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[just a quick message, but please check this thing out!] This roleplay is about several heroes being transformed into 12/13 year olds by Eggman. It was created by 09jhero and is a free join!









Ao\pallo The Hedghog


fastpager200 [mostly on an anon because im too lazy to log in]

Little michael


Frost the Wolf



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Falco the Eagle (09jhero)

Hero the Echidna (09jhero)

Duan the Hedgehog (ParaGoomba348)

Floyd the Pink Echidna (ParaGoomba348)

JT the Androhog (Sonicstar3000)

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Boombomb the Hedgehog (Boombomb)

galvtron the mecha-hog.

Jester the Hedgehog (Sonicstar3000)

Lightning The Hedgehog (Pandaboy2)

Flame the hedgehog (Boombomb)

Joseph the Wolf (Gurahk)

Brittney the Bat (Gurahk)

Reggie the Bat (Gurahk)

Max the Fox (Gurahk)

Julie the Rabbit (Gurahk)

Wrong the Hedgehog (anyone)

Sonic (Apallo)


Lunas (Apallo)

Mois (MoisKeroro-GoSFA)

Fast [fastpager200]

Epic [fastpager200] [fast and epic are both 6, but act like 10 year olds so they arnt affected by the ray]

Speedy the hedgehog(lil mike) (him,reeper and archer were already 12 but they got turned in 4 year olds)

Reeper the hedgehog(lil mike)

Archer the hedgehog(lil mike)

CalcuTron the calculator [fastpager200]

Malakai the Meerkat (Dark Lunaros)

Nova The Tech Savvy (Hedgehog) [Streamtheice]

Static the Cat (Frost the Wolf) [turned into a 12 year old]

Frost the Wolf (Frost) [turned into a 15 year old]

Mimic the Mockingbird (Frost) [turned into an 11 year old]

Crystaline the Wolf (Frost) [Still 8 years old]

Temporal Kitsempt (nero) (turned into an 11 year old)

Serana the Mouse (nero) (did not age, but is making Temp treat her like his mother)

carrie the hedgehog (shee look like a hedgehog but can tranform into a hedgehog angel (12 but in angel form she 13)[Little-miss-sonic-gamer]

Cynados The Amur Hedgehog (CynadosTAH)

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Dr. Eggman (anyone)

Medusa the Succubus (Gurahk)

Zoom the hedgehog(lil mike)(Speedy's anti-mobius counterpart he hasnt been by the ray)

Static Nega (Frost) [Static's clone. He is 16 because he has not been hit by the ray]

Blitz (Frost) [since he is Static Nega's "other persona", he is the same age as Static Nega]

Minor Characters [They don't have much role in the story]

Mux [fastpager200] [mux is fasts father, and he usually lazes about and eats tacos]


No G-modding.

No becoming an adult again until I say so, I want to stretch this out.

No serious sexual stuff.

No major swearing, or at least censor it.

No breaking the fourth wall!

That's it for now.



(Several heroes attack Eggman's base and break down a door)

Falco: (pointing at another door) There, he's through there!

"Got it," Jesse says, walking up to the door and quite literally kicking it off its hinges.

Hero: Lets go!

(The heroes run into the control room)

Eggman: Hello heroes!

Falco: What do you want, you clown.

Eggman: Just stand there and watch!

(Eggman pushes a button and the group are hit by a large light)

Falco: What is this?

"Oh great, a giant suntan," Jesse laughs.

Falco: Well then.

(Falco takes off his top and exposes himself to the rays)

Falco: i really need a tan right now!

Hero: (sighing) Falco, you are seriously stupid sometimes.

(Falco starts shrinking)

Falco: What the....

(Everyone else starts shrinking)

Hero: What's happening?

"Oh, you son of a--" mutters Jesse, voice steadily going higher in pitch.

Falco: (with a sqeaky voice) Hah Jesse, you sound like a chipmunk!

JT: (Relaxing at home.)

Hero: (with an equally sqeaky voice) Falco, you are really stupid!

"Screwed us over. Again," Jesse says, in an angry kiddy voice.

Falco: Hah hah, Jesse. You're like, twelve!

Hero: Falco, first of all, you're eleven, second of all, get out of the light!

Jesse steps back, a bit panicked, out of the light. "I'm gonna kill him."

(Falco and Hero get out of the light)

Falco: Dude, I have a girlfriend and now I'm eleven!

"Yeah well, suck it up. I'm married and have kids!" Jesse said, angrily.

Hero: Guys, later. We need to get out of here!

