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A Sonic Riders based roleplay with fan-characters only!


Sonic and his friends have decided to stop racing for a while. Burst and his friends (and his enemies) have decided to enter the 7th World Grande Prix to prove who's the best! Who will come out on top!? Find out, now! IT'S TIME TO RACE!!!!


(Please put your EX-Gear name after your character's name.)

  1. Burst the Hedgehog (Red Flare)
  2. Bethany the Hedgebat (Sexy Crimson)
  3. Beck "Beckham" the Hedgehog (Gray Rain)
  4. Darkstorm the Halfbreed (Black Hurricane)
  5. Frostless the Halfbreed (White Snow)
  6. Teniahk: (Silver Arrow)
  7. Abaki the Demon Hedgehog (Black Needle)
  8. Mi-sctu-sin *Only allowed to be back form the dead temporarily* (The Reaper)
  9. Shine the Hedgehog (Future Shock)
  10. Fetalia the Dark (Evil Angel)
  11. Drake the Hedgebat (Chaos Breaker)
  12. Maya the Echidna (Light Demon)
  13. Joseph the Wolf (Iron Fist)
  14. Brittney the Bat (Pink Stud)
  15. Jane the Bat (Purple Rocket)
  16. Jenny the Dark Punisher (Flying Duchmen)
  17. Jimmy Canvas (Junior Piledriver)
  18. Tammy Watercolor (Aqua Clothesline)
  19. Elijah McCloud (Orange Tornado)
  20. Emerald the Cat (Blue Burst)
  21. Eaglon Lombardi (Flying Blur)
  22. Sky the Hawk (Type-K)
  23. Jason the Raven (Type-R)
  24. Noble the Coyote (Type-N)
  25. Medusa the Succubus (Sexy Demon)
  26. Luna the Hedgehog (Just watching)
  27. Lizzy the Hedgehog (Just watching)
  28. Jur the Hedgehog (Just watching)
  29. Finn the Wolf (Just watching)
  30. Emily the Seedrian (Just watching)
  31. Dana Solo (Hot Pink Vanguard, first time)
  32. Flare the Deity (Darkblood) (Has no ex-gear, but can transform into one.)
  33. Clyde O'Donnell (Black Fang)
  34. Angel Caroso (Red Rose)
  35. Kyle Oikonny (Orange Screech)
  36. Ivy Prower (Blue Delta)
  37. Daniella the Hedgehog (Neutral) (Darkblood) (EX-Gear: Skull of Darkness)
  38. Stan the Hedgehog (Darkblood) (Cobalt Blast)
  39. Blaze the Hedgecat (Chaos Runner)
  40. JT the Androhog (JT Dispatch)
  41. Galvatron the mecha-echidna (Mecha lighting.)
  42. Blaze the Hawk (Darkblood) (Type-J2)
  43. Tsunami the Raven (Darkblood) (Type-T)
  44. Burnout the Hedgehog (Darkblood) (Black Rush)
  45. Itachi the Echidna (Darkblood) (Fate)
  46. Melanie the Hedgeswallow (Darkblood) (Type-M)
  47. Surge the Hedgehog (XxZekeKnightxX) (Thunder Storm)
  48. Sparks The Hedgehog (Dark Thunder)
  49. Inferno the Hedgebat (Burst and Bethany's son) (Darkblood) (Fire Blast)
  50. Blast the Hedgegoose (Sonic and Mina's son) (Darkblood) (Beige Blast)
  51. Siren the Hedgehog (XxZekeKnightxX) (Sound Wave)

Chapter 1: New Enemies on the track

(Burst and the crew are seen walking through a future-like city.)

Ivy: (sighs) Finally some peace for once!

Darkstorm, Teniahk and A White and Light Blue Halfbreed Zoom Past

Clyde: WHOA!!

Burst: Yep, that was Darkstorm.

(Abaki joins Darkstorm, Frostless and Teniahk.)

Shine: (yawns) Man, I'm bored!

Burst: (loos around) I've raced on this track before...but when?

Frostless: Hey Brother, you ok?

