Chaos High School is a roleplay made by me, a wikia contributor. It is basically a roleplay of people being a at a school called Chaos High. There is no real big plot. it's just a thing where you just act any way you want as long as you follow the rules. You can act any way you want but you have to stay within the boundaries of the Rules. You may add your fan character to the students page but you may not add and faculty or staff unless I'm missing a part of the staff. Faculty and staff must be official characters. Students are to be fan characters.

(Note: This is a Free Join Roleplay, no need to ask)


These are the rules of the roleplay. DO NOT break them or you will be kicked out of the roleplay.

  • No trolling or vandalism
  • Cussing will be allowed but do not cuss excessively
  • No sexual intercourse. (Regardless of if it's in a bathroom, closet, etcetera. It will not be tolerated whatsoever)
  • Kissing of any kind and flirting will be allowed
  • No Godmodding in fights and stuff
  • Do not, under any circumstances, have any use of drugs or alcohol. This will not be tolerated and it will be deleted along with you getting kicked out of the roleplay. (i.e. no beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, weed, etc.) The only drugs that will be allowed are medicine type drugs that were prescribed. But you may not abuse these drugs in any way. (i.e. ibuprofen, cough medicines, allergy pills, etc. will be allowed)
  • You may join without asking
  • Have Fun (not an enforced rule it's just hoped that you have fun)



CM Punk124 (online)












super silver fan (I don't have a profile, I am just here)

Nitro L. Cortez



nickolasds (usually online)










Alphonse Uprising



Clastus the Ash Lynx

Zero1000 the Wolf


Reens the Hedgehog


Kitty Watermelon


NLG343 Arlick the fox







Faculty and Staff

Mr. Knuckles/Principal (Sonicman667)

Coach Sonic/Athlectics and Gym Coach (Sonicman667)

Mr. Silver/Tech. Ed Teacher and History Teacher (Sonicman667)

Mrs. Amy/Cheer Teacher (Sonicman667)

Ms. Blaze/Science Teacher (Sonicman667)

Dr. Miles/Physics Teacher (Sonicman667)

Mr. Shadow/Math Teacher (Sonicman667)

Ms. Sally/Reading Teacher (Sonicman667)

Ms. Mina/Writing & English Teacher (Sonicman667)

Ms. Cream/School Counselor (Sonicman667)

Ms. Marine/Lunch Lady (Sonicman667)

Mr. Espio/Band Teacher (Sonicman667 )

Mr. Vector/Asst. Principal (Sonicman667)

Ms. Tikal/School Nurse (Sonicman667)

Mr. Charmy/School Janitor (Sonicman667)

Mr.Mephiles/Super Intendent (GabeTheBlackcat)

Ms. Stacy/Math and English teacher (GurahkWeavile)

Students - Freshmen (9th Grade)

Wen the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Chase the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Kaytlin Fence the fox(Kaytlinfencethefox)

CM Punk the Echidna (real name is Phil Brooks the Echidna, just call me either Phil or Phil the Echidna) (offline, probably at 6th grade, which SUX OUT LOUD!)

Chris the hedgehog(blublur1432)

Quincy the Hedgehog (necrophilessonic4985)

katherine the hedgehog(blublur1432)

Gus chaos

Rona The Chameleon ( IrisFreeVerse )

Brittney the Bat (GuarhkWeavile)

Joseph the Wolf (GurahkWeavile)

Jimmy Canvas (GurahkWeavile)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

Kandy Kat (Scrounder)

Zied the Cat/Zed the Cat (Note: Zed the Cat is another personnality in Zied's mind) (Zied_Alpha)

Honoo "Flame" The Pyrofox (Note: 13, But moved up for Intellectual abilities.)

Jadelk "Jad" The Wolverine (Note: 13, But moved up for Overall grades.)

Terra The Tiger (Note: 14, Actually a few months to young to be in school, But going for Overall grades.)

Cresida the fox (14, just turned a couple of days ago)

RavenCool the Wolf ( 15, she is smart, just older) ( super silver fan)

Spark the Hedgecat (15,

Nate the Hedgehog (nickolasds) (usually online)

Wreck the fox [sol dimension version of the school] by- the creator of oix the neon, lunic the hedgehog, mist the morph, Amzin town and, well, Wreck the fox.

Siron von sand cat (15 1/2)(awsomeSONICfan)

Alyssa the Dog (15; 3 years later) (Pianoteen)

Nathan the Wolf (Zero1000 the Wolf)

Opal the Cat (Kitty Watermelon)

Hayden the Hedgehog (HaydentheHedgehog)

Students - Sophmores (10th Grade)

Drake the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Gus chaos *hud*

Sky The Hedgehog- NLG343

Blast the Echidna

Cediox the wolf

Zarex The Hyenhog

Occulus Rayz

Cyan Link (Milez)

Aureus the Alligator

Mac The Computer (Black Silver)

Noah the Wolf -NLG

Aurora the Hedgehog- NintendoJam

Katie the Fox- NintendoJam

Skylar the Bat- NintendoJam

Students - Juniors (11th Grade)

Sarah Rose the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Galaxy the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Drago the Hedgehog (Sonicman667)

Rapid the Hedgehog - RTH

Kyros the Hedgehog - RTH

Zerofuse the Hedgehog - RTH

Gibson the Echidna (SS3K)

Cass the Cat (HiddenChaos)

Nitro the Fox (Nitro L.Cortez)

Matt the Hedgecat (YoungEezy 27)

Blitz the Wolf (DarkMantis)

Reens the Hedgehog (Reens the Hedgehog)

Gelatin (NLG)

Trezerac the Dark (SuperSilverXtreme14)

Students - Seniors (12th Grade)

Peanut the Cat(Kaytlinfencethefox) Add if you'd like

Gabe the Black cat(GabeTheBlackcat)

Kyo: So 2.5 billion dollars would be a small fee?

jeremy the fox/

presley the hedgecat

Zangya The Bat

Kianna the Hedgehog( Karaleno The Leopard)

Crymson the Cat (CrymsonShokwave) Pixie the fox (SPop120)

Annabelle Rich the Wolf (AR)

Kyo the Echinda (Z888)

Bobo M. the monkey

Hugh the Wolf

Jacob the armadillo

Chris the porcupine

Drakero the Dragon

DarkShadow The Hedgehog (Mudstar423)

Lillian "Lily the Echidna" Fontaine (played by Venom)

Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)

Nickolas the Hedgehog (nickolasds)(usually online)

Nate the Hedgehog (nickolasds) (usually online)

Dillian the Hedgehog (nickolasds) (usually online)

Toby Ski (Milez)

Saren Arterius (Clastus the ashlynx)

Pyriius the ashborne spawn {grad.} (Clastus the Ash Lynx)

Greg McFar (Milez)

Dr. Even Pidra (Milez)

Auron the Phoenix lizard hybrid (Clastus the AshLynx)

Carbon crash the bandicoot (BTM)

Nox the darkling (along with his four wisps that were assimilated by the black arms.)

Neo Miyagi Sakura

Paris Harrington the Poodle (AR)

Millie the Fox (AR)

"Cyrene" (Jaredthefox92)

Nate Wright (LeftTrigger)

Lazurus the dragon(BTM)

Europe The Marten (Alphonse)

Trezera the Dark (SuperSilverXtreme14)


Misadventures in Chaos High

Wen: Ugh. God i hate school. Don't you, Phil?

Phil: Ugh, yea. I got THIS for homework: *shows a sh*tload of crap* 20 math assignments, a cookie (which is good), a science project, and this sh*t called "Reflections" project. Life couldn't GET much worse. Except for my cookie...

Chase: I for one like school. It gives me a chance to ask out girls.

Wen: -_-. seriously? You only think that way because your dad is a coach at this school.

Chase: Oh shut up.

Wen: Besides. You ain't got no shot at any girls.

Chase: Do you really want to go there?

Wen: Yes.

Chase: Besides, you're talking about my dad being a coach at this school. Well what about your brother?

Wen: Lucky for him, I don't have him for one of my classes.

Chase: -.- Lucky for him?

Wen: Duh, I'm stronger, tougher, and more skilled than him.

Chase: *laughs* oh Wen, that's funny.

Wen: shut the f*ck up.

Chase: Why don't you shut up before my foot meets your face?!

Wen: *laughs*

Chase: *kicks him in the face*

Wen: OW! Damn it, Chase

Chase: I warned ya.

Peanut:Last year of school for me,Then a go to college.

Chase: Lucky you. I still got this year. Then three more years ahead of me.

Wen: .........

Chase: oh look. Wen's giving me the silent treatment.[[Click to Continue > by GetTheDiscount| Thank]] god.

Wen: F*ck you, Chase. If I was allowed to, I'd kill you right where you stand.

Chase: whatever. I'm gonna go ask out Sarah.

Wen: Good luck. Us freshmen don't have a[[Click to Continue > by GetTheDiscount| single]] shot at juniors.

Chase: Trust me. I've got a shot.


Chase: Woah. What the hell's wrong with you?

Wen: >:( *eyes glow red*

Chase: Oh I get it. Well it's too bad for you. I'm gonna ask her out.

Wen: Fine then. Go ahead. But i want to come with you to see you get shot down. >:)

Chase: You're really acting strange.

Wen: NO i'm not.

Jared: (walks by, whistling the "Luigi's Mansion" theme)

Chase: Actually you are acting strange.[[Click to Continue > by GetTheDiscount| Your]] never this angry and mean.

Wen: What are you talking about.

Chase: Never-mind. I gotta find Sarah.

Wen: >) I can't wait to see the look on your face when she says no.

Chase Wen, shut up!! Or does my foot need to meet your face again.

Wen: DO it, and I kill you, no matter what the rules are.

Chase: *rolls eyes and starts walking off, Sarah*

Wen: he's gonna get shot down. I know it. Hopefully he will literally get shot down. >:D

Jared: (stops, then turns to face them) Don't say such things.

wen: Why not? Besides, you're the one out to kill Silver.

Jared: ..... You're insane. (In this, he doesn't want to KILL Silver, he just hates him)

Wen: No i'm not. If you say that again i'll make you die as slow painful death. *eyes glow red*

Jared: (voice becomes demonic) NEVER SAY SUCH THINGS!!! (flames start rising from the floor around him

wen: I'm not afraid of you, infidel. *pupils turn into the black arms symbol

(with Chase)

Chase: *walking around the school hallways*

RavenCool: * singing very good* Toot Toot Sonic Warrior , Deep in Space and Time! Toot Toot Sonic Warrior, forever in your mind! Nothing can survive the will to stay Alive!

Gabe the Black cat:[slams locker]Dam#!I can't use my powers I don't even like school,and I only came here cause' I was dared! What's next. Mephiles is the Superintendent? [looks at staff list]Me and my big mouth.

Chase: You seem mad, Gabe. Well. I have no time to talk. I'm fixing to ask out an 11th grader. That'll boost my popularity

Gabe the Black cat:I am not surprised to see you here,but hi,and another reason I have to come here was while I was car racing with Sonic I was pulled over for "speeding"And they thought I was drunk.

Chase: Why must my dad always assume someone is drunk when they're speeding? *facepalm*

Gabe the Black cat:I can't believe this is happening anyway!I'm not taking A second look at the staff list because I saw Mephiles was here.

Chase: yeah. How'd he become Superintendent anyway? 

Gabe the Black cat:I don't know,but what i'm starting to think is that he knew about what happened to me,and got the job to get revenge on me.

Chase: Revenge? What'd you do?

Gabe the Black cat:Well Shadow sealed Mephiles away again,then not after my nightmare[shivers at the thought]happened and I was freed by him after he came back,I defeated him after searching and chasing him so hard and I sealed him away.

Chase: I can see why he's after you. Oh and have you seen Sarah? 11th grader? cute? daughter of Amy Rose?

Gabe the Black cat:No,but what time does class start?I'd like to get the day over with.

Kindness: Angel the Rabbit! Where are you...I hope hes not at class.

Gus: yawns* man i'm board.

chase: well i guess i'll try to find Sarah myself.

Gabe the Black cat:wait,here Mephiles comes.

Sky: -closes locker and sighs- again I wonder what this school would be like -walks off and a lot girls follow me- man... my first day here and i already have some fan-girls -sighs-

Jared: (walks by, thinking "I wonder when the classes will start.")

Sky: -bumps into jared without looking- oh im really sorry

Jared: No, no. It was my fault. (the bell rings to start classes)

Sky: oh thats the bell i'll see you later i guess ..... -goes to class-

A few new students shyly walked down the hall.

Sky: -sighs- great....nice first impression sky man this year is going be something


Blast: Hello! I'm new here.

Erato, a black and white cat, ran and accidently ran into Blast. Erato fell on the floor.

Gus: Now if you guys excuse me its time for my new class... first 2 hours of gym then another 2 hours of math and 2 hours of counselling man these school days are killing me... *walks to gym and gets on super rings*

Mephiles:Get to class everybody!

Gabe the Black cat:Why should I let you tell me what to do?

Gus: If you dont he'll summon time eater and solarius.... AGAIN! *runs extremely fast at gym*

Mephiles:Maybe....I am the superIntendent.

Gabe the Black cat:You have convinced me this time,but I will not let you get revenge![looks at watch]It's almost time for Science class.

RavenCool: Hey! That's my next class!

Gus: *uses instant transmission and appears next to mephiles* here's the thing uncle... *hands mephiles the dark chaos star emerald and returns to gym*

Gabe the Black cat:[steals it from Mephiles when he's not looking]I am going to science class now bye!

Gus: Mephiles ill summon the Kolossus now...

Mephiles:And why would you do that?Just go to class.

Gus: i'm already at class i'm talking to you with my mind....

Mephiles: It's called telepathy,and attend class.

Jared: (Zooms past Mephiles) Oh, noes! I'm going to be late! Mrs. Blaze will kill me if I'm late! (runs toward science class)

RavenCool: ( gets to science class) Hi Blaze, oh and the yelling was me, I was on a sugar rush.

Gus: *talks to jared with mind* wow you go to school? didn't know you didnt steep low

Gabe the Black cat:[laughs]Mephiles really fell for my trick....

Jared: (talks to Gus with mind) Of course. All future tyrannical overlords need knowledge, while as for me, I already have the knowledge, but I'm only here to make friends.

Gus: *in jareds mind shows him picture of gabe* wait watch this...

Gabes emerald suddenly opens and blows up a quarter of the school.

Gus: *has real one* how do you like that?

Cediox:*randomly appears behind gus* hello gus...*has soot on face cause of the explosion*

Gus: im sorry i was getting pay back for gabe awakening my pet and killing 5 cities!

suddenly a giant kolossus from code lyoko appears and is trying to kill gabe

Gus: and there's my smallest pet that killed the cities now....

Cediox:i still wonder why were friends..T_T

Gus: we're friends? weren't i killing you last summer at the beach party? or was that next summer i get loads of future images during my sleep....

( Rona enters )

Rona: Excuse me? Heh... could one of you lend me a hand here? I'm Rona. I just transferred here, and I'm supposed to see the math teacher about a missed benchmark test. I kinda don't know where his room is...

Brittney: (enters the school and sighs) I hate school....

Rona: *turns to Brittney* What's your deal?

Brittney: I hate school!

Cediox:Don't we all hate school??

[A very shy-looking male hedgehog is walking down the hall, minding his own business.]

A female cat walked past.

Cat: (Sighs while getting a drink)

Crymson: (sitting at a nearby tree, doodling on her sketch book) I wonder what classes I have for this year... sighs

Gibson: *puts his hand in his face before headdesking on the table in boredom*

A somewhat shy looking Fox Trudged down the hall, Its not that he hated school, Its that everyone bullied him, The Fox was called Flame.

Flame: (Sighs) It sucks that I have to go to school, I'm probably smarter than most of the Numbskulls here... Ah well, I'll just get to my Class and Mind my own buisness.  

(A fox walks by)

Pixie: You okay man?

( a similar fox walks by but younger)

Cresida: You alright? I'm Cresida. This is my three year older sister,

Pixie.Which class are youy going to?

A black cat walks up to the school and starts talking to himself...

Zied: promise me you'll behave

Zed: no promieses

RavenCool: (at class) This is a easy thing to do, just move the enegy from me to the potato. Wait, wnat is with the potato?

Spark: What do you mean?

RavenCool: Hi, Spark! I was trying to make it move. But I cooked it.

Spark:*picks up the potato and takes a bite*You cooked it good.

RavenCool: Hmmm. Nice.

Spark:What class is this?

Nitro: I am as stumped as you Spark. I just got here!

Annabelle: (The doors fly open as she stands there with her pink locks flowing perfectly) Make way~! The famous actress Annabelle Rich is coming through~! (A crowd of people looks on in shock and amazement) I know, I know, I'm amazing~ (She winks and blows kisses as people take pictures)

Nitro: *Falls as Annabelle barges through the door* Jesus Christ, what a snooty person.

Annabelle: (Smiles innocently and flutters her lashes at him) Starstruck~? I thought so~

Nitro: *Gets up* God damn it, just because you are popular doesn't mean you can push me around.

Kyo walks in and pushes Nitro to the floor again. "I get to 12th grade and I get a class with a rich person, a guy who likes kissing the floor, and another person? Sheesh."

Nitro*gets back up and takes a seat* Nearly late for school, no lunch, shoved down twice, and bad elbow bruise. This is gonna be a long day. But, at least I am at my favorite class, Science!

Annabelle: Hmph, looks like this school's student body needs someone to keep it in LINE...~ (To the crowd) I'm sorry everyone, but I have to get to class now~! I'll sit down for interviews after school today in the parking lot so I can meet everyone and talk about upcoming projects! (she smiles innocently)

Kyo looks at her and shakes his head. "What a stuck up know, I can't finish the sentence.  Too offensive."

Annabelle: You know, hating isn't healthy for you~ (She smirks as she does a hair toss and walks along, her purse hanging off of her shoulder) But talk to me later, I like your attitude~ (She smiles, showing her fangs)

Kyo grins and cracks his knuckles, finding this as flirting and a challenge. 

Nitro: *looks at Kyo* Hm? What's up with you, mate?

Kyo looks at Nitro. "She's playing hard to get, what do you think? And it just so happens I like girls who play hard to get." He then chuckles under his breath.

Nitro: Psssh, that snooty diva? What do you see in her? But whatever man, don't let me stop you.

(Annabelle struts down the hall and other bystanders simply part out of respect for the A-list celebrity)

"Its not what I see in her, its what she acts like she is doing and me knowing what she is actually trying to do" 

  • bell rings as class is over

Nitro: *dashes up to Kyo* Dude, now's your chance ask the girl out!

Annabelle: (Talks with a group of girls) I've only been her for an hour and I already have SO many friends~! (To herself as she goes through her locker) Climbing to the top of the social ladder HERE will be SUPER easy~

Kyo stands behind a corner. "What a turd."

(Annabelle smiles to the people surrounding her) Annabelle: Well, lets get to class~! (she closes her locker and walks down the hall)

The Drama Begins

In math...

Zapor says" ok, I'll be your new math teacher since the old got in an......accident."

Kyo says"Shouldn't an 8 year old be in school?"

Zapor seems offended. "And shouldn't a 17 year old not get his sorry butt pwned by the 8 year old, who so happens to have a machine gun?! That is what I thought."

Annabelle: (Walks in) Made it~! Hi everyone~! (She smiles innocently as she sits down a few seats behind Kyo)

Zapor looks and sees everykne is in attendance. "Ok, first, we're gonna see how long you guys can handle being alone since being a teacher is super lame! (Walks out the door)

Kyo looks back to see Anna.

(Annabelle files her nails before putting the file away to pick up her bedazzled iPhone 5 and start texting)

Zapor walks back in. "Oh, and you guys decide who's in charge." He then leaves again.

Nitro: * Runs up to the front* Alright, I volunteer as teacher and we will learn about...ROBOTICS!

Annabelle: about no? (She stands up slipping her phone in her pocket) We'll learn about...Partying~! A skill every teen needs to know~ (She smirks as she looks at her nails)

Kyo stands on his desk. "How about we learn about not being a punching bag." He walks over to Nitro and punches him in the face. "Example number 1."

Annabelle: (Scoffs) You can't just DO that! What did he do to YOU? You seem like a TOTAL bully, you know that? Hmph! (She heads back to her seat and crosses her legs, texting someone)

Nitro:Hmph! * takes out arm cannon* Or example 2! *blasts Kyo*

a cat walks inside the school 

cat:where is my class hmm....

Annabelle: (Scoffs) I have GOT to get away from these lunatics...(She grabs her things and exits the room, bumping into the cat as she rolls her eyes) Watch where you're GOING! (She growls as she struts past the cat)

cat:yesh maybe ill find a more NICE person...

Annabelle: Hmph...(She walks on)

Kyo has a vien popping out his head. "Or example number 3!" He then grabs a book and throws it at Anna.

the cat watches all of this happen

Cat:wait a sec this is the class im supposed to be in!!

Cass: *Walks in to room with earphones listening to music.* Woah what's going on. I was just rocking out to music.

Nitro:*looks at the cat and Cass sheepishly* Erm, the teachers are not here so we improvized.

Cass: Well then. What now. Cause I just moved here. I'm Cass.

sico:my name"s sico

Cass: I love music. I am 17 years old and I just that normal gamer girl. *Cass blushed a bit from introducing herself*

sico:Wait a minute is this my classroom i dont know! What class are the freshmen in *man im stupid im in a whole diffrent grade!*

Cass: Well i just walked in here to introduce myself. I don't know where the Junior Classes are.

Nitro: Me neither, I kinda got lost, walked in, and apparently got in a fight. So welcome to the club!

Cass: Well i hope your ok. I really need to go find Ms.Blaze. I wanna get along with her.

sico:*maybe i can spy and tell the others in my class even though i dont know who they are!*

(Annabelle continued to walk around the school before coming back near the end of the class period)

Kyo sees her walk in while Zapor comes back in class.

Zapor sees. "Where'd you go?"

sico:ehh its YOU!

Cass: I am gonna go see Ms.Blaze.

Annabelle: (She looks around) MORE people..? (Scoffs and mumbles under her breath) What a hastle...(Rolls her eyes)

sico:Wait Cass im coming too so i can ask her what class im in.

Cass: Well ok.

sico:well lets go i dont want to stay with missey im so cool longer.

(Annabelle smirks as she talks with other students who are fawning over her)

Nitro:*gets off table* I should probably go with Cass. *Catches up to Cass* I couldn't help to notice you said you like video games, my name is Nitro.

Zapor walks up to Anna and whispers. "Kyo said that your a fugly unsuccessful lying stupid b-word, and he wants to fight you. He said that you couldn't make it even if you tried. "

Cass: Yea I am a huge gamer even though it doesn't look like it. 

sico:oh you both like games...ME TOO! my favorite game series is final fantasy and pokemon!

Cass: I like Animal Crossing and Monster Hunter. Oh and Rom Hacks

Annabelle: (She scoffs) As IF he thinks he's better than me in any way shape OR form. He just doesn't know how to admit how much he loves me, when he knows he's obviously NOT ANYWHERE near my type. And if he thinks I'm so unsuccessful maybe he should go watch some of my Box office BREAKING movies and eat his words, don't you think~? I like guys that will RESPECT me for who I am, not try to insult me if they don't know how to compliment me~ So, tell him, I don't give a rats behind~ (She smirks as she gets up) BYE. (She does a hair toss as she walks off into the hallway)

Cass: Hey here is Ms.Blaze's room. *walks in*

Zapor thinks. "Hmm, thay might shut him up."

Nitro: *follows close behind Cass* I think we could be good friends Cass.

Zapor tell Kyo exactly what Anna said, and that set him off into a rage.

"That prissy little good for nothing fartface says that I love her and I'm not in her league?  If anything, she loves me and isn't in my league! And I bet her movies aren't real. She just pays people with money to act like fans!..You know what, I need to settle this crap face to fist!" He then stormed off.

Annabelle: (Talks with a few guys) That means a lot to hear a guy say he liked my re-make of Cinderella! It DID get 1st place in the box office last year, right next to Frozen. (She blinks) You have a poster you want me to sign?? OK! (She smiles innocently and signs the poster from her movie 'Mean Girls 3' ) That was one of my first big deal movie roles! The heroine is usually my favorite role. Not to mention I did Elsa's singing voice in the Mobian Disney's Frozen, and believe me when I tell you, it took A LOT of practice~ (She smirks, doing a hair toss)

Kyo shoves her from behind. "Hey, what were you saying about me not being better than you?!"

Cass: Yea your pretty cool.

Nitro: Maybe we can hang out sometime? We could play video games, I could show you some gadgets I made, and more!

Annabelle: (She growls and pushes him back) What do you expect me to do? Take your insults and not stand up for myself?? I am a strong independent soon to be official WOMAN on my 18th birthday this year and I will NOT let some idiot that has a violent crush on me just get away with something like that, ESPECIALLY if YOU'RE the one that started throwing insults in the first place! (Her icy blue eyes glare into his soul as her tail thrashes against the lockers)

Random Guy: Yeah, what's WITH you man? What the hell did SHE do to you?

Other Random Guy: Just mind your own business and stay outta trouble if you know what's good for you.

Annabelle: You guys are so sweet~! Lets get going. (She smiles innocently as they all head off somewhere less crowded)

Kyo grits his teeth in anger.

Zapor hears the word birthday,  and gives Anna a cake. "Happy Birthday!"

Annabelle: (Groans and rolls her eyes at him) Not YET! (Scoffs as she and the others continue walking)

During lunch......

Kyo walks to Anna with another person. 

Other guy: Don't you have something to say?

Kyo: No.

Other guy makes a "really?" look and Kyo sighs. "I'm sorry..." he muttered. 

(Annabelle talks with the friends she seemed to have made during her time on the first day)

Annabelle: And then I said, 'Wait...It's MADE to do that? You could have fooled me!' (She and the rest of them giggle and laugh)

Kyo tapped her back again. "Look, I don't know why I'm saying this, but.." He then mutters. "I'm sorry..."

Annabelle: (Scoffs and smirks as she turns herself around in her seat/stool, crossing her legs and folding her arms as she looked up at him) Apology CONSIDERED. I'm not sure why you DON'T KNOW.... I mean-(She scoffs once more) Get on my bad side again and we're going to have a serious problem, hot head...But it doesn't matter anymore. Apology accepted, hugs and kisses, bye bye.(She swivles back around and keeps laughing and talking to the group)

Cass: Ms.Blaze your day is about to get a ton better. I am Cass nice to meet you.

Kyo stood up and looked at the screen, ahrugged, and walked away.

Annabelle: (sighs as she thinks) About TIME...

Nitro: Good afternoon Ms.Blaze, my name is Nitro.

The Drama Continues

In gym....

Coach Sonic: Alrihht, you guys are gonna play dodgeball. Some people go over there, others go over there

Cass: (at Ms.Blaze's room) I am here to get to know you and we can talk

Nitro: (at Ms.Blaze's room) Hey, Cass shouldn't we be in Gym Class?

Cass: Ehhh Oh well. * Cass giggles and blushes

Nitro: *chuckles and blushes a bit* Y-Yeah, ohell...

Cass: Yea it is really cool.  I think this year is gona rock.

Nitro: Espescially with you

Cass: *blushes again* Awww thats really sweet. Thxs.

Nitro: No problem! *blushes even more*

Cass: So what do you think Ms.Blaze about this year.

Nitro:* shrugs* She seems okay, but my favorite teacher is Mr.Espio.

Cass: *smiles* Well I like when people tell me their likes. BTW I could set you up on a date. This one guy i know he is in to you. He is Josh the Cat

Nitro:*looks surprised* But im a...guy..

Cass: *laughs* I was talking to Ms.Blze. But are you interested in someone

Nitro:* sighs of relief* Well, yeah. ho doesn't?

Cass: Well If you wanna talk about it you can.

Annabelle: (Walks into the room) Hellooo~! (Scoffs lightly) THIS is my class...? What a joke...(She does a hair toss as she goes to sit down and talks under her breath) I should have just tried to skip...

Kyo: This is gym.

Annabelle: I think I KNOW that...(Rolls her eyes) I'll get dressed then...~ (She leaves and comes back in some short shorts and a tight crop top) Alright, NOW I'm ready~!

Nitro: *blushes* Not just yet Cass, maybe...another time.

Kyo grins. "To throw dodgeballs at me or what?"

Annabelle: You kidding? I was the cheer team captain at my old school. You'll get tired out before I do. (She gives a small smile.

Kyo: Really? Well, you better have a good arm because unlike you, my arm can stretch.(stretches his arm to the vending machine and grabs a soda).

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Can you say- Show off~? And wouldn't that count as, oh, I don't know- CHEATING? Cheaters never prosper~ How about you play fair and square. I know I'M not going to sacrifice my grade in a class just to win~ (She does a hair flip) I'm going to THIS side~ Anyone wanna join me~? (She smiles innocently, and at least the majority, swoonining over her, quickly follows her)

Nitro: *Warps into gym class* Whats going on?

Kyo: Just trying to make a point. SHEESH!

(Annabelle lightly rolls her eyes at him)

Nitro: *gets hit in the face with a dodgeball* Oh Crap! WHO THREW THAT!?!?

Kyo: *throws dodgeball at Anna*

(Annabelle quickly dodges it and catches a few with her tail, flinging them back)

Kyo thinks in his head,"Man, she is better than I thought. NOT AS GOOD AS ME, THOUGH!" He then dogdes one, grabs another, and tosses it back at her.

Nitro: *gets out arm cannon and stuffs dodgeballs in* I wouldn't call this cheating, considering I suck at aiming. *gets scope on and fires*

(Annabelle lets out a small yelp as she dodges, letting the ball go over her and hit another random student in the face)

Nitro:The future is now, thanks to science! *continues firing at other team*

(Annabelle caught one of the balls, the wind almost getting knocked out of her as she threw it back at Nitro) Annabelle: Put a sock in it~!

Kyo: Why don't you put this ball in your face, pom-pom bastard! *throws another ball*

Nitro:*swiftly dodges and reloads* Hey, I'm not the only one showing off here! *fires again*

Annabelle: How about you put up or shut up! (She jumps up as the balls hit some of her other team mates) Wow, I hardly have anyone else left...! (She blinks and raises an eyebrow)

Nitro: Oh well...*puts on rapid fire mode* Put up or shut up.

Kyo: Give up or shut up!

Nitro: What is this a free for all now? I'M ON YOUR TEAM NITWIT!

Kyo facepalms. "I was talking to Captain Fartface over their!"

(Annabelle grunts as she launches three balls at the two)

Kyo ducks at one, then catches the other. "I thought you said you were better than that! What happened to being better than me!?" He then throws the ball back at Anna.

(Annabelle yelps as she ducks, the ball nearly hitting her shoulder as she picks it up and quickly throws it back)

Kyo: Come on cutie, unleash the beast!

(Annabelle flings a few more balls, glaring at him in a focused manner)

Kyo gets hit by one of them. "Ok, too much of the beast being unleashed. " He then gets hit by another ball in the area.

Annabelle: Shoo shoo~! (She smirks)

Kyo grins as he is is semi-starting to like her.

Nitro:*looks around* Am I the only one on my team left?

Annabelle: Mm-Hmm...~(She gives a seductive smirk as she licks her lips in a menacing manner, before winking at him and throwing a ball his way. The other students from Anna's team cheer her on)

Kyo feels the wind blow across his face and saw Neon get hit in the junk, seeming that it was super painful.


Annabelle: Hit ya right where the sun don't shine~

Nitro: *Looks at Neon* Gosh, that must of been painful.

Zapor in a ref outfit: Anna wins by acts of pure pain!!

Nitro: *steps back* Let's not get crazy with pain, shall we?

Annabelle: Oh YEAH~! (Her team cheers) Told ya I was better than all of you~! (She smiled and laughed)

Kyo facepalms.

In biology....

(Annabelle talks with a random few girls at a lab table as they slave away at doing the work for her)

Annabelle: I've only been her for one day, and I have no idea what you guys are doing...(She sighs sadly)

sico:they left me.......oh well ill just ak ms.blaze about where im supposed to be.

Nitro: *Gets Biology test back* Alright, another A+! Not a surprise.

Annabelle: (scoffs as she heads Nitro and whispers to the others) Show off much~? (The other students smirk and snicker somewhat)

Girl: I bet all the boys have crushes on you Annabelle!

Annabelle: (She smirks) Isn't it so totally obvious, sweetie~? I mean, who wouldn't? (She giggles)

Kyo: (raises his hand)

Alyssa: Great.... a B..... Biology is easy, but she makes it sound so hard...

Annabelle: (Looks over her shoulder and whispers to the others) Don't you hate people that just do that...? (Scoffs) I mean really...shut up. No one cares, you show off.(She smirks innocently)

Alyssa: Are you talking to me?

Dingy: (walks in) Chao! (Walks out)

Annabelle: (Raises an eyebrow) Are you in my business? (She sneers at her as she turns back to the group of people she's talking too) Anyway...

Alyssa: [She pouts.] Pssh. Braggart.

Annabelle: (Talks) I'll have to give you guys VIP tickets to my Club Heaven~! Everyone who's anyone knows what it is, and it's one of the WILDEST hangouts around~

Kyo: (mutters) If you live in a zoo..

Alyssa: VIP club heaven..... sounds stupid.

Random Girl: Were we TALKING to you?

Annabelle: Hmph~ I'm sure that means a LOT coming from someone who can't afford to get IN, let alone stand around in the parking lot...~ (The other students and wannabees snicker as Annabelle's voice goes deep and she glares at Alyssa) Now, stay out of my conversation, or we're gonna have problems, you Hunchback of Notre Dome look alike...(She smiles innocently as she turns around and starts talking again) Anyway, it's also one of the best destinations for Hollywood after parties, with celebs and everything. And not to mention, it has the absolute BEST raves around.

Alyssa: How much does it even cost to get in?

Annabelle: (Sighs as she turns back around, narrowing her eyes as she looked Alyssa up and down) Well usually you can't just walk in through the front door and hand them need to call and make a reservation for when you want to come in...~ And usually to make a reservation its about...(Taps her chin) $100 for one person. If it's for a mega party like for New Years, or any other holidays, or for a scheduled Rave, its WAY higher, and DON'T even get me started on reservations for parties...WOW. But it would make sense since you're sitting in the same building as mega celebrities and such...That's why it was build BY celebrities, FOR celebrities.(she smirks) As simple as that~

Kyo: So basically it's for rich snobs? What wrong with the average person who has money but not that much money? What do you have against them?

Alyssa: Kyo, I'm sure I have just as much money as Annabelle. I'll dial you down. 

Annabelle: For YOUR information. They don't amount to the level of TALENT. Like I said before, simple as that~ (She rolls her eyes)

"So, rich people are better than everyone else just cuz they have more money and apparently more talent? That sounds wrong." Kyo said.

Zapor: Don't use big words Kyo. You might hurt yourself.

Annabelle: Yeah. What he said. Because if you could actually think for a second, the major bucks, come from USING your amazing talents...Duh.

Zapor: And it isn't the poor people don't have talents, they just don't utilize them in a way that will get them money, or if your real lucky, you'll end up like this 8 year old (me) and be born into a rich family, where using talents is only recommended.

Alyssa: Kyo, don't do that to Annabelle. Girls need time to be girls..... wait..... your not conning us to give us your money, are you?

Kyo:!! Why would I do that?!

Zapor: Because only stingy people like yourself end up with no cash, while the people who use money for a cause still have some left. Which is why I give money for chao who are in charity.

Annabelle: (scoffs as she continues to talk with the other students) I wish they would just shut up...~ (She rolls her eyes)

Kyo: (muttered) I wish you would jump in a ditch, you b****...

Alyssa: [She slaps Kyo and walks away.] There I'm done talking. Happy?

Annabelle: (Smirks innocently at Alyssa) For the time being, yes.(She flutters her lashes)

Girl: You know, if you actually TALKED to Anna you'd know how cool she REALLY is.

Annabelle: Aw, thank you~!

Zapor: And you would know how satisfied Chao are when they get near her!

Random Chao: Chao!!

Getting to know each other

Alyssa: I bet a guy would rather kiss mulch than to date her.

Random guy: Wait.... are you Alyssa? The dancing Alyssa?

Alyssa: Yeah, why?

Random guy: I saw you on TV, your amazing!

Random girl: Wait, you aren't serious. THE Alyssa?

Alyssa: Um... this is kinda awkward...

A bunch of guys show up and girls too.

Random guy: The famous dancer and the rich one should totally do something together!

