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Ever wonder what happened when our Heroes aren't busy in a RolePlay?, Find Out!


You WILL not:

  1. God-mod
  2. Insult others
  3. Be a troll
  4. Alter the plot drastically (unless it is approved of)
  5. Swear excessively, unless you are going to censor the words
  6. No Sexual Content Allowed (except for simple flirts,kissing,etc)


add as many Characters as you want, its free to Everyone Anytime


Part 1

(I'll let you guys start off - Chembur)


(a spotlight turns on)

Voltrex: Hellllo Everybody out there! (talking to the camera's)

Sharna:(To Voltrex**Nicely*HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII *Fast and Suspiciously*Who are you?????

Voltrex: the guy in charge of this Show!, now for all you viewers, you've watched some of the most amazing Adventures this planet has ever faced, such as the Chris Thorndyke invades Mobius, and its sequel, with Elise!, you've also seen others such as Tales from the G.U.N.,The Fury of the Elemental Gods, and The Troll Wars, today we're gonna show you how we do it!

Sharna:Dang, I didn't know we were talking about those. I've been in a few myself.

Voltrex: but ets not forget that uh, (whispers to Sharna) Sharna, whats another word for Ultimate

Sharna:(Whispers to Voltrex) Uhhhhhhh... I dunno. Are you talking about Ultimate City?

Voltrex: yeah (back at the mike) Well, since I can't think of a good word for it, since it beats all words, well anyways, lets not forget that grand City, Ultimate City!

Ryu: Ah, I remember that...
Voltrex: and now, give it up for the Girl who smacks herself each time she makes an Adventure nowadays, Ryushu! (spotlight hits Ryu)
Ryu; (Waves) Hi!

Voltrex: and now, we're gonna drop an Anvil on you, for good times sake (audience cheers)

Ryu; Wait, what?!

Rampart: (Rampart comes in carrying a House, he drops it on Ryu)

Voltrex: one moment folks (whispers to Rampart) what was that?!

Rampart: you said drop something on her, so I dropped a House

Voltrex: i said an Anvil you Idiot!, Anvil

Rampart: (looks at the House) my bad.

(Ryu opens up the front door and steps out.)

Ryu: It's "Glacier Comedy Show" all over again...(faints)

Voltrex: well sorta, see, we invented this Reality Show to show our Viewers, what we do when not busy in a RP! (two trolls: Tonic and Bolt show up, with a stretcher, they're wearing Nurse outfits, they place Ryu on the Stretcher and run off) Don't worry folks, she be back!, lets introduce two Characters, each a demon slayer! give it up for Shanoa and Albus! (part of the floor opens, and a platform rises, Shanoa and Albus are standinbg on that Platform)

(Suddenly, J crashes through the front door)


J: [gets up, dizzily and almost child-like voice] Oh, silly me. I should've gabbed ahold of the knob! [giggles child-like before he lands on the ground, face first]

(the trolls reappear, put J on the Strectcher, and run off)

Sharna:Weeeellllllllllll....... That was entertaining.... Now, Who wants to see what happens with Timber and Nevileene while their not fighting?

Albus: I do!

Voltrex: Lets Have it!

(It show Nevileene and Timber sleeping)
Sharna:Yep that's the only time.

(audience Laughs)

(Shima and Alyssa poke their heads in and see all the people. They both slide their heads back so they can't be seen)

(the floor starts to move, moving Shima and Alyssa to the Center of the stage)

Voltrex: and now, Give it up for the Ultimate Lifeform, you hear that Shadow, your not the Ultimate anymore!

Shadow: (in the Audience) Hmph!

Voltrex: aaaaannnnd, a member of the Storyboard Group, the others being Justin, Flare, Ryu, Rose, Cameron, and Pintor, give it up for!...............whats your name again?

(audience laughs)

(Shima and Alyssa stare at the people. They have stage fright)

Shima: (nudges Alyssa; whispering to her) I-I think he t-talking to you..

Alyssa: I'm, uh...A-Alyssa...

(they never really did meet the one in Mecha was from the future)

Voltrex: (whispers to them) don't woory, the only audience is our main stars (like Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, etc) (back on the Mike) well welcome Shima and Uh A-Alyssa!

(A section of the floor explodes in a giant mushroom cloud. Kyle pokes his head up through the hole.)

Kyle: Sorry!

Shima: Kyle!

Alyssa: (glaring at Voltrex) It's Alyssa! Not Uh A-Alyssa!

(J heads back to the studio and sees the door he crashed into earlier)

(JMB-J recovers quickly, since his injuries are minor)

J: [sees the door he crashed] Whoa-hoho. [chuckles nervously] Don't worry! I'll pay up the damages! [walks into the studio with Kyle, Voltrex, Shima, Hali and Alyssa]

Voltrex: Please give it up for, that Explosive Maniac!, Kyle (Crowd cheers), alright "It's Alyssa", that is the strangest name I have ever heard

Kyle:Hello, my adoring fans! X3

Voltrex: and, knowing this guy, lets see some of his best Misadventures (several of them are Explosions, one of them feature the 8-Bit-O-Ray, another was the Were-Incident)

(J waits inside for Voltrex to announce his name)

Voltrex: and now, We'll be right back after these Commercials

Sharna:Nevi should have a turn!

Voltrex: alright crew, get Nevi over here in five

(suprisingly, the crew, are Raptoroids)


Jackel: oh relax, for once, there on our side

Ryu: J-Jackel?!

