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Sixteen lucky teens have been invited to the first ever season of the new reality show, Chaos Cruise Challenge! The whole show will take place on a cruise ship that will travel the whole of Mobius where our lucky competitors will compete in various challenges to gain immunity from being voted off of the show. The last teen standing wins 1 million dollars and will probably bask in their tabloid fame for at least a year. With their host Matt the Hedgecat get ready for an exciting show filled with challenges, a bit of romance on the side and an overall topping of drama!


  • Everything in the Roleplay should be in paragraph format apart from the confessionals. They can be done by either script or paragraph form.
  • I will only allow two users to be able to put at more than one character (maximum 2) as Contestants. Anyone can hve more than one of their characters as a special guest though.
  • There are only 16 Contestant slots and it's first come first serve as well as free join. Contestants can be any age to enter.
  • (If this Roleplay goes far enough) at the end of each "Episode" I'll release a blog with a voting poll for who's going to get eliminated.
  • No swearing, it all must be censored and try not to over do it.
  • Please don't god mod if you're going to have a fight.
  • The Roleplay will probably start once i have about 8 Contestants
  • Enjoy and have fun!
  • P.S if this roleplay does well and is enjoyed...I'll do season 2.


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Involved Characters



Special Guests (Ask first)

Akozin Link


Mary/Gary the Sue.

Episode 1: Set Sail!

It was a sunny day on the pier of Windmill Isle, a great day to start a brand new series for reality TV! Standing on the wooden pier, in front of an extremely expensive looking cruise ship was the host of the show, Mathedgecat had orange fur and wore a light cyan coat with white stripes on the sleeves. Under the open coat, he wore a blue t-shirt and on his legs were his black shorts and on his feet were his blue trainers.

"Ha! I told them I'd get a show one day! Are we rolling? No? Ok! How is my hair? Is it ok? Cool," the hedgecat host said as final preperations for the show were made.

"Ok, and rolling!" The offscreen camera man said before the live show began.

"Welcome, viewers! To the first episode of the first season of the Chaos Cruise Challenge! Let me get straight to it. Sixteen lucky vict- eh hem- competitors have a signed up for a two month cruise on this beautiful deluxe cruise liner in hopes of winning one million dollars!" Matt began as he held up the briefcase that had a yellow glow seeping out of it.

"On this cruise, our contestants must complete challenges for various rewards and for a chance to stay on the show. The losers of the challenge will have to vote amongst each other for who should leave. The person with the most votes has to take the liferaft of losers and sail out to the sea of sadness, never to return."

"Now that I've laid down the ground rules, let's wait for our first contestant to arrive on the pier," the hedgecat said with excitement.

A moment passed, before two people approached. As they came into view, they were revealed to be wolf siblings, the male being blac-furred and the female being white-furred. The black one was looking somewhat nervous, while his sister was skipping slightly.

"Overload and Feedback! Nice to see you two on the show!" the hedgecat host said.

A blue fox with headphones around his neck followed behind the wolves

"H-hi," the male answered.

"Heya~!" his sister said.

A few moments later, a black hedgehog with a T-shirt that read "Don't Know, Don't Care" approached. At essentially the same time, another black-colored hedgehog wearing a top hat and a scarf over his mouth walked up. He also had a rather strange-looking Chao on his shoulder. It was visibly striped in three different colorations, and had three balls floating above its head. Three tails extended behind it, each ending in a nasty-looking claw. "Hello, I understand I'll be on Chaos Cruise Challenge." the hedgehog said. "I'm Xai, and this is my Chao, Cerberus."

"Toby." The black hedgehog with the "IDK, IDC" T-shirt said while texting,

"Xai and Toby, welcome to the Chaos Cruise Challenge," Matt said in his still cheery voice. He then walked over to Xai, eyeing Cerberus as he approached. "You do remember that you signed a contract saying that if anything happened to any of your belongings including pets, we will not be liable for a lawsuit as we advised against bringing pets to the show."

A car came out of no where, smashing into a lamp post on the pier. "Sorry i'm late Matt, but traffic was preety tight, and I needed this coffee." said the co-host of the show, MC. He gulped the rest of the coffee down.

