Since Goldenguy511 and 1LugiaLover are the only ones left in Chao World 2, I'm making Chao World Z! AND, you don't need to ask to join! :D!

No Name


No Name (Played By Goldenguy511/Owner=Kumori the Cat)

Iron Chao (Played By Goldenguy511/Owner=????)

Espanol (Played By Goldenguy511/Owner=Kumori the Cat)

Kakarrot (Played By Goldenguy511/Owner=Kaosu the Cryptid)

Son Gohan (Played By Goldenguy511/Owner=Kumori the Cat)

Omochao (Played By Anyone)

Board (Owned By Duan the Hedgehog, Played By ParaGoomba348)

Choonloo (iaashadow)

Kridrostu (Owned by Krinkinko,Fa-La-Stu and Droget)

Darkstorm choa(owned by Darkstorm, DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Thrash Choa(owned by Thrash the hedgehog, DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)

Milkshake (Owned by Alyssa the Dog, Played by: Pianoteen)

Angel (Owned by Louis Robinson, Played by: Pianoteen)

Xenorahk chao(owned by Xenorahk the halfxenomorph)

Maddie (Owned by Maxie Flippercorn, played by pumpiruppartyzone)

Savannah (Owned by Sadie the Dog, played by pumpituppartyzone)

Scone (Owned by Ike the Numbat, played by pumpituppartyzone)

Caden (Owned by Endac Dragonbane the Hedgehog, played by SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Drakos (One of Shadow the Hedgehog's many Chaos, also Played by SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Carsen (Caden's Hatchling Brother, Also played by SHADOW THE HEDGHOG)

Karmin(Kaytlin:Don't touch my SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!*#ff58a3 18:36, January 29, 2011 (UTC))

Serenity (Lucia's chao, played by Aveena)

Wish (1LL, Megan's chao)

Lilly (1LL, Cleo's Chao)

Pastel (1LL, Pierre's Chao)

Xenite (1LL, Harold's Chao)

Hero chao (Played By SonicAndKnuckles)

Silva (E-113:Xi/Owner=Gemini Maxxim)

007 (Played by Rapidthehedgehog-Owner Rapid The Hedgehog)

Shadow the hedgehog(DARKEST PART OF THE STORM)


In Chao World/Kindergarden

Krinkinko:(Walks in the Chao world with an egg)

Droget:Now gently put it down.

Krinkinko:(Places it down)They grow up so fast!

Fa-La-Stu:What are you talking about it never even hatched yet!

Krinkinko:(Annoyed)Don't ruin the mood!

(They exit the Chao world)

Choonloo: (comes out of the hero garden) chao? (knocks on the egg)

Egg:(Tips over and starts to uncontrollably roll toward the Chao kindergarden)

Choonloo: chao! (tries to stop the egg and gets flattened)

Thrash Chao:(Jumps in front of the egg)

Darkstorm Chao: (Does the same)

The Teacher from the Chao classroom: (Picks up Thrash and Darkstorm) Off to class now! (Throws them in class)Oooh what do we have here? An egg! My class can disect this! (Takes out knife)

Xenorahk chao:(Jumps in front of the egg and defends it)

Xenorahk:(Picks up Egg and his chao)

Egg:(Falls on the ground and starts to roll towards the Dark garden)

Brockenhand:(Grabs egg with his mouth)

(The eggs starts to get smelly)

Brockenhand:(Drops the egg and heads into the deanse weed)

(The egg goes in some ink and rolls around spelling the words Hatch me please)

Darkstorm the Halfbreed:(Pulls out a incubator and puts the egg in it)

(The egg starts getting warmer and it starts to hatch)

Maxie: *enters chao world* Here you go, Maddie. You can meet some new friends here! *puts down Maddie*

Sadie: *enters chao world* You two, Savannah. We'll be back later. *puts down Savannah*

(The egg hatches)

Baby chao:(Sees Maddie)Choo! (Starts petting her)

Maddie: ^.^

Savannah: ?

