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Reale City, a beautiful city to the south of Station Square, has been put under siege. Whatever this force is, it's powerful, so powerful that heroes and villians have banded together to stop it. Who is this force? How will our heroes and villians stand as they have to work together, how will they deal with an old ally returning and a not-so-ally making an appearence? Then there's the final question, how will they deal with the reveal of a fourth meta, with unknown and powerful abilities?









Involved Characters

Neo Tranuil the Fox (Neo)

Time Spinner (Neo)

Fate the Cat (Neo)

Leah the Chao-Born (Neo)

Zero the hedgehog (Neo)

Celia the Fox (Neo)

Vorpa the Echidna (Neo)

Millie the Mouse (Neo)

Fury the Blue Jay (Neo)

The Shadows (Neo)

Warlock (Neo)

The Doctor (Neo)

Masako Haruno the Fox (MHS)

Natalie Alister the Wildcat (MHS)

Argent Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Rose Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Blitz the Wolf (DarkMantis)

Zapor the Hedgehog

Zak the Kirby

Leo the Toonarite

Blade the Hedgehog

Lexi the Hedgehog

Transford the Hedgehog (D)




Christina "Christie" the HedgeCat (Piano)

Mimica "Mimi" the Cat (Piano)

Part 1: We must stand together

The tall skyscrapers of Reale have somehow managed to withstand the fires of battle coming from beneath the it. The buildings close to the ground though, that's another story. Walls and roofs were completely gone, homes where familes once lived had been destroyed all around, and soldiers covered in dark clothing roam the streets, but one place in particular stands true.

In the center of one of the roads a purple mouse and a red bird stand looking around, making sure the area is secure. Standing next to Zero, is a purple hedgehog with a brilliant blue sword and grey clothing. Our heroes approach the group and Millie calls out. "Where the hell have you lot been?"

"What's going on?" Fate asked. "Why are all these things here?"

"Your little friend, Warlock, doesn't seem to be alone, she has something with her, and now she's attacking this city, for no reasons that I can think of." Fury said. "Whatever the case is, their trying to destroy everything and if their trying to destroy everything, we're all going to die. Millie would like to propose and alliance between us and your...lot...whoever you all decide to be..."

"No." Vorpa almost shouted. "You think after everything you have done to all of us that we're going to work with you?"

"I agree." Neo said. "The both of you have done only horrible things to all of mobius. We should kill you both right where you stand."

"Have you both forgotten the reason why we're here?" Masako said. "This city will fall if nobody tries to stop their advance. And the destruction won't end here. Station Square, Soleanna, the Zue Garden, Odyssey City... city after city will burn to ashes. Even Millie realizes what will happen if we don't take a stand against a common enemy. She isn't asking us for forgiveness, but I think she'd rather have one less enemy to worry about until this is over."

"Yeah," piped up a wolf in a red jacket and dark clothing. "Besides, I don't exactly fancy going up against an entire army without back-up."

"Are we forgetting who these people are?" Neo said angrily. "These are the same people that subjected Visor to scientific experiements, the same people who murdered tons of lives back in station square, the people who forced Zero to murder me, the same people who caused most of our problems in this world to happen and you want to side with them now?"

"Neo..." Fate said. "This is the only way that we can succeed..."

"Why? We've done these kind of things without them, and now we have good oppurtunity to take them both down, I say we kill them both."

"We thought you might say that, so we offer you a trade." Millie said. "If you work with us until we kill whoever is behind this, we will give you the girl." She points over the purple girl standing over Zero.

"Dusk...Zero's sister..." Fate said.

"Yes, we've had her for quite a while, it's a shame we didn't get through to her, she stayed in the darkness for so long..." Millie remarked with a smile on her face.

"Right then," Time Spinner jumped in before Neo could do anything. "We have a group of people to work with, and an entire town to save."

"Two towns..." Leah said. "So we should focus our counterattacks on one city and stay out of the other until then."

"Except for when the other city starts having it's citizens killed..." Vorpa remarked.

"Don't worry..." Zero moaned as he got up. "I'll help the Zue Garden, you guys just focus on this city."

"There is one thing that should be mentioned..." Fury said. "You feel that in the air? That sort of burning thing? You should really be able to feel it when you breath. That's the work of your friend..."

"Friend?" Time asked. "You mean Aselia?"

"Whoever has her, is using her power to manipulate the energies around us. The moment anyone goes into a super form, they die." Fury said. "So...if you could help not changing forms until this whole fiasco is over, that'd be great."

"...Okay..." Leah remarked. "So don't go into a super forms, and find the strong points of the city. We can make a stand in those areas and find out who's leading this thing."

Zak gave Fury a hard look. "So, how'd Aselia get into someone elses hand when you had her first?"

"You haven't clashed blades with Warlock like I have, Zak. She's capable of taking Aselia by force." Masako said. "I've just re-established communication with OmegaCorp, and there's a strike team already en route. But there's also some chatter from mission control saying that they haven't had enough time to assess the situation. They're going in blind."

Aurum lands on the ground. "So, city's in ruins and all I could find were you guys...Ok why is miss shadow and the lame mockinjay here?"

Blade sighs. "Apparently we have to work together."

"Lucky I can take bullets. And explosions. So I won't go down." Zapor said.

"Wait, they didn't tell you yet?" Lexi asked.

Zapor turns. "Tell me what? And if anyone told anyone else about the thing.."

Blitz rolled the kink out of his shoulder, and grabbed the hilt of his sword, which was sheathed on his back. Ready to rock, he mused.

"Anyone who had immortality has lost it Zapor, including myself." Time said.

Leah helped Zero up and nodded at Dusk. "We should go out and get something to eat after this." She told Zero.

"That sounds like a date." Zero mused. "I like that."

Leah smiled and let go of Zero, who left the city immediatly, headed for the Zue Garden. "Let's get a good look at what's going on then." She took a look around the city and pointed to a tall building in the center. "Right there."

"Right...there?" Celia asked.

"That's where the leader do you know that?" Neo said.

"I can sense something over there. Something that feels a lot like Time Spinner."

"How can you sense that?" Time Spinner said. "The only people who can sense other Meta's are people with Meta powers."

"And you won't believe what I had to drink not that long ago." The red chao born said as she took the empty vial that once was filled with blood, Time Spinner's blood. "Whatever this is, I like it."

"We'll talk about why that's a problem later." Neo said. "Okay, there are two other places we need to get to first, before we take on the leader." Neo opened a map that Ceila handed him and pointed at two buildings. "The first one over there is huge, I know it, it's made out of an almost indestructable material, that's where most of the survivors should make their stand. We need a group to go over there and help the survivors until the army is stopped. At the same time, the building over there is really important. That's a huge spot on the dimensional rift, that's there the army is entering. We need another force to go over there and close the rift." Neo closed the map and pointed to a water tower close by. "And I'll be over here with a couple other people to communicate with everyone. Masako, take Aurum, Leah, Fate, Celia, Vorpa, and whoever you can get from omega corp to the survivors building to hold off the shadows, Zapor and Blitz I want you two to lead everyone else into the rift to close it, you'll need to hit hard and be quick, but most importantly, try not to let the entire army know you're on your way, other wise the mission could end in failure."

Celia handed radios to everyone. "Neo will be able to contact you with these."

"Also one more thing." Neo said. "While we can't go into any forms, you should be able to get a boost in power with Millie or Celia, if at any point you feel like you need to hit something hard, tell them, but be careful with it, using this too much will drain Celia's gadget, or Millie's energy." Neo stopped and looked at everyone. "Now let's get to it."

"Gotcha. Let's rock and roll!" Blitz said, smirking as he unsheathed his Bloody Rebel.