Annabelle: Hmmm...~? (She blinks as she narrows her eyes as the guy technically calls her last name)

Annabelle: (She Smirks) Well, I won't make the first move. Everyone knows just talking to me in public will get them a celebrity status~

Zapor: Cuz your AWESOME!!

Alyssa: How rich are you?

Annabelle: On the brink of Paris Hilton rich...not really's considered being WEALTHY. (she smirks)

Alyssa: That's amazing! You're my third wealthy friend that I made so far!

Zapor: Who's Paris Hilton?

Kyo: Great, three annoying rich people in my life. *groans*

Annabelle: (She smirks) Oh~? Who else~? (She scoffs as she looks at Zapor) Who's PARIS HILTON? One of the wealthiest girls in the WORLD, DUH! Have you ever heard of Hilton Hotels? She owns ALL of them...(she mumbles as she rolls her eyes) How DENSE can you get...

Alyssa: Well, there's a very, very wealthy friend of mine: Lili. She lives in Gaudia, which is extremely hard to pay for just to get a house, and she owns Gaudia's biggest mansion! And there's my earth friend Erica. And oh my god, is she rich. She has like 100 stuffed rooms filled with cash! She's also the world's first dodectillionaire!

Kyo: Jeez! I already have that red headed rich 8 year old bugging me as it is, now I have you 2 to worry about!!

Zapor: That's because you have bad social skills.

Annabelle: Hmph. Interesting. Is that their parents money, or what~? (A few of her new friends giggle) When they make their OWN money, let me know, OK sweetheart~?

Zapor:....Why would we need to make any if there's rings lying around?

Random guy: True.

Girl: I thought rings were just for surviving...?

Annabelle: I thought that when I was really young...But rings don't matter. It's about talent, and if you can use that talent to climb the tallest of social ladders...(She runs her fingers through her hair)

Zapor: Is that why you were on that one movie? I thought talent was only for achieving dreams and junk.

Kyo: Now you know what I deal with.

Alyssa: Well, unless you don't want to get paid about 480,000 dollars a week for helping out my good friend Erica, then I guess you must not be interested in my "Far-richer-than-Paris-Hilton" friends.

Zapor: Your friends seem cool. Are they?

Annabelle: (She scoffed and looked Alyssa up and down) What kind of 'helping out'...? (She raises an eyebrow)

Alyssa: You know, laundry, cleaning, watching her sleep, eating cereal, putting on shows, making her bet something.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) What are you getting at? You think I would seriously become someones MAID if I'm making more that a MILLION dollars just by showing up to a movie theater and signing posters?

Alyssa: Or you could get airplanes, ferrari pianos, flying cars, hot tubs, or all the silver and gold you could think of!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Well thank you for pointing out stuff that I already have...(She rolls her eyes) Why on Earth would I become someone elses doormat when I already have my OWN...

Alyssa: So, two handsome men carry you around on a gold crusted red sheeted very comfy bed while you just lay down and throw away gold coins. Oh yeah, she also has every kind of jewel there is, and lots of them!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) At least I don't brag about my friends who have money, when I'm the richest one in my social circle...~

Zapor: Wouldn't that also mean you'd have to have the most followers on a social media site?

Alyssa: At least I don't pay 100 dollars so you could trick us into adding on to your stupid collection of rich-kid junk, while when Lili travels to Mariala's Town Square to hold an amazing, fun and fancy gala, she doesn't charge people!

Zapor: Ok, I'll admit, unless those parties are "crazy insane hungover drunk guy" crazy parties, like the one that get stuff smashed, that's a stupid move to pull.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Because it's a celebrity club and news got OUT about it. Now it's over crowded and the prices for lights and stuff have skyrocketed. But, I'm pretty sure you know nothing about business and all that...My dad taught me everything I need to know. Now, if you don't mind, I'm done talking to you...~ (she rolls her eyes and turns back to the other students fawning over her) Anyway, like I was saying, yeah, I'm going to star in my first heroine role in the next major horror movie to hit the big screen this October~

Milkshake walks over to Alyssa.

Milkshake: Chao chao?

Alssa: Everything's alright.I just got a little carried away. Afterall, money can't buy everything.

Zapor: Well this school is full of b******, suck up to the extreme, barbies, and total loons minus a few people. I'm out.

Kyo: Later

Popularity Contest (aka Haters Gonna Hate/0

Annabelle: (Talks with the other students) Of course I can't spoil the ending~! Don't be silly sweetheart.

Guy: Well, that kid was right about the suck ups.

Kyo: Jeez, she does know just because your rich doesn't make you better than anyone. 

Alyssa: [She Vocalizes]

Annabelle: Here~ Is there anyone else that didn't get a VIP pass~? (The group of students and more crowd around as she hands them out as she smirks in a somewhat innocent manner)

Kyo: Jeez, who knew people were so blind when it came to seeing a snob trying to hard when they see one?

Boy: Well, that's what being "rich and popular" does. Shades in the desperate need for attention! 

Alyssa: ...

Milkshake: Chao chao?

Alyssa: What is it, Milkshake?

Milkshake: Chao chao, chao chao chao ch-chao.

Alyssa: What about Cream?

Milkshake: Chao.

Alyssa: So she's my little sister. So what?

Milkshake: Chao chao chao ch-chao.

Alyssa: No need to worry.

Kyo: (@ boy) I know. And I bet the stuff she done wasn't even that good. She just tries to hard.

(Annabelle smirks as she texts someone)

Boy: I have to do something. Yep, I'm gonna do something. *He throws a piece of paper at her and looks away without anyone seeing.*

Kyo: Your a brave dude.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Haters...(she rolls her eyes as she goes back to texting)

Girl: Hand me that math text book.

Kyo: *hands it to her*

Girl: *Throws it*

(Annabelle's tail suddenly lengthens as she catches the book, throwing it back at the girl, not looking up from her phone)

Girl: *gets hit byit and falls to the floor*

Boy: I think *looks down, then back up* she needs a docter.

Annabelle: Anyway, as I was saying before I was practically interrupted...(She continues to talk with the others and text at the same time)

Kyo: Um, I think she needs a docter, her jaw seems broken..

Nitro: * Takes out pen and paper* Let's see here, reasons why I hate Annabelle to the very bone. 1, she acts like she's the queen of the world, 2,  She practically sleeps on a wad of cash, 3, hmmmmm...

Annabelle: Then call someone! (Scoffs) Don't go spouting her business out to the world...That's what she gets for trying to hit me with a BOOK...I was just protecting myself...right guys?

Girl: Well DUH! I had a great view when she took that book and just chucked it at you!

Another Girl: Same!

Boy: You people just need to stop being so freakin' jealous of her stuff and what she can do...

Alyssa: If she's so rich, she could probably use a laser she bought with her "billions and billions of dollars".

Milkshake: Ch-Chao!

Kyo: Well she shouldn't go around acting all high and mighty when she clearly isn't even better than any of us!

Boy: And how do we call someone if neither of us have phones thatnstill have battery power.

Another boy: That is true. And not to pick sides, but you were sort of acting like an a**, so it isn't surprising thatthey would do that.

Nitro: I guess no ones having a good day. *rubs wound on elbow* I was shoved to the ground when I walked to class.

Random Guy: Nitro you were so awesome in gym class! How did you make your arm cannon?

Random Girl: Yeah, do you have any other cool inventions?

Nitro: *Blushes as he gets a rather large group of people*  Wow...I'm not used to getting fans...*evil smirks at Annabelle as he gets a group larger than hers*

Annabelle: Hmph~ Hey, I was wondering, did anyone want to come shopping with me after school? You can meet some of my friends like Kristy!

Girl: As in the Victoria's SECRET MODEL?! (The class murmers as more people surround her)

Kyo: Free tickets to Wrestlemania!!

Boy: Wrestlemania?! Wooo! (More people crowd around him)

Nitro: I have an invisibility belt!

Boy: You can turn invisible!? (The class surrounds him)

Annabelle: Why would anyone want to waste their time with something so fake? And ANYONE can turn invisible if they know what their doing. Don't you think it would be more impressive if someone had it s a power instead of being a big faker and using a BELT? Besides. Kristy told me to start handing out tickets to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show early this year. We'll be sitting between Beyonce and Robert Downy Jr. (Girls gasp in awe as they rush back over to Annabelle and trip over themselves as they try to come back over)

Kyo: Yeah, well at Wrestlemania, we'll sit front row, right next to Drake, Kayne West, and did I mention Chris Rock, cuz he's gonna be there! (Girls scream as they rush back to him and the boys just cheer)

Annabelle: You so sure about that~? I already gave them tickets too...Oh! And also Fall Out Boy will be making a comeback for a show, not to mention Bruno Mars and Scarlett Johansson. And also I think... Josh Hutcherson-

Guy: Peta from The Hunger Games??

Annabelle: And, um...Alexander Garfield.

Girl: The guy in The AMAZING SPIDERMAN!? (Annabelle nods)

Annabelle: You know, we stopped for lunch at a Starbucks the other day since we're both having movie's shot on the same set. He's a really fun guy once you get to know him! Emma Stone is a lucky lady to have him~! (Jaws drop as the room goes silent with amazement and students return to her. Her phone begins to ring) Hello? Heya C Cat!

Guy: Christian Mitchel??

Annabelle: Teenage Version of Serena Williams? Yeah. (Goes back to her phone) Yeah, in the middle of class. Why?

Kyo: This means war..Hey, Seth Mcfarlene is gonna be at Wrestlemania!

Boy: The guy that voices Peter Griffin?!...I'm in!!!

(Students go back to Kyo)

Nitro: Put a sock in it Anna, go build a snowman or something. Being the spoiled brat you are, you probablly could get your parents to buy you some radioactive waste to get super powers.

Boy: H-He stood up to that b**** Annabelle... (Everyone murmurs in joy and  crowd around Nitro)

Kyo: Lets crowd around Nitro and go to Wrestlemania! Lets hear it for Nitro! (Chants Nitro's name as others follow suit.)

Nitro: Heh, thanks everyone! *flips Annabelle off* I guess you should...LET IT GO!!!

Annabelle: (Sighs) Whatever...Haters gonna hate I guess. I'm not the loser that stoops low enough to flip a girl off and call her the b-word at least. (Goes back to the phone) C-Cat? Yeah! I'll be at the match next week! Are you coming to the pool party this weekend~? Yeah, Leo Dicaprio will be there. He said he would be free. You're bringing Shakira? OK cool! I can't wait to see what totally adorable swimsuit she has on! Hm? OK, I'll talk to you later~! Tell Hayley Williams I said hi! OK, bye~!(She hangs up)

Girl: Um, did you say Hayley-

Annabelle: Williams? Yeah. But I'm sure YOU don't care if you want to waste your time watching sweaty guys do fake wrestling...(Scoffs) I mean really. You could go to a bar and stand outside and wait, and then get a real fight from two drunk dudes for FREE. But, like I said, I'm sure girls prefer that over Leonardo Dicaprio, and the lead singer of Paramore...

Girl: B-but I like Paramore!

Annabelle: Oh? (The girl nods) What's your name~?

Girl: Millie.

Annabelle: Well YOU want to come to my pool party~?

Girl: Yeah! I don't see why not! People don't know what they're missing!

Annabelle: OK! It'll be at Heaven, and then move over to my place! Give me your phone. We'll trade numbers.(She hands her her phone)

Girl: This is the newest iPhone! How did you-

Annabelle: (she smiles softly) I have my ways. (she shrugs)

Kyo: Oh, so she wants a war?..I'll give her an exticntion....Hey! After Wrestlemania, we're gonna go have a party at Jennifer Lopez's house! Chris Pratt and Pharrel Willams are going to be there!

Girl #2: I'm not even sure if wrestling is entirely fake, but as long as it's a Jennifer Lopez party,  I'm in!

Boy: Wait, is everyone you mentioned coming there?

Kyo: D*** right!!

Boy: Let's do it!! (The class starts to walk out the door)

Nitro: Later haters!

Alyssa: [She looks at her phone.] Oh... my...... god...... There aren't any words to describe how cool that is.

Nitro: Hey Kyo, who are you rooting for in Wrestlemania?

Kyo: I don't exactly know that many wrestlers, so I was just gonna root for everyone.

Millie: OK...?

Annabelle: As if they could make me jealous...

Millie: And they're all going to get in trouble for walking off campus like that for no reason...They'll get suspended.

Annabelle: That's they're problem, not ours...(She looks at her nails)

Principal: (on the intercom) Um, kids, you are all dismissed early. I'm going to powder my nose....AND GO TO WRESTLEMANIA!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Annabelle: (Sighs) About time...(She gets up) Hey. (She looks over at Alyssa) I'm amazed you're still here. Not gonna join their sorry excuse of a band wagon~? Hmph. C'mon Millie. We can take my car, OK? (She nods) C'mon. (They head to the parking lot and there sitting in the first spot is her blue BMW convertible. Standing in front of it is a man)

Millie: (Gasps) Oh...My...God. TOM HIDDLESTON!!! He's-

Annabelle: Loki, I know.(She smiles) I saw that Avengers folder of yours and I just texted him while you weren't looking~ (A pink lambo pulls up with a few girls in it) OK ladies, give me a second~! (Turns to her) You ready~?

Millie: Absolutely!

Annabelle: Then lets get going~ (She climbs in and Tom gets in on the other side. She gets into the back seat as she and Tom introduce themselves. Annabelle revs the engine) Seatbelts! (They soon take off down the street, the lambo following) Now, you see how much stuff those lame people missed out on? I mean please. No one could ever make me jealous, because such an emotion doesn't exist within me! (She smiles softly) But you know what? It just means YOU can have a little taste of this slice of heaven!

Millie: This is so AMAZING!!

Alyssa: [She's at her locker, and she gets a phone call.] Hello?..... Ohey Michelle....... Oh wow, congrats!........ Really?....... No way!.......... Are you serious?.......... A backup role?........ Not-even a lead?....... ARE YOU SERIOUS?!....... OH MY GOD!..... Yes!..... Alright then, bye!..... [Alyssa runs off screaming in joy.] A director asked me to be in High School Musical 4! [Squee] C'mon Milkshake! This is better than all the riches in the whole planet! [Alyssa flies home.]

The next day, the students share their stories..

Boy: That Jlo party was awesome. Who would've thought C lo Green would've shown up?

Girl: Yeah, I'm still on the fact that Kyo hooked us up this good.

Kyo: Your welcome. Let's see that rich snob top that.

Nitro: And to think she would. How did you afford it anyway?

(Annabelle and Millie hop into the classroom together, laughing and giggling as a couple new other girls walk in as well)

Millie: I can't BELIEVE you're best friends with Mariah Carey! And not to mention Katy Perry and Johnny Depp, and Angelina Jolie and-

Annabelle: And Whitney Houston before she passed, lets not forget about her either now.

Millie: Oh yeah, sorry! But I mean...Tom Hiddleston spending the day with us...And him doing his Loki impression just to mess with me! Going to visit Club Heaven and...(She gasps) Your life is amazing!!

Annabelle: I didn't lie did I~? Oh, and I meant to tell you earlier...You know rumors about that movie called As Above, So below?

Millie: Yeah, about the catacombs in Paris?

Annabelle: I'm going to be in it. Lead role for the Mobius/Sonic version...!

Millie: That is so AWESOME!

Annabelle: Technically it's my SECOND horror movie roll, but both movies are coming out at the same time.(They sit down and continue talking)

Kyo:..I don't tell anyone how I afford it. I'm as surprised as you are when the Mario bros, came. Did you even see how hype everyone was when Luigi came in? That is what parties should be like.

Millie: You said your birthday was last week right? I bet it was amazing...

Annabelle: I can still feel my legs hurt from the was CRAZY! A surprise party at Heaven, and you won't believe me when I say this, but The Blue Blur was there and he gave me a little birthday kiss! On the cheek of course, I do have a boyfriend. If I remember Megaman stopped by as well. I've been meaning to meet him since he's got a huge role coming up in the new Smash Bros. I actually got an invite to the party celebrating the release when it's suppose to come out. I'm not much of a fighter myself but playing the games is so much fun! It's probably cause I donated some of my own money to the game while it was being developed.(Millie nods as the others sit back and gossip)

Boy: Ok, Sonic kissing her I might believe, Megaman coming to HER party is a bit sketchy. Her coming in for a party for the release date for Smash bros and putting money into the making is totally unbelievable!

Kyo: Let's not listen to her. So Sonic and Megaman went their, big whoop. Pacman, Palutena, and Villager were at our party. Even though Kirby came and started eating all the food.

Alyssa: [She walks in with Milkshake.] Boy, yesterday was sooo much fun. Sure High School Musical 4 Rehersal was extremely exhausting, but then Lili came into town and held another Gala. Since I don't have a boyfriend, I just went alone. It was another "time of my life" of course, I still have to find a guy....... but still it sounds like Annabelle had a somewhat good time, and whatever Kyo said sounds very fun!


Alyssa: Sounds like a lot of fun, Kyo. [She blushes]

Boy: It was! I'm just glad a talented girl like you didn't go to their party and end up like *points at Annabelle* her..*riest of the class shakes their head

Nitro: Hey Kyo, if i recall, King Dedede, Greninja and Little Mac were at the party. Geno was there too, he told me he tried out for the new Smash Bros and was just waiting for his letter of approval.

Alyssa: So your telling me: If I didn't go to the party, I'd be a very classy, clever rich girl who holds amazing parties and tries to not brag about it? But still, I guess Kyo was the only reason why the party was fun. [Blush]

Annabelle: Guess what Kyo, no one cares~!

Her Girls: Duh~!

Annabelle: I'm pretty sure he's only like this because he failed SO hard at trying to flirt with me when we first met.(Her But I have standards. THAT, and I already have a boyfriend.

Girl 1: He must be super lucky!

Girl 2: And SUPER cute too~ What's his name~?

Annabelle: Iceman.

Millie: Ohhh... m

Nitro: Well y'know what Annabelle? Fine, your party could have been fun too. Ours was fun okay?

Alyssa: Everyone has fun in their own ways. [She looks at Kyo and blushes]

Nitro: Eh? *Looks at Alyssa and then Kyo* I ship you too so much now. *grins*

Alyssa: Huh? [She looks down and blushes]

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she turns to the others) Lame love. Isn't it adorable~? (The others giggle) You better be careful Alyssa! He considers insulting girls and throwing books at them the best way to flirt! You should consider taking some fighting lessons if you two decide to get serious. Domestic violence is a very serious matter you know.

Nitro: What's wrong Alyssa? Don't you like Kyo?

Kyo: Anna, why would I flirt with you? For starters, I only do those things because you try to act innocent and the victim, even though your the one who acts better than others!

Alyssa: [Sigh] I can take someone throwing a book at me...... [Blush] And I kind of do have a crush on Kyo. (The others "Oooh" at her and Kyo)

Kyo: *tiny blushes* Uh, changing the subject, who thinks Rayman's gonna be on Smash?

Boy: I saw a leak of him on it!

Alyssa: I never played a video game. And I don't want to. Going outside is so much funner.

Annabelle: (Rolls her eyes) Because for some reason you said I was 'out of your league'. As IF. You're nothing near datable, I promise...(She glances at Alyssa) Hmph. At least she knows what she's talking about when it comes to that stuff...

Millie: Anna, I was wondering...

Annabelle: Hmm~?

Millie: Could you help me...find some new style? Like...Clothes and stuff?

Annabelle: You totally came to the right person...~

Boy: If you want to look lame.. 

Kyo: You shouldn't be ashamed by how you look! Just sayin!

Millie: Hey! Annabelle's been in more fashion magazines then I can count! Her best friend even has her own clothing line! sticks her tongue out at them)

Annabelle: (She raises an eyebrow) Nice Millie...(She flutters her lashes) Anyway, I'd be glad to help you. I'm sure Kristy wouldn't mind helping you find the right style either.(Millie nods and smiles)

Kyo: Just saying that you don't look like someone who would nessasarily need a makeover. Didn't need your 2nd grader comeback...

Millie: I want to get people to think there's more to me than they think.

Annabelle: I know just what you need! Not an entire make over, just some new preferences, you know~?(Millie nods)

Boy: Ok..that sounds fun..

Annabelle: And as a side note...don't ask a boy for make up advice or anything related to it. (Whispers) They honestly don't care, so they'll just say you look good no matter what. Can you believe some guys think people like Kim Kardashian don't wear makeup? (scoffs) Insane.

Kyo: want guys to be truthful and hurt others feelings?

Millie: The truth will set you free after all...but, it's better to actually trust someone who knows exactly what you're talking about....right Anna?

Annabelle: Totally~

Boy: Ok?

Nitro: Hey Alyssa, do you know who Geno is? I have a feeling he will be in the new Smash.

Alyssa: Sorry, I don't. I don't follow whatever "Smash" is, Nitro. [She looks at Annabelle and Millie] By the way, I know a really cool fashion star who could help you. She's been my fashion idol for such a long time!

Nitro: Smash is this big thing where famous icons like Mario, Sonic, Megaman, fight each other. It is amazing.

Millie: Really? Who is it?

Annabelle: Hmph.

Alyssa: [To Millie] Her name is Christina. I don't think she's very far from here. You might've seen some of her clothes whenever you go shopping and browse in the Boutique Couture. [To Nitro] It doesn't appeal to me. It's just a fistfight. Did you ever follow real fights? Like Wrestling, Kickboxing, you know, that stuff?

Millie: Really?

Annabelle: Now that you mention the name...Kristy's said she plans on creating an alliance with her to create brand new fashions. There's a Fashion Show in town this month and I think both of their lines are going to be in it.

Kyo: Oh Anna, I'll explain the point of Smash Bros to you later.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) I'm not an idiot like YOU you know. I know what Brawl is, not to mention Melee and so on. My little brother is a total couch potato who plays them non stop.

Boy: Well who can blame him? People are going crazy for the new ones coming out.

Annabelle: Just seems like they have nothing else to live for if you ask me...I mean really, your life must REALLY suck if you have nothing to do but wait for video games to come out. Seriously. It's so pathetic.

Kyo: Anna, that's like saying all video games are pathetic.  And if you're saying that, your calling everyone on Mobious lame since the world is based off a video game. And no you're not less pathetic than anyone, we'd all be the same amount.

DarkShadow: -I hate being at a new school it's my first day and I already hate it- {sits down on the wall and pulls out her copy of the Fault in our Stars}

Annabelle: That's NOT what I was getting at Kyo. How about you shut your filthy little trap and listen for once, hm~?

(Millie bites her lip as she tries to intervene)

Millie: Uhh...Don't waste your breath on him Anna...He's not worth it...?(She shrugs)

Annabelle: Sounds like something straight from the mouth of a Popular if you ask me.(She grins at Millie as she smiles back softly)

Alyssa: An alliance? Are you sure? If Christina was making an alliance with some girl, she'd shout it out on Muzzlebook first.

DarkShadow snorted "if you should be fighting it should be about who the best starter will be when Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire come out" she show them all a picture of the Starters as well as box art on her IPhone.

Boy: Pokemon!! I don't know if I'm getting that game.

Kyo: Sticks and bones. Sticks and bones.

Alyssa: [She blushes deeply.] Kyo...... Are you single? [Lots of people holler.]

Kyo: *seems confused* Um, yeah.

Alyssa: Can I tell you a secret, Kyo?

Kyo: *still seems confused* Uh, ok..

Alyssa: [She gives him a kiss on the cheek. Some people go "OOooooooooh"]

Kyo: *blushes and goes stiff, then falls on the floor*

Boy: Don't worry, this happened to me once. It'll take him awhile.

Girl: *pokes Kyo with a stick* So, what was the secret?

DarkShadow: *raises and eyebrow and rolls her eyes, she then sits back on the floor and pulled her hood from her sweatshirt on and continues to read*

Alyssa: ... [She pulls Kyo up, which would be a huge struggle for her, and is successful.]

Boy: Don't worry, he'll be fine. He seems pretty happy. (Looks at Kyo's face) That or he's in a nervous shock. So Alyssa, what was the secret?

Girl: *facepalms*

Alyssa: It's not a secret anymore if I tell anyone!

Random boy: Who else but Alyssa?

Kyo: *wakes up* Uh...what happened? 

DarkShadow: *continues reading almost ignoring the others for some odd reason*.

Annabelle: (Scoffs and whispers to the others) As if it couldn't get anymore lame in here...

Millie: I guess it's boring to you since you have a boyfriend right Anna?

Annabelle: Hm, you could say that.(she shrugs) And she might have not said anything yet because Kristy hasn't asked, Alyssa...(She blinks as she rolls her eyes, looking at her nails) I'm amazed they haven't already gone to 2nd base...(She and the others giggle)

DarkShadow: *silently listens to the others talking*

Boy:.....This conversation is getting us nowhere. Anna, can you give us a firm speech on what you think of Kyo?

Annabelle: Oh, you want me to go there? Well, here goes nothing.(She clears her throat) Kyo is an aggressive, annoying, empty headed, uneducated sorry excuse of a living being that has no idea how to treat a girl of any type. Even if he were to met the presidents daughter I'm sure he'd hit her with a book or punch her in the shoulder. With proper training in being a gentleman I'm positive he would have no change what. So. EVER. Does THAT answer your question?

Alyssa: ... [Blushes towards Kyo.] I still like you anyway. [Some kids holler]

Kyo: *blushes*, what are we gonna do now, since apparently there are no teachers.

Boy: I'm at the point where I will do something totally embarrassing just to not be bored.

Alyssa: [She snaps her fingers.] I have an idea! How about we let Annabelle throw a real fun party with totally fun stuff?

  • a seventeen-year old, white female Echidna watches from a far distance*

The Echidna: (scoffs) What immature imbeciles..

Alyssa: Won't you, Anna?

Boy: *makes puppy eyes* please?

Kyo: I'll do anything!!

DarkShadow: Mind if I come *she says with no possible expression on her face*

The Echidna: (leaning her back on the wall, arms akimbo)

Annabelle: Hmph, well if you INSIST. Millie, are you up for it~?

Millie: Definitely!

Annabelle: Then it's settled. (She pulls her phone out) Whatever this party needs, I have on speed dial~ That goes for celebrities too~

Kyo: We're saved!

Boy: I'm not gonna jump into a pit of spikes!


Annabelle: (Scoffs) Weird... Anyway...~

Girl: Wait, will we have to pay for it?

Alyssa: I have the money. 

Annabelle: Oh please, I could turn this classroom into a VIP club without even TRYING. Don't waste your breath~

Boy:Lets do it then!

Kyo: *hugs Alyssa* We're gonna live!

Alyssa: [She blushes towards Kyo.] Yes, yes we are.Does this mean I'm your girlfriend? [Some kids holler.]

Kyo:...Well considering I broke up with my old gf like a month and a half ago, I guess you are if you want to.

The Echidna: (mutters to herself) Imbeciles...

Alyssa: [She blushes.] Oh my gosh.... [She writes down her cell number and gives it to Kyo.] Call me.

Kyo: *puts the number on his phone and gives her his number* Ok, Aly. 

Alyssa: [She puts down his phone number.] Great, Ky.

The Echidna(glances around nervously) Mmmm...

Kyo: Ok..I'll call you..later..*blushes to Alyssa*

The Echidna: ("Damn it... I just hope no one is aware of what I did.") 

Alyssa: Okay.

The Echidna: (approaches them) Hey, does one of you know when's the next class? (sweating)

Alyssa: In like, I dunno 15 minutes?

Boy: Yeah, pretty sure 15 minutes. So, you and Kyo gonna make out anytime soon?

Alyssa: I dunno. What do you think, Kyo?

Kyo: Ok, lets do it.

Alyssa: [She kisss Kyo.] 

Kyo: *kisses back, blushes, and faints*

Alyssa: Kyo? Ky? You alright?

Boy: He'll be fine. This usually happens when a girl kisses what made you like him? Just to be curious. 

Alyssa: He just seems..... attractive. [Blush]

Girl: Well, when you put it that way, I can't blame you. 

Alyssa: Yes. Indeed.

The bell rings..

Boy: Already?

Kyo: *Gets up stretches* I'm gonna head on to Math. Later Aly!! *goes to math class*

Alyssa: Alright. Bye Ky. [Alyssa walks off.]

DarkShadow: *walks to math alone* (I wonder of her party's are good) she thought.

Annabelle: (She rolls her eyes) Those two, are already starting to annoy me...(She scoffs) Hm. I have an idea. Millie. (She whispers to her)

Millie: I-I can't do that!

Annabelle: Of course you can!

Millie: No I can't!

Annabelle: (Groans in an annoyed manner) Fine, WHATEVER. I'll get it done one way or another...

The Echidna: Hmph... (she heads off to math class)

(Annabelle, Millie, and their followers walk into class and sit down)

In math class.....

Math teacher robo: Blabbity blah. Math. Zzzzz.....

Kyo: *sitting in his chair, almost asleep*

Boy:...We need new teachers.

The Echidna: (completely alert, paying attention) ...

Kyo: *texts Alyssa, saying: Hi Aly :)*

Alyssa: [She gets his text message.] [Texting Kyo] Haiii!

Kyo: *texts her saying: U so cute. Derp! :D*

Alyssa: [Texting Kyo] Look behind you. [She's behind him.]

Kyo: *looks behind him and sees her and blushes. Then blushes and texts: Oh..○3○*

Alyssa: Hii, Ky.

Kyo: Oh. Hey Aly.

DarkShadow: *sitting behind Annabelle and her friend* *draws a picture of a dragon*

Alyssa: I don't understand a thing this robot math teacher is saying.

Kyo: Yeah, I think it's busted.

Math robo: Malfunction. System shuting down.

Alyssa: No teacher. Good.

Kyo: what do we do with no teacher? *grins*

DarkShadow: We just do what we want now... *gets up and walks to a corner and writes down something*

Alyssa: Talk? Alot?

DarkShadow: Or I can fix it *she faced the class* my dad works at the factory that makes these things..... It looks like a simple class A model my dad tought me how to repair them... *she hopped no one would think she's such a nerd or she would be hated for continuing math when everybody hated it*

Annabelle: (She giggled) Lame...~

Girl: (Whispers) I know right...~? (They snicker)

Annabelle: (To her girls as she gestures to Alyssa and Kyo) And those two, like, really need a room. Kristy and Jack don't even flirt that much it public. They better cut it out before I take matters into my own hands, if you know what I mean~ (The girls all nod and whisper more) Anyway...I'm going on a totally amazing shopping spree after school today, do you wanna come ladies? And Millie? You wanna come~?

Millie: Yeah! But, I don't have THAT much money to buy stuff.

Annabelle: Oh don't stress, I'm all over it~(Millie smiles and nods)

Alyssa: [She blows her bang and starts to update her Muzzlebook status.]

Kyo: *sleeps on his desk*

(Annabelle texts some random people and grins)

DarkShadow: *her eyes glowed Green like they do when she is angry, but she calmed down* "You asked for it" she said *she walked behind the robot and began to fix wires and coded it to chant "Annabelle's a snob!! Annabelle's a snob!!" Over amd over again causing people to laugh.

Annabelle: Thanks for stating the obvious IDIOT.(She rolls her eyes as her girls scoff) You're an idiot, you're an idiot~! (She rolls her eyes and grins as she goes back to texting as her girls giggle)

DarkShadow: I'm not an idiot I'm just smarter then you, least I don't need a friggin posse of girls just to feel good about myself *walks away uneffected by the girls taunts* *sits back corner putting on head phones watching youtube*

Alyssa: [She looks over Darkest Shadow.] Whatcha watchin'?

Kyo: *arm wrestles another guy*

DarkShadow: I'm watching this guy called CaptainSparklez *shows Alyssa* he's pretty funny

Alyssa: [She looks at her phone.] He sorta is...

DarkShadow: *turns phone off* hey do you know when science is?

Alyssa: Yes, why?

DarkShadow:I'm kinda really good at science I really enjoy it.

Alyssa: Good to hear.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Skank.(She rolls her eyes as she talks to her friends) How much you wanna bet she's bi...? (The girls snicker)

The Echidna: (growls) I barely know that girl, but I'm willing to bet that she's NOT bisexual... so back off.

DarkShadow: *sighs* yeah I have a boyfriend you know.

Alyssa: You got a problem with bi's?

The Echidna: (glares at Annabelle) Yeah, she probably does... (clenches her fists)

Kyo: Yeah, Anna likes being a ***** for some unexplained reason.

Boy: Maybe because she didn't have friends as a child, so she picks on people now to make her feel better about herself.

The Echidna: ...Could be. The name's Lillian Fontaine, by the way, but call me Lily.

Alyssa: Nice to meet you. I'm Alyssa. [She shakes Lilian's hand.]

Lillian: Same goes to you... but anyway, we should be dealing with that snob. I'm sure she could use a lesson or two... (once again glares at Annabelle)

Alyssa: I'm not sure... It's kinda mean. It's a lose either way.

Lillian: Well, suit yourself...

Alyssa: Then what are you going to do about it? Lily?

DarkShadow: I just wonder why I came here in the first place when I can be back home... I really miss my mom and Red...

Alyssa: Is Red your boyfriend?

Annabelle: Maybe you IDIOTS should stop talking like you KNOW me, because you don't. And SECOND of all, Becca here, IS bi. (she points to one of the girls in her group and she rolls her eyes at the others) And by the way. I'm friends with a girl named Trixie, who is a lesbian, and I've known her for YEARS. So before you start making up s*** ABOUT me, do your homework, a**wipes...And yeah, I DO have a boyfriend.

Millie: I've met him! He's alright.(She nods)

Annabelle: So, just stop being a** backwads haters and get a life...(She rolls her eyes)

DarkShaodw: *rolls eyes* yeah Red is my boyfriend *she says ignoring Annabelle*

Annabelle: Little C**t...(She rolls her eyes and whispers to the others) I bet she's lying...~

Girl: (Whispers) Not the first time I've seen someone use that. On the other hand you and Iceman make an adorable couple~

Annabelle: (Whispers) Thanks~ (She grins)

DarkShadow: oh I'm sorry is Iceman some kind of superhero like in Xmen *says while texting Red*

Kyo: Pretty sure it isn't that one. She just lives in denial of her spoiled brat life to make people think that.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) No, it's a code name. (( Actually Iceman belongs to someone else on dA just so you know xD))

Boy: A codename for? (Oh.)

Alyssa: He seems really cute.

DarkShadow: Ah... (Oh that's coolXD) hey I think class is almost over

Annabelle: He's in the Federal Defense field.

Millie: A cop of sorts, right? (Annabelle nods)

Alyssa: Wow, that's amazing! You an Alexis must be real tight too!

Kyo: *falls asleep* Wake me up when the bell rings....Zzzzz

Annabelle: Hmph~

Alyssa: Um, Anna, is that a yes?

Annabelle: Hm? Oh, sorry, didn't hear you...Don't know anyone named Alexis though.(She shrugs innocently)

Alyssa: [She gives Annabelle an Alexis Anastasia Alana album.] If you listen to pop, then Alexis will take you to a whole new level.

DarkShadow: -looks at phone- dang I can't find any good movies tonight....

Alyssa: Oh well.... if you want, after school, you could watch me rehearse with the cast of High School Musical 4...

Kyo: *wakes up* Nnghh. There making a High school musical even though the third one was the last one?

Alyssa: Yes. I'm the choreographer and some employee role. Alexis is Gabriella, Danny is Troy, Christina is Sharpay..... I actually don't know who's playing Ryan...

Kyo: Who's Ryan?

Annabelle: Hmph. I think it would be the other way around honestly...That collab with Katy Perry a couple of months ago WAS impressive from what I heard~ (She looks at her nails)

Alyssa: Just give it a listen. [She looks at Kyo.] Um, Ryan is Sharpay's twin brother.

Red: *texts DarkShadow -Ove got a surprise for you <3-

DarkShadow: *text Red -? What is it?-

Red: *Opens the door to the class and smile as DarkShadow screams in joy*

DarkShadow: Oh my God Red! *runs up and hugs him*

Alyssa: [She looks at DarkShadow and smiles.] So this is your boyfriend, Red?

DarkShadow: Yeah this is Red, Red this is Alyssa

Red: Nice to meet you *shakes Alyssa's hand*

Kyo: Hey Red....I thought Ryan was Sharpay's boyfriend or something..

Red: *wispers to DarkShadow* are they talking about High School Musical?

DarkShadow: *nods*

Alyssa: I feel like Michelle is going to do a great job producing the fourth one...

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she talks with her girls) It's like, we get it. You guys can shut up now. Like we care about some stupid 4th movie of an already dead group of movies...(She rolls her eyes)

Girl: Not as amazing as your role in the Sonic version of that new horror movie As Above So Below.