(The heroes start running and are chased by some Eggman robots)

Falco: (with his tiny legs) Can't run.

Jesse stumbles a bit, trying to run, but is still running better than Falco and Hero. "Keep up!"

(Hero manipulates the wind to keep up)

Falco: Guys, I'm smaller than you. I have tiny legs!

"Shut up and run!" Jesse exclaims, sliding under a group of hovering robots.

(Falco starts flying)

Falco: Hah hah, (in a rhyme) I can fly and you can't, nah nah nah nah nah nah!

"Stop being an immature prick and let's go!" Jesse exclaims, running as fast as he can go and dodging Eggman's robots.

Falco: No, nah nah nah nah nah nah!

Hero: The exit is just up there!

Jesse runs for the exit. "We can make it!"

(The group jump out the window and run off into the forest)

Falco: So what now?

Hero: Well Falco, guess who lives nearby?

Falco: (gulping) Who?

Hero: (grinning) JT!

End of Prologue

Part 1 - A Second Childhood

[The kids arrive at JT's house and knock on the door]

"This is gonna suck," Jesse says, annoyed.

Falco: You think it will suck for you? What about me?

"You don't have a wife and kids," Jesse mutters.

Falco: Yeah but I have a girlfriend and we are staying with PJ!

JT: (opens and yawns) Oh, hey FalcOH MY GOD!

Falco: (glaring) Don't say anything!

Hero: Hi JT. Eggman did this t us and we need somewhere to stay.

Boombomb: *Has a Puberty feel to him* There kids, and Im 13... (Sigh) Oh my god... I hate you so much JT...

JT: (Begins to heavily laugh)

Falco: (going red and his voice gets higher in anger) Listen up PJ, stop laughing!

Jesse facepalms. This had to be the stupidest thing he'd ever gotten involved in.

Falco: Just let us in.

(Falco tries to walk past JT)

Hero: (sighing) Can we stay here?

Boombomb: Im not changing daipers... *Pushes JT out the way and picks up a Wiimote*

JT: Sure... but I'm gonna discuss rules at 5, y'know? Little hand on the 5? Big hand on the 12?

"We're not stupid," Jesse says, going in and sitting down on the couch.

JT: Oh hohohohooo.... I bet you aren't...

"I can still hear you," Jesse says, annoyed.

JT: Oh, I know (chuckles)

Boombomb: *Kicks JT's Shin* HA, LOSER.

JT: Grounded!!

(Falco creates a trip wire, which JT falls over)

Falco: Hah hah, PJ fell over!

Jesse sighs. Apparently, this was affecting the maturity of his friends too. He wasn't affected as much in that respect.

Hero: (sighing) Falco already had the maturity of an eleven year old, but now he has the body of aneleven year old and the maturity of a three year old. The only thing that could be worse than a young Falco would be if we started being treated like kids.

"Nice job, I think you put the ideah in JT's head," Jesse says, annoyed.

Hero: Nah, he'll be too busy arguing with Falco to even acknowledge our existence, I hope !

(SS3000: Trying to make this some funny irony)

JT: Falco you idiot! Do you want grounded too!?

Falco: You can't. Even though I'm eleven, you're still only like three months old.

JT: I'm supposed to look 17! And I can ground you, which means I'm revoking your Sherlock! Understand?

Falco: Sherlock? You mean you're banning me from the TV?

[JT Moves his head in an up-down motion, saying "yes"]

Falco: You son of a-

(Falco jumps onJT)

JT: Ahh! You little snot-bag, get off of me!!

Falco: No! You're gonna suffer everyday until we're cured!

Hero: (sighing) Falco that was the stupidest thing You have ever said!

[Later that evening]

JT: Everyone in the Sitting room!!

(The kids enter)

Hero: Please don't kick us out, Falco can't help himself.

JT: (whisper) Don't worry, I won't kick you out, but Falco won't help himself

Hero: So what are you gonna do with us?

JT: I'll tell all of you...

JT: Okay, everyone! We need to go through a few rules, ok? Here we go.

  1. No Fighting
  2. Bedtime is at 11:00 at the latest
  3. Share toys!!
  4. Don't break things
  5. The noise level should be low!!
  6. I HATE Being called 'PJ'!

JT: Ok, big announcment... You are all....

Falco: Ok first of all-

Hero: (trying to stop Falco) What is the announcement?

JT: You guys are all going to school! Starting Tomorrow! :D

(Everyone looks horrified and Falco walks off)

Hero: Where are you going?

