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Decades ago, there was two very distinctive tribes who have an eternal rivalry since the very beginning. They are the Aerial Tribe that inhabit in the mountains, and the Sub-Terra region taking shelter underground. Since ancient times, they've fought countless times just to claim dominantcy towards the other tribe. But until war broke out and the two tribes are extinct, except for two opposing tribesmen: Bukaji the Eagle and Nosiop the Snake. An ancient prophecy has been told that these two will battle out once more to find a lost Ancient Relic far off of a dangerous terrain full of blood-thirsty jungle cat that inhabit near an ancient pyramid in a forest. They each must find allies in order to find the Ancient Relic and use for their own agendas.


  • CrymsonShokwave
  • Frost the Wolf
  • Kiramazing
  • Monk the Cat
  • Flametfh
  • SonShadSilv003
  • (Please put your name here)

Allies to Aid Bukaji the Eagle

Allies to Aid Nosiop the Snake

  • Byrnette the Cat (CrySho)
  • Skyla the Hedgecat (Kira)
  • Patch the Cat (Monk) (Mercenary)
  • Scratch the Cat (Monk) (Mercenary)
  • (Put your Villan Characters here)

Characters Yet to Decide

Reoccuring Characters

  • Burg the Hedgefox (CrySho)



50 Years Ago

"Go!! Go!!! We must find that relic before the Sub-Terra Tribe finds it first!!" One of the Aerial Tribesmen said. There has been a very violent and raging battle between the two fueding tribes as they want to find an Ancient Relic far off elsewhere. Countless lives have been tken for granted as war between the two intensified.

"Mama!! Mama!!' A little Eaglette yelled in fear for his mother.

"Fear not my son. Youw will be the only one in this tribe to survive and find this relic. The Old One said." The mother said. As we head back a few days before the war began, the Old One, leader of the Aerial Tribe, called to his people to learn of an Ancient Prophecy bestowing on one of their kinsmen.

"The All Mighty Above has spoken to me." The leader of the tribe spoke. "He has told me of one little warrior to fulfill the Prophecy and bring peace and harmony to the neighboring tribe. He who will be named 'Bukaji', which means 'bold heart' and must find the lost relic. He must battle with another of the other tribe to the deep forest civilization. They will fight each other until one falls and fulfill his destiny."

Now the war is over, and the two tribes are now wiped out. But only a little Eaglette, named Bukaji, has risen from the rubble and stared at the coutless live lost in battle. The poor bird started to cry as he knows that he is the only one of the whole tribe that is left standing.

On the other tribe was the same, and a little reptilian snake name Nosiop was traumatized from the many deaths of his people. He has now vowed to avenge his tribe upon the last remaining Aerial Tribesman as he finds the Ancient Relic and claim as the leader of both tribes.

Chapter 1

Present Day...

What start out as a very normal day in Station Square after the horendous incident with the Bah Humbug creatures that attack it three months ago. Now everything is quiet and sullen. Even though it's a normal day to most, but it's an important to one. Near the Station Square Cemetary, three figures are walking near the sidewalk wearing black trenchcloaks. One is a black tomboyish-goth female cat on front, and to her sides are her black, electric-blue and white, electric-blue twin hedgefox cousins. And flying beside her is her black and neon purple devil Chao, Stun. The cat, name Crymson, is holding a bouquet of red roses, knowing that today is the anniversay of her brother, Shredder's passing. They wear black trenchcloaks only on that day for mourning.

"Sure has been a year, hasn't it, Cousin Crym?" The white one named Burg asked. "Whoever knew that this day last year was so sudden." Instead of Burg's usual comedic antics, only on this day he is more serious and in remorse. He knew that Crymson and her brother are very close.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay? We don't have to do this." The other one named Surg said, with his voice all worried. He is holding a guitar case in his left hand.

"I'll hang in there." Crymson's voice was more of a sad tone. Since her brother got killed in a G.U.N incident, she has been in mourn since then. Now today is the anniversary, and the three are heading over to Shredder's grave.

To their suprise, another figure was already standing infront of the grave. It was a mysterious person wearing a white trench coat with a black stripe coming down each sleeve, but an all black outfit underneath. A black hood was pulled up over her helmet, drawing more attention to her opaque, purple face visor. Behind the visor, only her eyes were visible as they glowed an eerie bright blue. The rest of her face, however, was completely hidden behind the visor. Her metalic tailfeathers were hidden underneath the white trench coat. The figure bent over and place a small bouquet of white roses. She seemed to be unaware of Crymson and her cousins.

"Hey, whose that over at my brother's grave?" Crymson asked. She took a few steps forward before noticing who she is. "Robin, what are you doing here?"

"Visiting." Robin answered. "Today's the one year anniversery of your brother's death, isn't it?"

A raccoon wearing a black robe and a black cloak, that was partially covering his scarred face, was silently walking up behind Crymson and her cousins. He normally would be wearing a full set of bone armor, but for this day it seemed very inapropriate. Unbeknownst to the three, he had been following them for a while. When he saw she stopped in front of the grave, he reached into his cloak and pulled out half a dozen white roses, and continued walking. When he got to the cat, he placed one hand on her shoulder, which caused his sleeve to fall down revealing his forearms were scarred too, while the roses were held in the other. In a quiet, thin, raspy voice he spoke "I'm sorry for your loss. I too know what it feels like." he said with a sad look on his face.

