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Just an average day at Café's...café. Order drinks or snacks and mingle with others. That's all there is to it.


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In the eastern sector of Swiss-Hole City, a small city near the outskirts of a large desert, there was a small and cozy café owned by a strange mouse named Café. The name of their establishment, fittingly enough, was simply named Café's Café. They waited at the counter, cleaning cups and plates with an energetic look on their face.

At one of the tables by himself was an advanced-looking robot designed after a beetle, named Gauntlet. In spite of the fact that he was a machine and had no drinking capability, he had ordered a cup of coffee. Gauntlet simply held the hot beverage in his hands, letting himself feel included in the atmosphere of the café.

Thermite was visiting this as he had heard good things about the Cafe in Swiss-Hole City. After Pyroporting to the area he looked around... "made it Yeah! Time to try out this place i heard so much about it The Orange and Yellow Hedgebot was excited to visit a new area... He's been very bored sitting around not doing anything. "Let's check this place out" he arrived at the cafe and knocked on the door... "Hey Yo Open up! I just traveled all the way from Eastern Island of Mobius to get here..."

The door was opened for the Hedgebot. He was immediately greeted by another android modeled after a butterfly, named Dawn. Though standing on the ground, her metal wings gently fluttered as she greeted the guest. "Hello! For here or to go?" she politely asked, apparently working here at the café.

Thermite looked at her and flirted with her... "Hey is it hot in here? Oh wait that's just you Babe!" He clicks his fingers and points at her grinning. "I'm sittin' in thank you... Speakin' of i should bring Breezie over here she'd love it." He goes into the Cafe and draws out his wallet to see he has 50 Rings and a 12 Mobium Bill. He closes his wallet and places it back into his shorts. As he runs to the counter... "Hey can I have a Spiced Latte Please..."

"Oh, you," Dawn brushed off with a smile as she directed Thermite to the counter before returning towards the entrance. There was another winged android, modeled after a moth, in the corner of the room with Gauntlet, muttering under his breath as he watched the flirtation unfold. "You're killing the mood, Dusk," Gauntlet informed the moth, who immediately stopped what he was doing and went back to reading a magazine.

Café nodded at Thermite's request and immediately got to work. It wasn't long before the mouse produced a spiced coffee, topped with cream and cinnamon.

"Neat how much do I owe ya" He looked down to see the cream and cinnamon and grinned "Yeah this is awesome... Just how I like it... " He draws out his wallet from his shorts thinking for a bit... he sees he got more Mobiums than Rings. "Um.. well okay this is awkward... Hey are Mobiums still valid? I'm uncertain... Though I do know 1 Mobium is worth 100 rings?... I know some areas of Mobius differ between old currency and new currency. "What's the currency in this area of Mobius. Mobium, Ring or both?" he look's embarrassed ah he turns away from the counter and grimaces. "Well Crap i should've exchanged my 12 Mobiums into Rings just in case... Darn it me and my terrible logic!"

"Hey Thermie" Thermite hears a Voice as he looks across the Coffee house... to see Breezie a few Tables over waving. She was wearing a brown tank top and a dark beige overcoat with her tummy on show. Thermite wanted to go over but he knew he'd be losing his spot if he moved. "I'll be over there shortly Breezie Baby" He started to get impatient now. Tapping his foot and tossing around some fireballs for juggling

Café had never heard of a Mobium, but they figured they could just exchange it later. "It's just 10 rings," they said as they opened the register to give Thermie his change.

Thermite looks at him happily and smiles "well in that case... easier for you. Here you go." He hands over 10 rings... and waves over to Breezie who waves back . He now has 1 12 Mobium Bill and 40 rings "I hope that wasn't too much trouble for you Thermite Sweetie..." said Breezie slightly worried. No problemo here! says thermite as he rubs his gloves together and makes the words Not a problem with a winking face of himself appear above him so Breezie could see it better. The heat from the fiery message upped the temperature of the coffee house by about 3 degrees Calcius. Breezie smiled and continued drinking tapping the seat..

Outside the café, a trio of Mobians were walking down the street before the youngest of the group noticed the café while walking past it. “Hey, there’s a café back there! Do you think we should stop and eat before we keep going?”, the ginger haired dog asked her friends.