Falco: I'm going to kill myself.

JT: Well you are all normal, regular kids (exception : Falco) , so you should go to school, like normal, regular kids.

Hero: (angrily) But I'm way more mature than them. I mean, I can see why you send Falco to school but why me? Now I have to go stop Falco from killing himself!

JT: Ugh... typical children...

(a large sound is heard outside)

Hero: (sighing) That'll be Falco jumping out the window.

JT: He can fly, right?

Hero: Not when he's trying to kill himself, stupid adult. He's probably broken his wing though.

JT: Hey, I'm 3 months old!!

Hero: (sarcastically) Really? I thought you were a big boy!

JT: Go to your room!

Hero: (grinning) You shouldn't worry about me when every second Falco lies out there injured means more time for you behind bars if I decide to call child services.

Jesse hadn't said a word about anything for a while, but then he spoke up. "If child services is called, you'll get arrested. Secondly, although I don't like that we'd have to go to school," (he said school with a shudder), "it would be worse if we were just wandering around in the daytime anyway."

Falco: (shouting from outside) I survived if anyone wants to help me.

"Care to go get him, Hero?" Jesse said, civilized. "He'll probably violate Rule Number 1 if I go."

(Hero sighs and heads out)

[Later, everyone is in bed, including JT, but Falco sneaks down]

Falco: (whispering) I'll watch Sherlock if it's the last thing I do! I recorded it!

(Falco turns on the TV and starts watching it)

Falco: Suckers.

[The next day, JT begins waking the kids up for school so Hero tries to wake up Falco]

Jesse was already up and ready to go hours before. He hadn't slept. He'd been too busy thinking about his family. None of the other guys affected had to deal with that, but what if he never did turn back?

Hero: Jesse! I need help in here. Falco's completely unconscious.

"That's probably because he stayed up and watched TV," Jesse says, entering the room.

Hero: Stupid bird.

(Hero pulls Falco out of the bed and he wakes up)

Falco: Ow.

"Get up, man, it's time to go to school," Jesse laughs.

Falco: No, I'll try to kill myself again!

Hero: Dude, your wing is broken. Don't do it again.

"Suck it up man. How can school be that bad?" Jesse asks.

Falco: It just is!

"So, then you want to be taken by child services, put in an orphanage, treated like crap, then forced to go to school anyway?" Jesse says.

Falco:(thinks for a second before speaking) God damn you.

"So let's go," Jesse says, walking out of the room. "So is a bus gonna pick us up or something?"

Hero: Yeah, I think, lets go.

Lightning: *waiting outside when they come, smaller and appears to be an 11 year old* Finally.

carrie siting under the tree crying remindering the past so hard to forget

Part 2 - School

They stepped outside to wait for the bus. "I don't remember school," Jesse mutters to Hero. "I hope this isn't as bad as Falco keeps claiming."

Hero: (sighing) I've got a confession to make, I never went to school.

"Well, there's a first time for everything," Jesse says, trying to remember, but failing, if he went to school when he was younger.

Hero: I was taught by my master instead.

(Hero hears something in his pocket and pulls out a calculator that has eyes and a mouth on its screen)

Hero: What the?

galvtron aka the calculator:*Letters appear on it saying "Took you long enough!"*

(09jhero: I described him with a mouth so that he can speak)

Hero: A living calculator? I've seen it all.

galvtron aka the calculator:And a guy who is suprized by a calculator I'm suprized no-one has told youf to suck a lemon.

Hero: Well, I've never seen a talking calculator before.

(They arrive at the bus stop and the bus arrives, so they get on it)

Hero: Here we go!

galvatron aka the calculator:You better not drop me,mate!

Jesse gets on, and as he does, he has no clue where he should sit. Maybe somebody would just ask him to sit with them. That would be a good start. He was already sick of Hero and Falco.

Falco: (to Hero) Oh yeah, school is terrible. The teachers hit you, you are fed awful food and it gets worse and worse.

Hero: (looking scared) Jesse, is it really that bad.

galvatron:Stop being a drama-king. It's not THAT bad.

Jesse sits in an empty seat. Well, this is a great start, he thought, sarcastically.

Falco: Shut up maths bo- thing.

Hero: Maths?

galvatron:How bout I text about how I'm gonna beat you when I get back to normal,how about that?

Falco: (to Hero) You don't know maths? This is gonna be entertaining!

galvatron:(to falco) come on bring it on!

(Falco pushes the sleep button)

Falco: Problem solved.

(the bus arrives and Hero goes pale)

Falco: Welcome to hell!

