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Bloode Academy is a school for pupils from the ages of twelve to eighteen. There are four houses and the headmaster Parmsley Elroudous the Warlock chooses who goes in which house...



Students: Skud the Cockroach, Kyle the Ferret, Liona the Lioness, Tayler the Cat, Dusk the Hedgehog, Fleece the Lamb, Shade Nightwing, Yin the Wolf, Brittany the Flying Squirrel

Colours: Purple and Gold


Students: Wolfgang the Cat, Flicker the Cheetah, Nightfall the Hedgehog, Temporal the Cat, Devon the Fox, Fa-La-Stu the Echidna, Krinkinko the Hedgehog, Jakob the Rabbit, Rainbow the Fox

Colours: Red and Silver


Students: Hunter the Fox, Tucker the Weasel (EXPELLED), Rapid the Hedgehog, Cleo the Dog, Lightbane the Hedgehog, Bee the Fox, Eon the Wolf, Droget the Frog

Colours: Green and Bronze


Students: Vee the Fox, Dalton the Cat, Meg the Hedgewolf, Rail the Hedgehog, Moonrise the Hedgehog, Zee the Fox, Yang the Wolf

Colours: Blue and Platinum (Yes Platinmus is a colour!)

NOTE: You do not choose which house you go in, the headmaster does. Remember the roleplaying policy!!!!


Vee the Fox and Soot the Vulpix (Heathershield, First Year) - Intrudgero

Skud the Coakroach (Bramblethorn, First Year) - Intrudgero

Dalton the Cat (Heathershield, First Year) - Hunter1034

Wolfgang the Cat (Thistlevine, First Year) - Hunter1034

Hunter the Fox (Cloverhoof, First Year) - Hunter1034

Tucker the Weasel (Cloverhoof, First Year) - Intrudgero (EXPELLED)

Meg the Hedgewolf and Frost the Vulpix (Heathershield, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Kyle the Ferret and Fog the Vulpix (Bramblethorn, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Rapid The Hedgehog (Cloverhoof, First Year) - Rapidthehedgehog

Rail The Hedgehog (Heathershield, First Year) - Rapidthehedgehog

Leona the Lioness and Sunny the Vulpix (Bramblethorn, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Flicker the Cheetah and Midnight the Vulpix (Thistlevine, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Cleo the Dog and CoCoa the Vulpix [XD so many Vulpix!] (Cloverhoof, Second Year) - 1LugiaLover

Nightfall the Hedgehog and Shade the Eevee(Thistlevine, First Year) - Numbuh712

Lightbane the Hedgehog and Storm the Eevee(Cloverhoof, Third Year) - Numbuh712

Moonrise the Hedgehog and Clair the Eevee(Heathershield, Second Year) - Numbuh712

Temporal the Cat (Thistlevine, First Year) - NeroTH

Tayler the Cat (Bramblethorn, First Year) - NeroTH

Dusk The Hedgehog (Bramblethorn, First Year) - DuskoriontheDarkPrince

Devin the Fox (Thistlevine, First Year) - Ddevore2

Bee the Fox (Cloverhoof, First Year) - Intrudgero

Zee the Fox (Heathershields, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Fleece the Lamb (Bramblethorn, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Shade "Tendril" Nightwing (Bramblethorn, First Year) - Numbuh712

Eon the Wolf (Cloverhoof, First Year) - Intrudero98

Yin the Wolf (Bramblethorn, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Yang the Wolf (Heathershields, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Fa-La-Stu the Echidna - (Thistlevine, First Year) - Sonicfan919

Krinkinko the Hedgehog (Thistlevine, First year) - Sonicfan919

Droget the Frog (Cloverhoof, First year) - Sonicfan919

Brittany the Flying Squirrel (Bramblethron, Second Year) - 1LugiaLover

Jakob the Rabbit (Thistlevine, Third Year) - 1LugiaLover

Rainbow the Fox (Thistlevine, First Year) - Intrudgero98

Damian the Echidna - Damian232041

Dillon the Echidna - Damian232041

Sam the Fox - Damian232041

Trey the Chameleon - Damian232041

Ryan the Hedgehog -Damian232041

Alex the Hedgehog - Damian232041

Kyel the Fox (BunnieRabbot123)

Zangya The Bat

Cynados The Amur Hedgehog (house unkown)- CynadosTAH

Mars the lightning wolf (first year) -Clastus the AshLynx


Parmsley Elroudonous A.K.A Professor Elroudonous the Warlock (Headmaster) - Intrudgero

Cerberus Tarturon A.K.A Professor Tarturon the Wolf (Teaches Teleportation) - Intrudgero

Candid Marsuley A.K.A Professor Marsuley the Cat (Teaches Witchcraft) - Intrudgero

Gandid Swuild A.K.A Professor Swuild the Human [SACKED] (Librarian but also teaches Invisibility) - Intrudgero

Gargulous Gondor A.K.A Professor Gondor the Troll (Teaches Battle) - Intrudgero

Tyberius Vlian A.K.A Professor Vlain the Meerkat (Teaches Music) - Intrudgero

Skaklin Kikrian A.K.A Professor Kikrian the Bat (Teaches Art) - Intrudge

Manitle Necros A.K.A Professor Necros the Shaman (Teaches Drama) - Intrudge

Vandrid Bobshins A.K.A Professor Bobshins the Cow (Teaches Literature) - Intrudge

Panthus Itribus A.K.A Professor Itribus the German Shepard (Teaches Physical Education) - Intrudge

Mankail Hardwood A.K.A Professor Hardwood the Bear (Teaches Astronomy) - Intrudgero

Other Staff

Rosebell Veer (Cook) - Intrudgero

Hyckil Finn (Janitor) - Intrudgero

Teedia Roilet (Librarian) - Intrudegro98


Vee the Fox (Heathershields, First Year) - Intrudgero Jakob the Rabbit (Thistlevine, Third Year) - 1LugiaLover

Kyle the Ferret (Bramblethorn, First Year) - 1LugiaLover

Roleplay Part 1

The huge building towered over Vee. He felt scared. He was sixteen but had to fake first year with a bunch of twelve year olds! What a nightmare! Still he would make prefect. He was early. No-ne else was there.

Vee: I hope someone will come soon

[Figures approach]

Vee: Finally!

[It's an Albino cat with a guitar on his back and a Vulpix on his head, a familiar red cat with purple markings, and a orange two-tailed fox with black bracers set with blue crystals. They're all palling around and having fun.]

Vee: Are you enrolling for the school to?

Albino: Yep!

Vulpix: Pix! (Aye!)

Red Cat: Indeed!

Fox: Undoubtedly!

[The four of them look at each other, then break out laughing]

Vee: What's so funny?

[They keep on laughing, pointing at each other]

Vee: You guys are weird... Hey the doors are opening!!!!!

[They go inside where they meet and old man]

[The four of them instantly shut up when they see him, having respect for the elderly]

Elroudonous: Vee the Fox, Dalton the Cat, Hunter the Fox and Wolfgang the Cat, here are the houses you are in. [He hands them some parchments with what houses they are in] Please go to the Great Hall.

[The three look down at their parchment walking towards the hall indicated]

Vee: Heathershields...

Red Cat: Same here.

Albino: Thistlevine...

Fox: Cloverhoof...

[The three look at each other sadly.]

Albino: I guess..

Vulpix: Vul... (We're...)

Fox: ... Not in the same house...

Red Cat: ...At least we're still in the same school...

Others: Right...

Vee: So this is the Great Hall?

[They notice teachers sitting at a table]

Prof. Marsley: Welcome first students! Welcome! I will be teaching you Witchcraft!

Red Cat: Witchcraft? Interesting...

Prof. Swuild: I'm Prof. Swuild and will be your librarian amongst other thins....

Prof. Tarturon: I shall be teaching you Teleportation.

Prof. Gondor: And I shall teach you Battle!

Vee: Wow..

Prof. Tarturon: Now tell us you're names and houses.

Vee: Vee the Fox in Heathershield.

Red Cat: Dalton the Cat, Heathershield.

Albino: Wolfgang the Cat, [Points to Inferna] Inferna the Vulpix, in Thistlevine

Hunter: Hunter the Fox, Cloverhoof.

Prof. Marsuely: Ahh, a Pokemon...

Inferna: Pix-Vulpix. (That I am.)

Wolfgang: [Translates for the rest]

Prof. Swuild: Whatever!

Prof. Marsuley: Sorry about him. He's not a very good staff member. Anyway Coverhoof's upstairs on your right will be your common room. Same for Heathershield only on your left. Thistlevine's downstairs on your left and Bramblethorn's same on your right...Disperse!

Dalton: [Goes upstairs left] Bye guys.

Wolfgang: [Goes downstairs left] See ya.

Inferna: [Still on Wolfgang's head] Pix-Pix. (Bye-Bye)

Hunter: [Goes upstairs right] Adios!

Vee: [Follows Dalton]

(In the Heathershield's common room)

Vee: Sow e have the whole room to ourselves huh?

Dalton: [On a bed] For now. Hunter and Wolfgang's friends might show up if they give this place good marks.

Vee: Well we might as well TRY to make friends with each other. [Notices timetables on the wall] The first day is a day off...

Dalton: [Sits up against the headboard] That's cool, gives us time to settle in.

Vee: Yeah...

Roleplay Part 2

Dalton: [Drawing]

Vee: Watcha drawing?

Dalton: [Points up at the school with a pencil] It's got some interesting architecture...

Vee: I just LOVE dolphins!

[There is a knock on the door, when Vee opens it a Cockroach is standing in front of them]

Skud: Excuse me but can you tell me where the Bramblethorn common room is?

Dalton: Go back to the Great Hall, then go down the stairs on the right. That should take you straight to it.

Skud: Thanks!

Vee: Bye! What a weirdo...

Dalton: Cockroach... [Shivers] Not my favorite insect... [Looks at Vee] Did you say you liked Dolphins before he showed up?

Vee: Yep! So what do you think of the teachers and lessons?

Dalton: Donno, we haven't taken any yet. As to the Dolphin thing, some people used to call me that just because it sounds similar to my name. XP

(In the Cloverhoof common room)

[A weasel bursts in]

Hunter: ?

Tucker: I'm Tucker!

Hunter: Hunter. [Goes back to tinkering]

Tucker: So Hunter, like the school?

Hunter: [Shrugs] Haven't had any lessons yet.

Tucker: What about the teachers?

Hunter: I donno yet, barely met them.

Tucker: It's getting dark. Better get to sleep tomorrow's the first lesson.......

