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Come one, come all, to the legendary Smase Carnivale, here at this lovely carnival you can find all sorts of games, rides, and secret objects of all kinds. These workers seem rather odd, and how did they manage to get so many wonderous items? With this search going on, what happens when one by one, some people start to disappear? Are these workers dangerous?


  • No autohitting
  • No godmodding
  • No dodging everything
  • Cursing is allowed
  • Subplots are cool as long as someone says they are gonna do one at the near the start of the roleplay so that I can allow the stories to intertwine.
  • Any character type is welcome, be it hero, neutral, or villain.
  • Carnies or worker characters can be played by anyone!
  • "Do try to have fun, dear."







Involved Characters

Neo Tranquil the Fox (Neo)

Zero Evol (Neo)

Trinity Moon (Neo)

Echo the Cat (Neo)

Jazz Aude (Neo)

Vorpa the Echidna (Neo)

Spirit Tsubaki (Neo)

Replica Zero Evol (Neo)

Carnival Master (Neo)

Zapor the Hedgehog

Blade the Hedgehog

Zak the Kirby

Lexi the Hedgehog

Tigertooth the hedgehog

Argent Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Rose Hellsing the Wolf (MHS)

Anderson Bowie the Jackal (MHS)

Prairie Haruno the Fox (MHS)

Masako Haruno the Fox (MHS)

Ikiru Shiginake the Fox (MHS)

Sico the cat (ASF)

Luna the chao (ASF)

Tailsalyn the fox (KEN)

Part 1: The greatest carnival ever?

Neo and his group stood outside the carnival's limits as they looked over the place. Neo held his hand in his pocket and turned his head. "So...the greatest carnival ever huh?"

"Doesn't it look amazing?!" Echo asked. "I'm so excited to go on one of the rides!"

"I've always liked carnivals, myself." Jazz mentioned.

"As long as they have good food here, I'm good." Zero said with a smile. "I've always liked carnival food."

"I don't really get these kind of things." Vorpa said and scratched the back of her head. "What's the point of them?"

Neo shrugged, he didn't really know the point of them either. He pulled out his wallet and said, "Alright, I suppose we can spend a night at the carnival."

"Neo, remember how I said your like my BFF? Well, you got upgraded to cousin." Zapor said.

Zak sat on Zapor's head. "Neo, can we order room service in the hotel?"

"That Zapor and Blade are totally paying for.." Lexi muttered.

A lynx ran to the entrance, waiving to two other girls as she talked in...Spanish? The two waved her on as the lynx entered the park quickly.

Meanwhile a blue BMW convertible parked nearby, as none other than the famous Annabelle Rich and friends got out. "It's time for a bit of R&R ladies..." Annabelle smirked to Kristy and Christian.

"Looks like we're not the only ones either." Neo muttered to himself. "Alright let's get going."

"Oh wow, it's Annabelle Rich!" Echo pointed out.

"Who?" Trinity asked.

"Uh...she's a celebrity. Since you're a bit of a foreigner you probably wouldn't know..." Neo told the unicorn.

"Ok, let's get on one of the rides! I heard someone died on one of them!" Zapor said.

(Sorry I'm taking so long to post, I'm waiting for everyone. -Neo)

"That doesn't sound healthy..." Neo muttered.

"Which one then?" Zero asked.

"That one!" Zapor pointed to a roller coaster with spikes and about 25 dives and 50 loops in it, with some parts being on fire. "Isn't it amazing?"

As Annabelle and the others headed for the entrance, they were flanked by some fans with cameras asking questions quickly as they entered.

"Well, it sounds fun, but you people say you lose your spine and other bones....Which only makes me want to ride it more!" Blade said.

"Uhh, I think I'd rather keep my skeleton all in one piece... and in my body..." Prairie said, appearing to be rather skittish about the idea.

"Oh yeah, you can regenerate and grow parts back..which is why it's good kirbys don't have bones!" Zapor said. 

"I wanna try the food court! They say they got kirby foods!" Zak said.

"Prairie...has a point..." Neo said.

"I am kind of hungry though." Jazz agreed with Zak.

"Well then, let's go over there." Zero said, though he stopped and eyed a booth that involved shooting balloons with a fake gun. "Actually, hold on." Zero threw his jacket at Trinity. "I wanna try this." he rushed over to the booth and got ready to play it.

Trinity scowled and dug around trying to get the jacket situated until she stopped and pulled a small box out, inside the box, was a golden ring with a bright pink jewel at the top. Trinity's eyes widened as she looked at the object. " Zero getting married?" Trinity asked.

"Meh, he's getting a lot of important life changing things. We're going to the food court!" Zak said. He grabbed Trinity, Zapor, Echo, and Blade and rushed to the food court.

Lexi was rushing to the roller coaster line (the same one Zapor mentioned) and jumped up and down with anticipation. 

"Hey, wait!" Argent called out to Lexi, running after her. "I'll never hear the end of it if I let something happen to one of mom's disciples!"

Neo grabbed Trinity before Zak could take off with her, leaving the two of them spinning, and then stopping them. "That ring...Could I just have it?" Neo tries to take the ring from Trinity, but she pulls it back.

"Who is Zero getting married to?" She asks.

Neo sighs. "He isn't...not anymore..."

"I think what he means to say is that it's been put on hold." Masako said. This may or may not have been a lie; if it was, it was a lie that she honestly believed in. She had the right to believe whatever she wanted, after all.

At the food court, there were a couple of servers handing out kirby foods. When Zak finally put Zapor, Blade, and Echo down, a chef gave them 4 boxes with kirby foods that were slightly moving. When Blade opened his box, he nearly puked. "Guys, there's a Waddle Dee in box. And it's still alive."

Zak was already eating his. "Yeah? Kirby's eat Waddle Dees all the time. Don't worry, these ones are suicidical."

"I don't understand..." Trinity said. "What...what happened to her?"

Neo sighed and spoke slowly. "Sometimes people...they just disappear right off the face of this planet, but they always leave traces." Even though he was talking about Zero and Leah, the ring that Zero was indeed going to use to propose to Leah, his thoughts drifted from them and somehow, for some reason, they wanted to focus on his own lost love, on Tailsalyn. "Little things that no one can account for; Faces in photos, pieces of luggage, forgotton weapons, old places...rings..." Neo took a deep, long breath. "No one is forgotten completely. Just like, not every person is gone forever. If something is remembered it can come back, and if someone has ever held a very special place in your heart, then they will come back."

Trinity gave the ring back to Neo. "Well...I hope she was nice...your friend..."

Neo looked down a little and took the ring, he looked up and didn't realize that Zero overheard all of that. The blue hedgehog was holding a rubik's cube that he won from the game and glared at Neo. "You know for a fact that that idea is a lie. All that it has left and all that it will leave is pain." He took the jacket from Trinity and pulled the ring out of Neo's hands, then turned around and advanced furthur into the fair, leaving the group there.

Lexi came back to the group with her hair up and her with a smile on her face. "That. Was. AWESOME!! I felt G-force in my face, and Argent screamed like a sissy!" She said that right when Argent was coming back, looking a combination of scared and shocked.

The three spanish speaking girls talked back and forth with smiles as the played at a shooting gallery. The blue leopard smirked as she clapped her hands, and picked out a prize, before rubbing it in the chihuahua and the lynx's faces.

"I-I was not screaming! I was merely enjoying the ride the only way I knew how!" Argent lied.

Rose sighed. "Just humor him, Lexi. Anyway, we'd better get after Zero... you remember what Elder said. We should have tabs on Zero at all times."

Zak came back with Echo and Blade, but Blade was dragging Zapor. "Yeah, when they meant kirby foods, they meant Waddle Dees and stuff. Zapor fainted when he bit into it." Blade said.

"I don't know what the deal is. We eat hot dogs." Zak said in a defensive manner.

"Anyways, what happed?" Blade asked.

"I went on that one roller coaster, Argent screamed and cried like a baby (I got pictures), and Zero left and we were about to go get him." Lexi said.

Argent growled, losing his cool. "You little sh--"

"Argent." Rose scolded. "Lexi, just leave him be. Otherwise I might be tempted to slug you."

"It would be best..." Neo sighed.

"He went towards the main plaza." Echo murmered, causing Trinity to give her an odd look.

"We haven't even gotten maps do you know that?" The unicorn asked the girl.

Echo shrugged. "I think I saw something on TV about it..." She partially lied.

Vorpa nodded. "Alright, let's head down there."

