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There has been a major storm spreading across Planet Freedom. With Eggman's Home, the Land of Darkness, gone people thought that it was just Eggman out for revenge. What is the mysterious storm that spreads from place to place. How will It Be Stopped? Why am I asking these questions. Find out in: B L A C K O U T .

Additional Info & A Word From the Autor

This RP is about the trials of working together and against uneven odds. As each hero has his/her own goal and quest to stop this "Wandering Storm" they must all get to know eachother and work together to defeat this wicked storm.

This RP is also the begining of a new method of explaining the Plot of all of my Roleplays some may have it some may not. But I plan to have both readers and Roleplayers have a understanding of the story and how I have it planned for it to go. Rember to always obey both my RP's Rules and the Wiki's Rules as well. As always, keep it cool, nice, and just have fun. See you roleplayers. Son Of Light/Sword Of The Sun: ~ Apallo ~ 06:59, September 1, 2012 (UTC) Apallo


  1. No Godmodding
  2. No flaming
  3. No trolling
  4. No stealing the plot
  5. No RP-ing with someone else's character without permission
  6. Ask before getting your character(s) involved in an existing scenario.
  7. No Trolling the Talkpage (for readers)
  8. No Spamming
  9. Just have Fun with it.
  10. One Villan for each user
  11. Can use anyone from the Sonic OVA and the SEGA Sonic Universe as well as Fersonas and Fan Characters.
  12. NO Making up Plot hold or Plots... That's My Job.



Sonic The Hedgehog (Apallo)

Miles "Tails" Prowler (Apallo)

Lunas The Hedgehog (Apallo)

Apallo Jr. "Junior" The Hedgehog = Teen = (Apallo)

Cyber Inferno "Titanium" Steel the Hedgehog (The Legend Bladers)

Space "Cosmic" Galaxy the Fox (The Legend Bladers)

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Rainbow the PegaCat (DashthePegaGirl)

The Elements of Harmony (DashthePegaGirl)

Pewdiepie the Dog (DashthePegaGirl)

Stefano the Gold Hedgehog (DashthePegaGirl)

Gonzalez the Silver Hedgehog (DashthePegaGirl)

The Bro Army (DashthePegaGirl)

Katelyn the Munchlax(Fox)

Asadair the Meowth(Fox)


Tusk the Bullno(Fox)

Speedy the hedgehog(lil mike)

Reeper the hedgehog(lil mike)

Archer the hedgehog(lil mike)

Mois the Cacoon (MoisKeroro-GoSFA)

Toxic the echidna(Toxic the echidna)


= Main Villian = Natiox, Destroyer of Worlds (Apallo)

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik

Dr. EggPlankton (Spongebob100)

Layla the FoxSkunk (Spongebob100)

The Barrel Army (DashthePegaGirl)

Zoom the hedgehog(anti mobius version of speedy)(lil mike)

Jared the unknown (Frozen Scorpio) (neutral, but put here due to not containing a neutral section)

Rules on Transformations

Transformations can be used for many things,but because of most of the heroes being in fights with each other constantly do not use them unless they are not any of the following types:

  • Super Type
  • Turbo Type
  • Hyper Type
  • Size Growth

No Spamming Transformations either. You May use these then you see a Section with (Transformations) on it.

Prolouge: The Comming Storm

Jack: (relaxing on the grass) (sighs) What a day

Patricia: (doing some stretches) Yeah, you said it Jack.

???: *lands on Jack* OW,oops sorry..... *head breaks off and it rolls to Patricia*

Sonic: -picks it up-

Jack: What the? Who's there?

???: Can anyone,put my head in positi--- *spiders leaks out and they come to Jack* Uh oh

Jack: Don't worry, I got it. (squashes the spiders with a Fly Swatter)

???: Uh..thank you very much for squashing my spiders,but can I have my head in position please?

Eggman: TAILS LEAVE ME -zap- BE!

Tails: -shoots a net on Eggman0 GOT YA YOU STROM COULD MAKER!

???: Huh what's going on? *sees Tails and Eggman*

Jack: I don't know

Patricia: Uh guys, look who's back as well (points to Dr. EggPlankton & Layla)

Dr. EggPlankton: Eggman, what the barnicles is going on here?

Layla: Hmpf

???: *Puts head on position* Oh what now?

Sonic: And they look damaged... heh heh heh.