(He falls asleep)


Vee: [Wakes up and checks the time table] Hey Dalton wake up! Our first lesson in Witchcraft with Prof. Musurley! [He collects his books, goes to the bathroom for a shower and comes out]

Dalton: [Already ready] Letz go!

The classroom was painted black with spiders everywhere. The only female teacher stood at the front of the classroom.

Prof. Musurley: Welcome first years! This is Witchcraft! Now I want each of you to choose a partner.

Tucker: Partner???

[Hunter and Wolfgang tag each other for partners immediately]

Dalton: [Looks at Vee] Partners?

Vee: Sure!

Tucker: Er, is there anyone left?

Skud: There's me!

Tucker: I am not being partner's with a filthy bug!

[The teacher eyes hm carefully]

Tucker: I mean, whatever!

[The teacher hands each pair a spellbook]

Prof. Marsuley: Now you must recite all the spells in the first page and use them on this dummy.... [She pulls a dummy out the closet] Oh and plus we have some late arrivals Meg the Hedgewolf and Kyle the Ferret shall be partners, Meg in Heathershield and Kyle in Bramblethorn.

Meg: Hello!

Kyle: Heya!

Vee: Hi

[They get thrown their spellbooks]

(After the listen)

SKud: Come on Kyle, follow me to the common room.

Vee: Um... I'm not sure girls get the same common room...

Prof. Marsuley: Yes they do and if there's any complaints about looking you'll be expelled got that.

Vee: Got it, follow me Meg.

Prof Marsuley: Yes after each lesson there is one hour free time, I suggest you use this for studying so get to the library, in the tallest tower...

Skud: Awww.

Vee: It's our first day...

Prof. Marsuley: I suppose I can let you off but be warned Tarturon is very strict for homework...

(In the Heathershield common room)

Vee: So you know the time table?

Meg: Not really. But i do know where all the classes are.

Vee: Well after the next lesson is lunch.

(In the Bramblethorn common room)

Skud: Me and you are gonna be alright in here Kyle!

Kyle: [Is looking around] Awesome! So there are four different houses... I like Bramblethorn's colors.

Skud: Yep, me too. Your things will arrive tomorrow.

Kyle: Ok!

SKud: So what do you want to do for the rest of the hour?

[Some parchment flies in through the window. It says that Kyle and Vee have to go to the headmaster's office at once]

Kyle: ...I guess i gotta go there. I hope I'm not in trouble... See ya later, Skud! [Leaves the common room and goes to the headmaster's office]

Roleplay Part 3

Vee: So you got a parchment too huh?

They were entering the headmaster's office.

Kyle: Yup. And i hope we aren't in trouble. I hate getting in trouble on the first day of school.

???: [Groggy] Ugh... I hate school... [Falls asleep on his desk]

Vee: Me too.

Prof. Erandoulous: Welcome to my office, prefects! [He hands them both a Prefect's Badge]

Rapid: [Falls out of seat]

Prof. Erandolous: Up!

Rapid: [Gets up]

Prof. Erandolous: Now go to Teleportation with Prof. Tarturon! Hurry!

[Vee goes to the lesson]

Rapid: Need to play PS3!

Prof. Erandolous: You got detention for using electrical items inside school walls! If it happens again you'll be expelled!

(In the class)

Prof. Tarturon: Right! Let's get on shall we?

Skud: I hope so or we'll be here all day!

Prof. Tarturon: One more crack outta you and it's the headmaster's office! Got that?

Skud: [Whimpers] Yes...

Rapid: Darn...(I'll be gone until 3:00 or 4:00)

Prof. Tarturon: So! You will be teleporting from one end of the room to the other! VEE THE FOX!!!!!!!!!!

Vee: On it!

Kyle: ...[Writes down notes and doodles a bit]

Wolfgang: [There's a red thunderclap, and he's on the other side] Easy.

Hunter: [In a lunar-blue flash he does the same]

Dalton: [Back against a wall drawing]

Prof. Tarturon: STOP DRAWING IN MY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!

Vee: I'm next! [In a swirl of ocean blue, made to look like a giant whirlpool he's on the other side]

Kyle: lemme try! [A flash of Yellow, and he's standing next to Vee] Awesome!

Meg: My turn! [Magenta Flash, and she's next to Dalton] hahaha! did it!

Prof. Tarturon: CLASS DISMISSED!!! But before you go your homework is teleport from one end of your common your all the way to the library! It will take a lot of concentration, DISPERSE!!!

[Vee walks out into the hallway]

Vee: He was a bit of a-

Dalton: Yeah... Worse part is the fact I can't teleport. I screwed... DX

Vee: Don't worry Sparkle will help! If you're wondering who Sparkle is he is my stuffed dolphin! Once we get into second year our awesome Witchcraft teacher will teach us how to bring inanimate objects to life!!! But I'm not sure I like that wolf so much...

Dalton: How can a stuffed dolphin help?

Vee: I don't know I just like dolphins.....Well we've got till tomorrow for that homework to begin... Wanna do it now or later?

Kyle: I'm gonna do it now. [Walks to the library]

Meg: [Drawing doodles of Lariath the Hedgecat, (One of my fan characters)] See ya. [Walks to the library]

Vee: Wait up!!! [Rushes after them]

Dalton: [Sighs then walks to the common room]

(In the Cloverhoff common room)

Tucker: No house is better than Cloverhoof!!

(In the library)

Meg: Hey look! It's Flicker and Leona!

Leona: MEG!! (They both hug)

Flicker: Hey Kyle!

Kyle: Hey.

Leona: Oh, Kyle, I'm in you're house. Can you show me to the common room later?

Kyle: Sure!

Vee: When'd you guys come in?

Flicker: Just a few minutes ago. We kinda missed the ride here... [Embarrassed tear drop]

Vee: Oh well your lucky you missed the last lesson.


Vee: [Whispers] I don't think he's very quiet.

Leona: [Nods her head]

Kyle: Well Leona, how about i show you to the Common Room? Skud might be there already.

Leona: Ok. See ya later guys! [Walks out of the library with Kyle]

(In the Bramblethron common room)

Skud: [Reading book]

Kyle: [Enters room] Ok, well, this is the Bramblethorn common room! [Sees Skud] Hey Skud, this is Leona! One of my friends! She's a Bramblethorn too!

[Skud puts his book aside]

Skud: Hi! Welcome to the best house in the school!!!

Leona: :) Hey.

Skud: It's lunch next!

(At the Great Hall)

Vee: Yum!

Flicker: [Looks around] Not many people here...

Leona: Well, Cleo said she went here last year. (is it ok if Cleo the Dog is a Second Year in Cloverhoof?)



Kyle: Here she comes now!!!!

Cleo: Hey guys! So it's your first year at Bloode Academy huh?

Vee: Yeah.

Roleplay Part 4

(In the Cloverhoof common room)

Tucker: Well Bloode doesn't seem TO bad. The headmaster told us about four new subjects, Art, Literature, Drama and Music. The teachers are coming round to meet us this afternoon.

Cleo: [Walks in] Heya!

Tucker: Hey, how come we didn't see you here on the first day?

Cleo: I had different teachers. I'm a Second Year. But the rest of my classes should be the same as yours.

Tucker: Oh. Well the first teacher should be arriving-

[A shaman walks in]

Tucker: Now...

Prof. Necros: Hello, I am your new teacher for Drama. It shall be your next lesson in half an hour so I suggest you pack everything you need. You also need a partner. I am Professor Necros, today's Drama lesson is a horror play.

Hunter: [Voice emanates from a crystal on his bedstand] Horror play? Cool...

Cleo: Cool. So, what's it called?

Prof. Necros: You make one up! But it has to have either Vampires, Werewolves or Aliens in it..

Rapid: [Running] Can I be in the play Professor Necros? I've never been in a play!

Prof. Necros: Of course! Now get yourselves ready, my class starts in ten minutes!

Rapid: [Testing his vocals] Do Rei Me Fa Sa La Ti Doooooooooooo [Cough cough] Do Rei Me Fa Sa La Ti DOOOOOOOO! [Coughing hardly breathing]

Tucker: Er, good luck on that...

Cleo: How about a fight against a Werewolf, Vampire, and Alien to see who is evil enough to destroy the human race! I'll be the Vampire! XD

Tucker: Werewolf!

(In the Heathershield common room)

Vee: So any ideas for our play?

Meg: [Shrugs] Nope.

Vee: [Groans]

Dalton: ...Were-world?

Vee: Your a genius!!!

(In the class)

Prof. Necros: Hullo!

Dalton: Hi. [Has a 4H pencil in his hand]

Prof. Necros: What will you do with that pencil???

Dalton: [Mock insane voice] Stab you repeatedly! >:D


Dalton: ...Wow, a drama teacher that doesn't know bad acting when he sees it... -_-' [Starts off to the Headmaster's office]

Prof. Necros: Wow, a child who doesn't know GOOD acting when he sees it, now get back in! I was acting myself!!!

Dalton: [Walks back in] O_O' Wow, you really know your trade.

Prof. Necros: [Chuckles] Now have you all got an idea?

Vee: Yep!

[There's a blue flash, and Hunter falls on top of Dalton]

Hunter: Sorry I'm late!

Dalton: [Muffled beyond audibility]

Prof. Necros: ......

(Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane appear in their seats)

Nightfall: Did we miss anything interesting?

Dalton: [Shoves Hunter off him] Just Hunter teleporting on top of me again... -_-

Lightbane: I said interesting

Dalton: That's the most interesting so far, but we haven't started acting yet.

Moonrise: Meh... Whatever.

Hunter: Something really interesting should be showing up any second now...

Nightfall: And what would that be?

Dalton: Yeah?

Hunter: I brought your spliced pokemon! :D

Dalton: You did?! :D

Hunter: Yep.

Lightbane: ......

Temporal: [Walks in] Hey Dalton, Hey Hunter

Dalton: Hi Temp.

[Thudding is suddenly heard in the halls, sounding like something with four legs running]

Temporal: What the?

[A strange looking pokemon bursts in and tackles Dalton]

The Pokemon

Dalton: :D

Temporal: Oh Speaking of Pokes, [Call's his new Poke]

(Temporal's new Poke comes in and jumps onto Temporal's head)

This is Absolon

Rapid: [Practicing his lines]

Dalton: Cool, but can yours to this.

[Dalton's pokemon grows big enough for Dalton to ride on it's back, which Dalton then does]

Nightfall: ......

Temporal: No, but he makes a good pal [Pet's him]

Dalton: Can't argue that. No point in having a Pokemon if you two don't get along.

Rapid: COOL!!! PO-KE-MON!!

Dalton's Poke: ^^

Lightbane: ......

Dalton: What?

Moonrise: Who, us?

Dalton: You two is silent...