For the first time, Crymson was able to hear Marrow's voice. Crymson put her hand on his hand and nodded. "Thank you for coming, Marrow. I appreciate your kindest sympathy." But she then noticed something strange. "Hey wait, how come you guys know about this day?"

"Me and Burg invited all of your friends to come here and give their thoughts and prayers to you for your brother." Surg answered with a smile. Burg smiled too afterwards.

Crymson looked at her cousins and smiled. "Thanks."

Marrow nodded, he silently bowed his head and started praying.

A white-and-black furred fox wearing a long black dress and holding a boquet of eleven white roses slowly walked up to the group. She was walking with her head slightly bowed, to show respect for Crymson's departed brother. The fox stood silently for a moment, but then continued on to say "I'm deeply sorry for your loss," to the black cat.

A red pyrofox and a Brown wolverine came walking up, Both had a Rather Solemn look on their faces. The Pyrofox looked at Crymson "I hold many Remorses for your loss..." He looked at the Wolverine, Who suddenly spoke up "Yeah, Errm, Sorry for your loss." The wolverine looked at the Grave and Bowed his head in respect, The Fox proceeded to do the same.

Crymson nodded with a smile and took the bouquet of rosea and set it on her brothers grave. She then placed her red roses, because red is her brothers favorite color, and set it front of the other roses, as well as Burg's and Surg's roses. She took a look at the picture of her brother that was setted in front of the headstone. She couldn't help but started to tear up.

Robin patted her friend on the shoulder. She herself knew Crymson's pain all to well. Like Crymson, Robin had lost her brother in a tragic event: an attack on her father's research facility. Her father was also lost in the attack, leaving Robin the only surviving member of her family.

Marrow kept praying. He felt Crymson walk away. Soon he was done, and also walked up the gravestone, kneeled down and gently placed his flowers. He stood up and looked at Flame and Jad, then silently walked behind the group and took another object out of his cloak. This one was an ocarina, which he put to his mouth and started playing a quiet, soothing tune.

The white-and-black fox approached the grave and slowly placed her roses next to the others. She then closed her eyes and focused. In a moment, a small red heart-shaped ball of light was hovering overtop of the grave stone. "Today is a very sad day," she said.

Marrow nodded his head, still playing a tune. He heard something behind him and turned to see some figures walking down the street. He ended his tune, and grabbed an index card and wrote a note on it before lightly tapping Surg on the shoulder and handing the note to him, and gesturing to Crymson.

The note read: "Dear Crymson, I am deeply sorry about your brother. But someone I am not exactly on the friendliest terms is also coming now to comfort you. I am saddened to leave, but I do not think that now is the time for conflict: so I will simply go. Please don't tell them I was just here. I will also keep praying for you, your brother and your cousins. Best Regards: -Marrow."

Once the note was passed on,Marrow silently ran off into an alley; where he disappeared from view.

The figures were a large and tall adult snow leopard, a teenaged arctic wolf, and a younger arctic wolf, all wearing black robes. The snow leopard was carrying a bouquet of red roses, the teenaged wolf was carrying a small bouquet of red roses, and the young wolf was carrying a single white rose. they slowly approached the collection of mourners.

Surg went to Crymson and gave her the note Marrow want to give to her. "Marrow left a little bit ago, since someone that opposes him is coming."

Crymson read the note and nodded. But behind the note she is looking, she looked up to see three familiar faces approaching. As she saw Katherine, with Richard and Benjamin, she smiled warmly. "Thanks for coming over with your kind and generous sympathy. I really appreciate it." She said to the trio as she hugged Katherine.

Surg took out his acoustic guitar and play a mellow tune. The tune was sad, but very calm and uplifting.

Katherine hugged her friend back, " Do you know my dad and brother?"

Benjamin hid behind his father, he was scared of the new faces.

Crymson looked at the young wolf hiding behind the snow leopard. She walked up and stop just a couple of feet away from them. "Don't worry, I we mean you no harm. We are all friends of Katherine. I am Crymson, and you are?" She said the the little wolf.

"And I'm Stun the Chao. Nice to meet you." The neon-purple, black Chao appeared on Crymson's shoulder.

Richard looked at his son, "This is Benjamin, he is a little shy. Don't blame him: he is only six."

Benjamin peeked his head around his father, smiled, then stepped out.

Crymson crouched down to the little wolf's level and petted his head. "Heh, I have a sister you know. She's the same age as you." She smiled a warm smile. "I'm really glad you came to support the memorial of my brothers passing."

Benjamin smiles and sheepishly hands her the flower he was holding.

Crymson took the flower from Benjamin's hand and gave him a hug. "Thank you kindly." She smiled as she stood up and put the flower on the top part of the headstone. Crymson stood back and began to sing a soft tune with no lyrics along with Surg playing his guitar. The voice of Crymson's was so uplifting that even everyone's spirits is full of light.

Richard stood back and listened to the tune. He definitely knew what Crymson was going through: He had lost his mother and sister to an attack by a hostile kingdom, then almost twenty years later he also lost his wife to the same people. He walked forward and placed his flowers next to everyone elses, then stepped back.

Katherine did the same thing.

