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Deep in the Antlantic Ocean...a City is Waiting


Mason the Hedgefox


Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Patricia the Skunk (Spongebob100)

Jesse the Echidna (Wolf9400)

Kyros the Hedgehog

Shadow the Wolf (Shadowthewolf)

Overdrive the Hedgehog (Darkblood234)

Megan the Hybrid (Darkblood234)

Anu te Anubis Warrior

Blaze THC

Cassidy the Hedgehog (Cameron33268110)

Isaiah The Hedgewolf (ITH)

Bumblebee The Hedgewolf (ITH)


Andrew Ryan

Fiona Fox (Bunnie Only!)

Chapter One:Welcome to Rapture

Mason:-sitting on Plane-


Jack & Patricia: (Sitting on Plane)

Jack: We're here

Patricia: Alright, I can't wait


Jack: Hi Mason

Patricia: Hello

Mason:Hey Guys Check out gift from my Uncle

Jack: Wow, it's amazing, what is it?

Mason:He told me to wait till we get there and i need to the pilot something

Mason:-walks off-

-The Plane starts to fall-

Mason and the others start to drown-

Mason:-gets up and pants-GUYS?!!

Jack & Patricia: (Gets up & pants) We're ok

Patricia: Any Ideas?

Jack: Quick we need to get out of the Plane

Mason:Then swim to that Lighthouse

Patricia: Ok, we don't need to swim, I got my Flying Broom

Mason:Im swimming -swims out the emergency door-

Jack & Patricia: (Swims out the Emergency Door)

Jack: We're out, so let's swim or Fly.

Mason:Fly im already there

Jack: (Throws Patricia up in the Sky)

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom & Grabs Jack & takes him to the LightHouse & puts him down) We're here

...: Standing on her broad Razor Wind* Hi Mason it has been awhile

Mason:whatever -has Kyro and Jesse slung over each shoulder-

Jack: It looks like everyone is here, we're stuck on an Island with a Lighthouse

Mason:Lets go inside

Jack: Alright

Patricia; (Hops off her Flying Broom) Ok

(Everyone goes inside the Lighthouse)

(The Doors slam shut)

Jack: Hey, what just happened?

Mason:Guys theres a Bathyspere here

Patricia: A what?

Mason:-shoving them inside including Shadow-ITs a small submarine

Jack: First a Plane crash, then a Lighthouse, now we're inside a Sumberine?

Patricia: Cool

Mason:-pulls the lever and they go under and suddenly in the window a screen appears-

Jack: How did that Plane Crash happened in the first place?

Andrew Ryan (Screen):Im Andrew Ryan

Patricia: Uh Hi?

Ryan(Screen):Im here to ask you a Question?If you could create a place were everything is free

Jack: Huh? What's he talking about Mason?

Mason:I think this is an Old Video

Ryan:I Chose something Different i Chose the impossible I Chose...-Screen Lowers-RAPTURE -a Beautiful City Underwater is seen

Jack: Ok? But it's beautiful underwater

Mason:Hey Guys Shhh

Atlas:Johny whats the hold up

Patricia: Huh? (Listens carefully)

Johny:The Splicers are here



Jack: Ok, who's that, Mason?

Mason:I Dont Know -they go up and See a Man Huddled against a wall-

Patricia: This is very strange


A unknown woman:-stabs him in stomach then in neck-Is it someone new -looks at Jack-

Jack: Uh...hi?

Woman:-screams and -climbs Bathspyere stabbing it with her Knives

Patricia: What's she doing?


-a Bullet hits the Woman in the Face-

Jack: What the? Who did that?

Atlas:Would you Kindly pick up that Short way Radio-Mason picks it up-

Patricia: (To Atlas) How long have you been here?

(By the way you can Curse)

Atlas:7 Damn years

Jack: (Gulps) Just asking.

Patricia: (To Mason) What's going on here?

