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The past and future are on a crash course to save their planet. In the future, chaos and war erupts in the wake of a sinister Alien Robot named, Xi, a once well respected member of Mobius Prime's newly formed Chain of Command, who has now turned his back on the natives of the planet, and has an army of reprogrammed robots and Cyber-Mobians backing him up in an effort to eradicate all Mobian life for good. To do this, he orders his army to incapacitate the resisting forces, and seek out the Four Harbingers Of Roksha guarding the four Axon Terminals in the past, to awaken them and then command them. He also wants the Terraform Matrix- which has been lost far in the past- to turn the world into one of steel and iron.

Fortunately, survivors from the future manage to travel back to the past to warn the people of yore about the impending doom that will be if they don't do something soon. Some will join, others won't. Can two Eras in time actually work together to stop a Future threat, or will it be painful and bring about their destruction?


  • Nitrogen218 
  • Julia Finitevus
  • XophPsycho
  • Chica Nunnally (formerly)

Involved Characters

Part 1: Future Anarchy

In Mobius Prime's future, the newest generation of heroes are locked in a massive fight against Xi, the one who has betrayed the natives, and has ordered his army and some reprogrammed Cyber-Mobians to fight the Mobians. However that was months ago, and the fight has been hellish. The streets have been deserted, with the road practically ripped apart, some buildings have collapsed and created plumes of dust as tall as they used to be. Some have exploded due to conflagrant agents being involved- and still burning. Some streetlights still flicker with light.

Not only that, but rubble falls from some of the buildings around the street. War cries and energy weapons and firearms fill the air. This is mainly due to the cries coming from up the road, where the goal is to finally reach the Chain of Command Embassy, and find Xi.

A young female Hedgehog fell through a portal nearby. "Wowsers! That was one heck of a ride..." She saw what was going on and moved to cover immediately. "Just my luck..."

From another portal, a female echidna fell through. "What is this place?" she muttered, more to herself than anyone in particular.

As soon as she noticed what was happening, she went to hide behind the nearest object that could provide cover.

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The ground shook with a nearby explosion, which was soon followed by two more. Each was louder than the last, the shaking more violent. Whatever was happening, it was moving closer to the two females...

Jadzia Ki-ra- the Hedgehog- felt the ground trembling and moved deeper into cover. She mustn't be seen... "What is that...?"

Another explosion went off.

"Fall back! We need to fall back!" a voice called from ahead.

"Where are our reinforcements!?" a different voice called.

Yet another explosion went off.

Another soldier  began to scream, but was blown back by the explosion. 

An air craft could be heard in the sky as it approached dropping in a fresh supply of reinforcements, ammunition, and equipment. After its cargo had been dropped, it proceeded to take flight, but a Sentry's homing missile tracked it struck the hull, causing it to catch fire and drop to the ground 30 feet ahead of them. No one was hurt, but the pilots were killed. The captain of the reinforcements then joined the struggling group. They then told the others that they need to breach the east wing entrance in order to reach the Main Hall, where the leaders and delegates would meet. The  Main Hall however, was in the center of the building, and the West, North, and South entryways were either barricaded or heavily fortified. However though the captain says that one of the footsoldiers is holding a EMP Charge Pack, that will permanently fry their systems. To do this, he is going to have the reinforcements provide a distraction to help assist in the endeavor.

Gunfire barely misses anybody, but one of the reinforcements receives a bullet to the head. This as the cue that it had to be implemented immediately.

One bullet barely missed Jadzia's head, warning her that her hiding spot was no longer safe. She stumbled behind a horrific smelling dumpster and charged her cybernetic arm, ready to attack if necessary.

Another bullet barely missed Clara, which lead to her drawing her bow from her back. She ran to hide behind a dumpster, the smell of which she hated.

Jadzia saw Clara and panicked. "I have to move!"

