Welcome to Chaos Academy!

(The Chaos High School RP was getting pretty long...Soooo...Why not? =w=)

Welcome esteemed and high ranking students to Chaos Academy! A private school for those with outstanding powers, knowledge, and abilities! Here you will learn more than just your usual subjects, but also fighting, how to use your own abilities, and more!


  • No controlling other peoples characters/god-modding/fighting for no good reason/being a moron/etc.
  • There is no limit to characters in this RP, but keep the number reasonable!
  • There are two students to a dorm room! Who your character is with is up to you!
  • No derailing the RP from what it originally is suppose to be unless we're trailing off and then coming back, OR if said event/occurrence is still on campus at one of the hangouts or whatever.
  • No sexual activity and or cursing. (Hugging and kissing is fine, and hell is fine too.)
  • Have fun!


  • Clairebear165
  • RedRush3999
  • AnnabelleRich
  • Lunari64
  • Saren the Dark Lynx
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Fox, Fox, Cat
  • Bobothemonkey 321 studios
  • Zapor888
  • YoungEezy27
  • XophPsycho
  • Hanabi-chan
  • LeftTrigger
  • RickTheHedgehog
  • Noahc2015
  • NLG343
  • Julia Finitevus
  • SuperSilverXtreme14


  • Savannah the Cheetah (Clairebear165)
  • Paris Harrington the Poodle
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf
  • Naomi the Japanese Weasel
  • Heidi the Peahen
  • Kristy Summers the Dog
  • Tiffany the Yorkshire Terrier
  • Bianca the Yellow Jacket
  • Travis the German Shepherd
  • Carla the Horse
  • Julian the Scorpion
  • Meradith the Giraffe
  • Lunari the Echidna (Lunari64)
  • Io the Cat (Lunari64)
  • Mars the Lightning Wolf (Saren)
  • Reens the Hedgehog
  • Liv the Rabbit (Fox)
  • Denise the Wolf (Fox)
  • Seth the Fox (Fox)
  • Barry the Ram (Fox)
  • Prince the Afghan Hound (Fox)
  • Atticus the Mourning Dove (Fox)
  • Allure the Merhog (Hanabi-chan)
  • Ray the Mouse (Z88)
  • Kyo the Echidna (Z88)
  • Cassidy the Raccoon (Eezy)
  • Matt the Hedgecat (Eezy)
  • Bobo the monkey(bobo)
  • Mel (Xoph)
  • Darkstorm The Wolf(Crunch)
  • Marshall the Hedgehog (LeftTrigger)
  • Komerl The Hedgehog (RedRush3999)
  • Jack the Fox (TAILS)
  • Rick the hedgehog
  • Hectic The Cyberhog
  • Noah the Wolf (NLG)
  • Sky the Hedgehog (NLG)
  • Max the Coyote (NLG)
  • Chloe-Su the Echidna (Julia Finitevus)
  • Eggdelena Lianna Dark (SuperSilverXtreme14)
  • Fireflower the Kitsune (SuperSilverXtreme14)
  • Arid the Shrew (SuperSilverXtreme14)


Anthony "Tony" Thorpe; History (Also Reens' grandfather)

Xophtré; Combat Courses


  • Lara-Su (From Sonic Comics)
  • Aegrine (Cannibalistic Psychopath)
  • Diaspore (Flirty Thief and Aegrine's Girlfriend)
  • Feye (Mind Fairy)
  • Alaine (Pint-sized Visitor)
  • Insanity (Xophtré's other half)

The Students Arrive at The Dorms!

A few sports cars pulled up, plus a long limo towards the girls dorms (( )) as they quickly parked themselves. A black SUV pulled up as a few men started to unload said cars while students marveled at the expensive vehicles from afar.

Lunari walked along the sidewalk, a bit nervous. It was her first day, and she didn't know what to expect. Seeing the expensive vehicles, Lunari watched with everyone else.

Paris was helped out of her limo, her uniform already on as she made sure she looked well before grabbing her purse and being followed out by a few other very beautiful girls.

A nerdy female giraffe stared at the girls in pure awe.

Lunari was standing right next to the giraffe. "Wow, talk about a dramatic entrance..." She said, under her breath.

"Yeah..." The giraffe nodded, "They're so pretty...I wish I was that pretty..." She muttered under her breath as she watched the burly men start to unload the girls things.

"So this is one of the most prestigious schools of all..." Naomi smiled softly.

"As long as there's a place to unwind I don't care...we're officially on our now. Which means we get all the freedom we could ever want!" Annabelle grinned.

A large rift opened up in front of the school and a black fox stepped out, he was wearing what looked like pajamas to the first day of school.

"Just don't get the same over-inflated ego." Lunari whispered to the giraffe, snickering a bit.

Reens zoomed as fast as she could, stopping in front of the school. She hopped off of her hoverboard and folded it into her uniform's jacket pocket, her suitcase plopping beside her. Lifting her goggles from her face, she took a breath of fresh air and sighed. "Ah, so this is Chaos Academy. Well, might as well try to figure out who I'll be rooming with."

"Hehe, yeah..." The giraffe nodded and picked up her bags, " you around." She nodded to Lunari and headed inside of the girls dorm where teachers helped students figure out which rooms were theirs. Meanwhile, two handsome male students, a German shepherd and scorpion, separated from the girls and headed to the boys dorm.

"The girls most definitely have good taste..." Travis smirked softly as Julian chuckled.

Lunari also went inside, curious who she would be with.

A cat, white with black stripes, also walked into the girl's dorm room. Her mysterious heterochromic eyes probably spooked anyone who got too close.

Rolling her suitcase next to her, Reens looked around at the girls' dorms. "Dang, this is much nicer than I thought. I wonder f my roommate is kind enough." She put her hands behind her back and stretched, touching the air. "Nyah..."

Lunari found her dorm, and was apparently the first one there. She went in, and started to unpack, while she waited for her roommate.

"Paris! We're in the same room!" Annabelle called to her friend as the poodle smiled.

"I knew scheduling ahead would work..." The poodle muttered to herself as she somewhat grinned.

Naomi wondered into Lunari's room and blinked as she looked at her before bowing slightly.

"Hello. I suppose I am your roommate," She stood up straight, "I'm Naomi Meinu." She spoke politely as her Japanese accent clinged to her perfect English.

"Hello! My name's Lunari." Lunari replied, cheerily. She did a small curtsy. "Nice to meet you."

Meanwhile, the black-and-white cat, known as Io, found her room. She seemed to be the first one there as well. She unpacked her fairly small amount of things.

Moros walked into his room, not sure of who his room mate would end up being.

Travis stood in his still empty room as he began to unpack and look through his clothes.

"A pleasure Lunari." Naomi nodded and headed over to her side of the room before she began to unpack.

The nerdy giraffe from before walked into the black and white cat's room. She sighed and slowly began to enter, "Um, hello...?"

Moros sighed before setting up, one of his other fragments taught him how to play console games. So after setting up the required stuff, he started playing Dead Space 3 to pass time. He personally didn't care who his roommate was, he'd be fine as long as they respected his privacy, didn't break his stuff and helped keep the room clean.

"Hello there." Io replied, smiling. She looked at the Giraffe, with her strange heterochromic eyes. "What's your name?"

"U-um..." The giraffe stuttered shyly, "M-Meradith..."

"Nice to meet you, Meradith." Io replied, smiling some more. "My name's Io."

Reens walked into her dorm room, the scrap of paper telling her who was rooming with her clutched in her hand. She looked around and decided to place her things on the right side of the room, hoping her roommate wouldn't mind. She plopped down on the bed and started to draw, listening to music from her laptop. By the looks of it, her roommate would be a girl named Kristy.

Io giggled a bit, looking at her new roommate. "No need to be shy." She reassured Meradith. She was wearing a simple outfit, with a long black skirt and orange shirt.

Moros waited for his roommate to walk in. 

"O-Oh...I'm sorry...I'm just nervous around new people is all..." Meradith gave a shy chuckle and rubbed her head. 

"I can't believe they didn't put us in the same room!" Kristy growled as she walked down the hallway with a well dressed peahen named Heidi. 

"We could have done fashion studies and projects together but nooo." Heidi huffed. 

"We can always come hang out in each others rooms...Like Hell I'll let some stranger tell me who I can't have in my room or not." Kristy scoffed as she found her room, "I'll come and see you after I have my uniform on! At least they aren't too ugly..." 

"I know right? Later K!" Heidi smiled and headed down the hallway as Kristy huffed and entered Reens' room, looking around, "I see you beat me here!" She blinked and opened the door to walk inside, her many bags rolling inside behind her, "For a school so praised I expected a bit more space... Especially for a fashion student like me..." She scoffed, "Whatever then..." She looked at Reens, "So you're Reens I take it?" 

Io giggled. "That's okay."

Moros cheered. 'No room mate! Being me kicks ass!' Moros mouthed as he went to close the door.

Reens popped out an earbud and nodded. "Yup, that's me. I take it you're Kristy. Your bed's on the left." With a nonchalant wave, she put the earbud back in her ear and continued to draw, humming along to her music. "Got any questions, lemme know."

Meradith smiled softly, "I guess I'll go ahead and start unpacking..." She nodded and headed over to the free bed before putting her bag down, plus her secondary bag, and soon began to take out clothes and essentials.

"Mm-hm." Kristy gave a light nod as she began to wheel in suitcase after suitcase. Some things were essential, others were just filled with expensive items and others were filled with supplies for fashion classes/courses.

Moros didn't bother to unpack anything, simply because he can store and retrieve stuff from the rifts he opens.

Io only had a few things, which were all unpacked. She looked at her stuff, and moved some things, seemingly figuring out how she wanted to organize everything.

Looking up, Reens' ears twitched as she saw how many suitcases were being brought in. 'Sheesh, does she really need all that stuff for school? I get she might be a fashion student, but still!' She shrugged and paused her music, getting up to put her items in her closet. She didn't have very much, so they fit in nicely.

Allure slowly walked into her room, carrying less than most students. She looked at her lofted bed and rolled her eyes. "Ugh, this place is so dry. I wish I had a pool or something to sleep in instead."

A Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed pulled up to the school and five students got out: a blonde furred aristocratic wolf, a spiky haired red fox who seemed to have muscles, a muscular ram, a mint green haired white rabbit, and an aristocratic afghan hound who seemed shy.

Right after they went to their dorms, a mourning dove on a bike rode to the school. He looked for a place to set it.

Though Kristy had brought tons of items with her, she knew exactly where everything was, and just where to put them. She had a stack of sketchbooks filled with doodles, drawings and ideas plus a large portfolio leaning against the wall. Next, she began to go through her clothes and pulled out her uniform. (( ))

"At least we don't all have to wear the exact same uniform...and green is one of my fave colors..." Kristy sighed.

As students continued to come in and unpack, the intercom came on.

"All new students will be scheduled to attend orientation the auditorium in one hour! I repeat, one hour, orientation, auditorium in A building! You will get your schedules there and you will all start classes tomorrow! Also, please remember. Uniform colors are green, black, white and grey. All uniforms must have a collar, and tie. Thank you and welcome to Chaos Academy!"

Reens smiled slightly and got up from the bed, straightening her uniform. She had at least an hour to kill, so she headed down to the auditorium, sketching different students as she went. Her headphones were still in her ears as she carried her laptop with her.

Moros snickered, he had time to kill so why not get there early, with that in mind he left. Hoping to make it to the auditorium so nothing stupid involving his ass happened.

The group of five put their bags and luggage in their respective rooms and started to unpack. Prince, the afghan hound, wondered where his roommate was while he was unpacking, "I thought I was rooming with someone...".

Atticus picked up his bike with his bags and took it to his dorm, with what strength he could muster.  Prince was startled to see the mourning dove drag a bike into their room, but didn't question it and started to unpack quicker.

Allure rolled her eyes at the announcement while throwing her belongings around the room. "Ugh, I still have to like unpack and stuff." She took a dark blue skirt and then a Sailor Moon-like top. "Really? My family couldn't have gotten me a better top?"

Annabelle and Paris walked down the hall as they made small talk and met up with Naomi.

Once Naomi left with Annabelle and Paris, Lunari put on her uniform. She wasn't sure if she had to wear it to orientation or not, but, better safe than sorry.

Komerl decided to sign-up for track, Smash Bros. club, and Boxing in his mind as he decided to use his supersonic speed to run through the way. 


Moros hummed silently, sitting on the bottom row of the bleachers and not wearing a uniform simply because the colors didn't go well with his natural black and grey fur, that and he just didn't want to wear one.

About half an hour passed and half of the group of new students had arrived at the auditorium (( )). Annabelle's group sits near the back when they spy Meradith walk in.

"Hey...isn't that?"

"The nerd giraffe?" Tiffany suddenly spoke as she walked up to them, the girls gasping and hugging her.

"Where have you BEEN?" Paris questioned.

"Unpacking, what else? I was about 10 minutes behind you guys after all! I ended up rooming with you Carla but by the time I got there you were gone somewhere else!" Tiffany replied.

"I went off to find the others, so that was my bad." Carla responded as she lightly tapped one of her large hooves on the floor.

"It's cool~" Tiffany smiled and looked around, "Why are these people in uniforms...? Ugh, this is orientation, not a lecture..."

"Who knows." Bianca scoffed and scrolled through Facebook.

Moros glanced up at Annabelle's group by chance, not likely being able to hear what they said even with a canine's hearing thanks to the distance and the background ambiance that assemblies have.

Lunari walked in, in her uniform. She took a seat, while looking around the building.

Reens plopped in a seat near them and lifted one foot on top of the other, straightening her tie. She hated wearing it, but it was protocol, so she couldn't argue. As she watched the different groups come together, she tapped her pencil against a page of her notebook and sighed. "I wonder if there is any way I can request a change in roommate, or in essence not have one? I mean, Kristy's... tolerable, but I feel like I'm just in the way."

"Everyone." A teacher held a mic on the stage, "We'll be starting in just a moment. We're waiting for the rest of your classmates to enter. Thank you all."

"Hey ladies." Travis and Julian wondered over to the group.

"Travis..~" Paris got up and hugged him before kissing him lovingly, as did Bianca with Julian.

Moros snickered silently. 'Hehehe, the king of nothing in a place like this... Oughta be interesting.'

Io walked in, and took a seat next to Moros, not saying a word.

Moros turned to look at Io, curious about her.

The headmistress, a white lioness, looked around the room.

"Look at all of these new faces." She gave a small smile, but it soon left as she continued to show her usual, serious blank expression.

"Check her out..." Tiffany gestured to their headmistress.

"I like her style..." Paris said, "I think we'll get along nicely..."

Moros observed the headmistress, specifically her stride and her posture. 'Heh, one can get a good feel for a person just by observing..' He thought. 'Hopefully I can avoid the awkward moment when people expect me to speak and I can't..'

The headmistress unnerved Reens slightly with how cold and distant she felt. She twitched her ears and chewed on the end of her pencil nervously, starting to sketch her lightly on the page.

Io looked back at Moros, seemingly curious about him as well.

'Who are you..?' Moros mouthed to Io.

"Io." Io replied, quietly. "And you?"

'Moros, King of Nothing..'

"Hmm. Interesting...." Io responded. Moros could probably sense something strange about her as well.

'You're... Odd, but interesting.. Welp, guess I found a roommate..'

"I actually already have a roommate..." Io replied, awkwardly. (Isn't there something against having two different genders as roommates?)

The group of students from earlier had been sitting somewhere near the Poppies, but not too close. Prince whimpered a bit when he saw the head master with her blank expression, Denise, the wolf, only smirked slightly before her stoic expression returned to her face. Atticus sat somewhere near Reens, and gulped when he saw the headmistress.

(I think roommates have to be the same gender. -Reens) Looking up slightly, Reens noticed Atticus sitting near her and turned to a fresh page, starting to sketch him. She hadn't seen a mourning dove in a while, and he looked pretty interesting to her.

(Ah. ^^; -Saren) Moros shrugged. 'Ah well, either way I'm lucky I guess.. No room mates!'

Io giggled slightly. "Sounds like fun."

"Everyone, quiet please..." The head mistress announced, "Please take your seats and we'll begin in just a moment."

Moros face-planted on the desk, getting impatient.

'Finally,' Reens thought as she paused in drawing Atticus. She looked up and focused her attention on the headmistress.

Making sure the mic is on, the headmistress begins to talk.

"Good morning everyone." She spoke, "I am headmistress Lawson. But you may simply call me Mrs. Lawson." She spoke, "Before starting I'd like to get any smaller matters out of the way such as dress code and what rules to follow if you have your own cars here on campus. You did not have to wear your uniforms to orientation today, but I see some of you have, and that is alright."

Meradith sighed as she looked at her sweater vest.

"Uniforms MUST be worn to classes. No exceptions, unless there is a special event or other circumstances such as a field trip. Failure to follow dress code will result in a 3 strike rule, and if you continue to ignore the rules set before you all you will soon be suspended, and if it continues you will no longer be able to attend classes unless in uniform. Not attending classes results in failing grades, and failing grades result in being dropped, and or kicked out... Am I clear?"

"Oooh, feisty." Travis joked as Paris gave him a playful smack on the shoulder.

Moros visibly yawned, if anything the headmistress seemed to bore him with her explanation.

Allure quietly entered through the door and quickly took a seat in the back row, hoping that nobody would notice that she slipped in late.

Reens straightened her tie again, then loosened it a little so she wouldn't feel choked. 'What else is new? At least we don't have to wear these things all the time.'

"Now. Any students with their own personal vehicles will be assigned a parking permit. Any car found on campus without one will be ticketed. After 3 tickets your car will be towed and impounded." She said next, "Now, onto how schedules will work...Outside near the front entrance there will be a bulletin board showing what homerooms you will be assigned to. Tomorrow morning for your first day of classes, your homeroom teachers will pass out said schedules to you. If it is not to your liking, the first 3 weeks will be available for you to get an immediate change. After that, you'll have to wait the usual 2 weeks to be moved to another class. Failure to attend your classes will result in another 3 strikes, and then, expulsion. We are here to assist you in your journey into the real world, and let me tell you real life is not easy, and neither will these classes be..."

"Hmph." Paris folded her arms as she listened.

"Since this school prepares you all to go out into the real world, you need to take responsibility for your own actions...The school has an online grade book that you all can access and look at your grades with. Not keeping track of your grades may result in failure...And failure results in, you guessed it, expulsion." She said, "Chaos Academy has a 90% graduation rate, so I expect you all to be the 90% and NOT the 10%...A few other things...Tutoring for all classes is available, but each teacher has different hours for said tutoring. Curfew on school nights is 11:00 PM, and 2 AM on the weekends. However I doubt that will stop most of you from being up in your dorm rooms. It simply means you cannot be caught wondering the school grounds in the middle of the night. That will count as trespassing unless you have a faculty member with you. Now. If there are any questions, we'll be taking them."

Kristy quickly raised a hand.


"How soon will new students be able to try out for sports, teams, clubs, or student council places?"

"Interesting question Miss." Mrs Lawrence nodded, "Tryouts for sports will be held for the first two weeks. You can usually sign up for them at any time in the office or wherever there are sign up sheets. As for clubs, you can always send in an application and they usually answer back relatively quickly. The full list of clubs can be found on the website or in the main office. Every school year we vote for new student council members as well, so that election will be going on very soon if you're interested."

"Thank you~!" Kristy smiled as she sat down, "Totally joining the fashion club!" She spoke to Heidi.

"Oh absolutely!"

"If anyone is interested in joining the orchestra, the choir or the band as well, you can ask to take the classes as electives." The headmistress announced, "Any other questions?"

Moros raised his hand to get her attention. 'Yes actually, you have any of those speaking assistance devices for the mute one or do I have to bring it myself?' He signed.

Reens raised her hand slightly, not wanting to bring too much attention to herself. "Is there any way we can change roommates or opt out of having one?" 'Not that I don't like the one I have...'

The headmistress looked to Moros and nodded, "Yes, we actually do young man. If you have any time today you can come to the office and request one, and you should receive it tomorrow morning in homeroom." She then looked to Reens, "We won't be able to start switching students around immediately. Options to change rooms will be available in one week time and no, you cannot have an empty room to yourself unless there were no students to put in said room. We've gotten more girls this year and boys and I'm assuming only a lucky few were able to have a room for themselves. Not all students have gotten here on time today so until all of our students are accounted for in their dorm rooms, or we know their whereabouts, moving is out of the question as of this point and time, so you'll have to be patient."

"Excuse me...?" Kristy whispered.

"What?" Annabelle whispered.

"That's the girl I'm stuck with..." Kristy whispered to the others.

"And she wants to move already...?" Paris scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"She should be lucky to be living with a professional MODEL." Tiffany whispered making Carla nod in agreement.

"I'd wanna move too if I was stuck with HER." Julian chuckled as Bianca held his hand.

"But whatever. If she leaves I can room with YOU Heidi~!" Kristy whispered happily as she and the peahen grinned.

"Anyone else?" The headmistress said.

With his question answered, Moros went back to doing what he normally does. Which was fiddle around with a small spinning contraption fuelled by his void magic.

Allure wiped a drop of sweat from her forehead as she seemingly did not get into trouble for her late arrival.

"Perfect! If any of you need any help with moving in or any questions that pop up don't hesitate to ask. Have a wonderful free day and I'll see you all for class tomorrow!" The headmistress gave a smile as students prepared to leave, and the smile left as quickly as it came as she got off stage.

Moros sighed and stretched his limbs, ignoring the faint popping noises from his joints before making his way to the exit. 'Hopefully I don't end up getting into anything more complicated than it's worth...'

Reens got up to leave as well, avoiding eye contact with the Poppies and her roommate as she went to her dorm room. As soon as she closed the door, she tore off her uniform and pulled on a t-shirt with a rock band on it, a black hoodie, some jeans, and her Converse. She then grabbed some pencils and her sketchbook and headed outside.

"Do you all wanna head to the town nearby and hit up the Starbucks?" Annabelle asked.

"Oh you know it." Kristy nodded, "The LAST thing I wanna do is go back to my sh!tty roommate." She and Heidi scoffed in unison.

Meanwhile, Meradith got up and looked over her uniform as she quickly began to head for the door as Tiffany spotted her, before sticking a leg out and watching the giraffe tumble painfully onto the floor, a few students snickering but otherwise being quiet while so many teachers were near the front.

"Be CAREFUL!" Tiffany scoffed and stood up, "You almost scuffed my shoes..." She grinned as she left with the others, and Meradith checked her glasses with a huff before standing up.

Moros watched Tiffany trip Meredith, and internally he knew he was gonna regret this later. But that was later and this is now, and Moros was already walking towards the two anyways.

He tapped Tiffany's right shoulder.

Sitting underneath an oak tree, Reens plugged in her earbuds and tapped her pencil on the sketchbook. Her other one was filled, so she had to grab a fresh one. At this point, she was simply trying to think of what to draw next.

"Sorry. In a hurry whoever you are!" Tiffany waved a hand to him as Travis hooked an arm with hers.

"Those coffee's ain't gonna drink themselves, y'know." He chuckled.

"Hurry up!" Paris called at the entrance of the auditorium.

"Slow poke!" Travis pulled Tiffany along.

"Hey!! What did I tell you about dragging me!?!" Tiffany growled as Travis laughed, "TRAVIS, I'm TALKING to you!!"

With a huff, Meradith got up and dusted herself off, "I guess I shouldn't complain...not like I'm new to it or anything." She headed off back to her dorm room as well.

Moros sighed, inwardly kinda relieved since he didn't get dragged into a shitstorm by confronting the bully. But he did want to go check on Meredith, so he followed after her.

Meradith sighed as she soon returned to the girls dorms and hesitated to go back inside for a moment as she decided to sit down on a bench outside.

Moros walked up to Meredith, having finally found her after a few minutes of getting lost. 'Hey.. You okay..?' He signed as he went to sit next to her.

Kyo dragged Ray by the sleeve back to the dorm. "Looks like we're roomies, little buddy!"

Ray didn't like this one bit. Every time he bunked with Kyo, that meant no sleep for him, and maybe anyone else. Ray then silently yelled into the sky.

Io was walking past, about to go back to her dorm room, when she spotted Moros and Meradith. She had only caught a small glimpse of what Tiffany had done. "What happened?" She asked, walking over to the two of them.

"H-huh...?" Meradith looked up at him from her lap, sort of startled by his presence as she scooted away a bit, "I-I'm fine...really." She stuttered softly, taking off her glasses to wipe away a smudge using the hem of her shirt as she spotted Io and somewhat shook, "I'm fine people! Really!" She only insisted.

After around ten minutes of thinking, Reens' mind drew a blank. She sighed and started playing Tetris on her laptop, hoping to stimulate her brain a bit. A few students passed by her, but none of them seemed that interesting.

'I can tell you're not fine, but if you don't want to talk about it, i'll respect that.' Moros mouthed before walking off, maybe passing by Reens in a few minutes depending on whether or not he got lost again.

Reens' ears perked up as she looked up from her game, noticing Moros walking around. 'Hey, are you lost?' she signed to him, trying to get his attention. 'Is everything okay?'

Moros turned his attention to Reens. 'Yeah, I'm fine.. Just hoping I don't get roped into any form of drama..' He signed back, walking over to Reens and sitting next to her.

Chuckling softly, Reens signed back. 'I know what you mean. The popular girls are all giving me crap, especially Kristy, my roommate. I just came here cause my foster home plunked me here. My dad didn't care enough for me, so I got taken away from him, at least until he sobers up.'

'Well, I'm only here because of scholarships.. Hell I'm counting myself lucky that I was even admitted into this school.. I just hope I can pay tuition..' Moros signed back. 'But why is your room mate giving you crap?' He asked.

"At least you don't share a room with someone with multiple personalities," a familiar orange raccoon said from behind Moros. The raccoon wore a green tie with a white shirt and green blazer. He also wore black shoes and was carrying a black side bag.

"Hi there, I'm Cassidy. Though you may know me as Young Ringtail if you listen to Rap," the raccoon said with a smile. He offered a handshake

Moros shook Cassidy's hand. 'Moros, and thankfully I don't have a room mate.'

"Lucky, I mean I don't mind my room mate. But it's like living with a group of people rather than one guy," Cassidy replied.

'Multiple personality issues are a pain.'

"I'm Reens," she replied before signing to Moros. 'I have no idea. I overheard them talking about me after I asked if we could switch roommates, and she called me... a poophead. I don't know what I did to upset her; I just wanted to know.' She sighed and looked up at Cassidy again when inspiration struck and she started sketching him.

"Well, okay then, Meradith. I'll see you at the dorm." Io said. She started to walk back to the girl's dorm rooms, but her ears perked up, hearing a bit of the conversation. "Huh?" 'Let's hope they're not talking about us.'

Ray finally managed to get away from Kyo, and was now walking around to clear his thoughts.

"K..." Meradith sighed as she nodded to Lo and looked back down in thought.

Soon, Annabelle's convertible, and two other cars returned. Getting out was the majority of their main group, Anna, Paris, Kristy, Heidi, Tiffany, Bianca, and so on. It seemed that Naomi was nowhere to be found.

"I had no idea there was a club nearby!" Heidi said, "I don't even have any partying clothes..."

"Well then we can go shopping this weekend, AFTER you get moved to my room." Kristy grinned.

Annabelle and Paris simply sipped from their coffees before throwing away the empty cups and heading for the front of the girls dorms out in the lawn like area, where a few benches and some other students were hanging out.

"Hey...isn't that...?"

"Annabelle Rich?"

"No way man."

Bianca began to do cartwheels in the grass as Heidi followed suit. The others sat in the grass and began to chat amongst themselves about what classes they were looking forward too.

"Fashion of course!" Kristy said.

"Business for me." Paris replied, "I have to make sure that I can handle the responsibility of my family's company..."

"Theatre and drama..." Annabelle muttered, "Just because people say I'm good now doesn't mean I can't improve more..." She seemed determined when she said this.

Ray sat on a bench, eating a sandwich minding his own buisness while listening to music on his "Hero Beats" headphones, glad to be away from Kyo.

"Nice to meet you Reens," Cassidy replied with a nod. "What's with the notebook?"

"Hmm? Oh, I'm planning on being an artist someday, so I draw anything that looks interesting to me. I usually color them after I draw them. Since you were interesting to me, I started drawing you. I might draw Moros here next, as long as I don't run out of paper."

The afghan hound from earlier walked past the group in his uniform. He quickly walked past the group and made an audible squeak in discomfort.

"Sounds like someone has a dream," Cassidy replied as the hound passed by the trio. The squeak of discomfort caught the raccoon's attention and he spoke up. "Are you ok there?"

Allure walked up from behind. "Just relax. I don't know anybody here either."

Moros looked at Allure with a bit of apprehension, he was starting to dislike the crowd that was forming.

Reens noticed Moros' expression and signed to him. 'Wanna come with me? There's a cafe in town I heard about that's pretty cheap. We can go for anything you want; I'll buy.' She stood up and tossed her sketchbook into her messenger bag, indicating her intention to leave.

Moros nodded quickly, moving to follow Reens.

"Hey, look, there she is." Kristy whispered to Heidi.

"Tsk, I still don't know why she'd want to be alone..." Heidi whispered.

"I was totally gonna ask her to model for me, but since she wants to be THAT way..." Kristy rolled her eyes as she lay on her back on the green grass.

"One of you guys will model for me right...?" Kristy said in a saddened tone.

"Duh." Paris responded in an obvious tone.

"Who wouldn't K?" Annabelle gave her a reassuring smile.

"Thanks..." She gave a sad smile, before turning over, "Nothings wrong with me right?"

"Where is this coming from?" Bianca questioned.

"I didn't even go b!tch mode when I moved my stuff in." Kristy said softly, "Do you think I gave off the wrong impression...?"

"You couldn't have." Carla said, "The last thing someone wants to do is be enemies with the person they sleep in the same room with."

"Exactly." Annabelle nodded.

"I'm still so confused...This academy is so strict and straight forward I feel like I keep messing things up..." Kristy whimpered and lay her head down in the soft grass.

"Kristy. Hun." Paris wondered next to her on her hands and knees, "You are doing even better than I could have ever imagined. Most students that enrolled aren't even here yet..."

"I guess that makes me feel better..." Kristy huffed.

"Not to mention the main fashion teacher is using OUR work as examples from what I hear! And don't worry about models! We'll model each others clothes!" Heidi smiled.

"You guys are so good to me..." Kristy smiled.

Moros poked Reens. Day dreaming about the one treat that trumps all others in his mind, Cinnamon buns.

"Goodbye to you guys too," Cassidy muttered as Moros and Reens left. The raccoon then pulled out his DJ Professor K headphones and put on one his own tracks. He then made his way outside towards an area with a few benches and sat down to vibe.

