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In this Roleplay, heroes are traveling to the center of the earth to stop the 2012 Core Explosion which was said to have end the world.

The journey begins on Earth itself as the heroes travel to save the lives of others and themselves.

This roleplay is a drama, comedy & adventure so feel free to spread your horizons if you join.

Due to the lack of inactivity I'm going to start inviting users, please do not be annoyed or angry If I do and you already told me no, it was an honest mistake.


~Pretty basic rules here.

No God- Modding, any form of god-modding will be removed, if it happens more than once then I will remove you from the RP.

No Jumping In.

If the role-play has already began and we are far into it do not just jump in, tell me on my talk-page and I will arrange a way to get you into it.

If I happen to leave, do NOT continue the RP without me unless I allow you to.

This storyline I have in mind is complex, I may in-trust some of you to continue without me but sometimes no.

No Official Characters

This RP does not include official characters.

Keep the RP PG-13

Meaning, nothing too sexual and nothing too gory. Blood, and kissing, hugs, etc. are allowed and mild cussing, I honestly don't mind it that much.

And anything I feel that needs to be added will be added later.

Warning** I DO roleplay in detailed paragraphs sometimes, If you feel any type of offense or weakness with that then I am warning you now. Do NOT yell at me if my responses are "too long" or "too detailed" im only doing my part in trying to make this more visual and fun :I

Smash's Additional Rules, to back up the above.

  1. There Will Be No Godmodding. I will begin handing out penalties depending on how bad the situation was. I will not allow any godmodding in this roleplay, unless it's plot important.
  2. Please try to use proper grammar. I do not want any chat speak, text smileys, or mismatched sentences here. I'd prefer if you used story format, but script is acceptable.
  3. Stick to the plot at hand. And pay attention to it, for that matter. If you're confused on what's going on, ask on the Talk Page.
  4. Keep things at a PG13 level. Cut down on the swearing, and no sexual content at all. I'm serious.
  5. Do Not Break The Fourth Wall. Really, Don't.
  6. Wait for other people so that they can catch up. We don't want to leave anyone behind. If you see that someone isn't replying, get everyone to wait for them.
  7. For everything else that has not been listed, please refer to this guide.

The Roleplay Theme Song: Solemn Hour by Within Temptation

(I like how this is going so far, so one day when I have the time I may a video based on this, be sure you read MAY because that also means I would maybe not have the time. But I did take the liberty of finding a song that describes this RP and it fits the storyline and plot perfectly.)

Sanctus Espiritus Redeem us from Our Solemn Hour
Our Solemn Hour (W

Our Solemn Hour (W.Tempation) - Lyrics

Sanctus Espiritus redeem us from our solemn hour

Sanctus Espiritus insanity is all around us

Sanctus Espiritus! Sanctus Espiritus! Sanctus Espiritus!

In my darkest hours I could not foresee

That the tide could turn so fast to this degree

Can't believe my eyes How can you be so blind?

Is the heart of stone, no empathy inside?

Time keeps on slipping away and we haven't learned

So in the end now what have we gained?

Sanctus Espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour

Sanctus Espiritus, insanity is all around us Sanctus Espiritus, is this what we deserve, can we break free from chains of never-ending agony?

Are they themselves to blame, the misery, the pain?

Didn't we let go, allowed it, let it grow?

If we can't restrain the beast which dwells inside it will find it's way somehow, somewhere in time

Will we remember all of the suffering

Cause if we fail it will be in vain

Sanctus Espiritus, redeem us from our solemn hour

Sanctus Espiritus, insanity is all around us Sanctus Espiritus, is this what we deserve, can we break free from chains of never-ending agony?

Our Brave Heroes

Vegas Silversnow VegasFox 04:15, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Kurahk "Bloodnova" Dragonblaze ( Bloodnova)

Lisa the Fox Hybrid (StH1515)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Isaiah the Angelic Hedgefox and Team Chronohog (Draon)

Endac Korinth Dragonbane (Shadow DragonKnight)

Felix the Echidna (SDK)

Krados Trandigo the Drowhog (SDK)

Anu the Anubis Warrior

Maxie Flippercorn (PIUPZ)

Ichiro 'Takayama' the Hedgehog (Jon)

Kenji 'Kazuo' the Hedgehog (Jon)

Claude 'Claus' the Ocelot (Jon)

Smash The Echidna (STE)

Pearl The Echidna (STE)

Gizmo The Cat (STE)

Splice The Hedgehog (STE)

Violet The Hedgehog (STE)

Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog (STE)

Blu-ray The Fox (Who else)

Aleah The Fox (Blu-ray)

Plasma The HedgeFox (Blu-ray)

Yasumi The Fox (Blu-ray)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

Hayden the Hedgeidna (User:Hedgeidna97|Hedge]])

Hector the Hedgehog (Hedge)

Duan The Hedgehog (ParaGoomba348)

Floyd The Pink Echidna (ParaGoomba348)

Krinkinko the Hedgehog and his family (Sonicfan919)

Droget the Frog (Sonicfan919)

Sai the Fox(Tailsman67)

Cold the Hedgehog(Tailsman67)

Our Cute Partners (Chao, Creatures, etc.)

Lunar (Vegas's Chao) VegasFox 04:15, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Skylar (Isaiah's Chao; Draon)

Jay Jay the Aipom (Isaiah's main Pokémon; Draon)

Jango the Teddiursa (Jay Jay's lacky: SDK)

Prop the Emolga (Jay Jay and Jango's friend; General Knight)

Maddie (Maxie's Chao)

Scout (Maxie's Chao)

Kitty The Cat Chao ~Gizmo's partner. (STE)

Echo And Brandy (Blu-ray)

Plush the Seal (ParaGoomba348)

Our Wandering Mobians (Neutral)

Oak the Black Cat VegasFox 04:15, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Taylor the Hedgechimp (Draon)

Alasdair the Lionolf (General Knight)

Dismal the Hedgehog (Ryu)

The Ones Who Want Our End (Villians)

Main Villain: Zorutra the Dragon VegasFox 04:15, December 29, 2011 (UTC)
Zorutra 3

Drawing By Me

Singe the Tasmanian Wolf VegasFox 17:10, December 29, 2011 (UTC)

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Cutlass the Demonfox (Draon)

Beserker the wolf

Zenaroid The ???????? (Blu-ray)

Hydra the Bat (Hedge)

Suprano (Sonicfan919)

RMG-24 (ParaGoomba348)

Lamia (Ryu; the murder of him and his family some 200 years ago has destroyed his faith in all humanity)

Dusky the Dog (NightmareHouseFan)

Part I: And so it begins

Vegas sl
ept soundly in her usual tree with her blanket wrapped tightly around her in the bitter cold, her chao, Lunar, snuggled close to her. There was a light shake in the ground, but no one noticed it. The moon shone beautifully through the tree leaves glowing on her face, everything was peaceful. It was that time of night where finally, you could actually hear everything in the world cease, you could actually hear the sense of peace.

But that sense of peace would be destroyed today.

The shaking grew stronger, Vegas peeked open one eye, only to shut it again ignoring the feeling.

Soon the earthquaking overwhelmed her and completely shook her resting area. She shot up quickly,

"What the?!" she exclaimed. Lunar quickly jumped up to and landed on her head.

From above, Vegas could see the ground tearing apart, cracks and crevices opening up. She quickly grabbed Lunar and hugged her in tight to protect her as the earthquake moved its way towards her tree.

"What's going on?!" Vegas screamed over the loud earthquake.

The ground continue to break, and Vegas crouched closely into the tree in order to keep herself from falling, slowly but surely the shaking began to cease, and when it finally broke to a halt, Vegas loosened up, opened her eyes carefully, and looked around.

Everything was destroyed, some trees had fallen over and the ground was absolutely mutilated.

Vegas then carefully slid down the tree, careful not to fall into any of the cracks.

"Wow..." Vegas whispered.

Staring far ahead she heard people screaming, rage and fear mixed in their voices, she ran forward to see what the problem was and Lunar flew close behind her.

Jack & Patricia: (appears on Patricia's Flying Broom with Patricia looking scared & Jack looking angry)

Jack: What's going on here?!

By now Vegas had made it to where all the screaming was,

"I was asleep and everything just broke apart! Luckily it didn't knock down my tree while I was aleep but... that earthquake was POWERFUL, are you two alright?"

Jack: We're ok, Vegas.

Patricia: Vegas, I'm scared

Vegas bent down a looked into the cracks, she spotted a bit of magma bubbling down there, it was very very far but she could have sworn she saw the color orange.

"That quake nearly broke into the inside of the ground!" Vegas exclaimed. Lunar was still on her shoulder sleepy, not really paying attention to what was going on.

A black echidna runs up to the group, jumping over the cracks.

"What the heck's going on here?"

Lisa:*rides in on her Ex gear* did anyone else feel that huge earthquake?

Vegas nodded at Lisa, " Uh huh, Im sure everyone felt it." Vegas motioned her hands towards the black echinda, " Hey dude! Feel the earthquake?"

"How could you not feel the earthquake?" asks the echidna.