Baby Chao:Choo choo choo choo! (Runs into the hero garden and feeds Maddie a fruit)

Maddie: Mmmh! Apto!

Savannah: *stomach rumbles*

Baby Chao: Chao chee! (Feeds Savana a leaf)

Baby Chao:Moo moo! (Pets Maddie some more)

Maddie: ^.^

Savannah: 8S *sadly walks over to Nuetral Garden*

Baby Chao:(Pats Savanah on the back and hand signals Is that your sister?)

Savannah: *shakes head* *hand signals She's my bestest friend. Everybody likes her best though. It's probably because of how talented she is.*

Baby Chao:Cho choo! (Does eeny meenie miny mo then starts hugging Savanna)

Krinkinko:(Walks in)Oh,our Chao has hatched and I see he has a girlfriend! (Sniffs and wipes a tear)He gets it from me. I'll call you KRinkinko!



Krinkinko:How about Kridrostu!? It's a combination of all of us!

Droget:Okay good idea! (They leave)

Kridrostu:(Looks at Savanna and points to Chao kindergarden)Chao choo!

  • with Caden*

Caden: *flying though the sky with a smaller Chao on his back*

Carsen: Chao Chao

Caden: i'm trying too find other Chaos ok, i know your hungry Carsen

Maddie: Flaaaoo! Hihi!

(Duan walks in the Chao garden holding a cyan-and-black chao)

Duan: Okay, Board, don't go crazy, okay?

Board: Chaooooo!

Duan: Okay.

(Duan leaves)

Kridrostu:(Walks Towards Board with Savanna)

Savannah: Chao Chao Kingwa? Is this Chao Kindergarden?

Kridrostu:Koo coo poopycoo! (Translation:I'm pretty sure it is)

Maddie: Mip joo lee! It sure is!

Savannah: * hand signals Maddie? I thought you were too smart for kindergarden!*

Maddie: Pie gear gwad chao yape ton. I'm graduating to first grade!

Karmin:Chao chao!I'm still in kindergarden,and I don't like!Kaytlin always tells its better to be younger than older.

Savannah: Goo ook kindergarden moo. Go-go me kyo baba! I'm in kindergarden too. I hope we leard go-go dancing today!

Kridrostu:(Goes to the black market to buy lots of spaggeti)

Savannah: Chao teech beep OK? Will the teacher be okay with this?

Kridrostu:Doodoo chao! (Translation:I don't know but I do know she'll get fired if we starve to death and I know she doesn't want that to happen)

Scone: Doo? Me no doo! Death? I don't wanna die!

Savannah: Apopt, sipsip! Then eat up, silly!

Karmin*Climbs up a tree picks a fruit and comes back down*Chao chao!I got a fruit!*Eats the fruit*

Kridrostu:(Comes back with lotsa spageitti)

Caden: hey look there are some Chao Folk *lands* hiya my names Caden and this is my little Brother Carsen

Karmin:Chao chao!Hey Caden!

Scone: *digs in* Apto! Flao! Yummy. Oh, hi!

Karmin:*Starts to draw a picture of Kaytlin & Rosa*Chao chao?Do you like my picture?

Savannah: Joo boop! It's pretty!

Karmin:Chao!Thank you!

Savannah: No choai. Woot teep? No problem. What about this? *draws a picture of Sonic playing hide and seek with Savannah, Maddie, Scone, and Rose*


Savannah: Chao! Thanks!

Karmin:Chao chao!Your welcome!Chao chao chao?By the way is Rosa in this garden?

Savannah: Sloo chao. Me no Rosa. Rose me. Sorry, I don't know a Rosa. I know a Rose.

KarminChao chao chao!Rosa is Kaytlin,my owner,little sister out of her 4 sister and two brothers!She owes me back my sonic plush!

Scone: Yam me. Me Tails chao. Take mine. I have a Tails plush.

Karmin:Chao chao chao chao!Nah keep it I think I see her now!

Rosa:So this is the chao garden!

Karmin:Chao chao!There she is!

Rosa:Oh no!

