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Say Good Mornin' To Evo And Friends, On Christmas.


Please, Only Edit Every 5 mins, this gives others a chance to edit,

Also, No Sexuality, Kissing and Nudity is as far as it goes, (Heck, They Could be nude and kissing for all I care, but nothing beyond that, we will not mention S*x)

Finally, Please No Fighting, Christmas Is A Happy Holiday, I will Keep Evo from Lunging at Fist, That's Pretty Big. So If you think Someone Offended Your Character, Just Report them to the host, Evo.


Evo The Hedgegoose

Streak The Fox

Patricia The Skunk (Spongebob100)

Jack The Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Josh the Hedgewolf

Speedy the Porcupine (Scroundernuts)

Jim the Doggaby (Scroundernuts)

Ruby the Pocupine (Scroundernuts)

Klinx the Weasel (Maryxgil)

Slash the Cat (Maryxgil)

Macro the Giant Hedgehog (Maryxgil)

Lien-DOS the Holographic Echidna (Maryxgil)

Rapid the Hedgehog (RTH)

Fist the Echidna (RTH)

Kyros the Hedgehog (RTH)

Handy The Fox (RTH)

Kaytlin Fence the Fox & Family(Family of Kaytlin:Rosa,Pheya,Gale,Brandon,BunBuns,Twig,Walter & Diana)(Kaytlinfencethefox/BrandonFencethefox0

Espiata the Echidna Dragon Hybrid (EAJ)

Nina the twin tailed echidna hybrid (Eaj)

Zeenahk the twin tailed Dragon Echidna Hybrid (Eaj)

Ferimei the Echidna (Eaj)

Edward The Artificial Robloxian Hedgehog(kinglimerules339back)



Evo: When Will Everyone Get Here?

Streak: DING DONG!!!

Evo: COME IN!!!

Streak: Hi!

Evo: Hey... Seen Anyone?

Streak: No Not Yet..

Evo: I've Got Breakfast on the table. We'll open gifts once everyone gets here.

Streak: K!!!

Jack: Hi

Josh( Opens door )

Patricia: Hello Evo

Evo: Hey Guys! Breakfast's on the table.

Jack: Thanks

Patricia: Thank you Evo

Evo: No Need! It gets pretty boreing all by my self...

Jack: Oh dear

Patricia: Evo, I think you should meet with the Witch Sisters someday

(Klinx, Slash, and Macro come in)

Macro: Merry Christmas!

Evo: Hey Guys! And ok, I'll pop by sometime! (the second sentence was to Patricia)

Klinx: Hello Evo, we bring pie!

Speedy,Jim & Ruby: (Walk in)

(Nice Gag On My Name, Funny)

Evo: Great! We'll be opening presents soon

Macro: Awesome.

Klinx: Would you happen to have any egg nog?

Streak: Yes, I Brought Some!

Evo: Reliable Streak...

Patricia: Ok, here's a picture of me & the Witch Sisters (Gives Evo a Picture of Patricia & the Witch Sisters)

Evo: K, I'll use chaos controll to come see you guys often!

(any Ideas On What to do? I wanna give Para, Taggev, And Kayumi a chance to join)

(Spongebob100: I don't know)

Patricia: Ok

Jack: Merry Christmas Evo

Speedy: I got some presents.

(Nog Chug?)

Evo: Set 'em Under The Tree

Rapid, Fist, Handy and Kyros knocked on the door. They all had Santa's attire, minus the beard and glasses.

Ruby: I'll get it! (Opens the door)

Evo: Hello guys!

Rapid and the others yelled, "Merry Christmas!" Rapid had 4 giant bags of presents, Kyros had a bunch of Christmas foods, Fist had nothing, and Handy had 4 more bags of presents.

Evo: we'll be opening Presents soon, once the others get here...

Handy laughed. "Everyone else? That's gonna take a while! The forecast says a huge snowstorm is coming in a bit!"

Streak: That's not good. But atleast were together!

Fist sighed. "I guess so..."

Jack: Merry Christmas Rapid, Fist, Handy & Kyros

Patricia: Merry Christmas

Evo: Just Put the gifts Under The Tree, Have A Snack, I've stocked up plenty of food.

????:*Knocks on the Door*

Evo: Who Is It???

Rosa:Kaytlin & Family!

Evo: Hey Guys! Come On In!