Part 2 (M): The survivor's building

The group sent to defend the survivors arrived at the building pretty quickly. There weren't that many shadows out there to do anything, but if they wanted to attack anything, they found it. The shadows were crawling all over the survivor's building, though the survivors are barely holding them off. They need help and that much is obvious. There are several shadows, but there is a very large one in the center holding an even larger gun. Helping the survivors is a woman. She looks to be about Time Spinner's age, and she's firing a gun at the enemies. Something seems off about her, but she won't be able to hold off for much longer.

"Well? Let's go help her!"

Masako took a moment to assess the situation... they needed to take action quickly, so she only spared a few seconds to come up with a plan. "Alright, for our first attack phase, we need to come in hard and fast; scatter the enemy and cause as much damage as we can. That'll give us a relatively clear line to the building. Vorpa, Aurum, I hope I can convince you to lead the attack with me. After that, we chip away at the enemy and provide support for the survivors. With any luck, we might get OmegaCorp reinforcements heading in from the outside and we can crush the enemy from both sides. Now, let's get down to business." She started to make her move.

"Fine." Vorpa said as she followed Masako.

Masako took a grip on her blade as she closed the gap between her and the shadows. "We stay close and keep moving. Nevermind the big guy for now; we cull these fools before they get a chance to organize against us. Let's light 'em up!" She ejected her blade from its scabbard, catching it and slashing through a shadow.

Aurum forms a sword out of energy and cuts a shadow in half.

Vorpa pulled her saber forward, attacking all enemies in front of her. She took a leap into the sky and landed in front of the woman with the gun, sending a wave of green energy in front of her. "Hi." Vorpa said.

"..." The woman didn't speak at first, instead she fired another shot at a group of shadows. "I don't need your help..." She said.

"Right whatever." Aurum sends a psychic knife through more of the shadows.

"I'm afraid you don't have a choice!" Masako shouted, slicing and dicing through the shadows with both Susano'o and the scabbard it typically rests in. She then stabbed Susano'o into the ground as it gleamed white, striking the shadows around her with crystalline pillars of ice.

The woman pulled her gun back and did...something, which caused the barrel and other parts to start turning in motion until the gun became a large, blue, hammer. The women also threw off most of the clothes that were blocking how she looked, revealing her image. She was a purple cat with long hair and green eyes. Underneath the black clothes she was wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans. She swung her hammer very high and smacked it down against a couple of the shadows. "Sure, if you want to help, be my guest."

Masako smirked. "It'd be a pleasure." She kicked her blade out of the ground, catching it as she spun around and slashing across, erasing all in the blade's path. She rolled backwards to evade the counterattacks, jumping up and folding the blade of her sword backwards to switch it to gun mode. She fired a few shots at the shadows.

Aurum makes crimson auras and starts firing small balls of psychic energy at the shadows. "EAT THIS!"

Masako relented on her assault, hopping back a bit. "Alright, looks like they're real good and confused now... time to finish them off--"

"HYA-HA!" A maniacal laugh could be heard as a green phantasmal snake head rushed through a shadow, dissipating to reveal a green-furred wildcat. "Whoa, Masako, ya look like crap."

"I'm fine Natalie... I just haven't gotten enough sleep lately is all." Masako replied.

Aurum lands in front of Masako and the wildcat, his hands glowing bright by the second. "Care to introduce your friend after this is over Masako?"

Most of the shadows in the area have been defeated, due to the heroes and no more can come into the city due to the rift finally being closed.

"So what now?" Ciela asked.

"We need to go to the Zue garden." Fate said.

"There are more of them?" The purple cat asked. "Jeez, it's like these things are common with you guys..."

"Just a little bit." Leah remakred.

"Well..." The purple cat said. "Have fun."

"Y-...your not going to come with us?" Leah asked.

"Why? Cause you helped save my city? I mean thanks for that, but none of you even know my name. This isn't some kind of anime or anything."

"I mean, I can dream, but I was kinda hoping you'd come with us. You know, help the sake of the world, and all that jazz." Leah said.

The cat sighed and looked up at the sky, then back down to the group. "Alright, fine, I'll go with you." She said. "Jazz."

"What?" Fate asked.

"My name is Jazz, Jazz Aude."

"Right, Jazz... I'm Masako, that's Leah... Fate... Aurum... Vorpa... Celia... Natalie..." Masako said, pointing to each person respectively as they said their names. "Anyway, no need to worry about your city while you're gone. OmegaCorp's going to buff their reinforcements here in a little bit."

Aurum bows and he stands up. "Now, can we go?"

Part 2 (ZB): Closing the Rift

The group sent to close the rift has made a quite a distance from where they once were, but they soon were met with a couple of shadows, whom were both killed by a woman in black clothing, and is using a large axe. She's a pink bunny, and her axe is unmistakeable, this woman is Ellie the Bunny.

"Nice to see you lot again." She remarked.

"Nice one, Ellie," Blitz said. "So we're leading people over here?"

"You would be correct." Millie said.

"And what the bloody helll is she doing here?" Ellie asked.

"Nevermind that." Time Spinner said. "We need to get to that rift, once we get there, I can close if I have enough time."

"Got it," Blitz responded.

Zapor gets on T.S's back. "You mean the big ripped thing in the sky seeming like a rip n the fabric of the universe over there?"

Blade nods. "Basically." He then launches a fireball at a shadow.

"The foals in this world sure are crazy..." Time Spinner said, with what seemed like an almost smile. "You remind me a lot of my younger brother and sister, Zapor."

"Yeah, yeah, skip the little flashbacks, let's just get going." Fury said in an annoyed voice.

Zak looks at Fury. "You seem like your hating."

Lexi punches another shadow in the face, and then blows it off with a ripple blast. "Uh, not exactly the best time, Zak."

"Yeah, less talky, more fighty!" Blitz commented as he cleaved another shadow in half, before kicking yet another down and shooting its head off with Ultra.

Zapor was headshotting shadows with his machine gun. "Blitz, if this is gonna work, let me do the boss talking. Now let's kill these bums!"

"Okay, but try and keep up!" the wolf smirked as he leaped upwards and spun, sending bullets everywhere. The shots met their marks and caused more shadow beings to fall as Blitz landed back on the ground.

Leo was stabbing one on the floor with his wolverine claws. "Yeah!"

Argent casually tripped a shadow and caught it under his arm, kicking it in the head a few times and throwing it away. "So, uhhh, how many of these things are there again?"

"Dunno, didn't bother to count." Rose said, slamming a shadow's head into the ground using The Reaper's immense strength.

Zak tosses a 3 stars off his triple star rod (Kirby Squeak Squad) at 3 enemies. "So, how ow many do you think are left?"

"Well it's an army from another universe where they make these kind of things..." Time Spinner said as he spun the revolver on the hand guard of his sword, and slashed shadow with lightning covering his blade. "There's at least 30...maybe 40..."

"Yeah...40,000..." Millie said as she stabbed a shadow with her knife.

Blade slashes at shadows with his katanas. "Meh, I fought more."

"That's quite the metric crap-ton," Blitz commented as he performed a Crazy Whirl, knocking shadows down and disorienting them.

"Ok, I think we cleared this area." Zapor said.

"Right, let's move on." Time Spinner said.

As the group moved on, they found more shadows being killed by two people. One was an orange Robin with a cowboy hat and a sword, the other was a human girl with a scythe.

Zak puts his phone back in his mouth. "Man, reinforcements came fast."

"I'll say..." Time Spinner said. "So who are you two suppoed to be?"

A gray cat is fighting of shadows. "EAT THIS!!!"

Blade points at the orange robin. "That's Kenny. We play basketball, but he doesn't talk much."

Zapor speaks up. "That's Emmy. She's a demon..and Zak's girlfriend." He snickers.

Zak gives an irritated look. "Okay, we only have a mutual friendship for eachother, and don't even think I won't reveal to everyone, including Fate, on who you went on a date with almost 6 hours ago!"

