This RP is about Zulto the Hedgehog and how he must face darkness itself, allowing it to consume him but not take control of him. He must face evil shadow versions of friends, family, and ohters (the people who join this RP)


My life is nothing but memorys, memorys that haunt me and some may never leave, but these dreams just empty parts of me. All my life my path has been uncertain, I never kneow what I was, but Now I understand. I am a mix between Dark and light, a hybrid of evil and good, I am in the light yet hidden in the darkness, I am Zulto the Hedgehog and this is my legacy. - Zulto the Hedgehog



Those who want to help him confront his dark past and elimanate the nightmares that are consuming all of them..

  • Zulto the Hedgehog (Main Character, Xab)


Those that wish either want to help in there own way, dont care, or have there own plans...


Those that wish to support and help the nightmares....

Part 1: Dreams of Death

(In the Western Woods)

Zulto: *sleeping*

(Zulto begin to have a nightmare. He is in nothing but darkness, its consuming him. He sees a hand reaching out for him, but he cant reach it. He cant breth and he cant see the hand anymore, he suddenly awakes sweating and panting)

Zulto:*sweating and panting, looks at his hands* A nightmare...but I seemed so real...

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