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It is Luce's birthday, and Peggy, Ace and the others have planned a surprise birthday for her. But when Luce goes missing, and others keep disappearing, it is up to everyone before it is too late to find out who is behind the kidnappings-and why. Also, the kidnapees' powers and communication with the outside world is disabled!


the heroes are the characters who want to find the characters, and get kidnapped. The anti-heroes are the ones who are keeping the others kidnapped, while being a double-crosser, and "helping" the heroes. 

The villains are the ones behind the kidnappings, and are using the anti-heroes for their own personal game.


  • No godmodding
  1. 1 rule: Wait for others or else
  • No excessive profanity (crap, damn, hell, ok)
  • No sexual content (flirting, hugging, kissing, ok)
  • Up to 3 characters per category
  • Keep track of all of your characters
  • Please have fun!
  • Also, to keep this neat, I would appreciate if it was written in story style, not script style. I do not mind script style, but story style is neater.


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Involved Characters

Characters who want to Find who is behind the Kidnappings and Find the Characters

Characters who Get Kidnapped

  • Lucinda "Luce" the angelfox
  • Lucas the Wolf
  • Miley "Taila" Prower
  • Paula the Rabbit
  • Pixie the fox
  • Sora the Hedgehog
  • Alyssa the Dog

Characters Who Want the Characters to Stay Kidnapped

  • Spike the Darkbat

Characters Behind the Kidnappings

  • Ernest Knackburn
  • Mike "Cola" the cat
  • Patch the Cat (Monk)
  • Scratch the Cat (Monk)

Part 1: Planning

This RP is officially open! Now time for fun!

Twilight the Lycalo was soaring high above the afternoon sky. Held tightly in his hands was a present adorned in sky blue and yellow gift wrap. Today was a special friend's birthday and the wolfbat was on his way to a surprise party that had been organized for her. It was a happy day for him and he was excited to give the birthday fox her present. He was shy at the same time and was hoping she'd like it.

Pixie was trying to keep an anxious Luce busy.

"Why is everyone back at the house?" Luce asked.

"Uh, I saw something in one of the stores you might like."

"I prefer my gifts wrapped, Pixie." Luce eyed the fox suspicously. Luce eyed the sky, and saw the familiar wolfbat flying in the sky. She couldn't quite see what he was holding.

"What is going on, Pixie? Talk," Luce said.

"Uh, I don't know?" Pixie lied, shrugging to cover up her lie.

"Then why is Twilight flying in the direction of our house?"

"Who's Twilight?" Pixie asked, half knowing who he was, and half not.

"We're going back to the house to see what you're up to." Pixie began to hum, hoping it would put Luce in a trance, which was fruitless.

Luce 's wings retracted, opening up to its massive size.

"Wait, Luce, no!" But Luce was already flying. Pixie dialed Peggy's number.

"Peggy, Luce is coming back to the house!"


"Well stop her!" Pixie gulped, and hung up.

Twilight continued on with his flight. The gift was somewhat large and required both arms to carry. Despite its size, it weighed very little. The Lycao's sensitive ears perked up at a narby noise. His eyes widened and he almost dropped his gift in shock as the very individual he was thinking about was heading right for him. She didn't seemaware of this yet and the hybrid had now way to hide the present. He had no choice but to beat her to the destination. His wings flapped faster and his speed increased dramatically.

Luce saw the lycalo speed up, and knowing that she couldn't beat him, stopped and landed. She was still anxious to what was going on. She set her feet steadily on the ground.

"Hmmm," she muttered. Pixie came running up.

"Do not run off like that again! Besides, you're also my ride." Luce gave a laugh, but her thoughts were lost with what was going on.....

A small black fox is running to the house, a small giftwrapped package is in his arms. He gets to the door of the house and knocks.

Moments after the black canine reached the house, Twilight reached the house as well still believing Luce was still on his trail. The Lycalo landed a small distance from the fox and appeared slightly out of breath as he walked up to the door.

"She's gonna be here any second." he told the fox, his golden eyes looking to the sky for Luce, leaning his back against a wall and letting out a big sigh.

Peggy swung open the door.

"Come in, come in!" the young fennec fox said, ushering them both into the hall.

"Oh yeah, Luce stopped following you. She's back with Pixie now. Sorry about that."

Luce and Pixie were meanwhile at a hair salon.

"Add light purple to the tips of her hair."

"What? No." Pixie winked at the clerk.

"Just do it," she whispered. The clerk nodded. Luce gave a dagger stare before Pixie left to go pick up a gift.

After Pixie returned, Luce was done, and her tips dyed a light purple, and light purple streaks all around. Luce glared at Pixie.

"Happy birhday?" Pixie said.

"I'm turning 21, not 17."

"Right. Enjoy your youth while you have it."

"Whatever." Luce didn't have the patience to argue with her sister. Luce gave a big sigh.

"Luckily these will wash out."

"Oh, mine didn't."

"You born with those." Luce pointed to the stripes on her tuft of hair.

"Oh yeah!" Luce facepalmed. Her sister could be such an airhead at times.Luce also gave a chuckle.  Her sister's dimwittedness could be a little funny at times.

The black fox walked in and carefully placed his small package on the table. He then walked over and sat down on a chair.

"Who's here?" Ruby called out.

"Twilight, and Bladelocke," Peggy said. Peggy dialed Pixie's number.

"Pixie, you can bring her over."

"Not yet!" Pixie yelled. Peggy could hear Luce asking her again what was going on.

"She got a new outfit." Peggy could hear Luce telling Pixie that she was turning 21, not 17. Peggy giggled.

"She also got highlights!" Pixie said cheerfully.

"It's all Pixie's fault," Luce told Peggy. Peggy continued to giggle.

"Pixie, she's 21, not 17."

"You gotta live while you're young."

"Bye!" Pixie yelled cheerfully.

"They're on their way," Peggy said, after hanging up.

Twilight walked in and placed his gift on the table. He took a brief gander around the house and simply waited for the birthday fox to arrive. His tail wagged about and he was excited to be seeing her soon.

Bladelocke started to lean back on his chair, then lunged forwards, "ow..." he muttered, then sat back down and adjusted his position.

"You ok?" Peggy asked the fox. Peggy suddenly ran to the corner, and flipped off the light switch, then ran to hide.

"Everybody hide!" She said with a whisper. 


Luce was driving the car into the neighborhood.

"I like your new look."

"I know, because you picked it out. I guess I sort of like it, too." Luce was wearing a blue violet dress, adorned with a gold belt, and she was wearing thick gold bracelets, and a matching blue violet bow was adorned on her right ear. Her light blue violet streaks matched perfectly. Luce pulled up onto the driveway. Pixie was squirming with excitement.

"Got ants in your pants?" Luce asked jokingly.

"I don't know how to respond to that," Pixie said. Luce got out of the car, and turned the doorknob.

"Come on, Pixie."

"Imma coming!" Pixie yelled.

Bladelocke quickly hid behind a table. Or was it a chair? he couldn't tell in the dark.

A lightl glow would envelop Twilight's eyes as the lights shut off. His Night Vision slowly activated and within moments, he was able to see his surroundings as if they were under light. Under Peggy's command, the Lycalo ducked behind a counter. His large bat ears moved about like a radar as he picked up faint noises outside. He awaited the right moment to pop out for the surprise.

Ruby hid next to Bladelocke ...or maybe it was Twilight? She couldn't tell.

Then Luce and Pixie walked through the door, and then flipped on the light.

Ruby jumped up."Surprise!" she said.

Felix walked into the room holding a present."Luce your here!"he said cheerfully.

Twilight listened closely as the footsteps got closer and closer. He was focusing his hearing so even the doorknob being twisted was heard clearly for the Lycalo. The two foxes entered the room and once the lights were activated, the wolfbat sprung up from his hiding spot.

"Surpise!" he exclaimed gleefully.

Bladelocke jumped up from the chair he was behind and yelled, "Surprise!"

Luce jumped. She was obviously surprised. She gave a high-pitched shriek, one that she never heard herself do before. Peggy came running over with a giant grin spread on her face. Luce hugged Peggy, and gave everyone else a hug, and when she came over to Twilight, she gave him a hug, and a soft, quick peck on the lips, leaving Luce blushing mildly. She had remembered the kiss she and Twilight shared a while back. She knew her sisters (and brother!) had planned something, but she didn't know exactly what.

Suddenly Katie walks into the room."So, were you surprised Luce?" she asked.

Twilight's ears perked up and his muzzle had a slight tint of red to it as he was greeted with a kiss from the engelfox. Feeling her lips once more brought much happiness to the Lycalo. He let out a couple nervous chuckles and smiled brightly at her.

"Happy birthday, Luce." he said happily.

Katie looked at Twilight and then at Luce and smiled.

Badelocke looked at Luce and smiled, "Happy Birthday!" he said to her.

Luce gave a laugh. "Thanks, and yes I was surprised!" 

Katie walked over to Peggy and whispered into her ear."I see something in those two"

Peggy nodded. "Hehe, they do have feelings for each other. I don't see how they're not dating."

Katie smirks and then says "I'm going to get Lucas" and walks out of the room.

Upon looking at Luce, the Lycalo noticed something was different. His golden eyes narrowed at her slightly as he fully analyzing her. They suddenly widened after a short time as he found the change.

"Hey, your hair looks different." he pointed out, looking at the lavender streaks. "It looks great." he went on with a smile.

Felix says "You know I could have poofed those up my staff."

Luce smiled, and nodded at Pixie," It was her idea. I guess I like them. I haven't decided yet." Luce ignored Felix's comment, or didn't hear him. 

Lucas walks in with Katie. "Happy birthday, Luce." he says as he hugs her.

Luce was rather surprised by this hug, and didn't know quite how to respond. 

"Uh, thanks," Luce said, giving him a smile. 

"Well I'm sure they'll wash out if you don't like it." Twilight replied with a snicker. He then looked around the room and the various party attenders. He was wondering if this was everybody and what the next course of action was. He was excited to see whether Luce liked his present but was nervous at the same time.

"Time to open presents!" Peggy called out, and grabbed Twilight's present. She looked at the tag. 

"This is from Twilight," Peggy said, and handed it to Luce, while Luce tore open the present. Luce gave a smile. 

Twilight watched with a neverous gulp as his present was grabbed first. "Of all the gifts, it had to be mine." the Lycalo thought to himself. He wasn't sure how Luce would react to the gift within the cyan box. He knew it was too much, but upon seeing it, he couldn't resist. After assisting the police track down a highly wanted criminal not too long ago, the hybird had much money to spend for this occasion. He didn't know if she'd like it and take it as a sweet gesture, or be offended and think the wolfbat was attempting to woo her with a fancy gift. He cringed each time the box was shredded and his teeth grinded together as the lid was pulled off. 

Luce would see a fairrly sized, white colored stuffed bear, which explained the gift's large size but diminutive weight. Held in both hands was a stuffed crimson heart with cursive writing that read "Happy Birthday". If one were to look further, something would be seen wrapped around the bear's neck, which was the thing that made Twilight's heart sink with anticipation. It was a shiny silver necklace embedded with an elegent sapphire gem. The Lycalo gave Luce an extremely neverous look as he awaited her reaction, be it good or bad.

The door swings open and a rabbit and rabbit/fox hybrid walk through the door. "Are we late?" the rabbit/fox hybrid asks.

"Maybe just a little," Peggy said, pulling the rabbitfox through the door. 

[Monk: just a note, but Bladelocke's present would say "Bladelocke and Friends"]

The rabbit walks in on her own."Miley, why did you bring me along? You know I don't like birthday parties," she asks.

"Because I wanted you to meet Luce, Paula," Miley replies.

Bladelocke looked at the present and smiled. He heard the sounds of others approaching and watched as two more guests entered.

Miley walks over to Bladelocke."Bladelocke, this is my friend Paula. She isn't in a good mood," she says.