Reens grinned and held open the cafe door for him, walking up to the counter. It was a small cafe and there weren't very many people there. She slid a $20 on the counter and gestured to some cinnamon buns and a milk. The server nodded and pulled two fresh, hot buns out of the container and handed them to her in the paper, then handed her the bottle of milk. She sat down at a bench with Moros and handed him a bun. 'Try it, they make the best buns ever!'

Moros nodded before taking a bite out of the cinnabun, within seconds his eyes widened and he stuffed it down his mouth before swallowing. 


'Told ya.' Reens replied, laughing as she took a bite of her own bun and milk squirted out of her nose. 'Ow...' She then started laughing at that as she wiped the table with a napkin.

Moros couldn't stop laughing.

Bobo enters the cafe as well, paying for an egg burrito with some water and sits with them. Embarrassed because he didn't know anyone there, he just awkwardly says "hi".

Allure bought a salad along with some water and sat down with the group that was forming. "This lettuce tastes odd. I'm used to seaweed."

Sweating a little, Reens sighed and sipped at her milk. 'I thought not many people came to this place... guess I was wrong. Why does everyone assume they need to be in groups anyway? I just wanted to sit and chat with a friend who'll actually listen to me for once. Geez.' She sighed after her mental ramble and finished her cinnabun.

Moros looked around, hiding his composure underneath that facade of indifference. 'Oh boy.. Ah well, as long as nothing dramatic happens...'

"My friend is back at home. Not everybody got to bring their entire group of friends with them" replied Allure.

Moros stared at Allure. 'I'm not a people person.' He signed.

Reens snuck a look at her watch and stood up. "I'm gonna go for a ride before curfew. It was nice being with you all." She went out of the cafe and took out her hoverboard, unfolding it and putting her goggles over her face to cut down on the glare and other things that would hinder her vision.

"I'm going to go take a bath then." Allure finished her salad and then got up to go put her dishes away.

With a smile, Reens flew around campus, whooping and doing a few aerial tricks. She slowed down when her hoverboard started making a weird noise. Jumping off, she folded it up and headed to her dorm room, a screwdriver in her hand. "Knock knock, am I bothering you?"

However, before she could be answered, a faint roar similar to that of a jet engine became audible from outside. Barely noticeable at first, the sound quickly became more prominent as whatever was making the noise approached the school. The volume stayed consistent for a few seconds before the roar abruptly stopped; it had apparently reached it's destination.

Kristy however, was not back in her dorm room, but still with the other Poppies in the wide open lawn were a large number of other students gathered.

"What is that absolute RACKET...?" Paris scoffed in disgust after looking up from her phone.

Moros blinked, he figured that now might be a good time to leave. So with a shrug he went to tip toe away.

Ray took off his headphones when the sound stopped, looked around, then went back to relaxing.

Kyo on the other hand opened the door to his dorm and peeked his head out. "Keep it down!! Some of us are trying to set up our rooms!" Kyo shouted before going back to his dorm.

"Anyway." After the noise stopped the Poppies went back to talking.

A large amount of dust had been kicked up when the mysterious thing landed. As the dust started to settle, the whirring of small motors could be heard, followed shortly by a soft, metallic CLINK! This continued rhythmically as the figure continued its pace towards the building, until it had walked out of the cloud. Standing before the school was a robot, around four feet in height with a feminine structure. She has blue lower legs with pink feet attached at the ends, a white torso and lower arms, and a brown head with lighter brown 'hair' styled upward in the front. She has a downward curved, silver beak attached below her screen-like eyes, with light-blue irises amidst the blackness. Her hands are black with a white plate on the back of each and thin, silver fingers. Her upper arms and legs are metal poles, thinner than the lower parts, but thick enough to support them. Her torso is segmented by a dark silver ball-joint, while her lower arms/legs are segmented by dark silver pistons, and her feet by a cylindrical motor, all in the center. On her torso are a silver pseudo-zipper and black hood, attempting to give the impression of a hoodie. Upon turning, a silver turbine can be seen attached to her back, which explains the noise and her method of entry.

"So, this is Chaos Academy..." the strange robot girl said as she put her hands on her hips, her neck whirring as she looks around the campus.

Reens' ears rang, but she shook her head to clear it. Walking into her dorm room, she plopped onto her bed and started working on her hoverboard. Turns out a gear had become broken, so Reens reached into her toolkit and grabbed a similar gear, putting it in place. She also checked the air flow and heat signature, along with balance and coordination to her body.

Allure was finally able to uncover her ears. "Sheesh, I can't even enjoy a bath around here?"

"Someone's never heard of piece and QUIET." Julian hissed softly as he put his earbuds back in and continued to listen to his music as Paris rolled her eyes at the robot girl in disgust.

"WHY is a robot at a school to learn, I'll have no idea." Heidi muttered to the others.

"Can't they just download whatever they need to know or whatever...? Someone, you know, with an actual BRAIN could be absorbing what they need to know for the future..." Tiffany whispered, and Kristy nodded to this as did Carla.

'Organics...' the robot thought to herself, deciding against confrontation and heading inside; her joints whirring with every movement as she wandered the halls, searching for her dorm.

Meanwhile, an orange hedgecat was strolling down the hall looking for his roommate. Because he wasn't looking where he was going he bumped into the strange robot.

"Oh, Sorry!" She said in an honest tone, "I should've been paying attention; I didn't mean to run into you."

"No it's ok," the Hedgecat replied. "I was the one who wasn't looking where I was going. Forgive me."

"Anyway......." she said awkwardly, "Um.... Mel," she held out her hand to shake.

"I'm Matt," the hedgecat replied whilst shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Matt," Mel responded, her eyes briefly turning into large carats(^^), "But I've gotta get going. I don't mean to be rude, but I want to find my dorm before it gets late." She started walking off, before turning around for the standard See you later, then continued her path.

"Ok then," Matt said while waving.


For the time being, some of the Poppies went to Annaelle and Paris's room to hang out and have time to themselves. Some girls even tried to listen into what the celebrities were gossiping about as well.

Mel had found her room-- 316-- and seeing nobody there, decided to browse the internet for a while. Not trusting the school WiFi, she started looking for an Ethernet outlet along the walls, and succeeded. Sitting next to it, she pulled an Ethernet cable out of a compartment in her side and plugged one end into the wall. She then felt around the base of her head for an access port, after finding one, plugged the other end of the cable in. Her eyes flickered for a moment before turning to a light static, cutting off her visual input in favor of the internet. Her fingers twitched every so often as she browsed the web from behind her eyes, visually oblivious to the world.

Reens put down her screwdriver and sighed, stretching. "Finally got this thing fixed. Maybe tomorrow I'll test her out." She yawned and picked up her sketchbook, plugging in her headphones. She deduced Kristy was probably off with the other Poppies, which didn't bother her in the least. As she turned her head slightly, she saw some fabric that had been tossed to the floor, along with other scraps. She had a slight idea in her mind, but was a little scared to act on it.

Kristy ate some popcorn with the other Poppies as they watched some shows on Netflix.

"Y'know, had she already done something to legit piss me off besides telling the entire student body she didn't want a Victoria's Secret model as a roommate, I would have gone off on her, but she's lucky." Kristy gossiped about Reens as openly as possible.

"Personally I still think she deserves karma," Tiffany rolled her eyes as she painted her nails green and white to match her uniform.

"Kind of...but we just got here. No need to cause a ruckus Tiff." Paris said softly and Heidi nodded to this while Annabelle was busy watching The Walking Dead, "That is...unless she decides to do something else."

"Like what per say?" Kristy raised an eyebrow.

"Touching your stuff."

"Using your things without your permission."

"Messing with your fashion equipment." The girls began listing off random things as Kristy suddenly sat up in a hurry, her paranoia getting the better of her.

"I have a bunch of scraps and stuff laying in in the floor that I KNOW I'm gonna use...I swear to God if she touches MY stuff-"

"You can report her you know, if she DOES do that." Naomi spoke up, "That will most likely get you put in Heidi's room even faster, or better, have the school kick that baka out of your room so Heidi can take her rightful place..."

"So right..." Carla smirked, "...You wouldn't mind framing someone would you...?"

Kristy scoffed and grinned,"We're Poppies, it's what we do~"

"Kristy..." Annabelle sent her a glare as Kristy sighed.

"Fiiiiine. But I'm telling you, that goody 2 shoes pain in my a$$ isn't gonna do anything..." Kristy sighed.

(Can I change it to her just thinking about it and not actually doing it? -Reens) Reens sighed, shrugging. "No one here cares about me anyhow... might as well just leave her crap alone so she won't hurt me." She drew the design she had been thinking of, then planned to gain her own fabric and probably borrow the sewing room's (if they had one) equipment.

(( Sure ^^ I don't mind. And yesh, they probably would have one ouo ))

Moros was wandering around the campus. He had been unable to sleep because he had too many things going on in his head so the best thing to do was to clear his head.

Io wandered around campus as well, trying to calm her nerves. She had no idea how her first day of classes would go. "Come on Airion, relax a little bit." "No."

WIth her sketchbook in hand, Reens made plans to go to the fabric store in the morning and grab some fabrics. She then put her laptop on the desk beside her bed and yawned, scratching her side. "Wonder when she's gonna get back..."

Matt meanwhile was fast asleep snoring as loud as a hedgecat really can inside his room. His roommate, Cassidy, was lying down in bed listening to music and checking every few minutes to see if Matt had stopped snoring.

After being on the internet for around an hour, Mel had entered a meditative state of browsing that was only interrupted when the robotic bird started to notice a strange humming emanating around her. She shrugged it off, assuming it was only the ventilation, and continued. It was only when the humming got louder did she decide to investigate; she flickered her eyes back to reality and noticed that she-- and other contents of the room-- were hovering seven feet in the air! As soon as she notices this, however, she and everything else hits the floor with an unprecedented racket; the falling objects mixed with the robot's distorted cry of pain.

Mel didn't get out unscathed. She fell on her left side, and with some force, causing: her left eye to crack, her left leg's signal wire to break, and her left arm to break at the socket, as well as her power core becoming loose and a few dents in her plating. So with her left leg, arm, and eye out of service, Mel limped her way to the hallway, determined to find someone who can repair her before she runs out of power.

Reens had one earbud out when she heard the crash. She got up to investigate and found a robotic bird walking around looking like someone hit her with a dump truck. At first Reens felt alarmed, but then she noticed the bird's power core was in danger of falling out. She went over to Mel and came to her left side, supporting it. "Hold on tight; we'll be in my room in a minute so I can fix you."

"Tha-a-a-a-anks," Mel replied, her voice glitching as the two slowly moved across the hall. "I-I-I'm Mel, by the wa-way."

Reens nodded and smiled. "My real name is Rain, but everyone calls me Reens. Now I don't want to sound rude, but you might not want to talk for a few minutes. I'll have to reach through your vocal circuits to get to the mainframe, and I don't want your voice to get messed up. Ah, here we are." Reens pushed open the door with her right hand, which was robotic, and led Mel inside the room, laying her on the bed. "Now to get my tools."

"Okay..." Mel said quietly. A thought crept up in her silence, but she decided it would be best to ask after she was repaired.

With a grunt, Reens lugged her toolbox to the floor in front of the bed and started digging through the toolbox. "To be honest, I've never been able to fix a real robot before," she admitted. "We had mechanics classes at my old school. but they weren't very good and the robots were poor quality." Finally finding the tool she needed, she set to work. "If it hurts, just give me a sign, okay?" The small tool went as gently as Reens could get it to Mel's mainframe, instructions for repair showing up on her goggles' screen. "Aha."

Mel stiffened in discomfort as the device made contact with her circuitry.

"Aaaaannnnnddddd... got it," Reens reported, having written down the instructions in her sketchbook. She pulled the device gently out of Mel's mainframe and started to work on her core, gently reconnecting the circuits with new wire. "Owch... Okay, I'm good... here we go... mmhmm, good as new. Now for that arm and leg..." She leaned down to grab a wrench, her ears twitching in excitement.

Can I talk now? Mel displayed on her right eye.

Reens looked up and nodded. "Sure, go ahead. I'm just fixing your arm and leg now, so go ahead and talk all you want to." She held up the wrench and gently began working on Mel's left arm, checking out the joints and fingers as she went along. "I'm a pretty good listener."

"Do you think it's weird that I'm here?" Mel asked, "You know, at school?"

"Eh? Oh, that. Well, I don't think it's weird at all. I mean, technically I'm not all organic either. I'm just wondering why you came. It's not weird, just a little curious and, really, pretty neat," Reens replied, replacing her current wrench with a smaller one.

"Do you want me to explain?" Mel asked.

Reens wiped the sweat from her brow, creating a small black streak across her forehead. She put her wrench down and grabbed an even smaller one. "Sure, I'm almost done with your arm anyway. I got time."

"You see, my brain is coded in a way that allows me to learn and adapt to different environments and people. And while this data ultimately goes to my battle computer, it never leaves my main processor," Mel explained, "I guess the best way to put is: I learn through experience. Anyway, what are you going to do for my eye? Dr. Eg- um... My boss is the only person who makes screens like this," she inquired, eager to hear Reens' response.

Scratching her head, Reens sighed. "To be completely honest, I don't know. I might be able to find a part for it in my spare parts, but if I can't, then... I won't be able to fix it." Reens placed the small wrench down and started working on Mel's left leg. "I'm doing the best I can. Maybe your boss can fix you a little better, though."

Mel raised her left arm, the joints whirring as she tested them, "Well, I gotta go back eventually," she looked at Reens, "So I guess it could wait."

Reens smiled, then tightened the last bolt on Mel's leg. "Your leg was much less damaged than your arm was, so it was easier to fix", she reported, standing up and stretching her arms to the sky. Her right arm gleamed a little, even though it was covered in grease. Taking a cloth from her side, Reens wiped the grease off.

"Thanks Reens," Mel said as she sat upright, "You know, if I had a mouth, I'd be smiling. Again, thanks." She made her way to the door, pausing just before exiting the room, "Goodnight Reens; hope to see you in class." With that she left for her own room, her motors whirring with every step.

After almost a minute or so, Kristy came back into her room as she looked off down the hall, before entering and closing the door behind her.

"What was The Brave Little Toaster doing in our room?" She raised an eyebrow at Reens, smirking at her own joke as she walked over to her side of the room and started to put some of her things away. After this she got her uniform ready for class in the morning and plugged her phone up before she began to change into her night clothes out in the open. She had already pulled her shirt off, revealing the white lacy push up bra under it.

"If me changing in the open is a problem, let me know. We're both girls, so I'll assume it's not crossing any boundaries." She said, before she continued to strip down, before she put on a loose fitting night gown and headed back over to her bed and got comfy under her bedsheets, but plugged in her earbuds before she started to text Heidi.

Shrugging, Reens didn't answer at first, putting her tools away under her bed. "Mel was here 'cause she needed some repairs done. Hopefully she won't fall apart again." She turned her face to her laptop, blushing a little. "I'm not too used to people changing in front of me, but it doesn't bother me too much."

Kristy rolled her eyes in disgust slightly at the response, before she continued to text Heidi, and then Annabelle, talking to them about Reens, followed by Heidi responding with a vulgar comment about her BFFs roommate, making Kristy chuckle and roll her eyes with a smirk.

Reens perked her ears at the chuckle, then sighed and shook her head. 'Ah, gossip. One of the worst enemies known to man. Just have to deal with it for a few more months. I can do this...' She turned to Kristy and looked at her before grabbing her sketchbook and beginning to draw.

Meanwhile, in her room, Allure got out of the bathtub. "Huh, I still don't seem to have a roommate. Maybe I can sleep in the tub then." Allure walked back into the room and put her bathing suit on. "Better put something on just in case someone comes." She then moved her alarm clock into the bathroom and got back into the bathtub.

Giving a small huff, Kristy finished her texting and reached over to turn her lap off, before rolling over in her bed and pulling her plush sheets on top of her before closing her eyes.

Darkstorm paced on a roof above. He decided to use this Academy as a place to lie low until the Puer natsus est finish their newest attempt at finding him,he had gone under the fake name Dmitri Feron. The reason he was pacing the roof was because of the agents who had snuck in. They knew he was here,but how? Eventually "Dmitri" sat on the roof and flicked the safety off on his rifle/gunblade masterkey.

Lunari went back to her room, and changed into her pajamas, before going to bed. She shuffled around for a bit, since she was used to sleeping in a hammock instead of a bed. She sighed, before finally falling asleep.

Ray had hit Kyo with a pillow repeatedly beofre he went to sleep. Kyo somehow managed to keep his noise level at a low point while on FaceTime with a firend.

Meanwhile, Marshall arrived at his dorm room. He was expecting to not have a roommate. "Who knows, maybe someone will come." He started unpacking his stuff that he brought with him, and took off his headphones. He went to his bed, and started sleeping, hoping for a normal day tomorrow.

First Day of Class!

Savannah opened her eyes, the bright morning sunlight poured into the room through an open window. She groggily got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Savannah changed out of her pajamas and put on her favorite light blue dress and boots. She glanced at the silver ring sitting on her nightstand. She slid it on her right hand, staring at it for a few seconds before sighing. Savannah was upset that her best friend, Isaac, wasn't here with her. He gave this ring to Savannah when they first met, and she would never go anywhere without it. Savannah shook her head, pulling herself back into reality. She grabbed her stuff and marched out the door.

Paris (( )) and Annabelle (( )) exited their dorm room together as other girls in the hallway admired their style with envy.

Meradith (( )) shyly made her way out of her room, holding her head down as she looked down the hall to see the two canines walking off.

"Move, BAKA." Naomi (( )) shoved her out of her way as she made her way down the hallway towards Anna and Paris, who greeted her happily.

Suddenly, the intercom comes on.

"Attention students. Please keep in mind your school uniform colors. Black, white, and green. Any students caught out of uniform will be sent back to their dorms to change, and will not be able to attend classes. Constant breaking of uniform policies will lead to missed classes, and expulsion if a certain number of classes are missed. Take responsibility and follow the rules. Make adult decisions. Thank you."

Marshall woke up just in time to hear the announcement that just came on. He put on the dress code that was mentioned, and casually walked out of his room, hoping he wouldn't bump into anybody. "Hopefully I'll get to class without any troubles." He thought out loud.

Io, having been up early, walked alongside Meradith to class. When Meradith got shoved, Io glared at Naomi, gritting her teeth, as if to say 'don't you dare'. She then turned back to Meradith. "You okay?" She asked.

Reens yawned and checked the time, huffing under her breath as she pulled on her uniform and straightened her hair out. She grabbed her things and stuffed them in her shoulder bag before heading off to her first class. She plunked down in a seat neat the front and adjusted her goggles on her head before taking out a sketchbook and drawing.

Marshall finally made it to class, without much trouble. The only difficulty was finding out where the class was. He sat down in the seat next to Reens. 'I'm prepared for her to get out of her seat and move. Happens at almost every school I've been to.' He thought. Marshall looked around the class, to try and get an idea of what the class was about.

Allure hopped out of the bathtub and put her uniform on. She opened the drain in her tub and grabbed her supplies before scurrying to class. Allure sat towards the middle of the room.

Erasing a smudge, Reens didn't even look up as Marshall sat down. She looked up slightly and jumped. "Oh, hey. I didn't see you sitting next to me. First day jitters, huh?" She pushed up her glasses and twitched her ears, examining the hedgehog. "What's your name?"

Mel had a rough night. Besides her falling, she could not adjust to sleeping in a bed, so she never actually slept. She was just starting to get used to things when the announcement came on; she flicked on her eyes, pseudo-eyebrows on the screens conveying an upset expression, and climbed out of bed. Not worrying about uniforms- considering her torso is already white and black- she made her way to class. When she got there, she decided to sit in the back by the door, hoping not to draw too much attention to herself once class started.

"My name's Marshall. Never expected you to talk to me..." Marshall looked forward with a bored expression. "Can I just say that it's nice to talk to a kid that isn't the popular one?" he added, hoping that it didn't come off as rude.

Meradith sighed as she nodded, giving her roomie a reassuring smile, "Y-yeah...I'm use to it, don't worry, OK? She said softly.

Kristy (( )) and Heidi (( )) were seen happily bounding towards their design class, portfolios tucked under their arms as the others waved goodbye to them.

Annabelle and Paris wondered into class, students staring somewhat in awe as the two seemed to only ignore the glances, and sit down somewhere near the right near the wall in the large lecture room. (( ))

Reens nodded, not fazed in the least. "My real name is Rain, but everyone calls me Reens. It's good to meet you, Marshall." She squirmed a little in her seat as the Poppies passed her, lowering her glasses slightly. "I never really fit in with the Poppies. I mean, I tried, I guess, but too much effort."

"Yeah, and it seems those two are the popular ones." Marshall said, referring to Annabelle and Paris, and the students' looks when they passed by. "I never want to have anything to do with popular students. I don't care if anyone is popular or not, I just want to have a normal conversation, you know?" Marshall looked around the room again. "Hmm, taking a bit long for the teacher to get here."

Io turned away a little bit, looking around absentmindedly. "If you insist. But, goodness, who do they think they are..." She said, wondering.

Smoothing down the skirt on her uniform ( except it's green, not red, and she wears black leggings underneath), Reens fidgeted and dropped her pencil. Picking it back up, she tapped it absentmindedly on her desk. "When is the teacher going to get here?"

"My apologies everyone!" A tall female pig in her 30's quickly wondered into the room, wearing a casual suit and black heels,"I'm so sorry I wasn't here to greet you all! The school is up to it's neck with trying to make sure all of our new students are attending for their first day! So many uniform violations! My goodness..."

"I was expecting a hardcore professor that takes no prisoners..." Annabelle muttered out loud.

"Well I assure you Miss Rich, that's not me!" The teacher said softly, "You're all adults and I expect you all to act like them! I won't pressure you into doing your work since you all need to take responsibility for your own actions, and do what needs to be done."

"I like this woman." Paris nodded as she said this softly.

"Now! I'll need some volunteers to pass out the syllabus." The professor announced, and as quick as lightning Annabelle and Paris's hands shot up.

"Oh my! Very well then ladies." The professor smiled as she handed them the papers, before writing her name on the LARGE white board.

"And everyone, my name is Professor Linda Willows! But you can just call me Mrs. Willows." She smiled softly, "We'll wait for any extra students to come in before I start going down the list for what this geography class is about, and so on."

As Paris and Annabelle passed out the packets, Anna was placing them on students desks as a few only stared in awe, most simply said thank you, and very few ignored them. Once Annabelle got to Reens' she raised an eyebrow before looking back forward where she was going, placing the packet on her desk lazily, almost letting it slide off and onto the floor before she and Paris finished and returned to their seats.

Of course, Moros finally walked in with a look that screamed 'I just woke up', he had been late simply because he overslept and with a slouched posture he walked to the back of the classroom. Presumably to find a desk and sleep.

Io walked in, her heterochromic eyes darting around the room, looking all around. Realizing she was a bit late, she hurriedly took a seat near Moros, whom she recognized from yesterday.

Lunari also walked in, and took a seat towards the side of the room.

Reens scrambled to grab the syllabus before it flew off of her desk, scanned it, and sighed. "Well, guess I gotta hit the local supply store sometime this week." She huffed to herself and returned her focus to the front of the room after storing the syllabus in her shoulder bag.

Ray sat somewhere in the middle of the class. He took a quick look at the syllabus, nodded, then put it in his bag. Kyo was sleeping, so the syllabus stayed on the top of his head.

Komerl, in a rush, tries to get to his first period class before the bell rung, so he uses the super-peel out and looks at the schedule as his reflexes help him dodge over nearby obstacles or Mobians. "Okay, so Room 325A...Got it!" he thought as his reflexes acted like a GPS to his first period class.

"Yeah, I remember. That was crazy!" Komerl happily said as he approached his destination.

English Class

Just then, the time came to 9 AM - When this particular class was set to start.

"Alright everyone! Welcome!" Mrs. Willows smiled, "I am Mrs. Willows, and I'll be your geography teacher for this school year! Now, make sure you check your schedules to make SURE that you're meant to be here. If you aren't I will assist you in helping where your first period is."

She pulled up a digital copy of the packets that were passed out.

"We have a few guidelines and things to go over so don't expect much actual work for today!"

The class sighed happily at this.

"Now, first things first, how grading is done and what we'll study over the course of this first semester." What she went over was pretty basic, and she continued to tell everyone that as long as they stay focused and on top of their work, they would never have to worry about keeping up or falling behind. Tutoring was always available except on Saturdays and Sundays, and the grading system was the usual letter system. She explained that there would be future projects and exams, and showed what past students had done, and that there will in fact be group projects which made Paris and Annabelle gag.

"Now, onto supplies." She smiled, "Oh, and on the student site, where the online classes are taken, you can access your grades there as well, and you can see the syllabus on there as well in case you lose the physical copy."

Allure began to sweat a little. She is from the ocean and is not very familiar with land geography because of this.

Komerl then teleported back to his seat and waved at Allure with a smile on his face.

Reens wiped a few beads of sweat off of her forehead and focused on the online syllabus, adjusting her glasses. She sighed in relief as most of the supplies were relatively cheap.

"I would recommend having your own laptop, but it's not required. But most of my students use them to take notes in class to save paper, and also to make powerpoints for projects and so on and so forth." Mrs. Willows informed.

Allure wiped away her sweat and waved back to Komerl, hoping that nobody noticed that she was sweating.

Cassidy let off a sigh of relief, now he knows he didn't bring his laptop for nothing. He examined the syllabus looking around and trying the gauge the amount of time he'll have to work and also the amount of time he'd have to spend in the studio.

Matt raised up a hand. "Are their any clubs in this academy?" He was sat right next to Cassidy.

"Oh absolutely!" Mrs. Willows smiled, "We have all kinds of clubs for books, video games, and a new anime club I believe. Did I say that right? I hope so! Oh, we also have a dance squad looking for new recruits, and of course the cheer squad is looking for new members and all auditions plus tryouts/sign ups are going to start happening very soon. The full list of clubs should be posted near the main office, and so are sign ups for sports and other performing groups." She smiled.

Silently cheering, Reens raised her fist into the air in a victory stance. She grinned widely and typed the information on her laptop so she wouldn't forget it.

"Yes!" Matt exclaimed in delight

Hmm, I might consider joining one of these clubs. Marshall thought. I'll decide that later. Just focus on the class.

"He he, that's what I am going to do after this." A man called Jack the Fox just talked to his friends.

Komerl decided to sign-up for track, Smash Bros. club, and Boxing in his mind as he listened to the teacher.

Soon, Mrs. Willows finished going over the supplies. Textbook, how to get to the online gradebook, ect.

"Alright everyone! Now, I think it's time for everyone to introduce themselves so we can get to know each other!" She smiled and Paris seemed to roll her eyes slightly.

"Okay, I will firstly introduce myself. I am Jack the Fox. I uhmm.. used to play video games and football. Now since, that I am here I want to learn something awesome in this academy! Thank you." The red furry fox with black and grey uniform introduced himself to the class.

"I'll go next. My name is Komerl, Komerl the Hedgehog. I'm a guy who loves adventure! I oddly have a huge appetite though." he said while rubbing his nose and smirking with his eyes closed after he introduced himself.

Reens got up slowly and pushed up her glasses. "My name is Rain Maricina, but everyone can call me Reens, okay? I moved here a while ago, and came to this school on a scholarship. I hope we can all get along well this year." She sat back down and typed something on her laptop as other students got up.

Komerl then took out his laptop and put on his headphones as he listened to a song on Youtube. Suddenly, he frowned as he had thoughts of loneliness and strangely...romance, maybe? He decided that he had to go on a run so that he could think. 'Dear Chaos, help me with this emotional conflict.' he silently prayed in his head. He then asked Mrs. Willows' permission to go out on a run so that way he could clear his head. He then ran out of the classroom at a speed no one would even think to go. 'What is wrong with me? Seriously, I already got cheated on three months ago and now I'm having these thoughts. Great....' Komerl thought as he sighed silently.

Marshall decided to go next. "Hello, my name is Marshall Jackson, but I prefer to be addressed as just Marshall." He said in a soft voice. "One of my passions is music, so don't be surprised if I have headphones on. I hope I can meet new people, have new experiences, and just have a great time." Marshall sat down.

Paris rolled her eyes as she listened to the first two and Annabelle somewhat ignored Reens' voice as she looked at her phone under her desk.

"Wonderful to meet you all! Ladies? Would you like to go?" Mrs. Willow looked to Anna and Paris, "Some of us movie lovers and pop culture fanatics may already know, but what are some personal hobbies, and so on?"

"OK..." Paris stood up first as she folded her arms, a few boys staring at her in awe, "My name is Paris Harrington, but you can just call me Paris...I came here on 3 scholarships to earn a degree or two in business and communications so I can run the Harrington Industries and related companies that belong to us. I also enjoy playing video games with my boyfriend Travis like Fall Out 4, and I like to listen to music. Annabelle here is my closest friend." She then sat down as students stared in surprise.

"Miss Rich?"

"Please, call me Anna." Annabelle sighed as she stood up, "I'm Annabelle Rich, I'm here thanks to some acting scholarships to hopefully further my skills in drama and get into live performances. Maybe even work on Broadway instead of a silver screen. I'm going out with my boyfriend Jason and he's very supportive of me, especially since...the accident with my parents and grandmother not too long ago. I enjoy listening to music and watching Disney movies with my friends." She then sat down as Mrs. Willows gave a small sigh and smiled.

"Wonderful ladies. Have we missed anyone else?" The teacher looked around the room.

Mel-- in her near sleep-mode daze-- realized she eventually had to introduce herself, and deciding now would be a good time, stood up, motors whirring. "Hello, I'm Mel, my full 'name' is Mecha Melissa version 3.5 but... well... you get it. Now, I'm here to learn how to better control the various things I've had installed in me, and to develop better social skills by being around real people," her irises turned to large carets, though her left was distorted by the fractured screen; she then sat down and returned to a low-power state.

Io's eyes darted around nervously. She didn't want to introduce herself. "Any ideas?" "I've got nothing."

Lunari stood up, slowly, shyly. "Hello. My name is Lunari. I'm interested in traveling, so I came to learn more about people and places, as well as make some friends." She said, before sitting back down.

Komerl then teleported back into the classroom into his normal seat but he seemed deep in thought.

Cassidy then stood up. "Hi guys! My name is Cassidy, if you guys like Hip-Hop you may know as Young Ringtail. I decided to enroll here instead of being shut up in my condo or whereve learning from a tutor. I hope to enjoy learning and having fun with you guys. I love playing video games, listening to music and i'm a secret fan of books, particularly fiction and manga. Though I guess it's not really a secret anymore. So yeah!" The raccoon then sat down

"I guess I'm up next!" Matt said as he stood up. "My name is Matt and I enjoy video games, reading books on rocket science and surfing the web looking for interesting stuff. I also enjoy pretty much every sport ever made but I prefer dodgeball the most. I love watching anime and 80's sitcoms. I also enjoy listening to Rock music, Jazz, Rap and 80's funk." The hedgecat then took his seat.