The tune from Crymson's voice became more like a happy singing choir as her voice rang a knotch hogher. She also started to cry while singing, knowing that maybe her brother in spirit can hear her voice in from the heavens.

In the middle of her tune, four figues came up. The first was a orange cat wearing a blue and gold jacket over his black shirt. He was also wearing a pair of blue and gold sneakers. The second was a young wolf wearing a black and light green dress, black boots, black gloves, a light green scarf, and a light green bow over her left ear. The third figure was a dingo wearing a black jacket over a gray shirt that had a dragon of some sort on it. He was also wearing a pair of black pants, a black, studded belt, and a pair of black and gray boots. He was also wearing short, black gloves. His hood was pulled up over his head, covering most of his dark brown hair. The fourth was a black and green mockingbird wearing a green and black fedora and a similar colored pair of boots.

The four didn't say anything; they didn't want to interupt Crymson's singing. Instead, the young, female wolf (Crystaline) placed a white rose on Shredder's grave. Shortly after her, the dingo (Zorovar, better known as Twilight) placed a black rose, and then the cat (Static) and mockingbird (Mimic) each placed a red rose.

After Crymson finished with her song,.she opened her eyes to see a familar orange cat right near her brother's grave. She smiled very warmly as she started to walk towards him. But as soon as Crymson was arm length away, she got captured unexpectedly by a huge, long, scaley tail. The grip from the tail made her unable to break free.

What it appears to be an eight foot, five feet while standing, snake with long silver hair. His snake like gaze is staring at Crymson with fury. "Where is he!!!" He yelled at her.

Crymson struggled to speak, but she is running out of breath from the snake's grip. "Ngh....I...."

"WHERE IS HE!!!!!" His voice hissed in anger. His grip from his tail tightened.

"I.....don't know what you're.......talking abo~ GUAAAAAHHHH!!!!" The snakes anger gotten his grip even more tighter. Crymson was about to pass out from his strong coil.

Valencia turned to see the snake gripping Crymson. "Crym, close your eyes!" She yelled as she was preparing to try and help Crymson. Valencia quickly focused on making a bright blast of light, that would hopefully mess with the snake's eyes long enough for Crym to escape.

Meanwhile, Zorovar, Static, and Crystaline turned to see Crymson's attacker. Static electrified his arms ready to fight the serpent. "Let her go!" He ordered. Zorovar drew out his enchanted crossbow, ready to fire it at the snake. Crystaline's hands glowed with ghostly energy as she got into a fighting stance.

Mimic eyed the serpent. "You heard the cat, Scales." He taunted. "Let the redhead go."

The serpent spit acid and poison around himself to keep others from going near. Even with the toxic sludge, it dissolved the ground with a hissing sound. He continued to strangle Crymson.

"Crym, hang in there!!" Burg and Surg said, being stopped by the acid. Even Stun was with the two.

"If we can't get close, then we'll have to fight from a distance." Valencia said. She readied a ball of light energy to fire at the snake. Hopefully this will work. She thought to herself.

Flame got into a fighting stance "Hey! What are you doing" His hands set on fire "Let go of her immediately or I will have to resort to violence." 

Richard took one look at the snake and thought, this would be an ugly fight. He looked at his children, "Katherine, take your brother and go hide in the alley! Now!"

Katherine and Benjamin obeyed their father's orders and ran away.

Once his Kids were safe Richard had no fear of the snake, "PICK ON SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE!!!" he shouted at the snake. He raised his massive, six-fingered fists, ready to fight.

Twilight quickly inserted a concussive arrow into his crossbow and aimed at the serpents head. If the arrow hit, it would knock the serpent back a great distance and cause him to drop Crymson. He was waiting for the perfect moment to fire, confident that the arrow would hit it's mark at such a close range.

Richard pushed his hands together, closed his eyes and focused. If his buff worked; Crymson would be temporarily stronger, and maybe able to breathe.

Valencia's light energy attack was ready, and she fired it, aiming at the snake's head. If it hit, it would burst into a light that would disrupt the snake's vision for about 2 minutes, hopefully giving Crymson a window to escape.

Out of nowhere comes some person with a light blue-white cloak with a hoodie, his face being covered to conceal his identity, came and super kicked the snakes face, causing him to fall to the ground and unwrap Crymson. The mysterious figure captured her and landed right in front of the heroes.

Crymson eyed the figure, though she can't see his face since it is partially hidden. Only she can see his light yellow eyes.

Richard focused on the snake; if it got up he would charge.

Valencia stopped her light attacks, and made them vanish. I don't know who this new guy is, She thought, but he helped Crymson, so I'll give him that.

Zorovar, known by everyone else as Twilight, kept his crossbow trained at the snake and quickly switched to explosive arrows. "Move, and you're dead." he warned the serpent. He kept another eye on the new comer, not sure whether he was a friend or foe.

Crystaline looked thoughtfully at the hooded figure. "Who are you?" she asked. She didn't sense any malice in him, so she wasn't as edgy as Zorovar.

Richard stood up to his full height and unsheathed his sharp claws. He looked at Zorovar out of the corner of his eye. He was not very concerned bout Crymson right now; because if anything happened to her, he could probably heal it.