When the group continuted to go down they found a lot of odd looking people and lots of really gross looking food, but Zero couldn't be seen. It was odd for the hedgehog to go missing like that.

"I don't like this..." Trinity glared around.

"He probably just went home." Neo shrugged. "I mean, it was kind of a bad moment."

"Well...I'm gonna go this way..." Vorpa said and headed off towards a brick building.

"I'm gonna come with you..." Echo said and followed.

"Where are they going?" Trinity asked.

"The restroom." Jazz muttered and sighed. "Now then, can anyone, like, climb anything to get a good view?"

"I'll climb." Zak said.

"I'm gonna go see if he's in any of the lines." Zapor said, and ran off.

"I'll check the food courts. Stress can throw off the brain's neurochemistry in a lot of different ways, and irregular eating habits are a typical reaction." Masako said, heading off in a direction.

"She means stress eating, right?" Anderson asked.

Blade nods. "That or he might've went to a part of the park where he might think of Leah the most..which makes me feel worse..I'll just shut up now."

"Ok, Lexi you stay here unless he comes back. Bang-Bang will stay if you need any cover." Zak said.

"Right...stay in the fair..with clowns...and makeup artists..." Lexi said.

"You got something against Clowns, kid?" Anderson asked.

"No..maybe..I can't tell anymore." Lexi said.

"She has a fear of clowns..*snickers* and people who do carnival makeup because somehow it makes her think those people aren't the same person." Zak said.

"Forget the clowns for a second." Neo said. "We need to keep looking. TJazz, can you go check on Vorpa and Echo?"

Jazz nodded and left for the brick house, after a couple of minutes, she came back running. "Guys! I can't find them!"

"What do you mean, you can't find them?" Neo asked.

"They probably just went to another part of the carnival." Trinity waved it off.

Jazz shook her head, and held out a few items. A green saber, a deck of card being held in a card holder, and a golden necklace. "I found these in there."

"Vorpa's sword, Echo's cards, and the necklace Fate always wore." Neo noted. "Something's wrong."

"Yeah, I checked to see what Zapor was doing, and he wasn't on any of the rides, which is pretty typical but he dropped his goggles! He never goes a day without them!" Zak said.

"This is bad... I gotta go warn sis about this!" Prairie said, darting off towards the food courts.

"This is my concern too. If Masako's in trouble, I can't afford to stand idly!" Ikiru said, dashing off after Prairie.

"Whaddya say Rose? Think we'll find something if we investigate?" Anderson said.

"Whether we do or we don't, we have to try. Come on!" Rose said, rushing off to the brick building.

"What is WITH this place...?" Annabelle scoffed lightly as she looked around,"A bit to lame for my taste to be completely honest..."

"Agreed..." Kristy whispered down.

Prairie and Ikiru quickly returned, but Masako wasn't in tow... Prairie was grasping Masako's blade and magatama necklace in her hands. She looked sad and scared, and about to cry.

"There can be no doubt about it now. There is an evil force amongst us." Ikiru growled.

"Crud, they stole Masako?! First Echo and Vorpa, then Zapor, then Masako?! We have to do something..Blade? Blade?!" Zak called out Blade's name again.

"There, there, darling." Jazz somforted Praire. "Everything will be okay."

"This doesn't seem good." Trinity growled. "Is Zero tied to all of this?"

"I don't think so." Neo said warily. "I think there is something else in all of this."

A man, in a large red hat and a red, comical suit approached the group. He had a long twisty mustache and walked with a cane. "Excuse me, are you the Tranquil family and friends?"

"I suppose you could say that..." Neo said. "Why are you asking?"

"Well you see, we have a special request for you." The man said. "You see, I am the carnival master, I run the carnival here and we have a special surprise for you." He pulled his cane up and started fishing through his pockets. "Tell me something, do you believe in magic?" He quickly used his other hand and thrust his cane forward, jabbing Neo with it and causing a large electrocution, knocking Neo out. "I hope you do, because that's what it's gonna take to get you lot out of here. You're all coming with me."

"What the hell?" Trinity asked, trying to pull a throwing knife out of her pocket, only to be stopped by anohter man holding a large sword.

"Don't even think about it." The man said and flashed a G.U.N badge. "You're all under arrest." 

"For what, not being in an organization with a bunch of homewreckers and bastards?!" Lexi said.

"For being an accomplice to two agents who have broken the law several times, for destruction of G.U.N property, and for kidnapping and holding the Echo project hostage." The carnival master said.

"Gah, you evildoer! I shall punish you!" Ikiru shouted, raising his blades.

"Flames down, hotshot! What if this whole place is a setup? You'd be clashing blades with an entire military branch!" Anderson warned.

"We did those things cuz you guys were doing stupid stuff. So tell one good thing that was going to come out of doing any of those things!" Zak said.

"The Echo Project was going to cure illnesses." The carnival master said. "That was all we were told when the project was proposed to us by the Engineering Team, and now you've stolen her before she could be finished."

"Your point of why we should believe anything your saying? You guys are the villains in this equation." Zak said.

"We're the villains?" Carnival master asked. "You've stolen a project that was meant to help other people live, you run around with several convicts and enemies of the government. I know you've worked with Agent Destiny, who went rogue and murdered everyone on the project, and you have the nerve to call us the bad guys? You destroyed towns and civilizations, you've ruined government funded work and research, and you've lead several people to their deaths. The princess of the Chao born has been assumed dead thanks to you lot, and the entire country is in chaos. You've ruined several people's lives, including the family of Visor the Wolf, and you've caused some of our property, meant to help others, to be destroyed. You're not heroes, your monsters." He looked over to his ally. "Take them to the prison."

"Are we missing something...?" The lynx whispered to the chihuahua from afar. The leopard cocked an eyebrow as she looked on as well.

"The real question is, do we care?" The leopard said, as the lynx shrugged.

"Hmph...I knew this place would be a dead zone..." Annabelle mumbled from afar as she and the others looked on,"I wish those idiot refugees would get out of the way so I can enjoy the show..."

Part 2: Under the Carnival

The group of G.U.N agents lead everyone down into a jail cell, locking the doors securly and making sure that they were locked. The door and bars were made out of titanium, and would be hard to break through. Everyone who went missing was there, and then some. Zero sat in the back corner, turning his rubiks cube top, so that the colors never lined up. Vorpa sat in the corner, her head down, and there even was some new people. Also in the cell was the scruffy clothed young boy who could turn into a scythe, the same one that Reynore used against the group. Echo wasn't with the group though.

"So, your here." Zero said grimly from his chair.

Masako sat next to Vorpa, all bundled up in her kimono and tapping a sandalled foot on the ground.

"Sis!" Prairie ran up to Masako, hugging her.

Masako responded back with a hug. "It's alright... we're all in this together, right?" She looked toward the others.

Lexi cleared her throat. "So, we're in jail."

"You know, I would be totes cool with me being in jail, it be weird that you guys are here, but the thing that gets me the most is they put us in here on false charges...minus me. AND they take Echo to the other room!" Zapor said.

"Those bars are tough, it's gonna take a lot to get them rid of them." Vorpa muttered and stared off at the bars. "Looks like we're gonna wait here for a while."

"....I'm sorry..." Spirit said.

"Did you do this to us?" Vorpa asked.

"No...but I'm still sorry..." Spirit looked down. "I don't want any one to get in trouble..."

Neo sighed. "Well I have good news and I have bad news..." Neo said. "For now, we're gonna have to fight our way out of here. That's the bad news." He shuffled through his jacket. "But I have the fusion necklaces and the fusion bracelets. We can use them to fuse with someone, but it has to be our heaviest hitters."

"And they have to have resonized together..." Vorpa reminded him. "So...who is that?"

Neo thought for a moment. "I suppose...Zapor, Masako, myself, and...I don't know."

"Why not Zero?" Jazz asked. "From what I'm told, Nero is pretty powerful."

"It's because he doesn't trust me right now." Zero said, still turning the top of his rubik's cube. "He's scared of me."

"Zapor." Neo said, ignoring Zero's comment. "Masako and I have a strong resonance after our battle with Warlock, so you're the odd man out. Who do you think you can fuse with?"

Zapor shrugged. "I guess I could fuse with Zak."

"A Mobian and a Kirby fusing together? Somehow, I have a hard time trying to picture what the end result would be..." Argent said.

"If only Echo were here... I'm sure if you fused with her, you could take on the world." Rose said.

"I need Susano'o if we want to make the most of our fusion." Masako said. "Neo, do you know what powers will be available to us without my blade?"

