This is an exclusive fighting tournament, which the players are competing for the Chaos Emeralds


  1. No uncensored swearing
  2. No godmodding
  3. No extreme romance
  4. Two characters only.
  5. No killing.
  6. No super forms.
  7. No bringing allies to help you.


In locker room

Zyde: * drinking an energy drink *

Borake: Stupid girl, depending on a drink to help her fight... 

Slash: *sharpening her claws*

Zyde: Don't call me stupid girl... * extends her claws *

Slash: I'd save my energy for the fight if I were you.

Zyde: I probably should. * unextends them *

Macro: *walks in* I guess I'm ready.

Zyde: Who are you fighting ?

Macro: I don't know. Have the match ups been made?

Zyde: I think there's a sheet with the math ups listed. * looks at it * You're fighting me...

Macro: *blinks* Ohh....

  • Opens door up*

Rocket:I'm here. *Pulls out injection shot.* *Uses it.* Just need that for resistance to the ECS.

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