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Rules to the Roleplay

  • No Godmodding
  • No Sexual Content (I'll allow kissing, hugging, flirting,.....and biting on the neck <(>w<)>/))
  • No Spamming
  • No Auto-Hitting
  • Make sure you use correct spelling and punctuation
  • No Messing up the Plot
  • No excessive profanity. You can say 'crap', 'damn', or 'hell'.
  • Make sure to wait for other people to make an edit. We don't want any Edit Conflicts.
  • Most of All: Have Fun!!!

For the Females that turn into Vampires:

  • Please note that when you turn into a vampire, you can only be out at night.
  • You may be out in the morning, but if you get in contact with sun light or rays, you will get burned.
  • Take note that you can only survive a limited amount of time without feeding.
  • Also, if you want to feed, only go to the person that you truly trust.
  • If any female that has recently smelled the fog in the morning will be turned at night.
  • If you happened to bite any male at any time, that male will turn into a vampire at night as well.
  • Lastly, the females that will not get infected by the virus are Robin Owsparr (because of her suit), Valencia the Vampire Werefox (since she's been a vampire all her life) and Katherine Bloodson (which she's immune to it).


What it all start out as a quiet night in Station Square, until an unexpected toxic gas called the Eternal V has begun an epidemic around town, creating blood-thirsty, ferocious vampires. But the downfall is that only the Females are infected, and are going after the Males. Now the heroes, and the female vampire heroes, must find the cause of this mess, find the root of the Eternal V and it's location, and find the Antidote and "Break the Crimson Flow of Rage".


People wanting to find the Antidote

People who want the Antidote for themselves

People who want to keep the Virus Spreading


This RP is being restarted, all the above characters will still he here, but you may add in more into the list. Thank you. ~CrySho~

Everywhere in the town of Station Square is quiet. All of the residence are asleep as the night time sky hovers overthe town. Owls hooting, bats flying around, and stars twinkle in the sky.Everyone is sound asleep with dreams without care. All....except for a few.

Down on the far west of town is a long and thick forest, surrounded by shrubbery, trees almost as big as a seven story buulding, and vines hanging here and there. But hopping from tree to tree is a couple of mysterious figures that passes by very swiftly, not making a sound.

The first lands in a clearing of some sort. He's an orange cat wearing a blue and gold jacket, white shirt, and a pair of blue and gold shoes. A ring of some sort is hanging from his neck by a small leather necklace. His electric blue eyes gaze at the field in a mild sense of wonder. "So is this where you and Shredder used to play, Crym?" he asked his companion.

Dropping down beside the orange feline is another feline. She had black fur, and her long crimson hair was tied down. She was wearing a long sleeve white shirt and light blue pants. Her bright crimson eyes lit up from the glow of the full moon. "Yep, been a long time since I have been here." She said as she walked towards the center.

The orange cat followed after her and looked around, "What did you two do while you were here?" he asked, trying to start a conversation. He stopped a short distance from her, taken aback by her beautiful appearance. In the light of the moon, her crimson hair seemed to shine brilliantly with starlight. Her briliant eyes seemed to dazle like the stars above. This almost left the feline speechless as he awaited her answer.

"Well, me and him use to play around here when we were little. We played pretend, play ball, and sometimes act in our own adventure." Crymson said, as she turned around. Her hair swayed gracefully and shimmered through the moonlight. She stared at her love with her crimson eyes glowing. She even smiled.

The orange cat couldn't help but form a smile of his own. "That's nice." He said as he walked up to her until he was only about a few feet away from her. With every step, his heart beat a little harder. He couldn't help but look up. "Nice sky." He commented, coming to a stop next to Crymson. "Very beautiful," He then looks at Crymson, "Just like you." he finished with a warm smile.

Crymson couldn't help but to blush at Static's.comment. Her heart race rapidly as he came near her, knowing that the two are all alone, underneath the silver glow of the full moon. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Static's neck and stare at his electric blue eyes.

Meanwhile, inside a diner in Station Square, a semi-dark brown fox, appearing to be roughly 5' tall with brown eyes, sporting his short, spikey black hair, with black and red wireless headphones wrapped on his head, silver military dog tag wrapped around his neck, steel grey long-sleeved shirt with aqua blue t-shirt, blue jeans, white heat-resistant gloves and black/white sneakers, who is sitting on a bar stool eating carrot cake, his favorite food while the orange hedgehog with red eyes, sporting flight goggles, dark gret/navy blue zip-up shirt, black utility belt around his waist, blue cargo shorts (with light blue parts of his pants stitched together), grey and blue gloves and white/light blue shin high sneakers.

"Mm-mm-mm this carrot cake is worth dying for, Ned." he said with his mouth full while eating his carrot cake for dessert, "Where's your bro at, tho?" he asked the orange hedgehog.