"Oh, Cerberus isn't my pet." said Xai. "He's just as intelligent as me, and will be participating as a normal contestant."

"Alright then," Matt said. The young hedgecat host then came over towards MC and offered a bro-fist. "Duuude, i was wondering where you were!"

"Sup?" replied MC, fist bumping Matt. "So, ow' long till the rest of the fresh-meat come?" (Slang will be marked with a apostrophe.)

Matt took a brief glance at his watch. "We've still got a good few to go but they should be coming in any moment now."

A black haired,pink salamander stumbles as she approaches Matt."Darn it!"Her limping leg seems have tripped her other leg as she falls down.She quickly gets back,"Sorry."

"What's your name?" MC asks. "Oh, and uh, Matt? We don't use dollars. We use rings. I think you may have to throw in a trip to the US."

"Ah," Matt says as a sweat drop forms on his head.

"My name is Guinevere,but you guys can call me Ginny.",She answers,"If it's the currency you worried about,some cities,like my home,Liberty City,use dollars for currency,as well as rings."

"Nice to meet you Ginny," Matt said with a wave. "Now all of the contestants, please stand at the edge of the pier please?"

"You know, hearing G reminded me of something, an yes! Gherkin! Come on out buddy!" said MC, pulling out his white lined Ghecko.

Matt looks at MC's gecko with a slightly concerned look. "Ok, i know for a fact you read the pet section of the contract so if that thing dies, don't come complaining."

Bobo sees matt and growls."if this is a death wish challenge,you Better just give us the reward right now."gets sad and thinks what will happen if he gets elimanated 😰

"I'm pretty sure when said death,he meant the death of a pet!",Ginny says,"He and his crew on the show would get into serious legal trouble if they killed a contestant....."

Overload and Feedback watched the others come in, the former remaining silent while the latter was confused. "Uh, what exactly will we be doing on the ship?" Feedback inquired.

"this sounds like total drama island,but theres someone we can actually trust!"bobo says and yawns.😴

"That show is Canadian! LOL!" Toby said

The blue fox raised an eyebrow.

"you think we don't know that?"bobo says sarcastically.😒

Then Cyan appeared.

"I like you." Cyan said to Bobo,

Matt opened his arms out wide in as a welcoming gesture. "Cyan and Bobo! Welcome to the Chaos Cruise Challenge! If you too would stand on the edge of the pier like everybody else then i'll explain what will happen," the hedgecat host said.

MC gave Matt one of those what-the-hell-where-you-saying-that-for glares. "It's alright Gherkin, he didn't mean that."

"I like you too.Hey,wanna join a team?"bobo asked and ran to the pier.🙉

"Sure." Cyan said following Bobo,

"is there anymore people coming?"asked bobo seeing matt.

Matt looked at his watch. "We should have about 9 more people on their way here, if they don;t show up i might have to start without them...." the hedgecat said with a upset yet matter-of-factly tone

bobo looks down sadly"and if i dontt win,my parents will ban me of my own house and im doomed"he thinks strongly and as his head began to turn red.😡💢

"I understand what you family is....unforgiving." Cyan said,

The blue fox rolled his eyes.

"What's that suppose to mean?" Cyan screamed at the blue fox,

The blue fox didn't say anything but tried to show that he didn't care about Cyan's family problems. Cyan then took out a gun.

"Anwser me!" Cyan screamed,

The fox kicked the gun out of Cyan's hand and caught it in the air.

"Matt,does this have to do with the show?KILLING?!?"the monkey says scared to matt

Cyan then grabbed it back, and put it away.

"Step on foot into the Link Empire, and you'll be sorry!" Cyan said as he turned around,

"Break it up you two!" Toby said,

"He started it!" Cyan screamed,

"Cyan...give me the gun...." Toby said,

Cyan hesitated, but gave the gun to Toby.

"Now....uh....what's your name? If you have any weapons....please give me them. I'm not threating you, but it's obvious that you two do I put this lightley.....better off unarmed." Toby said,

The blue fox tried to show that he couldn't talk, but wasn't able to tell if anyone underdstood him.