Tails: Sonic Eggman might be the on destroying the cities.

Sonic: Naw! And What is being destroyed?

Tails: -tells Sonic about the storm cloud that causes natual disasters-

???: Hey Sonic,mind if you have a little warm-up with me in a race? Hehehehe

Jack: Guys, this is serious. We gotta stop Eggman!

???: Fine, *runs up to Eggman* Hey! Egghead!

Jack: Hey EggPlankton! Here I come

Patricia: Me too, Layla!

???: *clones into 7,the 5 of them confronts EggPlankton while the rest of ???,confronts Eggman* Hahahaha

Layla: Stop right there!

God Like Voice: SCLIENCE!

???: Hehehehe *kicks Eggman* *vanishes*

Sonic: Guys Stop -looks into the sky-

Dark clouds swril above the sky until a figure swoops down and captures the Eggheads and Layla.

Jack: What's happening?

Patricia: I don't know, but let's get outta here.

Dr. EggPlankton: Hey! Put me down!

Layla: Get us down at once!

God Like Voice: Oh I Have Plans For you 3

Eggman: Sonic Save me! Errrruuug! -the villians all warped into a purple coud and vanished0-

Jack: Cousin Sonic? Do you have any idea, what just happened?

Pewdie: I'm not sure. I'm okay as long as there aren't any- *turns around and sees a barrel* BARRELS! *kicks barrel*

Patricia: What was that?

Sonic: IDK....

Crystalina: -lands down in her angel form and goes back to normal.- Dammit... I got Kicked out of heven again.-sighs- Welp hello everyone :/

Luna and Celestia: *Celestia poofs in with a bright cloud of smoke, Luna with a dark one* *At the same time* Greetings!

Stefano: Dont worry about my bro, Pewdie. the barrels have been after us for a long time and he is getting paranoid.

Jack: That's ok. By the way, my name is Jack the Hedgehog

Patricia: And I'm Patricia the Skunk.

Stefano: My name is Stefano. And this is Pewdiepie. *gestures to Pewdie* I call him Pewdie, though. He's kinda stupid.

Pewdie: I am not! It was the barrel's fault! He sneak attacked me!

Stefano: Pewdie, stop being paranoid!

Jack: So Sonic, what should we do now?

Sonic: Well lets go into Freedom City

Patricia: Ok then, I guess so.

Chapt. 1

Jack: Is it just me, or this getting wierder by the minute

Sonic: Well......

Pewdie & Stefano: *arguing*

Stefano: We are not lost! I know where I'm going!

Pewdie: That's what you always say, then we get attacked by barrels!

Stefano: Your the one who always makes loud noises when I tell you not to!


Patricia: Guys, is there anyone else that can help us?

Tails: EVERYONE BE QUIET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack & Patricia: Huh?

Jack: What for?

Speedy:(falls out of sky)ow your teleportation spell has failed us again Archer


Reeper:where are we

Speedy:i dunno but who are they?(points at others)

Pewdie: Hmm... My adventurer instincts tell me not to trust anyone...

Stefano: *looks at Pewdie confused* What adventurer instincts?

Pewdie: *glares at Stefano* Shut up.

Speedy:adventurers instinct is a feeling that all adventurers and heroes have im speedy,speedy the hedgehog

Reeper: im Reeper

Archer:and im Archer

Jack: Uh Tails is trying to tell us to be quiet, I wonder why?

Speedy:dunno you tell me mr orange guy

Stefano: Whatever, my brother and his girlfriend live around here so I'm gonna go look for them. *walks off*

Pewdie: *rolling eyes* My adventurer instincts are telling me he's going to get lost. Or is that deja vu?

Stefano: *yells back* I heard that you son of a barrel!

Celestia & Luna: *lost and trying to find a certain building*

Celestia: This is not hard.

Luna: No one told me, anything...

Celestia: No one tells you anything! To my knowlage I'm the only person who talks to you! Your like the Ralph Wiggam of real life. *turns head in other direction* Turn around for two seconds catch you eating glue and crayons...

Luna: *eating glue and crayons* You know, this is getting a little too personal...

(Dash Dont have your characters take up most of the RP ok)

Tails: I SAID SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i JUST BULT THE GRAND TORNADO TODAY AND I NEED TO FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonic: -backs all of Dash's Friends into the breakroom- Gals Just Wait here.

Pewdie: *rolling eyes* Whaterer.

