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Variations of the Mad Cat and Vulture in action. Pure awesomeness.


  • No cheating, godmodding or power play*.
    • *For instance, please refrain from using Ferro Lamellor armor on aircraft, as it makes them almost impervious to most anti-aircraft weaponry. Other forbidden uses of available equipment will be noted in their descriptions.
  • No excessive use of strong language. Damn, hell, and crap are ok, but you're not Shadow. Keep it reasonable.
  • No killing other people's characters unless they give the green light.
  • No sexual content. Hugging, kissing, and flirting are ok.

Roleplay Specific Rules

  • Pick a light Mech when you first start. It will be given its basic loadout, which you can change. Talk to Awkwarddingo (or consult the BattleMech construction rules in TechManual) if you wish to make changes in the Mech's weaponry and equipment. He will guide you through it and make sure you don't under or overdo it.
  • Bigger and better Mechs will be available as the story progresses.
  • Almost all combat takes place in a Mech. Stay in yours while initiating combat unless told otherwise. Deviations from these rules of engagement are not smiled upon!
  • A Mech has eight parts of the body: the two legs, two arms, left and right torsos, center torso, and head.  If a part of the body where a weapon rests is destroyed, the weapon is rendered useless
  • Mechs generate heat when firing movement and from firing weapons, especially energy weapons such as lasers. Most Mechs come with heat sinks, which take some of the edge off and leave room for more blasting. If your Mech overheats, it shuts down to cool off. It will reactivate once the heat is lowered to an acceptable level, so if you plan to spam, pack some heat sinks. 
  • Every component you put on a Mech takes up both space and weight. You cannot have a horde of light weapons packed onto a mech. For help when customizing a Mech, talk to Dingo.
  • A Mech is doomed once its head, center torso, or both legs are destroyed. If this were to occur, have your character eject from the Mech before it is destroyed. You will be given a replacement, but you will lose all the modifications you made to your Mech, including weapons, equipment, and paint.



Background Info

The Battletech universe is a place where war machines, called Battlemechs, that stand on two legs and wiegh anything from thirty to one hundred tons reign supreme. Usually, the wars in battletech are between houses (royal families led by dukes or duchesses that hire mercs to kill other families). These battles turn into wars, which span over a collection of inhabited planets known as the Inner Sphere.

After decades of war, the Inner Sphere was invaded by tribes of mechwarriors known as the Clans. Armed with advanced technologies and never before seen Mechs, they pillaged the inner sphere until being eventually brought down by the houses and their mercs. Most of the stronger clans still exist, such as the Jade Falcons and Clan Wolf, though they mostly take on mercenary work. Soon after, the houses went back to their conflicts.

The most well known rivalry in the Inner Sphere was between house Steiner and Davion (Davion is what you consider the "good" guys). This rivalry was halted during the Clan Invasion and resumed after its end.


"You are part of a small mercenary group known as The Pantheon. We are stationed on the frozen tundra on Mobius's south pole, awaiting work. There has been a dry spell, a time without contracts, a time without pay. We have gotten to the point where we have to take the Mechs out for walks so they don't freeze solid. But that is not why I called you here, mechwarrior. We have been getting strange readings south east of our base. The recent blizzards are doing nothing to help find out what's going on. I'm sending you and a small team to investigate. Get to the source of the readings and find out whether or not we have guests. Tell the new recruits to suit up. It's time for them to learn from experience." Commander Carter finished his briefing. Little did the mechwarrior and the commander know that the recruits will become the greatest heroes Mobius has seen behind a walking tank.

Available Battlemechs

Mechs come in all shapes and sizes, but are divided into four categories: light (20-35 tons), medium (36-55 tons), heavy (56-75 tons), and assault (76-100 tons). There are also Clan and Inner Sphere Mechs, with Clan Mechs being more powerful on average. Their starter loadouts can be found on their wiki pages in the info box to the right. On a side note, Clan Mechs have two names, one given to them by the Inner Sphere and then their Clan. They will be referred to by their Inner sphere name, but their clan names will show up here in parentheses.

Light Mechs

Usually used as scouts, these Mechs are the smallest and weakest of the bunch, but they are fast, being able to reach speeds past 100 kph. The list shown below are available to your use. Instead of writing info myself, the names will link you to the Battletech wiki, although I will give you some info that I find to be essential.

