1.No harassment

2.You may cuss, but try not to be a cussing monster

3.No entering godly characters, meaning your character can't be invincible

4.No sex, you may having kissing and hugging, but sex is forbidden

5.No breaking the fourth wall


Robotnik found his way to the Emerald Shrine when Knuckles was there. He defeated Knuckles in his Egg Emperor Mark II, and powered up, however, in the process, he destroyed all of the emeralds and scattered their pieces across Mobius. Robotnik now commands the Egg Fleet with a new Silver Sonic at his side. Sonic and co. already tried to stop him, but without their super forms, they lost, and were captured. Metalex, an ancient failsafe for the emeralds has emerged, and he is out to kill everything in his way. Alex saw the Egg Fleet, so he decided to go get Wight and Adam, two of his friends, to help. However, with half of Mobius burned to the ground already, can they survive? Will others get their first?

Characters(Villains are in bold, you may be a hero or a villain, and as a villain, you don't have to help Robotnik)

1.Alex the Chaoshog

2.Adam the Hedgehog

(METALEX) He has hidden machine guns, lasers, rocket launchers, blades, and grenade launchers

3.Wight the Faceless


5.Silver Sonic

6. Dr.Eggman


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