Abaki: Yeah.

Burst: (looks around even more, and sees posters of him.) Huh?

(The poster reads: Burst the Hedgehog: Champion of the 6th WGP!)

Luna: I didn't know you were the 6th Champion.

Kyle: Big whoop!

Emily: What's your problem?!

Burst: (ignores Kyle) Oh, hi, Luna. I did win last year, but I don't know why.

Luna: It is a mystery.

Darkstorm: Mind If I check your gear?

Finn: Burst doesn't have a gear.

Burst: Go ahead. (Takes out his Red Flare)

Emily: Or maybe he does.

Darkstorm: (Opens the Gear) Your Plasma coolant is leaking, air compasator's are fried and The automatic Kick Dash is on (Fixes Red Flare) There Good as new (Hands it to burst)

Burst: Thanks, Darkstorm.

(A blood-red puddle sloshes by.)

Emily: Is that blood?

Clyde: Huh?

(Flare the Deity, a friend of Burst that looks like Chaos except he's blood-red rises from the puddle)

Finn: Yikes! Where the heck did you come from?!

Flare the Deity

Flare: (cannot speak)

Emily: Cool.

Darkstorm:(In sign) Can you write?

Flare: (Writes in perfect cursive.)

The paper says: Yes.

Darkstorm: Ok, Your a blood type, am I right?

Flare: (writes again)

Paper says: Yes.

Darkstorm: How do you fight?

Flare: (writes again)

Paper says: Basic hand-to-hand combat, Chaos skills and shape-shifting.

Darkstorm: Good, Ally or Foe?

Flare: (writes again)

Paper says: Good.

Darkstorm:(Holds his Hand out)

Flare: (shakes his hand.)

Emily: Are you a boy or a girl?

Finn: Emily.

Flare: (writes again)

Paper says: Male.

Emily: Well, okay.

Darkstorm: I am Darkstorm.

(Purple, Lavender and Brown blurs suddenly pass the crew)

Ivy: Whoa!! What was taht?!

Sky: (smirks)

Jason: Losers....

Noble: Hmph.

Burst: The fuck?! Who were those guys?

Beck: Don't know, but I say we go after 'em!

???: You really think you can get em?

Daniella the Hedgehog

Daniella the Hedgehog

Drake: (flies down with Maya) Oh great, it's you....

???: (looks at Drake) Who the FUCK are you? I don't know you.

Drake: Hmph. You're absolutly weak, just like you were before...

???: I don't fucking know you. If you don't know who I am, stay outta my way.

Maya: Who are you?!

???: Calm yourself. My name is Daniella. That's all you need to know.

Drake: Hmph. (walks away)

Luna:(Chases after Sky, Jason and Noble)

Daniella: Hmph. Pathetic wimps.

Burst: Who the fuck do you think you are!?

Daniella: Do I really need to answer that?

Shine: (showing off) WAHOOOO!!!!!

Fetalia: (groans)

Luna:(Catches up with Sky, Jason and Noble) Gottcha!

Daniella: Please. All of you make me sick.

Ivy: What is your problem?!

Finn: Great job Luna!!!

Sky: Heh! (u-turns)

Jason: (slashes Luna from behind)

Burst: Luna! (Activates Chaos Control)

Daniella: Unaffected.

Luna:(Gets up, attacks Jason)

Noble: (blocks it)

Luna:(Gets angry, pulls out her Ex-Gear, gets on it and chases after Sky)

Sky: (smirks)

Frostless:(Throws Ice blasts)

Sky: (dodges)

Ivy: (on her Red Predator hoverbike, trying to catch her)

Luna:(Catches up with Sky) Now I have you!

Daniella: Pathetic.

Burst: Shut the fuck up! (Hops on his Red Flare and goes after them)

Daniella: How dare you!?!?!?!?! (Flies after Burst) I will crush you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luna:(Grabs Sky)

Sky: (kicks her back)

Luna: Ugh!

Burst: (jumps and catches Luna)

Daniella: (is in close proximity to Burst)

Ivy: (catches up to Sky and gasps) Sk-Sky?!