Millie: That movie is going to be so cool!

Annabelle: I know~! My second horror movie! (she smiles) So anyway~ (They go back to their gossiping and discussing rumors)

Red: is that Annabelle Rich? The actress?

DarkShadow: yeah why?

Red: I've seen some of her movies they are pretty... *pauses*

Kyo: Lame?

Boy: Weird?

Girl: The same type of movie but with less realistic acting?

Alyssa: I heard of that movie! As Above So Below! Christina made the coustumes for that movie!

Red: I was gonna say slow and disappointing

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she looks Red up and down) I don't see YOUR movie critiques in Time magazine.

Popular Girl: So stop hating and learn a few things, OK pretty boy~?

2nd Popular Girl: Like his 'girlfriend' looks like road kill with tiny boobs~? (The group laughs and Annabelle is caught off guard by the insult as she is drinking water, and nearly chokes as she laughs and coughs)

Annabelle: (Coughs) Warn me next time! (Millie pats her on the back)

Boy: But you look like an out of porportion modl who had surgery in places to get noticed.

Kyo: And I'm prettysure yours are fake.

Couple of kids: *laugh*

Popular Girl: We'll I'm pretty sure the best party of you ran down the crack of your moms a**.

Annabelle: Hmph. A family tree made up of nothing but roots I bet...(Looks at her nails)

2nd Popular Girl: More like a cactus. Everyone on it is a major prick. With that attitude of his I'd expect him to be compensating for something. (Snickers around the room are heard, Anna not really paying attention)

Girl: And you use those type of remarks when in a couple of years, men will leave you because you have nothing left to offer to them other than the dumpload of additute? You must really have bad lives.

Boy: Guys, lets just chill. We don't want any fights, cuz it would end in someone being put in a coma.

Matt: *walks into the room, clearly grumpy* Stupid dumbass Mephiles.....taking away my Extreme Gear.....

Red: -listens at the girls pi##ed-

DarkShadow: *grins* yeah I'll be the one putting someone in a coma! *purple dark energy balls emit from her hands and her eyes glow green*

Matt: *looks at DakShadow* Whoa, missy chill out for a sec before you break something, or someone.

Alyssa: Annabelle, wanna exchange cell numbers?

DarkShadow: *grits her teeth and shoots a energy ball at the blackboard busting a hole it*

Red: Babe calm down! *grabs DarkShadow's arms*

Alyssa: Everything okay?

DarkShadow: yeah everything's fine! *shoots another energy ball at a desk making it explode*

Matt: Crap.....*runs over to a table and vaults over it, whilst doing an impressive somersault. As he lands, he takes off his headphones and places them on DarkShadow' s ears. He plays the calm guitar  version of 'His World' through them* (Who doesn't like this song?)

DarkShadow: *takes headphones off and desinergrates them with her powers* *goes and sits on her desk*

Red: at least it worked a little....

Matt: *sighs* Those were new......I didn't  even get to upload all of my music on to it.......

DarkShadow: *sighs *uses her powers to recreate the the item and placed it on the desk Infront of Matt*

Matt: *looks in surprise* Damn....thank you so much. I'll repay you someday! *puts his headphones in his bag before their destroyed again*

Red: There you go! By the way DarkShadow I have a letter from Jax...

DarkShadow: What? What does he want? *opens the letter and starts reading it*

Alyssa: [She gets an alert on her oPhone.] Oh my gosh! Alexis Anistasia Alana released a new song! [She quickly types in her code, goes into the oTunes store and downloads her latest song "Cheer Shoutout" $3.99.... [She types in her oTunes ID password and downloads the song.] Eeek!!! [She listens to the song. and the video.] DarkShadow! Come look at this!

Matt: *shudders*.....her songs suck

Alyssa: [She looks at Matt and takes off her earplugs.] Excuse me?

Matt: *looks at Alyssa* her recent songs suck....

DarkShadow: *shoots up from her chair* Are they crazy!!

Red: Yeah I knew you wouldn't like it...

Annabelle: (Talks to the others) So, we've got a homicidal hot head who doesn't like black boards, her less than amazing...'boyfriend', some random guys and a classroom full of haters...Could this school get any more stupid...? And here Alyssa.(She hands her her cell on a piece of paper) Text me and I'll save your number to my contacts.

Alyssa: Thanks, Anna. [She smiles, and then turns to DarkShadow.] What's wrong?

(Annabelle smiles innocently before lightly rolling her eyes to herself and taking her phone off)

DarkShadow: it's my brother... They are letting him out of prison *stands up* Red this is really bad!

Red:'I know but there's nothing we can do now.

Alyssa: What did he do?

Matt: Must've been pretty deep stuff....

Kyo: If you know the red headed eight year old I know, this deep would be like a shallow pond...*shudders*

Annabelle: Hmph. If it was that bad I say they can keep this guys a** behind bars for the rest of his miserable life...

Kyo: We don't exactly know what he did.

DarkShadow: *silent*

Red: He killed a guy....

Matt: *low whistle* So, is he coming here to settle a score or something?

Annabelle: Like I said. Life time sentence.

Kyo: Well, if could be a 30 year sentence. Besides, it isn't like he's gonna kill us, right?

Matt: *swallows* He can't kill us....Can he? What if he could? Oh my God!!!! What if he's on his way right now!!! What if....what if! *a purple aura surrounds Matt and he gets a hunch back and starts squinting a lot*. Oooh i'm not afraid of him. Back in my day....if we were scared of something we'd stand up from ourselves and fight each other with our bare hands!

Red: relax I think he's on house arrest now.

Mortimer (Matt's Alternate Personality): House Arrest? What's House arrest to stop him...back in my day we'd beb able to sneak out of house arrest like a mouse sneaks around the kitchen at night. We'd sneak out, do our business and then come back in. And when the cops came knocking we could say "I have no idea what you're talking about i'm under house arrest..."

Alyssa: People get away with murder. A lot.

Lily: Right... 

Kyo: I know kids who were raised by murderers. They attack me.

Mortimer (Matt): Eh, you youngsters face a lot more trouble than back in my day... *as Mortimer calms down a purple aura surrounds him and Matt returns to normal*.....what happened...

Lily: Sir, I had know idea on what the hell was going on in this school since the first day I arrived... 

Alyssa: Luckily, one of my friends watches "How to Back Out of Murder" on SBC....

Lily: (rolls her eyes) Puh, I know how to fend for myself already...

Matt: Does anyone know when class starts?

Alyssa: It's almost over now...

DarkShadow: don't worry I'm sure he won't come here.

Alyssa: Exactly. [She looks at Matt.] I really don't get you very well.... [She looks at DarkShadow.] He won't.

Annabelle: (sighs) Not only am I surrounded by mostly losers, but potential murderers...(she scoffs and rolls her eyes)

Kyo: You aren't a person who takes time to know people, are you?

Alyssa: We can't all be popular like you, Anna. [She smiles.]

Annabelle: You threatened to fight me. That's ALL I need to know...(She looks at Alyssa) Take my word sweetie. If he gets violent, GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN...(she smiles innocently and flutters her lashes) And thank you sweetheart~

Alyssa: I'll try my best~

Kyo: Well, you weren't 100% the victim, more like 80%, but....

Matt: Wait? Is this the last class of the day? If so i need to head to the field and get ready for the final match of the National Kickball Tournament. I'm the captain you see. Is anyone gonna watch?

DarkShadow: I hope this is the last class....

Red: *silent*

Annabelle: I'd rather watch hot guys play football or basketball to be honest...(she preforms a hair toss as she runs her fingers through her bangs)

Matt: Hello? Earth to spoilt chick? I don't think you've seen one of our matches have you? It's friggin epic! I mean two years ago......*Matt paused as a bad memory dawned upon him* 

Annabelle: (Scoffs when he stops) Yeah. Exactly. I wouldn't go unless someone bought a ticket for me...When you start playing a real deal sport instead of kicking a ball around, come and talk to me sweetheart...(She lightly rolls her eyes)

Alyssa: Kickball is televised? News to me...

Matt: Of course it's televised! Our school might win the nationals even, if we manage to beat long time rivals Sol High School guys should come!

Red: I didn't think kickball would even be popular enough to be on tv. *sits next to DarkShadow*

DarkShadow: I've seen dodgeball but not kickball.

Annabelle: Even DODGEBALL is more official than kickball...Hmph~ (She grins)

Matt: Yeah, i'd do Dodgeball to but i have a bad history with throwing balls. It started off two years ago...

Flashback to two years ago in a Kickball game

Commentator #1: Ladies and gentlemen today is not looking good for Matt the batter of The Chaos Breakers. He has had an extremely bad game today and it's the semi finals even!

Commentator #2: Trust me bro, Matt is playing horrible to say the least and the crowd out there aren;t showing any love today.

Crowd: *laughs at Matt whilst he stands in the centre*

Man #1: You might wanna get another batsman coach!  That players past it's expiry date!

Man #2: Yeah put a real player on!

Matt: *stands there looking down at the ground, clenching his fist*

Girl at the Plate: Come on Doofus! Throw the ball you wimp!

Matt: *picks up the ball and throws it with all of his might* The ball shoots towards her like a rocket

Commentator #1: What's this! An amazing throw from Matt...uh oh...

Crowd: *watches as the ball hits the girl in the stomach and carries her through the air into the fence* Oooooooh

Commentator #2:  Ooooh is right folks, that looked like it hurt!

Matt: *watches as the ball still spins while it's on her stomach after a short while it stops and then drops to the floo, followed by the girll dropping to the floor*

Commentator #2: Oh i don't think she's getting up anytime soon, she'll be lucky if she can walk.

Commentator #1#: And the worst part was that people, this was no accident. He threw that on purpose

Crowd: *Begins to  Boo Matt as he runs of the field*

Back to the present

Matt: Yep and that's why i didn't touch the sport for 2 years

Red: Damn..

DarkShadow: did you ever meet her after the game?

Alyssa: What was her name?

Matt: I never found out her name actually, it could be anyone in Sol High School. Do you guys no any girlwith broken legs' or is in a wheel chair? That's probably her.

Annabelle: Are you kidding? YOU deserve to be in jail TOO~! How stupid can you GET?

Alyssa: [Giggle] Sorry, all of my friends are fine.

Annabelle: What an idiot...You should be playing a REAL sport like SOCCER if you're going to do THAT...

Kyo: I don't see what the problem is. People get hurt in sports a lot.

Matt: Thank you Kyo and plus, it was only one person. It would have bmeen a lot worse if it was soccer. Everyone on the opposing team would get hurt....

Annabelle: Yeah but they don't get PARALYZED you jacka$$.

Alyssa: She's probably healed now...... I have a good friend who can cure serious injuries, even paralysis, if they want....

Annabelle: Still. He's a complete idiot. I'd hate to see him kick another guy in the balls...THAT would hurt guys from at least a MILE away.

Kyo: Yeah, that is true.

Matt: They don't call me the Demon of Chaos Breaker for nothing.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Now you're an even BIGGER idiot. Why? Because we don't CARE. WHY am I always in the class with the idiots...?

Alyssa: Demon of Chaos Breaker? What in the wide wide world is that?

Matt: *looks at Annabelle* Someone cares....i think *turns to Alyssa* The Chaos Breakers are the school kickball team,

Annabelle: (Coughs) Not a real sport! (Her girls giggle)

Matt:*starts to get annoyed and a purple aura surrounds him as he turns into Marco. His shirt and jacket come off somehow leaving him topless and revealing his muscles and abs*

Marco (Matt): What fo you know about sport you spoilt maggot! I bet you right now you couldn't give me 30 clean perfect press ups! And until you you prove me wrong you have the right to remain silent!!!

Kyo:....So, changing the subject, we have nothing to do when we go home.

Annabelle: Hmph~! I act, I don't do sports unless I'm in gym class...(She scoffs)

Alyssa: Oh, dear.... it's Michelle all over again with this hunk. He still ain't as hot as Kyo..... [She blushes and some kids holler.]

DarkShadow: *shifts nervously* can we please stop talking about this....

Alyssa: Just stop! Listen to some Alexis Anastasia Alana or something!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Can we just hut up about her already~? (She rolls her eyes) It's getting annoying...if you want to relax you listen to Mike Posner or someone like that...(She looks at her nails)

Marco: *takes deep breaths and reverts back to Matt, his shirt and jacket also reappear.....somehow*

Matt: Why does everyone look so angry?

Kyo: Well, for one, you make no sense. Two, *looks at Alyssa* you think I'm hot?

Alyssa: Of course..... [She blushes some kids holler.]

Matt: Hold do i make no sense?

Alyssa: Anyone have a kickball?

Boy: I do!

Girl: Weirdo!

Boy: [She gives the ball to Alyssa.]

Alyssa: Annabelle, you do the honors.

Matt: *Proceed's to walk out the door* If you're the most popular chick in school i dare you to throw that....

Annabelle: Hm. OK. (She cracks her knuckles as she takes the ball, and throws it across the room, watching it bounce off of a wall, then a window) So glad that didn't break...(She gave a somewhat relieved sigh) At least I can throw. Anything ELSE you want me to do tough guy?

Matt: Actually there is one thing....*point to his chin* throw it at me..........hard

Alyssa: Oh, for crying out loud! [She takes the ball from Annabelle, and throws it smack at Matt's face, leaving a mark.] Thankfully, now you know what it feels like for that girl.

Matt: Is.....that all you got....? *winces in pain* Hey you there! Could you please open the window?

Boy:*Opens the window fully*

Matt: Thank you *Matt places the ball of the floor takes a couple steps backwards and then he kicked the ball. The ball shot out off the window and onto the forest outside the building. A few seconds later there was a bang in the distance and one of the tall trees in the forest toppled over. The class watched in shock*

Alyssa: [Gasp] You damaged nature! Emma would be so ashamed of you!

Kyo; Wow...thats almost as far as that one kids' kick.

Matt: Is Emma that enviromentalist chick that always protests in the corridors?

Annabelle: If you ask ME he's just showing off...and ANOTHER thing. If he's that strong, wouldn't it be against the rules for him to be playing sports with that sort of power?

Millie: I...guess that makes sense? (She blinks)

Matt: One, it takes a show off to know a show off and two, It's not unfair if the opposing team is twice as strong. 

Kyo: But were they? I'm just asking.

Matt: The last few teams were about my team's level of strength combined. Sol High School, the team we're facing today in the finals, are double our teams strength. The odds of us winning are slim.

Annabelle: Can't wait to hear how you cripple another innocent girl then.(She and her friends giggle)

Matt: *tsks* Sounds like someone doesn't think i could win a game of Kickball without breaking someones bones.

Alyssa: Matt, do you mean Emma Calero?

Matt: Yeah! That's the one, i think, i dont't actually know Emma...

Tesla arrives at Chaos High School. He gets out of his Koenigsegg, and looks at the school. "The last Grade." Tesla says to himself. "Here we go..." Tesla walks to the main entrance.

Matt: *looks out the window* Whoa, who's car is that? *He puts on his glasses to see and a purple aura surrounds him as he turns into his other personality, Jimmy*

Jimmy (Matt): No Way! That guy owns a Koenigsegg Agera R!?  That thing goes from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds! That things has a therorectical top speed of 273mph! That friggin awesome.....

Tesla walks to class. "Hey everybody." Tesla said. "I'm new here."

Annabelle: (Scoffs at Jimmy) Lame...(She looks over at Tesla) Look girls, new boy~ (She grins)

Tesla waves slowly and shyly at Annabelle.

Alyssa: [She looks at Matt.] Well, yeah. What other Emma would you know? [She then looked at Telsa.] My name's Alyssa. It's nice to meet you~ What's your name?

"Tesla The Hedgehog. Just call me Tesla." Tesla said. Oh yeah, he also has a British accent. I thought you guys already knew. *~*

Alyssa: Nice name. [She smiles innocently.]

Tesla chuckles. "Yeah, I know..." Tesla said.

Alyssa: Wanna be friends?

"Sure." Tesla gave a thumbs up.

Alyssa: Now, where's the off switch this personality? 

"Huh?" Tesla was confused...

Jimmy (Matt): Matt has multiple personality disorder, in case anyone didn't notice. I'm his brainiac personailty Jimmy. *Suddenly a purple aura surrounds him and Jimmy takes off his glasses, turning him back to Matt*

Matt: I have a strange feeling that Jimmy came out, since i'm holding these glasses... *looks at Tesla* Oh, new guy. Hi! I'm Matt

"Tesla." Tesla waves to Matt.

Alyssa: It's kinda odd...... 

Matt: Yeah it is but i've learnt to control them. Well, most of them. Ok, only two.

"Ah." Tesla said.

Alyssa: It still is kind of weird.

"But it might be cool and useful." Tesla suggested.

Alyssa: Useful and cool are the last words I'd use to describe it. Just plain "uncalled for" are the first...

"Sure." Tesla said.

Matt:*clearly hurt* Oh! I'm sorry! Please except my brain as a token apology, since it seems like you can apparently handle my condition better than me! You think I can't see how uncalled for and annoying these personalities are? I can't even sleep without their constant bickering in my head.

Annabelle: (Rolls her eyes as she goes over to Tesla) Hey. Annabelle Rich. Need I say more~? (She smiles at him as Millie comes over as well) And this is Millie~

Millie: Hi.(She gives a shy wave to Tesla)

"Hello." Tesla waves to Millie. "I'm Tesla."

Millie: Nice to meet you.(She smiles)

Matt: *sighs and brings out his headphones and places them on his head, only the faint sounds of what sounded like rock music could be heard*

(The bell rings, it's the end of class)

Alyssa: I think Lunch is next, and as for you, Matt, or Marco, or Jimmy, you should go to therapy. I recommend it... Don't take it to offense though. [Alyssa walks to the next class with her boyfriend.]

"Take it easy, man." Tesla says to Matt, and leaves.

Matt: Hey Tesla, wait up! You going to the cafeteria? *Walks after Tesla*

"Yes." Tesla said.

Matt: Cool, i think i'll come with you.

"OK, tag along!" Tesla smiles.

Matt: Aw7esome! *in thought* Finally someone who doesn't treat me like a freak....

Kyo: *wakes up from nap and sees the other going to the cafeteria* Hngh...Wait up!

Annabelle: Lets go ladies.(She leads the group to the lunchroom where they tell off some less popular students, and claim a corner of the cafeteria for themselves)

Alyssa: C'mon Kyo!~

Kyo: *runs after them* 

Alyssa: [She texts Annabelle] "Where r u?"

Nitro: *Casually sips french vanilla cappuccino*

Lily: (meditates)

Alyssa: [She looks at Lily blankly]

Lily: (opens a single eye; it glances at Alyssa) "Hmm? Is there a problem?"

Alyssa: Why are you meditating?

Millie: So...this is our corner from now on, right?

Annabelle: Duh~! Everyone knows that the best students deserve the best things~! It's common sense after all...~

Alyssa: Words to live by, Annabelle. Those were words to live by.~

Annabelle: (She grins innocently) Hmph~ (She shrugs as she gossips with the other girls)

Matt:[Sits Near Tesla] So? How come you came to class so late? If i may ask?

Alyssa: [She starts to eat.] Mmmm.... 

Kyo: *falls asleep next to Alyssa*

Alyssa: [She pokes Kyo.] What's wrong, sleepyhead?

Kyo: Taking a a nap....Zzz..

Alyssa: [She shrugs and continues eating.] Yum!~

Annabelle: (Whispers) I want to cause some trouble...But where to start...~?

Alyssa: [She whispers back.] It's not like me to start any trouble, but if you do want to get a little naughty, what about a food fight?

Kyo: *wakes up* I'm in.

Alyssa: Um.... okay?

Annabelle: (Scoffs) That's a little to...Messy, for me sweetheart...I have standards...(Whispers to Alyssa) You're lucky I'm even tolerating your violent a$$ boyfriend sit anywhere NEAR me...Let alone my friends...(To her friends) I'm talking about ruining reps...~ (Her friends agree, but Millie scratches her head nervously)

[Nearby, a wolf in a red shirt and black jeans can be seen rocking out to some tunes on his Air Pod. His eyes are closed, and so far, he doesn't seem to be noticing anyone else.]

Lily: "Hmmm..." (looks around curiously)

Alyssa: [She notices the wolf.] Um.... hello.

[He doesn't seem to hear Alyssa at first, as he's got his music set to high.]

Annabelle: (She stares at the wolf before getting up and walking over) Allow me hun. (She rips the wolfs music off of is ears, smiling innocently as she drops it to the floor) Excuse you. Alyssa was trying to speak to you.(She she flutters her lashes as she goes back to her table full of friends)

???: *frowns as his buds are removed* Well, excuse me... *Sighs, looks over at Alyssa* Yo.

Matt: [sneaks over to Millie when everyone is distracted] Listen, you seem like a nice girl. Which is why I'm giving you this warning. You see these girls [points to Annabelle's Clique]. They will corrupt your innocence. Run, while you still can.

Alyssa: [She looks at Matt blankly.] .... .... .... ....

Matt: [notices Alyssa staring and turns back to Millie] Ok, everyone in the group apart from Alyssa. She's more or less a nice person.

Alyssa: [She closes her eyes, shakes her head "nono" and then turns back to continue eating her lunch.]

Millie: Uhh...But, Anna is a nice person too...People just keep getting on her bad side, that's all. (She smiles softly) She's really helpful when I need help studying for a test or something like that, and when the time comes for me to take it, I always ace it with her help! She also has a really nice fashion sense, and she always insists on getting me outfits from Forever 21, but I don't want to seem like a freeloader....

???: ...*notices Alyssa ignoring him* Alright then. *sighs*

Annabelle: Um, excuse you. What are you doing talking to Millie~?

Millie: It wasn't anything important Anna. Lets get back to the others.(She smiles as Annabelle gives a small smile back and they head towards the clique's table)

Matt: [puts up his hand as if to wave goodbye to Millie but puts it down] Yeah she's pretty sweet...[smiles to himself]

(The two sit down next to each other as the group starts to gossip and laugh)

Kyo: What was that?...

Alyssa: Is it me, or is Matt kinda creepy?

Matt: [Suddenly appears behind Alyssa in a piff of smoke] However do you mean? I'm sure everything I've done today has a reasonable answer to it. I have multiple personality disorder, hence the switches in names and stuff. The whole crazy strength? That's what happens if you let Marco take over your body for spring break and almost every weekend after that. The thing I did just now? I have Smoke powers and the whole thing with Millie [Blushes] is nothing you need to worry about. Though I was a bit over dramatic. 

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she whispers to Millie) Weird, isn't he...? (Millie hesitates before nodding)

Alyssa: [Ignoring Matt] Millie, wanna be friends too?~

Millie: Sure! (Annabelle looks on as she flutters her lashes as she listens)

Alyssa: Great!~

(Millie smiles at her)

Matt: So? Does anyone know what class we have next?

Alyssa: So, do you ever go the mall, Millie?

Millie: Yeah! All of the time! And sometimes with Anna and the others too. (She smiles) It's nice to get away from all the school work and stuff.

Alyssa: I love going to the mall!~ What shop do you usually go to?

Millie: I like going to Hot Topic sometimes, when I'm not with Anna, but I also like Spencers and Forever 21-

Annabelle: Don't forget Victoria's Secret sweetheart~

Matt: [looks at the door and sees Coach Sonic beckonimg him to come to outside] Oh crud... [stands up and goes outside]

Alyssa: [She sighs in relief] Now that that's over... [She looks back at Millie] You like Forever 21? So do I!~ I also go to the Botique Couture, because one of my friends makes clothes that the store puts on display and sells.

Kyo: *takes off his hat and mutters* I need a new hat...

Alyssa: [She looks at Kyo and smiles.] Then, how about you, me, Millie and Annabelle all go to the mall after school?

Kyo: Ok...but just for the record, everything's cool between me and them, right?

Alyssa: Yeah. Of course. [She takes out her oPhone and goes on Instagram.] Millie, let's take a selfie!~

Annabelle: (scoffs lightly) I can tolerate YOU Alyssa, sweetheart...But HIM? (She lightly rolls her eyes)I wouldn't be caught dead with HIM...(her friends giggle and snicker as Millie blinks)

Millie: Oh, sure! (She nods)

Alyssa: [She takes a selfie with Millie] What should my filter be.....? How about Valencia. Okay, now, for a caption..... Anna, you're clever at this kind of stuff, what kind of caption should my selfie have?

Annabelle: (She looks at her out of the corner of her eye, cocking an eyebrow) Hmph. How about 'Check this out! It takes time to get this fabulous in life~' (Her girls applaud her)

Kyo: *mutters* Unless you win the lottery..

Alyssa: [She texts "Check this out! It takes time to get this fabulous in life~" and posts it.] By the way, Anna, how many followers do you have?

Annabelle: Last time I checked...around 10 million.(She shrugs as if it's nothing and her friends congradulate her)

Alyssa: That's amazing!~ I only have like around 700 thousand..... but still that's really amazing!~ You're like the next big thing~

Annabelle: And I HAVE been for quite some time~ (She smiles as Millie nods happily, and her friends agree quickly)

Matt: [walks back into the room, clearly looking worried and sits down at one of the tables] I'm in it deep now....

Annabelle: Hey girls, check it out, it's that freak who hurts girls...(The girls all whisper and gossip)

Matt: [is too upset and head desks the table] Now I've got two things to worry about...

Annabelle: (Whispers) What a freak....

Matt; (Whsipers) What a B**** 

(One of the girls whispers to Annabelle and she giggles as she looks over at Matt and grins as she snickers*

Matt: [looks at the group of girls] What do you want from me?

Alyssa: Let me guess. You played a mini game of kickball with Coach Sonic, and you sent him to the hospital.... [She giggles and turns back to Anna's clique.] You have a twitter too?

Matt : Ha.......ha, funny, and no. Because I got my Extreme Gear comfosfayed todday, Mrs Amt suggested that I be kicked off of the team. However, the Coach heard about it and went and begged her for me to stay and even promised to take her on a date of we win. She obviously agreed after that, but, the Coach then said that of slipped up again before school or lose the match that's I'm getting kicked off the team.

Annabelle: Hmph. Good riddence if you ask me...~ (She looks over at Alyssa and gives a light scoff) Of COURSE I do~ (She grins)

Matt: (in thought) This girl is pissing me off, oh well, my popularity is bound to bosst once i help the team win the match.

(Annabelle grins as she looks at her nails. Millie smiles innocently as she sips at her water)

Nitro: *Wakes up from nap* Huh? What the hell is going on?

Matt: Dude? When did you sleep?

Annabelle: Nothing. It was less annoying when you were asleep sweetheart~ (She grins innocently at Nitro)

Alyssa: Honestly, I think you made that whole story about the kickball team thing up..... Anna, are you a cheerleader?

Nitro: Matt, to be honest I have no clue when I fell asleep. Did miss anything important. Other than Annabelle being a total prick.

Annabelle: HEAD cheerleader to be exact~ (She looks at Nitro) Takes one to know one~ (She runs her fingers through her hair flawlessly)

Kyo: You mean your group of "friends" (minus Millie and Alyssa) are ones?

Matt: [sighs] So you think I'm lying Alyssa? Even after that wicked. awesome kick and being called out by the Coach

Alyssa: [She turns to Alyssa.] You are? After school, did you want to stunt with a few of your and a few of my friends?

Annabelle: (To Kyo) DUH. (She scoffs as she ignores Matt by making a 'shoo' gesture at him as she turns to Alyssa) Depends. Can they keep up with me~?

Alyssa: Well..... are you a flyer, base or backspot?

Matt: [takes a deep breath] Must remain calm...

Annabelle: Flyer of course. Not to mention my flexibility is very hard to come by~

Alyssa: A flyer? I guess I'll base. What's your best tumbling pass?

Annabelle: Oh, it's the best around~ If I try hard enough, at least somewhere past 6 flips, and if I use my tail, I can get extra air and at a somersault to it~

Matt: So....uh, Millie, do you think my story is fake?

Millie: W-well...for one I think it's a bit of a bad idea to let you hurting people go unpunished...

Annabelle: THANK you Millie. See? SHE knows a freak of nature when she sees it...(Her friends giggle)

Matt: I got banned fromt the sport for two years. What more punishment do you guys want me to get?

Annabelle: It's still almost attempted murder. And I'm thinking more along the lines of banned for likf, ya know~ (She looks in her pocket mirror as she applies some lip gloss and Millie looks down, thinking)

Matt: The only way you can get banned for life is if you took drugs or killed someone on the field so I'm safe for now.

Annabelle: Yeah. FOR NOW. (Scoffs) Why do I even bother trying to talk sense into you? You're brain must be on permanent vacation...~ (Her friends laugh)

Matt: Yeah, why do you bother. It's not like I'm gonna kill anyone anyway

Annabelle: I'll repeat - FOR NOW. It's only a matter of time, loser~

Matt: [mimics Annabelle] OMG! You are totally gonna like kill  somebody! [Normal Voice] Stupid wolf.....hopefully that won't be a problem once I get my own show.

Annabelle: (Scoffs lightly) So funny~! Won't be as funny for you when you get kicked off the team AGAIN. (Her friends laugh)

Matt; Oh really? And how do you suppose will that happen?

Annabelle: (scoffs) Hello? It's YOU. What more is there too it~?

Matt: You're right, it is me. So I'm definitely staying on the team. Now If it was someone like Marco or Mortimer, then maybe I'd get kicked off. Luckily no one here has figured put my triggers, so it's Matt all the time for me!

Annabelle: Whatever. I STILL say you'll get kicked off again. I mean really. Face the facts sweetheart. It's GONNA happen.

Matt: [grins] How about we have a little wager huh? I bet you 100 rings that i won't get kicked off by the end of the day. If i do get kicked off, i'l pay you a hundred rings...and be your personel servant for a week

Alyssa: Aren't rings like 5 cents per ring

Matt: Really? Gosh the conversion rate must suck these days. Aren't they like solid gold rings though?

Alyssa: I don't think so... If they were solid gold, then they'd be on display in a glass case in Anna or Lili's glass musuem, not scattered all around the world.

Annabelle: I'd rather wager some REAL money you know~? I mean, I AM pretty rich after all. Winning or losing a bet will only be a small fee to pay...Say like a...parking ticket. Or a full tank of gas.

Matt: Fine then, one hundred dollars. If i can stay on the team till the end of the day then you owe me $ wait, $150. If I get kicked off, then I'll pay you $100 and be your personal servant for a week, how about that?

Annabelle: Perfect. But one more question. Cash or check~? (Her friends snicker and giggle)

Matt: I like my money in cash thank you...

Annabelle: Good. Because I bought a new wallet and I wanted to make sure that everyone could see it~ Would you like it in ones? Tens? Twenties? Or just a $100 dollar bill and a $50 dollar bill~?? You can tell I'm having so much fun with this~

Kyo: And how much money do you have exactly, if your so "rich"?

Annabelle: Well, my entire family has investments, I have multiple vacation homes in California, Miami, New York, some log cabins all over the US, a few vacation homes in Europe and so on. And those are just MINE. Not my parents. I own the most expensive purse in the world, I've met the president and hung out with his daughters. And I'm also so rich I can pay the entire 4 years to a private university or a college for a school full of high school students. Need I say more~? (Her group marvels at her as does Millie.)

Kyo...I aksed for a number, not a whole *mutters the word fake* life story.

Annabelle: Well excuse me...~ (She scoffs) No need to get all angry and jealous~ I'd say...I could literally take out about $1 Million from the bank and it wouldn't even pose a threat too my or the family budget~

Kyo: Ok, so your low rich.

Boy: Huh?

Kyo: Rich, but not rich like others or whatevs.

Annabelle: (scoffs) Excuse me? Low rich doesn't apply to me. I'm on the rich level of at least...I wanna say Tyler Perry. Or maybe Leonardo DiCaprio or maybe even Robert Downy Jr.

Kyo: Kay, that might be high, but it isn't the richest person in the school. Now I said school, so you can mix it up with anyone we dont know.

Alyssa: Anna, you were in music videos, right?

Annabelle: (She ignores Kyo as she talks with Alyssa) Yup~! I do sing after all~

Matt: Seems like this is gonna be the easiest $150 ever!

Annabelle: At least I'm still richer than you. But lets be honest, you AREN'T staying on that team for long...~ History has a way of repeating itself.

Matt: If that's true then you should have a personal servant by the end of the day which is in two periods.

Annabelle: Hm, I think you may be right~

Kyo: And I think that your a pile of crap.

Annabelle: What was that? Sorry, I couldn't hear you over your hating. Why don't you get a life instead of being jealous of mine, hm~? (She smiles innocently)

Kyo: We're hating? Why would we be jealous of a life of some spoiled brat who thinks she is something just because she's rich? If anything, your the one hating.

Boy: The jock has a point! *crowd starts to mumble*

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Kyo isn't a jock first of all. And if he was I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be. And if you don't like the way I am and keep talking that way, well, I'm sure that would count as hating now wouldn't it~? I don't hate simply because well, I have nothing to hate on. I have a beautiful successful life and your attempts to bring me down don't phase me~ It's people like YOU that are always bringing down MY people~ (Her group of girls agree as they talk to her. Millie rubs her head as she nods lightly)

Kyo: YOUR people are the ones bringing others down. You think just because your rich and somehow popular you can bring others down. And, FYI, that was my job!

Boy: I think you guys are taking this out of hand. Can't we all just get along and be cool? 

Annabelle: Not as long as I'm rich, got it~? (She suddenly glares as she, once again, ignores Kyo. She snaps her fingers as a girl from her group hands her a small pocket mirror as she checks her make up before handing it back with a smile)

Kyo: So you think as long as your rich you can just mess with people? 

Boy: You used to mess with people...on occasion.

Annabelle: Not technically...And who said it was 'messing' with people. I say it's more along the lines people regular reality checks~

Kyo: And have you ever considered you might need one?

Annabelle: Of course not. I've learned that life is tough, except if you have money. The world REVOLVES around the stuff. It can sometimes truly be the answer to a persons problems.

Matt: [feels a strong urge to take of his glasses and he does so. A purple aura surrounds him as he turns into Jimmy]

Jimmy (Matt): Money answers to a persons problems huh? Well I see money hasn't helped you get your old boyfriend back has it? I bet you still haven't gotten over that guy. What's his name? He shares the name with that guy from Friday the 13th?

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Mind your own business a$$hole. I'm sure you've never had a girl in YOUR life. And besides. Guys fling themselves at my feet. In FACT. I'm actually seeing someone as we speak. His name is Chad, and he's a basketball player. A bit on the quiet side, but very handsome and smart~

Kyo: If you have a boyfriend and guys fling themselves to you, they must really be desprate.

Annabelle: Oh please. You were flirting with me not one day ago~ (Her group snickers)

Jimmy (Matt): So....was he dating you before or after you paid him?

Boy: I wouldn't canll that flirting.  Mainly because you aren't really dateable. 

Annabelle: Of course I am. I've been on more dates than I've had boyfriends. Some good, some not so good...and some that were complete wastes of my time...(She rolls her eyes)

Kyo: And I guess all those boys dumped you? Can't really blame them. You do have an unattractive personality. A BIG one.

Annabelle: I wasn't finished mister I consider beating up girls is a perfect way of flirting. (Scoffs) I'm sure you'll punch Alyssa before you two even go on your first date...I mean, you're NEVER gonna amount to a GOOD boyfriend. Your qualities suck, and, you're just terrible at it. Plain and simple. Anyway, let me finish c**k sucker...~ (Her friends snicker) They were only first dates if you would stop being a f***ing idiot and LISTEN for once. Some of them were cute, some of them had good personalities, some had their girlfriends randomly show up and dump them because they choose me over them. Who can blame those poor guys. And honestly, every single time that's happened, the girls totally looked like two faced hobos...(She rolls her eyes in disgust)

Kyo: So you a desperate person who was looking for someone after a previous one left you for some other person, you have no class, and I don't really think you'd amount to a good girlfriend.  I mean, you have an attitude,  you think your better than people, and you act innocent even though you're a total b****, and you say I'm the idiot? You should take a hard look in the mirror and whether or not your proud to be a a**.

Boy: Round 1, fight!!