Jack: Guys, I just want to know, what's going on here & why are they're huge cracks on the ground

"There was an earthquake." says the echidna.

(Meanwhile in a base outside of station square)

Isaiah walked into the Main room, looking around at his team who had also felt the quake. "What the heck just happened?" He says, breaking the silence.

Gregory stands up and looks at Isaiah. "A quake just erupted over a nearby forest. The place is in ruins."

Geo looked up at Gregory. "Sit down kid, he's not the general."

Renegade turns back from his window. "I suggest we go see what we can do and help the injured that are there."

Geo turns to him, bewildered. "Whoa whoa whoa! There were people there?! How did you know this?!"

Renegade looks to Geo. "You get used to ciphering noises in the battle-zone."

Geo stares at him, confused. "What ever..."

Isaiah then speaks up. "Boys! We've got work to do. Get to the quake site quickly and see what we can do to help."

The other five stand up and nod to him. "Yes sir!" They all run off.


Anu: Patrica where are you?

Vegas shook her head slowly, "I'm...I'm actually not that sure."

"I know what's going on." A voice growled from behind as he walked up.

Jack & Patricia: You do?

Alasdair ran up. "This can't be happening. Why is this happening?!"

an Emolga climbs onto his shoulder. "Maybe the planet wants some ice cream." He says. Then, after waiting for a few seconds, he pulled up a bucket of ice cream and poured it in a crack and stared at it for 5 minutes. "Nope, Not hungry." He said, and through the bucket away with a smile then he rose his arms and jumped off of Alasdair's shoulder.

then a small teddiursa hops into the ice cream "mmm strawberry"

"Whatever's going on here, I don't like it." says the echidna.

Jack: Me neither Lisa: this is so weird.....

"It's-" the person who walked in started but was then interrupted as a gust of wind and a swift moving creature flew by them.

"Gah!" Vegas screamed.

The creature flapped its wings strongly in the wind, looking up Vegas got a good look of the attacker, it was a dragon, and a big one, its body was covered in red and black stripes, and his eyes had no pupils they were just thin and red, his claws were extremely long and his wing spanned across the majority of the moon behind it.

"You creatures will burn forever in the fire of your own misguidance! These few days will be your last and your pitiful existence will be destroyed forever!" the dragon echoed loudly before once again swooping down and flying by everyone's head and leaving the area.

" What the heck was that?! It looked like something I know...." says the echidna.

Lisa: yikes, where did that thing come from

Jack: I don't know

Patricia: What are we gonna do?

"Kill it, or course." says the echidna, with a slightly crazy look in his face.

Jack: (gulps)

The echidna pulls out a knife and walks over to a tree. He then carves some strange letters into the bark.

Jack: Guys, look. He's carving something

Patricia: I wonder what's it say

The echidna finishes, then says, " Try and figure it out."

"No leave it alone!" the boy who came earlier demanded, " Let me explain now, that creature is not a force to be reckoned with, you cannot just kill him off and expect everything to be rainbow and daises, that was Zorutra, and the extra details about him are unimportant right now, all you guys need to know is that he is trying to kill every single one of us."

"How?" Vegas questioned.

"He was born in the core of our world," he continued, "for over 2000 years he has been watching the world develop, he hated it, he hated everything about the place he was born from. So, he began plotting, and disabled the egg he was born in (the core) so that when the time was right it would destroy everything. The egg is reacting now, which is why these earthquakes are occurring."

"Why should we not kill him? What's so important about him not dying?" says the echidna.

Jack: Remember Zorutra is part of the Planet's Core

"If you kill him we'll all die sooner!" he growled.

Patricia: Oh, so looks like we're gonna attach the Planet's Core, either the Easy way or Hard way or the medium way, or the semi-medium-easy-hard way, or the sorta hard with a touch of awkward-easy-difficulty-challenging way

The echidna shrugs, then goes back to carving letters in the tree.

Jack: Uh....right. (clears throat) Anywho, how much time do we have left to save the planet

The boy flicked his tail irritably and responded, "We have until exactly 2012, the first January of that year at 12:00am."

"Wait a minute what's your name?" Vegas questioned,

"I'm Oak, Oak the Cat, what's it to ya?" Oak growled.

"Oh nothing, it just makes me curious how you happen to know so much," Vegas suspiciously responded.

Lisa: well what day is today......

Vegas began counting on her fingers,

"Err...December that means we have about....2-3 days left before we all die to death :D"

Lisa: 2-3 days? well, how do we save the world with in only 3 days

Jack: Yeah or else we'll be a rocket to Mars!


The quake had reached more than just the forest. One of the cities in the area had experienced it too. Many of the roads were destroyed, buildings damaged, and trees fallen. The city was in terrible shape, but fortunately not many people were hurt.
A blue echidna stood outside of his house, looking around the neighborhood. "Good lord...that was bad..." He said quietly to himself. "We don't usually get earth quakes over here. Why now..?" He looked down the street with a frown. He then heard the front door of his house opening, a pink echidna with purple hair emerged from the house.

"Smash..." She whimpered. She was frightened from the earthquake, and shocked at the results. They could hear the TV on from indoors, with a news report about the quake and how it shook up Green Flower City, where they were living right now.

"I'm worried about everyone else." Smash said. "I'm going to check on them." He looked back at her. "I'll be back soon." He then walked down the road, leaving his sister at the front door.


Meanwhile with Ichiro, Claude and Kenji, Kenji is sitting on the ground, completely terrified after feeling a really strong earthquake, while Ichiro does his best to comfort him.

"What was that all about. Did someone tried to use nature powers the negative way?" Claude asked, who is seemingly confused.

Ichiro shakes his head, knowing that no Mobian would create such powerful tremors.

The three then wanders off, with Kenji clinging onto Ichiro. Claude then inadvertently steps on a large crack, causing his foot to become caught and ends up twisting his ankle, causing it to release a crackling sound.

"AUGH!" shouted Claude, who is in pain. He sits down and holds onto his ankle, groans in pain. "What did I just stepped on anyway?!" Claude shouted, again in pain.

"Anata ha ookina kiretsu, kuroodo o fun de. (You stepped on a large crack, Claude.)" Ichiro replied in Japanese. Kenji was still too terrified from the recent earthquake and therefore is unable to translate his father's language to Claude.


Vegas clapped her hands, "Well bravo and well done with that captivating tale Oak, we're all happy that you warned us we're going to die in 3 days, what now we should all rampage and freak out? Break a few rules? Oh no wait, how about we all go down to the center of the Earth, burn our bodies to smithereens and say we actually tried saving the planet? That would be just WONDERFUL." Vegas finished sarcastically.

Oak glared angrily at her, "Oh no look out everyone we've got a bad a-"

"Ah Ah Ah language my boy," Vegas interrupted.

Jack: I guess we no other choice but to put Zurotra back where he belongs for the next 3 days

"And how exactly are we going to do that? Without killing ourselves? I defiantly know that none of us can survive in the planets core." Says the echidna.

Oak whipped around angrily and began screaming,

"Would you all stop whining and thinking negative for a second so we can create a plan?! Do you all WANT to die on New Years?!"

"Ohoho, Harsh much, and I guess you're right, I really don't want to miss the countdown, I love watching everyone blow up confetti everywhere. But what's your thing with New Years?"

"Nothing!" Oak hissed.

"Okay, Okay, geez." Vegas rolled her eyes.

"Are you seriously this laid back?! The entire WORLD is going to BLOW UP."

"I see no reason in freaking out until it actually happens," Vegas groaned, " and besides staying calm helps me think and I actually have 2 ideas right now, but I couldn't talk over your whiny voice."

Jack: Guys, we have no time to argue

Patricia: Jack's right, we gotta bring Zutotra back where he belongs or else we're doomed

Lisa: I'm trying to stay as calm as Vegas

"Hey, I'm all for saving the world, but how exactly are we going to do that?" says the echidna.

"With thinking," Vegas started, finally having her thoughts collected.

" the thing blowing up is the core right? So naturally we are all going to head to the core that is our main objective. We need a power source to contain the core's power from exploding."

"But none of us has the power to contain that explosion." Oak growled.

"Exactly, but who do we know who DOES have that power? Zorutra of course!"

"So...?" Oak muttered through clenched teeth.

"SO, we need to find a way to knock Zorutra into the core, but we have to do it at the right time."

"And how do you plan on getting to the center of the Earth and returning alive?" Oak hissed.

Jack: There's a high chance that we would burn into a crisp

Patricia: We just gotta find a way down somehow

"I'll leave you guys to the thinking, and I'll handle the smashing" says the echidna.


Back with the trio, Claude follows the two while trying to walk properly with his crippled ankle. Along the way, however, Claude is forced to stop, knowing that the injuries are far too great for him to continue. He then sits behind a rock.

"You two go on without me, get some help when possible." Claude said to Ichiro and Kenji.

Ichiro nodded before walking off, leaving Claude behind while he seeks for help.