Kaytlin & Family:*Go in*

Kaytlin:My Parents are coming soon.^^

You can hear CHUG CHUG CHUG coming from the kitchen

Jack: Huh? I can hear Eggnog

Patricia: (Puts her Presents under the Christmas Tree)

Jack: (Puts his Presents under the Christmas Tree) There, we need some Snow Clothes to keep us warm in the Snow

Josh ( He`s Kinda slow) ; EGGNOG! MUST NOM!


Evo: What's going on in here!?!?

Streak: (eggnog all over her face) Nog Chug *continues Chugging*


Evo: Hello Mrs. Random.

Pheya:AWW I wanted to be Mrs.Charmy Bee!

(I'll Draw This Scene when I get home)

Evo: *facepalm* it's a nickname

Twig:Sorry,Shes only 6 years old.

Evo: It's Ok, It's kinda Cute!

Rosa:I'm 6,too,:P

(I Never Knew You Controlled Rosa, You Should Check ToD)

Evo: *Puts Hand on Rosa's Head, Big bro-little bro style* you are too.

???: *Knocks on the door*

Evo: Hm? Who could that be? (Opens the door) Yes?

???: (Waves stupidly) Hi. :B

Evo: Um........ Who are you?

???: Gordon. (Picks his nose while smiling with a dazed look)

Evo: (Backs up a little) Um.... yeah... I don't think you--

Gordon: (Pushes his way past Evo) Wow, nice place ya'll got 'ere!

Evo: Uh, you.... shouldn't be here...

Gordon: (Sits down on the couch) Thanks for yer hostility.

Evo: .... Don't you mean 'hospitality'?

Gordon: (Is asleep) Snoooore....

Rapid, who was lactose intolerant, got some egg nog. "I'm gonna just try." Rapid said. He drank some and chugged it down. "See? Not that-" Rapid vomited in the trash can. Fist laughed. "Moron!"

Pheya:*Drinks Egg Nog*

Klinx: *drinking egg nog* Not a very wise choice, Rapid.

Gordon: (Suddenly standing by the egg nog) Did somebody say egg nog?! (Gulps the egg nog down)

Everyone: (Stares at Gordon)

Gordon: (Finishes the egg nog) Ahhh... (Burps) Mmm.... (Turns to Evo) Tastes like YOU.

Evo: (Backs away, freaked out)

Rosa:Kaytlin is allergic to Prunes!:P

Macro: Yuck, who likes prunes anyway?

Gordon: I do!

Rosa:One time Kaytlin got addicted to Choclate Covered Prunes!:P

Gordon: Uh..... Does chocolate mean doo-doo?


Streak: That Probably Didnt End Well...

Evo: Probably? For Sure It Didnt!!!

Rapid wiped his mouth and laughed. "That was funny!" He said. Kyros looked out of the window. "I wonder where everyone else is..." Kyros said. Fist took out his cell phone. "10:00 AM..." He said.

(Gotta go to church, be back at 2:00 Pacific time)

(K See Ya!)


Rosa:Kaytlin's Parents Should be coming Soon!

Evo: K, When Will Floyd And Friends Get Here?

(they hear a knocking at the door)

Gordon: I got it! (Runs to the door, opens it, then slams it shut)

Evo: (Sighs, then opens the door)

Edward:*walks in*Hi guys!

Streak: Hello!

Klinx: Good day, sir!

?????:*Knocks on the Door*

Macro: Who is it?

Evo: Hello?

Walter:Walter:& Diana Fence the foxes.

(Espiata drives over to the house)

Espiata: now you two behave okay? Daddy wont want you guys to misbehave okay?

Nina: yes mommy.

Zeenahk: yes mom.

Streak Walks Up With Eggnog Stuck in fur

Espiata: you do know you have Eggnog on your fur right?

Nina: *giggles*

Zeenahk: *laughs*


Gordon: Did somebody say egg nog?!

Evo: Oh no...

Gordon: (Jumps on top of Streak and starts licking and chewing her fur with derped eyes) Nom nom nom nom...

Espiata: i can imagine.... my dad can drink 17 kegs of rum and still look for more and not be drunk!

Nina: Grandpa can do that!?

Zeenahk: *so exited at everything he's speechless*

Diana:We Brought brandon.

Kaytlin:O.O No.......................

Macro: Who?

Kaytlin:They Brought my Little Brother Brandon!

Jim: I feel like singing Chismas songs right Now.

Slash: Hmph. I don't sing.


Gordon: What sort o' song is "NOOOOOOOO!"? That ain't a song! THIS is a song! Ahem.... OH, I... Want to get a bag o' poop, an' shove it up yer ass! An' then I want to drink some pee an' poop it out as grass! An' then I'll stab ya in the heart with yer biggest kitchen knife, an' when I'm finished with yer body, I'll go an' kill yer wife! OH, It's called--

Evo: Enough!!!