Jesse sighs at Falco's oddly audible comment and gets ready to get off the bus. He doesn't say anything.

galvatron:I'll figh-*fall's asleep,and snore's*

(the kids are handed timetables and locker keys when they enter)

Hero: I don't know what half these subjects are. Hey Jesse, I'm in almost all of the same classes as you!

Falco: I think there's been a mistake with mine.

"Well, Hero, I guess that's something," Jesse mutters. He really didn't want to be here, but, it was for the best.

galvatron:*Open's one eye and wake's up* *yawn's* Did someone press my sleep moooooode?!

Falco: Uh, it was Jesse. Hey guys, why am I in none of your classes? Well at least I'm in Lightning's

galvatron:Well I don't care. I needed a sleep. Hey,hey! I could help you cheat!

Jesse shows a barely visible smirk. Perfect, Falco wasn't in his class. He wouldn't have to put up with him. Something good came out of this after all!

Hero: I'm keeping Galv, oh and Jesse, we should head over to geo-gray-fe.

galvatron:hm. I thought you would,lad.

"Geography," Jesse mutters.

Hero: Right, and then we have be-ology and chemstry.

"Biology," Jesse instinctively corrects, "and chemistry." He takes the lead toward the geography class.

Hero: (sighs) I'm doomed!

(Hero follows Jesse)

Falco: Ok, now I have to find Lightning.

Jesse steps up outside the geography classroom door, and then hesitates. "Uh, you go first," he says to Hero. He thought, what if Falco was right about school?

Hero: B-but.

(Hero sees a free seat beside an attractive female echidna)

Hero: Fine.

(Hero walks in)

galvatron:*typed on his screen "That echnida female echidna is nice,huh?"

Jesse follows him in, and looks around for a seat. He sees that the only one left open, other than the one he knows Hero wants, is right up front. He sighs, and hesitantly sits there.

Hero: (to the girl) Um hi.

Girl: Hi.

Hero: I-I'm Hero. What's your name?

Girl: Kat, Kat the Echidna. Hero, that's a funny name, where'd it come from?

(the pair continue to talk)

galvatron:*speaking* Boy,this is boring.

Kat: Huh?

Hero: What, oh that wasn't me that was-

Kat: Well, I'm sorry for boring you.

(Kat turns away and Hero angrily mutes Galv)

galv:*make's beeping sound's which attract's the atention's off the both of them* *and I type* "Oh mute me...And kat he just want's to get into your wardrobe if you know what I mean."

(anyone feel free to control the teachers)

galv:*Type's sad face on text*

(Hero looks at Jesse to help)

Kat: What is that?

galv:*type's I'm sorry,Please un-mute me.*

Jesse doesn't know what to say. Being younger, his hormones are acting up. He blushed, and he hated himself for it.

Hero: It's my broken calculator.

(Hero throws Galv in the bin)

Hero: Sorry about that.

Kat: It's ok.

(the pair continue talking)

(galv turned red and glowed it was visable from all area's off the class)

Jesse looked up, surprised from the glow. Really, what could it possibly be this time? he thought.

(electricty spurted out galv)

Hero: (thinking) When can a teacher just get here and throw Galv out a window or something?

(The teacher walks in)

Teacher: Hello class, I'm Mr Crawford, m'kay?

Jesse didn't say anything. He felt too embarrassed. Oh man, I hope he doesn't make us get up and introduce ourselves or anything... he thought.

Mr Crawford: Now, I hear that we have two new students today. Could they please come up here now, m'kay?

(Hero walks up nervous)

Crap, thought Jesse, standing up and walking nervously to the front of the room. He could tell that everyone was staring at him and Hero.

Mr Crawford: Ok now, can you please tell the class your names.

Hero: I-I'm Hero, Hero the Echidna.

Jesse hesitantly, and quietly, murmured, "I'm J-Jesse..." He knew the kids would probably think his name would be funny. Everybody would think his name would be "Jessie", and they'd laugh at him for having a girl's name.

Mr Crawford: Ok Hero and Jesse, now can you tell me what you were studying in this subject in your old school?

(Hero desperately looks at Jesse to say something)

Jesse says, quietly due to his nervousness, "W-we were studying t-tectonic plates."

(The kids retrun to their seats)

Mr Crawford: Now Hero, can you tell me what a divergent plate boundary is?

(Hero looks at Jesse desperately)

Jesse knew the answer, but was too shy to say anything. Oh, please don't call on me, was all he could think.