Allure decided to stand up next. "My name is Allure. I'm from, like, very far away. I love to swim, especially in the ocean and I also love to take walks on the beach. My parents sent me here to study abroad. I also kind of like to travel even though I still haven't gotten to travel much yet. I hope that this changes soon!" She smiled before sitting back down.

"Cool!" Komerl says with a smile. He then eats a golden yellow apple.

Paris rolled her eyes at Mel and texted Annabelle under her desk about how some of the introductions almost made her fall asleep, besides Cassidys, and Annabelle Lol's in response.

"Is that eeeevery one?" Mrs. Willows looked around the room a bit, "Lets hope so because you've missed your chance! Alright!" She rolled up the projector screen and started to write on the huge white board taking up most of the back wall.

"Now! Before we start talking about the worlds geography in general, are there any questions about changing classes, or anything along those lines?" She said to the class.

Komerl nods his head in the negative. He then proceeds to pay attention.

"Alright! Lets jump right into it!" Mrs. Willows began to write some notes on the board, summarizing what they would go over during the school year like the basics for the first two weeks before getting into the real work.

Annabelle was taking the notes very quickly, as was Paris, and whenever there was a break in said notes they would be busy texting each other and their fellow Poppies.

Reens' fingers flew over the keyboard of her laptop, trying to make sure she got every note Mrs. Willows talked about.

Jack grabbed something in his bag, slided up and type, faster than anyone in the class. Typing every single note what Mrs.Willows put in.

Komerl then uses supersonic speed to type the notes in a fast, organized and intelligent matter. He then thought, 'I wonder if anyone likes me...Did I introduce myself appropriately?'

Mel just stayed as she was, silently recording every word Mrs. Willows spoke.

Komerl turned to Mel and waved just to say 'hi'.

Mel noticed this and waved back.

Allure was taking notes while glaring at the popular girls. Why do they think they're so great? I'm from a rich family too.

Komerl saw Allure glaring at them and blushed since he found it adorable. "I'm craving for chili dogs." He thought randomly to himself.

Matt was quickly typing his notes on his Ipad.

Cassidy was using his voice recorder to record what was being said by Mrs Willow

"Now!" Mrs. Willows stopped for a moment, "Any questions on these notes?" She looked at the time, "Oh! Perfect timing! It's almost time for us to finish up!" She started messing around on her laptop to submit the attendance, "Oh, I know things in the school are much more different than high school, so if you need help adjusting to your different schedules, and how classes are at different times, days, and so on, don't be afraid to ask about anything!"

"I'm going to sign up for the dance squad auditions after class..." Annabelle whispered to Paris.

"Me too..." Paris nodded, "I know that Tiffany and a few others are going to audition for cheer squad...but I'm tired of cheer squad...I want something more...challenging."

"Hm." Annabelle smiled at this.

Komerl then thought about engaging conversation to another person but he thought that maybe after class, someone would talk to him so he dismissed that thought. He then listened to the song, "Apotos-Windmill Isle" from Sonic Unleashed on his i-Pod. He then proceeded to just look at the window.

Matt eventually finished catching up on the notes and started to play a heated run of Sonic Dash on his Ipad.

"Hey, Matt. Do you want to hang out with me? Also... I got the 3rd world record on that game, Sonic Dash. Hehe." Jack asked Matt.

Komerl then decided to play Sonic Dash and pretty much destroyed the 1st world record. "Get REKT!" he said as he smirked with triumph.

Matt paused the game and then looked at Jack. "Sure I'd like to hang out with you. But there's no way you own the third world record." He said with a chuckle.

Stretching her fingers, Reens waited for the bell to ring so she could head to her next class. Her fingers ached from all the typing, but she was excited, because her next class was advanced art.

Komerl then decided to wait until the bell to ring. He just practiced charging his Spin Dash out of boredom.

Marshall stretched his arms and legs in his seat, looking a bit tired. He let out a bit of a yawn.

"Well! It's 11:30! The end of out class." Mrs. Willow announced, "Colleges don't need a bell to remind you that a class is over, now does it?" She smiled, "I'll see you all soon!"

"Interesting." Annabelle sighed as she stood up and stretched, "Lets go sign up for the dance squad while we still have time before the next class." Both she and Paris headed for the door.

"Fudge, I forgot about that," Reens muttered as she gathered her things. "Might as well sign up for a club or two while I'm at it."

"Hmm, I guess I'll have to get used to that." Marshall said, looking a bit less tired. "I don't know what clubs to join that are interesting to me."

Annabelle and Paris walked down the hall, meeting up with a few other Poppies as they headed for the sign ups.

Allure walked down the hallway, hoping to find sign ups for synchronized swimming. It would be unfair if I did swimming but I can probably do synchronized swimming.

Cassidy got up from his seat and clicked off his voice recorder. He stretched a bit and grabbed his bag. "Time to go and see if this place has a studio."

Lunari shyly walked toward the sign-ups, looking for a band class of some sort. She wanted to play an instrument.

Komerl just walked out of the classroom and used the Super Peel Out to run around the halls in a brown blur. He then saw Allure and with a smile said, "Hello!"

Allure turned towards Komerl. "Hi!"

Komerl then starts walking again, "So, my name's Komerl! And you are?"

"MOVE." Tiffany shoved students out of her way as she signed her name under cheerleading tryouts, and Annabelle and Paris signed up for the dance squad.

"There." Annabelle smirked, "This outta be interesting..."

"I'm Allure. Didn't we introduce ourselves to the whole class?"

"Oh! Yeah, but I'm too quick for that sort of thing. So, wanna walk to class together? Just so we could know each other or something? I'm bored a little." Komerl said as he rubbed his nose and smirked.

Cassidy walked past The Poppies and the bunch of students that were in front of the sign up sheets. He was trying to find his way to the music studio.

"Hey. Do you need any help?" Jack asked him.

Cassidy stopped and looked at Jack. "I could use some help actually. Do you know where the music studio is?" He asked politely.

"Alright, you go to the left then second right then third left and you will make it to the music studio." Jack pointed and gave directions to Cassidy.

"Sure" said Alllure. "I just need to find the sign-ups for synchronized swimming first."

Mel- having gained some rest- made her way to the sign-up board and signed her name under Combat Training and Archery, and after a brief hesitation, Advanced Robotics. 'Might as well,' she thought, 'I know it might be weird, but I have to be able to make better repairs on the others- and myself.' She rubbed the fractured screen of her left eye before moving on to her next class.


Komerl shrugged and said, "I already signed up for my extracirriculars before everyone was here anyways. I have an idea to help you with the whole finding thing. Chaos Control!" he said as he froze time around the both of them.

Allure looked around. "Wow! What did you do?"

"I used Chaos Control to freeze time for a little while. You should be able to find the extracurriculars here and sign up. Once you're done, I'll unfreeze time then."

"That's pretty cool!" Allure ran around the hallway and found the sign-ups for synchronized swimming. She signed her name. "Thanks a lot!"

"No problem!" Komerl said with a smile as he unfroze time. He then took out his schedule and looked at it to see his next class.

A hedgehog named Rick Iblis was with his list to his schedule and he started off with sports, "I hope that this will go well," he sighed as he went there and gave it his best.

Mel groggily navigated the school to her next class, which was some form of math. The classroom was empty when she arrived, so she sat in the middle-left of the room and took the opportunity to gain some rest.

"Ugh, I can't believe I have to do MATH." Kristy and Heidi, the fashionistas of the Poppie clique, wonder into the math room where Mel seems to be, and Naomi follows them in as well and sits with them.

"Nao, can you please tell us what we're doing if we get lost...?" Heidi asked the weasel, who smiled and nodded.


Matt eventually walked into the maths room and, looking around, noticed the poppies on one side and that robot he met yesterday on the other. He decided to go and talk to Mel and made his way towards her.

Mel stayed as she was: silent and motionless. Her eyes were dark and her posture was slumped, as she was currently powered off. (Though, simply saying her name or shaking her would easily wake her up.)

Io walked into math class, keeping her head low so she didn't spook anyone with her heterochromic eyes. She quietly took a seat in a relatively abandoned corner of the room.

(( I blame school for stealing all my time away =~= - Anna ))

"Ugh. When does this class start...?" Heidi groaned as Naomi looked at her watch.

"In about 10 minutes." The weasel replied.


Sky is seen in his school uniform, eating a sandwich. Noah, also in his school uniform, walks up to him.

Noah: Hey, What's Up?

Sky: Hello. Wore anything Black, White Green? I did.

Noah: Yeah, but one thing, I didn't have any black pants, so I wore the green ones!

Sky: Someone must've borrowed it. *eats sandwich*

Noah: Well, I don't guess that someone would do that... Hey! Wait! Did you steal it?

Sky: Me? No.

Noah: Who did?

[A green, cyborg hedgehog then walks past them, looking focused as he heads to Math]

Hectic: "Where's Math class, dang it?"

Noah: Um...

Sky: Who are you? I didn't see you on the campus earlier...

Hectic: I'm Hectic The Cyberhog, or you can just call me Project: HAVOC. As you can tell, I'm mostly more robotic than flesh. Now, if you'll excuse me.... [Hectic then ended up in the hallway farthest from the two students in the blink of an eye as he raced to Math]

Lunari was looking for where math class was, until Hectic raced right past her. She stopped for a second, surprised, before continuing on her way, following the path she saw Hectic take. She figured that must have been the way to the Math room.

As Hectic finally got to math class, he decided to first take a peep into the classroom to see who he was dealing with. "There are only a few students in the class right now. This won't be very hard." Hectic said. Suddenly, he remembered that he forgotten to put on his school uniform! He quickly took out his bag, and started to change into his school uniform, after that he quickly brushed his hair. "There we go. Now I'm ready." Hectic said in a cheerful voice. He then quickly walked into the classroom and went to the desk that was right at the back of the classroom. He then scanned all of the other students in the classroom with him, not one of them knowing about what he was doing.

Savannah glanced around nervously, now wearing her school uniform after being scolded by a teacher on her way to math class. She rapidly tapped her fingers on the desk. 'I don't know anyone here', she thought anxiously. 'How can I feel safe around people I don't even know? I haven't meet my dorm buddy yet. Do I even have one?' The cheetah's attention turned to Hectic in the back of the room. 'Is that a cyberhog?' She asked herself. 'I've never seen one before.' She though about talking to him, but shook her head in denial and turned back to the front of the room.

A short time after initially powering down, Mel's body started leaning forward; gravity's effect increasing on the robotic bird, who fell forward quickly. However, her body locked itself the moment her silver beak was about to collide with the desk, a faint clicking emanating from her torso's central ball joint as it held her upper body in place while she powered on. After a few seconds, her eyes came to life, irises forming out of a light static. She 'blinked' a few times before rearing herself upright and stretching, after which she looked around the room, taking note of everyone that had arrived. She then noticed Matt and casually waved to him.

Hectic was beginning to become impatient. He couldn't handle just sitting around a classroom without getting something started. Then, "IT" started to come to his mind again. "JUST RELEASE ME, HECTIC. THIS STRESS WILL GO AWAY IF YOU LET ME SHOW FOR A WHILE...", the voice was saying in Hectic's mind. Hectic's right eye then suddenly started to change from red to yellow. Hectic began to smile awkwardly to keep anyone from noticing it.

Io glanced over at Hectic, went back to looking around the room, and then did a double-take, noticing Hectic's eye changing color. The eyes were a window to the soul, and Io knew that well. "It seems to me we have a friend." "Perhaps, Celeste. Perhaps." She smiled softly.

Hectic notices Io smiling at him, and he starts to blush. Hec-DEAD (the right eye) also notices this, and starts to think that the girl is sorta like Hectic, because he senses another spirit inside the girl. "Hey Hectic, it seems as if the girl is taking a liking to you. Shall I help you intrigue her?" "I guess you can.." Hectic said in a soft tone. A tattoo of a black flare began to grow around his right eye. "What is this emotion that I'm feeling now?" Hectic questioned in his mind.

Io, out of curiosity, moves over next Hectic, figuring no one else would mind because class hadn't started yet.

Hectic showed a little smile, because this was the first time someone had toke an interest to him, especially a girl. He then looked over to Io, becoming a little shy to say anything. "Well, Hectic, aren't you gonna say something?" "Oh, right..." Hectic then opened his mouth. "Hello..."

Io waved. "Hello." She didn't seem to be all that talkative either.

Hectic then notices that Io also has separate eyes just like him, but doesn't bother to mention it. "What's your name?" Hectic asks.

"My name's Io." Io answered. "And you are?"

"Mine's Hectic. But you can say that I'm one "hec" of a hedgehog." Hectic said. "Boo, Hectic. That one sucked." "Shut up, Hec-DEAD."

Io chuckled slightly, after a long delayed reaction. "Took you long enough, Airion."

Hectic really doesn't know what to say next. He is running out of ideas of what to talk about. "So, you already thought about who you want your dorm buddy to be?" "Seriously Hectic, that's all you can say?" '

"I already have a roommate..." Io admitted.

"See Hectic. You know what, I'm taking over. Move aside, green guy..." Suddenly, Hectic's other eye also turned yellow. He then glared at Io.

Io seemed to know what was going on. "Hello." She said, with a sly smile.

"Hey..." The new Hectic said. He seemed not too shabby and not shy. "So what do you want to talk about now?"

Io looked off into the distance, dreamily. She wasn't that talkative; this was starting to get awkward. "Oh, anything. Doesn't matter to me." She answered.

Reens sat quietly in the corner of the art room. The teacher had instructed them to draw their feelings. Right now, Reens' canvas was blank except for a light blue background and black border. She didn't know what else to place there.

Noah and Sky ignored the fighting and was doing homework, about 50 pages of it.

Noah: Man, this is hard!

Sky: How much pages did you finish?

Noah: 32.

Sky: I finished 37.

Matt waved back at Mel and smiled. "How're you doing?" he asked.

"I'm good," Mel replied, "I managed to recharge a bit, just enough to last the rest of the day. So, how are you?"

"I'm pretty good too. A bit lonely, but i'm not too bad." Matt replied.

"Well, who says you have to be? Besides, you have me." The artificial avian responded, not wanting her friend to feel alone.

Savannah looked down at the canvas in front of her. Just a plain dark blue circle mixed with some green to show her depression and anxiety. 'Why did I agree to come here?' She thought. The cheetah sighed before turning her attention to Matt and Mel. 'I might as well try making some new friends.' Savannah lifted herself out of the chair and started towards the two. She stopped in front of them before clearing her throat. "Uh, h-hello..." She greeted shyly.

"That's true," Matt said. He then looked at the newcomer and smiled. "Hi! I'm Matt and this is Mel!" gesturing to himself and Mel.

Savannah smiled back. "Hello. My name is Savannah. Sorry if I'm acting nervously. I haven't adjusted to this academy yet," the cheetah replied.

"Nice to meet you Savannah," Matt replied with a smile. "It's ok to act nervous, a place like this is quite intimidating."

"I know, right? There are so many different Mobian species here. I wonder what powers that cyberhog guy has." Savannah said, glad to have someone to talk to.

"No idea, my guess is something to do with electricity, though that's just a guess." Matt said with a shrug.

"Because he is half robot?" Savannah guessed. "I know a little about robotics, but not much." Her attention turned to the window. 'I swore I saw something move...' The cheetah thought.

"Hm?" Matt said as he followed Savannah's gaze towards the window.

Savannah started to get nervous again. Then a horrible thought came into her mind of who, or what, that thing was. 'No...It can't be...It followed me...He followed me...' She thought in horror. Savannah shook her head and turned to Matt, "I-I need to go." Savannah grabbed her bag and started towards the door.

"Argh!" Reens put down her paintbrush and placed her head in her hands. Paint smeared on her face, but at this point she didn't care.

"Well, that was... strange..." Mel said as Savannah departed, "What do you think that was about?" She asked Matt.

Noah: I don't know why she did that...

"It could be any number of things," Matt replied as he shrugged. "All i know is that this is gonna be one very interesting year for Chaos Academy."

Second Period

Students with classes directly after the first period headed to class, or, if they had time between said classes, went back to their dorms, or decided to head to the cafeteria to grab some breakfast. Meradith grabbed some pancakes, bacon, and a ready orange before she sat down to enjoy. From afar, Naomi and Tiffany glared as they ate breakfast as well.

"God, she's so freaking LAME." Tiffany scoffed as she ate.

Reens sat in the corner of the cafeteria, eating a homemade cinnamon roll and drinking a small jug of milk as she nodded her head to the music in her headphones. She was looking up some patterns so she could sew them in her free time. "I've never tried sewing before... but I guess looking won't hurt."

A few feet from all the others, Hectic sat alone eating some pancakes, bacon, and an apple. He really appreciated some of the isolation he was getting, for now he could actually focus on something; his delectable breakfast.

Meanwhile in the music studio, Cassidy had placed his bag on the floor near the band set and entered the booth. Matt, who was at the controls, gave Cassidy a thumbs up and told him the the music was starting. He counted down from three and then did another thumbs up. Cassidy started to rap his own rendition of Till the End by Logic. People outside of the room could probably hear the music.

Reens printed out some of the patterns and, since she had two hours before her next class, headed to a fabric store in order to grab some materials. Or, in her case, look at some materials and try to find the cheapest ones possible.

Sky: God, that song is lame.

Noah: I know, it's stuck in your head!

"Watch this." Tiffany got up and wondered over to Meradith before SLAMMING her hands down onto the table and scaring the piss out of the giraffe in question, "SUP?"

"AH-" Mera gasped and yelped, drawing the attention of nearby students as the Yorkie shoved the girls food down the table and watching it slowly totter and fall onto the floor before she sat down on the table, "Whats up with you Mera? Can't find any friends yet, huh?" She smirked innocently, "If you wanted friends you could have just asked Anna or Paris...After all, people do say they've grown nicer since our last year of high school, but that's just what I've heard..." The giraffe sighs and stares down with a pout growing on her face, "D'aww. Don't be sad Mera~...There's always more food to get! You'll be earning that freshman 15 in noooo time!" She snickered before hopping off the table and returning to Naomi, who was busy on her phone, "Were you not watching??"

"No, I'm taking notes." The weasel replied sarcastically.

"Oh so you got JOKES now, huh?"

"He he."

Everyone laughed at the scene, making fun at the giraffe and her clumsiness.

Savannah ate her breakfast in silence, ignoring the other students around her and thinking about what she saw outside the window during art class. 'Was I just imagining things? Was anxiety messing with my eyes?' The cheetah thought. She wanted to believe she was just hallucinating, but something told her otherwise. 'If it really is him, then weaker students might be in danger.'

Savannah shivered at the thought of being mauled to death in your sleep. 'Alright, Savannah. Keep it together. You don't have any real proof that Aegrine is here. Maybe he will forget I'm here and leave. No, no, he's to smart for that.' Savannah shook her head and continued to eat in silence.

Cassidy finished up the rap and took his headphones off. 

"How was the rap?" he asked Matt. The latter replied with a thumbs up and the two left the studio and entered the cafeteria. The two looked around for any familiar faces.

Sky: OK.


After the event, Meradith huffed before simply gathering her things and leaving the mess hall, trying to ignore the laughter and Tiffany's taunting as she left.

"What a loser..." The Yorkie snickered.

Sky: My, my. I thought Yorkies were nice here...

Noah: What up, man?

Reens came back from her shopping, her arms loaded with fabrics and sewing supplies. She made her way around the cafeteria's crowd and went to the sewing room, plopping her things down next to a machine and pulling out the instructions for her pattern.

Mel was in the hallway; having just reviewed the club sign-up sheet she was making her way to the gym for Combat Training, when she saw Meradith and noticed she was upset. Being the naturally good person she is, she approached. "Hey, what's wrong?" she asked the giraffe in a friendly tone.

Sky: That Yorkie's not responding.

Noah: Just ignore him.

Cassidy looked at Noah. "What's up with the giraffe? He asked.

Sky: What giraffe?

Noah: Who? *points to the giraffe* Him?

"The one who just walked out looking pretty embarrassed," Matt explained to Noah.

"N-nothing. I'm fine." Meradith told Mel as she continued to walk off, her head down and her ears flat to her head...Her next class didn't start for another 2 hours, so she may as well go back to her dorm...

"Ahh, I'm done eating." Tiffany sighed as she pat her stomach which was apparently full, but was as flat as ever, "Now I'm ready for a nap...~"

"Well, if you say so..." Mel said as Meradith walked off; after a moment she continued on her route to the gym. There were already some students there when she arrived, just standing around and chatting. Not really seeing any familiar faces, she stood back and leaned against the wall.

Noah: Can someone get something to eat? I'm starving.

Sky: Get one yourself.

After she was done eating, Savannah glanced nervously around the room, then out the window, expecting to see the feral hedge-dragon staring at her. Nothing was outside. "C'mon Savannah. The more you think about it, the more nervous you'll become," she said to herself. The feline looked at Noah, Sky, Cassidy, and Tiffany.

Normally, Savannah was a really social person, always wanting to attract attention to herself whenever she felt like it. But right now she didn't feel like talking to anyone. Savannah wished she could just melt into the shadows, not having to be noticed. She laid her head on the table, sighing and looking very depressed.

"Ah, finally finished," Reens exclaimed, taking the dress she had made and smoothing it out. She also took the scraps from the floor and placed them back in her basket. "Now to try it on," she chirped, heading to the bathroom.

Savannah paced nervously around the cafeteria, glancing at the clock ever so often. She looked back at the four Mobians. 'I can't tell anyone about Aegrine. He has his ways of knowing,' the cheetah thought. She had to admit. She was scared. Even with other students around her, all who no doubt had powers, Savannah didn't feel safe. Not even in the slightest.

'I don't have powers. I only have my wits. If he gets into the school. I don't know if the teachers and students will think he's another student.' She sighed. 'That's most likely going to happen.' Savannah wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. The cheetah tripped. She flailed her arms, trying to regain her balance. It didn't work. Savannah landed face first into what was left of Naomi's breakfast.

"Uh-!?" The weasel blinked as she jumped up from her chair in shock. Good thing she was already done as she raised an eyebrow and folded her arms, "Baka."

"HAHAHAHA~!" Tiffany burst into laughter as she held her stomach, "Oh God I'm gonna throw up! That's too funny!!" The Yorkie instinctively whipped out her phone before she began to take video, "Oh my Go-HAHA!" Of course, her laughter grabbed the attention of other students who turned and looked in their direction.

The laughter also grabbed Reens' attention, who was just walking out of the bathroom. "Hey! Not cool, Yorkie! Definitely not cool!" She ran over and helped Savannah out of the food, quickly walking her back over to the bathroom. 'Seriously. What is her deal?'

"What an idiot!" Tiffany laughed, "Not our fault she's a total KLUTZ!" She continued to cackle as a few others joined in on the laughter, and Naomi rolled her eyes.

"Sure the food is good but she was a bit too eager to ask for my left overs..." Naomi smirked softly as Tiffany continued to laugh.

Savannah wiped the food off her face, blushing from embarrassment. She turned to Reens. "Thanks," she said. The cheetah looked down at the floor. "You didn't have to do that, you know."

"Ahh what a loser...C'mon Nao, throw away your food and lets get going. I'm bored to tears here and I got another half hour till my next class~" Tiff spoke, before she threw away what was left, "Maybe Miss Piggy'll go dumpster diving later, HUH? Hahaha~!"

"Hai." Naomi nodded as they threw away what was left of their meals before leaving the mess hall.

Reens shrugged, "Do I have to have a reason to help somebody out?" She smiled and handed Savannah a piece of paper. "Text me sometime, okay? I gotta change out of this dress, but let me know if you ever want to just hang out or something." She slipped into a stall and began to change clothes.

Savannah smiled as she folded the paper with Reens' phone number and puts it in her shirt pocket. "Glad to know that not everyone at this academy are total jerks," the spotted feline joked.

"Are Anna and the others in class?" Tiffany asked Naomi, who shrugged, and combed her hair back to keep it out of her face.

"I'm not sure. Most of our schedules are quite different even though we all take different classes." The weasel replied.

"Heh, yeah. Even though I'm pretty sure it's mostly a front for insecurity," Reens commented as she exited the stall, her hair let down from its usual braid. "I'd better head out, but you can walk with me if you'd like to."

"I appreciate the offer, but I have to get over to music class. Heck, I might even see if they have a lyre. Maybe some other time, ok?" Savannah walked out of the bathroom, starting over to the music class. For the first time since she arrived, Savannah felt happy. She made a new friend. Then she thought about the Yorkie in the lunchroom. 'Go ahead. Think I'm a klutz. It doesn't bother me. Well, not anymore. I'm over it.' Savannah wished she had telepathy like her old friend Hecate. She shook her head and continued walking with a large smile on her face.

Reens shrugged as she headed out of the bathroom to her next class, which happened to be Psychology. She sat in the very back of the room right next to the door and began putting her hair back into the regular braid she always wore.

Kristy wondered down the hall, looking down at her phone as she walked along with Heidi who was busy looking at a small mirror, making sure she looked good.

"Our first fashion class. Can you BELIEVE this!?" Heidi grinned happily.

"Well it's not fashion per SAY girl." Kristy laughed, "It's only color theory." She grinned as she put her phone away, as the peahen sighed.

"Yeah yeah but it's the fundamentals of our fashion classes! We're SOO close! Sure we have other classes to do too that involve fashion but this is our first one of the day! So amazing~!" Heidi grinned.

Savannah rounded the corner and into the hallway where the music room was located. She looked at the phone number that Reens had given her. The cheetah took out her phone and began to register the hedgehog into her contacts. Savannah stopped walking. 'I never got her name," she realized. 'What am I going to call her?' She continued registering. A number appeared in her contacts under the name "Reens." 'So that must be her name," the cheetah thought.

She checked the time. "Better hurry to class," Savannah said to herself. She started walking again. 'I wonder what Reens is like. Does she like cleaning? Does she like music? So many questions. Maybe after music class I can meet up with her and get to know her better.' She arrived at the music classroom. The feline put her hand on the door nob. She hesitated. Something wasn't right. 'Why do I feel unnerved?'

Her expression hardened. 'There is something out of place here,' Savannah thought. The feline took a deep breath, and opened the door. Savannah screamed so loud it hurt her lungs. She stumbled backwards, dropping her phone and landing flat on her back. She stared in horror and shock at what laid in front of her.

Reens listened to the psychology teacher lecture, tapping her foot on the tiles and writing down notes as fast as she could. So far, she liked the teacher, if only she would slow down a little...

Lunari heard someone scream while she was on her way towards her next class, so she quickly went to investigate. She didn't want to be late to class, but whoever screamed seemed to need help.

Savannah was still on the ground when Lunari arrived. The cheetah was pale, as if she had seen a ghost. She was staring at the music classroom's open doorway, her expression pure terror.

"Are you okay?" Lunari ran over to Savannah, offering to help her back up.

Savannah didn't answer. Her only response to Lunari was pointing at the doorway.

"What's wrong?" Lunari curiously peeked in the doorway.

Laying on the ground was a student, mutilated. His eyes were scratched out, his left arm and right leg was missing, and the student's entrails were torn out and spread across the room. Blood soaked the floor and there was a smashed window.

Lunari gagged, horrified. She then went off to get help. A teacher, another student... anybody would do.

Anthony "Tony" Thorpe, the history teacher, was just walking the premises, hoping to find his classroom. He was a bit absent-minded, and had walked into the wrong class several times already. As he walked, he saw Lunari running in his direction.

Savannah finally got over her shock and stood up. 'This is my fault,' the cheetah thought. 'If I didn't come to this academy, no one would have gotten killed.' She started crying, falling to her knees in shame.

Third Period

(( Jesus, didn't think it would take such a horrific turn lol... Well, tis the season (Halloween MOOONTH) ))

"What in the hell was that...?" Heidi and Kristy stopped in their tracks when they heard the scream. The peahen blinked before looking towards the canine who slipped her phone into her pocket.

"...We got a few minutes before class. Lets investigate." Kristy spoke up, before the two headed off towards the source of the scream.

Savannah was kneeling over the mutilated student when Kristy and Heidi arrived. She was crying over the loss of her fellow student's life.

Meanwhile, Lunari was looking around so erratically that she almost collided face-first with the history teacher. She then turned to look at him. Panicking too much to stop and explain, she grabbed his hand and led him back to the scene.

"Whoa!" Anthony yelped as he was pulled along, trying to keep up with the faster (and much younger) Lunari. "Please slow down a little, miss! I don't understand what is going on!"

Lunari slowed down just a little bit. "We need help, quick! Someone got killed in the music room!" She shouted, sounding a bit crazed.

Savannah stood up, entering the music room with caution. She glanced at the smashed window. 'That's how he got in,' the cheetah thought.

She noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Sitting on the teacher's desk was a blood-drenched piece of paper. "A note," she said to herself. Savannah walked over to the desk, picking up the note.

The handwriting was shoddy, but readable. Instead of lead or ink, the note was written out in blood. Savannah started reading the note out loud;

"Didn't expect this to happen so soon, did you? The wolf was pathetically easy to kill. I only slaughtered him to freak out you and everyone else at this Academy. Take this as a warning. Many others will die if you don't give yourself up. Don't trust me? Heh. I don't blame you. Sleep with one eye open tonight, Savannah. You are no longer safe here."

Anthony gritted his teeth. "I had a feeling something was wrong," he muttered, focusing on where they were going. "Was there anyone with you when you discovered this? If there was, we might be able to find some clues. I'm no detective, but I can at least decipher something!"

Savannah doesn't have to be a detective to know that Aegrine did this. The cheetah felt horrible about it. 'What am I going to do?' she thought. Savannah learned a long time ago to NEVER trust Aegrine. Or any sketchy person. She walked over to the shattered window and peaked outside. 'Where does he hide in the daytime?' Savannah thought. She stared off into the distance, slowly drifting away into her mind.

Lunari stayed away from the scene, too queasy to go inside. Instead, she took out her phone and called 911.

The Station Square Police Station Receptionist, Amatha I. Woodpecker, was filling out paperwork when the phone rang. She stopped what she was doing and picked up the phone. "911, what is your emergency?" The woodpecker asked.

Anthony poked his head inside, moving closer towards the body, bending down to examine it. "Poor fellow... he's too mangled for me to even identify him. But perhaps I can get a blood sample from him," he said, taking a small vial from his pocket and filling it with blood. He screwed the cap on and walked back out of the room. "Now to send it off to the labs."

