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Part 1

Bleach - Fade to black part 1 9 HQ (English sub)

Bleach - Fade to black part 1 9 HQ (English sub)

This is the beginning

(Now, back to everyone...Everyone starts)

Selenia: *freezes, in shock* Rukia...*get's out a skull-like amulet and presses it against her chest, making her a spirit captain*

(With J, he can see his race car, the Wyvern Type 7, being towed away after getting completely demolished while J was reaching its speeds at over 230 MPH)

N (unseen): [through walkie-talkie] Wow, you just let your adrenaline get the best of ya, big brother.

J: [to N from his walkie-talkie] Whatever, N. Sometimes I couldn't help myself. At least it'll be repaired in a jiff.

N (unseen): [through J's walkie-talkie; laughs] Well next time drive like a reall expert racing driver than getting behind a wheel like a maniac! Over and out, J.

J: [to N from his walkie-talkie; sarcasm] Yeah, yeah, over and out. [turns off his walkie-talkie; sighs]

Selenia: *runs threw J, but is too fast to be seen*

J: What the--? [looks around; rubs eyes] Ugh... I must be seeing things... Shouldn't have woke up that early...

Dusk: *walks up* hey J some race aye............#72 almost ran me off the road *puts helmet underarm* i think i almost lost control when i hit top speed....................hey you ok?

J: I'm okay. It wasn't really a race, just a Free Run, and my car got destroyed -_-'.


Selenia: *stops running, as she is infront of the Urahara shop* Huh? *reads the sign, with two chibi's on it* Closed...*sighs* Hang it...Urahara you b******....

Ururu: *opens the door* Miss Kumicko? What are you doing here in this hour?

Jenta: Don't let her in! *wearing his ducky pajamas*

Selenia: *stomps on Jentas head* Shut the hell up! I need to speak to Urahara!

Ururu: Okay, miss Kumicko, please come in...*steps aside to let her in*

Jenta: Hack! *falls*

Selenia: Thank you, Ururu...*walks inside*

Jenta: *grabs Ururu by her front bangs* you idiot! When I say no I mean no!!!

Ururu: Ahh! Sorry Jenta...

Selenia: *in Urahara's room* Well now, you aren't asleep? *grinning*

Urahara: AH! *gets in sitting position* Sorry there, Mai. I didn't feel or hear you there [sweatdrop]

Tessai: *opens the sliding door, on his knees* Mister Urahara are you alri-*sees Selenia*

Selenia: Hm?

Tessai: *grabs Selenia's hand on his knees* Forgive me, Captain Kumicko Chiyo Mai from 14th Secret Royal Division!

Selenia: Uh, It's alright, Tessai.

Tessai: How long has it been since we saw you in shinigami form?

Selenia: Good question, Probably a 100 years ago.

Urahara: Well, I see you've made it to captain now.

Selenia: Yeah...50 years ago...-_-

Tessai: Anyways, Why have you come?

Selenia: Something's happened to Rukia...

Urahara: Rukia? Doesn't ring a bell...

Selenia: Rukia Kuchiki, She's one of your customers!

Urahara: *looks at his customer log* Well now, There is a "Rukia Kuchiki" here, but I don't know her.

Selenia: *shudders*

(Back with J...)

J: [wanders around; thinking] Eh, my Wyvern Type 7 would be fixed in no time.

???: So, Are you the legendary racer, J?

J: Yes. I am.

???: Then do you know my Captain, Kumicko Chiyo? *walks up to him, only showing a long, curved sword, with a tiny hint of blood*

J: Hmmm.... "Kumicko Chiyo"...? [thinks] Selenia?

???: Yes, Do you know her? She looks alot like you...

J: I know, I do look like her, and I've known her for such time.

???: So you do know how she is...*withdraws his sword* I need you to take me to her...