The figure put Crymson on her feet and turned to look at the snake. He took off his cloak and bandana, showing everyone that he is a silver-blue eagle with feathers that look like dreads, hanging down with a sheen showing blue, green, and yellow. On his chest is a huge X mark scar, seems to be a few years since it's been there. He seems to be in the early adult age, and he grabbed a short silver rod, which extended into a staff. He eyed the snake with anger.

Crymson eyed the figure with wide eyes. Is he.....?

The snake got up and looked at the eagle. He chuckled with glee. "YESSSSSSssss!!!" He hissed. "I finally found you. Where is the relic!!!!" He yelled.

The eagle stood silent, with his staff on his left hand. He hasn't moved an inch.

"Not going to talk eh??" The snake said. "I'll make you then!!!!" The snake charged in towards the eagle with his claws extended.

Zorovar fired a shot, but the snake was too fast. The bolt simply missed Nosiop my about an inch.

The eagle charged in too as the foes battled on. They didn't realized that they are still in a cemetary.

Two servals were walking towards the collection of people. One was regularily colored and wearing a gray robe and a headband over his eyes. The other was shorter, completely black and wearing a light gray cloak.

Richard raninto the middle and tried to punch both both combatants withhis strong fists, "BREAK IT UP!!! THIS IS A CEMETARY, GO FIGHT SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!" he shouted at the top of his lungs at the two fighters.

"Buzzzzzzzz off, weakling." The snake said as he back handed Richards face, sending him flying back to the group. He then continued their fight.

Richard caught the slap and attempted to twist the snake's arm behind its back. Richard was angered at the serpent's comment, "Watch who you call a weakling!" he warned.

"THAT'SSSSSssss IT!!!!" He tried to fling Richard in the air, but was stopped with three neon purple fireballs. "What the-?" He looked to see Crymson, who happened to change into her Stunning Flare forme.

"Get away from him!!!" Stunning Flare charged in and picked up the serpent with massive strength. She jumped into the air and tossed him a few miles away from the cemetary before landing back on her feet, reverting back to herself.

Flame's eyes went red as a scythe appeared in his hand he disapeared, He appeared a few miles away near the snake, he wanted to get his share after all, he attacked on of his closest friends. "Don't worry, I won't kill you, I've got an Inhibitor on this." He throws his Scythe at the Snake "Tempus Dance!" He telekineticly made his Scythe slash up the Snake, Not dealing injuries, Just causing pain. The Scythe disapears and Flame's Go blue, he teleports the the cemetary, acting as if nothing happened.

"Yowza!" Mimic shouted after seing Crymson's transformation. "What a hit! That poor sap never knew what hit him!"

After watching Crymson transformation, Static was stunned. "Wow." he said as his electricity died down. "Remind me not to get on your bad side."

Zorovar eyed the eagle. He was thankful for his help, but he was apparently the whole reason the mysterious serpent attacked his friends.

Richard glares at the eagle, "What was that all about?!?" he questioned with seriousness in his tone, "Why were you two fighting like there was no tomorrow?"

The taller serval swivels his ears around "seeing" an image of the area damaged by the fight. "What a mess..." he solemnly says.

"I'll say." Crystaline replied. She didn't have to be able to see to know that the cemetary was damaged.

Surg went in front of the eagle with his face all furious. "How can you do this to this graveyard!? You know there are millions of souls harboring here. We need to pay our respects!!!" he yelled.

The eagle looked at Surg with his eyebrow up. He lifted his arm up with his staff still on his hand. With green aura, he made all the tombstones put back together with what it looks like it hasn't been damaged.

Everyone stood in amazement at what the eagle did in front of them. They even saw him mumbled, like he is doing a prayer while bowing his head for the lost souls in the cemetary.

Flame looked in suprise at the Eagle "Wait...Was that a...?" He seems mesmerised, and seems to be thinking hard at what the Eagle just pulled off with little effort.

Zorovar merely raised an eyebrow. "Not impressed." he said. "Anyway, I may as well chase that snake down. I want some answers." He began to head toward the direction of where Nosiop was sent flying.

High in the sky was an ancient and powerful warrior. His large ivory feathered wings flapped occasionally to keep him at a steady speed and altitude. Polemistis the Griffin was on his way to pay respect for a close ally he lost centuries ago. This individual was among one of the first to be buried here and the hybrid would pay him a visit every so often. But something was amiss as he neared his destination. His large feline pupils focused his vision and he zoomed his sight on the cemetery far down below. His golden curved beak twisted to an unsure frown as he swooped down to investigate. Within moments, his taloned feet were planted on the ground as he landed with a loud thud right in front of Zorovar. His deep golden eyes scanned the havoc that ensued.  "Just what's going on here?" he asked the group, sounding quite annoyed as he crossed his brown furred arms in front of his white feathered chest.

"Ask him." Zorovar said as he pointed to the eagle. "He seemed to be acquainted with the person who attacked us." He takes a quick glance at Polemistis, Hmm. A griffin. he thought. Never encountered one of those yet. I just hope he's not planning to cause havic.

The taller serval, also was confused, "Yeah, just what exactly is going on here?"

Richard glared at the eagle for a minute, then ran off to get his kids.