(Hero continues to look at Jesse pleadingly and desperately)

Jesse gulped, and he only knew one way to keep Hero from looking like a fool in front of the whole class. He rose his hand. Crap.

Mr Crawford: Yes Jessie?

"D-divergent boundaries are where the p-plates are sliding away from each other," he said, rather quietly, and it was obvious that he didn't want to be the focus of the class.

Mr Crawford: Well done Jessie! Now take down these notes m'kay....

[Back at home...]

JT: Time to watch some recorded TV!! Hmmm.... Wha? How the hell did Sherlock Holmes get here? ... (JT Realises, and shivers in rage) FALCO!!! (It echoes through thw town.)

Boombomb: So you realised Falco has his ways, Huh?

(During lunch, Hero walks up to Jesse)

Hero: Thanks.

Jesse was sitting alone at an isolated table. Usually, he would be probably having thirds by now, but he hadn't eaten a bite. He doesn't say anything to Hero, and barely even acknowledges his presence.

Hero: Jesse?

(Falco comes up)

Falco: Sup guys, I had the best day ever!

Jesse barely even realized that they were talking to him. He'd stared at that girl Kat five times during lunch, and he absolutely hated himself for it.

JT: Wt!? Boombomb, why aren't you at school?! suwdogvfgnasdpv bfsdjvb!?

Boombomb: Well, I suspected I didnt need to go. Im too smart to go to school y'know, I am in the CIA.

JT: ??. Go to School, Boombomb!

(Galv moved touching the mute button thus un-muting him self)

Galv:Ah! Hello? anyone?

Jester: Hey, new guys, I'm Jester! Mind if I sit with you?

"Sure," Jesse muttered, in a combination of awkwardness, sadness, and shyness.

Jester: What's wrong?

"N-nothing," Jesse stuttered. Man, he thought, I really do have an awkward stuttering problem.

(Galv shaked the bin and it fell over on it's side and rolled to the door)

Falco: Dude, my day was AWESOME! I got sent to the main office twice, I humiliated two teachers and everyone loves me!

Jesse didn't say anything. Falco was the one whining about how we were all going to hate school, and now he was the only one liking it. He pushed his food around on his plate, not eating any of it.

Jester: The main office... Twice?

Falco: (laughing) Yeah dude, it was hilarious. And when the headmaster left to get soemthing, I messed with his chair so it collapsed when he fell on it!

How much more immature could Falco possibly get? Jesse thought.

Jester: (sarcastic laughing whilst nudging Jesse)

Hero: (facepalm) Unbelieavable!

Falco: I love this place!

Jesse figured Jester wanted to ask him something quietly, and so he leaned over and whispered, "Y-yeah?" His hadn't ever stuttered as far as he could remember, and now he was doing it 24/7.

Hero: What are you guys talking about?

Jester: (to Jesse) Do you think that eagle is a bit... D-U-M-B?

Hero: (unaware that Jester wasn't talking to him) Definitely!

"Y-yeah," Jesse whispered. Man, he was making himself look like an idiot with his stupid stutter.

Falco: Hey, I'm not stupid. I actually amn't. I repaired a spaceship, I helped solve the puzzle of the Forbidden Secrets, I made the most bad-ass bad guy ever and I also made some bad-ass suits!

Jester: Maybe last night you did! But I'm Funner than you!

(Keep in mind funner isn't a real word) (Wolf says: neither is amn't)

Jesse went back to pushing his food around on his plate. These two were completely annoying him.

Falco: No way. I am like the EMPEROR of fun!

Jester: Well I'm the OVERLORD of fun!

Falco: Well if you're the OVERLORD, do you have one of these?

(Falco pulls a mini-tazer out of his pocket and tazes Jester)

Jesse stands up, turns around, and bashes his plastic tray with all his food still on it right across Falco's face. He'd had enough.

(The teacher sees this)

Teacher: Jesse! Main office, NOW!

Jesse sighs, and walks toward the office, past the teacher, saying, "And the fact that he just tazed a kindergartener doesn't get him in the office."

Teacher: What? He tazed a kindergartner? Falco, office NOW!

Falco: Son if a-

(Falco follows Jesse)

Jester: (giggles) A placed a grenade on Falco's back!! 3, 2, 1....... (covers ears)

(A small explosion happens and Falco lies on the ground, unconscious)

Hero: Dude, too far!

Jesse sighed and facepalmed. He was probably gonna get blamed for that too.

