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-Censor swear words

-No Sexual Content(Kissing,Hugging,Flirting,and Making out are ok


It's a simple beach roleplay that's setting is on the shores next to the Thief Kingdom.


Major Characters

  • A.M.L(Fox)
  • Tusk the Bullno(Fox)

Minor Characters

People of the Theif Kingdom(Fox)


Kasari:Wow!You're home town's next to a beach that's water is crystalline?

Katelyn:Well not many people visit our quaint little Kingdoms.So the water is not really polluted.^^'

Rosadiya:Katelyn!You better keep that little friend of yours in line....I'm afraid she'll attract unwanted attention.

Katelyn:Don't worry,Diya.She's some whatever harmless....

[Along the beach sat a sixteen-year-old grey wolf in red and black swim trunks relaxing under an umbrella, with a few sodas in a cooler nearby. Beside him sat a handheld game system that was currently inside his bag.]

Kasari:This beach also appears to be inhabited by handsome men as well.~

Katelyn:Does Yu know you do this on your spare time?

Kasari:Sort of.~

(Nearby a golden blonde chihuahua set up a towel and an umbrella)

Marisol: (She speaks to herself in Spanish) Mm~! This place reminds me of home! Time to tan.(She somewhat moves the umbrella to the side, before laying down on her chest and flipping through a magazine)

Blitz: *sits up and looks around, studying the other beach-goers. he snatches a soda out of the cooler and takes a sip, yawning a bit*

(Marisol catches him out of the corner of her eye before going back to her magazine)

(Nearby an engine can be heard reving as a black BMW pulls up. Three familiar faces pop out wearing swimming coverups. Annabelle, Kristy, and Christian thank the driver before closing the doors and letting the car take off)

Kristy: This is the place I told you girls about!

Annabelle: So relaxing...~!

Christian: I'm ready to relax...

Annabelle: Then lets find a spot, shall we~? (The walk along the beach)

Blitz: ? *looks up to see the BMW appear, then notices the girls. he smirks before checking his phone to see what the time is*

Kasari:Dear lord.....Well I'm not going to let them stop me from flirting with that wolf!

Katelyn:Then why don't you do it?

Kasari:I will!*Walks over toward Blitz*....Sooo....Hey there,what's your name,handsome?~

Blitz: Eh? *looks up at Kasari* Oh, hey there. The name's Blitz, and you are...?

Kasari:Katherine,but you can call me Kasari.

Blitz: Mm. Nice to meetcha. *nods*

Kasari:*Blushes and then Nods*It's nice to meet you,too.^^

Katelyn:It seems Kasari's doing alright.I don't know why she was a little concerned about those girls though.

Blitz: *notices the blush but doesn't remark on it* Fine day, ain't it?

Kasari:Yeah....So what brings you to this beach?...Out of all the other beaches,of course.^^'

Blitz: Heard it was the best in town... at least, according to my parents. They always kept going on about how it was awesome and stuff, so I decided to check it out. I guess they were right, heh.

(As the girls get their things down Annabelle looks around and spots Kasari with Blitz)

Annabelle: (To Christian and Kristy) Hey ladies, check out the side show...

(A black rabbit walks up with her own things)

Christian: Eve!

Eve: Hey! Sorry I took so long. I got some extra drinks in case we run out.

Kristy: Oh so that's why you asked us to stop at the store around the corner.

Annabelle: I didn't want you to walk here though Eve...

(A cyan fox and a lilac echidina walk up to the beach holding hands)

Jewel: It's so nice you took us here on our date Nitro, it's beautiful!

Nitro: *blushes* Anything for you Jewel, I just hope we have a good time.

Eve: It's fine Anna, I needed it! Trying to watch my weight since I've been eating a lot of junk foot lately.(She gets her things set up)

Kristy: Well, look at that Anna...(Nudges her and points to Nitro and Jewel. Annabelle blinks before whispering) HE has a girlfriend~? THAT'S a shocker...(She and Kristy snicker)

(Meanwhile, Marisol flips over and lays on her back, her shades sit on top of her head as she somewhat growls at the sound of Annabelle's voice)

Jewel: *nudges Nitro and looks at Annabelle* Is that the wretch you told me about?

Nitro: * overhears  Annabelle and Kristy* Yeah thats right, I have a girlfriend!

A black and blue rabbit and a white and yellow chameleon (17 and 18) on to the beach and set up folding chairs.

"Look James, all I'm saying is that if a cute girl walks up to you and wants you to rub sunscreen on her, you might want to stand your ground." Mark said.

" mean like those cute girls?" James said, with his shades still on, pointed at Annabelle's group and Eve and Marisol.

Nitro: Eh...I wouldn't, mate. They look nice, but really are devils.

Jewel: *nods in agreement*

Mark: I've seen girls who are literally devils, so how bad could they be?

(Marisol sits up and looks around before walking up to Nitro, Jewel, Mark, and James)

Marisol: I know this is a bit strange but I didn't come here with a friend...could one of you lotion my back? I'd appretiate it.

James shrugs. "I'll do it." He then gets lotion and applies it to her back. Mark's jaw drops.

Marisol: Gracias amigo! It's a shame my fiance wasn't here to spend the day with me. Thank you again~(She takes the bottle back and smiles, winking at them before heading back to her spot, humming to herself)

Annabelle: (To the others) Spanish Skank...(She scoffs as Kristy and Christian nod)

Christian: I wish I could find a volleyball net...(She looks at the ball sitting in her bag and shrugs)

Eve: You don't always need a net Christian.

Christian: (Nods) True...

Mark: I told you. She was already taken!

James: Dude, putting lotion on a girls back is being nice, not trying tp hook up.

Mark: Say that when one wants you to marry her!

(Marisol put in her earbuds as she lay on her towel, humming to her music with her shades on)

James goes back to lying in his fold chair while Mark watches Kristy from the lifeguard tower with a grin.

Annabelle: So, should we have a swim ladies~?

Eve: Yeah! (She gets up)

Kristy: Lets go! (She straightens up her top before the girls head for the water)

Mark: *watches them run to the water* I see my favorite one.

James: Mark, there is something wrong with you!

Annabelle: Hey~! (They laugh and giggle as they splash each other, diving into the water and playing around)

James: *falls to sleep*

Mark: James?..oh, weirdo slept while in front of cute girls.

Kasari:It appears more people showed up.

Katelyn:*Sitting by the water*

Jewel: Hey Nitro, wanna play some 1vs1 volleyball?

Nitro: That seems like fun, yeah!

Jewel: Although I have to warn you, I am pretty good at this. *serves volley ball*

Nitro: *volleys it back*

Blitz: *nods at Kasari* Seems like it.

(Annabelle runs onto the sand but Kristy tackles her as they wrestle, Christian and Eve joining in)

???:Hey Kate!The beach has gotten popular this year!

Katelyn:Oh hey,A.M.L.Why are you here?

A.M.L.:Ah,you know.....To do our regular scheming.

Katelyn:Not this year,June.

A.M.L.:...Fine*Picks up Katelyn*But you,me and Tusk are still going to have fun,right?