Annabelle: Oh, were you saying something? All I heard was 'b***h b***h, whine whine, b***h whine B***H.' Now if you don't mind, I have HIGHER class people to talk to. SHOO. (She grins as she flutters her lashes and goes back to sit in the middle of her group) I mean really, I prefer not to waste breath on a violent girl beater...(Scoff) It's useless getting ANYTHING through that head...(The starts to talk to them. Millie rubbed her head, her head down)

Kyo: Are you sure hat wasn't coming from you? Jeez, it's like that ugly head of your is way to dense to know something. *goes to his group* 

Annabelle: Sor-ry. Couldn't hear you over your UN-popularity~ (Her group laugh as she smiles innocently) What a loser...Trying to bring the richer people down because we're so successful~!

Girl: I KNOW~! Maybe he should just get a life of his own!

[A young Raccoon wearing a orange t shirt and blue jeans quickly ran into the cafeteria and slammed the door, the faint sound pf screaming girls can be heard behind it]

???: Jeez, I told my agent this will happen.

Annabelle: Who's the new chick...? (she cocks an eyebrow as she rolls her eyes and starts scrolling on her phone. Meanwhile, the rest of her group are busy gossiping about her. Millie looks over, a bit surprised)

???: First off, maybe if you looked up from your phone, you'd see I'm a dude and maybe even recognize me. Considering the fact that I'm on the front page of pretty much all the Hip-hop magazines and second page on the fashion ones.

Boy: Finally,  a rich guy!

Kyo: Whats the difference? 

Girl: Rich boys are better. And are actually likeable. 

Kyo: True.

???: For those who don't recognise me, let me introduce myself. My name is Cassidy, you might know me as...

Matt: [surpresses Jimmy] Young Ringtail!? Oh my gosh, dude! I've listened to all of your songs!!!

Annabelle: Cassidy? (She gasps a bit) I'm so sorry! Some certain PEOPLE are putting me in an OFF mood. I didn't mean to direct that anger towards you...

Millie: (She gasps) No WAY! (She slaps a hand over her mouth in surprise)

Kyo: And Annabelle know him...hopefully he isn't a jerk.

Annabelle: What in the world are you doing here though??

Cassidy: Well, my agent thought it would be good publicity if, instead of going to my private tutor all the time, I actually went to high school, since I'm still 17. A couple of phone calls later and here I am.

Annabelle: Sort of a drag...(She tapped her chin)

Cassidy: Trust me, but as long as I can make good music and put it out there, I dont mind.

Annabelle: True, I guess...(She shrugged)

Cassidy: So what's everyone up to?

Annabelle: Just talking about the usual stuff, nothing special~

(Millie only stares at him in amazement)

Annabelle: Millie, don't stare to much sweetheart~

Cassidy: [chuckles] That is a reaction that i get a lot. So your name is Millie?

Alyssa: I wonder.... You know Cassidy, Anna?

Millie: (Blushes) Uh, y-yeah...(She looks down shyly)

Annabelle: Well, not personally Alyssa. But I know he's been asking to perform at Heaven. Not to mention Paradiso for the grand opening~

Cassidy: [smiles at Millie] Well nice to meet you Millie. [Looks at Annabelle] Speaking of which, are we still on for that?

(Millie looks down as she gives a small smile, trying to hide her blush)

Annabelle: (She smiles at Millie's reaction) Of course! I always have somewhere to slip a celebrity performance in~

Cassidy: Great! Thanks again for the oppurtunity.

Annabelle: Oh you are so welcome~!

Cassidy: So, when does class start?

Annabelle: In another few minutes I think...~

Matt: Good, the closer it is the the kickball match the closer I am to winning the bet.

Cassidy: Bet? What are the stakes?

Matt: Me and Miss Popular over there have a bet goinf on to see if I can stay on the kickball team for the rest of the day. If I win I get $150, if she wins she gets $100 and I have to be her servant for a week.

Cassidy: This I've got to see....

Annabelle: I said the SAME thing. (She scoffs with a grin as she rolls her eyes) Besides. In my world, $150 is like $1.50~ (Her friends snicker as she flutters her lashes innocently)

Cassidy: Oh really?

Annabelle: Really really~ (She grins)

Cassidy: [grins back] Seems like money isn't a problem for some people

Matt: Well it seems like i've got this bet in the bag.

Alyssa: Maybe I could borrow my friend's football gear so I won't get hurt from Matt's ball.... 

Cassidy: [looks at Alyssa] You've been quiet for a while, what's your name?

Alyssa: [She looks at Cassidy.] Oh, sorry I forgot to introduce myself earlier... I'm Alyssa... though if you go to dance showcases or watch me dance at national football games, you might recognize me.

Annabelle: (Glances over at the two) Hm~

Cassidy: I'll keep an eye out next time i watch a game

[the bell rings]

Alyssa: Thanks!

Cassidy: So what lesson have you got next?

Matt: I've got Chemistry...

Cassidy: Same here

Matt: Sharing a chemistry class with the Young Ringtail? Pinch me i'm dreaming!

Annabelle: (She and Millie stand up as they walk by with their posse) Sounds like a man crush if I've ever heard one~ (She grins as she rolls her eyes, and she and the rest of them walk off to class, but then separate)

Nitro: Sigh, can we ever go ten minutes without Annabelle being an a**hole? Whatever, I like chemistry, so Annabelle can't ruin this for me.

(Annabelle giggled as she talked with Millie)

Cassidy: She is quite the troublemaker isn't she?

Matt: No offence Ringtail, but that is truly the understament of the year...

(Annabelle sits down with Millie in class)

(Cassidy and Matt walk into class and sit next to each other, behind Annabell and Millie)

Matt: you wanna sign my copy of your last album [holds it out]

Cassidy: Sure why not? [takes his album] How should i sign it?

(Millie watches the two in awe and envy)

Annabelle: (Nudged her lightly) Don't look so desperate hun, it's not attractive.

Cassidy: [Notices Millie] Do you want a signed copy too?

(Annabelle smiles slightly as Millie's eyes light up, and she nods)

Cassidy: Alright then [signs Matt's copy and hands it to him] Here, you go dude.

Matt: Thanks!

Cassidy: [pulls out of his bag a fresh copy of the album and signs it, he then gives it to Millie] Here ya go!

Millie: W-whoa...! (Her cheeks flush as she holds it in her hands) T-thank you...!

Cassidy: You're welcome Millie. [looks at Annabelle] Do you want one?

Annabelle: Tsk, if you insist hun~ (She gives a small smile) I don't see why not~

Cassidy: Awesome [takes out a copy of his last album and signs it, he then hands it to her] Here ya go.

Annabelle: Thanks~ (She smiles and lightly flutters her lashes at him innocently)

Cassidy:You're welcome [smiles]

(Annabelle smiles back as Millie rubs her head awkwardly)

Chris:{plays "it doenstt matter" on acoustic guitar}

katherine:you play good.


katherine:wanna see something?


katherine:itss an emerald my parents gave to me for my B-day.

Chris:woah!bring all seven and learn the secrets of the world

Katherine: who told you that?

Chris: itss in the geography book

Katherine: since its also For a test, wanna help me collect them?


Katherine:~kisses chris~


(Annabelle whispers to her wannabee friends and they all giggle and laugh)

Annabelle: (Whispers) I know! It's so lame~

Matt: Um, shouldn't you two keep your PDA a littlw more private:

chris: Annabelle, atleast Im not the girl that everyone is sad for,atleastt I know how to make money,so back off bird-breath

(everyone in there says [burn!])

Katherine:mind;{this is going to get dirty}

Chris:hey annabelle, I think I see you family there (points to pigeons)

Annabelle: (scoffs lightly) You know, I'd slap you, but sh!t stains. (The whole class bursts out laughing) You only make 5 things; mistakes, ugly babies, cigarette ashes, bad sex and the sh!t coming out of your mouth.( People "Ohhhhhh" At the comment)

Girl: When you were younger, did your parents have to tie a steak around your neck so the other dogs would play with you? (Their group snickers)

Annabelle: If you wanna get into that kind of fight with me prepare to loose. You're as useless as the "ay" in "okay".

[Annabelle gets a text from Alyssa in another class. Text: Hi Anna~]

Annabelle: (She looks at her phone and texts back without missing a beat: Heya Alyssa~ What's up?

chris:(breaks her phone and goes to principle's office)princpile Knuckles,she just Pisses me off!atleast stop her{vains pop out of his head},if you were me youlll deal with it too!

Annabelle: Hmph. How lame. Just snitching like that. What is this, pre school~? As if the principal will believe her. I'm a straight A student with a 4.0 GPA for goodness sake~

Millie: I...guess you're right...?

Annabelle: O' course I am hun~ (She smiles as Millie tries to smile back)

Cassidy: [0_0] Does this happen everyday?

Matt: Pretty Much

Cassidy: [grins] This is gonna be one heck of a year

Annabelle: You get use to the haters, Cassidy~ (She smiles softly)

chris:<gets angry and pushes Annabelle to a bucket👹😈😇)

[everybody gasp And runs]

haha! Imm so mad at you piss,that I want to step on you.but piss stains(everyone laghss)

Matt: Hey, even I may not pike Anna, but that was out of order!

Cassidy: [offers a hand to Anna] You ok?

chris:your right,sori Annabelle.(feels guitly for pushing Anna to the bucket)😔�😅😦😦😇😦

(Millie gasps and goes to help her as well as Annabelle's posse glares at Chris)

Girl: What is your PROBLEM?

Girl 2: Are you just JEALOUS of her because she's super successful???

Girl 3: No WONDER no one likes you and there are so many RUMORS.

Girl 2: Why don't you slip into something more comfortable... like a coma?

(They continue to rag on Chris as Annabelle growls and gets up with Cassidy and Millie's help)

Annabelle: What a heartless BULLY! Did you not see what he did to me?? (People begin to glare at Chris angerily) I'm sure that's against school POLICY. And LISTEN.. If you're going to try and insult me, at least be grammatically correct. I'm too busy mentally correcting your errors to be offended. (People laugh even harder at Chris)

chris:first Of all,I said soryy you racist,overgrowned four year old,second learn how to forgive lady gaga!im not freakin jealous! (Yells at girl 2)You get ebola or something (talks demonic) and go to hell or something!(talks like the terminator) ill be back!💀💢�😎😎😎😎😎s

Annabelle: (Sighs) What a complete FREAK. Can't find anything better to do than bring us down...(Millie rubs her head nervously)

Millie: I guess you're right...

Girl 1: (Scoffs) What a loser...

Girl 2: I know! I mean really, how did that useless idiot get here...? Did someone leave the cage open at the zoo or something? (Their group laughs)

Cassidy: *munches Popcorn* This is better than TV

Matt: Where'd you get that Popcorn from?

Cassidy: Found it

Matt: Ok

Annabelle: Tsk, don't waste your breath on a punk like that ladies.

Cassidy: Maybe i should step in before things get bad...

Annabelle: Save your energy when that loser actually wants to start a fight, hun. Not worth our time obviously...(She rolls her eyes)

Cassidy: Let's just ignore him...

Annabelle: Right...~

Matt: So,,,,,on a more cheery note...anyone seen any good movies?

Cassidy: Come on dude you can do better than that...

Annabelle: I got a better idea. What's everyone gonna be for Halloween~?

Millie: I still don't know what I'm going to be...But Anna's pirate costume is really cool...!

Annabelle: It's the week before Halloween Millie~! I have GOT to find you a costume...(She puts a hand on her shoulder)

Nitro: *Glares at Annabelle* Hmph, that's what I was going to be. But I can pull it off better!

Annabelle: Wanna see it ladies~? (She shows them a picture

Cassidy: There are mutiple options, I could go as Sly Cooper.

Matt: I've got nothing...

Kyo: I guess I'd be Little Mac.

Millie: Maybe I could be a super hero...? Maybe Iron Woman or something...I do love the Avengers.

Annabelle: Tsk, who doesn't~? (she grins proudly)

Matt: Someone with bad taste....

(Annabelle giggles lightly as Millie nods in agreement)

Cassidy: Speaking of the Avengers, dd anyone see that new Avengers 2 Trailer?

Millie: (Gasps as she jumps up) YES! (She sits back down and blushes) I-I mean, yeah...

Annabelle: You are so adorable~ (She pats Millie on the head)

Cassidy: [chuckles at Millie's reaction] Yeah i guess it was pretty exciting

Millie: I'm so ready for it!

Jeremy:hey what happened that chris guy?everyone told me that he had been suspend from this school.

Annabelle: Tsk. Good ridence if you ask me...~(She smiles as she rolls her eyes)

jeremy:something's going wierd.we're not hearing from the teachers anymore....anyone else noticed

chris:atleastt my dad isntt a nerd!(everyone laughs at jeremy)

jeremy:a tleast my dad didn't take drugs! I'v been to your house and saw your dad taking steriods.and I was 5

Annabelle: (Scoffs) What are those low lives talking about...

Girl: Something not worth anyone's attention if you ask me...

Cassidy: Gosh, these guys are actually kinda weird.

Annabelle: You don't say...~

Jeremy:its the c-creep that's mooning with his ugly face!he's the reason why cops were invented!,

Kyo: *mutters* And I thought my friend was strange...

jeremy:im about to slap chris for ruining my life,but this is Germany: we dontt hit little girls!(everyone laughs 

katherine:we should stop this.

Annabelle: If you ask me, people like that shouldn't be aloud to step outside the house...(She scoffs and rolls her eyes) 

Millie: I have to admit, it's really weird...

Annabelle: THANK you Millie.

Jeremy: annabelle,why can't you leave people alone? and millie,Annabelle can solve her OWN problems,you're acting like a side-kick!fight for your own right., back o

Matt: Hey, back off, leave Millie out of this!

Jeremy:yea,but do you guys have to insult people that much?and you're saying im the bully...

Matt: Hey i'm no bully, Anna's a bully, i'm just defending Millie

Jeremy:ok,I can see your point and yea,Anna is a bully

Chris:dude,just because your dad is mr.Prower doesn't mean you have to be like him wimp(everybody laughs at Jeremy and punches him in the face)

presley:stop hurting him chris,atleast he actually has a heart!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) At least I'm not the total IDIOT starting a fight...Are you OK hun~?

Millie: Yeah. I'm fine. Can we just move?

Annabelle; Course Mil~! C'mon~ (The two and their massive group of popular students get up and walk over to an emptier part of the room) Totally disgracing this school...(She rolls her eyes at Chris and Jeremy)

Nitro: Pirate, eh? Woah ho ho, I'll give 'em pirate...I shall be, Foxy the Pirate! (Five Nights at Freddy's Reference, anyone?) I shall be the best pirate!

Annabelle: Don't you mean the lamest pirate...? (She cocks an eyebrow, unimpressed)

Toby (Walking by): Snap!

Nitro: Like you could do better, with your slutty pirate costume.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) If it was slutty if wouldn't cover up my middrift for YOUR information. At least it's something that people KNOW instead of you idiot nerds always dressing up as crap no one's hardly even heard of unless they spend the majority of their pathetic lives on the internet...

Nitro: (Snickers) You're just jealous my costume is going to be better! Oh and Anna, don't bother getting a costume for Halloween, you're already scary enough.

Annabelle:; Funny. I was gonna say the same thing about your mom. Speaking of which, how did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open?

Nitro: Oh yes, insulting my dead mom is a "great" insult. And I don't live in a cage, although it seems you live in a zoo!

Toby: Yeah, that is just wrong!

Annabelle: Well I'm sorry if I'm not Google and if I don't know anything SMART GUY.

Cassidy: This is getting messy.

Matt: This is gonna be one long year of high school.

Toby: Not me! I'm the master of using a phone in class and not getting caught!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Oh please, everyone knows how to do that...

Toby: (scoffs) Oh please, everyone know how to do that...your a jerk!

Annabelle: I'm not a jerk. I'm a b!tch. And proud of it. Get it RIGHT.

Toby: And I'm Steve Jobs!

Annabelle: So you're dead? Sounds like a good choice to me~!

Cassidy: *winces* Damn....that one kinda backfired....

Annabelle: Nice one, little spaz...(She and her friends giggle as Annabelle grins evily)

Toby: Yes, I'm dead....yet my legacy lives so greatly that I am still alive! I wanted you to point that out, so thanks!

Cyan: Hello...I'm a new student, and a recent immagrant...from a country that is not evil!

Cassidy: Hiya Cyan, welcome to the school. You're not the only who's here on their first day dude.

(Cyan's phone rins)

Cyan: I have to take this.

(Cyan leaves)

Toby: ....Cyan....that sounds somehow familiar...I think I heard that name in history class a while back.

Annabelle: (Scoffs and mutters) What is with these people...?

Cassidy: I guess this Cyan guy must be pretty popular?

(Toby goes on his phone)

Toby: Oh he's pretty popular alright! Cyan of Akozin Link, who's the dictator of the Link Empire. A nation known to constantly break Mobian rights, and threaten to destroy all freedom!

Annabelle: (Sarcastically as she looks through Twitter) Good for them...

Toby: Let's put it this way, they want to take over our country, and if they do, they will take away your money. Every last penny, until you poor.

Cassidy: They can take away my money, But i can take away their lives...Not to sound threatening or anything

Toby: Doubt it. The Link Empire has one of the biggest militaries on Mobius, next to G.U.N. of course. They possess nuclear weapons, a entire brainwashed country, and are believed to have spies inside G.U.N! In other words, they'd kill you first...or brainwash you to think that they are the good guys, and your current self is a crime against society.

Cassidy: Then just sneak into this guys base, or assassinate him while he's doing a speech or something

Toby: It's a suicide mission, Akozin Link, is always protected by at least twently soliers every single second. Even if you do happen to kill him, another Link would take his place. Many had tried to stop them, but it is just simply impossible.

(Cyan came back)

Cyan: I should go to class now.

(Cyan then walked away.)

Toby: Anyways, I am not 100% sure it's him, and it's likely I am wrong. For now, we should keep an eye on him, but don't let him know we think he's a Link.

Annabelle: Oh please. WHAT are you people so worried about?? There's always one of those empires or societies that want to take over the world. And guess what? there's ALWAYS a hero that fixes it. It's how the world works. Now can we get off of this boring as hell topic already...(She scoffs)

Toby: That the world we wish we lived in, G.U.N. tried to liberate them twice, but failed....espacially in the town of Exavior.

Annabelle: And you think I care about this why...?

Toby: Sorry, forgot that you have the intellegence of a rock!

Annabelle: Sorry. I forgot you're a jacka$$ for thinking I cared about the sh!t you keep nagging us about...(she puts her earphones in and rolls her eyes)

Toby (laughing): And that's why no one truly likes you!

(Toby then left)

(Annabelle looks up)

Annabelle: Someone needs a baby bottle...(Millie rubs her head before she goes back to doodling)

Toby (yells): By the way, I have aspegers, so you just discriminated against people with it!

(Cyan returns)

Cyan: I do not get why you act to hostile people.

(Annabelle rolls her eyes in disgust and turns her music up)

Cyan: I'm guessing you were beaten as a child.

Annabelle: WOW. Your life must be REALLY boring if your busy fussing over mine~ (She takes out a magazine and begins to read)

(A foreign solider walks up)

Solider: Sir, do you want me to rip off her arm, and shove it down her throught?

Cyan: Na! Her patheic life amuses me! Go wait in the private jet!

Soldier: Yes sir!

(The solider walks away)

Annabelle: Oh ha ha. As if I haven't seen that one before. Don't you think you'd get expelled for that ANYWAY...? (she puts her earphones back in) And you say I'M pathetic...? (Scoffs) If he's so busy mouthing off about evil empires you'd think he wouldn't be here and actually be helping...(She rolls her eyes)

Cyan: Expelled? Laugh while you can, because if you knew half of what's going on you would bow to me right now! Dear father's death wish, to purify the schools out the outside world...will soon come to be!

(Cyan then laughed evilly)

Saren: (Exasperated) This is just bloody perfect, I moved half way around the world, transfered to chaos high and on my first day of senior year at this school. I walk in on an annoying fox with what appears to be a severe case of planetary sized ego ranting and raving like an old man 65 years past his prime after getting verbally owned by a wolf with attitude. Whats next? I bump into some random student who picks a fight with me?

Cyan: You head nothing, HAIL PURE MOBIUS!

(Cyan then ran away)

Saren: Sheesh, what a wackjob. . . wait, hail pure mobius? Where have I heard that before (eyes widen) wait! It's (goes back to being nonchalant) nothing important.

(Toby appears with his phone)

Toby: Sorry, but I just can't let this go! Akozin recently said that the dreams of his father will soon be true. I looked it up, Yose Link is the former dictator, right before his death he said:

I have cleansed my kingdom, but I have failed Mobius. My one regret is not fixing the corrupted nations. My one wish is to purify them, as I had my country.

I know your going to hate me for this, Annabelle. BTW, I'm sorry for what I said.

(Toby bumps into Saren)

Toby: Sorry!

(Toby goes back on his phone)

Toby: What are they planning.

Saren: (laughs) Oh man I was right! That fox is batsh*t cray cray. Looks like this year will be entertaining to say the least (conjures up a small sphere of darkness) Might as well go find that she wolf, I think her name was Annabelle. Hopefully hanging around her will bring me some entertainment. But first, (grabs a box along with a bottle of hotsauce) there is a box filled with buffalo wings and a container of ghost pepper hotsauce with my name on it. cafeteria where ever it is, here I come (starts walking to the cafeteria.)

Annabelle: These people need to be put back into the mental asylum they escaped from...(She shakes her head as she crosses her legs as she looks at her nails)

Millie: These guys are rubs her head)

Annabelle: Nothing to fear but fear itself hun. I wouldn't dare let these a$$backward hicks touch a single hair on your pretty head. Let alone me~ (She grins as Millie nods with a small yet unsure smile)

Saren: (walks over to Annabelle and millie) Hey there miss. I'm a foreign exchange student and seeing as how everything is different from the Ashlands, I was wondering if any of you guys could show me around (recognizes Annabelle) your the one who put the verbal smackdown on that fox? That was pretty awesome!

Toby: Best you avoid her, or she will verbal smack you too. Hate to say it, but she is very powerful. If you want, I'll show you around.

Saren: Powerful? In what way? If anything her biggest vulnerability seems quite obvious if you know what to look for. Anyway, whats your name? (Winces in pain)

Toby: Toby Ski, you?

Annabelle: Why thank you, kind stranger. And I think I'D like to show our new student around. If that's fine with the new guy...~

(Millie waves shyly at Saren)

(Toby raises a eyebrow at Annabelle, showing some confusion, but mostly distrust)

Saren: (Eyes light up in happiness and ears start twitching) Sweet! My name is Saren Arterius, but most people call me Ashe for some reason. I hope we can be friends and it was nice meeting you Toby. (starts following Annabelle and Millie)

Toby: Me too, see ya later!

(Toby left to do more research on the Link family)

Annabelle: Nice to meet you Ashe~

Millie: Same!

Annabelle: (She smiles and gives a satisfactory 'hmph' to herself) I'll show you where the main office is first~ (Millie nods as she follows)

Saren: (Ears twitch in happiness) The people here seem nice. Anything I would need to know in order to survive here Annabelle. (Smiling)

Annabelle: Oh most definitely~

Saren: I'm all ears. (ears twitch) On a side note, seeing as how you and Millie are the first friends I've made here, (in head: Along with Toby but i get the feeling you dont get along with him) I was wondering if I could get to know you two better. (starts playing with three small orbs composed of darkness.)

(Toby walks by)

Toby: Recap, Yose Link took charge thirty years ago, and died of a heark attack only two years ago. He is famous for his "Bring it on!" speech directed at G.U.N, where he threatened to kill 100 innocent lives of the United Federation for every life of the Link Empire that G.U.N. harms. Right before dying, he publically announced that he wished he would of taken over the world. His two sons, Akozin Link and Cyan Link, fought for the throne of the nation, with Akozin winning. Akozin recently announed that he will make sure Yose's dream becomes reality.

(Toby leaves)

Annabelle: (Scoffs) OK...? (She turns back to Saren) Anyway, wha-(She and Millie blink when they look at the three small orbs of darkness)

Saren: Oh! (tosses the orbs up into the air before dispersing them) sorry, I have control over darkness and the juggling is just a hobby that I picked up, I can mold darkness into almost anything I can imagine provided I have the energy and it isn't gargantuant. (ears flatten) I hope we can still be friends .

Annabelle: Of course we can~!

Millie: We just got caught off guard, that's all.

Saren: (Ears perk up and grins) Yay! People who are ok with my abilities, and they are friends. This school is just so . . .

(Toby rans up to the three)

Toby: I figured it out! What Cyan is doing here, I studied them, then I had to act like a Linkian. For a second, I hated myself for being rich! Anyways, Cyan is here because...

Saren: (stays silent, but still grinning)

Annabelle: (Sighs) Once again...We don't CARE...(she facepalms)

Saren: Cyan!? (starts to panic, grin vanishes) That Fox is scary, and I'm not just talking about the psychotic ranting and raving. He mentioned something about a "Pure Mobius". (starts conjuring a small amount of darkness and fiddles with it nervously.)

Toby: The Linkians are planning on brainwashing the students here! So the United Federation will become part of the Link Empire.

(Cyan slowly claps)

Cyan: Congrats, Toby! You are the only smart person here.

Toby: I knew it!

Cyan: Sadly, now we have a problem!

(Soldiers appear)

Cyan: Now you four will be sent to pure Mobius, where you will all be beaten to death.

Toby: I have a question.

Cyan: What?

Toby: Why are you doing what your brother wants?

(Cyan's eyes widen)

Cyan: It's for the good of Mobius.

Toby: I thought of something, you pull back, Akozin fails, you learn capitalism, but uhh...stay pure, I guess...return a hero, and become the dictator!

Cyan: Your logic is valid. I will do that, you four can go! Soldiers, return home!

(Cyan and the Soldiers left)

Annabelle: OK. What in the sh** just happened?? And WHY is the school letting this stupid sh** happen???

Toby: (In head) I just saved our lives. (Out loud) Do you care?

Annabelle: I care that it's none of our business if there's nothing WE can do. People have their OWN problems to take care of. I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. (Millie rubbed her head)

Toby: If you were to listen to me, you would know. Now that you're willing to care. The Link Empire is a evil nation, Akozin Link is the dictator of that country, Cyan is Akozin's brother. Akozin sent Cyan here to brainwash every student in the school in order to take over the country. Cyan then tried to kill us when I found out his plan, but I managed to make him change his mind.

Saren: (starts forming random shapes with darkness) Wait how could a country be evil? It's the ruler whose the bad guy, I'm pretty sure that Akozin is just using intimidation and fear tactics to further his dead dad's lifelong goal. (Notices a quarter on heads) oooh a quarter on heads, That means good luck (picks it up.)

Toby: (sighs) Akozin Link has the country completely brainwashed.

Saren: (annoyed) How the heck am I supposed to know that, Its not like I had the spare time to watch the news or listen to the various rumors. What with me being from a place half way around Mobius that is very isolated. Not to mention the fact that I have other issues that I dont feel like mentioning at the moment (Starts conjuring up a ball of purpleish dark energy.)

Toby: I wasn't criticizing you, I was just letting you know. Also, this country hold the record of most isolated nation. Regular people there are shot if they go within 2 miles of the boarder! Anyways, the problem is over. Just remember, this is the nation that advocates cannibalism, yet lies about it.

Saren: (looks at his hand, then the purpleish dark energy) Problem averted? Thats a relief. (Tosses the ball out an open window.) Oh . . . Crap, hopefully it doesnt hit anyone, or it hits someone who manipulates light energy. Either way it was low powered. (scratches the back of his head while looking sheepish.)

Matt: I think this is one of the only schools where students don't focus in ANY class.

Saren: Wait, by chance did you see a purpleish dark energy ball go out the window and hit someone? It was low powered but I cant help but get the feeling that someone might try to attack me? (in head: Please be wrong about the second part. Especially if it comes from someone who manipulates light energy.) Anyway, who are you?

Matt: Me? I'm Matt the Hedgecat, and i hope to one day have my own show!

Saren: I'm Saren Arterius, a Dark Lynx. But most people call me " Ashe" for some reason, I hope to get rich using my talent for ereborokinesis!

Toby: I'm Toby, I have aspergers! Also, if you come across someone named Cyan. Whatever you do, don't make him angry, he has access to nuclear weapons!

Annabelle: (Groans) Lets just go Millie. (She rolls her eyes as she begins to walk off, and Millie hesitates, but follows)

Saren: I wonder if I should go with Millie and Annabelle? they seem like really nice people. (ears start twitching)

Toby: They seem nice, honestley I don't get why. Just listen to my advice, when your around them, stay alert.

Saren: Something tells me that this school is like a balloon just about ready to burst. But tell me, what is to stop me from from aligning myself with Annabelle. She seems to be the one of the nicest people i've met yet you and Matt seem to have a history with her, mind elaborating abit on that? (eyes sharpen) plus the fact that she doesnt find my powers to be freaky at all is a big plus for me. (conjures up a blackish portal and tosses a a silver skull with three bronze snakes and eightteen grey arrows into the portal.) Gotta love darkness manipulation, especially since I can use it for a variety of different things, Including personal storage.(closes the portal)

Toby: That's the thing, from my experience, she's the meanest girl in school! She doesn't act nice, ever! She has to be up to something. I'm just giving you a heads up.

Saren: (confused) Thanks for the warning I guess. I'll see you later. (Leaves in a hurry to go find annabelle and millie, in head: Time to go ask annabelle and millie about Toby's dislike of them, I think Annabelle deserves to know that toby is talking crap.)

(Annabelle and Millie walk down the hall)

Annabelle: I should go ahead and get reservations for Avengers 2...

Millie: I got tickets to the premiere of Mocking Jay as a surprise a couple of months ago.

Annabelle: No way~! (she smiles)

Saren: (Irritated) Feels like I just went through this hallway five times (spots Annabelle) I gotta ask you something? Do you know why Toby would tell me to "Keep my guard up around you" in his words or why he said your (mimic's Toby's voice)" The meanest girl in school! She doesn't act nice, ever!" or saying that you must be planning something? It's not like I did anything to offend you did I?

Annabelle: He's just angry cause I don't like listening to his so stories about empires taking over the world, blah blah blah, when I'd rather enjoy life and kick back. He's always spouting that stuff to EVERYONE, and if you tell him you're done listening, he'll just call you names and walk off. If he's considering himself some kind of genius he's being VERY unprofessional...

Saren: (Puzzled) Yet why does he seem to think your up to something? (slightly irritated) Man, it's times like these I wished cousin Pyriius was here, he'd have some sage like advice when it comes to these matters. (Puzzled again) It seems like you, Toby and Matt have an unpleasant history with each other. Could you explain it please?

Annabelle: No, I've never met them before today. Neither has Millie. They just decided to start stupid stuff after I said I wasn't paying attention to their stupid history lesson. And, sweetheart, I JUST got to this school. What could I possibly planning?? I'm not a super villain. And I'm not one because I know good always wins in the end. That's common sense. (She shrugs as she cocks an eyebrow)

(Cyan laughs)

Cyan: Yes, I was spying. Anyways, good always wins in the end! Good one, my home country is solid proof that isn't true. Whenever someone speeds against the government there, we burn them to death, then feed them to our other citizens! Keep going, this is halarious!

(Saren looks at him blandly) Saren: dude, your not in your home country and you only have a limited supply of bodyguards and any serious commotion you cause here could become international. plus you happen to be criminal number one in this country. Not to mention the person who is watching you like a hawk, or in this case a conspiracy theorist. (Conjures up a portal and grabs his pendantout of it) not to mention your messing with an erebrokinetic without anyone who can control light backing you up Cyan so plan your next move, or words wisely (Saren starts smiling) but if you really want to fight me than make the first move. But it won't be pretty.(puts on his pendant and conjures up an eight foot scythe.)

Cyan: Oh please, I don't fight! I got armed soldiers to do that for me!

(Greg runs in)

Greg: Had anyone seen Toby. Black Hedgehog, wears an ironic t-shirt, about ya high...has aspergers......tends to talk a lot about a certain subject, and you can directly say that you don't care, but he still won't take a hint.

Cassidy: *Is writing down something on his notepad while leaning against a locker*

(Saren ignores Greg for the moment) Saren: (disperses shadow scythe) No wonder your brother was chosen over you, you are too afraid to fight your own battles, relying on others to do things for you. Its disgraceful really, I don't have the time nor the desire to fight someone who is too afraid to fight his own battles, forever relying on others. (saren turns to Greg) Other than him warning me to keep my guard up around Annabelle. No i haven't but if you want you could easily ask Cyan over there. (Saren melds into the shadows and appears by the shadow of Cassidy, In head: Gotta love shadow walking.)


(Toby walks in)

Toby: Hey Greg!

Greg: Toby, what's with these two guys?

Toby: Ashe, he's awesome! Then there is Cyan, he's a dictator's brother!

Greg: Which one is which?

Toby: The awesome one is Ashe, and the evil one is Cyan.

Greg: Describe using physical details.

Toby: Oh, Lynx is Ashe - fox is Cyan.

Saren: *ACHOO!* Someone must be talking about me. Meh who cares, back to shadow walking.

(Annabelle and Millie walk over to Cassidy)

Annabelle: There you are~! I was wondering where you ended up~ (She smiles innocently)

Cassidy: *looks up from his paper* Hey you two

Pyriius: (Walks up to toby and greg) Hey guys have you seen a rustic red lynx, goes by Saren or "Ashe" and has erebrokinetic powers?

Greg: Yeah, I saw him walk into the shadows.

(Saren reappears by Pyriius)

Saren: Cousin Pyriius! (Envelopes Pyriius in a hug) Its so good to see you again! (conjures up various small orbs of darkness that start floating near Pyriius.)

Pyriius: (Hugs Saren back) How's my Favorite Erebrokinetic cousin doing! Its been eight years since we last spoke face to face. (grins as ash and a bit of fire start floating around and mixing with Sarens dark orbs.) Oh yeah. (stops hugging saren) I brought your half of the obsidian pendant we made when we were kids.

Saren: Thanks "Pyrus" (takes obsidian pendant shard.

Pyriius: No problem "Ashe."

(Annabelle lightly scoffs as she looks at them, but smiles back at Cassidy and Millie. Millie is busy searching stuff on her phone, and listening to music)

Pyriius: (points at annabelle) whats her problem?

Saren: She's a nice person Pyriius, her names annabelle. (points to Millie) That one is Millie, a bit shy but very nice once you get to know her. (points to Cassidy) He's a really famous singer, never really talked to him before but he doesnt seem like the "Ebenezer scrooge" type so I'd say he's nice. (eye's start sparkling in realization.) Hey! Why don't I introduce you to them!

(Saren drags Pyriius towards annabelle, Millie, and Cassidy.)

Saren: Hey guys! I'd like to introduce you to my cousin Pyriius!

(Toby and Greg appeared)

Greg: Okay, who got Toby interested in the Link Empire?

Toby: I'm telling you, they will nuke us all! They are insane

Greg: You said the same thing about a piece of toast once.

Pyriius: (in head: I really gotta stop having my cousin drag me around, D*** and i was supposed to be the stronger one physically.)

Toby: Hey Ashe!

Greg: Which one is Ashe again?

Toby: I told you the awesome one, the evil one is Cyan.

Greg: That doesn't help me!

(Saren shadow walks with Pyriius and ends up right behind Greg, Conjures up a small sword.)

Saren: (whispers to greg) He means me Greg.

Greg: Thanks dude, sometimes it really hard to get what Toby is trying to say.

Saren: Really! how the heck do you not at least jump in fright, did you not notice the sword i conjured up. (annoyed) how the heck does a prank like that fail! On a side note where is cyan. My cousin wishes to have a few "words" with him.

Pyriius: (deadpan) Saren, did you forget that yoir shadow walking makes a noise that is detectable by those woth enhanced hearing and I kinda need to discuss something with him about threatening family. (fire slowly starts forming into a set of clawed gauntlets.)

Greg: Toby made me watch a ton of horror movies when we were kids, I am pretty much un-scareable, sorry dude.

Toby: Cyan is behind the school, near the garbage.

Saren: Thanks (shadow walks with Pyrus over to cyans location.)

*in the lane of shadows*

Saren: Pyrus, deactivate your fire claws. We dont need them, tricking those fools into thinking that you were going to fight Cyan was a piece of cake. Now it's time for stage two of our plan, of course we are going to have to pledge our loyalty to him.

Pyriius: I don't like this Saren, what if this goes wrong. Do you really wanna risk everything you have here in order to achieve the vengeance we so crave.

Saren: Yes, and have you forgotten what G.U.N did to our family! This is only poetic justice to instigate G.U.N's destruction, and Cyan is a spoilt brat, but he is part of the ruling family of the linkian empire, so giving him some advice on how to take the throne should further our goals. (Somber) Pyrus, we have to do this. G.U.N will pay!