Clara also saw Jadzia and quickly placed a hand on her shoulder. "Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Jadzia Ki-ra," Jadzia responded, almost gagging from the smell of the dumpster.

"I'm Clara." Clara replied, resisting the urge to cover her nose. "Ugh, I hate this smell."

One member of the resistance group- a large, dark-brown hedgehog wearing a black hoodie with tattered red trim and blue jeans, with two swords sheathed around his waist and a mechanical right arm- was speaking to the captain of the reinforcements. The hedgehog suddenly noticed something in the distance, and- after excusing himself from the captain- went to investigate, quickly heading to the area where Jadzia and Clara were hiding...

Jadzia's cybernetic arm detected the Hedgehog heading towards them. "We gotta go!" She tapped on a button in her cybernetic wrist and the Hedgehog approaching the dumpster would likely suddenly feel an irrational fear of everything for a brief period of time.

Clara nodded. "Lead the way!"

The hedgehog didn't- more couldn't- feel afraid. He did feel a mild headache, which annoyed him, and the energy Jadzia's cybernetic arm produced, which gave away her and Clara's location. He glared at the dumpster, and began to move closer to it...

"So much for my phobiakinesis," Jadzia thought. She continued to draw power, ready to blast any threats. Suddenly she leapt out and blasted the brown Hedgehog in the face, hopefully stunning him for a moment. Jadzia grabbed Clara by the wrist and exclaimed, "Let's go!"

"Well? Go on, lead the way!" said an irritated Clara.

Jadzia started running, looking back to make sure that the brown Hedgehog wasn't following them.

"GAH!" the hedgehog exclaimed as he was shot in the face. It took a moment, but he eventually reoriented himself and chased after the girls.

Jadzia looked back again and saw the Hedgehog. She fired another stun blast at him and continued to run.

The hedgehog blocked the second blast with his arm. Realizing he wouldn't be able to outrun them, he created a small explosion underneath his feet, sending him flying above them. The ground shook as he landed in front of the girls, swords drawn and a snarl in his throat. "Who do you work for?" he demanded. His voice was deep and rough, more of a growl than anything.

"No one," Jadzia Ki-ra responded in almost a whimper. She was very new to the interrogation thing, let alone being a Mobian.

"Uh....what she said." Clara also responded, gripping her bow rather tight.

The hedgehog looked at the females for a moment, calculations running behind his eyes. He became less tense and sheathed his blades. "Well you're not with Xi, that's for sure," he said in a much calmer tone, "However I know you're not part of the Resistance." He took a moment to rub some dust out of his scarred left eye. "So why are you in this area?"

"I honestly don't know," Jadzia Ki-ra responded slowly. "One second I'm scavenging, the next I'm here. And what's the Resistance? Heck, what's a Xi or however you pronounce it?!"

A soldier happened to hear them. He went over to them, while firing his rifle at some targets. "Xi...Xi is not a human or animal like us. He's an alien. An alien robot. He and his colleagues would often meet up with up the governor, or kings, or president, or some other important people. He was the head of the Chain of Command, which was to keep both sides from killing each other, but they had a falling out, and that's how we got here," the soldier said to them. When he turns around he barely misses getting hit in the shoulder. 

He turns back to them. "Listen, even with reinforcements we're still spread thin, and we're losing ground. You three have to get the Embassy Building and stop him. We'll provide the distraction. " After he said that, he heard someone get shot three time and turned to look and found the soldier required to escort the pack had been killed. "Damn! Alright, you three grab the pack and make way to the building, it's just down the road. But remember to use the pack from behind the defenses. Our scouts say that there's an Electromagnetic generator protruding from the roof of the South Wing. Set the Pack, and then storm that building, we'll catch up."

"Right," the hedgehog said to the soldier, dismissing him. He turned back the the girls. "Whatever, you're part of us now, and you're helping. Now let's move." He began to walk back towards the battle.

Jadzia frowned but followed the Hedgehog anyway. "Say... what's your name?"