Everyone: ............

Klinx: Problem with Christmas carols?

Rosa:Their annoying!

Espiata: yeah gotta say your right on THAT one... (Points to Gordon)

Rosa:*To Jim*And if you dare Sing I will put on the Horriblest song in the world on................................................Baby by Justin Beiber.

Jim: Guess what? I'm ten and you're only 6.

Rosa:I know More then all of YOU!:P*Runs into a wall*WHY????????????????

Gordon: (Watch beeps) Welp... I gotta go. It's time to go an' annoy another RP! See ya'll later! :B (Disappears)

Everyone: ...............................................

Espiata: and your mostly younger than i am. Im 16 and i have two kids! Beat that!

Rosa:MY Great Uncle Sherman is 150 and has 3000 kids!Beat That!:P

Espiata: well im older than he is in human years then. 350 human years is 1 hybrid year. and i am 16.

Klinx: Never seen someone so proud to be old.

Espiata: well its because my family is immortal to ageing but not to fighting. and my dads 24 in hybrid years. Mom however isnt a hybrid but she ages like one from marrying dad.

Evo: I'm A Hybrid, But I Don't Age Like One, What's With That?

Streak: You're Also A Clone, They Age Quickly, So They Cancel Eachother Out...

Evo: Oh, Ya...

Espiata: that or your hybrid chain is broken. A Hybrid Chain is what allows us hybrids to live on immortaly but if its broken or non-existant then eventually they will die a lot sooner than normal hybrids. *pulls out a weird glass with an eye drawing on it Evo let me see if your chains broken or not please.

Evo: Uum, Ok?

Espiata: *looks through the lens and see's Evo has a very badly broken one* you got one but its broken so you age like a human does.. Sorry Evo..

Klinx: By chance is there any difference between your type of hybrid and just being a combination of two species?

Espiata: maybe because my race is 4 or more races combined. Vampire, Werwolf, Angel, Demon Echidna, and Dragon for me and my twins.

Klinx: Yes... Evo is just a mongoose and a hedgehog.

Espiata: then thats why her chain to my eyes is broken but in truth is compelete

Evo:Her? I'm No Girl!!!

Espiata: never said anything so i assumed.

Evo: What, Makes you think, I'm a girl? *grabbs Streak* I'm a boy, This is a girl!

Klinx: Could be the purple.

Espiata: bingo.

Evo: I got that from Mina... I haven't dyed it yet

Klinx: But purple can be a perfectly manly color, it sometimes entales royalty.

Nina: *looks at Macro* woah! mommy look at him! hes huge!

Espiata: Nina dont point fingers at people.

Nina: sorry.

Rapid looked outside. "It's snowing!"

Evo: 'Course It Is! It's Christmas!

Rapid laughed. "Yeah!"

Macro: Yay, a white Christmas!

"Pretty soon it'll be a black Christmas..." Fist said.

Macro: What do you mean by that?

"Nevermind." Fist said.

Jack & Patricia: Merry Christmas!

Evo: Jack, Patricia, You guys need to relax... *patting them on the back*

Klinx: They can't help but be excited.

Patricia: We just love having the Christmas Spirit

Espiata: she never saw anybody 20ft tall before. Nor has my son.

Jack: It's Christmas Morning, it's time to get out, play in the snow & have fun!


Patricia: (notices it was Snowing already) (Puts on her Warm Pink Jacket) Come on, it's Snowing already

Jack: Alright

Brandon:Why Snow?

Macro: *to Espiata* Yeah, most people haven't.

Nina: *tries climbing Macro*

Espiata: Nina! You didnt ask!

Macro: *laughs* It's ok.

Klinx: *putting on a coat* Kids.

Nina: *gets up to Macro's knee but cant get any farther* aww... im stuck...

Jack: (Puts on his Orange Snow Jacket) There

Brandon:*Runs outside & Turns all White*

Macro: Come on Nina, why don't we go out and play in the snow?

Jack: Let's go have some fun in the Snow Patricia

Patricia: Ok Jack

Brandon:*Covered in snow*Ow........

Having Fun in the Snow

Espiata: you guys go have fun okay?

Nina: *still stuck on macro's knee* okay mom

Zeenahk: okay mommy.

Jack & Patricia: (Goes outside)

Patricia: It's so beautiful out here

Jack: It sure is Patricia

(Klinx and Macro go outside)

Klinx: Coming, Slash?