The black fox takes a step backwards, "H-how do you know my name?" he asks.

[Monk: how does she know Bladelocke's name?]

[97:I haven't added this to her page but she has this new ability to find out anybody's name.]

"She has this ability find out anybody's name," Paula says as she holds out her hand to Bladelocke.

Bladelocke shakes Paula's hand, but shoots a suspicious glance at her friend, Miley.

"Miley do you have her present?"Paula asks.

"Yes,"Miley says and pulls out a present from her bag and gives it to Luce.

"We didn't know what to get you so... enjoy," Paula says.

Bladelocke smiles and grabs his lyre. He starts playing an up-beat happy tune on the stringed instrument.

Paula reaches into the bag and pulls out a pan flute and plays along with Bladelocke.

Ruby walks in holding a cake."More guests?I hope we have enough cake",  she says.

"You shouldn't have!" Luce exclaimed happily.

Luce immediately saw the glint of the sapphire. She pulls Twilight into a hug, and then kisses him on the lips. Peggy took the gift from Miley. After a minute Luce pulls away, she saw Miley and Paula.

"Sup" Paula says as she holds out her hand.

"I'm Luce," Luce said, shaking Paula's hand. Luce gave a smile.

"Shall we play a song?" Peggy asked, pulling out her microphone, and winking at Bladelocke and Paula. 

"What song?" Bladelocke asks.

"What songs do you know?" Peggy asked. 

Bladelocke shrugs, "A lot of classical and battle songs" he answers, "But you start something, and I'll jump in."

Paula says "Ok" and plays a little happy tune.

Twilight let out a big sigh of relief upon seeing Luce was happy. then found himself being lightly squeezed by her followed by another kiss. This left the hybrid with a shy visage and a red muzzle much like all his embraces with the angelfox.

"I'm glad you like it." he said with a warm smile. His ears twitched to the sound of a sweet tune and he briefly looked to the source of the music before looking back at Luce.

"One second" Miley said while pulling out a pan flute from her bag. She then starts playing with Paula.

Felix poofs up a guitar with his staff and plays along.

Bladelocke looked confused, but starts playing along with the tune, this has got to be the wierdest orchestra I've ever heard... He thought to himself.

Katie goes to a corner and grabs two violins.She hands one to Ruby and they join in.

Peggy was just as confused. Peggy then began to sing to the tune, and made uo as ong as she went along.

"Stop!" Lucas says."Felix let me see your guitar."

"Okay," Felix replies while handing over the guitar.

Lucas then plays the tune to "Happy birthday to you." Peggy hears the change, and begins to sing "Happy Birthday." 

Twilight looked around the room at the various instruments being played. He looked confused at first as it all appeared to come from nowhere. He wished he could contribute in some way, but without any musical talent and being too shy to sing along, he simply stood around without a word and listened to the music that was being played.

Bladelocke stopped when he heard another tune being played. He tried to keep in time with both songs. He was doing a decent job at it, but then he stopped and held his head.

Ruby and Katie stop playing.

Miley and Paula stop, too.

Bladelocke continues to hold his head. He sets his instrument down and starts to walk away. His walking was wobbly because he was dizzy.

"How about Luce finishes opening her presents," Paula says. Luce gave a nod. Peggy stopped singing, and set her microphone down, and handed Luce Bladelocke's gift.

Bladelocke walked into the kitchen and splashed some water in his face. Soon his dizzyness faded and he watched Luce open the present from him and his friends.

Twilight watched as the black fox exited the room not looking so good, then returning shortly after.

"You okay?" the Lycalo asked Bladelocke.

Bladelocke scratched the back of his head, "Yeah... I'm just not used to so many various instruments being played all around me." He replied with a smile.

[Monk: it is a chao egg]

Paula walks passed them and stares out the window, feeling left out.

Twilight gave the foxbat a couple nods. With the instruments no longer playing, the hybrid assumed he'd be alright and glanced at the Chao egg. He gave a light smile towards it then wondered what the other presents were that had yet to be opened.

Paula all of a sudden gets a terrible headache. She squats down rubbing her temples.

Bladelocke looks at Paula, "You okay?" he asks.

[Monk: Bladelocke's wings are his most closely guarded secret.]

"Yeah, just some bad flashbacks. The ones of my family being brutally murdered," she says.

Katie looks at Paula."What did you say?" she asks.

"Uhhhhh..." Paula says.

Peggy walks in with the Chao egg in her arm, being cradled by her elbow. Luce soon follows. 

"Did you hear what I just heard?" Peggy asked Luce.

"No, I don't have your ears." Luce pointed at Peggy's large ears. Peggy gave a little laugh, and handed Luce the egg.

"Paula, Luce here has a very similar past like that. Her parents were brutally killed, too," Peggy said. Luce nodded. Luce tried to keep that memory from coming up, but she remembered every detail, the smell, the sounds, where she was, and if she was in the house at that very moment, she could recall every place she'd been during that frightful night. She decided to leave the room before she froze, or cried, or both.

Twilight heard it as well, his sensitive ears being more than enough to hear it, which drooped down upon hearing something so tragic. He didn't know where he'd be without the love and support of his parents, especially after he found the means to seal Nightmare away within him. He'd never even know of the Lycalo bloodline and he'd think of himself as a sort of freak with his odd mixture of features. So much distress enveloped the room in such a short time. First with Paula, then Luce shortly after who left the room. Twilight had good assumptions why and with still drooping ears, he followed the angelfox.

"Luce...?" he softly called out, not entirely sure whether she needed her space or not. This was a delicate matter after all and the hybrid needed to handle this with the utmost care.

Bladelocke's ears and head drooped, and his tail lowered. He knew that those were terrible memmories. Although he himself had not lost any family members, severalof his friends died in battle, and he himself had been brutally murdered himself, and was forever altered because of it. He shook his head trying not to think about it, and remembered a song that might help. He picked up his lyre and closed his eyes, before playing a slow soft tune, that should help calm everyone become calmer, and lift their spirits.

"Not just my parents, my older brother, too," she says while her eyes tear up.She then runs out of the room.

"Here," Luce said quietly, just enough so he could hear. Luce still had tears in her eyes, but she was holding them back. Luce sat down in a chair. 

"I've always felt that my parents' deaths were my fault. I'm the one who led the monster hunter to them. I didn't mean, to, though. I watched them die in front of my eyes. I didn't know what to do. When I adopted Peggy, her parents had also been killed brutally. I also adopted another fox, but well, she was killed a while ago. I also adopted Pixie's best friend, because well, her parents died in a fire. I don't deal with death very well, and I know how they feel to lose their family members. Because well, it hurts, and grief is with you for a very long time.," Luce said. 

Pixie saw Paula run out of the room. 

"Paula, what's wrong?" Pixie asked, setting a hand on her shoulder. 

"Pixie it's the fact that I have been on my own since I was 3" she said bursting into tears.

"So have I," Pixie said,"My sisters and brother raised me, but I was alone most of the time, due to all of my siblings having jobs." 

"I'm still on my own," Paula replies.

"Why don't you come live with us?" Pixie asked, hoping that Paula wouldn't be sad anymore.

"Really?" she asks. 

Bladelocke continues playing his slow tune, with each pluck of the strings he felt his own spirits rise. He hoped the others were also helped by this ancient music. Peggy gave a soft hum to the music. 

Twilight listened to every word Luce said, pulling up a chair and sitting in front of her. His ears continued to droop and he gave her a remorseful look. After she finished speaking, the Lycalo let out a deep exhale before leaving the room. He came back moments after with the necklace that was his gift. He proceeded to sit down with his ears perked up and a warm smile.

"All that bad stuff is in the past." he assured, placing the necklace around her neck, admiring how it matched her eyes so well and how beautiful she looked with it on. "I've done my share amount of horrible things. I've even tried to amend such sins by taking my own life, but after 82 attempts, it grows rather tiresome. My life has been great since I rid the world of Nightmare. I've been able to return to my old self and live a free life, at least for the most part." His muzzle turned red as he saw his next words coming, but was helpless to stop them. "Seeing as how we're both immortal, just know if you ever need anybody to talk to about anything, no matter how trivial, I'll be here by your side no matter what. You're an amazing woman, Luce, and you deserve a bright future. I can say as much as the next person that the past is the past and all you can focus on is the here and now." Twilight explained, pulling her in for a hug after he finished speaking. "Everything will be okay. I'm here for you." he went on softly, gently stroking her back.

Luce gave a nod, but her muzzle also turned a bit red. "You're right," she said, giving Twilight a peck on the cheek. "Thank you." Luce admired Twilight very much, and loved him, too. She also thought the necklace he gave her was very beautiful, and admired it also.

"Not a problem at all." Twilight replied with a smile, his tail wagging from the kiss on his cheek. He leaned back to sit upright and held both of her hands. He found himself growing attached to the angelfox and he came to realize such a thing increasing more and more with each interaction. Even staring into her cobalt eyes like he did now filled him with warmth and comfort. "Now shall we return the birthday girl to the party?" he suggested with a chuckle, giving her hands a playful squeeze.

Paula stands up."Thanks Pixie," she says. Pixie nodded. 

"So do you wanna live with us?" Pixie asked, with a smile. Luce smiled and nodded. 

Luce blushed at the playful squeeze, but gave one back. 

Twilight leaned in and planted a soft kiss on Luce's forehead, blushing once more from having contact with the angelfox. His muzzle couldn't help but turn red everytime the Lycalo was around her.

"Let's get back to the others. It's your party after all." the hybrid stated with a chuckle. In his mind, he wanted the pair to remain where they were. He enjoyed her company tremendously, but he knew it was a party and felt it wouldn't be fair to the others by even trying to keep her to himself.

Bladelocke opened his eye for a second when he heard someone humming along to his music. He smiled slightly and closed his eye to continue focusing on the song.

Luce blushed at the kiss on the forehead, and smiled. When she was around Twilight, she wanted to spend forever with him. Luce gave him a kiss back on the cheek. Luce took his hand. She heard Bladelocke's song and Pebbles' humming, and it gave her more of a reason to smile. 

With a red muzzle and a wagging tail, Twilight stood up and escorted the angelfox to the room where the others awaited. His hand melted within hers, having a relaxed but firm hold on hers, something that felt so natural for the Lycalo. His ears twitched to the sweet melody that greeted the pair as they made their entry. He noticed a handful of presents remained and the cake had not yet been dished out.

But then a hedgehog with flaming spikes walked in with a female fox with extremely messy hair. They were both holding two different gifts. 

"Heya sis," the hedgehog said, eyeing Luce then Twilight. Luce smiled and waved with her other hand.

"Are we late?" the fox asked. She wore a leather jacket, and red t-shirt, and jeans and leather boots. She had brown hair with orange and red highlights. 

"Nope. Twilight, this is my sister Auburn, and this is my brother Flames," Luce said gesturing at the fox and then the hedgehog. Flames gave a smile and then outstretched his hand torwards Twilight. Auburn waved and stood there.

"Pleased ta meet ya," he said. He was a black hedgehog, and his spines had flame designs on them with red, orange, and yellow. He also wore a red hoodie with no sleeves, and jeans. Auburn rolled her eyes, annoyed at her brother's quirkiness. 

Twilight's ears twitched at the sound of the door opening. He turned his head to see the duo making their entry. Flames and Auburn as Luce introduced them. The Lycalo was always fond of meeting new people and he greeted the hedgehog and fox with a smile.

"Nice to meet you as well." Twilight replied, using his free hand to shake Flames then returning it to his side. He then realized he was still holding onto Luce's hand. To the two siblings, Twilight would most likely appear to be the angelfox's boyfriend. Having this thought in mind caused him to blush deeply and he kept her hand within his not wanting to release it. 

Luce smiled, and began to blush too. She gave Twilight's hand a gentle squeeze. 