Lexi looks at the other guy. "Who the heck is that guy?"

The gray cat looks at Lexi "the name's Sico the cat."

"Not much of an introduction, but I guess not everybody is me", a black hegehog in a brown coat appeared behind everybody with a shotgun in his right hand andnhis left hand was clenched and a blade ran down his arm. Everybody recognized him as Transford The Hedgehog, the man who destroyed an entire country singlehandedly.

"No...sorry, gonna need an introduction." Time Spinner said. "Who are you?" He asked Transford.

Zapor shoots some shadows. "Less intros! Save that for when the show starts! And when I mean show, I mean the thing we're about to do."

Transford was surrounded by shadows, which he slashed through with his blade on his arm and shot one that was trying too sneak up on Zapor. "Where have you been for the past year Time Spinner,  until now,  I thouht that everybody knew that I turned an entire country into a wasteland in a matter of minutes. ", he told Time Spinner as he grabbed a shadow by the head and flung it behind him and shot it.

"Eh, must not have been that big of a country." Argent mocked, knocking a shadow into the air and catching it by its face, charging a Ripple into his arm and slamming it into a group of shadows, knocking them away in an explosion.

"Oh, so you destroyed a country...that's nice." Time Spinner said. "You wouldn't be the first person I've met who has done that nor will you be the last." Time performed another slash, sending a ripple of fire at a shadow. "Pretty sure that won't win you any points with Neo either."

"It won't." Neo said through his walkie talkie.

"I do have to say though, I like effort." Millie said. "Destroying a country isn't all that hard, but it's a good start."

"INCOMING!" Blitz yelled as he saw a giant of a shadow monster come their way.

Emmy slashed at the giant shadow wih her sycthe followed up by a riple uppercut from Lexi. "So, where've you been all this time?"

Emmy slashed at another shadow. "Ya know, being a demon girl here, killing another in somewhere else. Who are these guys?"

Blade set another on fire. "Friends of ours. So Kenny, what have you been doing?"

Kenny kept slashing with his sword, making a blank face. 

Zapor hopped on the giant shadow and shot a bunch of bullets into its face, finishing by launching a missile when he jumped off.

A figure walked into the area where the battle took place. She was fashionable and cute, and by the looks of it, she was quite suprise. "My god.... It looks like a terrorist hit this place...." She mumbled to herself. She immediately noticed her friends fighting. (Um, could you guys catch me up? I've been on hiatus from Ash Wednesday 'till Holy Thursday... ^^; -Piano)

(Some docter and Warlock attaked some place and unleashed creatures upon the towns, so Zapor being the leader basically told them to stop the shadows drom destroying the towns -Zapor)

Blitz looked up to see the figure. "You wanna join the fight?" he inquired as he kicked a shadow to the side.

Rose ran toward the (possibly familiar) figure, mowing down any shadows in her way with a barrage of The Reaper's punches. "You're not too far off, love."

" wanna try and get me closer to the rift, it's gonna take a lot of time and energy if I'm gonna close that thing." Time Spinner said.

"Oh, this is far from a terrorist, I would have done much worse." Fury said with a slash of his claws.

"I can tell....?" She said. Coming closer up, she was revealed as Christina. "And thanks for saving me......" She told Rose. She thought of a clever strategy. A shadow was about to attack her. It was pretty far, which gave her time to run it through. She rose up her hands and a bunch of large crystals sprouted from the ground. She then performed a piercing thorn fortissimo, which is a powerful MGSF spinning drop kick, and the crystals broke attacking the shadows.

Zapor gave a thumbs up to Time Spinner. "Whatevy you say! Zak, Leo, we gotta roll!"

Zak whistled making his Formula Star come from the sky, knocking out 10 shadows. "Alright, get on!"

"Oh yeah..... and Fury? If you think this is bad, just wait till you meet my arch enemy."

"How many of these dudes are there?" Blitz remarked, blasting a few shadows away with a Burst Blast.

Zak grabs T.S by the tail and puts him on the Formula Star along with Zapor and Leo. Then the Formula starmflew off and went toward the rift.

"Alright, this is gonna get bumpy..." Time said as he stood on the star and caused his hands to glow. A large grey light began to form around the unicorn's hands, but one of the shadows began to take notice. The shadow aimed for the unicorn, directing it's scope onto the unicorn's head, he held his breath, made sure that everything was aimed right and fired.

It was in that moment, the moment that gun fired, that several different things happened. Time Spinner sent the grey pulse off into the sky, causing it to glow orange for a second and slowly start to get smaller, while at the same time the shadow had fired his gun towards his target and yet, while he didn't miss, he didn't count on something getting in the way, and that thing was a certain red bird, who at the last second, took the sniper bullet into his chest at point blank range. The bird stumbled back and the shadow was destroyed by a a swipe of Ellie's axe.

The warpstar shook as the pulse was sent off, due to how close it was, and Time Spinner, who fell off of the warpstar, managed to use some magic to stop himself from taking most of the damage. The unicorn rushed to the bird's side as did Ellie.

Leo flew off and landed in a trash can while Zapor jumped off and landed on a shadow. Zak hung on to the Formula Star and hit a bunch of shadows, while face sliding when the Formula Star blew up.

Transford drawed in energy from the air and launched himself upward and then nearly teleported too the ground and slamming his fist into it, sending an electrical current through the ground that eliminated almost all of the shadow.

"Neo...get me Neo..." Fury said as he grabbed Time Spinner's shirt, who fumbled for a moment to grab the walkie talkie and give it to Fury.

"Neo...Neo..." Fury called.

"I'm here Fury." Neo said in a calm voice.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..." Fury called with his dying breath.

"It's okay...I'll let everyone know that you died as a hero..." Neo comforted with through walkie talkie.

"I didn't do it for them...Neo...I did it for you..." Fury said. "I'm sorry..." The bird mumbled as he slowly began to get weaker, his eyes heavier, and his breathing slower, until eventually he just stopped, dead.

Time took the walkie talkie back from Fury's body, then he and Ellie both stood up and looked back at the group, waiting for their thoughts.

Christina turned her head to look at Neo. "Good heavens," She said. She then turned to Fury and asked him, "What happened to him?"

"He's finally in Hell as he thought he deserved... but I think he's earned the right to go out as a hero. He knew what would happen if Warlock had her way here, and he made the ultimate sacrifice to prevent it." Argent said. "Godspeed, you magnificent b*****d."

Zapor walked to the scene while Zak dragged himself to Zapor's side. Leo finally managed to get out of the garbage can and stumble over there. "So, what'd I mi.....Oh." Leo saw Fury's dead body.

"Balador tsun, otherwise known as Fury the blue jay..." Ciela's voice crackled in on the radio. "Was a member of the clover brigade, a group of people who are under orders of the urn kingdom. After the death of their king, the clover brigade disappeared and some of its members joined under the rule of their ruthless princess. Fury was conscripted into doing what he did. Breaking that vow would have meant death."

"N-N-Neo's.......dead?" Christina asked herself as she looked down on Neo. "There has to be a mistake.... was he possesed by the serpent or something?" She started to cry. "If anything at least send him to Purgatory to ask for forgiveness...."

Lexi turned. "Neo's alive. Fury is dead (or is it the other way around?)"

(Uh...Neo's not even in combat right now... He's over in a skyscraper talking to everyone with the walkie talkie -Neo)

Transford lazily tossed around a ball of electricity.  "What the hell even ARE we err you people dealing with here, in my 30,000 years, I've never seen anything like these"

"These are shadows." Time Spinner said. "Little pests that are lead by one leader. Their large-in-number, powerful, and are easily created, thus giving those from other dimensions a large advantage." The unicorn took a breath and pointed at Transford. "And I'm pretty sure you've gotten yourself rolled into this as much as we have."