Jackel: Co-Stage Director, along with Voltrex, I've been here the entire time.

Ryu; Hmph, alright. But if you hit on me, I'll show you the meaning of the expression "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"!

Jackel: Ha!, you forgot, the one that tackled you was a counterpart of mine, a Very Annoying Counterpart at that

Alyssa: (still glaring at Volterex) Bird, you are really getting on my nerves! My name is "Alyssa"! Get it?!

Voltrex: alright, Alyssa Get It, relax, I know your name is Alyssa, its for comedy reasons

Kyle: When do I get to blow something up?

Nevi:M'kay I'm here. Now, to get back at Sharna for teasing me, I'll show when shes NOT flriting with Sonic.*pulls out screen and turns the projecter on**The screen is blank* Yep that's what I thought.

(the screen explodes)

Voltrex: guess what?, none saw!, its a commercial break Genius!

(J is still waiting patiently inside the studio for Voltrex to call his name)

Nev:Aww Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu--*Sharna slaps her hand over Nevi's mouth*

Voltrex: for you Sharna, thats a good thing with the screen broken

Sharna:I covered Nev's mouth cause I know what she was gonna say. And yeah, I am lucky.

Raptoroid: Ratushce Candala Ulavaka!

Voltrex: Break Over, on in three two one! (the curtains open) welcome back, now Sharna will you press this button (hands her a small controller with a big red button on it)

Sharna:BUTTOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!*Presses button rapidly*

(Suddenly, something green is thrown through the wall with a crash.)

???: AAHHHH!!!!

Alyssa: What the-

J: Huh?

(The person crashes into another wall, and falls to the ground.)

Sharna:*Still pressing button with Moronic large smile on her face*

Shima: (goes over to the person) It's Statyx!

Statyx: *tries to get up, extremely dizzy* Whoooooaaaaaa...

(the floor beneath Nevi springs up, and she goes flying, Crowd Laughs)

J: [walks over to Statyx and he helps him up] Hey, Statyx. Fancy meeting you here.

Statyx: *still dizzy* I'm sorry about teasing you Echo, just stop pounding my head with that tree branch.

Sharna:Hi Statyx!*Sprays him in the face with Water*

Voltrex: Raptoroids and Mobians, and Shadow

Shadow: Hmph!

Voltrex: Statyx!

(the Crowd is quiet, one person even tosses a tomato at Statyx)

Sharna:Who wants to see how many tomatoes it takes to knock out my emo brother?

(Statyx, gets shocked from the water, also zapping J.)


Sharna:*Drops an Anvil on J*

(the Raptoroids in the crowd look at each other, then they cheer, for Sharna's Idea Tomato Idea)

J: [gets hit by an Anvil] D'oh!

Sharna:*Throws rapid tomatoes at Shadow*

Statyx: *shakes head* Sharna!! You know what water does to me!!

Sharna:What?*Oblivious happy Stupid look*

Shima: Okaaaay...

Statyx: *facepalms* Crazy sister. *notices Alyssa* Alyssa! Thank goodness you're here!

Alyssa: What's up?

Sharna:*keeps throwing Tomatoes* I LIEK COOKAYZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!

Voltrex: (tapping his foot impatiently) Ahem, we have a show to do!

Statyx: Right now, you're the only one who can protect me!

Alyssa: What? Protect you from who?


(Everyone hears a familiar male roar/howl.)


(Sharn-Kagi, Please tell me your not going to use HER.)

Voltrex: Out of all the times, just when the "Special Guest" was about to appear

(Kagi: No.)

Alyssa: Uh....(looks scared)

Sharna:Y00H000000T!!!!!!!!! I Ko'd SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!

Shadow: (covered in Tomato's) I hate this show

Sharna:*Throws more Tomatoes until Shad's out cold* AND STAY DOWN!

(Justin then hops up into the hole Statyx made)



Raptoroids: Racala! (Kill Him!!!)

Alyssa: J-Justin!

Sharna:*Hugs Sonic, Then Statyx, Then everyone else*

Voltrex: looks like the Raptoroids want to see Statyx killed by Justin!

Statyx: *crouching behind Alyssa* You see, I made a few "comments", that Justin didn't like, so now he's ticked. So, I figured that since you have a crush on him, and the feelings are somewhat mutual, you could talk to him.

Sharna:*Now drooling* More..... Coffeee..... Huggzles.....(8D)

Alyssa: (turns red) I-I...(sighs) Okay...I'll try...But...What DID you say to him...?

Statyx: Oh, that's not really important. Just try and calm him down please, before he kills me!

(Metal Madness starts to play, the wall breaks, and the Raptoroids go wild in the crowd, as what appears from the smoke where the wall once was, are the DragoonSquad, and the leader, Claw)

Claw: Rawh!


Voltrex: and heres our Special Guest!, the Mighty Lord of Dragons, and Leader of the Dark Star Army, Claw

Alyssa: Okay...But you owe me, so you WILL tell me what you said to him. (to Justin) J-Justin..Please..Calm down...


Alyssa: Okay...But you owe me, so you WILL tell me what you said to him. (to Justin) J-Justin..Please..Calm down...

Justin: *jumps down* You stinking green rat! I'm gonna- *notices Alyssa, and faintly blushes* O-oh, hey Aly...

