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Just an average day at Café' Order drinks or snacks and mingle with others. That's all there is to it.


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  • Follow the standard roleplay rules.
  • Swearing in this roleplay must be censored.

Involved Characters

  • Café the Mouse (TheSkullWolf)
  • Foundry the Rabbit (HS664)
  • Evangeline the Common Spider (Fox)
  • Dustin the Sable (Leo)
  • Paris Harrington the Poodle
  • Annabelle Rich the Wolf
  • Carmen the Leopard
  • Adofo the Egyptian Cobra
  • Noah the Wolf (NLG)
  • Various White Cherouvs - They want to see what a cafe is! Played by Ryu.
  • Reens the Hedgehog


Within the city of WhoHonestlyCares, there was a cafe owned by a strange mouse who had an obsession with coffee. They waited at the counter, cleaning cups and plates with an energetic look on their face.

{A female, white common spider in a regal black dress walked into the cafe. In contrast to the mouse's energetic look, she seemed a lot more calm and sleepy. She sat down at the counter where the mouse was

A light blue spotted leopard wondered into the cafe, a blank annoyed look on her face as she sat down, huffing softly as a male Egyptian Cobra suddely appeared out of thin air and sat next to her.

"Mistress, I believe that after such a dangerous mission, you deserve to unwind."

"Tell me something I don't know." She huffed, looking quite tired.

Outside, two small, white creatures were hovering by the door.

"How do we-...uhh...hang on."

One of them landed on the ground and started to push on the door, wings flapping. It wouldn't budge.

???: GET OUT!

The little critter promptly backed away from the door, eyes wide; her companion cringed at the yell.

"What? Why...?"

The white spider from earlier got out of her chair and walked over to the door the little critters and ???. "Do not tell these people what to do!," the spider snapped at ???," You do not own this establishment! The person at the counter does! They can come in if they want to!". The spider then proceeded to open the door for the little creatures.

Not too long afterwards, a fairly tall sable wearing a black, red-collared trench coat wandered into the cafe and began looking through the menu of drinks.

The female of the duo looked up at the Mobian spider, smiling.

"Thank you, ma'am! C'mon, Taenger!"

She took her friend by the paw and led him into the cafe.

The mouse looked up at the scene of customers. They were startled by the influx of business that appeared without their noticing it and wondered if they had momentarily been asleep, an experience they had almost never before had...experienced. Almost jumping from the counter, they dashed to the spider that had moved to the door, keeping a menu and a notepad with pen at hand.

The two creatures fluttered over to one of the stools, looking it over; as if they had never seen anything like it before.

"What a weird chair..."

"This place...? You serious...?"

"I just need something on my stomach before we head back to the tower." Two females, a tall poodle and a slightly shorter wolf, wander into the cafe and sit down.

"I was thinking that maybe I should open my own cafe. Simple enough if you hire the right people." The wolf tapped her chin.

"I guess so...but you hardly get any income." The poodle scoffed softly.

The spider looked down at the mouse, "Sorry about that....This man tried to keep those small critters over there," the Spider pointed at the small winged creatures at the counter, " out of the cafe. I don't know who he was, but he just screamed "GET OUT' at them."

Noah: Please don't judge me. I thought she was dead!


The female creature looked over at Noah, frowning.

"You thought I was dead?"

"This place is like a circus..." The wolf scoffed softly and looked at the menu.

Reens made her way into the cafe as well. "Finally, something simple," she whispered to herself. "All the other places were way too fancy for my tastes." She looked around and sat down, a few booths away from Paris and Annabelle. She hid in the booth and pored through a menu, looking at the drink options.

The spider returned to the counter and sat down, again. She hoped nothing more crazy would happen today.

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