Leo takes a banana peel off his hat. "Time, what was that orange thing you threw up in the air?"

"That, Leo, was called Time Shot. An offensive attack used by manipulating the time-space energy around us and manipulating the time vortex, causing a devastating blast of energy which attacks an organisms life force and infects it with strands of the time vortex, which increases the aging process and eventually kills if one does not find someone who can control the time vortex to fix it. By shooting it up there, I was able to close the rift by destroying the thing that kept it open."

"So is there a source to these things?" Blitz questioned. If what Time Spinner said was true - that these things were easily created - then the source of them could be destroyed.

Blade looks at the other rift almost 3 miles away. "So we have to go to the Zue garden next?"

Zapor smiles. "Yay!"

Emmy walks to Zak." So how many more shadows do we need to worry about?"

Zak took out his star shaped laptop. "Mmmm...I'd be bluffing if I said over nine thousand."

"Yes, and no." Time said. "The rifts are held open by a type of generator, causing people to be able to go through different dimensions, problem is, in some dimensions the creation of those generators are common knowledge, there is nothing we can do to stop it."

Lexi crosses her arms. "And that would mean?"

Zak puts his laptop away. "Even if we do destroy the generators,  they would just make another one, making it an endless fight."

"Yes...unfortunalty...the black dimension will not stop, the war between the color dimensions and the pivotal dimensions won't ever really end. The color dimesions; red, black, blue, green, yellow, orange, they'll never stop, and we as the pivotal dimensions; Equestria, Whatever-rule, Aselia's home, and Mobius must fight against them. Only problem is that we're the only dimension they can fight against. Kael's home is stuck in perpetual Dark ages, Equestria is protected by the elements of harmony, I don't even know about Aselia's home, but Mobius, Mobius has all these things they can take, and there is nothing to protect this dimension, at least not yet."

"Eesh... talk about heavy," Blitz commented.

Emmy looks confused. "So there is something to protect it, but it just isn't up yet?"

Leo sits on the floor. "So we don't go to Zue garden and close the rift?"

"I'm looking into that." Time Spinner said. "A team of people dedicated to defending our universes from invaders, I think I'll call it Lightstone, but we can talk about that later, right now we need to meet up with the other team."

Blade gets up. "So where are they now?"

Kenny points in the direction of where the other group is. Leo still looks confused. "So, no on going to the Zue garden?

"No, we find the other group, and we go to the Zue garden." Time Spinner said. "Now I think their at the survivor's building...but I don't know exactly where that is."

Blade points at Kenny. "Kenny might know." Kenny then walked in the direction of.....something.

"Well, the sooner we get there, the better I think," the sword-wielding wolf remarked.

(So do we go back to the survivors building? Z88)

"The building is that way" Transford  pointed in the direction opposite of  where Kenny was pointing and continued, "but when I checked, it was empty."

Part 3: Regroup and Relocate

The groups manage to mecan stop Partt the survivor's building, with Neo finally coming out of the sgo throughper and joining thishers outside. "Now then, does anyone know if there's anything else we need to do?" Neo said. "If there isn't we can make our way to the Zue Garden and we can fend off there. Zero says he's already got most of the citizens there put into safety, and thank Celestia he's got a little more skill on him, fending off an army by yourself, while trying to keep anyone from dying is hard."

Zak sits on his warpstar. "Well, we might need to figure out how to permanently close those generators so this won't be an endless battle, unless we do that when we get there. Other than that we're done here."

Leo looks at the top of the skyscraper.  "Neo, why were you in the skyscraper?"

"Being up there was a good way for me to see all of the battle." Neo said. "That and I met a couple of friends."

"Right, how many generators do we need to take out?" Blitz inquired. If there were few, there'd be no problem. If there were a lot... Eh. Just gonna have to pull through, he thought.

Emmy sat down. "So, we're just gonna wait for the others?" Kenny just shrugged.

"Leave the generators to me" Transford said while tossing around another ball of electricity.

"I don't think you guys understand." Time Spinner said. "We can't destroy every generator in existance. There will always be new generators built, this battles is endless, but it will take time before they can build another one, enough time that I should have my plans already in action by then. We just need to find a way over to the Zue garden, and quick."

"Yeah, see that's the thing..." Neo said. "One of the people I met gave me something, something rather...interesting..." Neo presses a button on a small set of keys, and a decent sized green ship with a long nose and a nice set of wings. Along with them comes a young human wearing a set of aviator's goggles.

Model Altered 4 Cadette Class Cornerian Arwing Stealth Jet

I don't own this...

"I heard you all could use some help." The man said. "Name's Alex."

"Alex here, owns the Lady Luck, this space ship...or whatever..." Neo said.

"RIght, and it'll get ya where you need to go." Alex laughed. "Just don't hurt her to much."

"Wait a second, hold on." Jazz said. "Were you the one that shot that really big laser on those houses?"

"Er...that would be me." Neo admitted. "I didn't exactly mean it, it just kinda-" He was interrupted by Jazz slapping him across the face, causing the fox to fall on the floor.

"My house was in there, where am I gonna live now?" Jazz angrily said.

"Oh, I like this one." Neo said moaned as he got up. "We should keep her."

Zapor gets on Neo. "She can live at my place!" He then gets to Neo's ear and whispers. "How do you think Fate will react about the whole 'ZapEcho' thing?"

"Might be concerned, but she won't go all Ages on you about it." Neo whispered back.

"Uh...I don't think that's a good idea." Jazz said.

Transford got up from his chair and walked out of the room.

"Transford, where are you going?" Time asked, and followed him out.

Blitz had stood by, awaiting the team's next plan. He wanted to take care of the generators quick.

Zak looked at the ship Alex brought."Hmm, durability is standard, smaller makes it more agile, motor engine power is questionable, (more sciencey ship stuff)"

"Hey, the lady luck is the best ship, this side of mobius!" Alex said. "You want a better ship, you're gonna need someone to get you to another dimension to do that!"

"Er..." Leah began. "Um...right..."

"The point is that this ship is the best one by far. It's strong, it's fast, it can carry lots of people, and I'm driving. So you can just shut your blue mouth, and get in!"

Zapor was already inside, and he was freaking out about the place. "Dude, this place has everything! A bathroom that cleans itself." A flushed toilet sounds. "And still smells perfect after you use it! Oh mah Gerd, this place has an indoor Chinese, Mexican, and french resturaunt!."

Leo pops his head up to view inside. "Ooh, wasabi!"

Zapor still is going on about it. "Button with actual labels so I know exactly what to press! Seats with a butt warmer, and.." Zapor presses a button that says subwoofer, and the ship starts to let loose massive dubstep out of the ship mega-speakers. "These subwoofers are tight!!!"

Zak's face expression:○3○. "It seriously cannot have all that stuff."

Blade hops in the ship. "Everything he said was true. So it sounds like your jeal, Zak."

Zapor walks to the part of the ship and gasps. "Holy french toast on a Wendsday." He walks up to a part of the ship with a very adcanced looking gun. "Its the 175 caliber golden rifle machine gun laser missile launcher! They say they used this in the great Genesis war 13 years ago. I've only heard this in legend, and on some videos on Youtube." Zapor got on his knees and started bowing to it worship style. 

"Erm..." Neo started. "I don't think that's neccessary..."

"No, don't." Alex told Neo. "This is what the lady deserves, keep going Zapor."

"...Right...." Ellie said. "Anyways, we kinda have to deal with this exact same thing over in the Zue Garden, and we should probably hurry, like now."

"Alright, alright, everyone in." Alex rushed.