Sky: Hmm? (sees her) Oh look! It's little miss dumbslut! Long time, no see!

Bethany: (flies on the scene) What the fuck!? (Lands near Burst) What's going on?

Burst: This. High-speed chase.

Danielle: HHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! )(Charges towards Burst)

Burst: Shit! (Jumps)

Daniella: (Gasps)

Frostless: (Out of Ice energy)

(A hedgehog that looks like Shadow appears)

Burst: Shadow, get outta the way!

???: I'm not Shadow. Chaos Control! (Freezes time)

Babylon Rogues: (already got away)

???: (unfreezes time)

Burst: Damn! They got away.

Luna: Who were they?

Burst: Incarnations of the Babylon Rouges.

Luna: Wait! How did you know about the Babylon Rouges?

Ivy: (clenching her fists) Sky....

Daniella: Hmph.

???: What is up with you?

Daniella: None of your business... (sheds a tear)

Drake: What a crybaby....

Shine: WHOAA!!! Where'd you come from?!

Drake: None of your business!

Daniella: Shut the fuck up, hedgebat. And here's what I think of your parents... They're both failures. None of you understand me... (sheds tear.) (Teleports away.)

Drake: Hmph....

Maya:......(tries to find her)

Burst: I'm gonna find those guys... (Hops on his Red Flare and zooms off.)

Flare: (Follows Burst)

Bethany: (Flies after them.)

Maya: Daniella....?


Chapter 2: The Mystery of Daniella

Maya: (runninga round, looking for Daniella)

(Meanwhile with Daniella)

Daniella: (appears in a bird-themed airship)

Jason: Can I help you?

Daniella: The fuck? Where am I? (Damn, my teleporting has gone haywire!)

Jason: You're on the Babylon Airship! So get off! (kicks her)

Daniella: Hmph.

Jason: (throws her out)

Daniella: (Floats in the air.) Chaos Big Bang Fuckin Blast. (Fires it at the ship in the ship explodes, but the Rouges escape.)

Jason: (sarcastically) Oh yeah. That's really fair!

Daniella: You asked for it. Don't blame me. (Teleports away)

Maya: Daniella!!

Daniella: (reappears in Splash Canyon)

(Darkblood: I just made Daniella's page. Feel free to check it out.)

Maya: There you are!

Daniella: Maya... i'm so sorry...

Maya: I'm sorry about Drake...he's just like that, most times....

Daniella: (sniffles) No, it's not Drake...

Maya: then what is it?

Daniella: I don't know... my father, Black Doom, hated all life on this planet.... Shadow was lucky to kill him... Dad wanted me to come here to show the planet what I'm made of, but I can't.... I love everyone on this planet... I can't destroy it... I'm afraid that no one likes me.


Daniella: I knew you wouldn't understand.... (starts to cry.)

Maya: (hugs her)

Daniella: You understand...?

Maya: (nods) I want to be your friend....

Frostless: (Weak)

(Meanwhile with Burst and crew....)

Burst: I wonder where Daniella went...

(An airship is seen crashing into a buiding.)

Clyde: Incoming!

Burst: Wait... (Gasps) That's the Rouges's airship!

Luna: I wonder what Jet is up to. (Pulls out her Ex-Gear and flies up to the airship.)

Ivy: Sky....

Burst: Wait.... Daniella! I think she blew that ship up.

Shine: Wow....

Daniella: (reappears with Maya)

Maya: What happened?!

Burst: The Rouge's airship just fell out of the sky! Looks like a Chaos Big Bang hit it.

Luna:(Wents inside the airship)

Burst: (follows Luna)

Luna: Jet?

Burst: I don't think that Jet's here, Luna.

Luna: Burst, how on earth did you know about Spencer's brother and the Babylon Rouges?

Burst: I raced Jet before. After I beat him, he disappeared... no one's seen him since.

Ivy: I know what happened....

Burst: Hmm? What happened, Ivy?

Luna:(Thoughts) The last time I saw him, he wants to find a stone and fight all the four monsters.