Pyriius: (in head: I can only hope you knos what your doing cousin, otherwise I will have to activate the failsafe I placed on your obsidian amulet. Limiting your powers and subtly implanting a mimetic compulsion for you to stay near the person you bonded with most, it just so happens to be a tie between Annabelle and Millie. Hopefully I can convince them to keep an eye out for Saren or at least guide him in the right path.)

(Saren and Pyriius appear by the back of the school)

Saren: Yo Cyan! We have a little business proposition for you.

Cyan: Ah! It's you! What?

Saren: (walks towards him) first, apologies are in order. I had to make it seem like I was against you in order to not arouse suspicion from Toby. Anyway, I want you to contact your brother so he can get some people on the inside of G.U.N and destroy them from within, thus leaving them crippled So you can fulfill your dads dying wish and I can have vengeance, and in return i will help you claim the throne.

Cyan: Do I look like a idiot! I can sense your hatred towards me, you have something else in store. However, I wil help you.

(Cyan hands his phone to Saren)

Cyan: Akozin's in my contacts list.

Saren: (nods) Thanks (takes the phone and contacts Akozin) But their is one thing you fail to realize. My hatred for G.U.N is far greater than my hatred of you, which admittedly isn't much. (to Pyriius) make sure that Toby and the others dont stumble here in order to find out my plans.

Pyriius: (nods) Got it. *Warps away in a stream of fire and ash*

Pyriius: (in head: now to find Annabelle and Millie and tell them the phrase to activate the obsidian amulet's failsafe.)

Cyan: Idiots.

Dr. Pidra: Sad. You Links live like gods, but can't handle being normal. Your power is what will ruin you.

Cyan: Who are you?

Dr. Pidra: A former Linkian.

Saren: (in head: strange, but he better not get in my way, and Cyan I dont even trust as far as I can throw him. luckily for me I have a plan to get rid of Cyan if he betrays me.) Cyan, a tip of advice. I would keep an eye out for him and if need be incapacitate him so he doesn't become a huge problem later on.

Pyriius: (finds annabelle and millie) Hey, I need you to help me with something, it concerns my cousin Saren and I am willing to agree to any terms if it means keeping my cousin safe and guiding him on the right path. Seeing as he is attached to you two, you guys are the only ones who can help me with this.

Annabelle: (Thinking as she looks at him) Well he's not terribly bad looking... (Out loud) If you just mean being a good influence and keeping him out of trouble I can do that in my sleep...~ Right Millie?

Milie: Yup! (She nods and gives a small smile)

Pyriius: Thank you (relieved)

Dr. Pidra: He doesn't. I seen stuff like this when I was a child....when...nevermind! I can tell your the kind of mobian who would rather listen to music then listen to me. With that I'll stop taking.

(Annabelle lightly scoffs as she glances at Millie who shrugs)

Pyriius: (talks to pidra with telepathy: Please help me on this. Their is a failsafe on the amulet i gave him that will only work when he is exhausted, the only way however is to fight him, preferably with those who can counter his darkness abilities, but even then he still has access to a second power that even I dont know about and four transformations that are tied to his physical and emotional state. although they give him an increase in his arsenal, his weaknesses are increased as well and he won't gain a substantial amount of stamina back through transforming. The failsafe passcode is the phrase " Forgive and forget. " and please, do not hold this against him as he is mentally unstable.)

(To annabelle and Millie)

Pyriius: Once again, Thank you so much

(back with saren and Cyan)

Saren: I have contacted your brother Akozin and told him the situation, but he says that he needs to talk to you Cyan. (hands Cyan the phone) Just remember Cyan, betray me and not even your empire will keep you from my grasp. (Eyes turn a haunting shade of blue)

Annabelle: (She nods and thinks) Sure...Whatever...! (she mentally shakes her head)

(Cyan talks on the phone, then hangs up)

Cyan: He agrees, but only on one may not like it.

Saren: What is the condition? (in head: I dont trust akozin at all, So im going to activate a failsafe I put into my amulet, it should protect me from any forms of hypnosis.)

Cyan: He wants to build a Linkian military base in your country.

Saren: Thats it? Cyan, I was originally planning to join under the Linkian banner anyway? To be honest, I idolized your father and his ambition to make a "pure mobius" Tell him that as long as he keeps any and all information about G.U.N's demise and my people joining under the Linkian banner from reaching this school I accept his term. Though it would cause a panic if the conspiracy brigade led by Toby were to find out what was going on and make the plan very difficult to accomplish in the long run. Partners? (offers hand for a handshake)

(Cyan smiles and shakes Saren's hand)

Cyan: Partners.

Saren: By the way, since we are partners I should probably tell you that Pyriius might try to stop me, since I dont want any harm to come to him since he is my cousin I also thought of a way for the plan to go on even with the eventual interferance. (hands him a wrist band) Take this wristband and enter a message along with a passcode. If the plan turns into an unsalvageable mess, pretend you have amnesia and the fools will eat it right up. Than meet me back here at least a week after everything dies down and I will transport us to a meeting place within the shadows and we will be able to recommence the plan without interferance.

(Cyan nods his head)

Saren: good, now i am going to shadow walk both of us to the football field, which oddly enough has no prefects or any authority figures watching over it, or the entire school for that matter. The first time you shadow walk can be very disorienting.

(saren puts his hand on Cyan's shoulder and shadow walks to the football field with Cyan)

(back with Pyriius and Pidra)

Pyriius: (whispers to pidra) It is time, Saren has arrived at the meeting place.

(to annabelle and millie)

Pyriius: You and millie might want to come out to the football field. there you will see why people would want to manipulate him for their own ends. I don't think you would want to risk that outfit being ruined if I pyroported you along with me.

(pyroports a message to toby and his friends) Toby, bring your friends with you to the football field. You might want to see this.

(Pyriius puts his hand on Pidra's shoulder and Pyroports to the football field)

Dr. Pidra: Fasinating. I dedicated my life to paranormal activity. My title "Dr." is because I am a parannormalist.

Pyriius: If you think about it, this is pretty normal. Although, are you battle prepped because even with my help, Saren will not be an easy opponent and barring Annabelle and Millie, unless they attack him of course, no one except for Cyan is safe.

Dr. Pidra: Figures the evil Link would be safe, while everyone else is in grave danger.

Pyriius: So would annabelle and millie, just as long as they dont interfere.

(saren and Cyan Appear)

Saren: Well what do you know, a traitor and an idiot! You wont be able to stop the coming storm you fools! So why dont you give up now or this will get ugly!

Dr. Pidra: Your logic is a joke, whatever anger you have with G.U.N. it's best to forget.

Saren: (looks at pidra) Oh wow, i'm going to be fighting a powerless idiot with no abilities of his own? This battle isnt going to be very entertaining at all! oh well, Dark Shot Volley! (Swings his hand while releasing small burst of dark energy that explode once they hit something.)

Dr. Pidra: I have an IQ of 207. I do not have powers, but I have science.

Saren: Am I supposed to be impressed. You need more than science and a big IQ to achieve victory. Especially against one who draws strength from darkness that resides in the heart, and last I checked. Everyone has darkness within themselves. (starts conjuring an eight foot scythe) Prepare yourself! (grinning psychotically)

Dr. Pidra: I pity you. Those who advocate violence, advocate stupidity. I am not threatened by you, for I am stuck in a state where I cannot feel emotions. It all has to do with my childhood...I will not fight you, not because I am a coward, but because I am brave.

Saren: Let me guess, it has something to do with Cyan over here doesn't it. Speaking of which, when is Toby going to get here. (shouts over to Cyan) Yo, got any ideas on how to get some of the others to join this fight. (back to pidra) Well then, if your not going to fight then I'll end this here. (Rushes towards him) For the record Numbskull. You are no doctor, and your field of study is basically over that which is pretty common to see. So why don't you stand their like a good little toy and let me lop your head off. (Swings scythe)

(Dr. Pidra steps out of the way)

Dr. Pidra: I saw my entire family being burned to death when I was five, all on the orders of Cyan's father! Yet, I am sorry for you. You not only advocate violence, but had sided with them! Take these words of advice...don't trust Links! With that, I must leave.

(Dr. Pidra walks away just as Toby and Greg appear)

Saren: Finally! The main show can begin, and by the way Pidra, G.U.N will fall for what they did to my family! My partnership with Cyan iss because our goals are similar. (To Toby and Greg) Now the cat is out of the bag. What are you going to do? As a matter of fact, What can you do? (dark aura starts to surround Saren as he gives in to his bloodlust.)

Toby: What happened to the Ashe I knew only about a few hours ago?

Saren: (A brief flash of recognition crosses his face before his psychotic grin returns) You're looking at him. Or at least what I truly crave. Pidra was right about one thing. I'm nothing but a psychotic monster. Now shut up and fight! (rushes towards toby before shadow walking four feet behind him) Prepare to become lunch for my pitbeast! (A portal opens and a demonic looking wolf steps out) Get him Nox!

Toby: You...I trusted you. You betrayed to. (Demonic voice) You destroyed my trust, now I'll destroy you!

(Toby's eyes turned red)

Toby (demonic voice): I am Tokinopikus!

(Toby starts to move at the speed of light)

Greg: You idiot! You unleashed Tokinopikus!

Saren: Fool, You have pretty much been feeding me the dark energy produced by emotions such as sadness, fear, anger and hatred (starts cackling like a maniac) Now let me show you what YOU!!! have unleashed. (dark aura magnifies as His fur starts turning grey with flame like patterns on it.) Feel the wrath! of Samedi's Chosen Avatar! (starts building up energy)Dark Abyss! Stage one, (tosses the energy into the air and snaps his fingers, dark fire begins raining down from the sky.) Nox Focus on greg!

(Greg takes out a gun, and points it at Nox)

Greg: I live in the bad side of town.

Toby (satanic voice): Stage 2....

(Toby begins to transform in to a giant fire demon)

Toby (satanic voice): Now suffer!

Saren: (looks at Toby and mumbles to himself) Man, a giant ass fire demon, good thing I prepped for this, and they said bringing the cross would be useless. (to toby) Hey numbnuts! You wanna hear something funny! Your a demon, and in my hand is something that all demons fear (sticks his fingers into the cross position)( this is meant to be a joke.) anyway, Second shift, Dark . . .(Grabs his head and starts screaming in agony.)

Nox:(telepathically) I wouldn't do that if I were you. You will have to forgive saren. This is the result of him encountering Cyan and subconciously absorbing the malice that Cyan kept on emitting. Anyway tell your satan possesed friend once he turns back to normal, or right now, that Saren has lost control over his abilities and in his current state is running off of the malice being produced but if you look closely Saren is starting to get exhausted.

Nox: (telepathically) My time is up. Farewell Greg. (returns to the shadows)

(back to pyriius)

Pyriius: This has gone on long enough Saren, (shouts the failsafe phrase) Forgive and forget!

Dr. Pirus: I got a better idea!

(Dr. Pirus takes out a ray-gun and zaps Saren and Toby, which turns them to their origianl forms)

Dr. Pirus: Both of your powers are neutralized for three hours! I usually use this for studies of ghosts, but seeing that you two were out of control.

Toby: By the way, I'm an atheist! The cross doesn't have any effect on me! I wasn't possesed by the devil, there was a freak accident that happened when I was a baby, so when I get extrememly angry, I turn into that!

Saren: Not like that form would have made much of a difference, the only way you would have been able to land a decisive blow would be if you had light manipulation powers. (adrenalin wears off and Saren drops to his knees.)

Millie: Um, Anna? Do you have any idea what's going on? A-at all..?

Annabelle: Not the slightest idea. Lets go. School's technically over by now. (The two head for the exit)

Pyriius: (whispers to annabelle) this is what I mean when I say Saren is gullible and naieve, the whole reason this started was due to Cyan promising him something and Saren overusing his abilities, thats why I wanted you to watch over him. So people like cyan don't get the chance to decieve him with false promises. (walks home)

Saren: (To toby) Sorry about the whole psychotic episode thing. I overrused by dark abilities and lost control. Plus I subconciously fed on the malice that Cyan was giving off.(whispers to toby) would this count as grounds to keep cyan away from me via restraining order. (tries to conjure a dark portal but nothing happens) Crap, guess I gotta do this the old fashioned way. (walks off to find annabelle and millie.)

(Cyan smiles)

Cyan: (in head) Go ahead, walk don't know what you have done when you made a deal with Akozin.

(Cyan turns around and walks away)

(Saren mentally grins)

Saren: (in head) Foolish cyan, little did he realize is that I'm not the one in charge so therefore any deal that I made with him or Akozin won't be followed by the ruling family and if Akozin were to throw a global conniption fit than the various other heroes and G.U.N would oppose the Linkian empire every step of the way. I believe this is checkmate Cyan. Next time make sure to verify if the one your playing politics with is an actual ruler.

(Saren quickly folds his ears down and looks sad just as he finds Annabelle and Millie)

Dr. Pidra: You should not underestimate the Linkian government! They have best nuclear weapons program on Mobius, and if the do invade your nation, G.U.N. won't get involved. G.U.N. isn't allowed to fight the Linkian military unless the Linkians invade the United Federation.

Saren: The Ashlands have something of their own should any empire try to attack it. Why do you think no one ever wants to enter a war of attrition with the ashlands?, I'll give you three reasons and a hint. Reason 1, The ashlands have one of the best missile defense networks. Reason 2, The actual location and unpredictable weather patterns will make any millitary campaign by foreign nations a nightmare when it comes to funding and supplies. Reason 3, While the Ashlands may have a bit of a presence internationally, They are largely self sufficient. But in order to understand the final reason you would have to go to the Ashlands themselves and research their historical and religious roots. If you are as smart as you say you are you will notice that they are interconnected, how they are interconnected and why I will leave to you (hands Pidra two leather bound tomes) those tomes I handed you contain the myths and the history of the Ashlands. Once you are finished return those tomes to me and I will explain in further detail, be very discreet and don't even think about making any copies of those two books. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find someone.

(Saren finds annabelle and millie, his ears are folded against his head and he looks sad.)

(Dr. Pidra leaves to study the tomes)

(Annabelle talks with Millie and a couple of other popular students as they stand around her 2015 blue Chevy Camaro)

(Dr. Pidra looks at the car for a second)

Dr. Pirda: Nice car.

(Dr. Pidra walks away while looking at the tomes)

Saren: (notices the popular crowd while limping) I am pretty sure most of the entire school saw me lose control and go into a psychotic bloodlust. (Bleeding from a gash in his head and from lacerations across his chest. Also dealing with a glass shard in his leg) Maybe I should go over their and ask for a bit of help before I pass out and die of bloodloss. (limps over to the popular crowd) *Weakly* Can anyone please help me. I'd be eternally in your debt if you did.

(The crowd gasps in surprise and back away from him, giving Annabelle and Millie a view of him)

Annabelle: What...In the actual f***...? (Millie covers her mouth in a scared manner)

(Toby runs in)

Toby: Uh...what do you think? Huh? Can I do horror makeup or what! Maybe someday, I'll work as a horror movie makup artist!

(Toby grabs Saren)

Toby (whispers): Don't mess with them, trust me!

Annabelle: You're not going ANYWHERE until you tell me...what in the Hell is going ON....!?

Toby: Fine! I want to be a horror movie makeup artist, you know, the person who makes the actors that (Toby points to Saren) using makeup. I am pretty good, aren't I? Anyways, I Ashe was kind enough to let me try my makeup on him! He's acting, isn't it cool!

DarkShadow: *walks in after disappearing for almost a year* Sounds cool to me.. -grins happy to finally return- (I'm back! Yay I was so busy with real highschool and stuff but it's slowed abit)

Saren: Toby, I'm not acting. I got tossed into a window by you when you went bat**** crazy on me. I got shards of glass in my legs and tail. and i'm pretty sure my left arm is dislocated. The makeup you used on me without my consent washed off when I tripped and faceplanted into a puddle of water, and while I may have deserved some of that. You friggin tossed me into a random building, which just so happened to be the chemistry building. What kind of person prevents a dude from asking for assistance, all because of some grudge and who said I was messing with them. (Pulls out a three inch long glass shard from his tail.)

Saren: (Yelps in pain) See what I mean.

Toby (wispers): See acting! Do I honestly look life the kind of person who can toss people into buildings. (whispers) Sorry dude, but trust me, this is to protect you from G.U.N.

(Dr. Pidra immediately know what was going on)

Dr. Pidra: Toby's logic checks out. (whispers to Saren) I know a friend who can help you, but I do agreee, you don't understand that the United Federation is corrupted too. If you were to get normal treatment, they will find you have powers, then you will be forced to work for G.U.N. Where they will brainwash you...or at worst, kill you.

(Saren sighs)

Saren: (whispers to Pidra) alright fine I see your point, but at least help me remove the shards from my tail because the tail is the most sensative part of my body, right up their with my ears [basic feline physiology], and if pulling on my tail is enough to bring me to my knees in pain, imagine what will happen to me once the adrenalin wears off and their are still glass shards. (to annabelle) could you please help me relocate my arm, I'll owe you big time. (whispers to annabelle) and having someone who can manipulate shadows for pretty much any purpose owe you a favor can be a beneficial thing. Especially if it involves money. (pulls out another glass shard) SONOVA . . . .!!!!!

(saren Speaks telepathically to toby.)

Saren: (telepathically: I want to have a spar with you, Matt, Pidra, Greg and Darkshadow after this, do this and I'll show you my collection of horror movie props. and maybe let you use them in a prank against the popular kids.)

Dr. Pidra (whispers to Saren): Okay, I'm going to give you a shot that will numb the pain.

(Dr. Pidra puts a needle in Saren's tail)

(Saren eyes widen, then he drops to the ground and passes out two seconds later.)

Saren: ZzZzZzZZZZzzzzzz (snoring)

DarkShadow: *snickers atthe thought of the prank* What did you do to him?

Dr. Pidra: Don't worry, the injection only made him fall asleep. That way I can remove the shards without him feeling increadible pain.

Annabelle: Y-you know what? I'm DONE with this. Lets go Millie. (Millie nods as she swallows nervously and the two climb into Annabelle's camaro) I KNEW I shouldn't have left DHS....(She revs the engine and the camaro takes off out of the parking lot and down the street)

???: (Starts laughing) Oh man! She is pissed. Unfortunately for her its about to get worse in about . . . five seconds give or take. Especially since that Camaro is about to have some "technical difficulties" and popped tires.

(Annabelle and Millie soon reach Anna's rich neighborhood and turn down 'Monroe Street')

Annabelle: Almost home. Thank CHRIST.

Millie: Hey Anna, can I ask you something?

Annabelle: Sure hun.

Millie: What was your last school like?

Annabelle: (sighs with a smile) It was like my own little doll house, if you could call it that. Everyone did what they were told, when they were told. I was of course head cheerleader, and Vice President of student council. My clique was half the size of a graduating class and we were loved by EVERYONE...It was, well, perfect.

Millie: Wow...

Annabelle: Yeah. Wow. But it wasn't as cracked up as you think it was. People always getting into my business and making fun of my past and that....ROYALLY pissed me off...Especially after...My first boyfriend he...- (She stops the car and sighs) I don't want to talk about it...

Millie: I-I'm sorry...! We don't have to if you don't want to!!

(Cassidy is looking at his checklist of stuff while about half a dozen Mobians are helping him move his stuff from a large truck into his new home, which is across the street from Anna's)

Cassidy: Don't forget the 6 foot speakers guys!

(Pyriius see's Cassidy and a large moving truck from his and Saren's house and decides to go say hi.) [Part of the ruling family of the Ashlands, same with saren. They just prefer not to get involved with politics.]

Pyriius: (to Cassidy) Wait, your from the school arent you. You live in this neighborhood?

Cassidy: *sill looking at his Notepad* Hey, if you're a world famous rapper the it probably makes sense for you to live in the rich part of town

Pyriius: Me and my cousin Saren live here as well. Anyway, what would you say if you were asked to perform at a member of the Ashland royal family's birthday, my sister who is next in line for the throne as well as a big fan of your rapping, and if you havent already guessed me and saren are part of the ruling family. Speaking of which, have you seen Saren at all since you came back from school?

(Annabelle sighs as she drives on, and they soon reach Annabelle's gated estate)

Millie: Hey...Isn't that Cassidy?

(Annabelle blinks in surprise as she looks)

Annabelle: Well what do you know...! (She smiles) I'm gonna park the car in the garage and then we can go say hi. (Millie nods as the huge gates open and she drives in)

Cassidy: Well first off, i haven't seen Saren. Secondly, i thought that you two looked familiar. You guys where on TV about a week ago. Finally, i wouldn't mind performing at the party if my schedule is clear.

Pyriius: Thanks, Not only would you make my little sister happy. But you would also have both mine and Saren's gratitude along with a Sizeable pay check and trust me, having royalty as friends can open up a lot more doors than just being internationally famous. Though their is one question I have to ask. What is your secret for dealing with the papparazzi? (notices annabelle)

DarkShadow: I wonder why everyone's freaking out?

Saren: (woke up) This whole mess started when I went on a negative emotion fueled psychotic rampage and I fought toby which ended up with me getting smashed into a window, although I did manage to deal some damage to toby in his fire demon form with my dark scythe and a summoned shadow beast and I freaked out Annabelle, which was kinda funny. Now if you will excuse me, I'm going home via shadow travel express. Ja ne

(Saren shadow walks back to Pyriius)

Saren: I'm back Pyriius.

Pyriius: Saren, where were you?

Saren: (laughs nervously) Funny story actually, I was busy getting glass shards removed from my legs and tail. (notices his arm is still dislocated and pops it back in.) Thank god that anesthesia is barely in effect right now, (notices Cassidy) Oh hey its the rapper! You ask him to perform at Ryssa's party yet?

Pyriius: Yes I did Saren.

Toby: Guys guess what! I moved into my first mansion! My parent kicked me out of theirs....they don't like me....anyways, now I can work on directing my first horror movie! My parent's didn't let me do it, because I can't spreay the walls with red paint to simulate blood. This is awesome, anyone want to act in it?

???: someone's a bit off their rocker, no make that five thousand miles off their rocker. (sniggers)

(Annabelle and Millie take their things inside as Annabelle's little sister and brother watch)

Alena: Look who's home!

Annabelle: I thought you two were at a friends house...(Glares)

Alfie: They didn't want us over after the incident with the kitchen stove, the glue and what we did to the cat..

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Whatever you little demons...Lets go Millie~ (The two head outside)

Saren: (grabs his cell and calls a really fancy catering services) Hey, id like to order the fanciest and largest buffet you have. Yes add the fillet mignon, and the cavier just add all of it, deliver it here and make it snappy. I live in Monroe street, yes I have the money to pay for all this I'm a member of the Ashland royal family. Just bring the food here and do your jobs. Thank you (hangs up) Man, the service these days has gone down the sh***er.

Pyriius: Saren watch your mouth.

Saren: (sulking) Not my fault its true.

Saren: the bill was two hundred seventy million, Meh I'm rich and I earned the money so I'm going to pig out. (shouts to Cassidy and pyriius) Hey Pyriius, Cassidy! I ordered some really expensive catering! You guys want some!

Toby: Idea...Idea.....a mobian who goes insane and kills people....JACKPOT! Unoriginal, but awesome! I need a sprinkler...that shoots red paint, to simulate blood! My movie will be awesome, take that mom and dad!

DarkShadow: hmmmm *stays silent*(thinks) -Wish I could see that-

Greg: Toby, how did you get this mansion. It has to be the biggest here!

Toby: It is! That's simple, a guy died in the house thirty years ago!

Greg: What?

Toby: I know, isn't it cool!

Auron: Was the dead guy a serial killer?

Toby: YEAH! Isn't it great!

Greg: No it's not...(looks at Auron) who are you?

DarkShaodw: *Walks in on Auron and the others after following them out of boredom* Oh hey... *she leans on a wall and crosses her arms*

Auron: I believe that is not your concern at the moment (snaps his fingers as various nightmareish creatures start pooling out of the house)You see, i'm here to reclaim something that is in the basement of this house and I don't want anyone interfering so these little creatures should keep you busy until I leave. Don't worry, they won't kill you. Bye bye now. (warps to the basement while every single exit is blocked.)

DarkShadow: with my forms I wish something could kill me.

Auron: Now lets see, (finds a greyish colored quartz crystal) Their it is, The stone of hatred! (grabs the stone and puts it in his pocket, teleports back to Darkshadow) Their, I found what I was looking for. You are free to go. (snaps fingers and the doors unseal themselves along with the nightmare creatures vanishing) Bye. (warps away.)

Toby: Wait, bring the nightmarish creaturse back!

Greg: Too late.

Toby: Great, now how am I going to do my movie! I NEED PSYCHOPATHS!

(Auron warps back)

Auron: Did you say you need them for a horror movie? Alright then (snaps his fingers and the nightmareish creatures come back)

Auron: (to nightmare creatures) listen to toby, he's directing a horror movie and you guys are now apart of it. (to toby and greg) By the way, my name is Auron.

(Annabelle and Millie arrive at Cassidy's place0

Annabelle: Cassidy~!

(A large catering truck appears and Saren hears the truck)

Delivery guy: (to annabelle) excuse me I'm with The "Empire's catering service", you may not have heard of us since only a select few know of our existance, mostly those who are of royalty and we originated from the Ashlands. Im looking for a "Saren Arterius - Prince of the ashlands" Do you happen to know where he lives

(Saren runs to the truck clad in pajamas)

Saren: Finally! you guys are here, now help me get this buffet into the house. (Speaks in the Ashland native tongue and the gates open up. (notices annabelle) Saren: I know what your thinking [not really] "How could I be royalty" or "This weirdo again, what is he doing here" and my personal favorite "How the frick are you gonna eat all that food." The answer to those questions are; in the order i stated them are I am the son of Ryssa's, the next in line to the throne grandmother, making her my niece, I live next door to Cassidy, in that big @$$ mansion with the custom built motor cycle (built as a tribute to the xenomorphs) and a crimson Lambhorgini with blue flame decals on the side inside the gated driveway, and I'm hungry and I planned to have guests over, You and millie wanna join in. I also invited Cassidy.

(Paid the delivery man the money after the four buffet tables were unloaded.)

Toby: Huge mansion.

Greg: Check.

Toby: Cameras.

Greg: Check.

Toby: Creatures.

Greg: Check.

Toby: Fake blood.

Greg: Check.

Toby: Girl.

Greg: Ch-what...girl?

Toby: There's always a girl who acts as the protagonist! It's horror movie 101!

Greg: No check!

Toby: Great! I'm going outside!

(Toby goes outside and sees the catering.)

Toby: which way is McDonalds....

Millie: Anna, can we go to the party? Please?

Annabelle: (Rolls her eyes) UGH. Fine...But I'm getting dressed FIRST. And...I might as well make you up too while I'm at it...

Millie: YAY!

(Alena and Alfie watch from across the street)

Alena: I think we should go!

Alfie: Anna'll kill us if we do...

Alena: That's never stopped us before! (Annabelle and Millie head back to the Rich Estate)

Saren: (conjures up a letter and warps it to toby) "If your looking for a McDonalds their is one two miles north of this neighborhood surprisingly enough." (message inside the letter)

(another letter is warped to toby: the letter reads as " Toby, if you are getting this letter, when you finish finding someone suitable for a McDonalds. I need you to help me pull something off at my party, So I can do that whole heroic rescue thing for Millie, yes I like her. She is pleasant to be around and pure. At the bottom of this letter is a rune that when touched, will teleport you to an area in the basement of my mansion that has all of my horror props. choose some of those and be as convincing ad you can without actually murdering anyone. When I have finished my "heroic" rescue press that rune again and you will be warped back to the fron of your house, while the props you used will be warped back to a hidden location in my basement. Once you have finished the objective in the letter, it will melt back into shadows so no one else will find out. Do this for a friend. "Saren Arterius" Prince of the Ashlands.)

Toby: (yells) Cyan! If your here......CAPITALISM!!! That is all! (to Saren, in normal voice) Nice catering. See ya!

Saren; (makes a few calls and minutes later a swarm lf the best actors, songwriters, directors along with butler services and unorthodox entertainment, The greatest standup comedians of all time. (Gabriel Iglesias) and others start to arrive at Sarens mansion to get the party set up.) Screw those royal court dinners and proceedings, this is a lot more fun.

(Annabelle starts getting an outfit together -The one on the right- )

Toby: Wait....he's royality...I never met anyone who's royal...that's not Cyan. I'll do it! Who am I talking too? I guess myself, hey Toby how are you? Good, you? Eh, okay I guess. I have to due this thing for a friend. Cool. Yeah, I need to dress up as a murderer and get beat up so my friend can have this girl. Legit. I know right! (shakes his head) I got to do this! (Touches the rune, and Toby teleport's to the basement) Nothing here...wait...YES! Here comes Freddy....Kruegar! Not the animatronic bear, that's just stupid! Talking to myself again.

(saren speaks telepathically to toby: Make it convincing and at least do it after gabriel iglesias leaves. by the way Five nights at freddies is a helluva lot scarier than friday the 13th)

Annabelle: Here Millie. (She hands her an outfit )

Millie: Wow...! Anna this is amazing!

Annabelle: I know right~? (She grins as she goes to get dressed somewhere in her two story closet)

Toby (screams in rage): FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!!!!! FREDDY KRUEGER IS FROM THE NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET! GAH! FRIDAY THE 13TH IS JASON! FREDDY AND JASON HATE EACH OTHER AS OF THE CROSSOVER MOVIE! NEXT YOUR GOING TO SAY THAT MICHEAL MYERS WAS IN SHREK! RAH! (takes a deep breath) I shouldn't do a favor to someone who thinks Freddy is the antagonist of Friday the 13th....oh well. Horror movie based idiots will be horror movie based idiots!

(Saren speaks in toby's mind: I HEARD THAT! you do realize who's basement your in with various horror movie props and monsters. Speaking of which, open the glass container and you will find a fully functioning robotic Xenomorph, I set it to non lethal in this instance so have some fun. Sides Alien was better than any of the Freddy, Jason and their crossover movies as well!)

(Annabelle and Millie finish getting ready and head back over towards Cassidy's place)

Toby: Freddy the robot is a fail! I seen Spongebob episodes scarier then that dumb game! I can't wait until the trend blows over! Until then, do you want my help or not? Because arguing with me is not helping your case!

Saren: (telepathically: alright fine, we can discuss the finer points of nightmare on elm street later, and sides. I would have thought that you would jump at the chance to recieve the original freddy krueger outfit plus clawed gauntlet anyway.)

DarkShadow: *eyes glow green* everyone just stop yelling and freaking out ok!!!

Annabelle: (Rolls her eyes as she mumbles) Now the only place I can get piece and quiet is surrounded by IDIOTS...

Saren: I'll deal with this ma'am

(Saren warps Darkshadow and toby into a different part of his house.)

Saren: (telepathically speaking to toby and darkshadow: you guys are supposed to be as stealthy as batman, or those serial killers who catch their victim off guard. Dark could you help Toby out by keeping the she wolf busy, try acting like james bond, the greatest spy/lady killer in existence.)

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Is there a party or NOT? (She narrows her eyes)

Saren: (calmly) Did you not see the various swarms of celebrities, stand up comedians, and the giant cirque de Soleil circus tent in the back, not to mention that entire truck full of gourmet food. Anyway, come on in (snaps his finger and the gate opens, The faint sounds of famous celebrities singing and the other sounds of an awesome party start echoing in Saren, Millie and Annabelle's ears.)

Millie: Anna lets go!! (She takes Annabelle's hand and leads her inside)

(Toby appears as Freddy Krueger)

Toby (in Freddy's voice): Welcome to prime time b*tch! (evil laugh)

DarkShadow: aww why do I have to do this! -looks at Toby-

Toby (in Freddy's voice): Which one of you ****** wants to die first! Maybe richie over here (points at Annabelle)....or you! (points at Millie)

Saren: (face palms) Why am I always stuck with the crazy ones. (presses button and a trap door leading to a launchpad preprogrammed to launch people about five miles away from his house opens up underneath Toby and Darkshadow) Next time throw a party, I'm going to get better security. Robots will do just nicely.

Toby: Know what s**** it! You change your mind too often! See ya! (Enteres his own mansion)

(Saren:teleepathically to toby) *You did the part exellently, I just had to be convincing. By the way, if you want you can keep the freddy kreuger costume as thanks and the gauntlet is the same one used in nightmare on elm street. Thanks toby, I'll owe ya one later* (to annabelle and millie) That takes care of that nuisance. If you want to know who the guy in the Freddy kreuger outfit was so you can deal with him yourself, It was darkshadow. Other than that, Enjoy the party and here (hands annabelle a pure gold pendant with a sparkling blue diamond carved in the shape of a wolf and hands Millie a ring that was carved out of a maturally formed diamond that had a blueish gold tint to it, Inscribed within the ring is the title "lady of the crimson rubies") Those items that I gave to you are quite literally, the last of the great treasures from the ancient times. Many have wondered where they are and even more have wasted entire fortunes trying and failing to find these treasures. I'm giving those to you as a way to show you two just how much I value our friendship, and as an apology for the weird crap that has gone on since my arrival.

DarkShadow: *sighs* guys stop it, I'm not in the mood to be your baby sitters.... *looks away sadly*

(The two gasp as they take them)

Millie: I've never seen anything like this...! Ever! T-thank you! Are you sure you want to give these to us?

Annabelle: Well he gave them up Millie! That says something~!

DarkShadow: *snaps out of weirdness* oh cool...

Saren: See, I hope that proves that despite my antics, I'm not that bad a person. (in head: It's good to be royalty.)

(telepathically to dark shadow: you like gabriel iglesias? cause he is performing here.)

(Annabelle helps Millie put hers on and vice versa)

Saren: (In head: I don't know what to say that wouldn't ruin the moment. So I'll just keep quiet this one time.)

Annabelle: Perfect...~

Saren: *Whispering to a guy in a black suit* Now its time for me to activate Project: Eclipse the Darkling

Millie: What should we do now?

Annabelle: Tsk, don't look at me. Ask the 'host' over here...

DarkShadow: *looks at Saren and shrugs* well I'm bored *creates a shadowball and messes around with it.

(Greg is sitting on the grass outside Toby's mansion)

Toby (in Freddy Kruger's voice): Greg! I'm Freddy Krueger! Give the the 3DS and I might let you live.

(Greg screames and give Toby the 3DS)

Toby (normal voice): Tricked you! Now the 3DS is mine! YAAAAAAAAA!

Greg: Hey, no fair!

Toby: All's fair when it comes to fear!

(Toby runs away with Greg's 3DS)

Saren: Theirs Stand up comedy, celebrities singing and my personal favorite, Various movies like "Lets be cops" or "Godzilla." I could easily show you if you want. (in head: than I will get to project Eclipse the Darkling."

Annabelle: I'll just go talk to the celebs. Probably someone I know personally. (She walks off and mumbles to herself) And hopefully I can get away from these idiots)

Millie: Wait up! (she follows)

(Toby is laughing, but then notices the directors at the party)

Toby: ..... (in head) HOW DID HE GET THEM? THIS IS AMAZING! MUST....GO....MEET....THEM....

(Toby walks over to George the Lynx and Steven the Cat)

Toby: Y-Your Steven the Cat!

Steven: You wouldn't believe how many times I get that.

Toby: What are you doing here?

Steven: Got invited.

Toby: Your my favorite director!

Steven: Thank you.

(Toby looks at Saren, and mouths the words "Thank you, your awesome!")

(saren looked back, and mouthed the words "I know I am." with a slightly smug expression.)

DarkShadow: *walks to Toby* crazy party huh? *small grin*

(the party ends eight hours after it it started

???(Nox): So, this is "Chaos High" (snarls as he says this) Bah! if it werent for the failed black arms invasion and the second failed one under black death ("sonic universe #59-62 and #66-70") than the black arms would still be the mighty armada it once was instead of a few scattered dark arms and two darklings, and I wouldnt be forced by G.U.N to integrate with my food! (four Wisps, all with the signature black arms grey coloring float along side him and spoke in the wisps language while rough housing.) Nixgle, don't bite your sister Rynixta. Ravxn, play nice with your brother kervex. (Nox says in a parental scolding tone.) Lets get this day over with so I can go home and forget about going along with G.U.N's petty little orders.(exasperated)

Cyan: Hello, I am Cyan Link...did you say something about the Black Arms? My father was a close friend of Black Doom...before the incident. My country supplied the Black Arms the information needed to invade mobius, our goals were simular, so my nation and the Black Arms made perfect partners.