J: Okay. I only saw her blur passing by, so if I can remember where she was last seen, we could find her. Let's go. [runs off]

(with Shadow)

Shadow: *sigh* hey Dawn where is Endac

Dawn: i don't know

Cedric: he could be back at home

Shadow: there he is with Andrion *points up at the sky where they can see 2 flying specs*

Endac: *lands with Andrion* hey guys sorry we're late

Andrion: so what are we here for

Shadow: easy we have a Gaurd job to do

Endac: who?

Shadow: \=/ Who else

Endac: Sonic -_-' ?

Shadow: correct now lets go

Dawn: this way *they head to the castle*

(at the store)

Mazda: (walks up and knocks on the glass) Are you open?

Selenia: What about the soul society?

Urahara: They've recieve severe damage

Tessai: *let's Mazda in* yes we are, welcome to the Urahara shop Sir.

Mazda: Thanks. So....what kind of stuff do you sell here?

Tessai: We pretty much sell everything here

Selenia: Hm?

Urahara: He a friend?

Selenia: Yes...

A cyan hedgehog knocked at the door. "Is the shop still open?" He asked from outside.

(passing by store: black streak, Orange streak, 2 red streaks, Gray streak (Shadow, Dawn, Endac and Andrion, and Cedric) then the black one comes back and there is a shadowy figure looking in the window).......................(Orange streak comes back and grabs the shadowy figure by the ear and drags him off at super sonic speed) (quitely they hear) ow ow ow ow ow dam it Dawn that hurts let go ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow OOOOOOOOWWWWW

Tessai: Yes we are, *lets the cyan hedgehog threw* Welcome to the Urahara shop.

Urahara: Welcome! I hope you like what you find!

Selenia: *in the living room, she silently watches*

The hedgehog looked behind him, hearing something strange, but then srugged it off and walked inside. "Thank you." He nodded with a smile. "May I have something to drink?"

Tessai: Yes Sir, I'll be right back! *goes to the kitchen*

Urahara: I see we have some guests, you two are invited anytime to stay if you'd like

Yoruichi: *in cat form* Hmm? Who are these people?

Selenia: *finally appears* these are some friends of mine

The hedgehog smiled and bowed politely. "Thank you for your hospitality." He looked towards Yoruichi. "My name is Kyle Tyris. A pleasure to meet you."

  • 2 spirits of a mobians appear near selenia but only she can see them*

Spirit 1: *adult voice* sir we don't have time to dicuss this or find shadow

Spirit 2: *younger teen voice* we have to find them Ryoa or else we'll never get the other generals and my father back

Ryoa: (pronounced: Rye-oh-uh) we don't have the time to--

Spirit 2: hold on.......*looks past Ryoa to see selenia* do you think anyone can see us

Ryoa: i don't know Jango but we need to go

Jango: now was that so hard? it gets annoying when you call me sir all the time

Ryoa: sorry but we need to be cautioned for chaos users can see us

Jango: if she can hear us then she can see us but i don't know if she can *still watching Selenia*

(SHADOW: p.s. they are right in front of here about 5 feet away XD)

Mazda: Do you have any weapons or anything? I'm trying to surprise my girlfriend.

Urahara: Yes we do, What type of Sword are you looking for?

Selenia: *invisible to everyone, as she looks at the three spirits* How are you three? Spirits as well?

Jango: hmm looks like she can hear us *floats past Ryoa* we're dead...........Mobians who can use chaos usually become chaos spirits like us

Ryoa: *turns to selenia* we shouldn't be talking to her Jango

Jango: who is the supperior officer Ryoa *looks back at selenia* my name is Jango, the Chaos Dragon of Fire. my father you, might know him, is known as Fojin the Great Chaos Shadow Dragon. he is the spirit of a mobian known as Shadow the Hedgehog................i'm the spirit of his son........Drako the Hedgehog

Ryoa: *sigh*

Jango: do you know him?

Selenia: Shadow the Hedgehog is my brother...*looks at their chains connected to their heart* Hmm...

Mazda: I guess a Katakana will do.