The group was able to make their way over to the Zue Garden with minor issues, the city though, wasn't in a very good shape. Shadows roamed the city, and most of the buildings had taken some damage. There were a couple of buildings that seemed fine, and in front of them was the familiar Zero, who was protecting the people on his own. His clothes were covered in some kind of dark goo, it looked like Weapon, who was currently a scythe, was also covered in the goo. Upon landing, the ship managed to block off a path that the shadows could enter, and Millie managed to throw a barrier up to stop any more incoming shadows. "Well, nice to see you guys." Zero said.

"Man... the city's a mess," Blitz commented. The city really did look like it had been through hell.

Zapor puts his face on thw window. "Zero! This ship is the bomb! It has everything! Even automated butlers. AND a pizza oven that cooks the pizza to the perfect amount!" Zapor notices some Zapor chao mugging a smaller shadow with daggers. "Oh mah gerd that is adorable!"

It was despite the fact that they were biting the head off and using it as a football.

Kenny gave another blank look, and Emmy had a shocked look on her face as she saw the Zapor chao doing the thing they were doing " guys know where the last rift is?"

" mean besides the one in the sky?" Zero huffed.

Zapor looked at Neo. "Neo, before we do this, and I'm not really scared or anything, nor am I chickening out, but what's death like?"

"Well..." Neo began. "Well...I was that's a first...and it felt kind I was being comforted or something...and it felt...nice..." As Neo began to talk the tips of his fur started to glow.

"Neo..." Fate said as she backed away.

"I don't really remember what I was really bright, and nice...and I was talking to someone...and they said that I have a second chance to do something right, and that even if I died, so long as I was a good person, I'd be ok-" As Neo was talking, he was beginning to go into his serene form, which the energy in the air managed to find and started to infect Neo, causing him to fall to the ground for a second. "Ow..." He said. "That...uh...wasn't good..."

Blitz went over to Neo as he saw the fox fall down. "You okay, man?" he inquired as he offered his hand.

Leo got near to Neo. "Dude, be careful. Any form kills."

Zapor went into deep thought. "Huh, death ddoesn't sound as dark and creepy as I thought. Hmm."

"It's not just forms here." Zero said. "It's stronger. For some reason, some people can't get any farther into the city without passing out. I managed to get pretty far, but the longer you stay in it the more energy is drained from you. Some of us might not be able to make it so far."

"I'm surprised you managed to do this without any deaths." Leah mumbled.

"...there...were two deaths..." Zero said darkly. "But I'll tell you about those later."

"From the looks if it, the farther we go, the greater the risks... but in order to fulfill my duty, I refuse to fall here." Masako said with a stroke of confidence.

"Well what are we still standing here for?" Lexi said with a grin.

Blade looked for T.S. "Mainly for Time Spinner to getnback and tell us the plan, which is obvious."

There was a flash of green, and suddenly standing the center of the group was Time Spinner and Transford. "Alright!" Time said as he roamed the area. "So before we begin, we need to clear up a couple of things. First of all, Leah, that bottle you drank, for some reason was my blood. Now, Neo, pop quiz, what happens when a chao-born drinks someone's blood."

"They inherit their abilities for a short-time." Neo said.

"But..." Time smirked.

"But, it doesn't work with Meta blood because of the impurities of the DNA." Neo said. "I've never been able to get your powers."

"Right, but for some reason it worked on her, with my only theory about that being you are a native chao-born, while she is pure-blood, meaning that your parents are chao, while her parents are chao-born, so with that in mind, you cannot adapt to the impurites while she can." Time Spinner. "And since the copycat ability also transfers over mindsets and personalities, you have another me walking around."

"What?" Leah said. "So I'm like...Leah Spinner?"

"Leah Spinner? Yes...yes, I like it." Time Spinner said. "Other problem, this does not look like something that will go away quickly, I think this power might be here for a while." He looked around at the rest of the group. "Now then, we need to focus on taking down the shadows, and getting me to the rift, so I can shoot it."

Emmy looked into the sky. "Quick question. How big of eenemies have you fought?"

"Eh, they weren't really that big." Zak answered.

Emmy stared at the sky. "Well, you guys better have an idea on how to stop THAT." She pointed at what appeared to be tons of shadows forming into one giant (idk how tall) shadow.

"Finally... something to kill." Natalie smirked, her eyes turning yellow and snakelike for a second.

Leo looked at Natelie. "And you have a plan on killing them?"

"Right, now then." Time Spinner said. "Vorpa, you take Natalie, Masako, Aurum, and go take down the giant shadow. Everyone else is gonna have to come with me and we're gonna need it."

"Why?" Alex asked.

"Because the meta is by the rift." Leah said. "I can feel it."


Transford looked over his shoulder too see that time spinner had followed him, "why did you follow me" he asked as he channeled some electricity into his hand.

"Where are you going?" Time Spinner asked. "And what exactly do you intend to do with that?" He gestured to the electricity.

The electricity in Transfords hands fizzled out, "I'm going to the dark demension too destroy the shadows at the source and give them the hell they deserve, if you won't get in my way, you may follow"

"There are so many problems with that statement..." Time Spinner said. "Firstly, you cannot go into other dimensions that easy. There are equations that need to be followed, requirements that have to be met, you can't just 'walk' right into another dimension, it's not that simple. Secondly, color dimensions are dark things. If you exist here, you exist in the color dimension, but this other version of you will hunt you down and try to kill you, and it won't stop. Third, let's say you get to the shadow dimension, and you kill the black you, well looks like you pretty much screwed yourself there because you can't destroy the generators. The only reason I was able to was becasue I turned back time before it existed with the time shot, you don't have those powers. Lastly those shadows won't stop, they come like rain there, and there is no way to destroy them forever. This battle won't end until we can rescue Aselia and find out who this other Meta is, which by the way, is not here." He took a deep breath and furiously said. "If you'd just listen to me, Velocity, then you'd..." He stopped talking for a moment, took a deep breath and continuted. " can't do it, Transford, not on you're own."

Transford smirked, "thats why i'm bringing you with me, to help me rescue Aselia and find the other Meta and I'm not worried about entering the dark demension and the black me, I had to go through them just too get to this dimension."

"Oh, so we're just going to walk straight up to Warlock and the Doctor, take Aselia back, find a Meta who is in this dimension, and destroy all the shadows?" Time said. "Forget it, this is a stupid idea, and it's gonna take more than just me to get it done. At least at this moment, I can still die. I'm telling you that if you go to the other dimensions, which you have no way of getting to on you're own, you'll die alone, and I'm not going to help you. You're not on your own anymore, we're a team. We listen to the others and decide what to do, and you can't go gallavanting off to play the 'dark, hardcore, BadA** anti-hero' when we still have innocent people to keep safe, alongside our friends." Time Spinner turned around and left. "If you want to leave, fine, just don't come back."

"Fine, you win Time Spinner" Transford called too Time Spinner and followed him, "i'll follow along with the plan you have and close the dark demension as a team"

Time Spinner's right index finger flared a dark green color as he drew something in the air, leaving behind a glyph in it's trail. Grabbing Transford by the shouder, he said. "Take me to Tranquility." and with that, the two of them were teleported.

Part 4 (V): The giant shadow

Vorpa lead the group towards the shadow, carrying her saber nonchalantly, as if they were just going to do some normal patrols. Not really phased by what was going on, until the group saw who was near the shadow. A dark, feral, wolf-looking, person with scraped up arms and long pointed claws. "As if our problems weren't big enough, no pun intended." Vorpa said. "Now we have to deal with the doctor to."

"Well, you two seem to be acquainted..." Masako said. "Natalie, I want you to--"

"Save your breath. I already know what you want me to do, and I'll gladly deliver." Natalie said, bringing a rather odd blade into existence and into her hand. It was short, like a machete, but it was curved outward towards the end of the blade. A sinister hum emanated from it.

"Right... I'll deal with the doctor then. Vorpa, can you lead me in?" Masako asked.