Sharna:*Runs up to Justin and shakes him back and forth* GIMME COFFFEEEEEEEE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

Claw: (sneaks to behind Justin, even though he is 10ft tall, he can sneak, and starts breathing on his neck)

Alyssa: (blushes) Hey, Justin. (looks at Claw) Uh..


Alyssa: (thinking) Wow, Justin calmed down fast!)

Sharna:YESH! All the Coffee wore out. WHEW.

Justin: *doesn't notice Claw* Um, hey Aly.... *notices Statyx, starts snarling, and charges at Statyx* You stinkin green rat!!

Alyssa: Justin, stop! (She grabs Justin by the arm and stops him)

Sharna:.... Hello? This isn't all about you guys!!!

Voltrex: your wasting our minutes Justin!

Claw: (breathes harder on Justin's neck)

Shima: (facepalms) Oi...

Justin: Get away from me you dragon freak!! *kicks Claw* And let me at that stinking lightning-rod!!

Alyssa: (wraps her arms around Justin's chest to hold him back) N-No! Knock it off!

Claw: (dude, you know Claw weights 900lbs right?, as that makes him really hard to move) Go ahead, and Kill that Power-Outlet!

Kyle: Oh, YouTube neeeeeds this. (pulls out video camera)

Justin: Aly, do you even know what he said!?

(J crawls out of the rummble and is exhausted)

J: [pants] So much... for my interview.... guess nobody liked the... good ol' racer here...

Shima: (to J) Are you okay? (helps J up)

Alyssa: (to Justin) Um...No...

J: Yeah, Shima... pretty banged up, but I'll manage. Besides, the audience wants to see a great driver and mechanic, which is me.

Justin: He made a lot of remarks about you, and called you a lot of stuff I'm not gonna repeat, just to try and get me to say that I-*stops, blushes greatly*

Alyssa: That you....? (thinking) Ooooh, just you wait, Statyx!)

Shima: (looks at Alyssa; anime sweat-like drop) (to self) I think all that name calling stuff went right over her head...

Justin: *looks at Alyssa, blushing profusely. Looks at Statyx*

Statyx: *big mischievous smile*

Justin: *still blushing, snarls at Statyx, and attempts to lunge at him again*

J: [looks at Statyx as Justin lunges at him] You just had to do it...

(Alyssa digs her heels into the ground and holds Justin back)

Alyssa: Stop...IT!

Justin: Sorry Aly, but that ain't gonna happen!!

(Alyssa loses her grip and accidentally let's Justin go. She falls)

Alyssa: Darn it!

(Justin lunges at Statyx, who dodges.)

Statyx: Just to be clear Aly, I didn't mean a single word I said to Justin.

Alyssa: What did you say to him?! (trying to catch Justin)

Shima: (shaking head) Oh boy...

Statyx: It doesn't really matter. *dodges another lunge from Justin* I only said it so he'd admit that he likes you.

Justin: *lands, blushes deeply as his tail puffs out, looks at Statyx* DUDE!!!

(Alyssa stops and blushes deeply)

Shima: Ooooooh! (laughs)

J: Uhhh... [laughs weakly, but stops]

Justin: *blushing deeply* You little...!!

Statyx: *laughs*

Shima: (snickering) (looks at J) What's up, J?

Alyssa: (quiet; still blushing)

J: I don't know, Shima. I should be proud for Alyssa and Justin...

Shima: But..You're not?

Justin: *blushes even more deeply and looks at J* Hold it!! We, I, her... it's complicated!!

(Alyssa nods in agreement)

J: I know, Justin. [to Shima] I laughed, then I felt bad for doing that...

Shima: Ah...

Statyx: *still laughing*

Justin: *still blushing* That's it!!

Alyssa: (angry; but still blushing) Justin! Knock. It. OFF!

Shima: (stops laughing) (to self) I better shut up now...

Justin: Oh don't worry Aly, I'm not gonna attack him.

Alyssa: Then what do you plan on doing?

Justin: Simple. Tell me, do you know what Statyx's biggest secret is?

Statyx: *stops laughing, pupils shrink*

Alyssa: (stops blushing and grins mischeviously) Why, no Justin, I don't! What IS Statyx's biggest secret?

Shima: Do tell!

Justin: His real name.

Statyx: *looks at Justin with a mixture of shock and fear*

Alyssa: What is it?!

Shima: (laughs evilly)

(Ryu-Finally, we get to learn Statyx's real name!)

(Alyssa pulls out a micrphone from her backpack and holds it out to Justin)

Statyx: Uh, you wouldn't really do that, would you?

Justin: Why shouldn't I?

Statyx: Because it would be cruel and unusual.

Ryu: Why? Is your realy name really dumb?

Alyssa: (raises eye at Statyx) And what you just did wasn't cruel?

J: [looks around nervously, and whistles nervously] My... I never knew Statyx had a secret...

Shima: (raises eye at J) (to J) Okay, spill it.

Statyx: That's different!!

Justin: No, it isn't. Anyway, *takes a deep breath* Statyx's real name is...

(Alyssa leans is closer)

Alyssa: (with a excoted look onher face) Is....?

J: Ok, Shima. Guess my secret's also revealed, then.

Shima: Hehehe! Secrets are being revealed all over today!

(Shima: Gotta go. See ya later!)
(JMB- See ya, Shima!)

Justin: *about to speak into microphone*

Statyx: *tackles Justin*

???: And de-NIED!