Celestia & Luna: *at same time* Okay.

Sonic: Execept you two. -pulls the Sisters in the bridge room- You two can stay

Tails: Were here guys. Get in your seats-

???: *lands on Tails* OW,oops sorry

Luna: *laughing at Celestia for reasons unnoticed by everyone but Luna*

Celestia: *at Luna* I hate your face.

???: *looks at Luna and Celestia* ...

Sonic: -sighs- Everyone just sit down

???: *shapeshifts into a puppy and runs to Sonic* Arf,arf

Celestia: *staring at ???* Umm... I'm just gonna... Sit down... *sits*

Luna: Uhh... Yeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhh... *sits*

After the Grand Tornadow landed in the President's air yard Sonic, Tails, Jack, ???, and Dash Went to the Presidental Office.

President: -looking at Sonic's Victories in Nazo: Second Comming, and Tale of Chaos then turns off the monitor- Sonic its good to see you and Tails and uhhh.....the rest.

Sonic: So Prez is this about that Cloud?

???: Arf,arf *shapeshifts back to Titanium* Hmmm....

President: Yes in deed Sonic Heroes.....And now it has taken the Doctors and that Layla thing. You Must go and stop it at once!

Rainbow: *salutes* We're on it!

Jack: Yeah, let's go!

Titanium: Alright! *teleports to the Tornado* I have a present for the group *puts a Chaos Emerald to a seat of the Tornado*

Sonic & Tails: -warp in using Chaos Controll bringing Jack and Rainbow with them- We got one too.

2 of 7 Chaos Emeralds Found

Speedy:who needs chaos emeralds when you have this(pulls out life orb)

Reeper:hey Speedy where are we?


Archer:i hate this

Titanium: Hhmm...Where do you think is the next Chaos Emerald?

Jack: I don't know, but let's find out together

Speedy:wait dosent tails have a chaos emerald detector

Reeper:yeah lets ask him


Celestia: Well, I know where one might be. *pulls out picture or a Chaos Emerald* One of the Elements of Harmony, Rarity, has this Emerald. She owns and runs a boutiqe/jewlary store. Her boutiqe hasnt been open for months, but its worth a shot to go check it out.

Jack: Ok I guess. Let's go. By the way, I wonder what happen to Patricia?

Speedy:HEY TAILS! do you still have the chaos emerald detector?

Patricia: (comes towards the heroes) Hi there guys. Sorry I'm late.

Jack: That's ok, you can always join with us on a Chaos Emerald Hunt

Patricia: Oh thank you Jack.

Jack: Your welcome

Titanium: Uh....what now?

Speedy:oh just ignore us then

(Besides this part where they make a quest for Rarity....I make the next quest)

Sonic: Ok....

Jack: Anyways, I hope the others are ok

Sonic: Well Tails. What should we do first?

Tails: We should probally find the emeralds.

Jack: Anyways, do you think it's a good idea to split up to find the Chaos Emeralds? We can cover more ground that way

Mois: Is anything going on guys?-

Sonic: Hi Bestie -high fives Mois-

Jack: Hi Mois.

Patricia: It's great to see you again, Mois (hugs Mois)

Sonic: So how's your Boyfriend (This Sonic is from my Main Series)

Speedy:are we invisible or something?

Tails: -sighs- Sonic....can we let Speedy in.

Sonic: Is there enough room?

Tails: There Should be

Jack: Ok then Speedy, you can come in.

Speedy:ok come on guys lets go

Reeper and Archer:ok

Titanium: *accidently shapeshifts into a Chaos Emerald* Great...........

Patricia: Uh guys, Titanium is turned into a Chaos Emerald.

Jack: Oh Titanium, not again

Tails: Ok that's It.... Who wants to ride in the Blue Typhoon!

Titanium: *shapeshifts back to normal* Ok.........

Tails: -looks Pissed at everyone-

Jack: Ok Tails

Patricia: I do Tails.

Jack: Sorry about making you mad Tails.

Patricia: Yeah, we're sorry.

Mois: Sorry! *looks at Sonic* Boyfriend? What?

Jack: Come on, let's go in.

Speedy:hey (points at something)what the heck is that?

Mois: What is what?

Speedy:HAH got ya!

Jack: What is it, Speedy?

Mois: Your mean.

Jack: Don't worry Mois. Patricia & I are here for you.