  • Raven[1] -
  • Uller (Kit Fox)[2]- this Mech is a Dingo favorite, having a diverse long range armament
  • Wolfhound[3]
  • Cougar[4]- A Clan Mech with no alternate name, probably because it was a later design based off of the Puma (Adder).
  • Puma (Adder)[5]
  • Firefly[6]

Medium Mechs

Middle of the road Mechs, these fellas are incredible diverse. They can be missile platforms, brawlers, support, you name it. Although they are not as fast as their light brethren, they have more armor and space for weapons.

  • Shadowcat[7]- Another Clan Mech with no alternate name. I guess they really liked the name...
  • Ryoken (Stormcrow)[8]
  • Uziel[9] - another dingo favorite. Dingo has a history with this Mech he will not soon forget
  • Hunchback[10]
  • Arctic Wolf[11]
  • Strider[6[12]]
  • Bushwacker[13]
  • Hellspawn[14]

Heavy Mechs

This is the category where the more memorable Mechs hail from, such as the Vulture and Mad Cat. These guys are made for diverse roles like the medium Mechs, but they are slower, more armored, and combat-oriented. Most people, when looking for both firepower and diversity, go to the heavy class and never look towards anything lighter or heavier.

  • Black Knight[15]
  • Catapult[16]
  • Loki(Hellbringer)[17]
  • Vulture(Mad Dog)[18] - Dingo's favorite Mech of all time. Incredibly diverse, fast, and deadly
  • Mad Cat(Timberwolf)[19]
  • Thanatos[20]
  • Nova Cat[21]
  • Thor (Summoner)[22]

Assault Mechs

When one of these set foot on the battlefield, everyone knows. Many things can give it away. Detection on radar, earthquakes with each step, towering hunk of metal setting a barrage of heavy weaponry in your face.... When driving one of these, be ready to be the center of attention, because you will be hated and feared among your enemies.

  • Atlas[23]
  • Dire Wolf (Daishi)[24]
  • Awesome[25]
  • Sunder[26]
  • Blood Asp[27] -a Dingo favorite. This is also the favorite of one of Dingo's friends at school
  • Mauler[28]
  • Masakari (Warhawk)[29]
  • Gladiator (Executioner)[30]
  • Annihilator[31]


Weapons come in three forms, missiles, ballistics, and lasers. Each category and weapon has third ups and downs, so find the weapons meant for you.


These are the bread and butter of any Mech. Most, if not all, are equipped with at least one type of laser weaponry. The upside to these is that they never run out of ammo, and they do a decent amount of damage. The downside is that they generate more heat than any other kind of weapon. For some laser weapons, you can also heat up enemies with a successful hit. Lasers can also be outfitted with Frequency Crystals for different effects.

  • Beam Laser: The standard laser is a common weapon on the field. It fires a straight beam that hits the intended target almost instantaneously. It has no travel time, so this is a good weapon for medium range sniping. Lasers come in three sizes, small, medium, and large, with large being the heaviest, deadliest, and hottest, and small being the lightest, weakest, and coolest. Clans, much like many other weapons, have a special version of all three sizes. They are stronger and get more range but generate more heat in return.
  • Pulse Laser: These are the opposite of their beam laser brothers. They are meant for close ranges, firing three small beams with every trigger pull and have a faster recycle time than normal laser; by firing multiple weaker beams in quick succession, it gives time for evaporated armor to dissipate so that the next beam is not obstructed, increasing both damage potential and accuracy. The drawback is that the beams have a much shorter range, the weapon is heavier, and constant firing of pulse lasers generate a ton of heat. They also come in the three sizes the other laser come in. Pulse lasers also have clan models with the same drawbacks and advantages.
  • PPC: Short for Particle Projection Cannon, these beasts are feared on the battlefield. They weigh a lot, have a slow recycle time, and generate an ungodly amount of heat. With that being said, these, if used properly, can have a number of uses at any range. When the large blue bolt of man-made lightning hits a Mech, it scrambles the radar and any other screen in the cockpit, along with all the damage it delivers. Clans have a version that is lighter, stronger, has a better range, and generates more heat.
  • Flamers: A flamer is an extremely light weapon that fires a ball of fire at an enemy. This isn't meant to do a lot of damage. Instead, it heats the target up, and has a chance of making the target overheat and shut down temporarily. This also generates heat for the user, but not as much as any Mech hit by a flamer.


Ballistic weapons will be the first thing you think of when you hear the word "gun". These are incredibly diverse. Some can be used at all ranges, while others are meant for brawling or sniping. The upside is their sheer power. Almost all ballistics are strong compared to lasers of the same weight. The downside is that some faster firing ones have a possibility of jamming, rendering the weapon useless for a bit. This weakness is trivial compared to ballistic weapons' biggest flaw, which is their limited ammo.

