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Announcer: Hello folks! Welcome to the Platinum Colosseum, the site of the new Battle Masters Tournament! This tournament was created to gather some of the best of the best in fighting and see who is the best. Now, some of you may be wondering, "What makes this different from other touraments?" Well you're about to find out! This is the Battle Masters Tournament!


Roleplay Rules

  • Swearing is allowed, but not required.
  • No sexual content besides hugging, kissing, and flirting.
  • Nudity is allowed, as long as it's of the Sally Acorn variety.
  • Feel free to break the 4th wall.
  • Give links for all the characters's pages (unless they don't have one).
  • List your username after the character(s) you control.
  • No IP characters.

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will begin after 16 combatants have regestered.
  • Battles will only occur when they are announced.
  • Battles are determined at random.
  • Combatants who lose their first battle will battle against other losers. If they lose, they're out for good. If they win, they're back in, but are out for good if they lose again.
  • Godmodding is not allowed and players who do will be immediatly disqualified.
  • Killing is alowed, and anyone who is killed will be revived via goalpost.
  • Transformations are allowed if they don't involve Chaos Emeralds/Sol Emeralds/World Rings and if your opponent can transform as well (to make things fair).
  • And last but not least, have fun!



This tournament is no longer accepting combatants.

  1. Dementina the Demonspawn (Nagoshi33133)
  2. Demente the Energyhog (with Shapeshifter the Energy Being as his weapon) (TheSkullWolf)
  3. Krinkinko the Hedgehog (Sonicfan919)
  4. Giigii (Sonicfan919)
  5. Droget the Frog (Sonicfan919)
  6. The Elder of Frog Village (Sonicfan919)
  7. Django the Cacoon (Meme the fox)
  8. Klonoa (Meme the fox)
  9. Reaper the Hellhog (TheSkullWolf)
  10. Raiden the Chameleon (TheSkullWolf)
  11. Sigma Hale (MaverickHunterSigma)
  12. Monica DeLouise (MaverickHunterSigma)
  13. Nahatomb (Meme the fox)
  14. Guntz (Meme the fox)
  15. Smash The Echidna (STE)
  16. Splice The Hedgehog (STE)
  17. Kyle Tyris The Hedgehog (STE)
  18. Electric The Hedgehog (STE)
  19. Cold the Hedgehog(User:Tailsman67)
  20. Skate the Hedgehog(User:Tailsman67)
  21. Sai the Fox(User:Tailsman67)
  22. Nate the Hawk (User:YoungEezy27 )


  • Mephiles the Dark (from Crystalline Mobius) (Nagoshi33133)
  • Faustinko the Hedgehog (Sonicfan919)
  • Spikey the Groundhog(Ring Wars)
  • Miles Prower the Second
  • Lucine
  • Tony the Chaoshog (tongen)
  • Anthony the Chaoshog (tongen)
  • Jacob the Time Gaurdian (tongen)
  • Tyler 'Toxic' the Fox (tongen)
  • Storm the Android (Nukeatomic) (Warning:Storm is struggling to not jump into the arena and blow all of the other fighters up)
  • MC (BeastSonic1304)


Announcer: Alright fighting fans, this is it! The Battle Masters Tournament is about to begin! In a few minutes, some of the world's most renouned fighters (and some others) are going to beat the everloving crap out of each other to prove who is truly the Battle Master! With a title like that, the only prize you'll need is bragging rights - but since we know you won't accept that, you'll also get 1,000,000 rings and a trophy as big as your head (or bigger, for non-mobians).

However, before we can begin, the fighters need to introduce themselves. Let's get that out of the way as soon as possible, since we all know this isn't what you're here for. So, first up, Combatant #1, an interdementional psychotyke who single-handedly caused armageddon, introducing Dementina the Demonspawn, and her chao, Grimm!

(The demonic duo walked out to a microphone in the center of the stadium, while the other combatants watched from their private balconies. Dementina was in her normal form, with green, mortal eyes, and used a sweet, innocent voice when she said the following:)

Dementina: Hello everyone! And hi Daddy!

Mephiles: Hello pumpkin!

