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Welcome to the Chaos Hotel!

Welcome to the Chaos Hotel, where Chaos and destruction normal :3 No need to sign in, we are just that unorganized, feel free to run in and find yourself a room, you are also allowed to steal other bedrooms :3 When you find your room Lunch begins at 4:00 Then Dinner at 6:00 There is a party all the time downstairs late at night at the pool, feel free to join in. Warning... It is foretold that our hotel often has spies or agents sneaking around looking for secrets that may benefit their own needs, may it be evil, or horrific. So you are either a Guest, a Spy, or a Worker. Workers tend to the guests, but they also have their own room for free that CANT be stolen. Spies are just like Guests except they have a goal to retrieve something, may it be evil or good. Guests are the ones who are relaxing and enjoying themselves but some guests may be on the look out for certain spies. ~No over use of bad language or you will be kicked out of the hotel, minor uses, but not constantly. ~ No Inappropriate themes, lets keep it clean here. ~Chao's are allowed. ~ Have fun!


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Gus Chaos (After the roof exploded) (Hudhouse)

Tuesday Afternoon, 3:00pm


Tails ~ Guys, Cosmo wants to go, shes never been to a pool before

Cosmo ~ Yes...what is a...pool?

Sonic ~ Its water, thats what it is, and I REFUSE to do ANYTHING related to water.

Vegas~ For once he is making sense!!!

Davis: -enters with luggage with Jack- Hey Sonic, Tails.

Jack (Jay): Ryan will be here shortly

Sonic~ O.O That is ALOT of luggage.

Tails ~ Hi Davis! ^^; Tell these two there is NOTHING wrong with water.

Vegas~ Yeah, when YOURE the one in it T.T

Jack (Spongebob100): I'm here

Patricia: Here I am

Davis: ....Sonic, I'm only carrying two briefcases...

Jack (Jay): They got hydrophobia? Not a surprise for Sonic still... ¬¬

Jack (Spongebob100): Looks like we're here to..(Notices Vegas) Vegas?

Emporer Yoshiro:*Walks in*

Mizuki:*Walks in*Hi!^^

Patricia: Who's Vegas?

Jack: I last saw her at the Pool Party

Leo:stumbles in lobby carrying about 8 suitcases-

Vegas ~ I DONT KNOW HOW TO SWIM OKAY!!! DX I never learned, I could get in the water if I wanted to but Id only be STANDING there not doing much T.T besides... I dont like being around too many in a pool, I start to feel awkward.

Sonic ~ ...2 is alot :D


Sonic ~ Ohhh yeeaaah I remember him!! Amy's Boyfreind right? :D

Jack: Vegas, the last time I saw you. I made a misunderstanding, sorry. I guess our Rivalry is gone too short

Leo:Someone Help me please!!

Jack: (Carries 4 Suitcases)

Patricia: (Carries 2 Suitcases) There

Leo:Thanks Random Strangers Im Leo

Vegas~ Its alright Jack ^^

Sonic~ ... Why so little Leo T.T you barely brought anything.

Cosmo ~ ...This is alot of people...

Davis: -facepalms- Sonic, you baka...

Ryan: -enters with a bag- Hello everyone

Jack (Jay): Plus one more, Cosmo...

Jack (Spongebob100): (To Vegas) Well, I guess we've become from Rivals to Friends, Vegas

Leo:Soo i no ryan but who are you guys

Sweet Scent & Danger Scent:*Dragging in Suitcases*

Vegas ~ Yup! X3

Sonic ~ Who are YOU calling a baka? BAKA!

Tails ~ Sonic...

Cosmo ~ Is Sonic angry...?

Sonic ~ Yes T.T

Vegas ~ EVERYONE! There is no need to go all Japanese on each other ^^;

Jack (Jay): Do you even know what baka means, Sonic?

Davis: -notices Vegas- Huh...

Ryan: Davis? -snaps fingers in front of him-

Davis: Huh? Oh hey Ryan.

Leo:can everyone introduce themselves to me

Vegas ~ Im Vegas, Vegas the Fox Hybrid X3

Sonic ~ Im Sonic the Hedgehog...obviously TUT

Tails ~ Im Miles Prower but everyone calls be Tails ^^;

Cosmo ~ Im Cosmo... the seedrian...

Davis: Davis Kenshiki.

Jack: Jack Kenshiki.

Sonic ~ Baka means....

Vegas ~ My freind told me Baka meant idiot right :3

Leo:Everyone Here is Cool Except for Sonic hes a fricking Blue wussy

Davis: But Sonic wouldn't know what that means, right?

Jack (Spongebob100): Vegas, this is my friend Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi

Leo:Hello -shakes her hand-

Sonic ~ WHAT did you just call me???

Vegas ~ O.O... He got you good...

Sonic ~ Say that again! I dare you! o.e


Sonic ~ e.e

Vegas ~ Well Sonic DID come from japan so I wouldn't be surprised :3, and nice meeting you Patricia!!

Patricia: Thanks Patricia

Jack: Anyways, I guess we're staying in a Hotel, we'd better sign the Registers

Leo:Nah lets hit the pool i can teach anyone he cant swim how

Patricia: I love to Swim

Davis: But this isn't the Japanese version of Sonic, this is the English-hyphen-American version of him.

Ryan: ....What are you on about, Davis?

Leo:Me too Swimming rules

Vegas ~ Yeah bu- *hears Leos offer about swimming lessons*

Vegas and Sonic ~ EEhhhh... No thanks! We'll just head over and get our rooms!!!! *run off*

Tails and Cosmo ~ O~o...

Tails ~ You don't even have to sign in guys, this hotel is random, just go around and look for a room you like.

Cosmo ~ I heard you could steal other peoples rooms....

Tails ~.. Yeah you can, but id rather not steal from anyone lets just find a room with Vegas and Sonic.

Cosmo ~ Okay good... see you guys at lunch I guess...

  • Tails and Cosmo walk off*

Jack: Ok, see ya

Patricia: Bye Tails & Cosmo

Leo:See ya So does anyone wanna swim?

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Sure

Davis: I think I'll go inside, the water might ruin my automail.. -walks inside-

Ryan: I'll come with you. -follows him-

Patricia: I'm going to be in my Bikini

Jack: You have a Bikini?

Patricia: Yes, I have my Pink Bikini in my Suitcase

Leo:_looks at Jack And Smiles raising eyebrows=

Cold:Hey Pat.

Flame:Hey Jack.

Jack: Hi Flame

Patricia: Hi Cold

Tuesday Afternoon 3:45 The Search for a Room and Swimming

Leo:-Dives in Pool-

Davis: -walking on the third floor- Mine and Jack's room gotta be here somewhere....

Ryan: Hmm...

Sonic ~Vegas don't make this hard just choose a room!!!

Vegas ~ But I don't know if I want B147...or B148.....

Tails -.-;

Cosmo ~ I like B148...

Vegas~ Then B148 it is!!!!

Sonic ~ THANK YOU!!!

Leo:Wearing shark fin Slowly sneaks up on Pat

Turbo:*walks in* I told you we'd find a hotel that we could afford!

Freezle:I'm gonna find the Hot Tub.

Leo:-goes to his Room-(Who wants to share a room with me And It has to be someone from the pool)

Jack: Say Patricia, which room are we staying in?

Patricia: I don't know

Jack: 204, Bingo

Patricia: We've found our room

Mizuki:Here it is,Room 157!

Sweet Scent:Great!

Leo:_walks into room- Niiiiiiiiiiiiiceee mini bar (Hes to young to drink but he does it anyway

(Dimitri and Lien-DOS come in)

Dimitri: Are there any free rooms?

Kimiko: *walks in with Sha-Sha* Hmmm now which room am I in's?

Jack: The room looks beautiful

Dimitri: It looks like they just want you to take a room.

Lien-DOS: Room 218 is empty. *Goes in*

Kimiko: Sweet we get to choose are own rooms, Sha-Sha!

Sha-Sha: Sha!

Kimiko: Now lets see *searches for a room*

Sha-Sha: *does the same*

Jack: Hi Kimiko

Patricia: Hi Sha-Sha

Leo:-stumbles in breath smelling of beer-Hey mermaids

Jack: Leo, are you alright?

Lien-DOS: Oh my. His blood contains high levels of alcohol.

Kimiko and Sha-Sha: Hm?

Patricia: We gotta get him to a Doctor, Quick!

Twila: *walks in* G'day, everybody!

Jack: Hi Twila

Lien-DOS: Hello, there's something wrong with Mr. Leo!

Dimitri: He simply had too much to drink, dear.


Kimiko: *shocked that Sha-Sha just talked*

Patricia: We need a Doctor, hurry

Twila: Aww, what a cute little ankle-biter of a chao!

Sha-Sha: I'm no ORDINARY Shadow Chao! As you can see I'm a Chao/Dragon version of the Ultimate Lifeform!

Twila: *takes Sha-Sha off of her head and tickles Sha-Sha's belly* Who's an adorable little chao/dragon of the ultimate lifeform? You are!

Dimitri: Don't worry, Leo will be fine. He just needs some time and rest.

Patricia: We've betta put him to sleep

Leo:Ima Panda whose in love with a gum drop

Twila: What's wrong with the bloke?

Leo:The worlds Speaking twice!

Twila: He's gone senile, hasn't he?

Leo:-Passes out-

Jack: He fainted

Lien-DOS: Oh no! We should take him back to his room.

Sha-Sha: *jumps out of Twila's hands*

Twila: What's wrong, little critter?

Patricia: Who's gonna carry Leo?

Sha-Sha: *picks up Leo's foot and drags him without any grudge*

Twila: Squizz at that! That chao's a body-builder!

Leo:Snores and curls into a ball-

Dimitri: Lien-DOS, go with Sha-Sha and remove all the beer from Leo's room.

Lien-DOS: *goes and does so*

Leo:Wakes up-uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Lien-DOS: Oh, thank goodness he's awake! *throws beer in trashcan*

Kimiko: I herd that Sha-Sha is stronger than Shadow.

Leo:anyone is stronger than that Jerk (yeaaaaah hes back)

Twila: *walks in* Hey, ya know if any rooms are open?

Leo:Room B 398 across from mine is open

Twila: Thanks, mates! *walks across the hall* SPIDERS!!

Kimiko: I can handle em'~

Leo:Ohh my head...

Twila: Get the spiderz! Get 'em good!

Leo:Hey guys....Besides the pool what else is there to do here?


Lien-DOS: Lunch is in precisely 4 minutes and 47 seconds.

Twila: *drops luggage* Lunch! Crikey, can't wait!

Kimiko: I'm not going to kill the spiders. like spiders.

Leo:Go ahead ill meet you there -Devilish Smile on face-

Jack: Ok, we're going for a Swim

Patricia: Come on, let's go to the Swimming Pool

Twila: Can't you at least get rid of them?

Leo:_gets on bathing suit and Gets skateboard and grinds down the railing-

Twila: Pool! I'll go put on my togs! *drags luggage off*

Leo:Makes it the pool and gets hit by a post and passes out in water-

Jack: Come on Patricia the waters fine

Patricia: (Appears in her Pink Bikini) How do I look?

Jack: Very nice

Twila: *appears in a gray bikini* Guys, Leo just passed out again!

Jack: (Sighs) Not again

Leo:-Laying Down At bottom of pool-

Sha-Sha: *takes off his shoes that look like Shadow's and puts on triangular shades but when he takes a step without his shoes they sound like a squeak toy* Shaa sha.

Twila: *picks up Sha-Sha and squeezes him* SO CUTE!

(yeah Nothing Much I'm just dieing


Dimitri: I think Leo could use some help!

Twila: Go help the bloke, Truffles! *tosses Sha-Sha into the pool*

Leo: is pushed up-Twila you look.....Pretty...-blush-

Sha-Sha: *splashing* HELP I CAN'T SWIM!!!!!

Kimiko: Umm guys Sha-Sha!

Lien-DOS: *arrives at the pool having downloaded a bathing suit* Oh! *runs to the pool and pulls Sha-Sha out*

Leo:uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh -Continues Staring Twila

Kimiko: Sha-Sha, I thought you can swim.

Sha-Sha: I'm pert hedgehog HEDGE-HOG.

Kimiko: But some can swim.



Sonia: Umm hi!!! i work here

Leo:Shakes Head- Hi im Leo

Sonia: Hi im going to make some soup. ill be right back ok?

Savannah: Have fun with that.

Sonia: Savannah! *Hugs her* Haven't seen you in awhile!

Savannah: Why are you working here?

Sonia: Lost my job at Starbucks

Savannah: Now that's funny. Did you drink all the coffee again?

Sonia: Its a habit ok!?

Leo:-walks away buts on the Old Missouri Tigers T Shirt and Jeans and starts playing with fire-

Sonia: Don't do that!

Savannah: *Looks* Ok...

Leo:Why not? I Can bend Fire and Water

Sonia: Oh I'm sorry i didn't know

Leo:-sees Savannah-I don't think we've meant. I'm Leo

Savannah: Hi. I'm Savannah.

Leo:Ummmm well...... -looks a little shy- Ummm BYE -runs off-

(Ike: Sorry, I was gone. But now I'm back)

Twila: I'm back!

Lien-DOS: *gets in pool*

Twila: Can't wait to go take a dip in that pool!

Patricia: Me neither.

Jack: Well you two have go & have fun

Sweet Scent:Now Mizuki,you're to young to go in the pool.

Mizuki:But I want to!

Sweet Scent:Sorry,Mizuki.You can't.

Jack: Hi Sweet Scent, it's been a long time since I last saw you

Sweet Scent:Hi Jack,I know it's been a long.

Mizuki:Who's the Orange Hedgehog,sis?

Patricia: Hi Sweet Scent

Sweet Scent:Hi Patricia!

Mizuki:*Get's on Patricia's Head*

Jack: (To Mizuki) My name is Jack & this is my friend Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi there


Leo:CANNON BALLLLLLLLLLL -makes huge splash soaking everyone out the water-

Twila: Crikey! That was a big cannon ball!

Lien-DOS: Wow!

Sonia: Im worring about Leo.......why did he run away from Savannah?

Danger Scent:Could be love.

Sonia: Maybe....

Patricia: So Sweet Scent, how's your day today?

Sweet Scent:Good!

Mizuki:*Crawls over to the Pool*

Patricia: So Mizuki is your Sister?

Sweet Scent:Adoptive Baby Sister,Meaning her Father Adopted me and my Brother.

Patricia: Wow, your baby sister is sooo cute

Mizuki:>:(Don't call me Cute!

Jack: Why?

Kimiko: People call me cute all the time.

Mystery: Hey Sonia.....Hey Kimiko.....

Patricia: Sorry. (To Sweet Scent) I kinda like you as a friend

Sweet Scent:I know.

Patricia: Oh right, we are (Hugs Sweet Scent)

Mystery: Hey Sonia me and Patch broke up.....

Sonia: Oh you poor thing!

Sweet Scent:*Hugs Patricia*

Mystery: I was wondering......

Jack: Don't worry, everything will be fine

Sweet Scent:Jack,Be quite,I think Mystery is asking out Sonia.

Jack: Oh right, sorry.

Sonia: You just gave it away! And yess i would love to go on a date with you Mystery!

Savannah: Wow Sonia. *Laughs*

Lien-DOS: You two can go to lunch together!

Sonia: Sonds good! Wait is Revy here?

Savannah: No she didn't want to come.

Sonia: Good. Now lets Mystery!

Jack: Sorry Cousin Sonia, I didn't mean to, I'm just curious

Sonia: Cousin? Your a hedgehog im a fox!

Savannah: Now that's weird.

Jack: Whoopsy Doopsy! Sorry, but you have the same name as my Cosuin Sonia

Sonia: The names Sonia The Fox! Im named after Sonia Acorn from the future!

Lien-DOS: You're named after someone who isn't born yet?

Savannah: I found that funny too.

Sonia: Im from the future like Katie!

Savannah: Then why come back to the past?

Sonia: the future i marry Skye Prower......and i just want ot enjoy my life before i get married!

Dimitri: You did this because you're nervous about a wedding? I hope you're not going to harm the space-time continum.

Sonia: Im not! Katie does it all the time!

Dimitri: Does she? Hmm.

Savannah: Wait...What! She does it all the time?

Jack: Ohhh

Patricia: (Comes back in her Normal Clothes)

Savannah: So confused.

Patricia: Let's go inside our Hotel Rooms

Jack: That's a good idea let's go to our rooms

Lien-DOS: I guess that's enough swimming for now. *gets out of the pool*

Twila: Aww, man! Everybody's leavin' the pool but I never swam yet! D8

Kimiko: Me niether but Sha-Sha's having a great time.

Twila: I was gonna try out my new bikini. Oh well.

Lien-DOS: Maybe later, I guess.

Sha-Sha: *steps out of the pool and his foot steps sqeak* Well that was great.

Dimitri: We should go back to our room and get ready for lunch. The sign said it was served at 4:00.

Twila: Ain't it odd that two hours after lung, we get dinner?

Lien-DOS: Yeah, isn't lunch usually eaten around noon? I don't know much about it though, since I don't eat.

A familiar green hedgehog came. "You don't eat, like, computer programs or anything?" He said.

Lien-DOS: No, I don't have an eating simulation. My transmitter's plugged into a power source, though, if that counts for anything.

Twila: G'day, mate! I'm Twila! And who are you?

He had a blank expression on his face. "Desiree hasn't told you about me yet?" He shook his head. "Anyway, I'm Rapid, Desiree's boyfriends." He said. He smiled.

Twila: Desiree? I don't know any sheila named Desiree. Wait - is she a French Marine?

Rapid's mouth dropped. "You don't know who Desiree is? She's the most beautiful person I've seen in my life!" He said.

Twila: Then I guess I'm the second! *poses*

Rapid blushed deeply. "Uh...uh...uh..."

Twila: So you're that type-o-bloke, eh? Tell me. If Desiree is as pretty as you say she is, how did you get her?

Rapid blushed again. "I dunno..."

Shawn: *about to run in the pool* Oh, hey, Twila. *sees Rapid* Rapid.

Twila: You two know eachother?

"That's Desiree's brother." Rapid said. He's perverted... Rapid said to himself.

Shawn: *shrugs* Guilty! So, Rapid, ya cheatin' on my sis with Australian Minnie Mouse here?

Twila: Gross! No way!

Rapid blushed and shook his head. "Of course not!" He yelled.

Twila: All the bloke does is blush and rabble.

Rapid shrugged. "It's a bad habit. Never stopped, probably won't."

Jack: Hey Rapid

Patricia: Hi Rapid

Mystery: Hmmph!

Megan: Mystery behave!

(Lien-DOS and Dimitri go to their room)

Lien-DOS: *changes back to her normal clothes*

Sonia: Its kinda like the indict with Megan.....

Lien-DOS: Dimitri, may I go look around the rest of the hotel?

Dimitri: Certainly, Lien-DOS.

Megan: Hey! Dont remind me of that!

Lien-DOS: *walking around the hotel*

June: *On The Roof* Go on Rooch!

Rooch: *On Roof* Fine! *Flies down to go to pool*

Twila: Crikey! Who's this guy?

Sweet cent:*Goes to her room While Holding Mizuki*

Jack: So Patricia, it's a very nice room we have

Patricia: Yeah, so let's enjoy our Stay

Jack: Ok

Danger Scent:*Drunk*WhEEEEEEEE!!

Sweet Scent:*Pulls Him into room 157*

Patricia: What's going on Sweet Scent?

Sweet Scent:Danger,my brother,Got Drunk!

Patricia: Oh dear, I think you should give your brother a rest

Lien-DOS: *walks past the laundrey room and gym, then comes to a small arcade* Ooh, what's this?