Slash: No.

Patricia: (Makes a Snowball) I made a Snowball

Kaytlin:*Poking Brandon*

Brandon:You're no help at all.

Kaytlin:I know!^^

Patricia: Jack, can you make a Snowball?

Jack: Ok (Makes a Cube out of Snow) Huh? I'll try again (Makes a Pyramid out of Snow) Wha? Grrrr (Makes DNA out of Snow as well) I think I made a BooBoo

Klinx: Come now Jack, it's not too hard. *makes a snowball*

Rosa:I can!*Makes a Chuxck Norris Snowball & Throws at Brandon*

Brandon:No another One!

Jack: (Makes a Snowball at last) I did it

Nina: *climbs up Macro's body and gets stuck again at his waist* awww not again... :(

Macro: *picks up Nina and sits her on his head*

Nina: thank you Macro.

Macro: No problem.

Patricia: It's even more fun when we having a Snowball Fight

Nina: *layds down on Macro's head* your sooo warm ^^ (she's young so expect it)

Jack: Snowball Fight, I wanna Play, I wanna play

Evo & Streak: (relaxing on roof)

Evo: *watching them* They are having fun, but this is fine fine for me.

Streak: same here, that Nog gave me a stomach ach

Jack: Ladies first

Patricia: Thanks Jack (Throws a Snowball at Jack)

Jack: (Got Hit) Nice one, my turn (Throws a Snowball at Patricia)

Patricia: (Dodges)

Klinx: An awfully civil snowball fight, don't you think?

Patricia: (Makes a Snowball) Come on Klinx, join in the fun

Klinx: I don't know, I mean... *throws a snowball at Jack*

Jack: (Got hit) Ow, Not again

Evo & Streak: *notices Jack* Mmph. (trying not to laugh)

Klinx: *smirks then retreats*

Jack: Ok my turn (Got hit by a Snowball by Patricia) Oh darn it, not again

Klinx: *starts piling up a fort*

Jim: (Builds a snowman)

Klinx: Best keep that snowman out of the line of fire.

Evo: *humming Random Christmas Charols*

Streak: *joins In*

Snowman (Comes to life) Happy birthday!

Jim: Frosty is Real?!

Evo: *Stops Humming*Wow...

Streak: (without Evo's Help, She breaks the rythm)

Macro: Whoa!

Zeenahk: *now terrified of random things coming to life he hides behind macro*

Jack & Patricia: (Builds a fort out of snow)

Slash: *walks outside and right up to the snowman* Hmm.

Evo: Come On! *grabs Streak's hand, then hops off the roof*

Klinx: *steps back* Yes, you guys check that out...

Evo: *to Snowman* Hi!

Espiata: *walks out and comes up to Zeenahk* dont worry son he's harmless.

Zeenahk: but he was made out of snow...

Espiata: i know. i saw.

Macro: Snowmen are friendly.

Zeenahk: oh... okay.... *starts shivering a bit* momy.. can i have my coat?

Espiata: *smiles and puts his coat on him* yes dear. now go have fun okay?

Streak: How Old Are You? In human Years, Please.

Espiata: oh me? or my kids?

Streak: You! 'cause I know A Guy Who Is 7,676 Years Old! He's Not Even Crossed Once!!!

Espiata: hmm no not my dad oh sorry there my dads 24 in hybrid years and i am 5,600 or around that number in human years. My dad is 8,400 in human years

(a wormhole opens up and a girl 20ft tall steps out this girl is a echidna)

???????: hello everyone.

Espiata: Hello Ferimei how are you and how is the future war?

Ferimei: not good. i need to spend weeks or even years in this time to prevent it from happening. Also i figured out how to use my amulet.

Espiata: thats good hun.

Zeenahk: *hides behind Macro from this new girl*

Macro: Uh, hi?

Ferimei: hi there. My names Ferimei whats yours?

Macro: Macro.

Klinx: *snickers* Someone with a head as big as yours. *clears throat* Excuse me. Hello ma'am, my name is Klinx the weasel, a pleasure to meet you.

Ferimei: its a pleasure to meet both of you. (she smiled innocently) And another thing Espiata.... your dad did the most stupidest thing.. he killed himself out of pain nd torment from losing you and your mother.. he stopped about the entire Rbot army but he was the last of your generation to even be alive.

Klinx: Not that it's my business, but is it the best thing to be telling her the future?

Jack: Uh, Hello?

Patricia: Hello?