Katelyn:Why the hell wouldn't we?*Grins*

(Marisol looked over out of the corner of her eye)

(Meanwhile, Annabelle and the others returned to their towels)

Annabelle: Well THAT was a nice little dog pile thanks to you Kristy.(she giggles)

Kristy: What can I say~? Girls just wanna have fun! (Eve and Christian giggle)

Eve: Drinks anyone?

(Christian nods as she grabs a DrPepper from the cooler)

A.M.L.:So,Kate?Who's at this beach?

Katelyn:Well....Kasari's over flirting with some wolf....There's a fox playing volley ball with an echidna....There is also two guys I saw...And finally there's a chihuhua and a group of teenage girls Kasari was concerned about.

A.M.L.:Who should we mess with first?

Katelyn:What did I tell you?!

A.M.L.:You said we'd have fun....

Katelyn:Fine....But only after we meet a few of them.

Blitz: *looks at Kasari* And what brings you to here, beautiful? 

Kasari:A friend of mine wanted to have fun this summer so she brought me with her to this beach.

Blitz: That all? You sure you didn't come all this way to see my amazingness? *flexes his arm, smirking*

Kasari:That's only a bonus,a really good bonus.~

Blitz: *by now, a small necklace with a red gem on can be seen, due to Blitz shifting and exposing it to the sun* I'd imagine so.

James: (yawns and adjusts his shades) I'm going to go get a drink. Mark, you want one?

Mark: Get me a Fanta! And stand your ground around girls!

Kasari:*Notices the necklace*Woah...What's that?

Blitz: *looks at it* Oh, this? A gift from my mom. She says it's a bloodstone or somethin. I think it looks cool.

Kasari:Your parents sound like nice people....

Blitz: Ehh... they give me lots of stuff free of charge, but to be honest, I'm thinking of leaving and becoming my own man when I'm older. Maybe an awesome merc, yeah! Then I can kick serious tail and get all the ladies! *laughs*


Blitz: I could buy a sword and slice up monsters like a knight in white! *grins*

Kasari:What kind of sword are you planning on buying?..I'm only interested because I have my own sword.

Blitz: Hm... one that takes monsters down, of course! *chuckles* But seriously, I'm thinking something like this... *Shows her a picture of the sword in question*

Kasari:That sword looks so cool...It's even better than my katana.

Blitz: Katana, eh? Cool.

(Marisol stretches as he takes her sunglasses off, looking out on the water. She seems to be thinking about something before getting up and clipping her music player to a small band around her forearm. As she walks along the beach she looks out on the water)

Annabelle: (Whispers) Look, she got up.

(Kristy and Christian look, while Eve is to busy putting on sun screen)

Kristy: Have you ever seen anyone dress like such a...You know what? Besides Trixie, of course.

Annabelle: Of course not. (Whispers) If you ask me she needs to belly dance her way back over that border and go back where she came from...

Eve: Anna...

Annabelle: (Scoffs) What~? (She rolls her eyes as she takes another sip of her Diet Coke)

James went to get him and Mark some soda. Aparrently the cooler containing them was by the girls.

Annabelle: Eve, did you bring that~?

(Eve shakes her head)

Annabelle: (Shrugs) Hmph. (Her tail lengthens as it picks up the cooler putting it down elsewhere) So as not to confuse anyone~

James shrugs and gets drinks from another cooler and tossed one at Mark, who fell trying to catch it.

Kasari:(To Blitz)Yeah,the katana was given to me by a friend when was younger.

Annabelle: Anyway, Iceman took me to the nicest little look out the other night so we could have some alone time~

Christian: Was that before or after he took you drag racing?

Annabelle: (She scoffs with a smirk) Very funny~

Mark: Hey J. You think I might have a chance with the dog?

James: *looks at Kristy and looks at Mark* No.

Mark: Well, I'm gonna go talk to her anyway.

A.M.L.:Should we go mess that chameleon's chances with that dog?

Katelyn:June,that's even low for you....Besides I highly doubt he would have any chance since she's mammilian and he's reptilian.

Kristy: And C Cat~? What about you and Marcus~?

Christian: It's going well...He came to support me at my last tennis match~ (she smiles)

Blitz: Ah, cool, cool.

Annabelle: (Stares at Blitz and Kasari out of the corner of her eye and whispers) God I want to ruin that so bad but I don't have anything in mind...

Kristy: That would be the icing on the cake...

Kasari:(To Blitz)So what were you planning to do at this beach?

A.M.L.:Hey Kate?I know exactly who to mess with...


A.M.L.:You see that ugly-@$$ wolf and her posse?I just heard them talking about Kasari.

Katelyn:So that's why she's concerned about them......They must be her enemies or something...

A.M.L.:So what are we going to do to them?Pour paint on them?Steal their food?Destroy their property?

Katelyn:Yes!......We're going to destroy their car....*Smirks*Now go get Tusk!

A.M.L.:Got it!

(A.M.L. leaves to get Tusk)

Blitz: Oh, you know... kick back, relax, that sorta thing.

Kasari:That's cool.*Notices Annabelle and her friends*(Underbreath)Oh goodie...Those idiots.I feel like they're getting closer....

Blitz: Hm? *notices who Kasari's looking at* Something the matter??

Kristy: What time did you tell Kendric to pick us up~?

Annabelle: Sometime after the sun starts setting. He insisted he drive me around today since I gave him some extra off days recently~ (She grins)

(Marisol soon returns from her walk and sits back down. Her phone goes off and she picks it up before smiling and texting someone back. Putting it in her bag she lays down on her towel and relaxes)

Mark runs past Anna and Kristy, and goes to a taco stand on the beach (meh).

Kasari:(To Blitz)Oh..It's nothing.^^'

Annabelle: At least my our boyfriends can't stop us from looking at cute guys...(The girls giggle)

James: (walks to the taco stand and eats a taco)

Mark: Sup dude.

(Marisol sits up as she looks out at the waves for a moment or two)

Blitz: 'Kay then. *lies back on the towel again*

Kasari;*To herself*I'm worried about Katelyn though...What if they mess with her?

Katelyn:Where's June?He should be back with Tusk by now....

James: Hey Mark. How'd talking to that dog go?

Mark:..I forgot.

Kristy: Is that a loner I see...(She lightly gestures to Katelyn)

Christian: Well Anna...?

Eve: C'mon guys, we can relax without messing with other people right? (They all turn and give her confused stares, and she sighs) Forget I said anything...I'll just wait here...

Annabelle: C'mon. (She, Kristy, and Christian get up, walking over to Katlyn as they somewhat prance as if on a catwalk) Hey.(Annabelle gives a small smirk as she puts her hands on her hips) What brings you here, hm~?

A young male hedgehog and a young male wolf walked up to the beach. The wolf seemed irritated.

"Why must you bring me to a beach? We could have trained or something." The wolf said to the hedgehog.

The hedgehog replied, "Dude. You need to loosen up." He pointed to Annabelle. "Go try and make some new friends. Have a good time. You need to chillax." The hedgehog said with a smile.

