i mean what i think happens to him))

Darkness "Nightwhatch" the hedgehog (lightning2315)

Renegade the Hedgemorph (Draon029)

King Sonic the Hedgehog (Gale the Hedgehog)

Charger the Hedgechilla (Gale the Hedgehog)

J the Hedgehog (played by JMB)

N the Hedgehog (played by JMB)

Bladez the Hedgehog (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Lewis the Fox (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Leo the Cat (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Milly the Hedgehog (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Marcy the Echidna (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Emmy the Chao (Played by Bladez the Hedgehog)

Slate the Echidna (Played by CowsRTasty)

Renée the Hedgehog w/ Angel the Chao (Both played by Rosario Cross)

Zulto Beltz (played by Xab, just wandering..)

Verde the Bat (1LugiaLover)

Bleu the Bat (1LugiaLover)

Lilly the chao (1LugiaLover)

Leona the Lioness(1LugiaLover)

Gale the hawk(1LugiaLover)

Kyle the ferret(1LugiaLover)

Clash the cat(1LugiaLover)

Greg the chameleon(1LugiaLover)

Clang the chao (1LugiaLover)

Mist the rabbit(1LugiaLover)

Titan the Hedgehog (Super Guy)

road runner the hedgehog (sonic15) (he came to find sarge)

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk)

Brittney the Bat (Gurahk)

Jimmy Canvas (Gurahk)

Shine the Hedgehog (Gurahk)

Fetalia the Dark (Gurahk)

Reggie the Bat (Gurahk)

Clyde O'Donnell (Gurahk)

Kyle Oikonny (Gurahk)

Angel Caroso (Gurahk)

Ivy Prower (Gurahk)

Tammy Watercolor (Gurahk)

Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AnnabelleRich)

Kristy Summers the Dog (AnnabelleRich)

Christian Mitchel the Cat (AnnabelleRich)



  • No trolling
  • No vandals
  • No God-modding
  • No harassing
  • Keep swearing to a limit
  • In terms of romance, nothing extreme
  • Ask questions on the talk page.
  • You can rp outside of Club Rouge, but keep the rping WITHIN Night Babylon.
  • No character limit, just because I'm that nice. :D
  • Feel free to have evil people come try to crash the party ;)
  • I would prefer no alcoholic or tobacco references or anything of that nature...
  • Don't need to ask about joining.
  • No power-playing (Using others charrie's without their permission.)
  • Have fun!


Several Weeks Ago...

(Scene: in the club. Neena and Chalice walk over to the bar, where Rouge is temporarily serving drinks.)

  • Neena: Hello. (Rouge doesn't look up.) I'm Neena Pageant, here for the bartending job.
  • Rouge: Alright, you're hired. You start immediately. (Rouge leaves for the dancefloor.)
  • Chalice: Well that was easy.
  • Neena: Too easy. Do you think she's a demon? (She takes a vial of stun-potion out of her pocket.)
  • Chalice: What? Don't be silly and waste that stun-potion on club-owners, wait for demons.
  • Neena: Why? She seems bitchy anyway, and Lord knows I have enough vials. (She pockets the vial she was holding and opens her bag, which is full of vials.)
  • Chalice: You think an army of demons are gonna be waiting on the dancefloor for you?
  • Neena: Oh, shush. (She puts her bag on the bar and waits for someone to ask her for something to drink.) You never know. (A creepy man in a black coat walks in through the doors and sits on a sofa.) Look at him! You can practically smell the demon-! (She grabs a stun-potion out of her bag.)
  • Chalice: No, Neena! Not everyone is a demon! Lighten up!

(A man on the dancefloor punches another man and they start fighting.)

  • Neena: You're telling me to lighten up, what about them! (A moment of silence as they watch the fighting.) Demons?
  • Chalice: Neena! Stop it.

(More people join in the fight until everyone is in a huge brawl.)

  • Neena: You're saying that's not demonic?

(Chalice looks over at the man in the coat Neena thought looked like a demon. He is sat on a sofa, laughing.)

  • Chalice: That man! He is a demon!

(The two grab two vials of stun-potion and run towards him, but he runs out the door. Neena and Chalice chase him down to the bottom of the street and Chalice throws her vial. Flames envelop him and he disappears, and the potion splatters on the ground.)

  • Neena: Great! I just knew this would happen!

Part 1

Ribbon: *is talking to some random guy in the club*

  • Team Monochrome walks into the club*

Ribbon: What do YOU want? *to Nova*

Nova: I'm just taking my team to have fun, is there something wrong. *Sarcastically* I wouldn't want to upset you.

Sarge: *drinks his soda* Heh heh heh...Looks like we got a Harmless Wolf a foot.

Nova: Shut up! You loser. Heh heh.

Sarge: Loser eh? I'm the top and fitest bully in my school.Also a hard working student.

Nova: So what? So am I! Loser. Heh.

Sarge: -_- you weren't popular when you were young.

Nova: Like you would know. *Thinks to self* I didn't even go to school because I was switching through orphanages. Idiot..

Sarge: Nerd!

Nova: You don't go to my school! You DON'T know!

Sarge: Meh! Like I need to know, Atleast I ain't the person who wonders about true Luv *chuckles* Next time!

Nova: *snorts* When did I say anything about that?

Sarge: Heh heh heh...Nerd!

Scream: She's not a nerd!

Sarge: Eh heh? Big man wants to protect his woman eh?

Scream: NO! That's not true, you stupid... ugh.

Bone: Just forget him, will you!? I don't want to be bothered with him.

Sarge: Whatajackass

Nova: Yeah... just ignore him. -_- I'm gonna get something to eat.

Sarge: Heh heh heh I cracked up sooooooo hard!

Nova: You know what. *Walks up to Sarge and kicks him... y'know where. And HARD!*

Sarge: ARE YOU KIDDIN' ME! I've been kicked and punched there alot and the way you did it was just cheap! TheSarge3D

Nova: Learn that I don't care anymore, I just wanted to kick you. Anyways... wanna fight in the arena, since you're SO SURE of yourself?

Lauren: Well, well, there's a rumble and I'm not even invited?

Lee: What? You're here? I thought you were scrapped? (4th wall break)


Scream: *pokes Lauren* You're... a goth?

Lauren: *looks a bit irked then smiles*

Lee: At least she likes to-

Lauren: Don't talk!

Nova: So... she like to don't talk... which literally means she likes to talk? *Starts mad chattering at Lauren.*

Lauren: What?! I was just trying to shut that Lee kid up.

Lee: *looks with a look that says "where am I?"*

Nova: You're in a dream. *thinks to self* There's a gigantic sign outside that says "Club Rouge." I wonder where we are!

Lee: O.O

Ribbon: Heh... how old are you? *pokes Lee*

Lee: I just hitchiked on to this nice lady's boot when we crashed through the roof.

Lauren: Yeah, well, you overstayed your welcome! *kicks him through the hole in the celing*

Ribbon: Awe... come again! *waves to ceiling*

Nova: As I was saying... you are?

Endac: *walks into the night club* hey hon

Rebekah: (comes out of the back) oh hey Endac what do ya need

Endac: nothing just wnated to hang out

Rebekah: well theres a fight going on

Endac: awesome *goes to watch the fight*

Ribbon: *glances over* Fight's not on right now.

(The door bursts open it is Memphis using his demon aura tails to open the door)

Memphis:*looks around* Kool place... *walks in*

Rebekah: oh great another door buster

Endac: at least he's not a side splitter (ba-dum chhhh)

Nova: Hey Memphis...

Memphis: Oh hi Nove *uses one of his aura tail to get a drink*

Nova: Like Night Babylon lots? *Sweet innocent voice*

Memphis: Yeah i do what are you doing here? *uses a tail to relax on as he drinks*

Nova: I'm bored... life's pretty boring when you're always hanging out with those two. *Swishes her tail to Scream and Bone*

Memphis:*looks at them then back at nova* they can't be that bad *takes another sip*

Nova: They're not... I love Bone like a bro... and I... *looks at Scream but doesn't continue.* Yeah.

Memphis: *laughs* oh well *shrugs* I came here in a mood to test my new power's *his tail's move around*

Nova: Not in the mood to fight... ask Scream or Bone.

Memphis: *laughs* Oh kill joy fine i will. Hey one of you up for a fight?

Scream: I'm up for it.

Memphis: Good now where does a guy go fight

Nova: You two go over there in that sorta big corner. *Points to Arena*

Memphis: Kool *heads there* Hey bat boy you coming or what?

Endac: i;m whaching and rooting for memphis.......................oh and if your see a tiny scaly bird like thing flying around then don't pet it cause you'll then be reduced to a pile of smoldering ashes

Scream: *half walks half flies to the arena*

(Memphis is waiting at his starting place)

Memphis: *does the bring it on gesture*

Scream: I'm not scared of you, Demonhog.

Memphis: Good that makes this fight more fun bat boy.*tails moving around erratically now*

Scream: Hmph *abnormally shaped ice appears in his hands until it forms and colors to a samurai sword.*

Selenia: *walks in the bar and notices a fight is about to begin* Hmm? what's going on?

Ribbon: Scream and Memphis are going to fight in the arena. *washing a dish* Sometimes I question why Rouge just didn't get rid of all the fighting...

Selenia: Should I stop them or anything? or just enjoy it?

Memphis: Ooohhh now my turn *the aura ingulfs Memphis making him shine in aura while the tails grow in size* *talking beneath the aura body* let's see what this new power gots!!

Scream: Before this starts... is that a Super Form?

Ribbon: No need to worry, it's allowed.

Selenia: Should I stop it or not?

Ribbon: Don't. This is Rouge's rule. She approves the fights.

Selenia: heheh...looks like my old friend Rouge wants a fight? then I'll give her a real fight!

Ribbon: *smiles* You just wait there. I'll go get her.

Nova: You're getting Rouge!?

Ribbon: Yeah...

Selenia: Lightning Selenia the hedgehog is the name to you. but just call me Selenia, And Im a pretty awesome fighter...heheh...

Ribbon: Nice to meet you, Selenia. *goes in the back and comes with Rouge*

Selenia: Nova...that's a pretty nice name you got there...It reminds me of a friend I lost...*Holds her hand out as if she was holding something invisible*

Nova: there name was Nova too?

Selenia: No...his name was Novel...He was just like you...I can see lot's of good inside you...he had the same good...*blue aura surrounds her*

Nova: oh... wow, you're the only who's not on my team who's ever told me that...

Selenia: well you should be lucky...Im a lone wolf...just like my brother Shadow...So I don't often comment on people...But now, I kinda didn't like how ya treated that girl and boy back there...Heheh...

Nova: Hmmm? Who we talkin bout? *thinks to self* So you know Shadow...

Selenia: I sometimes regret the day I became...Shadow's sister...but anyway...If you think your tough enough to mess with that girl named ribbon, then you might be tough enough for me...

Nova: Shadow's sister... next time you seem him, tell him I said hi... and, so, you're looking for a fight apparently? We don't allow any types of transformations here, though.