"Alright." Vorpa said, with her saber ready. The echidna charged in, smacking her sword down on the Doctor's claws.

"Well hello..." He growled. "Your friends have been dealing nicely with my associate but I won't be so nice as she was."

"That's alright with me." Masako said. "Give this one everything you've got... and you might earn a minute or two before death finds you." She leaped above the doctor, ejecting it and performing a vertical slash.

Natalie threw her blade into the ground, and she disappeared along with it. A second later, a phantasmal snake head rose up from the ground to strike the shadow.

The doctor jumped to the side, blocking Vorpa's incoming attack, but was grazed by Masako, a large drop of his bloood falling onto the ground. When the snake's head rose from the ground though, he didn't know what to think. The shadow was hit by the snake, before getting back up and swinging towards Natalie.

Masako noticed the drop of blood. "Mortal after all..." She slashed low, then twirled the blade around into a backhand grip, slashing at his chest. Her blade gleamed, and she created several flashes of rising ice in front of her as she scraped the edge of her blade along the ground.

As Natalie emerged from the snake, she threw a projectile shaped like a snake's head towards the incoming fist, an endlessly long chain trailing behind it. The moment it struck, Natalie assumed the form of the snake head again, following the path of the chain. She slithered around the fist and upward, reverting to her normal form.

The doctor swung at the ice pieces in front of him, alongside the sword that stood in his way.

The giant shadow tried to throw Natalie off of him, by trying to brush her off.

Susano'o dug into the ground as Masako saw an opening to attack. She spun around the handle and kicked forward, releasing her blade from the ground and out of the doctor's range. She sheathed it, taking a firm grip on the handle as she prepared another attack. "I'll cut you down, you monster!"

Due to Natalie's small size compared to the shadow, she was easily tossed away... however, she just as easily rebounded, slicing several huge waves at the shadow from the air. "Onslaught of a Thousand Coils!" As the waves struck the shadow, chains formed all around it.

"Hehe...! Hehehehe...! HYAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Natalie assumed the snake form again, attacking everywhere along the chains. She finished by reforming on the other side, constricting the shadow with the chains.

Natalie's attack struck the shadow, causing a large amount of it to disappear. With part of its chest missing, the shadow was unbalenced and fell to the ground, being dealt a large amount of damage and dissolving into nothing.

The doctor smiled as he looked at Masako. "I have you right where I want you." He smirked, and threw a small round object onto the ground, which started to blink and explod into a gas that covered the area around Masako. With this distraction, the Doctor made his escape and left.

"Masako..." Vorpa began. "I think that's the same stuff he injected Neo with..."

Masako coughed heavily, the gas filling her lungs as she dropped to the ground. She retched as she crawled out of the cloud, desperate for some fresh air.

"Damn it..." Vorpa said as she pulled Masako out of the gas. "Come on Masako, not today. Three days ago I lost my sister, I'm not losing anyone else."

Masako panted, the fresh air circulating into her lungs again. When she turned to Vorpa, she looked worried. "Vorpa... what the hell is inside of me?"

"I...I don't know." Vorpa said. "But it's the same thing that Neo got injected into him. Right now though, we need to get you out of here."

"Alright... thank you, Vorpa." Masako said, suddenly embracing her in a hug. "I promise... the next time we meet the doctor, I will make sure he faces judgment."

Part 4 (TS): The rift and the meta

Time Spinner, Neo, and the rest of the group got closer to the rift, where they found that Warlock had already beaten them to the location of the meta, as a seedrain girl, stood their, somewhat warily. " not good..." Time Spinner said.

"...that's bad, isn't it," Blitz said, perfectly deadpan.

Zapor looked at Warlock. "Are you sure that's a girl?"

Leo looked at the seedrian. "More importantly, who's the seedrian?"

"That Seedrain..." Time Spinner began. "That Seedrain is a meta..."

"So if you control Time.." Blade said as Kenny put up a Dialga sign, "and Aselia controls space," Kenny puts up a Palkia sign, "Who does she represent?" Blade finished, with Kenny putting up a Giratina and Arceaus aign followed by a question mark.

"Uh..." Time Spinner began. "'re sort of right. Aselia controls life and death, but Kael controls space, though once you master your meta powers you can request special permission to do different things..." He stopped himself and started counting on his fingers. "Let's see...possible meta powers...elements, energy, logic, requip, viprel, oh dear Celestia let's hope she's not Viprel, that's the power to put weapons in your body." He shuddered. "Uh...uh...Spirit, Lunar, Balance, emotions, she could have anything!"

"Well that's reassuring..." Neo said.

Zapor walks witha straight smile on his face. "Don't worry, I know exactly what to do." He then grabs a Pinkie Pie doll from his pocket and tosses it at her, with a note saying 'what type of meta are you?'

Emmy looked at Zapor. "What was that supposed to do?"

Time Spinner didn't pay attention to that. He brought up his sword and started spinning the revolving hand guard. His left eye, had some type of indigo energy coming off of the side of it. "I will not allow anyone to bring this girl to harm." He slashed the blade down, causing the sword to release a long wave of indigo energy down at Warlock, who turned and blocked the energy with her blade.

"Well look what we have here." Warlock laughed. "So nice of you to join us, we were just starting to have fun."

"You have taken this too far. You do not harm that girl, she is under the protection of Time Spinner the meta!" The unicorn shouted.

Warlock approached the group and gave a wicked smile. "And why exactly do I care about Meta's? Your friend didn't put up much of a fight, what makes you so different?"

"Because..." Time Spinner said angrily. "At this moment, we out number you, and I'm battle ready."

Transford began laughing and drew his blade and gun, his sunglasses fell away, revealing his pure white eyes. He took aim at Warlock.

Lexi got a ripple balst ready. "And what do you have against us? Other than the meta."

"I suppose I have just me." Warlock grinned. "But the great thing about being me, is that numbers don't matter. You may outnumber me, but you are dealing with something far stronger than you can imagine." She stared at Transfored and laughed. "You think that's gonna work? I have the greatest meta of all time at my control. I can do anything I want to. Change the fabric of time, control the space around us, and exactly what I'm doing now, sucking the life out of everyone in the city. So here's what I have to say; just try to kill me. Who do you think your blades will strike? Where do you think your bullets will hit? Because I can tell you this right now. So long as I have the girl, you're only gonna hurt your friends."

Transford smirked and lept into the air, drew in electricity and slammed his fist onto Warlock's head, at this point, a torrent of lightning struck her as well.

Warlock wasn't there at that time. Instead, standing in her place, was Time Spinner, who received the lightning as well as the fist to the head, causing the unicorn to fall to the ground in a heap.

Warlock was leaning on a wall not to far from the group. "Oh, that was hilarious!"

Argent growled. "You heartless... stand up and fight!" He rushed forward as his fists radiated with a Ripple that burned as bright as the sun itself; a fire that was rivalled only by the flame that burned in his heart.

Warlock chuckled. "Next you're gonna say, 'Sneak around all you want, but I won't let you extinguish my burning spirit!'"

"Sneak around all you want, but won't let you extinguish my burning spirit!" Argent repeated, attacking Warlock with a barrage of punches. The wall behind Warlock was reduced to rubble, but when the dust cleared, Warlock was gone, and Rose was left to defend herself against Argent's attack. If The Reaper hadn't stepped in to protect her, she would've been beaten to a pulp.

"Normally I'd oblige, but I suspect that your stupidity might be contagious." Warlock sneered toward Argent's back.

"Argent... you knew that would happen, didn't you?" Rose groaned.

"Of course I did... but I wasn't going to let that stop me. No matter how hopeless this situation is, I had to show everyone that I still had the will to fight... that I would stand by them until the very end!" Argent said.

"Hmm, interesting,  you said you were sucking the life of the city, is there a purpose or for fun" Transford asked, pushing aside the fallen unicorn.