Leo:In the arcade howling Madly-

Patricia: (Goes back into Room 204)

Jack: Hi Patricia

Patricia: Hi Jack, I guess we're staying

Jack: Ok, nothing can touch us

Leo:Lien Try dance dance Karokie with me

Patricia: It's a very nice room in here

Jack: Yeah, nothing like getting back to the basics

Leo:YOU ALL READY FOR THIS -goes back to dancing-

Patricia: (Lies down on a Hotel Bed) Ahhh, this Bed feels Comfortable

Jack: Let me try (Lies down on a Hotel Bed with Patricia) Yeah, it does feel comfortable

Lien-DOS: *to Leo* Ok.


Lien-DOS: Alright, I'm ready!

Leo:witch Song Wait i got it -Chooses you all ready for this-

Twila: Hey, is this karaoke?

Leo:Yeah try it -still dancing-

Twila: Surez! What song?

Lien-DOS: *Dancing* It's "You All Ready For This".

Leo:Ready Guys Here comes the hard part

Lien-DOS: This is fun!

Leo:Okay guys ALmost finished

Lien-DOS: *dancing faster*

Leo:One More sTEP

Lien-DOS: *does last step* I did it!

Twila: That looks fun!

Lien-DOS: Try it, Twila!

Leo:WOO HOOO Umm hey can you tell me about Savannah -blush-

Lien-DOS: Are you talking to me or Twila?

Leo:you both

Lien-DOS: I know that she is a female cat with light blue fur. Height: 3 ft. 1 in. Bloodtype: A - Pulse: 80 bpm.

Twila: Geez! You know a lot about this sheila!

Leo:-in a low voice-I think shes sorta pretty

Twila: How sweet! :3

Lien-DOS: I was programmed with advanced scanners, especially with regards to health diagnostics. For example I know that Mr. Leo's pulse raises whenever we mention Savannah.

Twila: *giggles*

Leo:Thats because i sorta -whisper-Like her okay?

Twila: That was more obvious than a croc in a chicken processing plant!

Lien-DOS: I'm not sure what Ms. Twila just said, but I think I agree!

Shawn: *walks in* Did I just hear somebody say that they agreed with that Australian Minnie Mouse here? *points to Twila*

Leo:Yeah problem?

Shawn: Nope. I just couldn't believe my ears. Anyway, I hear you and Savannah are a thing now.

Rapid was kicking a rock around. "So...bored..."

Jack: It's very nice here

Patricia: Yeah, it makes me want to hug you

Shawn: *groans loudly and obnoxiously*

Twila: I'm about to do some karaoke!

Shawn: *groans even more loudly and obnoxiously*

Jack: Shawn are you alright?

Lien-DOS: He seems ok, perhaps annoyed.

Leo:Umm Savannah and i arent a thing

Patricia: Annoyed?

Lien-DOS: Yes, but, I'm not sure why.

Leo:I mean On a scale of 1 two 10 id give her a 10 but...

Lien-DOS: Are you still talking about Savannah, Mr. Leo? You talk about her a lot.

Leo:Why are you calling Me Mr Leo

Lien-DOS: Oh, I'm sorry. I was just trying to be polite.

Jack: Oh right

Leo:Well its okay

Patricia: Oh ok then

(Spongebob100: Where's VegasFox?)

Shawn: Well, Leo, Sav told me you two are dating.

Twila: No she di-

Shawn: *steps on Twila's foot*

Rapid was confused.

Leo:Not falling For it

Shawn: Falling for what? She really said that.

Leo:Dude she barely knows me

Shawn: [to himself] Shoulda thought that one through. Oh well. I can trick him other ways. [to Leo] Hey, man, you have something on your shirt.

Leo:-Punches Shawn in face and walks away-

Lien-DOS: Oh my.

Leo:Shawn sucks

Shawn: Thanks, Leo. That thing is still on your shirt.

Leo:Leave me alone -kicks him into a bucket-

Jack: Ohh ouch

Patricia: (Gulps)

Leo:-walks away-

Freddie: ...Eh?


Lien-DOS: That's not nice...

Twilla: Actually, it's mean!

Shawn: *snores*

Twila: Is he asleep in that bucket?

Lien-DOS: I think so. *tries to pull bucket off of Shawn*

Leo:-rips bucket of Shawn-Ummm yep hes asleep

Lien-DOS: Is he ok?

Rooch: *Jumps into pool*

Jack: I don't know Lien-DOS

June: *Jumps in*

Patricia: It's a nice swimming Pool

June: So Lien-DOS isnt here so what?

Rooch: Idiot we need to find her!

Jack: Ok? If you need me, I'll be back in Room 204

Patricia: Ok

Jack: (Goes back into Room 204)

Leo:Sooo bored

Savannah: Then find something to do. There is a lot to do here

Patricia: I'm going to check on Jack to make sure he's ok

Leo:ummm BYE -runs off-

Patricia: (Goes inside Room 204) Jack?

Jack: (Lying in Bed) Yes?

Patricia: Can I lie down on the bed with you?

Jack: Sure

Patricia: Sure (Lying in Bed next to Jack) (Hugging Jack while Purring in her sleep)

Jack: Ok?

Sonia: Leo!! *Runs after him*

Savannah: You can catch him.

Zero: Ya!! Wait when did i get here?

Savannah: You don't know when you got here?

Rooch: Is Zero in there?

Savannah: He's right here.

((Sakura Rooch and June are outside))

Leo:_continues Running-

Sonia: *Catches him* Waht is wrong with you?

Leo:_whispering-I like Savannah

Sonia: O.O


Sonia: Leo Savannah likes Zero!

Leo:Soooo...Love triangles work out right?

Sonia: No idea! (Ok the whole ShadowXRougeKnuckles worked out!)

Savannah: *Runs to Sonia* What are we talking about.

Sonia: *Starts at her* Nothing!

Savannah: I saw your mouthes move. So you had to be talking.

Leo:We were talking about a girl i like her names Natalie

Rooch: *Takes out recorder* Heard the whole thing!

Savannah: Can I hear it.

Jack: Hmmm?

Patricia: Let me think

Leo:-kicks rooch hard into wall and throws recorder out window-

Dimitri: *comes back with Lien-DOS*

Jack: Ok

Twila: Dimitri's back!

Dimitri: Yes, I was just getting settled in my room.

Patricia: It's very nice to meet you Dimitri

Dimitri: It's nice to meet you as well.

June: *Catches recorder* Ha!!

Leo:-using fire abilties lights the Recorder on Fire-

June: *Puts it out and runs away at high speeds*

Leo:-Is hitting a girl-Umm Wait Who cares i got a new love intrest

Rooch: Could you stop hitting me?

Savannah: *Watches*

June: Rooch come on!!

Rooch: *Flies down* Ready to put this in the magazine?

Savannah: Magazine?

Mystery: *Walks in* Ya they work for the Mobius Weekly?

Savannah: Never heard of it.

Leo:Hey Not you here -pointing a pretty girl-

Sonia: *Walks in* You havnet? its pretty popluar

Knuckles and Leo:-shouting and fighting-

June: Its next door!

Savannah: Wow. I learn something every day.

June: *Runs to building*

Savannah: Have fun over there!

-Knuckles Flys into their room and thers a huge hole in the wall-

June: Write what ever you hear!


Knuckles:ATLEAST I KNEW MY PARENTS -Leo punches him hard-

Mizuki:*Crawls over to them*Break it up you two.

Leo:-is punched By Knuckles But Kicks him into wall-TAKE THAT BACK YOUR DAMN JERK


Mizuki:*Pulling Leo*

Leo:-kicks Knuckles-(you guys should probaly hold them back)ATLEAST I HAVENT BEEEN TRICKED A MILLION TIMES

June: Guys we have got the magazines printed! *Shows them the magazine*

Leo:ILL KILL YOU -Throws a beet bottle and narrowly Misses June-

June: *Shows Savannah a special actricle*

Leo:IM GOING TO MURDER YOUUUUUU (XD i like how you guys are letting me Kill Knuckles....BUt I like Knuxullie)

June: *Starts to read it*

Mizuki:*Grabs Leo by the tail*

Leo:AGH -lets go of Knuckles-

June: Leo likes Savannah

Savannah: What!?

Rooch: *Giggles*

Leo:LEMME GO -trys to strangle Knuckles- (anyone wanna join meh rp 24)

(Already joined)

(Dude can you beilieve that show got cancled?)

Patricia: Whao there Leo, cool your jets

June: *Giggles again*

Jack: No one is gonna be Masacured, ok?

June: Hey Jack!


Mizuki:*Pulls on Leo's tail harder*Bad Hedgie Fox.

Leo:_breaks free and attacks Knuckles-(WTF WHY DID MY PAGE GET DELETED 24 is deleted)

Dimitri: HEY! That's enough of that!

Rapid started screaming. "I'M SO FRICKEN' BORED!!!!"

Leo:Rapid Look out -Knuckles throws a bar stool and its heading straight towards rapid-

Rapid got hit with the bar stool. "What the heck Knuckles?!" Rapid yelled. He punched Knuckles in the face.

Leo:starts hitting Rapid and Knuckles and three way fight begins-

Rapid Screw Kicked Leo and Knuckles.

Leo:-sucker Punched and ROundhoused Rapid and Kicked Knuckles in balls-

Dimitri: I said STOP THAT!

"Leave me alone, Dimitri!" Rapid yelled. He then punched Leo then used Chaos Blast, destroying multiple rooms.

Dimitri: This fighting is pointless! And Knuckles, I'm surprised at you! Is this how a guardian should behave?

"Shut up, Dimitri!" Rapid yelled again. He shot some Chaos Spears at Dimitri.

Leo:Using Teleknises Lifts rapid and Knuckles and slams them down 7 floors-


Dimitri: *gets thrown into the wall by the chaos spears*

Lien-DOS: DIMITRI!? *Rushes over and scans him*

Leo:NOOO Dimitri are you okay?

Rapid went back to normal. "Are you okay Dimitri?! I'm so sorry!"

Lien-DOS: His scans read normal.

Dimitri: I'm fine.

Rapid had a sad look on his face. "I'm sorry...I feel so ashamed."

Leo:Im Sorry Rapid

"No problem, buddy. He said.

Leo:lets go guys -runs to room-hey we should have a party

Lien-DOS: Ok, as long as there's no more fighting.

Rapid nodded. "Agreed."

Leo:with lots of Music and Beer

Jack: Oh hi June

Patricia: Hello June


June: Guys look! *Shows them the magazine with it saying Leo likes Savannah*

Jack: It's a very nice day

Patricia: I agree

Mizuki:Not the brittest of the bunches.

Lien-DOS: *looks at magazine* Oh! How did they publish this so fast?

Rooch: Well lets just say we some Sol on our side.....

June: *Covers her mouth* Dont listen!

Lien-DOS: *tilts head* I'm not sure what you mean.

Rooch: I mean we have a Sol emerld!

June: *Kicks her* Idiot!

Patricia: We're not that dumb

Lien-DOS: You have a sol emerald?

Dimitri: *looks at Rooch suspiciously*


Mizuki:*Jumps on Rooch*

Nack: Let her go! (i only play Nack ok?)

Jack: Huh? Who are you & what are you doing here?

MizukI:*To NacK*No*To Jack*That's Nack the Weasel.

Jack: Oh, I get it

Patricia: Is Nack dangerous?

Nack: *Grabs Rooch and June* Come on Mystery and Sonia!!!!

Mizuki:Go Get Back the Sol Emerald!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia: Where is Nack going?

Mystery: *Floats with Sonia* See you later!!!!

Rooch: *Holds on to Nack and June*

Jack: There leaving? But why?

Rooch: *Flies off*

Mystery: *Flies next to them*

Dimitri: Because they have something that they don't want anyone else to get.

Nack: So Opal......we going on a date tonight?

Opal: Yep!

Patricia: Oh dear.

Jack: What's wrong?

Patricia: Can I have a talk to you in Private?

Jack: Sure

Patricia: (Takes Jack back to Room 204) There's something about Opal that I just don't feel like

Jack: You mean Spongebob's Girlfriend Opal?

Patricia: I just hope Spongebob isn't here because he'll be devestated if he notices Opal is with Nack

Jack: Yeah, I guess your right

Nic: Leave me behind why dotcha!

Patricia: Sorry

Nic: Zero! Glad you're here!

Zero: Ya we gotta catch up with Nack! *Glides With Nic on his back*

Lien-DOS: They're all just leaving?

Jack: But why?

Leo:shrugs Shoulders-

Patricia: I wonder where's Vegas?

Leo:Hey guys who wants to play pool

Lien-DOS: I've never played pool before.

Jack: What's the rules for this game?

Leo:Explains how to play

Lien-DOS: Ok that sounds fun!

Nack: *Hurry and grabs a shiny object from the pool table*

Patricia: Pool sounds fun

Rooch: Ready to go?

Lien-DOS: Oh, hello Ms. Rooch. Are you going to play?

Rooch: Um no.......i have better things to do

June: And Leo i do not like Charmy!!!

Lien-DOS: Better things? That's too bad.

Jack: I hope your not missing out on all the fun

June: Ya we got it!

Patricia: Oh Boy, this is gonna be fun

Lien-DOS: Let's begin then.

Patricia: Ok, Lien-DOS

Lien-DOS: *picks up a pool stick*

Mason:-flips into pool-

Lien-DOS: Mason, would you like to play pool with us?


Vegas ~ Whered Sonic go Tails?

Tails ~ He decided he would run around the hotel a bit ^^;

Vegas ~ Around the hotel... you do realize he meant actually IN THE HOTEL.

Tails ~ O.O We have to find him before he breaks something!

Vegas ~ Actually.. I agree with him!! I WANNA BREAK SOME STUFF!! WOO!!!*dashes off*

Tails ~ TT~TT

Jack: Guys is everything ok?

Patricia: Is it?

Tails ~ Uh huh... Vegas and Sonic have gone off to destroy everything though TT~TT

Cosmo ~ Why do they wanna break stuff?

Tails ~ Theyre just a bit crazy today Cosmo ^^;

Cosmo ~ Crazy enough to destroy?

Tails ~ Uh huh ^^;

Jack: Vegas & Sonic could be in danger

Lien-DOS: Oh no, how could they destory this lovely hotel?

Patricia: Are Vegas & Sonic gone mad or something?

Lien-DOS: I'm not sure!

Jack: We gotta find both of them fast

Lien-DOS: My scanners indicate they're this way! *points*

Patricia: Ok, let's go

Lien-DOS: Ok. *runs off in the direction*

Jack & Patricia: (Follows Lien-DOS)

Dimitri: Where are you going in such a hurry?

Lien-DOS: Vegas and Sonic are going to destroy the hotel!

Jack: And we gotta stop them before it's too late

Dimitri: I see. But stopping Sonic will not be easy.

Jack: I ran fast like him, so let's divide into groups, with one group going after Sonic, while the other group goes after Vegas

Dimitri: Yes, I'll go with Jack after Sonic. Lien-DOS, you and Patricia go find Vegas.

Jack: Got it

Patricia: Rodger that

Mizuki:*Pulling on Vegas's Tail*Stop it.

Patricia: Vegas, what's wrong with you?

Jack: Sonic, please stop rampaging through the Hotel

D&S: (rides motorbike) WHOOOOO! TOTALLY EXTREME!

Lien-DOS: Oh my!

Patricia: What's that?

D&S: (Jumps out of window with motorcycle) WWHOOOOOOOOOOO! (Lands in pool)

Jack: I don't know, but it's really gone mad


Patricia: What's going on here?

Jared: I'm going to the pool.

Isaiah: Hey, I'm- *walks up to Vegas and smiles in a goofy expression* You perdy. =3

(ITH: Translation: You pretty, if you didn't know.)

Jared: Anyone wnat to come with me?

Isaiah: *looks at Jared* Nah. *countinues to look at Vegas with hearts for his eyes*

Jared: *sighs* Nobody knows I even exist. Hey, a motorbike!

Lien-DOS: I will go with you, Jared.

Isaiah: *sigh* Vegas is ignoring, I'm coming too. *walks to the pool*

Patricia: Where are Sonic & Vegas?

Jared: Sweet.

Isaiah:I don't know, but VEGAS IS HOT!!!

Lien-DOS: Hot? Perhaps she would like to come to the pool then?

Jack: Are you sure Vegas can swim?

Lien-DOS: She looks like she would be able to.

Isaiah: That's not the point. She barely likes me, at least it seems that way.

Lien-DOS: Perhaps you should get her a gift.

Patricia: What kind of gift should we give to her?

(ITH: this is before Isaiah met Susan, chronologically. T_T)

Lien-DOS: We? Oh I meant just Isaiah getting her a gift. Mr. Luger said it works.

Isaiah: I dunno what to get her!

Lien-DOS: Hmm, what do you know about her?

Isaiah: *thinking* Not much...

Lien-DOS: You could get her something pretty, like flowers.

Jared: Did you say, flowers?

Lien-DOS: Yes.

Jared: Okay. If you want, I can give some to you.

Lien-DOS: Oh! You have some? Would that be good, Isaiah?

Jared: (goes into his room, then comes out with a bouqet of roses)

Isaiah: Thanks...

Jared: No problem. (gives the roses, then runs off)

Lien-DOS: Now you just need to give them to Ms. Vegas!

Isaiah: *smiles*

Jack: Ok, so where is Sonic & Vegas?

Patricia: I think we've checked everywhere & there's no sign of them

Apallo: Hi Guys

Jack: Hi Apallo, have you seen Sonic & Vegas anywhere?

Dimitri: Knowing Sonic, he could be halfway around the world by now.

Patricia: And where could Vegas be hiding?

Dimitri: That, I'm not sure about. But I'm sure she's fine.

Patricia: Oh that's good

Jack: Patricia is my Best Friend for a long time, even though she's a Skunk, but she's always be my Beautiful Friend

Lien-DOS: Oh, that's so nice! How do you find a "best friend"?

Jack: You mean Patricia?

Lien-DOS: Yes, how'd you two realize you were best friends?

Jack: I saved her 3 Years ago from those 3 Crocodile Bandits

Soin: Hey has any one seen a blue sword

Lien-DOS: I'm sorry, I haven't.

Jack: Nope Sorry & where is Vegas hiding?

Patricia: Well we betta find her & fast

The Angels Arrive

Fuchsia: Sugoi! this so awsomeX3

Rika: Are you sure this is okay with you, Zephra-san?

Hikari: Just keep your cell phones on at all times, and keep an eye on your brother

Fuchsia: Yes mom

Hikari: I'll see you an 4 hours, bye Fuchi-chan*kisses her cheek*

Fuchsia: Bye Mom.

Hikari: *teleports*

Hana: What do we do now?

Blaze: Lets go hang out at the pool, i brought bathing suits

Fuchsia: Sugoi!

Fuchsia, Rika, Hana, and Blaze:*use heshin to quickly change into the respective bathing suits seen on the manikins*

Blaze: I also got, Black Butler season 1 on DVD

Fuchsia and Rika: EEEEEEEK!!!>3<

Jack: I'm still wondering where Vegas could be hiding

Rika: Who are you?

Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk

Gus: *appears* prepare for... ok why is it your at a hotel for the first time i try to kill you?

Patricia: We're trying to relax in a Hotel, if you don't mind

Jared: (walks by, then stops)

Jack: First Gus, now Jared?

Gus: well ill let you live but i already have made reservations for a room for a few months...

Jared: (looks at Blaze, turns red, then runs off)

Blaze: Come on, this bathing suit ist that skimpy

D&S: (Walks by, looks at Blaze, then whistles)

Jack: (To D&S) Excuse me please? Thank you

Patricia: Well, let's start the Vacation in the Hotel

Blaze: *Facepam*

Hana: My bathing suits cuter

Jack: Huh? What does that mean?

Lien-DOS: They're all very nice.

Patricia: Yes, they are indeed

Jared: (walks by again) H-hello.