Smash stopped in front of a white house along the road, where a neon purple colored hedgehog stood. She was staring at the damage done to the area. "Violet..You okay?" He asked, beginning to walk towards her. The hedgehog looked at him, her pupils had shrunk from shock, and she looked pretty shaken.

"Y-yeah...I'm fine." She responded. She looked towards the neighboring house, which had taken quite a bit of damage from the quake. A tree had fallen over on top of the house, causing part of the roof to collapse. Both Smash and Violet stared at it, with equally worried expressions.

"Speedy's not gonna be happy when he gets home." Smash said, flatly.

"I hope he and his family are okay, where they are.." Violet said. Suddenly, something caught Smash's attention. At the corner of his eye, he could see at the intersection down the street; a figure nearly stumbling over the cracks as he recklessly ran down the street. He made a sharp left turn at the intersection and charged in their direction. Smash turned around to get a good look at him. It was a red and blue multicolored hedgehog.

"Smash! Violet! Are you guys okay!?" He cried out. He staggered over the cracks, trying to keep running until he reached them.

"Relax. We're alright." Smash said. "And what about you, Splice?"

Splice let out a sigh of relief when he stopped in front of them. "I'm fine. I'm just rather high strung right now." He looked behind him, "I can't believe this all happened so suddenly...Do earth quakes always make the ground crack and separate like that?"

Violet shook her head. "I don't think so..." She said. "But I've never been in an earth quake before, so..."

Just then, they all heard a familiar tune playing. Smash dug in his pocket and whipped out his cellphone. "Sorry, I gotta take this." He said. He opened it up and held it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Smash, is everyone alright?" The voice of one of his friends answered from the other line.

"Yeah, for the most part. I didn't check on everyone, though." He said. "What about you? How's everyone over there?"

"We're fine. Listen, Smash. When you finish checking on everybody, I need you guys to come down here as soon as possible! I'll explain when you get here."

Smash's eyebrows rose. "I don't like the sound of that." He said.

"You shouldn't. Anyway, I'll see you soon."

Smash hung up, and looked at the two. "Gizmo needs us at his house." He said. "Splice, Could you go check on everyone else for me? I think I'd better look into this now."

Splice nodded. "Already planned to. I'll meet you at his house." He turned around and dashed off.
Smash looked over at Violet, "I don't like where this is heading. Let's go." He said. Violet nodded, and followed him down the street.

Along the way, both Ichiro and Kenji, who is now walking behind his father in case bad things happen, encoutners the group. "Hei! Wareware ha anata no tasuke, minna ga hitsuyou desu! (Hey! We need your help, guys!)" Ichiro shouted in Japanese. "My friend is hurt and needs help!" Kenji shouted as well, but this time in English, in hoping that the group would understand. Smash and Violet stopped in front of them, looking surprised. Violet quickly ran ahead of Smash to their aid. "You go on ahead, Smash!" She said, while briefly looking over her shoulder at him. She stopped in front of them, "Which one of you is hurt?" She asked.

Smash watched for a moment, then hurried off to get to Gizmo's house.

Ichiro shrugged, implying that both him and his son are all right. "Claude is hurt and in need of help!" Kenji shouted. He desperately points to the direction both him and Ichiro walked off from Claude in order to find help.

Violet nodded, "Lead the way!" She exclaimed, ready to follow and help them in any way she could.

The two then leads Violet to Claude, who is sitting behind a rock, looking pale from breaking his ankle and being left untreated, while waiting for Ichiro and Kenji to return with help. Kenji immediately breaks down in tears and frantically shakes Claude in an effort to keep him awake. "No Claude! Don't die! Please!" Kenji shouted, with his voice breaking. "Kenji...? Ichiro... Is... that you...?" Claude murmured faintly while being shaken by Kenji while fighting to stay conscious.

"Oh my gosh..!" Violet gasped in shock, holding her hand to her mouth. Immediately, she knelt down beside Claude, checking his wound. "He looks pretty bad.." She quickly dug in her pocket, and pulled out a pale emerald green ring, and put it on her wrist like a bracelet. "I've only done this once before, so I might not be able to completely do the job, but it should keep him alive." She clenched both of her fists together, as the ring began to glow and sparkle. She extended her hands towards his ankle, and the glow began to move to his wound, slowly treating it.

As Violet heals Claude, Ichiro pulls Kenji away from him while she is healing him. Ichiro then comfortingly hugs his son. "Sore ha, Kenji daijoubu desu. Kanojo ha kuroodo o iyasu shi mashou. (It's okay, Kenji. Let her heal Claude.)" Said Ichiro in Japanese. Kenji nods and cries less as Claude is being healed.

Soon, Violet stops. "There. That's all I can do for him." She said. He was looking a bit better, and was brought out of danger's way, but still was not fully healed. She looked back at the two, "I have a friend who has far greater healing powers than this thing has to offer. We should take him there."

Both Ichiro and Kenji nodded. Claude then got up onto his feet, staggering to keep his balance after being healed, despite not being able to fully walk. "Thanks for the help." Claude said to Violet, despite not knowing her name. "Can you walk, Claude?" Kenji said with concerned and after calming down from being in tears. "Heh, I can try, just not fully, little Kenji." Claude said with a small chuckle.

Violet put his arm around her shoulder and supported him. "Here, lemme help." She offered. She then began to lead the group down the street. "It's not too far from here." The three nods and Ichiro and Kenji follow Violet and Claude.


"Okay, first thing first, Zorutra is probably back down in the earth, but he had to have gotten here somehow right? And if he was able to get to us so quickly it must be nearby." Vegas planned.

Oak looked at her shockingly, "You actually know what you're talking about." Oak said impressed.

"Of course I do," Vegas brushed off not really caring for the compliment at the moment, "We still need a way to get under that without getting burned to death..."

Jack: But what?

Anu: Patricia:*Hugs his wife*

Patricia: Anu! (hugs her Husband) Thank goodness your here, we need your help as well

Anu: Anything hon you name it

Jack: We need your help to put Zorutra back into the Earth's Core, because if we don't, bye bye mobius

Vegas snapped her fingers, "I got it!" I know what we should do, but first we have to go over there lets start heading out now!"

"You actually have an idea?" Oak questioned, "What?"

"Wait and see." Vegas replied already walking off waiting for everyone follow her.

It seems the seismic activity was felt in more places than suspected before. A cyborg wolverpine was busy examining the extent of the damage done to the Mystic Ruins.

"What did this...?" he said to himself, looking around with legitimate surprise and concern, quite rare for the gruff cyborg.

(At Dr. EggPlankton's Space Station in Outer Space)

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm still thinking of a plan

YellowBot: You mean you still don't have one boss?

Dr. EggPlankton: I don't think so, but it's nice to be in my own Space Station Lair in Outer Space

BlueBot: But I feel Space Sick

Dr. EggPlankton: Maybe you would like to be the first bot on the moon

RedBot: It already happened

GreenBot: He's right


Meanwhile, a robot is picking on a baby seal who looks remarkably like a plush. The robot, who is none other than RMG-24, Duan the Hedgehog's arch-nemesis, has his cannon in position.


The seal, in desperation, is cowering in fear and cannot speak.

"NOW, I SHALL KILL YOU BECAUSE CRUELTY IS SO MUCH FUN!!" He is about to fire. Suddenly, he hears the voice of Duan the Hedgehog!

"Pick on someone who can give you a fight!" Duan says to his rival.


Duan poises his guitar, turns a knob, and strums his guitar. A laser fires out of the head of his guitar! RMG-24 swiftly dodges the attack.

"THAT ATTACK IS SECOND NATURE! I'VE KNOWN YOU TOO LONG TO BE HIT BY THAT OLD TRICK!" RMG-24's arm transforms into a cannon. He fires around 1000 bullets into the air, all aiming towards Duan.

Duan smirks. "That is also second nature! I won't get fooled again!" Duan turns another knob on his guitar, and strums. A bright cyan energy field surrounds Duan, and the bullets deflect off the shield. 900 of the bullets deflect in random directions, while the other 100 directly hit RMG-24. He hits the ground!

Duan turns another knob on his guitar, which turns the head of the guitar into a knife, and he jams the knife into the back of RMG-24's head, in the spot where the memory chip is.

"Come on... don't do it..." Duan frantically watches RMG-24's body, hoping not for Memory Conservation Mode. Nothing happens.

"That's a relief!" Duan looks at the baby seal. "Hey there, little guy! Sorry about him, I know he's a scary guy. But he won't hurt you anymore!"

The seal doesn't answer. He is afraid.

"Hey, it's all right, I'm not gonna hurt you."

The seal shyly speaks. "M-my name is P-plush."

Duan smiles. "Plush, huh? I can see why. My name's Duan. I won't let you get hurt by that RMG-24!"

Plush smiles. "Th-thank you so much, D-duan."

Duan shakes Plush's flipper. "Hey, you're gonna be all right. Why don't you just hang out with me for a while?"

"Ok!" Plush answers.

Just as Plush speaks, the ground begins to shake. "Uh oh..." Duan says.

"Aah!" Plush cowers in fear.

Duan picks up Plush and begins running. "It's okay, Little guy, I've gotcha!" He is running away, and behind him, the ground begins to crack...