The wolf sighed, not very good at making friends.

Katelyn:(To Annabelle)Well this beach is close to my hometown and I mostly visit it when I'm not training or sparring.

The wolf heard "training or sparring" and his ears perked up with sudden interest.

Annabelle: Oh, I see.

Kristy: So, how did you hear about this place, hun?

Mark: I dare you to go talk to one of them!

James: *sighs, shakes his head and walks over to Anna's group*

Katelyn:(To Kristy)Like I said to your friend,this beach is close to my hometown,so it shouldn't a shocker I know it exists....

The hedgehog pushed the wolf. "C'mon dude! Go talk to someone. And don't be awkward about it. Be confident." He instructed to the wolf.

Kasari:*Notices James walking over towards them*Huh?

Annabelle: Oh, well what are you training for? You a fighter or somethin'? (She cocks an eyebrow)

(Kristy and Christian look over to see James walking over and they grin at each other slightly)

Katelyn:(To Annabelle)I'm a soldier in my town,or at the militia woman.

Annabelle: I see...So, no boyfriend I'm guessing...? (Kristy and Christian snicker somewhat but then quickly stop) Oh hush girls.(She can't help but grin herself)

Katelyn:I have a boyfriend.His names Dayton and he lives in this city called Aetermen,that I visit sometimes.

Annabelle: Sometimes? (Scoffs) Sweetheart, if its considered some kind of long distance relationship, you need to keep an eye on him. Because honestly, there will always be other girls to stare at...

(Marisol sits up and stretches when she sees Anna and Katelyn talking. She rolls her eyes and thinks for a moment before standing up)

Katelyn:Hey!I have a couple friends in the city who look after him for me!Though one of them likes to flirt with him a lot,but Dayton hates when girls treat him like a play thing......

[Another wolf like Blitz can be seen roaming the beach. However, he was trying to keep his arms covered for whatever reason, and yellow bolt markings could be seen where his fur wasn't covered. His fur was also black, and he eventually sat near an empty spot near an umbrella.]

Annabelle: Oh yeah. That pretty much seals the deal. Girls know what they're doing when it comes to flirting. I should know. It's one of my many talents...

Kristy: Same goes for all of us~ (Christian nods)

(Marisol starts to walk over to them)

Katelyn:*Notices Marisol then turns her head back to Annabelle*Any grl who labels flirting as a talent is a complete moron....

Annabelle: Hey, I need it for my acting career. So I obviously have to master every single known action and emotion known to man. It's that simple.

Marisol: Hey, chica.(She looks over at Katelyn) Are these puta's bothering you?

Kristy: Excuse you?

Annabelle: Look who's talking, Spanish Skank.

Marisol: What did you just call me?

Christian: We don't need to repeat ourselves. Piss OFF.

Katelyn:(To Annabelle,Kristy,and Christian)Why are yelling at her like that?She didn't do anything but come over here to talk!(To Marisol)I'm sorry if you saw me here and I dragged you into this,but I'm sure if they were bothering me I could handle them myself.

The hedgehog put his hand on his face in embarrassment. The wolf was just standing there, watching what everyone was doing. He was too shy to do anything.

James was about to say hi, but he just shook his head and went back.

Mark: What happened? 

James: *whispers* Yeah, apparently those girls aren't cool to people, so I am not going to say anything. 

Annabelle: (scoffs) WhatEVER.

Marisol: It's fine. It's just that I've seen to many girls lives ruined because of those three...

Kristy: How about you mind your own f****** business, hm?

(Marisol huffed as she rolled her eyes, putting her sunglasses back on before walking back to her spot)

Annabelle: (Mumbles) Skank...

Kristy: (Whispers) She needs to go jump back over that boarder...(Annabelle gives a small grin before it goes away)

Christian: (calls out to James) Hey, where you goin' huh? (She stands up and waves to him)

Katelyn:What was with them?*Walks off*Oh right!Where's Tusk and A.M.L.?

Annabelle: C'mon, she was totally lame anyway...(Kristy chuckles as they head back to their spot)

James: *waves*

Mark: *waves at Christian*

(Christian blows a kiss before sitting down with Anna and Kristy)

A.M.L:*Runs over towards Katelyn with Tusk*Hey Kate!We still doing our plan or....Kate?

Katelyn:Don't worry about my mood June..It's o-ok.^^'

Tusk:So we gonna smash something or what?

Katelyn:Oh that we will definitely do!

Mark: You think she likes me?

James: I dunno, why don't you go talk to her?

Mark: *gets up and walks to Christian*

(Christian looks up and gives a small smirk)

Christian: Hi~

Kristy: By the way, Anna. When Kendric comes to pick us up, tell him to bring some smoothies or something~

Mark: Hey gorgeous.  I'm Mark.

The wolf looked at what was going and didn't know what to do. He went for it. "Uh...hey guys...I'm Drew...I'm new here." He introduced, hoping someone would notice him amidst all the romance going on.

(Katelyn,Tusk,and A.M.L. walk over towards Drew)

Katelyn:Hey there,Drew!^^

A.M.L.:*Whispers to Katelyn*Kate....I thought we were going to do that one sceme?

Katelyn:*Whispers to A.M.L.*We need to make allies first,or at least friends.


Drew smiled slightly. He didn't hear what they whispered, but he didn't want to be rude and ask. So he ignored it. "I'm not you can see..." He muttered.

Annabelle: More and more people keep showing up. And by people, I mean boys.

Kristy: (Whispers) Let's help him get away from those lame guys...

Annabelle: (Whispers) Agreed...~!(They get up and walk over to Drew and Annabelle approaches him with a cheery, friendly voice and a bright irrisistable smile) Hi there!

(Marisol raises an eyebrow at this and rolls her eyes before going back to her e-book)

Katelyn:Oh...These girls again....

Tusk:It's ok,Kate!You have us this time!^^

A.M.L.:Besides your a grade A soldier...Would you really let this snob from the big city bring you down?

Katelyn:It's fine guys...It really is,but it's a good things you have my back.

Annabelle: So pretty boy, your name is Drew, right~? (She smiles, fluttering her lashes)

Mark: *walks back to James after finishing talking to Christian

(Christian gives Mark one last wave before smiling)

Mark: *waves back and gives her a note with his phone number*

Christian: Um, sorry to burst your bubble but...I have a boyfriend...I'll put your number in my phone though~! (She smiles innocently at him)

Mark: Thats cool. *walks back to James looking happy*

James: So I suppose it went well?

Mark: Yep. 

(Christian walks over to the others as Eve sighed somewhat)

Eve: He took it well?

Christian: He was a good sport~

James: You wanna bury me in sand?

Mark: *uses telekinesis to lift sand, and dump it on James* Yes,

(Christian and Eve watch the two)

Mark: *Waves*

James: *sticks his head up*

(The girls giggle and wave back)

James: *whispers* So, you still like her?

Mark: *whispers* Dude, she has a boyfriend.  We're just friends. 