"So sis, when are we going have cake?" Flames asked. 

"I don't know, it depends on if anybody else is coming." 

"Well I gotta go back to school soon. They only let me have this day off and they expect me to be back at my dorm by tonight." Luce gave a nod.

"It'll be over by then." Flames put two thumbs up. 

Twilight's blush increased with Luce's light squeeze. His mind began to ponder and his thoughts increased the redness of his muzzle to high levels. Everything the pair of hybrids did suggested they were a couple. The hand holding, the kissing and especially the necklace. Twilight himself felt lonely without the company of the angelfox and being around her made him feel happy inside. He realized now after some thinking that Luce was sort of his unofficial girlfriend, which was something he needed to change once he got the opportunity.

"I've gotta be home myself before dark too. I think everybody's here, so I think we can get started on the cake." the wolfbat stated, briefly exhchanging glances between the various individuals in the room.

Luce nodded, and Flames' face lit up. Pebbles ran into the room.

"I'll take the pleasure of cutting it."

"You get the last piece though."

"So?" Pebbles asked, while prepping the candles. Flames flipped off the lights, and as soon as he touched the unlit candles, they lit up. Auburn, Pixie, Pebbles and Flames began to sing happy brithday. With Pixie and Pebbles' melodic voices, it sounded like a gospel choir. Then, Luce quietly made a wish, and blew out all of the candles. The lights suddenly flickered back on. 

Bladelocke sat back down in the chair when the song was over. He waited patiently for his turn, and his tail wagged back and forth from excitement. His sky blue eyes were locked on the cake and the people around it. His wings fluttered a little, but he quickly made them stop as to not give them away.

Pebbles saw Bladelocke's vest move a bit. She only wondered what it was, but didn't dare to ask. She handed Bladelocke some cake, and then sat down next to him. 

Bladelocke took the cake gratefully and smiled, "Thank you." he whispered. He smiled when she sat down next to him, "You have a good singing voice." He complimented.

"Thanks," Peggy said, but also felt herself blush a little. She turned her head for a second and looked at Luce and Twilight.

Bladelocke started to eat his cake quietly and politely. He looked around at everyone around the room and smiled. His tail swung back and forth signifying he was happy. The tip of it accidentally totched Peggy's.

Peggy was a bit surprised, and the hairs on the tip of her tail stood up, which they normally do when she's surprised.

Being too shy to sing along, Twilight simply stood by with a gleeful smile, completely forgetting he was still holding on to Luce's hand. He had gotten accustomed to the warmth of her hand and it simply felt natural. Plus he had his attention on the cake which he was waiting ever so patiently for a slice. He was curious to know what the angelfox's wish was, but such a thing may be never known. He didn't notice Bladelocke's moving vest which was quite fortunate for the canine. Had the Lycalo seen that, his curiosity would result in his keen nostrils analyzing Bladelocke, where he would surely find out he was part bat.

[Monk: She couldn't see his wings because they are hidden. That is the purpose of the red vest. All she would be able to see was his vest move a little.]

[Oh ok.-Pop]

Paula walks back into the room to see the hedgehog and fox."Who are they?" she asks.

"My sister and brother," Pixie answered.

Luce handed Twilight some cake and smiled. She planted a kiss on his cheek, and then took a seat.

"Any cake left for me?" Paula asks. Luce nodded.

"Of course!" she said, and Pixie handed Paula a piece before grabbing one for herself.

"Thanks,"Paula says.She then walks to the back of the room and sits on the floor.

"No problem," Pixie said, and sat by Paula on the floor.

"Hey I've got a surprise for you Luce," Felix says.

"What is it?" Luce asked.

Bladelocke finishes his piece of cake and sets the plate on his lap. He folds his hands and watches the other people around him. His wings flutter again with happiness, but he makes them stop quickly. Why do I keep doing that? He thinks.

Felix then poofs up a turntable."Does anyone know how to play songs on this?" he asks.

"I do," Pixie says. 

Out of the corner of his eye, Twilight saw somethig; that black fox's vest moving slightly. The Lycalo directed his stare to Bladelocke and pondered deeply. His eyes even narrowed slightly as he had an assumption on why given his past experiences with upper body clothing. His muzzle twitched about as he analyzed his scent. Right as he was seconds away from discovering the hidden bat attributes, he felt Luce's lips meet his muzzle and a plate of cake waiting for him to take. His mind was instantly diverted away from the foxbat and onto Luce.

"Thanks." he said with a light blush, taking a seat next to her. He then watched in amazement as the turntable appeared from nowhere and was curious to see what would come of it, given it was apparently a surprise for the angelfox. Luce beamed.

Bladelocke noticed Twilight staring at him and started to get concerned about his secret. He started to get more scared as the Lycalo squinted his eyes and started sniffing. He breathed a sigh of relief when Luce distracted him. Bladelocke was still breathing heavily. He tried to relax his muscles, but it wasn't working. "Excuse me for a minute..." He said to Peggy. He walked into the kitchen and set his plate down by the sink and walked outside. He walked to the side of the house and waited to see if anyone followed him.

Paula watchs Bladelocke walk out the door."I'm going to see what's wrong with Bladelocke,"she tells Pixie.She then walks out the door.

Bladelocke watched as the rabbit walked around the corner after him. He crossed his arms, "Why are you following me?" He asked her.

Paula looked at him with an unamused look."I just wanted to see what was the matter," she replied.She then turns and starts her way back inside.

"I'm fine." He answers politely, "But thank you for checking." He waits for her to go, then walks across the street into an abandoned house.

Pebbles watches Bladelocke exit the house. She feels a pang of suspicion grow throughout her. She decides to wait a minute and think. Wait, a minute, his vest! He's hiding something in that vest, Peggy thought. Luce held Twilight's hand, but didn't want to let go, but would if he wanted to. After Paula left the room, Pixie began to spin records on the turntable. Luce smiled as Pixie spinned the records on the turntable, obviously having a blast.

Peggy then decided to see if Bladelocke was okay, and left the room and followed him to the abandoned house. She knocked on the door.

"Bladelocke, dude, are you okay?" She asked sincerely.

Twilight watched as Bladelocke left the room. He didn't know what happened or that he was the cause for the fox's departure. If enough time passed, he would make his attempt to see what was wrong. He was still curious on what made the vest move like it did, but his mind was more focused on Luce and he was elated to see her having so much fun. With one hand operating a fork to eat the cake and the other never ceasing its hold on the angelfox's hand, Twilight watched Pixie's performance on the turntables with wonder.

The door opened because he didn't shut it all the way. Bladelocke was in another room looking at himself in a mirror. He didn't answer because he was listening to some music on his Player. His back was turned to the open door of the room and his wings were twitching uncontrolably. 

Luce smiled at Twilight. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Peggy follow Bladelocke. 

Peggy walked in, unsure of what to say or do. She saw Bladelocke looking in the mirror. She stayed quiet for a minute, in hopes of not to startle him. 

Twilight's curiosity got the better of him. He had a thought in his head he couldn't get out. Bladelocke had canine features and possibly a pair of wings. The hybrid was thinking he had found another Lycalo which aside from his parents he'd never seen another. Twilight couldn't tell the difference between a fox and a wolf so his assumption was incorrect given Bladelocke was the former.

"I'm gonna see if he's alright. Now that I think about it, I think I upset him in some way." the Lycalo told Luce. He set his half finished cake on the table and gave the angelfox a kiss on the cheek and gave her hand a gentle squeeze. "I'll be right back." he assured with a warm smile before heading out. He traced the foxbat's scent to the abandoned house and stepped in through the open door. "Is everything alright in here?" he asked the 2 inside. 

Luce blushed.

"Okay," she said. Peggy heard Twilight's voice. 

"I think so," Peggy said. 

Bladelocke didn't notice the people spying on him. "I don't want to do this..." he muttered to himself. He took off his vest and spread his wings wide and looked in a mirror at them. He turns around and looks at the tan stripes near the stalk of each one and remembers what happened all those years ago. He took six metal squares out of his satchel and held the hilt of a dagger. He tossed the squares up into the air, and they seemingly connected to the bottom his wings; three on each. He then started doing an ancient dance, in which he closed his eyes and moved his body in harmnious movements. The metal blades also disconnected from his wings occasionally and flew around, only to return to his wings again. The dance was meant to cheer people up. The various moves, made him wander all over the room. He had obviously done this dance many times and was doing it nearly perfectly. As he performed his eyes welled up with tears and he started to cry silently. At the end of his three minute long dance the squares and dagger merged to form a sword, which he drove into the floorboards. He opened his eyes and noticed Peggy and Twilight. "No, no no no..." he muttered, then fell to the ground in tears.

Peggy rushed to his side. She placed a hand on his shoulder. 

"It's okay," Peggy whispered. "I thought that dance was beautiful." She gave him a comforting smile. 

"I don't know why you try to hide your wings. I think they're beautiful," she said, pointing to Bladelocke's wings.

Paula gets back to the house,opens the door,and says "Bye guys," and walks down the street.

"I... I'm not trying to hide my wings because I don't like them..." Bladelocke explained, "I hide them because of something that happened when I was nine years old..."

"What happened? It might make you feel better to talk about it," Peggy said.

"I'd rather tell you after the party... it is very sad and might spoil your fun..." the foxbat replied, "Just please don't tell anyone else about this."

"Your secret's safe with us." Twilight assured with a smile. He further analyzed the foxbat's scent and discovered no traces of Lycalo. He was mildly disappointed with this but he'd quickly get over it. "Let's get back to the others and pretend this never happened." the hybrid continued with a chuckle. Peggy nodded.

"Thank you!" Bladelocke replied gratefully. He stood up and brushed away the tears, before walking over and grabbing his red vest. He slipped it back on and fastened it in the front. He walked back over to the sword and drew it from the floor. The square pieces of blade flew around him for a few seconds before landing in his hand. He put them and the hilt back in his satchel. He took in a deep breath and smiled, "Now let's get back to the party." He said enthusiactally. Peggy nodded.

Bladelocke walked to the door and stepped outside. He took a deep breath of the fresh air and  sighed, "I needed some fresh air any way..." He said to the other two.

Twilight nodded as well and stepped outside after the two.

"Fresh air is sometimes all you need." the Lycalo told Bladelocke, referring to the daily morning flights he enjoyed taking after a long night. The wolfbat headed back inside where he retained hs seat next to Luce.

"Hey." he said plaufully, plantig another kiss on her cheek. Without even thinking, he held oto her hand once more and grabbed his plate with his free hand then continued watching the turntable preformace.

Bladelocke walked back into the house and sat back down in the chair, hoping noone would ask what he was doing. His tail wagged happily and he looked at its white tip. That was also part of his secret, but noone knew that.

Luce smiled and blushed. A crash could be heard from upstairs.

"What was that?" Luce exclaimed. Two masked figures came down the stairs and into view. They were both holding stun guns. One of them had his bat wings sticking out from a lab coat. Luce recognized this. The other had a pink tail. Pixie recognized this, but Luce nor Auburn did. Luce signaled Auburn to run, and she did. Luce knew what he was after- Alia, his daughter that Luce and Auburn hid.

The one in the lab coat went up to Luce, and grabbed her by the neck. Luce's eyes grew wide with horror.

"Where is the girl?" he asked in an isguised voice.

"Let go of Luce!"Paula yells as she runs to the masked man.

Bladelocke stands up in surprise. He balled up his fists and stood defiantly.

Paula pulls a sword from her sleeve and holds the blade against the masked man's throat."Let her go,"she tells the masked man.

"You think you scare me?" the mask man cackled, swiftly pulling out a watergun with a chemical, then took a shot at  Paula's eyes.  Then another masked figure took a throw of a bag on Paula's head. Luce's eyes glimmered with horror. The same was done to Pixie, and then she was taken outside and throw into the back of a truck. Peggy punched the figure holding Luce. He gave Peggy a dagger glare.