Ferimei: not when your trying to change it from a near neverending war back to this. im 15 generations into the future because thats my time.

Jack & Patricia: Ohh

Jack: We get it now

Myesha: *Comes in* Hi guys!

Streak: Hey!

Evo: Hello Myesha! Now The only people Missing Is Floyd And The Others...

Streak: They'll Get Here. Wait and see...

Myesha: How late am I? There's a huge snowstorm thing near my house and I couldn't see a thing. *Pauses* It's headed this way.

Macro: You're not late. But wait did you say a snowstorm's coming?

Myesha: Yep.

Rosa:*Grabs Kaytlin & Brandon & Runs inside*

Ferimei: hey guys we dont have to go in just yet! We can stay outside before it gets to cold or harmful out.

Nina: *starts getting cold on top of Macro's head* im cold...

Rosa:Everyone outside Will die of the snowstorm!Get inside!

Klinx: Uh... A tad extreme, don't you think?

Slash: I'm going inside anyway. *heads in*

Nina: mr Macro.. can we go inside?

Espiata: *picks the cold Zeenahk up and takes him inside*

Macro: Sure. *goes inside*

Nina: *the cold tired her out so she started falling asleep* Thank you...

Macro: *lays Nina on the couch*

Espiata: *sets Zeenahk on the couch* Could you watch them for a few minutes Macro? *goes out to her car and grabs two cribs for them* (Hybrid children stay young for a long time and then around 12 they choose what they will look like for their rest of their life which also can be changed)

Macro: Yeah, that's fine.

Slash: *goes into the kitchen*

Feriemi: *comes over and sits next to Macro* So where do you come from?

Espiata: *comes back with two cribs for them a pink one for Nina and a blue one for Zeenahk* okay you two. Nap time okay?

Zeenahk: yes mommy.. *yawns*

Espiata: *puts Zeenahk in his crib and puts Nina in hers*

Macro: *To Feriemi* I know it sounds weird, but I actually don't know. My adopted parents just found me.

Evo: *walking In the house* It's Gotten Pretty bad..

Streak: B A D

Evo: Yes

Brandon:What has gotten Bad?

Klinx: *walks in behind them covered in snow* The snow storm.

Brandon:What Snowstorm?

Kaytlin:Brandon has forgot cuze of being In the snow way to long.

Jack: It was fun in the Snow

Klinx: *brushing snow off himself* Yes...

Brandon:I ALMOST DIED OUT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*To Jack*

Slash: Hmph. It's just snow.

Jack: It won't hurt you

Evo: Looks Like Floyd Wont Be Here For A Wile, Who Wants To Open Gifts?

Jack & Patricia: Yay, Present Time

Macro: We'll make sure we save Floyd's presents for him.

Pheya & Rosa:Presidents!:P


Patricia: Ok, come on, let's open our Presents

Evo: Sense You're So Exited, *hands one to Patricia* You Go First

Patricia: Ok (Opens a Present) Wow, a Heart-shaped Picture Frame


Evo: Well, I know that one's not from me then, I got everyone Gir T-Shirts

Macro: You're not supposed to tell us!

Klinx: Hmm, could it be from Jack?

Jack: I think so

Evo: Oh Right...

Jack: Ok Rosa your next

Rosa:*Opens her Present*It's Sonic Free Riders!:P

Jack: Ok, who's next

Evo: I Dont Know...

Klinx: How 'bout you, Evo?

Jack: Ok Evo, it's your turn

Evo:*Opens One, It's A Sheath For His Katana* Oh! Thanks, Whoever Gave me This!

(I Cant Figure Out What He Got, Just Say Something)

Ferimei: *talking to Macro* well at least you have them :) My parents died after sending me to a shaman to increase my hight because i was going to be incredibly short. Robots did it but i got revenge.

Macro: Aaw, I'm sorry.

((Maybe Evo's present could be a new sheath for his sword?))

Patricia: It's really nice to meet you Ferimei

(You Know, I'll Use That)

Jack: And Merry Christmas Ferimei

Ferimei: Here guys *places a big box on the ground* this is for you. all of you Its short notice but *opens it revealing a massive cake (normal to her and Macro massive to everybody else)

Jack: WOW

Patricia: That's a Giant Cake

Evo: Thanks *takes two small peices, and gives one to Streak*

(EpicPIE: In case you don't know already, this is the Christmas after the last few roleplays, especially Evo's Date)

Macro: What kind of cake is it?

Ferimei: my favorite half pumpkin half cheery deluxe.