The only guy looked over at the bear, “It couldn’t kill us to take breather for a bit. Besides the bounty’s barely any money anyhow.” “Fine!”, Chetana shrugged before the bear headed over to the café door and knocked on it, “We shouldn’t get much, though. We already had a large breakfast.”

Dawn once again opened the door, greeting the guests with a flutter of her metal wings. "Welcome to Cafe's! Are you here or to go?" In the back, Café deposited the rings and waited for the next order.

"Strings is late again," Gauntlet grimaced as he stared into his cup of coffee, which was gradually heating up due to the room temperature change, "this behavior is unbecoming of a Lieutenant!"

Thermite got his coffee and sat down with Breezie as the temperature returned to the 24 degrees normality. Thermite waved as he sat down with his girlfriend.

Brezzie was happy to be back with her lover. "Yay now we can talk about stuff. Speaking of which where's Coconuts? Wasn't he supposed to be here like 2.5 minutes ago... Where is he?! He'd better not be watching that Edgar Eagle Marathon with those moronic metalheads. I specifically gave him directions to come here." She rests her slender hands on her head and neck annoyed.

Coconuts was wondering around just outside watching Edgar Eagle on his Communication Channel "Alright Edgar destroy that Twit" The audio was playing. "Stop right there criminal Scum or feel the wrath of my Icy wind breath... Go Go Go Go!

he walks up to the door not paying attention and bangs his head on the door by accident... "dohing... Oy vay that hurts. "

Electra Hailey Scratch and Grounder were all in the group chat together... Scratch and Grounder Laugh at him "Bah ha ha ha! Bah ha ha ha ha! Remember to pay attention to your surroundings Coconut." Grounder laughs "Yeah or else you'll bump a transistor" Scratch still laughing "or even worse a Major Fender-bender! Bah ha ha ha!" Scratch was slapping the Sofa laughing raucously. Electra Shrugs then shocks scratch to snap him out of it! Shut the Hell up! Hailey looks at him worried Uh.. Are you okay brother of mine...

”For here and thank you~”, the black bear answered the butterfly with a grin. Blaine unconsciously gave Dawn a shifty glance before he stared right ahead at the counter when he noticed what he was doing. After the android girl directed the group to the counter, Chetana walked up to Cafe first, “A regular coffee please, black.”.

”She’d like packets of sugar on the side.”, Blaine butted in as the bear gave him a narrow glare and he leaned over to whisper to Chetana, ‘The last time you got pure black coffee you whined about it tasting like motor oil and made a scene. I’m not going through that again.’. The bear simply rolled her eyes at him and muttered to herself, ‘Hmph... That coffee was legitimate trash that time...’.

”Do you have any types of tea here or at least a frappe?”, Megan finally spoke up to mouse as her friend’s bickered.

"We certainly do," the mouse offered as they gestured to a small board that showed the various menu items, including tea. There was a lot of Fall-themed drinks available. The mouse was already working on the black coffee as the butterfly collected a few packets of sugar to give the bear.

Coconut's turns off his communication channel as he wave goodbye to everyone "See ya Yeah Yeah we'll call it out!

There was a Knocking at the Door it was quite loud almost as loud as a Fire truck that just passed by a few seconds ago. .

"Hey? Hey! Open that door my Tail's starting to burn! Yeah yeah Yeah! Burn Burn Burn!"

Megan looked over at the small board with various menu items before choosing one, “I’d like one Pumpkin Ginger tea then, thank you.”.

Blaine stared over at the door wondering why the butterfly wasn’t answering the door for the next customer until he noticed who it was, ‘Isn’t that one of Eggman’s proto robots?’. “Are you going to order anything, Blaine?”, Chetana asked the owl who only just heard her. “Uh, yes. I’d like to order some Hot Apple cider.”, the man asked after Megan.

Yet another machine, this one modeled after a spider, appeared behind the one referred to as Coconut. The spider, named Strings, cut in front of him and opened the door herself, almost as if there wasn't a need to knock. Dawn momentarily froze to look towards Strings before giving her usual, albeit somewhat strained, greeting. "Welcome! For here or to go?" She asked as she placed the packets onto the hands of the bear.

Café watched this with a slight look of amusement as they placed the cup of black coffee before swiftly making the other two drinks.