"I don't." Neo said and put the necklace on, and threw the other to Masako, then threw the two bracelets to Zapor. "But now's the time to find out."

"Wait, we're fusing now?!" Zak said, but Zapor just forced a bracelet on his hand. "Let's flipping be like Gogeta!" Zapor said.

Masako slipped the necklace on and straightened it out. "So, what do we call this one, Neo?"

Neo started to glow as he thought. "I don't know..." He was pulled together and fused with Masako, creating a green femine fox wearing a black mail kimono. It's hands glowed golden with power and his facial features and body type easily classified it as femine. Nasako was ready.

(Masako, you got this one too! -Neo)

Zapor put on the fusion bracelet. Zapor and Zak then merged together making a light blue hedgehog with orange shoes, with red quils. "I still feel like Zapor. Zak, what about you? Yeah, lets just call it Zazak."

A second voice cam from Zazak, it belonged to Zak, but in his pocket. "Wait, how come Zapor gets to be the body while I'm the weapon?!"

"I don't know." Vorpa said and stood up. "But someone should be able to open that door now."

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Zazak grew a machine gun missile launcher on his back. "Ok, I'm guessing I control what weapons we get." Zak said from Zazak's pocket. Zazak then fired all the missiles until the door was practically broken. "Alright, who wants to bust it open?" Zazak said in Zapor's voice. 

"Thanks for warming it up for me." Rose said, slugging the door with The Reaper's immense strength.

Behind the door, 10 seconds before Rose punched it down, were 4 GUN guards. They all had weapons, but were also drunk. "So then I say, baby, you need a beer, but then she goes, why would I need a b--" That G.U.N soldier was cut off by the door falling, crushing and killing all the guards.

"Rose, am I gonna be able to summon a reaper?" Lexi asked.

Rose shook her head. "I'm not sure if you're ready for a Stand. You'd be taking a huge risk there."

"Kid, her powers came from the Stand Arrow that she's wearing in front of her shoulder. She and I both got stabbed with a Stand Arrow once, and we both developed Stands. But that sort of power isn't for everyone. There's plenty of people who have died from trying to use the Arrows." Anderson said.

"Oh....we should probs find a map to the room Echo is." Lexi said.

Blade picked up a map from a dead soldiers hand. "Found it."

Zero looked at the map, and noticed something. "The room right there." He said darkly. "It's the same design as the room where Echo got the virtue of power in when we went to that abandonded G.U.N base. That's where they're taking her."

"And they say we're criminals when they're trying to pull a 'Lucy'. We're only 30% criminal." Zazak said (in Zapor's voice).

As the group went down, a hoard of G.U.N soldiers were blocking the door.

"I'll make this quick..." Nasako said, walking up.

One G.U.N soldier noticed Nasako walking to them and pulled out his gun. "Hey, get back in your cell! I will not hesitate to shoot!"

Nasako stared at the soldier for a moment, then focused on his gun. "...You haven't even taken the safety off, rookie." A flame flashed in her eyes as she rushed towards him at breakneck speeds, striking him with a headbutt to knock him out as she wrestled his gun away from him.

The rest of the G.U.N soldiers then gkt up and pulled out their guns. "Alright! We will only say this once! Put down the weapon, and surrender quietly!"

Vorpa smiled as she saw the G.U.N soldiers squirm. Trinity came out and laughed. "Go ahead Cherry Pie...or is it Masako in control...whoever, just break their legs!"

"And maybe rip out their spines, hang them with it, and beat them with the legs you ripped off!" Zazak said (Zapor voice.)

Nasako passed the gun over to Ikiru. "Take this and find our weapons." Her eyes flashed a light yellow, and she summoned a polearm. She made a wide slash, sending a wave of serene energy at the soldiers' legs.

The G.U.N soldiers all fell, screaming in pain off having their legs chopped off. Lexi then walked up to one and held him by the neck. "Alright, punk. Tell us where our weapons are, and I might help you not have a broken spine."

"D-down the the l-left.." Gun soldier said. Lexi the slammed his head against the wall. "Thanks!"

Nasako walked past the soldiers, her tail hiked up. "Think about it this way, at least you all get disability from this." She turned to the others. "I'm going to find Echo. Meet us there after you get our weapons." She sped off down the hall.

"Right! The rest of you, on me!" Ikiru headed to the left.

Zazak followed Nasako while the rest of the group went withI Ikiru.

Vorpa, Trinity, Jazz and Spirit followed Zazak, Zero hesitated a little bit but also followed suit.

Part 3 (Z): The weapons locker

The main hub of captured weapons was filled to the brim with iron bars and locks here and there. There was also an assortment of all kinds of weapons inside the cages.

"Well, looks like we have our pick of the litter!" Trinity decalred loudly. "I'm liking our odds!"

"I don't." Vorpa noted. "Think about it. A room full of weapons with no security system? Seems odd to me."

"That's because we're not alone." Jazz declared. "I can tell for a fact that we're being watched, but I don't know who it is that's watching us."

"I don't know either, but my fusion is about to wear off, so we should hurry and get our weapons." Zazak (Zak voice) said.

Ikiru raised his gun, scanning around the room using his advanced OmegaCorp cybernetics... he assumed that whoever was watching them was bound to be hostile.

Zero's clone walked out from behind one of the lockers. "Oh you finally got out." He said and turned to Spirit. "Get over here slave."

"Y-yes sir..." Spirit said reluctently and walked slowly towards the Evol clone.

Rose simply stood there with her hands in her pockets. Her jacket swayed.

The Reaper suddenly manifested herself in front of the Evol clone, throwing a sucker punch at him with all her might. "ORA!"

Evol smiled and copious amounts of Black Blood sprang from his back adn grabbed the fist.

"...I'm sorry..." Spirit said, prompting Evol to forcibly grab the mobian, and punch him in the stomach.

"You shut up." Evol said and Spirit turned into a scythe.

"Not again...!" Rose could only watch as The Reaper struggled to get free.

As Spirit was punched, Evol would hear what sounded like metal clattering onto the ground.

"Gotcha." Argent smirked, stomping the ground and sending a Ripple through it. Suddenly, a spray of iron spikes came flying toward the Evol clone's stomach.

"Hey, when did he...?!" Ikiru seemed confused... when did Argent plan this trick out?!

Evol looked down and smiled as he got impaled with the spikes, more black blood oozed out of his system. "You'd better think of a better idea, because this one clearly isn't gonna work."

As he said that though, Elder's words echoed. "Remember Resonence." 

At this rate, the black blood would overpower Rose if she didn't do something... her soul cried out for someone, but who?

(Uhh, who can she resonize with? Just curious.)

(Well...Argent can resonzie with her cause of their siblingness,'ll see.)

Trinity didn't have any weapons, but she knew she had to do something, there had to be someway to deal with this black blood somehow.

Then it hit her.

She didn't know how she knew to do this, she didn't know if it was the adreniline in her blood, the affect that the world was having on her, or if it was something she had all along, but she somehow knew what to do. She walked towards Evol, her fist glowing bright blue, and punched Evol in the stomach. "Resonence Tap!" She shouted, causing the black blood to take it's normal liquid form and fall onto the ground. She jumped back a bit and stood next to Rose. "I have no idea how I did that." She murmered.

Zazak turned his hands into machine guns. "Alright, while you guys resonize or whatevs, I'll load bullets into faker #2.

Rose looked to Trinity. "Y'know, I wasn't sure what to think about you at first, but I'm really glad you're on our side. I owe you one, love."

In an instant, Argent was behind Evol. "You mean we owe you one." Somehow, he drew upon the speed and strength of The Reaper, and channelled it into a furious barrage of punches aimed at Evol's back.

The Reaper, now freed from the Black Blood, pulled back her fist then charged into Evol and threw an uppercut at his stomach -- right where the iron shards were buried.

Evol took more and more of the damage, soaking it all up. The iron shards were fully enveloped into his stomach, but more black blood poured out and sewed the wounds up. Evol gave a wicked smile and slashed his scythe at Trinity. "Oh this will be fun." He forcibly grabbed Trinity and pulled her closer. "Let's talk for a second, doll." Both of them started to glow and they turned into an odd being, something that didn't quite resemble a mobian truly, it looked like a feminine green hedgehog, but it had dark red horns. "Hello..." It said with Trinity's voice. She looked down at her hands and inspected them. "Is this what madness feels like?" She asked. "It feels good." She looked up at them, and offered a hand to Rose. "This life, is a life of purity. No fear, no distress, no dread. Don't you want to feel it?" She glared down at Zero. "I know a hedgehog that would love to feel this."