Smash finally made it inside of Gizmo's house. Gizmo was waiting outside the door for him, and lead him inside. "Where's everyone else?" He asked, as he opened the door to his basement.

"They'll catch up. I just had a head start, is all." He answered. The two walked down the stairs into the basement. "So what exactly is going on here? Does this have anything to do with that quake?"

"Unfortunately yes." Gizmo said. Once they made it down the last step, Smash immediately noticed how messy the place was. Kitty, Gizmo's cat chao friend and partner, was just finished sweeping up a big pile of glass. He noticed that the glass cases on the wall in front of him, which used to hold several items on display, were all either cracked or completely broken. Gizmo directed him to their left, where a strange computer like radar machine stood. Smash remembered it from earlier that year; Gizmo had created a radar to detect disturbances in the area during the summer. Gizmo stopped at the machine and turned to look at him, his face was hardened and serious.

"Look here." He said. Smash did as he was told and glanced at the monitor. Remembering last time, there was a single dot flashing on the screen, detecting a disturbance back then. But now, the entire screen was flashing.

"What the...?" He squinted his eyes, trying to figure out what it meant. At first he thought something was wrong with it, but seeing the way Gizmo was looking at him, he felt his heart sink. "A..disturbance..?"

"The biggest disturbance I'VE ever seen, that's for sure." Gizmo said. He pressed a button on the keyboard. "I upgraded the radar so it can show the globe." As he spoke, the small map of the area zoomed out until it showed the whole world...which was flashing entirely. Smash's eyes widened in shock. "Something's happened, and it's affected the entire world. Whatever it was, it caused this earthquake."

"Holy crap..." Was all that Smash could say.

Gizmo began to type on the keyboard again. "I've detected that the source of this "disturbance" is coming from the very center of the planet..."

"That can't be good."

"It appears that the very core of the planet is becoming unstable. I don't know what's causing this or why, but it's only gonna get worse." Gizmo explained. "If we get more earth quakes like that..." His voice trailed off, as his expression changed from serious to worried.

"I don't did this happen...?" Smash wondered aloud. He shook his head, and whipped out his cellphone again. Quickly speed-dialing home, he impatiently waited for someone to pick up.

"Hello?" He heard the voice of his sister on the other end.

"Pearl, we've got a situation here." He said. "Get the place ready for a meeting. And hurry."

Violet knocked on the door to a house down the street. After a moment, the door opened to reveal an adult white fox with long hair. She gasped when she saw Violet supporting Claude. "Oh my goodness, is everything alright?" She asked.

"Yeah." Violet reassured. "He'll be fine, but he just needs someone to finish treating his wounds. Where's Crystal?" She asked.

"She's in the other room." The woman answered. "Please, go right in."

"Thanks." Violet helped Claude walk towards the living room.

Claude looks around as he is taken to the living room, with Ichiro and Kenji following him. "Will you be alright, Claude?" Kenji asked with worry. "Don't worry little guy. I will be fine." Claude replied with a chuckle. Kenji nods and sits in a waiting room with his father while waiting for Claude to be fully healed.

Violet let Claude down on the couch, while Crystal came into the room after being called. Crystal happened to be a young girl, no older than 13 years of age. She wore a brown band on her tail, which had a crystal ornament on the top. She and the chao who followed her into the living room, both looked shocked at the sight of a stranger wounded on her couch, but did not hesitate to help him. She closed her eyes, and placed her hand to her chest. The crystal on her tail began to glow brightly. The glow traveled across her body until it reached her hand, which she then held out towards Claude. He soon found himself surrounded by a soft, light blue aura, as his injuries slowly healed.


Meanwhile, Duan and Plush continue running. They eventually outrun the cracks in the ground. They are safe... for now.

"Okay, Little Guy, I can't promise anything, but we'll be just fine for a few hours or so." Duan says to his new friend.

"O-okay..." Plush fearfully says.

Duan sees his friend, Floyd, across from him. "Floyd?"

Floyd looks at him for a second. "Duan?" Floyd runs at him. "Dude, what's going on? And who's the cute baby seal?"

"No time to explain. The world is in danger!" Duan says to him. "We need to find shelter, quickly!"

Floyd looks confused. "What?"

Duan is not messing around. "Now!"

Duan and Plush run farther away, and Floyd tries to keep up. They find a house with a lot of people crowding up into it. "Wow... a lot of people are going in here... I wonder if it's supposed to give people shelter?" Duan ponders.


Back Down

Zorutra was pacing back and forth angrily on the burning hot ground, he was angry. Very angry. He didn't know why, today was the day! Today was the day he would end all of his and their suffering. Maybe he was angry because he realizes the reason for this. Maybe he was angry at himself, he didn't know.

"Zorutra you are right, you are not in the wrong you are right."he began talking to himself, "No Zoruta, you are horrible, you are cruel, you will burn. Heh, I know I will, it will be worth it right? No, you are wrong. No you are wrong!"

" 'cuse me boss..." a powerful looking man wolf came in, with his arms crossed and eyes narrowed.

"WHAT?!" Zorutra hissed, still in a horrible mood.

"Those kids you decided to scare earlier are heading this way."


"Well it was pretty idiotic if you to decide to leave our safety area just to freak them out, they've found out where the opening is."

"Was it really idiotic?" Zorutra questioned manipulatively, " or was it a strategy?" he flew over and began creeping around the wolf, "How do you know I wasn't trying to scare them off? Or, get them to look at realization. To die with regret is the worst thing possible right? How do you know I wasn't trying to make their final moments as sickly as possible?"

"I don't know sir." the wolf replied bluntly staring straight ahead despite the dragon creeping around him.

"If you didn't know why did you try to correct me?"

"I don-" Zorutra interrupted him.

"'You didn't know' well if you don't know anything why don't you make yourself useful and stop them for me?"

"That's just it sir, I can't do it alone, I was going to request that you recruit more people somehow." the wolf replied. Zorutra narrowed his eyes, "Oh sure, sure, whatever. I need you to do what you can to provide me now first though." he growled.

The wolf blinked unsurely but then nodded, "Yes sir," and began walking out of the lair but before he walked out he turned around and asked, "By the is reviving my sister going?"

"Fine, fine it's going great now LEAVE." Zorutra growled uncaringly.

"....Yes sir" the wolf replied leaving the lair.



Soon, Claude was fully healed. Crystal had finished treating him, and he was free to go. But before they had time to rejoice, Violet came rushing back into the livingroom. "Crystal, I just got a call from Smash." She said, sounding a bit panicked.

"W-what's wrong?" Crystal asked, startled.

"He wants everyone to come to his house for a meeting. Apparently there's a big reason behind this earthquake, and it's not good."

Crystal exchanged worried glances with her chao friend, and both gulped loudly.

Claude, looking at his now fully healed ankle, looks at Violet with concern. "What happened, mon ami? (my friend?)" Claude asked Violet with some French sentence.. Ichiro and Kenji are relieved to see Claude healed, but are the least of their worries now.

Part II This is Our Last Chance, All or Nothing

Vegas continued walking forward silently, not looking back at the others. Oak also continued following her but he had no idea where she was going, and was starting to wonder if she did either.

"Hey," Oak called to Vegas, although she ignored him and continued walking, "I said Hey!" he screaned which caused Vegas to lightly jump and look around.

"What?!" She exclaimed.

"Where the HECK are we going?"

"Towards the opening to the earth where else?!"

"Do you KNOW where were going?"

"Yes. Now shut up and walk, its a long walk and yapping your mouth waste your energy and we haven't eaten all day." Vegas replied.

An odd sound comes from nearby, and a girl comes towards them. "Where are you two going?"

Oak and Vegas both whipped around at the sound of the girl approaching, "What? Who in the world are you?" Vegas questioned.

"Does it really matter?" she asked. "Because you two have that 'I'm gonna save the world' look. Can I come?"

Oak twitched in irritation at the smart-mouthed sound in her voice but Vegas only looked impressed,

'I like this girl already and I've only seen her for barely a second!" Vegas snickered.

"We don't need to be taking in random people we meet randomly in the forest, they may be working for Zorutra or they may-"

"You said 'random' so many times it sounds weird now, also stop being so stiffy and learn to trust a few people, sure thing girl tag along we got plenty of room for an extra buddy!" Vegas exlaimed.

"Alright! Oh, by the way, my name's Crystal." Crystal said.

Jack: Hi there, I'm Jack & this is Patricia

Patricia: Hi there

Jack: Patricia, how about you feel us in the details up in a Space Station in Outer Space

Patricia: Got it, good luck guys (kisses Anu on the cheek) Chaos Control ! (teleports to a Space Station in Outer Space)

Jack: Patricia we'll get the Mobians out of this planet & into the Space Station in Outer Space

Duan stood there, and opened the door of the house. "Hello?" He asked.

(In a far-off field Krinkinko is trekking thorugh it with his kids, his maid and his best friend Droget)

"Why do I have to be the pack mule?" asked Droget his back aching due to him carrying several sleeping bags.