Burst: I wonder what happened to Jet.

Ivy: He retired the Babylon Rogues, married his friend Wave, and had a daughter named Sky. She's obviously picking up where her parents left off and revived the Babylon Rogues!

Clyde: How do you know her?

Ivy: When I was in high school--before I joined Star Wolf--me and Sky were vicious rivals. Especially in science. Even though I was smart, Sky was always better at me at everything, and always teased me and picked on me....but two weeks before school ended, two weeks before I joined Star Wolf...she disappeared. No one knew what happened to I know...

Daniella: The 3 troublemakers are back!

Burst: (Fire appears in hand) Hmph!

Daniella: (He's so hot... literally.)

Luna:(Thoughts) Jet might of retired in the future, he still the leader of the Babylon Rouges in the present. He still has his annoying brother, Spencer.

Daniella: (gets ready to fight.)

Babylon Rogues: (jump down in front of them)

Sky: Long time no see....Ivy Prower!

Ivy: Sky!! (clenching her fists)

Daniella: (cracks her knuckles)

Burst: (fire in his hand still burns)

Luna: ...............

Burst: Something up, Luna?

Luna: I'm fine.

Daniella: They ain't gonna be!

Jason: Oh, look! It's Mary-Sue!

Daniella: (demonic voice) You die first, bitch.

Noble: (steps in front) We shall fight fairly!

Kyle: Bring it!

Noble: Not you, Oikonny!

Kyle: What?! How do you know my name?!

Noble: I know a great deal about you and your family....

Daniella: They are fucking lucky that they aren't Shadow. (cracks her knuckles)

Noble: (stands ready)

Daniella: I'm doing this for you, Daddy. (is ready.)

Luna: Good luck.

Burst: (winks at Luna)

Daniella: This'll be over pretty quickly... heh.

Noble: Take your best shot!

Daniella: Oh, no, no. After you. It would be rude for me to take the first shot.

Noble: No, I insist.

Daniella: All right. Don't say I didn't warn you, stud. (Clones herself like Black Doom does) On guard. Swift Strike! (Four purple disks fly at Noble.)

Noble: (dodges)

Daniella: Not bad, stud... (summons a meteor from nowhere and hurls it at him.)

Noble: (smashes it)

Daniella: Wow. No one's been able to smash one of my meteors...

Noble: (charges with a punch)

Daniella: (dodges it.)

Burst: (is fighting Jason)

Jason: Hah! That all ya got?!

Burst: You haven't seen me at full power yet....

Jason: (smirks)

Mi-actu-sin:STOP THIS MADDNESS!!!!

Darkstorm: Mom?

Emily: I thought Weirdo's mom was dead.

Mi-actu-sin: Be nice to my boy.

Abaki: M-mother?

Burst: (still fighting Jason)

Mi-actu-sin:(Uses Time Shreik on Jason and Burts to slow time) Abiki and Darkstorm I have great news

(Wait for it)

Darkstorm:(Cleans out his ears) Yeah?

Mi-actu-sin: I am pregnant

Darkstorm:What (Stone Hibernation)

Jason: HUH?!

Mi-Atcu-sin:(Awakens her Son)

Darkstorm: Who is the Father

Mi-actu-sin: I don't know

Darkstorm:(Jumps on his Extreme Gear and Takes off)

Burst: See ya around the flock, raven! (uses Gravity Dive to leave Jason behind)

Jason: grrr!!!

JT: (leaning against a wall)

Burst: (racing Bethany)

Bethany: C'mon, baby!

Burst: You're pretty fast, babe!

Sky: idiots....we'll get 'em in the Grand Prix!

???: Like heck you will!
Blaze the hawk

Blaze the Hawk- Jet's overcompetitive son.

(a hawk that looks like Jet appears.)

???: You'll need some true speed on your side if you wanna win.

Sky: Blaze?!

Blaze: Nice to see you too, sis. Anyway, you guys will need me on your side to win... I've raced that red kid before, and I want revenge!

Whiteout: (appears) Hmph. You guys'll need someone cold to help you win, too.