In a single, quick motion, Zero was on Evolity with his Scythe poised, ready to strike. "You don't say that. You know nothing about Leah."

Evolity smiled. "Do you even know that much about Leah? Do you even know that much about yourself?" She grabbed Zero and threw him into a locker, causing it to fall over.

"S-sorry..." Spirit stuttered.

"Now then." Evolity gripped her scythe and glared down at Rose, Argent, and Zazak. "Spirit. Black Resonance." A sharp loud screaming sound echoed throughout the room. The voice sounded odd at first, seeming hazy, yet familiar as it shot throughout the area. Until the voice became much clearer. The voice belonged to Leah. "Come then, fight me!"

"You better let Trinity go (other than the fact I barely know her) and fight us without fusing, otherwise I'm gonna.." Zazak started glowing and split into Zapor and Zak. "....Now you have to unfuse to make it fair.." Zak said.

"Somehow I don't see that happening..." Anderson said. "And we won't accomplish anything by trying to beat him out of her besides sending her straight to the hospital."

"Fair?" Evolity said. "I don't believe in fair." She followed up by swinging her scythe at Zapor.

Zapor took a mean cut to the arm and pulled out his gun with the other hand and shot Evolity in the arm. 

"Hold on, I'm going to try and talk her out of this!" Rose said. "Trinity, I know you're in there... you're the one in control! You don't have to take orders from some demon's plaything! You've got to break free!" she shouted.

Evolity smiled after she was shot in the arm. "You're right I am in control, but the madness, the madness has taken me. I have no cares in the world. No fear, no dread, no anxiety. I am the pinnicle of life. Insanity isn't so bad you know! I understand everything now! I can see everything!" Evolity's eyes widened creepily and she stared down at the group. "Oh I see now. I know what Elder meant. We failed! We were supposed to keep Zero away from this, and now we have drove him closer and closer to it! If we fail, it won't be so bad, if we get to feel like this, we will be perfect!"

"So we should all go into sparta craziness? Weak, I'd take my chances with being normal insane." Zapor said.

(Wait, so did Zapor and Blade lose their immortality forever, or was that just the episode?)

(It's up to you Zapor. It's possible that Aselia managed to restore it or to at least, keep the true effects of carcinium away from Zapor and Blade when they went in there, but Aselia could have also failed if you want them to lose their immortality. Either are plausible. -Neo)

"This madness is different." Evolity said crazily.

(Can I bring Natalie into this? ~MHS)

"You mean like Joker?" Zapor said in a sarcastic tone.

(Let's just keep them immortal)

(Cool, and yes Natalie can come in. -Neo)

"Zapor, have you ever felt scared? Have you ever felt like you could lose someone? Have you ever feared something before? It's because of this madness that I don't feel that." Evolity turned her head slightly. "Do you fear that you will lose Echo? Her powers, her virtues, the amount of danger that she was born, all the problems she will have to face, one way or the other, what happens when you have to pick between saving her and saving a group of innocent people? You could save her sure, but then you'll have the blood of thousands of innocents on your hands. You could save them, but then the death of your friend will forever guilt you. With the madness there isn't a question to what to pick."

"Ok, 1. You don't exactly know what I sort of do in my spare time when I'm doing this type of stuff, so having blood of people who might deserve it isn't a problem. 2. I'm only scared of dark forests. 3. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't let my gf go crazy, so that's out of the question. And 4. If you go to madness, you would still have to live with people deaths." Zapor said.

"....Wait, what do you do in your spare time?" Lexi asked.

"You don't seem to understand." Evolity said. "Perhaps I can beat some sense into you then."

"Trust me, I've tried. It didn't work. And I think with all the talk about wanting to go mad, you should get some sense beaten to yourself." Blade said, pulling his swords out.

"You're out of your mind if you think that'll work, girl!" A familiar voice called out.

A chained snake head came flying toward Evolity.

The chained snake head slammed into Evolity's neck, who just snickered. "I should warn you. Once the fusion is over, which it will be here soon, all the wounds caused will go directly to Trinity. By doing this, you're killing her."

"Well I'm not the one who shot her in the arm, am I?" Natalie said, emerging from the darkness.

Instead of clamping down, the head of Orochi coiled around Evolity, restraining her.

"Oh, like I could think of anything else on short notice!" Zapor said.

Evolity did not like being tied up at all, and started wiggling around in the snake. "You know this might not have been the best idea." She wiggled some more. "You know, I'm not alone, and I'm not just talking about my worhtless weapon either."

A green fox wearing a long black jacket and black pants held a gun to the back of Jazz's head. "Let him go, or I'll let her brains go." He told the group with a crooked smile. His hair was semi-long and his face looked almost identical to Neo's with the exception of his eyes, his eyes were clearly robotic.

"Wow, we have people copying our looks now? Jeez, they suck at it." Lexi said.

Zapor pointed at the Neo imposter. "You let her go, I might not put your heart in your stomach."

Natalie snarled, releasing Evolity from Orochi's grip... only for her to turn on the Neo imposter, her golden snakelike eyes piercing into his robotic ones. "Hey, ya told me to let her go... but you never said anything about sparing your pathetic life, pal." She said with a chuckle, walking toward him. "Step right up and entertain me, will ya?!"

Emerald Neo smiled. "Try. Your. best." He taunted.

"Oh please. If I tried my best you'd be dead long before I'm satisfied." Natalie said, disappearing into the ground. She suddenly resurfaced, kicking Emerald Neo away from Jazz, then sent two of Orochi's heads into the ground, which snaked up and tried to catch Emerald Neo by the arms.

"I second that notion." Lexi said, using burning ripple kaiser to hole Evolity down.

Jazz turned around and backed up a little.

Zero stood up quickly, weapon turned into a pistol and he shot Emerald Neo as he was grabbed by Orochi's heads.

Evolity smiled and jumped to the side. "This makes things interesting." He said cooly. "Spirit, black resonance!" The scythe rumbled a bit and Emerald Neo started to shake a bit, before the bullet wounds were sewn up. At the same time, Neo's screaming could be heard in the background.

Zero flinched a little. "That...didn't sound too good."

Evolity snickered. "Black resonance is my greatest skill. I can redirect any damage done from a husk, like Emerald here, and force the real person's soul to take the hit."

"So Emerald Neo is just a decoy?" Zak said.

"No, Emerald Neo is just a catalyst. By destroying someone's soul you destroy their inner being. Everything about them dies. Their memories, dreams, inspirations, everything you can imagine. Eventually, they won't even remember who they are." Evolity smiled. "And that's exactly our goal."

"So you basically make copies of everyone to destroy their souls?" Lexi asked.

"The process isn't easy. Very few ever actually work with our intended goal, but when it does work, it's very...special..." Evolity smiled. "And it's more than just Neo. You'll all have these things soon..."

"Wow..that seems more of a plan to frame us with something..NOT!" Blade said.

"Guys keep talking. The fusion might wear off in a couple of minutes." Zak whispered. 

"Well, when you put it that way, I guess the best way to p*** you off would be to stop fighting." Natalie chuckled. "It's not like Emerald Neo can do anything besides eat dirt, with Orochi holding him down."

"You could do that." Evolity said. "But there are a couple of things you still need to know about fusion. The first being that Forced fusion does not end until I am knocked out or until I release the person. The second being that if Emerald Neo is hurt in any way; his soul is hurt, while I would prefer for you to do the pain yourself, I'll gladly kill him. Even better, that pain is shared with whoever he is fused with, while her soul won't be hurt, she will feel the pain as well." Evolity smiled. "Now I want something pretty simple. I want Zero."

"You want me?" Zero asked. "Why?"

"You have something we need, and something that we need to force into you more. Once we have Zero, we'll leave you all alone." Evolity smiled.

Elder's voice echoed. "Remember; Resonance."

"He does know we don't know what to do with Resonace and have no comprehension, right?" Zapor said.

"So what does it mean?" Jazz asked.

"I don't know, but out of all people, why would you need Zero. No offense." Blade said.

"The poison in his veins in strong. Our little implant worked marvolously, and so we want to see how much further we can go." Evolity crossed her arms.

"You mean...your the ones who..." Zero started.

"He knows what we're talking about." Evolity snickered.

"Ok, care to tell us what your talking about?" Blade asked.

"Zero is infected with bit of doubt, something we like to call the Sha disease. Sha disease is a mental illness pushing someone more towards the act of black blood, which eventually consumes their soul, making them a husk of their former selves. In a way, we're kiling him, slowly and painfully."