Twilight's ears twitched at the noise coming from upstairs. Before he can even react, the masked duo made their appearances. He still had Luce's hand firmly grasped as the angelfox's throat was grabbed.

"Hey! Let her go!" the Lycalo demanded, releasing the hybrid and charging towards the lab coat wearing bat. He wasn't much of a fighter and was acting out of protection for Luce.

Ernest saw Twilight. He gave a nod at the other masked figure. He pulled out a rag with a chemical on it, and decided to press it to Twilight's face.

Blinded by anger at the intruder's harsh actions against Luce, the Lycalo didn't see the rag heading his way and was promply rendered unconscious . His sky blue eyelids fluttered about as he dropped to the ground. He looked at the angelfox with an almost apologetic look as his vision blurred then eventually blackened.

"Luce..." he said weakly, raising a shaky arm to reach out and touch her. It was to no avail and the hybrid sprawled out onto the floor.

"Twilight!" Luce screamed.

"Who do you think you are?" Peggy asked.

"Myself," he laughed. 

"That's it," Katie says as she throws ninja stars at the masked man. He nodded, and dodged a couple before one became lodged in his arm. He pulled it out, and a look of anger grew upon his masked face, but no one would see. He lunged at Katie, but knew he's miss. Luce's wings retracted, and her eyes beginning to glow yellow.

"What is your problem?" she asks the man.

"It's not like we did something to you," Lucas says.

"No, not you. Her siser," he said calmly, pointing at Luce before throwing a horrible punch at Lucas.

Katie watches as Lucas falls to the floor."What did she do to you, you big jerk?!" she asks angrily.

"Why on Mobius do you care?" he asked, before signaling a henchman to drag Luce to the truck, but Luce threw a punch, her eyes still glowing yellow. She created a glowing orb of light before being knocked out by a chemical. She was dragged to the truck and thrown in it. Peggy grew angry.

"Ernest, what the heck is wrong with you?" she asked.

"Ernest?" Ruby asked.

Bladelocke wanted to help, but he wasn't a fighter and was frozen in fear.

Ernest pulled off his mask. What was revealed was a face with bat ears, brown eyes, black fur, and mussed hair.

He then saw Twilight out of the corner of his eye while facing everyone else.

"There's a long story to how we know him. I'll explain later," Peggy told Ruby before throwing a punch at Ernest.

Katie turns into a werefox."I'm lucky I can do that when I'm angry," she said.

Bladelocke got even more terrified as the Katie transformed. It was too much at once. He grabbed his lyre and ran out the back door somewhat terrified.

Peggy whispered to Katie," Please kick his butt." She then ran out of the door, going after Bladelocke.

Katie grabbed Ernest by the head and slung him across the room. Ernest flew across the room, but used his wings to bring him up after he landed.

"You wanna play dirty? So be it," he said, spraying a chemical in Katie's eyes.

Katie yowled as the chemical was sprayed into her eyes.

Bladelocke looked back and saw he was being followed. He was in too much shock to recognize who it was and ran even faster. He was running past an alley, but a hand reached out and pulled him in. The figure attached to the hand shoved a rag into Bladelocke's face, causing him to pass out from a chemical. The figure hid him behind a trash can and made an energy being that looked identical to him and made it continue running down the street.

Peggy continued to run, but stopped because she was out of breath. She noticed "Bladelcoke" continuing to run.

"He's got a lotta of energy," she said.

"Bladelocke" Continued for about another blocke before stopping to "Take a breath".

Peggy sees this as a chance, and speeds up, and tries to tackle "Bladelocke".

"Bladelocke" is pinned to the ground and stares at her in terror, "Let me go!" it shouts.

"Are you really that scared of a werefox?" she asks.

It looks at her, "Um... I--" It's eyes roll back like it is dead, then disintigrates into the energy. The energy dissolves into the ground leaving no trace.

"That was not Bladelocke!" Peggy exclaims, and runs, checking into alleys, and runs back in the direction of the house, and continues to check into alleys.

The figure is dressed as a homeless person and watches as Peggy enters "Her" alley. "Do you want something...?" She asks somewhat weekly.

"I'm looking for somone. Recognize him?" Peggy asks, while pulling out her phone and showing her a picture of the party, and points out Bladelocke.

The figure squints and stares at the picture, "That vest..." she mutters, "I've seen that vest before..."

"Do you know him?" Peggy asks hopefully.

"I saw... someone running that way with the same vest..." She points vaguely in the direction of Luce's house.

"Thank you!" Peggy runs out of the alley and runs in the direction of Luce's house, but then stops.

"No, wait, the fake Bladelocke was running tis way. Something's fishy."

The person is still hudled by her small fire. She waits to see if that fox would come back. 

Peggy keeps running in the direction of the house.

After a minute the figure pokes her head around the corner and sees the fox running down the street. She smiles because her plan worked. She formed a large bulky energy figure shaped like a human around Bladelocke's body and made it walk down the street, away from the house.

Just to be safe, the "kidnapper" stayed in the alley for another fifteen minutes.

Peggy then turns around to see if she is watching her. She then sees a familiar red vest out of the corner of her eye.

Peggy comes running in the door.

"I can't find Bladelocke! I think I saw him, but I may not have. I'm not sure. What happened? Ernest!" Peggy yelled.

Auburn and Flames arose from the ground.

"Ow, what happened?" Flames asked.

"Ernest," Peggy grumbled.

"That idiot! He's trying to find poor Alia!" Auburn yelled.

Twilight awoke in a daze after the commotion that ensued. He let out a listless groan as he got to his feet. Looking around the trashed room, the Lycalo's ears lowered at the events that unfolded. Such a good time had turned so horrid so quickly. Considering he woke up after the shouting, he looked at the trio with confusion. "What happened?" he asked. His eyes then widened and he attained a panicked tone. "Where's Luce...?" he went on, fearing the worst but hoping the best.

Flames looked at Twilight.

"Ernest took her. He knocked the rest of us out. Auburn escaped." Flames looked at Auburn.

"Luce told me to run, so I did. I shouldn't have. Sometimes the older sister of mine can make bad quick decisions."

"It was for your own best interest. Ernest could have done the worst to you. He after all hates you for no good reason."

"I think you mean loathes. It's a long story. Basically what happened is I fell in love with the wrong guy, and I broke up with him, and now he hates me." Pebbles nodded. She was worried about Bladelocke and feared the worst.

"Let's go look for everyone," Flames said.

"I'll look for Bladlocke," Pebbles said.'

Twilight listened to the story word by word. His tan arms were crossed in front of his chest and he nodded every so often in understandment. His mind was troubled; he'd be absolutely devastated if anything happened to Luce. Even Nightmare was a more pleasant thought than Luce being in harms way. He wanted to rescue her at all costs, even if the inner demon had to eliminate her captors. With a deep sigh, the Lycalo began speaking.

"Tracking people down is my specialty." the hybrid said, pointing a thumb at his formidble nose. "We'll find them in no time, Bladelocke included." he went on to say, giving Peggy an assuring smile.

Flames, Auburn, and Peggy all smiled.

"Let's find Luce first. Most likely, Bladelocke is with the others," Auburn said. Peggy opened the door.

"Shall we go find them? Twilight, you lead the way," Peggy said.

Twilight nodded and stepped outside. He brought his yellow gloved hand to his face, the same which held onto Luce's ever so tightly. Her scent was still fresh and it so sweet for the hybrid which he always thoroughly enjoyed. A smile even form on his muzzle, but it quickly faded once he snapped back to reality. His nose lifted to the sky and twitched about, looking for any matches in the air. His head turned in every which way as he did so. Many moments of scilence passed until something happened

"I got it! I know where she is as well as the others." he exclaimed, his ears and eyes darting up. "They're not too far from here." he informed, twisting his body to look at them. His azure bat wings spread out and he gave them a few flaps to keep him levitated just barely above the ground. "I'm gonna follow the scent from above. I'll stay low enough for you to follow. If anything happens, shout for me." he stated, waiting for their reply before taking off for the sky.

"Alright. Flames and I will shoot up a flare if anything happens. With my finger, I mean, I don't actually carry a flare," Auburn said, walking down the street, and looking up at Twilight to see if he changed direction.

Twilight nodded and took off to the skies above in a quick burst of speed. He looked down occasionally at the 3 below and stopped when they were almost mere dots. He then focused on tracking down the captured individuals. The Lycalo alternated between sniffing his hand, then the air to clarify whether he was going in the right direction.

"Yeah, this'll be easy finding them." he muttered under his breath as he went along. "Luce... I hope you're okay. I wish I could've done more to prevent this." he said somberly. As more and more time passed, the scent became stronger and closer. It wouldn't take much time before finding the captive. What troubled him however was it would soon grow dark, but the further thought that can be used for the better.

Auburn, Peggy, and Flames all followed. They continued walking, watching Twilight closely. They were approaching a building with a tall fence.

Nearby a greyish white hedgehog with blue stripes was slipping through the shadows behind the trio of people known as aurburn, peggy and flames . He ws eyeing them colsely while 2 more hedgehogs stood from faraway watching them . one was another greyish white with red stripes while the other was green with yellow stripes .

The person from the alley eventually walked out and folloed the captured Bladelocke to an abandoned building. She walked up to the second floor and entered a room and closed the door. The energy surrounding Bladelocke disappeared and left him uncouscious in a chair.

Twilight stopped and stared at the tall fenced building. The scent was strong and there was no doubt this was their destination. He swooped down to inform the trio if this, stopping a fair distance from the ground where he hovered in one place.

"Guys, I found it. They should be in that building over there." he said, pointing a finger towards the one with the tall fence. Bladelocke woke up tied to the chair and saw a pair of light green eyes looking at him from behind a white cloth mask. "Wh-who are you...?" He asked, afraid.

"Who I am is no business of yours, Bladelocke!" She responded.

"H-how do you know my name?!?" Bladelocke asked as he pushed back on the chair.

"I know all about you: Your skills, your friends, your wings... what happened to them..." She answered coldly.

She then walked up and used the rag to knock him out again, before he could ask questions.

"Let's climb the fence," Auburn said, swiftly climbing the fence. She outstretches her hand to Flames, who takes it as Auburn pulls him up.

"You weigh a lot more than you think you do," she said. Auburn then jumped down. She signaled to the lycalo to follow.


In darkness, Luce and the others (ones on the kidnapped list) were trapped in some sort of cage. Luce was fiddling with the necklace Twilight had given her. She thought about him a lot since she woke up. Pixie held the chao egg, trying to keep it warm. Ernest then came by and took Luce. Luce swiftly took off the necklace and threw it to Pixie. The door showed light on her face, and a nod. By then, Luce felt whips lashing her back.

"Where is she?"

"Who?" Luce asked, crying out in pain.

"Alia, of course!" Ernest yelled.

"I haven't seen her in years," Luce replied honestly. She felt five more lashes, and she also fell out of the chair, and was sprawled across the ground. She felt the cuts sting.

"I want to see your wings," Ernest said. Luce did not uphold an argument, an retracted them. She felt a knife dig in at the base of them, but slowly cut down. She screamed. She then felt the knife tearing up the feathers, and she continued to scream. She felt a punch across the cheek, but due to her being bound up, she could not fight back. When Ernest was done, she was thrown back into the cage, all cut up and bruised. She began to cry into her hands.

Someone entered into the room silently. "Where is the one called 'Luce'?"  A female voice called out, "Come on, speak up!

"Here," Luce moaned.

The person walked over to Luce, "Alright. Come with me." She commanded, not particularly angry.

Luce took a minute to hoist herself up, with her cuts and bruises, and the searing pain in her wings. 

"What do you need me for?" Luce asked.