Selenia: I don't need any transformations...I only use them for emergencies, I already have a whole bunch of moves I've never even used before, This should be a good time to use them. Oh and I'll give the message to my annoying brother...heheh

Nova: I think Shadow is anything but annoying... anyways... ready? *pitch black darkness form to a scythe in her hands* I'm not gonna go easy on you... and I look forward to a good fight.

Selenia: I regret being his sister...But anyways, Ill look foward to our battle...It's been a long time since I've battled someone..Oh and I should remind you...If I see someone using an ability, I can copy it and make it my own...but I won't do that...Zetsumei! Kibatsu! Striking Death! *a sword forms around her hand about 10 ft long* Lets do this...heheh...

Nova: *disappears into darkness before attacking yet*

Selenia: *takes a deep breath and jumps high in the air while a black aura surrounds her* *thinking to self* I can find her If I can I always did before...

Nova: *poofs back into existence behind Selenia* I'm not in the mood to savagely hurt someone today. *raises dull side of scythe* *Nova's expression has drastically changed to a much more insane, darkened one*

Selenia: *eyes disappear, then slashes her without making a move* to slow even for me...*dissapears*

Nova: *despite feeling the slash, the insane grin remains plastered on her face* I'm not that easy. *turns to an actual blob of darkness*

Selenia: heheh...Who's your screechy-bat-boy friend over there? He seems pretty confident...Zetsumei...thank you...*sword disappears and a small round emerald appears in her hand* Crystaline...

Nova: He's not my boyfriend... whatcha got there? *blob practically drills through Selenia, swallowing up the emerald. She returns to her Mobian forms and it's in her hand.* What's this?

Selenia: *not feeling a thing* It's called a "Crystaline Emerald". It's the sister emerald of the chaos and SOL emeralds. These store a huge amount of power in them...but can only be used with the right training. If the person using the emerald can not master it, the spirit of the emerald will come alive and destroy each user who has touched it...*signals her hand to the emerald, the emerald floats to her like a fairy* It's best if you do not use it, I doubt you ever used this, And you don't want to die today

Nova: I didn't wasn't to use it... but... bah, you know nothing about me. You think only cause you've got the Black Arms DNA you can handle it...? How weak do you really think I am...?

Selenia: Do you think I really care about that?! I can see everything from your past inside you...

Nova: Oh really? So what's my parents names, huh? How could you say that there's "good" in me? HM?? *Face becomes serious* In reality, you can say that, but you're so very wrong. so wrong, it hurts.

Selenia: I know how you feel...Because I was an orphan...My mother was murdered by my father, and my father was abusing me all my life...Im glad I got rid of him! He left me wounds and scars when I was only 4 years old...He decived me for the last time...and Even though, I might not know about you, I can tell by your reactions, by your powers, by your expressions, that you could have had the same things I've been threw...*grabs the emerald* then again, I could have told you one father, was King if you heard the first word, then you would know what I am now...*disappears*

Nova: *still angry and serious* Yes, Princess, I heard.

Selenia: *appears infront of her* This is wasting my time...only chat and no fight

Nova: *grin* YOU BROUGHT UP FEELINGS! *slashes Selenia*

Selenia: *doesnt feel pain* I have no feelings...

Nova: You're no fun. You don't understand that such a thing is impossible... what you feel all the time is nothingness, which is still something... *slashes* I'm going to cut you til your dead! Immortal or not!

Selenia: Do what you want...but You cant kill me...

Nova: *calmer* Everything has it's faults... everything has to end at one point... you're not perfect... but I won't bother myself with you anymore... *disappears and reappears in a couch* I'm bored.

Endac: *looks over to where selenia stood* hey you said somthing about shadow right?

Selenia: *Fur instantly turns black and red like shadow's instead of yellow* Yeah, Im his sister...*gives a crazily evil grin on her face* Whats it to ya?! *aims hand at Scream*

Scream: What're you looking at?

Selenia: Chaos Spear! *Spear hits Scream* Heheh, Oh nothing. *To Endac* And why do you ask?

Endac: oh easy i was just with him. we're good friends. he was gonna meet me here about now

Shadow: (walks in the door) hey rouge get me a soda

Rouge: sure Shadow

Selenia: Oh great...My brother's here, I huess the fun's over...*turns back to normal yellow* Hey Shadow

Shadow: (without looking at her) you missed the reunion last month *sips his Drink*

Endac: well not a very nice coversation starter............................i'm going back to..................i'm just gonna sit down

Selenia: Like I even care....That's why I've been outta your quills for the past 1 or 2 years...*turns her back on shadow while tossing her crystaline emerald left to right* Funny how I get to see you everytime I start a random dumb fight...

(Uh Genesis651 I think its your turn...or someones elses...)

(Yeah... sorry)

Scream: *flinches*

Nova: *waves to Shadow*

Selenia: *aims another spear at Scream*

(its alright)

Scream: Will you stop? I'm not looking for a fight.

(A lynx waitress, Chalice Whitelight, approaches, carrying a tray of empty glasses.)

Chalice: Is there a problem here?

Scream: No there is not.

Chalice: Alright! No need for attitude, sir! (walks away flustered)

Scream: Sor-ee. -_-

Selenia: *confused expression on her face*

Scream: *sits on lounge couch next to Nova*

???: *a weird blob of shadowness goes behind Selenia* well now, it looks like my girl has a really makes you look cute...

Selenia: *eyes revert back to normal, ignoring what it said*

???: Do you miss me? *darkness swirling around her*

Bone: What's happening...?

???: *darkness goes to a place and forms a dark looking hedgehog*

Selenia: Why did you come here, Moonwatch?

Moonwatch: I just wanted to see my "Ex" fighting a bit, you do look kinda cute fighting...

Selenia: *claws grow* I don't need to hear it from you! *attacks*

Moonwatch: *stops her by grabing her arms in a hurtful way* That is the warm welcome i get from you? pitiful...

Selenia: *ignoring the pain* Heh...Why did you come here?

Moonwatch: I came to take my precious emerald...So I can control as many people as I want...

Nova: I don't think so! *tackles Moonwatch*

Selenia: *confused angered expression and starts to chant* Crystal is the power, the power to control my spirit, sephire! *emerald glows green as a weird creature comes out*

Moonwatch: *throws Nova elsewhere as if she was a toy* I don't have time to play with you, little wolf pup.

Selenia: Sephire...combine your spirit with mine...

Sephire: *spirit gets sucked into her*

Nova: *lands on feet* Whatever, then.

Selenia: *turns into a green wolf* Ill kill you this time!

Moonwatch: heheh, sounds like a challenge! I like it! *darkness swirls around him*

Selenia: *charges and attacks him on the shoulder*

Nova: *Watching as if contemplating which side to actually help..*

Moonwatch: *growls* that's the best you can do?!

Selenia: *Tail grows longer* Not yet! *slashes him with her tail*

Moonwatch: *ignores pain* Chaos Spear! *throws directly at Selenia*

Selenia: Chaos Spear! *throws directly at Moonwatch*

Nova: *maniac smile* I guess I'll go with the new guy.

Selenia: *ignoring her, her chaos spear goes past Moonwatch'es and hits him severly*

Moonwatch: HACK! *falls* What the h*** did you put in that Spear?!

Selenia: The spirit of the emerald fused with mine...You are now facing true Crystaline power!

Moonwatch: *gets up* But the question is, can you hold up that much power?! Or will you die and burn to death?!

Selenia: I learned the ways of the emeralds, so that means I can easily destroy you! *disappears in a flash*

Moonwatch: *eyes widden in surprise* Where did you go?!

Nova: Hm... nevermind... he sucks!

Selenia: *Appears behind him, ready to attack*

(Scene: bar. Chalice is sat with Neena Pageant. Neena is drinking some water.)

Neena: It's because this building was built years ago over a Nexus.

Chalice: So you're saying that this place is a source of violence and power because it was built over a... whatchacallit.

Neena: A Nexus. And it's true. Look in your Grimoire, there'll be an entry on Nexi somewhere.

(Neena drinks the last of her water.)

Chalice: Let me get that for you. (Chalice puts her hand over Neena's glass and the water regenerates. Chalice looks around to make sure no one saw.) I'd better carry on working or that bitchy bat'll fire me before you can say witch.

Selenia: *appears behind him ready to attack*

Moonwatch: *grabs her by the neck*

Nova: *is bored*

Sarge: Ahh when you were trapped and then I saved you but then you fell on you're butt.Good times!

Nova: Well who told you to kick it!?

Moonwatch: I had Enough of your games! Say goodbye, Lightning Selenia the hedgehog! *stabs her in the chest with his hand*

Selenia: *stops moving and slowly falls*

Nova: *Stares at Moonwatch, then Selenia*

Bone: I'm assuming WE should fight him now?

Nova: Yeah... *gets off couch* *points at Moonwatch* LET'S GET EM!

Selenia: *falls on the ground, slowly breathing*

Moonwatch: just gave yourself shame and disonor to your family...But now that I have the precious crystaline emerald, I can control everyone...Even more I can finally kill you! *Pushes selenia out of the way with his foot*

Selenia: *trying to get up* If you dare use the emerald you will kill all of us including yourself!

Moonwatch: As long as Im the strongest of them all! *holds emerald out* Sephire! Give me your power!

Nova: Shut up, will you? well, since this isn't a arena battle, we can *thinks to self* Use super forms... if only I had the Chaos emeralds...

Selenia: No!

Moonwatch: *green flows around him, but as soon as it glows it turns into pitch black* Heheh...*crazy grin on his face*

Selenia: *gets up, and grabs him by the neck* Your going to destroy everyone here!!!

Moonwatch: I dont care!!!

Nova: ...

Selenia: Then Ill force you to stop!! *stabs him with her hand*

Moonwatch: *smiles* You can't hurt me...!!!

Nova: Hm... what to do...

Ribbon: How many of the emeralds do you have?

Nova: ...Four...

Ribbon: We have one too...

Selenia: *growls, then closes eyes* That's good enough for me...*holds hand out, then All 7 crystaline emeralds circle her*

Moonwatch: And to think this was a dumb Bar...

Selenia: *1 chaos emerald come out* I guess it's time...

Nova: six emeralds only?

Moonwatch: *emerald from his pocket falls out and swirls around Selenia*

Selenia: make it 7

Nova: that was lame... *All Chaos emeralds float around Nova too.*

(Scene: bar. Neena is drinking alcohol. Chalice approaches her and sits.)

Chalice: Finally, a break!

(Chalice rests her head on the bar.)

Neena: You okay, honey?

Chalice: No. My powers are out of control. They only work when they want to or when someone else wants me to use them. Plus... (Chalice hears a ringing like a dentist drill in her head.) ... there is this awful ringing in my head.

Neena: Ringing?

Chalice: Yeah, like a dentist drill. You know anything about it?

Neena: No, but it could be you developing more powers.

Chalice: Powers like what?

Neena: I don't know... telepathy, maybe. You could be reading everyone's minds at once and it's giving you headache. Or... sensing. You could be sensing someone in danger, or some sort of extreme energy going on around you.