"Because I'm not carrying his crap today." said the robot fox while drinking a glass of lemonade,

"Daddy, are we dare yet?" asked Krinketta tugging on her father's leg but he was lost in though he was afraid this might be the end of it all.

(We don't need to send anyone to space, make Patricia come back ;.;)

"Well hey there Crystal! I think you'll find out our names on the way, we don't have time for introductions sadly, we have to keep going," Vegas replied continuing forward, Lunar flying close behind her cheerfully.

Oak shook his head, " Vegas, we've been walking for hours when will we get there?"

Vegas ignored him and kept walking, Oak twitched in irritation and sccreamed at her, "Vegas! We cannot continue to walk around clueless like this! Either YOU have an idea or I'm going off on my own."

Vegas turned around with barely a reaction on her face and replied, "Calm the heck down, we are almost there and we aren't going to just teleport there, it's the center of the Earth I'm sure it's not going to be right in front of our faces."

"Thats not the point! It's your refusal to tell us WHERE we're going and WHERE it is, you OBVIOUSLY don't know and you are walking around hoping that you'll luck out and find it."

Vegas rolled her eyes and pointed upwards,

"What are you making me look at?" Oak hissed.

"Look at the clouds." she replied bluntly.

Oak narrowed his eyes and looked up, in the clouds there was a huge straight gap between the clouds, it looked as if a jet plane flew through it.

"Im following the clouds, Im sure Zorutra flew through them enough to give us an accurate trail, and considering the fact he flies pretty quickly, the clouds should stay like that for awhile, LEADING us to our destination." Vegas finished.

Oak just kept staring up and blinked hard, "Oh...ur..right, I should have seen that." he replied awkwardly.

Vegas crossed her arms, whipped around and continued walking forward.


(The mobians cannot go to space, I need them here for the plot.)


Meanwhile, Duan, Plush, and Floyd cannot find their way around the creepy house.

"Hello?" Duan asks again.

"This place is scary!" Plush says to Duan.

"I feel you, Plush." Floyd responds.

Duan looks around. He sees a cannon. "A cannon?"

Floyd sees a label under the cannon. "Jump inside, go for a ride. Safety lies on the road ahead, just be safe or you'll be dead."

Duan thinks for a second. "Maybe this cannon was used to launch daredevil soldiers into other soldiers in a war or something."

Floyd thinks too. "Or maybe it was used to launch circus performers into big mattresses.

Duan looks at the cannon, and thinks again. "Maybe this cannon can save us from this crisis temporarily! Floyd, would you like to go first?"

Floyd shakes his head. "No, I have to see someone else do it."

Duan shrugs, and goes inside of the cannon. "Pull the fuse!"

Floyd pulls a fuse in the cannon, which launches Duan into the sky. "Okay, I'll go."

Plush goes inside of the cannon. "I don't want to be left alone inside of this creepy house! I want to be with Duan! Pull!"

Floyd pulls the fuse again. Plush is launched into the sky. "My turn... uh oh..." He has no one to pull the fuse. Unless...

"Okay... Here goes!" Floyd cringes for a second, and pulls the fuse from behind him. Nothing happens. "I've got to pull harder!" He pulls harder. He is launched into the sky!

Duan, Plush, and Floyd all land in a field. "Ow!" They all say.

Plush begins to cry.

"It's okay, Plush! You're fine!" Duan picks up Plush. "Hey... what's that?" Duan points at some figures that look surprisingly like Mobians; Vegas, Darkstorm, and Oak in particular...


Vegas twitched her ears and turned around, " Yeah Dark?" but after that she paused for a second, she heard footsteps right from behind everyone. She put her ears to the back of her head and had a threatening look on her face,staring straight at the noise.

"Who's there?!" she hissed, already irritated that she has been delayed more than once.


Duan looks at the figures again. "Uh oh... these guys DON'T look happy..."

Plush frantically cowers in Duan's arms. "It's OK, Plush, don't worry."

Floyd looks at them. "Whatever they want... they're not getting!"

Duan holds Floyd back. "I'm the strongest of the group. If these guys want to fight, I'll be a challenge... On second thought, you go first, Floyd."

Floyd charges at the group, followed by Duan. Plush jumps out of Duan's arms and runs too.

Vegas blinked hard and saw the strangers charge at them, narrowing her eyes she growled, "We don't have time for this, Lunar, come here."

Lunar, (who for some strange reason was playing in Oak's hair) came flying next to Vegas and landed on her shoulder.

"Do your thing."

Lunar cheered excitdely and charged into Floyd, grabbing onto his face. Not like an attack, but like a hug.

Jack: Who's there?

Patricia: I don't know, but let's keep going

Jack: Right

Floyd is confused. "What the-?" He says.

Duan sees Floyd and thinks he's in trouble. "Floyd's in trouble!" Duan and Plush run at the group, just to see Lunar "hugging" Floyd.

"Huh?" Plush asks.

"Maybe these guys aren't evil after all..." Duan says.

Jack: Wait, Floyd's in trouble?

Patricia: That's terrible, we need to get to the Center of the Planet & put Zorutra back where he belongs before it's too late

Duan looks at Jack, then laughs. "A Chao couldn't do anything to a guy like Floyd!"

Plush is unconvinced. "B-but maybe it c-could do s-something t-t-to Fl-floyd..."

Cold&Sai:(Watches from far)

The echidna that was carving letters into the tree watches with look of confusion on his face. He shrugs and says " I should have stayed in the Twilight Cage. At least everyone isn't completely bonkers there."

Floyd struggles to get Lunar off his face. "Get off of me!" He runs around in circles, and Duan runs to try to keep up with him so he can try to get him off, but Floyd seems to have very distorted movements. Duan can not keep up. After around 25 minutes, they are both tired out, and Floyd finally lifts Lunar off of him.

"Don't tell me... that chao... scared you... for a second..." Duan says to Floyd, panting.

"S-shut... up!" Floyd says. The two are very tired out. Plush runs next to Duan. "A-are y-you okay, D-Duan?" Plush asks.


Smash and Gizmo both stood at the end of a long table in the former's house. Once all of their friends had arrived, Smash cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Alright everyone, I'm sure a lot of you saw this one coming." He said. "But we're all in a very dire situation right about now. And I'm not even sure what we can do about it." He glanced at Gizmo, who then continued for him.

"I've picked up a disturbance in the area on my machines." He said. "No, not the area, the entire world. But the source of this "disturbance" is coming from the very core of the planet. It's caused the planet's core to become unstable, and is causing earthquakes world-wide."

"And it's not showing any signs of letting up." Smash carried on. "You've seen what it did around here. It totally destroyed this area. What will happen if we get more of those quakes around here?" He paused, looking around at everyone's now terrified faces.

"T-then...eventually.." Splice stammered.

"The earth will keep shaking and breaking until it all crumbles ontop of itself and/or breaks apart." Gizmo answered. "Eventually destroying everything on the surface."

"Y-you mean..." Pearl gasped softly. "...We'll all..die?" She looked and sounded frightened at the mere thought of it. Gizmo closed his eyes, and nodded slowly.

Smash folded his arms, going into deep thought. The source of the problem is the planet's core...What in the world could be causing this..?

"I...think we've finally met our match." Violet said, gloomily. "We've fought mafia-type organizations, aliens, ghosts, super-powered monsters, gone through a dimensional war, but now, we're against nature..." She looked down at the table. "There's no way you can stop earthquakes from happening..."

Crystal hugged her chao insecurely. "...Are we...all going to die...?"

"No!" Splice banged his fist on the table, getting everyone's attention. "There has to be a way to stop it! There has to be!" He shouted. Not knowing how respond if they had no solutions, everyone looked away sadly.

"I-I mean, we always pull through in the end, right!?" Splice looked around at everyone, beginning to lose faith when nobody so much as even glanced at him now. "W-we could get Kyle, he's got that Gemblade with the Earth Gem, it's gotta do something..r-right? W-we could go down to the earth's core and fix it! We could...we could...." His voice trailed off, as he felt a stinging pain in his eyes and chest. "...We can't give up yet..." He said, softly. "...It can't end now...not like this..."

There was a long period of silence in the room. Everyone was either too shocked or too broken up to even say anything.

"Gizmo." Smash suddenly broke the silence.

"Y-yes?" Gizmo responded, looking up at Smash.

"I want you to do everything you can to find the direct cause of the disturbance in the earth's core." He ordered. "I want to know every last detail of the problem, and how we can solve it. Do whatever it takes."

Gizmo's eyes lit up. "I...I'll do what I can!"

Smash looked over at everyone else, who had turned their attention to him. "This is not over yet. Something like this is completely unnatural. And if it's not natural, then there's DEFINITELY an outside cause. And if there's an outside cause, then there's a possible solution. And we're going to find it."


(Woot! Go Smash! :'D)

(XD when I wrote that last part with Smash, I was listening to this song. =P )

Vegas snapped and Lunar automatically let go of him coming back, "Well now that you guys have gone and CALMED DOWN, who the heck are you, why are you following us, and WHY are you attacking us?" Vegas was getting irritated and was not in the paietence for anymore detours, it was obvious she wanted a quick answer.