Reens, meanwhile, had finished her psychology class and was walking towards the music room when she looked towards it and saw blood. Usually Reens could handle it, but not at that scale, so she immediately felt faint, sliding along the wall.

Savannah snapped back into reality when she heard a loud thud from Reens hitting he ground. She jogged over to the exit and out the door, bumping into Anthony in the process. "Sorry!" She said, and ran over to Reens. "Are you ok?" The feline asked, not noticing that she was unconscious.

Lunari tried to steady her voice. "I'm at Chaos Academy, someone's been murdered in the music room. Whoever did it is gone, the window is smashed." Lunari's eyes darted over towards Reens. "...And we have a student who passed out."

"Try to stay calm, ma'am. Police and ambulances with be there in a moment." Amantha hung up and hit the intercom button. "We have a Code 140. Get police troops and ambulances to Chaos Academy, ASAP." Police sirens could already be heard outside heading towards the academy.

Lunari sighed in relief, and headed out the nearest door to flag them down.

Anthony bent down to Reens and checked her pulse. "She's alright, just fainted. My granddaughter can't stand the sight of too much blood. Poor dear; I'll keep her company," he sighed, sitting down on the ground and cradling her head in his arms.

Savannah looked at Anthony, "She is your granddaughter?" The cheetah asked, puzzled.

Police and ambulances rolled to a stop at the academy. A female maned wolf slid out of the first police car. William Chrysocyon jogged over to Lunari, closely followed by several other police officers and medics. "Please lead us to the crime scene, ma'am," William asked politely.

Anthony chuckled. "Can't you see the resemblance?" He sighed. "Her father is- or I should say, was- my son. I'm her paternal grandfather, you see." He tucked Reens' hair out of her eyes and shifted his weight to make it more comfortable for her. "She's never been out this long... I'm worried..."

"So am I," Savannah added. "What happened to her father?" She asked.

Lunari led the responders to the scene, and directed one of the paramedics towards Reens.

"We'll chat more later," Anthony whispered to Savannah as the paramedic arrived. "I'd rather not say anything else while she's like this."

Savannah nodded and stood up, giving the paramedic and Anthony some space.

William kneeled over and examined the dead body. "This could never have been possible with just someone's bare hands," the yellow maned wolf pondered.

She put her finger on a mark over the corpse's eyelid. "A knife wound, maybe?" She drew her finger down. "These are not knife wounds," William stood up. "They are claw marks," she confirmed.

The paramedic, a magenta dolphin named Chloe, put her hand on Reens' forehead, then checked for the hedgehog's pulse. "How long has she been like this?" Chloe asked Anthony.

"About, oh I'd say 10 minutes? Usually she wakes up rather quickly, but she hasn't moved a muscle besides her eyelids," Anthony replied, looking down at her. "She might have a concussion from hitting her head on the wall, but I can't be sure."

"Hmm," Chloe took a cold ice pack out of her medic kit. She placed it on Reens' forehead. "Could be a concussion. Lemme try something." The dolphin reached back into her medic kit and pulled out a small bottle. "Smelling salts," she explained. Chloe opened the bottle. It smelled like peaches and cinnamon. She lowered the smelling salt under Reens' nose.

Reens' nose twitched, then she sneezed. Her eyes fluttered open and she held one hand to her head. "Ow... my head feels like it exploded. Did my head explode?" She looked up to see Anthony. "Grandpa? What are you doing here? And why am I on the floor?"

"Thank goodness you're ok," Savannah interrupted.

"Smelling salts. They work every time," Chloe said, snapping the cap back onto the bottle. "It might be best if she went back to her dorm and rest until she feels better," She explained.

"You fainted when you saw the massacre," Savannah said to Reens. She glanced over at the music room entrance and spotted William. 'I should show the police the note," Savannah thought. She stood up and walked over to the manned wolf. "Excuse me?" The feline said.

William turned her head toward the cheetah. "Hello. Were you here when the victim was found?" She asked, gesturing towards the body.

Savannah reached into her pocket and pulled out the bloody note and handed it to the officer. "I found this on the teacher's desk."

William took the piece of paper and began reading it.

"Yeah... I'll do that," Reens groaned, getting up off the floor. Anthony reached out to steady her, but she held up a hand to tell him she was fine. She then started walking towards her dorm room, rubbing her temple as she walked. "Geez, passing out over so much blood... am I really that crazy?"

Suddenly Mel ran out from one of the branching hallways, stopping to look around and double-taking after seeing the hedgehog.

"Reens!" she yelled, sprinting over to the mostly-organic. "I heard someone scream so I went to investigate but then I got lost and then there were sirens and then I found you is everything okay what happened!?!?" the robot said frantically, eyes "wide" with a mix of excitement and fear.

Reens yelped and groaned, holding her head. "Sheesh, don't yell so loud, please? All I know is that somebody got killed in the music room, but I didn't know that till I went there after psych class cause I thought my music class was about to start. I peeked in and there was blood everywhere! Afterwards I passed out and woke up to the smell of peaches and cinnamon and this really pretty dolphin lady. And apparently my grandpa works here cause he was holding me up from the floor." She grimaced and sighed. "Now I've got a massive headache and nausea, so I'm on my way to my dorm to rest and get better."

"Ohmygosh I am so sorry," Mel replied in a quieter, calmer tone. "Okay. I'll leave you alone for a bit while I go check this out," she said before running off towards the scene of the crime.

After reading the note, William looked back at the mutilated body. "Whoever did this has a morbid sense of humor," she muttered. The maned wolf looked at Savannah. "Are you this Savannah the killer is referring too?" William asked.

The cheetah nodded grimly, then looked at floor. "This is all my fault..."

"What?!" William exclaimed. "None of this is you're fault, honey." She put her hand on Savannah's shoulder.

"Yes it is!" She snapped. "If I wasn't here, Aegrine wouldn't have followed and people wouldn't have died!" She screamed, suddenly outraged.

"Uh?!" William gaped in surprise at Savannah's sudden outburst.

The yelling got Chloe's attention. She walked into the room. "Oh my god!" The dolphin yelped when she saw the gruesome scene.

Savannah stormed out of the room, brushing her shoulder against Chloe's. She stomped angrily down and hall and towards her dorm.

Mel quickly walked down to the music room, sidestepping out of Savannah's way and entering the room.

"Whoa, what a bloodbath," she chuckled, eager to learn and/or help as much as possible.

"This poor student was torn to shreds," William kneeled down and looked at the back of the dead student's neck. "The victims neck artery has been cut. A quick and painless death," the maned wolf said.

With a quick nod and a sigh, Reens continued to walk until she reached her dorm room. 'Does Kristy have the key or do I have it? Gah, I can't remember. I guess I'll just go to the commons area and try to rest there or something, I dunno.' Her headache had slightly subsided, but she still felt nauseous.

Outside the academy, a figure was perched on a tree branch. His cold orange eyes peered at Reens through the window. The ebony hedgedragon flared his wings, flying off to another window.

He landed in a different tree outside the music room, hiding in the leaves so he couldn't be seen. Inside the room, William was talking to the robotic avian, Mel. Even though he couldn't hear them, he knew they were talking about the murder.

Aegrine smiled sadistically, marveling at his work. The murder of a student has ruptured Chaos Academy's safety. 'It's possible that the students would have to be sent home if it gets out of hand,' the hybrid thought. 'It doesn't matter. I'm here for Savannah, but I wouldn't mind killing anyone who gets in my way.'

Aegrine's stomach growled. He hasn't eaten in days, yet he felt perfectly fine. 'Maybe now I can find a decent meal,' he thought. A razor-toothed grin spread across his face. He knew the perfect target. Reens. She is wounded and won't be able to protect herself. Because he felt generous, he decided he would kill her quick, so she wouldn't have to feel the pain. Aegrine spread his wings and lifted off into the sky.

An uneasy feeling spread through Reens, but she didn't know if it was caused by her nausea or something else. Just to be safe, she went to the bathroom that was next to the commons area and slipped into a stall, leaning over the toilet just in case she were to throw up.

Outside the bathroom, the sound of glass shattering could be heard. Aegrine looked around. The commons area was strangely barren. He smirked. 'No one else is around. Perfect,' he thought. The hedgedragon turned towards the girls bathroom. He could smell Reens. A grin spread across the evil hybrid's face. 'Time to strike,' he thought.

Reens' ears twitched as she heard the glass break, and she tensed up. She could hear footsteps coming towards her. 'Damn, if only I had my sword right now,' she thought. She swallowed the acidic taste in her throat and went towards the door of the bathroom, shaking. 'If the murderer comes back... could I be next?!?' (I really really really don't want Reens to die, but he could seriously injure her or something)

(She's not going to die. I only plan on killing of characters that I own. Running or holding the door shut would probably be the best options for Reens.)

Aegrine reached the door and turned the knob. He frowned when the door didn't open. His nose twitched. 'She's holding the door closed,' He thought. He turned the knob again, snarling.

(Okay. Sorry, I didn't understand.) Reens was using all of her strength to keep the door closed, using both hands to pull the knob. 'If I hold onto it, he can't reach me.' Her hands were hurting, but she kept holding on. "Please, leave me alone! I've had enough happen to me today! I don't want to die yet!" Her stomach heaved and she let go of the door, running right past Aegrine and outside. Once outside, she threw up on the grass.

Aegrine hissed, surprised at how fast she was able to get away. His ears twitched. He swore. He could hear footsteps coming his way. He spread his wings, flying out of the broken window and disappearing into the nearby forest.

Savannah and William dashed around the corner, seeing the smashed window. "What the heck?" William blurted. Savannah saw Reens outside puking. "Reens!" She yelled, running outside to comfort her friend.

Her ears twitched again, and Reens wiped her mouth with the back of her hand before she stood up, a little woozy. "Savannah?" She looked down and sighed, shaking her head. 'At least I feel a little better now.' "What are you doing out here?"

"Looking for you. Ms. William here said that you were in trouble," Savannah gesture towards the yellow manned wolf.

"Hey, my Police Instincts never lie!" William stated.

The cheetah rolled her eyes and looked back at Reens. "What happened? Are you ok?" She asked.

Reens nodded. "Yeah, I feel better now. Except for the fact that I had a stalker following me! I really feel like he was gonna hurt me or something!" She rubbed her forehead and sighed. "I was heading towards my dorm but I couldn't remember whether I had the key or not, so I went to the commons center, which was kinda empty, and then I felt bad so I went in the bathroom to hurl, but then some guy showed up at the door and tried to get in, so I held the door closed, and I couldn't hold it, so I ran outside to hurl and I ran right past him."

Savannah looked at William, then back at Reens. "What did he look like?" She asked.

"I didn't get a good look at him, to be honest, but he was tall, and dark, and he had wings I think," Reens described as best she could. "I really think he was gonna hurt me or something. Since somebody got murdered here, I think anyone could be next."

"Tall and dark..." Savannah pondered. "Did he have claws?"

"Claws?" Reens rubbed her chin. "If he did, I didn't see them. I was running way too fast to get a good look at his hands."

"Are you saying you know who the murderer is?" William asked, skeptical. "I think so," Savannah replied. "If the murderer is who I think it is, then we are in big trouble."

"He's a psychopathic maniac who likes killing people for fun, and is after you for some reason we don't know, nor do you care to specify it because if you did then he would come after the rest of us and kill us as well, and you would feel very guilty and probably become pretty depressed?" Reens guessed, cocking her head.

"Uh, hey guys," Mel said, walking out the door and into the grass, a small plastic bag in her hand. "We uh, we found something."

Savannah turned to Mel's direction, and so did William.

Mel held out the small bag for them to see, inside were a few strands of near black fur.

"They don't belong to the victim," she explained, "So we think they're the murder's, and if they are, we can use them to identify whoever it is!"

"I think Cheetah Girl already figured out who the murder is," William said, gesturing towards Savannah. "I can't confirm it, but I think the murder is a hedgedragon named Aegrine," she guessed. The feline turned to Reens. "And after 'killing people for fun,' you might want to add 'and devouring their corpse.'"

Reens' face turned green, and she proceeded to vomit again in the same spot she had before. "That's just... cannibalistic!" she yelped in disgust, wiping her mouth. "I really wish I had my room key... or if I do have it I wish I knew where I put it... Sheesh, my head still hurts."

"I can help you to your dorm. Where is it?" Savannah asked, offering a hand to Reens.

"You two can go ahead and do what you want. I have a cannibal to find." William walked off, taking out her radio and informing the other police about their situation.

"You know a gal named Kristy Summers? I room with her, I think we're on the second floor of the girls' dorms, room 213 or something? I dunno," Reens sighed, shaking her head.

"I live on the third floor. Don't think I've seen her before. What does she look like?" Savannah asked.

(I actually don't know what she looks like... Anna never gave a description that was detailed enough on her page. ~Reens)

(Oh. Well that sucks XD -Clairebear165)

(Just go with a "You'll know her when you see her" type thing, ya know? -Xoph-)

"You know..." Savannah pondered out loud. "You could stay at my dorm until you feel better. Or until you remember if you have the key or not. How does that sound?" The cheetah asked.

"Thank Chaos for you, Savannah," Reens breathed in full gratitude. "I'd really appreciate that. I-If that's not too much trouble for you and your roommate. I mean, I don't want to be a bother and just mooch off of you. That wouldn't be very kind of me, would it? I'll even help clean up or something if you need me to."

"It's alright. You don't have to do anything. You're our guest. Or should I say my guest. I don't think I have a roommate yet," Savannah explained. "Besides, I love cleaning. It calms me down."

Reens' face broke into a wide grin, and she hugged Savannah, smiling. "You're awesome! I promise, I'll be a great roommate for you. If there's anything you need to talk to me about, don't hesitate for a second!"

Savannah chuckled, hugging Reens back. "You're welcome," she let go of the hedgehog. The two started walking to the cheetah's dorm, not aware of what William Chrysocyon was getting herself into.

Mel looked around in bewilderment. "I'll just go back to the art room and... clean or... something..." she said to nobody, walking back inside.

(( *literally has no idea whats going on anymore, LOL* -Anna ))

((Me neither. Oh well. -Luna))

Meanwhile, Io was headed back to her dorm, silently. She had no idea what had happened, at least not yet.

Savannah and Reens passed by Io on their way to the cheetah's dorm. Savannah had a paper bag gripped in her left hand just in case Reens was going to vomit again.

Surprisingly, Reens wasn't feeling any more nausea, and she walked happily next to Savannah, humming a song to herself.

"What song is that?" Savannah asked.

"Eh?" Reens grinned. "Oh, it's a song I made up on the spot. Y'know, just humming."

"I can relate," Savannah replied. "You're being pretty chill for someone who just got attacked a a carnivorous hedgedragon."

Io saw the the two of them, and waved.

Reens waved back and smiled. "Hey, wanna hang out with us?" She then turned to Savannah. "I'm using a front to cope with my issues. I don't wanna remember that, so I just push it to the back of my mind to forget it!" She grinned and rubbed her head sheepishly.

"I have trouble forgetting about things. Especially things that would give me nightmares," Savannah said. She noticed Io, smiled and waved at her. "One of your friends?" The cheetah asked Reens.

Io nodded shyly to Reens, walking over. She didn't say a word, she didn't seem to be that talkative.

Reens grinned and draped her arm around Io's shoulder. "Savannah, this is Io. Io, Savannah. She doesn't talk much, but when she does it's pretty awesome!" She removed her arm and took out her phone, pressing the Pandora app. "So, Io, do you have a roomie yet? Last time I saw you you were by yourself."

Io nodded, smiling. "Yes, her name is Meradith. Oh, and nice to meet you, Savannah." She reached out to Savannah for a handshake.

The cheetah shook Io's hand. "Nice to meet you as well, Io," Savannah said to the cat.

Io looked up at Savannah, with her strange heterochromic eyes. They were rather mysterious, perhaps there was something about Io that they didn't know about.

Savannah gave Io a puzzled look. "Is there something wrong?"

Io shook her head no, somewhat blankly.

"Hmm..." The cheetah kept her puzzled look. She shrugged off the strange feeling and turned to Reens. "I have a portable freezer in my dorm. I have Popsicles and ice cream. Do you want some?" Savannah asked the hedgehog. She then turned to Io. "Do you want ice cream too?"

"Uh, s-sure...." Io replied, shyly.

"Um, maybe the Popsicle. I'm actually allergic to dairy," Reens admitted, rubbing her phone case with her thumb. "I can't have anything with milk in it. One taste and I break out in hives." She blushed, the tips of her ears turning red.

Savannah smiled. "Ok then. Don't be embarrassed about it. A lot of people I know are allergic to milk. In fact, four of out my seven brothers are allergic to it."

Reens' blush dissipated, and she cocked her head. "Seven brothers? Talk about raging male hormones. I have a brother too... or, at least, I think I do. He's been missing for years now. That's why I work so hard at my job every day. Aw, Carlos, I miss you..." She sighed and put one earbud in her ear.

"Well I hope he's ok. I'd hate to see you sad," the cheetah put her hand on Reens' shoulder, trying to comfort her friend. "Anyway, my dorm isn't that far," she started walking again.

Io also tried to comfort Reens, giving her a gentle pat on the back.

Meanwhile Mel was walking through the halls downstairs; her posture a little more slouched, her footsteps a little heavier, her servos a little louder. She sighed when she reached the art room, thoughts of her usefulness moving throughout her digital mind. She kneeled down at the corpse that lay on the floor, a feeling of sorrow emerging from within, followed by rage. She was going to do everything possible to hunt this killer down, to make him pay for his crimes. She was going to make sure no more lives were taken, and those that already have been weren't in vain! She was going to--


Something- no, someone was behind her.

"Long time no see. Right, Mel?" the figure said.

One of the other police called in by Lunari, a male German shepherd that goes by the name of Mikey Alsatian, noticed the figure looming behind Mel. He had a pistol in his back pocket if he had to use it. But for now, Mikey would watch and see what happens.

Mel jumped slightly, scrambled to her feet and turning around to face the familiar voice.

A tall, human figure stood at the back of the room by the windows, arms folded and head tilted slightly to the left. He appeared to be wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans; a mop of left-swept brown hair atop his head; and his entire right arm was a large, dark-grey mass ending in sharp, elongated fingers.

It took Mel a second to recognize who stood at the window. "X-Xophtré!?"

"Yep," he casually replied, "And before you ask, I work here."

Mikey raised an eyebrow in suspicion. 'A teacher, huh,' he thought. But he didn't buy it. 'Just wait a little longer...'

Reens smiled and hugged Io before catching up to Savannah. 'Boy, I hope Kristy isn't ticked off at me...'

"Secondly," Xophtré continued, "I already know what happened, so don't bother explaining. This whole thing's already getting a bit redundant."

Mel raised a pseudo-brow.

"Third," he continued once more, "I do- in fact- work here, Mr. Alsatian. You needn't be tense. Plus, me and Mel here are good friends, even if she's a shameless copy of one of my actual friends." He never broke his gaze from the window.

Io seemed pretty shy when Reens hugged her, and did little more than fidget. What a strange girl.

Mikey kept his brow raised. "What are you, a psychic?" The shepherd shook his head. "Sorry about the look. You just seemed a little....sketchy," Mikey said.

Back with William Chrysocyon, she was in another part of the building, near the gym. The manned wolf had asked several students if they had know anything about the attack. Everyone she asked had the same response: No. She sighed and started walking back towards the music room, where the murder had taken place.

William froze. She felt as if she was being watched. The police officer looked around the hallway. No one was in sight. Her hand wavered towards her gun, gripping the handle. She wasn't alone. A deep, raspy, chilling voice hissed behind her. "Hello, Chrysocyon..." The manned wolf didn't have time to take out her pistol and whirl around. She screamed in pain as she felt razor sharp claws digging into her spine.

Savannah screeched to a halt. 'Something bad has happened,' the cheetah thought. She stood perfectly still, as if she was a statue.

Lunari was once again nearby, and came running, before she had a different idea.she leaned up against the wall, focusing so she could use her powers. Soon enough, her signature power had taken effect; her body was unconscious, but her spirit was elsewhere, continuing on towards the source of the scream.

Aegrine was having some trouble dragging the dead manned wolf out of the window from whence he entered, unaware of Lunari's presence. "Yesh, why are dead people heavier than live people?" He muttered to himself. He finally managed to drag William's body out of the window. The hedgedragon jabbed the talons on his feet into her back. Aegrine flared his large wings, and with one powerful gust, he lifted into the air, carrying William with him.

Lunari's spirit had caught up just in time to see Aegrine take off. She wasn't in time to save the victim, which was what she was planning on, so now all she could do was try to distract Aegrine and hope someone noticed. "Hey!!!" Lunari screamed, trying to get the attention of Aegrine and anyone nearby.

Aegrine stopped moving and hovered in the air. "Who said that?" he hissed, looking around. He started flying again, over to a nearby tree. He landed on a tree limb, which creaked under Aegrine and William's body's weight.

Xophtré chuckled. "No, no. I'm just aware of certain walls and how to break them. And I understand why you might think I'm... untrustworthy... but, I can be trusted. Right, Mel? Vouch for me."

The robotic bird looked around a little frantically. "I-I heard someone scream!"

"You know Mel, I've gotten to the point in my life where I simply don't care if someone screams," he replied. "However, there's another murderous psychopath around here, and that, well..." he chuckled, turning his head to face those present, revealing a blood red iris among the dark grey void that is his right eye, "That we simply cannot allow, so for this day I will care." He walked over to the broken window. "Now if you'll excuse me, some girl's disembodied spirit is calling for attention, perhaps she knows where our sub-par amateur is hiding. I'll be by the gym if you need me. Ciao!" With that he jumped out the broken window.

Mel quickly looked between the broken window and the door, unsure whether to go after him or find whoever screamed. After quick consideration she went for the door and headed towards the gym.

Lunari's spirit caught up with Aegrine, and floated up to the tree. "What are you doing here?!? Why are you here? Who are you?" Lunari started, trying to stay calm, though the way she was asking rapid-fire questions showed how nervous she was.

"None of you're business," Aegrine growled, "now get lost." The hedgedragon bared his teeth, which looked like they could tear through skin and flesh like scissors gliding through paper.

Savannah suddenly dashed past Reens and towards the gym without saying anything.

"No!" Lunari screamed, even louder, once again trying to get someone's attention. Fortunately, in her signature spirit form, she at least didn't have to worry about the intimidating looking claws yet. As long as Aegrine didn't find where Lunari left her body behind, that was...

Aegrine hissed. "You're lucky you're a spirit, or I would have torn you apart by now..." He flared his wings, preparing to fly away before anyone else saw him.

Lunari once again tried to block Aegrine's path, though since she was a spirit this wouldn't exactly work. "Stop! Now!" She insisted.

"You're not the boss of me, kid. I don't have to listen to you. You are inferior to me!" The hedgedragon screeched. Aegrine flapped his wings, stepping off the tree branch and hovering in the air.

Lunari was starting to get frustrated with this endless game, not being able to do anything but slow the killer down. She said nothing, but stayed put, giving Aegrine a death glare.

A small smirk grew on Aegrine's face. "That's a good echidna. If I were you, I would kept my trap shut," he shrugged, "but I'm not you." He was about to fly away, but turned back to Lunari's spirit, his gaze seeming to turn the air cold. "Oh, and tell the cheetah I said hello." And with that, Aegrine soared off and into a nearby forest, carrying William's dead body with him.

Lunari screamed one last time. "NO!!!"

Aegrine's only reply was a loud, ear splitting roar that could possibly shatter glass.

What neither Lunari nor Aegrine might've expected, was that the collective noise might've woken up something in the forest.. But something was woken up, and judging from the gathering storm clouds and sudden onset of lightning in the area that something was quite unhappy.

Fourth Period!

Aegrine noticed the sudden change in weather, but paid it no mind. He landed near a stream, dropping William's bloody corpse onto the grass.

Xophtré ran out from one of the school's corners, blades of grass sticking to his humanoid form. "Dammit! I should've been faster!" he yelled to himself. He looked up at the emerging storm, "Well, this should be fun," he said, cracking a smile.

As Mel and Savannah were both making their way towards the gym, one of them might stumble across Lunari's body, slumped over on the floor against the wall. She didn't seem hurt, so what had happened? Was she asleep?

A bolt of lightning happened to strike one of the trees next to Aegrine, sending it toppling over as the smoke cleared to reveal a greyish green wolf with a royal blue streak in his tail. With Marigold eyes, a lightning bolt tattoo with the same color on his forehead and a tan muzzle. The wolf's fur was practically saturated in electricity, and he gave a wide grin when he saw Aegrine.

"Hi!" The wolf waved, seemingly ignoring the corpse in the grass. "I'm Mars~!"

Aegrine jumped at Mars' sudden appearance. "What the?!" The hedgedragon scowled.

"What's your name~?" He asked cheerily, bouncing all over the place.

"I can't tell you, then I would have to kill ya," Aegrine smirked slightly.

"Kill me? Pffft! Good one dude~!" Mars laughed, whether he was mocking Aegrine or he thought it was a joke was unknown.

Aegrine frowned. "I'm not joking."

Mars just kept laughing and carrying on. "Oh silly mystery friend, you couldn't kill me even if you tried~!" A cold vibe might emanate through the air, as the naive and cheerful grin on Mars face suddenly didn't look so cheerful or naive.

Aegrine raised an eyebrow, only slightly intimidated. His left foot drifting over to the dead body's arm.

Xophtré felt something that was... off... that there was something powerful nearby, something he would like to take as a challenge. He grinned, his teeth elongating into sharp points as he walked into the forest.

Aegrine crossed his arms, his curved talons curling around William's limp arm. "So, what do you want?"

"Awwwww, I was hoping you would try to kill me~" Mars giggled, as if repeating a really funny joke. "You did say you would have to kill me after all, so can you~?"

Aegrine shifted his gaze towards the corpse, preferring to ignore Mars' remarks. His foot talons dug deeper into William's arm.

Depressed, Lunari's spirit floated off, to return to her body. Either Mel or Savannah would spot her in this strange state, or find her unconscious body.

Io saw the storm clouds gathering over the forest, and grew curious. She made her way towards the forest. Her friends wouldn't be there to help her investigate, but she would be fine in her own...

'Geez, everyone's always leaving me in the dust,' Reens groaned internally, following at a safe distance behind Savannah. 'Am I always this late to the party?'

Io might find the source to be a wolf who's fur was completely saturated in electricity, the very same wolf who was speaking to the murderous hedgedragon named Aegrine.

Xophtré stood next to Io, hands in the pockets of his hoodie. "Yo, wassup?" he asked.

Io's eyes darted over to Xophtré, curiously. "Nothing of interest, yet. And yourself?"

"Just waiting to see where this goes," he replied, eager for it to be a fight among psychopaths. There was something very off-putting about him, something Io could probably sense.

Aegrine froze. The wind had shifted and brought both Io and Xophtré's scent to him. He looked down at the corpse. His foot had a firm grip on the arm. He jerked his foot, dislodging William's shoulder joint.

Lightning struck the odd wolf, yet instead of hurting him he seemed to be energized by it, electricity sparking all over his fur. "C'mon C'mon C'mon C'mon!!" He cheered, bouncing around and letting out electricity haphazardly.

"I'm not in the mood," Aegrine glanced at Mars, "I get cranky when I'm hungry." He tugged on the arm again, pulling it out of the arm socket.

"Chaos above. Could this get any worse?!?"  Reens growled as her hands balled into fists, shimmering orbs of water forming around them. She slowed to a halt, trying to decide her next move.

Savannah eventually caught up with Reens, who, along with Mel, Xophtré, and Io, were watching Mars and Aegrine.

Seeing this, Io gagged, looking away. She would usually step in and stop this, but it was already too late for the poor fellow Aegrine had killed.

Mars sulked, though his electrical output rising when he saw the orbs of water floating around the gathered group. A warning maybe?

Aegrine scanned the group. He stopped when he landed on Savannah, and grinned. "Why hello, my friend. How have you been?"

Savannah sneered, "We are not friends." On the outside, the cheetah looked tough, but on the inside, she was terrified. He could kill anyone instantly if they were to let their guard down.

"Keep those water orbs away from me or else something reeeeeaaaallly bad will happen~" Mars spoke, the cheer in his voice getting down right disturbing.

Reens' growl slightly increased. "That's the guy who wanted to kill me in the bathroom," she hissed under her breath. She snuck a look at Mars, nodding over to the water orbs. 'Those aren't for you,' she mouthed, sticking one foot in front of her.

Aegrine smirked, "Why, hello again, hedgehog," he said. The hedgedragon looked down at the corpse. He ripped the manned wolf's arm off and shredded the sleeves and gloves. Blood soaked the ground from both the arm and where it has been removed.

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Mars fired a bolt of electricity at Reens, his grin ever present yet oh so wrong. "No! Get your own playmate! He's mine to play with~!"

"Playmate?" Aegrine hissed. He bit down into William's arm, drawing more blood.

"Heheeh~ Yup! You look like lotsa fun~!" Mars cheered, before turning to stare at Reens with the grin gone from his face.

Aegrine rolled his eyes and continued to devour the flesh off of the severed arm.

"Jeez, and I thought I was bad," Xophtré commented on Mars under his breath, "Oh wait, I still am. I just suppress everything and act mature." 

'But what's suppressed eventually rises up and takes control, Xoph,' a raspy voice said in the back of his mind. 

"Aah!" Reens dodged the bolt, escaping with only a few singed quills. "Ooh, now you're gonna get it Sparky!" She took a deep breath and put the water orbs together, summoning a large wall of water in front of her. The strain on her face was present, sweat pouring down one side of it. 

Mars stood up, raising his right hand as if pointing up. "Hey~! You notice all these wonderful storm clouds, because I can call the lightning down~!"

Savannah looked up at the clouds. "Lightning..." she muttered. The word triggered something in her memory. It was back when she was with her family in Efrika. A small village by the name of Safana. Savannah, along with her seven brothers and two sisters, would sit by the campfire as their mother told stories.

"Several thousand years ago, there was a crane," Savannah's mother would say. "Nobody knew his real name, so he goes by The Divine Spark." Savannah's youngest brother raised his hand. "Why was he called that?" the young cheetah would ask.

"The Divine Spark got his name because his ability to call down lightning," Savannah's mother replied. "But the lightning wasn't ordinary. It was pure white and gave off a positive vibe. People say that the lightning came from the heavens itself, and that The Divine Spark was a angel in disguise."

This happened years ago, when Savannah was just a kitten. But why did it only come back to her now? Here, surrounded by people she didn't know (Other than Reens of course), and a cannibalistic hedgedragon who had tried to kill her several times in the past. She shook her head, pulling herself back into reality.