Chalice: Extreme energy?

Neena: Yeah. Could be the Nexus, a Chaos Emerald, Galaxy Emerald, Indigo Crystal... you get the idea. Why don't you check the Grimoire?

Chalice: I think I will. (She rises.) You just stay here and keep getting drunk.

(She leaves.) Moonwatch: *turns into a monster* You fools..

Lightness: Hmph...

Shadow:.....................huh.......(i'm losing it....why do i keep staring off into space.....i'm not getting old) sorry you said somthing about a fight

Lightness: *Slashes Shadow*

Monster Moonwatch: *growls*

Memphis: (walks in dragging Scream with one of his tails) Hmm what's happeining? Another fight?

(Scream didn't even continue his fight with Memphis... so I'm just going to ignore that.)

Nova: Pretty much.

Memphis: *looks at the fight*... how boring *shrugs and flicks away scream just because i felt like writing it XD*

(I'm sorry but it's not funny.)


(Ah my sincerist apologies *bows* i had no intentions of offending you)

Memphis: *sits down and watches the fight* ...

(It's okay.)

Nova: *sits next to Memphis cause she's bored.*

Lightness: Hmph...I guess I could Destroy shadow...

Moonwatch: Hmm?!

Lightness: but then, I wouldnt have a brother to hate...*looks at Memphis* what a strange creature...he looks like-

Moonwatch: old brother...*walks toward Memphis*

Lightness: *changes back into Selenia* Heheh...I was here first, its best to respect where I am! *slashes Moonwatch severe*

Moonwatch: *coughs up blood*

Memphis: My name is Memphis, Memphis the Shining Demonhog as for my brother mephiles... I HATE HIS GUTS... but he your brother too?

Moonwatch: I hated him as well...and yes...*gets up*

Selenia: *punches him severe again*

Moonwatch: *more blood comes out*

Memphis: Is this a club rouge battle our a random beating? *looking pissed that his new found brother is bleeding*

Nova: A random beating.

Memphis: Good *He uses two of his aura tails to block the path between selenia and moonwatch* STOP IT NOW!!!!

Nova: *puts hand on Memphis's shoulder* Don't try, you'll get sucked in... and plus, their having... a private matter. so leave it be.

Memphis:*growls* fine *unblocks the path* i need a drink. *walks away*

Moonwatch: *kills Selenia instantly*

Selenia: *growling in pain*

Memphis: Hey Nove want a drink? *still slightly aggitated*

Nova: Yeah... thanks *smile*

Moonwatch: I hate you! *throws Selenia somewhere making a big crash*

Selenia: *falls unconsious*

Memphis:*feeling better now seeing her smile* Here! *tosses her a soda* ... you know something i will never get used to these *the tails moving around randomly*

Moonwatch: One of you! Take care of the dead body over there!

Selenia: *unconsious*

Memphis: You may be my brother but you can not command me... *looks at her* she isn't dead.

Nova: hmph. Why would I help you?

Moonwatch: I dont care what you do...Just get rid of her, And if she's alive, then simply kill her...

Memphis:*picks her up* How dare you brother... you sound just like Mephiles *looks at her* i'll take her somewhere safe *looks back at moon* as for you grow up young one *walks away* you can finish my drink Nove.

Nova: Ah... wait up~! I don't wanna stay here with him! *Follows Memphis*

Memphis: *sets her down and splashes some water on her* hey you ok?... can you hear me?

Selenia: *not responding at all, starts to slow down breathing*

Memphis:S%@t you arn't dying on me *looks at Nova* Can she absorb energy?

Nova: she's alive. And I don't know. And calm down.

Memphis: *tears up a bit* I'm sorry i've just seen to much death at the hands of my brother and if she dies here then... that guys is still my brother.. so it's happining all over again.

Selenia: *starts to breath normal*

Moonwatch: *appears* I was sent to kill her...not my fault she's dying...blame her father...

Nova: *sigh* Go away will ya?

Moonwatch: No...It was my order...I have made a promise to the king himself...

Selenia: *breathing starts to go away*

Moonwatch: heheh...

Memphis: *glows dark yellow* And you take a mission like that!!!! *grabs him with one of his tails* You are my brother learn your values!!!! *uses a tail to inject his energy into her* You better hope this works because if she dies YOU DIE!!!! *scowling*

Nova: Calm down!

Memphis:*sighs and lets Moon go* fine but i'm not giving up on her.

Nova: If things get worse... I will.

Selenia: *stops breathing*

Moonwatch: *surprised but hiding it*

  • A Hedgehog in a full gray outfit walks into the room, looks around, and takes a seat in the corner.*

Memphis: *falls to his knees and begins to tear up* DAM IT!!!!!

Nova: Calm down. Not like it's your fault.

Memphis:*pounds his fist on the floor* yeah i know but it was again my bloodline that kills yet another person... and again i couldn't do anything!

(The man turns to them)

???: She can still be saved.....barely, but still.

Memphis: *looks at the man* ohhh... and why should i listen to you. *scowling at him*

Moonwatch: hmph...Right now she's in her death wish. her father is the only one who can actually kill her

Memphis: Why do you follow Mephiles footsteps my brother?...

???: *Smirks* Because I am the most acient being you will ever meet on mobius. I have many more skills than you could ever possess.

(The man stands up and watches them as he slowly turns into a metallic substance, then take on the form of Memphis)

???: (with Memphis' voice) I am a morph. My name in Renegade.

Memphis: *get's up* ... nice to meet you Renegade the Ancient.

Renegade: I can fix this but it will be at a terrible price. *Changes back to original form* I might not live through but I guess I can help.

Nova: so you're saying you can bring her back... but you might die?

Moonwatch: Count me in...*with a regretful expression* She was once my least this is the only thing I can do...

Memphis:... *looks at Moon and smiles* so you are better than our brother *looks at Renegade* Why are you helping us?

Nova: Yeah... you just met us...

Moonwatch: *smiles a bit, giving a thumbs up*

Renegade: Because 1) I'm new here. 2) I need to make a good name for myself. And 3) If I don't help somebody I'll lose my visa and licsense to live in new Mobotropolis. Now if you will please step aside I can help this girl.

Memphis: *walks up to Moon and punches him in the stomach* Idiot of a brother *smiles* I'm happy to have found another little brother... but if you misbehave i will put you in your place *looks at Renegade* thank you and nice to meet you, you have made a friend in me, so you better live. *goes beside nova* Weird day huh Nove?

Nova: Weirder than what I've seen in a looong time. *smile*

Moonwatch: Heheh...your pretty alright for a big bro....*gets serious and takes a deep breathe* I dunno if I would make it either...but It's time to betray that @$5&* king jackson...*raises hands to selenia* I still hate you...but everyone needs a chance to live...

Renegade: Alright here we go.

(Kneels in front of the girl. Lowers fingertips on top of her, and slowly pours energy into her body. His hands them begin desintigrating into the metallic liquid and absorbs into her.)

Memphis: interesting... he better live or else i won't forgive him.

Charger: You better live Renegade or Isaih will kill me.

Moonwatch: *pushes Renegade out of the way and uses his powers to save her* She isn't enough for you! I have to do this!

Selenia: *starts breathing, starts to suck in all the energy*

Nova: She's breathing!

(Renegade slowly turns into the metallic color and energy pours into the body, and at the last moment stops. Renegade returns to his normal self, and collapses, asleep,tired. He finishes with four words then drifts unto unconcioussnes)

Renegade: That should do it.......zzzzzzzz

Memphis: *smiles* Good.

Nova: Well, he didn't die... good!

Moonwatch: *struggling to keep his position*

Selenia: *gems start to glow*

Moonwatch: *uses all of his powers*

Memphis: *Picks up Renegade* let me put him somewhere safe...*starts walking and then stops and looks at Nova*... Um Nove?

Selenia: *eyes open slowly*

Nova: And she is alive...

Part 2

(With J and N, they are flying over to night Babylon, with n piloting his X-Tornado II at incredible speeds)

J: N-N, what's the big rush?!

N: Getting to Club Rouge on time!

J: But you're flying too fast!! We still got time!!

N: Time waits for nobody!

(The X-Tornado II's speed becomes so unstable that its jet thrusters stalled and that both N and J are forced to bail out before arriving on Night Babylon)


Moonwatch: Memphis! Im sorry! But I might not make it!

Selenia: *slowly waking up*

Nova: Wait, what?

Memphis: *Smiling* If you don't make it i won't forgive you *looks at Nova* Nove thanks... for calming me down... I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

Renegade: (Turns over on the floor. Whispers something in his sleep) Maria...(Sits bolt upright, face expressionless.)

Nova: Welcome! *turns to Renegade* Maria?

Selenia: Maria...

Moonwatch: *falls*

Renegade: Hurry!!! We need to get out NOW!!!!!! (Grabs Moon by the shoulders, whispers something and then motions everybody to the door)

Memphis: ??? *confused*

Nova: UH...

Renegade: QUICKLY!!! J's plane, the X Tornado II is about to crash on top of us so if you would like to live, RUN!!!!!

(The plane doesn't crash into them. The plane already crashed not far from the others)

Memphis: *just drinking more soda he doesn't care at all*

(Charger the Hedgechilla helps J and N out of the plane wreck)

Endac: *runs out to help Charger* hey you guys all right

N: [is perfectly alright] Yeah, I'm okay. My bro just got spaced out.

J: [dizzily] Next time, I get to drive over to Club Rouge instead of you going warp speed on your X-Tornado II @_@...

Charger: [passes out from smoke]

Endac: *goes back inside and gets a drink* hey Reb is it night still cause it feels like morning

Nova: Big crash... heh...

Memphis: *just doesn't care and is still drinking soda*

Renegade: what happened to Memphis........(falls on face and looks like he broke his nose....but he is a morph, he has no bones. once again drifts off to sleep and begins muttering in his sleep.


N: [chuckles nervously] Yeah, I get a little bit too enthusiastic on my piloting skills...

Charger: (in spirit) Get me to the Club now before i die

N: Club? Ah! Club Rouge! [to J] J, can ya-- [notices that J is still dizzy] Oh wait, never mind. Wait here while I go take [tmotions to CHarger] him to the club.

Nova: to the club!

(N grabs Charger and uses ExtremeSpeed to take him to Club Rouge in an instant)

Nova: A-aaa... alone once again.

J: [dizzily] Not... really...

(Scene: bar. Neena is sat at the bar drinking. Chalice pushes through the crowd and sits down, carrying a thick brown book.)

Chalice: I've got the Grimoire. There's nothing on the ringing, but I believe you about Nexuses.

(Neena downs the last of her pint.)

Neena: Nexi. But good, now what does it say?

(Chalice flips through the book till she gets to a page entitles “Nexi”.)

Chalice: Look. (She reads from the book.) A Nexus is a magical point of mass supernatural power. It is located equally distant from the Five Wiccan Elements: Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood, and its untold magical power can only be accessed through an ancient spell created thousands of years ago by Cronus, who wished to use a Nexus to overthrow his father. (She stops reading) Sounds serious.