Oak took a step back.

Patricia: Please tell us who you really are?

Jack: Sorry, but if you need me. I'll be back at my home waiting for something to happen. See ya (zooms off back to his home)

Patricia: (sighs) I'm afraid I can't help in this Pressure, goodbye & good luck anyway. Chaos Control (teleports back to her home)


Gizmo and Kitty had gone back home immediately, not even waiting for the meeting to be officially adjourned. Gizmo swung the basement door open and nearly leaped down the staircase. He dashed towards the radar from before, and began typing on a keyboard infront of it. "Okay, Kitty. I think I have an idea." He said to the chao, who descended towards his shoulder.
"I might be able to program this thing to backtrack, or rewind so we can examine the disturbance at the time of the earthquake."

"Cha-meow chao, mew." Kitty said.

"I know, I know." Gizmo sighed. "But at least I thought to upgrade it well enough to scan the disturbance." He continued typing as the screen changed to black with white text. "Let's see, If it's coming from the planet's core, I should enable the zoom feature to go that far. We could probably see exactly what's happening down there, too. In a virtual sense, that is." Gizmo glanced towards Kitty at the corner of his eye. "I'm gonna need you to open up the back and connect the yellow wires to a shard of the Power Crystal."

Kitty nodded, and flew towards their desk. He picked up a small, crystal fragment and flew back to the side of the machine.


Vegas looked back and sighed, "Alright, we'll be fine, they needed some time off I suppose, this mission is pretty dangerous."

"Mission?" Oak hissed.

"Yes, I'm turning this into a mission Hello Kitty, if you have a problem with it then go somewhere else." Vegas growled.

Oak narrowed his eyes, not wanting her to lead, but despite her horrible attitude right now, she was the only one knowing where we were going, he had to follow her, he supposed.

"No. I don't have a problem at all."

OH what a world!

Zorutra sat in his lair, looking dead at the core with his eyes narrowed. Through the core he could see visions of the World and he knew everything going on. Although he wasn't thinking, he COULD have been using the core to spy on those kids...or...

"Ha ha! They've calmed down now eh?" Zortra began speaking to no one in particular, referring to all the now calmed citizens above "Well, how about a little fun before their complete and total end?"

Walking over, Zorutra began hopping gracefully onto the stalagmites placed in the underground cavern, living here for so long, of course he would have built a way up to the opening of the cavern. He had a sitting stand made for it and everything! Only now had he decided to actually create some sort of opening, but that's not what he was going to.

Finally getting to the top he placed his paws above his head, touching the hot ceiling with his bare claws. He snickered to himself, shut his eyes, and with his mentality, began shaking the ground violently.


Vegas's ears twitched. She moved her hands behind her signaling everyone to stop. There was a short silence. Then the ground began to erupt again, shaking everyone.

"Gah!!" Vegas tripped and fell, not able to get back up, she grabbed onto the nearest rock.

Oak flipped over and immediately dug his claws into a nearby tree.

"Another earthquake?!" he wailed.


Meanwhile, Kenji wanders off while Claude is being treated and Ichiro falls asleep while waiting. Along the way, he felt the ground shaking violently and stands still in feat and sees the fissure crackling right past him before the ground rips open.

"WAH!!" Kenji shouted in fear as he hangs on to the edge of the ground that was ripped open.

Kenji then screams and cries for help as he struggles to hang on. "Papa! (Daddy!) Someone! Help me!" Kenji shouted in hoping to receive help.


"Crap! Another one already!?" Smash exclaimed. The house was shaking and rumbling violently, now. Everyone in the meeting room began to panic. They could hear some cracking sounds coming from all around them. "Everyone, to the basement!" He shouted. Everyone nearly leaped out of their chairs and followed Smash as he lead them to his basement. As soon as he opened the door and switched on the lights, the staircase gave away and collapsed.

"Oh boy..." Splice gulped. "Looks like a no go!"

"Dang it..We'll just have to go out back!" Smash shouted again. "It doesn't seem to be letting up!" He lead them all outside to the back yard. When he opened the door, he gasped when he saw the ground cracking and breaking apart. "Oh, CRAP!" One of the trees in the yard began to fall down towards the house. It fortunately just landed in front of them, covering up some of the holes in the process.

"Should we get in the tree?" Violet suggested.

"As long as it's safe!"


Gizmo and Kitty were on the floor, trying to keep their balance. Their house was shaking so violently, it almost felt like it was going to collapse ontop of them. "W-Wait a second!" Gizmo exclaimed, looking up towards the machine. "That's it, This is our c-chance! K-Kitty!" He slowly tried to stand up and make his way back to the radar. Kitty looked up at Gizmo, and realized what he was getting at. He flew up into the air, now perfectly unaffected by the shaking. "G-get us b-back online..w-we need to p-pinpoint the exact location of that earthquake!"

Kitty nodded, and flew back to the machine. He finished installing the Power Crystal shard, and closed up the back of the machine. He flew to the front and started rapidly typing on the keyboard. Soon, the original screen showed up again. Kitty zoomed out to view the entire world, and examined it closely. He soon spotted an area on the virtual globe that had the same intensity as the core. "Gizmo! Chao chao!" He cried out. He began to zoom in as Gizmo held onto the desk with the keyboard on it.

"G-great j-job..."

{C}((Whoa whoa, backup there. You seemed to have missed a lot. Go back and look, Crystal already finished healing Claude, and had to rush out to Smash's house for a meeting. That was directly before this chapter began. She's also shown in Smash's house at the meeting. (things got a little bit confusing since I got left behind so I had to work with what I could) So Claude could have either left with his companions on his own, or they all could have gone to the meeting as well.))

(Jon- Yes, I apologize for that Smash. I just suffered through a recent power outage, which caused me to miss everything out)


The earthquake began to weaken and Zorutra looked at the core from where he sat.

"Oh, I hope I didn't kill anyone," he whined somewhat fakely, "I wanted to watch everyone perish at the same time."


The earthquake gradually weakened to a stop, and everyone in Smash's backyard was clinging onto the fallen tree for support. "Is it over?" Splice asked, looking around.

"Looks like it." Smash answered, slowly stepping off the tree. "Watch your step, guys. These cracks are widening, it looks like you can just fall right through to the bottom."

"S-scary..." Violet whimpered.


Gizmo's whole body felt numb from the violent quake. He was panting and gasping for air, trying to shake off the lingering fright he had. "S-so...Where is it?" He asked in between breaths.

Kitty, who seemed to be in much better condition, simply pointed to a part of the screen. It still showed signs of intensity, but it was gradually dying down. He zoomed into the spot on the screen, and put a virtual flag on it. "Mew chao chao. Rreow chao mew meow, cha-cho meow-ka-mew." He said.

Gizmo nodded, and stood up straight. "Alright. I think I have something we could use for that." He walked to the other end of the room, still feeling slightly numb, and came back with a small device. "Plug this into the side and download all the data from the radar." He said. Kitty did just as he was told, and hooked it up to the side of the machine. "I wonder how everyone else is doing..."

Sai&Cold:(Waits outside)

Sai:(Knocks on the door)


There was no response.

The group re-entered Smash's house, after the tremor ended fully. "Okay. Case in point." Smash said, once they all arrived back into the meeting room. "Imagine if we got even more of those? We need to figure out what we're going to do about this as quickly as possible. As soon as Gizmo gets back to us on those results,-" Just then, the phone began to ring.

"I've got it." Pearl said, rushing to answer the phone. Once she picked up and opened her mouth to speak, he heard Kitty's excited voice on the other end. She pressed a button on the receiver, enabling the speaker phone. "Kitty? Gizmo?"

"Ah, Pearl!" Gizmo's voice sounded from the other end. "Is everyone okay?"

"We're all fine here." Smash spoke loudly enough for him to hear. "We're just waiting on you. Everything okay over there?"

"Well we're a bit shaken up, but that last earthquake might have been our ticket." Gizmo answered. "I managed to pinpoint the exact location of the source. I'll show you on the map once I get there."

"That's great! Any idea what's causing it?" Splice asked, excitedly.

"Still not sure yet. It seems like it's coming from somewhere around the core, but in that one particular spot, too. I think it's safe to say that there's something down there, closest to that spot, that's causing these quakes."

Smash stroked his chin. "So, if that's the case, then we'll have to go down there and solve the problem from there..."

"That's what it seems to be leading up to." Gizmo said. "There's just one problem."

"Yeah.." Smash nodded, already knowing what it was. "How to get down there without burning to a crisp."

"Yep..." Gizmo sighed. "That's not an easy problem to solve."

"I can do it." Splice stood up from his chair. "Fire's got nothing on me!" He snapped his fingers, and a soft flame lit in between them. "I'll go down there and see what's happening!"

"I dunno, Splice." Smash said, folding his arms. "As much as I wanna agree with you, I don't think you could withstand that kinda heat. I mean, you've got your ice powers balancing it out too, I think temperatures that high might cause some problems for you."

Splice sank back into his chair. "Well we gotta do SOMETHING."