Blitz snorted and fired off a shot from Ultra, hoping to slow Warlock down.

Blade looks at the others fighting. "Should we do something?"

Zak shook his head (or his body in this case), "if we try hitting Warlock, we'd just hit eachother."

Zapor took out his misslie launcher. "As long as it ain't you guys it soesn't matter!" He then fire the missike at Warlock, who wasn't there and the Pizza Guy got hit instead. "Pizza Guy, NOOOOOOO!!!!"

(Sorry, I really needed to do that, or at least wanted to-Z)

Transford's reached out so Warlock's head was in between his arm and the blade and in the other arm, a gun was pointed at her head.

Warlock wasn't there though, in her place now was Neo, who slipped out of the headlock. "What the blood hell are you thinking? Anything you do, she'll just get out of it!" Neo said.

"He's right you know. Now that you took care of Time Spinner, I'm the strongest thing on this planet now." Warlock laughed.

"Strongest on the planet my right eye! Just because you have a meta doesn't make you a strong!" Leo said.

Blitz swore. Warlock seemed invincible... but wait, maybe he could goad her into doing something stupid...

"Oh yeah? Then why don't ya prove it on me?" he taunted, making a mocking "come hither" gesture at her.

"I'm not stupid enough to try that trick." Warlock muttered. "The point is, I win."

"We can't do anything..." Alex said sadly. "It looks like we're beaten."

"Leah Spinner..." Neo mumbled under his breath. 

"Yeah, that's right." Zero shouted at Warlock. "You think that Time Spinner and Aselia were the only Meta's here? Well looks like you got one thing wrong, Warlock."

"Tch, the seedrain barely knows how to use her powers." Warlock scoffed.

"Not the seedrain. I'm talking about the hedgehog. This hedgehog in fact." He pointed to Leah. "Meet Leah Spinner, the other time controlling meta.

"Your bluffing." Warlock laughed.

"I can slow her down guys, but when I do beat her as quickly as possible." Leah told everyone, charging a large grey ball of energy in her hands, she threw it towards the ground, causing the area around the group to be surrouneded by Leah's hold of time.

"Guys!" Celia said as she was looking at a device on her wrist, and loaded it with a gold ring. "The energy in this field is normal, super forms are okay while we're in the bubble and..." The device on her arm shuttered and sparked, and then finally emitted a round of energy, causing the group to feel a bit more powerful. "Super forms are powered up!"

"Super forms? Alright," Blitz said with a grin. A burst of energy surrounded his person as he transformed via Darkness Trigger. The world suddenly went black and white around him, and his coat changed to a purple shade as a black aura descended upon his person. Vein-like cracks appeared on his face, most notably his eyes, as well. "TIME TO MAKE SOME NOISE!" he yelled, grinning.

"Alright, let's have some fun!" Argent said, entering Predator form. The armor that now hugged his torso shined like the sun. He stared Warlock down, cracking his knuckles.

Red marking began too grow on Transford's arms and his fur changed white and he began floating,  he clicked his fingers and Warlock was frozen in place, the surroundings around Transford seemed too shift. "Strongest on the planet maybe, strongest in the universe, never" Transford told Warlock as he landed on the ground and placed his hands on the ground and the red markings on his arms began too glow brighter and continued speaking "more than you and your pathetic excuses for soldiers will die tonight"

Zapor went into a blue cocoon, and made a 'Oh you gotta be kidding me' face. "Uh, you guys go without me. I'll juat be here. Bored. Waiting."

Blade surrounded himself in flames that were about 10000○F. The flames then turned into armor and wings on his back his two katanas also were changed.

"No!" Leah said as the bubble got smaller, then Leah pushed it back out again. "We do not kill. Ever."

Neo's grapsed his blue ring, and turned his fur gold, entering Serene form. "She's right, Transford. If you kill her, we will not be happy. None of us."

"Not to mention..." Time Spinner moaned. "I think out of the three most powerful things in the universe at the moment, two of them are standing right here..." He motioned towards Leah, pointed at himself, and put his hand on Neo's shoulder. "Nice color change."

Warlock glared from behind her white mask. "This is only a minor setback, you know. We've got enough life energy that we need. I'll let you take this victory, but not without a little present." A large bolt of lightning landed on the ground in front of her. The rift in the sky disappeared and now there was a large, crystalline being standing in the way.

"That's...that's a paradox..." Time Spinner said. "It...well it causes paradoxes..."

"Well, hopefully it isn't one of those paradoxes.....and I'm almost done." Zapor said while his coccoon was turning more blue and chao-like.

"What type paradox is it?" Lexi asked.

"Is it smashable?" the empowered Blitz inquired. Though the transformation screamed at him to go ballistic, he did his best to remain lucid.

"It kills you. If it manages to use a spell on you, it throws you back in time. You'll live your life in the past and then die, and we'll never see you again." Time said. " is smashable..."

Not a moment sooner, Transford raised his fist, causing the paradox too fly up into the air and he flung it too the ground, causing it too shatter into hundreds of  pointy shards

The sha rds formed back together into a paradox.

"You can't use physical attacks..." Time said. "You need magic...normal's why it's not affected by the time bubble...'

"I don't care... even if I can't destroy it, I'm gonna make it wish I could." Rose said, summoning The Reaper again.

"ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA ORA! ORAAAA!" The Reaper pulverized the paradox with a barrage of punches, ending with an uppercut.

Holy Flame Vargas Blade looked at the shattered paradox. "And that was a good idea how?!"

"So what do you suggest we do?" Blitz piped up, looking at Time Spinner. 

"Do somerhing too smash it until stays broken" Transford once again lifted the paradox into the air and this time, tightened his grip, crushing the paradox.

Leo looks at Transfords repeated attempts to smash the paradox. "You do know that won't work, right?"

'I will keep hitting this *******  until something does" Transford yelled as he drew in energy and released a beam through the paradox's head

The paradox keeps coming back, and he walks forward staring directly at Alex.

"Magic..." Time Spinner reminded them. "Fire, water, ice, wind, earth, anything..."

"I've got control of fire and wind" Transford said as he pushed his hand out, sending the paradox flying,  he then kicked out fire from his rocket shoes. The paradox burst into flames.

"And I have the sun on my side!" Argent said, swinging his hammer down and creating a fissure ahead. When it reached the paradox, it opened up further and struck it with an explosion of sunlight. "Taste the power of the sun!"

The paradox landed on the ground, flames still holding most of it's body. It didn't shatter when it fell, but it still was around.

"Guys..." Leah struggled to say. "Get out of the bubble...I can't hold it much longer..." The bubble was starting to get smaller.

Alex, Millie, Jazz, Fate, and Time Spinner leave the bubble, while Neo and Zero stay close to Leah, making sure she doesn't get hurt. "Come on guys, get out quickly."

Transford had never been in the bubble, he was still experimenting on ways too defeat the paradox, his eyes began too glow red and the markings on his arms began too glow brighter. He waved his hand and the paradox disintegrated, 

Blitz nodded and exited the bubble, stumbling as he exited Darkness Trigger. "..wooh, man, that always leaves me whoozy," he commented, then noticed Transford wasn't out  yet. "Dude, it ain't gonna stay broken, get outta there."

Blade exited out of his form, and saw Zapor was still in his coccoon. "Uh, does anyone know how heavy it might be?"

The dust of the paradox shook, some of the dust going back into shards, which went back into part of the paradox.

Fate managed to pull everyone, including Zapor's cocoon, out of the bubble.

The bubble got smaller and smaller, after all of the people left the bubble sharply got smaller as Leah let go of her hold on it, capturing herself, Neo, Zero, and the paradox in it's grasp and disappearing.