"Xavis Pyrovolt," the hedgehog answered, his eyes locked on the approaching building. "And you are?"

"I'm Jadzia Ki-ra... my memories have kinda been distorted from when I first came to Mobius," Jadzia replied. "This is Clara." Jadzia gestured to the black female Echidna beside her.

"Nice to meet you... I guess." said Clara nervously. 

The group then hear a loud bang from a launched explosive. The soldiers then usher them to move quickly. 

"Go! Get going, and good luck!"

Part 2: The Resistance 

With Clara, Jadzia, and Xavis having secured the EMP unit, they now make their rough travel to the Embassy. However, they were forced to duck into a large building as Bombardiers were raining massive Energy Charges from the skies, which then detonate upon impact, and light up the street with plasmic energy. Their goal is to reach the embassy and plant the charge. On the other hand they needed to hide through three more buildings before reaching the embassy building. 

However they soon be met with opposition as groups of brawlers, footsoldiers, and Enforcers were given orders to kill any organic being on sight. Over the communication network, they hear, "Zakrii Xi sirrrakor f'irrax takrive moxxara kurac. Rikka Drimkor! (Master Xi wants those resistors killed immediately. Leave no area of the building unchecked!) 

Then, the sounds of rapid footsteps can be heard ad they begin their patrol.

Jadzia charged up her cybernetic arm, ready to fight when necessary.

"Aw hell," Xavis said as he drew his blades, the EMP strapped securely to his back.

The opposition then dispersed across the floors above them. The sound of gun fire and doors being blasted off their hinges got louder and louder as they got closer to the group. They then started examining every corner that they covered. Eventually, some of them reach the bottom floor and then began nearing their position. However, one Enforcer grows impatient, and begins beating down the wall in front of them. The group must now make act now if they want to survive. But then, the Enforcer finishes off the wall, and starts charging up his weapon.

In what seemed like an instant, Xavis had sliced the Enforcer clean in half, killing it. "They're right on top of us! We have to move, now!" he said to the two females behind him as he quickly advanced down the corridor.

Jadzia fired a blast from her cybernetic arm at another soldier that tried to attack Clara. "C'mon!" She grabbed Clara's wrist and pulled the Echidna away from the stunned soldier, who lay face first on the ground.

Clara hesitantly glanced at Xavis for a brief moment. I hope he'll be okay...

More soldiers could be heard on the floors above them. Only they were faster, and getting closer. One Enforcer breaches a wall on their right, aided by two brawlers whom had their fists raised. "Spirrax Akrri!(Kill them!)" The enforcer shouted. More footsoldiers could be heard coming down the corridor in front. But then, the group hears something get launched toward them, and land by Xavis' feet. It didn't take long for them to realize it was plasma grenade. 

"Move move!" Jadzia Ki-ra shouted, shoving Xavis and Clara behind cover, following them a second later. The gernade exploded with a loud bang, sending shards of metal flying. Jadzia could swear she almost went deaf. "Xavis...? ... Clara...?"

A female voice, obviously Clara, responded, "Jadzia?"

Xavis was a bit surprised that Jadzia was able to move him like that, but quickly shook it off. He knelt down next to the female hedgehog, placing one of his swords on the floor and lifting her face up. "Are you okay?"

Jadzia wasn't sure what to reply for a moment. She was still a bit disoriented. "Um... I... yeah. Yeah, I'm okay. Are you guys okay? That was one huge explosion."

The hostile forces above started ripping apart the ceiling to drop right on top of them from its age.  For the group to reach the Embassy, they needed to fight through the opposition, traverse on the roofs of the buildings, and land on the roof of the Embassy.

"What's that noise?!" Jadzia asked, standing up slowly. "It sounds like... something is ripping apart the ceiling... we gotta move!" She started running towards the nearest exit, gesturing for Clara and Xavis to follow.