"And once he's dead, you'll just take him?" Zapor asked.

"Precisely." Evolity smiled. "Black blood is a rare thing in mortals. Normally it has to be artifically created and installed into a being, but this makes things more interesting now that someone is born with it."

" are we just gonna keep talking about how important Zero is or are you gonna release Trinity so we can go?...Or something related to that option." Zapor said.

"Oh, but maybe he isn't that important, maybe your important to, Zapor! Maybe we coulg get you some black blood." Evolity smiled. "No, I think I'll take Trinity with me, maybe we can find some use for her. We'll be going now, bye." Evolity charged between the group, knocking Vorpa down in the process, and headed out into a different room. The room where Nasako went to.

"That wasn't one of the options, lady!" Zapor ran after, followed by Blade, Zak, and Lexi.

Zero helps Vorpa up while Jazz collects much of their weapons, then the group follows.

Part 3 (N): The virtue of Control

Nasako's journey didn't lead to far from where she was. While most of the walk was uneventful, the hallway opened up to a large room that seemed very similar to the one in the abandoned G.U.N building, in fact, it was almost identical, includng a large glowing orb in the center of the room. Near the orb was Echo, who was hesitant to touch it. Several G.U.N troops surrounded the girl, their guns pointed right at her. A boy, who looked to be about 15 stood near her, telling her to grab the orb. He wore a G.U.N uniform like the others, but he seemed different.

There was also a little box near Nasako, a red one that was already open and a revealed a small, slightly glowing gun. The gun looked ordinary as ever except for the glow.

On the inside Neo communicated with Masako through thoughts. "Looks like the gun that Fate use to use. Maybe it's one of the legacy things?"

Although this one happened without warning, unlike the last legacy piece, this one seemed different, much different.

While under the effects of the legacy Masako and Neo appeared seperatly in the memory. Standing next to them was the Fate that they saw last, the one that appeared in carcinium. Lying on the ground was a much younger, bleeding, and enraged Neo who's fur was currently red, and standing in front of him was Fate, who held a gun to his head. "You know of this moment, don't you?" The carcinium Fate said. "This was the moment that Fate spared Neo's life, and caused most of the moments that happened to transpire."

"The continuum that allowed us to find each other... all the lives that were lost because of it..." Masako thought.

"That is correct." Carcinium Fate said. "This moment was one of the most powerful moments of all time and it was because of this moment that an additional part of the Echo Project was created." Carcinium Fate walked forward, changing the scene to a little yellow cat girl looking up at the sky. "Once upon a time, a little girl wished on a star that she could have the power to change the world, to make it better. Her wish was granted and she recieved said power, but she didn't know that power corrupts and when that little girl grew up, she used her wish and her power to destroy her enemies. It was at the moment of Neo's almost death, at the moment where she would directly take an innocent boy's life, that she realized what happened and gained control in her life." She walked forward even more, changing the scene again to three glowing orbs on three pedestals. One was red, one was blue, and one was green. "Power, Control, and wishes. These were the three things that Fate realized was the key to changing the world, and it was because of this that she created these three virtues to bar the Echo projects from their true power, so they wouldn't become the monsters they were planned to do at the start." 

She disappeared and the two mobians were put back in their fused form in the room they were in previously. "Get going, 01." The boy commanded. "Grab the virtue!"

"The keys to changing the world... and to think that we already led her straight to the Virtue of Power. We're lucky everyone survived that incident alone." Masako communicated through thought. "And with this Virtue, they'll be one step closer towards their ultimatum... but to what end? Will it be the world's salvation, or its destruction?"

Nasako shook her head. "No time to discuss possibilities, but feel free to give me your input." Masako thought. And with that, Nasako rushed into the fray.

The G.U.N soldiers aimed their weapons at Nasako, but the boy lowered his hands slightly and they stopped. "Let me tell you something." The boy said. "My name is Comando, otherwise known as Echo-03. You are interrupting my work, and I'm going to have to ask you to leave."

"I'm here on behalf of a friend who lost her life trying to protect 'your work'. Does the name 'Agent Destiny' sound familiar?" Nasako walked around a bit. "She might've been a traitor in your eyes, but you never once considered what her eyes had already seen. She realized that, to change the world--regardless of the ideals behind it, regardless of whether or not the world's salvation lies ahead--means the destruction of the world we already know. Surely, you of all people should understand that."

"I recall that her little 'gift' to us, caused most of my brothers and sisters to have false hope. I recall that their little plan to escape failed horribly and most of us ended up dead." Commando shouted. "And she is the only one that can find out the cure, so that no one else will have to go through what I had to go through, what we both had to go through."

Nasako shook her head. "She did what she could to take the Echo Project out of G.U.N.'s hands. She could have done nothing and let G.U.N. you and your siblings into the super soldiers you were meant to be, forced to do the bidding of terrorists... but in the end, she was the only one who tried to secure a normal life for you. And you trusted her then... when she was the only one you could turn to for hope. Yet here you are, doing the work of G.U.N., finishing what the Echo Project started, repeating the mistakes of history! I cannot stand by and let my friend's ideals die with her!"

Commando shook his head. "I work for G.U.N because I realize what the Echo Project could truly become. I realize that the ideals we were forced to believe were just the ramblings of a mad woman who had completely lost her mind. She killed nine of us, nearly killed another, and left this one for dead at the mercy of a defective group of G.U.N. You wish to fight me? So be it." Commando drew a set of cards. "I will not allow you to destroy the work that Dr. Radon and his team aspired to do."

"I suggest everyone else clear out of here... I can't guarantee that you'll come out of this alive otherwise." Nasako said, forming a blade out of serene energy.

"They'll stay. My soldiers do not fear death." Commando said.

"03, please..." Echo started.

"Save it, Sister. Just take the virtue, you'll feel better after that." Commando commanded. "And what are you two doing? Give it to her!"

"Who are you to deny her right to speak? Forcing her to follow orders at gunpoint, demanding silence and obedience... hasn't the Echo Project suffered enough of this already?" Nasako shook her head. "If you truly cared about the Echo Project's salvation, you would treat Echo like a sister and not just a means to an end."

"Who am I to deny her right to speak?" Commando asked. "I'm the closest thing to a real family she has anymore. She has been fed fairytales and lies by you and all of your friends. I care about the salvation alright, I care that we can finally stop all of this chaos that happened since the beginning. I care about honoring our brothers and sisters who lost their lives in her destruction. In the path that she chose. It's her fault that we all had to suffer, it's her fault that almost everyone is gone!"

Echo was forced closer to the virtue. "I don't...I don't wanna..." She sputtered.

"The needs of the many out weigh the needs of the few. If one person has to suffer to save the lives of everyone else, than I will go through with it. Maybe it isn't the right thing to do, but it will let my siblings live or rest in peace. Who are you to try and rescue her, hm? Who are you to force the rest of my siblings to suffer?"

"Save the speech. You and I both know that there isn't a single shred of truth behind it." Nasako said. "This isn't really about your siblings, is it? You can't actually help them, can you? The ones that are still alive out there never came to you for salvation. They don't believe in your ideals, and to me that says that you have nothing to offer that can help them. So what is this about, really? Revenge? Let's say I turn around and leave you to your business, and you use Echo to create the super soldier she was meant to be. Who would be the first to burn?"

"That is the truth." Commando said. "Why can't you see that? The people who I consider my family died. As far as I know, there are only a handful of us left, I don't even know which ones they are besides her. I know that if this is a lie, if I'm being tricked and she turns into an unstable super soldier, I would be the first person to burn, because if she turns into that super soldier there is no hope for the rest of us. You have not seen the things I've seen, you have not felt the pain and torture I felt, you do not know what will happen to us if she does not take the virtues. Your ignorence blinds you from the truth."

"You're right. I don't know what you've gone through or what will happen. That doesn't mean that I'm not a victim myself. I've watched war take so much and give nothing in return." Nasako said. "...Forget it. We've both heard enough speeches about higher causes by now."

"Neo, what should we do? We can't seem to talk him down..." Masako communicated through thought.

"I...I don't know..." Neo thought. "He doesn't sound like he's lying, but I heard what happened when Echo took the last virtue, but...I don't know what to do...except...let her take it. I mean, it's the virtue of control, right? Could it really effect her as much as power did?"

"I guess we'll just see what happens." Masako thought.