(Besides Mephiles, the crowd was silent, wondering if there was a mix-up. After all, surely a child like this couldn't be a mass murderer, right? Dementina looked sad at the lack of applause at first, but in literally the blink of an eye, she went demonic. Her eyes became that of Mephiles's, she became surrounded in black fire that radiated darkness, and her voice turned deep and intimidating as she said:)

Dementina: Cheer for me and I'll spare your worthless souls!

(The crowd instantly applauded for the demonspawn out of fear for their lives. With another blink, Dementina turned back to her normal form.)

Dementina: Thank you! I'm not really going to spare any of you, but still, thank you!

Miles:OH CRAP!

You see, I came to this dimension looking to kill another planet. However, it seems that this is going to be harder than I thought. I mean, the people here actually fight back! Who does that?! But that's why I'm entering this tournament! By fighting the best warriors on this Mobius, I can get better at killing you all, and make my goal much easier! So wish me luck!

(Dementina skipped back to her private balcony)

Announcer: Thank you, Dementina, for that...interesting introduction! By the way, I would like to inform the audience that the bleachers are surrounded by a barrier that protects bystanders from all attacks going towards them, intentional or otherwise. Also, this time to the combatants, all balconies come with tablets that allow you to chat with your fellow warriors.

Next up, Combatant #2, possessed by a demon at age 5, he's a bit unstable, but that's okay, give it up for Demente the Energyhog!

(The purple energyhog walked toward the mic nervously. It was quite apparent that he was afraid of the large crowd. He looked at his scythe the entire time he talked)

Demente: I am Demente the Energyhog, soul reaper. Why am I here? I'm here to defeat a certain little girl and prove that I am the greastest scythe-wielder in existance.

(He eyeballs Dementina for a few seconds, then walks back to his balcony.)

Announcer: Well, it appears we have a rivalry in this tourney! How interenting. Now for Combatant #3, the hedgehog who thought he was a frog, and an agent of the Guardian Units of Nations, it's Krinkinko the Hedgehog!

A green spotted hedgehog entered the arena blowing kisses towards the crowd and bowing. "Ladies ladies. You ARE far to kind.". He looked at Dementina and smirked. "No need to worry about that little rabbit brat when the Kink man's here!" he summons his scythe and twirls it thrice before putting it over his shoulder and turning around.

A man in the crowd with a brown coat with a green leaf pattern chuckles. "This kid's got spunk. I like it." he said.

Krinkinko gives one more thumbs up before finally retreats to his balcony.

Mephiles: Please, he'll probably trip over his ego before he even fights my daughter.

Announcer: Wow, it's not just a rivalry, but a hate triangle! I can't wait to see the results, and I'm sure you can't either! Now here's Combatant #4 - a mysterious man named Giigii!

A small man in a white sheet with eye holes stumbles on the stage and is silent. He looks around for a bit before stumbling off the stage towards his balcony.

"What a strange man..." said the man in the brown coat.

Miles:(Playing his 3DS)

Spikey:(Also playing his 3DS)

Announcer: O-kay... That was interesting. ...We should move on... to Combatant #5, the best friend of Krinkinko and bearer of Ondine, Droget the Frog!

A chubby Drog walks to the stage. "H-hi..." he stuttered. He looked around the crowd and began to sweat. His eyes widened. He clutched his stomach. "All those people..." he whispered. He vomitted. Tears started to fall down. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry!" he sobbed. He threw up some more. He began bawling before finally running to his balcony.

Announcer: ...I've got nothing. Now for Combatant #6, the powerful and perverted Elder of Frog Village, Waizu Kawazu.

An Elderly green frog walks to the stage and bows. "It's an honour to be of your presence, to fight for your enjoyment so you can see what real Martial Arts is like. Without any weapons and little to no super powers. With each generation the new seeds of life seem to forget what true honor, valor and teamwork is. I have three students that are here with me as well." He let out a great big smile. "First off. There's my grandson Krinkinko who I've cared for and trained since he was a little baby. Yes, he may be cocky and vain. But if you've known him for as long as I have you'll know he's a great friend and a powerful fighter."

Krinkinko smiled in his balcony. "Thanks gramps." he said.