Polemisitis narrowed his eyes at the eagle. First he wanted to see if his ally's grave was disturbed from all this chaos. If any part was out of place, Bukaji would be answering him directly. A light huff escaped his beak as he ventured off to search the graveyard. The Griffin would then be seen surveying the area quite obviously seeking out a predetermined location. Not far from the group would be what Polemistis sought after. On an aged tombstone the words "Here lies Ignitis the Phoenix  Though his life has passed, his flame forever lives on within our souls." were seen. The grave was undamaged much to the hybrid's satisfaction. He stood over his fallen friend and muttered a series of words with his eyes closed. He stood there for some time motionless without a sound. 

"It seems as though everyone is suspicious of me and my long time rival. But don't worry, griffon. Your comrade's grave is undisturbed." The eagle turned. To Crymson and smiled. "Nor has your brother's grave."

Crymson eye widen to hear his voice. "No!!!! It's you!!!"

Everbody looked at Crymson in confusion.

"So you know him?" Valencia asked. "Who is he?"

The avian feline exhaled deeply, looking one last time at his ally before approaching the eagle. "My worries are aside knowing he remains in peace." the Griffin told Bukaji with a much more calm tone as apposed to the rigid one he had before. "Now, I'd like you to enlighten me on this rival of yours and what the reasoning is behind such opposition." Polemistis continued, obviously unaware somebody else asked that question..

The eagle eyed the griffon. I'll explain that after the time being. W I want to pay a visit to me student since many day have pass our eyes." Bukaji said, smiling at Crymson.

Crymson smiled and crouched down, as if she is bowing to her old master. "Master Bukaji!! Many day of my departure, but we meet again after that day." Crymson lifted her head up to look at Bukaji. Bukaji is Crymson's master of the Way of the Staff technique.

Suddenly, Eclipse materialized right next to him. Before she became fused with Zorovar's shadow, she was a spellcaster and a close friend of his. However, something was odd. She seemed to recognize Bukaji for some reason. She walked up next to Crymson and proceeded to perform a similar bowing posture as Crymson. However, Zorovar was left a little dumbfounded. "You know him, Eclipse?" Eclipse said nothing, but Zorovar seemed to be listening intently. "Way of the Staff? Teacher? What are you talking about, Eclipse?"

"Eclipse!? The spellcaster!!" Bukaji looked at the person beside Crymson. "My, my, how ever did you got into that forme? I never seen you like this before."

"It was to save her life." Zorovar answered. "She suffered a fatal injury some time ago. In order to save her, I convinced her to use a spell that fused her with my shadow, thus saving her." he then looked at his silent friend. "However, one of the side effects, aside from her altered appearance, is that she can no longer talk. However, she is capable of speaking to me in my mind."

"Astonishing!! But I am very oblidged to see two of my students, or should I say 'masters of the Way of the Staff." Bukaji looked at everyone else. "Pardon my manners, let me introduce myself." He took a bow as a sign of respect. "My name is Bukaji. I am a last surviving clansman of the Aerial Tribe in the mountains. I am please to meet your aquantences and I wish that I will get to know you eventually." He stood up straight.

Wow, he sounds just like me when I introduce myself. Crymson thought as she stood back up.

Crystaline was the first to introduce herself, "I'm Crystaline the Wolf." She said politely. "Pleasure to meet you, Bukaji."

"And I'm Static the Cat." Static said. "It's an honor to meet the person who taught my friend The Way of the Staff."

"Zorovar." The dingo said, introducing himself. "Now, if you will excuse me, I wish to seek out that snake and figure out what he's after." Seeing that he was about to leave, Eclipse got up and walked over to Zorovar.

"I'm Valencia the Fox." Val said to Bukaji. "It's nice to meet you."

"I am Polemistis." the Griffin simply said.

The eagle turned to Zorovar. "There's no need. I will explain that situation in a later time. Bit first, we must pay respect to the souls in the cemetary." Bukaji held up his hand in front of him, with what appears to be blue rose petals. The petals created a bouquet of blue roses and Bukaji set to down on Shredders grave. He bowed is head and pray in silence.

Blue roses!!! That kind of rose is hard to find here. Crymson thought in astonishment.

Zorovar didn't want to stay around, but since Bukaji was going to explain everything, he may as well stay. Besides, he was Eclipse's mentor in The Way of the Staff. So, Zorovar instead walked up and stood next to Valencia. Eclipse stood next to Crymson.

The taller serval bowed his head in respect of the eagle's loss. "We know what it is like; besides my cousin, we are the only ones left in our tribe..." He said sadly.

Crystaline looked down in sadness. She also suffered a similar fate. Her clan was destroyed by traitors within her homeland's own militia, who had teamed up with other clans to fight against a tyrant who was oppressing them all. Only she and her brother, Frost, survived and escaped. As far as she knew, her homeland was still under the tyrant's evil rule.

Polemistis had made his way closer to the group and looked down at Shredder's grave. He too had lost ones close to him. Any traces of his lost allies were lost in history. It was pure luck he encountered Ignitis and the Griffin was glad to have spent time with such a long-time friend. It was unfortanate to see him leave. A few muttered words escaped his beak as he payed his respects for Shredder despite not knowing a single thing about him.

Valencia bowed her head out of respect. She couldn't imagine what it must be like to be the only one of your people left.