Nightfall: We merely do not see the appeal of Pokemon. They are nothing more than pets.

Rapid: [Singing the Pokemon Kanto Region theme song]

Lightbane: [Looks at Rapid] Riiiiggghht.

Dalton: And whats wrong with pets?

Moonrise: Nothing. They are merely a trivial matter that do not do much but keep one company.

Rapid: What's wrong with pokemon Lightbane?

Dalton: -_-' Close minded fool...

Nightfall: Aren't we in the middle of class anyway?

Prof. Necors: .......

(After class everyone returns to their house. Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane find pokemon eggs in their rooms. Each one has a note attached that reads "If you hate Pokemon so much, i hope you don't mind taking care of them for me." They do not have signatures.)

Nightfall: [Telepathically to Moonrise and Lightbane] So. Someone wants to give us a little challenge?

Moonrise: [Telepathically to Nightfall and Lightbane] It would seem so. no matter, we can handle raising pokemon.

(Just roll with it everyone. I figured this would soften their attitudes a little.)

[Dalton's on his bed, sketching his pokemon, who's modeling in front of him]

Dalton: ... Alright, I got the base done, you can move now. ^^

Poke: [Instantly cuddles up to him] ^^

Dalton: [Smiling] You know, I never named you!

Poke: [Looks at him with intelligent eyes]...

Dalton: Hmmmmmm... What would suit you...?

Vee: I'm not sure...

(Yes it really is me! My computer's just updating!-Intrudge)

Dalton: [Thinking]

Vee: How about something like "Curse" or "Misfortune" or "Abomination"?

Roleplay Part 5

Dalton: Nah, he may be the result of one of Caulder's experiments, but he's my pal.

Vee: Hmmmm...

(I'll be back tommorow, G2G to bed)

(K bye)

Dalton: Mightytails? Nah...

(Moonrise looks over at Dalton (They're both in Heathershield) and immediatley suspects him of giving the trio the eggs)

Nightfall: [Telepathically to Moonrise] Do not jump to conclusions Moonrise. It could have been anyone in the class. They all heard the conversation.

Moonrise: [Telepathically to Nightfall] Your right. It could have been anyone. Not that it really matters.

Dalton: [Ears twitch in the direction of moonrise] ?

Moonrise: [Quickly looks back at the egg]

Dalton: {Shrugs, then goes back to thinking]

Vee: I guess Literature is tommorow. Oh well, g'night!

[They fall asleep]

Dalton: [Curled up in a ball]

Moonrise: [On the floor as close to the Thistlevine and Cloverhoove houses as possible]

Dalton's Pokemon: [Tangles Dalton up in it's tails and starts to carry him out of the dorm]

Vee: [Sucks his thumb while clutchiing Sparkle]

Dalton's Poke: [Stops and looks at Vee]

Vee: You're so pretty... [Turns in his sleep]

Dalton's Poke: [Shakes its head, then leaves, still carrying Dalton]

[Vee opens one eye]

Vee: I might be insane, but I'm not stupid...

[It takes Dalton outside, starts walking around the grounds with no apparent direction. Looks like it just out for a late-night stroll]

[He notices the headmaster is behind him all of a sudden]

Prof. Elroudous: You do realise the Bloode Gardens a terrifying place at night. I suggest you may want to take him inside, unless... you would like to die...

[It gives him a "Do you really think I'd let that happen to either one of us?" look]

Nightfall: [Wakes up, sensing a Pokemon's magnetic field leave the building because thier minds are linked, Lightbane and Moonrise wake up as well]

Prof. Elroudous: You do not know what lurks in these gardens at night. I let him stay here and sleep and eat, he gives us knowledge. On our first encounter he ripped my leg off. [He shows them his wooden leg] Now run along, trust me, you don't wish to meet him. If you must be out at these hours I suggest you keep to the moonlit garden. He hates that place. Well goodnight. [He disappears in a puff of grey smoke leaving behind the startled Pokemon and Dalton, however they see a figure looming around near the garden with bright, yellow, cunning eyes before it disappears into the undergrowth]

Moonrise: [Telepathically to Nightfall] 'What's wrong?'

Nightfall: [Telepathically to Moonrise] I sensed a pokemon leave Heathershield and walk outside. I think i sensed someone else on it's back as well.

Vee: [Gets up] You know I can hear you right?

Moonrise: [Looks around the room and notices that Dalton and his Pokemon are gone. She informs Nightfall], [To Vee] Im not even speaking out loud.

Vee: I know that, I was listening with my own telepathy...

(In the Cloverhoof common room)

Tucker: [Looks out the window and spots Dalton and his Pokemon]

Moonrise: [To Nightfall] You wanna check it out?

Nightfall: [Telepathically to Moonrise] No need. They're just wandering around outside.

[They hear snarling coming from outside]

Nightfall: [To Moonrise] Now there's a need

[Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane transform into rats and teleport outside]

(Almost immediately, Kyle jumps out of a shadow, and locks them out.)

[They change back]

Nightfall: ?

Kyle: (Turns into a shadow and slips under the door) Have fun trying to get back in there! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Lightbane: >.>

[The three simply teleport back in]

Lightbane: That wasn't very fun.

Kyle: (Eye twitches) DAMMIT!

Nightfall: You fail. Epicly

Kyle: I'll be back! (Walks through a shadow)

Moonrise: K bye.

(Back outside with Dalton and his Pokemon)

[They're up a tree, with Dalton still sleeping on. His pokemon's staring up at the moon...]

Temporal: [Walking by the Tree with Absolon (His Poke)]

Absolon: Abso

Temporal: Shhh [Puts a finger on Absolon's mouth]

D.'s Poke.: [Looks down at them, Its eyes friendly] ?

Absolon: [Eyes Dalton's Poke and smiles]

D.'s Poke.: [Jumps down silently] ^^

Temporal: [Put's Absolon down and lays down]

Absolon: Abso [Walks over to Dalton's Poke]

D.'s Poke.: [Sits down, Dalton still in it's tails]

Absolon: [Also Sit's down]

Tayler: [See's Absolon and Temp and quietly call's Absolon]

Absolon: [See's Tayler and runs to her, and starts pulling on her pant leg]

Tayler: Alright Absolon [Walk over to Them]

D.'s Poke.: [Cocks his head at her] ?

Tayler: [Pet's Dalton's Poke]

D.'s Poke.: ^^

(In his study)

Prof. Elroudous: Just a matter of time they figure out I put those Pokemon eggs in their dorm.

Prof. Tarturon: Are you sure you should have done that?

Prof. Elroudous: My dear Cerberus, I am sure of everything I do.

Prof. Tarturon: Even letting it into the school grounds?

Prof. Elroudous: Patience my dear Cerberus, patience...

[Vee is spying through a crack in the wall and gasps, he had to tell the others! In the morning...]

(In the morning, Cloverhoof)

Tucker: [Yawns] Aaah, breakfast first then Witchcraft, after that it's Literature... [Puts down his timetable]

Hunter: [Wakes up yawning]

[A fat woman comes into the room with a tray full of food]

Cook: 'Ello! I'm your cook, Miss Veer. Now eat up, Witchcraft starts in thirty minutes!

Hunter: O_O' That;s alota food...

Miss Veer: Well your in for a pretty active Literature lesson!

Roleplay Part 6

Prof. Marsuley's class went as usual but they got a surprise in Literature. A cow stood at one end of a massive classroom

Prof Bobshins: Welcome! I am Professor Bobshing and I teach Literature! You will each write two sides of what you think about Bloode Academy and it's teachers. Once your done you hand me your papers and these charmed books will lead you to the Bloode Gardens where you shall enjoy the rest of the morning.

Vee: Sounds simple enough.

Skud: Yeah!

[They each get handed their paper]

Prof. Bobshins: Commence!

Hunter: [Pencil writes out his thoughts without his hand Guiding it]

Wolfgang: [Using shadow script to put his thoughts to the page]

Dalton: [Doing it the old-fashioned way]

[Lightbane and Nightfall use their powers to write while Moonrise writes the old-fashioned way]

Vee: [Writes with his tongue sticking right out] FINISHED!!!

Tucker: Sssshhhh!

Prof. Bobshins: [Collects Vee's paper and gestures his book to lead Vee to the gardens]

Temporal: [Quietly Knocking on the door for the class]

Tayler: [Behind Temp]

Prof. Bobshins: [Rolls his eyes] Come in...

Temporal: Sorry We're late,

Tayler: We Slept a little late

(In the gardens)

Vee: Aaah. A nice time to read. [Pulls abook out his bag]

(Back in class)

[The lunch bell rings]

Prof. Bobshins: Of course you too have to stay behind and finish!

[A piece of parchment flies in and says that Taylor and Temporal have to report to the headmaster's office right away]

Prof. Bobshins: Okay! You'll catch up on free time!!!

Temporal: Alright [Walks out the door to the headmasters office]

Tayler: Ok [Same as Temporal]


Vee: Lunch already!

[Lightbane, Moonrise, and Nightfall all finish at the same time (No surprize there) and hand in the papers.]

(In the Great Hall)

Vee: I'm starving!

Tucker: Yum!!!

(In the Headmaster's office)

Prof. Elroudous: [Not looking up from his work] Now you two better be on time for you your next class this afternoon. Professor Tarturon isn't too thrilled if your late. After that you have art and an hours free time. I suggest you work on that. Oh and by the way don't go into the library at midnight...

Temporal: Yes Sir,

Tayler: Yes Sir,

[He winks, meaning: Everything I just said was to make me sound professional and do the exact of opposite of all I said and have fun!!!]

[Temporal and Tayler look at each other then Prof. Elroudous and smile]

Temporal: [Get's Up]

Tayler: [Get's up]

Vee: [Is seen listening through the cracks] What do you suppose is in the library at midnight?

Temporal: Am I allowed to use my powers when I need too?

Prof Elroudous: [Smiles and nods]

Temporal: Alright, just wondering,

Tayler: [Turns the Knob for the door]

Prof. Elroudous: Oh and one more thing befor eyou go. Watch out for the Physical Education teacher. He's quite the powerhouse.

Tayler: Alright, [Walks out]

Temporal: I have a few questions

Vee: [Listens]

Temporal: What can I do to impress Tayler?

Prof. Elroudous: Show your skill in Phys Ed...

Temporal: And well, how can I show I like her?

Prof. Elroudous: [Scribbles a note after looking around the room. It was a recipe for a love potion, but it had to be practiced in the library at midnight...]