"Hey... C'mon Come on!" He knocks on the door not realizing it was already cut. "All I want is a Lapsang Souchong Tea. He shouts "I DON'T WORK FOR ROBOTNIK NO MORE... Let me in!" He realizes he was able to come in and stepped in a bit cautiously Duh.. I hope It's alright to come here.

Behind the group, a female, middle-aged hedgehog was tapping her foot, arms crossed with her face looking unamused. It's as if her patience was thin, and her two children behind her looks up at their mother, their expressions needy.

"Mommy, I want a frappé!" The younger one whined, with her rolling her eyes.

"Yes, yes, mommy will get you your frappé soon enough, little angel..." She spoke, her teeth gritting down at her own son.

Coconuts Speaks to them. "Oy, parenting I'll never do that again. No No NO NO NO!! You're handing the situation well though Miss Ha ha" Coconuts puts his hand behind his head embarrassed. as he moves farther into the café.

The hedgehog's eyes, already brimming with sheer rage and shooting daggers at Coconuts. Her reactions were MUCH less than displeased!

"Excuse ME?! You don't ever tell me on how I treat my little angels! So mind your own business, monkey!" She barked, turning her attention back to the cashier, "As for YOU, give my two darlings chocolate and strawberry smoothies, pronto!"

Her son protested, "But mommy, I'm allergic to chocolate!"

His mom, however, snarled, "Quiet! You're getting that chocolate and your sister strawberry, and you two are gonna like it!"

"I was Giving you a compliment." You Stupo!" "Doh never mind. My kindness was wasted on you!"

”Excuse you...?”, Blaine looked at the strange woman who just barged in before the owl had a chance to pay for him and his friends. Chetana thanked the butterfly as she received her packets before turning her attention to what was currently going on.

The owl decided to ignore the middle aged woman and asked Cafe, “How much will it be for all three drinks?”.

Strings turned back towards the unruly hedgehog, her bratty kids, and the unrelated yet annoying monkey. The look on her face said that she wanted nothing more than to web the lot of them up together and leave them hanging on the ceiling. "Shut-" her mouth was immediately and involuntarily clamped shut by a device. She glared at Dawn, who only gave a knowing grin. Strings grunted and scowled before getting out of line to go sit with Dusk and Gauntlet, who were entertained by the events in front of them.

Café looked displeased with the situation playing out in their establishment. They called out to Dawn, who then appeared at the register to take care of the Blaine and company while they started the middle-aged ladies' order, if only to get rid of her. "That'll be twenty five rings," Dawn responded to the owl in Cafe's stead.

"Can i Please just a get a Lapsang Souchong Tea. P-P-Please! I came all the way from East Mobius to get here! no thanks to Scratch and grounder who said they'd carpool me there." Coconuts was starting to get more desprate almost breaking down into oily tears.

"C- C'mon, Come on! I paid a lot of Mobium's to get here... I'm lucky to have anythin' left."

Thermite's ears picked up as he heard Coconut's moaning... "Be right back breezie! " Thermite arrives at the door in a split second as the floor got a few singe marks as he bolted from his seat to the door frame where the door used to be leaning on it." 'bout time you showed up bro. Brezzie's Waitn' " What took you so flaming long! He laughs at his joke. "Ha ha Flaming... Ha ha long.. good one huh..." I kill me"

Coconuts shrugs is resignation. "Those Nincombot's! Too busy watchin' Edger Eagle to carpool me like they said. "It cost me 100 Mobium to get here. " "Lucky i saved my allowence money! "

He opens his chest compartment as he draws out his wallet to see he has a 6 Mobium Bill and 79 Rings.

"Duh let me see here" he calculates his money as he holds it in his hand "6 mobiums is 600 Rings add uh 79 rings. 679 Rings or going by mobium. 6 mobiums and 79 rings. Oy vay... I just hope it's not too expensive here...." "Those Dimbots are going to pay for this..."

Thermite notices a group of other angry Mobian's and pulls his brother away from the crowd. He then zips back over to Brezzie so fast it looked like nothing happened.

Blaine took out his wallet and pulled twenty five rings to give to the butterfly, “Here you are, ma’am.”. Chetana and Megan looked oddly at Coconuts before the dog whispered to the bear, ‘Can robots even drink anything?’.