Jack: Thank you for the Present

Feriemi: well dig in! *starts grabbing pieces and hands them out*

Jack: (Grabs 1 Piece of the Cake & starts eating)

Patricia: (Grabs 1 Piece of the Cake & starts eating) Yummy

(Klinx, Slash, and Macro eat cake)

Jack: It's Delicious

Feriemi: i made it myself. ^w^

Patricia: It was soo Yummy

Brandon:I didn't get Cake.

Jack: Come on Brandon try some, it's yummy

Ferimei: *gives Brandon a SECOND slice* (When i said she cut the cake and handed out slices it meant everybody got one. Dont act like that please?)

Jack: It's gonna take everyone to eat the Entire Giant Cake

Klinx: With the way the snow's piling up out there, we may need it.

Zeenahk: *hungry and slowly waking up* mommy..... im hungry...

Espiata: okay sweeite just stay in your crib. *walks into the kitchen and comes back with a second bottle for Nina when she wakes up* You know we need to get your sister and you off of these you know?

Zeenahk: i know but when we turn 7 okay?

Espiata: oh alrigthy then. *feeds Zeenahk*

Jack: Guys, maybe we can leave room for our Stomachs, so we can eat some Fruit

Slash: Too much cake won't keep you in healthy, fighting shape.

Ferimei: yeah i know. Also Espiata how is Darkness in this time?

Espiata: Dad's fine... i dunno he and mom are sorta away and i havent spoken to them much due to me and my husband being in Hawaii and on our own for a while.

Ferimei: oh okay. At least he sounds okay.

Patricia: Ok I think I had enough Cake, I think I'll have some fruit

Evo: *Napping By the fireplace*

Streak: *Napping on the couch*

Myesha: *Walks up to Evo* Hoi, sleepyhead!

Evo: *Waking Up* Huh?

Klinx: You aren't going to sleep through Christmas, are you?

Evo: Oh! Sorry! Uum I'll Go Get My Presents *walks off to room*

Klinx: It's no problem, Evo! Do what you want.

Evo: *walks Back With Arms Full Of Gir T-Shirts* Here They Are!


Klinx: Why, thank you, Evo.

Jim: (Opens his gift) A pogo-stick! Cool!

Espiata: *hands out gifts to everybody but her children* they got theirs this mourning. *each held a weird emerald*

Ferimei: huh? whats this?

Espiata: energy enchancer emerald. You put spare power into it and it stores it and amplifies it so taht when you tap into it it gives you more.

Jack: Patricia & I are best friends

Patricia: It;s true, we like each other

Speedy: Well Jim is my best Bud!

Klinx: Excuse me, but why are we announcing this all of a sudden?

Myesha: Yeah...bit random, isn't it?

Jack: Believe it or not, Patricia & I are Best Friends for 3 Years

Klinx: Alright. Macro's my best friend.

Macro: Aaw. Thanks Klinx! *picks him up and hugs him*

Klinx: Ack!

Speedy: Me & Jim have been best friends Since we Met!

Jack: The reason why Patricia & I are best because I saved her from 3 Tough Crocodile Bandits

Espiata: my children are all endevored by being around nice people

Evo: Of Course You All Know Me And Streak havnt allways been an 'Item', She Was Once A Crazed Fangirl!

Streak: True...

Jack: And then what happen?

Evo: She Beat Me In A Duel, And The Bet Was To Take Her On A Date,

Streak: Then We Kissed And Somthing Just-

Evo: Clicked.

Klinx: Ah yes, and now you're finishing each other's sentences. That's a sure sign of a connection.

Myesha: *Pulls out a bundle of presents* Here, guys!

Kaytlin:Me and Rosa have been Friends for 7 years!

Jack: Patricia maybe a Skunk, but she is my Best Friend

Patricia: It's true

Slash: We get it.

Rosa:Isn't it Starnge,Kaytlin's Kind is Supose to eat My Kind!

Klinx: It's an unlikely friendship, I suppose.

Jack: Merry Christmas

Streak: Uuum Jack? You're Standing-

Evo: Under Misletoe...

Klinx: *snickers*

Jack: (Notices a Mistletoe) But that means I have to kiss a girl, I wish Blaze the Hedgecat was here


Jack: Blaze the Hedgecat is my wife

Kaytlin:I know.

Jack: Oooooookay?

Evo And Streak: (Still O_o o_O From the news that Jack Has A Wife)

Jack: What?

Kaytlin:I under the mistletoe,too.O.O

Jack: (Looks at Kaytlin) You too?