Jester: Oh, no. Falco Spontaneously combusted! Who might have done it? (Cute Face)

Jesse turned around and stood face to face with Jester. "Ten to one says you did, and I do believe I have a witness," he said, gesturing to Hero.


Jesse smiled, picked Falco up, and continued right on walking to the main office like he was told to.

Jester: (extremely Cute Face)

Flame: Jester, what are you doing here..? Whos the cutes nephew ever, you are. You are!

Jesse sighs. Why was everyone so d*** stupid around here?

Jester: What are you doing here, Flame!? :D

Hero: You're dead, little kid!

Jester: Aww (Giggles) I love you too, Hero!

Hero: Son of a-

(Hero uses the wind to throw Jester out a window)

Jester: Whaaaaa!? (Jester lands on his face, his legs are sticking up in the air)

Hero: Hah, I hope you broke your leg!

(Jester gets up as if nothing happened, and begins to skip away happily)

Hero: Son of a-

Mois: Am I late for school? this is weird... being young again.

Lunas: -holding her hand- -lunas is in his head gear- Ya....I hope looking like a geek doesent scare you away Mois

Mois: *Smiles* Nope! I wonder, Is Sonic a kid too?

  1. they see fast and epic on the street#

Fast:hey, I havent seen that school before!

Epic:just ignore it. and i heard Eggman was turning everyone into kids!

Fast:that wont affect us cuz we're kids anyway!

Lunas: I wonder if Apallo was turned into a kid....


Reeper:its your fault you were the one who wanted to follow them (points at others)

Archer:i think its pretty cool

Speedy and Reeper:SHUT UP ARCHER!

Mois: Jeez, stop yelling you two!

Lunas: Mois...there is someting i need to tell you...and its serious....bad serious...

Mois: *Looks at Lunas concerned* I hate serious! what?

Lunas: Well. Apallo as a kid....when he told me about his child hood.....he said that he was kinda picked on and in a week he mearly demolished a school.

Mois: Wow...

Speedy:wait guys now that we're four the person at our flat wont reconise us


Reeper:i know it's weird i want to call my cape "blankee" for some reason

Speedy:lets go ask those guys to help us i will get us there in a flash (tries to run but falls over) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (rember he was turned into a four year old he wouldnt do this when he was twelve)

Reeper:oh no i cant get us there fast ether guys because me and Speedy havent invent my rocket skates yet and why are you still in full armor?

Archer:we were forced to join the medievil army when we were this age now GIMME THAT BLANKEE(grabs Reepers cape)

Reeper:no its mine (starts grabing his cape too)

(Reeper and Archer fall on to Speedy)




Mois: You guys ok? *Concerned*


Speedy:(wipes tear away) now that we're four we cant get into our flat because they wont reconise us,we're homeless

Mois: I don't live on Mobias so I'm always homeless. I always sleep at a friends house.

Speedy:yeah but these two (points at Reeper and Archer) ar my only friends and mine and Reepers parents are dead and Archer is stuck in this timeline he is acctualy from the midle ages so we're stuck c'mon guys lets go find somewhere to sleep (trips over and falls on his face) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



Mois: I can take you somewhere.


Mois: A place I stayed at before I met Sonic and the others.

Speedy:ok then

Mois: Follow me. -starts walking away-

[Fast and Epic see the place the gang is staying in]

Fast:Oh hey, we should check that out! [opens door] hello?

Epic:Umm, Fast, that might not be a good idea....

Speedy:hey look its them(points at fast and epic) they stayed the same age when they got blasted but when WE get blasted we turn into 4 year olds

Reeper:hey where are they going

Speedy:lets find out

Archer:we shouldnt wonder off guys

Speedy:fine sissy you can stay here (walks off)

Reeper:see ya Archer (walks off)

Archer:hey guys WAIT! (runs after them)

Fast:err... we dont know each other. say, i could go for a quick snack right now. my home is a little long to go from here. im not saying im lost, im saying i kinda want a snack. any chocolate?

Lunas: -his brain from when he was a kid returns making him smart again- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speedy:we saw you guys going into eggheads base so we decide to find out what was going on AAAAANNNNDDD we got turned into four year olds,we just love adventure it's the reason we followed you guys here for adventure

fast:actually, he owed me 20 bucks. anyway, GIMME MA CHOCOLATES!

Mois: We'll be there soon! ♪

Speedy:c'mon guys lets go back to mois

Reeper and Archer:ok then


Epic:oh, and i built this. #takes out CalcuTron and gives it to Falco#

[CalcuTron is based on Galvtron]

CalcuTron:hi! im CalcuTron!