The Elder contenued. "Then there's Droget who is a resident in my village. He may seem to have the most valor but when the time comes he's willing to put his life on the line for his friends and what's right. He might not be the strongest out of my students but I can see him being a great leader one day. But still...he's come a long way and I don't want any of you young ones getting hurt by underestimating him."

Droget blushed in his balcony. "He...he doesn't think I'm useless."

The Elder closed his eyes. "Then there's Smash The Echidna, the fighter from the Blitz Pit of Green Flower city. When I began training him I knew he had potential. Before his training had even begun he was insanely powerful. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to train him.,,,but I did and he's stronger than ever before. He's truly a model fighter. No weapons, he relies on his strength than his powers, he's a natural leader and he fights cleanly. What scares me the most is that he's so young yet so powerful. I'm afraid he might become stronger than myself...if he hasn't already."

"Wow...did this guy prepare this or something." the man in the brown coat asked, astonished.

"What about me Eldy-Weldy!? Huh? What about me? You trained me too remember. You trained me and Smashy-Washy at the same time!" called out a voice in the crowd as she stood out and waved.

"Ahhh yes...Rachel the Goat. Truly a woman of un-rivaled beauty. I trained her alongside Smash. She grew stronger and unlocked some of her hidden powers. Since then we've been....getting to know each other quite well." the Elder said with a slyly as he retreated to his balcony.

The man in the brown coat's eyes widened. "Jeez, the old coot's got skill to be with a chick like THAT!" he exclaimed.

Announcer: What a great speech, showing both his power and pervertedness. Next up, Combatant #7, a master of technokinesis from another world, Django the Cacoon!

Django:*a ton of robots come marching in,some are playing instruments,Django is sitting ontop of one of the robots head waving at everyone*who says nerds cant have grand openings?

The man in the robe's eyes loweredhalf way. "This place is going to be full of weirdos..."

Django:I have a question,is using robots against the rules?

Announcer: You can use one, but it can't be bigger than you.

Django:woohoo!*walks onto private balcony,followed by the army of robots who play the instruments until they reach the balcony*

Announcer: Hmm, wonder what type of robot he's gonna use. Okay, next up, Combatant #8 one of the few entries in the tournament that's actually from another game series, it's Klonoa the Cat...Rabbit...Dream...thing.

Klonoa:*walks into the arena with his wind ring*Hai

Announcer: ...Is that it?

Klonoa:yep :3*walks back to balcony and plays 3DS*

Announcer: Alright, no more delays! Let's get right to Combatant #9, yet another half-demon fighter, Reaper the Hellhog! ...What a nice name.

(The black hedgehog-hybrid simply waved to the audience from his balcony)

Reaper: Speeches are a waste of breathe. I'm Reaper the Hellhog, that's all you need to know.

Announcer: Short and sweet, I like it. Shows that he's focused on fighting. Now for Contestant #10, master samurai and rival of Espio, Raiden the Chameleon!

(The samurai walked toward the mic. However, instead of talking, he just bowed to the audience and walked back to his balcony)

Announcer: Very honorable, Raiden-san. Next up, Combatant #11, Administrator of the OmegaCorp Mercenary Organization, Sigma Hale!

Sigma silently walked up, his eyes closed...

Storm:Ugh....Why is the fighting roster full? NOES. NOES!!!!!! I am itching to jump in and nuke the ring! ACK!

  • Storm bangs his head on the wall,causing small cracks.

???:What's that sound?


(A gust of wind breezes passed Storm and gather into the centre of the ring. A grey hawk stands in the middle of the arena. He's wearing red and white striped Extreme gear shoes and has a sword sheathed on his back. He's wearing blue jeans and a Turqoise-Blue top.He also has 2 of the Arks of the Cosmos worn on his wrists)

???: Now that's what I call an entrance!

(Crowd is silent apart from Cricket sounds)

???:That's nice.....really....good job there.

Announcer: Ah this must be one of are contenders. Give it up for Nate the Hawk!

Nate:Um hiya...yeah it's me i'm just here to fight in the tourney and hopefully fight Smash so....yeah

(Nate walks towards his Balcony.)

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