Blaze: Good to see you, Whiteout... (to the Babylons) Let's take something close to Burst... then he'll wanna race us!

Whiteout: I know just the girl...


Whiteout the Hedgehog

Noble:....(those guys give me a bad vibe)

Jason: heh!

Blaze: Heh, heh, heh.

Whiteout: Let's get those losers... (gets out his Ice Shot board)

Sky: (smirks)

Blaze: Let's ride!

(all 5 of them blast off.)

(meanwhile with Burst and friends...)

Burst: (still racing Bethany)

Bethany: I wonder if the Rouges'll show up again?

Burst: Probably.


JT: (gets out the JT Dispatch) Hmmm...

(Meanwhle... with the Rouges...)

Blaze: I will crush you, Burst the Hedgehog...

Sky: heh!

Burnout the Hedgehog

Burnout the Hedgehog

(a raven and a gray hedgehog appear.)

Burnout: Hey, Blaze...

Blaze: well, well, well! If it ain't Burnout!

Tsunami: Blaze... you haven't changed.

Blaze: Damn right I haven't... You guys up for a mission?

Burnout: Yeah.

Tsunami: You always know how to surprise us, Blaze. (giggles.)

Jason: Who are they?

Blaze: These are my pals, Burnout the Hedgehog and Tsunami the Raven. The three of us make the Babylon Rouges 2.

Burnout: That name is too simple, man.

Tsunami: I agree, sweets.

Noble:.....(shaking his head, unimpressed)

Burnout: Don't we have a mission to do, Blaze?

Blaze: Yeah! We're gonna catch the red kid, Burst!

Tsunami: I've heard of him.... meh. (unimpressed.) I don't like him at all. Let's just catch him...

Blaze: Yeah...

Sky: With my speed, we'll catch him in no time!

(Sky, Jason, and Noble speed off)

Blaze: Hmph... sis, always so full of herself.

(Blaze, Tsunami, and Burnout blast off with the exact same speed as the other Babylon Rouges.)

Chapter 3: The EX Grand Prix

Shine: (zooming past)

Burst: (alongside Shine) Yo!

Bethany: (with Burst) Hey, Shine!

Shine: Hey guys!

Burst: (senses 5 power levels.) Looks like the Rouges brought some friends!

Bethany: No way! I thought we lost 'em!

Shine: Perfect timing! I just learned there's a new EX World Grand Prix coming up soon! And all are welcome to participate!

Burst: Heh! Bring it on.

Bethany: I don't think they're playing around! (senses Whiteout's power) They brought Whiteout along with the ride!

Shine: Who?!

Bethany: Crazy kid who had a major crush on me. He wants to kill Burst.

Burst: They brought that stuck-up hawk, too... not Blaze...

Ivy: (growls)

Blaze: (in distance) Burst the Hedgehog! I will defeat you!!!!!

Burst: Why don't you catch up first, ya stuck up hawk!? (hops on his EX-Gear and blasts off with Gravity Dive)

Bethany: Wow.

Blaze: (speeds up)

Itachi: (alongside Blaze)

Melanie: (alongside Blaze too)

Itachi the Echidna

Itachi the Echidna

Melanie the Hedgeswallow

Melanie the Hedgeswallow

Shine: Who are they?

Burst: Blaze's pals. They are like Wave and Storm.

Bethany: Burst and I have raced all 3 of them before!

Burst: Blaze, Itachi and Melanie are the new new Babylon Rouges.

Jason: Impossible!

Sky: We're the newest generation of Babylon Rogues!

Blaze: Well, sis, if you guys retire, or hit the bucket, we're next in line! I'm just after Red Kid!

Melanie: Yeah!

Itachi: Hmph.

Melanie: If we really wanna beat 'em... let's enter the EX Grand Prix...

Blaze: I like my plan better. See that red Hedgebat up there? (points at Bethany) I think she and Red Kid are in a relatioship... If somethin' were to happen to her, Burst would wanna race us...

Itachi: I like this plan already...

Sky: (smirks)

Jason: Too easy...(zooms off on his board)

Burst: (gasps) Shine! Hostile coop of birds at 2:00!