The orange hedgehog replies to his comment, "Who, J? He's with Violet and the others and told him that I would go with you instead, Johnny." Johnny nods to his comment. "So.." he swallows his final bite from his carrot cake, "aren't you gonna eat anything, N?" Johnny asks N, the orange hedgehog.

N replies, "Nah, I'm good. Thanks anyway." he lets out a small chuckle to him.

"Hehe, alright. Whatever you say is fine with me, dude."

It was a typical night for Twilight the Lycalo. Confined like a caged animal inside an abandoned house not far from the forest, he was forced to remain in the same area until the sun made its ascension the following morning. His inability to sleep made these nights long and cumbersome. He sat against a wall with a small number of fluorescent black light tubes surrounding him. His golden eyes grimaced at the full moon up in the midnight sky. While he was normally able to endure the entire night with no difficulties, seeing the full moon made his chest burn. It appeared as if the living Nightmare's will to be unleashed was strengthened during the full moon. Twilight got to his feet and headed for the open window while remaining with range of the ultraviolet lights. He leaned out slightly and inhaled deeply, allowing the fresh and crisp night air to flow through his keen nostrils. While he loved this time of day for how peaceful it was, he absolutely despised it and feared it for the dark secret within him.

Residing in a treehouse in the forest was a white and black-furred arctic fox. While the full moon was normally a pleasant sight for most other people, it was almost a symbol of terror for the fox. As soon as the energy from the moon had reached her, she began to change drastically. She grew large and beastly looking, and became stronger as well. As her body's size and shape changed, her fur turned to a uniform silver color. Her fangs and claws extended and became razor sharp. Once her transformation had completed, the werefox broke out through her house's wall and jumped onto the ground. The feral beast's eyes dilated and she looked to the sky and let out a loud and ominous howl.

A young looking brown hedgefox was taking a walk under the full moon and the glittering stars. She would always take walks, no matter the time of day if she could not catch sleep. Her ears perked at the sound of the howl, but she did not feel afraid, not thinking of who let out the howl.

Back at the diner, as both N and Johnny exit the diner, the two suddenly hear a loud, ominous howl. N lets out a nervous gulp upon hearing this, "D-D-Did you hear that, Johnny?" N asks Johnny in a slight nervous state.

"The howling? Yeah. Wolves do that in the middle of the night. Nothing to be scared of, man." Johnny replies as he lets out a sigh, amid N's sudden nervousness. "Let's just go." Johnny walks at the sidewalk in Station Square as N nods and n him, albeit closely, considering as how he is not used to howling sounds.

A worried and terrified expression shrouded Twilight's visage. His ears folded back against the piercing howl. He knew all too well the difference between the howl of a normal wolf and one of the feral monsters he was deep within. He let out a nervous gulp and took a couple staggering steps from the window. The burning in his chest increased and it felt as if Nightmare was feeling challenged knowing there was another like him lurking about. The sky blue Lycalo dropped to his knees and clutched the ovular tuft of white fur, wincing in pain as he did so. All he needed to do was just wait until morning and this nightmare would end.

A small gray colored mountain lion sat awake at the corner of town, facing the forest. She looked around with her light green eyes. Her long threads of silver hair flowed gently in the light breeze as she stared and watched for anyone or anything. She jerked her head in the direction of loud howl she heard and hopped down from the balcony she was on to investigate.

Back with N and Johnny, "Should we..." he gulps before resuming, "check out the source of the howling?" N nervously asks to Johnny. Johnny lets out a groan and a sigh, "Fine, but after that, I'd rather head to sleep than to go "werewolf hunting", ok?" Johnny replies to N as N nods frantically in return as the two resumes walking to find the source of the ominous howling sound.

Twilight had pressed his back against a wall. The hybrid was panting with sweat rolling down the side of his head. He grimaced at the glowing full moon as the scolding pain in his chest continued to jump to excruciating levels. To make matters as worst as they could possibly get, the flickering of the ultraviolet lights caught his attention. His head swiftly turned to face the duo of backlight tubes and his golden eyes instantly donned a look of absolute terror. He scrambled to fix them, but before he can even get close, he was greeted with blackness as they powered off. His eyes diverted to the moon once more as its luminescent light glowed onto him. Before he can even do anything more, a shadowy dark purple aura shrouded his body.

The wolfbat dropped to the ground curling his yellow gloved fingers against the ground. He began grunting in agony as his body started its transformation into the fearsome cursed Lycalo. His body grew immensely in size and his fur lengthened as well as became pitch black. Fangs and claws formed, destroying the fingers of his now crimson gloves. His once frail and scared cries of pain turned into deep demonic growls of rage. Before long, Nightmare was free after 2 long years. He leaped out the window and used his massive ebony wings to stay afloat. His empty and glowing red eyes gazed upon the moon. Another ear piercing howl would resonated through the multiple buildings from the Vampire WereWolf Bat. He flew high into the air and used his incredible sense of smell to target his first meal in 2 years.