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Xavis picked up his blade and sheathed it, grabbing Clara by the arm and running over to Jadzia. Once through the exit he let go of the echidna, turned back towards the hostile corridor, and swiftly raised his mechanical arm. A wall of fire erupted before him, however, it was abnormal; there was no smoke or crackle, just... fire. With this he turned back to the girls, calculations clearly running behind his eyes. He was planning something...

"What are you doing?" Jadzia asked, skidding to a halt.

Clara gently rubbed her arm (the one Xavis grabbed). "What she said." she murmured.

The charred-brown hedgehog just stood there, mumbling incoherently. It sounded almost like an equation. "... accounting for mass and distance traveled... minimum energy required... no visible auras... Alright!" he exclaimed, taking two steps towards the females and holding out his hands, "Take my hands; I can get us straight through these guys and to the Embassy Building with Chaos Control, vastly making up the time we've lost and reducing any risk of injury from hostiles."

Clara looked a bit apprehensive, but she did take one hand. This better be worth it...

Jadzia took the other, quite anxious.

Xavis then closed his eyes and began concentrating on their destination. A bright flash suddenly engulfed the three, and there they were. Right outside the Embassy. The hedgehog opened his eyes and released the girls' hands. "Alright, now lets plant this charge," he said, grabbing the EMP off of his back and placing it on the ground. There was a small control panel on its side, and after pushing a few buttons, it began beeping. "Take cover!" Xavis commanded, running behind a sizable chunk of rubble.

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Jadzia grabbed Clara's wrist and pulled them both behind a huge piece of debris.

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A huge surge of electricity came from the EMP, deactivating anything within range.

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Jadzia's cybernetic arm suddenly deactivated, and hung limp at her side. "Never fear, the mechanic's here," she thought sarcastically.

Xavis collapsed as the EMP went off; his eyes became dark, his body limp, and small amounts of static-electricity crackled across his form.

Clara had covered her eyes when the EMP went off. Once she uncovered them, she went and looked around. Seeing Xavis' limp body, she cried out in fear and ran toward him.

The EMP's emissions weren't just effecting the group, the other robots in the vicinity started acting up as well. The Enforcers chasing them grabbed their eyes as they started glitching out, sparks popping out from some of their joints. The foot soldiers however, took it much more harshly, with them wailing in pain, and some falling to their knees, or permanently deactivating. Despite this, they needed to press on, as the fight was raging on.

With the EMP active the external defenses shut down, enabling access. However, Xi and the other robots had come prepared, wearing Hypersensitive refraction armor, causing the waves to bounce back at the source. Brawlers and Juggernauts stormed the roof, surrounding the group.

"Don't move natives. Grandmaster Xi was expecting you." One impatient Juggernaut grabbed Clara by her arm, and got her close enough for him to confiscate her bow, and at gunpoint, force her to move it to Central Command, while another Juggernaut picked up the unconscious Xavis and slung him over his shoulder as if he were a towel.

Then a brawler dragged Jadzia by her prosthetic arm, with another hand on her throat, following the others. Unbeknownst to both parties, however, two more individuals have picked up the trail.

Xavis' eyes flickered briefly. The large hedgehog was quickly regaining power, and those around him could likely feel it.

"Oh, to hell with this!" Jadzia muttered under her breath. It was somewhat difficult to speak since the brawler's hand was on her throat. "I hate stupid droids. I can walk myself, you rusty piece of trash compactor..." She was having a very bad day. "Wait a dang haired minute!" Jadzia thought. "They called us natives! But Clara and I aren't from here. As for Xavis, I'm not so sure... but maybe we can use this to our advantage! We may have a shot at ending this war once and for all..."

The Juggernaut carrying Xavis was starting to pick up an energy signature. However, due to the energy buffer it had installed, it wasn't significant to it.  However, for the Juggernaut escorting Clara, it was, and warned the others.  The brawler boring Jadzia was getting anxious about it.  The Juggernaut carrying Xavis was still oblivious to the whole thing.