"This is the gift of Lord Zessus, I am his champion~ Tell me girl, are you ready to face the lightning?" Mars asked, a derisive sneer on his face.

"You should remember one thing, Sparky. Water absorbs lightning!" Reens yelled as she thrust her hands down, the wall of water rushing towards him. "Tidal Wave!"

Mars reacted quickly, jumping onto a tree branch he called down a bolt of lightning in an attempt to strike Reens, or distract her while he hopped around the branches.

"Hey! Please stop fighting!" Savannah yelled.

Reens perked her ears up as she kept trying to find a way to drench Mars. "Why should I? He's getting in the way!"

If Reens took a second or two to glance around, she may notice that Mars was leaving orbs of electricity every time he hopped around branches. "You're quite fun~! Fun~! Fun~! Fun~!!" He giggled, before covering his entire body in his signature electrical shield and bolting towards her using electricity to augment his speed and reflexes.

Without thinking, Savannah dashed in front of Reens. She realize too late that she had made a mistake. Mars collided with the cheetah. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, waiting for the searing pain of electricity coursing through her.

Surprisingly enough, Savannah received a mild shock from contact. Far less than what she might have been expecting. "Gh~! No fun no fun no fun~!!" He whined, rubbing his head from the collision with Savannah.

Savannah opened her eyes. "Huh? It.." She was at lost for words. The cheetah looked down at her hands. White electricity was crackling on her fingertips. "W-Wha?!" She backed up.

Mars blinked. "Eeeeh, you have the blessing of Lord Zessus as well...? Forgive me." He replied, bowing his head in supplication. He thinks Savannah has been blessed by the great Lord of the Skies and seemed unwilling to fight, whether or not that was actually true was a different story.

"Lord ... Zessus?" Savannah muttered. "The Divine Spark?"

Xophtré, along with Mel and Io, stood in the back and watched. "So, is uhh... is something gonna happen with us? 'Cause to be honest, I'm kinda bored," Xoph said.

Savannah's head was spinning. 'Lord Zessus? Is that The Divine Spark's real name? Is this Divine Lightning? AGG!' The cheetah held her head.

"Unfortunately I cannot do battle with another champion of Zessus..." Mars pouted. "... Including his or her companions.." It's possible that the 'Lord Zessus' Mars speaks of is the divine lightning, or another civilization's variation of it, however it's more than likely that this 'divine spark' and 'Lord Zessus' are two differing entities.

"I don't fight unless I have no choice," Savannah said, electricity still dancing on her fingertips and spreading to her arm.

Mars blinked. "But the fight is over, I cannot attack you or those you deem as companions unless you break the tenets our lord Zessus has bestowed upon those he blessed as his champions..."

Reens let her hands down, water pooling around her as she sank to her knees from exhaustion. She looked up at Aegrine, then back to Savannah and Mars, then over to the rest of the group, then back to Aegrine. "I have no idea what just happened here, but I think I'm gonna take a nap once this is over."

Savannah raised an eyebrow. 'What is he talking about?' The cheetah thought.

"Hah. The murder is standing three feet away from you and you don't even bat an eye?" Aegrine taunted. William's body was reduced to bones and shredded clothing.

Xophtré turned and faced Aegrine. "It's not that, you worthless wannabe," he said, "Our attention was just in other places."

Aegrine narrowed his eyes and hissed. "I don't take insults too well..."

"Neither do I competition," Xophtré replied, a light smirk on his face.

"Awww, now I can't have fun.. Unless..~" Mars sulked, before a realization popped in and he gave that trademark eerily wide grin of his while staring at Aegrine.

Aegrine gave Mars a murderous look. "What are you looking at, furbrain?"

"Ohhhh nothing~" Mars giggled, hopping on a tree branch and sitting down.

Aegrine rolled his eyes, then glanced over to the exhausted Reens. He flared his wings, grabbed Reens' arm with his bloodstained feet talons, and dragged her into another tree.

"Reens!" Mel yelled, first to react. She ran forward before igniting her turbine, soaring over to the hedgedragon. "You get off of her!" She said as she landed, grabbing Aegrine by the base of his wings. She pulled hard, attempting to pry him off of her friend.

"Mel, it's great you wanna help, but might I advise not pulling so hard because he has his talons in my arm flesh?!?" Reens yelled, trying to hit him with her robotic arm.

Aegrine hissed, smoke billowing from his mouth. He turned, slashing at Mel with his free hand. His claws made a gash in her robotic body. "One more bad move and the hedgehog gets roasted," the hedgedragon threatened.

"NO!" Savannah yelled. The sky crackled with thunder. Whether it was caused by Mars or Savannah was unknown. The white electricity now enveloped the cheetah's entire body. "LEAVE HER ALONE!!!" White lightning struck the tree, sending it up in flames.

Aegrine roared. He was hit point blank with electricity. The hedgedragon let go of Reens and knocked Mel out of the tree, letting both of them tumble to the ground.

Reens hit the ground headfirst, then slumped around herself, cradling her arm with her robotic arm. 'Oh Chaos, Mel...' She looked up and crawled over to Mel, looking her over with concern. "Mel? Are... are you okay? Geez, that jerk... Please be okay..."

Savannah stared at what she had done, dumbfounded. 'How did I do that?' She repeatedly asked herself. The feline got over her shock (No pun intended) and ran over to Reens and Mel, dragging them away from the burning tree.

"Hey, don't drag too hard, okay? Mel's hurt," Reens groaned, ignoring her own pain. "He got her pretty bad."

"Sorry," Savannah said. She checked on Mel. Deep claw marks were embedded in the robotic bird's chest. "Oh dear..." the cheetah remarked. She scanned the tree for Aegrine. 'There is no way he could have survived that,' Savannah thought. She didn't see the hedge-dragon's burning corpse. The feline's ears perked up. Over the crackling thunderstorm, she could hear wingbeats. Savannah came to a conclusion. The murderer survived the lightning strike, and got away.

"Maaaan, are you people done with all this boring stuff yeeet~?" Mars asked, fidgeting around.

Savannah turned and glowered at Mars. "Two people nearly died and all you care about is being bored?!" She growled. The cheetah dropped the tough guy act and tipped her head towards the ground, sighing. "There are a lot of messed up people in the world. There isn't anything anyone can do about it," Savannah said, almost in a whisper.

"Well, actually, there is," Xophtré said to the cheetah before leaning his imposing six feet forward, coming face-to-face with her and looking her in the eye, "But it isn't gonna happen if you stand around doing nothing." He stood mostly upright. "So, have we a plan? Or do you want me to go after the inexperienced half-slice by myself?"

"Am I supposed to feel something for two people I just met? Sounds kinda fishy..." Mars replied offhandedly. "Now I could make things worse, but I'd lose any entertainment value..."

Xophtré turned and gave Mars a hard, almost disturbingly stern stare before turning back to face Savannah.

"Aegrine has survived many things that would kill the average person," Savannah stopped talking and pondered. "Then again, we are not average people."

"Yeah, and?" Xoph asked somewhat impatiently.

"The point is that Aegrine is an expert stalker. At least, that is what he claims," Savannah said. "He could easily kill you if you were to let your guard down."

Reens sat up, cradling her arm again. "I know that's true," she mumbled. "He tried to kill me in a freakin' bathroom, for Chaos' sake. I was already feeling bad 'cause of the murder, and he had to show up and make everything worse."

"You're lucky you don't have any fatal wounds. You're even luckier that Aegrine didn't kill you," Savannah said, turning towards Reens.

"Luck has nothing to do with it. Compared to you, my luck is like a broken water fountain. It still works, but the water flow is weak," Reens admitted. "Everything in my life has gone down the drain, except for Grandpa and Grandma. They're the only family members that care."

"I feel sorry for you," Savannah replied. "Though, I've never known the feeling of abandonment."

Mars gave Xophtré the traditional bored glance, he didn't really care all that much about the people here so why start now?  "Welp, while you guys waste your time i'm going off to find something to eat, Ja ne." 

Xophtré sighed. He looked around at the small group. Reens, who was bruised and sore. Savannah, with small amounts of electricity in her fur. Mel, who's torn chassis lay lifeless in the grass. He put his hand on his face and took a deep breath. "Well, I guess we're going after him ourselves," he said quietly, seemingly to no one. He turned away from the group and started to walk.

Savannah noticed Xophtré leaving. She then turned to Io. "Take care of these two, alright?" She said before rising to her feet and running after Xophtré. "No way I'm letting you go alone," the cheetah said.

"You're either extremely brave or extremely foolish, following us into a fight," the not-quite human said, his stride remaining unbroken.

"I've been doing death-defying stuff ever since I meet Isaac, so I'm used to fights," Savannah replied. "Then again, aren't we all used to stuff trying to kill us?" She asked, a small smile growing on her face.

"Perhaps," he replied, "But it's honestly been so long I don't remember the feeling." He looked up at the sky. The clouds began to part, small beams of sunlight breaching the gaps. "Then again, nobody ever dares try to take me down."

"I'll say, you do look pretty intimidating," Savannah complimented. She walked over to the exit of the forest. Looking around, something quivered inside her. Before moving into her dorm, Savannah had taken the time to explore the campus. During the tour, she had found a clearing behind the greenhouse with a broken down fountain. The cheetah turned to Xophtré. "I think I know where Aegrine went," and with that, she took off.

"Wha- oh, come on!" He ran after her, his long legs allowing him to catch up quickly.

Savannah stopped at the edge of the broken water fountain. There wasn't any water flowing at all. She looked up into the tree. A black tail was sticking out of the leaves and deep, steady breathing rattled Savannah to her core.

Lunari was still in her spirit form, as she was way too depressed to go back after Aegrine got away from her. She had spotted Savannah when she had came past and followed her, silently. Now she was watching the scene, ready for a chance to hop in.

"He's asleep," Savannah whispered. Without even knowing what she was doing, she started to climb the tree.

"Psst. Let me help..." Lunari whispered to Savannah, going up the tree as well.

Savannah froze mid step and nearly lost her grip. "Who said that?" She whispered.

"What the hell are you doing, trying to get yourself killed!?" Xophtré yelled behind grit teeth, trying to stay as quiet a possible. It's not that he cared about her, he just didn't want Aegrine's kill count rising.

Aegrine's breathing stopped, and Savannah froze once more. She waited, waited for his breathing to start again. The cheetah stood completely motionless for several seconds. The hedgedragon's breathing cycle returned. Savannah sighed in relief and glared at Xophtré.

Lunari gently waved, trying to get Savannah's attention. "Relax, alright? Look at me- I'll be fine." Without another word, Lunari half climbed, half floated the rest of the way up the tree to see Aegrine.

The hedgedragon was fast asleep, curled up on the thick tree branch and one hand on his stomach.

Lunari observed this for a moment, before heading back down the tree. "So, what's the plan?" She asked the two of them.

Reens looked over Mel, trying to see if there was anything she could do. "Dammit, Mel. Chaos dammit. Why did you do that? I get you wanted to save me, I do, but why? You shouldn't have gotten hurt," she moaned, putting her head on her knees and wincing. "I should've been faster... I should've been less stupid..."

Meanwhile, Io had wandered off, and had finally returned, to see Reens and Mel. She walked over to the two of them, wondering what had happened.

Savannah pondered for a moment before shaking her head. "No clue. I've never been a leader before."

"Me neither... maybe we could ambush him?" Lunari suggested.

Looking up slightly, Reens saw Io. "Oh, hey..." She trailed off, her eyes brimming with tears. "Mel really got hurt... and it's all my fault... and I don't know what to do... I'm a terrible friend... Why did Aegrine want me anyhow? I get it, I was weak... I don't want to be weak..."

Io reached over to dry Reens' tears, and give her a pat on the shoulder. "It's not your fault, dear. Relax." She said, with a small sigh. "I wish I could help her, but I'm not good with machinery... Are you?" She asked.

Reens nodded her head slightly. "I fixed her once... but with the damage she's sustained, I'm not sure I could do it again. She's got multiple lacerations on her chest, her lower half seems to be damaged, and her arms are missing vital circuitry. If I had tools with me, it wouldn't be a problem, but I left them in my dorm, and I don't remember the number of it... or have the key," she sighed, running a hand through her hair.

"Well, if you remember which room is yours, I could help get you in...." Io offered, showing Reens her wooden staff. Io was a mage, after all.

"You can't even touch him, I barley have any physical strength, but emo kid over here might be able to take him," Savannah replied.

"True... but maybe we could gather up more people to help." Lunari said, thinking out loud.

"That's a sensible idea. I'll go get other..." Savannah's voice wavered. "I smell smoke. Do you smell smoke?"

"No, I don't..." Lunari answered, looking around.

Savannah looked up at the tree Aegrine was perched in. Smoke tendrils crawled through the bushy leaves.

"First of all, kitty-cat, I'm no emo," Xophtré responded bitterly, "Secondly, he's nothing compared to what I've taken down." He sniffed the air and smelling the mixture of chemicals, looked up to see them billowing from underneath the greenery. "And third, I do believe he knows we're here."

"Wha-" the cheetah didn't have time to finish that thought before all three of them were engulfed in icy-blue flames.

Xophtré instinctively raised his arms, a wall of dark-grey sludge rising from the ground and forming a protective dome around the three in an instant. His right eye, along with Lunari's spirit form illuminated the interior with a mix of red and light blue.

Before Lunari could even notice that they were shielded, Lunari used her power in a panic. She darted over to Savannah, phasing into her and... staying there. The two couldn't see her anymore, what happened?

Savannah blinked in confusion. "Whoa. Quick thinking," she said to Xophtré. The cheetah looked around. "Wait, where is the echidna?"

"I'm right here..." Oddly, Savannah could hear Lunari's voice in her head.

"If my roommate remembered to tell me where our room was, I'd know," Reens grumbled under her breath. "Chaos dammit..." She looked Mel over again, making sure she hadn't missed any damage, and sighed. "Maybe I could go to the front desk?"

Not Too Far From the Chaos Academy...

"I don't wanna go!" Sixteen year old Chloe-Su told her mom angrily as they drove to the Chaos Academy.

"The Chaos Academy isn't far, and they have good teachers," Lara-Su told her in irritation.

"I still don't wanna go! I want to be a Guardian!" Chloe-Su shot back, scowling. "And Edmund didn't have to go!"

"You're grandfather and I had a similar disagreement. You'll get over it. And leave your brother out of this."

Chloe-Su let out a grumpy huff as the Chaos Academy came into view. The car stopped and Chloe-Su hopped out with her backpack strapped to her back.

"I still wanna be a Guardian," she repeated.

"And you're still going to the Chaos Academy," Lara-Su told her. "Have fun!" Then Lara-Su drove away, and Chloe-Su started walking to the Chaos Academy, muttering complaints under her breath. Chloe-Su then entered the school, still griping about not being a Guardian.

Chloe-Su sat on the bed in her dorm, still grumbling over the matter. And whatever was happening during the Fourth Period was not helping her, especially since a teacher booted her out for not obeying the dress code. And what didn't help was that she didn't know about it and that she didn't have anything that was acceptable for the dress code.

"Can this get ANY WORSE?!!" Chloe-Su shouted, scaring a Flicky and several other birds that were sitting on a window sill. It was a bad day for Chloe-Su.

Chloe-Su browsed Netflix and put on Person of Interest while she wrote in her notepad to remember to get a school uniform, get the class schedule, and to never buy a garlic press. Then the young Echidna turned off the TV when the episode was over and fell right to sleep, waiting for her new roommate to arrive. Chloe-Su sensed that something strange was going on, so while she went into REM sleep, her brain searched around for what was happening. It was Lunari and Savannah mentally communicating. Chloe-Su felt slightly guilty for spying, but watched in her mind as they talked.

'You're in my mind?' Savannah mentally asked Lunari. A small smile grew on her face. 'Awesome!' She shouted internally.

Diaspore whirled around and shot a sphere of fire at Chloe-Su.

"Uh, y-yeah..." Lunari replied, somewhat awkwardly. She didn't expect Savannah to understand so quickly. "This is my power."

However, there was another conversation happening within Xophtré's mind.

'What do you propose we do?' Xophtré silently asked his other half.

'I don't know,' a harsh, raspy voice replied, 'You got us into this mess, you get us out.'

'Yeah, you're really helpful Ins, really helpful.' He sighed. "Alright..." he said out loud.

"Hmmm..." Chloe-Su stirred from sleep and immediately recalled the conversation that had occurred. She shook her head in confusion, trying to discern whether that was a dream or not, including Diaspore attacking her.

"I wonder what is going on..."  She could only wonder.

Chloe-Su remembered to buy her school uniform, which was the most uncomfortable outfit she had ever worn.

"How can anyone stand this thing?!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "The skirt's too short!" 

She felt terrible that she had gotten the wrong size of skirt. 

"Serves me right for not being patient enough to at least go into the changing room to try it on and see how it fit." 

Chloe-Su adjusted her glasses, loosened the tie, which she positively loathed, and went to class. Unfortunately, she got booted out again, this time for getting the wrong skirt size.

"HYPOCRITES!" Chloe-Su shouted as she slammed the door to the dorm. Then she threw herself on her bed face first, and just laid there. Then ten minutes later, she started scribbling away in her journal, still irritated with the dress code.

_____________________________________________________________________________________Savannah looked at her hand. 'Maybe I can summon divine lightning again,' she thought. The cheetah frowned. 'But I don't know how.' Her ears perked up. She could hear footsteps just outside the sludge dome. "C'mon out of that shield, you wimps!" Aegrine rasped.

A wide smile grin formed on Xophtré's face after hearing Aegrine's demands. He was going to do something... dramatic...

From outside, a segment of the dome opened somewhat mechanically, though only shadows could be seen inside.

"It's the championship match, folks!" Xophtré said in a louder, announcer type voice, "Today's battle will be nothing like any you've ever seen before; two psychopaths, one of which will emerge victorious! The other, dead. In one corner: the newcomer, with talons as sharp as his senses, Aegrine!" He paused, as if for an audience's response, "And in the other corner: the defending champion for countless millennia strait! Give it up for the interdimensional destroyer of worlds, Xophtré!!!" He stepped out from the dome's shadows, striking a pose as he announced himself. After a second he brought himself to his normal posture and looked Aegrine in the eye, smiling. "Alright. Let's do this."

Aegrine returned Xophtré's smile with his own. "May the strongest psychopath win." He suddenly lunged at Xophtré, talons outstretched, ready to snare Xophtré's throat and rip out.

Lunari was quite nervous about this. "Should I go help him?" She asked Savannah, mentally.

'I don't know. Can you even help him?', Savannah replied internally.

"Yeah, the same way I'm here right now. Watch this." Lunari answered. Savannah would feel a major power boost.

Savannah shivered. 'Whoa. What did you do?' she asked.

The power boost faded. "I can lend my energy when I'm like this. Neat, right?" Lunari answered.

Xophtré smiled and cracked his knuckles. The instant Aegrine was close, he raised his arm and caught the hedgedragon by the face. "You know, I could just crush your skull right now, ending this whole subplot in an instant," He said in a cold tone, pressure increasing beneath his fingers. "But I'm not going to." He brought Aegrine close to his face. "Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've killed? Too long! So I'm gonna play nice, and let you live for the moment."

"And I'm gonna make you suffer."

"And I'm gonna make it last."

"And I'm going to enjoy. EVERY. SINGLE. MOMENT." He threw forcefully Aegrine to the ground, a wide, crooked, sharp toothed smile plastered on his face.

A pained screech emitted from Aegrine's throat as he hit the ground.

Savannah flinched, as if she could also feel the impact. "Owie," she said out loud.

Aegrine rose to his feet, beating his wings and lifting into the air. He hovered in the air for a moment before dashing over to a tree. He uprooted it, tossed it into the air, then kicked it, sending the tree hurdling towards Xophtré.

'Y-Yea...', Savannah replied. There was a stammer in her voice.

Xophtré jumped backwards, avoiding the tree. As he landed he threw his arms back, four large, dark-grey tendrils emerging from his back and waving carelessly in the air. He looked at Agerine, smirking.

Aegrine let out a blood-curdling roar, and flew at Xophtré, smoke billowing from his mouth.

"Eep!" Lunari seemed to be nervous too.

Xoph widened his stance and smiled viciously at Aegrine, attempting to anticipate his next move.

However, anticipation can- and did- fail.

The full-on charge attack was a fake-out. Aegrine veered around behind Xophtré, and blasted him with searing hot flames as blue as the evening sky, wilts avoiding the tentacles.

Xophtré let out a cry of pain as the intense heat scorched his back, his sludge body bubbling under the flames. The psychopath collapsed into a misshapen, droopy mess, his structure weakened from the heat.

At this point, Savannah might even feel Lunari flinch. "Alright, I have to go help." With that, she left Savannah, and then Savannah could see her again. She waved, before floating off, making her way over to Xophtré as fast as she possibly could. She yelped in pain when she hit the flames, (which probably alerted Aegrine to her presence) but still found her way over to Xophtré. She phased into his body, just like she did with Savannah, and lent Xophtré some of her energy so he could recover.


Chloe-Su continued to watch as the events occurred. She still couldn't tell reality from imagination, but she could tell this was real. "Sons of Dimitri..." Chloe-Su wanted to help Xophtré, but she knew that an interrogation would follow, and she would be forced to admit that she saw and heard everything. And for her, that could mean her or someone else's life.


Reens held Mel's body to her as she went to the dorms, finally remembering which one was hers. It turned out she had a key after all, so she swept it through the slot, grabbed her tools, and locked it again in a matter of minutes. She sped back out to where the others were, feeling ill as they fought. 'Now to fix Mel,' Reens whispered to herself, laying Mel on the grass.

Io was still following Reens, and kept one eye on the fight to make sure that Reens and Mel wouldn't get hit with anything.


Savannah's eyes widened in surprise when Xophtré's body melted. "He's not human...?" she asked herself. She realized that he was made out of the same substance of the dome she was in. The cheetah climbed out of the dome and rushed into the fight, not knowing at all what she could do to help.

Aegrine now hovered in front of Xophtré. "Heh. Can't take the heat, sludge boy?" he taunted. He charged another fire-breath attack, paying no mind to Lunari or her actions. "Not so strong now are yo- UH!?" The hedgedragon stopped mid-sentence when something jumped onto his back.

"Stop hurting him, lizard breath!" Savannah screamed. She started hitting Aegrine in the head with her fist, using her other hand to hold onto his shoulder so she wouldn't fall off.

"GAH! Get off me!" Aegrine wailed. He started flailing about, trying to throw Savannah off his back.


"Wrench, pliers, welder, nuts, bolts, screws... everything's here." Reens started up the welder, clicking it until the fire sparked. She then started to weld Mel's chest, making sure her goggles and gloves were on.


Now, Lunari was torn. If she kept healing Xophtré, she would need a few minutes to recover, and might not be able to help Savannah when she needed it most. But, if she helped Savannah now, Xoph might end up getting worse... Lunari couldn't make up her mind.

'Look, I know you want to help, but I can handle this...' Xophtré told her mentally, 'Besides, there are things in here that could destroy you, and while I normally wouldn't care, you are kinda important. Now go help Savannah. I got this, trust me.'


"No!" Chloe-Su watched in her mind as Lunari couldn't decide what to do. "I'm going to help her!"

Chloe-Su appeared before Lunari in her "Chaos Chloe-Su" form and spoke.

"I can help, but we have to hurry! Will you accept my assistance?" Chaos Chloe-Su asked, feeling panicky.

Savannah yelped in pain as Aegrine's claws dug into her arm. She was flung off of his back and hit a tree with a sickening snap.

'Go help her!' Xophtré commanded.

"Okay!" Lunari answered, leaving Xophtré. She barely even had time to notice Chloe-su before she dashed over to Savannah's aid, joining with her again. "Savannah, are you alright?"

Meanwhile, Chloe-Su asked Xophtré, "Are you going to be alright, Xophtré?"

"Yes, now leave me alone!" he yelled, irritated. By then his body had cooled enough for stand up, albeit a little shakily.

Chloe-Su was slightly startled by Xophtré snapping at her, but understood he was having a hard time, so she simply nodded in reply. Then she disappeared, returning to her body at her dorm.

Savannah groaned. "Y-Yea. I'm ok," she replied. "AH!" she cringed in pain. "M-My arm is broken..."

"Alright. I don't know how well I can fix it, but I'll try..." Lunari replied, mentally, starting to work on healing Savannah's arm.

Savannah flinched. "Thanks," she replied.

"Hey, no problem." Lunari responded, mentally, before going silent so she could focus on healing.


Wiping sweat off her forehead, Reens looked at her welding work. "Almost good as new," she said with a relieved sigh. "Now to start on her limbs." She looked towards the battlefield and winced. "Chaos, watch over them...


"Hey, emo kid. Are you going to attack or not?" Aegrine growled, the gust of his wings kicking up dirt. "Or are you just going to sit there?" He narrowed his eyes, turning towards Savannah. "Might as well finish what I came here to do in the first place..." He flapped his wings, lunging at the cheetah.

Io saw this, and dashed over to join the battle, though she knew she was too slow to stop Aegrine.

"MOVE!" Lunari shouted, in Savannah's mind. It was moments like this where she wished she could control her host, if only just for a moment...

Savannah's reflexes kicked in. She rolled out of the way, Aegrine's talons digging into the tree. Thanks for the warning, uh...I never got you're name, the cheetah said mentally.

"Lunari..." Lunari answered.

Well, nice to meet you Lunari, Savannah answered back, quickly getting up.

"You too." Lunari answered.

Suddenly, a magic shield went up between Savannah and Aegrine. This was Io's work. "Savannah! Take the ghost girl and get out of here!" She shouted, clearly intent on buying them some time, and apparently knowing about Lunari.

Savannah looked between Aegrine and Xophtré. As much as she wanted to help, she couldn't do anything but slow Aegrine down. The cheetah turned an ran in the direction of the school.

While Lunari was still working on Savannah's arm, she was wondering something. "How did that girl know about me?" She was thinking, unwittingly letting Savannah hear her.

I don't know. I saw something...odd....when I looked into her eyes, Savannah piped up.

"Really? I must have missed it..." Lunari answered.


Chloe-Su used her powers to continuously keep an eye on Xophtré. She was willing to avoid irritating him, but she wasn't going to abandon him either. Chloe-Su also kept an eye on Lunari and Savannah as well. 

Chloe-Su heard as well what Lunari was thinking, and that she was wondering how Io knew she was there. It was beyond Chloe-Su exactly how Io knew that Lunari was there. But she knew there was something unusual about Io. 

"Hm." Rather than debate, Chloe-Su thought that she might have an ability like hers. The Echidna girl turned her attention back to Xophtré.


Io sighed, relieved that Savannah and Lunari were out of harm's way. She then turned to Aegrine, with a stern glare in her eyes her hands wrapped tightly around her wooden staff.

Aegrine raised an eyebrow, then tossed hid head back and cackled like a maniac. "HAH! Is the kitty going to try to pound me into dust with her stick?" He taunted. The hedgedragon stopped laughing and resumed a stern look. "That's cute. Because I'm in a 'average' mood, I'm going to give you a chance to back off." He gave a razor-toothed grin.

Chloe-Su, not impressed with Aegrine, reappeared as Chaos Chloe-Su again and threw a punch at the hedgedragon's face.

Io hissed, but didn't attack. She didn't want to. "Airion! What are you doing?" "Celeste, relax. I can handle this." Voices chattered back and forth in her head, something Chloe-Su might pick up on.

Chloe-Su heard the voices, and decided not to attack Aegrine. For now at least. Chloe-Su turned her attention to Io and the voices that chatted back and forth. She was sure that Aegrine might have messed his pants anyway, with an Echidna appearing in front of him out of nowhere and punching him.

Aegrine hissed, "Hey!" He put his hand on his face. "What a dirty trick," the hedgedragon narrowed his eyes.

Chloe-Su laughed, then moved to where Aegrine could not see her. Then she went back to listening in on the mental conversation.

Xophtré simply stood in the back and watched, his body fully reformed. He sighed. "Now may be our only chance," he said, "Let's not waste it." He walked up behind Aegrine.

"Don't waste your time with them, they're not worth it," the psychopath said to the hedgedragon.

Aegrine huffed up smoke. "True," he said. This was the first time the hybrid had agreed to something ever since he had arrived at Chaos Academy.

Io simply shook her head. She wasn't going to fight, she hardly ever did. Well, someone thought otherwise. "Come on, now's our chance!" "Celeste, no! Absolutely not!"

"What's happening?" Chloe-Su asked the voices mentally. "Who is Celeste?"

Io was a bit startled by this, and her heterochromic eyes darted about. "Right here!" One of the voices answered, cheerily. "Huh? Who is this?" The other asked.

"I'm Chloe-Su. Sorry for interrupting. Please, go on. I won't interrupt again."

"Nonono, it's fine. I'm Airion, by the way." One of the voices responded. With this, Io turned to Chloe-Su and waved.

Chloe-Su snuck up behind Aegrine and hit him over the head with a branch as she mentally spoke. It wasn't April Fools or anything, but Chloe-Su liked to prank anyway. Or do what she called pranking.  

Xophtré put a hand on his face, his anger rising incrementally.  

"Nice to meet you, Airion!" Chloe-Su replied mentally, returning to her hiding spot. She waved to Io, smiling.

"OW!" Aegrine whirled around, snarling. "I'm going to kill whoever did that!" He screamed.

Chloe-Su was trying her best not to laugh hysterically.

Xophtré gave Chloe-Su a disapproving glare.

Chloe-Su almost giggled at that. She was half-tempted to dump a bucket of water on Aegrine, but decided that would be going too far.

"Odd. I'm sensing a fluctuation of energy levels at my dorm," Chloe-Su said mentally, feeling confused.

"Strange." "Maybe someone's there?" Airion and Celeste answered, respectively.

"I'll check it out. Will you two be okay while I'm gone?"  Chloe-Su asked, worried.

Aegrine growled and sniffed the air. He smelled several scents; Xophtré, Chole-Su, and Io. He didn't know who to go for.

"Why, of course..." Airion replied, gently. "You can count on it!" Celeste cheered.

Chloe-Su mentally thanked them, disappearing while Aegrine was busy sniffing away. An unhappy hedgedragon was a dangerous one.


Savannah locked the door of her dorm when she got there. The cheetah sighed and collapsed on her bed. Hey Lunari? Are you still there? She asked in her mind.

"Y-yeah, right here... your arm feeling any better yet?" Lunari replied, sounding... a bit tired, actually.

Much better. It doesn't even hurt anymore, Savannah replied mentally. And to make her point, she flexed her arm.

"Oh, thank goodness. Glad to hear that..." Lunari answered.

When Chloe-su went back to her body in her dorm, she might hear something, sounding like it was scampering around. It sounded like something small.

Thank you for healing my arm. I appreciate it, Savannah thanked Lunari.