Neena: It sure is when there's... umm... could you please...?

(Neena gestures towards her glass and imitates the water level rising)

Chalice: Alright, fine, drunk-Neena. Is anyone looking? (Neena shakes her head) Fine.

(Chalice puts her hand over the glass and concentrates her power. The tiny amount of beer that was at the bottom began to rise until Chalice moved her hand away. The pint is now half-full.)

Neena: Hey! What about the rest?

Chalice: You'll have to but it like everyone else.

(She hears the ringing again, like a dentist drill. She picks up the book and stands.)

Neena: You're no fun.

(Chalice leaves.)

Moonwatch: *growls and quickly gets out of his grasp* I'm not dead, the only thing that can kill me is her! *points to selenia*

Selenia: *gasping a bit while growling* Whyd you save me?!

(Back with N, after taking Cherger to Club Rouge, he rushes back to J and takes him to the same location, but he leaves him outside)

J: [groans and wakes up]

N: You okay, J?

J: ...I think so...

N: [smiles] Good.

(Back inside Club Rouge)

Moonwatch: I don't want to be like my brother...

Selenia: *gasping, coughs up some blood* you idiot!

Moonwatch: Why am I the idiot?!

Selenia: Because, you know that I don't respond well to your dark powers! *coughs up blood again*

Memphis: *is just watching the two scuabble he won't do anything until invited fearing it's another personal matter* ...

Moonwatch: Listen! If it wasnt for me you could have died!

Selenia: Oh yeah?! What makes you think I would die-

Moonwatch: *grabs her the the neck* you think you can do anything, because your a princess, eh?! Well let me give you a news flash "princess"! your fathers alive!

Selenia: *shuddered face*

(Moonwatch is suddenly hit by a Chaos Spear caused by J! His dizziness wore off and can't stand watching someone getting hurt)

N: Nice one, J!

J: Thanks.

Moonwatch: Hack! *turns* Who are you two?!

Selenia: *looks at J, then N*

J: J the Hedgehog...

N: ...and N the Hedgehog.

J: I don't like watching innocent people getting hurt.

N: What my big brother said.

Memphis: *gets up and helps moon up*...

Memphis:*just looks at the two of them*...

Selenia: J...N...its been awhile...

Moonwatch: I dont like it when people disturb me like that

J: And I don't like it when people attack innocent people like that.

N: Yeah, so we don't let bad guys win any day.

Memphis: *smiles and punches Moon in the gut again* Well then nice to meet you two names Memphis and anyone who fights for the weak like i do has a friend in me.

Moonwatch: *grabs his hand before letting him punch* I was expecting that one...*gets in front* Well, It looks like your from the "Ultimate lifeform family".

Selenia: J! N! I dont want you getting hurt!!!

J: We've lived worse, Selenia. We don't run away like this. [to Moonwatch] I may not be created as one of the Ultimate Lifeform siblings, but I was chosen to be one.

N: And good guys don't run away just because they're hurt! Running away only makes it feel worse!

Moonwatch: Selenia...are they your brothers..?


N: Technically, I'm her step-brother. He's her new older brother.

Memphis: *amused at his little brothers valor* Ohh you read me young one... *pulls his hand away from his grab and smiles* Don't test a demon remember that little brother... *looks at J and N* again nice to meet you please excuse my little brother.

J: [nods]

Memphis: *crosses his arms* interesting so you are brothers to shadow? *aura tails begin to move around*

Moonwatch: Well then, did you know that Selenia's a princess?

Selenia: I don't like it when people know im...

Moonwatch: w ell, teir your brothers...they should know...*gets in fighting pose* whatever, it's been a long time since I've battled against one of her siblings

Memphis: Well technically I am his brother as well *gets in a battle pose* let's see the power of our blood line young ones

Moonwatch: heheh...I guess thats good enough...*raises hand* Chaos burn!

Memphis: *smiles* Well then two on two sounds just like a good test *fires a Corrupted bullet through the Chaos burn to absorb more heat and sends it at J an N*

Selenia: *worried expression*

J and N: WHOA! [backflips out of the way]

Moonwatch: I say, thats impressive...*does another chaos burn*

J: Chaos Control! [teleports out of the way just inches of Chaos Burn]

N: YIKES! [cartwheels out of the way from Chaos Burn; to himself] I've never heard of Chaos Burn before... I'm betting that J has never done it before...

Memphis: *smiles* Good reaction time... I like these two. *two aura tails begin to flail at them*

Selenia: *gets in front of the tails* Chaos...Burn!

Moonwatch: *growls*

Selenia:'s something that takes awhile to learn...but its really dangerous...

N: I see...

J: [teleports in front of Moonwatch (but not close to him)] Chaos Missile! [releases a barrage of Chaos Missile from his hands at Moonwatch]

Memphis: *uses a tail to block the missiles at deafing speed* Let me tell you something Selenia, I am good guy, all i am doing is testing them so please out of the way.

Selenia: If you want to test something, test me! Chaos Card! *ten cards come out, then launch at Memphis*

Memphis: Three against two... fair enough *brushes the cards aside* but I test with my full strength and that is something that is not to be toyed with.

Selenia: Sounds like a challenge! *full body turns black*

J: N, over here!

N: Right! [rushes over to J]

Dark Selenia: *evil grin* This'l be fun!

Memphis: Moon you can have these two i want to test her she seems strong... (Memphis becomes engulfed in the aura and becomes Ragnorok the Aurahog)

Ragnorok: Come let us take this fight elsewhere, where the young ones won't get hurt.

J: Quickly, N! give me the Chaos Emerald! This way, it'll prevent my darkness to react and turn myself into my own dark form!

N: Okay! [quickly gives the Chaos emerald to J]

J: [grabs the Chaos Emerald] Thanks, bro.

N: Anytime. [looks at Dark Selenia, Memphis and Moonwatch] Well, this isn't good.

Dark Selenia: *looks at J and N with a confident expression* Its nice to play here!

Monwatch: Ill enjoy this!

Ragnorok: Fine then i'll let loose here! *Let's out a loud roar which generated shock waves breaking apart windows and pushing people back*

Dark Selenia: *doesn't affect her* that's the best you can do?!

N: You're gonna have to find a way to save your new sister.

J: We'll have to do this together, little brother. The thing is... how?

N: Good question. We'll have to find a way to free her, without causing much damage to her.

Dark Selenia: heheheh....*looks at J & N with an evil grin*

Moonwatch: *rushes to J & N*

Ragnorok: *amused by the comment* I am holding back, I can blow up this place with the swipe of my little tail but i'll be hurting people so i won't.

N: Oh crud, here he comes!

J: Time for some teamwork!

(J and N holds onto each other's hands and they perform a team move known as Twin Spindash (which releases a yellow orange blur as they spin) and rolls torwards Moonwatch at incredible speeds)

Ragnorok: *Let's out another roar relesing another shockwave testing if the brothers can hold onto their move* *looks at the dark entity* Now then let us get serious. *smiles*

Moonwatch: *stops it with one hand* that's the best you can do?! remember, I am eternal darkness...

(Moonwatch is being pushed back by J and N's Spindash combined with incredible strength!)

Dark Selenia: That would'nt do any damage to me though, since Moonwatch gave me this new power, I have all the darkness...even this new body that I can hostage!

Ragnorok: One who uses darkness to hold a hostage must be punished I will protect the light and consume all darkness!

Dark Selenia: I am the darkness in this body, I can do whatever I please with this body! The girl is safely inside somewhere in me, but If I take damage, yor friend goes bye bye!

Ragnorok: *Breaks out laughing* How naive.

(J and N are closing in on pinning Moonwatch against the wall, until their Twin Spindash begins to slow down caused by him)

Dark Selenia: hmm...

Ragnorok: Let us test that theory of your darkness *goes on all fours in a feral like position*

Dark Selenia: Heheh...*hands disappear*

Ragnorok: *fazes out*

(J and N's team attack failed to work against Moonwatch. However, J seems to have disappeared!)

Moonwatch: That doesn't hurt, I wonder how long til This is over! *looks at selenia*

(Somewhere else)

Ragnorok: N get up...

N: [jumps up to his feet; thinking] You better come up with a good idea, J...

Dark Selenia: I love this new body, its pretty, but I thank Moonwatch for everything!

Moonwatch: I want it back! *starts to punch her*

Dark Selenia: Well well

Moonwatch: *starts to punch harder*

Dark Selenia: *ignoring it as if a bug bit*

Ragnorok: I brought you here to tell you that i need you and your brother's help to save the girl... the darkness is consuming her at a fast rate... I will handle moon if he tries to go for you... now go!!!

(both faze out)

J: [Chaos Controls next to N]

N: J...? What was that for?

J: Not sure...

N: Well, right now we got BIGGER problems to deal with! We gotta save your sister!

J: Yeah, but how?

Ragnorok: *next to them now still on all fours* Easy we siphon the dark energy out.

Dark Selenia: *punches Moonwatch so hard that he breaks the wall and falls outside*

Moonwatch: OOPH! *growls louder and punches her*

Dark Selenia: Pitiful...

J and N: [to Ragnorok] Right.

Ragnorok: When you young ones are ready go at her and use anything to syphon her energy... If it need be call me in and i will lend as much a hand i can give without breaking down the place.

N: [turns to J] Go.

J: All right. Here I go. [walks over to Dark Selenia]

Dark Selenia: heheh!

Moonwatch: whats so funny?!

Dark Selenia: *punches hole thre his stomach* oh nothing...

Moonwatch: *growls* I cant feel anything...

Dark Selenia: *notices N and J*

Ragnorok: *grabs Moon with one of his tails and pulls him towards him* You really are an idiot for a brother you know that?

Moonwatch: I had to stall her...heheh

Dark Selenia: *growlin* Whats going on?!

J: [approaches Dark selenia] You're not the only one with Dark powers, Selenia... [grabs his Chaos Emerald and tosses to N]

N: [grabs a chaos emerald] J, what are you doing?!

Dark Selenia: Now now, what make you think that I am Selenia?! Im just going to use her body for a huge amount of has been a while since Shes used my powers...

J: [in a dark voice] I'm afraid that will not happen.

Ragnorok: That will not go unrewarded little brother *wraps him in his tails* Do you want to get stronger to protect the ones you love?

Moonwatch: Yes...

Ragnorok: Then take this *infuses his body with light* and become the protector that you were destined to be... my brother.

Moonwatch: *Absorbs it, then eyes turn a different color* thank

Ragnorok: Use it well... and get her back now... J and N are trying to save their sister as well you know.

N: [carefully walks next to J, who is now Dark J; to Ragnorok] I'm not one of the Ultimate Lifeofrm sibling, so that makes me her step brother.

Ragnorok: You risk your life to save her... blood ties or not you are a good being *smiles*

N: Seeing as how I'ma step sibling, I do have ties with the ulf siblings. [smiles bacl]

Dark J: [in a dark, cunning voice; to Dark Selenia] I know selenia's inside of her. She'll need some effort to regain control, no less.