Urahara: Nice decision ^_^ *goes and gets Katakana*

Mazda: (pays him) Thanks. (notices the Cyan hedgehog) Oh, hi. (leaves in a hurry)

Kyle simply nodded in response. "Hello."

Selenia: *in spirit form* Urahara, I'll come back today afternoon, See you later...*disappears, returns back to her house as she enters her bodie*

Urahara: Does Kumicko have something to hide from me? *suspicious face* heheh...I'll find out...

Tessai: ^_^

Kyle gave Urahara an odd look, then noticed Tessai. "Oh, yes. How much is it?" He asked.

Tessai: Hospitality here is free :3

Urahara: So Kyle, Do you know anyone by the name of "Rukia"?

Kyle was a bit surprised, but then gave an even bigger smile. "Thank you very much." He said as he took his drink. He turned to look at Urahara. "Rukia? Hmm...I don't believe I've ever heard of anyone by that name." He shook his head. "But have any of you seen a cyan girl hedgehog or heard of someone named Keela?" He asked.

Jango: hmm she left

Ryoa: good we can't let her know about us

Jango:..............(looks over at 3rd ghost) Fredrick you havn't said anything

Fredrick:..........*sigh* i don't think we need to make this mission because it's to risky

Jango:...............yes sir

Ryoa: finally some good sense

Fredrick: *smiles* but i didn't say that Risky doesn't make it fun

Jango: =D yes lets go then

Ryoa: *sigh* why can't anybody listen to reason

Fredrick: lighten up Ryoa............................thats an order

Ryoa: (fake cheerfully) yes sir -_-'

Urahara: *looks at the spirits* are you all done with chatting in my shop?

Jango:...........................oh sh*t................they could hear us

Fredrick:..............hmm maybe we should have stayed in the spirit realm

Jango: well we needed some intell

Ryoa: JUST COME ON *grabs them and dissapates*

(at Selenia's house)

Selenia: *returns into her body* God...100 years have passed by and I still feel like I'm younger then Urahara-San...But Rukia...I really hope your alright...

(back at the shop).

Kyle followed Urahara's gaze, but didn't see anything. "Who...who are you talking to?"

(Back with J and the unknown person, they arrive at the shop where Selenia and the others are, but they are gone)

J: Ah geez, we missed them.

???: *Sensing where she went* I found her...Lets go...

(J follows the mystery person to find Selenia)

???: *Leads them to a big house (not gigantic)* This is where she is...

Selenia: *freezes, as she feels their energy* Kisami...


J: Okay. [knocks at the door]

(When can Anna come in?)


Selenia: Hm? *opens the door* J?

Anna:(Peeks behind Selenia)Hey J.

J: [looks at Anna and Selenia] Hey you two.

Selenia: What are you doing here at this hou-

???: Captain?

Selenia: Kisami....

Kisami: Glad you remember my name...

Anna:Who's he Selenia?

Kisami: I am Kisami Ackamichi...Lieutenant of the 14th Squad from the Soul Society...

Selenia: Why are you here?

J: ...just wanted to say hi to ya?

Anna:Soul society?What's that?

Selenia: Please come in, I'll explain everything...

Kisami: *enters*

Anna:Would you like something to drink?

Kisami: No thank you...Im fine...*takes off his coat, showing his curved sword*

Selenia: I guess I should start from the beginning...

Anna:(Sits down and listens)

J; [listens to Selenia]

Selenia: I died...200 years ago...My spirit was sent to the rekongai district 78...There, is where spirits move on, to have their lives again...But I was different from others...

Anna:(looks at Selenia)But you look alive to me.I mean you did raise me as a pup.

Selenia: Something about that includes in this story...

Anna:Sorry,please continue?

Selenia: I went to the Soul Academy, and they said I was at a captain ranking level...


Kisami: But she was asigned to the 3rd Squad, as a lieutenant...