"Hey, no problem." Lunari responded, with a small yawn. She was going to have to recover a little bit before she could leave Savannah's body, unfortunately.

Savannah got up and walked over to the window. She closed the curtains and walked back over to the bed. She looked at the clock on her nightstand. It was 2:19 Pm. The cheetah yawned. I might as well get some sleep. If Aegrine gets into my room, please wake me up, she said mentally. Savannah got under the covers and closed her eyes, not bothering to put her pajamas on.

"Alright, I will. Goodnight, Savannah." Lunari replied, before quickly falling asleep.

Goodnight, Lunari, Savannah replied groggily before also falling asleep.


As soon as Chloe-Su returned to her body in her dorm, she heard something scampering about.

"Now who can that be?" Chloe-Su asked herself. "Hello? Is someone there?"

"Huh?" A little voice responded. A small human figure peeked up over the edge of the bed. She was only about 2 inches tall, with purple hair, and very dark red eyes. So tiny...

"Are you a Borrower or something?" Chloe-Su asked. She knew it was a silly question, but she couldn't help it. "Did you make those energy fluctuations that I sensed earlier?"

The girl stared at her, confused.

"Never mind. Who are you, anyway? What are you doing here?" Chloe-Su asked the tiny girl.

"My name's Alaine. I sorta got lost..." She chuckled nervously. "Who are you?

"I'm Chloe-Su. Nice to meet you."

The girl climbed up on to the bed, with a beaming smile. "Nice to meet you too!" She replied.


Reens sighed, her hands aching. "Finally..." After a few hours of labor, Mel was finally in an operating condition. She placed her tools back in her box, then replaced Mel's panel on her back. "Maybe she'll work better now."

(Just to put things into perspective, Mel should look like this by now: -Xoph-)

(BTW, Reens, she'll need to be manually reactivated. -Also Xoph-)

"So. Should we continue our psycho fight?" Aegrine rasped, turning towards Xophtré.

"Sure," Xophtré replied, shrugging slightly.

Aegrine gave Xophtré a wide grin before lunging at him again, talons stretched.

Xophtré didn't move, taking the hit. Other than some claw marks on his chest, he was completely unaffected. He looked down and smiled. "My turn," he said before backhanding Aegrine with enough force to launch him a couple meters.

Aegrine screeched when he hit a nearby tree. The hedgedragon quickly got to his feet, flapping his wings and uprooting the tree.

"Really? This again?" Xoph asked.

'Don't get cocky, he still has some unpredictability,' his other half said. "Maybe. We'll see."

Io saw this, and hissed in disapproval. Rather than make a loud entrance, though, Io quietly started drawing a rune in the grass with her staff.

Aegrine held the tree above his head, then slung it at Xophtré like he did before.

'Or not...'

Rather than jumping back like before, Xophtré instead grabbed the tree and threw it back at Aegrine.

Aegrine was quick to react. He snagged the tree with all four of his limbs. Instead of throwing it back at Xophtré, Aegrine sweeped another tree out of the ground, then swung the tree he was holding at the other tree he had uprooted, sending it flying at Xophtré.

(Wait... what...? -Xoph-)

(Tree baseball. That's really all it is XD -Clairebear165)

(Do I just push a button on Mel or...? ~ Reens)

(Uhh... She has one of those small "Reset Holes" on the back of her head, around her access port. Y.K.W.T.D. -Xoph-)

Xophtré took a step back, his tendrils extending from his back. With them he swatted the tree down mid-flight, it hitting the ground with a hard THWACK.

Aegrine huffed and threw the tree he was using as a baseball bat at Xophtré.

Xophtré used his tendrils once more, this time catching the tree and throwing it aside. "What's wrong, Ace? Getting tired?" he asked with a vicious smile.

(Thanks :) ~Reens)

Reens found a small hole around Mel's access port and stuck the end of her screwdriver into it, hoping Mel would work okay.

A faint whirring began to emit from within Mel's chest.

"I don't tire easily, sludge boy," Aegrine hastily replied. He stopped flapping his wings and landed on the ground. He then let out a blood-curling roar before lunging at Xophtré, once again trying to claw his eyes out.

Once Io was finished with her rune, the tip of her wooden staff crackled with energy. She took aim at Aegrine, and fired. If her shot made contact, Aegrine would find himself wrapped in vines.

Aegrine skidded to a stop and suddenly dropped to the floor, lush green vines enveloping him. He screeched and thrashed about, trying to get the overgrowth off of him.

Io hurried over to Aegrine, now that he was trapped. "What is the meaning of this battle?" She asked, sternly.

"Well, I'm a murderous psychopath, and he's a murderous psychopath," Xophtré answered, "Rivalry's bound to happen, and what better way to solve a dispute than to kill each other?"

"Get these overgrown stemweeds off of me!" Aegrine wailed, continuing to claw at the vines. "And I did jack to you, emo kid!"

"Perhaps," Xophtré replied, "But I honestly don't care."

"Well, if both of you are so intent, it seems there is little I can do... Go on then." Io admitted, with a sigh of defeat. She prodded the vines with her staff, and they slowly shrunk away.


"So, Alaine, how did you get here?" Chloe-Su asked, taking an instant liking to this girl.

Alaine looked up at the vents. "I got lost, and I fell in here..." Alaine explained, somewhat shyly.

"That's okay. You can stay here for now, if you like," Chloe-Su replied, glancing up at the vents. She'd have to fix those later. But she didn't mind her new visitor. In fact, Chloe-Su was very glad to have company.

"Oh, thanks so much!" Alaine replied, happily.

"You're very welcome, Aliane. I like having visitors anytime," Chloe-Su responded, also happy.

"Yay, thank you!" Alaine cheered. She tried to give Chloe-Su a hug, but Alaine only managed to wrap her little arms around Chloe-Su's hand.

Chloe-Su smiled, happy to have made a new friend.

Alaine made her way over to Chloe-su's head, and laid down next to her on the pillow.

"She's coming..." A soft, feminine voice echoed throughout the dorms. "He wasn't alone..."

"Huh? What was that?" Alaine sat up, startled.

"She's coming..." It echoed again. "Diaspore is coming..."

"Aliane? Is everything okay?" Chloe-Su asked a bit sleepily. "I could have sworn I heard something... but my mind is refusing to tell me what."

"I heard something too. Someone's voice." Alaine replied.

"I'm sensing a bunch of energy fluctuations," Chloe-Su responded, puzzled. "Did the voice sound familiar at all?"

"No, it didn't..." Alaine answered. "Then again, I don't know anyone else here..."

"I don't think it's safe here," Chloe-Su said. "I know of a girl who might be able to figure out who it is. You up for a ride?"

"Sure, that sounds like fun!" Alaine cheered.

"Okay, just hop on my hand and we can go," Chloe-Su responded, extending her hand to Aliane.

"She is here..." the voice echoed once more. "They are together. No trust..."

"Was that the voice you were talking about?" Chloe-Su asked Aliane, using her Chaos Powers to search around. There were still energy fluctuations, but Chloe-Su couldn't find the source."That's really weird. I can't find the source of the voice, or the source of the energy fluctuations. We'd better get out now." Worried that the owner of the voice was dangerous, Chloe-Su gently picked up Aliane and exited the dorm. She knew she had to get as far away as possible.

"I wonder where Lunari's dorm is. She should be there," Chloe-Su said more to herself than to Aliane, although the tiny girl probably heard anyway.


Aegrine quickly got up on all fours, snarled, then ran at Xophtré.

Reens sat Mel up, hoping she was well enough to walk. "Thank Chaos you're working," Reens muttered under her breath. She looked over at the battle. "Geez, are those two ever gonna give it a rest? It's obvious that it'll probably end in a draw. I'm going to go back to my dorm once this is over."

Aegrine skidded to a halt. He looked towards the sky, his nose twitching. "By Sukai, what is that?" He muttered, rising up to two legs. A hundred feet in the air, a black bird-like object hovered above the battlefield.

Xophtré noticed Aegrine stop and look up, and followed suit. "I second that question," he said, seeing the object.

The creature was on the ground in a instant. It crashed into the ground, smashing the fountain. It rose to it's feet. It resembled a giant crow. It's feathers were a very dark purple, it's legs were black, and the irises were blood-red with black sclera.

"CRAAAWW!" The Shadow Beast screeched. It looked down at the two victims in front of it. It cocked it's head to the side, curious.

"Odd. It's not attacking?" Aegrine pondered. Don't let you're guard down. It could attack at any moment, he told himself.

"Okay, what the actual hell?" Xophtré asked, "I mean, this whole thing has gotten side-tracked and confusing enough as it is, but this!?" He pointed at the monster, "This is just getting out of hand." He looked over to Aegrine. "You know what I mean?"

Aegrine shrugged, not knowing what the heck Xophtré was talking about.

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"Lunari? Are you there?" Chloe-Su asked mentally, projecting the question in a one mile radius.

Lunari was still joined with Savannah, fast asleep, though the question slowly woke her up. She didn't answer yet, not sure if she was just imagining things.

Alaine climbed up onto Chloe-Su's shoulder, looking around innocently.

"Lunari, if you can hear me, please answer. I need your help," Chloe-Su continued to say. "Please."

 Chloe-Su waited, then asked mentally, "Can you hear me?"

"Diaspore is here..." the mysterious voice chanted. "Aegrine is here. They are coming for her. They are coming for me..."

Savannah's eyes slowly fluttered open. She quickly sat up, puzzled. Who's there? She asked, but the words didn't come out of her mouth.

"Hello?" Lunari asked as well.

Lunari? Savannah mentally said the echidna's name, suddenly remembering that she was still joined with the cheetah.

"Yep, right here..." Lunari replied, casually.

Do you hear that? Savannah asked Lunari.

"Yeah, I do..." Lunari answered.

"They are coming for you...They are coming for me..." the voice echoed.

"Who are they? Who is this?" Savannah said aloud.

"Who? Who is there?" Chloe-Su asked mentally.

I am Savannah, the cheetah replied to Chloe-Su, now very confused.

"And I'm Lunari..." Lunari replied as well, not sure what was going on.

"Good. Now, listen. I need your help." Chloe-Su was struggling to speak now. She was running out of energy. "But first, you have to get out of there. It's not likely to be safe anymore." 

"O-okay..." Lunari answered Chloe-su.

"Savannah, since you and Lunari are merged for right now, you can act as Lunari's body. Listen to her instructions. Okay?" Chloe-Su responded mentally, getting weaker.

Wait, what is going on? Savannah asked internally. She then shook her head. I will, the cheetah said.

"I don't know what is happening myself. But I have a feeling it's not good," Chloe-Su replied, then she exited out of the mental communication. She lost too much energy to continue.

"Okay, I think I know what she means. I've never actually done this before, but if you relax, I can take control." Lunari explained, with a hint of nervousness in her voice. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Somewhere else in the dorms building, a scarlet red and golden furred kitsune was searching for her dorm number, her dorm number in one hand, her backpack that had all her things in the other. She paused and frowned as she looked at the doors and then at her dorm number written on a piece of paper in her hand. 'My dorm should be here.. unless I made a wrong turn.' She squinted at the writing. 'Dorm 364. But where is that?' She looked around her, thoroughly confused.

The kitsune was so distracted by her own thoughts, that she neither heard nor saw the figure approaching her from an opposite direction of the hallway. The figure's head was bowed, her feet taking even strides. Her face was hidden by a black hood. She neither slowed down nor looked up to watch where she was going.

And that's how the kitsune ended up being knocked onto the ground.

"Hey!!" The kitsune cried out to the figure, who didn't even offer a glance or turn around in her course. With a huff the kitsune was on her feet and picking up her stuff. And that's when she noticed something was missing..

'Oh great! First I arrive at the school a day late, and now, my dorm number is gone! Just great..' The kitsune pouted. 'Well, I couldn't have known my first day was going to be easy.' The kitsune gave a faint smile, then continued on her route to find her dorm.

The figure, who was a hedgehog, gave a small smile as she stuffed the piece of paper dropped by the kitsune into her pocket. She also had arrived a day late, but unlike the kitsune, she didn't care, or seem to care. She turned a sharp right and was gone.

It wasn't until the figure had turned that corner, that she was struck with a painful thronging that surged throughout her body and resounded through her head. She grit her teeth and fell against a wall, her legs slowly giving way, her body sliding to the floor, and her body slowly curling into a small ball. She held her head in her hands, embarrassed at herself. She would have blushed too, if it wasn't for the fact that all her blood had left her cheeks, leaving her as pale as a ghost.

Let me go.. Free me.. Let me feed.. The voice inside her head pounded and pushed against her, trying to escape. But she wouldn't let it.. for she knew what would happen if she did. It was a good thing there were no students in the halls or in their dorms, cause the last thing the girl wanted was to drive too much attention to herself. The voice kept pleading to her of its demands, but she refused.

The reason she had come to this school, was so that she could live a normal life, to be treated like a normal girl. But.. she knew it would give her problems. If she let it have its way, no one in the school would be safe, and that she knew for certain. And she would NOT let that happen on her watch. She had made it her top priority.

Slowly, painfully, she got to her feet and, drawing agonizing breaths, she walked until she had made it to her dorm. The minute she stepped in, the pain resided, and the voice ceased. She stretched and allowed her heartbeat to progress normally. She flung her things onto a vacant bed and, not bothering to unpack, she changed into her school uniform and left her dorm without a second thought. The voice, meanwhile, remained dormant until its time arose again.

(Hey, is it alright if Eggdelena's (that's the figure I talked about above) dorm is shared with Mel? In other words, is it okay if Mel's roommate is Eggdelena? -SuperSilverXtreme14)

"How curious..." A female voice snarled behind the hedgehog. "In pain? Not something I excepted to see until I have the chance to strike."

(I was gonna have Mel dorm with Chloe-Su. I dunno, I'll think about it. Speaking of which... -Xoph-)

Slowly, Mel's systems came back online. Her hard drives began scratching away furiously, small clicks and whirs emanating throughout her as she ran diagnostics.

Soon the noise would die down and her eyes would flicker to life, her sky blue irises fading in from the darkness. But she gave a vacant stare.

"Hey, Mel," Reens sighed in relief, smiling at her. "I'm so glad you're okay! I thought it would never work, but I did it! I couldn't get rid of the gashes, I could only weld over them, but maybe your doctor friend can fix you better than I can. But who cares about that right now, you're alive!"

(How many school periods are there? And did my character's already miss fourth period? -SuperSilverXtreme14.)

(I don't know how many there are, but I do know that most of the characters have missed third and fourth period. -Luna)

It took a few seconds for Mel's main processor to boot up. She 'blinked' a few times and put a hand on her head. "R... Reens? What... ugh... what happened? Where's..." she paused, "Nevermind. Just..." She tried to stand, but her servos were weak, and she collapsed. She let out a sigh. "Could you help me to my dorm?"

Standing behind Eggdelena was a mangrove-furred hedgedragon. She wore a black skin-tight jumpsuit, black skin-tight leggings, and a gold ring earpircing on her left ear. She had magnificent maroon-membraned wings, and sharp talons on her hands and feet. The hedgedragon had beautyfily-deadly red eyes that had a mischievous glare to them.

The hedgedragon smiled at the hedgehog. "My bad. I didn't mean to startle you," she said.

Xophtré sensed something and turned towards the school. 'Another one?' he thought 'You wanna take them, Ins?'

'It would be my pleasure,' his other half replied. A small collection of sludge broke off of Xoph's foot and burrowed into the ground.

(Eggdelena is a hedgehog, Fireflower was the kitsune. Sorry for getting you confused. :( -SuperSilverXtreme14.)

Eggdelena pulled her black hood closer around her face. She had decided to still wear her black jacket and hood, just leave it unzipped so her uniform could be seen, which was a green skirt with a black shirt and green neck tie. She didn't seem to care about how it looked and she doubted anyone would care about her hood as long as she let her uniform show. She bowed her head and ignored the hedgedragon, continuing to walk to her class. 'If I can't get to Fourth Period, then maybe I can still make it to Fifth Period without raising suspicion.'

Fireflower, walked around the halls, her eyes scanning the dorm numbers, searching for Dorm 364. She wasn't sure whether she was getting closer or farther away, but she knew of one thing, she couldn't allow herself to be more late for class then she already was! She shook her head in frustration and walked on, muttering something about lotus flowers as she went.

(Just out of curiosity, is there anyone who has a character staying in Dorm 364? -SuperSilverXtreme14.)

(I'd take the lack of response as a "no" -Xoph-)

(I have no clue, sorry.- Julia Finitevus)

(I don't think anyone's dorm has been a specific number yet, correct me if I'm wrong~ -Luna)

(I just made up a number, maybe we need to assign random numbers. Anna hasn't said anything about what the numbers are or who's with who. She said we could choose our own roommates. RIght now Reens is with Kristy but I don't know what her room number is, and Mel is right next to them. ~Reens)

Reens nodded and lifted Mel off the ground, letting her use her shoulder as a support. "At least you can talk now; I'll fill you in on the details later," she said with a small grunt of effort. "I wasn't able to fix you completely, but you should at least have basic functionality. I wish I could've done more."

Mel wrapped her arm behind Reens' head. "Thanks." Her hard drives clicked as she looked over her diagnostics. "Hey, don't beat yourself up, you did a really great job," she said comfortingly as she slowly began to move forward.


"Aliane, any ideas on regaining contact with Lunari and Savannah?" Chloe-Su asked the tiny girl who sat on her shoulder.

"I don't know..." Alaine answered, innocently.

There was a knock on Savannah's door.

"Huh?" Savannah looked towards the door. She warily walked over to the door, peaking through the keyhole. Diaspore was impatiently scraping her claws against the door. Immediately, the cheetah grabbed anything she could use as a weapon. The only thing she could find among her stuff was a old baseball bat. Why do I even have this? Savannah thought. She ran and locked herself in the bathroom.

"Hmm. Not going to open the door, are we?" Diaspore hissed. She backed up, then threw herself as hard as she could at the door. It took several tries before the door was busted open. She waltzed inside, examining the room. "Let's see where you have hidden..."

The small collection of sludge surfaced next to the school; it began crawling up the wall, becoming stretched and thin as it ascended to Savannah's window. Once there it felt around the perimeter for any gaps it could use to enter, and succeeded. The collection of sludge silently moved through the gap and into the room, resting on the window sill, and "watched" Diaspore. Watched, and waited...

Lunari tried to calm both herself and Savannah down, but she was desperately trying to think of a way out of this. "O-okay... Maybe I'll lure her one way while you run the other way?" Lunari mentally suggested.

Diaspore smelled the pile of sludge on the windowsill. She narrowed her eyes and walked towards the window, ready to grab it.

Not going to be easy. Diaspore's sense of smell is just as good as Aegrine's. She'll smell me before I can even get past her, Savannah mentally replied.

"Tch, crap..." Lunari said, sounding defeated.

The small collection of sludge continued to watch, continued to wait. 'Just a little bit longer...'

(I'm not sure if this is violating any rules, but I changed all of Insanity's (Xoph's other half's) text from bold to red. -Xoph-)

(I think it's fine. -Julia Finitevus-)

Chloe-Su suddenly sensed something was off. "Something is wrong." Chloe-Su's eyes fell on a door of a dorm. "That must be Lunari's place.  

Chloe-Su then said to Aliane, "You should hide in my pocket. I'm going in."

"Alright!" Alaine answered, crawling into Chloe-Su's pocket.

Chloe-Su barged into the dorm and shouted at Diaspore, "Leave them alone, lady!" Then she threw several Thunder Arrows at Diaspore angrily, almost all hitting their mark. Only one missed and flew out a window instead.

Diaspore whirled around and shot a ball of fire at Chloe-Su.

Chloe-Su performed a side flip and mocked, "You think you can beat me?!" Chloe-Su then threw a Chaos Spear at the hedgedragon.

Diaspore was hit point blank with the attack, but seemed unharmed. "Same too you, echidna," she said. The hedgedragon then lunged at Chloe-Su, swatting her into a wall with her tail.

"The servants are the Seven Chaos," Chloe-Su chanted, transforming into the darker version of Chaos Chloe-Su, which is Onyx Chloe-Su. "Chaos is power controlled by my will. The servant exists to conquer the Chaos. Chaos... Beam!"

Onyx Chloe-Su shot Diaspore with her Chaos Beam hitting her hard enough to send her flying into a wall.

The entire building shook when Diaspore hit the wall. Cracks formed from where the hedgedragon had made impact. She hissed in pain, falling to the ground.

"You messed with the wrong Echidna," Chloe-Su spoke darkly, using her now corrupted Chaos abilities. "My brother Edmund said that this ability was too dangerous," Chloe-Su continued, approaching Diaspore slowly. "It's too bad really, that you all have been corrupted to the point of being blind."

Savannah didn't know how long she had been holding her breath. The cheetah gasped for air. There was a fight going on just outside the door. She held the wooden baseball bat tightly. She didn't want anyone else to know that she was hiding here.

"So am I just going to sit here and do nothing, or what?" A sharp, rasping voice asked from a corner of the room. There sat in a chair a figure near identical to Xophtré; however both arms were dark-grey, the hair was silver, and both eyes were a vibrant blood red. He smiled.

Diaspore glared at Insanity. "Who are you and what do you want?" She hissed.

Onyx Chloe-Su turned around and glared at Insanity too. "Ditto what Diaspore asked." Then a thought entered Chloe-Su's head. "Feed the lust for power and you begin to drive your friends away."

Chloe-Su slowly reverted back to her old self and transformed into Chaos Chloe-Su.

"Well?" Chloe-Su asked, fully switched over to Chaos Chloe-Su.

He chuckled. "Simply put: I'm someone who could easily kill both of you in an instant," Insanity answered, "But since I'm in a good mood today, I'll only kill one of you." He stood up, his movement unnaturally smooth. "I'm thinking... You..." he gave a sharp glare to Diaspore, smiling.

Diaspore snarled, smoke creeping out of her mouth. She then shot another ball of fire at Insanity.

Alaine was starting to get impatient. She wanted to help too. She peeked out of Chloe-Su's pocket, looking for something small, something sharp she could use as a weapon.

Chloe-Su then spoke, "You're not killing anyone. Not today." Chloe-Su then fired a Chaos Beam at Insanity, and formed a Chaos Shield around herself and Aliane as she fired. The Chaos Beam hit its mark.

(Yeah, so Chloe-Su is no longer corrupted by her brief moment is Onyx Chloe-Su, so now she and Diaspore have a common enemy. And I had Chloe-Su form a shield around herself and Aliane so that way neither would get hurt by Insanity. - Julia Finitevus)

(He's only there for Diaspore, and honestly doesn't care about Chloe or Aliane. -Xoph-)

( It's too late to change anything now since Chloe-Su pretty much provoked him.- Julia Finitevus)

Insanity's smile widened as he took a step forward, taking the attacks head-on. A good chunk of his torso was vaporized by the Beam, but he didn't seem to notice- or care for that matter. He simply re-grew what had once been, filling the cavity in his chest. He took another step forward, evening his stance.

"Well why not?" he asked, turning his head to face Chloe-Su.

Diaspore stood silent, a murderous glare in her eyes.

Chloe-Su pulled out a Warp Ring she had in her pocket (not the one Aliane was in) and replied, smirking as she did so, "Bring it, sludgemaniac!"

Savannah was still hiding in he corner of the bathroom. She was scared out of her wits, but her expression didn't reflect that. Please don't find me, please don't find me, please don't find me, Savannah chattered in her head.

Then she heard the voice again. "She's here...she is just outside the door. Please don't find me!" The voice whined. Savannah froze. The voice was coming from the bathtub. The cheetah slowly stood up and inched towards the tub, the wooden baseball bat still gripped tightly in her hands. She carefully pulled the curtains back.

Hiding in the corner of the bathtub was a small mobian fairy. Her fur was bright pink while her muzzle, the inside of her ears, and arms were pale beige. Her big, reflective eyes were violet and fills with fear. She wore a pink tank top and a pink skirt. She didn't wear any shoes or gloves.

The small creature had two bangs on the sides of her heads with deep blue orbs dangling from the tips, but also wore a necklace with the same colored orb. On her forehead was a symbol. A rectangle in the middle, and three circles. One on each side of the bottom corners, disconnected. And one more in the middle, and all three were connected by curved lines. It also had wings that resembled lightning bolts.

The fairy looked up at Savannah, startled. "AH! Please don't eat me!" It squeaked.

"What? No, no. I'm not going to eat you," Savannah whispered in a soothing tone.

Savannah's words seemed to slightly calm the fairy down. She didn't trust the cheetah, who to the fairy, was a giant. "How can I trust you?" The fairy asked.

"You can trust me. I'm hiding from the fighting," Savannah replied, still with a calm tone.

The fairy inched closer to Savannah, but was still nervous. "Promise you won't eat me?" She asked.

"I promise," Savannah said.

The fairy jumped into Savannah's arms. "I'm scared," she said.

"Aww, she's so cute!" Lunari said, mentally. She would have left Savannah so the little fairy could see her, but figured she didn't want to startle the tiny girl. Meanwhile, Chloe-Su had used the Warp Ring to have Insanity's bottom half inside it, and his top half outside the Warp Ring. "A friend of my mother's never finished his experiment thirty years ago," Chloe-Su spoke. "Since you're a sludge, you should live."

(So for some reason, at least for me, Chaos Academy kept crashing whenever I edit after hitting the enter button. I found a way around the problem, I think, so hopefully no worries. - Julia Finitevus)   

Chaos in Chaos Academy!

"Let's see what happens when you're halfway through a Warp Ring," Chloe-Su spoke slowly to Insanity, "and it suddenly closes. But I'll give you a chance to walk away and never to come after Diaspore or anyone else here ever again. One chance. So... what do you choose? Get cut in half, or keep your sludge together and live to fight another day?"

Alaine seemed confused. "Wait, which one attacked Savannah?" She asked.

"Idiots," Diaspore hissed. "I'm not after Savannah. I'm after the fairy inside that bathroom." She pointed towards the door.

Chloe-Su started laughing and spattered, "Fairy?! Ha! Yeah right!"

Diaspore narrowed her eyes. "Don't believe me?" She walked over to the bathroom door. The hedgedragon broke through the door with just one kick.

Savannah jumped, grabbing the small fairy and shoving her into the cheetah's shirt pocket. She grabbed the wooden baseball bat on the floor and backed into the corner. "L-Leave me alone!" Savannah stuttered.

Disapore approached the cheetah. "Where is it?" She demanded.

"Where is what?" Savannah asked nervously.

"Don't play dumb with me, Savannah. I know you are hiding the fairy somewhere," Disapore snarled.

Inside of Savannah's shirt pocket, the mobain fairy, who's name is Feye, whined quietly.

Savannah blinked. "Fairy? What fairy?" She lied, but wasn't doing a good job lying.

"Stop stalling and hand it over!" Disapore grabbed Savannah by her shirt collar and lifted her into the air.

Chloe-Su blasted with a Chaos Spear Diaspore in the back while exclaiming, "Leave Savannah alone!"

Diaspore sprawled out in the bathtub, busting her nose on the faucet.

Savannah ran out of the bathroom and hid behind Chloe-Su, still gripping the baseball bit.

Diaspore slowly got up, blood dripping from her nose. "Son of a-" A loud creaking noise could be heard outside the building.

Chloe-Su glanced about as well, also hearing the loud noise. "What was that?!"

The building shook, making Savannah lose her balance and fall flat on her face. A fallen tree had just collided with the building.

"Savannah!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, helping the cheetah up off the floor.

"Thank you," Savannah thanked Chloe-Su. A loud roar could be heard from outside.

Diaspore smirked. "Here comes my backup."

Aegrine crashed through the window and landed on the ground, not caring about the glass shards imbedded in his skin.

"Forget it!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, removing the Warp Ring from around Insanity and shoving Savannah through the Warp Ring, then the purple Echidna girl followed through, closing the Warp Ring behind her before Diaspore or Aegrine could catch them. 

Insanity was left with a look of confusion on his face. "Well that just... happened..." He let out a groan, putting a hand on his face. 'Next time don't sleep for twelve hours...' he said under his breath. 

Chloe-Su, Aliane, and Savannah had landed in a forest, far away from the dorms.

Savannah stumbled, nearly falling on her face again. "Nice save," she complimented Chloe-Su.

"Glad I could help. Diaspore said something about a fairy... is it true? That there's a fairy?" Chloe-Su asked as she took Aliane out of her pocket gently to make sure the tiny girl was okay. Chloe-Su then put the now smaller Warp Ring on her right wrist to keep it from getting lost.

Savannah nodded, then looked down at her shirt pocket. "Hey, we are safe. You can come out now." A small bright pink head peered out of Savannah's pocket. "H-Hi," the fairy said.

"Aw, she's so CUTE!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, then she introduced herself and Aliane to the tiny fairy.

"M-My name is Feye. Thank you for protecting me, Ms. Cheetah," the fairy thanked Savannah.

"It's nothing. Just protecting those in need," Savannah replied.

Suddenly Xophtré appeared from behind a tree. "Ayy, wassup y'all?" he asked the group.

Chloe-Su suddenly stood up and put Aliane safely back in her pocket. "How did you find us here, Xophtré?" Chloe-Su asked immediately.

Savannah jumped at Xophtré's sudden appearance.

"I don't know, because plot or... something...?" the psychopath replied, "Look, just don't question me, it'll only leave you with more questions."

"Plot?" Chloe-Su asked, then she shook her head. Probably best not to break the fourth wall. "Fine. I just didn't expect to see anyone in the middle of a forest."

"Same here," Savannah added.

"So... what now?" Chloe-Su asked, suddenly realizing that she had no idea what her next move was. She couldn't hide Savannah and Feye in the forest forever. It was too risky.

"No clue," Savannah admitted.

"Chaos dang it!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "There's gotta be something..." Then an idea came to her mind. "Savannah, will you be safe with Xophtré while I'm gone? I have to clean up a mess a certain reptile with wings started..."

Savannah nodded. "Ok," she said, walking over to Xophtré.

"In case anything happens," Chloe-Su continued, "I'm giving you a Warp Ring to escape danger if needed. Hopefully it won't come to that." Chloe-Su handed Savannah the Warp Ring and continued. "Could you possibly keep an eye on Aliane?" Chloe-Su asked, gently taking the tiny girl out of her pocket. "It's too dangerous for her and don't want her getting injured or worse."

Reens had deposited Mel in her dorm room and was now in her own dorm, getting some much-needed rest. 'Hopefully everything will get back to normal soon', she sighed mentally. I think many would agree with me.

Savannah nodded, carefully cradling Alinane in her hands. Feye peeked from Savannah's shirt pocket. She then flapped her tiny wings and fluttered over next to the tiny human.