Voltrex: guys, were somewhat getting off plot here, the crowd is falling asleep!!!

Crowd: (sleeping)

Jackel: (hands Ryu a small envelope, he has many others) Here

Ryu: What's this?

Jackel: your pay-check for the show, everyone gets one (he hands them out to everyone but Statyx, for a reason, as Ryu opens it, it glows, and inside, a check for about $3,000,000(remember, Dragoonworks gains about a million a minute in its funds)

Ryu: Holy cheese! $3,000,000?!


Jackel: and you get a pay-check everyday, thats what makes this job great!

(Ryu-amd Claw does not want to know what hit him in the head earlier? Okay, imma move it.)

Kyle: (lobs a bomb) FIRE IN THE HOLE!

J: Oh crap! [runs behind cover after seeing a bomb]

Claw: (His eyes open immediately, and he more of rests his eyes)

(The bomb falls in half, inside is a little daruma doll waving a flag that says BANG.)

J: [walks over to the fake bomb and grabs it] Aw, ain't that nice! Kyle's just playing a good prank for us! [laughs]

Ryu: If it's coming from Kyle...

Kyle: *presses a button, the daruma explodes in J's face* And what a prank it is!

Ryu; Ayup. I thought so...

J: [coughs as his face is covered in explosive soot] Boy, that's a good one right there! [laughs]

Kyle: Hey, J! Catch! (throws J a stick of Dynamite)

(Ryu-And again everyone ignored the boat...)

Shima: This is just getting better and better!

J: [grabs a stick of Dynamite] Cool! I wonder what it can do?

(chembur: we'll get to that after this)

(Ryu-Then can i move the boat part, to keep it consistent?)
(sure - Chembur)

Voltrex:now, you might of noticed everyone except Statyx got a paycheck for $3,000,000, now Statyx, we decided we would pay you in a different way

(Statyx finishes hog-tying Justin with duct tape, Justin also has duct tape over his mouth.)

Statyx: What?

Voltrex: see, I obtained DNA of your Sidekick Fou sometime back, so for your payment, you get! (pulls a lever, and part of the ceiling opens, 10,000 Fou's fall from it and land on Statyx) all 10,000 Clones of Fou!

Ryu: *insane laughter*

Statyx: *muffles* More like a booby-prize!



(A small speedboat crashes through the wall, bounces off of Claw's head, and lands in the nearby pool.)


Ryu: WTF? Ey, did you all see that boat?

(The boat almost hits Shima)

Shima: Hey! Watch where you're parking your....boat?! Where the heck did that come from?!

Voltrex: and I'd like to introduce, (dramatically) The Boat (Duh DUh DUh!)

Ryu: "The Boat"?!

???: There's someone on this boat, you know!

Voltrex: and the Freak Ridning the Boat, know as, The Freak (duh Duh Duh!)

Linebeck: I am not a freak! (jumps out of the boat)

Voltrex: give it up for Linebeck everyone, A.K.A. the guy who runs from his Enemy, his Counterpart, and his Enemies Counterpart!

Linebeck: Yeah, if two of them weren't trying to kill me...

RyuL: What about the third?



Linebeck: OHSHI-

Sharna:Back guys! I had to use the restroom!

(Something tackles Linebeck.)

???: I missed you, Beckykins!!

Voltrex: Lets hear it for Janice!, Jolene's Anti-Counterpart

(Chembur: you know what'll give me a heart-attack, if Janice becomes Linebeck's future wife)
(Linebeck: NOOOOOOOOO!!
(Chembur: is that his Future?)
(Ryu-Thank God, no.)


Janice: (Still hugging Linebeck) Who's Amy?

(Sharna-Can I pause? I need to take a Shower!)


(Suddenly, a mysterious brown fox appears in the studio)

J: [turns to the brown fox] Huh?

???: Uhhhh... Hi. [waves at everyone] [thinking] I must be new here...

(The audience and all other Mobians turn to the unnamed brown fox)

???: [looks at the other Mobians and the Audience with worry; chuckles nervously] I'm new here, so I shall introduce myself! [looks at his tail and its wagging] Hey, my tail's waggin'! Cool!

(A wolf with red and brown Yusei-styled hair appears backstage with a guitar, but he sees the fox and stays outside)

???: Hm? [looks behind and theres no one there] Huh. I must be seeing things. Now, where was I? Oh yeah! [walks torwards teh audience and other Mobians]

Nero: *Walks Up to the Figure* Hey

Voltrex: LEts give our attention to Nero, Johnny D., and Flare the Wolf!

Johnny: Wow! [waves his arms to the audience and giggles, knowing that someone's going to find out his secret]

Nero: *Wave to the Auduence* Know i like this *Shows Off*

Johnny: [thinking] I'm wondering if everybody is looking at me suspiciously...

Zack: *BackStage* Hey Whats going on *See's Nero* Hey is that Nero

(Flare walks out, thinking how many people there were considering his last concert (Will and Maddy's wedding)

Johnny: [gets an idea] I got it! [takes off his backpack] Guess everone's suspicious about my backpack, eh? [opens up his backpack and it reveals to be car magazines and a Japanese phrase book] Here it is, people!

J: What the--?! [looks at Johnny's car magazines] heh. Looks like I'm not the only one who's an expert racing driver...

Johnny: [to J] Well, not really. I'm just a big car enthusiast.

J: So it has...