"Oh, I get it, you can't talk, that's alright." Toby said,

Toby then turned to Matt.

"I think it's better if you hold on to this Matt." Toby said as he took out Cyan's gun,

Matt took the weapons from Toby and then said. "Now that you mention it, everyone give me all of your weapons, this is reality TV. Don't try to make the show look bad on its first episode!"

"So, we have TERORIST?!!"bobo screaches 😰

"No, not Terrorists. Terrorists are people of an organization who want to destroy freedom, I come from a nation that is anti-freedom. Anyways, I don't agree with the extreme measures of my country." Cyan said,

"Uhhh..." Overload murmured, wondering just what the hell was going on.

"This wasn't in the brochure...?" Feedback commented.

The hedgecat host let's out a huge sigh and smacks his hand against his forehead; things were already getting out of hand and he couldn't edit out anything because the first episode is live.

"Alright, I'm gonna explain the rules of the show now, if you guys want a chance at winning the..." Matt pauses as he clears his throat. ".....One Million big ones, you'll have to listen up."

"..."the monkey silenced 😶

"I'll check the rest of 'hese morons." MC told Matt.

bobo gulps😥

"What do you mean by morons?" Asked Cyan,

"Maybe the fact that on a game show, pistols are being snuck in. And you Bobo, I think you have something to hide. Had it over."

"I have nothing, the rest are the phycoss that are in a gang.all I have is tons of popcorn in my suitcase"bobo said,"have it if you want"😣

"No! He has a rare condition that makes him gulp unwillingly! Just assuming he has something to hide is a little offensive!" Cyan said,

Cyan then winked at Bobo, making sure no one else saw the wink.

"Ahem!" Matt exclaimed. "That sounds like a whole load of BS because it doesn't even say that such a condition exists on his application."

"If you had a condition that you'll be discriminated right now. Would you put it down?" Asked Cyan,

"Yes i would, and to be straight with you people right now i have MPD, so if you want to talk about whether it's right for someone to put a condition down then i'm the guy you should talk to," The host said in a matter of factually tone.

"Cyan, please, your going to get us all in trouble!" Toby said,

Cyan then quietly backed down.

"In case you're wondering, I don't have any weapons on me." said Xai. "...Mainly because if I get into a fight I don't need any kind of manufactured weapon."

Matt looked at his watch to check the time and then started to tap his foot. "MC? Do you have any idea where the contstants are?" He asked in an irritated voice.

"Nope. And Matt, what do you think the challange should be when we get on? I was planning running barefoot on hot coals and shattered glass."

"Don't worry about that MC, i have a list of locations we'll be heading to and a bunch of challenges too," Matt replied.

"well guys,meet your new friend, feuneral cause imm gonna win!" bobo muttered in exitement😎.

From a distance, a girl can be heard running as fast as she could to Matt and MC. She was a brown cat wearing a peach colored dress with a yellow belt and bow design, with a black necklace, golden collar and ring cuffs, and green sneakers with white laces and tips. She ran quicker, as she hurdled, and performed a roundoff double back layout with a double twist. Her jump was about 8 feet over Matt. She landed her trick with a small rebound, and rose her arms in the air, to put them down a half a second after. She then turned to Matt. "Sorry I'm late." She told him.

"Well, Well if it isn't Michelle," Matt said with a smile. "Welcome to the Chaos Cruise Challenge!"

Michelle smiled. "Thanks" She replied.

"your pretty neat!but dontt take that too seriously,cause imm gonna win the big one triple-o's.bobo said being sincere.😉💥

"We'll see about that!" Michelle replied to Bobo.

"I'm only here for one reason! To prove that the people of pure mobius are the best! I am a Link, so money is worthless to me! That's why when I win, I'm giving every last penny to another contestant who I will keep anonymous!

"Alright, i think there are enough people here for me to start explaining how the show's gonna play out," the hedgecat said.

Matt then walked in front of the ship. "This deluxe, platinum level, six star, one of a kind cruiseliner is called 'The 8th Emerald'. This is where you are going to be staying in between challenges and for a size-able amount of the competition."

