This roleplay is very graphic! It contains blood, gore, and strong language at times! (Its censored though) Think twice about joining!


A murder is a very unfortunate event. But if it happens to someone close, you cantact the detective squad, Squad 5X5. They are the most elite detectives in Mobius. Give them a call if needed.


  • No, I reapeat, no canon characters! It ruins the fanon effect!
  • Limit is 3 characters per user. I don't want people to argue about too many character and I don't want people to have a bunch of characters that are important characters then the users don't show up when we need them.
  • This contains lots of violent and other things that are graphic so don't complain if something's "Too Bloody".
  • Althought this is graphic and other stuff, no sexual content.
  • Have Fun. :D



Act 1 - Dr. Wendal


Police Officers


Act 1 -

Regular People

Act 1 - Slow Death at Home

A killer crept up to a woman's house in the city. As he silently entered from the back door, the woman fell asleep. He laughed silently and kiled her in her sleep.

~The Next Week~

Kyros and Rapid talked to their Boss. They had a case.

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