Mason:I Dont know...follow me

Splicer:DIE-Mason stabs him with his trident-

Jack: OK

Patricia: We gotta wake the others up

(Jack & Patricia follows Mason)

Mason:-gives Pat a Knife and Jack a gun-Stay here

Jack: Ok

Patricia: Roger

Mason:-screams in agony-

Jack: That sounds like Mason

Patricia: He's in Trouble

Jack: Mason? Oh my

Mason:MY HANDS -their filled up with lightning-

Patricia: Whao, we betta be careful, 1 touch of Mason's Hand, can electricute you

Jack: Now your telling me

Mason:-still has eletricty coursing through viens but looks better-Oh Fuck forgot -injects them with a red Liquid-

Jack: Just remember to watch your language

(Spongebob100: Sorry, but I don't like Bad Words)

Mason:Jack fire coursing through veins and Pat Ice is coursing through yours

Jack: Ahhh, get it off, get it off, get it off, get it off

Patricia: I'm feeling c-c-c-c-c-cold

Mason:Snap your fingers then it will go away

Jack & Patricia: (Snap their fingers) DOne

Jack: (Sniffs himself) I smell like Bacon

Mason:lets go to Medical

Patricia: Ok.

Mason:WHOA CAREFUL -There up on the studio lights for a stage a little girl is stabbing a dead person with a needle-

Atlas:Lower your weapons

Jack & Patricia: (Lower their Weapons)

Atlas:You think thats a child down there...Dont be fooled shes a little sister now

Patricia: (Gulps)

Jack: Don't worry, we'll stay together

Patricia: Ok

Mason:Follow me -they get to the other side of the wall and watch the little Drink the adam-(The stuff that can make have lightning fingers

Jack: Ok? (Whispers to Mason) Akward

Splicers:Hits Little sister With Pistol

Mason:-stabs them and frees little sister-HA NOW SHE DONT HAVE NO ADAM AND SHE IS A LITTLE GIRL AGAIN

Shadow the Wolf: Can this day get any werider?

Mason:Hell yeah -throws her a Katana-

Shadow the Wolf: I have my own sword *Pulls out her sword, Sword of Souls* (If you look at her backround she always has her sword on her)

Mason:-stabs her with needle and suddenly she has A Hive on hornets on her hand-

Shadow the Wolf: What the heck??? *A golden chaos flame appears in her hand to burn the hive*

Mason:Follow Shads

Shadow the Wolf: Right

Mason:Okay lets hunt down this crazy doctor

Shadow the Wolf: Yeah let's do this

Jack & Patricia: (Gulps)

Mason:-Sees a big daddy fall to the ground dead-WHOA THAT THING LOOKS LIKE A BABY WHALE IN DIVERS SUIT

Little Sister:Screams-

Splicer:Its just you and me and all the tasty adam i can dream of

Anu:(Running with Blaze THC on his back Unconscience)

Random Women::shoots the splicer and points gun at Mason-STAY AWAY FROM HER

Atlas:Calm Down Tennebaum

Atlas:Hes Just looking for wee bit adam just enough to get by

(A red hedgehog name Cassidy is hiding from a tree without anybody noticing)

Cassidy:(Whispers) If I can get that hedgefox to fight, then everything will be fine.

Mason:-places hand on Little sisters head and she turns into to a normal girl and runs off-

Cassidy:(Whispers) What an idiot.

Mason:-gets adam-

Anu: Someone Help me!!!!!

Mason:-runs to Anu-

Mason:--grabs Trident-

Cassidy:(Whispers) Now that is what I call fighting.

The Doctor

Mason"-stabs Splicers-

Cassidy:(Whispers) Oh. That's gotta hurt.

Mason:--kics one in the nuts then Shocks with electro bolt-

Blaze THC:(Groans)

Mason:-spinkicks one-

Anu:(Pulls out Chain gun)

Mason:Alright what do you need

Anu: Medical aid for Blaze THC

Mason:Follow me -runs with her-

Cassidy:(Secertly follows Mason, hids behind another tree without anybody noticing)

Mason:I feel like i Belong here

Cassidy:(Thoughts) What does he mean?