Johnny: Yeah... anyway, uhhh.... [looks at the other Mobians, then the audience] Oh my....

(Flare waves, before sitting down with his guitar)

(Shima and Alyssa see all the new people, then shy off the the side of the stage)

Johnny: So I assume you audience want to find out my secret, right?

Shima: Secret? (smiles mischeviously)

Alyssa: Oh boy...

(Flare shakes his head)

Johnny: [brings in a chalkboard and holds onto a chalk] All right! Here's a fun guessing game for you guys! [writes down his name "Jo_ _ _ _ _ _ _"] For starters, let's start with four simple vowels; "a, e, i and u". Any voulenteers? [looks around slowly to see if someone's raising his/her arm]

(Alyssa raises her hand shyly)

Johnny: [sees Alyssa raising her hand] You. What's the vowel word?

Alyssa: Um...(bits lip and appears to be concentrating hard) How about...."a"?

Johnny: [to Alyssa] Correct! [writes down on the chalkboard from his real name "Jo_ _ a _ _ a _"] Any more voulenteers?

(J raises his hand)

J: "T"?

Johnny: Right again! [writes down his name on the chalkboard "Jo_ _ at_ a _"]

Shima: (raises hand) "H"?

Johnny: [to Shima] YES! [writes down his name on the chalkboard "Jo_ _ atha _"] Now this is where it gets challenging. There are three blanks, but one letter can complete the puzzle and thus revealing my real name! There's no prize in this, but its a test of intelligence. Think hard to guess right, people!

Shima and Alyssa: Hmm... "N"!

Johnny: [to Shima and Alyssa] CORRECT! [writes down his real name on the chalkboard "Jonnathan"] That's my real name; Jonnathan!

Shima and Alyssa: Yes! (high-five each other)

J: Ironic. [chuckles]

(All the audience applauds to Shima and Alyssa for guessing Johnny's real name)

(Shima bows. Alyssa blushes in embarassement and hesitantly bows as well)

(The stick of dynamite that Kyle gave J finally blows up, sending J flying through the roof.

J: [blows up sky high by a stick of dynamite] WHOOOAAAAAA!!!!!

Johnny: What the--? What happened here?

Shima: I think J was just blasted to the moon...

Johnny: Wow. [looks on the hole on the roof] I salute you, J!!

(Shima and Alyssa pretend to salute J)

Kyle: (rolling on the floor, laughing so hard he's crying)

Voltrex: now who wants to watch Kyle get eaten by Alligator?

(Crowd Cheers)

Voltrex: (pulls a lever) Adios Amigo! (the floor beneath Kyle opens)

Kyle: Why me? (there is a loud roar, Kyle falls, and there are some very gruesome sounds...)

(the floor closes, a screen comes down, it shows Kyle and a few Gators)

Johnny: [sees Kyle and a few Gators from the screen] Whoa...

Kyle: COME GET SOME, SNAPPY! (starts throwing Chaos Spears)

J: [looks at the screen showing Kyle using Chaos Spears at the Gators] Holy--!

(a small flash happens, Kyle's Chaos powers have been negated!)

Alyssa: (looks at the screen with wide eyes) This isn't good...

Kyle: (looks at hands) I guess we'll have to do things... (pulls out a Greatsword) ...the hard way.

(the Gators mutate, into giant monsters!)

Kyle: OH COME ON! (chops one gator thing into alligator-sushi, however, the sword cracks against the Croc's skin)

Voltrex: well, lets move on as Kyle is eaten by Gators

Alyssa: Okay...

(the wall breaks again, and standing there, is Cackle)

Cackle: We meet again!, Nerdy Wolf Girl!

Ryu: OMG it''s an ugly bird monster!

Cackle: no, its a Cockatrice!, a Chicken with a Lizards tail!

Ryu: You're still an ugly sonuvagun.

Cackle: like how your a mutant freak of nature!

Alyssa: And I am not a nerd!

Ryu: Excuse me, but purple is an eye-pleasing color! >:I

Johnny: Now who that heck is he anyway?? [points to Cackle]

Cackle: Now I must kill you Nerdy Wolf Girl! (he called Ryu that since she's purple) (to Ryu) you mean like this? (his hand glows with Galactic Energy, to everyone, this is the first time someone other than Spike has used it)

(Suddenly, Johnny uses Flamethrower on Cackle!)

Johnny: [opens his hands and he uses Flamethrower on Cackle] Sorry, but bad guys are not allowed to be in the studio!

Voltrex: Wrong, its open to all, since Claw's here

Alyssa: And once again...I AM NOT A NERD!

Cackle: (starts chasing Alyssa) I'll kill you!

Johnny: At least I get to kick some villain butt! [throws Fireballs with his hands on Cackle]

Cackle: (absorbs the fire with the Galactic Energy)

Alyssa: WAAAAAHH! (running away from Cackle)

Cackle: I'm not gonna hurt ya, I'm just gonna kill ya!

Shanoa: You there! Cockatrice!

Johnny: [sees Cackle absorbing his fireballs] Oh crap! [follows Cackle to protect Alyssa] That ain't gonna happen, freakazoid! [jumps and swings his tail that is coated with light which hits Cackle]

Alyssa: Huh? (sees Johnny hit Cackle) Thanks!

Johnny: No problem! I don't know what's this freak's problem...

