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Renée needs help recovering her lost memories. She needs to remember her purpose of Guardian of the Dream Dimention. Without her protecting it, dark forces are finding out her secrets and fears from the dimention. Can her friends help her get her memories back?


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Those who want to help Renée get her memories back.

'Renée the Hedgehog' w/ Kou the Bat

Lilith the Demon

Abel the Hedgehog

Mark the Fox (TailsFan99)

Midnight the Fox (TailsFan99

Thomas Foster (TailsFan99)


Lucy and Ruth Shuzen.

Damon the Wolf


Those who want to stop Renée and/or destroy her.

Durza the Dark

Pyro the Fox


Chapter I

(Inner Renée and Abel are training together, Abel in his 40% Krusnik form)

Abel: Concentrate! -he blocks one of Inner's punches-

(Inner grabs a wooden stave, so does Abel, and they hit each other with them)

Inner Renée: -hits Abel on the shoulder- Ha!

(Inner goes for another hit, getting quicker but Abel knocks her off her feet)
Abel: Don't get over-confident!

Mark: *is flying with Midnight and watches*

Midnight: Are you sure they're just friends now?

Mark: Yeah, he must've changed a lot in the seal....I still don't trust him though...

Midnight: Hmm...

Abel: -gets hit in the shin and falls down to his knees- Ow..nice try your ice powers, you'll need to switch.

Inner Renée: I know -she reattaches the rosary and turns to Outer Renée-

Abel: Ok then -he draws a sword- Try your best....

Renée: -makes several ice clones and her right arm becomes an ice sword- Try and find the real one...-the clones and her jump to either side of Abel-

Thomas: *see's Mark and Midnight* Hmmm *turns robotic hand to a flare gun and shoots near Mark and Midnight*

Mark: *looks down* Oh hey Tom!

Midnight: You know that could've hit me!

Thomas: Sorry Midnight!

(The 2 foxes lands down)

Abel: Hm...-his eyes go orange, then back to red, and he makes a lunge at one of the clones, he hits the real one-

Renée: Ugh! -the ice clones shatter and she falls to her knees- You're....too powerful...for me...

Thomas: *looks at Renée and Abel* I thought that one was sealed.

Abel: -he turns normal helps Renée up- I guess that's enough for now -he smiles-

Renée: I..guess...-she falls slightly but Abel catches her-

Abel: I hit you hard then...just take it easy..

Mark: .....

Midnight: Mark? Are you still about that break thing?

Mark: I don't know.....I know it was my idea but still..... (None of our fcs haven't talked to eachother yet XD)

Renée: -coughs up blood- I don't feel too good, you striked me right in the chest... -she leans against a pillar of stone, breathing heavily-

Thomas: ......Should I shoot another flare?

Mark and Midnight: >_>

-a hammer strikes Mark in the head-

Mark: Ah!

Midnight: What the-?

Lilith: Are you just gonna stand there and watch my sister in pain? -the hammer turns into Kou-

Kou: That hurt more then I expected..

Thomas: It's rude to pop in right?

Mark: .... *flies to them*

Lilith: -looks at Thomas- Ok, you are new...

Renée: I feel really bad...

Abel: I really didn't mean to hit you that hard...

Thomas: I've been in her since I was 13!

Mark: ..... -thinks- I have no reason here.... *flies away*

Abel: ...-he frowns and some electric vines grab Mark, pulling him down to the ground-

Renée: ..-darts off before anyone notices-

Mark: Abel, let go of!

Abel: You really think you have no reason here...then you are mistaken...-the vines throw Mark into a tree then retract back to Abel- You are needed here...I am not...I just cause trouble....I just caused her slight amnesia by the looks of it..

Mark: Wait, amnesia?

Abel: I hit her in the chest and in the head, obviously too hard...she seems dizzy, she could get in trouble if----wait, scratch that, she IS in trouble because she ran off..

Mark: *softly growls at Abel then flies off to find Renée*

Thomas: How did you not notice me for 2 years? T_T

Lilith: I haven't been here for 2 years..

Chapter II

(Renée is in a nearby forest, feeling much worse then she was)

Renée: Oh god, I feel so..bad...-she gets dizzy and falls down a hole- Ow, who put this here..?

Thomas: *shoots another flare*

Midnight: Thomas, for the 24th time, that's enough flares!

Thomas: Ok >_>

Renée: A flare? -uses telekenetic to send the flare back to Thomas with a message saying 'Help, trapped, nearby forest, near frozen tree'-

(Rosario: I g2g tails, please add Mark to Abel's relationship with other characters part please?)

(Tails: Ok, G'night Rosario)

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