Moonwatch: *gets behind Dark Selenia*

Dark Selenia: if you try anything, Ill kill her instantly...

Moonwatch: *gets angry a bit* either way Im gettin her out

Dark J: I don't have to do anything. It's up to her to re-gain control over you or not.

Dark Selenia: Oh yeah?! she-*stays still, then starts to get angry* (with selenias voice) Get out of me! (dark voice) no! im doing you a favor! (with selenia) I dont care get out of me! (with dark) No! I love your body! I can destroy them for you! (with selenia) J! DO whatever it takes to get this thing out-(turns back to dar selenia)

Dark J: N, use that Chaos Emerald against her. If this can revert my back to normal, so can her.

N: Right! [runs torwards Dark Selenia and attempts to negate her dark powers with a Chaos Emerald in his possession]

(The Chaos Emerald brightens and Selenia's dark form begins to slowly fade away!)

N: It's working!

Dark Selenia: IM not going away that easily! *over shades the emerald*

Dark J: It is not working, N.

Moonwatch:YES YOU ARE! *uses new abilities on her*

Dark Selenia: *growls in pain, but then disappears*

Moonwatch: *stops* Its gone now...

Selenia: *turns back to normal, but then falls*

(Dark J also reverts back to normal. N puts his Chaos Emerald away)

J: [rushes over to Selenia and grabs her] Got ya. Are you okay, Selenia...?

Selenia: *gets grabbed by J, Then looks at him with a smile* I am now...thank you...!

J: [smiles back at her] Heh. No problem.

Selenia: *hugs him*

J: [hugs her back]

N: [chuckles] Now that's what I call sibling love.

Selenia: I can still feel that thing inside me though...

J: I know. You just gotta fight it off. It may be hard, but it helps, so that means you can take full control over your form, even though I have to deal with my own darkness inside of me as well.

Selenia: I'll try...*walks to Moonwatch*

Moonwatch: hmph...

Selenia: *punches him in the gut* You idiot hog...

Moonwatch: *feels pain but hides it*

Selenia: *kisses him quick* At least you changed...^^ *walks back over to J and N*

Moonwatch: *surprised*

N: Hehe.

Moonwatch: what just happenned?

N: You may never know...

J: So what should we do, N?

N: I dunno. Maybe we can go over to that fancy club over there? [thumbs over to Club Rouge]

J: Maybe... I think so.

Memphis: hmmph good job... I'm going to get another drink later bros and sis *walks off*

Selenia: Weird day [sweatdrop]

Moonwatch:....*walks away*

Selenia: And where are you going?

Moonwatch: Im leaving....or at least take a rest...

N: Hey, Selenia. Me and J wanted to check out Club Rouge. You wanna come?

Selenia: Hmm? Oh sure

N: Cool! [grabs Selenia's hand and takes her to Club Rouge] C'mon, let's go ^^!

Selenia: Whoa! ^^! [runs in the club with N]

Part 3

(The three heads inside Club Rouge; it is huge and luxurious)

Selenia: so do you guys like it? ^^

J and N: [excitedly] Yeah!

Selenia: good! also if you'd like to practice, theres a battle field over there ^^

J: Okay ^^! [to N] Let's go, N!

N: Right!

(The two runs off to the battle field so they can spar at each other)

Selenia: *watches with excitement*

(Inside the arena with J and N (with Selenia watching from outside the arena), they prepare a sparring match against each other)

N: [goes in a fighting stance] Are you ready, big bro?

J: [goes in a fighting stance] Ready when you are, little bro!

N: All right! On three!

J: 1....

N: 2....

J and N: 3! [charges torwards each other]

(The sparring match starts with J and N engaging themselves in combat. Both of them dodge every attacks when either of them attacks, showing no signs of injuries, amazingly)

Charger: (walks in, sits down waves for a waitress and watches J and N fight) You two are so wierd =)

Nova: *walks in* Everyone left me at that place somewhere~! You must all love me so much~! *sits down*

Leo: (sitting at the bar, relaxing) well, this place ain't so bad....

Bladez: (Watches N and J) well, it's got awesome fighters....

Lewis: You want to go fight em?

Bladez: thanks...

Nova: *walks up to Bladez* You're new. Right? I've never seen you here before...

Bladez: (sits up straight) uh, yeah, nice to meet you.

(The hedgehog brothers, who are neither hurt or injured due to their unparalleled skills and agility, are becoming exhausted after countless minutes of battling to each other, with neither of them showing any signs of surrendering)

N: [panting] Man... you're... good... J...

J: [panting] Same... to you... brother.... give up... yet?

N: Nope.... are you...?

J: Nope....

(Both J and N collapse to the ground with exhaustion, seemingly too tired to continue sparring each other)

Nova: nice to meet you too.. I guess.

(Nova and the others sees J and N, who are lying on the ground inside an arena with exhaustion, after a long sparring match)

Leo: bet you could take em now...

Nova: Lame!

Bladez: hope they're alright...

Leo: think we should poke em with something?

Nova: they'll get up eventually...

(Both J and N walks away from the arena so they can rest after an extended sparring period, with neither of them showing any signs of wounds)

Leo: (shurgs) guess you were right...(takes a sip of his drink)

Nova: I'm always right when I'm not angry.

Lewis: (rubs his chin) are you anger prone?

Leo: (smacks Lewis on the back of the head) Thats not a question you ask somebody!

Bladez: (points to Leo) He's anger prone...

Nova: No, I'm insanity prone. Now do a favor for me and don't be a nuisance.

Bladez: (sweatdrop runs down his head) uhh, ok....we'll try not to be a nuisance....

Nova: Yeah. Good.

Leo: (mumbles while drinking his drink) yeah.....we'll try....

Nova: I get it.

Leo: (lazily looks into his drink) yeah...I know, heh....

Nova: Need me to kick you?

Leo: (raises an eyebrow) No thanks, not now anyway.

Nova: okay then~!

(Renegade walks in, looking like he just crawled out of hell.)

Lewis: (looks over at Renegade) wonder what happened to him!

Leo: Probably got ruffed up by some thieves, or robots or somthing....

Waitress: *gasp* RENEGADE!!!!!!! *runs over to renegade and helps him to a seat*

Renegade: This is the first time I've seen you worried about me Malvina. *weak chuckle*

Malvina: Well I can't have you dyin' on me now can I?

Leo: (keeps on sipping his drink) see, he's fine....

Lewis: -_-' you just don't have any compassion, do you Leo?

Leo: Heh, since when did we start talking about compassion?

Lewis: (facepalm)

Bladez: (whispers: why do I hang out with these guys?)

Leo: (apparently heard Bladez) Because we're your friends....(sips his drink)

Lewis: Correction, we're your annoying friends!

Bladez: (smiles) oh yeah, right!

Leo:....I guess I can try to be nicer....

Lewis: (crosses arms) that'll be the day!

Selenia: *to J and N* Okay you two, don't you think it's time for your new sister to show you her moves? ^^

J and N: [nods to Selenia, still recovering from their exhaustion] Uh-huh.

Selenia: I'll go as easy as I can go ^^ *raises her hands* ready?

J and N: Ready ^^.

Selenia: Okay! Chaos Card! *ten cards surround her, then turn into a spear like color.* Now! *Cards go directly to them*

Nova: *watches from couch*

N: WHOA! [looks at chaos Card, before turning to J] J, have you done this before?

J: No, N. It's pretty new, though!

Selenia: Chaos flame! *a weird flame goes to J and N*

J and N: Chaos Flame?

N: Awesome!

J: Yeah, I agree, N!

Selenia: *redirects it to her, then sucks it back into her palm* You guys never knew these moves?

N: No. It's our first time, tho!

J: The only new Chaos move I learned was Chaos Reversal, which turns any Chaos attacks turned against them ^^.

N: Yeah. Although he uses it on enemies, Selenia. That move won't work against Chaos powers who are hero-aligned.

Selenia: interesting, but I can teach you guys these moves I know, they come in handy ^^

J: Cool!

N: Yeah, it'll be useful to show these baddies what we're made of!

Selenia: Okay! this will be kinda hard for you, unless I give you some of my powers

J: [nods] All right.

Selenia: *her gems start to glow* alright, here I go

J and N: [watches Selenia]

Selenia: (A huge shield surrounds them, starts to let J and N to absorb her chaos powers)

J and N: Whoa! Awesome!

Selenia: Okay, now give me your hands

J and N: [holds out their hands to Selenia]

Selenia: *puts 2 Crystaline emeralds in their hands, then starts to activate them* Haysingel...Serlasde...

J and N: [looks at the Crystaline emeralds, amazed]

Selenia: teach them the new ways of your sister chaos you taught me...*emeralds glow*

J and N: [looks at the emeralds with amazement]

Crystaline Emeralds: *glow bright, then give J and N new chaos moves*

J: Whoa...

N: Awesome!

(back at the bar)

Leo: Hey Bladez, maybe you could teach Lewis some of your moves...(sips his drink)

Lewis: Hey! I've got awesome moves!

Leo: (rolls his eyes) Oh yeah, "Tail Spin", "Basic Combat" and lets not forget..."Roll"

Lewis: Hmm....well, I got this!

Leo: (Lewis lifts him up into the air with his gravity powers) woah! ok, ok! point taken!

Lewis: (sits Leo down) good ^_^

Selenia: *with a struggling face, but then goes away* phew...I knew I should have practice for that one...*shield goes away, then Crystaline emeralds go back in her pocket* Okay, The emeralds allowed you both to use my chaos powers, all you need to do is use them with the right training ^^

J: Cool! You can count on us ^^!

N: We won't let you down, Selenia ^^!

Slate: (walks up to bar) Hey barkeep! Give me a drink. (puts money on counter)

Selenia: *smiles* It will take a small while, but you be pleased by the moves Im going to show you

J and N: [smiles back, excitedly] Okay.

Selenia: okay, first I will teach you two "Chaos burn"

J and N: [nods]

(Since N isn't technically one of the ULF siblings, he still wields Chaos powers, most likely because he still has his Chaos Emerald in his possession)

Selenia: Direct your energy to a target, then let it go without pressure, like this *raises hand to a target, then does a chaos burn*

J: Okay. I'll go first. [closes eyes and raises his hand onto a target] Chaos... Burn! [fires a chaos Burn from his hand onto the target, hitting its mark]

Bladez: (watches them practice) heh, they're pretty good!

Leo: (mumbles) hope they don't burn the place down....

Selenia: good! but think of it as an airrow, Raise your hand, then use the other one as if you are about to shoot an arrow...*does what she has said, then a huge spirit made arrow comes out* and release when you feel comfortable and calm...*shoots the arrow, but arrow doesn't launch* Luckily I used my spirit pressure arrow, takes way too long to practice...but you did awesome for the first time!!! ^^

J: [chuckles] Thanks, Selenia ^^!

N: Okay, my turn! [performs a stance as if he was holding a bow and arrow] Chaos Burn! [shoots off an arrow (although it's Chaos Burn) and misses the target; sweat drops] Oops ^^...