"Just follow me." The emotionless voice responded and grabbed Luce's hand. The person led Luce into a pitch black room and let go.

"You the one that was tortured?" Asked a male voice. Luce nodded, and tears welled up in her eyes.

"Yes," Luce said.

"Okay, you're the one were looking for. Spread out your wings and other injured areas..." The female said.

Luce did as she was told, and spread out her torn up wings, and showed the female her torn up back. She had cuts and bruises on her arms, and legs. She also had a couple of cuts on her cheeks.

The male grabbed a small wooden rod and started firmly hitting the injured areas. The strange thing was, it hurt a little at first, but then helaed the damaged areas. He kept striking any injured area he could until they were mostly gone. "There... done..." He said as he finished.

Luce felt pain at first, and thought it was a little awkward.

"Thank you," Luce said after he was finished.

"Don't thank me... This wasn't my idea." The male explained as the female started leading Luce back to the cage.

"Well whose idea was it?" Luce asked before stepping backwards into the cage.

The male stroked his chin, "Nack?... Nick?...ah, I forgot his name..." He said, not really caring.

"Dr. Knackburn? He was the one who wounded me. He's a pretty psycho guy. I wouldn't stick around for too long if I were you," Luce said.

The female walked into the cage with Luce and let her go, "He doesn't scare us... besides, he pays well..." She stated calmly.

"I never got your names," Luce said, ignoring the female's last comment.

"Mercenaries never give out their names." The female responded, before walking out of the room and closing the door.

Luce turned, and rolled her eyes. She muttered," That's what I get for being friendly."

Ernest walked down the hall. He ushered the two over.

"Guard them, please. We have some intruders coming. At the looks of it a red fox, a black hedgehog, and a blue wolfbat. I've seen them before, at Goosey's party. Kill whoever if you have to. Except the striped haired one, and the angel."

Luce overheard.

"Twilight! Thank goodness," Luce said under her breath, relieved. He was okay.

The two walked back into the room, where the light revealed them as cats. The female had long white fur, and the male had medium length white fur with red patches. Both cats were wearing black metal helmets with large visors that covered their whole heads. The male cat also carried a black cane with a golden ball at the top and a small black revolver. The female cat was wielding a matching black revolver and a combat knife. They looked at the captives, then at Knackburn and gave him a nod.

Ernest flashed an ivory gun.

"This will kill the angel. Take it just in case." He took out two of them, and handed it to them.

They each took a gun and holstered them.

"I have one of my own. Please call if you need me. The angel is valuable, so do not kill her if necessary. The wolfbat is in love with her, but he cannot be killed. This is the only way to kill the angel," he said, flashing the gun again.

Luce listened closely. She gased.

"I have to get out of here," she whispered. She saw a little window nearby. She created a portalunderneath her feet, and it transported her to near the fence where she saw Flames, Auburn, and Twilight. She closed the portal after she flew up, and then landed on solid ground. Pixie was rather surprised, especially that her sister would leave her behind. Pixie decided to create a plan of her own.

The female cat watched as Luce disappeared into a portal and ran outside very quickly. The male cat stayed in the room and raised his revolver into the air and growled, "No one get any ideas..." He warned.

Luce saw the female cat approaching.

"Run!" Luce screamed, before creating a portal, and pushing Auburn and Flames into it. She closed it, and grabbed Twilight's hand, and took to the skies, flapping her wings quickly.

The cat ran and jumped as high as she could and grabbed Luce's wing before being shaken off and grabbing her by the leg.

Luce generated light from her hand, and shot it at the cat's eyes in attempt to blind her.

Twilight flew over the fence and was automatically vigilant of his surroundings. He knew there'd be people guarding this place and given the fact he wasn't much of a fighter, he wanted to avoid confrontation altogether. His ears twitched to a strange noise and he turned his head to see Auburn and Flames being pushed into a strange portal. Before he could even see who the cause of this aswas, his wrist was grabbed and he was sent airborne. It didn't take him long afterwards to realize who it was. "Luce! You're okay!" The Lycalo exclaimed with glee. Suddenly somebody grabbed the angelfox's foot and Twilight was blinded by the following flash of light, leaving him stunned for the moment.

Luce looked at Twilight for a second and smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine!" Luce yelled. "Well except for a torture part. We still need to get everyone out, though. Let's see if cats really do always land on their feet," she said, pointing at the cat hanging on her feet.

Auburn and Flames dropped into Luce's house.

"Again! When am I ever going to get some action?" Auburn asked.

"We can always go back," Flames said.

"Oh yeah," Auburn said," let's go." They set out again which was a bad idea. A pink cat approached them.

"Come with me if you want to see your sister," he said.

"Okay," Flames began to follow the cat, while Auburn stayed behind. She told Flames to stay in contact if anything happened, or if they found Luce.

The cat was barely effected by the blinding attack because her visor was still set on thermal vision. She drew the revolver with her free hand, "I want to see if you land on your feet!" She said smugly as she took four shots at Luce's wings.

"Ow!" Luce screeched. Luce's wings stopped beating, but she never let go of Twilight's hand.

"I'm glad to see you're okay. We'll get everybody else out of there. I may need the assistance of another though." he said, looking briefly at the setting sun. Gunshots suddenly drilled through his eardrums, causing them to fold aganist his head in pain. He saw Luce was injured and gasped at the sight. He glared at the feline then looked back to Luce. His wings began flapping to keep them airborne. While he did so, he would descend slightly and use the momentum to bring his foot towards the cat in an attempt to kick her off.

"I'm okay," Luce moaned, though her bloody wings would suggest otherwise. She looked into Twilight's eyes and gave a comforting smile. She looked down at the cat. 

"You might want to plug your ears," Luce moaned. She then proceeded to deliver an ear-splitting sonic scream, and then she shook her leg to get the cat off.

The cat gritted her teeth from the pain, and as a reflex unsheathed her claws and dug them into Luce's leg. This both slightly relieved the pain from the scream and improved her grip. The cat hung on as tightly as she could and accidentally fired off another shot.

Felix ran out of the house followed by Ruby and Katie. "We've got to figure out where to go," Felix told Katie and Ruby as they ran down the street.

Luce gave a shriek.

"Why am I so important?" Luce asked, breathing through her teeth to soothe the pain. Luce started to violently shake her leg, and began to beat her wings slowly to not cause them pain. Luce then used her other leg to throw a kick to the feline in the face.

The cat was unable to block the kick and took it to the top of the helmet. She shook it off and aimed the revolver at Twilight's wings and fired.

Felix cast a shield on Twilight's wings to where they wouldn't be damaged.

Luce felt herself become dizzy, and was a bit fazed. She was losing blood rapidly, but would not die from this.

Twilight covered his ears to cusion the force of the sonic scream, but to little avail. He found himself disoriented not only from that, but the following two gunshots. Through grunts of struggle, his wings still flapped to keep them in the air. However, he realized something was terribly wrong. He placed a hand over to the side of his stomach and looked at it to see his yellow glove coated in blood. He looked to the source of a burning pain and saw that a portion of his sky blue fur had become an eerie crimson. The bullet had missed its intitial target, but still made a mark.

"Oh crap." he said, coughing up a fair amount of blood and clutching his injured stomach. His body began to feel weak and his wings ceased their flapping to an extent. He worked with all his might to get him and Luce down to the ground safely.

Luce collapsed on the ground, and felt her wings still bleeding.

"Twilight," Luce moaned. Flames and Auburn ran into the area, seeing an injured Luce and Twilight. They then see the female, still holding the revolver. Luce opens a portal underneath Twilight, as Auburn and Flames pull off the feline, also heating their fingers so her claws would release. Luce then would climb into the portal and close it.

"Flames!Auburn!"Katie yelled out."Where's Luce and Twilight?"

"Portal. They're not safe. I have no idea where they went. Go and check at the house."

The cat groaned in pain as her hand was burned and pulled off. She listened to the advice and pointed the gun at Auburn, and coughed, "Heh... I think I will!" She said as she started running in the direction of the house, carrying her wounded hand and reloading the weapon.

Twilight appeared through another portal at Luce's residence. He landed on his feet, but his rapidly weakening state brought him to his knees. A thick crimson puddled began to form beneath him. He clutched his wounded side and winced greatly in pain. He turned his body to the angelfox that appeared after him and a smile spread across his blood soaked muzzle

"Luce. How badly are you hurt?" he asked weakly, grimicing at her bloodied wings. He wanted to get to his feet and meet her in a sweet embrace, but his body ached too greatly and wouldn't allow movement.

Luce actually got up to her feet, but couldn't put her wings away. They were badly damaged, an it would take a long while to heal. Her wings and her ankle both hurt, due to the claws digging into her skin. She was limping.

"You're more hurt than I," Luce said, trying to pull Twilight to his feet. She gave him a comforting smile.

"You will be okay. Luckily I've had some medical training," Luce told him.

"Let's take you upstairs," Luce said, trying to hurry to get bandages on him. He was losing blood rapidly, as was she, with her wings still bleeding. 

Luce!Twilight!Let me heal your wounds!"Felix yelled out as he ran into the house.

"No, let him rest. He still has a bullet that needs to be removed. He's at risk for infection if you close it up. You can heal me, though. I'll remove the bullet, then you can heal him," Luce said.

"Okay,"Felix said he started to heal the angelfox.

Twilight nodded his head in disapproval at the suggestion of him going upstairs.

"I've gotta return and help the others escape. I'm... I'm not gonna make it, but that's okay, I'm no stranger to death." he said with a feeble smile. "But another will take my place at nightfall and he will take care of those who hurt you." he said to Luce, his breath winded and almost reduced to a whsiper. "Can  you send me back?" he softly asked the angelfox.

"I'll come with you," Luce whispered. Tears welled up in her eyes. She knew that Dr. Knackburn had the only thing that could kill her, but she wouldn't let Twilight go alone.

"We also have Peggy, Auburn, and Flames with us," Luce said.

The male cat ran up and tried to snap-kick Flames in the face, thinking he was distracted. After this he would run after his partner.

Flames saw this coming and lit his hand up and shot him with it in the leg.

"What is wrong with you people?" Flames asked.

"No!" Auburn called, also lighting her hands with fire, and then ran swiftly after the cat, and soon her whole body erupted into flames.

"Do not touch them! I'm the one Knackburn wants!" Auburn yelled after the cat.

"Let them go, and you can take me instead!" Auburn yelled. Suddenly, Knackburn flew in front of the cat's path.

"The flaming one is the one I really want. The angel is of no use now," Knackburn yelled.

The female cat stopped and pointed the gun at Auburn, "Fine then, don't move."

The male cat tripped in mid air and landed on his hands. "Oh... I'm sorry. Apparently you nothing about the mercenary business..." He said before starting to run down a different street.

"You're in for the money, eh? I'll give you a run for your money!" Flames yelled, chasing after the male cat.

Meanwhile, Luce, Felix, and Twilight were still in the house. Luce's phone began to ring.

"Hello?" Luce asked.

"They're coming to the house!" Auburn yelled. Twilight sighed upon hearing the statement. So it turned out they would come to him. For the first time in 3 years, he was hoping the sun would set faster. Standing on wobbly legs, he approached Luce and hugged her as tight as he could.

"I can't let you get hurt anymore. Promise me you'll get to safety." he told Luce, staring at her with concerned eyes.

Luce nodded, and couldn't stand leaving him. "I love you," she whispered, before pulling him into a kiss.

Twilight's eyes widened and his ears perked up and his eyes widened at her words. His heart raced and his body grew warm, causing him to blush tremendously and his muzzle to become another shade of red. Despite being caught off guard by the words and having a knot in his throat, his reply came so natural and so quickly with no hesitation.

"I love you too, Luce." he whispered back, meeting her kiss with one of his own. This experience had brought much warmth and happiness to his heart. His body had even forgot about the pain it was enduring and all his worry had left him in this moment.