Christian: (Whispers to Eve) A good guy friend at least...I can help him hook up so Marcus isn't jealous when he comes around~

James: Well, what do you wanna do now?

Mark: I'm gonna walk around. You know..*telekinesis lifts the sand off of James* go surf. *gets up and walks around*

James: He know that I can't surf...

(Annabelle and Kristy return to Christian and Eve)

Annabelle: (To the girls as she scoffs) Some of the people here are so lame...(She rolls her eyes)

James:...Well, might as well get a tan or something. *lies in his chair*

(Marisol gets up and starts to walk again, she passes by James and gives a small friendly wave before continuing)

James: *looks up, smiles and waves back*

Mark: *comes back with a soda*

(A orange hedgecat turns up in blue trunks and black shades. He's carrying a green surf board and a cooler filled with drinks. He also brought a boombox with him)

???: Good i didn't miss the Sea swell

(Off the coast along the horizon, something large can be seen floating on the water. If looked at closely, it seemed to be a old ship...perhaps a pirate ship)

Katelyn:Holy s*** a pirate ship!Wait do they even come around the Thief Kingdom?!I have to tell Rosadiya!

Rosadiya:Hmm...What the heck is pirate doing in Thief Kingdom waters?I must tell Tsukuru to pepare for battle if the ship is hostile....

Marisol: (She looks out on the water and frowns) Oh no...Not him...

(The ship comes closer, and a smaller shit is lowered off of it and a few guys dressed in strange clothes are seen rowing for the shore. The captain, a hedgehog with black hair, can be seen as he surveys the beach, a bottle of brown liquid in his empty right hand)

(Rosadiya and a couple of other people from the kingdom wait by the shore.They appear to be readying their weapons in case they would need to fight)

Mark: Pirates? Should we do something?

James: Lets see what he does, and the act.

???:*stands beside Mark and James* (to the pirate) Hello! I'm Matt, we mean you no harm! What is your business here?

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Way to RUIN our day at the beach...

Marisol: You drunken puta, what are you doing here Ryder?!

Ryder: (He grins and steps off of the boat and onto the sand before walking past the people of the kingdom and over to Marisol, hugging her suddenly) What a warm welcome...A sight for sore eyes...(He gropes her behind and she growls before shoving him off, and slapping him)

Marisol: You KNOW better you IDIOT!

Ryder: Maybe I do...(He rubs his cheek with a crooked smile)

Tsukuru:Rosadiya?Do we attack?

Rosadiya:Not now...He doesn't appear to be hurting anyone....Yet....

Ryder: (He turns to look at them, they and Rosadiya) More beautiful lasses I see...(He takes her hand softly and kisses) Captain Ryder, at ya service...

Annabelle: (She walks up with the others) What do you think your doing Jack Sparrow?

Kristy: You KNOW better. What, did the Freak Show set you up to this?

Matt: Who's Freak Show?

Annabelle: The little skank that stole my first boyfriend Jason. Now she's obsessed with making me miserable because I'm popular and famous. Pathetic, right?

Ryder: That would be the case if the lass actually came around to talk...(He raises an eyebrow, taking a swig of rum from his glass bottle)

Christian: And I can smell him from here...(she rolls her eyes and groans) Did you BATHE in booze and then roll around in s***?

Mark: *walks up to Ryder* So, who's the Jack Sparrow?

Ryder: The name's Captain Ryder lad...don't get me confused with that fake. I can carve my name into your stomach with my dagger if ya forget. (He chuckles)

James: Alright..I'm James, thats Mark.

Ryder: Be a pleasure mates.

Annabelle: (scoffs) Lame...

Rosadiya:Umm....So what are you doing in this kingdom Mister Ryder?

Ryder: Kingdom...? Charlie, did ya be knowin' this was a kingdom?

Charlie: No sir...The storm blew us off course of the group o' islands we were tryin' to get to.

Rosadiya:(Turns to the people of the kingdom)It's alright..This man and his crew were knocked off course of where they were going,they mean no harm.

(The people of the Thief Kingdom put away their weapons)

Ryder: Simple towns people like ya selves wouldn't wanna hurt us pirates now would ya?

Marisol: (Glares) I know I would...

James: Calm down. If he tries stealing anything I'll zap him.

Matt: So? What's your plan Booze Beard?

Maya(One of the towns people):(To Ryder)If you were planning on stealing anything from this town I know a couple of people who would love to kick your @$$...

Rosadiya:Settle down now Maya,he didn't come here to take anything.

Ryder: I suppose ya wouldn't want the jems and treasure we'll be usin' to buy your apparently 'worth wile' supplies lass...N' besides...if we planned to rob ya blind...we'd already be gone...but like I said...we we're after a different kinda treasure...not an entire kingdom.(He looks at Maya and winks with a grin)

Annabelle: I still say don't trust that DRUNK.

Ryder: This comin' from a little manipulative spoiled brat, eh?

Annabelle: Excuse you? At least I don't STEAL stuff from people who did NOTHING.

Ryder: The more ya talk about stealin' things, the more I'm tempted...(He chuckles as Marisol glares at him)

(Maya gets enraged,but Rosadiya calms her down)

Triton(Another citizen):There's really nothing worthwhile stealing here....

Rosadiya:*Smacks Triton & whispers to him*Don't tell them our kingdom's poor!

Mark: I'm gonna take a wild guess he wants a woman for his treasure cuz he can't get one normally? I'm not offending anyone, but someone tell if I'm right.

Matt:I'm pretty sure you're right Mark. I can see exactly why he can't get one normally.Phew *waves a hand in front of his nose* that breath could knock out and Elephant.

Ryder: (Chuckles) It be takin' one to know one, eh lads? But no...It's just the way I am.(He grins) And if ya would rather have me callin' you all ugly, then that's fine with me too.(He cocks an eyebrow)

Marisol: I have no idea why Isabella likes him so much...(She glares)

Matt: *to Marisol* Whoa....someone actually has a crush on this guy?

James: She must really like Jack Sparrow...

Marisol: Well...she flirts with anyone she meets honestly...One time she met some guys from a band. She hugged them telling them they were cute, made out with one, then made out with the other one not 5 seconds later. But, Carmen gets nervous around Ryder...

Kristy: (scoffs) Maybe because they're both idiot THEIVES?

Marisol: Don't make me come OVER there, PUTA.

Annabelle: I DARE you, you skank of a REFUGEE.

Ryder: Looks like I came for a show...(He chuckles as he looks on)

(Katelyn,A.M.L.,Tusk,and Kasari walk over to the group)

Rosadiya:There you are Katelyn.....And you brought your friends......

Katelyn:What's happening here?Is the kingdom being attacked?

James: Marisol ((if thats your name..) calm down.

Matt: *to Katelyn* Booze Beard here, isn't attacking the kingdom. He just wants to get laid.

Katelyn:If he wants to get laid he can go over there and consult that bear.*Points to Kasari*

Matt: *laughs* Yeah, well she is kinda cute so I see where he's coming from.

Kasari:People actually consider me cute?

Matt:*sheepishly* Who wouldn't?