"The energy levels here are returning to normal." Ciela said as she took the ring out of her device. "We should be fine for now...but where did they go?"

"The Time bubble's a little wonky." Time Spinner huffed. "It takes a bit for the bubble to-"

There was a flash and Neo, Zero, and Leah fell onto the ground, about 50 feet above the ground they were standing on. They looked different though. Neo and Zero had broader shoulders, their arms looked larger, and they seemed taller. Leah's figure seemed to have filled out more, she was also taller, but other than that she still looked normal.

"Good, you guys are back." Time sighed.

Zak looked at the three. "Wow, and I thought Sonic Boom redesigns were weird."

"You're telling me. What happened?" Leo asked.

"The bubble made them different, that's what," Blitz said bluntly. Though he had no idea what the Time Bubble was exactly, he had an inkling of its effects.

"This is new..." Neo said as he looked around.

"Urm..." Ciela started. "It looks like the time bubble caused them to age." Ciela said. "According the the paladin device...they've aged about 5 years. Their around 18 years old now."

"Aged about five years?" Blitz repeated. "That's some crazy time-meddling, isn't it?"

"Part of it, yes." Time said. "But, I don't know how to change their age back. I mean there are a such thing as time spells in Equestria that can change someone's age, but only high level unicorns can do those things, and I'm not exactly a magic prodigy."

"So, basically they'll stay that age until who knows? You guys just missed a good couple of years of your lives." Emmy stated.

"They might like that because those years are hell but for me, that was over 30000 years so what do I know about it" Transford snickered as he put his sunglasses back on. "But tell me Time Spinner, how did you live that attack I used when Warlock abushed us, that should have killed you ten times over."

"Because you don't have enough power to kill me." Time Spinner said simply. "I mean, really, I'm basically like a demigod. You can't just kill me with something that simple. The moment I 'die' I just sort of get back up a couple minutes later."

"He has a point." Fate said. "I mean he is a meta and all..."

"Not to mention he was in Equestria." Neo said. "I've been there once, it was hell."

"He just doesn't like it cause it's pastel colored..." Time Spinner rolled his eyes.

"Coukd a Meta be able too turn a planet too ashes like I can" Transford asked Time Spinner, raising a brow.

Zapor finally got out of his coccoon, but instead he was a chao with his exact clothes and his hair. He then crawled on top of Neo's head put a little hat on his head. "Yes we could." Time Spinner said. "You see, due to our diverse arrangement of powers someone can do so. Kael could put the world inside of a sun, Aselia could just apply enough fire, or absorb all of the power and life out of the world, and I could just throw the planet down the time vortex, where nothing survives." He looked Transford in the eye and scowled. "Why don't you just stop acting like you're the biggest baddie in the world? I've done battle against Draconi, the Nightmare force, shadows, Changelings, evil wizards, gerudo's, an evil version of me, demons, I've even fought against a bunch of dragons and dungeons."

"Dragons and Dungeons?" Neo asked. "What does that mean?"

"Not the point." Time Spinner said. "The point is, you act like your the strongest here, but your dealing with people on an equal playing field. I'm not even the strongest person here. Masako, Zapor, Blitz, Aurum, Rose, they're all equally as strong as you." He looked over at the group, but stopped upon seeing the Zapor chao. "Um...sort of an...odd power...but still, he's strong."

Zapor Chao pulls out a knife. "Chao chao (I got a weapon and I'm not afraid to pwn evil with it!"

Blitz folded his arms as he looked on while Time Spinner spoke to Transford. He didn't say anything, but inwardly he thought, This guy's pretty arrogant... and coming from me, that's something.

Transford was quiet for a moment until he walked away and said "don't even think on following me, I'll be back"

"Good." Time Spinner said. "I'll be waiting."

"Time...I appreciate that your looking out for the group and all." Neo started. "But was that really neccesary? I mean, this isn't even your group and that guy was pretty tough."

"You're right, he was tough." Time smirked. "But his problem is his arrogance. My wife's brother acted a lot like he did, and now he's dead."

"Wife?" Neo asked. "I didn't know you were married."

"With children." Time smiled. "We had two beautiful little fillies, but they...passed away... when we first got attacked by the changelings."

There was an awkward silence before the seedrain girl approached Time Spinner. " used some of those weird powers..." She started.

"Yes...I'm a meta..." Time started as he kicked a rock towards a sign that said 'Mystic Down'.

As the two were talking Leah asked Zero a question. " you know who the two chao-born that died were? We ought to tell their families about their lose..."

"That's the thing..." Zero started. "I'm doing that right now...Leah, the king and queen both died trying to protect the citizens when we were fighting..."

Zapor Chao was rolling on the ground in his own state of mind, totally unaware of the events that are taking place. Blade picked him up and put him on his shoulders. 

Leo checked his watch and sucked his teeth. "Uh, so did we win or what? Not quitting or anything, but Zapor's grandma said that if we aren't home by 7:00, we get the thing."

"Just tell her we're having a sleepover at Neo's house." Lexi said.

"Let's just...calm down for a minute..." Neo said, raising his hands and lowering them for a second. "We need to make sure that most of the group is fine. Which I'm sure they're not."

"Neo..." Fate asked in a concerned voice. "What do you think is going to happen to Zero and Leah?"

"Well with no king and queen, and with Leah being of age, she'll have to take the throne and rule the Zue garden." Upon seeing Zero grab ahold of Leah's hand, Neo smiled. "And I doubt she'll be doing so alone." The smile quickly faded as Neo looked down. "Reminds me a little bit of Tailsalyn..."

"Maybe you should take some time to look for her, Neo." Fate suggested. "I'm sure we can sit here and find something else to do while your looking for your girlfriend."

"And that's why you have these powers." Time Spinner said loudly as he was walking back with Sarah.

" can help me learn?" The seedrain asked.

"Of course I can." Time Spinner insisted. "You just have to trust me."

Zapor Chao crawls on top of Neo's head and waves his arms around. " Chao chao chao! Chao, chao! (To the others! And maybe your house later!)"


Elsewhere, in another part of Mobius we find Ages and a green fox talking. "So..." Ages began. "Tell me more about what's going on."

"Well..." The fox began. "There seems to be two more problems that have sprouted up since our last issue. I've been going over the data, and I've discovered a couple of things that interest me."

"And why does this concern me?" Ages asked as he sat back. "I'm not a hero, leave that stuff to my brother."

"Your right, it doesn't concern you." The fox said. "But it does concern, what we like to call, your surrogate family. You know, Neo, Echo, Masako, Blitz, Christina, Aurum, Zapor..."

"If you hurt them, I swear I will-!" Ages slammed his fist onto the chair's arm.

"Aw, what's wrong? I thought you didn't like most of them? Didn't you even hate Zapor?" The fox laughed.

"Whether they have grown on me or not, is none of your buisness!" Ages glared. "Speak your information and then get out of my home."

"If that is what you wish..." The fox smiled. "The first issue is this Warlock fellow. Reports have been saying that she entered with an accomplice. Someone else, with her powers, is around, and we have no idea who this person is."

"Is that all?" Ages said. "Most of my family doesn't know all of the bad guys. Why should any of us care about someone who has those powers but doesn't do anything with them?"

"Oh ho, so now they are your family, are they?" The fox questioned.

"...Yes." Ages stated simply. "I claim them as members of my family. You can consider them Tranquil's now, because I will protect all of them."

"Oh but you can't protect all of them. Masako is a soldier, Zapor is a slightly-insane child, Aurum is-"

"I don't care what they are. You can tell whoever you work for that they are part of my family. Now get out."

The fox stood up, grabbed a suit case and exited outside the office, leaving Ages to lean as far back in his chair as he could and sigh. "I hope I'm doing you proud, Dad." He said, and looked back up to find a stack of papers on his desk. A set of papers that read "The Echo Project."

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