"Y'know what? Screw it, let her have the Virtue. But you put the guns away. Can't you see that she's scared of you right now? I haven't seen you commit one act of kindness toward her." Nasako said.

"Nor have I seen one from you." Commando said darkly.

Echo got closer and closer to virtue, eventually her hand grasped the orb, which was absorbed into her body. She started to flash but then passed out.

"See? She isn't off killing people." Commando said in a smooth voice.

"Wipe that smug look off of your face. You and I both know that it could've gone a lot worse. There's still the Virtue of Wishes, and now that's all she needs for the Echo Project to come full circle. You tell me what's supposed to happen then, then I'll be taking Echo back and we'll be on our way." Nasako said.

"It went the exact way that I planned it and the Virtue of Wishes will only have a little something more. Finally, you will not touch her. She's staying with me." Commando demanded.

As he said that though, a loud tapping could be heard as a red demon made his way across the room and towards the two of them. "Oh, I so love chaos." He said.

"Who the bloody hell are you?" Commando asked.

"A friend." Reynore said with a smile and then looked at Nasako. "Or an enemy in some cases."

"He's not your friend, Commando." Nasako said. "Whatever deal he tries to make with you, don't listen to him."

"Please, Commando, I only want to help you protect your family. Is that really so bad?" Reynore tempted. "I can make you so powerful, that you can destroy anything that stands in the way of your goal."

"...I don't trust either of you..." Commando said taking a step back. "You tried to take my sister away from me, and you just phased through a wall. How am I to trust anything that either of you say."

"You don't have to trust me..." Reynore said coyly. "You just have to let me do my job..."

"I...I don't..." Commando took another few steps back. "I'm not sure I want you to."

Reynore sighed. "The last person who I knew wouldn't do that had to get a little push to help him." Reynore looked over at Nasako. "Maybe I can help you though. Both of you. I already know what you want, though. So I've already brought it."

Out of the corner of the room came a yellow cat with a very sad look on her face, she wore dark black clothing and eyed the group carefully. "Hi guys..." Fate said.

"Fate?!" Nasako said, her eyes widening. "No, but you're... ngh!" She stopped, clutching a wound that wasn't there. It was the same spot where Emerald Neo was shot. She let go, her eyes focused on Fate. "The black blood... what's Reynore done to you?"

"Neo?! What's going on, are you alright?" Masako thought.

"N-no..." Neo thought back. "I...It feels like I've been shot..."

"I can travel between the realms of the dead and the living world it was simple." Reynore said. "It was difficult to do though, she didn't want to leave."

Fate looked down not wanting to look at Nasako.

"I even improved her." Reynore smiled. "She is made out of flesh and black blood. Nothing more, nothing less. No heart, no real mind of her own, her body is more of a prison now." Reynore laughed.

"'re a monster..." Commando said and backed up. "You can't do that. G.U.N may have created people, but we used DNA, we were born like normal people, we were at least somewhat cared just disgraced the meaning of life..."

"Life was means nothing to me." Reynore smiled. "With my powers, I can do whatever I please."

A chao wonders by "w-where I'm I!?????"

"Commando... you see what sort of threat we're facing, right?" Nasako said. "Let's set aside our differences... and face our common enemy."

"Right." Commando said.

"Are you sure you want to fight Fate?" Reynore asked slyly. "Because if you fight me, you'll have to fight her."

"If it means freeing her from your grip... then so be it." Nasako said.

Fate grabs her pistols from her holster and began shooting at Nasako and Commando.

Commando grabbed a card and threw it onto the ground. "Plasma shield!" A large blue shield appeared and blocked the bullets.

Nasako spun her blade around, blocking the shots. She lowered her blade, prepared for a counterattack.

Part 4: The dark forces

Evolity charges into the room that Nasako was in, followed by the people from the weapons locker. Reynore laughed. "So, everyone is here, huh?"

"Neo, sis, catch!" Prairie tossed Susano'o to Nasako.

Nasako caught the blade, unsheathing it and flipping it around before pointing it straight at Reynore.

Zapor went to pick Echo up, then saw Fate pointing her pistols at Nasako. "Someone want to tell me why Fate's fighting Nasako?"

Evolity snickered. "This version of Fate is a little different, a soul trapped in a fake body made out of black blood. She is the Fate that you once knew, before her death, and we have brought her back and trapped her within this body. There is nothing you can do. Since she is made out of Black Blood, she cannot die, and she also must do as the master of Black blood tells her, which happens to be Reynore."

Reynore stared up at the blade. "What are you going to do? Send me to Oblivion? Stab me? We both know that one of those will just make me stronger, while the other one is a simple thing that I can just get out of. Your weapons are useless against me."

"I sheathe my blade to no enemy. This war may not end here, but I promise you that it ends with your death. With every bit of resistance, I chip away at your life." Nasako said, summoning several blades of ice around her, sending them flying toward Reynore.

"She knows she can't win, yet she continues to fight..." Prairie said with a worried tone. "What should we do?" She held her Khakkhara in a defensive position.

"A hero need not have courage: just valiance. We fight until the very end!" Ikiru encouraged.

The blades all empaled Reynore, causing the demon to smile, though a hint of pain swept over his lifeless eyes. "Even though I'll be gone, I'm not truly missing. I'll always be here Masako." Reynore outstretched an arm and put it on Nasako's shoulder. "And of course, Neo too. I'll be with you everywhere you go. I'll forever be in your dreams and I'll always be the cause of nightmares. I'm the voice in your head that doubts you, I'm the thing that destroys all hope." Reynore's smile faded. "Of course, that might take a little time. Time that I don't think I have. So I'll tell you something else. As long as Zero is with you, I'll be with you. You've failed Elder, you failed to not let Zero fall into this state. You've failed as a friend. Not only do I have Fate under my control, soon I'll have Zero too. Who knows, maybe Leah will join me as well."

Black blood came out of his wounds and soaked his suit. "Let me ask you a question though, a personal question. There is fear in your head, I can smell it. Whether it's Masako's or Neo's I don't know, but I know it exists somewhere in this being. You fear many things, I can tell. Betrayal, Fury, Millie, the anger, the idea that you might not be the hero, death, Warlock, Doctor, oh so much fear resides in that head, and I can't tell it apart. You've feared enemies and you've feared yourself, to which I must ask; how much do you fear losing the ones you love? About losing Echo, or about losing Prarie? How much does that make you quiver with fright?" Reynore asked.

"H-how does he know these things...?" Neo thought.

"Quit messing with their heads and...uh..(I have no comeback...).something, you..Zapor copy!" Lexi said.

"Booo." Zapor said.

Nasako suddenly paused. She made no further attacks, no words left her mouth...

"...There's no use denying it... he's right..." Masako thought. "But we've already faced a lot of these things before, even death." She paused for a few seconds, then continued. "A few years ago, when my friends and I were asked to lead the Operators as the Id Lux Ultima unit, I thought I could take on anything. One day, we were deployed to Yurashia to intercept and neutralize a new threat, one that wasn't of this realm. Conventional weapons had no effect on them, and they just kept getting stronger with every soldier that had fallen... then it was just us, Id Lux Ultima. We fought until the very end, knowing that each breath we took could be our last. One by one, death finally took us. But we were saved that day by the Goddess of Fate, Lyndis. Desperate for heroes on the front line of this new war to wage, she reached out to our souls. In return for our service to her, she promised us not only a second chance at life, but power beyond our imagination. That was the day I became The Savior."

"Ah, there is sanctity in there." Reynore said. "But what of you, Zapor? You have a gift of sorts, I can tell, but what about when that gift becomes a curse? Most of the people in this room won't live forever, in fact most of them are already teetering on the brink of death as we speak. Even the girl in your arms now, despite how powerful she is, will one day die. Then there will be you. Let me ask you a question. What will you do with yourself when the girl you love dies? Let's say that you and her get married and you live your happy life and all of that nonsense, and then she finally passes away from old age. Then there will be you; the one who cannot die, the one who will never get to see his pretty little wife ever again. Tell me Zapor, am I on to something? Do this idea of trouble you?"

Echo blinked a little and opened her eyes. "Z-zapor?" She asked.

"Or is it something else?" Reynore smiled. "Is it that she is but a toy to you? Something to play with in this time? Something that you can entertain yourself with, and when she's gone, you can throw her away like a garbage and move on to something? Do you even care about her?" Reynore turned away. "And by the way, those aren't my thoughts, they're hers."