Speedy:what it's a joke

Reeper:huh we need one

Archer:look we just need to get back

Speedy:no we need to help theese guys because we are heroes

Mois: Says the mean one. (She can't get over anything. X3)

Patricia: Anyways, let's find the rest of the chaos emeralds

Mois: Ok!

Jack: Celestia said that we have to check out the Boutique/Jewelry Store.

Mois: So go there first!

Patricia: Yeah, let's go

Chapter 1 Act 1: Little Ponyville

Little Ponyville, a place for MLP world citizeans reside....Here is where the Gang begins the search for the Water Blue Emerald

Mois: Aww! Everything's all cute here! ^^

Jack: I know, right?

Patricia: We betta be careful though, some of the villains might be looking for the Chaos Emerald as well.

Mois: Well, we'll beat 'em! *notices a yellow pony and runs up to her* Hi! I'm Mois. Are you Fluttershy?

(Mois....Inmy RP universe Sonic and Blaze are married...Sorry I didnt tell u)

(What? D: I had no idea. O3O well, I had no Idea you were a Sonaze fan, I won't disrespect that (like some people) If you won't disrespect my love for Sonadow. :3 Also It'll take a while for Mois to get over this, she loves Sonic you know. o3o)


Mois: I love Fluttershy! Omgimyourbiggestfanandi'mtalkingreallyfast!

(Spongebob100: Maybe we should wait for DashThePegiGirl. She is the one that controls the ponies)

Titanium: *throws a pill at Mois's mouth*

Jack: Titanium, what was that for?

Titanium: The tablet will make Mois have the wings of a pegasus,and sweet like a innocent girl

Mois: But I am innocent! *thinks for a second* .... wait, you mean I'll be a PONIE? *gets all ecxited* is that what happens?!

Titanium: Yes,you may be fast and the wings of a pegasus as Rainbow Dash,smart,deceiving and cunning as a snake,but as innocent as a dove,so you may be a ponie

Mois: Yay!! When will it happen?

Titanium: Right NOW!

It doesent work...

0ALL OF dashes charactersar mobian not ponies........0

(Everyone Search For Apallo the Hedgehog 5 Please Join it_

Apallo: -is asleep in Pinkie's House (And please wait for me to make an edit)

Jack: Apallo? Where'd you go?

Mois: Apalloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

Titanium: Apollo may be inside one of these houses

Pinkie: -runs in- HI EVERYBODY

Mois: HI PINKIE! *Glomps pinkie* I love all of the MLPs!!

Jack: Hi there

Patricia: How's it going?

Rainbow: *Flying in from Cloudsdale* Sorrry I'm late, but I haven't been home in a while and I just HAD to see the Wonderbolts performance today! Did I miss any importaint info?

Titanium: No

Jack: Anyways, let's go find the 3rd Chaos Emerald

Rainbow: Okay, Rarity's boutiqe is this way. *Starts walking in that direction*


Speedy:this pace is creepy

Reeper:too right

Archer:i kinda like it

Mois: Hi Rainbow! I wonder what Pinkie has planned for us...

Speedy:ponies are stupid

Reeper :too right

Jack: Speedy!

Patricia: You shouldn't be mean to others.

Jack: What is wrong with you Speedy?

Patricia: Come on, let's follow Rainbow.

Jack: Ok (follows Rainbow)

Patricia: (follows Rainbow & Jack)

Mois: Me too! *Follows*

Jack: Let's keep close together just in case one of us gets lost.

Rainbow: Yeah, Im sure Rarity would love to meet everyone. And Speedy... *glaring at Speedy* I have a black belt in karate, you know. Dont get on my bad side. *turns away from Speedy and continues walking*

Jack: Ok then Rainbow (points to the Boutique) There it is. We've found it.

Rainbow: *walks inside, the bell over the door rings. Rarity is working on a dress and is using her horn to pick up sashes while she sews the hem at the same time with her fingers* Hey, Rarity, you got a minute?

Rarity: Shush shush! I am, 'In the zone', so to say. *Continues to pick up sashes until she finds one that maches and ties it on. She turns to address us* Why, Rainbow Dash, I thought you moved to Angel Island! What brings you here? *suddenly looks discusted* And why are you wearing such awful clothing?

Ranibow: I happen to like this outfit, thank you very much. And I didn't come here for critisism about my clothes...

Speedy:dont be mean to others, what are you a smurf?