"Huh?" Everything happened so fast, Alaine couldn't even wrap her head around it. Then, she saw the little mobian fairy, and almost squealed with joy. "You- you're my size!" She said, happily.

Seeing as they were safe now, Lunari left Savannah, so she could be as close to normal as she could get for the time being. She sat down on the ground next to them, still transparent but smiling happily.

"I'm guessing you're Lunari," Chloe-Su spoke mentally. She had finally regained some strength to communicate mentally.

"The one and only." Lunari answered out loud; she could talk normally for now. "Who are you? I don't think I ever caught your name..."

"I'm Chloe-Su," Chloe-Su answered aloud. "I should go now. I've got to fix that mess Diaspore and Aegrine started."

Chloe-Su then lay down on the grass and she separated her mind from her body. "Now to find those two hedgedragons!" Chloe-Su thought, teleporting to the dorms.

Lunari was shocked. Another spirit form user? She could barely even think straight now.

Chloe-Su checked the dorm that Diaspore and Aegrine were the last time she saw them. They weren't there.

Neither was Insanity.

Feye looked at Alaine and smiled. "Well, I am a fairy after all," she said. "My name is Feye. What's yours?"

"My name's Alaine! Nice to meet you!" Alaine answered, giddily. She reached out for a hug. How cute.

Feye hugged the tiny human. "Nice to meet you too!" She answered with glee.

Alaine held Feye for a moment, before letting go.

Savannah looked around and spotted a bush of wild blue berries. She examined the fruit before taking a handful of them. "Want some berries?" She asked the two tiny people.

Feye started jumping with joy. "Me! Me" she cheered, grabbing a berry and starting to chew on it.

"Well ain't that just adorable," Xophtré said, squatting down to get a closer view of the fairy.

Alaine gently grabbed a blueberry, and started to nibble on it.

Feye just now noticed Xophtré and jumped. "HI!" She yipped in surprise.

"Hello," he replied in a soft, friendly tone, "You know, in all my travels throughout the universe, I've never encountered a fairy. And I never expected to find one here." He smiled. "First time for everything, I guess. Even for me."

"What's wrong with you're arm?" Feye asked, pointed to Xophtré's grey sludge arm.

Lunari was watching the two little ones, with a smile on her face. She gently poked Alaine, though since she was still in her spirit form, it would merely feel like a cold breeze.

Alaine turned around, and was shocked when she saw Lunari. She fell over, her face pale.

"Hm? Oh, that. Nothing," Xoph answered, looking down to his right arm, "I just keep it like that as a... reminder......" He trailed off, becoming lost in his past.

Feye looked at Alaine, confused. "Are you ok?" She then looked back at Xophtré, tilting her head to the side. "Reminder?" The fairy then shook her head, not wanting to get under Xophtré's skin.

"N-nothing. Nevermind," Xophtré said, a bit dazed, "I-I-I'm fine. L-let's just forget any of that ever happened." He took a deep breath. "So... how'd a tiny thing like you end up in a place like C.A.?" he asked Feye.

(Sorry for reversing time, I just wanna keep things simple. Mostly. -Xoph-)

"I was being chased by a mean hedgie with wings!" Feye said.

"Hey, it's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you..." Lunari reassured Alaine.

Alaine got back up on her feet, and looked up at Lunari, reluctantly nodding. "O-okay..."

Feye looked at Alaine, confused. "Who are you talking too?" The fairy asked.

Alaine pointed to Lunari, who waved happily. (I just realized that Feye is still about twice Alaine's size. ^^; -Luna)

Feye jumped in surprise. "AH! A ghost!" She yelped. (Oh, really? Feye is 5 inches. How tall is Alaine?)

(2 and a half inches. LOL -Luna)

"It's okay! She's friendly!" Alaine said, somewhat startled as well.

"Oh. Ok!" Feye piped. "Nice to meet you, Lunari."

"Nice to meet you too!" Lunari answered. She patted both their heads, though it still just felt like a cool breeze.

"So, what about you?" Xophtré asked Alaine, "Then after that could you maybe explain why you're a one-fourth foot human?"

"Other than the fact that the tiny human looks delicious," hissed a familiar voice. Aegrine stepped out of the shadows, eyeing down Alaine.

Alaine seemed terrified, frozen in fear.

Lunari, realizing they were going to have to fight again, joined with Savannah. She gave Savannah a power boost.

"Okay!" Xophtré said, turning to face the hedgedragon, "One: thanks for leaving me with the giant bird, ya jerk. Two: how? All you'd get is a bunch of tiny bone shards stuck in your teeth."

Aegrine smirked "1: I had to leave. My mate needed my help. 2: I swallow smaller prey whole," he said, his smirk growing wider, "Maybe even alive," he looked at Alaine, licking his lips.

Savannah backed up, a fierce expression appeared on the cheetah's face. You won't put a talon on her!" Savannah shouted, carfully placing Feye and Alaine in her shirt pocket.

(Although, if Alaine did get swallowed alive, that might be interesting... -Luna)

Alaine hugged Feye, holding on for dear life. She was terrified.

"Don't worry Savannah, I've got your back..." Lunari reassured Savannah, mentally.

"Soooo wait, why then did you decide it was a good idea to leave the little angel with a murderous psychopath who's personality is literally a culmination of pure insanity?" Xophtré questioned, "I'm just saying, I wouldn't leave the person I love with someone who's definitely gonna kill them. Speaking of which, how goes the hunt, Ins?" he asked, turning his head to the right.

Back at the school, Insanity and Diaspore sat across from each other at a table, cards in their hands. "Uhh, it's goin' good! I uh, I have her on the ropes! She won't be a problem for much longer," Insanity awkwardly answered, his head turned to the left. He then faced back to Diaspore before placing a card in a small pile on the table. "Your move."

(Haha, lol! :) - Julia Finitevus)

Back at the forest...

"Well, it would appear I have trust issues with myself," Xophtré said in an upset tone, "Anyways..." he turned back to Aegrine.

(Don't do anything with Insanity and Diaspore, just let them play cards -Xoph-)

Savannah narrowed her eyes. Let's hope... she wasn't able to finish that sentence before Aegrine collided with the cheetah. She was sent sprawling onto the ground. (However, I am curious. Is that fine with you, Lunari? -Clairebear165)

(Fine with me.) "Eep!" Alaine squealed, horrified.

Lunari gave Savannah another burst of power, hoping it was enough to save Savannah and help her get away.

(Not fine with me. Definitely not fine with me. -Xoph-)

Savannah got up, walking backwards. Now would be a good time to have Divine Lightning, she thought franticly. Without warning, Aegrine lunged. Savannah screamed in pain as razor sharp claws grazed her cheek. She fell backwards, casing Feye and Alaine to fall out of the cheetah's shirt pocket and onto the grass.

"OOF!" Feye hit her head on a rock, knocking her out.

(Hehehehe. -Clairebear165)

Being highly durable, Alaine was unharmed. She tried to drag Feye out of harm's way, but the fact that Feye was twice her size made this difficult. She was moving slowly...

Lunari started to heal the claw wounds, though the power boost from before drastically dropped as a result.

Feye moaned in her unconscious state. "Watch out..." A shadow was looming over the two.

Xophtré saw Alaine and Feye and ran over to them, scooping them up before they could be harmed. "Gotcha!" he said, running behind a tree with them in his hand.

"Thank you..." Alaine said, sounding tired out.

Aegrine roared, flaring his wings and lifting into the air. He blasted a ball of blue fire at the tree where Xophtré was hiding behind.

Savannah tried to get up and cringed, laying back on the ground, blood dripping from her muzzle where the claw strikes had hit her.

"Relax, relax, I'll take care of it..." Lunari reassured Savannah, healing her injuries.

I-I have to help, Savannah said mentally, attempting to get up again.

Alright, but be careful... Lunari answered. She tried to at least dull the pain for the moment, though it wasn't working very well.

Savannah focused really hard. C'mon...How do I summon lightning?! She questioned herself.

Aegrine kicked Xophtré, knocking him over.

Xophtré let out a grunt when he hit the ground, of pain or otherwise was unknown. He wanted to fight off Aegrine so badly, but his "nice guy" instincts took over and he disappeared into the dirt, taking Alaine and Feye with him.

Aegrine let out a roar of outrage, and turned to Savannah. "You..." he hissed. Instantly, the hedgedragon's claws were around the cheeah's neck. "URK!" Savannah gasped for air and started flailing. The next thing she knew, her whole head was inside Aegrine's mouth. Savannah wailed in terror, white lightning striking a nearby tree.

Lunari, in a panic, stopped the healing to give Savannah another power surge. She could see that Savannah's attempt at electrokinesis was working, so Lunari was hoping to help with that too.

Savannah tried redirecting the lightning strikes towards Aegrine, but they wouldn't listen to her. Aegrine noticed her attempts of escape and did something about it. Savannah screamed in agony as she felt the hedgedragon's sharp teeth dig into her neck. Lucky for her, one of the lightning bolts got the message. Aegrine roared as he was electrocuted by the white lightning. He lost his grip on Savannah and let's go. The cheetah slid her head out of Aegrine's mouth and made a run for it.

Lunari went back to healing Savannah now, hoping this would make it ao she didn't bleed too much. Lunari was starting to run out of energy though, and she was probably going to be healing until she was completely worn out.

But before the hedgedragon could react, sludge rose from the ground, engulfing his entire lower half and immobilizing him. Before he could speak, his mouth was sealed. Before he could fly away, his wings were constrained. And while he may be strong, the sludge was stronger.

Xophtré reappeared from the ground, Alaine and Feye were no longer with him. He had deposited them somewhere safe, somewhere very far away. He closed in on his captured prey.

Aegrine hissed and tried to breath fire, but his mouth was sealed tight. His arms were still free, so he tried pulling the sludge off of his mouth.

"Heheheh," Xophtré chuckled before snapping a finger, tendrils emerging from the ground and wrapping around Aegrine's wrists, forcing his arms to his side's. "Finally, now it's just you... and me..." the psychopath said slowly, melodically, walking in front of the hedgedragon, "No distractions, nobody to get in the way..." He leaned in to meet Aegrine's face. "Now I can do whatever I want with you, and nothing is going to stop me!" He smiled viciously.

While all this went on, Chloe-Su barged in on Diaspore's and Insanity's card game.

"Ready for round two of a beat down?" The transparent Echidna girl asked, smirking and popping her knuckles.

Diaspore looked up, still holding her cards. "Can't you see I'm busy?" She said. Her ears twitched. She carefully sat her cards down and stood up. "Sorry to bail on our game, Insanity, but I have to get going." She dashed past Chloe-Su and out of the dorm.

"Sorry, Insanity," Chloe-Su apologized before chasing after Diaspore.

Savannah carefully walked up to Aegrine, who had a murderous glare in his eyes. "This is you're fault," they seemed to say. The cheetah grimaced and looked at Xophtré with a worried expression.

Suddenly, they could hear something rusting nearby. It was Io, who had finally found the group after hearing screaming.

"Well," Xophtré said in his slow, demented tone, "Now we have an audience for whom gets to watch you die~" He let out a short, psychotic giggle.

While this was occurring, Chloe-Su attacked Diaspore, pinning the hedgedragon to the ground. "You're not going anywhere, missy!" Chloe-Su exclaimed.

Diaspore hissed. "I suggest you get off of me before I turn you into fried echidna," she threatened, charging a fire breath attack.

Aegrine let out a low growl, swatting Xophtré with his tail. He managed to bite off a piece of the sludge covering his mouth. Aegrine gaged and swallowed the sludge. It tasted awful. It tasted like death. This isn't going to work, the hedgedragon thought.

Savannah felt a sudden surge of energy coursing through her veins. Somehow she knew it wasn't Lunari. She felt white sparks dancing on her fur and through her blood. The cheetah had never felt this powerful. Savannah look at Aegrine, then Xophtré, then back to Aegrine. She held her hand out, lightning surging and gathering in her hand. Savannah threw the ball of divine lightning, but not at Aegrine. The attack hit Xophtré square in the chest with enough force to send him flying into a tree.

Luckily, this other power boost was giving Lunari some energy too. She kicked her healing into overdrive, healing the cuts and bite marks in just minutes.

Xophtré screamed in pain as the divine lightning hit, his form being knocked back a couple meters. He landed face-first, rolling onto his side and groaning. Electricity was one of his few weaknesses, after all.

"Look, I'm fine with injuring someone, as long as their wounds can heal. But for me, killing is a no-go," Savannah said, electricity still dancing on her fingertips.

The fireball Diaspore launched went harmlessly through Chloe-Su. The violet Echidna girl gave a laugh and said, "You can't hurt me with as weak of an attack as that. Weakling." A bit of an evil smirk emerged on Chloe-Su's face as she punched Diaspore into a wall. "That doesn't mean I'm invincible, but... fire is merely a nuisance to me in this form."

(Chloe-Su is using astral projection, in case you're all wondering. - Julia Finitevus)

Diaspore pulled herself off the wall and got down on all fours. "I don't have time for this, echidna," she snarled. She ran down the hallway and out of sight.

Chloe-Su simply followed the trail Diaspore left behind with the footprints on the ground and appeared right in front of Diaspore, saying, "Ya think, you fat lizard mammal thing with wings?!" This was followed by a Chaos Beam right in Diaspore's face. Literally.

Diaspore warily rose to her feet. "Hey, that hurts!" She hissed. "Why can't you take a hint? I don't want to fight." She turned and ran.

Chloe-Su was puzzled. She followed Diaspore and asked, "Are you still after that fairy?" Chloe-Su then continued, "I have to fight you if you are."

Diaspore sighed and skidded to a stop, but kept her back turned to Chloe-Su. "I didn't want to come here in the first place," she said. "I.." her voice faltered. "I just want to go home. But I can't..."

"I'm sorry," Chloe-Su responded, putting her hand on Diaspore's shoulder. "I didn't know... I shouldn't have been so mean to you."

"No, no. I deserve it. After all Aegrine and I did in the past, we will never be accepted," Diaspore said.

"Family is family. Family is supposed to be there for you whenever things go wrong," Chloe-Su replied. "No matter what you did, you can regain your family's trust and support somehow. It may take time, but there's nothing saying you don't deserve to return home."

Chloe-Su continued, saying, "People like us... we may be outsiders, but we deserve a lot of things we don't get. And to me, you deserve to go home."

Diaspore frowned, "Maybe I could return home, but Aegrine can't."

"Whatever happened with Aegrine I doubt is his fault. Reality... reality can frequently be distorted by those who are deceitful." Chloe-Su felt sad that Diaspore and Aegrine were going through such things. No person deserved to be tortured they way Diaspore and Aegrine were.

"How do you know? You weren't there when-" Diaspore stopped mid sentence.

"I don't. I honestly don't know," Chloe-Su replied. "And I don't want to hurt you by asking what happened."

Diaspore sighed. "I have to convince Aegrine to leave," she said.

That's when Chloe-Su sensed something occurring back where Savannah and Xophtré were. "And I think I just got an idea of where he is... in the forest where I left Savannah and Xophtré."

"Well then you'd best get over there before he's dead," Insanity commented, having just finished reorganizing and putting away all of the cards, "I'd place my bet on internal suffocation. I dunno, we'll see." He disappeared into the floor, heading back to his other half.

"Diaspore, I can try to teleport you there," Chloe-Su said, "but I can't make any promises you'll get there."

"No thank you. I can get there myself," Diaspore said. She ran to the nearest window, opened it, then flew away.

Meanwhile, Aegrine was still stuck in sludge. He managed to get his arms free and was clawing at the sludge around his mouth.

Xophtré was still writhing on the ground from being struck by Divine Lightning. He tried forcing himself upright, but couldn't muster the strength. It hurt too much.

'Wow. You are such a wuss.' Insanity commented mentally.

"Shut up..." Xophtré groaned.

Diaspore landed in a nearby tree. She then dived down and tried getting the sludge off of her boyfriend.

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Chloe-Su returned to her body and joined the fight, trying to help Diaspore free Aegrine from the sludge.

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Climax of the Academy!

"Xophtré! Don't kill him! Let Aegrine go, they mean no harm. They just want to go home!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, but she was sure it was in vain.

"Uhhhhg, fiiiine..." Xophtré moaned. He finally willed himself to stand, arms wrapped around the point of impact. "But if he does anything, I will kill him. And nobody will stop me. Okay?"

He did a slight gesture with one of his hands, and the sludge constricting Aegrine fell away into the dirt.

"Thank you, Xophtré. I'm sorry you had to go through all this," Chloe-Su responded. "Aegrine, I think I know of a way you and Diaspore can go home... but it will require some very drastic measures."

"Drastic?..." Aegrine wheezed. Diaspore came to his side. The male hedgedragon was kneeling over the ground, holding his stomach.

"Aegy, is something wrong?" Diaspore asked, a tint of fear in her voice.

"It's rumored that the Warp Ring has the capability to allow time travel," Chloe-Su responded. "Savannah has my old Warp Ring. I'll have to get from her." Chloe-Su turned to Savannah and asked, "May I have my Warp Ring?"

Reens had rested for a while and was now walking around campus when she saw Aegrine, Diaspore, and Chloe-Su together. She was confused at first, but shrugged it off and walked around them. "Maybe she's just trying to help them," she said to herself.

That's when Chloe-Su saw Reens for the first time. For some reason, Chloe-Su remembered her name from somewhere. "The Chaos High School Year Book For Top Students," Chloe-Su thought. Chloe-Su decided not to bother Reens and turned back to Savannah.

Savannah took the warp ring out of her pocket. "I'm not sure this is a good idea," she said. "Messing with time travel is a bad idea."

"Guys..." Diaspore muttered.

"We don't have much of choice," Chloe-Su responded, taking the Warp Ring from Savannah. "It's either that or Xophtré decides to murder Aegrine. Besides, I'd rather be dead than see anyone else suffer today." Chloe-Su started chanting the Tikal's Prayer spell and the Warp Ring changed from gold to silver. It opened just big enough for a person to step through.

"It worked!" Chloe-Su exclaimed. "You should be able to go back in time and stop whatever drove you two away from home!"

"I'm not in a good enough condition," Aegrine rasped. He started coughing uncontrollably. "We cannot change what has already happen."

"Aegrine... the Warp Ring can only stay open for so long and it won't allow time travel again for a really long time if..." Chloe-Su then turned to Diaspore and said, "If you decide to go, I can take care of Aegrine while you're gone. He's right, he's in no condition for time travel, but you are. But that's your decision to make, not mine."

Diaspore pondered for a second. "If it means we can go home..." She turned to Chloe-Su. "I'll do it. Please make sure he doesn't kill my boyfriend," the hedgedragon said, glaring at Xophtré. She walked up to the Warp Ring and stepped through it.

The Warp Ring closed behind Diaspore and fell to the ground. Chloe-Su picked that up, then she supported Aegrine on her shoulder, with some trouble because he was larger than her and said, "I better go now. I made a promise and I'm going to keep it." Chloe-Su and Aegrine then teleported to her dorm, along with Savannah, Aliane, and Feye without another word.

Chloe-Su helped Aegrine onto one of the beds in the dorm, although Chloe-Su was sure he wouldn't take a nap like he was told to. Then she went into the kitchen to make food.

"Aliane, Feye, Savannah, are you three okay?" Chloe-Su asked. "That was one crazy situation back there."

There was a sudden, loud CLANG from the dorm's bathroom.

Both Feye and Savannah jumped at this. The tiny fairy flew into Savannah's shirt pocket in fear. "What was that?"

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The bathroom door creaked open slightly, before suddenly closing.

Someone had been in there since before they arrived.

"Hello?" Chloe-Su asked loudly.

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The room had fallen silent. Whirs and clangs emitted from within the bathroom, and if one listened carefully, they might hear an incessant scratching. It almost sounded like...

...Hard drives...

Feye's tiny ear twitched. "I've never heard that sound before..."

"It sounds like...metal?" Savannah questioned.

"Metal?!" Feye screeched, pulling her head inside Savnnah's shirt pocket.

New Friends in Chaos Academy!

Chloe-Su waited for a response, nervous. "W-we don't want to hurt you," she called. She could hear the sound of hard drives whirring coming from the bathroom. "We're not going to hurt you."

The noise suddenly stopped.

Chloe-Su remained where she was, puzzled. "Hello? Are you alright in there?" Chloe-Su called.

The door slowly opened, just enough to look through. A fractured, black eye with a bright, sky-blue iris peered out through the gap. It looked at Chloe-Su for a moment, then to Aegrine, then back to Chloe-Su.

"Hey there," Chloe-Su spoke. "Are you okay? There was a lot of noise in here."

Savannah walked up next to Chloe-Su. "Wait...Mel?"

Mel opened the door further, revealing her mechanical body. "I'm sorry about that. I just... wasn't expecting visitors..." she said, staying behind the mostly opened door, "Especially him..." She looked over to Aegrine, putting a hand over her welded claw-marks.

"Visitors?" Chloe-Su asked. Then Chloe-Su realized that Mel must be her new roommate. "You must be my new roommate. Pleased to meet you, Mel," Chloe-Su greeted. "You can come out. We won't hurt you." Chloe-Su then turned to Aegrine and said, "You should go back to bed. After all, I told you to take a nap, mister."

Alaine looked around, confused.

"Okay..." the robotic bird said cautiously. She stepped out of the bathroom, turning off the light and closing the door. She walked up to Chloe-Su, "Well, it's nice to meet you too, roomie."

Aegrine moaned. He was still laying on the bed, and seemed to be in worse shape then before.

"Are you hungry?" Chloe-Su asked Mel. "I was making lunch earlier. Do you want anything?"

"You do see that I am a robot, correct?" Mel asked, raising a pseudo-brow. 'That was rude...'

"I'm sorry. Uh, no thanks. I don't need anything," she apologized. She heard Aegrine moaning. He sounded in pain. "Buuut I think he might."

"Huh?" Alaine looked over at Aegrine, and jumped for a split second. She was still scared of him.

Chloe-Su saw and said to Aliane, "Don't worry. He's too busy moaning to bother anyone right now."

Alaine calmed down pretty quickly after that. "Oh, okay then." Shyly, she walked up to Aegrine. "Hey, are you okay?"

Aegrine took a quick glance at Alaine. "No," was his only reply.

"Diaspore went back in time to alter history. He's terribly worried for her," Chloe-Su said to Aliane. "So don't be surprised that he is being brief with responses."

Alaine nodded understandingly. Slowly and cautiously, she reached out to pat Aegrine on the forehead. She was being awfully friendly...

"Anyway, there's no need to apologize," Chloe-Su said to Mel. "I should have known."

Aegrine let out a low snarl, his pupils becoming slit like that of a snake's.

Seeing this, Alaine quickly backed up, falling onto the floor.

Chloe-Su ran and picked up Aliane. "Aegrine! As long as you are in my and Mel's dorm, you will treat everyone here with respect! That's an order!" Chloe-Su glared at Aegrine as she spoke. "So that means don't you ever do that to Aliane again!" 

Reens could hear the commotion coming in from outside, so she poked her head in Mel's dorm. "Uh, hey... everyone," she said sheepishly as she surveyed the room. "Just... checking up on Mel... sorry to bother anything..." She turned and headed to the door. "I'm right next door if you need anything."

Alaine flinched. "I-I'm fine... It's my fault, I was the one being clumsy..." She told Chloe-Su.

Aegrine stopped snarling and his eyes returned to normal. "I'm sorry. It's a Primal Reflex."

"Primal Reflex?" Chloe-Su asked blankly. She didn't know much about hedge-dragons. "Never mind. I shouldn't have snapped at you." Chloe-Su then looked at Aliane and said, "It's a normal reaction, Aliane. I fell off my bed once when my younger half brother Edmund tried to prank me in the middle of the night for fun."

Aegrine moaned in pain. "My stomach really hurts," he complained.

"How bad does it hurt?" Chloe-Su asked worriedly as she set Aliane gently on a desk. "On a scale of one to ten?"

"Eleven," Aegrine replied.

Chloe-Su ran to the phone and said, "I'm calling the hospital. If it hurts that bad, you might have very severe injuries." Chloe-Su dialed the number and said into the phone, "I have an injured hedgedragon in here, I think he might be suffering from internal bleeding. I'm located at Chaos Academy!" Chloe-Su gulped and continued, "My dorm number is 316. Hurry!"

It took a few minutes, but help did arrive. The paramedic came into the room, and Savannah instantly recognized the dolphin.

"Chloe!" The cheetah yelped.

The magenta dolphin looked at Savannah. "Hello again," she said. She glanced at the injured hedgedragon on the bed and ran over to him. "What happened?" Chloe asked.

"Long story short, he got into a brawl with a rival, got injured really badly, and keeps saying his stomach hurts horribly," Chloe-Su responded. "He has to go to the hospital and quickly!"

Chloe nodded and proceeded to approach Aegrine. She yelped and fell onto the ground as Aegrine lashed out at her.

Chloe-Su pulled out a dart gun and shot Aegrine with it, the knock out chemical being injected. "Sorry, Aegrine," Chloe-Su said simply. "You okay?" Chloe-Su asked the dolphin.

"Yea. Just a little surprised," Chloe responded.

"He always acts like that," Chloe-Su returned, assisting the dolphin off the floor. "Do you need help getting him in the ambulance?"

"Yes. He is twice my size," Chloe replied.

Savannah's ear twitched. "I hear something," she muttered, walking over to the windowsill.

"Okay, you get his head, I'll get his feet," Chloe-Su said, grabbing the hedgedragon's feet, carefully avoiding the talons.

Chloe did what she was told to do, not noticing the grey sludge tendril sticking out of Aegrine's mouth.

Chloe-Su noticed, though and exclaimed, "What the he- what is that in his mouth?!" Chloe-Su realized it resembled the sludge from Xophtré. "He knew this would happen. That's why he gave up so easily..."

Chloe looked at the wavy tendril and yelped in surprise. "What the!?"

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Chloe-Su hit the tendril with a Thunder Arrow, but her attempt was probably futile.

The sludge tendril twitched, feeling around. It wrapped around Chloe's finger. The dolphin was surprised at how strong the small thing was.

Chloe-Su pulled the dolphin away from the tendril. "Don't even, sludge thing!" Chloe-Su exclaimed, preparing to throw a Chaos Spear.

The tendril stopped feeling around and 'looked' at the two.

"That thing is sentient?" Savannah asked, walking up to Chloe-Su and Chloe.

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The small sludge tendril 'looked' at Savannah for a moment, before snaking it's way down the side of Aegrine's face and onto the floor. It was really quite small, only a few inches at most.

Savannah backed up. She was tempted to step on it, just to see how it would react. Or would it just stick to my shoe? She thought.

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"It looks like a little worm," Chloe-Su remarked.

"A little grey, gross, sludgy, killer worm," Savannah finished.

The "worm" looked up at Savannah and Chloe-Su, bowing it's "head" as if in frustration. It then looked over to Mel, before slithering over to the mechanical avian.

"What is it doing..?" Savannah asked herself.

Mel noticed the small sludge worm heading towards her, and was not in the surprised in the slightest. In fact, she knelt down and let it onto her hand!

"Hello, Xophtré," she said to the worm as she stood up.

Savannah raised an eyebrow, then looked back at Aegrine's unconscious body. "I guess that explains Aegrine's stomach pains..."

"That thing was inside of him!?" Chloe yelled, covering her mouth.

"Was it uncomfortable in there?" Mel asked cynically, slowly moving forward, "Then again knowing you, you probably didn't feel anything. Or maybe you did, and you just weren't effected. Who knows?" She was halfway across the room by now.

Aegrine moaned, his eyes slowly fluttering open.

"All I know is, and you probably know this too, is that I don't like you very much," Mel continued. She noticed Aegrine waking up and something clicked inside her arm, ready to spring out if necessary, "Nor do I advocate your actions." She had reached the window. "So take this as a warning, if you try to kill anyone after this, I will personally order the entire armada to hunt you down."

She opened the window, stuck her hand out, and dropped the worm. "Goodbye, Xophtré."

Aegrine slowly and warily got up from the bed. He flicked his forked tongue, looking around the room. "Well, I feel much better," he said.

Mel brought her arm back inside and closed the window. She turned to Aegrine. "Good. Now get out of my room," she looked everyone else, "All of you. I have serious repairs I need to make on my turbine and I'm not doing them with a crowd." She sounded irritated.

Savannah turned to Aegrine. "We can head back over to my dorm. Hopefully it's in a good enough shape," the cheetah laughed nervously. "Anyway, do you need help getting to my dorm?"

Aegrine shook his head. "I'll be fine," he said.

Savannah turned back to Mel. "We'll get out of your hair soon," she said, exiting the room, Aegrine following closely behind.

"Sorry for the trouble, Chloe," Chloe-Su said to the dolphin.

"Ah, it's no trouble," the dolphin replied. "I should follow them. Just in case something were to happen to the hybrid." Chloe jogged to catch up with Aegrine and Savannah, who were already in Savannah's dorm.

"So I uh, never caught your name," Mel said to Chloe-Su, only semi-awkwardly.

"Oh, sorry. I was rude to not introduce myself. I'm Chloe-Su," the violet Echidna replied, happy to have met her new roommate.

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"Well it's nice to meet you, Chloe-Su," Mel said, holding out her hand to shake, "I feel like this will be an interesting year."

Alaine was still there with Chloe-Su, lost and confused.

Meanwhile, in Savannah's dorm, Aegrine has just got settled in. The hedgedragon was curled up on Savannah's bed and had fallen asleep in a matter of minutes. Chloe and Savannah were chatting, mostly Chloe arguing that she should stay with them to make sure Aegrine would be okay.

Chloe-Su took Mel's hand and shook it. "It'll be not only interesting, but also a fun year. And it's nice to meet you too, Mel." Chloe-Su smiled happily. "I'll leave you to your repairs if you want. I have to get a new school uniform anyway, I've had to miss the classes because I didn't get the right size of skirt."

Chloe-Su then saw Aliane and said, "This is Aliane. She's a good friend of mine and a very nice girl. Aliane, this is Mel, my roommate."

"Hello!" Mel said, leaning closer to Aliane, "You're awful tiny, I'll have make sure not to step on you or something."

"Don't worry, I'll be careful." Alaine answered, somewhat sheepishly.

"Is he gone?" A small voice asked from Chloe-Su's pocket.

"Huh?" Chloe-Su asked. "Aegrine is gone," Chloe-Su replied, confused. Was that Feye in her pocket?

The tiny mobian fairy peered out of Chloe-Su's pocket. "Good," she said, then looked over at Mel. "As much as I don't like Metal Bird Girl, I like the winged hedgie even less."

"Hey, you don't have to dislike me," Mel said, trying to sound sweet. She knelt down to Feye's level, "We could be friends. My name's Mel." She held out her right pointer finger to shake, though the tiny fairy might be afraid of it's sharp tip.