(In the library at midnight)

Temporal: OK well, [Looks at the note] Let's do this

[The note says that you must find a book entitled: If Your Desperate..., and then says to read the first five pages before reciting the last word in the book eleven times. A bottle of pink liquid would appear in front of yuor feet if you did it correctly]

Temporal: [Looking for If Your Desperate] Ah here it is [Grabs the Book and reads the first five pages and recites the last words of the book]

Dusk (Newcomer): [Flies in on a hover-board] Well...This is new.

[Dusk disappears back in his dorm before getting caught]

Prof. Swuild: [Appears behind him] THE LIBRARY IS OFF LIMITS BOY!!! And if your wondering how I got here it was simple. I heard someone so I follwoed them, invisible of course cause that's the subject I teach, now I'm gonna report you to the Headmaster's office!!!

[Temporal had just enough time to grab the love potion and hide it before he was thrust into the headmaster's office]

Prof. Elroudous: [Winks at Temporal and puts on a fake voice] Oh I see we have trouble maker!

Prof. Swuild: Yep!

Prof. Elroudous: You may go Gandid.

Prof. Swuild: As you wish sir. [He grins at Temporal before disappearing]

Prof. Elroudous: You got it?

Temporal: Yes I do,

Prof. Elroudous: Clever boy! Now quick! This secret passage will get you back into your dorm! [He pushes Temporal thorugh a secret passage and before he knew it he was back in his dorm]

Temporal: [Quietly] Whoa, that was cool.

Roleplay Part 7

Vee: [Confronts Temporal in the bathroom] I heard you and the headmaster talk in his office. And saw you get caught by that Swuild guy.

Temporal: Hm, oh yeah, it was nothing

Vee: It didn't seem like nothing. You got style kid. [Punches him in the shoulder as a friend]

Temporal: Thanks [Smiles]

[The breakfats bell rings]

Vee: Well see ya around. [He runs off]

[In the lunch room]

Dalton: [Eating quietly, his pokemon at his side]

Miss Veer: [Muttering] I hate my job!

Dalton: [Looks up at her, confused] ?

Miss Veer: [Not noticing Dalton] Making food for all these slobs and their disgusting pets!

Dalton: ...[Suddenly walks off]

D.'s Poke.: [Glares at her and then follows]

(In the gardens)

Vee: Oh how I love the Bloode Gardens!

Dalton: [Walks past, pokemon following]

Vee: What's going on Dalton? [They notice a black Vulpix cuddling up to Vee]

Dalton: [Doesn't answer, looking down at the Vulpix]

Vee: I see you noticed Soot!

Soot: Vul!

Dalton: [Smiles at Soot, then continues on his way]

[Soot seems to be following Dalton]

Rapid: [Walking down the hall] Sigh...

Tayler: [Eatting]

Temporal: Ehh [Runs to the lunch room]

Dalton: [Doesn't notice Soot, lost in thought]

D.'s Poke.: [Looks at Soot] ?

Absolon: [Looking for Temp and walks into Daltons Poke]

D.'s Poke: ? [Looks down at Absolon]

Absolon: Ab? [Have you Seen Temp?]

D.'s Poke: [Shakes its head "no"]

Absolon: Ab [Oh]

D.'s Poke.: [Sniffs the air, then point's its noes in the direction of the Lunchroom]

Absolon: Ab ^^ [Thanks ^^]

D.'s Poke.: [Smiles, then runs to catch up with Dalton]

Absolon: [Run's to Temp]

Dalton: [Just keeps on walking, not having noticed Absolon at all]

(Hey guys. im starting to get bored of RPing. You probably wont see me for a while. Let's just say Nightfall, Moonrise, and Lightbane keep to themselves and don't do much 'till i get back.--Numbuh712)

Soot: Vul-vul? (Where are you going?)

Dalton: ? [Turns around (Still walking) And notices Soot] What?

Soot: Pix [Watch out for that tree]

[A tree magically appears in front of Dalton, then a parchments fly into each students hands saying everyone must report to the Great Hall immediatly]

Dalton: Wonder what this is about...

[His Pokemon grows to riding size, and Dalton scoops up Soot and gets on. Then it speeds off towards the building.]

(In the Great Hall)

Prof. Elroudous: I am here to warn you that the creature we let live in the Bloode Gardens has turned on us and we highly advise students stay in their dorms. No classes will be held until further notice. We advise you stay out the library as much as possible because that is the only room with a secret passage leading into the gardens. Our cook will bring you the food. Once we learn who did this they will be expelled...Any questions?

Dalton: It's that strong?

Prof. Elroudous: Yes, now to your dorms! All of you!

(Vee goes in Heathershield)

Dalton: [Follows] ...

Vee: [Grins] I am SO checking out the library tonight!!!

Dalton: You serious?!

Vee: Yep! I so wanna see what's down their, and I heard that Swuild guy last night. He was talking to the headmaster, he said something about him paying. [Vee can show people flashbacks]


Vee watched as the two teachers quarreled.

Prof. Elroudous: I am sorry Gargonus it is just too dangerous!

Prof. Swuild: This school is dangerous Parmsley! We HAVE to shut it down!

Prof. Elroudous: No is my final answer Gargonus!

Prof. Swuild: Youl be sorry Parmsley! You'll see how dangerous this school is!!!!!!!!!! [He turns invisible and then walks off with the headmaster shaking his head]

{Flashback end}

Dalton: [Thinking]

Vee: Whaddya think?

Dalton: ...You're gona need backup. [He reaches down the back of is shirt]

Vee: K.

Dalton: [There several metallic clicks, then he pulls something long out from there]

Vee: Er, what are those?

[Meg rushes into the Heathersheild common room, followed by a small white figure]

Meg: Hey guys!

Dalton: ?

Meg: [Notices they're looking at the white figure, which jumps on her shoulder] Oh, this is Frost, my Vulpix.

Frost: Vulpix, Vul. [Hello everyone.]

Dalton: Wow, that makes three Vulpix owners...

Soot: Vulpix! [Hi!]

Dalton: [Replaces the thing in his hand back on his spine]

Vee: So, no lessons huh? Sounds good. AND homework is on the hold aswell!

Moonrise: [Has been silently listening the whole time. making it seem as if she wasn't paying attention]

Vee: And what do YOU think of all of this?

Roleplay Part 8

Prof. Kikrian: I haven't even MET my students! Who would do such a thing?

Prof. Swuild: Whoever it was must be expelled immediatly!

Moonrise: [Looks over at Vee] Me? Im not sure what to think.

Vee: Well as soon as nightfall hits I am going down to the library and solve this mystery...

Moonrise: Mind if we join?

Meg: I love a good Mystery!

Frost: Vulpix Vul Vul! ^^ [I can sniff out clues!^^]

Soot: Pix-Vul [Cool!]

Vee: And I even found a secret passage leading from the Great Hall to here. We can go through without being detected and then into the library, if we need to escape there's another secret passage from the library to the toilets so we'll have an excuse if we get found. Sound good?

Moonrise: Yes. Nightfall and Lightbane will be here at sundown.

Vee: They'll have to come either invisibly or by secret passage, what if we all met in the library, each dorm leads into the Great Hall which leads into the library, at sundown.

Moonrise: You know they can teleport right? And so can i.

Vee: Oh yeah, I forgot about our Teleportation lesson, well they better teleport here fast cause the sun's going down.

Frost: [Looks at Soot and blinks her ice-blue eyes]

Soot: Vul? [Do I have something on my face?]

[Nightfall and Lightbane appear n the dorm]

Vee: Let's go!

(In the library)

Vee: [Whispering] Keep it down...

Nightfall: I dont sense anything alive

Vee: What if it's not alive. What if it's the undead???

Moonrise: Undead is another way of saying it lives again.

Vee: Whatever...

[A black books drops on the floor and they hear two people arguing]

Prof. Tarturon: Listen Gandid! Stop this madness!

Prof. Swuild: I have no idea what your talking about Cerberus!

Prof. Tarturon: You know very well what I'm talking about! You let him in!

Prof. Swuild; I did not! [Turns invisible and walks away leaving an angry Professor Tarturon.]

Frost: [In a whisper] Vul? [Hm?]

Vee: Strange... [He pulled out a royal blue notebook with a heading: Subjects, and the first name that was down was "Swuild"] Any other suspects?

Meg: None that i know of...

Frost: Vulpi Vul [Nope.]

[Vee pulled a green book from a shelf and immediatly a the shelf swung forward to reveal a secret passage]

Vee: 0_0, should we go in?

[A flash of Lilac, and Cleo is standing next to them]

Cleo: Hi. What are you doing?! Kyle is a Prefect, you know!!!

Vee: Sssh! We're trying to find who let the monster in. [He goes in and it leads to the Bloode Gardens]

Frost: Vul... [Ok...]

Vee: There is three paths. Which one to take?

Frost: Pix Pix Vul Vul Pi-... [The Left one smells like herbs, but the right...]

Vee: Let's go! [Takes the right with Soot following]

Meg: Frost, you can go ahead, but i'm going to bed. [Dissapears in a Magenta flash]

Frost: Vul Vul. [Alright.] [Runs to catch up with Vee and Soot]

[They see a sillohuette of a coakroach but it soon disappears]

Vee: O_O, that must have been Skud! Soot! Please follow him and I'll put him in the suspects list. [He writes Skud's name in his notebook]

Soot: Vu! [Kay] [He follows]

Frost: [Eyes turn a bright red, and she dashes further down the path, in a different direction than Soot]

Vee: Huh?

(Down the path with Skud)

Skud: Heheheheh...

Frost: [Runs and skids to a stop near an unidentified figure, Before she can run, it picks her up and they vanish] VULLLL!!!! [AAAAHHHH!!!]

Prof. Bobshins: It can't be!

Prof. Kikrian: I'm afraid so...

Prof. Marsuley: Bloode is just to dangerous to stay open...

Prof. Tarturon: We will have shut down...

Prof. Elroudous: I'll send parchemnts tommorow telling the students to pack up and go home, unless they want to die...

Meg: [Sees Vee] So where's Frost?

Vee: Er, promise you won't kill me...

Meg: Ok...

Vee: ...Frost ran off and got lost...

Meg:... Ok. I won't kill you. But next time, YOU'RE helping me find her!!!

Vee: OH THANK YOU!!! [He hugs Meg]

Meg: Leggo of me, or i'll have to BREAK my promise!!

Frost: [Wakes up] Vul? Pix Vul Pix? [Huh? Where am i?]

[He capturer doesn't answer]

(With Temp)

Temporal: [Running to the headmasters office]

[Kyle appears from around the corner and crashes into Temp]

Kyle: Woops! Sorry, Temporal! [Helps Temp up]

Roleplay Part 9

Prof. Itribus: I say we destroy the school and everything in it!