Kasari:*Blushes*Well,what's your name?~

Matt: *blushes* I'm Matt

Marisol: (Growls) ¿Qué demonios le pasa a ustedes ...? Él es un pirata, usted debe atacarlo antes de que haga algo estúpido!

Ryder: Lighten up lass...Ya know I don't like seein' ya upset like this...(He suddenly pulls her over to him as he grins. She growls as her face turns an angry red)

Annabelle: Now even I know that was a big mistake...(She cocks an eyebrow)

Rosadiya:(To Marisol)We've had far worse in this kingdom than pirates...*Looks over at Ryder*Besides he still hasn't done anything yet so we can not be sure

Matt:*Low whislte* I don't know that spanish chick from adam but i do know one thing. Women hat ebeing touched when they don't want he's as good as dead.

Mark: Yeah, Captain Crunch is dead..

(Marisol slapped Ryder across the cheek and his crew members chuckled as he blinked, rubbing the red mark on his muzzle)

Ryder: (He only grinned) I be likin' a woman who defends herself...they make good additions to a pirate crew...(He chuckles)

Rosadiya:Can you two take your lover's quarrel somewhere else?

Kasari:(To Matt)My name's Katherine,but you can call me Kasari.

Matt: *offers handshake* Nice to meet you, Kasari.Gosh that's a pretty name..

Kasari:*Shakes Matt's hand*It's to meet you,too...Also my name's not as attractive as yours~

Katelyn:*Groans*Oh Aurthurius....

Ryder: Ya sure lass? (He looks over at Rosadiya) How about a trade? Ya give us some rum, we'll be givin' us some of our treasure...

Charlie: It be weighin' down the ship at times...

Matt: *dashes off quickly and returns with 5 bottles off rum* Here ya go. Now, how about some treasure eh?

Rosadiya:(To Matt)You're not the one who's country is poor,besides he was talking to me and I can do you one better...Millie!Bring out the Barrels!

(A small elderly Mobian Miltank goes into a place called Marco's Diner and comes out with two barrels filled with rum)

Rosadiya:(To Ryder)How much treasure would I get for two barrels full?

Matt:Two barrels and five bottles.

Ryder: Be makin' it two MORE barrels, and ye be havin' a deal...(He grins)

Charlie: What shall we be givin' 'em captain?

Ryder: Bring out the two chests from our previous adventures.

Mark: Ok?....

(Rosadiya rushes into Marco's Diner and comes back with two more barrels)

Rosadiya:There you have 4 barrels of rum.

(Ryder chuckles as Charlie and two other pirates return with two chests, that looked very heavy that had gold and gems leaking out of them)

Ryder: Will this be enough? (Annabelle and the girls look in awe)

Rosadiya:Yes!And if you kind sirs ever need any rum or need a place to stay or refuge,you are always welcome to the Thief Kingdom.

Ryder: (He grins) Ya be havin' a deal lass. (He cuffs her cheek in his hand) It be a pleasure doin' business with a lass as fine as yaself...(He chuckles)

Marisol: PLEASE don't tell me you just said that...(She glances at Rosadiya)

Matt: Rule One, never make deals with pirates. They always seem to come at the wrong time.

Triton:*Covers his mouth trying not to laugh*

Maya:Once again Rosadiya screwed our Kingdom over...

Rosadiya:What it's not my fault that you guys complaining the kingdom was way too poor.

Maya:Yes,but that does not mean to make deals with pirates!

Ryder: Ya be tossin' around our good names like it's nothin' lass...And besides...(He steps closer to Miya) If the lasses around here are this beautiful...Ya won't have to worry about a thing...

Annabelle: (Groans) Gag me with a spoon...(The others scoff)

James and Mark: *facepalm*

Matt: So cap'n ya gonna be sett'n sail now that business is settled?

Ryder: I suppose lad. (He looks at the villagers) Pleasure doin' business with the lot of ya...Iffin' we find treasure on this island we're looin' for...we may trade it for more rum....Set sail for the cursed islands lads!

Crew: AYE! (They head back to the pirate ship on the small rowboat)

Annabelle: Well. Can't wait to see this place over rum by pirates in the next few weeks...(She heads back to her beach towel with Kristy and Christian)

Eve: That was...Interesting...

(Some villagers seem angry at Rosadiya,others are less concerned)

Maya:I hope you're happy now Diya,you screwed the kingdom.

Rosadiya:At least this plan is better than your's!We can't go all willy nilly and get a loan money from another Kngdom or City!That's what starts wars!

Katelyn:*Rushes up to Maya and Rosadiya*Maya?Mom?What's happening?

Matt: People pleae calm down! Now, even though Rosa has supposedly 'screwed' the kingdom, she has in turm provided the place with a constant flow of treasure. If you guys continue making rum. And plus she only agreed to treasure and rum, NOT anything else. So in my opiniom she did what was best for her people.

Annabelle: (Scoffs) Yeah RIGHT. Asking ME for money would have been a better choice...In fact...I bet that would give me a nice little boost in reputation~ (She grins as the others smile)

James: That sounds better than filling a kingdom with rum obbsessed pirates.

Matt: I guess you have a point. But it'll take months, maybe even a year for them to come back with treasure, and in the mean time I'm gonna enjoy my day by the shore. Rosadiya Rosadiya:The child's right Maya,we should take care of this when the problem arises.

(The villagers go back to their houses and/or jobs)

Katelyn:Well that was weird...

Marisol: (She turns to Matt) A YEAR to get treasure? Hmph. Chico, those pirates loot ships every DAY. It's insane how many chests they have in that ship. I should know. I once fought with that drunken idiot Ryder over some cursed treasure about 5 months ago. ho KNOWS how much stuff he has now...

Matt: [shrugs] Oh well, the max I can do is offer to fight them if they cause trouble.

Maya:If that Ryder fella comes back and terrorizes this kingdom's people,I'll kill him and his crew!

Mark: Ok..whike you do that, I'm gonna go, over there..*walks a far distance back to his lounge chair*

Marisol: (Chuckles) Good luck..there's a reason why they steal cursed treasure...It strengthens them if they do their job right...All those artifacts in their control...(She points to the two chests) That's NOTHING compared to what they usually steal...

Maya:Don't worry..We have something(or someone) that's way worse in this Kingdom....Exculding me and Rosadiya of course.

Marisol: Hmph. Just call me when things start going down so I can grab some popcorn, chica...

Matt: [is distracted by the waves in the sea] Sea Swell! Awesome...

Kasari:So,what now Katelyn?

Katelyn:Why don't we go swimming?

Matt: [looks at the pair] You want to swim in a sea swell? Try not to drown.

Katelyn:Oh man...I've forgot to keep check of the ocean while all that stuff was going down....

Kasari:Nothing like that has stopped or killed me before!

Katelyn:*Grabs Kasari*My mother may have screwed up today,but I'm not allowing another person close to me be put in a bad postion!

Matt: Kasari....don't go and swim in there. Unless you're surfing. [Pulls out his own surfboard] Which is what i'm planning on doing

Annabelle: (scoffs) I am surrounded by idiots...