DOctor Steidman:What can i do?

Jack: What's going on here?

Patricia: Is anyone hurt?

Doctor Steidman:-starts to shoot at them-


Jack & Patricia: (duck their heads)

Mason:Jack lay down covering fire with that pistol i gave you

Jack: Got it (lay down & covers the pistol with fire) Done

Mason:-sighs-No shoot at the doctor with the pistol

Jack: Oh right sorry (Shoots the Doctor) Why am I doing this?

Anu: Pactricia, Jack, Blaze needs help

Patricia: Is it over?

Anu: Hey Patricia first time holding a gun?

Mason:-stabs the Doctor-

Atlas:Would you kindly get to Neptunes Bounty

Patricia: Anu! (hugs Anu) I'm so happy your here

Mason:Come on follow me -loots Steidmans body-

Cassidy:(Whispers) Defeated a doctor with one stab. Hmmmmm. I can use him.

Jack: I don't know what's going on, but we gotta get outta here

Blaze THC:(Groaning)

Jack: Blaze THC! Are you alright?

Mason:They get locked in room-WHAT THE

Patricia: What's going on here?

Andrew Ryan:So tell me friends witch one the Bitches Sent you The KGB wolf or the CIA jacal?

Ryan:Heres the news Rapture isnt some sunken ship for you to Plunder or Destory and with that See ya later

Mason:-kicks down door-Come on follow me-

Anu:(Hands the the Chain gun to Patricia)

Mason:Come on follow me

Anu: (He can still smell Blaze THC's blood on his hands after he saved her)

Mason:-stabs Splicers-

Jack: What can we do?

Cassidy: Psst.

Neptune Bounty

Jack: Who's there?

Patricia: Oh my

Cassidy: Psst. Quick. This way, before he catches you.


Cassidy: Andrew Ryan.

MasonLWhy does he hate me

Cassidy: Just come with me, if you want to be beef jerky.

Mason:Fine Lets go guys

Mason:I need to get to neptunes bounty

Anu:(Growls) I can't go in water

Mason:its not in water Dumbass we go though a big tube from building building

Mason:I DONT WANNA BE HERE WITH SOME DUMBASS BASTARDS YOU ARE -sighs- i need to Save Atlas family

Jack & Patricia: (Follows Cassidy)

Jack: COme on, this way

Cassidy: You have to be very quiet. We don't want Andrew hearing us.

Isaiah: What the hell?

Anu:(Follows Patricia)

Cassidy: Watch your step. (Jumps down)

Mason:-has dissapeared an dis running to Nepptunes Bounty-

Jack & Patricia: (Follows Cassidy very quietly)

Mason:Alright so heres what i do kill the big daddy thats not be funny

Anu:(Summons a sand Necklace)*Whispers* Patricia

Patricia: (Whispers) Yes, Anu?

Mason:DARKNESS BLAST -the big daddy falls to the ground -Rescues the little Sister

Anu:(Puts the Necklace on Patricia) Made it for you

Patricia: (Whispers) Aw thank you, Anu (Kisses Anu)

Anu:(Kisses Patricia)

Mason:Hey you too get a room

Anu:(Uses a Silence and Ivisablity spell on himsel and Patricia)

Mason:Wait come back

Anu:(Reverses the Spell and they reappear)

Mason:we need to save Atlas' family


(Mason:hey DArkest will you join my harry potter rp when i make it

(I dunno I just had Mobius meets Bleach deleted and I preety pissed)

(The Bleach can be in the roleplay and thats so not fair that was a great Roleplay

(Tell that to the Rule abider)

(Mason:Well i hope you want to join)

(Darkstorm is already a Master of Dark Magic and Energy, I guess he could learn Light Magic)

Jack: Mason's right, we have to save Atlas' Family

Mason:Alright lets go

Anu:(Picks up his Grilfriend And follows)

Mason:HEy Anu help me kill the Big Daddy

Anu:(sets down Patricia)*Unsheathes his soul blade*

Mason:-satabs the Big daddy with trident -JACK I NEED THAT GOD DAMN PISTOL

Anu:(Stabs Big Daddy)


Anu: Quicksand Floor!!!!!