The mountain lion continued to roam through the woods, looking for the source of the holw, as she heard another one, this one a deeper howl. She continued to move quietly and kept her guard up for any movement.

A spotted jungle cat was happily jumping through the trees, not too far after the other two cats. He had a large wooden bow slung over his shoulder and a decent sized quiver on his back.

A dark purple hedgehog was roaming along the streets. At first he was aimlessly directing himself to anywhere his legs directed him. It wasn't until a series of howls did the Gyromancer become vigilant. His violet eyes scanned the vicinity with the utmost caution and thoroughness. Crimson energy engulfed his ivory gloved fists and equally colored, positive sigh-shaped markings adorned both palms and the backs of his hands. The hedgehog braced himself for an attack from any angle and was more than ready to protect himself.

A rust colored dingo wearing a nearly all black outfit was on the outskirts of the forest when he heard the eerie howl of the wearfox. Instinctivly, he drew out his silver crossbow and entered the forest. "I better find it before it hurts anyone." he said to himself as he rushed throught he forest with unusual speed. Zorovar was trained in hunting and fighting monsters, but little did he realize that the monster he would be facing was someone he knew.

The hedgefox neared the sound of the howl, then she heard the another howl, but she distinguished this as a different being. A young caracal hybrid followed the hedgefox closely. "Luce," she whispered. "You might be in danger if you near those creatures." The hedgefox turned around at her name. She laughed a bit. "I don't fear danger, Cerys." The caraval smiled, but it quickly faded. "I'll tag along if you don't mind." The hedgefox nodded. "Fine by me." The two walked closer to the source of the first howl.

Nightmare's fearsome sense of smell had picked many targets, but 2 in particular caught his attention. They were vaguely similar to him and he felt challenged by it. The one closest to him was the weaker similarity and his large powerful wings pushed him towards the intended target. It wasn't long until hos nose brought him to the rust colored dingo. Nightmare can sense the canine's Vampiric side and felt he needed to eliminate this individual as well as the other he sensed before moving on to prey. The hybrid was flying above the warrior for a short moment before swooping down to attack with his formidable fangs and claws.

A young vampire cat hybrid spotted Nightmare, and sensed him as part vampire, much like himself. He watched closely in the bushes, and was amazed, simply because he'd never seen a hybrid much like Nightmare before.

As the duo arrive at the forest, Johnny enters the dense forest with N frantically following him. "W-W-Wait up! It's dark inside!" N exclaims.

Johnny stops for a moment and lets out a slight sigh, "Do you have a flashlight with you, Ned?" he asks N.

"Erm.. yeah, I do. But why? You have pyrokinesis, can't you use them?" N asks Johnny again. "No can do. Besides, even a small fire I use is gonna light up the entire forest in a bad way. It'll just do more harm than good." Johnny replies.

N nods, "I see... alright, then." N then grabs his small, portable flashlight from his utility belt pocket as he turns it on to increase visibility inside the pitch dark forest. "Alright... let's hope one of us doesn't part ways..." N gulps out of nervousness as he and Johnny enters the forest to find the source of the ominous howling.

Zorovar senses something wrong and turns just in time to see Nightmare coming towards him. The dingo jumps several feet in the air over Nightmare just before it could grab him. In mid-air, Zorovar pulls out his Harbinger, inserts a stun crystal and a explosive crystal, and lands on the ground feet first. Upon landing, he aims the crossbow at Nightmare. "Bring it." he challenged calmly.

Nightmare landed in a slightly crouched position. He snarled at the canine with glowing red eyes glaring intently at him. He positioned himself upright and let out a fearsome roar. As he did so, his lower jaw unhinged, allowing the Lycalo's mouth to be opened to eerie extents. His foe would likely be undeterred by this given his occupation. On top of this, a barely visible, cone-shaped wave of energy escaped his mouth. Zorovar would most likely be stunned by the sonic screech. A few windows near them would even crack as a result. Once the cursed hybrid saw an opportunity, he would lunge in for another attack.

Zorovar picked this moment to fire is crossbow in rapid fire succession. The bolts would explode in a blinding flash and deafening bang as the bolts got close to the Nightmare, hopefully stunning him and leaving him vulnerable. After Zorovar fired, though, the screech would leave him dropped to one knee. However, he would't let his eyes wander from his opponent.