Kristy and Christian: Ditto...

Kasari:(To Matt) I would go surfing,but I don't have a board and I don't know how to surf

Matt: it's not hard and I brought a spare board. I could teach you if you like. I'm probably the best surfer here.

Annabelle: Hmph. Lame...(She puts her sunglasses)

Kasari:(To Matt)Thanks....So how do you surf?

Matt: It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it. [grabs his spare board and gives it to Kasari] Come on! [offers his hand]

James and Mark: *sweatdrop*........

Kasari:*Takes the board and grabs Matt's Hand*

Eve: Surfing actually sounds like fun...

Kristy: (scoffs) If you ask me, it's overrated...Didn't you hear about that girl who had her arm chopped off after wiping out on the water? (Eve swallows nervously)

Matt: Let's not be paranoid about this, the water looks fine. Sure there are quite a few big waves today but hey? What surfer doesn't love a big wave?

Annabelle: (Looks in a pocket mirror and scoffs) Lame...~

Kasari:(To Matt)I'll try not to be paranoid...Besides my species practically lives in the water

Matt: [walks into the water and lies on his board] See, the water's fine

Christian: Watch out for sharks~! (She and the others laugh, and Eve scratches her head)

Katelyn:I don't think there are sharks around here,that and Kasari's a bear.

Kristy: And?

Annabelle: Anything is possible, right~? (She flutters her lashes innocently) Besides, it would make QUITE the show!

Christian: I know right?

Matt: I don't see how me being attacked by a shark makes good entertainment....half of you wouldn't even be able to watch.

Kasari:(To Annabelle)That's a death threat and techincally I can get you arrested for that!

Annabelle: (She lightly rolled her eyes at Matt with a small smile, then glared at Kasari lightly) Hmph. Whatever...

Matt: [swims more out into the water] Yep, there's definitely no sharks. The water's lovely though.

Kasari:*Takes her board out to the water*So now what do I do?

Christian: (Slips her shades on) Hmph. (Annabelle scoffs lightly at the others)

Matt: *to Kasari* Next we wait for that huge wave over there to get closer.[he gets on his board and lies on it]

Kasari:*Gets on her board*How long does it take for a big wave to come?

Matt: [points at an incoming big wave] That waves gonna reach here in about five seconds...

(Marisol watches them go out into the water as she sits on her towel)

Kasari:How do we prepare for it?

Jewel: Nitro, wanna go swimming?

Nitro: Yeah, sure! *Takes off shirt, socks, belt, shoes, and gloves but leaves tie and pants on*

Jewel: *Starts to take off shirt*

Nitro: *Blushes* Jewel! You can't change in public!

Jewel: I have my swim suit underneath my clothes. What did you think I had on?

Nitro: *Turns bright red* You look...

Jewel: I's hideous...I was trying something new to impress you and...

Nitro: Amazing...

Jewel: *Blushes* Aw...Thanks Nitro!

Annabelle: (Reading a magazine) No, no, hideous is right, ok~? (Kristy and Christian snicker)

Jewel: I'm gonna kill you now, b****. Is that "ok?"

Annabelle: (Still reading her magazine as Kristy and Christian glare at Jewel, and Eve is simply the innocent bystander) Not if you're being serious. Now, go on about your business, and I'll go about mine~ Chao~

James: *stares blankly at the fight*....

Katelyn:(To Annabelle)Do you never stop picking on people?

Matt: Maybe she's jealous of the fact that she had no boyfriend growing up as a child, and if she did have one it's because of the money.

Annabelle: Hmph, not really sweetheart~ (she runs her fingers through her hair as she cocks an eyebrow at her feet) Oh please. Stop pretending to KNOW people. And for the record, I did have one when I was little~

Matt: The true definition of puppy love..he probably didn't know you'd turn into.....eergh...what you are now..

Annabelle: Oh please. Look who's talking Mr. Multiple Personalities.

Matt: Speaking of which, not a single onw has popped out that's a good thing. [looks at the incoming wave] Alright Kasari l, start swimming very slowly towards the shore.

Kasari:*Slowly starts swimming towards the shore*

Matt: [starts swimming to shore as the wave begins to pick them up] Ok, Kasari stand on your board, maintain your balance and just go with the flow!

Annabelle: (Scoffs lightly) Losers..~ (She reads her magazine)

James: *pretends that wasn't directed to him and walks back to his louge chair*

Kasari:*Stands on her board trying to keep balance*It's a bit hard to keep balance!

Kristy: (To herself) It's also a bit hard to imagine you step out of the house looking like that...

Matt: [stands on his board and surfs the wave with no problem] Awesome! Kasari try to turn left so you surf along the wave. I have a feeling that this might be a barrel

Kasari:*Turns left*What's a barrel mean in surfing?

(Marisol stands up as she watches them with intensified interest. Eve watches as well as Annabelle and the others gossip and call them bad names as they whisper and giggle)

Matt: A barrel is what is made when the waves almost curl up while it's being formed. It's basically a tibe that happens. [Looks behind them to see that a barrel is forming and catching up to them]. Look there's one now.

Marisol: Ohhh...

Kasari:(To Matt)What do we do now?

Matt: We do what every good surfer does, ride inside the barrel and enjoy the experience [watches as the barrel catches up to them and they are soon riding inside it]

(Marisol smiles as she watches and Eve watches with much interest)

Matt: [surfs his way out of the tube and does a handstand while surfing] Maybe I can finally pull off an handstand hang eight. [He notices Marisol watching and winks and waves]


Matt:I know right this is awe- whoaaah!! [Loses balance and falls into the water]

Kasari:*Surfs over to Matt and helps him onto her board*Are you ok?

Matt: [is very dilusional and dizzy] Pixies, everywhere......

(Annabelle, Kristy and Christian laugh as they see this)


Matt: [looks at his foot while dizzy] looks like I stepped on a fire urchin

(Annabelle laughs as she watches, as to Kristy and Christian. Marisol rolls her eyes as Eve rubs her head nervously)

Annabelle: SOMEONE must be blind~ (She snickers as Kristy takes a sip of her soda and Christian giggles)

Matt: [still dizzy] Oh yeah then what's this? [Lifts up his foot and shows that there's a long red spike stuck in it]

Annabelle, Kristy, and Christian: (Try to contain their laughter) That has GOT to hurt! (They stifle their laughter)

Kasari:*Trys to take off the Urchin from Matt's foot*It's only a Fire Urchin,it's highly unlikely it's poisonious,but you're foot will hurt for a while.

Annabelle: What's next ya little clutz~? A jellyFish~? (Kristy and Christian snicker)

Kristy: I'd LOVE to see THAT~

Kasari:*Lays Matt down on her board and swims with it to shore*

(The three mind their own business, snickering away as they do so)

Matt: Aargh this thing hurts like hell! [A purple aura spoon surrounds him and he instantly starts to squint a lot and now sounds pike an old man]

Mortimer (Matt): Eh get over it ya whiner. Back in my day, if we got hurt we'd take it like real men and say that we're fine! Even if our leg got chopped off we would somehow walk it off!