Flame and Jad bowed their head in Respect, They Empythised with Crymson's Loss, They too had lost people dear to them and they both knew how crymosn felt, They looked at the Grave and Respect, Flame seemed to mutter something as he Looked at the Grave.

The hedgefox twins went beside Crymson as they pray in silence for their cousin's brother. Feeling remorseful from losing a dear family member even affected them both. Even Stun flew to Crymson and prayed.

Everyone around Shredder's grave took a minute of silence as their prayer will reach to his spirit into the heavens.

15 minutes later....

Everyone was talking to each other as they went out of the cemetary. But Crymson kept her head down with a sad look in her face as her eyes weld up with tears. Losing her brother gravly impacted her life, and she dearly misses him. She was about a few feet behind her friends, trying to hide her sadness.

The two servals stayed, they were waiting for someone. They also were staying, because their tribe had no resting place; so here would be as good as any.

Polemistis remained there for some time after, wanting to say a few more words to his fallen ally. Once he had taken all the time he wanted, he began to approach the exit. On the way over, the Griffin stopped and looked over his shoulder to glance once more at Crymson.

"I'm sorry for your loss." he said somberly. He would stand there for a few moments before making his way to the exit.

Another serval--this one in a wheel chair--wheels his way up towards the cemetary. He gets to the exit and sees a crowd coming towards him. "Excuse me, can I get through?" he asks, a little annoyed, curious ans sad at the same time.

Looking back to see Crymson was a few feet behind them, Static slowed his pace until Crymson caught up with him. He had a clear look of sympathy in his electric blue eyes. "You okay?" he asked, concern clearly in his voice.

Crymson lifted her head to look at her long time best friend, and lover. She nodded as she blushes, staring at his beautiful glowing blue eyes Crymson simply adore. "Yeah. I'll be alright. But I'm very happy that you came along, Static." Crymson tenderly hugged him.

Static hugged her back. "Anything for you." He replied warmly. It was only since last Christmas when he and Crymson fell in love with each other. And even though he lived in the Sol Dimension, he would often try to find a way to visit Crymson.

Crystaline smiled warmly as she could sense Static comforting Crymson. He cares so much for her. She thought to herself.

Crymson felt her heart race so quickly. She couldn't help but to purr from the warm hug Static gave her. "Thank you, Static." She said, continued to purr.

Bukaji turned to see Static and Crymson having a soft and tender moment. He smiled, knowing that someone is there to make sure Crymson is alright and safe.

Valencia turned to see the two cats hug. Aww, how cute! She thought. She smiled and continued walking.

Eclipse seemed to have a similar reaction to Valencia. She was very happy for Static and Crymson. She then looked at Zorovar for a breif moment. However, she wasn't in love with him. He was more like a brother to her. However, she knew that he had a soft spot for Valencia; which was ironic considering both their backgrounds.

Mimic looked back and pointed his finger to his throat and gagged. "Yuck." he stated. "And I thought seeing it movies was bad enough. It's even worse in real life!" Deep inside, however, he was glad that his friend/rival was happy.

Val glared at Mimic for a moment, then sighed. "It's only bad in movies because they overdo it. By a lot."

Mimic readjusted his fedora, which was messed up a little from his gagging motions. "Yeah, you're probably right." he said. "Well, at least they aren't kissing."

"Yeah," Val agreed. "It's great that they like each other, but if they were kissing, ew. Kissing in public is just gross. Well, it is to me at least."

"Come on, it's not that bad." Crystaline said.

"Easy for you to say," Mimic answered, "You wouldn't even be able to see them kissing."

The wheel chair bound serval looks at everyone in his way, "Sorry to eaves drop on your conversation, but can I get through?"

Zorovar, Eclipse, Crystaline and Mimic stepped aside to let the serval through.

The serval wheels his way through the people and moves towards the other two servals.

Bukaji went to the front of the heroes to explain about the incident back in at the cemetary. He turned to look at them "Now, I'm going to tell you all about my tale that happened about 50 years ago. But before I can proceed I need to ask you all a favor, though it might be risky." His voice was stern.

"Oh great, a history lesson." Mimic said sarcastically under his breath. Meanwhile, Static stopped hugging Crymson to listen to the eagle's request.

"What is it that you want, eagle?" Burg asked, raising an eyebrow. Surg happened to nod in agreement.

"I need some allies to take onto my journey to find a particular relic. I'll explain more once we head over to the mountains, where my clan lies. Anyone want to join? It's okay if you don't want to come, I understand." Bukaji smiled, looking at the faces of the allies.

Flame nodded "I'll join you on your Endeavour! It shall be an Experience to say the least and will most likely make a great report." Flame seems somewhat motivated.

Jad jumped up and raised his hand "Me to! I'll go! It will be like the 5th chapter of 'Among the Ruins, Lay the Skies' When the heroes go to help a Tribesman find some relics!" Jad seems excited for no reason.

Surg smiled of determination. "I'm obliged of your offering, and I accept your invitation to join you on your quest to find this certain relic." He turned to Burg. "You coming along as well, brother?"

Burg turned to his twin. "Thanks, but I got to help out mom with the housework. Remember, I'm grounded for a month after using a science experiment in the kitchen?" His ears went down in embarressment.

"Oh, I forgot. Well, tell mom that I'll be going away for a while with Crymson. She'll understand, since our parents love Crymson a lot like a daughter to them."