Rika: Its you again

Jack: We betta rest up

Jared: (Runs off, again)

???: *Creeps up from behind Fuchsia*

Patricia: Yeah, it's getting late (Yawns) I really love being a Skunk (Hugs her Big Fluffy Skunk Tail)

Rika: ok then

Lien-DOS: *looks at ???* Hello?

Fuchsia: Oh hell no, when did you get here

???: dont act like you dont want me

Flame: (Enters the Hotel) Wow jet,this is Awsome!

Patricia: Is someone there?

Jack: Hello?

???: Im Hayate, Hayate Kuroi, the Okami

Patricia: Hi there

Hayate:@Patricia looks like we got a hot one tonight

Fuchsia: Hayate, if you dont get out of here wiht n five minutes, i will cut you

Jack: A Hot one?

Flame: Reminds me of my name.

Patricia: Oh dear, we have to do something

Flame: Meh. >.>

Jared: (sighs)

Fuchsia: Hayate, get out before i neuter you

Rika: Fuchsia, calm dwn thers a baby here

Hayate: And remember the V.E.T.O.

Patricia: What's the V.E.T.O.?

Fuchsia: Angels and devils can not touch or hurt each other

Jared: Seriously?

Jack: Oh my goodness

Hayate: its the rules

Patricia: Oh my

Koya: *wakes up and starts crying*

Fuchsia: *picks him up and pats him on the back*

Jack: We should go to sleep, it's getting late

Rika: OK then

Jared: (walks away)

Hayate: indeed

Patricia: Let's go to sleep

Rika: we need to go meet up with Fuchsia's mom

Day 2

Fuchsia: Ohayo Gozaimasu!

Rika: Ohayo Fuchsia-chan

Hana: Ohayo mina!

Blaze: Ohayo

Hikari: I see you all slept in you bathig suits

Blaze: Why not, its happened before

Hikari: I'll make everyone breakfast now

Fuchsia: Sugoi, Im starving

Blaze: Fuchsia-chan, youre always hungry, yet you dont seem to gain any weight

Rika: Oh, she gains weight alright!

Gus: *comes out of room dragging sword*

Gus: *goes into elevator and goes to roof*

Blaze:........that was random

Gus: *comes out of elevator on fire and goes back into room*

(elevator explodes and falls down the whole way)

(Lien-DOS and Dimitri who are in their room here the crash and rush out)

Gus: *slams door open and drags a chaos lord up the staries*

Chaos lord: X_X

(roof explodes and the bloody helmit of the chaos lord lands on lien-DOS's head*

Angels: *rush out*

Gus: *falls down into room*

((suddenly crying can be herd from room)

Blaze: Oh my God

Jared: Why did I pick the room next to this?


Jared:........ (stats laughing)

Blaze: ignore the retarded Kitsune, she mesed up in the head

Jared: (stops laughing) Okay.

Hana: Are you Jesus?

Jared: No.

Rika: Hana-chan, why dont you go find an insviable unicorn

Hana: ok*runs off*

Lien-DOS: *screams and pulls helmet off her head* What happened to this person!?

D&S: Who?

Lien-DOS: Whoever owned this helmet.

Jared: Let me see.

Lien-DOS: *hands the helmet to Jared*

Jared: (looks insde the helmet) So far, I see nothing wro- (sees blood stain)

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head* What is it?

Jared: Who was the person who wore this before you?

Lien-DOS: I don't know it just fell on me from up there. *points*

Jared: Strange.... Didn't you notice the blood stains in this helmet?

Lien-DOS: Yes, that is why I wondering what happened to it's owner. Is he hurt?

Dimitri: Lien-DOS he's probably... nevermind. But we may wish to investigate the exploded roof.

Jared: The roof exploded?

Dimitri: Yes! Where have you been?

Hayate:*shows up*

Fuchsia: what do you want now, buttmonkey?

Hayate: Buttmonkey? Realy? Ive heard smarter insults from Hana

Fuchsia: Get lost

Lien-DOS: Why are you two arguing?

Dayton:-has like 20 suitcases-

Lien-DOS: Oh hello, would you like some help with those?

Jared: I'm going to check out the roof. (walks away)

Alasdair: *flash steps past the check in counter nd disappears down a hallway*

Koya: *wakes up and starts crying*

Blaze: *picks him up*

Jared: (looks back, then frowns)

Dimitri: *follows Jared* You're one of the only people not too preoccupied to notice the roof.

Alasdair: *runs into a room which was obviously being occupied by a woman and hides under the bed*

Jared: (continues walking to the roof)

Mizuki:*yawns*What Happened When I had my Nap.

Fuchsia*takes out cell phone*

Jack: Morning Guys

Patricia: Good morning Everyone (Sniffs) Ahhhh, what a beautiful Morning

Alasdair: *hiding under Fuchsia's bed* *thinking* Aw jeez.

Hikari:*look under her daughter's bed* may i held you?

Patricia: This Hotel is sooo peaceful

Alasdair: *roars and disappears*


Rika: Ohayo mina!

(note: the angels are still in their bating suits from yesterday)

Blaze: Fuchsia, take Koya for me*hands Koya to Fuchsia*

Fuchsia: Why do i have to take care of him? Your the oldest

Blaze: Yeah but ine been doing everything

On the roof.......

Alasdair: I'm switching to guest.

Jared: Why?

Alasdair: Becuase. I work to hard and need a break. *goes in* I'd like to check in. *takes his bags and goes into the room next to Sonic Angels' room*

Jared: Wait.... what am I doing down here? I was just on the roof.

Alasdair: Why?

John: Hey Alasdair.

Alasdair: Hey John. I just booked this room for ya. I'm out. *disappears*

Jared: (goes up the stairs, then somehow enters the front door to the hotel) What the?

John: Hmm, I wonder what kind of women are here. I like to party.

Angels: We do!

Jared: (goes up stairs again, then ends up in a random room) Hmm.... (walks out of room, then falls out of ceiling, and lands right in front of John)

(Fuchsia's CellPhone Rings)

Fuchsia: *answers phone*Moshi Moshi, What? Ok Mom *hangs up* come on girls, its time to go back to the room

Angels: Ok

Jared: What the.... How did I get here?

John: Weird.

Jared: (climbs up stairs again, then falls out of the building)

John: Lol. Hilarious, Jared. *leaves his room and walks around* What to do today?

Jared: (falls through the concrete outside, then lands in the kitchen, in a boiling pot specifically)

John: *still laughing*

Jared: (falls through the pot, then falls out of a hole on the ceiling, with another hole under it, which makes him fall out of the top hole, Like in "portal.")

Lien-DOS: *watches Jared* There are so many amazing things here, aren't there?

Jared: (starts falling faster) (screams)

Lien-DOS: Oh, are you alright?

Jared: (falls faster, causing the air to fall in) I CAN'T STOP!!

Lien-DOS: *calculates the rate he's falling and picks the right timet to jump at him and push him out*

Jared: Thanks. (notices a pot get sucked in with the air)

John: Anyway. *walks off*

Dimitri: *studies the hole* How did something like this even get here?

D&S: (Walks by, then starts getting sucked into the portal) (Screams)

Lien-DOS: Oh no! *grabs D&S's hand*

Dimitri: We could try to block it, but it may cause it to implode upon itself.

Jared: It's become a vacuum. (notices nearby objects start rattling, then moving towards the portal)

John: I'm gonna go hit the pool. *smiles and walks off in his boxers*

Dimitri: *starts getting sucked into the portal*

Jared: (tries running, but stays in the same place because of the portals)

Lien-DOS: *starts trying to fly* The force is getting stronger!

Dimitri: Block it! BLOCK IT!

Jared: (starts getting pulled closer) Somebody, HEEEEEEEELP!

Lien-DOS: *flys harder and trys to grab hold of a table*

Jared: (notices the doors start breaking off, then getting sucked in)

Lien-DOS: *reaches the table and pushes it towards the hole then it gets sucked but is too big to fit through the hole and it stops*

John: Oh for the love of-- *goes into the hole and a few minutes later it shuts for good and John comes in the front doors* You had a busted pie that burst. You really should get Mario out here to fix that.

Pablo: *door busts open, 'Back in Black' starts to play as Pablo walks in* Aww yeah. *puts on sunglasses on top of sunglasses*

John: *facepalms and sighs, still in his normal boxers* To the pool, and the ladies *walks off*

Angels: Finally we found the pool

John: *dives into the water*

Blaze: Remember, after this, its back to the room for pizza and Black Butler

Angels: Hai!

John: *comes out of the water* Black Butler? /=(

Fuchsia: its an anime

John: Oooooh. How nice. *watching them smiling, then goes under again*

Hana: *pushes Rika into the water*

Rika:*splashes the other angels*

Fuchsia: *jumps in and tackles Rika*

John: *smiles, while watching from underwater*

Fuchsia: My top is getting slippery, I think im might pop out

Jared: (on the ceiling) (jumps off, and straight into the pool)

Fuchsia: EEEK!

Jared: (flips) I'm going to die.....

Hikari: Girls, its time to come in now

Hana and Rika: Yes, Zephra-san

Fuchsia and Blaze: yes mom, we better get going now

Angels: *get out of the pool*

Jared: (lands in it, causing a huge spash that hit everyone but Blaze) I lived.... YES! I CHEATED DEATH...AGAIN!

Blaze: Halleluja

Fuchsia: *gets angry* YOU IDIOT!!!*tries to go after Jared but is pulled back by Hikari*

Hikari: Its almost bed time, so say goodbye to your new friends

Angels: Oyasuminasai(thats japaese for good night)

Jared: Good night. (walks back into hotel front door)

Jack: It's nice out here

Patricia: Yeah

Jack: Nice & peaceful

Patricia: I love Butterflies, because their Beautiful

Mizuki;It's night,Were are there butterflies at night?

Jack: It's Day 2, that means it's Day Time

Patricia: (Sighs) It's a beautiful Morning

Angels: Ohayo gozaimasu mina!

Jack: Who?

Patricia: Let me go talk to the Angels

Jack: Ok, go right ahead

Patricia: Excuse me, what does that mean?

Blaze: its japanese form good morning

Patricia: Oh, Good Morning to you to

Hana: I met an alien today

Rika: Hana, that was an mexican

Lien-DOS: Was he nice?

Hana: He was rude, he said thing that didnt make sense

Patricia: Oh my

Jack: I wonder what we're doing today?

Dimitri: He was most likely speaking in his native language.

Hana: Whats a language?

Patricia: (Thinking: This is so strange, Native Language? What is that?)

Dimitri: *looks at Hana strange* The words you're using right now to communicate are a language.

Hana: What does communicate mean?

Blaze:...Oh Hana, there is so much not right about you

Dimitri: Did you go to school, child?

Hana: im not a child, im 13, that makes me the oldest of the angels

Blaze: No Hana-chan, im the oldest

Jack: She does have a point, Blaze is only 14

Patricia: (Sits down on a Chair)

Rika: im the baby here, im only 11

Fuchsia: No your not, Koya's 8 months

Patricia: I wonder when Sonic or Vegas is coming back?

Koya:*struggles to get out of Fuchsia's arms*

Fuchsia:*puts him down*

Lien-DOS: They are probably busy.

Jared: Busy doing what?

Lien-DOS: I don't know. We have not seen them in the past two days.

Jared: Oh. (walks away, with a bouquet of roses behind his back)

Lien-DOS: Those are so pretty! Are they a gift for someone?

Jared:(pauses, then runs off)

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head* See you later, then.

Isaiah: And I'm sure she hates me! *smiles*

Jared: (to himself, "I hope nobody sees me do this.") (drops bouquet near the Angels room, with a note on one of the roses that says "To Blaze, From XXXXX")

Hikari: *walks out the room and notices the roses* Looks like my daughter has a secret admirer

Isaiah: *looks down, closes his eyes and puts his two fingers on his forehead* Can someone tell me what's happening? (ITH: Facepalm; ISAIAH edition!)

Jared: (walks up the stairs)

Blaze:*takes out DSi*

Isaiah: Ugh.

Blaze: May i help you?

John: *still in trhe pool* No girl likes me.

Hana: *randomly falls in the pool*

John: What the!!! What happened?

Angels: Hana-chan, are you ok?

Hana: Yeah, exept for the fact that i just peed in the pool

Angels: Ugh!

John: *chuckles* I don't mind.

Dayton:CANNON BAALLLL -jumps and makes a suprisingly big splash-

John: LOL

Fuchsia: Agh!

John: Okay. That actually wasn't very funny. Dayton.

Rika: Eww, fox pee xd

John: Oh wait. Pee? Aw Jeez. *climbs out still in his boxers only*

Dayton:Oh Deer God-gets out and Sees a swimsuit that is actaully his-

John: Oh wow. *looks away*


Angels: *look away*

John: If anybody needs me, I'll be under the water, thinking of pick-up lines. *chuckles and jumps in, sinking to the bottom*

Dayton:Covers self up-

John: *comes up out of the water after clensing it with his Rune craft* GET SOME CLOTHES ON, DUDE!!!

Dayton:puts on Clothes-

Lani:NICE Dayton

Dayton:kisses her-be quiet

John: Lucky. I wish I had a girlfriend. Anyway, whens the pool party? *smiles*

Angels: Oh , a praty, SUGOI!!!

John: Thats what I siad, Ladies. I heard it's from 8 p.m-6 a.m. *smiles*

Blaze: Thats Awsome, but i promised my mom that i'd get my sister and her friend in bed by 11:00

Fuchsia: So we can party till then

John: What about you, Blaze? *smiles*

Blaze: I have to be in bed by then also, but ive got time

John: Cool. *smiles*

Fuchsia:*jumps in the pool*

Rika:*follows Fuchsia*

Isaiah: *does a swan dive from the largest diving board*

Hana:*splashes Rika*

Hayate: *shows up*Did you guys start the party without me?

Jared: Cool, a party. (jumps into pool)

Lien-DOS: I've never been to a pool party before!

Jared: (pops up on the surface) It's kind of fun.

Lien-DOS: *gets into the pool*

Jared: (sinks to the bottom)

Lien-DOS: *starts swimming*

Jared: (starts picking up the trash at the bottom)

Lien-DOS: *looks* Why did they throw trash in the pool?

Jared: (rises to the surface) Some people are lazy, that's why.

Lien-DOS: The trashcan's not that far away.

Jared: Does anyone think it would be good if there was a casino nearby?

Jack: (Sighs) It's sunny today

Patricia: It's so peaceful to be out in the Country, Lien-DOS

John: Uh, it's hard to be sunny when it's NIGHT. *shows a clock that says 9:35 p.m.*

Jack: Oh my, look at the time. It's time for bed

Patricia: It's a beautiful night anyway. Good Night everybody

Jack: Nighty Night Patricia

John: *facepalm* Whatever.

Jack & Patricia: (Went back to their Rooms & goes to sleep on their bed)

Jared: (walks up to his room, then falls asleep)

Lien-DOS: I don't have to sleep.

Jared: How could I forget to eat? (gets up)

John: I guess I'll just float here for the night.

Flame: I don't need a bed! (Pulls out his nest) I've got my nest!

John: *facepalms again and sinks underwater and meditates on the bottom*

Patricia: (Purrs in her sleep)

Isaiah: *gets back up*

Jack: (Still sleeping)

Day 3

{C {C {C {C {C {C Blaze: Ohayo Gozamasu Mina!

Angels: Ohayo!

Flame: ....?

Fuchsia: That means good morning in japanese

Flame: Oh.

Jack: (Wakes up) Rise & shine

Patricia: (Wakes up) (Yawns) It's time for some breakfast

Flame: Why get it here when i can get fish?

Isaiah: Who eats fish for breakfast?

John: *still meditating on the pool floor*

Flame: I'm a Bald eagle! They feed on fish!

Hikari: I made sushi

Fuchsia: Sugoi, im hungry

Flame: Okay. But i was planning on having carp. But sushi is good.

John: *rises out of the wtaer in a psycic barriar and floats inside, touching his feet to the ground, cuasing it to disappear, as his eye color changes from brown to green*

Hikari: I broght carp also

Flame: Oh! Thanks!


Flame: What? Is Jet annoying people Again?

Isaiah: *Whispers to flame* Nope. But Hikari seems hotter than Vegas. Don't tell her, though.

Flame: (Whispers) Okay.

Blaze: Are you guys talking about my mom?

Isaiah: What?

Jack: (Gulps)

Patricia: (Sighs) It's a nice morning

Fuchsia: Ohayo, mina, we were just having breakfast

Patricia: What does mina mean?

Rika: Everyone

Patricia: Oh, ok

Jack: Sure, let's enjoy the nice place of the Hotel

Blaze: Indeed

Isaiah: Amen, cousin.

Jared: (comes out of room) Good morning.

Isaiah: Yo.

Jared: Did anyone sleep well last night?

Isaiah: I don't sleep.

Jared: I couldn't.

Isaiah: Hm.

John: *walking through the hotel alone* So alone.

Dayton:Hey There

Jared: (looks at watch) Oops, I'm late! (runs off, with blueprints behind his back)

Koya:*starts meowing and purring*

Hikari:*picks him up*

Dayton:Lani whats up sis

John: Oh hey, Dayton.

Lani:Hey Im lani

John: Hi.

D&S: Good morning.

John: Hi.

Loud construction noises are heard...

Dimitri: What in blazes is that?

A sign is placed saying "Coming soon, "Nightmare Casino." on it in flashy lights.

John: Ooooooh. Nice.

Jared: (walks by) Yay, a casino!

Lien-DOS: It's so pretty!

Jared: I wonder when it will open?

John: If only it were a Night Club. Oh well. FREE HOT BREAKFAST!!!!!!!!!!............................................right?

The sign switches from "coming soon," to "open."

John: Woah. That was quick. *runs in* YAY!!!

Jared: (quickly runs to a slot machine)

John: *runs and jumps into a hottub next to a Poker Table* Oh yeah.

Jared: (Inserts a quarter into the slots) Come on, lucky 7!

John: *starts playing Texas Hold 'Em*

2 hours later......

Jared: Awww, I'm out of stuff to bet. (walks out)

John: *drunk with 52 wins in Texas Hold 'Em and* Oh *hiccup Yeah. I win Again *hiccup*

Patricia: Oh dear

Jack: But still, where are Sonic & Vegas at?

John: *falls unconseious and sleeps in th hottub*

Patricia: (Sighs) Look at this view from up here, the Forest is soo beautiful

Jared: (walks away, with another bouquet of roses behind his back)

Isaiah: Again Jack, Unkown.

Lien-DOS: *comes in the casino* Look at all these lovely games!

Isaiah: Hm? No. I'm not the gambling type.

Lien-DOS: I have never done this before. It looks fun but I don't have any money.

Isaiah: Good. There's plenty of cheaters to make YOU lose the bet.

Lien-DOS: They should not be cheating!

Isaiah: That's just the way it works. You can't change it unless you own a casino.

Dimitri: *comes up* There you are, Lien-DOS.

Lien-DOS: Mr. Isaiah says that people cheat at the games here!

Dimitri: Well, yes some people do. Speaking of which I'm not sure you should be in here.

Isaiah: Exactly. The world's gone mad, surely.

Dimitri: It's been mad for a long time...

Isaiah: Yes.

John: *wakes up* Ugh. What happened?

???:It could be worse

Patricia: Guys, what should we do?

?????: (Yawns)

Jack: (To ?????) Are you getting sleepy?

?????: No. Just boerd. I think i'll go to the chao garden.

Patricia: Oh ok, I love those Chao, they're soo cute

?????: Yeep. I have a chao named Rick. He's a Hero chao.

Jack: Wow, I wonder what are we doing today?

Flame: Freeze? (Blushes)

Jack: Are you ok?

Patricia: Anyway it's a beautiful sunny day out here

Flame: (Thinking: Now's my chance! All i have to do is inpress her!)

Patricia: Do you think Anu will be here to watch this beauitful Sunset?

Jack: I hope so

Flame: Hi freeze!

Freeze: Hello!

