1. No Godmodding.
  2. No controlling characters that aren't yours.
  3. As far as romance, nothing extreme.
  4. Treat everyone with respect.
  5. Cursing is allowed, just don't use it in every single sentance and we'll get along.
  6. Smile and have fun! :D


Renée the Hedgehog (Played by the one and only Rosario Cross! :D)

Lillith the Demon (Rosario Cross)
Dawn the Fox (Rosario Cross)
Members of either the Vampire Council or Chi Kusabana. (Depends)

Mark the Fox (By the most awesome, yet handsome guy in the world, TailsFan99! :D)

Frost the Monkey (TailsFan99)

Jack Foster (TailsFan99)

Mason the Hedgefox(by the cutest the coolest the most Amazing guy ever MEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D!)

Voice Over

Something that says what has happened/what is going to happen.

Renée: It has been many years since the Chi Merodii cursed my homeland. It was bound to happen, my home was full of vampires and other monsters, and it's going to pass onto this world. Not unless I find the Chi Singer and destroy it first.

Inner Renée: This Merodii is cursed, those who come across it will be killed or cursed. The singer is in Mobius, we must stop it before it destroys Mobius!

Both: This event is the closet death we have experienced. We never knew how things would turn out, untill the last minute...


(In her house, Renée is sitting on her bed, looking through a photo album)
Renée: Ah, these were great times, huh Ura?

Inner Renée (Ura): I guess so...but you experienced them all, I just watched, Omote.

Renée (Omote): You fought the bad guys for me...

Inner Renée: Good point...oh look. -she points at a picture-

Renée: Picture I took of Brook, Mark and Dawn, that was when it was snowing. ^.^

(At the beach, Mark is looking at the moon)

Mark: *sighs*

Kram: *Is transparent* Are you still on about what happen after the cruise mishap?

Mark: Yeah...

Kram: It's been a week Mark, it's been and done

Mark: I still feel terrible about it though...

Damon: -appears a few meters away from Mark- I wonder if Renée got that game I wanted to play with her...

Kram: *looks at Damon* -thinks- What is with him this time?

Mark: Something the matter Kram?

Kram: *shakes head* Nothing....

-Renée runs out of her house and accidently runs into Damon-

Damon: Watch it, hey, have you got that game yet?

Renée: Yeah, you wanna play?
Damon: Yeah, I'll get Lucifer and we'll play multiplayer.

Mark: *looks* ?

Mason:WEEEEEEEEEEE -lands next to Mark-

Mark: Watch it Mason!

Mason:sorry dude

Mason:urgh im bored -looks around for something to and decides to wind up Knuckles-

Mark: Whatever... *walks away to the forest*

Mason:-apppears behind renee and scares her-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Mason:wats sup Renee

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