"Mel is a nice girl, she won't hurt you," Chloe-Su said. Then she checked her watch and continued, "I better go. The stupid store closes at four and it's two fifty-four right now."

Feye shrieked and dived back down into Chloe-Su's pocket. "Don't touch me!" She squeaked.

Chloe-Su frowned at this, but said nothing.

Reens poked her head around the door. "If you want I can come with you. I need to get some supplies anyway. You going to be okay by yourself, Mel?"

"Sure, why not?" Chloe-Su responded. Then she turned to Mel and waited.

"I'll be fine, you two go," Mel said, sitting down on one of the beds, "Like I said, I gotta fix my turbine. See ya later!"

"Okay, I'll see you later," Chloe-Su replied, headed to the door and opening it. Then she waved goodbye to Mel and exited, closing the door behind her.

"So, Reens," Chloe-Su spoke. "Do you want to stop at the supply store first?" 

"Sure," Reens shrugged, fumbling in her purse for her wallet. "Damn... Chaos dammit... Where..." 

"What's wrong?" Chloe-Su asked, watching Reens fumbling in her purse. Something was wrong, since Reens couldn't seem to find what she was looking for.

Reens sighed exasperatedly, then shook her head. "My wallet's gone. Like, gone gone. I just had it with me a few minutes ago and now I can't find it. Guess I can't get supplies now, huh?" she joked, although halfheartedly.

Chloe-Su pulled out her own wallet and said, "I can pay for the supplies. I have more than enough money anyway. I wonder what happened to your wallet, though..."

"I might've left it in my dorm accidentally or something," Reens said with a blush. "You wait here and I'll go back to my dorm and see if I left it there." She took off in the direction of her dorm, hoping it was there.

Feye poked her head out of Chloe-Su's pocket. "What's a wallet?"

"It's a small object that is usually made out of cloth or leather and used to carry money," Chloe-Su replied to Feye.

Feye tilted her head to the left. "Money?"

"Money is... something that a person trades for something else," Chloe-Su replied. She took a coin out of her wallet and showed it to Feye. "This is a coin, which is a type of money." Then she put the coin back and drew out a dollar, saying, "This is a dollar, another type of money."

"Oooohhh," Feye sighed. "Is it made of metal?"

"The coin is made out of metal, but the dollar is made from a type of paper," Chloe-Su responded.

Feye shriveled up like a wilted flower, hiding back in Chloe-Su's shirt pocket. "I don't like metal," she squeaked.

"No one is saying you should," Chloe-Su replied. "And I'll keep the coins as far away from you as possible, if you want." As the Echidna girl said this, she dug a small hole and dumped the coins in it. Then she covered the hole, and even put a small rock on it. "The metal is gone. You can come out."

Feye slowly peeked out of her little hiding place, then fluttered her tiny wings and floated to the echidna's shoulder.

"I don't think that Reens forgot her wallet," Chloe-Su spoke, "I think that someone stole it. But I don't know."

"Stealing is bad," Feye said.

"Yeah," Chloe-Su said. "And bad people will do bad things like stealing."

"I don't like bad people," Feye said. The little fairy sure was one-track minded.

"Don't worry," Chloe-Su spoke. "If the wallet was stolen and the thief gets caught, he'll be punished. Then hopefully he'll later become a good person and not steal ever again." Chloe-Su knew this was very much possible. "But sometimes people don't change. I honestly don't know."

"Me neither," Feye said. She stayed quiet for a moment before saying, "I want to go see Ms. Kitty."

"Savannah?" Chloe-Su asked. "She lives in that dorm over there." Chloe-Su pointed to the dorm she was talking about.

Feye nodded and flapped her wings, lifting off of Chloe-Su's shoulder. She turned towards her and waved. "Bye, Ms. Echidna!" She said before flying into Savannah's dorm, for some reason had the door left open.

"Bye," Chloe-Su called, waving to Feye.

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Meanwhile, Alaine had been left with Mel. She was simply relaxing, not wanting to bother the robot.

In Savannah's dorm, Aegrine was curled up on Savannah's bed, with the cheetah sitting next to the hedgedragon. Savannah had to admit, Aegrine did look kinda cute curled up like that. She took off her gloves and ran her hands through his quills. Aegrine's fur was soft, silky, and warm. Savannah buried her face in Aegrine's quills, which surprised the ebony hybrid.

Mel on the other hand was hard at work. The damage to her turbine wasn't as bad as she thought, so she decided to work on more minor things that Reens had missed. She was currently working on her right leg, smaller arms extending from her main two and poking around in her knee joint.

There was a very awkward silence.

"What...are you doing?" Aegrine asked when Savannah buried her face in his quills. "So soft~" the cheetah squealed. She then realized what she was doing and lifted her face off of the hedgedragon. "AH! I'm so sorry!" She exclaimed, her face bright red. Aegrine's face was also a little red. "I-It's ok," he said. He sat up and became eye level with Savannah. "It felt kinda nice." Aegrine could feel his cheeks growing warm.

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Mel was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with how quiet it was, so she decided to break the silence. "Soo......" she said to Alaine, "How'd you wind up here?"

"Well, I sort of got lost..." Alaine answered.

Feye entered the room and fluttered over onto Savannah's shoulder. "Hi!" She said. The cheetah looked st the tiny fairy on her shoulder. "Oh, hello Feye." Aegrine looked at the fairy, tilting his head to the side. "A fairy," he said, bewildered.

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Meanwhile, Lunari was still joined with Savannah. Lunari was sleeping, since the healing she had done was more tiring than she had realized.

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"Hey, Uh. Sorry for attacking you and your friends," Aegrine said. Savannah was a little surprised. He is apologizing? She asked herself. Over the past few minutes, it's like he had completely changed personalities. "I-It's ok," the cheetah stuttered. Aegrine shook his head, "No, it's not ok. I killed two people. On purpose. You just can't forgive someone for something like that and act like it never happened." Savannah's mouth hung open. This is not the Aegrine she knew. The hedgedragon was also surprised. Why am I acting so nice to her? He thought. Here he was, sitting in front of the cheetah he was trying to kill.

Reens groaned and facepalmed, rubbing her face with her hand. "Well, it's officially gone," she moaned, sighing. "Last time I saw it was on the table before I put it into my purse, and now I can't find it anywhere. Oh, Chaos dammit. Whoever stole my wallet must be pretty frickin' happy. I had everything in there..."

"Lost?" Mel asked Alaine, now working on her left knee.

"Well..." Alaine was wondering how she should put it. "I was exploring the little spots only I could fit in, and the next thing I knew I fell into Chloe-Su's room..." She explained.

The two could hear tiny wingbeats as Feye fluttered into the room and landed next to Alaine. "Sludge Man teleported us somewhere. I ended up in Ms. Echidna's shirt pocket," the fairy said.

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Feye hugged Alaine. "But that doesn't matter. I'm just glad everyone is ok," she said.

Alaine blushed slightly, in an embarrassed fashion. "Thanks..."

The fairy lets go of the tiny human. "Also, Ms. Kitty and the Winged Hedgie are getting along!"

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Alaine cooed, happily.

"I know, right!" Feye squealed, wagging her tiny hedgehog tail.

"Aww..." Alaine answered. Even though Feye was twice her size, Alaine was finding her to be pretty cute.

"Wanna go see them?" Feye asked.

"Sure!" Alaine cheered.

"Yay!" Feye exclaimed. She carefully grabbed Alaine by the waist and flapped her lightning bolt-shaped wings. The tiny human was a little heavy, but nothing Feye couldn't carry. The fairy made her way to Savannah's dorm.

Mel, being consumed in her work, didn't notice Feye enter, or her and Alaine leave. That was until she felt a sudden loneliness, looking up from her repairs and seeing that she was alone. But she was fine with it, she had work to do anyways.

When Feye and Alaine arrived in Savannah's dorm, she stopped dead in her tracks. Aegrine was curled up on the bed while Savannah was going through his quils with a spare comb. Chloe was sitting on a chair in the corner. Feye could almost see stars in the dolphin's eyes. The fairy sat Alaine on the nightstand. "Awww~ So cuuuuuuute!" Feye cooed.

Alaine chuckled. "That's sweet..."

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Savannah noticed Feye and Alaine and smiled. "Hello Feye. Hello Alaine," she greeted. A low rumbling sound emitted from Aegrine's abdomen. "I'm hungry," he said sheepishly. His orange eyes then darted to the two tiny people on the nightstand. Feye backed away from the hedgedragon. "It's ok. Aegrine isn't going to eat you," Savannah reassured. The ebony hybrid let out a chuckle. "I wouldn't count on it."

"Eep!" Alaine looked quite scared now, and backed up. She almost fell over again, but this time she caught herself.

Feye gently grabbed Alaine's hand. "It's ok. He's not going to hurt us," she said, letting go of the tiny human and fluttered over if to Aegrine's face. She was one brave fairy.

Alaine seemed to get over herself, but still kept her distance from Aegrine. She sat down on the edge of the nightstand, watching happily.

"Hi there, big guy. How are you feeling?" Feye asked. Aegrine shrugged, "relaxed, a bit tired, and hungry," he replied. The hedgedragon was caught by surprise when he felt the fairy grab the corner of his mouth and lift it up, revealing the predator's sharp teeth. "Whoa! So sharp and shiny!" Feye touched one of the gleaming pearls with her hand.

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Alaine just watched, curiously.

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Aegrine raised an eyebrow. I can't tell if it's courage or stupidity, he thought. Eh, both.

"Is it true that hedgedragons have forked tongues?" Feye asked. Aegrine was very curious at this point. To answer the fairy's question, he stuck out his bright-pink forked tongue. "Whooooaaa," Feye sighed. She put a hand on it, Aegrine thinking it felt kinda odd. What is wrong with this kid? the hedgedragon thought to himself.

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Aegrine shook his head and pulled his tongue back into his mouth. "Your kinda creeping me out," he said. Feye blinked and nodded. "Sorry about that," she apologized, fluttering over to Alaine.

Alaine didn't seem to mind. She was just chillin'.

Savannah came back into the room. Apparently, she had left the dorm for a few minutes. She had a non-mobian white rabbit in her arms that was chewing on a piece of lettuce. Feye had a very good idea what she was going to do with the rabbit.

Alaine gasped. "Aww, it's so fluffy!"

???: Careful.

Academy, Academy....

Chloe-Su tapped her foot impatiently, looking at her watch. She was still waiting for Reens to come back from her dorm and had been ten minutes.

Reens walked out of her dorm, shaking her head. "I just don't know what happened to it..."

"Weird..." Chloe-Su replied, confused as to the disappearance of Reens' wallet. "I can give you some of my money, if you want... I have more than enough..."

Aegrine suddenly went tense. His fur stood on end, his claws digging into the covers, and his pupils slit. And it wasn't because of the rabbit. "Who said that?" He demanded.

"No, I couldn't do that to you," Reens said, shaking her head vigorously. "It wouldn't be right taking money from my friends."

"Reens, I'm giving it to you as friend," Chloe-Su responded, putting her hand on Reens's shoulder. "And besides, you need supplies. And I'll still have enough left over for my school uniform anyway, so it's okay."

Mel's door then opened, and the robotic bird stepped out. "Hey guys, are you still going shopping?" she asked.

"Yeah, we are," Chloe-Su replied before Reens could say anything. "Do you need anything from the store?"

"Not really, I just wanted to hang out," Mel replied, folding her arms behind her back.

"Well, if Reens doesn't mind, you can come along," Chloe-Su said. "And then when we get back, maybe the three of us can have a girl's night!"

"Uh, sure, you can come," Reens nodded, rubbing the back of her head sheepishly. "By the way, have you seen a wallet laying around somewhere lately? It's light blue with black trim."

Meanwhile, now that Lunari had recovered, she was simply wandering, looking around. She liked this place, she liked the people here.

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Eggdelena strolled casually along the ceiling, her walk neither fast nor slow, her arms folded, her eyes staring at the ceiling. Below her, Lunari coincidentally walked, seemingly unaware of Eggdelena's presence as of yet.

Fireflower, having at last found her dorm, after who knows how long, used her dorm key and successfully got herself situated. "Now, to get my school uniform." Grabbing her hand-woven hand bag, checking that her wallet was there, and tidying herself up a bit, she headed out, taking care to lock the door to her dorm behind her.

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Lunari found her way to her dorm, and headed in, shutting the door behind her. Eggdelena might have spotted her again a few minutes later, but something was strange about her...

Eggdelena continued to wander the halls, not sure whether the school day was over or not. Finally, after making a long debate with herself, she decided to explore outside and get some fresh air. Opening a window, she jumped outside, landing on her feet, flinching from the impact. She then headed towards the first thing that she managed to spot: the forest.

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A male yellow shrew walked through the halls, a brown satchel over his shoulder, his hands behind his head. He sighed as he breathed in the air around him. So this is what it smelled like, to be in a school. Knowing nothing about school other then it was a place of learning, Arid sure had a lot of things to learn. And going here, he thought, had been a good idea. Even if there was a chance he could give the teachers a hard time, Arid knew that was a slight doubt. After all, he did know how to read and write, and he was a good listener and a fast learner, so getting through his classes should be simple.

'I mean, how hard could it be?' he thought to himself with a smile.

A quick movement might have caught the shrew's eye, something going around the corner as if to hide.

Arid's gaze wandered warily to the corner, and his hand instinctively went to his dagger at his side. His eyes narrowed as he took a few careful steps forward, taking care to not alert or startle whatever the thing was.

The figure was still for a moment, just around the corner she had dissapeared behind. She wasn't exactly waiting for him, she was just trying to plan her next move.

Arid continued towards it, his thoughts swimming in caution and awareness. Finally, after awhile of silence, he managed to form words. "Hello? Is someone there?"

The girl didn't want to startle him, but she didn't like hiding either. "Y-yes..." She answered, nervously. It was Lunari.

At spotting her, he almost dropped his dagger onto the floor, but managed to catch himself and place the dagger by his side again. He scratched his head, and his surprise turned to embarrassment in an instant. He blushed as he made eye-contact with the girl. "S-sorry about that.. If I had known you were a girl I would have.." his voice dropped and he looked at the ground, his ears reddening in his own shame. 'Fool.' he thought and he bit his lip. Some knight he was. He had just arrived and he was already messing things up.

Something else might have caught his eye; Lunari was transparent and ghost-like. She waved to Arid, shyly. "Oh- um, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you..." Lunari answered, nervously.

Arid turned and, after seeing her ghostly outline, he narrowed his eyes to see if he could make out what his eyes were seeing. "Are you a.. a.. ghost?"

Lunari nodded in response. She calmed down a little bit. "Who are you?" She asked.

Arid immediately stopped staring, realizing it was rude. He put a foot forward and bowed. "I am Sir Arid. But you can call me Arid the Shrew. May I ask what your name is?"

"My name's Lunari." Lunari waved, happily.

Arid nodded and stood up. "Lunari.. that's a lovely name. I hate to be rude, but it's just that.. I've never seen a ghost before, especially one that can be seen. Tell me, aren't you.. dead?"

Lunari chuckled slightly. "Actually, no. Turning into a ghost like this is my power." She explained.

Meanwhile, Chloe-Su was lost in thought  as Reens asked Mel about the missing wallet.

"Um..." Mel said to Reens, her Hard Drives clicking as she reviewed her memory, "N... No, sorry. I haven't seen anything like it..."

Meanwhile, Eggdelena continued her walk to the forest, and as she walked she debated inwardly with the voice inside. "I want to feed. Free me!!" "No. Not yet. Wait till we're in the forest. Then, I'll let you feed all you want. Just not here. Not now." Eggdelena said aloud, not sure if there was anyone nearby to overhear her. The voice hissed in impatience, but nonetheless, it complied to her wishes and remained dormant. Eggdelena sighed and continued her uninterrupted walk to the dark canopy of the forest.

"l figured as much," Reens sighed and shook her head. "Oh, well. Maybe somebody else will find it soon. I just hope no one tries to do anything funny with it."

"If they do, they're gonna regret it..." Chloe-Su frowned deeply as if to emphasize this.

Walking casually and cheerfully towards the group, Fireflower paused mid-step as she spotted their sad and angry expressions. "Hi, is everything alright here?" She asked as she looked from one face to the other, trying to tell the story behind each look, only failing to understand the expression of the robotic bird.

Outside the academy, a silver warp ring materialized and enlarged. Diaspore fell out of the ring and landed up against a tree. "Ow..." she moaned, forcing herself into a sitting position and rubbing her back. The female hedgedragon checked to make sure nothing was broken. She cringed when trying to move her left wing. Diaspore was covered in bruises and claw marks, from which blood still drip. Not only that, but her left wing has been dislodged from her shoulder joint. With difficulty, the maroon hybrid made her way inside the academy.

Suddenly someone was behind her. "Relax, relax..." They whispered. It was Io, who had noticed Diaspore was hurt.

Reens slumped her shoulders a bit and her ears drooped. "Well, we can at least look around the store. Maybe I'll find my wallet later."

Diaspore jumped and whirled around. "Oh. It's you," she said, relived.

Chloe-Su sensed Diaspore's return immediately and felt relieved. The female hedgedragon was finally safe. "But what about..." Worry then entered Chloe-Su's mind. "Okay," she said to Reens. The female Echidna noticed Fireflower and greeted, "Hello." 

Io was already working on something, tracing a healing rune on the floor with her staff. She motioned to Diaspore to come towards it. "Here, this should help."

Diaspore eyed down the cat. She didn't completely trust Io, but stepped towards the rune anyway.

The rune would start to heal Diaspore's injuries, though it wouldn't help with the dislodged wing. "Better?" Io asked, sounding concerned.

Diaspore nodded, "It feels a little better," she said, rubbing her disconnected wing.

Io sighed in relief.

Noting the change in the air, Fireflower smiled and turned to the echidna. "Hi. I'm new here. My name's Fireflower. What's yours?"

"Chloe-Su," the female Echidna answered. Then she gestured to Reens and Mel and continued, "These are my friends, Mel and Reens. Nice to meet you, Fireflower."


Feye looked around Savannah's dorm, a little bored. "Is there anything to do around here?" The mind fairy asked.

"Not really," Savannah replied, stepping forward with the white rabbit in her arms. "You two might want to cover you're eyes for this," the feline said worriedly to Alaine and Feye. The small mobian tilted her head, "Why?" She asked.

Aegrine's slited pupils were drawn to the rabbit. He was on all fours in seconds, lashing his tail impatiently. Savannah sat the white rabbit on the bed, and quickly backed away.

Aegrine pounced, the non-mobian rodent squealing as the hedgedragon's jaws clamped down on it's neck. Small amounts of blood dripped onto the bed covers.

Aegrine released his grip on the rabbit, letting it's limp body fall onto the sheets. The ebony predator licked his lips, snapping down onto it's small head. He pulled the rest of the small animal's body into his mouth, gulping it down whole.

Feye stared at Aegrine, horrified. "Great Chaos..."

Alaine had covered her eyes like Savannah told her to, but the sounds alone were enough to make her gag.

Nothing but disgust could be seen on Savannah's face, but she said nothing. That could possibly be me... the cheetah thought.

Aegrine sighed and curled up the bed, licking the blood off his lips. "Mmmm. Tasty," he said in a sadisfied tone.

Feye shivered, then fell backwards. She hit the tabletop with a thud, unconscious. The scene was too much for the fairy to handle. She had fainted.

Alaine saw this, and darted over to Feye's side. "Feye? Hey, wake up!!" Alaine shouted, trying to shake the fairy awake.

Savannah was by the nightstand in a instant, looking down nervously at Feye. "Oh dear..."

Feye moaned and slowly opened her purple eyes. " head," she sat up, rubbing her temples.

"You okay?" Alaine asked Feye, looking her over to make sure she didn't hurt herself, bend a wing or something.

"Y-Yea. I'm fine," Feye replied, glancing nervously at Aegrine, who had fallen asleep on the bed. "I've never seen something so horrid!"

Alaine sighed, shaking slightly out of nervousness. Truth be told, it had scared her too; she just didn't want to admit it in front of Feye or Aegrine.

"W-What do we do now?" Feye asked, trying to change the supject.

"Well, I don't know..." Alaine answered, stretching and sighing as she calmed down.

"Same here," Feye admitted before yawning, "I'm tired," she said. The fairy got to her feet and fluttered up next to Aegrine, snuggling up next to the hedgedragon's belly and falling asleep.

Alaine yawned as well, somewhat tired. She didn't mind Aegrine as much as she used too, but was rather hesitant about sleeping right next to him like Feye was.

Savannah was weary about Feye sleeping next to Aegrine as well. She has grown fond of the hedgedragon, but doesn't completely trust him yet.

Alaine looked over at Savannah, and shrugged as if she didn't know what to do.

"I have an empty matchbox," Savannah said. "I could spruce it up and make it like a tiny bed. Would you like that, Alaine?" She asked.

"Aww, that would be cuuute!" Alaine cooed.

Savannah giggled, "I'll take that as a yes." The cheetah stood up, grabbed her bag and started rustling through it. She took out a matchbox, a small pinless pincushion for the pillow, and purple fabric for the blanket. Savannah put the tiny bed together and rested it on the nightstand next to Alaine.

Alaine hopped right in, feeling how comfy it was. "Thanks so much! It's really soft..." Alaine curled up in the fabric, falling asleep. She snored, very quietly.

Savannah smiled softly, "Sweet dreams," she said, grabbing a book and starting to read it.

After a few minutes passed, someone knocked on Savannah's door.

Savannah looked up from her book, "I wonder who that could be," she asked herself. The cheetah walked over to the door, "Who is it?"

"Hey. It's Xophtré," the psychopath answered from the other side of the door, "And before anything, I'm not here to kill him. I just need to talk to you."

Savannah looked between Aegrine and the door before opening it, "What do you want to talk about?" She asked.

"Okay, so pretty much the entire school knows what happened," Xophtré said, walking inside, "But nobody knows that it was him, and those of us that do haven't told anyone. So here's the deal: he has until midnight to leave. And if he isn't gone by then, well..." He thought for a second, glaring at the sleeping hedgedragon, "...I don't know. I'll think of something. You understand?"

Savannah nodded, "I understand," she said, turning to look at Aegrine. "I'll tell him when he wakes up."

"Alright, that's all," Xophtré said, heading back towards the door, "I'll leave you four alone now." He closed the door behind him as he exited the room.


"I second that opinion," Mel said to Fireflower.

Chloe-Su looked around the Academy nervously. Something was off... and she couldn't tell what. "Weird... it feels like something is wrong, but I don't see anything suspicious..."

Suspicions and Suspects

Chloe-Su continued to study the environment, worried.

Diaspore passed Chloe-Su on her way to Savannah's dorm, one clawed hand on her dislodged wing. She was thankful for Io's help, even though it didn't fix her wing.

Chloe-Su saw the hedgedragon and exclaimed, "Diaspore!" She touched Diaspore's shoulder and asked excitedly, "Were you able to do it? We're you able to change the past?"

Xophtré- who was still in the same hallway- watched Diaspore intently, just in case something were to happen...

Diaspore looked at Chloe-Su and shook her head, "I only made things worse," she said sadly.

Chloe-Su looked and saw Xophtrè. She gave him a glare that said, Do anything stupid and I'll kill you. Then she looked at Diaspore and said, "At least you tried. That's what counts, right?" But Chloe-Su still felt a wave of depression coming over her.

Diaspore nodded, "I just hope anything in the future wasn't affected by my visit," she said, flinching and hissing in pain when she tried to flex her left wing.

Chloe-Su noticed this and said, "I think I might be able to heal your wing... I haven't really used that ability at all..." Chloe-Su started chanting the Tikal's Prayer spell in an effort to heal Diaspore's wing. 

Diaspore continued to hiss in pain, "M-Maybe pushing it back into place with work better?" She requested.

Chloe-Su nodded and said, "This will hurt a lot, but it'll be worth it." She grabbed Diaspore's wing and pushed the joint back into its socket and a popping sound followed, indicating that it was successful. "By the way," Chloe-Su spoke, "these are my friends Mel, Reens, and Fireflower."

Diaspore forced a smile onto her face, despite the pain she was in, "My name is Diaspore. Nice too meet you," she introduced herself.

Back with in Savannah's dorm, Aegrine's eyes slowly fluttered open. Savannah noticed this and put the book she was reading down and walked over to the hedgedragon. "Your awake. How did you sleep?" She asked. Aegrine shrugged, "Fine, I guess. This bed is more comfortable than tree limbs," he admitted.

Aegrine felt Feye lying against his stomach and looked down at her. "Heh. Brave little thing, isn't she?" He mused. Savannah nodded, then remembered what Xophtré said. "Aegrine. Xophtré said you had to be gone by midnight," she said. Aegrine looked at the feline, then shook his head. "I don't want to," he said blankly. "You have to or Xoph will kill you," Savannah replied worriedly. The predator huffed, "Tell that psychopath that he can kiss my furry-" Feye groaned and opened her eyes.

The little fairy blinked, then yawned. "That was a good nap," she said. Savannah looked back at Aegrine, "You have to leave," she repeated. "Not until Diaspore comes back," the hedgedragon argued.

Alaine, hearing Aegrine's voice, slowly woke up on the nightstand next to him. "Huh?"

The hedgedragon looked at Alaine in her tiny matchbox bed and smiled, a rare sight to see from him. "That's kinda cute," he complimented. "Aegrine!" Savannah snapped her fingers in front of his face. She was getting sassy.

Alaine blushed when Aegrine said that, but as soon as Savannah snapped Alaine looked up at her with the most innocent look ever.

The aforementioned psychopath suddenly burst through the door. "Hey Burnt Marshmallow, guess what? Your girlfriend's back, and she apparently made things worse."

Aegrine's ears perked up and was on his feet in an instance. "Diaspore's back?!" He asked, suddenly excited, not caring that she made things worse. Nothing Diaspore could do in the past could let them go home.

Alaine got up, and went over to check on Feye.

Feye looked at the small human, "What's going on with Savannah and Aegrine's argument?" She asked.

"I don't know. I think Aegrine has to leave soon..." Alaine answered.

Feye frowned. For the short time she had been with Aegrine, she had became a little fond of the hedgedragon. Laying against Aegrine's belly was comfy, and Feye hadn't slept that well in quite awhile.

Alaine shrugged, not knowing what else to say.

Fireflower smiled at Diaspore and did a little curtsy. "It's nice to meet you too." After finishing her curtsy, she studied the hedgedragon's appearance closely. "She obviously is a dragon as can be seen by her wings and claws, and she has some looks of a hedgehog, so she must be a hybrid of a hedgehog and a dragon. Interesting.." Fireflower thought to herself.

Meanwhile, Eggdelena had by now found herself emerged in the near center of the forest. She stood in a clearing where the trees separated to allow light to fall on the clearing. Forest animals scattered about here and there at her presence. Eggdelena's now-red eyes surveyed her surroundings with an uninterested eye. Slowly, she walked to an old stump and took her jacket off and placed it there. Then, slowly, she felt the monster within rising up, eager to escape.

"May I feed now?" it asked. Eggdelena solemnly nodded. "Now."

Her head was thrown sharply back and a long, piercing cry that turned into a terrifying roar ran across the forest and reached the school, hitting against its foundations, and giving chills to all who heard it.

Xophtrè heard the roar, his head snapping in it's direction. He let out a sigh, and began walking to Savannah's window. "All I want is for this to get back on track, is that too much to ask?" He reached to window and opened it. "I'll make this quick..." He then jumped out the window, large reptilian wings forming from his back. Once he hit the ground he quickly took flight, soaring over towards the center of the forest.

"Did you guys hear that?" Mel asked, sounding a bit nervous.

"So much for supplies and a school uniform," Chloe-Su muttered, turning towards the direction of the roar.

Savannah's ear twitched as she watched Xophtré leave. Aegrine lashed his tail, climbing back onto the bed, "What on Mobius was that?" He asked himself. Savannah shrugged, not in a good enough mood to check it out.

Diaspore saw Fireflower examine her, and a small smirk grew on her face. Even though she heard the roar, the feminine hedgedragon didn't mind or care. She was more focused on getting back to Aegrine. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I need to go find my boyfriend," she said, turning and staring to walk away.

Sky: Anything wrong, ladies?

Fireflower nodded, her seven tails waving back and forth uncomfortably. "Yeah, what was that?"

In a separate hallway, Arid stiffened and his hand fell to his sword. "What.. was that?" He glanced over to Lunari who seemed strangely unaware of what was going on.

Eggdelena fell onto her knees, her body in a crouched position. Slowly, painfully, her body turned into that of the monster. Her skin turned dark, her eyes becoming four dagger-like eyes with no pupils. Her hands turned into long, razor-sharp claws and big black dragon-like wings sprouted from her back, leaving two patches of her uniform torn aside for the wings. Her teeth also became sharp, and her tail grew long and black with a spear-like tip at the end.

Once the transformation was complete, Eggdelena lunged at the forest animals, and smiled when they ran from her. "Very well. If it's a chase you want, it's a chase you shall get." Wings spread, Eggdelena took off into the sky, chasing the animals, watching them as they hopelessly tried to escape her hungry glare.

Reens heard the roar and groaned. "If only I had my sword with me right now..."

Diaspore froze, her ear twitching. Something was off. The female hedgedragon ran to the nearest window, prying it open. She spread her large wings, taking off into the sky.

Back in Savannah's dorm, Aegrine paced impatienttly through the room, bitting at his claws. "Where is she? Sludge Guy didn't tell me where Diaspore was!" He muttered to himself. Savannah stood idle, holding Alaine and Feye in her arms. The male predator ran to the window, spotting Diaspore flying towards the woods. "Diaspore!" He exclaimed, flaring his wings and chasing after her. "Aegrine!" Savannah yelped, running over to the broken window and peering outside. The cheetah sighed in exasperation, gently putting Alaine and Feye into her shirt pocket and running out the door.

"You guys go ahead. I'll, uh, I'll sit this one out," Mel said to the others, casually slinking back into her dorm.

"Alright, let's get this over with," A voice called to Eggdelena. It was Xophtré, who floated in place nearby, his large dragon-like wings keeping him airborne. His arms were crossed, and he had a bored- yet somewhat irritated- expression.

Wingbeats could be heard coming from behind Xophtré. Aegrine zoomed pass the psychopath, leaving a gust of strong wind in his wake.

(. . . -Xoph-)

Savannah also ran past Xophtré, waving frantically as she did so, and continued running after the hedgedragon.

Chloe-Su tilted her head in confusion. "Okay. I guess it's just us."

Diaspore spotted Eggdelena and went into a dive. She collided with her, sending both sprawling onto the ground.

(Wow this died. -Xoph-)

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