The ship was a gleaming white and looked slightly larger than your average Cruise Ship. Out on deck there was a large swimming pool which was complete with deck chairs and a diving board. You could pretty much tell just from the outside that Matt was not kidding about the quality.

"We spared no expense," the hedgecat host said with a grin.

The two siblings had watched the argument go on without interfering, before their attention was directed towards the ship. They looked at it in awe as Feedback commented, "Wow, cool!"

Overload said nothing, merely nodding in approval.

"dude,imm a type of mobian that lives in the jungle.anyways,illl win with my speed and flexability!"bobo said bragging🙉😁

"I'm the kind of Mobian who's heart is cold as night!" Cyan said,

The blue fox just snorted.

A yellow cat drops in out of nowhere wearing blue shoes, turquoise gloves, a shirt saying cats +fun=awesome, and red pants."Hiya peeps!"He says while giddy.

"This is the kind of guy who gets me!" Toby said pointing to the yellow cat,

"That is the kind of guy that wouldn't last a second in pure mobius." Cyan said,

"Your a downer." Toby said,

"The name's Siron von Sand cat." Siron said.

Michelle gazed in amazement at the pool... "Wow..." She said in awe, "And I thought Alexis's pool was big, but this is enormous...."

"I'm glad you could make it Siron," Matt said with a smile. He then turned to Michelle. "and as i said before, we spared no expense."

"Now let me inform you about something you'll need to know about," Matt said.


Matt: This is the confessional, a place where you can share thoughts that you wouldn't let the other contestants hear. It's sort off like a blog where you can say what you want, but the world is your audience!

End of Confessional

The hedgecat then smiled as he said, "Now each of you are going to take turns using the confessional right now, just to let out some things you've wanted to say already."


"First of all, i saw Cyans profile and I have to say,😱!so when itss elimanation, i have to vote on €£¥#."the monkey said

End of Confessional


"First of all, I don't want to be here. My brother forced me here, because pure mobius must win at everything!" Cyan said,

Cyan sighs.

"We are a military power, with the greatest nuclear weapons program on Mobius. You'd think that's good enough....wait, why am I in this Confession sh*t! By the way, Akozin, if your watching this...please don't have me executed!" Cyan continued.

End of Confessional


"Well, seems like an interesting... thing," Overload noted as he sat in the confessional.

"It sounds awesome! I wonder what we'll be doing?" Feedback said boisterously.

"Meh... hopefully I won't, uh, hurt anybody..." Feedback's brother murmured.

"You'll be fine, I'm sure of it!" she assured, clapping her brother on the shoulder. Overload smiled lightly, nodding.

"Hope we do well," he said softly.

End Confessional

"hey Matt, where are we gonna sleep?"bobo questioned.

"On the floor. We get beds." MC said.


"......YAY YAY YAY........people are too serious about this thing......especially cyan!!!"

End Confessional

"I think someone didn't read the brochure properly," Matt said blankly.

"I don't read most things. Except proper books." MC replied casually. "Besi-"

"Am I too late?" a odd looking Mobian shrieked. Her/his name? Mary/Gary the Sue.

"Get lost!" MC shouted, kicking him/her off the pier. "No mary-blo***-sues allowed!"


Michelle: I think I'm gonna enjoy this cruise...

End of Confessional

"Every few days, an Elimination Challenge will be set at the location we are visitng. The losing team will have to vote off a member of their team at an Elimination Cermony and the person with the most votes must leave the Chaos Cruise Challenge.......Never to return," Matt said with pause for dramatic effect.

"Where does that stuff happen at?" Michelle asked him.

"I'm glad you asked," Matt said with delight as he pulls out a camera. "I'll show you that after we grab a photo."


MC: Right, I know the host aren't meant to have these things, but I doubt I'm gonna manage without these. At least, not without ripping of the fake skin on my arm. I mean, i'm a half-blind hybrid whose skin is coloured red because of a freak accident! People are bound to bloody say something 'bout it aren't they?! m I just looking to far into this?

End of confessional


Xai: Okay. It feels really weird to be talking to a camera, but... I'm just going to try the absolute best I can at this contest. WATCH OUT, ANYONE THAT'S PLANNING ON STOPPING ME!