Jack: Oh right (Shoots Big Daddy)

Patricia: (Hops on her Flying Broom) Oh dear

MasoN:-rescues the little Sister-GOt it

Jack: Anu, did you say, QuickSand Floors?

Anu:(Eyes turn yellow and Growls)

Cassidy:(Whispers) What are you doing? Let's go.

Mason:No i have duty your joining us too -grabs Cassidys arm-

Jack: Mason, what are you doing?

Anu:(Uses the Quick Sand to Push Mason Back)

Patricia: Anu, what are you doing?

Mason:SHUT UP -knocks on Peachys Door-

Anu:(Loses Concentration and the Sand disapears and he falss unconscience)

Patricia: Sorry (To Anu) Anu! Are you ok?

Peachy:Put your weapons in the trash -puts all weapons in trash-

Jack: Who are you?

PEachy:If want to get through The Sub were Atlas's family is been kept safe you got to get through here

Cassidy: Why are we here?

Mason:So we can save Atlas' family

Patricia: We betta hurry

Cassidy:(Gaves Mason a mean look)

Jack: Uh? Are you ok, Mason?

Mason:-having flashback off this place-Yeah im fine -kills peachy-


Jack: Now can we get out of this death trap?

Mason:Yep -gets to smugglers hideout-

Cassidy: W-why did you-

Mason:-gives her A dagger-HE HAD A GUN POITNED AT ME

Patricia: Can we please save Atlas' Family before it's too late?

Cassidy: Yeah, I guess. (Thoughts) I'm such an idiot! Now how do I use this?

Jack: Use what?

Mason;-shows her how to use dagger-

Cassidy: Oh okay.

(Cam join the black knights

Patricia: Well let's get going, shall we?

Shadow the Wolf: Yeah let's get going (Someone can control Shadow the Wolf till I come back-Shadowthewolf)

Atlas;YOU GUYS DID IT -he Irish accent fills the halls on the radio-

Isaiah: They did WHAT?

Anu:(Barely breathing)

Smugglers Hideout

Mason:We made it now we have to activate the sub Atlas' family is hiding in

Roleplay Resumed)

Isaiah: Okay...

Blaze THC: Anu needs Medical help Mason first

Cassidy: Hmm. (Looks at the dagger)

Patricia: Don't worry, I'll save Anu (heals Anu with her Magic)

Anu:(Gasps in air)

Patricia: Are you alright, Anu?

Anu:(Coughing up sand)

Patricia: Oh dear, I'll help you Anu

Anu: I am alright it is just that if I am not consintreighted then the move goes wrong

Patricia: (Hugs Anu) I'm so glad your ok, Anu

Jack: We gotta keep moving

Anu:(Kissing Patricia)

Patricia: (Blushes) Thank you Anu (Kisses Anu)

Anu:(His eyes turn Blue)

Jack: Come on, it's time to go

Anu:(kisses his girlfriend)

Patricia: Ok Jack, we're coming. (Kisses her Boyfriend)

Anu:(Picks Up Patricia and Runs)

Jack: (Runs with Anu & Patricia) Where are we going?

Cassidy: Yeah, where are we going?

Patricia: I don't know, maybe Mason would know

Cassidy: Mason.

Jack: Where's Mason?

Cassidy: Is he playing hide and seek or something?

Patricia: I don't know, but let's look for him

Fiona: Nice to see you Patricia! *Jumps down*

Patricia: Fiona Fox!

Jack: It's you! What are you doing here? Seriously, what are you doing here?


Future Keren:(In her Spartan EVA armor)

Mason:Okay so i press this button here

Anu: Keren what are you doing here?