Selenia: Gin Ichimaru killed my captain...So I became a Captain for my own squad...Called the Royal Secret Squad, AKA 14th Squad

Anna:(Still listens)

Selenia: I later created how to put a living soul into a dead body too....


Selenia: After 100 years, I disappeared from the Soul society...and never returned for 200 years...

Anna(Raised hand)What did you do for 200 years?

Selenia: I came and I worked for the Urahara shop, but I decided to move on and become a GUN Agent...

Anna:(Smile)And I bet years later,you came and took me in as your family?

Selenia: Yes...But your mother, Dawn, She was my mother's Sister, So you are also rotalty

(knock, knock, knock)

Anna:Who could that be?I'll get it.

(at the door)

Endac: hiya Anna

Caden: hewo

Selenia: So, why did you come here?

Kisami: I need to see my captain...Everyone's been worried for 200 years.

Anna:Selenia,Endac and Caden are here?

Endac: well i thought you wanted to know that Shadow and Dusk are being helb by some one named Ichigo

Caden: *shrugs* it says so in this letter *hands it to them*

Selenia: Ichigo?!

Kisami: The intruder!

Selenia: He's a friend of mine! *grabs the note and reads it*

Anna:What does it say?

Endac: hey don't ask me. i found that note on Shadow's doorstep.........and his family was gone, you know Maria, Drako, Pheonix, Mari, And Shyla. (Wife. Kid, Kid, Kid,Kid)

Caden: *sees an Apple Tree in Selenia's Yard* oooohhh yay *goes over to it and starts eating one*

Endac: HellFire Apples Caden

Caden: huh.............HOOOOOOOOOT *starts breathing fire from heat of mouth

Endac: all i could make out of it was "if you can find me you will find your brothers" and it's addressed to you Selenia...............maybe it's like some one pretending to be This Ichigo guy and made that note to blackmail him

Selenia: Ichigo...*clinches fists* I'll kill him! He's now the enemy! *turns into a spirit*

Anna:What do you think Selenia?

Selenia: There's something happening at the Soul Society, and Ichigo is over there, So guess what all of us are gonna do?! We're gonna go to the soul society!

AnnaGo there?!But how?Me and the rest are all living.

Dawn: not exactly...............every chaos user has a chaos spirit inside of them...........they just have to find it and control it......then you take it's form when and become a sprirt *changes from her usual yellow and Orangs form into a yellow and Orange Hedgehog wearing a Black and Red battle Leather armor and with two knives straped to her thighs and one sheathed in the heel of her boots* like this......

Endac: cool

Selenia: There's one way to get you all Real spirits...And that's when I slash you all once.

Endac: i'd rather stick with Dawn's idea sorry *steps back a bit*

Selenia: Wait, This amulet I have *shows a skull* I can attach it to my hand, and that's how you all willl become spirits, without death. Example! *hits Kisami in the c hest, making him a soul reaper*

Kisami: Oi! Tell me when your gonna do that!

Anna:So that's what that thing was for.I just thought it was some kind of jewelry.

Endac: well ok i guess......sorry Dawn

Dawn: *shrugs* its ok everyone still does have a chaos spirit so it'll show itself soon

Selenia: Guys! think fast! *slashes Endac and Dawn, making them spirits*

Anna:I trust you Selenia.(Closes her eyes and ready for impact)

Selenia: It doesn't hurt one bit! *slashes Anna, making her a spirit too*

Anna:(Slowly opens her eyes)Am I a spirit now?

Selenia: Yeah, told you it didn't hurt! Now it's J's turn!

Anna:(Looks at herself)I don't look any different.

Selenia: Of course you don't. That's because My sword instantly made you a dead spirit, but without dying.

Anna:(Alittle worried)I hope this isn't permament.

Endac: i'm pretty sure it's not

Selenia: It's not

Anna:Whoo.That's a releaf.

Zulto: *walks to them* Hey guys I heard you where around and...*senses that almost all of them are spirits* Um, Selenia what did you do this time?