Zapor thought about it for a second, then answered. "1. I do care about her. 2. Yes, that does trouble me, but I have a solution for thatin my closet. 3. If I live forever, I'll probs just go to her grave, and lie with her in her grave, still alive, or whatevs. 4. Blade is immortal, punk. And 5. If I were to do something that bad to her (the throw away part) I would never forgive myself, and do something so horrific to myself since I wouldn't be able to live with it, and I wouldn't do that by the way. But more importantly, I feel immortals are the toys because technically we can get blown up but still be alive. She is so important to me (and others) that I won't even.."Zapor said, then went off on a rant that they stopped paying attention to. (You know what he means. Echo is important to him.)

(Zapor has a whole secret base and scientists in his closet base)

(You know, that doesn't surprise me. XD -Neo)

Reynore eyed Zapor for a second. "Hm, so your dead set on this to then." Reynore sighed. "Well then, it looks like we'll just have to killl you all. Evol, give me my weapon." Evolity threw Spirit to Reynore, who caught him. "Alright, Fate focus fire on Nasako. Evol, go for the kill." Reynore threw Spirit the Scythe towards Zapor. Fate unloaded another set of bullets on Nasako, and Evol formed a scythe out of black blood and jumped on Commando, forcing his blade to the child's neck.

"(Rant, rant, rant) I shall, track down whatever man, or anim-..and what am I supposed to do with a sythce person?" Zapor asked. 

"Maybe not touch him. No offense." Blade said.

Nasako's eyes glowed light yellow, and she vanished. She reappeared above Fate, falling upon her with a powerful spinning slash.

Natalie jumped upward, sending two of Orochi's heads at the ground beside Evol. She retracted the chains, and came flying at him with a powerful kick. There was enough force behind it to send him crashing to the ground then bouncing back up into the air. "Virulent Stinger!"

"Sorry guys..." Spirit said.

"Spirit, red resonance." Reynore said, causing the scythe to shake, and Echo to cringe in pain as a high pictched, piercing sound echoed through the room.

Fate rolled out from under Nasako and fired off another set of bullets towards the fused person.

Evolity jumped to the side to dodge, but it landed him directly on the other snake head, though just before it hit, Evolity defused, causing Trinity to take the hit while Evol was free and landed back on Commando, cutting him with his scythe, while the child tried to struggle free.

Vorpa drew her saber, while Jazz grabbed her hammer and the two struck towards Reynore, forcing the demon to move back a bit, before sending a wave of black blood towards them.

Zapor kicked the the scythe back at Reynore.

Nasako doubled back, leaping into the air to avoid the bullets. She sheathed her blade, then launched out out of its scabbard into a slash, her eyes glowing red as she unleashed a wall of flames at Fate.

Natalie caught Trinity, realizing who she was attacking. She leaped away, trying to take her someplace safe.

Ikiru dashed ahead of Jazz and Vorpa, unleashing a wave of fire at the black blood.

Prairie spun her khakkhara around, summoning the spirit of a samurai and commanding them to attack the black blood with their sword.

The Reaper and Under Pressure took hold of Evol's scythe, both trying to slug him in the head.

"Ow..." Spirit said as he was caught by Reynore, who turned around and noticed the flames hit the black blood, causing the liquid to stop. He almost set another wave off, but Jazz managed to launch Vorpa closer to the demon, using her hammer like a catapault.

Echo struggled to get up, but did so. "I...I have an idea..." She said.

"If you have an idea, it is likely time to use it, Sister." Commando said, pulling an orange card out. "Heart of the lion!" He threw his card down, and his body rejunvinated from it's injuries. Reaper and Under Pressure were successful in ripping Evol off of the boy, and did cause a hefty amount of damage.

Fate jumped over the wall of flames and reloaded her guns, quickly firing some more.

Argent sped to Evol's back, aiming to knock him into the air with a Ripple-charged haymaker.

Ikiru and Prairie rushed in after Vorpa, looking to assist.

Nasako attempted to dodge the bullets, but one managed to strike her in the chest. Thanks to her armor, it was only a flesh wound, and it stopped at her ribcage. She switched Susano'o to its gun form, firing several shots at Fate.

Reynore jumped back a bit and sliced his own arm. "That. Is. Enough." He said spilling his black blood onto the floor and causing it to spread all over the room.

Vorpa doubled back and sent another stab towards Reynore, only to be met with his scythe and thrown back. The demon then turned towards Ikiru and Prairie and held his scythe back, ready to parry an attack.

Fate was shot in the forehead and fell onto the ground, but Emerald Neo jumped over her and attack Nasako with two small black daggers.

Evol was thrown into the air by Argent and didn't get a chance to actually attack.

Echo turned to Zapor. "I...I need you to do something me." She told him.

Meanwhile, as all of this was going on, Zero stood in the corner of the room. Not fighting, but watching; turning his scrambled rubik's cube as he leaned on the wall. He didn't know how to feel about this, part of him wanted to help, but the other part of him wanted to just observe. What was going on?

"What type of suprising are we talking about?" Zapor asked.

Argent jumped up to Evol, kneeing him twice, then grabbing him by the head. "Earth Breaker Emerald Green Overdrive!" He slammed him into the ground headfirst, creating an explosion of Ripple energy centered on his hand.

Nasako dodged by spinning around on her back leg, leading into another stroke of her blade. Her eyes glowed red, and her fist came rushing toward him with an uppercut, followed by an intense blast of fire upward.

Instead of striking Reynore with his blades, Ikiru quickly sheathed them and grabbed Reynore, tossing him above. He then rolled back and kicked at him with both legs.

"" Echo started thinking. "Kiss me."

Emerald Neo fell onto the ground and was absorbed into the black blood before the fire could hit. He reappeared out of it behind Nasako and stabbed at her back.

Reynore rolled to the side and got back up, spinning his scythe and throwing it towards Ikiru.

Evol was unable to dodge the hit, and took the force of the attack, then aimed his scythe so that it could trip Argent.

Zapor blushed. "OK.." In his head, he was like, "WOOOOO!! YEAH!" Zapor then leaned in and kissed Echo.

Lexi took a picture of the moment. "This is going on Instagram." She thought.

Echo started glittering and lit up like a light as her fur started to turn silver and a white aura surrounded her. "Alright, let's hope this works."

"That's it." Commando said surprisingly. "That's the power of the Echo Project!"

"Gck--" Nasako stumbled forward as she was stabbed in the back. The blade found her flesh instead of being stopped by her armor.

Ikiru pushed himself into the air with his hands, then landed on the scythe, jumping off of it and kicking at Reynore from the air. "I see right through you!"

Prairie summoned a ring of will-o-wisps, throwing them at Reynore.

Argent was tripped, falling on his back. "Oof!"

"OK, so other than kissing Zapor , what was the plan entirely?" Zak asked.

"Uh..." Echo tried to say. "I don't know...I just thought being the most powerful thing in the room might give me an idea."

Reynore tried to block both attacks but was unable to do both at the same time, and ended up getting hit by them both.

Evol grabbed his scythe and tried to fling it down on Argent.

Emerald Neo smiled as he pulled his dagger out of Nasako's back. "Ha! There we go." 

Echo, jumped forward, throwing a spear of serene energy at Emerald Neo, pinning him down. "Get off!" She called.

"Death is highly overrated..." Argent rolled out of the way, leaving Evol in the perfect position for Argent to kick him in his midsection.

Ikiru threw a punch at Reynore's stomach, then slammed into him using his elbow, throwing himself forward on his front leg and kicking him with his back leg.

Nasako turned around, her eyes flashing a deep purple for a second. Her blade gleamed black as she brought it over her head, about to swing.

"So she's just making it up as she goes...meh." Blade ran and jumped on Emerald Neo and put his katana to his head.

Evol threw his scythe towards Argent's mid-section.

Reynore pulled Spirit up quickly, using the weapon as a shield to block the attacks.

Echo eeped and jumped out of the way as Nasako's blade landed in Emerald Neo's stomach, who just laughed about it."Look at me. I just got stabbed!" He continuted laughing.

"This game is getting us nowhere." Reynore called to his group. "Fate, get up and get Emerald out of here, we're leaving."

Fate stood up and stared blankly at Nasako. "I'm...sorry..." She struggled to say. "Corruption Resonance." Her guns stood straight and started to grow into large cannons that sat on both of her arms as she aimed them up and shot two bright purple beams of energy at Nasako.

Nasako screamed as she was struck directly, knocking her out of the fusion. Masako lay on the ground, bleeding.

"Sis!" Prairie ran over to Masako.

Argent knocked the scythe away with his knives. "As if!"