Nox: (turns around) Ah yes Yose Link, and you must be one of his sons. Cyan if I am not mistaken. I am one of the last of the black arms, one of two darklings in this case. Surely you must have heard of Eclipse the Darkling or about the second invasion attempt by the black arms under the command of Black death due to your country's vast spy network if I am not mistaken. These are the "dark arms" (gestures to the four wisps colored in the standard black arms grey.) So what do you need Cyan?

DarkShadow: *listen to the two talk* *thinks* -I wonder where Toby went-

(Millie had been picked up by her mom as Annabelle changes into red Victoria's Secret PJs as she texts some friends)

Cyan: Nothing really...also, my brother wants to meet you.

Nox: (whispers to cyan.) Alright then, where should I meet up with him? F.Y.I, we have an uninvited guest listening in on our conversation, don't make him aware that we know of his presence. (subtly indicates where DarkShadow is.) Should we take this conversation elsewhere or lure our eavesdropper away from any witnesses to "deal" with him?

(Cyan slowly nods his head)

DarkShadow: you couldn't "deal" with me even if you had the chance! *she growls*

Nox: (hisses in excitement) Are you sure about that you worthless excuse for prey? If you are, than why don't we find out. Right here, right now. Or are you as cowardly and pathetic as all of the so called G.U.N "soldiers" that I butchered

Cyan: And my army decapitated. Now shoo you inferior capitalist scum!

Nox: (whispers to cyan) I can see why Both Black doom and Black death spoke highly of your family. (speaks normally) So do you wanna take turns handling her or do it together, or maybe we could bring in one of her friends to even things out for her, not like it will help much. aybe that hedgecat Matt, or That one guy who was paranoid of you before hand. Toby was it? Either way "DarkShadow" You have absolutely no chance of ever beating me or Cyan you weak, pitiful hedgehog!

Cyan: Also, I can do this! (Snaps his fingers)

(Three soldiers appear and point their guns at DarkShadow)

Cyan: Their my....bodyguards.

Nox: (snickers and starts talking in a funny accent.) I shall now recite, the pimp's prayer (clears his throat and talks to darkshadow) Lord, please pray for the soul of this b**** and guide my pimp hand and make it strong Lord, so that she might learn a hoe's place. Amen.

(I'm sorry, but I have to make a boondocks reference in a non serious RP. the timing is perfect.)

DarkShadow: *grins and disappears instantly then reappears behind Nox pointing a shadow ball at him* you really shouldn't pi** me off.

Nox: (wraps his tail around her leg as he jumps up and slams her into to the ground as he flips in the air.) Next time you try to intimidate someone, it helps if you actually attack them. (releases his tail from her leg,grins at the impending fight and starts talking to his "dark arms") Ravxn come to me. The rest of you get to safety. (A small bird like wisp in black arms grey merges with nox's tail. giving it a dark red hue and makes it more blade like.) Now then, shall we continue this little game.

DarkShadow: *lays on the ground for a minute trying to calm down* -F**k I need to calm down i can't lose control- you want a fight as*****! *gets up and shadow punches him into a tree*

Nox: (gets out of the tree) Bring it on you annoying little s***! (His bladed tail opens up and starts charging up a purple laser.) I hope your ready to burn! (fires the laser from the tip of his tail.) *in head: the effects of her punching me into a tree should kick in right about now. What the foolish girl doesnt realize is that i control all forms of electricity, and that includes the signals that her brain sends to the various parts of her body via the nervous system and all I have to do is transform into my thunder wolf mode. (Nox is a hybrid between black arms darkling and thunder wolf.) Are you done trying to engage me in this pitiful excuse of a fight? You cannot possibly defeat me, in fact the pieces have all ben set for your utter defeat stupid wench.

(note: the signals your brain send out to the various parts of your body forms a bioelectric circuit.)

Annabelle: (Scoffs) At this point the whole world is gonna f***ing HEAR THEM. (she growls as she gets up and walks towards the front of the house, but still on the 2nd floor)

Auron: (in a disembodied voice) I don't think you, or anyone want to get into this right now. After all, this is one of the few weird events you could easily ignore by putting on some earbuds, playing relaxing music and just sleeping to the music. But if you want to interfere in what appears to be a grudge match between a hybrid and a chick named after shadow thrn be my guest.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) It's not ME that's gonna be complaining, IDIOT. (She opens up a window) Will you all SHUT UP!? Not only am I trying to relax but your STUPID FIGHTING is gonna keep my WHOLE FAMILY- No. MY WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD! (She growls as she narrows her eyes and slams the window shut before walking back to her room)

Auron: (annoyed) Well, if thats how you wanna play then i'm game. (appears in a smoky mist) I hope you can explain how every window simultaneously shattered at once (snaps fingers and every window in annabelles house starts cracking and then shatters. Making a lot of noise.) My work here is done. Now to go rest from exerting to much of my powers .(dissapears, smoky mist and all.)

Cyan: ARMY!

(Soon fifteen more soldiers appear)

Cyan: I also manage to steal this from Dr. Pidra! (takes out the ray gun Dr. Pidra used) Nox, try to keep her in one spot long enough to zap her!

Nox: On it. Now my dear, I believe i'm going to beat the living tar out of you with my bare hands. Ravxn get to safety (Ravxn splits from nox's tail and goes with the dark arms.) Now... where were we. Oh yeah, me kicking your @$$. (a yellow flash of light envelopes nox and as the flash of light dissipates a blue wolf with lightning bolt patterns on his face and body is seen standing where nox was.)

DarkShadow: I did not!.. *her stripes start to turn white* break up with Red *a blue aura surrounds her* or come back to school just to deal with you!! *her voice turn demonic and she chages to her third form* eat this! *three stone pillars appear and she slams Nox into them*

Nox: This is pathetic. (Nox vanishes in a flash of lightning and appears with his hand on DarkSahdow's shoulder. Now why don't you stop moving for a bit. (Starts scrambling her body's bio electric current so she cant move.) Cyan, hit her with with the ray gun!

(Cyan zapps DarkShadow)

Cyan: Powers neutralized for three days.

Nox: (Starts laughing very loudly) Looks like the tables have turned. Foolish girl, now I am going to BEAT THE S*** OUT OF YOU! (yelling) Nixgle come to me. (speaking in a soft parental tone and all of a sudden a grey wisp that looks like a box with four stubby legs with one glowing blue eye merges into nox's body, changeing nox's skin color from a slate grey to a faded violet red color, this fusion gives nox an almost indestructible hide."diamonds couldnt break this armor.") Now. Hit me as hard as you can. I'm giving you one last shot to hurt me, as unlikely as that happening is. Unless you know that you cannot beat me and that you are pathetic. (speaking in a mocking tone) Eh DarkShadow.

(Annabelle jumps as her family is woken suddenly)

Mrs. Rich: ANNABELLE! Are you OK? What HAPPENED?!

Annabelle: Ask the new neighbors ACROSS THE STREET.

Mr. Rich: I'm calling the authorities then. (Starts dialing)

Alena and Alfie: WE DIDN'T DO IT!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) We KNOW THAT.

Mr. Rich: They're on their way.

Mrs. Rich: At least we won't have to pay for it somewhat...Are you sure you're OK darling..?

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Mom I'm fine...! (Sirens are heard entering the area)

Auron: (appears) You do realize the ones who are fighting aren't your neighbors, and the one who broke all the windows in your house doesnt live here right. Plus, I'm the one who did it and do you really think the cops are going to be anything more than fools to the slaughter. (laughs) Oh yeah, and one thing. What can you or your parents do to stop me. Eh princess.

DarkShadow: *grunts in pain* stop you don't know what your doing! *rage builds inside of her* * she screams in terror*

Nox: *walks up and picks up Darkshadow by her neck and starts applying a small amount of pressure* I know exactly what I am doing! It was your namesake who foiled the second black arms invasion! It was your name sake that left me and one other as the last of our kind! It was your namesake WHO CONDEMMED ME TO THIS HELL!!!!! *Nox starts yelling in anger and hatred* (Shouts as he slams her into the ground two times, tosses her into a wall and does a running kick to her abdomen as she is still in the wall.)

DarkShadow: *blood starts tearing from here eye* AHHHHHHHHHHH *screams suddenly turn to demonic laughter as she chages into her third and final uncontrollable form* prepare to die you son of a b****!! *grabs his neck and throws him into the wall*

nox: (wraps his tail around her foot as dark shadow throws him.) Now you stupid B****, time for me splatter your brains all over this place.! (Decks Darkshadow as hard as he can in the face, with his nigh indestructible skin/armor.) Im not finished yet ( lifts his hand up and starts charging up what appears to be a ball of black lightning ) Now burn in h*** you f****** c***! (fires the black lightning beam point blank in dark shadows face.)

DarkShadow: *catches the beam and absorbs it* *her regeneration heals any damage done to her* you can't hurt me anymore a******! (Let me out! I don't want this! *Cries*) *growls and teleports behind Nox and uses her shadow claws and aims strait for the heart*

(Cyan then zaps DarkShadow again, turning her into her original form again. He then hits her in the back of the head, knocking her out. He then signals soliders to take her away, which the quickly do.)

Cyan: She'll be in a Linkian prison soon.


DarkShadow: *wakes up* where the hell am I!

Soldier: Pure Mobius! You are here for the assassination atempt of Cyan Link! We are well aware of your powers, so we drugged you. Try anythings, and you heart will litterly explode.

(Back to Chaos High School)

Nox: No, let her be. She is practically finished anyway. I can sense that her dark form did more damage to her so by the time she fully recovers it will be too late for her to stop us. Besides I want her to realize that the only reason she is still alive after she challenged us was because I found her not worthy to take the time to kill. Have your soldiers tie her up and restrict her powers instead. You will love what happens next. (nixgle separates from nox and he calls the rest of his "children" back to him.) Ravxn, Kervex, Rynixta. its safe to come out now. (the three dark arms come out of their hiding place and rejoin Nixgle.)

DarkShadow: (how does he know so much about my powers) you can't take my powers it's impossible *lowers head*it not my fault anyway...that...form.. It's uncontrolable it hurts me just as much as it hurts others that's how it stoped the second invasion. *grunts still in pain*

Nox: See, she's to injured to fight back and helpless to stop the coming storm. Besides Cyan, this isn't the one you truly want revenge on. She belongs to me for destroying my race, when we find this toby. You can do whatever you feel like to him. But this one (points to darkshadow) Is Mine. (whispers to cyan: besides, the cops are here, so we will talk more at the school. So lets go.) Now what to do with you DarkShadow. I'll have to deliberate it later, for now though you are coming with me. That is unless you want to deal with the police all by yourself.

DarkShadow: (no Toby) please don't..... It's not my ....f..ault *becomes unconsous again*

Nox: Oh great, (Picks up DarkShadow and puts her over his shoulder.) I gotta carry this chick. Nixgle, Ravxn, Lervex and Rynixta Lets go home (the dark arms all jump into his shadow) Time to get home. (warps himself along with the dark arms and DarkShadow to his home.) Their it is, Home sweet home. (sarcastic) Puts her on the couch and drapes a blanket over her.) I guess I'll watch over her. (in head: why does vengeance have to be so complicated with women.)

DarkShadow: *wakes up and puts a hand on her head* ow.. Where am I (this is the worst day) Nox?

Nox: (playing with Nixgle, Ravxn, Kervex and Rynixta.) Ah your finally awake. Don't worry I didnt do anything to you after the fight. If you're wondering where you are, you are at my "home" (nox scowls as if the word home was like drinking pure lemon juice.) I brought you here because one of the residents of the neighborhood we were fighting at called the cops, and to prevent cyan's troops from taking you to a linkian prison. You might want to lay low here for a while though. The cops are after us.

(Cyan appeares, and gives DarkShadow a piece of paper.)

Cyan: You are no longer wanted by the Linkian government. I had to have you arrested because you almost stumbled apon a great secret, but now I think you can be trusted. During the second invasion, the Link Empire did fight...but with the Black Arms. Yose Link, my father and the dictator at that time, was a close friend of Black Doom. The Linkians supplied the Black Arms the information they needed to invade.

DarkShadow: Then why did you fight me if your just going to make me hide here? How do I know I can trust you?

Cyan: 'cause, I seen your abilities. So you'll be killed if G.U.N. found out

DarkShaodw: not if my rage form kills them first I can't control it you know, the only way it comes out is if you really piss me off so I suggest you don't do that cause I can't stop it unless it whears off.

Nox: Dark, if I had any ulterior motives such as killing you while you were here, do you honestly think I would have my kids with me (points to the dark arms.) That, and instead of killing you in revenge and what not. I decided to ask you to help me raise my children. Adopted yes but still my own, and besides Darkshadow. As a father I am putting my trust in you when I ask you to help me raise them, cause they need a mother figure I don't think I would make a good female, and Cyan is like the uncle of this little family. Besides, just look at them. (Just think regular wisps but the skin tone is black arms grey) Look at them and tell me they aren't cute. (the four dark arms stare up at darkshadow in that cute way that only children can.)

(Annabelle and Millie walk through the school)

Millie: They broke into your house after you asked them to quiet down...?

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Not quite in the mood to elaborate Millie. But if that loser didn't show up and ask us to be his friends we probably wouldn't have to deal with these other f*** faces around here now with their useless fighting and evil government TRASH that no one else but them cares about...(She puts on a bit of lip gloss before putting it away)

Millie: O-oh...

DarkShadow: Er..*looks at them* that's kind of weird to be asking a 18 year old, and I never really been intrested in kids *looks at them* fine I guess I can be their "mom figure".

Cyan: Well this is all nice, but I can't let love spoil my image. So if anyone asks, I will deny it! Also, I should mention that I used to be incharge of the slaughter of the Linkian children that couldn't be brainwashed.

Nox: Alright then. But I should warn you Cyan, Hurt my kids at all and I will Kill you slowly and painfully. Sorry, I went all over protective dad on you.

( Saren overheard what annabelle said about him.)

Saren: That is complete b*******! This time I had nothing to do with that fight going on last night. I mean I sleeping.

(Auron sends annabelle an anonymous letter saying: Really, your going to not only insult one of the kindest memebers of any royal family for something he had no part of but have the nerve to blame him for everything. Guess what, that little stunt you pulled could not only cause an international incident, but also The royal family could easily take your entire family to court and sue you for slander, they might not win but they will hurt you where it hurts all those rich scumbags like you, The pocketbook. So I'd suggest shutting your stupid filthy, wanna be celebrity mouth before you start loving on the streets like a penniless hobo because I am pretty sure the Ashland royal family has a lot more money than you, or your stupid ***** mother and worthless ***** father will ever have in twenth lifetimes. Signed Auron. The one who shattered you windows and isnt afraid to discipline a spoiled rich brat. (4th wall break: sorry if this part offends anyone, im trying to keep in aurons character.)

(Annabelle scoffs as she and Millie walk on, and she scrolls through Facebook)

Nox: since all three of us have school tommorow and I don't want to hire a babysitter, mostly because I don't trust G.U.N not to try and take them from me. I am bringing them to school with me. But for now, I'm going to enjoy this rare moment of peace. Darkshadow let me introduce you to my little ones. The cube like one with four stubby legs is named Nixgle. The baby pterodactyl ish looking one is named Ravxn. The ball like one with four chibi devil wings is named Rynixta and the chibi alien puppy looking one is name kervex. Do you know how to speak wisp by chance?

Annabelle: There are to many freaks going here for the school's own good.(Millie rubs her head nervously as she hears Annabelle rant to herself)

Nox: (bumps into annabelle while playing with Kervex and listening to music on his headphones.) *continues walking on as he was focused on playing with Kervex*

(Annabelle scoffs as she takes off his headphones)

Annabelle: Learn how to say 'EXCUSE YOU'. (She tosses them back to him as she walks on) C'mon Millie. (Millie nods a bit before scrambling to follow)

Nox: (gives an electrically enhanced push to annabelle, flinging her into the third locker left from matt's locker.) You have some nerve scaring Kervex (gestures to the scared looking chibi alien puppy in his hands.) and not even apologizing you annoying girl! So why don't you walk away right now before things get ugly, and I don't really care what you do to me, but if you even hint to threatening the little ones. you will get a third degree facial restruction via my fist in your face*Nixgle and rynixta appear on nox's shoulders while Ravxn perches on his head.* (continues on his way to first period.

Matt:[is checking through his locker and grabbing his books]

Saren: *see's annabelle get shoved into a locker but just ignore's it*

DarkShadow: Calm down Nox you don't want to scare your kids *pets Nixgle*

(Nixgle leans in to darkshadows touch)

Nox: good point, just the apoilt brat over there decided to scare kervex and not even apologize, so that was a totally acceptable reaction to me. (scrathces kervex and rynixta behind the ears.)

(ravxn is currently sleeping on my head.)

Annabelle: (Scoffs as she growls and regains balance) YOU'RE the one that bumped into me, A$$HOLE. Maybe you're the one that needs to learn some manners. (Whispers) I'm sure he gets it from his parents. Lets go Millie, before these bat sh!t crazy f***s start destroying the place like they did last night for no reason...(She rolls her eyes as she puts a hand on Millie's shoulder and the two walk off)

Nox: You need to learn to keep yoir mouth shut, because I'm guessing none of the students here ever actually smacked you around, like your parents failed to discipline you. (Wraps his tail around annabelle's leg and slammed her into the ground and the locker before tossing her into the art room, where she got paint all over her clothes and fur.) By the way oh stupid one, don't swear in front of my kids.

DarkShadow: Jesus Nox! Your scaring them *holds Kervex*

Nox: Sorry (in head: the little ones, must protect the little ones.) *goes to comfort the little ones.* Don't be scared, Daddy just had to take care of the mean lady. She won't bother you guys again, (starts nuzzling the dark arms.) If she does, tell me and I will make her go away.

(dark arms start chittering happily in their wisp language.)

DarkShadow: *make a small barly noticeable smile*

(Cyan kindly talks to the dark arms in wisp language for a few minutes, then turns to Nox and DarkShadow)

Cyan: That's right. I speak wisp.

DarkShadow: (damn I still can't) cool, I should Learn if I'm gonna keep doing this.

Nox: (watches the dark arms and cyan interact with a small smile)

(the dark arms start playing with darkshadow and Cyan.)

Nox: I could teach you how if you want Darkshadow?

DarkShadow: ok sure I guess.

Nox: Alright (puts his index finger on Shadow's forehead amd transfers the knowledge) You should be able to understand them. Try listening to Kervex.

Kervex: (wisps language) "Mommy, what does A$$hole mean. I heard that mean lady call daddy that before daddy made her go bye bye."

DarkShadow: (wisp lanuage) Kervex it means nothing don't say it that lady must have learned it from mean people like her. *pets Kervex* I can get used to this *looks at Nox*

(Kervex happily nods and starts to roll over.)

Nox: (to darkshadow) Now that you think about it, it feels as if we are married, why do I have the feeling that I'm the "whipped" one in this relationship as you mobians call it.

Cyan (wips language): Don't ever use that work Kervex! (whispers) Until your fourteen.

Kervex (wisp language: Ok uncle Cyan. Do you think daddy is whipped by mommy?)

Cyan (wisp language): Probably. (sighs) I miss my father.

Nox: Rynixta, Nixgle, Ravxn, why don't you go with Kervex and uncle Cyan. Mommy and daddy need to discuss something (blushes slightly. *can aliens blush?*)

Rynixta, Nixgle and Ravxn: (wisp language: Ok daddy!) *they jump on nox and give him a hug before going over to Cyan and Kervex*

DarkShadow: What do you need?

Nox: I just wanted to say erm *scratches his head* sorry for trying to kill you the first time we met.

DarkShadow: Oh yeah I'm sorry too. But let's forget about it ok? By the way I've been meaning to ask you, how old are you and who is your kids real mom?

Nox: I'm fifteen give or take a few days (Nox is smart) and they don't have a mother. They are adopted since I found them when I managed to escape the Black arms second defeat i'm not apart of the hivemind so thats why i'm still alive.

DarkShadow: wow 15 that's cool *sounded weary* the wisps are really cute you know

Nox: Thank you. (blushes) You are... Cute yourself. (first time saying a female is cute instead of indiscriminately killing.)

Cyan (sweet voice): Awww....I'm going to go before I through up my own organs.

Nox: Dude, why would you doom yourself to suffering the wrath of female fury? thats just crazy. (whispers to cyan: Ots a little known fact that when not in combat or when the female you piss off is a mother, the phenomena known as supreme female fury occurs and as males, we are helpless to it. Believe me cyan, i gried fighting against it. dumbest thing I ever did.)

Cyan (sweet voice): I mean the planet's air is making me all dissy. Nighty night. (Passes out)

Darkness: thanks..... By the way my real name is Darkness I just changed it a fews years ago.

Nox: Why did Cyan Pass out?

DarkShadow: his body is denining anymore earth oxogen!

Nox: What do we do!

Cyan (from lack of oxygen): It's penut butter jelly time!

DarkShadow: we can't do anything unless we have the air of his planet.

Nox: (pulls out his cellphone and calls akozin) Hey listen your brother is starting to suffer from lack of oxygen, you might want to help him.

DarkShadow: *Suddenly feels a sharp agonizing pain* AH! *falls to the ground*

Nox: (summons his wisps and tells them to head inside the dark portal before the same happens to him) Sonova! *falls to the ground next to DarkShadow.*

Linkian soldiers then appeared.


Cyan wakes up in his bed in the Link Palace. On the ground were Nox and DarkShadow.

DarkShadow: *Wakes up still in pain* grr what the hell! Where am I!

Cyan: The Link Empire.

Nox: Why is that?

Cyan: Is there any chance you contacted anyone?

Nox: oh yeah, i called akozin because you were suffocating.

Cyan: He must of saved us!

DarkShadow: *gets shot with a needle* ow err..

???: what is your full name?

DarkShadow: *no expression on her face* Darkness Shadow Neoload

???: You say you are 18 were you lying if so why?

DarkShadow: Yes I............ Was lying I am 16 I lied because I was told to

???: by who?

DarkShadow: my father

???: I see John Neoload, lastly how did you get your powers?

DarkShadow: when my mother died I found a magic amulet that put them into my DNA

???: good I'm through with you. *speaker turns off*

DarkShadow: *falls to groud again unconscious.

Nox: What the heck are you doing to her! you son of a b*tch! (shouted at the mysterious person)

Cyan: Calm down, he's injecting a chip. That way the soldier know not to shoot her!

DarkShadow: *wakes up* so know you both know who my father is... I guess I should explain everything

???: is that what you think Cyan. Heh no no that wasn't a chip that was truth serum, it will make you tell us everything regardless of what you can do, you see this Isn't Linkian this is an organization that's bigger, more powerful and , more fearsome. Now anyway I should kill all three of you but that would just be rude. especially since you need to know just how powerful we are. I think Only DarkShadow really knows the answer to that huh.

DarkShadow: F*** you! I never wanted to see this place again Scilice!

Scilice: Ah you remeber me, of course how could you not remember your mother certainly never forgot.

DarkShadow: you killed her a******!

Nox: Who the f*ck ks this wannabe emperor palpatine. (to sclice) Hey dude, The star wars convention isn't until February. So why don't you wait until then. (mumbling: Ya friggin jack***)

DarkShadow: Nox.... Please stop.....*starts oddly growling*

Scilice: kneels to DarkShadow* aww is the little girl upset *makes pouty faces*

DarkShadow: stop it!

Scilice: you know that's the same tone your mother had before that bullet entered her brain!

DarkShadow: *starts changing to her third form but it fails, she is being eleticuted by the chains*

Scilice: Pft your pathetic!

Nox: Says the one picking on a girl while she is bound in chains that will shock her. What, worried that she'll kick your @$$ if she's free. If shadow is pathetic than you Scilice, must be an even lower form of existance. (Snarky tone of voice)

drakero:somebody please tell me whats going on?

Cyan: (laughs) This is defanally not Link City, because my nation is...err....we......hates certain species. Dragons are one of them. Also, (turns to Scilice)I have to agree with you being inferior to us!

Scilice: Pft weak *walks out of the room*

-the chains are unlocked

Scilice: *entercom* you have two hours to find a way out of this room or prepare to die

DarkShadow: *rubs wrist* that really hurt...

Nox: (annoyed) Great, two hours to find a way out of a building before it explodes. Not to mention the cliched death traps awaiting us. When this is over and I find that @$$hat I am going to rip his head off and eat it.

DarkShadow: we need to be tout of here fast I think I have a plan.

Nox: I can easily bring us back to the School. (grabs Darkshadow and Cyan) I kept my kids safe using this method before we were drugged and brought here. (changes into his lightning wolf form and warps the three out via an elextric spark he created.)

(Meanwhile, Annabelle is ranting to Millie non stop)

Millie: I-I can just go ask them to apologize...

Annabelle: DON'T bother. These IDIOTS are just gonna CROWD up my schedule ANYWAY. I'm calling my parents and telling them who messed up our windows, and I know they won't be happy and probably WILL get all of those f***tards arrested for vandalism. (she texts them)

Millie: I-I'm gonna do it anyway. (She leaves as Annabelle blinks before looking up. Millie goes to find Nox) Hey! Can I speak to you real quick?

Nox: What! (notices Millie) Oh great its the annoying wolf's lapdog. Come to try and get me to apologize for her scaring Kervex. (annoyed)

Millie: I need to ask you something.

Nox: Yes, yes what is it? (annoyed but trying to be civil about it.)

A buff brown Alligator with random spots of swamp green colored scales was walking around the hallways with a neutral expression, which scared off most students as he tried to talk to them due to the alligators razor sharp teeth. "Man, why is it that people here are afraid of me, I'm not that scary am I?" The alligator questioned to himself as he started to look downcast. "Oh grandfather, why is it that you died and left me here without any sage like advice to deal with this situation. I could really use some help." The alligator said in a deep hoarse voice that sounded like he was just a couple seconds away from just slumping his bead and trudging back home. (his voice sounds like killer croc, when he looked like a crocodile, from the batman Arkham series.)

Millie: I-I want you to apologize for your cruelness to my friend! P-please? She's already dealt with stuff like that when she was little, so, when people just do that to her she goes off into that...Bad sort of side...

Nox: *annoyed* Fine, if only to get this trivial pain in the neck over with, but just to let you know, she can threaten me all she likes, but the second she messes with the closest things I have a paternal bond with *indicates the four cute looking dark arms* is the second that I retaliate. So please, show me where she is.

Aureus:*observing* What a pain. Might as well go and watch this. *takes out a pencil plus a sketchbook and begins drawing Nox and Millie in surprisingly accurate detail* Maybe I'll find more people to add to my collection of sketches. *follows Nox and Millie from a fair distance*

Millie: She's cleaning up in the bathroom. (She starts walking)

Kyros left the principal's office, gripping his tardy slip in his right, clenched fist. He muttered something to himself before hearing the commontion. His ear twitched as he decided to eavesdrop.

Saren: Might as well join in on the fun. * walks towards the commotion*

Nox: *Follows Millie* Great.... What have I been reduced to.. A common student.. Why me? *sniffs the air*

Aureus: *notices Saren* Hmm, another person to sketch. *starts sketching Saren as he is following them*

(Millie narrows her eyes a bit when she hears him but soon leads him to a girls bathroom)

Nox: It's too bad whats his face isn't here. He would enjoy the madness. *grins as his tail grabs a mob* Just incase someone decides to mess with the last scion.

Cyan: (sighs) I used to be a dictator's brother.

Nox: I'm a violent alien who has an intense dislike for snobs. After all, I could be poor and I could still kick some serious can. *grinning*

Aureus: *stays silent and sketches Cyan*

Saren: I really want to have some barbeque right now.

Cyan: We used to barbeque innocent mobians, and feed them to other innocent mobians...good times.

Saren: That, actually sounds like it would taste good.

Cyan: (smiles) Actually, it is good.

Neo: *is lost* Where am I? *looks around to sees students* Helllo~!

Millie: The nerve...

Harrington introduction and other weirdly amusing stuff

(Suddenly the school doors slam open and a poodle starts to walk down the hall - Paris Harrington. Richest Mobian known to man)

Millie: No. Way...

(Annabelle peaks around a corner)

Annabelle: I heard a door slam open. It must me Paris...

Chris:(wispers to bobo)between you and me,drama just left the building.Just.stay.low

Bobo:works for me.

(Paris walks past Chris and Bobo, wrinkling her nose in disgust as she continues on her way)

Moros walked in behind Paris, his face ever silent.

(Paris walked up to Annabelle and Millie, as Millie stared at her in awe)

Paris: (Looks at Millie) Take a lasts longer...

Annabelle: (Raises an eyebrow with a smug grin) Hmph~ Nick drops from the ceiling*

Nick: Finally getting better with teleporting without chaos control >:D

Paris: (Rolls her eyes) Now I see why you hate these...commoners...

Annabelle: I know...~ C'mon...(They begin walking as Millie tags along)

Nick: i'm boooooooooorrrreeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd *walks ahead*

Nate: *bumps into Nick*

Nick: Hey watch it!

Nate: Make me!

Nick: OK

Nate: Wait wha-

Nick: *kicks Nate in the face* *continues to walk forward like he was before*

Nate: OW! D:< You'll regret that!

Nick: Suuuuure i will, see ya in class! Sucka!

Nick: *to self* wait, what's next class? PE, i think it's PE, are we gonna play dodgeball in PE? whatever...

Jacob:(Listens to hot N#gga by Bobby shmurda on his headphones and does the shmoney dance)bobo I don't know about you,but this song's BOSS!

Nick: Nah Dawg His world by Zebrahead is BOSS! *listens to it* awww yeaaaaaaaa.

Cassidy: (looks at Jacob) How can you listen to that trash?

Jacob:his world's not bad,but in sonic 06, Jason Griffith ruined it! You have to agree!


Bobo:don't get me started about the game!SONIC LOOKS HES HIGH,THERES AN AMY GLITCH THAT TURNS YOU TO A BANANA,AND ELISE KISSES SONIC! The game shows how to ruin your life.dont tell coach sonic this.

Paris: (To Annabelle) How have you not had a stroke from being around such morons...?

Annabelle: I'm use to it...(She groans as Millie rubs her head) But not YOU Millie~ (Hugs her as Millie smiles softly)

Nick: i was about to defend the game but, a banana REALLY!?!?!?! HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK HASHTAGWTF

Paris: I'm getting a headache...(She starts to search her priceless Coach purse for some Advil)

Nick: Well imma go now, seeya!

Annabelle and Paris: Thank GOD...

Annabelle: C'mon Millie, legs get to class...(Millie nods as the girls walk down the hall)

Moros was clutching his ears, his face set in a discomforted expression, as if someone had blasted his ears with an airhorn.

Nick: *sees Moros* "You havin an ear seizure or something?" asked Nick.

Moros shook his head no as he walked to class.

(Paris looked around in disgust at the enviornment and the students admiring her)

Nick: *walks to class*

(The three girls walk into their next class and sit down near the back, Paris texting someone on her bedazzled iPhone 6)

Nick: "this is taking to long" said Nick as he teleported to class. Nick teleported to class with sparks and fire bits flying off him, as he sits in a sit somewhere in the second row

Paris: Is the whole student body like this...? (She looks around, nose still wrinkled)

Annabelle: Hmph. Probably...

Nick: *Creates two fire models of himself and looks at them*

Paris: (Scoffs in disgust) Seriously...?

Annabelle: Talk about narcissistic...(she looks at her nails)

Paris: That. Is so pitiful...(she rolls her eyes)

Annabelle: I know~!

Nick: *destroys the models and creates one of Annabelle and looks at it in a way that shows he has a crush on her*

Cassidy: [looks at Nick] Hey, you might wanna close your mouth. You're starting to drool.

Nick: huh what OH UH *quickly destroys the model* hi

Carbon crash:dude You ok?(chuckles)what were you making?(takes it out of his hand and looks at it.)

Nick: *kicks Carbon through the wall before he could look at it* *takes the figure back*

Carbon:Dude, here's lesson: don't suprise your friends with a crapshoot of a kick(does the falcon punch at nicks stomach )could've just asked for it!

Nick: Bad move dude i have pyrokinesis *absorbs the flames of it and dodges the punch and fires the flames at Carbon's face*

Carbon:(gets a nose-bleed and laughs.kicks nick to a Locker and walks away.)Now we're even!good fight though

Nick: WHY YOU LITTLE *shoots a super strong Blue fire punch that could crumble a building

Carbon :YOU INSIGNIFICANT FOOL![gets a knife pack of 100 and throws it at nick]

Bobby:(gives a sacrifice and gets killed by the knives)goodbye sad world, avenge me....(falls in coma)

Carbon:pittiful(gets a torch and burns bobby's body)

Nick: *uses fire to put out torch* REVIVAL JUTSU *revives Bobby* there

Bobby:thanks,I'm silver's son, bobby (uses his teknisis on carbon and throws a rock at him)

Nick: HAHA YOU GOT HIT BY A ROCK, oh and cool being silver's son.

Annabelle (Scoffs) You wish...I already have eyes on someone...(Looks up) Cassidy...? (She blinks)

Paris: This school. Is nothing but MORONS. I am going to have a stroke. Because of the ammount of stupidity in this building...

Moros walked in without making any noise and sits down in the front of the class before grabbing his notebook and pencil, writing out his name in neat writing.

Paris: Why Dad...Why...? (She sighs and rubs her temples and Annabelle sighs as well as Millie sketches random stuff in her notebook)

Nick: Hey Bobby who do you think would win in a fight Coach Sonic *Lightning Model of Sonic appears that has its own mind* or your dad? *a Fire model of  Silver appears that also has it's own mind*

Bobby: Maybe a tie,sonic can go fast enough to change time,while my dad can go to the past and make him unborn.but they're close friends the wouldn't fight.

Nick: i think sonic *suddenly the models start fighting*

Bobby:so, what did Carbon do? How did the fight start?

Nick: he tried to look at my private model, so i kinda maybe sorta kicked him through a wall *the silver model said IT'S NO USE*

Paris: Oh my GOD, SHUT UP you worthless...UGH.

Millie: Um...Is she going to be OK...?

Annabelle: She'll be fine...this is just how she is when she's around such boring, nonbusiness savy 'commoners' as you would say...

Millie: Am...I a commoner?

Annabelle: Oh nothing close to it Millie! Don't you even think it!

Paris: You seem alright to me...Want to come to my pent house after school...?

Millie: (Gasps) You'd...let me...?

Paris: (Sighs softly) Duh. (Millie nods happily)

Bobby:silvers right, it IS NO USE to take something important to someone! They know they're gonna get an @$$ whipping after!

Paris: God. Damn. Morons.

Annabelle: I know...~

Nick: *eyes glow red and lightning sparks and fire flames go around him* *turns to Annabelle and Paris* AND WILL YOU TWO QUIT CALLING US IDIOTS!!!!! Yelled Nick so loud a minor earthquake happened.

"HA. HAHA. So SCARY. F**k off." Paris turned back to Annabelle as the wolf rolled her eyes.

"Maybe if they stopped ACTING like idiots...Y'know. We wouldn't be calling them idiots..." Annabelle sighed, "Where is the goddamn teacher...?"

Millie jumped and hunched down in a scared manner.

"Don't let him intimidate you, darling..." Paris hushed as she rubbed Millie's back.


"Pathetic comeback..." Paris rolls her eyes and takes out a book to read.

'Must have scraped off the back of his mothers throat...' Annabelle thought.

Nick: *shoots a beam of fire at Annabelle's head, burning off her hair* how's that for a "comeback"(Annabelle was pushed over by Millie as only a bit of it is burned

Millie points, "T-the nerve of you! Can't you just mind your own business? She d-didn't even say anything!"

"Brave kid..." Paris blinked, "You know you're aloud to sue him now for endangerment. You have two witnesses. Or we could just go straight to the principal..."

Moros sighed before using his nothingness manipulation to 'erase' the damage done to Annabelle's hair by nick's fire before looking at nick and signing. 'Please refrain from violence..'

"That's more like it..." Paris glares, "This man. Is NOT an immature moron." She points at Moros.

"Hmph." Annabelle huffs softly.

Moros turned to Paris, Millie and Annabelle and bowed his head in respect before grabbing a notebook and pencil and doodling a picture of a strange castle that seemed to defy all the laws of physics.

"Anyway..." Paris turns to the others.

Bobby:So are you gonna fight, or just stand there getting uglier!?!(Bobby laughs at Annabelles bald head)Anyways, Annabelle, YOU AND WHAT MUSTACHE!?!(uses teknisis to get a fake mustache from a store and psychology putted on Annabelle)

Moros looked at Bobby with a bored look before signing 'Wow, you really are a moron.' He then went back to his drawing.