Evo: We Allway Thought You An Pat-

Streak: (covering Evo's Mouth) He, He.

Kaytlin:Were Dating.

Streak: *stamps Foot* Don't Embarras Them!!!

Kaytlin:It's Like Saying Gale & Bunbuns Were Dating.Oh Yeah Gale is the girl and Bunbuns is the boy!

Rapid took out 50 presents from both bags. "Here ya go Evo."

Evo: O_o Lotta Presents

Pheya:Lots of PRESIDENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Streak: Snow Cones? Anyone?

Jim: Sure!

Evo: Not A Very Big Fan Of Sweets...

Streak: You Sure Evo? Here you go *hands one To Jim*

Jim: Mmmm.

Patricia: It's very nice of you to visit us

Evo: Wait, What? I Thought This Was My House!

Jack: Then who's house is this?

Evo: Mine Of Course!

Jack: Ohh

Patricia: Ok

Streak: Dont Forget! Evo Sent out The Invites!

Patricia: Oh right

Klinx: Feeling a bit absent minded?

Evo: (Holding A flashlight) I'll Be Back...

Slash: What're you doing?

Jack: Where are you going?

Evo: I'm Gonna Get Some Real Food.

Macro: Should we be concerned?

Evo: Naw, I'll Be Fine.

Patricia: Ok, be careful

Slash: I'll go with you. It's better than just sitting around here.

Jack: Alirght

Evo: So 2 are going

Streak: Make It 3, I'm Coming

Evo: Why?

Streak: Like Shash Said, It's Better than doing nuttin'! Plus, I wanna go to KFC.

Evo: Ok, Anyone Else? Goin Once, Going Twice Sold! Bye! *Climbs through window*

Streak: See Ya Guys! *follows*

Slash: *follows* But is KFC open on Christmas?

Jack: I don't know

Patricia: But let's find out

Evo: So 5 ppl are coming, Who's Gonna watch the house? I dont really trust Klinx with this kinda thing...

Jack: Don't worry, Patricia & I will take care of everything

Evo: Ok Back to 3... Were Gone! *walks off*

Streak: *follows*

Jack: Good luck

Patricia: See ya later

Slash: Alright.

Macro: Don't worry, I'll help watch too!

Patricia: Ok, thanks Marco

Espiata: *kept quiet because her young ones were asleep* Hey dont forget me.

Ferimei: or me. *she observed everybody*

Nina: *starts waking up* mommy?

Espiata: *picks Nina up* yes dear?

Nina: im cold...

Espiata: *covers her daughter up wit blankets* im right here sweetie your not gonna get cold while im here.

Jack: Don't worry, we'll be ok

Fist yawned. "So bored..."

Jack: Hi Fist, this is Patricia the Skunk, my Best Friend

Patricia: Hi

Kaytlin:Oh yeah Fist,Zoro wants you to have this Present*Gives Fist Zoro's Present8

Fist took the present. "What's inside?"

Evo: Probably Calone, she Likes To Smell Things, Brrrr! Its cold out! And no, Kfc Was Not Open...

Slash: Do you not have any food in your kitchen?

Kaytlin:Awww no KFC.*to Fist*I think a Picture of You & Zoro.

Fist smiled and opened the presents. "Wow. The first time I've ever received a present from sombody. Tell Zoro thanks." Fist said.

Kaytlin:ok.*to Rosa*Rosa!Go Tell Zoro Fist Said Thank You!

Rosa:Yay!I Get to Run Again!*Runs Off*

What The Heck?!?!?

Evo: How In Hell, Did I End Up Under The Missletoe?!?!?

Kaytlin:Now Kiss the Turtle!*Puts Twig under the Mistletoe*

Streak: No Way *Shoves Past Twig next to Evo* That's Better

Jim: (Sighs) Marine...

Twig:*To Kaytlin*You Already know my Boyfriend is Espio.

Evo: Hey Jim? Miss Marine? Dont forget I Can Use Chaos Controll...

Jim: Yeah..

Evo: Be Right Back, While I'm Gone, Anyone Want Me To Pick Anyone Else Up?

Rosa:Pick up Chip!

Klinx: This isn't a clever way to get out of the kiss, is it Evo?

Myesha: Pick up Carmmen, will you?

Jack: Hi Evo

Patricia: Hi Evo

Rosa:Please Pick up Chip!

Patricia: How's your day?

Rosa:Good!Do you mean me or Evo?

Jack: You

Rosa:I want Evo to Pick up Chip,This is going to be his first Chrismas!