Archer:shut up Speedy

Speedy:you shut it brony

Reeper:ponies are just wierd well theese ones anyway

Rarity: Oh, do stop this nonsense! *comes inbetween Archer, Speedy and Reeper* I simply will NOT have this kind of disturbence in my store! *addressing everyone now* Now, is there something you came to ask of me, or not?

Speedy:this aint nonsense your nonsence

(APallo: Ok for now on when it seems that I cant edit....Wait for me)

Sonic: We heard that you have a Chaos Emerald.

Rarity: ?

Rainbow: *sigh* He means True Blue...

Rarity: Oh yes, True Blue! I always keep him locked up in a clear case in my room. *walking upstairs still chattering about True Blue*

Sonic: Why does she name every gem she gets?

Jack: I don't know.

Patricia: Maybe gems are sometimes a girl's friend.

Jack: I think your right.

Apallo: -is walking back from Pinkie's house-

Jack: Hi Apallo, how's it going back at Pinkie Pie's House?

Mois: Was it fun there?

Apallo: Well we ate cake all night, played games. Ya Pinkie shure knows how to cheer me up.

Jack: Ok then. Glad that you'll enjoy it.

Patricia: Anyways, we're waiting for Rarity to give us True Blue.

Rarity: *walking back downstairs with True Blue in her hands* Well, here you go. True Blue. Now, is there a reason you need this gem so badly?

Rainbow: Yeah, there kinda is. Have you seen any weird cloud activity lately?

Rairty: No, but I thought a weather pony like you would have that taken care of already.

Rainbow: See, thats just the thing. These clouds are... well, lets just say, One does not simply Buck these clouds out of the sky. {Loooooool Lord of The Rings refrence XD}

Jack: Those black clouds took away Dr. Eggman, Dr. EggPlankton & Layla away for some weird reason & it's been spreading from place to place.

Mois: Mabye it's there way of traveling.

Patricia: We need to stop that Black Thunder Storm

Rarity: Oh! Well, I would volenter to help, but my hands are tied up at the momment. The best I can do for now is let you have True Blue. But I promise, when I get the chance, I will come and help. :)

Rainbow: Thanks, Rar.

Jack: Yeah, thanks Rarity.

Mois: Thank you! ^^

Sonic: -hears lighting- Hey Rainbow. Doesn't your race controll the clouds?

(Im Back)

Jack: Uh guys, what's going on?

Sonic: Idk

Patricia: I think I hear lighting

Sonic: -sees the Black Cloud and it goes over to the Forbidden Statue Grove- Its Looking For something!

Jack: Like what?

-hears a laugh-

Twlight: -rushes near us- HEY DID ANYONE SEE A BLACK CLOUD!?

Mois: Yup! *points at the black cloud above*

Jack: It's up there.

Mois: *irretated* I already said that.

Jack: I'm sorry, Mois.

Patricia: I'm sorry, but we gotta evacuate the city before we end up like what happen to Eggman, EggPlankton & Layla.

-The Cloud then picks up Discord's statue-

Jack: Look, the Black Storm is taking away...(gets confused) a statue of a long thin hybrid dragon?

Twlight: Oh No! not him@!

Jack: Who's him?


Patricia: Who's Discord?

Jack: Sorry, we never heard of him.

Twilight Sparkle (in hedgehog form) (tells them abut how discord is the embodiement of Chaos and well her and her friends stopped him and everything)

Jack: Wow

Patricia: So you used these Elements of Harmony to stop Discord & saved Ponyville?

TS: Yes we did...but they are no more....Discord asorbed them....when our universe was erased

Jack: Oh ok then. now live on Planet Mobius in a town called "Little Ponyville"?

Fluttershy: (is now a Seedarian) Yes we do....sometimes I miss our home but I kind alike this place better....

Jack: Ok then

Patricia: First Eggman, then EggPlankton, then Layla & now this Discord has been captured by this Black Storm. We must destroy that Storm.

Jack: But how?

Mois: Well, what stops storms? Sun?

Sonic: Well we need to find the next Emerald! Tails?!

Tails: Already starting up the ship Sonic!

Patricia: Let's go find the 4th Emerald

Jack: Right. Let's fly

Mois: yup! *begins to fly a bit* Who wants to fly with me?

Patricia: (hops on her Flying Broom) I love to fly with you, Mois.

Jack: Then what are we waiting for, let's stop that Evil ThunderStorm!

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