Karmin:Chao chao!*Grabs the Sonic plush*I got it back!

Scone: Chao top dop! Let's watch TV! *turns on TV*

Karmin:Chao chao.Man I wish it was 5:00am in the morning.

Board: Chao-ao! One day I'll be a rock star just like my owner! (Walks to Savannah) Chao! (Hi! (ironic...))

Karmin:Chao chao!Keep reaching for your goal buddy!Chao chao!Tomorrow at 5:00am I'm going wake up and watch Inyuyasha with Twig agian!

Savannah: Flao! Hi! *waves*

Karmin:Chao chao?Is it time to go home yet?

Scone: No chao we. Cliff, Ike chip dale. Maxie, Sadie shoo. Not for us. Cliff and Ike are golfing. And I think Maxie and Sadie are out shopping.

Caden: hmm... it seems no body here speaks english

Carsen: Chao?

Karmin:*Trying to speak english*Kay...Kaytin...Kaytlin!

Maddie: Chao fun beet baww? Who wants to play Beach Ball?


Maddie: Any maapers? Hive chao! Any takers? We need five chao!!

Scone: Me!

Savannah: Me!

Maddie: On yao! One more!

Caden: oiy i'm bored

Carsen: Chao, Dwakos Dwakos

Caden: oh HEY DRAKOS

  • red and Black Chao flies down*

Drakos: hmph, newb

Maddie: Cha Gyyaaaaaooo? Isn't anybody else going to join the game?

No Name: *enters* Ohaider, what did I miss?

Espanol: Ohaider, ¿Qué me perdí? (Mind: Estoy muy a morir para copiar "No Name")

No Name: HEY!!!! FALCON PUNCH!!! *falcon punches Espanol*

Espanol: OW

(Wow, THIS IS A HOT SPOT!? :O -- Goldenguy511)



No Name: Sorry, I just evolved a few days ago.

Karmin:Well,I'm a rare species and color of chao!

No Name: Yeah, and if YOU didn't notice, I'M GOLDEN!!!

Karmin:So?Kaytlin once told me about the time Sonic found a golden chao egg!And besides no one ever saw my color on another chao before!

No Name: Grrrr...

Kakarrot *enters* Ohai!


Karmin:Have you ever saw this type of chao before!

Karmin 2

Karmin 2!!!!!!!!!

No Name: YES! Back when I was in that band! OR, was that you? *flashback of singing a song*

Omochao:Omochao knows everything!!

Karmin:I have been in many bands and crods at concerts!Exspeacily Kaytlin's concerts!

No Name: Cool! Wait, did you say Kaytlin's concerts?

Karmin:Yes,my owner Kaytlin Fence the fox concerts!

No Name: I was singing at one of those concerts! I was singing "Kung Fu Fighting" With Kaytlin, a bunch of boys, and a chao that looked like you!

Karmin:Then that must have been me!And Kaytlin dosen't sing with chaos any more she sings with Rosa Fence the leporad geecko,Gale Fence the cat,and Chip the chihuahua!

Kakarrot: Erm........... *sees pit of death* THIS IS SPARTA!!!! *kicks No Name into the pit of death*

No Name: AGGHHhhhhhh...

Karmin:*Flies down and picks hinm up*There you go!

No Name: Thanks! I don't know how to fly yet.

Karmin:Mabey Kaytlin can teach ya!She teached me how to fly,swim,run,and climb!

No Name: Nah! All I need is a Chao Fruit! (Mind: If I can find one...)

Karmin:*Climbs up a tree and grabs a chao fruit,then climbs back and gives it to No name*Here ya go!

choonloo: (wakes up) ch ch ch chao... (passes out)

Karmin:Are you ok?!

choonloo: chao chao (takes out translator) ---Oh, I'm fine, I just got pegged by an egg, my name is choonloo, what's yours?---

Karmin:Karmin,Kaytlin Fence the fox's chao,I know how to talk,fly,swim,run,and climb!

Choonloo: --- that's great, can you talk chao?---

No Name: *finishes chao fruit* Ahhhh!! That hit the spot!