Annabelle: Weird...(They look on from afar)

James: *sighs* Im bored...

Mark: *whispers* do you think they think we're cool, or lame?

James: I dunno..what a drag...

Katelyn:They probably think you're lame.

Kasari:(To Mrotimer(Matt))Matt...Are you ok?

Christian: (She calls out as she watches) I doubt it!

James: What a drag.....

(Annabelle and the girls snicker and giggle. Meanwhile, Marisol rolls her eyes as she goes over to check on 'Mortimer')

Mark: Why is that guy acting like an old dude?

James: *shrugs*

Annabelle: Maybe he was an old man the entire time~?

Mark: That seems legite.

(Annabelle talks with Kristy and Christian)

Mortimer (Matt): I heard that, Anna. If I was in my youth I'd come over there and show YOU who's old.

Kasari:Is that all she knows how to do?

Annabelle: Hmph. Good luck OLD TIMER. (She grins)

James: (cconfused).....

Mortimer (Matt): Oooh, why i oughtta.....

(Annabelle grins innocently as she slips her sunglasses on, running her fingers through her hair)

Kasari:(To Mortimer)Ignore her...She's just anoth rich-b****

Kristy: Honestly. Look at them. So...Out of place.

Annabelle: Such outcasts...

Kateyn:Technically you're out of place because this place is close to a poor kingdom and you're rich

Annabelle: Which MEANS I have a serious purpose here, don't you think. Don't screw it up hun. It's something known as a 'publicity stunt'~ Not my idea, mostly my other managers ideas...

Mark: (In his thoughts: I feel like I should say something,  but knowing rich girls that won't end well, so I'll just sit and wait to be adressed)

(Annabelle runs her fingers through her hair as she goes back to reading her magazine)

Katelyn:Meh...That girl's to prissy for her own good,but...Am I technically rich since my mother recieved all that money from those pirates?

Kristy: Anna, what are you gonna wear to the next Victoria's Secret fashion show~?

Annabelle: I seriously have NO idea! I'll figure something out...(She taps her chin as she adjusts her sunglasses and lightly adjusts her swim top)

Kasari:So Matt,what do we do now?

Kristy: Call it a day and go home so you can stop ruining the scenery~?

Mortimer (Matt): [as him and Kasari reach the shore] Grrrr, I'll get that snob for calling me and old timer.....

(Kristy and Annabelle high five as they grin)

Kasari:*Pulls up a crab from the ocean*(To Matt)We can put a crab in her underwear...

Mortimer (Matt): Eh I guess prankinf hefe would make me feel a bit better. [Calms down and reverts back to Matt]

Matt: Thanks foe the idea Kasari, but I think I've got this. [Limps off to where her set up his stuff]

Annabelle: Keep an eye on them ladies. Usually this is the part where they try to get the better of us~

Kristy: As if it wasn't obvious enough...

(Eve scratches her head)

Eve: Um...I'll be back. (She stands up and walks over to Matt and Kasari) Uh...E-excuse me...?

Kasari:*Drops the crab*Uh...Hey?

Eve: U-um...I just wanted to, you know...apologize for my friends...They're just... 'special'. (She blinks) Don't tell them I said get it, right...? And, I don't want there to be a huge fight on the beach.....(She bit her lip)

Kasari:It's alright and I understand....Besides if we got into a big fight on the beach I'm sure we'd be arrested.

Eve: Y-yeah. Thank you for understanding. (She nods with a small smile)

Matt: [relaxes under an umbrella with his shades on] Now for a bit of chill out time...

Kasari:(To Eve)No problem!^^

(Eve smiles as she heads back to the Poppies)

Annabelle: (scoffs) What was that all about Evie?

Eve: Nothing...just making small talk.

Kristy: You don't have to make small talk with THEM sweetheart. You can do much better~! (Christian snickers as Eve sighs, rubbing her head nervously)

Nitro: *Jumps in the water purposely splashing some on Annabelle*

Jewel: *Dives in and finds seashells*

Annabelle: (She lightly scoffs as she does a hair flip, getting some of her soaked hair out of her face) Ugh, whatever...~

Katelyn:(To Kasari)Hey Kaz!You wanna help June,Tusk,and me pull a prank on those three prissy girls?

Kasari:I would,but some rabbit lady came over here and told me it wouldn't be a good idea starting a fight with those two...

Katelyn:Come on!Please?

Kasari:No,besides I might get arrested

Kristy: When's the next sleepover Anna~?

Annabelle: I dunno...Eve? When do you think it should be~?

Eve: Um...I don't know...

Matt: How am i gonna prank those three? Bury them alive froom the neck down? Summon a cloud of ash that follows them everywhere? Trash their BMW? Heh, even that last one is just too cruel....

Annabelle: I'll have to wait for those DEVILS to leave the house...

Kristy: You mean your little brother and sister?

Annabelle: That's what I said. (She blinks before she looks over, as Christian giggles with a small smile)

Matt: [in thought] I've got it!!!

Christian: Sorry I keep asking Anna but, when is your chauffeur picking us up again~?

Annabelle: Whenever I call him C Cat. You sure have a habit of forgetting...~ (She gives a small chuckle)

Christian: Eh, I learn to deal with it. (She and Kristy giggle together happily)

Katelyn:(To Kasari)Kaz,You know I'm a soldier and it's hard for a soldier to go to jail right?

Kasari:I know....I'm just afraid the three of you will seriously f*** up those girls for life.

Katelyn:I promise not to use the one move on them..I swear!Besides it's only for war and battle!

Kasari:I still believe you'll screw something up,especially since June's a cyborg...

(Eve smiles as she talks to Christian)

Christian: I think you look adorable in a light blue color Eve!

Eve: You think so? (she rubbed her head bashfully)

Kristy: (Scoffs) Duh~! (She smiles)

Matt: [sneaks up behind Anna, Christian and Kristy whilst they are chilling out and pours a buckets of ice cold water over them, complete with ice cubes as well]

Katelyn:Oh my gosh...Look what guys doing!That's hilarious!

A.M.L.:*Recording it*This is beautiful!

Tusk:How about we get that Hedgecat guy over there to help us with more pranks on these girls?

Katelyn:I'm not sure if would like to join...

Matt: A work of art if i do say so myself

(The three yell in unison and jump up)

Annabelle: What the hell is your PROBLEM!?

Eve: Oh no...(She puts her head in her hands)

Christian: THAT'S IT! (She grabs her bag and takes out a tennis racket before hitting Matt upside the head with it)

Eve: Christian no!

Christian: I didn't ask for a f***ing Ice Bucket Challenge!

(Annabelle,A.M.L. does not have a phone,he's a cyborg and has a camera built into him)

(( Oh .-. Why did ya say so? xD ))

Eve: I asked everyone to just stay calm but no one ever listens...! (She whimpers to herself)

(Kristy growls as she picks up a bottle of soda and chucks it at A.M.L's head)

Kristy: WHY is everyone always so jealous. Keep your hate to yourself!