Cackle: I despise: Wolves, Females, AND Nerds, you fit all three Nerd girl(takes a deepbreath, and lets it out in front of Shanoa, the breath of a Cockatrice can kill anything)

Shanoa: (Uses Rapidus Fio to dash away from Cackle's breath)

Alyssa: (growls) I'M NOT A NERD!

Johnny: [to cackle] And I'm a fox, F.Y.I.!

Raptoroid: Tavasuk, denar alges (Strange, you look like a nerd)

Johnny: [could'nt understand what Raptoroid said] Uhhh... did he spoke Latin?

Voltrex: Raptoroids speak a different Language, of which I can speak, he said Strange, you look like a nerd

Alyssa: I'M NOT! (punches hole in wall angrily)

Johnny: Don't say that word. You'll make her mad.

Cackle: (Sets Alyssa's hair on fire, Again!)

Johnny: [sees Alyssa's hair on fire and absorbs them by opening his hands, thus putting ou tthe fire] [to Cackle] Ok, not that's uncalled for.

Alyssa: (holds singed hair) Not again!

Cackle: (covers Alyssa completely in Galactic Flames, they are not Fire)

Johnny: [clenches his fist, which surrounds him with burning aura] Dunno why you got against her, but... if you harm her, I can harm ya back.

Shanoa: The same goes for me; you will not harm Alyssa, demon!

Alyssa: (looks at Johnny and Shanoa) Thanks, guys. (looks at the flames in fear)

Lyrax: Speak for yourself! (a large dragon like creature emerges, how is also evil)

Cackle: (to Shanoa) I dare you to kill him

Shanoa: Consider your dare accepted. (her eyes turn pure white)

Albus: Wha-?! Shanoa, no!!

Johnny: [to Cackle] Now you're just asking for it... [charges torwards Cackle, with his fists coated with fire]

Cackle: (flies above to where he can't be reached) just watch

Alyssa: Oh no...

[Something is heard in Alyssa's head.]

???: "Someone ordered an Earthshaker?"

[A Tank, seemingly one of Cameron's models rolls in.]

Alyssa: Yes! Help has arrived!

Johnny: So it has.

Cameron: "Heheheheh...Cockatrice go boom..."

(I've gotten a bit...blast-happy lately :p)

[Cackle is hit by an enhanced Basilisk Round. However, it seems to be very harmful.]

Cackle: Galactic Revenge! (uses it on the tank, causing it to explode in the end)

[The Tank then reforms from an unknown power.]

Cameron: "Tsk tsk tsk...Galactic Powers...The one who I made this for, enchanted it...with Warp Energy..."

(Shanoa is surrounded by a purple and black, fiery aura.)

Cackle: just watch Shanoa kill that Basilisk

Albus: D:

Shanoa: (To Lyrax) Your time has come, demon! Prepare to die!

Johnny: Holy--

[Cackle then feels something burning inside of him.]

(Shima: Gotta go, guys. See ya!)

(Cya Alyssa.)

Lyrax: Demon?, look who's talking!

(Shanoa manifests the Dominus Blade.)

Lyrax: (yawns) Boring.

Shahooter: "Best not to arouse Shanoa's Fury!"

[Shahooter kicks Lyrax on the ear. Stunning him.]

Lyrax: Watch.



(With one swing, Shanoa slices off Lyrax's head.)

Johnny: [sees Lyrax's head chopped off] Holy crap!

(Gotcha, hehehe)

(the poison in Lyrax then flys toward Shanoa, when it touches her, she falls to the ground, dead, Lyrax regenerates)

Lyrax: (flys away) Sucker!

Albus: D:

(Then, Shanoa gets up!)

Shanoa: (Reverts back to normal) No poisons can destroy Dominus.(an Anvil drops on her head, a house is dropped on Albus's head) Ow...

Albus: *muffled* Why did I get a house?!

Voltrex: Because it was cheaper than the anvil

(Albus opens up the front door.)

Albus: But that makes no sense!

Voltrex: Exactly!

(It suddenly starts to rain Swedish Fish!)

(you know, my brothers puppy ate an enitre bag of those over night, shes still a Bad girly)

(Ryu-OMG a whole bag of (more like half of the bag, we found the bag empty on the ground this morning, her name is Angel (more like Devil), and she chews everything, you have no Idea how many pant's I've lost from her chewing them up - Chembur)

Swedish Fish? That's unhealthy!)

Johnny: [sees raining Swedish Fish] All right! Fish! [grabs a fish and cooks it with his right hand, using his fire ability]

Linebeck: Uhh...Swedish Fish isn't really's fish-shaped candy...

Johnny: Huh? [looks at the Swedish Fish, and its made out of candy and he accidentaly cooks it] Aww crud. [sweat drops]

(several Raptoroids come holding giant buckets, trying to catch the falling candy

(The trapdoor in the floor breaks open, Kyle crawls out, covered in blood. But is it his...?)

Kyle: VOLTREX!!!

Alyssa: I don't think he's happy...

Shima: Ya think?

Raptoroid: (hands Kyle a paper, it says," On vacation, be back in 250 years - Voltrex)

Part 2

Johnny: He's not just angry. He's way more than that...

(Alyssa eats some Swedish Fish)

Alyssa: (while eating the candy) I wuv Swedish Fwish!

(the Raptoroids are still collecting barrels of Swedish fish, they have at least seventeen barrels filled already)

(Alyssa steals a barrel of the Swedish Fish)

Ryu: I h8 Swedish Fish...