Karmin:Yes I can talk chao!

Choonloo: chao chao chao great, now I don't need the translator, can you get me a chao fruit?

Karmin:*Climbs up the tree and gets a chao fruit,then comes down and gives him*Here it is!

Choonloo: gnarf! yum yum yum!

Karmin:Here comes the omochao!

Omochao:OMOCHO KNOWS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choonloo: ok, if you know everything, what is the purpose of life?

No Name: *Picks a fruit off of the tree of might* *Eats it* Mmmmmm! *grows muscles* O YEAH!!! FALCON PAWNCH!!!! *falcon punches Omochao*

Omochao:Omochao knows nothing!

Karmin:*Starts laughing*XD

Choonloo: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Karmin:*Turns on the radio*Let's see if my owners theme song is on!

Thrash Chao: *lies out in the sun to et the morning rays*

Darkstorm Chao:*Sleeps on a rock*

No Name: Uhmm...

  • Fred's Christmas Cash plays on radio REALLY loud*


Darkstorm Chao:*Switches it to Dethklok* Thats Better now a can sleep with better music.

No Name: *Switches to Kung Fu Panda's "Kung Fu Fighting"* I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

Thrash Chao:Me too, I really love the song, High Five!!

No Name: *high fives Thrash*

Darkstorm Chao:What a load of weak spines.

Thrash chao: what did you just call us??

No Name: *starts glowing red* HOW DARE YOU!!!! SUPER MEGA HYPER BOOST FALCON PAWNCH!!!!!!! *punches Darkstorm into oblivion*

Darkstorm Chao:Energy Punch (Arm crackles with electricity and starts throwing punches)

No Name: GRRRR!!!! *glows yellow* EXTRA LARGE SPIRIT BLAST!!!!! *creates an anergy ball the size of Pluto* *throws it at Darkstorm*

Karmin:*Turns the song to Night Trap*I love this song!!!!!!


Karmin:I'm leaving school!

No Name: *stops Spirit Blast* I'm leaving too. *walks out*

Darkstorm the halfbreed: *Picks up his chao and Thrashes chao* Later.

(What should the next section be?)

(In the Chao Garden)

In the Chao Garden

Kumori the Cat: So, this is the Chao Garden?

No Name: *Chao Language*

Kumori: ...



Kaytlin:O.o why are you talking?

Karmin:I leared how to!:)

Shadow: Kaytlin!

Darkstorm chao: *Hidding in the undergrowth*

Son Gohan: *Egg hatches* CHAO CHOO CHOW CHIOO!!

Darkstorm Chao: *Chares at No name* *Hiss*

Xenorahk chao:*Defends No name*

Kaytlin:Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!Shadow this is Karmin my chao!

Karmin:So your Shadow!

Shadow: Cute little chao aren't ya.

Son Gohan: *Tries to walk and falls 3 times* WAAAHHH!!!

No Name: I dunno what's worse. Darkstorm hating me or Gohan's crying! O_O

Karmin:Gohans crying and Darkstorm hating you!

No Name: *facepalm* That makes about as much sense as a banana riding a tricycle!... I SAID THAT MAKES ABOUT AS MUCH SENSE AS A BANANA RIDING A TRICYCLE!! I SAID--

  • Crew guy: Kaiser, Where's the Banana?
  • Kaiser: GO TO H**L EDDIE!
  • Eddie: What happened to Kaiser?
  • Kaiser: I'M NOT DOING IT
  • Eddie: I said a tricycle
  • Kaiser: I HATE YOU EDDIE!!

Karmin:No it makes more sense!

Darkstorm chao:*To No name* We have unfinished business.

Shadow: I requonize that chao, thats Darkstorms chao.

Kakarrot: Erm...