Anna:She turned us into spirits,but for a good reason.

Selenia: AND YOUR COMING TOO! *slashes Zulto, making him a spirit*

Zulto: O.O *growls* I hate you so much right now.

Anna:Hahaha.But we need another hand to help.

Caden: i'm a chao and chaos can go anywhere .....................oh a cracker =D *points to cracker on the ground and starts eating it*

Endac: fire cracker Caden

Caden: huh *BOOM but his guts didn't go flying all over the place...............he was now a spirit* hmm tastes like burning tastebuds

Zulto: *angry* I was busy helping my team!!!! and now you drag me into another crazy adventure????????

Selenia: THAT'S RIGHT! *in pissed off chibi form* Now lets go before I take you by force!

Anna:You'll get the hang of it Zulto.

Endac: just so every one knows my Chao is alittle stupid, at times

Caden: hey look a plate of Jumbalija *eats*

Endac: *without looking at Caden* cayan pepper seasoned spicy jumbalija

Caden:......huh *mouth sets fire* hmm i need a hose. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH *runs around screaming about his mouth*

Endac: *sigh*

Selenia: Quit the chattin! Let's go!

Dawn: right

Anna:Right behind you!

Selenia: *raises sword, then stabs it in the air*


Selenia: *a gate with strong light opens*

Anna:(Sheilds eyes)That's bright

(You need to tell us when your off.)

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Selenia: Cmon


Selenia: *steps aside to let everyone threw*

Anna:Come on Selenia.(Grabs her hand)

Selenia: Go on ahead, I need to do something before I leave...*pats her head, then pushes Anna in* I'll be right with you!

Mazda: (sees the door wide open) Selenia? I came to........What's that thing in the middle of your living room? (door of light)

Selenia: Hm? *looks at Mazda* Anna, Dawn, Caden, and Endac are gonna have a small trip to the Soul Society. Anyway, you came for what? *with a cute confused face*

Mazda: *sigh* Fine. (thinking) Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!

Selenia: Wanna come?

Mazda: Sure. (goes with her)

Selenia: *goes threw the gate with Mazda, making the door disappear after they enter*

(I just made a new character! Lorelei the Wolf)

(Nice! It's nice how Ookamoni likes her sister, but rude that he hates everyone else -_-)

Part 2: Arriving to the Soul Society

(they all end up in Selenia's Captain room*

Zulto: Is it still too late to go back?

Mazda: I think so.

Selenia: *hands them all Soul reaper clothes/robes* You all will need these, so they won't think you all are the enemy...*looks around, as she sees her shinigami Captain robe and puts it on*

(Lightning, yeah. It's called obsession. XD)

(With J, who has already left to follow Anna...)

N (unseen): [through J's walkie-talkie; static] Hey J... there?

J: What the--? [answers his walkie-talkie] N is that you?

N (unseen): [his walkie-talkie cuts off due to interference]

J: [turns off his walkie-talkie] Great...

(Back with Selenia, Mazda and Zulto...)

Zulto: *sighs* I never wanted this.. *takes one of the robes*

Mazda: Uh, okay. (takes robe)

Zulto: *looks around * Where did J, N, and Anna go?

Selenia: They appeared somewhere else...*in her captain robe* It's been 200 years...They will not attack anyway...But they can feel peope's spiritual preasure....

14th Squad member: *comes in to check the room, to pray for captain's safety, until She sees Selenia* !!!! C-Captain?! Captain! *comes in and hugs Selenia*

Selenia: Serroiy...It's been awhile...Hasn't it? *pets Serroiys head*

Serroiy: *crying* I'd knew you'd come back...!!! I knew it!!!

Mazda: Uhh, hello?

Kisami: Serroiy, Show respect for our captain...

Serroiy: *bows, as she sees Mazda* you are new here? Let me intruduce! My name's Serroiy the Fox, 3rd seat member of the 14th Secret Royal Squad, nice to meet you! ^_^

Selenia: No time. Show me where all of the captains are!