Patricia: It's a beautiful Sunset

Jack: Yeah, anyway it's time for dinner

Adrenaline: Hm? What's for tonight?

Isaiah: Dinner? Time to hunt Bison.

Flame: Ummm. (Holds hands with Freeze)

Patricia: (To Isaiah) Nah, I like to protect Nature, how about some nice Healthy Vegetables


Patricia: Because their Nice & Healthy for you & it gives you Bonus Years with good health

Flame: I'll have carp!

Patricia: (Eats Healthy Vegetables) Mmmm delicious

Blaze:(oustside the casino) I wish we could join, but we're all under 18

Jack: Yeah, but not all of us, Patricia's only 21 & she's still beautiful, she has the Skin like a Teenager

Patricia: Awww (Hugs Jack) Thanks Jack

Flame: Skunks eat Birds, frogs and more!!

Patricia: Birds? Frogs? I wouldn't harm a hair or feather on them

Flame: Well Sparky eat them!

Rika: Thats nasty

Patricia: I don't wanna harm any animal because I love the beauty of Nature

???:Something tells me your bored?

Fuchsia: I am

??:Anyone want to fight?

Isaiah: No. I dont fight for fun anymore.

Fuchsia: Nah

???:What about jumping off the roof?

Fuchsia: What the heck is wrong with you?

???:I'm a hedgedragon. I CAN FLY!!!

Jack: Oh my

Patricia: Wow, it's a Hedgedragon

Gus: apears* ill take a fight

Jared: (walks up) I just noticed something.

???:*tosses his gloves at Patricia*Hold them for me. Be careful the're 5 pounds.

Jared: I believe nobody noticed the giant sign that says "anyone over the age of 12 can enter casino &gamble."

???:My friend freezle is checking the chances already.

Gus: *growls*

Jared: Does anyone here understand Russian?

???:No, but Ican help in a minute. By the way, my name's Turbo

Jared: Nice to meet ya', Turbo. I'm Jared.

Turbo:I'll talk in a minute. SHADOW RAVE!!!! *scatters spikes at Gus' feet

Jared: замораживать! (freeze)

Turbo:*resist the cold* I like cold

Jared: потрясать! (shock)

Turbo:C'mon! I'm not even fighting you!

Jared: Sorry. I have awful aim. жечь! (Burn's Gus)

Gus: *the flames make me stronger*

Blaze: Dear God

Jared: What?

Turbo:Wanna go jump off the roof?

Jared: Нет! (NO!)

Turbo:I can teach you how to fly with your energy.

Jared: Нет, спасибо, сумасшедший парень. (No thanks, crazy guy) (walks off)



Turbo:No, It's a form of Mindreading that allows me to understand 55% of what I hear. Takes some energy though......

Jared: Great, another thing I don't understand, energy used to read minds and float. That makes as much sense as how abo****** are evil.

Turbo:That, I didn't understand......................

Jared: Hardly anyone does. (runs off)

Turbo:Better see how Freezles doing..... *goes to the casino*

Jared: (back in the hotel) (walks by the angels room, and puts another bouquet of roses that has a note saying "To: Blaze, From: XXXXX" on it in front of the door while nobody's looking)

Freezle:*In the casino with a large backpack full of coins*

Jared: (sees this, then starts shouting complete gibberish)



Freezle:The machine over there has the lowest win rate. 1:30

Jared: (screams loudly, causing the roof of the hotel to fly off, then land exactly where it was)

Freezle:*yells louder* STOP YELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared: (goes into his room, then slams the door so hard, the walls around it start cracking)

Turbo:*comes in* How did you get so much?

Patricia: (Holding ???'s Gloves) Whao, they are 5 Pounds

Jack: Anyways, we betta fix those cracks on the wall

Gus: *apears infrount of turbo* did the fight end or are you just taking a break? *is still on fire*

Patricia: Let's relax inside a Hotel & have fun

Gus: *remembers somthing* oh dear god!!! *runs as fast as sonic away*

Jack: What is it, Gus?

Gus: *is already 5 miles away*

Lien-DOS: It must be very important.

Turbo:*Grabs his gloves* I'm going to my room on floor B3.

Patricia: Ok then


Jack: What time is it?


Patricia: Mizuki, what are you doing?

Mizuki:You anger Meh!

Patricia: Me? What did I do?


Patricia: Don't worry, I love Skunks & I'm a Skunk as well. I'll comfort you Mizuki, including Sweet Scent & Danger Scent

Jared: (walks out of his room) Что то, что ужасный запах? (what is that awful smell)

Patricia: Oh that's just Skunk Scent

Angel: Konichiwa


Blaze: Thank God Someone speaks japanese

Mizuki:My Father speaks Japanese,too.

Fuchsia: Sugoi, to bad Rika couldnt join us, she's only 11

Jared: It seems I'm the only one who speaks Russian here. (walks off)

Fuchsia: We're having a party tonight, might wanna check it out

Jack: Wow, a party

Patricia: This could be fun to party on

Flame: A party....?

Blaze: Its gonna be fun, swimming, dacing, and just fooling around, come join

Jack & Patricia: Ok

Jared: (cocks eye) What do ya' mean by "Fool around?"

Wen: I don't know. But I'm all for that party. Count me in.

Jared: It can't hurt. I'm in.

Wen: Maybe i'll have some luck finding a girlfriend at this party. ^_^

Jack: Wow, it's gonna be fun at the beach, we betta get some Sunscreen on because it's gonna be, hot hot hot at the beach

Wen: Who needs sunscreen when your skin is all covered by fur?

Jack: My Arms, Muzzle & Belly is not covered in fur

Wen: My muzzle is covered in fur a little bit so I don't need sunscreen ^.^

Patricia: My Muzzle is covered in White Smooth Fur, also my Belly

Jared: (pulls out tan accelerator)

Patricia: Your not using that Tan Accelerator thing are you?

Jared: ..... maybe.

Wen: Tans are stupid. On guys. Girls with tans are hot.

Jack: Jared, don't use the Tan Accelerator too much ok?

Gus: *massive explosion is seen in distance*

Patricia: What's that?

Wen: If I have to guess, probably my brother's Chaos Blast.

Jack: Oh dear, that's one big Explosion

Wen: Well my brother IS the ultimate Life Form. So of course he's gonna have a big Chaos Blast. Seeing explosions like that is normal when your the brother of Shadow the Hedgehog. And that's OLDER brother. Not younger.

Jared: I wonder if Lamp oil can be used as sun block and tan accelerator?

Wen: -__- enough with the tan stuff. There's a reason i frown on tanning. Becuase it can give you skin cancer. Those UV rays from the sun and tanning beds and such are powerful and could damage your skin and give you some kind of skin cancer.

Jack: So we should stay out of the sun before we get sun burn

Jared: I can't get cancer, I've tried.

Lien-DOS: You have... tried?

Jack: Oh my, whatever you do, don't get Skin Cancer

Wen: yeah. It's not pretty. *holds head in pain and drops to the floor* DAMN IT!!!!! WHY CAN'T I GET THIS MEMORY OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!

Gus: *explosion gets 5 times bigger ad more explosions apear around the origanul*

Isaiah: What the?!

Gus: *walks out of explosions to hotel as ultimate demon Gus*

Jayden: Oh god. *takes out gun*

UDG: *walks into room and closes door then the explosion gets 10 times bigger*

Wen: The explosion's getting way to big to be my brother's Chaos Blast. He may bbe the ultiamte life form, but his Chaos Blast only has a height of 10 feet and a radius of 20 feet. This height looks to be about 60 feet with a possible radius of 90 feet.

Patricia: Oh my, this is big!

D&S: (starts laughing)

Turbo:*appears using CC*

Jack: Well what should we do next? And by the way, what time is it?

GUs: *opens door* 12:35 PM easter standerd time. *slams door*

Jack: Ok then, it's lunch time, let's go get something to eat, I'm starving

Patricia: Ok then

(explosion ends and 10 cop cars land on jack*

Wen: O.O *takes out Chaos Emerald* Chaos..... Spear! *uses Chaos Spear to blow the cop cars of off Jack* You alright man? Why the hell am I asking that, 10 cop cars juat landed on him, of curse he's not alright. Should I call an ambulance?

D&S: I got it. (pulls out phone)

Jack: I'm ok, ouchie! I'm flat like a Pancake

Patricia: Oh dear, he's painfully hurt

D&S: (Looks at phone, then notices that there's no connection) Dammit!

Jack: I'm in enough pain

Lien-DOS: Oh no! *scans Jack* With the way he was hurt we have to be careful if we try to move him because we could hurt him worse.

Patricia: Quickly Lien-DOS, let's help him

Lien-DOS: Alright let us see. We need to set his left leg. Can you get me some materials to make a splint? I need two sticks and some cloth.

suddenly 5 metal overloads land on jack

Lien-DOS: AAAH! NO! Get off him!!

Patricia: (Pushes the 5 Metal Overloads off of Jack) (Grabs 2 Sticks & a Cloth) Got some (wraps the Cloth around Jack's Left Leg) There (Carries Jack) Come on Lien-DOS, let's help him

Jack: Ok, but whatever you do, put me down gently

Isaiah: *in his room, and starts to cry* I wonder what happened to Vegas... *sniff*

Jared: (drops a quartz heart in front of the Angels room, with a note that says "To Blaze, from XXXXX", then runs back to his room)

Isaiah: *wipes tears, and stands up, then looks in the mirror* You know what? It's come to me. Vegas doesn't like me.

Isaiah: I just came up with my revenge! *draws a diagram* I'll be waiting on the floor for Vegas, then when she comes in,I'll look back deranged and come up to her like a real dog, with my tounge purposely out, and breathe heavily... it'll be the ultimate.... REVENGE! *runs into her room, and sits down on the floor*

Patricia: (Puts Jack on their Bed softly) Are you ok?

Jack: My Left Leg is been hurting, I need a Cast

Isaiah: *takes out his game and plays pokemon* I'll be waiting... b**ch.

Shred: *comes up to Jack* You ok?

Jack: I'm ok

Patricia: We need to let Jack sleep in peace until he gets better ok?

Jared: (in his room) I wonder how long I'll have to wait 'till they get back. Maybe I should finish that Nin-toaster I started on.

Lien-DOS: I feel bad for Jack.

Dimitri: He seems resilient, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Just them, a purple Echidna goes in the hotel.

Lien-DOS: Hello, there.

Jake: Hi. ^ _^

Lien-DOS: Welcome! I'm sure you will enjoy it here at this lovely hotel.

Jake: Of course!

Patricia: Hi Jake

Jake: Hi Pat!

Patricia: How's your day going today?

Lien-DOS: Oh, you two know each other?

Patricia: Yeah, he met my Daughter before & then become friends with her

Jack: Jake is really nice

(A phone rings. It sounds like it was coming from the ceiling)
Portal 2 Soundtrack - Turret Melody

Portal 2 Soundtrack - Turret Melody

The ringtone in question

????: Aww, crap.

Jack: What the barnicles is going on here?

Lien-DOS: What is that strange sound?

????: Fine. You caught me. Whoopdee doo.

(A tannish cat drops down from the ceiling)

I... am Keno. I was came here while looking for a really shiny gem. I didn't want to get noticed, so I climbed around in the air vents. I felt like I was getting closer, but then my pal Ivan called me, blowing my cover... But, I've said too much already.

(looks around)

Darn.. no way out with out getting noticed. I guess I'm stuck here for now

Dimitri: Shiny gem... That's what it always is...

Jack: Hi Keno, I'm Jack the Hedgehog

Keno: Hello! Oh, speaking of shiny gems...

(Pulls out a box of Cheez-its)

I brought snacks!

Lien-DOS: That's nice, even though I don't eat.

Patricia: Anyways, let's eat (eats an Apple)

Keno: Well said! (nom)

Jared: (comes out of room, while holding a turret) I finally made one!!!!


(Pulls out Pop-Tarts)

♪Plug it in, plug it in!♪

Lien-DOS: I do believe that is a turret, but why?

Jared: The toaster.... let's just say that I'm never going to make it. As for the turret, I was bored.

Keno: Hmm... there's no place to put my Pop-Tart in...

Jack: Is that a Toaster? I like some toast please? Because I LOVE TOAST !

Dimitri: It's not a toaster!

Jack: It's not?

Dimitri: No... It's a turret.

Jack: Aw man, I just wanted some toast to eat

Keno: Oh, well. I prefer my Pop-tarts fresh outta the bag anyway.

Dimitri: There's probably a toaster in the kitchen here.

Jack: Oh Boy! TOAST! (goes into the kitchen)

Patricia: He's hyper about Toast

Lien-DOS: How come? Is it not just bread exposed to elevated temperatures?

Jake: LOLOlolo. ....What?

Jack: Toast is done ! (eats the toast) Mmmmmm crunchy

Keno: Well, what if you get frozen bread and want to make yourself a sandwich or something? Wouldn't you want to warm it up before you eat it?

Lien-DOS: Like I said, I don't eat. But yes, I guess anyone I've seen heats up anything they get out of the freezer.

Patricia: Come on Lien-DOS, let's go have some fun together

Lien-DOS: Ok that sounds great!

Patricia: Lien-DOS, what should we do first for fun?

Keno: *Trying not to laugh*

Lien-DOS: We never got to play pool.

Patricia: Well then, let's try it & see how we go ok?

Shred: I wonder what idiotic action Isaiah's ego caused him to do. At a Casino, Patricia? If so, best not to do it.

Patricia: Why not?

Lien-DOS: Oh, Dimitri does not let me go into casinos.

Patricia: Yeah, you right. I don't think going into the Casino is a bad idea

Jack: Me too. Oh well

Shred: Gambling can get a huge problem. Unless you're lookin' for one, don't even think about it, guys.

Lien-DOS: Don't worry Mr. Shred we will not be doing that! Dimitri says they don't allow computers to gamble anyway.

Jack: Let's just relax in the pool & everything's gonna be alright

Lien-DOS: Great idea!

Patricia: Yeah, that's a great idea

Jack: Ok Girls, change into your swiming costumes & I'll be waiting for you two there (relaxs on a Beach Chair)

Lien-DOS: *her dress reforms into a bathing suit*

Jimmy: (in the gym, training)

Patricia: (goes inside the Changing room & comes out in her Pink Bikini) What do you think, Lien-DOS?

Lien-DOS: You look very nice.

Patricia: Thanks, you look nice too

Lien-DOS: Thank you. Let us go meet Jack at the pool.

Patricia: Ok, let's go

(They go to the pool)

Lien-DOS: We're here!

Jack: (takes a look at Lien-DOS & Patricia) Wow, cool Swimming Costumes

Patricia: Thanks Jack

Lien-DOS: Thank you! *gets into the pool*

Patricia: Let's go swimming (gets into the Pool slowly)

Jack: (Changes into his swimsuit, which is a Black Rash-Shirt, White Swimming Trunks & Blue Sandals) Ok, I'm ready

Lien-DOS: *swimming* The water is an ideal temperature!

Brittney: (in a red bikini; jumps in)

Lien-DOS: Oh hello!

Briittney: Hey!

Joseph: (in blue swim trunks, jumps in)

Jack: Hi there, welcome to the hotel

Lien-DOS: The pool is very nice.

Dimitri: *comes to the pool* Lien-DOS, there you are.

Lien-DOS: Dimitri! Please come into the pool with us!

Dimitri: Oh alright. *gets in*

Patricia: This is very relaxing

Brittney: hey, Joey. Where's Jimmy?

Joseph: He's in the gym.

Brittney: Not really surprised....

Lien-DOS: He likes to be fit?

Joseph: No, he's a junior pro wrestler, so he has to be on top of his training.

Lien-DOS: Oh ok. I have seen wrestlers on television.

Jack: And boy those Wrestlers are Agressive

Dimitri: They behave that way for show.

Jack: Oh, ok then

Joseph: Not really, they just like to fight and all.

Brittney: Jimmy's a nice kid that loves wrestling.

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: (swimming laps around the Pool) I'm swimming laps around the Swimming Pool

Jack: Ok Patricia, good luck with that

Jimmy: (finishes his training)

Jack: (swimming around the Pool)

Jimmy: (heads outside)

Joseph: Hey man! How'd it go?

Jimmy: Great!

Patricia: Wow, I'm getting faster in swimming everyday

Jack: That's because you swimming laps in the pool

Patricia: Oh right

Brittney: (swimming around)

Jimmy: (lays on a sunlounger)

Lien-DOS: *starts swimming laps as well*

Joseph: (lounging in the pool)

Dimitri: I should probably just get out of the pool, it's not like it does me much good.

Jared: (In his room) (to himself) When will they return?

Jack: Let me help you (helps Dimitri get out of the Pool) There you go

Dimitri: Thank you, Jack.

Jack: Your welcome

Brittney: (keeps swimming till she gets bored)

Patricia: (relaxes on a Big Inflatable Swim Ring)

Brittney: (gets out of the pool and goes to her hotel room to take a shower and get dressed)

Joseph: (get out of the pool as well)

Jack: (gets out of the Pool) I'm done & I'm going for a shower (goes into his Hotel Room to take a shower & get dressed)

Joseph: (does the same thing)

Jimmy: (still relaxing)

Patricia: (sighs) This sure is a relaxing day in the Hotel

Jimmy: Ya....

Jack: (comes out of his hotel room, fully dressed) Sorry I took so long, I needed a long bath after a quick shower. I want to be fresh as a bee, you know

Brittney & Joseph: (come out of their hotel rooms, fully dressed)

Jimmy: Anything happening tonight?

Patricia: (gets out of the Pool) I don't know

Jimmy: Hmmm......

Lien-DOS: *gets out of the pool* I heard that there were parties here every night.

Jimmy: Cool! At what time?

Lien-DOS: I do not have that information. The schedule just said: "There is a party all the time downstairs late at night."

Jimmy: Sweet! I need to lay loose! And I know Britt and Joey'd love to go!

Lien-DOS: I can not wait! I'm going to download a new dress. *runs back to the room*

Dimitri: *follows her, but slower*

Fetalia: (passes by) Hmmmm.......

Shine: Something wrong, Fetalia?

Fetalia: Oh no, Shine. Just thinkin....

Shine: (shrugs) If you say so....

Lien-DOS: *reforms her bathing suit into a shiney gold party dress*

Dimitri: *makes it back to the room*

Lien-DOS: Dimitri! How do I look?

Dimitri: You look very nice, child.

Brittney: (walking around the lobby) Man, we really need this vacation!

Joseph: I'll say!

Lien-DOS: *comes back* I'm ready for the party.

Fetalia: Did someone say party?

Lien-DOS: Yes! There is going to be a party all night.

Fetalia: Sweet! I been needing to lay loose! Whaddya say, Shine?

Shine: Sounds good to me!

Lien-DOS: Great! I am so excited!

Joseph: I'd like to go too!

Brittney: Me too!

Lien-DOS: You should all come, it will be so much fun!

Shine: We will! Let's go!

Lien-DOS: Ok! Come on, Dimitri!

Dimitri: I'm coming.

Later, at the party.....

Fetalia: (dancing to the music)

Shine:....(blushing and staring at her) (My, god, she's so hot! I just wish I had enough courage to tell her how I feel....)

Jimmy and Joseph: (talking amongst themselves and other people)

Lien-DOS: *dancing right in synch with the music*

Dimitri: *talking*

Brittney: (dancing)

Joseph: Man, is Brittney hot when she dances or what?

Jimmy: You can say that again!

Fetalia: (starts drinking wine)

Lien-DOS: I am enjoying this moving with the beat of music!

Dimitri: *talking to a very bored looking guy* ...and unfortunately the variable ratio of the island height was not quite how I had calculated due to the inexhaustible nature of the chaos emeralds.

Fetalia: Mmmm....this wijne's really good....addicting too!

Shine:....oh no! Not again!

Lien-DOS: *sees Fetalia* Should you be drinking so much of that? The other person I saw drink that much achoholic beverage began acting very strangely.