"Well..I've been developing some new armor." Gizmo said. "It's made from materials that are very highly resistant to extreme temperatures. I think it might be able to work."

Smash rose an eyebrow at the statement. "Hm? So you really DID end up making new armor, did you?"

"Yeah. Just one problem; There's only one." Gizmo said. "So if it works, only one of us can go down there."

"Darn.." Violet grumbled. "Well at least we're getting somewhere."

"I could try to develop something that could protect us from the heat..." Gizmo's voice trailed off. "...But I think I'm going to have to go towards the planet's core myself, first."

Everyone looked up towards the phone in shock. "Wait What?" Smash exclaimed. "Why?"

"I need to test to make sure this stuff works, y'know?" Gizmo explained. "Besides, I might be able to find some kind of materials down there that CAN resist it. I mean, something's gotta be down there that can stand the heat, right?"

"I suppose you're right..." Smash stroked his chin. "Still, I'm worried about you going down there alone."

"Don't worry," Gizmo assured, "I've got all the things I need--And Kitty, too."

"Chao!" Kitty chimed happily at the sound of his name.

"I'll call you guys back if anything happens." Gizmo said. "Bye!" He then hung up, leaving them all with a dial-tone.

Pearl hung up the phone, and looked at everyone else. "Going to the planet's core by himself...?" Pearl looked skeptical about it. "Can we really just let him...?"

Smash shook his head. "I think we can put our trust in him." He said. "After all, he hasn't really let us down yet."


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The earthquake began slow down very slowly. Vegas let go of her grip on the rock and growled loudly,

"Zorutra!" she hissed. Her usual calm nature quickly disappearing as her temper showed, her irritation really coming her lack of getting to the hole yet.

She KNEW they were close she could feel it, but every step seemed longer and longer.

"Oak! Everyone move forward!" she hissed angrily.


Gizmo walked outside of his house, now wearing blue and cyan armor that covered his whole body. He carried a matching helmet under his arm. "Alright..I'm ready now." He said, as Kitty flew in front of him. He placed the helmet on his head, and brought his hand up. He opened a slot in the back-side of the wrist part of the armor, and placed three glowing crystal fragments inside. He closed it back and looked up at Kitty. "There, that should provide the rest of the energy needed to activate Chaos Control." He said. "Come, You'll want hang onto me; this is only meant for one person."

Kitty did as he was told, and Gizmo began to type on what appeared to be a wrist-communicator built into his other arm. "Now, we're not going to teleport to the exact spot; that could be dangerous." He explained "I'm putting in the coordinates for a place in walking distance. There, that should do it." He pressed one last button on his wrist, and the armor began to glow with chaos energy. "Okay, here we go..Activating Chaos Control!" On his mark, his and Kitty's entire bodies were enveloped with a bright white light, which then shot up into the sky with them. They soon disappeared from sight.

Far away, a black, shadowy mist had observed the departure of Gizmo and Kitty. It floated over to where they were standing not three seconds ago.

Sai:Hey it's that cat!

Cold:Wait for US!

It was already too late; Gizmo and Kitty were gone without a trace.

Sai:Lets look for them.

The black mist continued to hover in place. It seemed to be detecting the faint energy signature left behind by Gizmo's Chaos Control. It then flew away with startling speed.

Cold:(follows it at super speed)Follow it!


The pulsating black cloud didn't seem to know it was being followed...or if it did, it did not seem to care.

Sai:We could use it to track them.



Not too far from Vegas' group, a bright light flashed in the sky. Suddenly, the light shot down towards the ground. Once it his the ground, it faded away to reveal Gizmo, crouching down from the landing. Kitty flew up from his shoulder and scanned the area. "Chao...Mew-ka cha meow." He said.

"Yeah.." Gizmo stood up and looked around. "And it looks much worse here than it did over in Green Flower City." He said. "Which must mean we're on the right track. C'mon, Kitty!" He then began to run down the path, with Kitty following after.

The flash of light had startled a nearby gray hedgehog, who nearly fell over in surprise. Looking over at Gizmo and Kitty, who were starting to run down the path, he decided to follow them out of curiosity. Perhaps they knew what had been happening recently.

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Oak looked backwards and saw the light, widening his eyes he turned around to warn Vegas.

"Vegas!" Oak hissed.

"Keep moving!" Vegas growled ignoring Oak's call.

Oak rolled his eyes, Vegas was becoming a mega b**** right now and he wasn't sure how much longer he could tolerate her attitude. While thinking to himself and walking forward he bumped into a stand still Vegas.

"Hey! I thought you told me to keep moving!" he growled.

When she didn't respond and kept standing there he pushed her, "Hey!" he hissed.

"Look everyone," she replied, pointing downwards. Oak, looking around her saw what had caught her interest.

A large, deep, dark black hole was coming out of the ground. And from deep deep deep below, you could spot magma bubbling.

"We're here." she whispered.

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MegaGizmo Run sprite

The armor Gizmo is wearing

Soon, they could hear strange footsteps from somewhere behind them. A figure in strange blue armor was heading their way, with a chao following after him.

Vegas turned around and her eyes widened,

"H-hi? Who are you guys?" she questioned, since they finally found the place her temper lowered, but now replaced with fear at the thought of going down there.

She hated now how already her first impression with these people was cowardly.

Gizmo slowed to a stop, surprised to see other people here. Kitty looked confused, as Gizmo checked the radar built into his armor's wrist to confirm that they were on the right track. He looked back up at her, "Uh..I'm Gizmo." He said. "And this is Kitty."

"Hai." Kitty waved. His eyes quickly widened as he noticed the hole in the ground, and he immediately flew towards it. He hovered above it, looking directly down in there. "Gizmo! Chao ch-mreow mew chao!" He shouted, excitedly.

"H-Hey!" Vegas saw the chao fly towards the hole and stepped in front of him, pushing him backwards lightly.

"No, No, bad chao, this is our hole." she chastised.

Lunar flew in front of the chao face to face and looked her dead in the eye, "Chao!" she agreed with Vegas before flying back and landing on her head.

(Kitty's male. =P )

Kitty waved his arms around a bit, before backing off. He folded his arms, giving them both a "What Gives?" look. Gizmo rushed towards them, "You gotta be careful, Kitty." He said to him, before stepping closer to the hole. He looked down inside, staring down towards the bottom. "This is it..."

Kitty shrugged. "Chao chao?"


"Hey." Vegas hissed putting one hand in front of Gizmo.

"I'm sorry, but this isn't a tourist attraction, we're here for a reason and I wouldn't suggest standing there, if you fall in I'm not sure...." Vegas looked up and down at him examining his outfit, " I'm not sure that attire of yours will protect you from the lava so..." Vegas flipped her hand in a "go away" fashion, "Go on, get."

Oak stood there and watched the scene.

She's irritated again. Already? he thought to himself.

Gizmo narrowed his eyes at her. "I should be telling that to you." He said, firmly. "We're here for a reason, too. I'm not leaving. And your attire doesn't look like it'd last down there at all. What'll you do if you suddenly catch fire from the heat?"

"Did it look like I was about to just walk on down there?" Vegas argued. Lunar just nodded on top of her head pretty much agreeing with everything Vegas was saying,

"If I did ever catch on fire it wouldn't be 'cause I was stupid enough to walk down there it'd be because you and just about everybody is ticking me off right now." she hissed her fur bristling.

Oak finally cut it, "Okay everyone calm down," he looked at Gizmo calmly, "My name's Oak, I'm afraid we started off on the wrong foot, please excuse my ally, she's usually much calmer, and her behavior is about to be punished," he finished by glaring at her with slit eyes,

Vegas shrunk back a bit angrily, she was forgetting Oak was about 3 years older than her and he had a right to boss her around a bit even though she didn't like it, it was a good thing someone was there to turn Vegas off when she decided to have an attitude.

"It's fine." Gizmo said. "My name's Gizmo. And this is my partner and friend, Kitty."

"Hiya." Kitty greeted, almost as if nothing was going on.

"I've tracked down the source of all the earthquakes to this crater, here." Gizmo explained, looking back at the hole behind them. "I had planned to go down in there, and see just what's happening. I'm pretty sure that this armor I made can withstand the heat. But just in case it can't, I've installed a system that would notify me when it gets too hot for it, so that I can turn back and think of another plan." He looked back at Oak. "What about you guys?"

"My reasons are a bit personal," Oak muttered angrily, partly to himself. Vegas jumped in,

"It became my problem when the first earthquake nearly destroyed my sleeping space and some of my friend came and complained, we caught sight of a dragon named Zorutra."

She pointed below.

"But since he was made from the core he's the only one who can keep it stable, so we can't kill him, he has us on a count down, and we're looking time." he finished.

Gizmo was naturally shocked. "Wait..wait wait...okay so the very core of the earth is trying to kill us." He tapped his forehead with his fingers, trying to take that information into account.

Vegas inspected the outfit again, "So, these things can withstand heat? Do you think you could make a few for us real quick somehow? We've been trying to figure out how to get through this all day and you might be our shining hope." she doubted he could make more in a quick amount a time, but she had to ask.