Mois: *Smiles* Hi I'm Mois!❤

(a portal appears and Zoom(speedy's anti-mobius conterpart) and beats up Speedy)

Zoom:(while punching him at super sonic speed)oh Speedy you've let yourself go managing to let yourself be turned into a four year old and losing all of your speed HAH your pathetic

Reeper:we have to do something

Archer:but what remeber we are only four aswell

CalcuTron:Dont worry! i have some extra installments for every occasion! #arms come out of body holding guns and shoots zoom, weakening him but not killing him#

Zoom:is that all you got? (gets heart slicers out and puts them at Speedy's throat) one more move and i'll kill him

Mois: Grrr... -Light starts surrounding Mois as her fur turns white-

[NOTE:this bit is based on tanetane island from mother 3. -fastpager200]

fast:hey guys! i forgot to mention it, but i like these mushrooms! you should all eat them! #eats one# hey, why has the room gone purple? do you mind if i look in your mailbox?

[when the gang eats the mushrooms, they think evil things are people they know, and think that good things are villians they know, while the gang sees each other as normal]

Mois: *turns into Pure Mois* Fast! Zoom is going to kill Speedy!

Fast;yes, but people still have a right to eat. #gives everyone a mushroom#

[i just hope this goes as i plan]

Zoom:who are you? super mario?

Reeper:we cant go super because only Speedy can use the life orb but he cant because he can only use it when his age is double digits

Fast:SHUT UP!! #shoves one mushroom into everyones stomach# #trollface# #the mushroom effects i mentioned earlier happen#

Mois: Fast, you super Mario? Why did you never tell me?

Reeper:wait i have an idea (gets out sythe,its too heavy and topples him over)

Archer:let me try(gets bow and arrow,shoots but completly misses)

Zoom:(gets death cube and fires a beam from it at Reeper and Archer and it hits them,knocking them unconsiuos)NO ONE CAN DEFEAT NO ONE MUHAHAHAHAHAAHHA

[a freind archer remembers appears, exept the freind wants to kill everyone] please pay very close attention. Zoom:your mushrooms are useless,there knocked and speedy here is at deaths door aint that right Speedy

Speedy:h hh hh

Mois: No! *Rushes towards zoom*

Lunas: -uses a Cure spell on Speedy- Mois my darling love can you go in my back pack and give me some bandage?

Fast:OH NO!! #everyone sees dark [incase of any confusion, there are many FCs named dark, but this one is fastpager200s fc]# oh hey! dark could help us!

Dark:Well guess what? Everyone wants to throw rocks at you. everyone wants to cut you up and make your life hell. whos wanting that? EVERYONE YOU LOVE.

Fast:D-Dark? this.. this isnt you....

Dark:Believe im real and ill give you this chocolate bar.

Fast:Okay! #eats chocolate#

Zoom:you havent seen the last of me (goes back to anti-mobius)

(Reeper and Archer become concious again)

Reeper and Archer:SPEEDY!(run to him)

Speedy:ow guys back off i think my arms broken or somthing wait omg my arms broken WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Lunas: -sighs- -looks at Mois- -holds her hand and they both glow- Get ready to Use a Cure Wave

Speedy:hey Archer what kind of magic are they doing?

Archer:this guy(points at lunas)is an expert at magic im guessing unfortuanatly i have forgotten my magic because i got turned nto a 4 year old and he's using a heal spell so im guessing there trying to help you with your broken arm

Speedy:right and who are you(points at lunas)

meanwhile, in the exact same room...

Dark:[turns into a demon]


Mois: What?

Speedy:whats happening?

Fast:#keeps screaming for a while but then stops# imma go check the mail! #goes outside looking stupid# #comes back in with some letters# [just a reminder, there all under the effect of the mushrooms, so they see things that arnt real, they think evil things are people they know, and they think good/hero things [apart from themselves] are evil] Lets read em!

[here is the list of letters, and i made one for all the characters that i see on the character list, because i dont know how many characters are at the place fast and epic are at, and BTW if a character is mentioned in a letter, that letter is read by the character:

Falco is bullying innocent creatures.
Hero is really a villian taking over the world.
Duan is murdering people.
Floyd is a demon worshiper.
JT is blowing up innocent villages.
Jesse killed her freinds.
Boombomb destroyed a peaceful forest.
Galvtron is killing the mayor.
Jester poisoned a jungle.
Lightning murdered someone.
Flame set a city on fire.
Joseph destroyed an island.
Brittney robbed a bank.
Reggie destroyed a famous diamond.
Max threw a hobo off a cliff.
Julie set an evil criminal in prison free.
Wrong destroyed the moon.
Sonic murdered a harmless creature.
Apallo killed a large amount of people.
Lunas killed an innocent boy.
Mois killed her entire family.
Speedy murdered the most important man on earth.
Reeper killed everyone in a hospital.
Archer killed all the people in the tree village.
Malakai destroyed a chaos emerald.
Epic made a poison machine.
Fast learned evil magic.]

