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(Credit to Wikikinetic for the amazing overview)

The planet has been devastated by a massive struggle for power. In the ruins of civilization, a few brave individuals strive to restore the world to its former glory, but doing so will be no easy task. These brave few will have to avoid those with less noble goals who are only looking out for themselves, as well as something much worse: flora and fauna alike have been mutated into monstrous shadows of their former selves, preying on the weak to sustain themselves. Do our heroes have what it takes both to survive and to heal this ravaged world?


-No godmodding; you don't run this RP

-No uncensored cursing; some participants may not be comfortable with it

-Stick to the story; it's there for a reason

-Absolutely no script style; treat this like a book

-No sexual content; flirting, hugging, fluff is allowed


  • SnowlessWinter
  • 1st Prince of Winds
  • XophPsycho
  • Noahc2015
  • Leeprower1012
  • Wikikinetic
  • Celestia879

Involved Characters

(NOTE: Bandits, raiders, and mutant creatures can be played by anyone without specification of who they are)

  • Bianca the Cat (Winter)
  • Void the Jackal (Winter)
  • Danni the Bengal (Prince)
  • Cassandra the Spider (Xoph)
  • Hectic the Hedgehog (No-No)
  • Scutes the Goji (Lee)
  • Terra the Biol (Lee)
  • Niki the Polar Bear (Wiki)
  • Celestia the Wolf (Celestia)


Begin the World Again/Part1

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