Fetalia: Nah, it's fine! (keeps drinking; hiccups a bit)

Shine: Once she starts drinking, she can't stop....

Lien-DOS: Oh my!

Brittney: (keeps dancing; winks at some of the boys)

Joseph and Jimmy: (blushing)

Dimitri: *watching the dancing since the guy he was talking to fell asleep* Teenagers...

Shine: (drinks some light beer)

Brittney: (dancing really well)

Lien-DOS: That's nice! *dances like Brittney*

Brittney: (giggles)

Jimmy: (drinking his coke; blushes at some girls staring at him)

Dimitri: *sighs, there are people staring at him, but not for the same reason they're staring at Jimmy*

Fetalia: (keeps drinking)

Lien-DOS: *keeps on dancing*

Brittney: (dancing alongside Lien-DOS; winsk to the boys again)

Lien-DOS: *synchronizes her dancing with Brittney so they almost look professional* Hey, look at us!

Joseph & Jimmy: WOW!!!

Brittney: (winks)

Fetalia: (drinking more and more)

Lien-DOS: *giggles*

Dimitri: *raises an eyebrow at Fetalia*

Fetalia: (strutting to him, absolutly drunk) heyz u sxay than....(hiccups)

Dimitri: What do you think you're doing?

Fetalia: (strokes his chest)

Shine: (gasps and using his psychokenisis to hold her back) Looks like I gotta havesober- unsober sex with you to get you back to your senses....again.

(Don't worry, it won't be shown!)

Dimitri: *looks freaked out* Just get her away from me!

Shine: (takes her to their hotel rooms)

Brittney: (still dancing)

Dimitri: *breathes a sigh of relief* I'm too old for this...

Lien-DOS: Did Ms. Fetalia have to leave?

Dimitri: Don't worry about it, Lien.

Jimmy & Joseph: (still watching the girls dance)

Lien-DOS: *goes back to dancing*

Brittney: (still dancing)

Lien-DOS: I could do this all night!

Brittney: Me too!

Patricia: (goes into her Hotel Room to get a shower & getting dressed)

Jack: What should we do next?

Brittney: (still dancing)

Lien-DOS: I wonder where Jack and Patricia are. They should be at the party!

Jimmy: Ya....

Jack: (arrives) Hi there

Patricia: (Comes out of her hotel room, fully dressed back to her normal clothes) Hi Lien-DOS, we're back

Lien-DOS: Hello! We have been "dancing".

Brittney: (winks at the boys again)

Joseph: (blushing)

Jack: (feels nervous, but keeps his cool)

Patricia: (sighs) Hi Brittney

Brittney: Hey, Patricia.

Jared: (Holding a grey ball covered in purple lines that form symbols) Hello.

Brittney: Hey.

Lien-DOS: What is that?

Brittney: (stops dancing for a minute)


Brittney: What?

Jared: This? (holding the ball with 1 hand)

Jospeh: Huh?

Patricia: It's nice to meet you, but don't be alarmed I'm only a Female Skunk

Joaewph: I'm Joseph.

Jack: Hi I'm Jack the Hedgehog & this is Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi there

Joseph: (smiles)

Jimmy: (smiles as well)

Patricia: It's nice to meet you two. Sorry about my Skunk Scent, I just can't help it. I'm only a Skunk

Jimmy: It's okay!

Jack: Anyway, what brings you here?

Brittney: We need some rest. And a great vacation!

Joseph: Amen!

Lien-DOS: And it has been great!

Jimmy: (nods)

Patricia: Wow, Jack & I are here to relax too

Dimitri: Most people here are. Well, I assume.

Jack: Wow, anyways, let's relax like there's no today

Lien-DOS: I do not know what that means, but you're right!

Brittney: (starts dancing again)

Lien-DOS: And that is a good idea! *starts dancing with Brittney again*

Jack & Patricia: (starts dancing together with Brittney & Lien-DOS)

(Spongebob100: When does the next chapter appear?)

Brittney: (winks)

Jack: (giggles nervously) Aw man, I'm already married to Blaze the Hedgecat, what am I gonna do?

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(Spongebob100: I don't know how long Vegas is gone for. Maybe we should wait for her to come back)

Joseph: (sighs in relaxation) This is the life!

Keno: (Comes in) Sorry I'm late. I found the ruby I was looking for, so I thought I might as well enjoy myself.

Jimmy: (still drinking root beer)

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Lien-DOS: Wow a ruby. I'm sure it was lovely.

Brittney: (nods)

Patricia: This Ruby is beautiful

Jack: Yeah & Shiny


Patricia: (sighs) Are you ok, Joseph?

Joseph: Yeah....

Lien-DOS: Ok, but I thought that was usually how people talked when they were not ok.

Joseph: I'm fine.

Jack: It's a good thing we have each other


Lien-DOS: You are correct, Jack.

Jimmy, Joseph, and Brittney: (all smile)

Lien-DOS: *smiles back*

Dimitri: *smiles a little*

Brittney: (starts dancing again)

Dimitri: She never gets tired, does she?

Joseph: She does, but not when she's REALLY having a good time!

Jack: Oh yeah, I forgot

Patricia: (sighs) What a day

Jimmy: Yeah....

Patricia: (streches her whole body, even her Skunk Tail) (sighs) It's almost time for bed

Jack: Patricia's right, it's time for bed

Joseph: Yeah....I'm heading up now too!

Brittney: Awww.....

Dimitri: Thank goodness, I've had all the party I can take for one night.

Lien-DOS: Awww.....

Jimmy & Joseph: (head to their rooms and go to sleep)

Dimitri: *heads to his room* Come, Lien-DOS.

Lien-DOS: Yes, Dimitri. *goes with him*

Keno: Hmm, I guess... I'll go book a room (Leaves)

Brittney:.....(stays there and sighs)

Jack & Patricia: Good night (goes into their Hotel Room & goes to sleep on their Hotel Bed together)

Patricia: (purrs in her sleep)

Brittney:....(reluctantly goes back to her room)

Jack: Good night everyone, sweet dreams.

Joseph, Brittney, and Jimmy: (all fall asleep)

Turbo:Hopefully someone will fight me tomorrow....

Jack: (Sighs, then goes back to sleep)

Shine & Fetalia: (already asleep)

Lien-DOS: *her holographic form disappears and she goes into sleep mode*

Dimitri: *goes to sleep*

Keno: (In his room) G'night...

This it for Day 3?

I think this is it.

???????:*whispering* We'll talk tommorow Turbo

Day 4

(morning rises)

Keno: *Yawn* Time to wake up...

Jimmy: (gets up and does his morning routine)

Lien-DOS: *reappears* Good morning, Dimitri!

Dimitri: *wakes up* Good morning, Lien-DOS.

Turbo:*gets up, and Chaos Controls onto the roof*

Fetalia: (yawns) Whoa...what a night...(notices her clothes at the bedside) Huh?! What the?!

Keno: *Climbing into the ventilation shaft* Time to go searching...

Shine: (yawns) Morning, Fetty!

Fetalia: Please don't call me that, Shine! And another thing, why are my clothes next to me when they should be ON ME!!!

Shine: Oooh....yeah. You got drunk at the party last night....again. So that's why I had to....y'know...(blushes a bit)

Fetalia: (blushing and sulking down into the covers in embarassment)

????????:*on roof* Hello Turbo


Lien-DOS: *runs a scan on Dimitri* All readings are within the normal range.

Dimitri: There's some good news. *they both come out of the room*

Jimmy: (training in the gym)

Joseph & Brittney: (come out of their rooms and start walking outside)

?????????:Nice morning, isn't it Turbo.

Lien-DOS: *looks up* I think there are people on the remains of the roof.

Turbo:WHO ARE YOU SHROUD!!!!!!!!

Dimitri: We should look into this.

Lien-DOS: *carries Dimitri and flies up to the roof*

Shroud:*cloak flowing the wind* Turbo, if I wanted to let you know who I was, why would I wear this cloak?

Lien-DOS: Look there are people!

Dimitri: Lien-DOS, I get the feeling they don't wish to be interrupted.

Brittney: (notices Turbo and Shroud on the roof; flies up to take a closer look)

Keno: Ooh! *Sneaking up behind Shroud, hoping he doesn't see him*

Brittney: (tries not to be seen)

Keno: *Sits there, waiting*

Lien-DOS: *notices the others and is about to say something but Dimitri stops her*

Shroud:*Creates a spacetime barrier to isolate him and Turbo:

Brittney: Huh? What gives?!

Shine & Fetalia: (run up there, now fully dressed)

Lien-DOS: My sensors indicate a newly formed rift in space.

Dimitri: *sees Fetalia* Are you feeling more sane now?

Fetalia: I'm fine! But we got bigger things to worry about right now!

Turbo:*Inhibitor Rings Come off* WHOI ARE YOU

Keno: *Walking up to Lien-DOS* I have a friend that specializes in space and time. Do you think it would be smart to call her down here?

Dimitri: It may. Those two probably plan to do more than just stand and talk.

Brittney: I don't like this one bit!

Turbo:*left hand glows as violently as he is now glowing*

Brittney: This looks really bad now!


Turbo:*Blue aura forms in his left hand*

Keno: Alright. *Pulls out a phone, and begins to press buttons on the number board.* Aaaaaaand send. She should be here in 3.... 2.... 1....

  • A purple hedgehog with a red Romanov dress speeds up the side of the hotel, landing on top of the building*

PH: You called?

Keno: Everybody, I would like you to meet Ida Frankenhausser.

Shine: Is now really a good time for this?!

Turbo:*energy in his hand forms a dragons head* (all energy sensing devices should go nuts*

Brittney: (shrieks in terror)

Lien-DOS: AAAH! *starts glitching*

Dimitri: Lien-DOS!!!

Ida: No time to talk. What do you need, Keno?

Keno: Well, we did need you, but... Stuff happens.

Ida: *Sighs, then straightens out* Wow... I haven't felt this type of energy since...

Fetalia & Shine: (stand their ground, preparing for something big)

Turbo:*dragons head is completed and Turbo starts charging more power*

Joseph & Jimmy: (run up)

Brittney: Jimmy! Joey!

Lien-DOS: I c-c-c-c-an't-t-t-t-t

Jimmy: What's going on?!

Joseph: I dunno.....but Lien-DOS looks like she's in bad shape!

Shroud:Deal with the fact you can only delay the Invasion.

Dimitri: That energy Turbo is generating is disrupting her signal.

Freezle:*gets to the roof* (to Dimitri) Maybe I can help your computer program.

Ida: *Slowly walking up to Shroud* Oh, please. You call this an invasion? I've seen worse from a cockroach infestation.

Dimitri: *to Freezle* What can you do?

Joseph: Invasion?

Freezle:Yes, Shrouds the Leader of the Troll Invasion. And I can help by saing you should brace yourselves.

Ida: Please. This guy? I bet he couldn't hit me with a 50 foot beam of light.

Shine & Fetalia: (get in fighting position)

Dimitri: That doesn't help Lien-DOS!

Turbo:Dragonic Destroyer! *Charges at Shroud at, Dragon Head hand outstreched, at massive speeds*

Shine: Whoa!!

Ida: Uh, oh. *Warps away*

  • spacetime field stops blast cold and the dust starts to settle*

Fetalia: WHOA!! What power!

Shine: That was incredible!

Ida: *Warps back* Is anybody hurt?

  • dust clears, and Shroud has stopped Turbo's attack with one hand*

Joseph: No way!!

Dimitri: This isn't going to end well...

Shine: okay, that's it! (runs in to help Turbo)

Fetalia: Shine, wait!

Ida: (Smirking) Excellent.

Fetalia: Huh?

Dimitri: *gives Ida a look*

Brittney: (hiding behind Jimmy & Joseph and holding onto them tightly and closely)

Jimmy & Joseph: (blushing)

Shroud:*spacetime field stops Shine* Like I said: You can't stop me!

Shine: What?! (struggles to breakthrough)

Jack: (appears with Patricia) What did I miss?

Jimmy: Not a good time, guys!

Shroud:Balance Technique:Attack Dispertion Absorbtion. *siphons Turbo's attack energy*

Fetalia: (reaches in her pockets and grabs a purple Chaos Emerald)....yeah. That'll do it!

Patricia: (notices her Skunk Scent reaches into Shroud's Nose)

Fetalia: (runs next to Shine) There's only one thing that can break through this field!

Jack: (grabs Shine out of the Force Field with his Chaos Ninjago)

Ida: Now I remember. That's it, Shroud, time to finish you. *Begins speeding at Shroud, charging a space shot in her hand. She fires the space shot at the spacetime field, cancelling it out.*

Alright everybody, we don't have much time to execute this before the spell wears off. Black hedgehog, if you combine that Chaos Emerald with another space shot, I can-

Jack: Already tooken care of Shroud, because he passed out thanks to Patricia's Skunk Scent

Shroud:*Throws Turbo away, and repairs the roof through time manipulation, then warps away*

Patricia: Sorry about the Skunk Scent everyone. It really made someone Cough & then pass out

Fetalia: Well thanks for ruining the whole thing, ya *****!!!!!

Jack: Watch your language Fetalia, your setting a bad example

Ida: ...That wasn't supposed to happen.

Patricia: I can't help it, I'm only a Female Skunk

Jack: At least we made Shroud pass out

Ida: Wait, if my calculations-

Keno: Ida, you talk too much.

Patricia: Anyways, how do we get outta here?

Fetalia: (throws the emerald down to the ground and walks off, furious)

Ida: That's not my problem. *Runs over to the emerald, picking it up.* Now, if you excuse me, I shall give chase. *warps off*

Freezle:Shroujd warped away, he could of killed us. Now lets heal Turbo

Keno: Got it. *Moves over to Turbo, picking him up*

Shine: (runs over to Turbo) Turb, you alright?!

Lien-DOS: *goes through a reset process and stops glitching* What happened?

Dimitri: *breathes a sigh of relief*


Freezle:Get his inhibitor Rings!

Joseph: Brittney, it's over now, you can let go of us.

Brittney:.....(slowly releases her grip on the boys) That was so scary.....

Joseph: It's okay, Brittney. It's over now. No need to be afraid now...

Lien-DOS: *sees Turbo* Oh! That's one of the guys from before, and his energy has been burned out! *gets the rings and gives them to Freezle*

Keno: Shine, can you lend a hand? I need somebody to help me take him down to his room.

Shine: Got it! (uses his PSI powers to take Turbo to his room)

Freezle:Thank you. *scans Turbo with his goggles*

Brittney: (goes back to her hotel room, still scared out of her own mind)

Keno: Well, I'll be going now. *Heads out*

Shine: Even if that guy shows up again, I'll smash him to pieces!

Dimitri: *wraps one of his tendrils around Lien-DOS's shoulders* Next time we go on vacation you're backing yourself up first.

Lien-DOS: I have incomplete logs of the past twenty minutes, what happened?

Dimitri: I'll explain later.

Freezle:Turbo's pretty wrecked. His skin is charred by darkness, his energy is burned up, and his celled are damaged greatly.

Joseph: (in deep thought).........

Lien-DOS: Cells in every part of his body. He may die if we don't do something!

Jimmy: What can we do, though?!

Dimitri: I know one thing to do but I don't know if he'll like it.

Shine: We all gotta do stuff we don't wanna, so let's hear it!

Freezle:We have to let him heal naturally.


Dimitri: Alright. But cybernetic implants would work.

Keno: *Pops back in* Unfortunate. I've heard of people that have spent over a year in recovery from burns.

Shine: Problem with that theory; Turbo doesn't have a year to recover!

Freezle: We don't need to do anything!

Shine: I would ask Fetalia for help, but considering what happened earlier, I know she has no intention of helping out in the state of anger she's in. Once Fetty gets angry, she stays like that for a full 24 hours!

Freezle:*angered* IS ANYONE LISTENING TO ME!?!?!?!!?

Patricia: EEK! (jumps onto Jack's Arms)

Shine: Sheesh! Calm down, man! I was listenin'! I was saying we could've!

Keno: I am.

Freezle:Turbo is healing naturally with his connection to the Chaos Force. Even though I don't know much about it, I've seen its power

Joseph: (looks down the hallway)

Patricia: Sorry Freezle, it's just that your scream nearly scared the pants off of me

Dimitri: Ah, yes, the Chaos Force. I've had rather... extensive experience with it. Turbo should heal fine.

Patricia: I've learned Chaos Heal, maybe I should help him

Brittney: (forced to leave ehr room so the maid can clean-up; still looking scared and insecure)

Joseph: (I've never seen her like this before....Shroud must've really did something to her self-consciousness....)

Freezle:Actually, he'll heal fine for now. I wantto go back to the roof.

Keno: Then who am I to stop you?

Shine: Mind if I accompany you?

Keno: I, for one, am going to take a nap. See ya, guys! *Heads out*

Dimitri: I'd like to go to the roof as well and take a closer look at the aftermath.

Freezle:I need Dimitri to come with us.

Jack: Maybe one of us can keep an eye out on Shroud, just in case he comes back for more

Shine: Right!

Joseph: (has kept his sights on Brittney since she left her room)...........

Freezle:Shroud isn't coming back. We still need to get to the roof.

Shine: After you.

Lien-DOS: We can take the elevator.

Shine: Race ya! (uses his superspeed to run to the elevator, taking Brittney by surprise, who he passes on teh way)

Brittney: ACK!!!

Patricia: Excuse me, but I gotta see Britnney for a moment please (to Brittney) Hi Brittney

Brittney: H-hey Patricia.....

Joseph: (still staring at Brittney)

Patricia: How's it going?

Freezle:*Jumps out the window and uses flame jets to get to the roof.

(Lien-DOS and Dimitri ride the elevator to the roof)

Jack: Hi Freezle, nice trick. When can I learn to do that?

Shine: (already on th roof) What took ya so long?

Brittney: Really scared....nervous....(shaking in fear) I....I'm afraid....

Dimitri: Lien-DOS, run a scan for residual energies.

Freezle:I found something. I gotta analyze this. *leaves for the remainder of the day*

Shine: Hmmmm.......

Patricia: (Comforts Brittney) It's ok Brittney, I'll take care of you, cause you & me, we're like Sisters

Brittney:.....thanks, Patricia.....


Patricia: Your welcome. (hugs Brittney)

Brittney: (hugs back)


Jack: I'm glad to see Patricia & Brittney getting along so fast

Joseph: Yeah....

Lien-DOS: I'm finding a lot of strange energy readings.

Dimitri: Compile a report for me to look over.

Lien-DOS: Yes, Dimitri. *they both go back downstairs*

Joseph: (drinking soda down in the lobby, a bit later)

Jack: (relaxing on a Chair) (sighs)

Joseph: Man, if only I were braver and stronger....I'd tell Brittney how I feel and I'd comfort her much better....but now....(sadly drinking his soda)

Dimitri: *sitting in a chair reading a bunch of data*

Lien-DOS: *reading a random magazine she found* This magazine has "dating tips".

Patricia: This is fun

Brittney: (in the lobby, laying on a couch and hugging a teddy bear; she's still afraid, a bit)

Keno: (Lying down on a mat in the middle of the floor) *Yawn* I'm bored.

Joseph: (still drinking) Hmmm.....

Lien-DOS: Mr. Joseph, this magazine says that "it is important to express your true feelings."

Joseph: (blushing and glances at Brittney, whilst stil drinking his soda)

Brittney: (still laying on the couch with her teddy bear)

**I cant belive this is still going on I made it such a long time ago ;w; VegasFox 17:33, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

((Maryxgil: It did slow down for a little while but recently got really going again.))

Dimitri: *gravely* Hmm... *still looking at the data*

Jimmy: She's coming onto you, isn't she, Joey? She keeps making you want her each day.....

Joseph: She didn't need to make me at all....I've always loved her....but I've just never been able to tell her how I feel....