Reynore smiled. "Have a good time." With that he snapped his fingers, and himself, Evol, Fate, and Emerald Neo all disappeared in a spark of flames.

Zero slowly walked towards the now bleeding Masako, discovering that Neo was also bleeding profusly.

Echo floated over towards them and started to panic. "Oh no..." She said worriedly.

Vorpa, Jazz, and a limping Trinity walk over towards the injured duo. "They need some help!" Trinity called.

Commando pushed them aside. "Move, I can do this." He pulled open his deck of cards, and started shuffling through them. "No, no, no, no, no, yes." He pulled a card and flinged it towards them. "Ace of the Warrior, Heal!" The card burst into flames above them, sending ashes upon their wounds, as the card's magic began to seal up their wounds, unfortunatly this led to Commando's deck also burning up. "Damn." He said and looked at the two of them. "So, how are you feeling?"

"Yeah, do you need mouth to mouth?" Zak said.

"I thought you weren't liscensed." Zapor said as he looked at Zak.

"How do you think I feel? I feel like I just got shot by a lazer." Neo said. "Ah, and it stings, and...burns..."

"That's weird. The decks final card has never had that effect on don't happen to be Chao-born, do you?" Commando asked.

"Yeah, what about it?" Neo struggled to say.

"We've...we've never emulated the effects of the final card on a chao born before, so...there might be some slight issues with that. Nothing to serious though, you should be fine." Commando said and stood up. "There is...some explaining I have to do, I'm sure. There is something you all should know about...Echo and me....and whoever else is in the echo project..."

"Yeah, spill it." Trinity said. "What's up?"

"Well...the Echo project was designed to create a group of war machines. Capable of all things on the battle field, support, medical, assault, and stealth. We were bred for this, and so we have the genes to accomplish these goals. For the genes to not tear our bodies apart, we require a special gene that was created for this purpose, known as Zulu-62. However, only two hosts were able to use the gene perfectly, and that was Echo-01 and Echo-02. However, 02 had an error and had to have the gene taken out. To make up for this, Echo was given another gene to tie us all together. So as long as Echo had Zulu-62, our bodies acted like we had it. However, when Agent Destiny sealed away the full power of the Echo Project, she also caused Zulu-62 to be taken out of her body. As a result, all of our genes are fighting one another again. Our bodies are tearing them selves apart and if left unchecked, they will shut down permenently. This has been going on for a while now, but our time is almost up." Commando admitted.

"So, what's that mean?" Jazz asked.

"Well...all living members of the Echo Project, including myself and Echo, only have about 2 weeks to live, give or take a couple of hours. There's no way to get the gene back, unless Echo can obtain all of the virutes again. Even if we tried to recreate it, the effects would soil the project and Echo would mutate, possibly ending in her death. If we tried to take her power away, we'd all die, and if we any of us tried to take the virtues...well...we were working on that with me until you lot had to go and take the Virtue of Power." Commando sighed.

"So we just have to find the last virtue. Easy enough...Echo, how did kissing Zapor activate that glow thing?" Zak asked.

"I don't know..." Echo said. "I just kinda thought that it might work..."

"Maybe it's part of the virtue?" Commando asked. "Perhaps Control gave you some form of instincts?"

"But, wait a second." Echo asked. " if I don't get the last virtue, all of the echo project will die?"

"That is correct." Commando said sadly.

"But...but if I get all the virtues...I'll become a war machine...I'll...I'll become a monster." Echo sighed.

"That...that might be one possible ending, yes, and with that, we might...have to stop you from destroying the world...the only way we can..." Commando sighed. "We'd have to kill you."

"So no matter what, this will end with me dying?" Echo said angrily.

"Well...not exactly! After you obtain the last virtue, there is a percentage that your body will absorb the virtue normally and the control virtue will succeed in it's job!"

"How much?" Vorpa asked, crossing her arms.

"About...12%..." Commando admitted. "Look, I didn't accept our creation, and I certainly didn't accept this being a thing, but it's the only option we have. If Echo doesn't take the virtue, then we'll all die in 2 weeks, if we manage to find it, and she takes the virtue, then Echo still might die, but the other members of the project might still live. Besides, if Echo doesn't take the virtue, there is a 100% chance that she dies, even though the odds are slim for her living with the virute of Wishes, she has a better chance with Wishes than she does without."

"This is an...interesting prediciment." Zero said and smiled darkly. "But we can't let Echo die."

"Of course not....So does anyone have a clue where it is?" Zapor asked.

"I have no idea." Commando admitted.

"I assume it's in a G.U.N base, but there are thousands of those, I doubt we can find one with the virtue so quickly." Zero theorized.

"Erm...guys?" Neo asked, and tried to stand up. "I...I don't..." Neo fell onto the ground, unconsious, and started to cough up blood.

".....Neo?" Zapor nudges him with his foot twice. "...This is bad."

"Uh, yeah, what happened?  I thought when you used that card you healed them." Blade said.

"I...I did heal him!" Commando said. "His wounds got sealed up, he should be all better!"

Trinity pulled Neo onto his side, so he wouldn't choke on his blood. "He's...I don't feels like he's in a coma."

"This...can't be good." Vorpa sighed. "We need to get him somewhere safe. Like Tranquil Manor, Ages has doctors there!"

"Alright," Jazz said. "Zero, help me lift him, we gotta get him there."

Zero picked Neo up by his legs, Jazz got his shoulders and the two of them pulled Neo up and started moving towards Commando, who showed them the exit.

As they were leaving though...Echo stopped and looked at something. She walked over to a small book and picked it up. "G-guys! You might want to look at this!" She showed them the cover, which read; Neo's storybook.


After Zero went away, his mind began to falter. Left from right, good from evil, it didn't make any sense to him anymore. Everything was grey to him. His mind began to wander, and eventually he found Reynore in his mind once more.

He was wearing the black suit, and the demon sat at a chair on the stage, watching him. "Go ahead Zero. Play the piano for me." He mocked.

"I...I can't..." Zero said frustrated. "Can you just leave me alone?"

"Oh, I can do that..." Reynore smiled. "Just go behind the curtain and up the stairs."

Zero jumped to his feet and ran behind the curtain into total darkness, he ran for what felt like hours until he found a stair case and ran up it. From there he found a room, and entered into it. It was his bedroom, four walls, a beautiful window leading outside, and a small piano nearby. Yet, there were murals of people on the walls, a mural of Dusk and Weapon sat on one wall, on another Neo, Masak, Zapor, and Visor were painted, on the third one was a blank wall, and finally there was a mural of Leah painted on one final wall. Also inside the room was something that resembled Zero, he has was etheral and shimmering, but he looked like him.

"Hello." The etheral said.

"Where am I?" Zero asked. "And who are you?"

"I am your consience." The etheral smiled. "And this, is your sanity."

"My...sanity?" Zero asked.

"Yes. All of these things are the things you care about. The paintings the things that keep the nightmares away, they help you become stronger, their memories serve to protect you. As long as you remember what you care for, you'll stay sane." The etheral explained.

"They...protect me?" Zero said and looked up at the one with Leah on it. " your lying...this one doesn't do that at all." Zero looked up at it. "I want it painted over."

"You...what?" The etheral asked. "Zero, that isn't a good idea."

"I don't care." Zero told the etheral. "This one causes me nothing but pain. It's a disgusting piece of horrid nonsense now. I want it wiped from my brain."

"Zero... I can't condone that." The Etheral said. "If you do could..."

"Then get out!" Zero yelled. "This is my room, I'll do what I please with it. You don't like it? Fine! Get out."

The etheral looked disheartend. "'re making a huge mistake..." It walked to the door and turned the knob. "If I leave...I can't come back..." It opened the door and darkness poured into the room, surrounding the etheral and dragging it away.

Zero turned back to the wall with Leah and stared at it angrily. "Why did you leave?" He asked sadly. "We could have done so much more...we could have found another way...there had to be another way...This is all your fault!" Upon finishing the sentence Black slime oozed down the wall, covering Leah mural up into it was just a black wall, the ooze spread even farther, blocking the blank wall as well and bordered on the mural with his friends. Then slowly began to ooze over Visor and Neo. "One of you is dead, the other fears me, you could never be my friends..." Zero turned back to the center of the room and sat in the middle. "I can do this without you three, just you see."

It looks like Zero's sanity has taken a turn for the worse and what does any of this mind game even mean? What happened to Neo and what does this story book mean? Well it looks like we're have to find out in the next episode of Tales of the Echo; Neo's Storybook!

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