This is a battle rp, feel free to add your character(s)
Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

Rosario Vampire-moka`s transform

Transformation! ^^


  • No Godmodding
  • No controlling other people's characters.
  • If there is any need for romance, nothing too extreme.
  • Have fun!


The Battle(s)


Reporter: There has been an announcement that a battle tournament has started, the host is Renée the Hedgehog.

Trinity: Hmph! I'd enter any tournament to beat her!

At the Staduim

Renée: I wonder if any people will come...

Destiney: Ren'ee?

Renée: Destiney? Hi! I was wondering if you would come here. -gets blasted back- Holy mother of **** what was that?
Trinity: I found you! I want a battle, to make up from all the times you beat me, I can not lose again!

Memphis: *runs in* Whoooaaaa *breaks* Hi guys what's happening *aura tails moving around*

Destiney: *gets in front of Trinity* You want to Ren'ee you need to go through me first!

Renée: Memphis? You came too? -gets blasted back again by Trinity- Wah! -the rosary on my neck falls off, and a demonic aura surrounds me-

Memphis: mess with them you mess with me *aura tails moving for a strike*

Destiney: *rolls her eyes*

-Renée's fur goes a silver colour and her eyes go red-

Trinity: this the S class monster....Vampire?
Inner Renée: You have caused everyone pain, including Renée...

Destiney: Holy cow...

Memphis:*notices Destineys reaction and Renee's change* But then again if they want to fight they will fight *walks away whistling*

Flair: *teleports in and tackles Memphis*

Destiney: I don't wanna fight her!

Memphis: *surprised* Gahhh *knocked down*

Trinity: -frowns and blasts Memphis- You wuss...-she charges up a blast and fires at Destiney, but Renée blocks it-

Inner Renée: -frowns- Know your place! (My favourite quote! ^^) -spinkicks Trinity into the ground-

Memphis: *screams and a tail dissapears ingulfing him in a weird aura Ragnorok the 4 tailed demon has appeared *

Ragnorok: (Roars sending out a massive shockwave of energy)

(Rosario: Heh, I g2g, school in the morning, des, check the vid up there, its Renee's transformation)

(Rosario: Hey Guys! I'm back ^.^)

(Rose: Finally! the British is here!)

(Rosario: Lol Rose, no need to tell that to the world)

(Rose: I'm sorry I can't help it XD, shouldn;t we try dividing up the fights between different people, for less confusion????)

-glowing red hedgehog (possibly a super form) appears out of nowhere-

Topaz: Well... this is new. Ok *sighs* can anyone tell me which Zone this is and how I get back to the Prime Zone? (Nitro hovers in with his rocket shoes) Nitro: Sup dorks? I heard there was a fight...*gets punched from behind* Which one of you blokes did that!?

Vionto: -warps in- Hey! Am i too late to join?

Nitro: *Aims Ice Elemental Ring at Vionto*

Vionto: -Grin's cleverly-

Nitro: What's so funny, mate?

Vionto: I Don't know, maybe it's cause i can do this? -shoots fireballs at him- Ice Vs. Fire... Let's see, the odd's are... I'll melt that ring of yours into sludge if you get too close. think about this. plan strategically.

Nitro: *Low sweeps Vionto to make him fall* Take this!!

Vionto: -pulls out summon card of Tails- TailsX! Be ready to back me up in battle! (it's been a while. make a move, already!)

[Nick appears out of nowhere]

Nickolas: ???

Nickolas: God damn it I can't teleport where I need

Nickolas: Oh well [blasts Nitro] [helps Vionto up] don't thank me [shoots fire at Vionto]

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