Luce gave a weak smile, but tears streamed down her cheeks.

"Let Felix heal you," Luce then said," if you need anything, just call my name. I'm closer than you think. I'm always watching, and I will come if I think you need help, or if you truly need it," Luce said.

Twilight briefly glanced at Felix as Luce mentioned him.

"I would rather have him heal you until you're fully recovered." he said to her, turning his eyes in her direction. He planted a small kiss on her forehead and kept his head close by. "I don't want you nearby when he takes over. I need you to send me back now with another one of your portals. Time is growing short" he informed. His tone was now more serious then usual, but he still spoke softly to Luce. In truth, he was scared he wuld regret bringing the living Nightmare into the world, but was hoping for the best with his decision.

Luce then opened a portal just as he asked.

"Twilight, be careful. They're dangerous people. All of them. They will do anything in their power to stop you," Luce warned.

"Unfortunately for them, Nightmare is even more dangerous." Twilight stated with a nervous smile. He weakly flapped his wings to keep him airborne and out of the portal momentarily. "I'll be careful though, no worries, and I hope you do the same." he went on, drawing his head in to kiss her lips once more. "We will see each other tomorrow and everything will be back to the way it was." he assured with a smile. He slowly descended into the portal and within moments, he was gone. 

Peggy had gone searching for Bladelocke. She looked everywhere. Well, not exactly everywhere. She hadn't looked in the building where Luce had been. She knew it was risky and she shouldn't go in alone, but despite her better judgement, she climbed the fence. She ran inside and looked into rooms.

The female cat looked at Knackburn, "And what do you want us to do with the other prisoners?" She asked.

"Keep them. I have a mind wipe device, and one that will give false memories, to which they will be loyal. An army from scratch," Knackburn said. Knackburn grabbed Auburn by the collar.

"You are going to pay, little missy," he told her.

"What did I ever do to you? You should be the one to pay," she coughed.

"Everything. You are keeping my Alia away from me!" he shouted.

"She's my daughter, too, ya know!" Auburn yelled, and coughed.

"Take her away, please," Knackburn said, dropping Auburn to her knees. 

"I'm going to wait here and see if the angel and her boyfriend come over here. The others, too. And do you know the wherabouts of one called Bladelocke? The angel's adoptive daughter or of sorts seems to have taken an interest in finding him," Knackburn said.

Paula woke up to find herself trapped."Let me out!" she  yelled out.

"Nope," said a pink cat with a smile.

"Yeah, let us, out, Mike!" Pixie yelled.

The cat grabbed Auburn's arm and started to take her back to the building. "Don't struggle, or I will be forced to use this." She stated as she tapped the handle of the revolver.

Auburn did as she was told. She would do anything for Alia's sake, even if she herself got killed in the process.

The cat saw the fox wasn't struggling and let go of the revolver. She pressed a button on her helmet and called her partner, "The boss doesn't want the angel anymore. He wants us to get back to the compound." She relayed the orders.

The male cat turned around and faced Flames after hearing the instructions, "Come on, lets dance..." He stated somewhat creepily.

"Naw, why don't you dance alone?" Flames said, his body erupted into flames, and then he began shooting them using pyromancy at the cat's feet. The cat ran to the side trying to avoid the flames. He jumped up to a wall and jumped off and landed next to Flames. He started throwing a flurry of semi-random punches, before trying to run back towards the compound.

Flames dodged a couple of the punches, and then a couple of them hit him. The punches fazed him greatly.

"You're lucky I don't have my hat..." The cat commented as he ran off.

Flames saw Twilight, and was relieved he had some help. He climbed the fence once more.

A portal of light suddenly appeared between the skirmish. A bloodied sky blue figure emerged from this and took a look at his surroundings. He saw a sort of cat fleeing the scene and caught sight of Flame. Grunting in pain and holding on to his gunshot wound, the Lycalo utililized his weary wings to get himself over the fence. His landing wasn't so graceful once he reached the other side and he hit the ground with a thud.

"Flame." he called out to the hedgehog, gestruing for him to come closer.

Flames approached the wounded lycalo.

"Woah, Twilight, you're hurt. You shouldn't be here," Flames said, "but if you do want to be here, I have something that will heal you." Flames' finger lit up with a green flame. It would oddly feel cold, but would seal his wounds.

"When the sun goes down in a bit, I'm gonna distract the guards, then I want you to get everybody out of here and them as far away from here as possible." Twilight explained, looking up at the darkening sky. He swallowed in anticipation from his upcoming transformation.

"Alright. Be careful, Twilight," Flames said. "See you later."

"You too Flame." Twilight replied as he began slowly making his way into the structure.

Flames went in another entrance, and found his way up. Along the way up, he found the cage. He melted away the bars, and ushered everyone to climb out.

"Come on, everyone, and hurry!" Flames yelled. But, Auburn wasn't in there.

"Uh oh." Flames told everyone to climb the fence and run to the house.

Meanwhile, Knackburn was ushering Auburn to a pit where'd she be executed, as he'd say.

"Let go!" Auburn yelled.

"I want your friends and family to watch you die," Knackburn said.

Darkness formed around Paula as she grew angry.

Mike gave a devious smile and stepped into the cage. He tapped her head, a technique used to make others fall into a trance.

As Paula's body fell to the floor of the cage, her soul, made out of darkness, made Mike fly out of the cage. Her soul then exited the cage.

Mike flew across the room, and moaned. Twilight made his way into the building with some difficulty. He found himself in the same room as the cage was in and saw Flame evacuating everybody. His body no longer allowed movement and began rapidly shutting down. He fell to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. His eyelids fluttered before closing and his breathing gradually became less and less.

"It's your turn now, Nightmare." he said under his last breath before succumbing  to his injuries.

Paula's soul picked up Mike and slung him to the other side of the room.

Flames then saw Twilight succumb to his injuries, but had no idea of his night form, and thought he had really died.

"Twilight!" Flames called.

The two cats bursted in with tazers in hand.

Saotome aka Paula's soul, heard Flames call out Twilight's name."He is transforming," Saotome said in a demonic voice.

Her statement was true as the sun had set and the energy of the moon enveloped the room. A dark purple aura shrouded the lifeless Lycalo and within this aura, his body began changing shape and color. His general size increased greatly. His short sky blue fur became shaggy and black. His wings lost their curved edges and looked demonic in appearance. His tan skin became gray and his white fur turned a darker shade of gray. His gloves lost their fingers from the formidble claws that grew on his fingertips and became red in color. His shoes turned red as well with dark grey and spike buckles adorning the top. This transformation's most unerving characteristic had yet to be revealsed for the transoformation was not yet complete. It would be wise for those who don't seek harm to flee while they could. Nightmare was moments away from being unleashed.

"Flames take my body and everyone away from here," Saotome told him.

Flames nodded, and picked up Paula's body, and ushered everyone out.

Meanwhile, Knackburn had found Luce. He held a knife to her neck.

"Where is she?" he asked.

"I don't know!" Luce said honestly.

"Well finem don't tell me!" He pulled out an ivory gun, a gun that Luce recognized. It was the only gun that would kill her. He pointed it to Luce's head.

"I'm going to shoot you now, unless you tell me." Luce shook her head, and tears streamed down her face. She then kicked him in the face, an he pulled the trigger on the gun. A bullet hit Luce in the leg.

Luce shrieked. Ernest thought Luce was going to die, so he left her. Luce held her leg. Her leg exploded in pain.

Ernest soon came to the building to see everyone filing out. He became angry.

Both of the cats were among the people heading out, and they felt no shame in it.

[Note: That gun will only kill Luce if she is hit in vital areas such as: the head, chest, and back. -Pop]

Felix walked up to Luce and held out a hand.

[Note: Luce is at her house, not around the other characters. -Pop]

 Ernest approached the cats.

"What are you doing?" he yelled.

"Leaving, that's what." The female responded calmly.

"You're time is up. You hired us for a day, and a day has passed." The male said.

"Oh yes. I remember now. But that gives me a reason to do this." Ernest pulled out two guns and pointed them at the two cats.

"Oh, please... you don't think we've been double crossed before? Pathetic." The male cat quickly drew his revolved and started fan-firing the gun at Ernest.

The female ran around to behind Ernest and tried to trip him.

"Oh you have? Well then you probably don't mind me- leaving!" he shouted, flapping his bat wings, and disappearing into the sky. He then realized he had been shot in the torso.

"Ow!" he shrieked.

Saotome joined at the front of the group, darkness trailing behind her.

"How do you get back in your body?" Flames asked, ushering everyone to climb the fence. Saotome looked at Flames with blank white eyes."When the moon reaches its highest point.That is when I can return," she replied.

"Oh. One little birdy named Pixie told me that you're coming to live with us," Flames said.

"You won't see a lot of me or Auburn, since I live in a dorm, and Auburn has her own apartment."

"Not me.Her," Saotome said as she pointed at Paula.

"But you are her soul, right, Saotome?" Flames asked, while climbing the fence with Paula's body slung over his shoulder. He threw Paula's body up, and dived and caught her as soon as his feet hit the gorund. Flames looked at Paula's lifeless body, and carried her as he led everyone down the street.

" Paula never had a soul," Saotome replied.

"What? Is she immortal, like my sister?'" Flames asked.

The two cats simply climbed over the fence and ran off.

"Paula is dead.She was murdered along with her parents but I managed to bring her back by joining with her body," Saotome said.

"What? Well thank goodness you did that, or we never would have met her," Flames said.

"It's time for me to return,," Saotome said.Saotome then flew into Paula's body.Paula wakes up."Flames why are you carrying me? she asks.


Luce quickly decided to pack her bags and leave. She knew she wasn't safe, nor did she feel safe. She rifled through her clothes, and threw whatever she could pack into a duffel.

"Going somewhere?" a voice asked. The voice stepped out of the shadows, revealing Dr. Knackburn.

"I thought you were dead," he said.

"You wish." He nodded and gave a laugh. Luce looked down at her bloodly leg and began to limp away.

"Please, come back!" Dr. Knackburn yelled. But then a figure reached out and grabbed Luce. Dr. Knackburn began to laugh.

"Let's go, Mike. We're going far away from this place," Knackburn said.

Knackburn and Mike would suddenly hear deep and heavy breathing coming from the shadows. The source of this was unknown until a large and monsterous creature of long black fur emerged. Its muzzle was coated in blood, all of which was not its own. Its deadly fangs glistened as it snarled at the bat, glaring at him with soulless glowing red eyes. It remained in one spot a fair distance away as if choosing who it wanted to be its moresel first. Nightmare was unleashed and after feeding on the denizens of this town, he headed to this location with some assistance from the true Lycalo within. Twilight wanted his curse to rid the world of Knackburn by any means, and this is the means he was choosing.

Knackburn did not feel scared, and recognized the lycalo by his features. He was angry that he never found out that Luce's love interest had a transformation like that, and he simply smirked.

"Take the angel away!" he yelled to Mike, who opened up a portal and threw in a gagged and bound Luce, and then he hopped in himself, taking Luce away.

But to Knackburn, he pulled a syringe with a mysterious liquid, and inserted it through his arm. Soon later, he occurred into a transformation into his own: his chemical form. He had exposed himself to a mutation-causing liquid. His fur turned green, and his eyes looked swirled in a way.

Nightmare watched as Luce was taken away. Twilight didn't have enough control to even attempt a rescue. The monster was out for Knackburn's blood and he would enjoy feasting on the bat. He let out a fearsome roar and spread his demonic wings, utilizing them to speed for the wicked doctor with blistering speeds. His claws were at the ready and once he got close enough, he'd send forth a barrage of swift and lethal swipes.

Knackburn was a rather coward, and froze. He felt Nightmare's claws graze his skin. He screamed in agony, and he knew he had lost enough blood, but to lose even more might result in death.