Lunar was flying around Kitty in a playful manner, and accidentally pushed him a bit. Kitty watched the fellow chao fly around him, his long tail wagged happily. He didn't seem to mind getting pushed.

"Actually, that was my plan from the beginning." He said. "I have a bunch of guys waiting for me back home; I'm supposed to be testing to see if this actually works. I don't know how else to test it other than going in myself."

Vegas sniffed disbelievingly.

"You can go down there, I don't see any point in keeping you back, just don't kill yourself 'aright?"

Meanwhile, the gray hedgehog who had been following Gizmo was hiding behind a tree, watching the group hesitantly.

Vegas' ears twitched slightly when she heard grass rustling where the gray hedgehog was, but she ignored it.

"Well, thanks..I guess." Gizmo said. He turned to look at Kitty. "I need you to stay here." He said. "I didn't make one for you, so watch over everything here. Contact me if anything happens."

Kitty nodded obediently. "Chao. Mew-ka meow, Gizmo."

"I will." Gizmo turned and walked towards the crater. "..Well, here goes nothing.." He began to climb down inside, carefully descending below. Kitty watched with a worried expression, though he trusted that he could do it.

Vegas watched him go down, eyes narrowed. There was a winding staircase close to the bottom, someone was down there definitely, but Vegas found it hard to understand how Zorutra managed to build that so quickly.

He's pretty much the entire Earth, Vegas, stop thinking so hard. She thought to herself.

It took a little bit, but Gizmo soon made it to the staircase. I made it... He thought. He looked back up at the top, which seemed so far away now. We're gonna need an escape plan, though..If something happens down here, there's no way we can just climb back out... He then began to walk down the stairs, heading deeper into the crater. So...the very core itself is trying to kill us...I still don't get it, but it looks like someone's been down here...

All the while, the pulsating black cloud was nearing the place where Vegas was standing, having first tracked the faint energy signature left behind by Gizmo's Chaos Control, and then picking up on the minute amounts of heat and sulfur coming from the hole.

Vegas began to worry, "Hey-um, 'you okay down there? You haven't caught on fire yet have you?" she called down.

Unfortunately, Gizmo was too far down to hear her. The heat was getting intense, and the atmosphere thickened. But the armor managed to hold up against it. He was beginning to sweat a lot, however. Kitty, wondering the same thing as Vegas, opened up a wrist communicator on his right arm and held down a button. Soon, Gizmo's face appeared on the screen. "Chao meow cha?" He asked, worriedly.

"I'm okay.." Gizmo answered. "I've managed to get pretty deep down. I'm thinking that I should add some kind of cooling system in this armor. It's holding up pretty well, but I'm getting too hot down here."

Vegas's flattened her ears worriedly, "HEY!" she sceamed down.

Oak pulled her back a bit gently, "He's just fine he JUST went down there be patient and wait." he hissed.

Kitty flew over to the two, and showed them his wrist-communicator. "Mreow chao."

"Okay, I think I've learned enough down here for now." Gizmo said. "I'm going to try and make some more armor and stuff so we can all go down. I'm coming up for now." As he spoke, he began preparing to activate Chaos Control to get back up to the surface. His body became enveloped in the bright white light again, and he shot out of the crater and into the sky.

Seconds later, he reappeared in the air behind them, shooting back down to the ground. The light faded as he landed on the ground, safely. Kitty flew over to him, somewhat excitedly. Gizmo stood up and looked back at his wrist communicator. He pressed a few keys on it multiple times. "Alright, I'm gonna call Smash, and get everyone up to date on what's going on."

"Why bother?" came a sudden voice. The black mist that had been silently following them now floated down in front of Gizmo.

Gizmo jumped back at the sight of it, immediately pointing his fist towards it. A moderately large gun formed around his hand, encasing it inside as he took aim towards the mist. "Who and what are you!?" He demanded, somewhat terrifiedly. Kitty instinctively hid behind him, unsure what to expect from it.

The black mist slowly began to take on physical form, turning into a thin, serpentine demon with pitch-black fur, large wings and blood-red claws.

"I was once a mortal like you," the thing hissed in a malevolent whisper. "A man who had everything he could ever wish for; a family."

He held up a claw, as if gesturing at something.

"And then...they were taken away from me..."

The claw closed into a fist. He leered back down at Gizmo, his bared fangs gleaming white.

"But how can I expect you to understand? You are part of the world, and the world is responsible for the deaths of my wife and children!!"

Vegas backed away slowly from the creature, in her (hidden) fear, her powers weren't operating properly, so she just stood there wide eyed and still.

Oak looked at her and growled between his teeth before making a sword like object appear out of nowhere into his hands.

"When could you do that?!" Vegas hissed, but Oak ignored her.

"State your business." Oak replied straightly and bluntly.

"I am merely here to watch you all fail miserably, as you deserve," the beast hissed, not looking the least bit intimidated by Oak's sword. "When this wretched planet dies, I can finally go back to my dead family..."

"It won't." Gizmo said. "We won't let that happen! We'll find a way to save the world, so don't even try to stop us!"

*Seprate RP Continue at the Top* New Recruits

Singe by now had been watching the kids from afar with his watch, he could view any thing around or inside the core with this thing that dragon gave him.

He was frustrated though, Zorutra was being too secretive, not giving any information on his sister... he shook his head, he had to finish his job. Whether it meant dying or not, he could go without the information, he just had to take a chance.

His job now was to find people to help him, but he wasn't sure there were a lot of people here who wanted the entire world blown up, maybe he could find people willing to be the last mobian survivors when everything WAS destroyed.

"..Yeah..that's a good excuse." he muttered encourgaingly to himself.


A little black dog sat noiselessly in the debris of what used to be a dark alley. He stared straight into a reflection of himself on a dumpster and sighed. He thought to himself, With Mobius destroyed now there is no purpose for my existence. I should be the one destroying things! I should be the one who would cause the other Mobians their demise! But now, but now, I am stuck here in this paradise of demolished boredom! With no one...

He remembered how his parents nicknamed him, the Element of Darkness after causing the death of his older cousin, Ebony. "Yeah, I'm the Element of Darkness, huh? And I can not even make this whole city turn into a pile of junk!" he stared at the gray sky and groaned loudly. "I'm bored!" he complained to himself. He started towards to what used to be the beach of Mobius in a sluggish and melancholy manner.


Singe's readings on the item picked up a feeling of irritation,

"Dang, these things are sensitive if it picks up on every feeling on this planet," he muttered to himself before commanding the object to locate the reading.

A little black dog in a pitch black area caught his sights,

"Perfect." Singe snickered, "Transport." he muttered into the item, it blinked twice before transporting him not far from where the kid was.

"Hey!" he called out to him, "You look a bit disgruntled over there kid!"

The little black dog turned to face Singe and felt slightly skeptical. "And you are?" He folds his arms awaiting for a response.

"Ohh questions, oh questions does it really matter who I am?" Singe replied, he was holding the item behind his back and was getting an irritated and skeptical reading.

Okay acting like that dragon obviously isn't gonna work. Singe thought to himself.

"ANYWAYS, kid, I can tell you like....darkness?" Singe continued, "Uh...what If I told you..I could...give you..all the darkness in the world??" Singe obviously wasn't confident in his convincing skills.

A moment of silence bit away about a half a minute. He took a deep breath, "Really?" He tilted his head with arousal enshrouding his eyes. He bit his lower lip while he was deep in thought. Hmm, now what have I got to lose? I barely know this guy, he hasn't even told me his name. But then again, he did say all the darkness in the world. Oh well, I'll wing it. "Alright, I accept your offer."

Singe twitched his ears, "Oh what seriously??"

Oh wow that was easier than I thought, didn't anyone teach this kid not to talk to strangers??? Screw it, I've got a new recruit now.

"Welcome to the team kid!" Singe replied, "...even though it is only two of us...and I hardly know you...that won't matter because me and you are going to have a little visit to the guy who's gonna make all your dreams come true"

And maybe he can talk to this kid, I suck at maniputlation.

The dog suppressed a pleased sigh, "Okay, when do we meet him? I can't wait!" His eyes gleamed with delight as he continued, "It just seems far too dull around these parts to just stand here and do absolutely nothing. Darkness is certainly something that is like a cure for boredom."


(Jack & Patricia were seen outside, pondering about their decisions.)

Jack: (looks at the wall, noticing a poster of Sonic the Hedgehog saying "Hero" & is thinking about his decision)

Patricia: Jack? Are you ok?

Jack: What the heck are we doing? We should be helping the heroes save the world, not chicken out.

Patricia: I believe your right. We need inspiration & Sonic the Hedgehog has the best inspiration.

Jack: I have to be the hero like Sonic the Hedgehog.

Patricia: And must be brave against all the challenges comes in our way.

Jack: Then that's we must do. Let's go back & help!

Patricia: Let's go save the world!

Jack & Patricia: (hi fives & then heads back to the group)

Jack: Guys! I've got inspiration to come back & help!

Patricia: And we're not afraid anymore!

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