End Confessional


Cerberus: This is going to be freaking awesome. What? Didn't think I could talk? Well, think again.

End Confessional


Kuroki (using hand gestures and written words): the name is Kuroki. I heard these guys crap and you know what I think, (mouthes the words 'screw them'). You know what I'm going to do when I win? I'm going to buy out the Link Empire, and buy enough weapons to burn it to the ground and get somebody to give me vocal chords JUST so I can tell Cyan 'Go **** yourself'.

End of confessional


"I don't really care about the money...I'm just bored." Toby said,

End Confessional


Cyan hangs up his phone.

"Thank dear father I am not to be executed! But my brother said that one of the contestants has been putted on our kill list. Truth is I know everyone hates me because I am a Link, however, I wish I wasn't...I don't want to be a villain, but I was born into it. Many people know how it is, you wish you were sometime, but it's next to impossible all because you were born into something else (tear comes down his cheek). If I could, I would be a hero, but that is not my case. I am a villain, I was born evil, and I will have to die evil." said Cyan,


"Whichever contestant stood against the Link Empire - a nuclear power, that managed to defeat three G.U.N. invasions....I thank you." Cyan said,

End Confessional

Matt looks at his watch to check his timing and notices that there are still contestants missing. He also noticed that he had an odd number of contestants, if he wanted this show to go on, he'd need at least one more contestant.

"Darn it," he said under his breath.

a tiger was at the dock glaring at the opponents and jumped off the dock with a 1080 flip and kept on glaring "matt,long time no see.sory imm late,ladys and gentleman."the Tiger said."my name is drakero, drakero the dragon!"

"drakero!" Matt said with a bright and welcoming smile. "Welcome to the Chaos Cruise Challenge!"

"you dont rememner me Matt,we met when we were in elementarty school."the dragon said in a (seriously man kind of matter)

A green cat is seen riding down the pier on a suitcase, almost crashing into other contestants, stopping in front of matt."I'm not late am I?" she asked the hedgecat, "because i usually am".

"jeez watch all of us can be fake stunt devils!"bobo and drakero said with stress

"Thank you!" Cyan yelled,

"Agreed." said Xai, who had barely dodged the cat, faceplanting in the process.

"didntt you hear?places are closed!U MAD BRO?!?"bobo said in swag😂

"so matt, whatss todays challenge?better not be BORING!?!"drakero said in excitmentt,by the way,was the first time he was happy!🔥😝

Actually monkey, I was the 16th person to get here other than the host and co host so I am on the show" replied the cat somewhat angrily, "and actually, I am a licensed stunt devil FYI"

"Lame. I'm a dictator....'s brother." Cyan said,

"imm the sixteenth one here,dork.second,imm a son of a god dragon who created the chaos emeralds 1000s of years get lost!"drakero said speaking in a devilish vioce 👿🐉

For one thing, she WAS on the roster before you, Drakero. And second, if everybody's bragging now, I'm a mutated Chao that can freaking teleport and slow time. I deserve SOME recognition. said Cerberus.

"Well, there may be three people missing, but i can't hold you all back because of them, so let's board the ship," Matt suggests while gesturing to a set of stairs that lead to the main deck.

"Wup-Wup!" MC said. "'Bout time. Firing range here I come!"

"wait..., there's a firing range?" asked jade,her eyes lighting up, "that means guns..... YAY!" she rushes on board, heading for the range.

"Oh, gosh." Xai facepalmed. "How trigger-happy ARE these people?"

"This is going to be some long tour,"Matt said with a face palm as he and the contestants made it to the main lobby. The lobby had red carpet lined with gold along the floor, and a large crystal Chandler hung in the centre. There were stairs two sets of stairs leading from the main lobby off in different directions, and many other doors that lead to places like the cafeteria, the bar and snooker room and also a gym.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. When's the CHALLENGE? hissed Cerberus impatiently.

"Not for a while." said Xai. "The ship hasn't even started MOVING yet."

"Very true Xai, and this ship is also not going start moving until i show you one more important area," Matt said non chalently.

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