Xenorahk Chao:(Helps Son Gohan up)

Son Gohan: Chaaaooooo

Xenorahk Chao: *Backs off a few paces*

Xenorahk the Half Xenomorph:(Turns into his xenomorph form)

[A shiny light blue chao is watching the other chao]

Son Gohan: *falls asleep*

Xenorahk:(Wraps Son Gohan in Xenomorph silk to keep him warm)

Iron Chao: *appears out of nowhere* 'sup?

Maddie: *wakes up* Flaaaoo! Hihi!

Xenorahk the halfxenomorph:(Walks up behind Maddie i his xenomorph form) Hey Maddie.

Maddie: G-go yao apato me? A-are you the guy who tried to eat me?

Xenorahk: No I am not.

Maddie: Goo butskoo chao?? Well, who the butterscotch are you?

Iron Chao: He is the chao who has forgotten his name! XD!

Savannah: Koo hee nama? Woo woe! He forgot his name? That's so sad!

Iron Chao: *facepalm* It was a joke

Xenorahk the halfxenomorph: I am Xenorahk the Halfxenomorph and out cast of the xenomorph hive.

Maddie: *has epiphony* Chao Kao-ko whee Maxie cheet! Oh, so you're the cool double-agent guy Maxie was talking about!

Scone: *waves* Chao foon yaa yuu! It's nice to finally meet you!

Xenorahk the Halfxenomorph: It is nice to meet such cute chao, I just wish my tail would stop melting from my own brothers and sisters acidic blood.

Maddie: Doh, yuu coo adwo smap! Doh, if you weren't so cool, I'd slug ya!

Scone: Piccie me Soniku too? You wanna see a picture of me that Sonic took?

Xenorahk:(Grabs a Mosquito off Maddie's shoulder and Drips his blood on it, the bug begins to melt) thats what happens to everything that my kinds blood touchs, (To Scone) Sure.

Scone: Ha-ha-hawuley.... Ne-ne-nevermind.... (hides behind Maddie)

Xenorahk the Halfxenomorph:(Falls to the ground backs of the flashback of the origonal queens death, curls in fetal position and roars like his Xenomorph half).

Scone: *comes from behing Maddie and pokes Xenorahk* Hee doodo? Is he broken?

Xenorahk the halfxenomorph: I am not brocken, just a sad flash back from when I was a hatchling.

Scone: ? What's a hatchling?

Xenorahk: When a being comes out of an egg, it known as a hatchling.


Xenorahk:Want to see how fast I can put you in a cocoon?

Savannah: Yoo tenee. Foon Bark ploopy? You seem tence. You wanna play with my Bark dolly? *hands Xenorahk Bark the Polar Bear plush*

Xenorahk:No thanks, I'll just meditate.

Savannah: *shrughs and runs over to ride rocking horse* Whee!

Xenorahk:(Goes into meditation position and meditates)

Thrash the Hedgehog:(Practices his Guitar)

Savannah: Xenorahku, beebee foon wee? Mr. Xenorahk, are you too big to ride the pony?

Xenorahk:(Locked in Mid-meditation)

Scone: ?

Maddie: ?

Savannah: Whee!

Xenorahk:thin-de le'hsaun 'aloun'myin-de s' bpi-de gka-de hou-depaya

Scone: ?

Maddie: ?

Savannah: !

Vitani: (Appears next to Maddie and Scorne with Teniahk in her arms) He is a religonist.

Scone: ! *runs into the fountain*

Maddie: He chao apa? Was he speaking in tounges or something?

Vitani: He speaks yautja.

Maddie: ? What country speaks that language?

Hero Chao:Looks like someones in trouble.Looks Like a Job For Super Chao!

Scone: ? What? I don't see anybody in trouble!

Yautja Soldier:(Picks Scorne up) I do on my home planet.

Baby Teniahk:(Jumps down from her mothers arms and walks on all fours towards Maddie)*Sniffs*

Maddie: ! *runs over to stair-thingy in Hero Garden and hides behing a pole at top of tairs*

Teniahk:(Conjerse an Amy Doll and a Nathan Explosion Doll and Hugs them)

Savannah: Foon Bark ploopy? You wanna play with my Bark dolly? *hands Teniahk Bark the Polar Bear plush*

Teniahk:*Purrs and hands Savannah the Nathan Explosion Doll*

Savannah: *hugs Nathan Explosion doll and chucks it at Yautja Soldier and makes them drop Scone*

Scone: *picks up Nathan Explosion doll and runs to Savannah* Choup! Thanks!