At Central Command, Grandmaster Xi was observing the group via Nano-Cameras hidden throughout the area. Xi was a little unnerved about the events unfolding, but regained a more relaxed tone of voice. Xi then tells the others to delay the would be attackers, and get Trans-Chronographic Warp Drive activated. But before anything transpired, Xi felt the end of a Stekrite Repeater at the back of his head, with an angry female voice saying, "Tell them to abort the project. NOW!"

Back with Jadzia, Xavis, and Clara.

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Clara glared over her shoulder at the brawler. Native?! I'm not from here! This thing is such an idiot!

"Clara..." Jadzia whispered quietly. "Let's not provoke them yet... otherwise we'll be pretty much screwed..."

Xavis' eyes flickered again. A low, quiet humming began to emanate from the hedgehog.

Jadzia's ear twiched, but she said nothing. It was best to just wait.

The juggernaut began to sense an erratic signature, but due to its energy buffer, it couldn't make sense. The brawler holding on to Clara got agitated, and used it's free hand to punch her in the stomach. Then, the brawler forces her onto the ground, pressing her against the ground with it's free hand on her head, and it's knee on her back. "Retort detected. Security Protocol Activated. Restraining target." The brawler says as it forces her to the ground . The brawler restraining Jadzia feared she might seize the opportunity to attack, so it forces her onto the wall to her right, slamming her against it, then tries to put pressure on her body. The Juggernaut takes Xavis off of him, and aims its shoulder mounted cannons at him, while holding him firmly in his metallic hand, hoping to stop the problem the others were informing him about.

Xavis' eyes were flickering more rapidly now, and the humming raised in volume and pitch. He was almost back online...

The raise in pitch was enough to alert the Juggernaut and the other two brawlers being forced to let Jadzia and Clara go in order to try to restrain Xavis. The brawlers then take Xavis off the juggernaut and pin Xavis down in an attempt to keep him down enough so his energy burns out.

The brawlers' attempt to burn out Xavis' energy seemed to work, as his eyes stopped flickering and the noise he emitted rapidly died down.

(No, he's not dead. It's like when a computer boots up: there's a ton of noisy flare that dies down before going into normal operation. That's what's happening here. -X-)

Jadzia's cybernetic arm was operational by now and she used it's miniature cannon (which was on the back of her hand), aimed it at a brawler, and fired. "Take that!"

(... ~ Julia)

The brawler took the hit causing it to stumble dorward, losing his grip on Xavis. The brawler hides behind some rubble on the roof and opens fire. The juggernaut then gets a strong grip on Xavis, leaving the other brawler intending to capture Clara.

Jadzia leapt towards the brawler going after Clara and smashes it with her robotic arm.

(...~ Julia) With the brawler having taken damage, it temporarily deactivates. Xi however, was becoming more embittered by what was going on, and was about to demand reinforcements, but was hit in the back of the head Nicole's weapon. Xi wasn't knocked out, but began to become increasingly irritated with these events. Xi tend trips Nicole from behind and tries to stop her, but was fighting back. Xi then commanded more two enforcers to breach the roof and force them down. The two Enforcers nod their heads in compliance, and start walking to the roof, creature soundwaves with each step. One of the enforcers emitted a ear-splitting wail from its auditory system, resulting in high pitched soundwaves to breach the air, and with the intent of causing trouble. However for the Juggernaut restraining Xavis, it couldn't block out the sound and keep an individual pinned down for long. It soon grabbed it's head in pain as a result. Giving Xavis some room to recover, the brawler that hid behind some cover eventually got fed up with it and jumped off the roof, leaving plenty of room for the enforcers to come on top.

Clara grabbed her head in pain. She hoped that the sound wouldn't damage her hearing.

Jadzia tried to cover her ears, but they were too large to cover completely. Not that it mattered, with the loudness of the sound.

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