Fast:#reads# I dont know magic! IM NOT EVIL!!!!

Epic:#reads# I dont know how to make that machine!

Mois: I did not murder them! They abandoned me and I was adopted by another family!

Speedy:i didnt kill noone except if you count Nazo but really he keeps being rebirthed

Reeper:i didnt kill no one in hospital

Archer:i only had to kill them because they were beserkhogs

Fast:but their innocent! INNOCENT I TELL YOU! #takes out a lighter and burns all the letters# friggin letters.. whod want these?

  1. mailbox is thrown in through window and it screams#

Fast:...what the waffles?

Archer:the beserkhogs arent innocent they killed my whole village


Mois: I wanna go home!

Speedy:i want my parents to be alive

Reeper:i want my adoptive parents to be alive

Archer:i wanna go back to my own time


Mois: I want to go home and see my sister! *cries*

Speedy:(stops crying)wait guys it's the mushrooms thats whats causing this look guys this isnt real just stay poso,poso um stay happy

Mois: What?

Speedy:stay happy

Mois: okay! *smiles*

Speedy:anyway wernt you gonna take us to that place

Mois: We're here! *stops in front of a house that looks emptey*

Speedy:well its bigger than our flat

Reeper and Archer:huh yeah

(Speedy,Reeper and Archer hug mois)

Speedy,Reeper and Archer:thank you

Mois: No problem. ^^


Fast:Get back in the kitchen! #slaps death.exe joe and he dissapears# Anyway, i think the mushrooms should wear off now. #they wear off# good. Anybody want to come to my house?

-Meanwhile where I think Lunas was at-

Lunas: Mois.....Sweetheart....... -is alone- Ohh......M-ommmy...

(Speedy,Reeper and Archer walk by)

Speedy:what the fuu..............



Mois: *looks at everyone crying* Hey Lunas! *smiles at lunas*

-Meanwhile,Nova in a robotic suit crashes on the ground near where they are-

Nova:I can't do anything in this body..-Starts ripping off the suit piece by piece-..Guess it's not just me..anyways,someone explain to me what happened?..Why am i a kid?...

Mois: *Appears where Nova is* Hey, your a kid too!

Speedy:(thinking) "we are not getting attention let cry louder" WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Mimic: Hey! (Static, Frost, Mimic, and Crystaline enter the room) What's going on. (sees a lot of people, but recognizes only Mois) Magic Girl? What are you doing here, and why are you... younger?

Static: It's not just her, it looks like almost everyone here is younger. Even you, me and Frost.

Frost: ... (looks around, alert for any trouble.)

Speedy: were still not getting enough attention


Frost: (Glares at Speedy, Reeper, and Archer. When they see him glaring at them, they immedieatly stop crying.)

Crystaline: Would someone please explain what is happening?

Mois: We're all kids, so we're trying to get attention. *breaths deeply, gets magic ready, and does a hyper scream*

Speedy:no were trying to get some attention coz we're 4 years old and he shouted at us (points at lunas)

Static: (covers his ears as Mois does a hyper scream) OWWW! Mois!

Crystaline: (after recovering from Mois' hyper scream) I was kind of asking why is everyone becoming younger.

Frost: ... (continues to keep an eye out for trouble)

Mimic: I don't mind being eleven years old again, but I think we should try to get back to our normal ages. (adjusts his fedora, which is now a little too big for his head)

Fast:Do you guys wanna come to my house?

Mimic: We haven't been here two minutes, and already someone's inviting us to their house!

Static: Shouldn't we be finding a way to get back to our normal age?

Mimic: It's not that bad. I mean, it could be worse.

Static: How?

Mimic: We could have been turned into old geezers instead.




Frost: (Glares at them again, causing them to immediately stop crying)

Crystaline: Don't worry, we'll help you. (She smiles, her eyes' irises glowing green as she does.)

[Keep in mind that Crystaline's eyes are very unusual. They are white where the pupils should be, and the irises glow a bright green color.]

Fast:Seriously, wanna come to my house?

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