Selenia: it's alright, all you need to do is just focus...*grabs his arms, as if shooting an arrow* now all you need to do is make the material...*helps him make chaos burn* And shoot it directly as if your shooting an arrow *helps him shoot Chaos Burn, and makes a direct hit* ^^

N: Cool! Okay, lemme try this again... [does the same stance Selenia showed him] Chaos... BURN! [releases a Chaos Burn and hits the target] WHOO! I did it, Selenia ^^!

J; Nice one, N!

Selenia: *claps*

???: WAHHHHH!!!! SELENIA!!!!!

Selenia: hmm?! *sees Mutt*

Mutt: Selenia!!! *panting hard*

Alice: *walks up to them in super sexy waitress uniform* (nervously) G-Goon evening! Auuuuu. Would you like a drink!? (pushes platter of matinis into their faces)

Selenia: *looks at her, then mouth drops* Alice!!! W-w-w-w-

Mutt: *blushes deep* whoa....

J: Ummm who are they (Alice and Mutt)?

Selenia: Alice, please go change....

Mutt: please don't hurt me...*to J and N* Selenia im scared...!!! *hides behind her*

Selenia: Mutt, It's alright, they're family members

Alice: Thank you...*still blushing when Ray comes up*

Ray: Hey guys, what's up?

Selenia: Oh hey ray! it's been awhile since that game invasion! *to Alice* Its to make you feel comfortable sweety

Ray: Nonsense! See, Mazda and I became bartenders and Alice decided to become a waitress!

Alice: 'Cause we needed money, and Ray said I could get tips this way. *hold out wad of fifty dollar bills*

Selenia: [facepalm] ya know if ya just asked me I could have given you guys cash...[sweatdrop]

Alice: No thanks. I prefer earning my money.

Ray: And, it's alot of fun to me!!! I didn't think I'd see a club until I was 21!

Selenia: Oh and by the way, i'd like you two to meet my 2 new brothers, J and N! *introduces them*

Mutt:.....*staying behind Selenia*

Ray: Sure!

Alice: I'll get some drinks...(puts plater over herself) after I get changed (completely red)

Ray: Believe me, no rush at all! (really red)

Selenia: *goes to them both, with a sly foxxy face, then raps her arms on their shoulders* Have I ever told you how much I love you both?!

Alice: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! We love you too Selenia! *cute W mouth face*

Ray: *struggling* How about you share some of this love with Mazda!? He's at the bar....*loosing air*

J: [chuckles]

N: [to Mutt] So you must be...?

Mutt: I-Im mutt hifton...*goes to him slowly because of his broken leg and arm* who are you...? are you my captain's brother?

N: I'm N, J's older brother and step-brother of Selenia.

Selenia: *freezes and lets go of ray* I have no time...I have to train my brothers...

Mutt: J is....*looks at J* him...?

J: [nods] Yup.

Alice: *Nervously* Hi! I'm Alice. *looks down and gets red again* Oh. Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, sorry about....this.

Selenia: Its alright, and Mutt, how's your leg and arm?

Mutt: it's good, But people are making fun of me again....

Alice: Making fun of what?

Ray: Ha ha! You're in a cast.

Selenia: *slaps Ray*

Mutt: *saddens*

Selenia: Don't make fun of my students....

Mutt: its alright....

Renée: -appears near Mutt- You ok?

Mutt: AHH!!! *falls back* please dont hurt me...!!!

Ray: Ha ha! You can't hurt me! I'm so full of martini's I can't feel anything!!!

Alice: Those weren't martinis. *sigh* You're too young so they gave you green lemonade in a martini glass. With an olive.

Ray: *big hand print starts to glow* OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J and N: This is new...

Selenia: *uses shield on Ray*

Mutt: *sobbing, while in pain because of his injuries*

Renée: Don't worry, I won't..-smiles slightly and holds out hand to help Mutt up-

Mutt: thank you....*slightly blushes*

Selenia: I don't like it when any of my students get hurt mentally, verbally, or physically

Renée: I don't like it when anyone gets hurt...

Alice: Me either. Would you like a drink? *inadvertedly shows off sexy outfit*

Selenia: [facepalm]

Mutt: j-just regular water please...

Renée: I'll have a martini if it isn't any trouble..

Selenia: Me too...

Alice: It'll be a bit. I've gotta go change. So...I'll be in the ladies' room.

Ray: I'll be in the ladies' room too!

J: [sweatdrops]

N: Tch. Weirdo...

Renée: -turns to J and N- And you are?

J: J the Hedgehog...

N: ...and N the Hedgehog.

Mazda: *walks up angrilly* Ray! What are you doing!?

Ray: aw crap!

Mazda: You're on shift! Pick up your lazy butt and do your job!

Selenia: Hey J and N, should we get back to practice?

Mutt: ?

J and N: [to Selenia] Okay ^^.

Mutt: can I trainn...?

Selenia: *smirk* sure, Id love to show them what one of my old students can do

Mazda: Can I come? I'm on my break and I told security to watch out for Ray.

Selenia: S-sure...

Mutt: A-are you sure?! I dont want to get hurt-

Selenia: you wont get hurt sweetie ^^ *kisses his cheek*

Mutt: are you sure?

Selenia: Im sure!

Mutt: I guess...but that kiss is old now...

Selenia: its a family kiss...

Mazda: He's right, that kiss didn't look anything like you did in Game invasion.

Selenia: *looks at Mazda with a anime vein* are you asking for one? or are you just jealous that I give kisses to people...*with a sly foxxy face*

N: [falls asleep out of boredom]

J: [facepalms when he sees N fall asleep]

Mutt: *pokes N with a stick from far distance*

Selenia: well? *with same face*

N: [mumbles in his sleep, feeling poked] Stop prodding (poking) me, big bro... [sleeps]

Mutt: *uses darker form to wake him up*

J: ! [carries N onto his arms; sweatdrops] I'll handle this one from here...

Mazda: Uh...........Uhhhhhhh......pass?

Mutt: kk

Selenia: *gets infront of him with a very sexy face* Are you sure? You either seemed like you liked the other two that I gave you...and you kinda look jealous that Im starting to kiss other people....*heheh*

Mazda: Meh, why not? *shrugs*

Selenia: *scoffs, then sarcastically kisses him for a minute and goes to J and N*

J: Let's go, Selenia.

Mazda: Wow, Ray and Alice already broke two of your rules. Just noticed that. Man they're gonna get it!

Selenia: *confused a bit, walks off with J to practice* cmon Mutt...

Mazda: *follows them* I'm comin'. You guys need all the help you can get.

Selenia: Its just practice though, Ive been teaching since I first taught...right Mutt?

Mutt: *nods* Selenia is the leader of the whole entire group SPOF Fighters.

J: "SPOF fighters"?

Selenia: SPOF means "Speed, Power, Other, and Flight". My 10th great grandma Nerisaga created this group. There are like more then 500 students in the SPOF academy, and 100 in the team

J: Oh...

N: [wakes up and jumps up to his feet; yawns] What'd I miss....?

Selenia: uh...I dont know how to explain...but its a pretty powerful job. I am the leader over 100 other people...

N: [confused] ...what?

J: [to N] She's talking about SPOF fighters.

N: Ohhhh..... never heard of it.

J: Well, she's tell us, N.

Selenia: Mutt is en example. he was abused all his life...left to die by his parents...and was always bullied...but since he came to the SPOF academy and succeeded, it changed his life a bit.

Mutt: sadly, Im a troll now...

Alice: *comes out in normal waitress clothes* Hey gfuys, how's it going!?

Ray: *crying a bit* darn security guard.

J: Oh my...

N: Great. It's not just sibling issues me and J have to deal with, now it's parental issues [sighs] What next...?

Selenia: Im the one who treats everyone as my own child. for many years I trained and worked with the best fighters I had...*attacks J and N* think fast!

J: ! [blocks Selenia's attack]

N: WHOA! [ducks]

Alice: Auuuuuuu, don't fight you guys!

Ray: Give 'em a punch for me!

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Selenia: its practice! and I think I can take on 4! *looks at Mutt and Mazda*

J: Yeah!

N: I can't see how it's fighting if we're practicing!

Mazda: You asked for it.

Alice: Don't encourage them!! Ohhhhh.

Ray: Go on Mazda! You can take 'em!

Selenia: look at are staring at a 16 year old teacher! *rushes at J and N, then does a chaos card on Mutt, then Chaos beam on Mazda*

Mutt: *dodges* you think that A cast will keep me like this? *does a chaos spear*

J and N: [dashes torwards Selenia]

Selenia: *ignore it as if it was a bug bite*

Mazda: *appears behind Selenia while she was distracted by J and N*

Selenia: *ducks onto the floor so everyone hurts themselfs*

J: [gets kicked by Mazda] AUGH!

N: [is still intact after dodging] HA! he got a good, J! XD

Selenia: *kicks the bottom of N and Mazda's foot, making them fall. then jumps way high in the air*


J: Hehe....

Selenia: Ya like? its an old school move! RW! Open now! *metal wings open*

Leo: (watches them from the bar) well, this place is gonna get trashed....

Mutt: Ouchies...that hurt...

Part 4

(After much extensive sparring match, the bar is nearly destroyed. Rouge goes inside and she is devastated!)

Roug; [sees her bar completely destroyed] O_O"

N: That was awesome, Selenia!

J: Ummm, N? [points to Rouge, who is raged]

Selenia: Hmm? oh sorry rouge...I cna fix it up under 10 seconds for you! *uses her Crystaline Emerald to clean up the whole bar*

Rouge: Hmph. Next time if I ever see another bar fight, I'd kick you guys out of here. [walks away to her office]

Alice: So sorry ma'am!!

Ray: Pfft, bosses.

Mazda: *hits Ray on head* Get back to work!

Selenia: hmm? *feels an unusual spiritual pressure* Who is that...? *goes to Mazda* Weird...his spiritual pressure is groing by the minute...but why...?!

N: [to Mazda] Hey, you okay, man?

Selenia: [thoughts] if its true...he would block my hand with his grasp...Ill try...*aims a perfect punch to Mazda, but is stopped by his firm grasp of his hand*

Mazda: Can I ask why you want to hurt me?

Selenia: *freezes* I knew are increasing...

J: [looks at Selenia with concern] Selenia...? Are you okay...?

Mazda: Increasing? All I did was block your fist and tell Ray to go back to work, which I did because I'm his superior(in every sense).

Lewis: (looks concerned) Uh, you guys sure you don't wanna get outta here? (looks to Bladez and Leo)

Leo: Nah, let's wait around abit...

Bladez: Yeah, this is gettin' good!

Selenia: I have to do something about this! I can't let your pressure grow fast...!!!

J: [watches Selenia with concern and worry]

Mazda: Selenia, you sure you're okay?

Selenia: *with her eyes small, she takes back her hand and holds her hand out* theres only one way to find out if its true with you...Bewington! show your form...*a small spirit soul, like a small hound, fox head hovering*

Bewington: Yes master?

Selenia: I need you to check the red hedgehog, incase its not too serious...

Bewington: Y-yes master! *starts to sniff Mazda* yup! theres something up!