Shine: I got 'em!

Burst: Huh! (jumps a ramp and does amazing tricks, then lands)

Bethany: Don't be a showoff, babe! Let's just fly the coop!

Burst: Got it, baby!

Burst and Bethany: (blast off.)

Jason: Heh!

Surge: -walking up, noticed Burst and Bethany speed off and holding his Gear: Thunder Storm- Hmm...

Brittney: Surge!

Surge: -notices Brittney- Heya!

Brittney: The Babylon Rogues! Don't let 'em get away!

Surge: Hey, failing was never on my "Honey, Do-List"! -jumps on his Gear and blasts off after them in an electric burst-

Sky: Huh? Is that Sonic the Hedgehog?!

Surge: -blasts up to Sky- Nope, I'm his son! I'm Surge the Hedgehog! -blasts ahead of her-

Sky: Impossible! No one beats me!! (pursues him)

Blaze: (contacts Sky) Stick with the plan! Go after the hedgebat!

Itachi: Shut up, Blaze... we all know the plan!

Surge: -moves faster and ahead- Wonder what you people are after? -blasts foward, closer to Itachi and Blaze-

Blaze: (blasts off.)

Itachi: (blasts off)

Burst: They're getting closer!

Jason: (sees Bethany) Gotcha....

Surge: -blasts off, coming up on Blaze and Itachi- I don't suppose you guys are off to see the wizard!

Blaze: Hmph! Laugh while you can!

Surge: Speak for yourself! -blasts off, passing up Itachi- I don't think you're gonna have it so easy now, birdie! Birdies don't like lightning! -zaps Blaze's Gear and jumps up to a higher platform and blasts off-

JT: (catching up) Yeah, this Dispatch thing is gaining pretty well!

Surge: -aquires sight of Jason, Bethany and Burst- Doesn't look like they're having a party... -blasts foward, gaining on them-

Inferno: (flies in.) Hey, Surge!

Surge: Wassup? -continues closing the distance between himself and Jason, Bethany, and Burst-
Xavier the Hedgebat

Inferno the Hedgebat

Inferno: Mom, Dad! They're in trouble!

Surge: -quickly reconizes the problem- I'm on it! -shocks the ground just ahead of him, causing a huge boost of speed via magnetism, quickly closing in on Jason-

JT: (speeds up closer to Surge)

Inferno: Wait... He's after Mom!

Surge: Doesn't do a man good to attack women!! -blasts ahead, gaining on Jason-


JT: Heh! (passes Surge)

Surge: Hmph! -stays close to JT-

Inferno: Stay away from my mom! (Fire waves at Jason)

Jason: (dodges)

Melanie, Blaze and Fate: (closing in on Bethany)

Surge: -blasts off, running right next to Jason- I don't suppose you're wanting to have a "good time" with that chick up there! -shocks Jason's board-

Jason: Dammit!!

Itachi: Fuck! Jason's down!

Blaze: Stay focused! (closing in on Bethany)

Surge: -blasts ahead, catching up to Bethany- These fools aren't going to have their way... -notices Blaze and Itachi coming up behind him- ...I got the perfect plan to send them back down! -shocks the ground behind him, causing a magnetic field that creates an attractive force between Blaze and Itachi's boards and the ground-

Burst: (notices Surge) Hey, dude! You run into my son on the way here?

Surge: Yeah, he told me what was going on, thought I'd lend a hand! -slides up beside Burst- Don't know why they're after your girlfriend, but I don't think they want to take her out for dinner.

Bethany: By the way you're putting it, I don't think it's a good thing.

Surge: Not at all, but I stopped them for now with electromagnetic physics, which is what runs my board.

Jason: (jumps him from behind and cheaply beats him down)

Surge: -stays on his board due to being magnetically attatched- Angry dude huh? -knocks Jason off of himself-

Melanie: Gotcha now, slut... (dangerously close to Bethany)

Bethany: Uh-oh!

Surge: -shocks Melanie's board- Not today, madame!

Melanie: Shit!!