Prof. Kikrian: Calm down Panthus, it's bad enough how it is...

Dalton: [From the rafters] That wont help Professor Itribus.

[Soot is seen sitting behind Dalton]

Dalton: [Gives Soot a little pat on the head, then turns back to the Professors]

Prof. Itribus: Well we can't have it running around the school! There are so many secret passages!

Prof. Kikrian: Hmmmm, true, I know! Go to the art gallery in one hour, there is a passage from there to the cellar. Let's just hope no-one's watching us. The cellar is a dangerous place and it could be lurking there...

Dalton: Art Gallery? We have a Art Gallery?

[Vee appears behind Dalton]

Vee: Yes. Professor Kikrian demanded it. I know the quickest way to get there. No secret passages just a shortcut, you coming?

Dalton: [Jumps up] Count on it.

Meg: I'll come too! [3 other Vulpixes follow her] (Lol so many Vulpix)

Dalton: O_O H-how many Vulpixes to you have?!

(Vee led the others to an altar with a portrait of the headmaster engraved on it, he takes off a stone revealing a tunnel. Once inside they are in a marble white room draped with paintings and sculptures)

Vee: Pretty complicated but worth it! [He takes a painting off a wall revealing a spiral staircase] If you go down you'll be in the cellar but I don't know where you'll end up if you go up, good for exploring later. Come on! We better hear what the teachers are talking about! [He goes down the staircase]

Dalton: [Follows, taking something off his spine as he does]

(The cellar was a small dark room infested with dead animals, no-one was there at the moment)

Vee: Alot different then the art gallery, there's no-one here! [He spots a book] Hey! Look at this! [The title read: The Diary of Parmsley Elroudous] [Gasp] Isn't that the headmaster!?

Dalton: Yep...

Vee: Should it?

Dalton: ...Morally speaking, no.

Vee: But it might give us clues...[He opens up to the first page]

Diary of Parmesley Elroudous: 17th January, 1555, It's been a long day. The school hasn't been so lively...but in my mind I know the choice I made was wrong. I shouldn't have let it stay, but I can't let it go, not now, I shan't tell the students or it will just bring them fear, I know my wrong doing...

Vee: O_O

Dalton: ...

Diary of Parmesley Elroudous: My brother is infected by a life-threatning disease, but I don't care. I don't care for anything other then my study. But I should care...

Dalton: [Whistles, calling his Pokemon down from the dorm]

[They hear voices]

Vee: [Quickly puts the book down and instructs everyone to hide in a corner]

Prof. Kikrian: So this is the cellar?

Prof. Itribus: Yes you arty farty oaf! Haven't you seen one before?

Prof. Kikrian: No...

Prof. Itribus: [Bursts out laughing]

Prof. Kikrian: Ahem!

Prof. Itribus: Aah yes! Now get that book and off to the Astronomy Tower!

Prof. Kikrian: But shouldn't it be in the Library?

Prof. Itribus: A book that can reveal the future by the stars isn't exactly what we want pupils to find!

Prof. Kikrian: You have a point.

[Professor Kikrian picks up a large blue book with the moon on it's cover and the proceed to go upstairs]

Vee: So upstairs is the Astronomy Tower! Let's go! [He runs with Soot following]

Dalton: [Mounts his pokemon and follows, reattaching what he took from this spine]

(In the Astronomy Tower)

Prof. Itribus: [Gasp]

Prof. Kikrian: What?

(The Astronomy Tower was a midnight blue tower room with one telescope facing out the window and several stars decorating the room)

Prof. Itribus: It says when the starts are alligned like this someone is about to die!

Prof. Kikrian: Nonsense! That means someone here is about to eat a cake!

Prof. Itribus: Fine! Let's call our dear friend Mankail to see who's right!

[A large burly bear appeared]

Prof. Hardwood: Someone need my assistance in Astronomy?

Prof. Kikrian: Yes! You teach the damn subject so tell us what this means!

Prof. Hardwood: It means that someone is about to die...

[Professor Itribus has a triumphant look on his face]

Dalton: [Hidden, thinking] Not good...

Prof. Hardwood: To the music room to question that Meerkat!

Prof. Kikrian: Yes, Tyberius is a good suspect! He has a blanket grudge against that cockroach student and might have let it in!

Prof. Itribus: Sow e're going to question Vlain?

Prof. Hardwood: Of course!

[They went down a secret passage followed by Vee and the rest]

Vee: [Stomach groans as he whispers] How much secret passages will we take?!

Dalton: Donno... [Follows the professors]

(They wind up in a room filled with instruments and a Meerkat standing in the middle)

Prof. Vlain: (He speaks in a strong Italian accent) Ah! My, fellow professors! And what brings you hear ata this hour?

Prof. Hardwood: Don't toy with us Meerkat!

[Vee writes Vlain down as a suspect as he hides behind a bass drum]

Dalton's Pokemon: [Quickly climbs up a wall and onto the ceiling With Dalton held in place with it's tails]

Prof. Vlain: You can't expect I did this!

Prof. Hardwood: Oh but we do!!!

[Professor Elroudous appears out of nowhere]

Prof. Elroudous: You are wasting your time, Tyberius didn't do it.

Prof. Hardwood: But-

Prof. Elroudous: No buts.

[Vee scribbles out Vlain's name]

Prof. Elroudous: And you students can come out fo your hiding places as well....

Dalton's Poke: [Drops off the ceiling and lands directly in front of the Headmaster]

(Gota go soon... -_-')


Meg: ...

Roleplay Part 10

Prof. Kikrian: They were spying on us!

Dalton: Correction, it wasn't espionage. We're trying to figure this out just like you are. Oh, and here [He hands the headmaster back his diary] It was in the cellar.

[The headmaster eyes the diary, you can see the tears well up in his eyes. He throws it to the ground.]

Prof. Elroudous: You brought back all the hate...

[The diary opened up to a page...]

Diary of Parmsley Elroudous: 5th July, 1533. Being headboy is brilliant! Manipulating the teachers to get your own way is fantastic! The teachers say that one day I'm going to rule the school. Once that happens I'll definatly be horrible! I only act like a goody-goody for my sake but when no-one's around I show my true colours...

Meg: ...

Dalton: True colors, eh? I'm already wearing my true colors... Literally.

Prof. Kikrian: Then who did it?

Prof. Elroudous: ...

Dalton: [Eyes widen] You?!

Prof. Elroudous: No, I changed a long time ago, it was a student...

Dalton: Then who?

(Gota go to class now...)

(Kay, I don't have school! I'm home-schooled!)

Prof. Elroudous: One thing is for sure. It is a very a powerful student...

Vee: Then we have to find him!

Dalton: Agreed.

Prof. Elroudous: Is anybody hee afraid of Teleportation?

Dalton: Not afraid, but unable.

Prof. Itribus: Didn't you learn ANYTHING from Cerberus???

Dalton: I can barely use the spells Professor Marsuley teaches, so teleportation is beyond my reach.

Prof. Kikrian: You mean we have to...

Prof. Elroudous: Yes...

[He roders evryone to link onto someone else]

Dalton: ?

[Once eevryone's arms are linked he recites a weird phrase in a different language four times] [Everyone sees a flash of blinding blue light before they open their eyes they are in a meadow. A truly beautiful meadow in the morning.]

Dalton: Woah! O-O

Prof. Elroudous: Welcome to Tisinopia!!!

Dalton: Where?

Vee: Tisinopia. The realm of elves. I read a book about it in the Library.

Dalton: Oh...

Prof. Elroudous: I suppose your wondering why I broguht you here?

Dalton: Yesh...

Prof. Elroudous: You see his is most likely the place where the villain is hiding. It is a villain that we have not heard much of and that is because in their free time they spend it here. This place will give us clues. Now think, think about students who haven't said very much.

Vee: Um...Dusk?

Dalton: Skud?

Vee: Tucker? Cleo?

Dalton: Rapid, Leona, Flicker?

Vee: Rail? Taylor?

Prof. Elroudous: Leona, Flicker, Skud and Cleo are innocent. The rest are worthy suspects...

Dalton: So Rapid, Tucker, Taylor and Rail, then...

Vee: And Dusk...

Prof. Elroudous: They might have let it run into the school...

Dalton: What the heck is It anyway?

Prof. Elroudous: [Has a serious look] It is neither living nor dead. It is neither existing nor not. It is a monster!

Dalton: [Looks back just a serious] Sounds like the guy who put these marks on me.

Prof. Elroudous: You've met it?

Vee: No! It couldn't have been!!!

Prof. Itribus: What is it boy?

Dalton: I highly doubt it's him, but his name is Caulder.

Prof. Itribus: It's not that. Now blue fox, what is it?

Dalton: [Looks at Vee]

Vee: The monster is Elroudous' brother...

Everyone: Gasp!

Prof. Elroudous: ...

Dalton: O_O

Vee: Remember his diary said his brother was "ill". He's a monster...

Dalton: ...

Prof. Vlain: Is this true???

Prof. Elroudous: ...

Dalton: ...

Prof. Elroudous: Yes...

Vee: O_O

Dalton: Then who let him into the grounds?

Prof. Elroudous: It was...Tucker...

Dalton: Tucker?

Prof. Elroudous: [Nods]

Dalton: What's your proof?

Prof. Elroudous: It is my brother. It told me.

Dalton: Ah...

Tucker: O_O

Dalton: ... Now what?

Prof. Elroudous: Find Tucker and expel him.....

Dalton: Derp, he's right there. [Points at Tucker]

Roleplay Part 11

Tucker: FOOLS!!! You shall all perish!!! [Teleports in a clap of purple lightning]

Dalton: O_O

Vee: O_O

Dalton: ...

Vee: What now?

Dalton: I guess we try and find him.

Vee: But he could be anywhere!!!!

Dalton: ...

Vee: ...

Dalton: [Starts petting his Pokemon in thought]

Vee: ...I feel like tacos...

Dalton: ? [Looks at Vee] Why?

Vee: Because I like tacos!

Dalton: -_-'

Prof. Itribus: TACOS!!!

Dalton: ...

Tucker: [Teleports back] I like tacos!!!

Prof. Elroudous: Your expelled.

Prof. Vlain: [Nods]

Tucker: Awww, okay...[Walks away]

Vee: You see Dalton that was my plan all along.

Dalton: D: [Speechless]

Vee: So whaddya think???

Dalton: ... Random... brilliantly random...

Vee: Thanks!

Prof. Elroudous: Now that is cleared up, lessons are back on!

The Students Plus Prof. Itribus: [Groan]

Dalton: [Shrugs] Meh.

(In Music class)

Prof. Vlain: Welcome!!! Now since this is our first lesson I want each of you to pick an instrument!!!