Nightmare let out another roar, this one of frustration and anger. His eyes were sealed shut and he found himself blinded with an intense ringing sound punishing his overly sensitive ears. He began swinging his clawed hands in a flustered manner. He even stumbled about as he tried to open his eyes and even spun around in rapid circles. The Lycalo suddenly stopped and lifted his dark gray muzzle to the midnight sky. With his eyes and ears still having negative effects to Zorovar's bolts, his nose twitched about and his head gradually turned in the direction of the dingo. With a sadistic grin, his wings began flapping and he dove in for the kill guided only by his acute sense of smell.

Zorovar rolled out of the way just as the Nightmare got within reach. With a tree behind the monster hunter, the beast was bound to collide head first into it. I'm not going to be able to fight it here, there isn't enough room to move around. The dingo thought to himself. I'll need to get to a clearing. With this last thought he turned and dashed away from his opponent, unknowingly heading towards the clearing in which the felines were in and where the werefox was heading. He fired another stun bolt at the Nightmare to keep it focused on him.

The cat hybrid watched eagerly, but had the scent of his cousin and her friend nearby. He decided to go warn them, and darted off before they got any closer. "Cerys, Cerys, Luce, Luce!" he screamed, trying to grab their attention with his mild British accent. The caracal hybrid's ears perked as se clutched them, his voice and her name ringing in her sensitive ears. "Wilson, you don't need to scream so loud."

"There's a were-vampire mobian back there! He's in his form, and he's not very happy. It's not safe!" Wilson said rather quickly. The hedgefox rolled her eyes, and Wilson noticed.

"Luce, I'm serious," Wilson protested. The hedgefox looked at Wilson at the sound of her name.

"First of all, if it attacks us, I can protect y'all. It'll be fine," Luce said with a light smile as the group traveled further into the forest near where Nightmare was, despite Wilson's protests. Cerys had a few personal things against her cousin, especially the fact that he used to bite her when she was young.

Nightmare's durable claws tore through the timber like it was nothing. It didn't take him long to realize his target had fled the scene. The monstrous hybrid took a step to pursue, but found himself on his knees clutching his ringing ears in agony from the stun blot. This immobilization was only temporary and he seemed to only get more angry. Another eerie howl surface from the pitch black predator as he rose to his feet, hovering just above the ground using his robust wings. With his vision clearing up but still needing to rely solely on his sense of smell, Nightmare followed the canine warrior with great speed.

Luce out of the corner of her eye see Nightmare barreling by. Luce told her comrades to stay put, as she chased after the feral beast to investigate. She stretched out her wings, and flapped her wings quickly towards Nightmare, flying a bit above him.

A nearby scent briefly caught Nightmare's attention. While still pursuing the canine, his vision cleared up as he turned his body slightly to look at the Angelfox. An evil grin stretched across his dark gray muzzle as he figured he could use a snack. However, instincts swiftly reminded him not to turn attention away from such a formidable foe that Zorovar was. As such, Luce's presence was quickly dismissed. For that short lived sight, the Lycalo within recognized the brown hybrid all too much. It was a sight he had not seen in 3 years. When the feral beast looked at Luce, she might have noticed his eyes became a solid gold for a brief moment. Even with this transformation and the prolonged amount of time since their last interaction, she may be able to recognize him as the Twilight who abruptly vanished from her life that small amount of years ago.

Luce looked straight at Nightmare, and she noticed the slight resembelance to Twilight. He would have told me if something like this happened to him, she thought, but she also thought that would be why he dissapeared. Luce felt astonished, and even dumbfounded and confused. But what if it isn't Twilight? Luce thought again, but then she saw Nightmare's eyes flash golden for a second, and she then knew Twilight was locked within the beast. She dared not to attack him, but she would if she was attacked by Nightmare. Luce then looked at the beast.

"Twilight?" she asked, still dumbfounded.

Bethany walked into the area and found herself staring at the back of the monstrous lycalo. She eyed him carefully for any mozement, then readied herself in case he decided that she looked appetizing.

Static wrapped his arms around Crymson's back and stared into her bright, crimson eyes. He always received a wonderful sensation whenever he was with Crymson. He was just about to lean foward to kiss his love when he heard the sound of Valencia's howl. "What was that?" he asked, stopping his advancement entirely.

Crymson felt a bit frightenes by the howl. Sure they were almost about to have an alone.moment with Static, but the howl seem to make.her fur stand on ends. She looked around the area to.find out where the howl went. "I don't know...."

Another howl, this time much louder, could be heard as the werefox ran through the forest. Following the smell of Mobians, she was making her way toward the pair of felines with great speed. Because the cats' scent was the first the werefox picked up, she wasn't hesitating to find them. As soon as she reached their location, she would let out an earsplitting howl, then draw her lips back in a snarl as her violet gaze met the felines.

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