A.M.L.:Ow!....Hey this isn't hate or jealousy!This for dumpin on our main girl Katelyn here!

Tusk:Yeah,besides it's only a prank!

Katelyn:What are you weaklings afraid of a little prank?

Kasari:*Groans*Oh god...Not this again...

(Marisol is busy watching the show from afar)

Annabelle: Tsk, pay 'em no mind Ladies. Karma will always come back to get idiots like them...

Christian: (Puts her racket down) And if NOT?

Annabelle: Then we do what we always do. (Mouths) We get even~ (She glances at the two as they somewhat smile and nod)

Kasari:I wouldn't do that if I were you.....

Annabelle: I would shut my fat a$$ mouth if I were you.

Eve: Anna, please don't do this...

Annabelle: Why didn't you tell these HATERS that BEFORE they decided to f*** with us, HM EVE?

Kasari:(To Annabelle)I was just giving you and your friends advice before you do something stupid and get yourself in trouble.Also,leave this rabbit girl alone,she didn't do anything wrong and has no part in this.

Annabelle: Tsk, don't tell me what to do first of all. I'm a legal adult and I don't have to take your worthless trash. And second, she's been through worse, but not with ME obviously. So, unless your name is Google, stop acting like you f***ing know EVERYTHING.

Kasari:I know my name is not Google and I certainly know I do not know everything.However,what I do know is that it's quite sad how a legal adult is acting less mature than I,a fifteen year old,am.

Annabelle: Being the legal adult I am, I have my own choices to make. I chose what I want, what I want to do, and how I do it. And I don't CARE what you think. I'm pretty sure none of us do...

Kristy: Shouldn't you be playing with your dolls or something or crying over how you wish Justin Beiber was your boyfriend? (She cocks an eyebrow as Christian snickers. Eve sighs as she hangs her head, out of ideas)

Kasari:I'm to old for dolls and Justin Beaver wishes he had the warrant of having fangirls,even me,but I wouldn't go after an immature drug addict like him.

Annabelle: Tsk, are you lying~?

Christian: Maybe she's a lame Directioner like your little sister Anna~

Annabelle: I bet! (She grins as Kristy snickers)

Kasari:One Direction sucks,just as an FYI.I don't even know what they're doing.But I bet you girls like that rabbit hole of a woman Taylor Swift.Maybe you'll end up dumping all your boyfriends just for a song like she does.

Annabelle: Oh please. That tramp WISHES she had our lives. Besides. I've only had two boyfriends in the past year.

Kristy: Meanwhile me and Jack have been dating ever since we met YEARS ago~

Christian: And Marcus is the only guy that I've really REALLY liked. Plus since I'm a sports playing girl most guys didn't apparently find that 'sexy' enough. I've got no time to waste when I could be practicing...~

Annabelle: Once again. You're not Google, Hun. Now, shoo.

Matt: [gets up from the floor, dusts himself off and grins] Aaaaw I thought ALL the celebs are doing the ice Bucket Challenge nowadays.

Annabelle: Hello! We already did it! We got nominated by Sonic the Hedgehog himself!

Kristy: Does no one remember that? Cause I sure do...

Kasari:Why would Sonic waste his time on you?He'd rather spend it saving the world from Eggman.

(Kasari gets up from her chair and walks off)

Kasari:Call me back when you actually become important!

Annabelle: Maybe you should slip into something more appropiate...Like a COMA. (She rolls her eyes)

Christian: Sonikku nominated us after Rouge nominated him. He knows how often Anna and the others donate to charity...

(Eve shakes her head with her face in her hands)

Matt: [shrugs] Well if you've done it once you can do it twice. [Starts laughing] Woo, that's just made my day!

Annabelle: (Scoffs) To bad you're such a SKEEZE...Let me guess. No girlfriend, hm~?

Matt: Single and proud [continues to laugh]

Annabelle: Good for you...I'm sure the only girl that would like you is your Mommy anyway...(she rolls her eyes as her group snickers. Millie is busy doodling in her notebook)

Matt: At least my mom does love me, don't wolves leave their kids at a young age?

Annabelle: Oh please. I'm amazed your mom didn't get the mob to get rid of YOU. Probably wanted to much money...(she cocks an eyebrow)

(Watching Annabelle antagonize Matt,was A.M.L.,Tusk,and Katelyn)

A.M.L.:Jeez!I swear that's all she knows how!Nag,nag,nag,mock,mock,mock!

Tusk:Yeah!*Laughs*I bet that's their job!

Katelyn:And their comebacks are so cheesy,too!They put my father to shame!

Annabelle: (She raises an eyebrow as she looks at them) Oh, you wanna go there? OK. (Points at A.M.L) If you're talking about me behind my back, that just means my life is obviously more interesting than yours. (Points at Tusk) You were supposed to be a stain on the carpet, which leads to this little fact, some babies were dropped on their heads but you were clearly thrown at a wall. (Points at Katelyn) You're so poor, when you asked your Mom whats for dinner she opened her legs and said crabs... Maybe you should put some sand in YOUR suit so you can make your crabs feel at home, hm~? (Kristy and Christian laugh as Eve rubs her head, trying to figure out if there was a better solution to it all)

Kristy: Better get out of here before a cat decides to bury you...(Annabelle grins as she slips her shades on)

Matt:Seems like Annabelle B**** is having a meltdown. Seems the ice bucket did little effect.

Annabelle: Oh please. Maybe it's just cause your dad has bigger boobs than you~

A.M.L.:*Laughs hysterically*Do you even know what you're dealing with?We're soldiers!Assault us and you'll be thrown in jail!Now go back to you're w*****house and leave back talk to the professionals.

Katelyn:I bet they all have AIDS.

Tusk:Or worse,Ebola!

Annabelle: (scoffs) Do you hear these haters?

Kristy: AIDS? Really? (Scoffs) Please. It takes one to know one honey.

Christian: It's scary to think that people like you are allowed to breed...

Annabelle: (To Katelyn) Hey, by the way, If you ever become a mother, can I have one of the puppies? (She looks on innocently)

Kristy: Be careful Anna. They might be genetically born with rabies...

Katelyn:Let's leave you guys....These chicks ain't nothing but bark with no bite!

A.M.L.:You got that right!

(Tusk,A.M.L.,and Katelyn walk away from Annabelle and her crew)

Annabelle, Kristy, and Christian: Later Haters~

Annabelle: Some people have no respect for those with talent...

(A lone alligator was watching the commotion)

Aureus: What the heck was that about? Eh, I'm probably better off not getting involved, but since when did I ever listen to the voice of reason, thats right, never.

(heads towards the commotion to see whats going on.)

(The girls gossip and talk amongst themselves)

Aureus: Yep, just people after getting into a verbal slugfest. Why do I even bother. * sets up a beach lounge chair and sleeps with shades on, tail drooping over the chair*

(Marisol sits up as she looks at her nails a bit before looking out onto the waves of the water)

Aureus: "Bottoms up!" *takes a bite out of a pastrami sandwich* "Oh meat.. How I have missed thee."

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