Vee: I pick the harp!!!

Dalton: Trumpet.

Wolfgnag: Already got mine. [Holds up his guitar]

Hunter: Same [Theres a lunar-blue flash, and a set of drums surrounds him]

Prof. Vlain: Okay then!!!

Skud: I pick the violin!!!

Prof. Vlain: Now!!!! I want you five to go over there and create a piece of music having all instruments in. This will test your cooperation.

Temporal: [Walks into the class rubbing his eyes]

Prof. Vlain: Ah, a late-a student!!! Wella pick an instrument and-a go over thare-a with the rest..

Temporal: [Grabs the Guitair] Yawn [Walks to the corner]

Prof. Vlain: We already have a guitar! Picka something else!!!

Temporal: [Falls onto the ground, snoring]

Tayler: [Walking by the class and see's Temp and quietly laughs]

Wolfgang: [Looks at Temp] Erm...

Tayler: [Walks into the Room] Sorry about that, he was up late with me last night [Go's to Temp] Temp, wake up

Dalton: ...

Meg: [Walks in] Sorry. I was looking for Frost. She STILL hasn't shown up! [Glares at Vee]

Vee: Er...

Dalton: [Blasts out a high C on his trumpit in Vee's ear] ^^

[Or so he thought!!! It was a Vee dummy!!!]

Vee: [Jumps on Dalton's shoulders] BAD BOY!!! [Repeatedly slaps his face]

Prof. Vlain: [Bursts out laughing] Classa dismissed for today!!! Your homework will be making the songa!!! Go!!!

Dalton: [Bites Vee's hand] >:3


(In the Bramblethorn common room)

Kyle: ...[Doodling in a sketchbook]

Skud: [Watching "Bob the Builder"]

[In Cloverhoof]

Lightbane: [Sitting on the floor, quietly polishing his Pokemon egg]

Cleo: [Reading a Harry Potter book]

[In Thistlevine]

Thistlevine Student:...

(In the Headmaster's office]

Prof. Elroudous: [Dances naked while listening to the Pokemon anime first theme]

(In the Library)

Leona:...[Doing work]

Flicker: [Reading a spell book, changing an apple into various other things]


Flicker: 0_0 [Stops right after changing the apple to a frog]

Frog/Apple: Ribbit. [Jumps onto Prof. Swuild's head]


(I have been watching to much Phineas and Ferb)

(I've never watched it and i don't plan to. But i think Perry is ok.)

Flicker: [Turns the frog back into an apple, sends it zooming out of the library, accidently smashing into Vee's face]

Vee: [Uses the simple repel charm Marsuley taught] Good thing I knew that.


Vee: What about homework?

Prof. Swuild: I DON'T CARE!!!

Dalton: You should care, as making it impossible for a student to do homework will get you fired.


Dalton: ?

Prof. Swuild: GO!!! [Releases a dragon with wings that looks like covers of books] DRACOVEL!!!

Dracovel: RAWR!!!

[Many bookcases shudder at the giant's roar]

Dalton: O_O'

Vee: Bye! [Grabs Dalton by the arm and drags him back to the dorm]

Roleplay Part 12

Dalton: That was creepy...

Meg: Hmph. I've seen scarier faces at the mall.

Vee: He doesn't seem to care. I wouldn't care if he got sacked!

Dalton: I wasn't talking about him, I was talking about his book dragon.

Vee: That Dracovel was weird too...

Dalton: (Randomly) Cookies!!! [Ninja kicks Vee in the chest]

Vee: [Grabs Dalton's leg and sends him spiralling into Astronomy class]

Dalton: [Hits a wall] Ooph! [Slides down it slowly]

Prof. Hardwood: Your awfully early lad!

Dalton: [Picks himself up] I made the mistake of trying to ninja kick Vee...

Prof. Hardwood: HAHAHA!!! Well, come here and look throught he telescope. Venus is bright tonight and Neptune is crossing Sirius' orbit! Very rare! Maybe even impossible!

Dalton: Eh? [Looks though the telescope with left eye]

Prof. Hardwood: And we have a new student! Bee the Fox!


Dalton: [Facepalms]... [Goes back to looking though the telescope]

Bee: [Attempts to strangle Dalton]

(BTW, you can abuse Bee all you want.)

(Good! ^^)

Dalton: [Kicks Bee in the groin, and goes back to observing the stars]

Bee: MAH CROTCH!!! [Clutches his crotch and falls out of the Astronomy tower, the highest tower in the universe]

Prof. Hardwood: [Looks down and then at Dalton]...[Bursts out laughing]

Dalton: [Shrugs] He had it coming...

Prof. Hardwood: You know! I'm giving you 5000 points for your house for humouring me! Go tell your friends what they have won!

Dalton: O_O F-f-five thousand!?!

Prof. Hardwood: Yep! You set a school record mah boy!

Dalton: O_O" [Faints]

Prof. Hardwood: Was it something I said?

(When Dalton comes around he's in the dorm, a score total on the wall with all of the houses total scores currently. Heathershields were leading with 6020 points, Thistlevine in second with 6000 points, Bramblethorn in third with 5075 points and Cloverhoof were last with only 400 points.)

Dalton: ...

Vee: He's awake!!!

(Bee got points taken off for his arrogance and aggresion)

Dalton: ... Yeah, so?

Vee: You put us in the lead!

Dalton: Again, so?

Vee: The house with the most points at the end of term get to skip all lessons for a month on the new term!!!

Dalton: Why would I want that?

Vee: Because next term all lessons are with Prof. Swuild!!!

Dalton: O_O' Ok, now I want it.

Vee: Oh and he gives out so much homework you have to stay in the library for all free time!

Dalton: ...

Moonrise: (Sitting in the corner, silently polishing her Pokemon egg)


Dalton: Yep.

Vee: They R cool! X3!

Dalton: Yep.

[The Swuidl guy bursts throught the door]

Dalton: O_O'


Dalton: O_O'

Prof. Swuild: [He strips and burns his image into Dalton's mind] THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!!!

Dalton: YOUR FIRED!!! [Goes straight to the headmaster's office]

Prof. Elroudous: [Was eating Aero Bubbles and writing out his "Dear Santa" list when Dalton came in]

Dalton: [Mouth goes agape when he sees the Santa list]

Prof. Elroudous: Any reason you came into my office?

Dalton: You wont believe what Swuild just did!

Prof. Elroudous: I'm all ears...

Dalton: [Goes into detail on what Swuild did in the Heathershield commom room]

Prof. Elroudous: Oh my...that is very interesting. He's sacked.

[When Dalton goes back into the dorm to tell Swuild the news he sees Swuild is in bed with the other students! He stripped them and tied them down, unable to use their powers!]

Dalton: WTF!!!???

Swuild: Wanna join your friends?

Zee: [Just walked in] 0_0! I just got here and... [Slowly backs out of the room]

Swuild: Oh yeah!!!

Moonrise: -_-' (Thinks) Just wait till Nightfall and Lightbane get here!

Zee: ......

(Nightffall and Lightbane bust through the door)

Nightfall: (Voice slightly demonic) GET OFF OF US YOU FRIGGIN GAY! (Picks up Swild magnetically and chucks him through the wall)

(Erm, Swuild has no metal on him... nor clothes, for that mater... -Hunter)
(Oh i know. -Numbuh712)

(In the Bramblethorn common room)

Kyle: [Takes out his bass gituar and plays the gituar piece for Sum 41's Open Your Eyes]

Bee: [Climbs through the window] I HAVE TO SHARE A DORM WITH THAT THING???

(Back in the Heathershirlds dorm)

[Elroudous, Hardwood, Itribus and Marsuley burst through the door]



Dalton: They can find another. As for library duties, thats fairly eaisy to train for.

Swuild: SHUT UP!!!

Dalton: COOKIES!!! [Flying ninja kicks Swuild in the face]

Swuild: MAH FACE!!!

Dalton: COOOOOOOOOOKIES!!! [Does it again]

Roleplay Part 13

Prof. Elroudous:...

Dalton: ...

Moonrise: (Snickering)

Prof. Elroudous: -.-

(In the Bramblethorn common room)

Kyle: [Stops and looks at Bee] Me, Skud or the Guitar?! >:/

Bee: ALL OF YOU!!!

Kyle:..GO FOG!

[He sends out a Blue-Grey Vulpix]

Fog: Vul-Vul! (Hey-Hey!)

Kyle: Thunder!!!!!

Fog: [Zaps Bee with a small Thunder. Only causes slight pain]

Kyle: That's for going through the window! I'm a Prefect, so you better be careful 'round me!

Fog: Vul-Vul! (That's Right!)

Bee: I DON'T CARE!!!

Dalton: COOKIES!!! (Flying ninja kicks Bee in the face)


Dalton: So? Hunter teleported me here. :P

Hunter: Yepz.

Bee: GRRRR!!! [Throws a knife at Dalton and Hunter, the knife gets struck down by an arrow]


Fog: 0_0 Vulpix Vul?! (Wtf?!)

Dalton: O_O'

Vee: [Appears to be the shooter]

Hunter: Hi Vee.

Vee: Hi!

(A black hedgehog with purple streaks walks in)

Hedgehog: Hey. Whats going on?


Dalton: [Shrugs]


Dalton: Do you want another cookie, Bee?

Bee: NO!!!

Dalton: (Shrugs) Your loss. (Pulls out a cookie and proceeds to nom it)

Bee: On second thoughts! [Snatches the cookie]

Dalton: COOKIES!! (Flying ninja kicks Bee in the face) There, now you can eat it.

Bee: AKH!!!

Vee: Nice one!

[Pieces of parchment fall in through the windows. It was time for Art with Prof. Kikrian in the Art Gallery]

(In the Art Gallery)

[The room looked different than the last time the students saw it. It still had paintings and sculptured all around the colourful walls but now there were little desks]

Prof. Kikrian: Hello! Today we are going to paint! If you look closely you will see the desks are really eisels. Now Dalton. I want you to close your eyes and tell me what you see. The image you see is what you will paint.

Dalton: ... (Starts painting a complicated pattern in the style of his markings)

(The black and purple hedgehog, who's name is Shade Nightwing, begins painting a ridiculously detailed picture of two powerful-looking warriors locked in combat. One was a male hedgehog who appeared to be a villain, and seemed to have control over magnetism and the weather. The second was a female hedgehog, presumably the hero, with control of sound, light, and psychics. They were battling on the ruins of an ancient-looking castle, each one firing a beam of their compressed powers at the other.)