Lien-DOS: Why don't you just tell her?

Joseph: Because what if I do, and it turns out she was only playing with me and Jimmy? And then she'll just denounce herself as a whore! And just not a friend at all! What if--

Jimmy: Joey....she loves you as much as she loves me. If she really did wanna dump you for another stud, she would've done that long ago!

Joseph: I just don't know anymore....

Lien-DOS: You'll never know unless you tell her. You'll feel unsure like this forever!

Joseph: I guess you're right....(finishes his drink and walks to her)

Brittney: (asleep on the couch, but still holding on to the teddy bear)

Joseph: (sighs) Just when I finally found it in me to tell her.....(kneels down) Brittney?

Brittney: (still asleep) Mmmm......

Jack: Vegas, where are you? It's been 3 Days & still no sign of Vegas or Sonic

Keno: *Yawn* I think I heard the blue hedgehog talking about going off to stop evil, and something about eggs.

Jack: Eggman. Sonic is going to stop Eggman

Keno: Oh, joy.

Patricia: Anywho, let's relax

Joseph: Yeah.....

Keno: (Getting up) *Yawn* What're we gonna do?

Jack: I don't know

Jimmy: (his phone rings and he answers it) Hello? Oh hey, Mr. Quakenbush! Yeah, I'm staying at this hotel near Seaside Hill. Yeah, it's called the Chaos Hotel....oh, a show tomorrow? Cool, where is it? Right across the street? Sweet, who am I facing?....Ophidian again? Does that guy ever give up?....whatever, I'll be there tomorrow by 6 PM! Okay, bye. (hangs up)

Keno: Show?

Jimmy: Yeah, I'm a junior pro wrestler. One of the promotions I work for is having a show at the Auditorium across the street and I'm booked for it.

Keno: Fascinating.

Joseph: (smiles) Man, I'm so happy that Jimmy's able to live his dream....and so young, too....

Patricia: (relaxes on her Chair)

Keno: How about... How about we all go eat lunch or something?

Jimmy: Sure! You coming, Joey?

Joseph: Y-yeah, but I wanna wait for Brittney to wake up....


Keno: Have it your way.

Joseph: (looks at her, then at the gang, and does this about 3 times)

Keno: Are you thinking of waking her up?

Joseph: I dunno....

Brittney: (moaning in her sleep) Oooh Joey, you make me feel so good....aaah yes....

Joseph: (blushing a lot)

Keno: (Trying not to laugh)

Dimitri: *gathering up his data* Joseph, I don't think you have to worry about her not liking you.

(Wait, I though Vegas wanted to keep it clean. Oh, well. Der Pigma)

Keno: Nah, I think you should let her have her... fun.

Joseph: (blushes)

Shine: (shows up) hey guys, what's up?

Keno: We're bored, and we were going to go to lunch, but then Brittney told Joseph somthing... interesting

Shine: Really? She kinda looks asleep to me.

Keno: I suggest you read back a little- On second thought, never mind, it's a bit embarrassing

Jack & Patricia: (Relaxing on the chair together)

Joseph: (still trying to shake Brittney awake)

Jimmy: She'll wake up on her own, dude. Let's just get something to eat!

Joseph: I don't wanna leave her alone after all she's been through....

Jimmy: Trust me, she'll be fine.

Keno: Y'know, if he doesn't want to leave, I can run down to town and buy us all burgers.

Brittney: (yawns) Did...I hear someone say burgers or something?

Jimmy: I guess she's really hungry then....

Keno: I retract that statement.

Joseph: Hey, Brittney. You feeling better?

Brittney:....(still holding onto her teddy bear) K-Kind of....I had...a small nightmare though....

Keno: (Is about to say something, but catches himself)

Joseph: Just's all over now....everything's gonna be alright. I promise.....

Brittney: (blushes a bit) Joey.....

Keno: (Talking to himself) I think this is the part where they confess their love.

Joseph: It'll all be okay, Brittney. I promise you.....

Brittney: (silent, but still hugging the teddy bear and blushing at him)

Keno: (Still talking to himself) Come on...

Lien-DOS: *standing there with her hands over her mouth hiding a smile*

Joseph: If it makes you feel any better, I'll stay with you for the rest of the day.....

Brittney: Huh? Y-You mean that?

Joseph: Every word!

Brittney:.....thank you, Joey! (hugs him tight...a bit too tight)

Joseph: ACK!!....(slowly hugs back)

Keno: YES!

Jimmy: Don't ruin it.....

Keno: Sorry.

Joseph: Alright....let's go now.

Keno: Bet I can beat you guys there! *Speeds off*

Shine: Oh yeah? (uses superspeed to try to beat him there)

Keno: (Once he gets there) Alright, what should I have?

Shine: What have they got?

Jimmy, Joseph, and Brittney: (finally arrive there, exhausted)

Lien-DOS: *arrives with Dimitri*

Brittney: So glad...I took a nap....before this!

Keno: Well, they got... berries... bagels... stuff that I would have for breakfast.

Shine: Say what?!

Keno: Wait, nevermind, I was looking at breakfasts. Lets see what they have for lunch... Hmm, I think I'll take the potato salad.

Shine: (Idiot.....) I'll have a hot dog and some fries.

Joseph: I'll have some pizza and fries.

Brittney: Me too.

Jimmy: I'll just have a Cheeseburger and fries.

Keno: (Sarcasm) Say, Lien, what will you have?

Lien-DOS: Oh, I don't eat.

Shine: He was being sarcastic.

Keno: *Facepalm*

Shine: What?

Keno: Nothing, I'll just... *Takes salad and sits down at a table*

Jimmy: (shrugs)

Lien-DOS: Sarcastic? I've heard of that but I still don't understand it.

Dimitri: She takes everything literally.

Keno: Go figure.

Jimmy: Hmm...(gets his meal and sits down)

Joseph & Brittney: (get their pizza and fries, and sit with Jimmy)

Shine: (gets his food and sits down)

Dimitri & Lien-DOS: *also sit down, but without any food*

Joseph & Brittney: (sharing their own food with each other)

Jimmy: (simply smiles)

Keno: D'awwwwwwwww.

Shine: (eating his hot dogs)

Keno: *Staring at his salad* I wonder why I ordered this in the first place...

Lien-DOS: Because it's healthy?

Keno: Possibly, but cougars are carnivores in nature.

Joseph: This is good pizza!

Brittney: Mmm-Hmm!

Lien-DOS: *to Keno* You are right, that is very strange.

Shine: Mmmm!! These hot dogs are yummy!

Keno: *Pulls out fork* Well, if I must. *Takes a bite out of it* Hmm... Not what I was expecting...

Jimmy: These are great burgers, by the way!

Keno: Great, now I feel bad that I didn't get one.

Shine: (eating his fries now)

Lien-DOS: *looking around at random things in the restaurant*

Jimmy: Hey, you alright, Lien?

Lien-DOS: Oh yes! I'm just admiring the decorations.

Jimmy: If you say so....

Joseph: Hmmm.....

Keno: What're you thinking about, Joseph?

Joseph: it's nothing....

Brittney: (looks at Joseph for a bit, then Jimmy and Lien-DOS) Hmmm.........

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head*

Jimmy: What?

Lien-DOS: Why is everyone staring?

Jimmy: No idea.....

Joseph & Brittney: (look at each other and try not to laugh)

Lien-DOS: *looks confused*

Jimmy: (just continues eating)

Keno: *Sniffing, then smiling*

Shine: (finishes his food)

Joseph & Brittney: (finish their pizza and start eating the fries)

Keno: Well, I'm off back to the hotel. I'll see ya guys later. *Leaves*

Jimmy: 'Kay! Later!

Shine: Man, that was a good meal! (burps)

Jimmy: ugh! Dude!

Shine: What? I got a big appetite! And taht was good food too!

Lien-DOS: *giggles* You are supposed to say "excuse me".

Shine: Whatever. I'm headin' back! Later! (speeds out)

Jimmy: (sighs and finishes his meal)

Dimitri: That sounds like a good idea. *climbs out of the booth*

Brittney: What is it, Dimitri?

Dimitri: I was just agreeing with Shine's decision to head back to the hotel.

Jack: Hey guys

Patricia: How's it going?

Lien-DOS: Hello Jack and Patricia!

Jack: How's it going for you, today?

Lien-DOS: Oh just lovely!

Jack: I'm just feeling relaxed

Patricia: Me too. I felt my fur & my hair & they're sliky smooth

Turbo:*comes in eating a double bacon cheeseburger* Hi!

Dimitri: Hello. I see you're doing better.

Jack: (relaxes on the chair again) Let's relax

Joseph & Brittney: (finish their meal)

Turbo:*still eating*

Joseph: Wow....that was good!

Brittney: Yeah....I'm full now!

Jimmy: Mmm-hmm!

Jack & Patricia: (eating their Lunch)

Patricia: Mmm, delicious

Joseph: (yawns)

Patricia: Anyways, I still have my friends to stay sane (her skunk tail sputters) What's that, Skunky? (Her tail sputters again) Would you like a Tail Massage? (her tail sputters) Ok we can do that

Brittney: (really confused)

Lien-DOS: You can communicate with your tail...?

Jimmy: (a bit creeped out)

Brittney: Hey, Joey! Race ya back to the hotel!

Joseph: You're on! (races her back to the hotel)

Jimmy: (smiles)

Lien-DOS: Wait for me! *flies off after them*

Jimmy:....(smiles and heads back too)

Dimitri: *goes back as well*

Jimmy: (Man.....Lien looks really beautiful....but I'm afraid of how she'd respond....I mean she's just a computer thing. I'm a kid wrestler....)

Lien-DOS: *when they get back to the hotel* What are we going to do next?

Joseph: No idea....

Lien-DOS: There is an arcade here.

Jimmy: Cool!

Brittney: I'm so going!

Joseph: (runs with her to the arcade)

Lien-DOS: *goes with them*

Dimitri: *follows behind*

Brittney: Wow! This is so cool!

Lien-DOS: Look at all the lights!

Jimmy: 9nods)

Lien-DOS: *goes up to the Pac man machine* Dimitri, may I please have the currency required to play this game?

Dimitri: Alright. *hands her a quarter*

Joseph & Brittney: (go to play Mortal Kombat; Joseph chooses to be Scorpion, Brittney chooses to be Sonya)

Jimmy: (watching Lien-DOS play)

Lien-DOS: *is doing well by being able to analyze the ghost's patterns*

Jimmy: (she's good at this...)

Lien-DOS: Oh look! *points at the little video of pac-man that shows between certain levels*

Jimmy: (blushes a bit)

Lien-DOS: Oh Jimmy, your heart rate is up. You're ok, right?

Jimmy: (still blushing) Y-Yeah!

Lien-DOS: Oh ok. *keeps playing*

Jimmy: (blushing).....

Joseph: (smiles a bit as he keeps playing)

Brittney: (giggles a bit)

Lien-DOS: I may beat the high score!

Jimmy: Awesome!

Lien-DOS: *starts really focusing* Almost... I- Yes! Yes! *starts jumping up and down* Dimitri! Dimitri! Look! I did it! I beat the high score!

Jimmy: That's awesome!!

Dimitri: Yes, that's very good, Lien-DOS.

Lien-DOS: *calms down but is still smiling*

Annoucner: SCORPION WINS!!!

Brittney: Aww, you got lucky that round, but I'll get you this time!

Joseph: Oh yeah? Bring it!

Lien-DOS: *goes over and looks at Joseph and Brittney's screen curiously*

Brittney: (beating Joseph this round)

Joseph: Crud! URGH!!

Britteny: HAH!! Take this!

Lien-DOS: Oh my...

Brittney: YES!!

Annoucner: SONYA WINS!!!

Lien-DOS: The other guy is going to be ok, right?

Jimmy: it's just a game, Lien. They're not real.

Joseph: I'll get you this one!

Brittney: Sure ya will...

Lien-DOS: Ok...

Joseph & Brittney: (play round 3)

Lien-DOS: *watches in wide eyed amazement*

Jimmy: What's up?

Dimitri: *comes over* Lien-DOS, what are you watching?

Lien-DOS: These game-people are fighting.

Joseph & brittney: (evenly matched this time)

Dimitri: I'm not sure if you should be watching this...

Lien-DOS: Jimmy says they are not real. It's just a game.

Joseph: Almost there....then a Fatality!

Brittney: (C'mon, Britt! Think of something, think of something....)

Lien-DOS: *watching suspensefully* Joseph is about to win.

Brittney: (I've got it!)

Annoucner: FINISH HER!!!

Joseph: (about to perform a Fatality combo when....)

Brittney: (kisses him just as he finishes the combo, trying to stop him from winning)

Joseph: MMM!!!!!....(returns it and they make out)

Jimmy: (smiles) Well, it's about time!

(Scorpion's Toasty Fatality is performed, and Jimmy can see Lien-DOS in complete shock)

Joseph: (not caring about winning right now)

Lien-DOS: *gasps*

Dimitri: *does a facepalm as Lien-DOS is simultaneously exposed to graphic violence and people making out*

Joseph & Brittney: (stop for a minute)

Joseph: Brittney....I have something to tell you....

Brittney: Don't say know how I feel about you anyway.....

Joseph: I love you, Brittney....

Brittney: I love you too, Joey...I always have....

Joseph: So have I.....(thye kiss again)

Jimmy: (smiles)

Lien-DOS: Awwww!

Dimitri: *smiles too*

Joseph: (looks at them) Do you mind?!

Jimmy: (chuckles) Maybe you two should get a room....

Brittney: (giggles) Yeah, Joey. Let's do this somewhere more...private. (winks)

Joseph: Gotcha!

Jimmy: Congrats, man! I knew you would be able to let her know how you feel.....

Joseph: (gives him a thumbs up)

Lien-DOS: *giggles* That's so nice! Joey is happy now!

Jimmy: (nods)

Joseph & Brittney: (head up to Joseph's room)

Dimitri: I still remember when I met my wife. But let's not get into that right now.

Jimmy: (blushes)

Lien-DOS: *giggles*

Dimitri: Come on, children. We should probably go somewhere else now.

Patricia: Yes, I can communicate with my skunk tail & I also name it, "Skunky"

Keno: *Pops in out of nowhere* Thats... interesting.

Jimmy: O...k.....

Keno: Moving on...

Jimmy: (heads to the gym)

Keno: ...I don't know what to do...

Jimmy: (starts his training again)

Shine: (watching Jimmy's training) Hmmm.....not bad for a kid....

Lien-DOS: *watching*

Jimmy: (showing off his moves, unaware that they're watching him) HAH!! HUGH!!

Keno: *Snickering*

Jimmy: (does a superkick on punching bag...or should I say, kicking bag) HYAAA!!!!!

Jack: Anyways, let's just relax for another few minutes & we'll get to eat lunch

Patricia: Ok

Jimmy: (panting) Man....that was a tough one...a real workout too....I'm just hoping I can beat Ophidian tomorrow....

Patricia: And by the way, yes I can communicate with my Tail "Skunky"

Jimmy: (walks out of the gym)

Shine: Impressive, ain't he, Lien?

Lien-DOS: Oh yes.

Shine: What do you think about Jimmy, anyway?

Lien-DOS: He is very nice.

Shine: That's it?

Lien-DOS: What do you mean?

Shine: That's all you think of him?

Lien-DOS: Well technically no, but.

Dimitri: *is now watching them*

Shine: Then what d'ya think of him?

Lien-DOS: Jimmy's nice and he is my friend. I'm not sure what more of a response you require.

Shine: A friend huh? Is that everything?

Lien-DOS: Um, yes that is all the relevant information.

Shine: Hmmm......alright. Just askin' (leaves)

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head* That was strange.

Dimitri: Hmm. *watches Shine leave, knowingly*

Shine: (goes to get a drink)

Jimmy: (takes a nap on the couch on the 3rd floor)

Keno: *Smiling* Lien, you don't understand the implications, do you?

(a shadow appears behind them and forms Fetalia, who has calmed down)

Lien-DOS: I must not have the ones you're talking about. Oh look it's Ms Fetalia.

Fetalia: Hey. What'd I miss?

Keno: Oh, just that Jimmy has a crush on Lien.

Fetalia: That's it?

Keno: Pretty much, yes.

Lien-DOS: Huh?

Dimitri: *frowns*

Shine: (walks in) I see you're doing better. Where'd ya go?

Fetalia: Just had to...take my frustrations out on some adult stereotypes. (winks)

Keno: Lets see... *Pulls out dictionary* crush, inf. another word for infatuation. See also: Friend Zone. You should be able to figure out the rest.

Shine: In other words, he's in love with you....

Lien-DOS: *puts her hand over her mouth* Oh my, he is!

Dimitri: And where is Jimmy right now?

Keno: He should be on the third floor taking a nap.

Fetalia: Better go up and find him before another skank does.....

Dimitri: I need to ask him a few questions... *leaves and gets on the elevator*

Ida: *Warps in* (Whispering to Keno) Y'know, Keno, maybe you have a crush on her as well.

Keno: *Turning red*

Jimmy: (asleep)

Freezle:*waiting for Dimitri*

Joseph & Brittney: (still making out in Joseph's room)

Dimitri: *remembers that he needs to meet with Freezle* Jimmy's asleep anyway, I'll get to him later. *looks for Freezle*

Jimmy: (still asleep)

Freezle:*waiting in the back of the Casino were noone is at*

Dimitri: *goes to the casino and eventually finds Freezle*

Freezle:*Surrounds both with thick Soundproof Ice*

Shine & fetalia: (playing Mortal Kombat)

Dimitri: Alright, so what is it?

Freezle:Noone can know about this! THIS IS REALLY SERIOUS!

Dimitri: Understood.

Freezle:*holds up a metal marble shaped object with a black dot on it* Do you know what this is?

Dimitri: I can't say I'm particularly familiar with it.

Freezle:It's a moniter, clad in titanium. Shroud made it to moniter Turbo's powers.

Dimitri: So he was spying on him...

Freezle:Half right. He beat the crud out of Turbo just to see his power. They are still moniters around the hotel. Get some rest, I'll deactivate them tonight. *melts the Ice and then it evaporates* See ya

Jimmy: (slowly wakes up)

Dimitri: Ok. *walks away, deep in thought*

Jimmy: (heads downstairs)

Dimitri: *gets to the lobby and sees Jimmy* Jimmy, I needed to speak with you.

Jimmy: About what?

Dimitri: I hear that you like Lien-DOS.

Jimmy: (blushes) Uhhh.......

Patricia: Hi Brittney, your beautiful

Brittney: (still making out with Joseph in his room)

Jack: Brittney & Joseph need their alone time

Patricia: Oh ok then

Dimitri: *to Jimmy* You see, I created Lien-DOS, so she's practically like my daughter.

Jimmy: I...I understand....

Dimitri: If you did, say, go on a date with her, you would have to take care of her.

Jimmy: I would, Dimitri! Like how Joey'd protect Brittney....I'd guard her with my life!

Dimitri: I'm sure you would. Alright, well if she accepts, you have my permission.

Jimmy: Thanks Dimitri!

Dimitri: *nods*

Jimmy: (runs off)

Lien-DOS: *is looking at more magazines*

Shine: (drinking soda)

Fetalia: (outside practicing her fighting skills)

Jack: (practicing his fighting style with a Punching Bag)

Patricia: (practicing her fighting style with a 2nd Punching Bag)

Keno: (Sitting down, thinking)

Brittney: (laying in the couch)

Joseph: (letting her rest on his lap)

Dimitri: *is deep in thought thinking about what Freezle told him earlier*

Jimmy: (looking at Lien-DOS)

Lien-DOS: *is still looking at the magazines* Oh that's pretty...

Jimmy: (drinks some soda and smiles)

Shine: (uses his Psychokinesis to push him towards Lien-DOS) Go on! Ask her!

Jimmy: Whoa WHOAAA!!!! (collides with Lien-DOS)

Lien-DOS: Oh my! Jimmy are you alright?