Future Keren: The Portal closed on me

Mason:-the Splicer that looked at Jack Funny starts to climb outside the door-

Future Keren: Need help Mason

Mason:Alright we gotta get to that Sub

Future Keren: Hey asked ya a Question

Mason:Okay RUN

Future Keren:(Grabs Mason)

Anu: My daughter asked you a question

Mason:Alright yes help me kill these Splicers

Future Keren:(Hands Mason her Assult Rifle)

Mason:Sweet -shoots the Splicers and picks up Siz shoot-Cool -the sub Explodes-

Isaiah: Hmph.


Andrew Ryan:You ooze in like an assasin and try to sneak out like a thief...your not a secert agent

Future Keren:(Pulls out Magnum)

Mason:hes on the radio

Atlas(Radio):My family was in there

Mason:Oh yeah

Atlas(R):Get and get out in and into get into Arcada

Future Patty: (To Future Keren) Ow my head, what's going on her sis?

Jack: It's Future Patty

Patricia: Keren, Patty, it's so nice to see you

Jack: But without the Sub, how are we gonna get out of this Underwater City

Cassidy: Underwater?! (Gulps)

Patricia: If we can get outta here without a sub, the only choice we had is to swim up to the Surfface with Diving gear on

Cassidy: Yeah, um...... About that. I don't know how to swim.

Jack: Well, then, it's time that you learn to swim

Cassidy: I'm a hedgehog! HEDGEHOGS DON'T SWIM!

Jack: Oh right, now what?

Patricia: Don't worry, I'll pull the Hedgehogs up to the Surface & carry them

Jack: Are you sure?

Patricia: Of course I can. Remember we have to hold our breathe

Mason:Pat no were going to Kill Andrew Ryan -sees a big daddy and kills it Saving the Little Sister-

Cassidy: Okay, that's good saving a little girl, but can we kill Andrew now!

Mason:We have to reach him so go though Arcadia and Fort Frolic

Mason:Follow me

Cassidy:(Follows Mason)

Mason:Here we are in arcadia

(Ps Atlas is always on the Radio)

atlas:We and you Mason we will find Ryan WE WILL TEAR THE BASTARDS HEART OUT!!!!!!!!!

Cassidy: Yikes.

Its A Holiday in Arcadia

Jack: What's going on in here?

Cassidy: Ask Hedgefox.

Patricia: Uh, who's the Hedgefox again?

Cassidy:(Points at Mason)

Patricia: Oh right, sorry

Jack: Sorry about that, I know her because she is funny & friendly & active

Mason:Alright we're going to kill Andrew Ryan

Jack: Are you sure, because I had a bad feeling about this

Patricia: Me too

Cassidy: Ay...................

Jack: Did we do something wrong?

Cassidy: No.

Mason:Guys we are atleast 700 miles away from Ryan

Cassidy: Yeah, so?

Patricia: We must be getting closer

Mason:Hey -saves little Sister- Im the one who kills Ryan

Mason:lets go


Mason:Loads Revolver and shoots a splicer-

Cassidy: O_O


Cassidy: Nothing. I was just suprised.


Jack & Patricia: (Looks around)

-a green gas fills the air killing the trees-

Atlas:I think Ryan has just destroyed an Arcadia Bottom of the Ocean Mason no trees mean No Oxygen


Cassidy: What?

Bumblebee: It's...been a while.

Cassidy: ????

Mason:-goes to save a little sister but is Knocked aside-


Mason:Thats a HUGE BIG DADDY

Cassidy:(Shakes her head)

Mason:-saves the little Sister-

Mason:Follow me lets go

Cassidy:(Follows Mason)

Mason:Okay So i gotta kill my whose trying to kill me sace you guys and the little Sisters

Mason:This is one hell of a vacation

Jack: We gotta get outta here!

Mason:We cant we gotta save the Trees

Patricia: But how, there's lots of Green Gases

Mason:Well Atlas said we have atleast 21 hours before we can die from this stuff

Jack: Not unless we wear Space Suits

Mason:According to Atlas he said we have invent a lazaruis vector

Patricia: Huh?