Bobby:(shoots lightning arrow at Moros)

Manikku:(Comes in and deflects it like it was nothing.)don't shoot people with idiotic things.Thats just not cool

Moros looks up at Bobo. 'Well, I can add attempted assault to the list of things that you could be sued for.' Moros signed.

Bobby:(shoots meteor smash.) still wanna call that idiotic!?!

Manikku:Nah,but I can call you a psycho. We can also sue you for this though

Moros just ignored them, focusing on doodling in his notebook instead.

Paris groans, "That's it. I'm reporting this d**k. C'mon ladies." She stands up as Annabelle flipped him off and Millie stuck her tongue out as they left the classroom heading straight for the principals office.

Moros shrugged and continued his doodling.

Manikku asked,"Does she get disappointed or mad like this?"plugs in his beats by dr Dre and listens to SONIC BOOM.

The three soon come back with the principal.

"That's him." Paris pointed out, her stare blank.

Moros didn't pay much attention to the situation, preferring to continue doodling in his notebook.

Bobby:Oops! Look at the time,Gotta juice(runs but gets knocked in the face by a locker)

"What. A. Dimwit!" Manikku thought for a second

Bobb:(dumps Manikku into a trash can)NEVER CALL ME THAT!!! 

'He's right you know...' Moros signed.

Manikku:You're not hurting anyone,you're just getting me dirty(goes to the bathroom to clean himself.then on his iPad mini, he plays 5 nights at Freddy's 3)

Nick: hey bobby, do the mustache thing again

Moros just sighed and looked at Paris with a 'please help me' look.

The principal and a couple of other teachers tell Bobby to go to the office for punishment, possibly suspension or perhaps expulsion. Meanwhile the girls sit back down in class.

"Idiot." Paris looked at her nails.

Moros just went back to his drawing, satisfied that nothing else is going to happen.

"Tsk..." Annabelle texted someone on her phone.

Nick: OK if a professor is 20 minutes late to teach, then we can leave right?

"I...Guess so?" Millie said.

'Actually we could have left five minutes ago.' Moros signed, not even looking up from his doodle.

The girls gathered their things before leaving the room.

Moros sighed before slowly getting up and leaving the room.

"Hmph." Paris walked down the hall with the others as she looked at the time on her phone.

Moros silently followed, waiting to get to the exit before leaving in his own way.

"You girls wanna hang out at my place after school?" Annabelle asked.

"Yeah!" Millie said.

Just then Nate came bye

Nate: Hello losers

"Sure Anna." Paris gave a small smile. The girls completely ignored Nate as they walked along, smiling and gossiping.

Moros reached the exit and opened a portal to the void, walking through it and closing it without a word.

Manikku came back cleaned top to bottom. He grabbed his stuff and turned to Nate "quit bragging about yourself being a loser"

"What he said. Loser." Annabelle looked over as she and Paris grinned, the three walking off down the hall.

Suddenly Nate kicked Manikku through the lockers

"Give it a REST already, loser..." Paris rolled her eyes, "Besides. You're probably already on the expulsion list for starting so much stupid stuff..."

Just as she said loser, Nate launched a Giant Lightning blast at them all, it looks undodgable.

"Now that's unfair. And since it's unfair. We're going to dodge it anyway." Annabelle's tail grew long as it quickly swept herself and the others away. Just then the principal grabs Nate by the ear, dragging him off to the office.

(OOC) Looks bro, not is, LOOKS

"I'm betting expulsion." Paris whispers.

"I'm betting prison time." Annabelle whispers back.

A void portal opens up and Moros walks out, wearing a set of fox pajama's and drinking some coffee. 

Manikku glares at Nate as he gets out of the locker. He went to the bathroom to clean off the stuff from the lockers on his quils."I just said something,and he hits me for that.Wow."

Moros walked up to millie and used sign language to ask what happened.

Nate suddenly kicked the principle in the face through a wall, as he teleported back to them ready to blow them away.

Moros jumped in shock and spilled his steaming hot coffee all over his shirt, he looked like he had screamed yet no sound came from his mouth.

Nate looked at Moros "you first" Nate said with an evil grin on his face as he launched at him.

Moros vaulted backwards to avoid Nate's fist. 

Nate shot a stun blast at him 

Manikku:Godmod much?(comes in and deflects it and scoffs) Dude,You belong in a asylum for crazy people!

Nate attempted to kick his mouth off, but kicked Manikku's chest

"Hm?" She looked to Moros, then jumped at what Nate had done along with him.

"Ugh....If you want something done right you do it yourself." Paris pulls out a clawed glove as a few more teachers come and tackle Nate, tieing his hands behind his back, "...Well then."

"How much you wanna bet he godmods out of this too...?" Annabelle whispers.

"Um...Life savings." Paris said back as Anna nodded.

Moros sighed and snapped his fingers, waiting about five seconds before a void portal opened up behind nate. Meanwhile, Moros seemed to be clutching his chest from where his coffee was spilled.

" "OK how is this Godmodding, I can teleport so, He has the power to erase things from existence!"

Yelled Nate as he teleported away from the teachers

'You teleport seemingly without limits and fire off large bursts of electricity wiithout limits, I can't erase anything I feel like, only minor things.' Moros signed.

"Electrokinesis, Nick can do it to" said Nate pointing at Nick.

"NOPE NOT GETTING INVOLED" Said Nick walking away.

"Plus I can teleport up to 8 miles, anymore than that and I lose energy" said Nate.

'Yes, and i'm the personification of the dimensional void.. Heck I can only summon and alter weapons made of void energy, imbue other weapons with void energy, and generally act as a healer of sorts while on mobius.' Moros signed. 'If I was back in the void then you might be right, besides.. Haven't you looked up the applications of nothingness manipulation before?'

"No" said Nate.

'Well look it up, be sure to look up nothingness constructs and nothingness infusion while your at it..' Moros signed, tapping his foot out of habit.

Blake:(walks into the school, putting his gun in his backpack.he doesn't even smile and he walks at where the fight is)Hey, I'm new here.the principal told me that a guy named (reads card)Bobo? The names Blake.(thinks)I thought my dad Fox mccloud was an Agent. Now he's a video game icon!?!

Nick walks by

"Oh hey look it's the world biggest dork" said Nate.

"Shut up" said Nick.

"Bet your parents died cuz they hated you so much for being a dork" said Nate.

Suddenly Nick looked up with an angry expression on his face.

"Now you listen here Nate, you don't ever mention my parents EVER!" yelled Nick as he walked away.

"Nope it was because they were so stupid" said Nate "they were so du-"

Nick punched Nate in the chest almost instantly from the other side of the hallway.

"SH!T" screamed Nate. "Well I CAN FREAKIN' FIGHT NOW"

"BRING IT" yelled Nick.

Nate kicked Nick but Nick blocked it and punched Nate.

"This is such a waste of time..." Paris groaned.

Moros just opened a void portal and walked in, closing it so no one would follow and so he could get some much needed sleep.

Millie waved to Moros slightly as she watched him enter the portal and the girls left the building.

Blake just got out without saying a word nor smile ,he goes to his ATV and drives away to his home.forgetting about what happened at school as a lone wolf does.

"Save it for the tournament Nick." said Nate.

The girls got into a two door BMW and left the campus.

A day later,Blake comes back to campus .He comes to the lockers,he has some 7up and thinks "hope it's actually gonna be a normal day."

Annabelle walked in with Paris and Millie.

Moros walked in, looking rather apathetic and tired.

The girls stopped at Anna's locker.

"The fact that she can do that bothers me but makes me feel reassured at the same time." The girls talked about something random.

Moros walked past them to get to his locker. He then opened his locker in order to grab a small package.

Suddenly Nate flew into Moros' locker.

"HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY YOU LITTLE!!" screamed Nate.

"what, loser" said Nick looking at Nate.

Bobo walked to Blake drinking tea."principle knuckles said I have to show you the school."Bobo said peacefully."and would you stop causing problems? some people are trying to have a normal day!"

"Lead the way, Bobo" Blake said and getting his stuff

Moros looks at Nick with a board expression before closing the door and walking to first period.

Anna, Paris and Millie walked off to class behind Moros.

Bobo and Blake returned to the lockers"So that's the whole campus. If there's no more problems,I'm going to class. You coming?"

"Sure.thanks for the tour."Blake said in relief

"Bobola(Bobo's rap name), long time!"Manikku Appeared back from the kick incident. He also goes to the next class along with bobo and Blake

Annabelle and the others sat down in class, being swamped with compliments from other classmates.

Moros entered class and took his usual spot before pulling out a book and reading it.

Nate and Nick sat down; Nick in the front, Nate in the back.

"Paris, are we still on for the sleepover at the penthouse this weekend?"

"Yeah." The poodle responded.

Hanna, a friend of bobo comes into the classroom."this better be good." She thinks. And then she saw bobo and said"Bobo, why are YOU here? First on you were a rockstar wannabe,then you were a extreme gear champion/legend, and now you're in a classroom trying to learn something.WOW!"

"I just wanna feel like I'm normal too." Bobo answered and then started reading a book.

"Oh please." Paris scoffed quietly at this as Annabelle giggles and rolls her eyes, "Can you say attention whore...?"

Dillian appeared out of a symbol and sat next to Nick.

"Hey Dillian." said Nick.

"Hey Nick." said Dillian.

"You know that Paris Harrington you have a crush on?" whispered Nick so only they could hear.

"yea why?" asked Dillian in the same quiet voice.

"She's in our class" said Nick pointing to her.

"Yay!" Dillian whisper yelled.

Moros stood up and entered a void portal, only to come back with a foot long italian sandwich and a knife that he used to cut the sandwich into thirds, he then tossed the knife into the void portal and started eating one of the sandwich. 

Millie slightly raised a curious eyebrow at Moros as she watched him ear the sandwich and Paris and Annabelle are busy gossiping.

Moros looked at millie and offered her one of the foot long thirds. 'Eh, I forgot to eat this morning so I decided to eat now so I don't get hungry.'

"Cool sandvich brah" Dillian said.

Moros blinked. Not getting the reference if there was one.

"Note to self Moros doesn't know about TF2" said Dillian.

"Oh, um, thank you." Millie glanced at the others as they shrugged. She smiles and took it and took a bite out of it,  "Mmm!" She licks her lips.

"Anyway." Paris continued to talk to Annabelle.

Nick and Dillian walked away.

Annabelle and Paris scoffed at this and started whispering as they giggled softly.

"So is Anything else is gonna happen?" Bobo questioned while holding his tail as carefully as he can.

Reens walked in the school. She was ticked off because she had to move, again, due to her being a foster child. She sighed, adjusting her outfit and pulling out her sketchbook. She saw two girls giggling and started drawing them.

"But yeah. That's just my opinion." Annabelle finished talking as Paris nodded.

Dillian looked at Paris smiling before Nick nudged him since she was noticing.

Moros nodded at Millie before eating the rest of his sandwich.

Reens put her pencil down and studied her drawing. Satisfied, she put the pencil in her jean pocket and the sketchbook in her bag. She looked up at the clock and cringed. "Gah, where's the office in this place?"

"So,what happened to the teachers?" Bobo wondered

"...well don't look at me." Hannah answered

"Thank you for the food." Millie smiled at Moros.

'You're welcome.' Moros mouthed, a smile on his face as well.

Reens walked up to Moros as if to ask him a question, but then shrank back because she didn't know him that well. As she turned away, her nose hit the office door. "Well, good thing I found it," she said slightly muffled. Removing her nose from the door, she opened it and walked in. "Excuse me?"

Annabelle and Paris noticed this and snickered softly.

A young female pink fox walked into the office, she seemed lost and confused as to where to start.her first day of school. She looked around and tried to walk up to the help desk to ask for directions.

"Um, please excuse me but I'm lost and rather new."

Reens turned to the fox and smiled. "Sorry, can't help you there. I'm new too. How's it going?"

"What a loser..." Annabelle sighed softly to Paris as she nodded in agreement.

"Yo Nick. Think you can be my wing-man and get me a date with Paris?" asked Dillian to Nick.

"Fine, I Still don't see how you like her, she just scoffs at everything and agrees with everything Annabelle says." Nick said before walking over to Paris.

"But you like Annabelle!" said Dillian before being interrupted by Nick.

"SHH!" said Nick.

Nick walked to Paris.

"Not good, I'm kind of nervous" The Rose colored fox replied to Reens.

"Hey Paris." Nick said.

Reens smiled and pulled out her sketchbook, then started drawing the fox. "Don't be nervous, hon. If anything we'll be nervous together. Now hold still so I can draw ya."

Bobo came up to his friends and ask" Blake and Manikku,wanna see that new movie Friday?"

"why not?" Blake asked

"Depends,what movie we're watching.Otherwise, if the movies good,I'm in!" Manikku answered.

"Okay." Cyrene said as she held still.

Reens smiled and held up the picture. "What do you think?"

Paris looked up and glared softly as Annabelle gave a mocking grin.

"What do you want..?" Paris sighed.

"You know Dillian, the guy who keeps coming out of the symbols, he wants to Date you" said Nick, disgusted that he had to be Dillian's quote-unquote Wing-man. "Just answer so i can get out of here."

" I look like some desperate ugly lonely girl...He's not even IN my social level..." Paris glared,

"Not even in his DREAMS." Annabelle laughed.

"So tell him to get lost..." Paris scoffs.

Moros glanced at the three with curiosity before figuring that it's none of his business and returned to his own devices.

Millie looked over at Moros before back at Paris and Annabelle who had gone back to gossiping.

Cyrene then looked into the picture and saw his original form.

"Um, I don't know..."

"Hmph." Annabelle and Paris chuckled.

Reens sighed. "I knew it, I stink at drawing." She took the drawing and tore it out of her sketchbook. "So much for getting an art degree." Crumpling it up, she threw it toward the trashcan. "I really need my schedule soon."

"Anyway. Where were we?" Anna and Paris go back to their gossip.

Nick walked back to Dillian.

"She said no." Nick told Dillian.

"You mean yes?" asked Dillian.

"Nope." Nick said. "Told ya, you need to be more popular."

"Damn it" Dillian said.

They walked away.

"Posers...So pathetic..." Paris scoffed as Annabelle agreed.

Moros tilted his head, being mute, he can't help but overhear what others are saying at times.

Reens looked to her drawing of the two popular girls and exited the room, running up to Paris and tapping her shoulder. "Excuse me?"

"What is it now...?" Paris looked Reens up and down.

Reens shyly pulled out her drawing. "I made this for you and your friend. I hope you like it." She hands it to her and rubs her head awkwardly.

"Hmm...?" Annabelle looked over.

"Not complete garbage..." Paris scoffed softly.

"S-so you like it?" Reens asked with a twinge of nervousness in her voice. "I'm glad. Not everyone appreciates the arts anymore."

Dillian was furious, Reens fell in a symbol next to Dillian.

"Hey!" Dillian said.

Reens screamed slightly as she fell, then slumped to the floor and looked up at Dillian. "What?"

Dillian made sure no one but Reens and himself could here.

"LAY OFF MY GIRL THAT'S WHAT!!!" Dillian yelled.

Reens looked up at him confused. "Um, I'm not after her if that's what you're thinking. I made a picture of them and wanted to show my appreciation. I'm new here and don't know the pecking order! Please don't hurt me!" She held up her hands to protect herself. "I'm straight as a needle!"

Nick appeared.

"Dillian Chill, Paris is way out of his league and your's anyway, plus he's NEW, how does he even have a shot anyway?" Nick said.

Dillian calmed down.


"What the HELL?" Annabelle growled softly.

"If it's ONE thing I's dicks like THIS guy..." Paris growled.

"RIP him a new one Paris..." Annabelle grinned.

Paris walked over to Dillian, the clicking of her heels echoing as anyone nearby suddenly quieted down as Paris's hazel eyes pulsed with power.

Dillian walked Back in fear as Nick stepped in front of Dillian.

"No-Body Threatens My Friend!" Nick yelled.

Paris raised a hand and pushed him out of the way with hardly any effort as she grabbed Dillian by the collar.

"Who on this PLANET would EVER want to waste time with a jealous, sh!t faced LOSER like YOU...? If I ever see you out of the corner of my eye even glancing at me I'll SUE you for everything you've ever TOUCHED, and MORE." She pushes him back and walks back to Reens, "Are you OK...?"

Nick shot flames in front of Paris as Dillian was unconscious.

Reens gasped. "Look out!" Reens raised her palm as her water powers kicked in, dousing the flames.

Nick shot a blast that made Reens powers useless.

Paris slipped on a glove as it crackled with energy and she pointed it at Nick as at least 50,000 volts of electricity pulsed into him. She scoffed, "See what happens when you mess with people like me...?" She pulls her phone out, "Hello? Yes. Yes someone tried to do that. OK. Bye." She hangs up, "Unless this THREAT to innocent people surrenders to the authorities this school will be shut down and everyone in this room will be a suspect and will be called into court to pay a fine of at least $50,000 for endangerment. Thank you all for your time." She turns to Reens, "Except for you." She walks over to Anna and Millie, "Lets go ladies." The three head out of the room without another word.

Reens looked down at her feet and back up to meet Dillian's face. "Jerk." She then looked towards Paris and her group's retreating forms. "They aren't so bad after all."

"Psst! Hey!" Millie stuck her head back in, "Paris wants you to come with!" She gestured to Reens.

Nick grabbed Dillian and teleported him to class.

Moros blinked and sighed before tapping Reens on the shoulder.

"Hmm?" Millie blinked.

'Pardon my lack of knowledge, but just who is the poodle? Does she really have that much sway?' Moros mouthed to Millie before turning to Reens and mouthing out an apology for the actions of Nick and Dillian.

"WTF?Can there ever be a day without these sissies fighting or people suing EVERY TIME!?!"Bobo said to his friends as the 3 went to the vending machine for some Mountain Dew

"It's a few days until schools over, they make it a big threat. I ain't talking about Annabelle, Reens, or Moros. Pretty much nick and the others" Blake noticed by his watch as he told them by whispers.

"Probably the time we graduate from high school is when G.U.N. Comes for those freaks like a jet." Manikku though then told the two, bobo snickers a little.

"Well, Paris IS the richest girl in this country...So, she tries to look out for herself." Millie answers.

Moros nods. 'Well, she seems nice..'

"Yeah, I think so too." Millie smiled.

Reens walked over to Millie before mouthing an "It's okay" to Moros. "Paris wants to talk to me? What for?" She looked back at Moros with a smirk. "By the way, I can't believe those guys thought I was a guy. I'm obviously female, right?"

"Yeah! I was the same way! They should get their eyes checked." Millie sighs and shakes her head, "I'm not sure what for, really, she didn't tell me."

"Well then, let's get over there. I hope I'm making a good enough impression. Being new - again- takes a bunch of practice." Reens stretched and gave Millie a thumbs-up.

'Yeah, you're a girl alright... They're just nimrods of the highest caliber..' Moros mouthed. 'Might as well join in.. I'd prefer not coming into close contact.'

"Oh! Um, OK! C'mon." Millie lead the two out of the classroom.

Reens smiled at Moros. 'Don't worry hon, I won't touch you, unless by accident.' "So, how long have you known Paris?"

Moros blinks. 'I was talking about contact with the resident nimrods who are apparently gender confused.. But thanks.'

"I can't wait, the last day is tomorrow!" Nick told Dillian.

"Well, Annabelle introduced me to her just about a day or two ago." Millie explained, "She seems serious all the time, and a bit scary, but she's actually really sweet." She smiled.

"I see," Reens replied. "What about Annabelle? Just by looking at her I can tell she's number one here."

"Well, she is the most talented here, so I don't see why not." Millie said. They soon came across the two girls in question as the leaned against a group of lockers.

"There you are Millie." Annabelle greeted her friend warmly.

Moros opened a small void portal and grabbed another sandwich. Offering a silent prayer of thanks before eating.

"Hey." Paris looked over at Reens.

Reens' face turned red. "Hey. Uh, you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yeah." She walked over, "Sorry about the dip sh!t back there. Some BOYS don't know how to grow up and become MEN, y'know...?" Paris said, "What's your name again?"

"Reens Maricina, but you can just call me Reens. Nice to meet you face to face," Reens said warmly, reaching out her robotic hand for a handshake.

"Blake and Manikku,wanna star in my new movie unusual mobians?"bobo asked.

"Sure! I ALWAYS Wanted to be in a movie!" Blake answered in awe.

"Okay."Manikku said as he finished his soda.

"Same. Paris Harrington. A pleasure." She shook her hand.

Reens smiled as her hand was shook, then pulled it back. "So, what exactly was it you wanted to talk about? Besides those boys not knowing the difference between guys and gals."

Moros looked around, a sense of paranoia creeping around him.

"I wanted to know if I could repay you for troubles. Hang out or something like that. You look like you need someone to depend on at this sh!tfaced school." Paris replied.

'Least I'm not the only one who dislikes this place....'

"Repay me?" Reens blushed. "That's very kind of you. Sure, I'd love to hang out with you all sometime. Maybe at a cafe or somewhere?"

"Cafe?" Annabelle chuckled, "Paris here owns one of the most notorious Hotel industries. We can totally rent out a whole penthouse to hang out in."

"She has a point." Paris shrugged.

Reens shifted her position slightly. "Well, it's really up to you. I don't want to be a bother.

"Oh it's never a bother." Paris shrugged.

Moros, who was with Reens, decided to look up something on google. Needless to say he looked pale. 'O-oh my... That's very disturbing...' Moros mouthed after he closed the browser on his phone, cringing and looking for the nearest bathroom.

"Well then, why not?" Reens gave a big smile, then turned seeing Moros' face. 'What's wrong, Moros?'

Millie blinked and narrowed her eyes as she watched Moros.

"Hmm...?" Annabelle and Paris turned to Moros as well.

A few moments later he returned, looking less pale and disturbed. 'Why? Why do people put such weird pictures on the internet?'

"Well, duh. It's the internet..." Paris scoffed softly.

Reens nodded in agreement. "To be completely honest, I'm scared of the internet sometimes. I hardly ever use my laptop except for my art and email, and even then there are people who email me hurtful things and share things with me that, frankly, shouldn't be shared." She stared down at her feet, her head lowered.

"I've learned to deal with it." Nate Wright said, walking past them.

"Well obviously some know how to navigate the internet better than others..." Annabelle shrugged as Paris rolled her eyes at Nate slightly.

"I didn't mean it as an offense. It actually took me a very, very long time to deal with it. I'm just trying to make new friends here." Nate replied back.

'Note to self, figure out how to navigate the internet..' Moros mouthed as he patted Reens on the back in what was meant to be a comforting gesture. 

Reens tensed, then relaxed as Moros patted her back. 'Thanks, Moros.' "So, for our little soiree; I'm available whenever you want. Except on Friday night; I have work then." 

"Nate." lazurus came from the soda machine".After pushing people in lockers and answering problems with violence naturally,you think the victims or innocent people will want to be your friends?"lazurus asked Nate as bobo,Manikku, and Blake were snickering about what Nate said

Moros blinked. 'Not sure if I'd be welcomed but I'd be happy to join in if anyone wanted..' 

"Can Moros come too Paris?" Millie asked politely.

"I guess so. As long as it doesn't turn into a house party on short notice, dad doesn't care. I'm free tomorrow night if you all want to come over. Do you want my number?" Paris said.

Moros nods. 

"I'm sure there won't be any problems," Reens reassured Paris. "All I have to worry about is bringing a gift..." she said to herself under her breath.

"Uh, do you mind, if I come too? You guys seem pretty nice. If I'm welcome." Nate suddenly butts in.

Paris gave Moros and Reens her number before she and Annabelle scoffed at Nate.

"Um, let me think...No." Paris pushed some fo her purple hair out of her face as she looked at her bedazzled Samsung Galaxy 6, "Do you want to give me you numbers or what? Doesn't matter to me." She shrugs.

"....Well, MOST of you seem nice." Nate said, walking away.

Moros gave Paris his number after entering hers in his.

"On second thought, I'll just give you my number." Nate said, suddenly turning around.

Reens' face turned pale when Paris mentioned phone numbers. "Um... I don't have a phone," she said softly. "My laptop's the only tech I have with me."

"Well then. When you come to my place, we can change that." Paris said to Reens as she ignores Nate.

"O-oh, you don't have to do that," Reens stuttered. "I'll just try to find the address on my laptop and we'll go from there. If you'll excuse me..." She quickly made her way out towards the restrooms, entering the doorway. She locked herself in a stall and slid down the far wall of it, starting to cry.

Meanwhile, as everyone leaves, Nate sits down on one of the steps on the stairs, looking depressed. He then sighs heavily. "Well, some people can be very un-interactive."

'Well, I'm going to take a nap..' Moros mouthed as he waved good bye, opening a small portal to the void and walking through it, making sure to close it.

Reens sat in the stall, folding her arms across her knees and laying her head down on them. "Why are they being so kind to me? I don't deserve any of this. I'm just the kid no one wants... but here they all are, treating me as if I have something awesome." She sniffled and pulled out her sketchbook. "I don't have anything..."

"Cool..." Millie watched Moros.

Annabelle went to find Reens and walked into the bathroom, "You in here?? Reeeeeens, helloooo~? We didn't say something wrong did we?"

"N-no," Reens whispered, still in the stall. "Y-you didn't. I just feel so... unworthy of your kindness towards me. I'm a nobody." She slid a piece of paper with a drawing on it under the stall. "You'll see what I mean." It showed where she had lived over the past 8 years, moving from home to home.

"Oh sweetheart..." Annabelle sighed as she slid her tail under the stall door to pat Reens' leg in a comforting manner, "You've got a talent! I'm not saying that's the only reason we're being nice but...I don't see what the problem is hun. You seem like you could use a friend, hmm?"

Reens felt the tail and sighed. "More than ever. I don't wanna sound desperate." She reached up and unlocked the door, wiping her face with the back of her hand. Exiting the stall, she helped Annabelle up and stood there awkwardly. "I've never really... had any friends."

"Hmm." Annabelle smiled, "Well now you do!" She hugged her.

Moros returned, still sleepy and wearing fox pajama's. 

"Hmm?" Millie looked over as she and Paris waited for Annabelle to return.

Moros waved at Millie. 'Hi..'

Reens relaxed into the hug, then pulled away. She broke into a grin and led Annabelle out and over to Paris and Millie. "Hey guys. I'm feeling better now. So for our little party... should I dress up?"

Over where Nate was sitting, starts to get up and walk away. "Well, gotta get back home, these people don't seem to like to interact with someone who lives alone."

"Can you hold on a minute?" Reens asked as she walked towards Nate. "Hey, Nate? I hope I haven't been rude, and if I have I apologize; if you really want to come I have no objections. The others may not want you, but I can see you're a nice guy." She reaches out her hand in friendship. "Please?"

"Huh...sure, I'll come." Nate responds while shaking Reens' hand. "To be honest, I wasn't expecting to make many friends here. I've been moving from country to country."

Reens nodded. "I know how that feels..." she sighed. Then, she smiled wide. "Well, consider me your first friend." She lets go of his hand and blushes slightly. "Come with me." She walks over to her friends and grins. "Guys, this is Nate, my new friend. We're going to treat him well, okay?" She narrowed her eyes to make a point.

'Well, this isn't the Nate that spilled perfectly good yet hot coffee at me so I have no problem with him..' Moros mouthed.

"Hmph." Paris and Annabelle only sneered as they glanced at each other.

"Whatever." Annabelle looked at her nails.

"Oh absolutely Reens." Paris pulled her close, "We need to go shopping straight away~ We want the rest of the Poppies to see how adorable you are. And don't worry. If there's anything you want to buy, I've got you covered, K?"

"Oh we know the perfect clothes places for party stuff. You'll love it, and I know you will too Millie!" Annabelle added as she gestured to the exit, "Shall we~?"

Moros nodded and glanced at Millie with a small smile on his face.

"Uh... alright," Reens answered as she was pulled along. "Nothing too fancy..."

Millie gave Moros a shy smile and waved.

"Oh it's not a fancy, high end party. A Pent house party! Like...going to the club and wearing short dresses kind of party." Annabelle said.

Reens' face turned a little deeper shade of red. She had never been to a club before, let alone wore a short dress for one. However, she wasn't about to admit she was scared to her new friends. She wanted to yell it from a rooftop. Instead, she said nothing and twisted a loose strand of hair in her fingers.

"Well, like I said, I gotta get home. When is the party?" Nate said, walking to the exit.

Mall time for a party

Paris looked to Nate with a small annoyed glare, "It's this Saturday..." She turned back to Reens, "Now, lets get to the mall and start shopping. We can probably find you some Poppie level outfits while we're at it, and maybe give you a new hairstyle~?"

Reens shrugged, then cocked her head. "By the way, who are the Poppies? I've never heard of them to be honest." She tugged her braid nervously as she said this. "They must be your group, right?" She waved goodbye to Nate.

Lazarus, Bobo, Blake, Chris and Isaac left hearing everything they said as they got in their Dodge and drove off the campus. When Isaac turned on the the ignition, Chris asked "Why since all of my rapping career, I barely noticed about a penthouse party?" Bobo came in the car. "Then you shouldn't be listening to 'Anaconda' the whole time," he answered as Chris blushed embarrassingly.

Moros was curious also, evidenced by him tilting his head.

"Yup." Annabelle smiled, "I'm the leader. It's our mega clique of sorts." She giggles.

"Oh you'll fit right in!" Millie smiled happily as they headed for Anna's blue BMW convertible.

"Top up or down...What do you think ladies?" Annabelle turned to the others.

"Down!" Millie said.

Nate was outside as well, quietly entering his Porsche 918 Spyder and started the engine.

Moros simply opened a void portal and used it to leave with a yawn.

Reens climbed in the backseat and fastened her seat belt tight. She then sat back comfortably

The others climbed in as well as Annabelle put the top down and revved the engine. Paris sat up in the front with her while Millie joined Reens in the back. The engine revved up and the car pulled out of the spot quickly before heading towards the street and peeling out onto the pavement.

Meanwhile, with Nate in his Porsche, he also pulled out of his spot, and his car was right behind Annabelle. He was trying his best not to be noticed by her, so he put the roof up. "Why does it take so damn long to put the roof up?" Nate complained.

Moros decided to get dressed in something nice, specifically a black Yukata with a dark grey trim. He didn't really seem to notice when his overall appearance changed to that of a slender fox with light grey fur, a white muzzle, long hair that was a really light grey and magenta colored eyes . When he finished he tried to see if he could follow Annabelle from the void. Something that might take a few attempts before he met success.

As Annabelle continued to drive, she reached the mega mall and snagged a parking spot near the entrance.

"Here we are ladies!" Annabelle said happily as she put the roof back up.

A few seconds later, Moros walked out in his usual manner and waved at the three. Though his rather new appearance may give off some confusion.

Reens waved to Moros and hopped out after unfastening the seat belt, opening the door for Millie. "Hey Moros! Looking good, buddy!" She flipped her braid and turned to Annabelle. "So, where to first?"

"...What happened...?" Paris looked on in confusion at Moros before shaking her head and grabbing her purse.

"We'll head to the boutique first. Find some cute dresses for the party." Annabelle grinned, "Follow my lead ladies." She headed for the entrance as Millie smiled at Reens and went to follow Anna, and Paris did as well.

Bobo came out of his closest with a fedora covering his dreadlocks, a Sega t shirt under his green jacket.he also had some Jeens made with lapis lazuli, and some soap shoes.chris was wearing the exact same thing.he has his headphones on because he is listening to his new hit song:free flow.featuring Bruno Mars and Hatsune Miku."the song's not bad!" Bobo said in awe.

Paris texts as the girls soon make it to an expensive looking store.

"This is it!" Annabelle grinned.

Nate made it to his house and got out of his car. As he was walking to the door to his house, he was thinking about what happened today. "I've been invited to something on my first day here. At least somebody is nice to me, but I feel like an annoyance to the others." He thought out loud.

Moros looked at Paris briefly. Tilting his head in confusion until he saw his reflection on a car window. '... Son of a..' Moros facepalmed.

Reens followed and looked around at the dresses. "Holy marmalade... the price tags here are bigger than my laptop..." She then turned her eyes to a one strap blue dress with a sparkly skirt and ruffles down the back. She turned her head away and sighed. I don't want Paris to spend so much on me... is being a Poppie really worth changing everything?

Moros stopped facepalming and tried to locate Reens, curious on how she looks in a fancy dress.

"Hey Reens, try this on while you're at it, hm?" Paris held up a dress (( )) as she looked at a selection of her own for herself. (( ))

Reens gently took the dress from her and went into the changing room to try it on. It was a beautiful dress, but it just felt wrong to her as she looked at herself in the mirror. I really don't like this one... She stepped out of the changing room, the dress folded over her arm. "This one just didn't do it for me," she tried to explain. Another dress caught her eye just then. It was cheaper, but as she looked at it, she smiled. (( )) She reached towards the rack and went to try it on.

  • A few moments later*

Her hair not in a braid at the moment, Reens exited the changing room, wearing the dress she had found. "Is it too much?" She smoothed it down and turned slightly.

"Hm...What do you think Paris...?" Anabelle looked to the poodle for her answer.

"Sweetheart, you can do better than that. And if you're worried about me spending too much money, just remember... I could BUY this entire mall if I wanted too..." Paris smiles softly, "Buuut...if that's what you want, I won't object to your choice...~"

Moros wandered around the mall, completely lost in the large complex. 'Oh.. Damn it, where the hell am I?' He mouthed.

Reens popped her head out of the boutique, careful not to show the dress just yet. "Psst! Moros! Over here!" She waved with her right arm, trying to get his attention. "Tell me what you think about this one." I think it's the prettiest dress I've ever seen... plus, it's the only semi-formal dress I might own...

Annabelle texted someone while Paris looked on from the side lines, as did Millie.

"I think it's pretty cute." Millie said with a smile.

Moros looked at Reens. 'It looks great on you..' He mouthed.

"R-really?" Reens blushed and spun around, the skirt billowing around her. "I really like it too." She started to put her hair back into its braid. She had only taken it down because she didn't want it to get caught inside the dress.

"Well let's add it to the list and see if we can find you any more colors, hm?" Paris spoke  up as Annabelle was busy browsing for more choices. (( ))

"This red one has my name written all over it~" Annabelle grinned.

"The last one is so pretty...!" Millie marveled at the dress as Annabelle handed it to her.

"Try it on Millie!"

'Well, at least I don't need to go clothes shopping...'

Paris nodded at this as she glanced at Moros and chuckled lightly.

"Chris, here's that polish You wanted." Bobo said as he threw the bottle to Chris."bobo, what's with the suitcase?" Chris asked bobo as he saw the woman outside the room."don't you know? My long lost twin sister, Briana is going to live here. I found her trapped at the g.u.n. Security room." Bobo answered as he putted on his fedora.

Paris and Anna started to browse dresses for themselves.

Reens went to change back into her regular clothes and searched for an extra dress in case the other was ruined somehow. She then found another blue dress with a sparkly top and fluffy skirt. ( "What do you think of this one?"

"Cute..~" Annabelle said.

"Sweet and simple." Paris gave a small smile, "You sure you don't want a different color though...? Like white? Or purple?"

"Uh, well... I never really thought about any other colors. I don't look really good in bold colors, so I tend to stick with blue, but if you want to, I could try finding something a little different," Reens explained.

"Perfect. We'll try white then. And maybe a lavender." Paris said.

Reens nodded, then saw a lavender dress on a rack behind her. ( She took it off the rack and went to try it on as well. Coming out, she twirled. "I have to admit. Lavender is another of my new favorite colors."

"Yes...!" Paris grinned and walked over, "I think it's perfect..."

"Absolutely!" Annabelle said, "The high low dress suits you so well!" Millie nodded as she walked over as well.

Meanwhile a couple of stores down from the boutique. A large commotion is heard and a large group of reporters and paparazzi are chasing Cassidy down the hall. He's wearing his signature black and white versace urban scarf on top of his blue t-shirt. His blue t shirt was covered by his grey coat and he wore cream coloured chinos for trousers.

"This is not my day!" Cassidy shouted.

Reens stopped and listened. She poked her head out the boutique's entrance and grabbed Cassidy, pulling him inside. "Why are all those people chasing you? You aren't famous or anything, right?"

"Hm?" Annabelle looked over and gasped before smiling. She didn't say anything however, but only waved.