’Maybe he’s waterproof?’, Chetana shrugged.

Thermite looks at his brother and smiles "I'll come up with ya Brezzie we'll be right back again " Thermite bolts up to counter as quick as a lightning strike. "Yo! Waiter can we order somethin'"

Cocnuts Smiles "Yeah Yeah can i get a Lapsang Souchong Tea."

The butterfly kindly smiled as she deposited the rings, "Thank you! We appreciate your business~!" The mouse, meanwhile, had just finished the rude hedgehog's order when they heard Coconut's order. "Coming right up!" They quickly got to work on the next drink.

"Why is Ms. Goody-Two-Wings working this gig?" Strings asked with a huff as she disapprovingly watched Dawn work, "and why does she look so happy doing it?"

"You know the Madam needs funds for her work" Gauntlet answered, "speaking of which, weren't you also suppose to find a job? How's that working out?"

As they talked, a vortex of green fire descended from the sky and fell onto the ground. The flames faded away as soon as they had arrived, leaving nothing aflame but a single spot on the ground where a man now stood. His trenchcoat fluttered in a wind, seemingly one of his own making, as he examined the cafe for a few seconds. The flames that danced at his vanished, leaving not even a burn, as the new arrival, Tel-Eth Kradinos, strode towards the cafe.

Thermite noticed the flames and looks at the new person who just arrived and scowled at him something feirce. "Hey Flames are my thing! Way to cramp my style you Crossfire the hedgebot Wannabe"

Coconuts hands over his money he wasn't sure how much he would need so he handed over his 6 Mobium bill over to the barista. and notified her that that's worth 600 Rings. "I-I wasn't sure how much i would cost me so i gave up my highest value Hee hee Urgh..." he hands over the bill very embarrased.

The butterfly stared at Coconuts for a moment before returning five of his Mobiums back, depositing the one, and then giving him back change in rings. Café handed him his tea beverage before finally sighing in relief. It had been a long while since they had been this busy.

"Ugh, I can't believe her Highness is making me humiliate myself with a part-time job," Strings protested, "and how did the butterfly manage to get a job so much sooner than me!?"

"I couldn't possibly fathom why," Dusk quipped from behind his magazine, "you're such a well-rounded and likeable person. A total joy to be around."

"I know, right?" Strings agreed, missing his sarcasm.

Coconuts went over after thanking Café and tossed twenty rings which merged together to become one rich ring as tips for good service . "Cheers friend."

He heads over to Breezie after calling Thermite over who relaxes and goes over to join him.

" C'mon Thermite! Don't get any more steamed than you already are.

Tel-Eth entered the establishment, politely closing the door behind him.

”I have come here seeking tea,” He announced to the room.

"You Ripped me off" Shouted Thermite from his table!

Breezie sighed "No he didn't! There are more Fire Manipulators on Mobius than just you Thermite"

Themite looks at her sceptical "Oh ho Really" Breezie rolls her light brown eyes in embarrassment. Yes Well... she clicks her fingers and summons a flame on her hand. you see even i can do that" she clasps her hand together and the flame disappears Thermite looks down glum. "Wow I'm not special at all" Brezzie shakes her slender hands. Oh but you are... You're special to me she puts her hands into a heart shape and Thermites head appears in the little heart.

Café nodded at the flame-manipulating newcomer. They put away Coconut's kind tip before boiling more water for Tel-Eth's tea. They refilled a kettle and then put their hand on it; apparently this caused steam to emit from it as if they were able to heat it up through touch alone. The butterfly watched with amazement, "I didn't know you could do that, boss!"

Gauntlet studied Tel-Eth for a long moment before suddenly declaring, "This guy is strong!", causing Dusk to jump out of his seat for a moment.

"What makes you so sure of that? He doesn't look like he could lift any more than you," Dusk said with skepticism.

"Look, I'm a good judge of character," Gauntlet handwaved, "and besides, there's more to strength than just being able to lift stuff."

"That's really rich coming from you," Strings laughed, "cause that's about all you're good for."

”I appreciate the compliments,” Tel-Eth told Gauntlet, taking a seat as he mostly ignored Thermite’s allegations of plagiarism “But I really just came here for a drink. I hear you brew good tea here.”