Selenia: good...thank you for your help-

Bewington: Im not getting back in there! Its been time since ive seen things from the living!

Selenia: *redirects him back into her necklace, but the shivers a bit*


Mazda: Okay, why the heck did a little spirit thingy sniff me!?!

Selenia: *shivering a bit, but not scared* B-because he is a dead soul....I found him in a graveyard when he was dead...*tries to stop shivering* your Spiritual pressure Is out of balance! even Ray's and Alice's! If I dont do anything (since I cant tell them that I can harm them if its serious) Then you all will fall out of balance...just like Aurora and Sekebua....Its time I told you all...

Alice: AU AUUU AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Ray, this is you fault!!!

Ray: No come on sweetie, it wasn't all my fault.

Mazda: It's completely your fault! We had to get job to pay for your mistake! Two trucks, a train, and an umbrella!......And two million rings in damage!!!

Selenia: STOP YOU 3!!! I haven't explained what is happening! *quickly puts on all of them soul chains in the middle of their chest's*

Slate: Christ.... that..... was.... DISTURBING.....

Selenia: *looks at slate with a angered face*

Mazda: Fine. And don't ask how Ray managed it. He just did. *grumbles* two million rings my quills. That's not compensation, that's high scale robbery.

Selenia: *looks at Mazda, then yanks the chain which acts like it glued to him, making him come forward to Selenia* Listen, I can tell you right now, If I don't get your presures calmed down, serious actions out of nowhere happen, and It isn't fun...*lets go of the chain, making Mazda fly back* This is serious...And if you are confused Ill be glad to explain

Mazda: *calmly* Okay. I'm confused, go ahead and explain.

Ray: Talk darn it!!!!!!!!!

Selenia: *sighs* Spiritual pressure is the pressure inside a living soul. When the soul is seperated from the body, a thing called "Chain of fate* appears on your chest, on top of your heart. it connects you to the spirit world from the living. when A soul dies, that chain seperates from the body, and the spirit as always is called a "ghost". The chain of fate becomes smaller and smaller, and once the chain fades away, the spirit becomes a hollowed monstor. these monstors need to survive by eating other souls that have passed away, but ones who havent become monstors...And now we go back to the things I put on all of your chests

Alice: -.-' And what does this have to do with our jobs?

Selenia: these things that I put on your chests are similar to a chain of fate, but it wont shrink and turn you into a monstor. These chains protect your spirit pressure, making sure that it wont go out of balance...*closes eyes* This was the result of Alice and my transforming into Aouroa and Sekebua...

Mazda: Then why am I affected?

Ray: Can I borrow a couple million rings?

Selenia: Because, The fight I had with you, I affected you with my spirit pressure..*with a surprising voice* and I have over 100,000 of spirit pressure...making me very powerful when It comes to dealing spirits...But If I find a way to regenerate..the 900 I gave to each of you, then I might be able to save you....and do you want to know the consiquence...?

Mazda: Sure.

Selenia: very well...*grabs her necklace, and breaks the dimond shaped gem into pieces* here it is...*drops it, drops a tear of blood, then a weird monster/human/spirit comes out and attacks Selenia, only to be sliced by her finger* Every monster will try and find you, to devour the sweet taste of your soul...*drops another tear of blood, then there are illusions about peoples past that start to make selenia angry a bit* The 2nd, is when you are visited by every horrible memory...*drops another* next is spirits haunting you...and try to get in your body to use you corpse as their new body...*drops another* this is the worst...*shows a hologram of a little girl, that looks like selenia when younger, die from spirit pressure, then hollowed monsters come to her, riping out everything in her and devouring her* Thats the last will die...*shows fingers signaling "4"* On the exact forth day of your curses...then you will become a montser yourself...haunting the people you onced loved...*growls for the diagram, as showing that the little girl was selenia's younger orphaned cousin* It doesnt affect me...because Im royalty...but that little girl...I couldnt save her on time...*growls, trying to hold back the tears*

Mazda: Okay, sure. I'm an angel, so I've dealt with much worse.

Alice: I'm good. I'm haunted by Ray everytime he does something dumb, so you know how often that is.

Ray: And I'm haunted by nightmares of Alice's mom looking over me. *looks up at sky* Last I checked, she had a crystal ball to watch her enemies. *gulps* And I think I'm one of 'em.

(also, I need a villager from Tales. Help?)

(I dont understand?)

Selenia: For you all, you have special abilities...which makes it more worse...but I will let you know what will happen on your own. But dont you EVER take off those chains. leave them on for about a half hour....You dont want to know what happenned to the last person...*takes off her boots and gloves, showing weird scars, old wounds, and markings made by all 4 days* It was I dont expect you 3 to disobey what I am saying...*feels her marked and scared wounds, only to be burned*

All together: We promise.

(I just need someone to be a villager that finds them on the beach. That way I can start the second part and introduce the villains)

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Selenia: Good...[thoughts] Dang I know that they are gonna do somethin stupid...And if you feel anything strange, just tell me...*to herself* Karamita...Im sorry if I left you that day...I promise Ill revive you when the time is right...

Bewington: *appears* you can't revive her...shes gone....and shes already a hollow...

Selenia: *tons of chibi veins* since when did I accept that Id let you out now...?!

Alice: Eeep! Where'd you copme from?

Mazda: *sigh* Why do I expect a Hanyuu/Rika type deal?

Bewington: Hmm?! Its a cutie!

Selenia: *kicks Bewington with her foot* Shut it Soul eater!

Bewington: wahhhh!!! *falls, making a squicky noice*

Selenia: thats Bewington, my substitute Soul deliver, he helps me with many things...and can be a pervert...

Bewington: Its not my fault your shower towel fell and I saw! *spirit nosebleeds*

Ray: *starts smiling overexcitedly and makes proud pose* That's fine! Because in the words of Maebara Keichii "All men are perverts at their core!!!" Besides, I got the same way around Alice earlier. *nosebleeds too*

Bewington: and the first time Selenia's Bathing suit was way too small!

Selenia: *blushing red all over* thats enough bewington...!!!!!

Ray: I remember Alice in a towel for the first time! Almost fainted!!!

Alice: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Mazda: That's enough Ray.

Bewington: and the time Selenia cuddled me with her bare bo-

Selenia: *has her sword out, with a big grin* Oh bewington! have I ever told you how much I love you?! *raises sword*

Bewington: AHHHH!!!! *floats away*

Selenia: Come back! Im only going to show you what I can do!

Bewington: Okay! *stuffs himself in Selenia's bra* its squishy!

Alice: Ohhhhhhhh! Stop being stupid!

Ray: heh heh! I think I've found my new best friend!!!


Bewington: *scared, Flaots off*

Selenia: *with raging voice* GET BACK HERE YOU PERVERTED BRAT!!!!!

Bewington: *goes in her neckalce and stays there*

Selenia: thats better....*with fangs* Sorry for that really embarrasing moment...*tops is somewhat off, because of bewington. making everyone stare at her, boys kinda perverted* What? something on me?

Alice: ;~;

Mazda: O.o

Ray: :D

(LOL I love their expressions!)

Selenia: ???

Mazda: Uhhhhh, look down.

Ray: Don't look down! Don't look down!!!

Alice: Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! Ray, stop being pervy!!!

Selenia: I don't see whats the pro-

Mutt: Uh teach? Ya might wanna remember right now what bewington did...

Selenia: *remembers Bewington pulling her top down, and possibly her bra a bit* O_O!!!!!!!!!!

Ray: Best job EVER!!!!!!!!!!

Mazda: Ray, you're a disgrace.

Ray: WHO CARES! I saw Selenia's-

Alice: If you still want me as a girlfriend, you won't finish that sentence!!!

Selenia: *wacks Ray in the head and fixes her top* your such a pervert....*wacks him again* Besides...Da-*stops sentence, and walks away giving the silent treatment*

Mutt: Selenia? something wrong?

Selenia: No....nothings wrong!

Mutt: Is it about him and thomas-

Selenia: *eyes change to blood red, as in anger* Don't you ever repeat those names again...after what they did to me...

Bewington: *Pops out* Okay, Im sorry-*looks at selenia* whats up?

Selenia: *puts her bangs back, still with eyes red, while talking with her teeth, saying lies* Nothings up! Just stop saying his name!

Mutt: Selenia...its been over 2 years since you've said that name...theres gotta be something up

Selenia: *growls* People change....he died....I don't want to hear it...*looks at Mazda, Ray, and Alice confused*

Mazda: Who's Thomas?

Ray: didn't! *gasps* Don't tell me you dated a human like us! Awwww man! You're going Sonelise on us!!!

Mutt: Thomas the hedgehog, he was the fiance of Selenia, but his father sent Moonwatch to kill him in a fight for however wins takes selenia as a bride....thomas won, but died...

Selenia: *crying a bit not showing tears* I loved him.....I can't believed He died....i just wish I could see him.....but he sacrafised himself for me....its not fair!

Bewington: Selenia! Calm down! your Spirit pressure is growing more! If you don't calm down, I will have to absorb it!

Selenia: why should I?!

Bewington: *sees selenia in pain by her memory*

(Both J and N must've left without notice, since they are seemingly sleepy...)

Mutt: G-Guys! please calm down! or else your s-

Selenia: *in tears* why did you have to bring up that memory...?!

Bewington: *in raged voice* It wasnt my fault!

Alice: *sadly*Auuuuuu. I don't wanna be checking my spirit pressure whenever I get emotional.

Ray: Meh, I'm a guy so I don't have to worry about that.

Selenia and Bewington: *light blue starts to swirl around them*

Mutt: Oh no! their gonna hurt eachother!

Mazda: *sigh* another explosion? Too bad J &N are asleep. Maybe they could stop this.

Mutt: maybe temporarily, this happens when partners don't trust each other...thats a perfect example of that, and when they start to fight.

Selenia and bewington: *Growls while glowing* Stay outta this! *pushes everyone back hard with their "Chaos Shockwave"

Mutt: Ooph! *hurts his lag badly* ouchies...that hurt...

Both: *looking at eachother with frustration and untrustfulness*

Mazda: You guys! I can calm them down.

Both: I Said stay outta this! *does a shield on Mazda that disables every known power move, making him helpless*

Mutt: guys! Trust each other! Remember?! you two kept vows to stay calm and work with together as a team! Remember Selenia?! You taught me that value when I was a pup!

Selenia: *growling in pain and sorrowness*

Mazda: Wow, how do we fix this?

Selenia: Trust isnt a toy...!!!

Bewington: Memories aren't no fun...!!!

Mazda: Man, what're we gonna do?

Alice: I have an idea. Just give me a minute.

Mutt: We can try to make them trust eachother...

Alice: *clears throat and sings like inb the video about bonds*thumb|300px|right|you two are one

Both: *listening, as the waves grow smaller and smaller*

Mutt: remember, dont go to them and as them "Whats their problem" or a complaint....that will make things worse...

Alice: *keeps singing as Ray somehow starts playing a piano. Where'd he get it? Randomness)

Mazda: It's working. Alice, great job!