Meg: [Draws a pic of TD]

Zee: [Draws a pic of Vee] (Lol)


Nightfall: [Notices Shade's painting. Eyes widen. Quickly turns back to his own. Telepathically] Lightbane! Moonrise!

Lightbane: [Telepathically] Yes?

Moonrise: [Telepathically] What is it?

Nightfall: [Telepathically] Shade's painting! it's Ultima and Hypra!

Lightbane: [Telepathically] What?! 'Are you sure?

Nightfall: [Telepathically] I think i'd remember what our old arch-enemy looks like

Prof. Kikrian: Good! Bee?

Bee: [Draws a malicious picture of blood and gore and weapons]

Prof. Kikrian: O_O...DETENTION!!!!!!!!!

Bee: You asked me to draw what came to mind!

Prof. Kikrian: No arguements!

Dalton: XD

Zee: XD

Meg: XD (Hey Intrudge, since this is Art Class, that reminds me of a pic i drew a while ago. I called it "How Tightly Zee Hugs Vee" And it shows Zee like a Boa Constrictor warapped around Vee. XD)


Moonrise: [Snickering. Telepathically] He might be one of the ones we've been looking for!

Nightfall: [Telepathically] My thoughts exactly!

Vee: Hehehehe!

(After Art Class)

Vee: Looks like it's Witchcraft next...

[In the Witchcraft room, a blue lamb has his head buried in a book]


Vee: And you are?

Roleplay Part 14

Fleece: [Looks up from his book] Huh? Oh, The name's Fleece.

Bee: I LOVE LAMB!!!!!!!! [Tries to munch on Fleece]

Vee: Yeah, I am the insane one and he's the psychotic obsessed with death one....

Fleece: [Bobs Bee on the head with his book] Bad Fox. Yeah, i see......



[Dalton comes flying out of nowhere and ninja kicks Bee in the face]


[Hunter comes flying out of nowhere and ninja kicks Bee in the chest]


[Wolfgang comes flying out of nowhere and ninja kicks Bee in the back]


[Inferna comes flying out of nowhere and headbutts Bee in the crotch]

Fleece: Uh.....0_0 [Goes back to his book]


Moonrise: [Looks up from polishing her Pokemon egg and snickers. A small, sharp cracking sound is heard. the room goes silent.]


Dalton: Was dat your egg..?

Moonrise: I think so [Looks back down. Sure enough, there is a crack running down the side.*

(The egg cracks some more and soon collapses in on itself. Sitting there, where an Pokemon egg had been before, was a baby Eevee!)

Eevee: [Looks up at Moonrise and smiles]

Moonrise: [The others can see a small change in her expression. Her face seemed to become slightly less uncaring in fact she looked almost...happy]

Bee: WHAT AN UGLY THING! You two are perfect for each other! You both are hideous and share one infinitieth of a braincell! [Laughs cruelly]

Vee: Not funny Bee! -_-

Bee: And what are you going to do about it?

Vee: This! [Smiles. He burns Bee's soul and scares him with his eyes]

Bee: AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!! Your a sould reader!

Vee: Yes...I...AM!!!

[Flashfloods arise down the corridors and sweep Bee away]

Bee: I'LL GET YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!! [Floats out of sight.]

Dalton: (Looking at the Eevee) Awwwwwwww... :3

Vee: [Looks at the Eevee with his big eyes, cleaing examing it. The Eevee feels a psychic connection. Vee is sending telepathic messages!] Telepathicly: Don't worry about Bee. He's just jealous. I can read souls and I've seen some pretty scary stuff. I see their fear and guilt and use it to mentally and physicly take them down. Flashfloods aren't what Bee fears but I couldn't use his fear since it is so horrible. I can see the fear and guilt of everyone in this room...

Dalton: (Ear twitches) Did you say something?

Vee: I was telepathicly communicating with the Eevee. But yes. I can read souls. I can see guilt and fear of anyone.

Dalton: Say wha? (Confused, as he didn't hear what Vee told the Eeevee.)

Vee: [Slaps his forehead] I...Can...Sense...Your...Fear...And...Guilt...

(After hte rest of the lessons it was freetime)

Dalton: (Doodling)

Wolfgang: (Playing his guitar)

Hunter: (Zoned out, staring off into space)

Temporal: Hey Guys

Vee: I'm going into the library. I hear from the teachers that they got a new librarian.

Dalton: (Gets up) Shweet, Imma comin'.

Wolfgang: Me too.

Hunter: ... (Still zoned out)

(In the Library)

[A woman was standing at the desk with a friendly face]

Miss Roilet: Welcome to my library!

Dalton: My word... They hired Anti-Swuild! 8D

Miss Roilet: Swuild is a bad influence! All his rules are abolished! Just have fun!

Wolfgang: 8D

Dalton: 8D


Dalton: (Starts browsing the books) :3

Miss Roilet: [Starts handing out tips for homework and library cards]

Vee: Cool!

Flicker: [Walks in and sees Miss Roilet]...I thought the day would never come!

[Bee bursts through the window and grabs Vee]

Miss Roilet: How dare you disrupt my library! You are banned from the library! You have to do your homework on a calculator instead!

Bee: Whatever! I never do homeowrk anyway!

Wolfgang: You do know that if you fail half your classes, they kick you out, right?

Bee: Whatever! Atleast I can do charms! [Looks at Dalton]

Dalton: At least I try. That's the reason I'm still here.

Roleplay Part 15

Vee: Do you want me to tell everyone the thing your most guilty about Bee?


Dalton: Is it the fact there's only one him, so he can't make love to himself?

Vee: No! Its-

Bee: [Gags Vee]

Miss Roilet: UNHAND HIM AT ONCE!!!

Bee: [Takes Vee to tge gardens]

Hunter: (Ninja kicks bee in the face) Unhand him!!!

Bee: [Lets go]

Vee: Thank you! And now I shall tell you. Bee's guilty because of what he has become. Yes most of him loves himself but a tiny portion is guilty about the pain he caused. This portion wants to be good. This portion of him is guilty he has no friends. Is guilty he is mean.

Hunter: (Cocks his head at Bee) Yeah, so?

Bee: So! I can't believe I actually have feelings!

Frost:...Vul...[Walks up to them, her fur tangeled and dusty, collapses]

Vee: Yes! I found Frost!

Flicker: Actually, she came here by herself. And she collapsed. That could mean something's wrong.

Vee: My ancestors were Revivers. Peace o' cake! [He heals Frost]

Hunter: Your ancestors don't mean squat Vee. All of my ancestors are humans from another dimension.

Vee: Don' INSULT MY ANCESTORS!!! [His eyes glow blue and a vicious tsunami appears behind him]


Hunter: (Shrugs) I can't drown, nor can his water touch me, so I'm fine. And I didn't insult them, I just said they don't have everything to do with what you can do. After all, I was originally human, now I'm mobian. My ansestors had nothing to do with it.

Vee: Oh..[Goes back to normal]

Bee: Well your not mister invincible yourself!

Hunter: I control matter.

Bee: So? It's not like your the most powerful thing in the universe. FYI I have a friend who can pwn your face!

Vee: Eon wants to pwn everyone's face. He's a chronokinetic but no-one knows what time period he's in. He's could be anywhen. He could be in the Roman legionary or become a natzi in the Second World War now.

Hunter: Time powers, eh? ... I got nothin' that can stop that. (Looks down at one of his crystals) What about you guys?

Crystal: (Telepathically to all) You forgot about the lunar void again, Fox.

Hunter: Ooooooooooooooohh. That I did. :P

Frost: [Gets up]...:/

Vee: Yay!!! The Vulpix gets up!!!

Bee: Yay!!! Here comes Eon!!!

[A blue vortex in front of them spits out a grey wolf in a cowboy costume]

Eon: Howdy...Wait? How am I not in the wild West?

Vee: Oh no! You must be enrolled in school!

Eon:...I hate your guts Vee!

[A red car emblazoned with the insignia of an "I" in a familar style pulls up, covered with purple markings]

Hunter: :D

Nightfall: [Walks between the two] This is not the time for fighting

Eon: I am less violent and much smarter than Bee.

Nightfall: Good to know.

[Tendril casually strolls in. Nightfall notices him and nods so slightly as to be almost imperceptable]

Lightbane: [Hiding nearby. Responds to Nightfall's signal by picking up a rock and tossing it to Moonrise.]

Moonrise: [Also hiding nearby. Absorbs the rock and fires it out of her hand at Tendril]

Tendril: [His shadow climbs up off of the ground and catches the rock. Turns to Moonrise] You can't surprize an Umbrakinetic that easily. [To Lightbane] And neither can you.

Eon: [Freezes Tendril in time for one second (Meaning that Tendril is always one second behind everyone else. I just made it complicated X3)] But I can!

Dalton: (Climbs out of the car, wearing a cape) Dude, he's umbrakinetic. That doesn't work.

Tendril's Shadow: You've frozen the real Tendril in time. So what? I'm a shadow. I can be as solid or intangible as i want. [Throws the rock at Eon]

Eon: [Stops the rock in time] I only froze Tendril for one planktasecond you imbecile!

Tendril's Shadow: You still can't touch me. [Becomes liquid shadow and moves around behind Eon. Rises up and holds Eon at the point of Moonlight (Tendril's sword).] Release him.

Eon: [Goes back in time and then reappears] Do you even know what a planktasecond is you idiotic freak? It is less then a second! It is the smallest possible unit of time! Tendril is moving as we speak since I only froze him for a planktasecond! Idiot!

Dalton: ...Hunter?

Hunter: Yeah?

Dalton: Get rid of him.

Hunter: Will do. (Sends Eon to The Lunar Void (Nothing Eon can use will work in there))

(Eon cannot go back in time when in the void. Nor can you try pulling the "He left first" card. I made the first move. -Hunt)

(FIne then dude but just so you know, he'll be back. I can find loop holes and Eon is a vital character in the next part of the roleplay. -Intrudge)

(There are no loopholes in the Lunar void. Read the article. -Hunter)

[The headmaster walks into the gardens]

Prof. Elroudous: Were is our new student? Eon?

Dalton: He was being and *sshole, so Hunter's giving him a time out.

Prof. Elroudous: When will he be back?

Hunter: (Shrugs) In about an hour. You'd think an hour of doing nothing but floating through an empty void would teach a guy a lesson.

Bee: An hour flies by like a second for him, we'll just have to wait another, 59 minutes...

Vee: I hate Eon as much as the next guy but unlike Bee atleast he has a reason to behave that way....

Hunter: Oh, and one thing: time doesn't pass like in there like it does out here. Its Slooooooooooooooooooooow.

Tendril: I honestly dont like chronokinetics very much. I wouldnt have minded if my shadow had killed him.