Jimmy: Y-Yeah....(blushes as he looks at Lien-DOS)

Lien-DOS: Oh good. I wasn't in your way, was I?

Jimmy: N-No! (blushing) But, uhh....

Lien-DOS: What is it?

Jimmy: 9still blushing) I mean, if you're not busy tonight, could you, ummm....

Lien-DOS: Could I what?

Jimmy: Would you, be intrested in, ummm.....if, uhh....cwould you go out with me tonight? (shaking nervously)

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head for a minute* Ok! That sounds lovely!

Jimmy: (eases) Huh? You will?

Lien-DOS: Yes! What time will it be?

Jimmy: 6 o'clock work for you?

Lien-DOS: 6 o'clock is fine.

Jack: And it's only 11am

Jimmy: Great! See ya then! (runs up to his room)

Lien-DOS: This is so exciting! I need to download a new dress. *goes to her room*

Jack: Good luck with that

Patricia: (stretching her Arms, Legs & her Tail as well) Ahh, it feels good to stretch

Jack: Wow Patricia, you excercising every day, your even more healthy than before

Patricia: (blushes) Aww, thanks Jack. You are such a cutie

Jack: Uh thanks

Jimmy: This is great! I'm gonna go on a date!...but what should I wear? Where should I take her?! Oh god! I didn't think this through!

Lien-DOS: *is in her room trying different dresses*

Jimmy: I know she can't eat....hmm....maybe I can take her to see a movie....

Lien-DOS: *settles on a silver dress with a matching bow in her dreadlocks*

Jimmy: Yeah, that's what I'll do! Now what can I wear? Hmm....

Patricia: I'm going to check on Brittney & see how she's doing

Jack: Ok good luck

Patricia: Thanks

Brittney: (still sleeping)

Joseph: (sits her up and cuddles with her)

Keno: *Whistling "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from that one movie about talking lions*

Jack: Hi Keno, how are you doing today?

Keno: Oh, I'm fine, Jack. I'm just trying remember the lyrics of that one song from that one movie.

Shine: I know that song! And the lyrics! May I?

Keno: Sure! I'll begin. ~♪ *Whistles a B note*

Shine: (sings "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" by Elton John)

Fetalia: (hears it and blushes)

Keno: My, doesn't it fit the mood for tonight?

Shine: (nods and continues singing)

Dimitri: *is watching Shine singing*

Jack: Wow

Patricia: Beautiful

Jack: Now that's cool (his stomach grumbles) Whao, speaking of which it's nearly lunch time

Fetalia: Wow....Shine's got a great singing voice....

Keno: Indeed he does.

Fetalia: (blushing)

Patricia: Shine's singing voice is beautiful

Shine: (finishes the song and gets an unexpected kiss from Fetalia)

Jack: (his stomach gurgles again) Ok, I'm guessing it's Lunch Time

Fetalia: Oh right. I should get some food too....

Keno: Wait, I thought lunch happened an hour ago.

Fetalia: I didn't eat!

Dimitri: I'll sit out this lunch. I don't even eat anymore.

(four star jets park somewhere near the beach)

Dimitri: *hears the noise from the jets* What in blazes is that?

Keno: Hmm, I think I saw this in a movie once... War of the Worlds, I think?

Joseph & Brittney: (run out to investigate)

Dimitri: *goes with them*

Keno: (Thinking) What happened in that one again...?

Ivy: (gets out of her ship) Well, this is it!

Kyle: (groans as he gets out)

Keno: Wait, now I remember! The Martians die of Earth's diseases!

Dimitri: *looks at Keno strangely*

Clyde & Angel: (get out)

Angel: This is stupid. Why couldn;t we just go to Zoness?

Ivy: Cuz Zoness is too expensive!

Dimitri: Do you mind explaining who you are?

Brittney: (gasps) Ivy!!

Ivy: Huh? Brittney!! (hugs her tight)

Brittney: I missed you so much!

Ivy: I miseed you too!

Keno: (Standing there, a blank expression on his face)

Clyde: Wait, you know her, Ivy?

Ivy: Know her?! She's my friend!

Letty: *appears* So now that we are all here, allow me introduce myself. I'm Leticia. But you can call me Letty.

Joseph: Huh? Oh hey!

Dimitri: Hello.

Kyle: Hmph!

Letty: *ignores Kyle* Anyway, I've got my own private jet plane.

Dimitri: Um good for you.

??????: (hiding in nervousness)

Jack: Hello? Is someone there?

Patricia: (brushing her hair & her tail gently with her Hair Brush) Finish

??????: (shaking in the shadows)

Patricia: (notices someone in the shadows) Huh? (walks up to ??????) Hello? Is someone here?

??????: DAAA!!! SKUNK!!! (runs off)

Joseph: Hey, was that--?

Patricia: Awww, don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you

??????: (slowly comes out of the shadows)

Brittney: Reggie!!

Reggie: (gulps) H-h-h-hh-h-hey g-g-g-gg-g-g--guys!

Jack: Are you ok, Reggie? You look know...scared. Why are you scared?

Joseph: he's not scared; he's just the kind that gets nervous almost all the time.

Jack: Oh ok then. (to Reggie) Hi there, I'm Jack the Hedgehog. And I see you've met my best friend, Patricia the Skunk

Patricia: Hi there, Reggie.

Reggie: H-h-hh-hh-ey.....(looks at Letty and Patricia, gets even more nervous)

Brittney: He's most nervous with girls.

Patricia: (comforts Reggie) There, there, Reggie. I won't hurt you, after all. I have a heart of gold

Reggie: (still nervously blushing and walks to the beach)

Jack: Reggie is still nervous

Patricia: I wonder why?

Jack: Anyway, it's nice to meet you guys here at the beach

Kyle: Whatever.

Patricia: It's nice that you all here.

Jack: Including Reggie, by the way where is Reggie?

Brittney: He went to the beach....but where's Letty?

Jack: I don't know. Hoo Yoo, Letty? Come out, come out, wherever you are

Jimmy: (in his room, takes out a blue buttoned shirt and formal black pants) Yeah, these'll do!

Letty: (takes her luggage out of her plane)

Reggie: D-d-d-dd-p you need any, uh....h-h-h-h-hh-elp with t-tt-t-those?

Letty: Sure. *brings the two luggages to Reggie*. Can you take these for me?

Reggie: S-ss-s-s-s-sure....(blushing harder as he takes the luggage)

Keno: (Sitting there, observing)

Patricia: Don't worry Reggie, there's nothing to be nervous about

Reggie: E-e-e-e-e-e-easy f-f-f-ff-or y-y-y-you to say......

Dimitri: You need to calm down, child.

Kyle: (pushes Dimitri as Star Wolf checks into the hotel with their bags) Move it, old timer!

Dimitri: *mumbles* Disrespectful punk...

Brittney: What is that guy's problem anyway?!

Dimitri: I don't know.

Joseph: Hmmm......

Dimitri: I wonder how Lien-DOS is doing.

Star Wolf: (check in and get their own individual rooms)

Jack: (sighs) This is going to be a very long week

Joseph: (follows them and overhears talking in Kyle's room)

Dimitri: *goes back inside the hotel*

Kyle: Stupid punks.....if only they knew.....what it's like to have no other friend of family with you....and feel the suffering I did....(looks at his cross necklace)


Patricia: (comforts Reggie) Aw, it's ok. Just take deep breathes & calm down. Like this (takes deep breathes in & out & feels calm) There, now you try

Reggie: (does so)

Patricia: There you go, keep doing the same thing over & over again when your feeling nervous & you'll be calm in no time, ok?

Reggie: O-ok....

Keno: (Writing things down in a notebook)

Jack: Wow, Patricia's good at calming the people down

Keno: *Looks up* Fascinating...

Joseph: (runs back to his room just before Star Wolf comes out so they don't suspect anything)

Keno: *Continues writing*

Ivy: (walks around the hotel)

Keno: *Closes his notebook and walks away*

Angel: (gets a drink)

Letty: (reads the fashion magazine)

Reggie: (looking at her, blushing)

Kyle: Hmph!

Patricia: (relaxes on a Bean Bag)

Ivy: (watching Joseph and Brittney: hug each other) Awww, aren't they just the cutest couple?

Kyle: Yeah....sure, whatever....

Keno: *Walks in, sits in the middle of the floor, and begins to write*

Dimitri: *watches Keno*

Clyde: (yawns)

Dimitri: Does anyone know what time it is?

Reggie: (looks at watch) 2 o'clock.....

Dimitri: Hmm... Slow day today.

Brittney: I'm patient.....(kises Joseph)

Joseph: (kisses back)

Jack: It's nice that we have each other

Patricia: Yeah (stroking her Skunk Tail with a Hair Brush)

(Snapping noise)

Keno: (Without looking up) Darn it... Does anybody else have a pencil on them that I can use?

Kyle: Here; catch! (throws him a pen)

Keno: *Catches it* Danku. (Continuing writing) I guess I should rewrite that statement...

Kyle: Whatever.....


Jack: Patricia? What are you doing?

Patricia: I'm grooming my Skunk Tail to be nice, big, fluffy & cuddley

Keno: *stops writing* ...I'm not sure how to respond to that.

Angel:....your weird.

Patricia: Don't worry, I'm not that weird.

Jack: Oh sorry

Dimitri: *shakes his head then starts reading a book*

Patricia: (sighs) I wish Anu the Anubis Warrior is here

Ivy: (walks by) So....there's a party later tonight?

Joseph: Yep!

Ivy: Awesome! Can we go, Clyde?!

Clyde: Sure! We need to lay loose!

Angel: Party? Count me in!

Jack: Count me & Patricia in too

Joseph: me and Britt'll be there, I hope....

Patricia: Then let's get this party started!

Keno: (Stretching) *yawn* Count me in.

Letty: Count me in too. I'm so in.

Jack: Well ok then, let's do this!

Reggie: (still nervous)

Dimitri: Another party? I suppose I'll go.

Ivy: Maybe I can find a great dress to wear! (runs to her room)

Joseph: uhh, It's not really that--(Ivy is out of sight)....formal.

Dimitri: What is happening at this party?

Kyle: Hmmm.....

Shine: (to Fetalia) Just try to stay sober tonight....

Fetalia: (shrugs it off)

Dimitri: Yes, please...

Clyde: Hmm.....

Jimmy: (comes down wearing a sharp blue collared shirt and nice pair of black pants) Well? How do I look?

Jimmy in Formal Clothes

Jimmy's Date Outfit.

Joseph: I think you look great!

Brittney: I'd say you're ready for your lady tonight, tiger!

Dimitri: Yes, you do look sophisticated.

Jimmy: I'm still really nervous....

Joseph: Relax, you'll be fine, man!

Dimitri: Look at it this way, Lien-DOS doesn't even know what a date's supposed to be like. So you can't do it wrong from her standpoint.

Jimmy: Well....I was planning to taker to a movie...and then a walk on the beach....and maybe gaze at the night sky, so.....

Brittney: Great! I'll go chek on Lien! (flies up to Lien's hotel room)

Lien-DOS: Oh, hello Ms. Brittney!

Brittney: Hey, Lien! Wow, you look great! Jimmy's gonna have a field day with you!

Lien-DOS's date dress

Jack: Hi Lien-DOS, nice outfit

Patricia: It's Beautiful

Lien-DOS: Thank you all! Jimmy's scheduled to pick me up in 7.3 minutes. I can not wait!

Brittney: He can't wait either....but he's also pretty nervous. I can see why, too. You look so lovely in that, all guys'd be jumpin' for ya! (winks)

Lien-DOS: *tilts her head* Jumping?

Brittney: Oh right.....well....let's just say you're so hot, I'm surprised you haven't got lots of boys askin' for ya goods...(winks).....wait...nevermind!

Patricia: (appears in her Pink Party Dress) Hi there, what do you think of my Pink Party Dress

Brittney: looks great!

Jack: Amazing!

Patricia: Thanks guys. Ok Jack it's time for you to wear your tuxedo

Jack: Oh ok (goes into the changing room & comes out wearing a Tuxedo with an Orange Tie) Uh, what do you think?

Jimmy: (walking up) Looks great!

Jack: Thanks

Lien-DOS: Oh Jimmy, hi!

Jimmy: Hey, Lien--Oooooohh myyy goodness!! (blushing more)'re so....beautiful!!

Lien-DOS: *giggles* Thank you! You look very nice!

Jimmy: Th-th-thanks! Now...let's go!

Lien-DOS: Ok! Where are we going?

Jimmy: Well....I was gonna take you to see a movie....

Patricia: (sighs) Anu the Anubis Warrior, I wish you could come to the party

Lien-DOS: *to Jimmy* Let us go then!

Jimmy: okay! (Takes her hand and runs to the theatre)

Lien-DOS: *follows him excitedly*

Jimmy: (grabs some snacks and drinks and they walk into the theatre; it's an action romantic comedy flick)

Jack: Good luck.

Patricia: And have fun

Kyle: Hmph!

Patricia: Oh hi Kyle

Kyle: You are more pathetic than I thought you were....

Patricia: Please, don't be like that

Kyle: And what are you gonna do when I don't?

Keno: (Watching with curiosity)

Patricia: Just please don't be mean, Kyle. And everything will be smooth sailing

Kyle: Hmph! Whatever! (walking back to the hotel)

Lien-DOS: *watching the movie in fascination*

Jimmy: (smiles) (She's so beautiful....)

Lien-DOS: *points at the screen* Oh! Jimmy did you see that?

Jimmy: (nods)

Jack: Anyway, the party is going to start in about 5 Hours

Keno: *Pulls out a clock and points to it.* Don't be late!

Jimmy: (wraps his arm around Lien-DOS)

Patricia: Ok, let's go to the party

Jack: Ok

Lien-DOS: *smiles*

Jimmy: (smiles back) You're as beautiful as another girl I like.....

Lien-DOS: Really? Who?

Jimmy: Her name is Tammy Watercolor. She's a junior pro wrestler like me, and is also a model.

Lien-DOS: So you like her?

Jimmy: (blushing) Y-Yeah....but...I kind of like you too....

Lien-DOS: But... are you not supposed to like just one person? I mean for date protocol, and...

Jimmy: I know, it's strange.....but Brittney says that one person can have more than one partner....that's what she says, anyway.

Lien-DOS: I have not heard that.

Jimmy: Hmmm......

Lien-DOS: What is it?

Jimmy: Let's just make this an occasional romance.....(blushes)

Lien-DOS: Well, we could always do fun things together.

Jimmy: Yeah.....but I still like you....

(the movie ends and Jimmy takes her for a walk on the beach)

Lien-DOS: The beach is so lovely!

Jimmy: Yeah.....

Lien-DOS: Don't you just love the way the ocean washes up on your feet?

Jimmy: (nods).....(holds her hand)

Lien-DOS: *giggles and pulls Jimmy more into the ocean*

Jimmy: WHOAAA!!!!

Lien-DOS: *laughs and wraps her arms around Jimmy*

Jimmy: (smiles and kisses her)

Lien-DOS: *blushes*

Jack & Patricia: (hugs each other)

Jimmy: (smiles).....I love you, much as I love Tammy.....(blushing) But I don't know...who I should be with....

Jack: Anyways, the Party is about to start in 4 Hours

Patricia: I can't wait for a party today

Keno: I wonder if I can invite any guests to the party...

Jack: Well then, let's find out

Keno: How so?

Jimmy: Come, Lien. Shall we go to the party or do you wanna watch the night sky?

Patricia: Don't worry, Keno. You will know soon

Lien-DOS: They both sound like good ideas. Perhaps we could watch the sky a few minutes more then go to the party?

Patricia: I really love watching the stars twinkle at night

Jack: Me too

Keno: I like the idea.

Jimmy: Okay. (brings her to the roof)

Keno: I think I'lll meet you guys outside. *Walks out*

Lien-DOS: This is such a nice view!

Jimmy: Yeah....

Lien-DOS: The stars form such interesting and beautiful patterns...

Jimmy: (nods)

Lien-DOS: *leans on Jimmy*

Jimmy: (blushes and smiles)

Lien-DOS: Should we be getting ready for the party soon?

Jimmy: Y-Yeah.....

?????: JIMMY!!!!

Jimmy: Huh? Tammy!

Jack: It's nice to look at the Stars in nighttime

Patricia: Yeah, it's beautiful

Jack: Yeah, wow

Keno: (Comes back on the scene) Jack, Patricia, have you two seen a tall guy in a business suit around here? Because Ida told me to look out for one when she got over here.

Lien-DOS: *sees Tammy* Oh hello.

Tammy: Hi!

Lien-DOS: You must be Tammy. Jimmy talks about you!

Tammy: I am. Tammy Watercolor, junior pro wrestler and model. And you are...?

Lien-DOS: My name is Lien-DOS.

Tammy: Nice to meet you.

Jack: Sorry, haven't seen one around here

Patricia: Maybe next time

Keno: Okay, give her a holler if you see him. She said he was about 7 feet tall, extremely pale, wore a business suit with a red tie, was a slender man, and had a job as an operator. She also said something about circles with scratchy x's through them. Speaking of Ida, she should be here any minute now.

???: see who?

(Keno turns to the mysterious voice)

Keno: A slender man in a business suit. Have you seen any at all around here?

Dimitri: You've a business dealing of some kind?

Mai: I own a business

Dimitri: Interesting. What does it do?

Jack & Patricia: (looking at the stars in night time)

(At that point, Ida came in out of nowhere, followed by a purple robot with one yellow eye and one hand replaced with a cannon.)

Ida: Keno! He showed up again!

Keno: Who showed up?

Ida: The Slender Man!

Dimitri: *looks at the robot*

???: Ida, I keep telling you, this Slender Man you speak of is illogical! (Pauses, turns to Dimitri, and begins to stare back)

Kyle: (passes by) What are you lookin' at, rust bucket?!

???: ...

Dimitri: *ignores Kyle* *to ???* Who or what are you?

Rik: -to dimitri- I baked you a pie

Ivy: (gasps) Y-You're--!!

Dimitri: What...?

???: I am Shockwave, and you may address me as such.

Dimitri: Hmm. I've never seen technology like your's before.

Shockwave: The same could be said for you.

Ivy: (scared, hides behind Kyle)

Kyle: Huh?! What the--?!

Ivy: Th-th-th-that's Sh-sh-sh-sh-Shockwave! Decepticon....bad guy.....heeelllllllpp!!!!

Rik: I baked you all a pie want it

Dimitri: I don't eat.

Jimmy: (runs in with Lien and Tammy) Did someone say pie?!

Rik: yeah I baked a pie....

Shockwave: Processing.

Ivy: (shaking in fear)

Rik: -holding Ivy- what's wrong?

Shockwave: Ah, so it appears somebody has read their history. It's only logical for somebody to be fooled by such slander to our leader's name.


Ivy: Slander?! I know,...all about you....Shockwave!

Rik: wha????

Shockwave: Well, female, I'm not here for ultimate conquest. At least, not right now.

Ivy: First off, my name is Ivy Prower, and you won't fool me, Deceptichump!

Shockwave: ...

Rik....-sighs in despair-

Shockwave: Your lack of reasoning astounds me, Ivy Prower.

Ivy: I'm too smart for you, Shockwave!

Shockwave: Processing.

Rik: Prower?

Ivy: Yeah.

Rik: I.......I.......

Ivy: What?

Rik: I'll.....I'll KILL YOU!!!!!!

Ivy: HUH?! Why?! I didn't do anything!

Rik: -Charges at Ivy-

Kyle: Ivy, look out! (gets in the way)

Rik: -kicks kyle in the face-

Kyle: UGH!!

Ivy: Kyle!!

Shockwave: Uh, oh!

(Shockwave turns a knob on his laser cannon, then takes aim)

Jack & Patricia: (attacks Shockwave from Behind)

Shockwave: Illogical fleshlings.

