zis is a RP where everyone is trapped in a bookstore.


Basically, everyone is trapped in a bookstore playing annoying smooth jazz for an unknown reason. it basically drives everyone mad, whats worse is the doors are indestructible and people can only walk in. they try to make the best of it, though they slowly go insane. the only food is a small coffee shop that sells pastries. can more than half of them survive?


ze rules are simple:

NO Swearing

NO G-modding

NO breaking out of the bookstore until ze end.

NO ending it to soon


NO Adult content, flirts, kissing, and hugging is fine.

also, yu may add yer name without asking.




  • Coffee shop owner



Part one: Trapped

Luner: *reading a book*

Soler: GAH! how can you read with that annoying music and smell of coffee?

Luner: simple, I lyk coffee and smooth jazz

Soler: but its so smooth! and jazz-y!

Luner: *ignores him and returns to her book* ...

Galvin: (enters) Ack wrong place (heads for the door)(bounces off door) oof (spindashes at door) (bounces off door) (Super spin dashes at door) (flys off door and hits wall) oof. I think i'll read a book well im here. (takes a book out) nope nope nope (contines taking books and stay nope).

Soler: theres NO good books here.

Luner: soler, you don't even read anything but the back of a cerial box, and that gives you a headache. *goes back to reading*

Soler: well, i'm gonna go get some coffee *walks to the coffee shop*

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