Mason:Pat Jack hold of the SPlicers until the Green Mist Clears up

Jack & Patricia: Got it (Holds the Splicers)


Patricia: Oh sorry

Jack & Patricia: (attacks the Splicers)

Jack: By the way, what are Splicers?

Mason:Theyre Like Zombies with super Powers Like Fire Lightning Ice and Telekineses

Jack: Oh right, we got it now

(Jack & Patricia keeps on attacking the Splicers)


Jack: Alright Patricia, are you ready?

Patricia: Yes I am ! (Coats her Tail with Energy) IRON TAIL ! (smashes the Splicers with her Iron Tail)

Mason:-shoots a splicer-Run

Jack & Patricia: (Runs off)

Jack: What about you Mason?

Mason:Got the Vector

Jack: Then let's get outta here before the Gas gets us

Mason:-puts in gas compresser and the gass clears up-

Jack: That was a close one

Patricia: Yeah, where should go next? Because we gotta get outta here

Mason:Fort Frolic

Culture Clash

Cassidy: Frolic?

Jack: Where are we now?

Patricia: I don't know where we are?

Mason:Fort Frolic shhh listen to me guys this guys completely Insane

Cassidy: Like he's crazy.

Jack: (Whispers) Oh I get it now

Patricia: Let's listen

Jack & Patricia: (Listens carefully)

Mason:SPLICERS guys shoot

Cassidy: Duck! (Dodges)

Jack & Patricia: (Dodges)

Jack: Who's gotta gun?

Mason:throws jack pat and Cassidy each a gun-SHOOT

Jack & Patricia: (Shooting at the Splicers)

Cassidy:(Drops the gun, spindashes the Splicers)

Jack: Is there any more Splicers?


Cohen:Grab the Ladies keeep the boys

Patricia: I don't think so (uses her magic to trap Cohen & the Splicers in a Cage)

COhen:-laughs-This building sucks magic out of you -two robots take them away-

Jack: Then you won't be laughing with CHAOS SPIDER ! (4 Legs grows out of his Back & spits a Thick Web at Cohen & the Splicers making them Trapped)

Cassidy:(Spindashes Cohen)

Patricia: But I'm no ordinary Witch.

Cohen:Look who i got ;-holds up mason-

Jack: Mason!

Cohen:Pushes Mason down to them but holds up A little Sister-ILL kill her

Patricia: Mason, who's that?

Mason:Thats...A little innocent girl

Jack: I don't remember her being here

Mason:Shes been here longer than Us Now Pat and Cassidy please go to them they wont hurt you

Patricia: Ok

Cassidy: Fine....................................

Jack: Are you sure Mason?

Mason:Im sure

Jack: Ok, if your certain

Cohen:You two kill four me four me and ill yet you go with your friends alittle Sister

Cassidy: GR!

Mason:Calm down

Cassidy: T_T (Crosses her arms)

Patricia: You want to kill 4 with only 2 of us?

Jack: I think there's 5 of us that is scary

Patricia: Or maybe 5 - 4 = 1

Jack: I don't get it

Patricia: Look it's simply means that...

Cohen:Listen shut up i know that you wont do without alittle EXTRA push

Cassidy: Ugh! I'm going to punch him!

Cohen:-puts gun Cassidys Head-

Mason:Come on jack

Cassidy:(Goes after Patricia)

(Cameron i made Abbason)

Jack: (follows Mason & Cassidy)

Patricia: Is everyone ok?

Mason:Were are all fine Lets go

Cassidy: Okay.

Mason:OKay so i need to kill Cobb jack you have the Iceman and Patricia you get Fitzpatrick and cassidy kill Jordan

Jack: Ok, I'll get the Iceman

Patricia: I'll try my best to get Fitzpatrick

Cassidy: Fitzpatrick?

Patricia: You know what I mean. Do I attack or carry Fitzpatrick?

Jack: Do I attack the Iceman or carry him?

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