Cassidy waved at Annabelle and then looked at Reens. "Yeah, I'm pretty much a global superstar," he replied.

Nate was also at the mall and saw Cassidy being chased. Unfortunately, he was the next target.

"Oh my God! Is that Formula 1 driver Nate Wright?" Nate immediately jumped into the entrace of the botique.

Cassidy looks at Nate as he enters the boutique. "Don't lead them here!"

Reens looked at the two before shrugging and turning back into the changing room. "If there's paparazzi around I want no part of it. Keep those cameras away from me." She changed out of the dress and folded it carefully over her arm before stepping out.

"Well then HIDE." Paris grabbed the two boys before dragging them towards the back of the store behind a wall of dresses. Kristy and Annabelle followed.

"If they find ME it'll be like throwing a shark to a group of pirannah..." Paris grumbled.

'I could just scare them away... Floating blades cutting through a few cameras will do that to people..' Moros mouthed

"I don't need an attempted murder charge." Paris quickly replied.

"I bet what he means is an illusion," Reens suggested. "He doesn't really want to use swords to cut cameras; it's just an illusion so they think their cameras are being cut up. That would be much safer, and keep your reputation clean."

"Look, let him do whatever he wants. We just don't need to be seen when he does it." Annabelle looked at Paris, "Knowing those loser paparazzi, it'll take forever for them to get the picture and LEAVE."

"Uh, sorry to interrupt, but it would help if you stayed quiet. You're hinting that we're here." Nate whispered behind the dresses.

"I know this sounds weird coming from a rapper like me, but i could turn us all invisible if you guys want," Cassidy suggested.

The girls look over to Cassidy as they ignore Nate. "You can do that?" Annabelle asked quietly.

Reens nodded in affirmation. "That would be much better. That way we can pay for our stuff and get out of here at the same time." She looked to Moros. "Plus, there's no charge of attempted murder."

"I'm not gonna go into the science, but here goes." Cassidy said.

The ring-tailed rapper then stood straight, closed his eyes and then took a deep breath. He then put his hands out and suddenly a field of distortion appeared around the group. If they were to look at themselves now they'd see that they were completely invisible.

"Whoa... freaky," Reens said as she put her hand out in front of her. "This is awesome!"

"Good idea...But how are we suppose to see ourselves when we try on clothes?" Paris raised an eyebrow.

Reens sweatdropped. "I think the clothes should turn invisible too as soon as we grab them, right? And if not, we can always try something else, right?"

"It is possible for me to make the clothes visible while you touch them if need be," Cassidy said with a shrug

"But we'll still be invisible when trying them on. So what's the point if you can't see what you look like with them on??" Paris said flatly.

A sweat drop forms on Cassidy's head. "Oh darn," Cassidy said. "I thought the main focus was getting out of here. Besides, you could probably rent out the whole store if you wanted too. Twice!"

"That's true, but where's the fun in that?" Annabelle joked a bit.

"Augh... I'm just gonna stand over here and let you all decide," Reens said with a grunt, her shoes sqeaking slightly as she walked.

"Hmm..." Paris sighed, "Well, lets just buy what we found and move onto another store...a store that's far away from those idiot paparazzi...:"

Moros just followed Reens. 'Why is it that people seem to avoid me?'

"I'm going with Paris's idea." Annabelle said.

"I guess that idea makes sense," Cassidy agreed.

"OK, so it's settled." Paris grabbed her selections as did Millie and Annabelle, "C'mon Reens, I'm paying for your dresses."

Reens followed behind Paris, holding her dresses. She looked at Moros with pity. "They just don't understand you. They don't understand what they can never become. You're sweet, funny, and generous. You lift people up instead of pushing them down the social ladder. You understand pain and loneliness. That's why they avoid you; they can't find a way to be you."

Nate was walking behind Reens and Moros and listened in the what Reens said. "Well, that's my life in a nutshell."

Moros nodded his head in thanks and hugged Reens for a few seconds. 'Thanks..'

Reens hugged him back and smiled, letting him go. "You're welcome. Now let's get outta here before the paparazzi show up."

Moros nods. 'Yeah...'

Zerofuse was walking while reading a piece of paper as well as texting on his phone with his other hand. "So it seems there is someone famous going to our school..." He said to himself.

After the woman asked Paris and Annabelle for their autographs, she totaled up the prices.

"$1,330.67." The cashier said.

Paris handed the cashier her spotless credit card and waited patiently for the woman behind the counter to swipe the card and punch a few numbers before handing it back.

"Thank you ladies, come back soon!"

"You know it." Annabelle grinned as the cashier handed them their dresses in bags and Paris handed Reens her dresses, "Here you go."

"Thank you. I feel like I have to repay you somehow," Reens said with a little bit of a whisper.

Zerofuse kept walking until he saw the group. He took a quick peek at the girls. "And here are some very fine ladies." He said to hmself, burning the piece of paper in his hand.

Zerofuse would hear a very familiar chuckle as well as a pair of footsteps walking towards him.

Zerofuse quickly turned around, a fireball ready in his free hand. "Who's th-" Zerofuse stopped everything as he saw who was behind him.

"Sup.." Saren waved,  a smirk on his face.

Zerofuse smirk as well. "Well look who it is." Zerofuse said, putting his hand out for a quick shake.

Saren shook Zerofuse's hand. "I see you have your eyes on some chicks.."

Zerofuse laughed a bit. "Yeah. I've never seen such beautiful girls." He said, peeking at the girls again.

Saren snickered before turning somewhat serious. "I will give you that, but here's one tip of advice... Don't just look at the exterior, observe the personality.. Otherwise you might be in for quite a shock.."

Zerofuse shrugged. "Alright." He said, looking at the girls more.

"Oh don't worry about it Reens, it's nothing." Paris gave her a reassuring smile. Annabelle and Paris noticed the two looking towards them and waved a bit as they smiled and walked on. Millie gave a bubbly wave as well.

Zerofuse watched as they walked away. "I don't see what's so bad about 'em." He said to Saren, slowly starting to walk in their direction. He hesitated to full on go talk to them.

Moros looked around the mall area while he was following Reens, not really sure what to do.

Saren shrugged and followed Zerofuse silently from the shadows.

"I guess we'll head to the shoe store nexts Reens. Find some pairs that match these dresses, hm?" Paris said.

Zerofuse hid behind a car, staring at Paris. "Do you know any of them?" He asked Saren.

Paris looked at her nails briefly as she looked back up.

Reens nodded, still a bit embarrassed. She flipped her braid as she walked with her dresses folded carefully on one arm. "Please don't tell me I have to wear heels," she said with a slight groan. "I've already cost you enough for the dresses alone."

"Reens I told you. I have enough money to buy thus entire mall probably more than 15 times. I paid for these dresses with pocket change. As for the heels, I suggest wedges. It makes a big difference." Paris said.

"She's got a point Reens." Millie added, "Wedges give you a lot more control, and plus they don't have to be to tall either." She smiled.

"Okay, I'll try the wedges." Reens' ears perked straight up and she growled a bit. "Don't look now gals, but I think there's somebody spying on us. I can hear then from here, and one of them smells bad. Phew..."

"Oh god..." Paris scoffed, and Annabelle blinked before taking out a small bottle of perfume and spraying it, "Much better..."

"Blech..." Millie stuck her tongue out.

Reens sniffed the perfume and smiled. "That smells really good, Annabelle." She smiled and flipped her braid.

Moros looked at Reens with a light blush. 

Saren smirked from the shadows.

Reens looked back at him with a soft blush as well, and giggled a bit when she saw his face. "Oh, sorry, my hair was in the way. I wasn't really trying to, you know, flirt or anything," she teased.

"Are you sure?" Nate teasingly asked Reens.

Cassidy was concentrating on what he was writing in his notebook, he had been keeping up with the group whilst remaining silent.

"Positive," Reens replied. "I would know if I was flirting. Besides, sometimes love is overrrated." She then fell silent, chiding herself for the feelings she was starting to have. Love of any kind is overrrated, she thought as she looked at her dresses. It never lasts.

"Yeah. She likes him." Paris said bluntly.

"Absolutely." Annabelle added.

"Wow...! How do you know!" Millie said in awe.

"I'm the heir of one of the most priceless industries and businesses of all time...I have to know how to figure stuff out...And Annabelle is just one of the best people persons around." Paris responded.

"Oh stop~" Annabelle giggled as Paris gave her a quick smile.

With this, Reens grimaced internally and tried to focus on where she was walking. She liked Moros as a friend, but she really didn't know internally if she loved him. Sighing, she looked up ahead to the shoe store. There were many different types of shoes there, and already she could see a pair in the window that matched one of her dresses.

Moros, being the silent one, found it quite easy to listen in on the conversation as no one really notices him.

Paris started to browse the high heels, mostly the more expensive ones in particular as Millie looked at some wedges and Annabelle looked at some ankle boots to try on.

"Hm." Annabelle walked around in the boots as boys began to stare who had originally walked in with other girls who glared deeply.

Moros just waited outside the store. Figuring that it'd be better for his eyes and nose that he doesn't go in. 'Perfume and bright colors... Not something I'd like to subject myself to...' He thought to himself.

Nate walked out of the store, with a bored look on his face. "At the rate of which they're trying on stuff, we could take about one more hour before we leave.

"Well no one said you had to stay..." Paris rolled her eyes as she tried on some boots. (( ))

If I remember correctly half of us don't want you here ANYway." Annabelle scoffed and tried on a new pair of ankle boots. (( ))

"The only reason I'm still here is because of the paparazzi." Nate said to himself. "Only the two of you don't want me here."

Annabelle rolled her eyes as she glanced at Paris who was busy modeling the boots.

Reens ignored the others as she found a pair of light blue wedges and tried them on ( ). They fit pretty well, so she took them off and tried a pair of lavender wedges to go with her lavender dress (

A yellow marten wearing a blue dress walks into the school building, with a mild smile on her face.

"Oh Reens...those wedges are cute on you...!" Annabelle smiled as she switched out for another pair of heels. (( ))

The marten walks past Reens and Annabelle.

Paris bent over to make sure her heels were on right, guys looking on at her from behind blushing.

Moros looked around for something to do. 'I need a nap..' He mouthed with a yawn.

"Hey Paris, I'm gonna get these shoes and I'll be ready." Annabelle said to the poodle who nodded.

(wow, you're just ignoring europe.)

(( o-o;. .? ))

Manikku came with a new haircut and some new boots.blake came along with him.with a classic haircut.Lyla, Manikku's date came out of the dressing room with a dark green dress and asked "What do you think ?".

"Thanks, Anna! I just need a pair to go with my white dress and we'll be golden!" Reens smiled, turned and bumped into the marten. "Oh, sorry, I didn't see you there! Are you alright?"

Annabelle finished purchasing her shoes, and signing a piece of paper for the fangirling cashier while Paris helped Millie pick out a pair of blue flats.

"Hm..." Millie looked the shoes over slightly and looked in a mirror as Paris watched.

Sky appears.

Annabelle glanced at Sky before looking back over at Millie, trying on some red pumps next.

"I'm SO SORRY! Please! Take a free pair courtesy of us!" The female cashier said.

"Now that's what I call perfect customer service~" Annabelle smiled lightly.

"OK, we are all buying shoes. Alright, lets go." Sky intended

Paris glances at Sky and rolls her eyes as she looks back to Millie, "Go ahead and choose another pair Millie." Millie nodded.

Reens groaned and sighed. "That's why I always wear pants," she mumbled to herself, holding up a pair of flats to go with her last dress. "These look good." (

((BTW They're at the mall, not school lol -AR ))

Annabelle was helping Millie pick out an extra pair of shoes.

"Reens, those flats are cute!" Millie said happily.

Sky nodded "They are marvolous. I think my sister wears those." He looked at his watch, "Well let's go back."

Hugh heads to the mall after a flu he had and heads to Paris. "Hey Paris long time no see my old amigo," Hugh says with his roughish voice.

"No." Paris stopped him, "I know that tone of voice anywhere, DON'T come near me." She somewhat hissed while Annabelle was helping Millie pick out an extra pair of shoes.

"...WHO are you again...?" Paris raised an eyebrow.

"Hugh remember me we went to summer camp together five years ago. But my voice I got a sore throat still." Hugh Replied.

"Yeah, let's get out of here," Reens agreed, holding the flats. She looked at Hugh and sighed, shaking her head. "You know she'll never go for you, right? Unless you do something to impress her, which you might not be very capable of it you think about it. I'm just saying, she's a hard gal to impress. No offense, Paris."

"None taken hon." Paris smiled, "Never heard of you. And second of all, I'd NEVER waste time at something as POINTLESS as summer camp...I have private vacation homes around the globe. As if I need to vacation around dirty commoners..." She rolled her eyes, "Lets go."

"Took the words right out of my mouth." Annabelle got up as well with her pairs of shoes, "Hey Reens, wanna hit up the food court?" She asked.

Reens looked at her incredulously. "Food court? Uh, I don't think I've ever actually been to a food court before," she admitted sheepishly. "Usually I just eat what I can find in my fridge."

(I've been absent from this roleplay, where should I put Cyrene? )

(mall, I'll try and help ya Jared.)

Moros wandered around the mall when he happened upon someone very pink and smelled way to much like expensive perfume.

Cyrene was wandering around the mall, she seemed to be lost for some reasons.

Moros walked over to Cyrene, intending to help her out.

As Moros approached Cyrene there began to be feelings of an aura surrounding her, one that was unseeable to the normal person, but a strange sense of affection and warmth that filled the air around her. Something akin to the nice feeling one gets when in a romantic situation, but oddly enough there wasn't any evident reason for this feeling that Moros could possibly sense as he approached her.

Moros blinked, noting the feeling of Cyrene's aura but shrugged it off. The feeling of affection and warmth might actually be counteracted by Moros' own 'aura' of emptiness.

Cyrene sensed the aura of emptiness in Moros and like a moth drawn to a flame she walked up to him.


'Hi, you seemed lost..' 

"Yeah, I kind of am.^^'" She replied.

'I can show you around if you'd like?'

"That would be great!" She said as she smiled.

'Well, where do you need to go?' He asked.

"Where my school mates are I guess." She said as she shrugged her shoulders.

'Well, come on..' Moros mouthed as he made his way towards the food court to get some food.

"Okay!" She said as she skipped along daintily behind him.

"You've never been to a food court?" Paris tilted her head,"Hm, I think you'll quite like it. Lots of different food to choose from."

"Cool," Reens replied with a soft smile as she noticed Moros and a familiar face. "Cyrene? What's she doing here?" she mused to herself, but waved excitedly to them. "Moros! Cyrene! Over here, you guys!"

"It looks like we're summoned. :3 "Cyrene said as she skipped over towards Reens and the others.

Moros just sighed and followed Cyrene.

"You know her...?" Paris questioned as she looked Cyrene up and down. Millie looked on as she carried her bag.

'Well, she is in the same class...' Moros mouthed.

"I never noticed." Paris said plainly.

"So, how are you all doing?" Cyrene asks.

"Fine." Paris answered back brushing some hair out of her eyes.

"Pretty good so far," Reens replied, pushing a loose strand of hair back behind her ear. "How's school going for you?"

"Fine, I just haven't taken school in a long time. I mean a really long time!" She said.

"Hmm." Annabelle lightly raised an eyebrow at this.

Reens gestured to her new friends. "If you don't know them already, this is Paris, Annabelle, Millie, Moros, and... uh, I think that's it."

"Hey guys, I am Cy-rene.Yeah, I'm Cyrene. " Cyrene said as she smiled.

Sky: Hey.

"So, what are you all doing now?" Cyrene asked.

"Not much, really. Just shopping and getting ready for a little party," Reens replied, scuffling her foot on the tiles.

"A party? That sounds fun!" Cyrene exclaimed.

"Yeah well, only certain people can get in." Annabelle shrugged, "For safety purposes."

"I see, such as?" Cyrene asked.

"People that we actually know well." Paris responded rather quickly, raising an eyebrow.

Sky is chatting to Noah.

Sky: So, here is what I got for homework. *shows him a sh*tload of crap* A "Resource 6" Packet, an essay for science, And 2 worksheets for math, reading and social studies."

"Guys can we eat something? I'm getting really hungry!" Millie asked.

"Right, let's go." Annabelle, Paris and Millie walked towards the food court.

"Reens, you coming?" Paris asked.

out of the dressing room.

"Woah dem boots tho,but we all look good anyways.lets take a picture!" Bobo says as he gets someone to take a picture of them.

Reens nodded and followed them, looking at the different food places to choose from.

"Oh no! I don't eat food." Cyrene said as she muttered to herself.

Paris lightly rolled her eyes as she caught Cyrene's voice as they walked through the food court.

"Opps, did I say that out loud? W-what I meant to say is I'm on a diet, yeah a mortal diet that is just liked everyone else." Cyrene said as she clearly was trying to coverup something.

Annabelle and Paris shared glances as they pretended to gag and walked on towards the food court.

"I kinda want some frozen yogurt..." Millie said.

With a twitch of her ear, Reens cocked her head. "What's frozen yogurt? Is it like ice cream? I've never had anything like it before, so I was just wondering."

Moros stared at Reens. 'Is it as good as pudding?'

James came out of the dressing room.he had his uptight tie,and black and white clothes.because of a dare,James had to go with a Justin beiber Type of haircut.

Jason glances at him head to toe as he confirms with."pretty good.but you have to change the Jordan's."

"Kinda sorta Reens." Annabelle said, "It's along the lines of soft serve ice cream."

Noah looks at Annebelle in the ice cream shop. He mumbles "She is pretty..."

Annabelle gets a mixture of chocolate and vanilla as Paris goes with straight vanilla.

Cassidy finally looks up from his notebook that he's been writing in while he was in the mall.

"How long have i been here for?" the ring-tailed raccoon said whilst scratching his head. "It feels like i've been here for days!"

At a dressing room,Manikku comes out with his great new look: a Michael Jackson thriller jacket,a bedazzled diamond fedora,some echo untld jeans,and some golden timberlands X Gabriel urist.

"Can't stop looking." Bobo says as he posted some pictures on Instagram.after that they all went to taco casa.

The girls sat down to enjoy their frozen yogurt, Paris checking her hair in a small pocket mirror.

The first place Cassidy went to was the food court. He went and ordered a strawberry and stod by the counter while waiting for it to arrive.

"So Travis wants to take me to a private island some time next month for a week." Paris said.

"Oh really now...?" Kristy smirked, "I told you he was perfect for you...But noooo, you didn't listen~"

Instead of Annebelle, Noah focused his attention more on Kristy.

Meanwhile,a red,blue-eyed,hedgehog named Hayden was walkin down a hall.

Hayden:I can't wait to make new friends here at Chaos High!😄

I hope they like me!🙂

(( Now that I think about it we should probably get our attention back on the SCHOOL aspect of this RP =w=; ))

Back to School, Huzzah!

Noah looks at his watch. Sky is just sitting there.

Noah: I better go, I have Advanced Reading Plus at 1:30 PM. Well, Sky, see you.

Sky: Bye.

  • Two of the Sophomore Girls walk down the hallway down to the Honors Algebra 2 Class. They walk into class to their desk area seeing a new girl their.*

Katie: That must be the new Girl! Mr.Shadow and I where talking about how there was going to be a new girl coming.

Skylar: Well let's go meet her then.

  • Skylar and Katie sit down with Aurora looking at her while she searches through her gym bag*

Aurora: *looks up in shock* OH!!! Hi there. Sorry I was looking for my Running shoes.

Skylar: For what? This is Algebra.

Aurora: For Cross Country practice after school. I ran it for the first three years at my old school, and now I am excited to be on the Girls Varsity Team.

Katie: Wow!!! That's exciting!!! I am on the Cheer squad!!!

Aurora: Oh......I see.

Katie: Don't worry I am not one of those snots. I am also on the Golf team.

Aurora: Now that's interesting!  Hi My name is Aurora.

Skylar: That's Katie, and I am Skylar! I am on the Soccer Team and Lacrosse Team.

Aurora: I plan to do Track and Field and Swim team as well!!

Skylar: Well aren't you the speedy gal!

  • The three girls chuckle.*

Aurora: I don't have any special Speed Power like Coach Sonic. I wonder if he is fast without using his power.

Katie: Don't feel bummed either because Skylar and I both are powerless as well.

Skylar:: And quite Frankly I am glad I am. That means I can live through High school without troubles.

  • Aurora Smiles*

Aurora: Hey After practice girls want to have a sleepover at my house!

  • the bell rings*

Skylar: We would love to!

Reens had returned to school as well, unfortunately wearing her glasses. She had run out of contacts and had grabbed them at the last second. They were thickly rimmed, almost like hipster glasses. She hoped no one would ask as she quietly sat in a corner, drawing her manga.

  • The girls where each excahnging Phone Numbers to keep in touch*

Katie: What class do you have next Aurora?

Aurora: Gym Class Why?

Skylar: Good So do we.

Katie: I think we are either running the mile. That or Dodgeball.

Skylar: I hope dodgeball, just because I want to slam some people in the face.

Katie: What about other people and their abilites!!

Aurora: I thought we can't use them in Gym class?

Skylar: We can't I'm pretty sure, beacause it is a preformance enhancer.

Noah: Hey Reens! What are you drawing? A sports manga! Nice.

Noah was hoping to see Reens smile for getting some feedback on her tennis manga.

Reens looked up at him, gave a shadow of a smile, then returned to drawing her manga. Pushing up her glasses, she blushed slightly and got up from where she had been sitting, albeit a little wobbly because her feet were asleep.

Aurora: By the way who should I...avoid in this school?

Skylar: Snobs. Really rich brats.

Aurora: Who would that be.

Katie: When you see her you will know. *the bell rings and they take their stuff walking down to the locker room to change*

Walking down the hall were two flawless girls. The poodle and wolf, known to everyone as the most talented and popular girls in the school, ruled with an iron heel. But would only turn hostile once threatened....Like a wasp perhaps. Or 10,000 of them.

Skylar: *turns looking at the poodle* oh S**t here they come.

Moros entered the building, using the same method as he normally did. Which was to say a medium sized rift in reality, what he didn't exactly know was that he opened said rift close to the popular girls and that he was wearing bunnie pajama's and slippers when he walked out.

Noah: Ugh. Who is that?

Sky: I don't know. I heard he was famous. For something.

With a squeak of nervousness, Reens pushed a small bang of her hair over one eye. She shuffled past the popular girls and Moros before she tripped on someone's backpack. She steadied herself and tried to grab her sketchbook before it fell, managing to grab its edge.

Sky and Noah claps beyond amazement to Reens.

Moros looked at Sky and Noah questioningly

Bobo puts away his basketball jersey into his gym locker and gets to the next period texting a friend.

"Another day,another three pointer"he whispers behind his breath

The two popular students, Paris and Annabelle, giggle softly at Reens as she fell, but besides Annabelle whispering, "How cute?" The two didn't say anything and continued to walk to their next class, which happened to be AP History. They only glanced at Moros before Paris rolled her eyes softly and the two walked into their classroom and sat near the back.

Moros looked around, hoping to find Reens. Rather concerned for her since her behavior struck him as odd. 

Reens poked her head out from behind a column and sighed. "Maybe I can resell those dresses, shoes, and jewelry. I mean, being popular isn't everything i wanted. Besides, I'm not popular at all. At least with these glasses people can leave me alone." 

Moros spotted Reens by the column and walked over. 'Are.. You alright..?'

As bobo walked to class,he notices a text from jet for a rematch for the finals...

"Aren't you going to go against jet?"asked Manikku as he reads the text

Bobo combs his hair,looks at his twin sister for a answer,but then laughs with,"Boi,I have better things to do then run the living, I just need to pass the final exam for strait A's".

Manikku turns around finding Reens depressed,and since there was 3 minutes until class started,the hedgehog decided to talk to her.

"Are you ok? You seem...sad." Manikku says glaring at the window looking at a Lamborghini.

"So are you and Travis officially dating~?" Annabelle asked Paris as they waited for class to start.

"Yup. He's taking me to dinner and a show this weekend." Paris smiled as a light blush dusted her cheeks.

"Ooohh~! You go girl!" Annabelle giggled.

With a small yelp, Reens ran to her classroom, dropping her sketchbook in the process. She couldn't understand why people just couldn't leave her alone. She didn't want to talk to anyone, and she sure didn't want to be the center of attention.

Moros reached over to pick up her sketchbook, he figured he'll return it to her next period. With that in mind, he went to first period. The sketchbook still in hand.

Bobo and Brianna look st each other and then Manikku tripping.they come up to say"great job Romeo" as they both laugh at Manikku,but the teacher wasn't laughing.

"Oh! Girls!" Millie rushed over to Annabelle and Paris.

"There you are Millie!" Annabelle greeted her warmly, "You made it just in time." She smiled as did Paris.

Reens' face only grew warmer as she realized her sketchbook wasn't with her. She hoped whoever found it didn't tear it up. With a small worried sigh, she took out her textbook. She was in the same class as Paris and Annabelle, but avoided talking to them. School was school, and outside was outside.

Moros walked in, holding Reens' notebook like it was something precious to him.

Her ears perked up as he walked in, and she noticed him holding her notebook like it was gold. She blushed and lowered her textbook a little. She glanced over at the popular girls and twitched her ears again, then placed her chin in her hand.

Annabelle glanced over at Reens and saw her looking, her eyes seemingly narrowing in worry before she went back to talking to Millie and Paris.

'You dropped this..' Moros mouthed as he walked over to Reens' desk and gave her notebook back to her, being surprisingly gentle about it.

Cassidy the Raccoon and Matt the Hedgecat walk into the class room whilst talking to each other.

"So the ball slammed her into the fence and injured her, I got banned for two years!" Matt explained.

"That's hella crazy, why are you so strong?" Cassidy asked.

"Long story..." Matt replied sheepishly.

"T-thanks," Reens managed to mumble as she took her notebook, her face glowing. She smiled the biggest smile she could and placed the notebook on her desk, flipping through it to a fresh page. Then, she started drawing something new before class started.

As the teacher wondered in, Annabelle and the others quickly took out their things.

"Everyone! Everyone! Prepare to actually LEARN for once, alright?" The teacher smiled as Millie gave a small chuckle. The AP History teacher was always her favorite.

Noah: I know, she's the best, isn't she?

Skylar Katie and Aurora where in the locker room sitting around waitinig for other girls to come to Gym Class

Katie: So there is this one girl and her crew of girls you need to avoid.

Aurora: Who?

Skylar: Her name is Annabelle. She may seem like your average rich back stabbing skank. But she is pure evil. Her little Side kick Paris isn't any better. They both Piss me off!

Aurora: Woah the language is getting..

Skylar: I know I just HATE THEM WITH A BURNING PASSION! I dedicate my time to a little studying but my soccer.

Katie: And my Golfing and cheerleading. To be honest I love Golf more.

Aurora: We are gonna be great friends if I dedicate my time to running.

  • the three girls smile*

Aurora: Are those two in our gym class.

Skylar: Sadly.

As the AP history teacher began to start the lesson, Anna, Paris and Millie began to take notes.

Moros listened in on the lecture, not really needing to take notes since other fragments of the void have experienced the events talked about and shared their knowledge and experiences with the greater entity that Moros himself is but snother fragment of

Aurora walked out of the locker room with Katie and Skylar.

Skylar: Where is everyone

Aurora: *looking at schedule*

Katie: Skylar

Skylar: Yes?

Katie: Did you mention to Aurora that this is our Activity period.

Skylar: ...No I did not.

Aurora: What do we do till the next period.

The three walk up to the Cafeteria and study for a big exam coming up soon.

Bobo and Chris run to the locker room and went to the basketball court to do some drills with the other members.

"How much you want to bet that jet will be trying to sabotage you about that victory?"he said crossing Bobo

"I'd say....$70. That's if I actually cared." Bobo replied as he takes the basketball and makes a 3 pointer."nothing but threes."

Meanwhile in History class, Cassidy was taking notes whilst Matt was trying his hardest tonot to seem to bored.

As the teacher, Mr Silver, continued teaching the class. There a crackle thorugh the speakers as Mr Knuckles spoke. "Mr Silver, please report to my office. We seem to have an issue with your.....'artifact' again."

Mr Silver sighed as he closed the text book he was teaching from. "Excuse me class while I go and deal with this issue."

He then levitated from the ground and floated out of the room, leaving the class completely unsupervised.

"Finally, a break..." Annabelle sighed as she and Paris immediately took out their cell phones and began to text.

Aurora Katie and Skylar go to History from Study hall. They see the two girls on their phone and sit down at their desk. They decide to go on their phone for one minute till someone gets back

Aurora: You guys gotta check out this picture I found.

Aurora shows the girls the picture and start chuckling a bit. She shows them one more and they start to laugh.

Reens looked up from her notes and set her pencil down beside her, stretching out her fingers and adjusting her glasses. She took a quick glance around before looking back down at her notes, which she had covered with some doodles.

Annabelle and Paris glance at Aurora and her posse and raise eyebrows at each other with small smirks before going back to their phones.

"Oh, Anna."


"Any news about the VS Fashion show for this year~?" Paris smiled.

"Not just yet..I know for a fact Heidi and Kristy will be in it, and they've heard the designers discussing one of my main outfits and wings..."

"No way!" Millie said happily.

"Yes way." Paris grinned as Annabelle smiled.

Aurora and her friends hear the bell ring. They start heading down to Gym class finally. They change in the locker room again.

The girls get up from their desks and head to gym as well, changing out of their expensive clothes and wearing even more expensive Victoria's Secret underwear/clothes under them which made a few girls look on with envy before Paris and Annabelle put on their t-shirts and short shorts, and Millie put on her usual gym shorts and baggy shirt.

'What to do today..'

Meanwhile, Cassidy and Matt headed to the cafeteria to enjoy their free period.

"So what plans do you have for the weekend?" Cassidy asked

"Well, apart from Kickball practice, I've got plenty of Homework and training. What about you?" Matt said

"I've got a concert to perform in Station Square, a lot of homework, shooting practice with my teacher and also some recording time to use up" the raccoon replied.

"I'm sorry I asked..." Matt said whilst rolling his eyes.

Aurora puts on some Gym shorts from her old school and a cross country shirt. (The Summer Mountain Cardinals), She see's Annabelle and her friends wearing nice clothes and walks up to introduce herself. Katie and Skylar look towards her with a worried expression.

Aurora: Hi! I am a new student from Summer Mountain. I am Aurora the Hedgehog.

"Oh, hello there." Paris greeted first while Annabelle was occupied digging through her bag, "What exactly IS Summer Mountain, may I ask?"

Millie gave a shy wave to Aurora.

Aurora: Summer Mountain was my old school district. I went there for 9 years and now I am here. It's kind of weird everyone here has a special ability. I don't have any abilites...I just like being myself.

Katie and Skylar exchange confused looks to one another.

Noah and Sky gave Aurora a confused look.

"How...interesting." Paris responds, "Well, we should get going. I hear the gym coaches are strict..." She walks past with Annabelle and Millie following as they exit the locker room.

Noah and Sky have left as well.

Reens is already in the gym, wearing a shirt that is a bit big for her and shorts with an eagle emblazoned on the side. She looks up slightly as the popular girls walk in, but looks back down and starts doing some lunges.

Annabelle, Millie and Paris begin doing stretches as guys watch them in their short shorts, but the girls pay no mind.

Moros finally walked in, though frantic and covering his right eye as he headed for the boys locker room. Earlier today there had been a couple seniors horsing around and tossing pennies with the edges filed and somewhat sharpened at eachother.

Moros had just been extremely unlucky enough for one to fly at his right eye when he wasn't paying attention.  Said penny had cut deep enough into the edge of his right iris and all the way to the white region of his eye for it to draw blood but not deep enough to permanently damage his eyesight.

"Hm." Paris sat down on the floor with the others with her legs crossed.

"Is there anything particular going on this week...?" Annabelle asked the two, "Life is getting more and more dull by the moment."

"Same..." Paris huffed, "At least cheer practice can distract us from that for a while."

"I guess so, but the rest of the girls on that damn squad don't know what they're doing..." Annabelle chuckled as she whispered this, and Paris chuckled softly as well.

Reens' ears perked up at the mention of cheerleading, and she turned her head to Paris. "Are there any openings on the squad? I led some cheers at my old school before I came here, so I might be able to help somewhat."

He entered the boys locker room and spent quite a few minutes washing his eyes out, his blood leaving a slight residue on the porcelain sink.

"Not right now," Paris replied, "But we will soon."

"And thank goodness...I can't stand those wannabe's..." Annabelle rolled her eyes.

Bobo and Chris were selected to show some players an example of how to REALLY play.

Bobo puts on his headphones."yo mama was giving neck in the bathroom of the station square casino and it wasn't your dad." He says completely dunking chris out.

"Ok,but seriously,how many of your girlfriends can screw? Oh wait,your girlfriends can't screw." Chris replies as he steps on Bobo's Afro and dunks on him.he adds"don't choose a fight you can't handle.

"That's what she said to you last night"Bobo chuckles as he passes it to Blake and he shoots the ball.they go to the boys locker room.

"Ugh. Lamest burns I've ever heard." Paris muttered to Annabelle as her sharp ears catch Bobo and Chris, and Millie nods in agreement.

Moros went to leave as they came in, keeping his right eye closed , one might assume that Moros didn't want to be anywhere near them if one didn't know him all that well.

"Mpeti!"coach said as bobo came"what was with that,basketball is not roasting people."he added.

"Apologies, was nothing." Bobo said as his tail started twitching.

Aurora Skylar and Katie come into the gym as they talk about when their next sporting events are.

Katie: My next Golf Match is Next Tuesday

Skylar: My soccer Match is Monday

Aurora; I think Cross Country is Wednesday for me.

Skylar looks at Paris and Annabelle.

Skylar: You gotta be extra careful when your talking to them.

Aurora: They seem......nice though

Skylar: *she laughs very hard and loud* She ruined me!!!

Aurora: ....really...tell me after school.

Katie: So does anyone know what we are doing today in class?

Paris sighed, "If I catch another pathetic nerd boy staring at me I just may throw up...I have my Travis but there's no way he'd be caught going to THIS commoners school..."

"I know your pain...Ugh. Not ONE decent boy in this school..." Annabelle rolled her eyes, "None of them can even be on my level...let alone handsome..."

"Yeah. It's sort of a shame..." Millie nodded.

At that very moment Matt and Cassidy walked into the gym, Mat leading the way.

"Bro, why are we here?" the raccoon asked skeptically.

"Just wanted to watch and see what the girls are up to," Matt replied with a shrug.

Suddenly Cassidy started to grin. "Wait a sec are you just here to spy on...." Before he could finish his sentence Matt had his hand wrapped around the raccoon's mouth.

"Shush....she'll hear you!" Matt hushed.

Reens blushed. "I mean, I think Moros likes me, but I can't be sure. Besides him, nobody really sparks my interest." She straightened up before attempting to do a handspring. She was able to do so, but leaned back too far and hit the ground, hard.

"Daaaaym!" Cassidy and Matt said in unison as Reens hit the floor.

Whatever Moros was doing in the gym, it was certainly not involving any exercise. Instead he looked like he was studying.

"Oooh." Anna, Paris and Millie cringed as they watched Reens hit the floor.

"You OK?" Millie asked, concern flowing from her facial features.

Moros walked over when he heard the sound of flesh impacting with laminated flooring, a look of concern on his face.

Grimacing, Reens tried to stand up, but immediately went back to the floor. "I... I think I might've sprained my ankle. It hurts when I try to stand." She grunted in frustration.

"Somebody call for the nurse," Matt said. Cassidy quickly rushed off to go and find Nurse Tikal.

Hayden: Okay. (Looks at map upside down) Where do I stay the night at?

Noah: Who is that guy?

Sky: *is seen drawing a comic, the comic turns out pretty good actually*

Reens smiled in thanks, managing to get on her knees with her left leg standing. She stood there for a while, tapping her uninjured foot on the floor.

"Lets hope she doesn't try out...For her OWN safety..." Annabelle whispered to Paris, and the poodle only chuckled and nodded in agreement.

Noah: Why is everyone smiling at him like that?

Sky: *looks up from the comic* Don't know.

  • walking alongside his sister Trezera, Trezerac and Trezera enter the gym*

Trezerac: Hey sista! What you want to do?

Trezera rolled her eyes at her brother and sat down on a bench, reading a book*

A tall, 18-year-old Raven named Sam came over to her.

Trezera: Who are you?

Sam: I'm Sam. I am looking for Spagonia University.

Trezera: It's no where near here.

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