Yautja Soldier:(Removes his mask)

  • Maddie, Scone, and Savannah hide in pool*

(Can you remove that picture soon? It's gonna give me nightmares o_O)

Teniahk:(Falls in the pool and can't swim)

Yautja Soldier:(Dives in the pool to get Teniahk)

Maddie: *picks up Teniahk, gets out of pool, and puts her down next to broken collumn*

Yautja: Is she alright?

Maddie: *nods and covers eyes*

Yautja:(Puts mask back on) you may look now.

Teniahk:(Nuzzles Maddie)

Maxie: *peeks, takes hands away from eyes, and hugs Teniahk*



Scone: *looks at Vitani* Ohaider! *waves*

Board: Fun pool! (Jumps in the pool and can swim) Yippee! I can swim! Board can swim!

Maddie: *jumps back in water and floats on back*

Savannah: Ooh! *claps*

Board: (Does a flip underwater) I knew Duan taught me right! I am awesome! (Does a drill dive) Yippee!

Maddie: *does butterfly on back, flips thrice underwater, and log rolls, then floats on back again*

Wish: "Hi everyone" :D (Couldn't find a good time to pop in. I may not do much, since school just entered 3rd Quarter - Lu)

Savannah: Ohai! Me dao Savannahiu! Ohai! I'm Savannah!

Wish: "I'm Wish. As you can see, I speak via telepathy. These are my friends, Lilly, Pastel, and Xenite."

Lilly: Hey! :3

Pastel: :D

Xenite: Hai everybody!

Savannah: *turns on Motteke Sailor Fuku and starts Go-go dancing*


Maddie: Flao, Karim! Flao, Lilyu, Pastei, mao Xenitu! Hi, Karim! Hi, Lily, Pastel, and Xenite!

Adam:Look,its the chao garden

Karmin:Not him again!

Lilly: [hums Fear Garden by Rin Kagamine]

Adam:Look at this cutie!*Picks up Lily*

Lilly: Put me down. Now. [Fangs suddenly appear in her mouth]

Pastel: Yeaaaaahh.. She doesn't like being called "Cute" or being picked up.

Adam:*Puts her down*Sorry!

Karmin:Why are you here any way?

Adam:I need learn to take care of a chao if I want one!

Xenite: Well, how about starting by learning basics of Chao Eggs? [Sitting next to one] This is going to be my brother when it hatches.

Adam: And by the way have you seen Kaytlin"s chao Karmin? I'm supose to give him something!

Xenite: [Shrugs]

Maddie: *shrugs*

Egg: [Shakes a bit]

Xenite: !


Maddie: Kawe! There! *points to Karim*

Board: I am the best chao ever! Duan says so!

Xenite: Riiight....

Adam:Kaytlin pack you a lunch!It's heart fruit!

Karmin:*Eyes shrinks*No!!

Board: Heart fruit? Who you gonna share it with?

Maddie: *scoffs* Not me, that's for sure.

Lilly: [Watching Xenite's brother's egg roll slowly to Adam's feet]

Board: Whathat? (What's that?)

Scone: *pokes the egg with a stick*

Xenite: If you were listening, I said it was going to be my sibling when it hatches!

Board: So it's an egg!

Xenite: -.- Yes. Yes it is.

Scone: Dodot spap! Doody head!

Board: I don't care what you think, Duan says I'm the best Chao ever and I always will be! So I will always be the best!

Maddie: Me chao whoo chao Tails wao Maxie chao! No; Maxie and Tails said I'm the best chao ever!

Wish: Guys! We're all the best ecause we're unique in out own way! GET THAT?!

Xenorahk the halfxeno:(Picks up a rival clans sent) We have to go now.

Scone: ? Where are ya going?