Having his prey so vulnerable and ready for feeding, Nightmare's fangs lunged for the bat's neck with great force, which would ultimately do more than simply drain his blood.

Knackburn felt the fangs dig into his neck. He pushed hard away from Nightmare, but the loss of blood caused him to be weak. He felt himself getting extremely dizzy.

Suddenly, Luce hopped out of a portal. She had a scratch on her face, and was holding a bloody knife. She had a scratch on her face. She quickly ran off the scene, not wanting to get involved into whatever was coming next.

Nightmare watched the Angelfox appear through a portal then flee. His glowing crimson eyes situated themselves to the bewildered doctor who had pushed him away moments ago. He let out another thunderous roar, only this time his lower jaw unhinged, opening his mouth to eerie extents. Twilight was now holding back as he didn't want any more deaths by his hands, not even Knackburn. But with Luce now safe, the Lycalo was losing control of the beast. After he would finish off the bat, he'd surely continue his reign of terror. He ran for his prey in blinding speed; his claws prepared to make their mark and end the doctor's life.

Knackburn quickly jumped into the portal Luce never closed. He ordered Mike to close it, using the last of his energy to close it. Luce eyed the skyline as she saw the sky getting a bit brighter.

Nightmare slashed at nothing but air and growled with rage upon seeing the portal closing. He arched backwards and let out a loud and high pitched howl which could be heard a fair distance away. The monsterous Lycalo leapt out the neaby window and flew high above the sky looking for his next morsel. He was in complete control now and there would be little to stop him for some time.

Luce heard the howl.

"Damn you Knackburn," Luce said under her breath. She rarely ever used profanity, and when she did, she knew something was wrong. The sky was turning pink and orange from the sun rising. She soon decided to hold off Nightmare by running in the direction she heard the howl.

A ways off a loud roar answered Nightmare's howl. The roar sounded angry and boastful.

"There's two of them? Who else could it be besides Nightmare?" Luce asked, and cocked a gun, preparing to shoot the other if necessary.

Nightmare caught sight of Luce down below. An evil grin stecthed across his gray furred muzzle. Desptie having no intelligence to speak of, he still enjoyed toying with Twilight and making this angel his next meal would do wonders. Right as he was about to go in for the kil, a distant roar met his highly acute ears. It made him feel challenged and nothing was more dangerous than a predator like himself to feel that way. With a low and deep snarl, Nightmare sped off towards the source with great speed.


Bladelocke woke up in the same rooom he was in before, except for four things; He was untied, the person was gone, the doors and windows were seemingly gone and there was some food on a table across the room. The black fox cautiously got out of the chair and walked around. The only light in the room was coming from a few lightbulbs on the ceiling.

Peggy found a door to a room. She walked in.

Bladelocke walked over to the table and looked for any cameras or other things. He saw none and sat down at the small table and waited for a while. A sound came from the ceiling, a deep heavy breathing and some heavy footsteps. The foxbat started to cower and tried to remain perfectly quiet.

Peggy started to walk torwards an abandoned mansion in town. She had left the premises of Knackburn's fortress, as he would call it.

A loud roar came from the floor above Bladelocke. He curled up into a tight ball and cowered under the table. A loud crash came from the figure breaking through a third story window and landing on the ground. The figure ran past Peggy heading for the lycalo. The figure was a strange creature: Having what appeared to be the body of a large mountain lion with its front legs twice as long as its back ones, and two long tentacles growing from its back.

Nightmare soon arrived on scene and caught sight of the strange figure. It developed a rare feeling just now; the need to defend himself against a possibly greater force. Relying sctrictly on predatory instincts would  do such a thing. He preferred to remain in the air and watch it from afar, not knowing what kind of power it possessed.

The creature smelled something close and looked up at Twilight and let loose another powerful roar. Its long tentacles and tail waved back and forth, waiting and watching the lycalo.

Luce soon ran on the scene. She held her pistol in her hand, and pointed it at the mountain lion. She knew that morning was emerging, and Twilight would need as much help as possible when he turned back from Nightmare. Peggy ran up the stairs after entering.

"Bladelocke, Bladelocke," she called.

Bladelocke heard a faint voice, "NO! Go away!" He screamed, thinking it was the voice of the monster.

Despite not knowing his time was short, Nightmare decided to eliminate this threat quickly and move on. He opened his mouth and let out an ear-splitting sonic scream that shattered the nearby windows. After doing so, his large and demonic wings pushed the cursed Lycalo towards the figure. His durable claws were more than ready to carve into its frame.

The creature was stunned by the scream and did nothing to stop Nightmare from slashing into its arm and stomach with his claws. The sharp pain removed the dizziness and infuriated the monster, which tried to grapple the lycalo with its tentacles and slash at him with its own durable claws.

Nightmare let out a few growls as he struggled to break free. The monster's grip was firm and even with the Lycalo's formidable strength, he couldn't break free. He let out a howl of pain as the claws dug into  the  flesh of his torso. It reminded him more was to come if he didn't break free and with a loud roar, he placed all of his strength into his arms to break free.

The monster had stood up just before this, and was knocked down by the strong push snarling and growling out of its fury. The lycalo would most likely fall on top of it, where the tentacles would let go, and it would try to push him off.

Nightmare had used this opportunity to target the monster's neck.He grinned evilly and charged in for the kill, but suddenly backed away and fell to the ground howling in pain. The energy of the sun was beginning to envelop the Vampire Werewolf Bat. A blinding light surfaced from his body as he began his transformation back to Twilight.

The monster brought its tentacles in front of its neck for defense. It saw and heard the lycalo back down, which puzzled the beast. It stood back up on all fours and walked over to Twilight and hovered over him, watching the transformation and breathing heavily. Possibly shielding the sight of Twilight from Luce.

Luce pointed her pistol at the monster. She aimed for the back, and was ready to pull the trigger.

Luce saw Twilight changing back, and knew that if the mosnter was to attack him, she would fire at all costs.

The monster continued to look down at Twilight, drooling a little bit. It tilted its head up to the sky and let loose a victorious roar, before focusing on Twilight again.

Luce then aimed her gun at the monster's back, and pulled the trigger.

The monster roared out in pain, then fell to its side, groaning in pain. It heard Peggy in the house and stood up, a little wobbily. It limp-ran to the house to stop Peggy.

Within moments, the sky blue Lycalo was laying on the ground. He let out a groan and rubbed his head.

"Ugh... what... what happened?" he asked nobody in particular. He saw a pair of large feet, then slowly and hesitantly looked up to see the massive monster. "Gah!" he shouted in surprise, jumping back in fear, hearing a gunshot soon after. His azure bat wings were used to propel himself into the air. He was just about to take off, when he noticed a familiar figure. "Luce!" he called out, swooping down to pick her up and take her away from the beast.

Luce was rather surprised when Twilight picked her up. She didn't realize Peggy was in the house with Bladelocke. She began to blush. "Bladelocke, it's just me, Peggy!" Peggy called.

A Monkey in his teens by the name of Kong got off the bus he had heard about the kidnapping and he wanted to help the people and be a hero but it would be difficult asking people for directions and asking for help since he was a mute but he was determined to do his best

Kong thought to himself "where am i?" he then heard the faint sound of gun fire (he had very good hearing) so he ran towards the sound when he saw the monster he jumped and then tried to think what to do he then saw a large-ish rock and attempted to throw it at the creature.

The creature was hit on the way back to the house, but didn't care. It was too focused on getting the fennec fox away.

Bladelocke uncurled from the ball and walked to the part of the wall the noise was coming from. "O... OK... well I could use some help, and there was a monster tha--" He was intrupted by loud footsteps and a heavy breathing coming from the hallway.

The monster rounded the corner and entered the hall with Peggy in it. It charged at her, growling menacingly.

"AH!" Peggy yelled, pulling out a dagger that was in a scabbard on her pants. She ran at the beast, and delivered an earsplitting sonic scream while charging. She then took a swing with her knife at the beast.

The monster cringed and stopped from the scream and was stunned for a second. The slash found its mark across the beasts muzzle, barely missing its nose. As with before, the pain removed the stunning effect and it tried to grab Peggy with its strong tentacles.

Twilight gave Luce a happy smile as he held her in his arms. Words couldn't explain how happy he was to see her alive and well. He abruptly stopped as his ears twitched.

"I hear Peggy and... Bladelocke." he said, adjusting his ears to distinguish the voices. He suddenly cringed in pain and folded his ears against his head. His hold on the Angelfox increased as he didn't want to drop her. This was casued from Peggy's sonic screech and the effects were only temporary aside from some ringing bells in his ears. "That monster's attacking them." he informed, turrnig around. "We've gotta help them. Ready?" he asked her.

Luce nodded. "I promised Peggy's parents I would protect her," Luce said.

"Okay, I'll distract it while you attack it from behind. Sound like a plan?" he asked, flapping his wings faster as they prepared to luanch the couple forward.

"Okay," Luce answered, getting ready to follow the plan.

Twilight nodded and rocketed forward. Instead of going straight for the beast, he swooped down to the ground just past a corner and allowed Luce to get back o her feet.

"Stay here until you get a clear opening." he suggested. After a deep sigh, he pulled the Angelfox in for a kiss which lasted slightly longer than usual. After breaking the lock on their lips, he tenderly held the sides of her face within his palm and stared into her eyes. "Be safe, okay?" he said, planting his lips her forehead. He then turned around and flew right for the monster. While the Lycalo was intimidated rather easily and preferred to avoid fights, he attained some spontaneous bravery wanting to protect Luce and those close to her. His adrenaline was pumping as he approached the monster with high speeds. Using the velocity, he induced a spinning kick aiming for the back of its head and backed away after doing so.

"Hey, ugly!" he shouted, cupping his hands over his mouth. "Yeah, remember me? I'm not done with you yet. Come and get me!" he taunted, giving the creature a mocking gesture.

Luce blushed. "Of course." She gave a nervous smile.

The monster attempted to grab Peggy with its tentacles and hold her out of range for her knife to attack.

Bladelocke started pounding on the part of the wall the sound was coming from. Even though he wouldn't normally fight, he was trying all he could to help. He tok out his sword and struck the section of the wall with all his might. Soon he made a small hole and looked out.

Peggy felt the tentacles wrap around her arms, and began to kick and scream. She looked at Bladelocke with frightened eyes. Bladelocke looked back with equally scared eyes, but he couldn't do anything at the moment. He continued to smash at the wall, trying to break free.

The monster attempted to knock/ pull the dagger out of Peggy's hand.

Kong thought to him self "what can i do now?"

The monster took Twilight's hit and spun around, still holding Peggy. It let loose a roar and threw Peggy at him, not trying to hurt either of them, but to distract them. It then faced both combatants with its feline eyes, keenly watching them, sensing any movement.

Kong just thought fast not thinking with any logic and attempted to climb up the monsters back 

"Woah!" Twilight shouted in surprise at the flying fennec fox careening towards him. He held out his arms and let out a massive grunt as he caught her. "I got you." he assured. This caused him to be sent flying back which also worked in his favor. He guided himself over to where Luce was last seen and placed her down. Now the Lycalo was to help Bladelocke and some monkey he swore he saw. Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him. Still, he rushed back to see what was happening.

"Where'd you come from?" Peggy asked, "where's Luce?"

"Hey, you!" Luce shouted from across the hall. She rolled across the ground, and pulled out her pistol.  She pointed it at the monster. Luce began to fire shots at the monster. She was a pretty good shot from when she worked with G.U.N., but that was a while back and she'd barely practiced with a gun since then.

Half way up Kong realized even if he got to the head he had no weapon but before he could climb back down to get one he was grabbed by the tentacles and thrown at Twilight as well.

Twilight sped off too quicly to answer Peggy's questions. The second he got back on scene, a money was luanched at him.