"We wouldn't know," Strings shrugged, emphasizing her point by dipping her metallic finger in Gauntlet's hot beverage. Gauntlet, not noticing this, had a light in his eye that seemed to suggest that he wanted nothing more than to trade fists with Tel-Eth right here and now. However, he looked back towards Dawn, hard at work, and the beetle-like android felt bad at the idea of ruining her first job. Dusk....just kept reading his magazine, though his eyes darted toward Dawn every few seconds, checking to see if his sister was still okay.

Soon, Dawn flew directly to Tel-Eth's seat to bring his hot tea. Since he didn't ask for anything specific, Café had made a drink just for him: an herbal remedy with a fresh, minty taste. It was an ideal beverage for pyrokinetics.

Thermite was still irritated by not being the only Flame manipulator he finished drinking his Spiced Latte. And tries to prove he's the best with a smug grin. He heads over to Tel-Eth's table and leans on it "Yo Copycat just how skilled are you in Fire Manipulation! " Let's give this café a Show to prove who's better huh.. he spins his hands around and summons some fiery lettering saying What

you're Chicken! He folds his arms laughing.

Tel-Eth examined Thermite's display as he drunk his tea. It's not clear how he drinks it without a visible mouth, but he nonetheless enjoyed the mint taste.

"You fire seems very different from mine," Tel-Eth commented. "Nevertheless, I shall entertain you."

Three orbs of the green fire formed behind Tel-Eth before flying out of the door behind him, which he opened with his psychokinesis to avoid damaging the café in any way. They then flew up into the air and exploded like fireworks, creating a beautiful shower of green flares.

Thermite claps then smirks Pretty goood but watch this He spins his hands around after rubbing his gloves and summons three fireballs at once he smashes them together and they explode into a piture of him and breezie kissing. "Beat that you copy cat. "

Gauntlet watched the two of them have their contest, slightly envious of their ability to set things on fire. His other two companions didn't seem nearly as impressed.

Breezie was watching on in awe fanning herself to try a cool herself down she was getting hot and flustered watching her boyfriend preforming "He's so Dreamie."

Coconuts was impressed but didn't want to show it as he was jealous "Oy showoff "

Thermite grined as he hears Breezie's remark. "With breezie by my side i won't be bested by you!" He laughs.

"How arrogant," Tel-Eth comments. "You remind me far too much of myself when I was younger."

Tel-Eth performs a similar act to Thermite, creating an image with his flames, but he expands it from a single image to a whole story. His flames dance above his head as they show almost his entire life story, from rising among the ranks of the Guardians, his fall into becoming a rebel, the civil war, his banishment to the future and his return at the hands of King, the scenes flowing with the fire.

Gauntlet watched Tel-Eth's backstory be displayed in flames as if he were watching a movie. He was overcome by a mixture of emotions and couldn't help but clap and cheer with a tear-like oil streak down his face when it was over.

Thermite looks at the fire show suprised but grins. "Not bad! But i bet you can't beat this." He summons some fire that takes the shape of him and he can cans with them as one of his firey clone throws him a cane and the other one throws him a top hat and they put on a cancan show Brezzie and Coconuts smile and clap.

Tel-Eth clicks his fingers and several figures made out of fire appear in the room. They then enter a waltz, dancing around the room with incredible elegance for fiery appertains.

"This is getting a bit silly," Dusk commented as he continued to watch Tel-Eth and Thermite one-up each other. Even Gauntlet was starting to look a bit apprehensive. "They should just settle this with fists!" the muscular insectoid suggested.

Dawn took off her apron with a sigh of relief as she took care of the last of the customers. "I'm gonna take my break, boss!" Cafe threw her an approving thumbs up as the butterfly flew over to the table of robotic bugs. Strings threw a nasty look towards the butterfly's way. The four of them then suddenly received an electronic message: "The Madam approaches." The four of them stood up in unison. Tel-Eth is mildly confused by this, but just assumes it’s another weird Earth custom.

Thermite was starting to tire now after spamming and trying to one-up Tel-Eth. "I won't have you beat me at my skill. Quit Cramping my style dude! Time to pull out all the stops!"

"Go ahead," Tel-Eth "You started this competition, after all."