Alyssa: (eating more Swedish Fish) Why?

(it starts to rain....CHOCOLATE!!!)

Pintor: Bah!, that aint Swedish Fish! (flys into the ground, and returns holding an actual fish) now, since this Fish is from Sweden, this is a Swedish Fish

Alyssa and Shima: CHOCOLATE!

Alyssa: Aw...It ain't dark chocolate..

Johnny: [sees raining chocolates] Raining chocolates?? Irónico... OOP!! [covers his mouth with his hands]

Alyssa: What?

(it also starts to rain Dark Chocolate, the Raptoroids are running everywhere trying to fill the barrels)

Johnny: Words came out of my mouth all of a sudden... [sees Dark Chocolates] Wha...

[An unknown ship hits the floor, some Raptoroids drop their barrels from the amount of wind pushed at the landing.]

Alyssa: What the-

Johnny: [sees the unknown ship] Huh?

[Cameron bursts out of it, scaring Alyssa.]

Cameron: "WAAAGH!"

[His hair is Windswept. He bursts out laughing.]

(Alyssa yells in fright, then falls on her behind.)

Alyssa: Cameron!

Rampart: Cameron Everybody!

(audience applaud like crazy)

Johnny: [inaudible over the audience's loud cheer] Holy crap! The crowd is like cheering happily!

Alyssa: (covering her ears while still on the floor, she can barely be heard) I know!

Cameron: "Hello everybody, I was testing out my new Drop Pad we deploy from Space. Meaning we can Deep Strike, anywhere, anytime!"

Ryu: Yuo mean you dropped from space?!

Linebeck: Kewl.

Johnny: Impresionante! [covers his mouth again and glaces left and right, hoping no one would notice]

Cameron: "Yep, I dropped from Space!"

Johnny: [sighs]



Johnny: What the heck??

(A blur suddenly appears from the sky and collides with Chris Thorndyke, who just randomly appears.)

(crowd cheers from Chris Throndyke getting hit)

[Cameron shoots Chris Thorndyke (While he's in Mid-air) in the head with his M1 Garand.]

(crowd boo's, and tosses rotten tomatoes at Cameron)

[Cameron dodges with his Wolf Instincts.]

Cameron: "Hey, cut it out! We almost all hate him right?"

(The blur stands up. It's Kotuumath.)

Kotuumath: (Looks at Chris's body) Awww...I wanted to kill him...

Johnny: [looks at Chris' body] Whoa...

Cameron: "Sorry, beat you to the punch Kotuumath."

Kotuumath: (Pokes Chris) At least I smashed his ribcage...

Johnny: Hmmm... [touches Chris' dead body, using Fire Palm, which incinerates the corpse] [imitating Mario] Whoa! Mama Mia!

(Kotuumath pile-drives Chris' burning corpse.)

(suddenly, the lights turn off, and a spotlight hits Alyssa, and the noise of Helicopters are heard)

Johnny: [sees the stuido that is dark] OMG! Who turned off the lights!?

Alyssa: (sees there is a spotlight on her) What the heck...?

Police Voice: Alyssa uhhh (they don't know her last name) the Wolf, you are under arrest for stealing a barrel of Swedish Fish!

Johnny: What?!

Alyssa: What?! Oh, come on! It was just a barrel of candy! Give me a break!

Johnny: Yeah! I ended up cooking up the candy from my hand!

(several Raptoroids wearing Cop Outfits chase Alyssa, and yes, they are wearig translators) Raptoroid Cop: Get Her!

Alyssa: (running away from the cops) AAAAAAAHHH!

Johnny: [to the Raptoroids] Man, she's innocent! How can she become a criminal?! [runs after Alyssa]

Alyssa: (in a panicked voice) I didn't do anything wrong!

RC: Don't let her escape!

Johnny: Oh heck no, they're not! [uses Fire Burst and passes by the Raptoroids on insane speeds and he carries Alyssa to outrun the Raptoroids]

Alyssa: Thanks, Johnny!

Johnny: No prob, Alyssa.

Alyssa: Um, you know you might get in trouble with them (points at the Raptoroids) for helping me...

Johnny: I don't let innocent people get arrested for no reason.

Alyssa: (smiles, then looks back at the Raptoroid cops) Let's hope they don't catch up.

Johnny: And never will they catch us. [uses Hot Stepper, which makes the ground hot (for up to 7 hours) while running]

Alyssa: Whoa!

Johnny: [chuckles] Yeah. Let's see if they can take the heat!

Alyssa: I doubt that they can!

(The Raptoroids chase after Johnny and Alyssa, not realizing that the groud is very hot)

Alyssa: (after being carried for a while) Um...I think we're far enough from them...So you can put me down now.

Johnny: [let's go of Alysssa so she can get on her feet] Yeah. I'm not sure why these robo-freaks were after you, even though you were just gonna eat a fish candy...

Alyssa: They take things too serious. (eats some candy) What some? (holds some out to Johnny)

(another spotlight hits Johnny)

Cop Voice: Johnny, you are under arrest for........uh.................well your just under arrest!

Alyssa: What?! how did they find us?! (points to the cop) You can't just arrest people just because!

Johnny: WHAT?! I was under arrest all because I rescued Alyssa?! THAT'S NOT A FELONY!!!