Itachi: Chaos Sharingan! (Aims it at Surge)

Surge: -is hit by it, but magnetism keeps him afloat- Well, aren't you the angry bunch? -creates a rather large ball of electricity and throws it at Itachi-

Itachi: (dodges it)

Burst: C'mon, Surge!

Surge: Heh! Time to have some fun! -shocks the wall of a tunnel they just entered, causing an attractive force between Itachi's board and the wall-

Mi-actu-sin:Abaki, is your brother happy for me?

Abaki: I think so...

Mi-actu-sin: I wish He acted it, mind racing him (Kisses her sons cheek)

Burst and Bethany: (blast off)

Surge: -blasts off with Burst and Bethany-

A brown blur passes them

Burst: Hey.. is that... Blast!

Blast: Sup, guys!?

Blast the Hedgegoose

Blast the Hedgegoose

Surge: Not much, just protecting a damsel in distress.

Darkstorm:(Kicks his turbo, Black Clouds appear and a hurricane begins)

JT: (chuckles) Woah!! (grins and revs up)


-A black hedgehog notices everyone on their extreme gears. He gets on his, and goes after them-

Sparks: {So, this is what I'm up against? Looks pretty tough.}

Darkstorm:(Kick Dashes)

JT: Heh Hey! Well if it isn't Sparks!

Burst, Bethany and Blast: (speeding of on their EX-Gears)

Burst: So, Blast, who are your parents again?

Blast: Sonic and Mina Mongoose. Why?

Burst: Just asking, man.


(Darkblood: Sorry i haven't been on in a while, Gurahk. I see you created Jane's page! Nice work, my friend.)

Jane: Ugh! Where in the world is Burst and his pals!?

Elijah: Don't know. Maybe they started before us.

Emerald: Yeah.

Brittney: Hey sis!

Jane: Brittney!

Burst: (sees Jane and the others and stops his EX-Gear) Hey, guys!

Bethany: (does the same) Hi!

Blast (does the same) What's up?

E-2012: Friends. We are glad you caught up.

Burst: (looks at Jane closely and nosebleeds) You're Brittney's sis, right? I saw you once.

Jane: (giggles) Well I remember you...

Burst: (blushes) Y-yeah... Now I remember you...

Jane: You're so hot....

Bethany: (getting jealous)

Inferno, Jacob and Tara: (on their EX-Gears.)

Jacob: (to Shine and Fetalia) Hi, Mom, hi Dad!

Fetalia: Jacob!

Tara: (next to Jacob)

Inferno: Hey, Shine. Hi, Fetalia.

Shine; Hey!....who were you again?

Inferno: I'm Burst and Bethany's kid, Inferno.

Fetalia: Oh yea! (looks at Tara) And you were....?

Tara: Brittney and Surge's daughter.

(Meanwhile with Burst and his friends...)

Brittney: (yawns)

Burst: (is bored) I don't think anything could make me less bored than I am now!

Bethany: Not even if I do this? (switches into her bathing suit at hyper-sonic speed)

Burst: (nosebleeds) Well...

Sky: Hey! Are you losers gonna race or what!?

Blaze: We have a score to settle, Burst the Hedgehog...

Bethany: (puts her clothes back on at hyper-sonic speed)

Burst: Bring it on...

Inferno: I'll help you, Dad.

Bethany: Fine, let's do this. (gets her gear out.)

Burst: (gets his gear out)

Inferno: (has his gear.)

Everyone else: (gets their gear)

(meanwhile, on the racetrack.)

Burst: I ain't going easy on ya, Beth.

Bethany: (giggles and winks at Burst) I love you, Bursty, but I'm not losing.

Darkstorm:(Zoom's Past)

Babylon Rogues: (ready)

Sky: Get ready to eat my dust, freak!

Ivy: Grrr....

Burst: Don't let her get to you, Ivy. Let's do this!

Chapter 4: Time to Race!

Babylon Rouges 2: (get ready)

Burst: (gets ready.)

Bethany: (ready.)

Star Wolf: (ready)

Others: (ready)

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