"Oh great." he muttered, bracing himself to catch him as well. This individual was larger and heavier and as such, Twilight got the wind knoced out of him plus his wings weren't strong enough to keep him and Kong airborne. The Lycalo crashed to the ground below, sliding across the concrete a fsir distance before stopping. He had taken most of the fall damage so ong would most likely be unaffected. Twilight lay there still, groaning in pain from the impact. He was dazed and couldn't move for the time being.

The monster took several hits to the chest and legs and started to fall to the ground. It stood up with the last of its strength and crashed through the wall after Bladelocke. It grabbed him and crashed through another wall, where it collapsed from the leg and chest wounds.

Bladelocke was too scared for words, and when the monster collapsed it didn't release the fox from its strong tentacles.

Luce ran up to the monster and fired a couple more shots. She tried to release Bladelocke from the tentacles but her efforts were fruitless.

The monster gave a fading growl as it was shot again. The blood was pooling beneath it, turning its gray fur red. It lay there, raising Bladelocke above the blood.

Bladelocke squirmed to break free, but the tentacles were too strong.

Luce then realized that Twilight fell out the window with the monkey. She jumped out of the window, and landed on her feet. She outstretched her hand to help Twilight up.

Twilight shook his dizziness and accepted the hand.

"Thanks Luce." he said, shaking his body much like a dog to get all the bits of concrete out of his fur. He landed on his back and as such, it was pretty scratched up, but nothing lethal. Numerous small scraped were seen along his wings and backs, enough for a majority of his sky blue fur to become red. "I'm okay." he assured the Angelfox knowing she'd be worried. "Hey." he said to Kong. "Are you alright?" he went on to ask.

"No problem," Luce said. Luce was still worried despite the lycalo's response.

The monster tried to let out another roar, but stoppedhalf way and coughed. It fell to the ground, where its muzzle started to get covered in blood. It started breathing very shallowly, while still holding the foxbat. 

Kong nodded he then jumped back through the window to attempt to fight the monster  he tripped over and landed flat on his face he sighed he then saw some pipes and some wires he thought fast and made a little bow and arrow type weapon he then tried to shoot the monster.

The monster didn't reply or release its grip. Its eyes closed and it started breathing less and less.

Bladelocke stopped struggling, "Stop! It's dying!" He shouted at the monkey.

Kong was really confused for the whole time he thought that was his goal he turned around and said in sign language "i thought we were meant to kill it"

Bladelocke didn't reply because he was too busy looking at the monster.

It took one last breath and roared before it stopped moving. The tentacles fell limply to the floor and released the fox. Bladelocke fell on its back, then slid down to its side, "Well... it's dead now..." He muttered under his breath.

Kong was very confused did do something good just then or something bad well the monster had grabbed that fox he sighed and thought "this is why you dont interact with people"

Bladelocke kneeled down in the blood and stroked the creature's mane quietly.

Kong wasn't sure how to feel at this point

Twilight watched as the beast died. While he felt remorseful for it and sighed sadly, he didn't want any danger to befall anyone else, especially Luce. The Lycalo couldn't help but wonder what the beast's true intentions were and if it really meant to cause any harm. "Everybody okay?" he asked, shouting slightly so he could be heard. He looked to the Angelfox beside him and gave a slightly concerned look. "Are you alright?" he asked softly.

"Yeah," Luce said. Other than a cut on her hand and her damaged wings, she was fine.

The monster started to get brighter and brighter until its whole body glowed white. Bladelocke stepped a good distance away as the monster exploded into white energy, revealing the mountain lion girl from before. The energy was absorbed by the girl as she lay there unconscious.

Kong said in sign language "is she ok?"

Luce was the only one who didn't shield her eyes from the light, since it didn't bother her.

Twilight shielded his eyes from the intense light by ducking his head and folding his wings in front of him. After it subsided, the Lycalo stared with confusion at the new figure that formed. He kept his distance though as he didn't know what to expect.

Bladelocke wasn't paying attention to anything else, but the cougar. He ran up and chacked her pulse, "She's alive, but just barely..." He said to everyone.

Peggy grew angry at the mountain lion. "Curse you," she said under her breath.

Bladelocke quickly ran back into the room and rummaged through his satchelthat was on the table. He grabbed a small cloth sackand ran back to the cougar. He threw the small bag at her. It exploded on inpact and a strange powder was released. The powder started to heal her wounds. She coughed then sat up with her head hanging low in pain.

Peggy then asked the mountain lion," Are you okay?" She tried to hide her anger, and she hoped she hid it well.

She raised her head enough to see Peggy's. Her eyes showed no hatred, but a little fear. She started to shake her head, then coughed up some blood and fell to the ground clutching her side.

Bladelocke walked over to the mountain lion and picked her up in his arms, "She needs medical help!" He stated as he walked back towards the others.

Twilight exchanged glances between the group. He wanted to know what her side of the story was and why she had underwent such a transformation.

"I can take her by flight. The hospital's not far from here and I can get there in no time." the Lycalo stated.

Bladelocke nodded his head gratefully and handed over the bloody cougar to Twilight. The mountain lion's normally white hood and cloak were now red with blood. She looked into Twilight's eyes with gratitude and fear at the same time.

Bladelocke walked back over to Peggy and placed a hand on her shoulder, "Don't be mad... I think she was trying to protect me..." He explained, trying to calm her anger.

"Oh. I'm sorry. She basically pulled off a scheme to trick me while I was trying to find you. Or I think that was her, I don't quite remember," Peggy told Bladelocke.

Bladelocke smiled, "I think she saw me running from you and decided to try and help me in the spur of the moment..." He guessed, "I don't know how but she seems knows me and my past..." He muttered.

"Oh. Luce seems to know about my past as well, but I know nothing about it," Peggy said.

"Mine is pretty much the opposite... I know what happened and she somehow knows, but I've never met her before..." The black fox explained.

Kong was really confused at this point was he dreaming or is this what normally happens around here he then signed "is there anyway i can help?"

Twilight looked down at the couger the cougar in his arms, than to Luce who was beside him. He looked sad that he'd have to go alone without the Angelfox, but this feline needed help plus he wanted answers and this way, he would get them first.

"I'll see you later today?" he asked the brown hybrid with a smile. His arms were reminded that they couldn't handle much weight given his already diminutive strength and his fatigue from the skirmish. He needed to get her there quickly. His azure bat wings flapped and lifted the two off into the sky where he sped off towards the hospital.

The mountain lion was surprisingly light, Twilight would have been able to lift her easily. She kept looking at him as he carried her. She still had fear in her eyes as she didn't know if she could trust the lycalo.

Luce gave a smile, and a nod. Luce looked at Kong. She gave some motions with her hand. 'I think we're all good here," Luce's motions said.

Twilight continued onward. He looked briefly at the staring mountain lion and noticed her uneasiness.

"Don't worrry." he assured her. The tone in his voice was naturally soft and comforting and such factors could ease the feline. "I mean no harm. I'm taking you to the hosptial in fact." he said with a light chucle. He felt bad she was injured, more so because he knew Nightmare had inflicted some damage to her.

The tention eased if only so slightly. She coughed some then spoke a little, "Words <cough> are cheap..." before coughing some more.

Twilight raised an eyebrow at her, than focused his attention on where he was going. He wondered what she was so tensed up about, but perhaps his questions would be answered in time.

"Words are cheap, but actions speak louder than words and you'll soon see my intentions are good." the cyan Lycalo replied.

She coughed in response, "They'd better be..." She muttered between coughs.

Twilight winced with each cough only because he felt guilty that Nightmare was the cause of some of it. He simply replied with a nod not wanting her to speak any more. The reached the hopital shortly afterwards where the Lycalo glided to the ground and gently landed. He entered the structure and approached the front counter.

"Can I help you?" the female badger at the counter asked. Twilight replied with a nod and gestured to the injured form in his arms.

"Yeah, she needs imidiate medical attention." he replied. The lady worridly looked upon the mountain lion before picking a phone up and saying a few things. A handful of doctors arrived shortly after with a stretcher.

"I'll be back to check on you later." Twilight told the feline before handing her to the doctors. He would wait a short time before heading out.

The cougar put up no resistance to the doctors. Once they started heading down the hall she started to get dizzy, then passed out.

Twilight headed out of the hsptital and took off to the skies once more. His nose twitched about as he traced the familiar scents. After finding out which direction to go, the wolfbat sped off into the distance.

Kong looked at luce and signed "im Kong who are you?" 

Luce then signed "Luce".

Kong then signed "you dont have to sign, i just cant talk"

"My apologies," the Angelfox said. 

Kong signed"no need to apologize"

Bladelocke started to walk back into the building with a solemn look on his face.

Nearby, a loud commotion is heard. It sounded like a huge fight. There were even some explosions that could be heard and trees crashing as they fell.

Luce heard the commotion and retracted her hurt wings and glided to the sound of the fight

Kong ranout to see what was happening.

Bladelocke stayed in the house. He probably would have gone to see what the ruckus was about, but he had too much on his mind right now. He walked into a room and sat down on a chair to collect his thoughts. Bladelocke watched for the fennec fox he expected to follow him.

Luce soon came upon Zorovar fighting with another. Luce decided to help.

As Twilight was closing the gap on the familiar scents, his actue ears twitched at a distant noise coming from the same direction as those he tracked. It brought some worry to the cyan wolfbat and he quickened his pace eager to see what it was. Not much time passed before he saw Luce and Kong heading for something. With a shrug, the hybrid glided down and hovered above the two as they carried on.

"Hey, what's with all the ruckus?" he asked, narrowinng his eyes ahead to see what was going on. 

Kong was starting to dislike all the action

As the other characters drew closer, a familiar dingo was launched out of the trees. He flew past the characters and slamed into the trunk of a tree. He was dressed in a black and gray outfit and had a hood pulled over his head. He had a silver object hanging off his studded belt that was barely seen under his black jacket. In his hand, he gripped an elegant black handle of a sword. The blade was jet black and seemed to have a faint purple aura around it.

A moment after the dingo collided against the tree, a large, orange-red, doglike demon jumped out of where the dingo had originated. It was about the size of a truck and appeared to be on fire. Its eerie blue eyes burned with anger and hatred. Its claws were long and sharp, and so were its teeth. Its whiplike tail was flicking about back and forth. Its growled menacingly as it approached the dingo.

Twilight let out a gasp at the sight. He didn't recognize the hooded figure until the familiar scent filled his keen nostrils.

"Hey, that's the dingo, Twilight was his name." the Lycalo said aloud. He knew the canine was a formidable combatant and had most likely prevailed against more dangerous foes. As such, the wolfbat simply stood by and spectated, awaiting he with the same name to finish. Of course if the situation called for it, Twilight would step in and help to the best of his ability.

The hellhound charged at Zorovar (who was known to everyone else as "Twilight") and attempted to tear him to bits. However, Zorovar recovered from being dazed and rolled out of the way just in time. The hellhound collided into the tree, snapping it in half and causing it to fall towards the beast. The hellhound was stunned from the impact, letting out a yelp as the tree fell on it. It tried to scramble out of the mess, but couldn't move. Unfortunately, the fire on the beast had started to ignite the tree.

Thinking quickly, Zorovar added a rain crystal and a scatter crystal to his beloved crossbow, Harbinger. He then fired several shots in rapid succession at both the tree and the hellhound. The combinations of the crystals transfromed each bolt into a powerful wave of water, which extinguished both the tree and the beast. The hellhound was left as nothing more than a giant, soaking wet mutt. The beast finally manages to struggle out from underneath the tree. Rather than attacking, however, the beast fled with its tail in between its legs.

[Frost: I'll describe the scene if the characters decide to investigate.]

[Frost: I think I know how I can enter. Perhaps Zorovar could be fighting a demon near the rest of the characters (not a nice demon like Twilight, but an actual evil one.)? Does this sound okay to you guys?]

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