  • machine guns- hardly suitable against Mechs, you need a group of these to make any progress in destroying a Mech. There limited range also makes them a pain to use. Recommended for small Mechs and vehicles.
  • Basic Autocannons- these are basically giant machine guns. They fire in bursts which do a decent amount of damage. They come into two sizes, AC5 and AC10. The AC5 has better range and faster firing, but do less damage than the AC10.
  • Ultra Autocannons- much like the relationship between beam lasers and pulse lasers, these have a faster firing rate than basic autocannons and do more damage. They come in two sizes AC2 and AC5. the AC2 has a faster firing rate and more ammo than the AC5 but do less damage. These take up more space and weigh more than basic autocannons
  • LBX Scattershot- basically a shotgun, these inflict a large amount of damage at close ranges, with their power decreasing when distance is increasing. These come in LBX AC10 and LBX AC20. The smaller one has better range but less damage. These take up more space and weight than any autocannon, but they do much more damage at closer ranges.
  • Gauss rifle- This is the go to weapon for snipers. Any Mech with these is meant to be a long range combatant. They propel a large slug over distances as far as 1200 meters. They do great amounts of damage, enough to cripple lighter Mechs in one or two shots. The downside is their weight and how much space it takes up in a Mech, which are both large numbers. It also has a long time to wait in between shots.


There are only three kinds of missile based weapons, short range, medium range, and long range missiles. Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, so they will be noted individually. One thing you should know is what two weaknesses they have in common. These are the travel time of a missile and the limited ammo. It should also be noted that these are so annoying that they have their own defense system built to oppose their advances.

  • SRM- or short ranged missiles. When fired,a barrage of small missiles inflict decent damage at close ranges. They come in three sizes depending on how many missiles are fired at once, 2, 4, and 6. The advantages of this weapon is how convenient it is. It takes up a small amount of space and weighs not too much, making it a weapon found on many small and medium Mechs. The drawbacks include, of course, its limited range. It also suffers from no lock on whatsoever, making ypou rely on your own aim.
  • Streak SRM -this is the Clan version of the SRM. The only difference is that these not only lock on to targets, but they also move with the environment. For example, they will turn to avoid rocks and obstructions to avoid hitting anything else but their intended target. Unfortunately, Streak missiles are ill-suited for indirect fire and are ineffective against targets with advanced stealth mechanisms, such as the Null Signature System. Additionally, Streak Launchers are heavier than standard launchers, and cannot make use of alternative munitions.
  • LRM- Also known as long ranged missiles. These are meant to take on enemies at great ranges. They come in four sizes depending on the number of missiles fired, 5, 10, 15, and 20. The upside is their range, obviously, being able to reach a bit over a thousand meters. These also have a lock on, which should always be used before firing due to the speed of the missiles. The downside is their usefulness at short ranges. Even when locked on, they might just fly over an enemy's head and hit the dirt behind them if fired at point blank ranges, though this can be mitigated by means of Hot-Loading (a very risky move in which the missiles arm before they are even finished being loaded into the launcher). Clan launchers weigh half as much, and Clan missiles also tend to do a lot better at CQB (close quarters combat) than their Inner Sphere cousins.
  • MRM- last but not least are the medium ranged missiles. These are known for their high damage at decent ranges. They come in four sizes, 10, 20, 30, and 40. This should be a first choice for mechwarrior who don't prefer one range over another. So if you don't plan in sniping or nose to nose hit and runs, these are most preferable. The drawback is their lack of lock on and any lighter or better Clan version.


Equipment is a rather useful thing to have on a Mech. Some Mechs can use certain pieces of equipment, while a few can't use any at all. Here is a complete list of them.

  • Beagle Active Probe (BAP)- increase sensor range of the Mech and allied Mechs. Downside is that it decreases the time LRMs need to lock on to the wielder.
  • Guardian ECM- Jams enemy radar, but only at close ranges.
  • Anti Missile System (AMS)- destroy a couple of missiles headed toward the user. Only destroys missiles locked on to the Mech. May not destroy every missile if attacked by large barrages.
  • NARC Beacon- Can be fired. Short ranged beacon that latched onto whatever it hits, including enemies vehicles, buildings, and Mechs. User and allies have a decreased lock on time when targeting the beacon.
  • Jump Jets- a dingo favorite. This launches the Mech airborne for a limited time so it may reach high areas otherwise inaccessible. Can also be used to aggravate enemies. Skilled pilots can even land on enemies, doing tons of damage. Most light, some medium, couple of heavy, and no assault Mechs can use these.


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