Mutt: *amazed* I think they are bonding...

Selenia: *looking at Bew. with a blank expression, making her hair still flowing*

Bew: *looking at selenia, show the tiniest smile ever*

Mutt: this is amazing...Ive never seen Selenia bonding before...!!!

Alice: *still singing, but getting to the end*

Mazda: Seiously, where'd you get the piano?

Ray: Shhhhh! No physics, just bonding.

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(Kk, Seeya)

Selenia: *blue goes away, then hair falls down*

Bew: *floating* I guess we need to trust each other more...

Selenia: *gives a thumbs up* You better not be like that again...putting weird thoughts in me...

Alice: Now that that's over! *grabs Bew* I'm taking him home!!!

Mazda: Aww man, too many Higurashi references.

Ray: Can you blame them? It was well played out and acurately pertrayed the descent into madness.

Mazda: *bops him on the head* Stop trying to sound smart! Now get back to work.

Selenia: *phone rings, she picks it up* Hello?

???: You have done a horrible thing, Selenia!

Selenia: W-Who is this?!

Bew: *gets free from Alice, and tries to listen with selenia*

Selenia: Master?! You know that you are never allowed to talk to me from the spirit world...

???: You must take the chains off of them, they must do this on their own

Selenia: I am afraid I cant do that....If not the r-

???: Do as you are told! If not I will banish you from the Spirit and Living!
Selenia: *really shocked* W-what?! you arent allowed to do that!

Bew: Tell me it isn't him!

Selenia: *nods a yes to Bew* What do you want me to do again?

???: Take the chains off of them....they look challenging enough....and do it without concern...

Selenia: *slowly wakes to alice, shocked. She takes off her chain, giving alice some pain*

Bew: What are you doing?!?! It hasn't been one our yet!

Alice: Who is it? Someone scary?

Selenia: *still being silent, walks up to ray with a blank expression and yanks his chain off*

Bew: Selenia!!!

Ray: Owwwww!!!

Alice: Selenia! Do I have to start singing again!?

???: *still on the phone* Shhh! Don't make a sound until all of this is over...Unless of corse-

Selenia: *hangs up the phone instantly and puts it back in her pocket, still being silent*

Bew:'s best if you don't do it...*whispers* its the same song her mom sang to her when she was a baby...

Selenia: *still silent, goes to Mazda and yanks off his chain, but it doesnt come off* [thoughts] Oh great....I can't believe Im doing this...*still silent, raps the chain around her hand and Yanks it as hard as she can, making alot more pain to Mazda. then grabs all three chains and burns them with her hands* [thoughts] done...*still silent, she walks to Bew and grabs something in his ear*

Bew: Selenia!!!!!! What are you doing?!?!?!?!?!

Alice: *can't just let it go* Stop it! You're acting just like my ex!

Bew: Selenia! What's gotten into you?!

Selenia: *looks directly at his eyes, as if sending a message threw ESP*

Bew: *shuttered* was him....

Selenia: *stops looking at him, then walks off somewhere*

Bew: I understand now...

Selenia: *freezes*

Alice: What??? I never understand these things...

Bew: Our master....He told Selenia to yank off those chains, even if it wasn't 1 hour...

Selenia: *clinches fists*

Alice: *sigh* Let it out. Let it out.

Bew: It's hard for selenia to talk whenever our master calls us...And she said that this meeting has to do with the three of you somehow-*a shield comes up on him, but isn't from Selenia*

Selenia: *cahins go to her hands, as if going to prison* Huh?! What's going on?!

Bew: Selenia! Watch out!

Selenia: *a huge thing almost swallows her up, but she does a flip before getting swallowed* Not this again! *chains on her hands electricute her, which causes her pain*

Bew: Selenia!-*gets electricuted in the bubble*

Ray: There Boss! *got Rouge to help out*

Alice: Auuuuuu. Not another fight!!!

Selenia and Bew: *stops the electricution, then the shield and bubble goes away and both fall to the ground panting and filled with scars*

Mazda: Okay, what was that???

Alice: Auuuuuuu. Why can't I have a normal life? I'm a good person.

Selenia: *panting*

Bew: It *pant* was our *pant* punishment...*pant*

Mazda: Explain.

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Selenia: Our...punishment....for helping....

Alice: For helping us*lets head down*

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Selenia: *tries to get up and sit on the couch* Master didn't want us to help you....he said to let the 4 days happen...He want's to test you....but if you dont succeed then you will matter what...

Bew: If we were to disobey him....Selenia and I wouldnt have existed anymore....

Mazda: Please, we can handle it!

Ray: I can too!

Alice: I take care of Ray every day. I can handle anything!

Selenia: *ignores all the scars, but tries to get up in pain* I can secretly help you for the 2 days....but that is my limit....

Bew: I will help you on the 2rd day...

Selenia: And both of us will combine to help you on the 4th day, thats the only day you will actually need our help...

Alice: Okay!

Mazda: Now...All of you back to work!!!

Bew: *whispers* you took more damage then me, are you okay...?

Selenia: *whispers back* I-Im not that good....I have a full everything on me is damaged....*growls in pain* and It stinkin burns.......

???: where are we, Clang?

Clang: i'm not sure. we must have made a wrong turn.

???:where do you THINK we are? Clang: Well, all i know is somebody better find us, or we'll not be able to fufill our promise.......

Part 5

(Back with J and N...)

J: [wakes up] Hey, N.

N: [wakes up] What...?

J: Should we go and check with Selenia?

N: Eh, you go on ahead. I gotta search for my X-tornado II...

J: if you say so, N... [walks off]

Selenia: *laying down on the couch, trying to heal Bew* you still okay?

Bew: Yes....but it's hard to heal a dead spirit...*getting healed*

Selenia: should have said that when we were getting our punishment...

(J happens to sit next to Selenia)

Selenia: *shivering while healing Bew, because of her fresh wounds and Scars* H-Hey J....

J: Hey, Selenia. Something wrong?

Selenia: N-Nothing's wrong....everything's fine...Me and Bew just got our-

Bew: Punishment....

J: "Punishment"?

Selenia: I gave this unknown disease to Mazda...which infected Ray and Alice too...The infection is something that I have, its called "Spiritual pressure"...

J: Darn. What's Spiritual pressure, Selenia?

Selenia: Its the living pressure every soul has, thats why it's called "Spiritual". I have over 100,00....which is beyond tha maximum for a mobian...

J: Wow...


J: ...?

Selenia: J...there's something important I need to tell you...

J: Like?

Selenia: It's something that my mother was supposed to do...but she was killed early...Now I take her job....of protecting the moon...*looks to the ground* My mother's name means "Shining Moon"...and since I changed my name to is my job to protect the moon...because I am now the spirit...

J: I see... I wonder if there's any way to bring your mother back...?

Selenia: [nods a no, saying its un reversible] I...eventually have to risk my life for the moon...if the moon split's in two, the world may become unbalanced, leading me to sudden death....and to the world....I'm telling you this right now...because I never told anyone I trusted...

J: Oh.... I'm really sorry to hear about what happened to your mother, Selenia...

Selenia: It's alright....but sometimes, I get to see her...

J: [nods to Selenia]

Selenia: It's funny though...I feel like I was 9 years old when I think about it...*hugs J, but then goes back because her scars burned from hugging him* ow....!!!

J: [hugs back, then notices that Selenia's in pain] Selenia? Are you all right??

Selenia: Y-yeah...I-Im fine...^^

J: [chuckles] Hehe ^^... [comforts her]

Selenia: ^^!

???: Club Rouge? Let's ask somebody in here for directions, Clang.

Clang: i guess so, Lilly. *both go inside*

Lilly: Hello? anyone here?

Clang: we need some directions.

Selenia: *being comforted by J, then notices Clang and lilly* who are they?

J: Not sure, Selenia.

Clang: Our names are Clang and Lilly the chao. we were looking for a warehouse somewhere in this town. but we must have took a wrong turn and gotten lost.

Lilly: can anybody help us?

Selenia: My name is lightning "selenia" the hedgehog, and this is my brother J. very nice to meet you both...*thinks for a moment* which warehouse?

Clang: we're not exactly sure.

Lilly: it's kind of a long story as to why we are looking for it.

J: [confused]

Lilly: *looks at Clang* i guess we are gonna have to start from the begining, honey. *looks at them* it all started after we got married.....

Selenia: *listening*

Clang: We just had twins. A boy and a girl. their names are Lucifer and Cammy. now, then i didn't really have a job. so i went and searched for one. after many declines, we got desprate. so i decided to ask help from these rouge chaos called The Switchers. (baisicaly a Chao mafia) They said they would help us and they got me a job. but later, they expected something in return.

Lilly: he did the best he could, but he couldn't meet their demands. a few days ago, we were going into the twins room, when we discovered they had been kidnapped. we found a note saying if we want to see them again, we have to go to the warehouse. *hands Selenia the note*

Selenia: thats terrible!!!

Clang:and now we need to find the warehouse before midnight tonight or else tey will take Cammy and l\Lucifer away, they won't know who their real parents are.....

Lilly: *sobs* i just want my babies back! *cries*

Selenia: I have been threw parenting, actually I'm going threw it now. The least I can do is save them for you two

Lilly: *sniffles a bit, trying to calm down* you mean... you'll help us?

Clang: we could use the help! thanks! :D

J: Anytime.

Clang: But how do we find where and which warehouse they mean?

Lilly: do you have a map or something? all we know is they are located on the other side of town.

Titan: *walks in2 bar and sits down* ...

Selenia: I might not have a map, but I can try to use Aura....

J: Wait. There's a map inside the Club, Selenia. [shrugs] It's in Rouge's office. C'mon. [walks off and heads to the office]

Selenia: I-It's best not to go...*roless eyes* she might be doing something busy...*snickers*

(J looks at the door to Rouge's office and it reads "Back in 5 minutes". J opens the door and she isn't inside!)

J: Huh... looks like Rouge isn't there, Selenia.

Selenia: I told ya!

J: [chuckles] Yeah. Now to find the map... [spots the map from the table] Aha! [grabs the map so Lilly and Clang can find their son an ddaughter]

Selenia: let's go!

runner:*walks in and goes to the bartender* hey,im looking for a guy that goes by the name,the sarge

Cleo: *walks in the club with Kyle, Clash, Verde, and Bleu* This is the place.

Verde: you sure?

Bleu: looks like there are a FEW people here. not many.

Clash: ....whatever. *sits down*

Kyle: i'm with Clash. you girls go explore. we'll be here if you need us. *rolls eyes and mutters* why they want a job here, i have no idea...

Clash: Verde and Bleu are Cleo's new friends. they will usually want to do the stuff she does. look, they even have her pink eyeshadow.

Kyle: *looks closely* you're right.

runner:*to bartender* so have you seen sarge or not

(BtR: Since Chalice Whitelight works here, I'll step in)

Chalice: The red guy? No I haven't, sorry. He was talking to that Nova and the Analougue girl a while ago, though.

Brittney: (burst through the door) It's party time!

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