Xenorahk: I am going to run and hide, my species kill the weaker beings.

Savannah: !! Are we gonna die?

Yautja trooper: Not on my watch chao

Skwisgar the hedgehog: Whats ares theses?

Savannah: ? Uh, learn Chaonao or English. Those 's' are unnessisary.

Skwsgar: I am's Skwisgar Skwigelf and I am from's Sweden's.

Scone: Me chaove Swedanu! I love Sweden!

Pickles the Echidna:(Picks Maddie up) Man Seth is going to be Jelous!!

Nathan the Dragoncat:(Looks at Scone) I wonder if they could be metal!!!

Scone: (O_O;)

Maddie: (-_-;) Dede Octocto!! Dr. Octagonapus!! *shoop-da-woops Pickles*

Toki the dog:He means if you guys can play an instrument better.

Maddke: (^.^;) Oh. Chaops! Oh. Whoopsies!

Bakuustorm:(Shows Maddie how to hold a guitar)

Maddie: *playes "The Cat Came Back* on the guiter* Yao! Yippie!

Bakuustorm:(Plays "Go into the water")

Murderface the King Cobra: Awsome.

Nathan the Dragoncat: Metal.

007: *egg hatches* Ah...

Maddie: Flaaoo! Hihi! *waves*

007: Daooo! "Hello! I just hatched out my egg!"

Scone: ! He can already talk?! I couldn't talk until I was 6 months old! Everybody's smarter than me! D:<

007: *stomach grows* Gwao... "I'm so hungwee!"

Savannah: *walks up with Chao Fruit* {^.^ heart emotiball} I can't eait to eat this! Hey, a newborn!

007: *falls asleep*

Maddie: ! He sure has a short attention span.

007: *wakes up* Narooo! "I still hungwee."

Savannah: *sigh* *gives 007 her Chao Fruit* You me chowewa wing 100. You owe me 100 rings.

007: Chabbao nok narooo! "I only like...I don't know what food tastes wike!"

Scone: Yumiu nok te! It tastes yummy!

Xenorahk:(Hisses a warning to the rival clans)

007: *takes a bite* Chao! "Yum!"

Maddie: *gasp* ! Everybody hide! *hides in secret hiding spot*

Scone: *hides behind door on Dark Garden staircase*

Savannah: ! *cries*

007: ? "What? Where do I hide?"

Savannah: *stops crying* ! I have an idea! Follow me! *runs behind Billboard in Chao Kintergarden*

007: Taoza! "Okay!" *follows Savannah*

Savannah: Preso stopo we. Now, we wait.

007: Wao kee. "Okay..."

Teniahk:(Sticks Close to Maddie)

Vitani:Teniahk where are you going?

007: ... "..."

Maddie: ! Hey! This is Private! *slams door in their faces*

Rival Xenomorphs:(Sniffs out Maddie)

(Pumpituppartyzone - bbl)

007: *falls asleep*

Rival Xenomorph:(Reachs for 007)*Low Growl*

Maddie: *takes out Toon Teleportation hole and jumps inside*

Rival Xenomorph:(Grabs 007)*Cackles*

Darkstorm the Halfbreed:Ahem!!!

007: *still asleep*

Maddie: *appears, floaing right over Rivals' reach*

Darkstorm: Maddie, get to me (Beats the Heck out the drone trying to take 007's powers)

Maddie: *floats down onto Darkstorm's head*

007: *wakes up and cutely laughs*

Darkstorm: *Turns Ultimate Elder*

Rival Xenomorphs: Every Xeno for themselves run like women!!!

Ultimate Elder Darkstorm:(Pulls out two Angel feathers and gives them to Maddie and OO7)

Maddie: *holds feather* Ooh jooh? What's this?

Ultimate Elder Darkstorm; Angel feathers, they are meant to bring good luck.

Maddie: *puts feather behind ear* Goo! Cool!

Darkstorm:(Turns into a Hungarian Horntail)

007: Chaoco Lao wee joo? Does it give you powers? Does it taste good?