"Okay, see you later. Thanks for the sympathy, everyone. Shredder will be very pleased about you all." Burg smiled wide before running back home.

Valencia thought for a brief moment. "Okay, I'll join you." She said to Bukaji. "I don't have anything better to do, and I don't have anyone back at home telling me if I can run off with random people to find things, so count me in!"

Flame laughs a bit "Well, I suppose the more the merrier Correct?"

Jad laughs "I'm not sure If everyone is happy that Flame is going, with his silly references."

Flame glares at Jad "You make more references that I do."

Richard thought for a second, "I will aid you on your quest as a healer..." He said to the Bukaji. He turned and spoke his daughter, "Katherine, you must take care of your brother while I am gone, understand?"

Katherine nodded her head, "Yes, father." She replied. Katherine runs off, with Benjamin in her grip.

Robin nodded. Though her opaque visor kept her face hidden, she was clearly excited. "I'll join." she said. "All of my experiments and research back home can wait until I come back."

Mimic wasn't listening until he heard the word "relic". "Relic?" He said, suddenly full of interest. "Alright. You caught my attention."

If Flame's going, than so am I. Crystaline thought. "I'll come too." She said. I kinda wish Frost were here. But, then again, he'd probably make me stay behind because it would be to dangerous for me.

Static looks at Mimic. "I better come with. Just to make sure Mimic doesn't do anything stupid." he said with a somewhat concerned voice.

Mimic then turns to Static. "If I hadn't already proved myself to be an intelligent, resoruceful theif, that comment might have actually hurt." Mimic replied.

Zorovar didn't seem as excited as everyone else. "I'd rather hear all the details now." He said. "Like which relic you are refering to." He didn't trust easily, and had no reason to trust Bukaji. Even if Eclipse did.

Polemistis watched from a distance, deciding to stay in the cemetary after finding himself curious about the eagle. From the distance he was at, the Griffin was able to hear everything perfectly well. He too was sceptical, but something inside him told him to trust the Bukaji. With such a thought in mind, the avian feline would keep himself at arm's distance.

"Consider me in as well." he sternly stated upon approaching the group.

Crymson went in front of Bukaji with a determined smile. "As your student, I will come along to your once known tribe. Plus, I don't want to leave Static-kun away from me. I have a vow to always protect him at any means nessecary." Crymaon blush when she had to meantion Static.

Mimic started to snigger. ""Static-kun"?" he asked before bursting with laughter. "Wha-ha, ha ha ha ha, oh, he he ha oh!!! Now THAT'S embarrassing!" He continued to laugh hysterically. "She's definitly your girlfriend, eh Sparky?"

Static blushed and looked down. That was embarassing. He thought dejectedly. However, upon hearing Mimic call him "Sparky", Static got angry. "What did I tell you about calling me that?" he asked before zapping the mockingbird with a short electric discharge directed to his tailfeathers.

"YOWCH!" The mockingbird jumped up in pain and shock.

Flame sniggers a bit at Mimic's comment.

Bukaji petted her warm crimson colored hair with a smile. "Spoken like a true master, young rose bud." He turned to everyone. "Those who decided to come must get some rest before we all meet at the Entrance Gates of Station Square at seven. Make sure you come prepared, and wear those trenchcoats. It'll get a bit chilly in the mountains." He clasp his hands together. "Until we see again!" Green fire went around him and his disappeared on the spot.

Flame looks at Crystaline "Wait...You are going because of me..." He laughs to himself "Sorry, Mind reading."

Jad sighs "7 am I am guessing, I'm gonna go home and Rest." Jad walks away

Crystaline turns to Flame. "Of course." She smiled. "But, it would be nice if you tried to avoid reading my mind during our little adventure."

"Sorry, It's a natural thing my mind does to get rid of excess mana" Flame says "After all, too much many is dangerous."

"Looks like I have some preparations to make tonight. A bit of packing and I'll be good to go. Catch you guys tomorrow!" Valencia waved, then ran off to her home in the nearby forest.

"Same here." Zorovar said. "I'll get a few materials for the trip. See you later." Zorovar then turned around and started to walk in the opposite direction that Valencia had walked off. Eclipse waved to the rest of the group and caught up to Zorovar. She then dissipated and became Zorovar's shadow again. Little did anyone realize that he was actually planning on seeking out the snake that had attacked them earlier. Since Bukaji didn't tell him what relic he was after, Zorovar suspected that maybe the snake would know. He was prepared to force the snake to answer if he proved uncooperative.

"I'll head home and get any supplies I need for the journey." Robin announced. "Still, I can't help but wonder how the other members of Bukaji's tribe will view me." There was worry in her voice. Many times her suit has caused others to either shun her or to make fun of her. Will the members of Bukaji's tribe be any different?

Richard stretched his muscular arms, "I guess I should go get my supplies..." he said as he walked away.

The three servals had been listening to the conversation, and moved towards the others. The wheel chair bound one said to Crymson, "I would help, but I would just be a hinderance."

With the predetermined destination freash in his mind, Polemistis gave the eagle a nod before heading out of the graveyard. Upon reaching the exit, he bent his knees slightly, then propelled himself to the sky with a mighty leap. His large feathered wings began flapping and he took off into the sky.

