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RP Status

Status: Open.


A riot of accidents has occurred all across the city, from a simple prank, to a unfortunate fatal scenario, thought to have been caused by unruly gangs. G.U.N has been"called in" by local authorities, who have said that they have the solution to solving this problem.

Two months later, no one has arrived, all tourism has ceased, along with multiple businesses shutting down from the lack of business. Crime has escalated to proportional levels, resulting in multiple gangs vieing for power over the city. The question is, what can our gang of motley heroes do to help bring the city back to life, and perhaps, the way it was. All we know, is that Calamity is afoot.


  • No unneeded/ uncensored cussing/ cursing.
  • No massive amount of gore, a medium amount is tolerable.
  • No sexual language above hugging.
  • No G-modding and/or power-playing.
  • No diverting the plot, to about anything, other than minor side-plots that have some attachment to the main plot.
  • No controlling other people's characters.
  • Separate different scenes in the chapters by a "____" that goes all the way across the page.
  • Wait for the right moment to come into a Rp, you can decide the right timing yourself, or you can ask for a timing to be made for you.
  • Have fun! Seriously. . .
  • One last thing, ask on the talk-page if you want to join. . .


Heroes/ Ones that try to set it all right

Anti-heroes/ Ones who don't really care.

Villains/ Ones who are trying to keep it the way it is.

Chapter 1: The Fight is Just Beginning

Everything has gone to madness in the past few months, people gunning down people in the street, and cops are too chicken-s**t to do anything about it, thought the red hedgehog, who looked two ways, then quickly went behind a wall, as a round of machine gun fire was aimed at his head, he quickly went on one knee. He summoned a grenade of fire, then quickly threw it at the two goons, then quickly retracted to behind cover.


He quickly dashed to the other-side of the street, then into a house that he'd be occuping. The Vol Gang, bunch of scum, committed numerous crimes, though they were nothing before these, weird things came along, they gave them support, and in a few short days, everything went to chaos. He quickly locked the door behind him and hid, incase any more Vol goons tried to enter.

Not so far away, a muscular, white rabbit with long blue hair was also under fire. His red eyes looked upon the mobsters that were firing at him. Bullets flew towards him, yet he wasn't even flinching as they pounded and bashed against his fur. "Why isn't he moving?!" shouted one of the mobsters. The rabbit smirked before then leaping into the air, above the gunfire. He looked down on the mobsters like an eagle stalking a rat.

"What the he--"

Suddenly, the rabbit dropped behind the mobsters. They gasped, and slowly looked behind. A white fist slammed itself against the stomach of one of the mobsters, before his knee slammed itself into his chin. The mobsters resumed fire, but the rabbit simply clenched his fist and then swung his arm, reflecting bullets back at the mobsters, and several of them being hit. The rabbit proceeded to grab one of the injured gangsters, and swung him like a ragdoll, the gangster's legs flying into the face of another, before throwing him into a window. The rabbit turned to see the shocked faces of the last three gangsters.

"Do you want some?" he asked.

The gangsters dropped their guns and tried to run, the injured finding it difficult. The white rabbit simply blinked and looked at his body. The bullets may have not cut his skin, although there were red marks where they had hit. And his black jacket and trousers also suffered from the rain of bullets. Dammit, I can't take them all on alone. Although, I don't see anybody else trying to lend a hand. This is gonna take longer than I expected it to take, he thought to himself, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a packet of cigarettes. He shoved one into his mouth, before proceeding to light it with a zippo from his other pocket. May as well enjoy the calm before the storm.

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