Patricia: Ohh

Gale:Chip's Real name is Luz De Gaia.

Kaytlin:Meaning lIght Gaia in Spanish.

Jack: Ohhh we get it now

Evo: So Marine, Chip And Cammeren? See Ya! *Dissapears*

Jack: What the?

Patricia: (Sighs) I love spending time with Friends & Family

Evo: *Reapears* Here They Are!

Rosa:Did you bring Chip?

Evo: Duh!'

Rosa:Chip!*Hugs Chip*


Evo: Hey Jim, Guess Who Else!

Marine AHOY JIM!!!

Evo: Don't Forget Cammeren! I Brought Everyone You Guys Asked... (Thinking: They've Probably forgotten by now, I Don't Have To Kiss A Turtle!)

Kaytlin:Now you have to Kiss the Turtle!(Chip is a Canon Character)

Klinx: *snickers*

Evo: AWW COME ON!!! (kinda like flynn rider in tangled)

Streak: Coudn't you pick?

Evo: Your Right! *Kisses Streak*

Speedy: Can i spend some time with Ruby?....Alone?

Chip:Rosa,I like,But can you get off of Me?

Rosa:Ok!*Gets off of Chip*

Kaytlin:Yes*To Speedy*

Jack: It's nice having Friends & Family around


Patricia: (Sighs) (Hugs Jack) It's so nice for you to be here guys, I felt so lonely

Rosa:8Making kissy Lips*


Macro: Guys, we never finished with the presents.

Jack: Come on, Patricia is like a SIster to me

Klinx: We wouldn't think anything different! *grins*

Patricia: It's true, I'm like a Sister to Jack

Evo:*Big Smiley* Ya, Right

Patricia: I remember Axebox, he thinks I'm Cute

Klinx: Ah, now who is that?

Jack: Who?

Klinx: I was just inquiring as to who this "Axebox" fellow is.

Patricia: Well he is acculty a Troll, with a Jaquar / Bear Body, Red Quills & a Lion's Mane

Evo: Odd...

Ruby: Hey Speedy!!

Evo: (Walking Off to His Room) Here's Your Alone time Speedy...

Streak: (under Breath) For More people than one... *follows*

Metal Mina: DING DONG!!!

Patricia: Hello

Metal Mina: Guess What I Got From Tails!!!

Macro: I have no idea, so what?

Metal Mina: A Voice!!! I Finnaly Got One!!! Yay!!!

Patricia: You copied Tails' Voice?

Metal Mina: No! He Installed A Module For Basic (Starwars for English) Speech! I CAN TALK LIKE YOU GUYS!!!

Macro: Congratulations! I hadn't met you before to know that you didn't have one, but still.

Patricia: Congratulations

Metal Mina: Were's Evo? Isn't This His House?

Jack: Yes it is, why?

Metal Mina: Just Curious...

Patricia: Aww, your sooo Cute

Metal Mina: I'm Just A Robot Copy Of The Mongoose...

Patricia: That's ok, I like you & Mina Mongoose just the way you are

Metal Mina: Ever Heard Of Frozen Curcuits?

Patricia: No, why?

Evo: I Think It Means She Wants In...

Patricia: Oh, Sorry. Come in (Brings Metal Mina in the House) You reminded me of Mina Mongoose

Metal Mina: Ya, This Is Good Paint, It Belonged to A Hummer Dealership...

Evo: *Pretending to cough, Hiding a grin*

Lien-DOS: Hello everyone, is it alright if I join you?

Evo: Sure, At This Rate, We'll Probably See NICOLE Soon...

Lien-DOS: That'd be nice. Oh, I should introduce myself. My name is Lien-DOS. This is my first Christmas.

Rosa:It's Chip's First Chrismas,too!

Lien-DOS: Really? Everything's just so pretty around Christmas. And everyone's so nice, giving each other gifts.

Myesha: Hi! I'm Myesha, and this is my sister Carmmen. *To Evo* CARMMEN. Not Cammeren!

Evo: What?!? I'm Not Very Good At Pronounceing names!

Lien-DOS: Nice to meet you Myesha and Carmmen.

Myesha & Carmmen: Nice to meet you!

Jack: (To Lien-DOS) My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this is my friend Patricia the Skunk

Lien-DOS: I'm happy to meet you two.

Patricia: Merry Christmas

Evo: I Made Hot Chocolate, Anyone Want Some?

Macro: I'll take some.

Jack: I like some too

Patricia: Me too

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