Tendril's shadow: [Returns to his place under Tendril's feet]

Nightfall: [Telepathically to Lightbane and Moonrise] This Tendril is indeed powerful. I've never heard of an Umbrakinetic bringing his shadow to life.

Lightbane: [Telepathically] What about Eon? He seemed pretty powerful as well.

Nightfall: [Telepathically] Eon is powerful, i agree. but he is no more powerful than any other chronokinetic. He's powerful compared to us. Not to his own kind.

Moonrise: [Telepathically] His shadow fights on it's own. Without him needing to control it. But that just makes him clever. Does that really mean he is more powerful than another umbrakinetic? i'm not convinced. We need more proof.

[Eon returns]

Eon: You do realise only the most acomplished chronokinetic can travel through time. Those other novices only have fast forward buttons on their legs!

Vee: And arms!

Eon: [Glares at him] Anyhow, when's the next class?

Prof. Elroudous: Tomorow and by the way NO KILLING ALLOWED TENDRIL!!! [Leaves]

Bee: Not even I would kill in a school with an all powerful warlock who has every type of kinesis known of! It either shows your very violent or very stupid!

Eon: And he didn't know what a planktasecond was....

Vee: Now, now children...


Vee: Well at least I try not to get into any fights or hurt someone! That's why not a single misfortune happened to me yet!

Tendril: I can't be blamed if my shadow gets violent. That's why i gave him a mind of his own. Besides, i don't fight unless attacked. Same goes for my shadow.

Eon: You can hardly call that an attack!

Tendril: You use your chronokinesis on me to prove a point. That umbrakinetics can still be caught by surprize. Like i said before. Im not a big fan of chronokinesis.

Roleplay Part 16

Eon: Well it's a whole lot better than cosmokinesis! (In the Heathershield Common room)

Meg: [Reading Inkspell] (Crud! forgot to log in!)

Vee: OH CRAP!!!

Moonrise: [Sitting in the corner petting Clair (Her new Eevee). Telepathically discussing Tendril with Nightfall and Lightbane] Like i said before. We need more proof.

Nightfall: [Telepathically] And how do you propose to get it?

Moonrise: [Telepathically] We must test his power wiithout the help of his shadow.

[Bee clims through the window]

Vee: What are you doing here?

Bee: I came to pick a fight!

Moonrise: [To Bee] With who?

Bee: Anyone! Just something to sastisfy my warlust!

Meg: [Calmly puts down her book and walks up to Bee. Uppercuts him straight in his face, knocking him down] There. Happy?


Vee: Hey everyone! I shall tell you the story of Beecissus and his reflection! One day the nymph Eonoh fell in love with a not-so-handsome fox called Beecissus-

Bee and Eon: HEY!

Vee: - Anyway, Beecissus was vain and arrogant and didn't return Eonoh's feeling. She followed Beecissus through the woods and whenver Beecissus would say something she would repeat the end of his phrase. She wasted away looking at her lover and cursed him for not loving her, When Beecissus approached a pool he saw his reflection and fell in love! Not knowing it was an image (Since he had no brains) he wasted away in front of the pool, trying to gain it's love!

Moonrise: [Laughing] Best story ever!

Vee: WHy thank you.

Bee and Eon: [Grumble as they leave, Eon has enough sense to take the stairs but Bee walks out the window and falls screaming]

Vee: [Looks down]

Moonrise: ... [Laughing even harder now]

[It was Witchcraft with Professor Marsuley that afternoon]

Prof. Marsuley: Can anyone tell us what happens when you add wyoglesereen [witch term for "rat bogeys"] to a mixture of gologus [witch term for "cow farts"]

[Vee raised his hand]

(After class Bee returns in a wheelchair)

Meg: [Is back to reading Inkspell]

Bee: [Snatches it] FIGHT ME!!!

Meg: [Unseathes her claws] You know what's gonna happen. I'm gonna knock you flat on your bum again. now GIVE-ME-THE BOOK-BACK. It's Leona's!

Bee: [Incinerates it]

Eon: Idiot...

Meg: [Roars in anger, and tackles Bee, smashing him through a wall]

Eon: [Sigh] I will have to save his sorry butt once again....

[Puts Bee back in time]

Moonrise: >.> [Petting Clair. Telepathically to Nightfall] Ugh. Bee's picking fights again. anyway, i've noticed that Tendril seems to like sleeping outside at night. Actually pretty close to where you and Shade train.

Nightfall; [Telepathically] Really? i can't believe i never picked up his field. So we try it tonight?

Moonrise: [Telepathically] No. He's umbrakinetic. To find his true power we need to put him in a situation where he can't access the shadows normally. We wait until morning when i come out with Clair.

[A multi-coloured fox walks up to them]

Rainbow: Hello, my name is Rainbow, your new student and prefect!

Vee: [Grins] Hi Rainbow!

Rainbow: Hi Vee! Also I am a Chromokinetic!

Meg: [Gets up, and mutters something in Japanese]

[Two wolves, both look the same except on is black with white markings, and the other is white with black markings walk up]

Yang: I'm Yang. Sister of Yin!

Yin: And I'm Yin! Sister of Yang!

Both: [In strange unison] We're Twins.

[A Flying Squrrel and a Rabbit were bickering nearby]

Brittany: At least I have more friends!

Jakob: Oh? And where are they?

Brittany: They didn't enroll... duh...

Jakob: At least Flicker's here!

Brittany: For an older brother, you sure are dumb!

Krinkinko:Hi I'm krinkinko. These are my friends Droget the Frog and Fa-La-Stu the Echidna.

Droget: (Hides behind Krinkinko) Hi

Moonrise: [Looks up] Hello. [Telepathically to Nightfall and Lightbane] So you get Tendril's shadow away from him...

Nightfall: [Telepathically] ...With a challenge from a fake Eon...

Moonrise: [Telepathically] ...Then when they're separated you surround Tendril in a dome of polished metal...

Lightbane: [Telepathically] ...We come out inside the dome through a tunnel created by my natural disaster powers. I light up the dome with a ball of lightning...

Nightfall: [Telepathically] ...I challenge him myself and if he wins or its a draw he passes.

Moonrise: [Telepathically] Right.

Rainbow: Why hello, Eon...

Eon: Hello my dear...

Jakob: Hello.

Brittany: [Looks at Fa-La-Stu and co.] Nice to meet you... I guess.

Jakob: Pardon my sister, she's a Second year.

Brittany: Hmph.

[A grumpy Badger is seen sweeping the floors]

Mr. Fynn: Stupid kids...

Meg: [Starts huming Bones Shatter (Never Say Never)]

Roleplay Part 17

[Bee was in the infarmary, fractures everywhere]

[Meg walks in]

Meg: Look, I don't like you, but I do believe in aplogies. I'm sorry for knocking you through that wall if you're sorry for incinerating Leona's book.

Bee: [Spits out a tooth] 'Eah... I'm 'orry 'or ininiating 'eona's 'ook.

(That night)

Nightfall: [In the gardens training with Shade (His new Eevee). Holding a weak wooden plank. It had a crack down the middle from the training] Alright Shade, one more time. Tackle!

Shade: [Charges then leaps and bashes his head into the plank. It splits in half.]

Nightfall: Good job, Shade. that's it for tonight. [Senses Tendril's magnetic field in a tree nearby.]

Tendril: [Sleeping in a tree] ZzZzZz...

[Suddenly the moon turned orange, underneath stood a purple fox]

Rainbow: Hello.

Nightfall:... If you've come to watch Shade and i train you're a little late.

Rainbow: I came here to train as well...

[The ground turns black and then red. Rainbow turns grey.]

Tendril: ZzZzZzZz...

(In the Heathersheild common room)

Meg: [Writing on some paper]

Vee: [Turning ice back into water.]

Meg: [Stops] Hey, where is everyone? I haven't seen Yang for a few hours. She's not one to stay up late.

[Bee wheels in in a wheelchair]

Bee: [Spits out tooth] I got rid of them!

Moonrise: >.>

Bee: And you'll never ever find them since I hid them in the garden maze, a maze where no-one can get out of!

Vee: Some school -_-

(In the morning)

Nightfall: [Standing with Moonrise and Lightbane. Particles of different colored metals rose up from the ground and formed together into the shape of Eon.]

Fake Eon: [Walks over to the tree that Tendril's sleeping in] Hey Tendril!

Tendril: [Wakes up] Yeah?

Fake Eon: I wanna fight your shadow again.

Tendril: [Leaps down] Uhh...okay. i guess.

Tendril's Shadow: *Stands up. Walks over to the Fake Eon*

(As soon as he does, a bright metal dome rises up around Tendril, trapping him)

Tendril's Shadow: Master! Oh well. He'll find his way out soon enough. In the mean time,[Turns to Fake Eon] i might as well accept your challenge.

Fake Eon: [No response]

Tendril's Shadow: Eon? Hello?

Fake Eon: [No response*

(Inside the dome)

Tendril: [Hears the sound of the ground shifting nearby*

Lightbane: [Iside the dome. Generates a ball of lightning to light up the inside, revealing himself, Moonrise, and Nightfall, and destroying all the shadows inside*

Nightfall: [Steps toward Tendril] Let's see how well you do without any shadows to back you up.

Tendril: [Smirks] You think there aren't any shadows in here? Guess again! [Hangs his head and liquid shadows pour out* You cant extinguish the shadows within me. And check this out! [Causes his shadows to block out parts of Lightbane's light, Creating more shadows to work with. The shadows surround his hands, infusing them with darkness*

Nightfall: [Charges at him*


Tendril's Shadow: [Waving his hand in front of Fake Eon's face* Eon? Are you okay?

Fake Eon: [No response]

Tendril's Shadow: [Pokes the fake Eon's forehead*

Fake Eon: [Falls over and collapses into metal dust upon hitting the ground*

[The real Eon comes out]

Eon: THAT IMPOSTER SOUNDED NOTHING LIKE ME! As if I would say: [In a mocking sing-song voice] Hey Tendril! I wanna fight your shadow again! I'll show you! [Sends Nigthfall back in time and blasts Tendril's Shadow with 5 o'clock.]

(The metal dome collapses. Tendril, Nightfall, Lightbane, and Moonrise stood where it had been. Nightfall and Tendril were panting and beat up.)

(Nightfall was sent back in time)

Nightfall: [Walks over to Tendril. Holds out his hand* You've passed. Congratulations.

Tendril: [Looks at Nightfall, confused. shakes the hand] Uhh, thanks?

{Somewhere else}

Yin&Yang: [Singing Magic Melody in a duet]


Eon: You still have to fight me!

Nightfall: no thanks.

Kyel: I dont like fighting...

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