Serroiy: Yes Captain! Follow me! *runs off*

Mazda: Alright. (runs with them)

Zulto: Hmmm....Im going to find J and the others. *runs off*

(they all run off, as they approach the battle feild)

(On a battle feild, they see every captain on there, Including Urahara)

Soifon: Who's that...spiritual pressure...?

Captains: *looks around, as they see Mazda, Serroiy, Kisami, and Selenia)

Selenia: *stops Hitsugaya's attack* You all are so bitter...

Hitsugaya: *freezes for a moment*

(Memphis is seen on a roof top in a inverted black captains cloak with an infinite sign on the back)

Memphis:... the captains are assembling? Crono!

(Crono appears behind Memphis in a inverted white soul reaper outfit with a luteanants badge)

Crono: Ye... yes captain...?

Memphis: We will have to make ourselves known to the soul society now.

Crono: But!!.... Understood i'm right behind you all the way!

Mazda: Hmmmmm. What exactly is this?

Yamamoto: Kumicko...You have returned...?

Selenia: That Is right! *withdraws her sword* Now, What happened?! I don't see kenpachi...Why is there seiretei all over the Soul Society?! Answer me!

Soifon: None is your concern...Traitor! *charges at Selenia, with her sword ready*

Selenia: Don't bother, Soifon...

Ichigo: What is going on?!?! *looks at Memphis* Hm?!

Soifon: TRAITOR! *slashes selenia, but is stopeed by Urahara*

(the sword dosent even scrach Selenia, it is stopted by Zultos sword)

Zulto: Bad idea.

(Memphis jumps down and Crono clumsily follows)

Msazda: How disgusting. (jumps down)

Crono: Me...Me...Memphis would like to know what is going on around here...

Selenia: *stands in front of everybody* Shut the hell up! All of you! Now, What happened to Rukia?! What happened to the seiretei?! And what the hell happened to All of you?! I left 200 years ago to leave you all! Now I've returned! Now show yourr respect to my newest members!

Yamamoto: You are breaking the law, Kumicko...

Jushiro: *Surprised* We were all betrayed...

Mazda: They certainly aren't an organized organization.

Zulto: This will not end well. *holding his sword tightly*

Memphis: *a vien on his forehead*

Selenia: You all will not forgive me?! Then You will all forgive me one point or later! Mazda! Zulto! Get ready! Master, I hope your happy!

Yamamoto: Captain Kumicko-

Selenia: BANKAI!

Mazda: (takes scythe in an awesome, Soul Eater style) You're acting like kids! Looks like you guys need a time out.

Memphis: what an annoying turn of events... CRONO!!!

Crono: *nods*

(Both Crono and Memphis release a sickly and dense spiritual pressure)

(Sorry I'm late guys)

(Somewhere with Anna,J and N)

Anna:Where are we?

Selenia: *turns completely different* It's time the Soul Society got back to normal! *sword grows 2 times longer then Selenia ehrself*

Yamamoto: Captains! Ataack!

Hitsugaya: Selenia! You will regret living! *gets his sword, but is easily slashed*

Zulto: *senses where J and Anna are* There they are. *runs off*

(Back with Ann)

Anna:My first time here and I'm lost.

J: We'll find a way, Anna.

Memphis: *puts on a hollows mask* BANKAI!!!!!! (Two katanas one white one black appear on each hand) Ragnorok infinito!!!

Selenia: *blackness swirls around her, with a hollow mask as well* Hitsugaya...Haven't you learned anything?!

Zulto: *sees J and Anna* Guys!

Memphis: *hollowfied voice* My name is Memphis of the secret squad infinite you have all been deemed a hazard to squad fourteen and must be punished... any words in your defence?

(Anna sees Zulto)


Zulto: We got trouble!

J: I can sense that.

Anna:What's wrong?

Mazda: (keeps cutting everything down with his scythe) You okay sweetie!?!