Surg walked next to Crymson and Stun. "Hey, would it be okay if I can spend the night at your house? Since I am joining on this journey, and I really don't want you getting hurt along the way."

"Of course. I'll make sure your mom has the information down when we get home. Besides, she treats me like a daughter." Crymson laughed, scratching her head.

"Don't forget about me. You know I'm right by your side whenever you need me." Stun said with a wink and a smile, seeing Crymson nodded in agreement.

The serval in the wheel chair bowed his head, "I wish I could go..." he said solemnly.

Marrow had been watching all of the events from the entrance of an alley, when someone walked up behind him. The person grabbed him from behind and shoved him into a wall, holding Marrow up by his arms.. "Who are you, and why are you so afraid of me?" Richard said angrily. Marrow was terrified and squirmed to get free, but couldn't. All he managed to do was kick over a garbage can and cause a small commotion.

Crymson was the first to be alarm from the sound of the trash can. Her eyes widen as she sees Marrow struggling from Richard. "Marrow!!!!" She ran up to Richard and low sweep his feet for him to fall. She used her Pyrolyze move to immobilize him. "Why are you doing that to him!?" She yelled at Richard, infuriated.

Richard doesn't trip and is able to move slightly, "I'm simply asking who he is, and why he keeps running from me." Richard replied to Crymson, a little angry. "So I'm going to ask you again; who are you?" he says to Marrow.

"How can he tell you anything if he is mute!!!" Crymson explained, readied her rod that now turned into a staff.

Marrow kept struggling with a terrified expression on his face. He started crying, "Let me go, Magnus..." he pleaded in his almost lack of a voice.

Richard's eyes went wide with shock, and dropped Marrow. "I-I'm not Magnus... but that explains it." Richard said with some fear in his voice.

Marrow pushed his back against the wall, not believing Richard.

Richard looks down at the raccoon, "Magnus is my father..." he says to the frightened figure.

Robin quickly scans both Marrow and Richard for any files in her databases. She finds nothing on Marrow, but finds that Richard is the son of a warlord named Magnus, and is the father of GUN Sergeant Katherine.

Richard looks at Robin, "What are you doing?" he asks her, noticing a series of images and words appearing on her visor.

"Scanning for information." Robin said. "At least, for any new information I can find regarding you two." Suddenly, the images disappear, leaving only the glow of her eyes. She looks at Marrow, "It's okay, Marrow. I won't hurt you." She says calmly while extending a hand to Marrow as an offer to help him up.

Marrow didn't hear Robin. He was too petrified of the snow leopard he thought was ""Magnus" standing in front of him.

"Marrow," Robin said, keeping her voice calm so she wouldn't startle the terrified raccoon. "It isn't Magnus. I promise you that."

Richard took a few steps backwards, and pushed back the wrappings on his arm, revealing six shining rubies. "Magnus doesn't have this many blood rubies..." Richard said to Marrow.

Marrow frantically looked at everyone around him. Soon he took a deep breath and calmed down. He took a few more breaths before clutching his chest and passing out from a heart attack.

Robin walks over to Marrow and kneels by him. "He's sufferning cardiac arrest." She stated loud enough for everyone to hear, but she kept her voice calm. She then looks at Richard, "You're hemokinetic, right? Can you help him?"

Richard nods and put his hand on Marrow's chest. Richard's hand started glowing red, and soon Marrow's heart started beating regularily again.

Marrow slowly opened his golden eyes and looked at Richard's hand. He gave a nod of his head as if saying "Thank you." The raccoon looked at his sleeve which had been rolled back when he passed out. He quickly pulled it back down to cover his scars.

"We should probably get going to prepare." Flame says "We'll be off, Me and Jad shall meet you at the allocated time."

Flame and Jad walk off.

"I better be heading home, too." Robin stated.

Crymson watched as her friends, one by one, started to leave home as they await thier upcoming day to go with Bukaji to his home tribe. Crymson happened to agree that she needs good rest and some time to practice her techniques if the snake decides to jump back. She looks at Static. "Well, guess we need to head home. We do need some rest. But I also need to push more on my techniques. What are you doing until tomorrow?" She asked.

Static looked at Crymson in suprise. "Huh? Me?" he asked. He hadn't really planned on staying, but now that he was going to help the mysterious eagle, Bukaji, Static had to stay around in Stations Square. "Uh," he began, scratching the back of his head as he spoke, "Well, nothing. I didn't plan on staying for long."

Robin walked up to Crymson. "You know," she began, "We're probably going to need some supplies. I think Bukaji said it was going to be rather cold where we were going." She then looks at Crymson, "Would you like to come with me to shop for some items?"

Crystaline walks up to Robin, "May I come along?" She asked. "I didn't really pack anything, since we were planning on just a short visit."

Robin nodded, "Of course." she said. "But, we'll also have to notify Frost about this. We wouldn't want to leave him wondering what happened to you."

Marrow looked at Richard then ran off into another alley.

Richard watched as the raccoon vanished from sight. He didn't blame him from running and returned to his house in the city to prepare for the next day.

Mimic just stood around, wondering what to do. "Well, I'm bored." he stated outloud.

The wheelchair bound serval looked at him, "Yep... I know the feeling." He said.

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