Cop Voice: and we have a new plan! (the sound of something falling is heard, an Entire jail falls onto Alyssa and Johnny, trapping them within the cell)

Alyssa: Hey! (shakes the bars of the cell) Let us out!

Johnny: You can't arrest us like this!! WE'RE NOT CONVICTS!!! [shakes the bars]

Cop Voice: then if you want an early release, then you must face the Zoir!

Alyssa: The what?

Johnny: "Zoir"?

Cop Voice: The Zoir!, an Alien that will disect you!

Johnny: WTF?!?!

Alyssa: What?! (hugs self) I don't wanna be disected!

Cop Voice: then stay in that cage!


Cop Voice: Okay, now you're free to go

Johnny: [gets out of the cell] Man... [whispers to Alyssa] That was not fun at all...

Alyssa: (whispers to Johnny) No kidding...(runs off) FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM! (maniacal laughter)

Johnny: [sees Alyssa run off] Wait for me!!! [follows Alyssa]

(another jail falls on Alyssa)

Cop: Alyssa you are under arrest for that Maniacal Laughter

Alyssa: WHAT?! Oh, come on!

Johnny: WTF!! [sees Alyssa inside the cell] Alyssa!!!

(Chembur: I knew she was gonna say that)

(Shima: Hee hee hee! Poor Alyssa! This is her second time injail in 1 month!)

Alyssa: (kicking the bars) (to the Cop) You wait until I get out of here!

Johnny: Don't worry! I'll get you out of here! [uses both hands and uses Fire Palm as he holds onto the bars. The cell bars melt, thus freeing Alyssa]

Alyssa: I'm freeeee! (hugs Johnny) Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't stand another 2 weeks in there! (runs off)

Johnny: [gets hugged by Alyssa] No problem!

(I hope she realizes the Cop is the deadly sea beast, her name is Charybdis)

(Shima: Nope. She doesn't.)

(Evil Smile)

Johnny: [heads back to the studio] Wow. That was hectic.

(suddenly five large pillars with teeth emerge from the ground around Alyssa, they close in)

Alyssa: (groans) Not again! (looks around for a way out)

Johnny: [spots five pillars with teeth and it closes in on Alyssa] Oh great... [uses Fire Burst as he speeds torwards the pillars and he smashes the pillars one by one using Blaze Kick]

Alyssa: (crosses arms) (to Johnny) Why is it always you that has to save me? What happened to everyone else? And...why did I suddenly turn into a damsel in distress?!

Johnny (disguise): Because... [takes off Johnny's clothes, which reveals to be J (in his original clothes)!] he had to head back to the studio, so he gave me this nifty outfit! I gotta give him thanks! [runs off to the studio]

Alyssa: What the-?! Ugh...(heads back to the studio) This day keeps getting weirder and weirder...

(She eventually makes it back to the studio)

Johnny: [sees J] J?

J: hey, Johnny! Thanks for borrowing your outfit!

Johnny: Wha..? I never gave you my clothes. You "borrowed it", right?

J: Uhhh... [runs off from the studio]

Alyssa: (sees J run off) Um...Where's he going?

Johnny: Obviously off to cause mischievous stunts. He obviously "borrowed" my clothes to act like me.

Alyssa: and think: He'll do those stunts looking like you!

Johnny: True, but he won't use fire powers forever. And, there is one thing J is'nt capable of.. [whispers to Alyssa] I'm tri-lingual.

Alyssa: Ah. So there will be flaws in his plans.

Johnny: Exactly.

Alyssa: Makes me wonder what he's going to do first? Rob a bank?

(Meanwhile, J is seen juggling around fireballs and he swallows it. But...)

J: [swallows fireballs, then his mouth catches fire] WAAAAHHH!!!! BURNING!!!! [grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire from his mouth] Okay. [drops the fire extinguisher and keeps his original attire] For now, I will just stick with racing... [walks off]

Johnny: [hears J's faint scream] heh. I knew he couldn't take the heat.

Alyssa: Hehe. Teaches him not to mess with fire. (eats more Swedish Fish)

Johnny: Uh-huh.

Voltrex: Welcome back folks, Its Day Two!, so were going to Character Interviews!

???: "And who is the first character Voltateer?"

Voltrex: We'll be doing it lottery style!

???: "Lottery Smottery, I say we let the people vote."

[Shahooter walks up to the stage.]

(the Crowd boo's at Shahooter's idea)

Voltrex: (hands Shahooter an envelope) Heres your Check for $3,000,000 for the day

(Then Moltres randomly falls from the sky, while Terado the Echidna is randomly drinking a slurpee on it's back.)

Shima: Can this day get anymore random?

Johnny: That's what I definately want to know...

Alyssa; (munching on Swedish Fish (again)) (holds some out to Shima) Want some?

Shima: For the thousandth time, no!

Alyssa: Fine, fine. (under breath) Don't need to be snippy about it...

Johnny: Who is she? [points to Shima]

Alyssa: She's my friend. Johnny, this is Shima, Shima, this is Johnny.

Shima: (nods) Nice to meet you, Johnny.

Johnny: Same to you, Shima.

Kyle: Kyle, this is Kyle. Kyle, Kyle. Pleased to meet you, Kyle. Same here, Kyle.

Shima: Uh..

(Sleeky and Ray The Flying Squirrel walk into the room)

Sleeky: Woo! What a day. Now's a good time to take a breather...

Ray: Forget about just taking a breather... the sun's already down.

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