(and...I'm nominated for bureaucrat! :D I had to so we can move.)

Crono: Me... Memphis... we just received an urgent call that requires our immediate attention!

Memphis:*dehollowfies*... Right let us be on our way... I will exact my punishment on them at another time.

(The two use a combination of sonido and flash step to leave at a deafing speed and a huge sound roars)

Zulto: Seleniua and Madza are going aagainst some people guys will have tosee for yourselves. *leads them*

Anna:(I hope Selenia's alright.)(Folllows Zulto)

J: [follows Anna and Zulto]

(Zulto, Anna, and J soon reach the battlefield)

Zulto: Enough, you will all stop the fighting.


J: What happened?!

Selenia: *calms down a bit* Betrayers...

Zulto: I dont will all stop the fighting or I will end it.

Mazda: (gets rid of scythe) Heh, that was fun while it lasted!

J: [clears throat to Zulto; to Selenia] Betrayers?

(also, bureaucrat nominations. Vote please, even if it's no. :D ) Selenia: *still in hollow form* Betrayers! They have broken the law! *spiritual pressure grows Imense, knocking her friends down*

Anna:Whoa...thats alot of pressure.

Zulto: I never wanted this journey to take place.....I never wanted to go, so I guess I'l find my own way out. *begins walking away* I dont need to hear or deal with this.

Anna:(sees Zulto leaving)Wait Zulto!(Grabs his hand)

(Is Lighting still on?)


Serroiy: Captain! Please!

(all the other squad 14th members arrive, as they look At Selenia*

Kisami: Captain!

Selenia: *growls, but in a calm tone. As she becomes unhollowfied*

Zulto: What? I need to get going..Im not being draged into another fight...

Yamamoto: We need all the help we need, as long as you forgive us, Captain Kumicko.

Selenia: *returns to normal* Sorry about that...I can't remember what happened right now...*clears her ear* Might be a bug or somethin...*looks at Everyone* As Captain of the 14th squad...*in angered tone* We will help the Soul Socitey! We will find Rukia...Ichigo! Go search with Renji!

Ichigo and Renji: *already gone*

Selenia: Zulto! Hault! I brought you here for a reason!

Zulto: *sighs* Fine, but just let me rest for a while *walks off to find a comfortable place*

(Xab - Im outa here for a little bit, brb)

J: !!! [gets up and sees Selenia] Selenia...?

Selenia: *walks over to the rest of the captains* Yes?

Anna:What just happen?

(Sorry Light,I just don't want this one to mess up.)

J: [trying to say something, but is confused after what happened]

Mazda: It'll be interesting watching this unfold...


Selenia: You will all see what will happen...For now I need to remember what just happened...*confused look*

Hitsugaya: interesting...

(I know,Light.)

Yamamoto: *looks at the sky, as snakes appear flowing around Soul Society* hmm....

Selenia: Master, What are those things?

Yamamoto: Those are sereitei creatures...they have wiped out the Soul Society...

Anna:Are they wrost than Hollows?


Joshiro: More stronger then 100 hollows...

Selenia: *surprised* How did this happen?

Ukiyake: We don't know, it happened two days ago...

Selenia: and yet you all didn't do anything?

Anna:Couldn't you guys call or something?

Zulto: *takes out his sword* Nevertheless they seem to be a why dont we show them how we treat threats..

Yamamoto: First we need to figure out a plan.

Selenia: I will assist you, master. *bows head*

Ukitake: As long as you don't leave us again.

Jushiro: We were always waiting for 100 years.

Hitsugaya: Forget the past, for now we need to do what we were trained to.

Urahara: First, we need to go to Mayuri's lab.

Anna:Who's Mayuri?

Soifon: He's the Captain of the 12th Squad.

Anna:He must be smart if he has a lab.

Jushiro: Oh, He's smart alright, but as crazy as ever.

Ukitake: He's so smart he created his own lieutenant.



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