Darkstorm: You never eat Angel Feathers, they are preety but if digested they are unstable

Maddie: Flap chop! Thank you!

Darkstorm: (Sign Language) My Pleasure

Maddie: *giggles and walks up to Hero Garden*

Darkstorm: (Chuckles and goes to play with his daughter Teniahk)

Teniahk:(Creates a small Water tornado and suuronds it with electricity)

Darkstorm: Thats my girl.


Darkstorm:(Uses his powers to lift Karmin off the ground)

Karmin:*Swimming in the aior*I'm swimming in air!

Jason Voorhees: *Comes out of the pool*


Jason: *Goes after Shadow and Kaytlin*

Kaytlin:Not again!

Scone: *yawn*

Karrmin:Wake up,I'm in the air!

Scone: *opens eyes* Chao! Yao chao! Wow! You're floating!

Karmin:Well,thats a bad thing!

Shadow:(Pulls out a machete) Kaytlin my love, run.

Kaytlin:No Shadow,you run,I'll handel this myself.*Kiss Shadow*

Shadow:(Kisses Kaytlin)

Jason: (Pulls out harpoon)

Gale:Leave my little sister alone*Kicks him*

007: Chaowee. "I bored."

Jason:(Kicks Gale and goes after 007 with his harpoon)

Shadow:(Kicks Jason) OWOWOWOWOW

007: Weao! "Hi chao I don't know that's coming after me with a harpoon!"

Jason:(Prepares to stab Shadow)

007: *accidently shoots an energy blast at Jason* Freao! "What just happened?"

Jason:(Pulls out his machete)

Maddie: Ooh gooh keao? Why is there so much fighting?

Shadow:*Kicks Jason in the pool and gets pulled in*

  • In the Lobby*

Alyssa: Milkshake, now I want you to have a nice time in the Chao Garden, if you ever get bored, there is a hero garden only a few chao including yourself can access. Now have a nice time!

Milkshake: Chao Chao! (Okay Alyssa!) *walks in*

Alyssa: Ahh......... look at her, going into the room, playing with the other chao.....

  • In the Garden*

Milkshake: Chao Chao Chao Chao Chao! (I think this room is very amazing.) Waaaaaaaaaaaa! (Ahhhhhh!) Chao chao chao chao chao (Luckily I can swim.......) Chao Chaoooo! Chao Chao! (This place seems a bit dangerous) *leaves*

Alyssa: Huh? What's wrong?

Milkshake: Chao Chao Chao *Fakes evil chao* Cha chachachachao *Stops* Chao! (There is this guy he's all like 'Take this! Hahahahahahahahahaha!' and I had to get out.)

Alyssa: I understand,

???: Alyssa, is that you?

Alyssa: Well if it isn't Louis.

Louis: Yep. Oh this is my chao, Angel.

Angel: Chaoooooo chao chao chao chao chao (Very nice to meet you.)

Alyssa: Okay then Milkshake, shall we? *Walk up the stairs to hero garden*

Alyssa: Have fun in there. Let me walk in first..... *Walk in*

Alyssa: This isn't so bad, look at all the chao coming up to you......

Milkshake: Chao Chao Cha Cha Cha Cha Chaooo! (Hi there everyone it is very nice to meet you all!)

Alyssa: My work here is done. *Leaves*

Alyssa: Ah! Louis!

Louis: If you don't mind Angel and I are doing a little secret...... *Walk in*

  • White Vortex forms in the back of the fountain*

Louis: There, have fun in either Hero or Angel Garden! *Walks to the fountain and jumps into the vortex* Where are we? *Reads sign* Welcome to Hero Lobby.

Angel: Chaooooo Chao! (Look up there!)

Louis: Huh? Look how big that flight of stairs is!

Angel: Chao! (Go in!)

Louis: Right! *Walks up the flight of stairs.*

Louis: Look it's Angel Garden! *Walks in*

Angel: Chaooooooo! (A place where I belong!)

Louis: Wow! This place is spectacular!


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