(Shockwave fires a stun shot.)

Jack & Patricia: (dodges)

Shockwave: (Presses a button on his shoulder) Soundwave, I'm going to need backup.

Keno & Ida: *Watching in amusement*

(Someone knocks on the door)


Jack: Who could that be?

Clyde: I'm afraid to ask....

Rik: -opens the door-

(A man is at the door. He is extremely tall, extremely thin, extremely pale, and dons a business suit. He also has no facial features whatsoever, except for two indents where his eyes should be.)

(Suddenly, a bright flash engulfs the entire room)

Clyde: UGH!!!

Mai: Clyde are you okay....?

Keno: You'd think I'd be surprised by this, but meh.

Shockwave: Illogic-


Keno: What was that?

Kyle: It can't be good!

Letty: What's going on?

Keno: What's wrong? We can't see anything is what's wrong!

Letty: (sighs exasperatedly and rolls her eyes) I'm aware of that.

Keno: No...

(The light clears. The man is gone, Shockwave is lying on the floor, and there are red circles with scratchy red x's inside of them covering the walls)

Ida: Der großer Mann...

Letty: (looks shocked) Oh my goodness!
The Writings

Some of the markings on the walls.

Shockwave: (Eye begins to glow) Reconfiguring settings...

Ivy: What happened?

Keno: I have no idea.

Shine: (runs in) What happened?!

Keno: Let's just say that a tall guy in a business suit came in, knocked out my friend Shockwave, scribbled cryptic signs all over the walls, and left, all while everybody was being blind.

Fetalia: These markings...they look familiar....

Ivy: What could they mean?

Keno: I know I've seen these before... it had something to do with wasps, I think.

Ivy: W-Wasps?

Keno: I dunno. It had something to do with vespidae.

Shine: This I don't like....

Ida: Found... you... forever.

Brittney: (cuddles herself) Man...already I got goosebumps!

Shockwave: Restarting. (Gets back up)

Ida: Shockwave, I need you to look up similar matches to these symbols.

Shockwave: Searching.

Sparks: (Walks through the front door of the hotel) So... Zero, where do you think it is?

Zero: Chao! (It's certainly in here, I know that for sure. By the way why must I use the chao speak?

Sparks: (Quietly) So people think your an ordinary chao. We don't trust anyone, remember?

Shockwave: Search results found. These encryptions are commonly reffered to as the symbols representing one known as the Operator, A.K.A. Slenderman.

Also, there's somebody who just walked inside the hotel.

Sparks: I'm getting a massive energy source from the basement! We need to get there now! (Runs through the hotel, looking for the basement)

Ida: I'll intercept. (Wals to the basement)

Sparks: (Spots Ida and hides) damn... im trying to save the world here and people keep getting in the way...

Zero: Chao. (I'll distract her) (flies to Ida and puts arms out to her)

Ida: Chao. (Guten tag. How are you doing today)

Zero: Chao. (Wow you speak chao! you must be really intelligent, and i'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking.)

Ida: Chao. (It's only one word, so it's not too hard to master. Yes, well, I just thought to advise that it isn't a good idea to go into the basement at this time of day. The Operator could be hiding down here, you know.)

Clyde: Hmmm......

Jimmy: (walks in with Tammy and Lien-DOS)

Rik: -heads to the top floor-

Patricia: What's going on here?

Jack: Now where'd that Shockwave go? Sometimes you gotta be a Magician to dissapear now a days

Mai: shockwave?

Patricia: The Robot that attacked us earlier, remember?

Mai: sorry I'm not used to knowing so much

Jack: Oh ok then

Mai: oh yeah did you guys see rik?

Jack: He went to the top floor (points up)

Mai: alright -runs then stops to look at jack and patricia

Jack: What?

Patricia: Is something wrong?

Mai: coming?

Jack: Oh ok then

Patricia: If it's too cold outside, maybe you can use my big fluffy skunk tail to keep you warm like a fur coat

Mai: here -gives them heat shards-

Jack: Uh excuse me, but what are those?

Mai: heat shards careful if you grasp too hard you'll shoot up to 500%

Jack: (gulps) So super awesome!

Patricia: (gulps) (gives the Heat Shards back to Mai) There's no need. I can use my own fur coat to warm myself up

Mai: alright come on let's go

Jack: Let's go, by the way how do we reach the top again?

Mai: isn't there an elevator

Patricia: I don't think so

Jack: Oh well, let's try the stairs we can burn off the calories while we climb up the stairs

Mai: 'KAY!

Ivy: (looks at her locket; inside is a picture of Tails and Cosmo, her parents)

Mai: Ivy Comin?

Ivy: Huh?

Mai: Comin with us?

Ivy: Y-Yeah....

Mai: alright LET'S GO!!!!!!

Ivy: (nods and runs off)

-they reach the top-

Mai: where's rik?

Deleo: (below them, on the ground floor, an aqua-green hedgehog strides into the hotel, luggage in tow. He walks up to the front desk... And begins depressing the small bell on the counter.)

Sparks: I can't take any more of this... (shrinks to 5cm and tries to slip past Ida)

Ida: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Clyde: (waiting for something)

Sparks: Uh-oh... (tries to turn back to normal) ...I can't. I can't change back... did... did you do this to me... make me vulnerable enough to attack... if I am going to fight here, let Zero go, he suffered enough back on Angel Island...

Clyde: Huh!

Jack & Patricia: (Makes it to the top)

Patricia: Wow, it's sure is hard work

Jack: Yeah, I'm exhausted

Keno: Hey, does anyone know where Shockwave went?

Deleo: Why do I hear voices above me, but nobody behind the counter? (He turned and walked up the stairs, heading for the top)

Keno: Forget what I just said, I hear somebody coming. Should we all turn to the door to see who it is.

Patricia: Someone should keep an eye out for Shockwave just to make sure he'll be back for more

Deleo: (He reached the top) ...... Would any of you know where anybody from staff is? I need to check in.

Keno: (Doing a Chris Hansen impression) Why don't you have a seat right over there, please?


Deleo: ...What was that?

Keno: Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all. Anyways, are you here for the party?

Deleo: What party?

Keno: The party that's going to happen in a few minutes.

Ivy: (gasps) Oh my god! I gotta get ready! (runs down to her room)

Keno: (Pauses, opens up a blank book with a green cover, pulls out a red pencil, and begins shading in a paragraph while muttering)

Anyways, I'll assume that you aren't here for the party.

Deleo: Actually, I just needed a place to stay, but a party sounds like a good idea. What kind is it?

Joseph: You'll love it, dude! It's gonna be awesome!

Keno: I dunno. With the Operator appearing tonight, I think people will be more paranoid and will probably enjoy themselves less.

Joseph: Don't worry, dude! We got useful friends here!

Deleo: Right, well, I would still like to check in, so if anyone can direct me to someone who can do that for me...

Reggie: I-i-i-ii-i-i-i c-c-c-c-c-c-can....

Deleo: *looks at Reggie*......... Well, if you can, then would you please do it?

Keno: Well, the staff said that you could just choose whatever room you like without signing in.

Reggie: (nervously takes him to another room)

(BTW, Reggie's not gay; he just always gets nervous)

(I figured)

(I don't see why anyone would believe that he was, though.)

Deleo: *stops to grab his luggage* Pick a room without singing in...? What an ineffective system. If they don't know who's in, how can they tell when it's full? *talks himself through it all*

Reggie: I..d-d-d-d-dunno.....

Deleo: *he snaps out of it, looking at Reggie* Calm yourself. No need to be nervous and stammer all the time. Take a deep breath before you bite your lip.

Reggie: Okay......(takes a deep breath, but is still as nervous)

Deleo: *he raised one eyebrow.* You are a complete wreck, aren't you? *sigh* Oh well. Continue.

Reggie: I'm sorry...I..I-I-I can't help it! It's nature....if only I could get a girlfriend.....

Deleo: *his eyebrow raised even more* You think things are just gonna come to you if you get a girl? Believe me, they do not. Having someone just gives you motivation, and for some people, even that's not enough.

Reggie: If I get a girl....maybe I'll be cured....I won't be so nervous....and no one'll make fun of me....

Deleo: *his other eyebrow dropped, furthering the height difference between his two eyebrows* 'Cured'? Personality is not a disease.

Reggie: I just...I just don't wanna be useless for once....and be with friends more...

Rapid walked up to Reggie. "Hey, I got a girl who's just right for you!" He said.

Jack: Hey there (sits down on a chair) Phew, I'm tired

Patricia: Wow, who knew that running on the tredmill at the gym could be exhausting. (sits down on a couch) All I can think of right now is a nap

Letty: I don't know about the rest of you, but now if you'll excuse me, I have a fabulous dress to put on for the party. (runs to her room)

Reggie: (looks at Letty and Rapid) What do I choose?

Keno: (Sits down next to Patricia) You might want to stay up for the party, though.

Rapid shrugged. "Whoever you think is right." He said.

Reggie:....can I see the girl you were talking about first?

Rapid nodded. "Come here, Kaylee!" Rapid said. A pink fox in a white shirt and skirt with black long hair and pink shoes walked in. She looked at Reggie with her green eyes.

Reggie: (stares at her, awestruck)

Kaylee blushed. "Hello. I'm Kaylee."

Reggie: (blushing) I-i-ii-i-i-i-I'm R-r-r-r-r-rr-r-r-Reggie.....

Kaylee smiled. "I hear you need a girlfriend."

Reggie: Uhh....y-y-y-y-yy-y--y-yeah......

(got a pic of her? Yeah, I'm that lazy)

[RTH - Nah. I don't have a way to put pictures on my retarded computer.]

Kaylee smiled. "I'm glad to be your girlfriend if you want."

Reggie: R-r-r-r-r-r-r-r--r-really?

Kaylee nodded. "Yup!"

Reggie: (gets really shaky)

Kayle tilted her head. "Don't worry."

Reggie: Huh?

Deleo: *watches what's going on, stroking his chin in thought*

Keno: (Grumbling while highlighting more sections from the blank book)

Patricia: Ok, I'll stay up for the party. But I must go to bed in 8pm

Jack: Patricia likes to have her beauty sleep

Keno: (Without looking up) Really?

(He closes the book, opens another one, writes something down, then returns to the previous book)

Kyle: Hmph

Lien-DOS: Mr. Keno keeps a lot of notes.

Jimmy: (nods)

Keno: Yes, I do. It's for a friend, though. He likes to know everything about anything that catches his interest, and he asked me to record what I found at the hotel and to write about all the people I've met. As for this book that I have right here... It's for more personal reasons.

Rapid looked at the personal book. "Lemme read it! LEMME! PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!!" He whined.

Keno: Well, it's not really like a diary or a journal or anything like that, so you might not like it.

(Suddenly shadow appears smiling, in a tux and holds a metal tray with a cover on it (Everyone can tell its not shadow cause shadow dosnt smile or wear tux's)

Shadow: would any of you like anything?

Rapid jumped up and down. "Can I still read it?"

Keno: If I must. This is more like an archive, though, so you would probably be bored of it quickly. Now, where's a good place to read from... Ah, here we go.

"And he did lay a tax of one fifth part of all they possessed, a fith part of their gold and of their silver, and a fifth part of their ziff, and of their copper, and of their brass and their iron; and a fifth part of their fatlings; and also a fifth part of all their grain".

It's boring, isn't it?

?????: This entire place is boring!

Keno: (Turns to the mysterious voice) Oh really?

?????: Yeah....

SHine: Huh? You again?!

?????: Long time no see, Shine the Hedgehog....

Shine: Drake!

Keno: Can I ask who this guy is?

Shine: He comes from the same timeline I do. His name is Drake and his parents are Shadow and Rouge.

Keno: ...Who are these "Shadow and Rouge" people you're talking about?

Shadow: *growls* I know them.. if no one needs anything ill leave this dinner party... *starts walking away and goes to another room*

Keno: Anyways, you were saying?

Drake: If you don't know who my folks are, you're pathetic. I'm gone...(walks away)

Shine: (growls)

Keno: As I was saying, that passage was boring, wasn't it?

Dimitri: Honestly I'm somewhat curious what exactly it was about.

Keno: It's an extremely long book with lots of settings, conflicts, characters, etcetera. This particular part is about a jerk of a king who gets upstaged. Here, I'll read more.

"And he built many spacious buildings; and he ornamented them with fine work of wood, and of all manner of precious things, of gold, and of silver, and of iron, and of brass, and of ziff, and of copper;"

Dimitri: So this king, he's taxing the people to build things for himself.

Keno: Pretty much, yes. I don't want to bore you with the details, so I'll just tell you what happens. So, one day, this guy comes in, and he starts talking about things that the king doesn't like. So the guy gets sent to the king, who starts asking him who he thinks he is. So the guy starts talking again, but this time he talks about destruction by one of the kingdom's neighbors, and only one of the king's council believes him. Stuff happens, and the neighbors attack, and the king... Well...*cringes* They tie him to a tree and then set it on fire.

Ida: Ouch.

Dimitri: The fate of a tyrannical ruler...

Keno: And a fitting one as well. As for the one council member, he manages to get away and then rebuilds the government into a democracy. The end.

Dimitri: *nods* Power really does go to people's heads.

Keno: It's sad, but true.

Dimitri: Unfortunately I know it all too well...

Keno: Interesting. Anyways, there are more stories inside of this book, if you wish to listen-

Ida: Wait, isn't it about time for the party?

Keno: Oh. You're right, Ida. We should be getting ready for the party soon.

Lien-DOS: Oh yes, the party. This is so exciting!

Keno: Well, we should get started, shouldn't we?

Lien-DOS: Ok. I'm already wearing my party dress, so I'm ready in that respect.

Jimmy: Me too

Keno: Alright. Let me put my book away. *Walks out*

Ida: I think I'll go with. *Follows him*

Drake: Hmph.

(Shockwave walks back in)

Shockwave: What is this "party" everybody is talking about?

Lien-DOS: Oh it's great. A party is a festive celebration, where people customarily just have fun and be happy.

The fake shadow in a tux comes back

Shadow: Theres a party? Is everyone invited?

Lien-DOS: Oh yes.

Jack: Eeeyup

Patricia: Yeah, everyone is invited

Shockwave: I don't need happiness when I have logic! Still, I will attend anyway.

Shadow: When and where is said party?

(Keno walks back in, holding what looks like a radio)

Keno: It starts right now!

(He puts the radio on the desk, and opens the top)

I just need to wait for Ida to get in here, then I can play some party music.

Lien-DOS: *claps excitedly*

(Ida walks in wearing a pink polka-dot party dress and holding a stack of disk cases before handing them to Keno and twirling around.)

Ida: Well, boys, how do I look?

Shockwave: Processing question.

Lien-DOS: You look very nice Ms. Ida.

Shockwave: Logic circuits overloaded. Cannot comprehend.

Keno: Gorgeous, Ida. (Puts a disk in the radio as it begins to play a song)

Stray Cats Rock This Town Lyrics

Stray Cats Rock This Town Lyrics

The song playing

Lien-DOS: *dancing*

Brittney, Tammy, Fetalia, and Angel: (dancing)

Boys: Wow....

Shockwave: I'm afraid I don't quite understand the point of this "music" you speak of.

Keno: You're not supposed to. The point is to have fun!

Ivy: (dancing)

Lien-DOS: There is just something enjoyable about synchronizing your movements with the beat.

Ida: It's called dancing!

Maya: (hiding behind a couch)

Lien-DOS: *looks over at the couch* Hello?

Maya: (comes out of hiding)

Shine: Maya! I had a feeling you were here too!

Keno: Hey, who's this right here?

Shine: Her name is Maya. She may not look it, but she's thousands of years old.

Lien-DOS: Oh wow. How does she do it? She doesn't look old like Dimitri.

Dimitri: -_-

Maya: Well...thousands of years ago, when Chaos began to run amok on the world, I was trapped and frozen in ice. I stayed there for millenia until Drake thawed me out in our timeline.

Dimitri: Ah, cryogenics. Are you from the Knuckles Clan?

Maya: you know it?

Dimitri: Yes, from history. In a way you were lucky to be frozen...

Maya: (nods)......

Keno: Wait, what's the Knuckles Clan?

Dimitri: A group of echidnas that existed roughly 4000 years ago. They were led by Pachamac but most of them were destroyed by Chaos.

Keno: Well... Sorry, I don't know what Chaos is, either.

Dimitri: A powerful water being.

(Letty walks in wearing a sparkling dark green dress and matching shoes, her hair tied into a neat ponytail)

Letty: (mutters to herself) Tonight's the night. (joins the group)

Reggie: Wow....

Jimmy: You look lovely, Letty!

Lien-DOS: Oh hello. Nice to meet you Ms. Letty.

Letty: (twirls around) Why, thank you. (to Lien-DOS) Nice to meet you too, Lien-DOS.

Patricia: Hi there Letty. My name is Patricia the Skunk.

Shadow: Well i guess i should say i actuly am gus.. *mumbels to self and turns off the radio*

Gus then plays a guitar and its the same exact music but better)

(Pigma55: Wait, how could he play the song better with only one instrument?)

Sparks: Zero, it's too dangerous here, i'm teleporting you home (Teleports him back to Hyper Zone) Now that she is gone, it's time to get what I came for (walks into the basement while turning to normal size. spots the chaos emerald) Aha, just what I'm looking for. (Picks it up and puts it in his pocket. Hears the noise of the party and decides to go up there. walks inside the party room)

Keno: (Looks at Sparks and sees the emerald in his hand) Oh, so that's where the shiny thing was.

Dimitri: The chaos emerald? Right you mentioned that earlier...

Ida: Hey, that looks like the one that I have! (Pulls out her Chaos Emerald)

Sparks: (Thinking) Two down, five to go... (His eyes start to flash from gold to blue)

Ida: Uh, oh... Um... (Sticks it in her mouth before swallowing it) Hmm, tastes like... dirt, I guess?

Sparks: (Looks at Ida) Did you just EAT a Chaos Emerald?

Ida: It's no big deal. It will probably come out in a week or so.

Sparks: (Eyes turn blue and he changes to Alpha. His personality changes from being shy and nervous to overconfident) So... Ida... fancy a dance? (Sparks is trying to resume control but he can't)

Ida: Oh, I'm flattered, but no thank you. I think that Emerald is... Oh my... I have to go. (Speedily walks out the door)

Sparks: (In his head, fighting Alpha and Legion to gain control) (Gets out his Chaos Emeralds) CHAOS NOVA BLAST! (The force of this attack vaporizes not only Alpha and Legion, but Sparks too. They are all in control of Sparks' body at once)

Alpha: (Eyes roll back into head and falls to the ground)

Keno: (whispering) Note to self: Next time vacationing, go to Snowbird.

Jack: Is he ok?

Shockwave: Scanning... Scan complete. Patient may be suffering from Disassociative Identity Disorder, or multiple personalities.

Sparks: (wakes up in his head to see Keno, Jack and Shockwave looking at him, however he is still unconcious and cannot move) Guys? Whats going on? (there is no reply. he now knows nobody can hear him)

Legion: Ugh. I need to learn that attack. (looks around to see Alpha still knocked out)

Shockwave: Scanners also indicate a series of brainwaves being transferred from inside of one of the personalities. Of course, there's no way I can decode them right now.

Kyle: Hmph

Ida: Well, if nobody minds, I'll dispose of the body.

Keno: Are you joking? He might still be alive!

Ida: So?

Patricia: What's going on here guys?

Jack: Not sure

Shockwave: This creature-

Ida: Crashed the party.

Shockwave: Yes. There seems to be some brainwave activity, but he doesn't appear to be alive.

Clyde: Let's still be on our toes...

Jack: Alright then

Patricia: Okie dokie

Ida: Whatever you say!

Keno: Got it.

Assassin: Hey Mom

Ph33r:Hey assassin,I hear they're selling the 3DS for free next door

Ben:Yeah! there is there is!

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