Talking Under Construction
"We're ready to go! Any time!."
—Cream the Rabbit

The roleplay, Baseball Challenge, by Pumpituppartyzone, is not being worked on for whatever reason. Until and if people continue to edit it again, it will be unfinished.

Dr. Eggman is up to no good again! He has put up flyers all around the planets of Mobius, Mars, and Earth, advertising his brand new baseball challenge! Four to eight teams (including Eggman's) go against each other with all seven chaos emeralds on the line! Each team has 9-12 people on it. Each game up will have 5 innings, up until the big game with Dr. Eggman that will have 9 innings. Will Eggman win the tournament and use the Chaos Emeralds in an evil plot, or will our favorite Sonic fanon and canon characters stop him and take the emeralds for themselves?

Anybody who wants to join can feel free to. There is an unlimited amount of people aloud to join, but teams may be fleeding! If you want a team spot, hurry!

There is a maximum of 9 characters per person. I have ten because I'm just that awesome. Villains don't count with this, but there can only be 9, including Eggman and EggPlankton, and they must be on Eggman's team.


  1. No cursing! You can bleep out words, but you shouldn't have to use words that need bleeping.
  2. Don't get too violent! No blood and stuff!
  3. Death is not an option!
  4. If you gotta have romance, nothing to racy. You get the picture.
  5. No God-Mobbing! That includes instant homeruns, and always catching balls.
  6. Buddy Jumps are aloud, but don't have them too often! If you don't know what a buddy jump is, don't worry about it.
  7. Don't be in the audience and in the game at the same time. They happen at the same time, and you can't clone a character.
  8. In the last game, if the captain is okay with it, you can join their team.
  9. Have fun roleplaying! :)



Amy Rose- Cano

Tikal The Echidna-Jeter

Shade The Echidna-Garcia

Cream The Rabbit- Rodriguez

Venus The Hedgehog- Swisher

Sally Acorn- Burnett

Sonia The Hedgehog- Granderson

Bunnie Rabbot- Rivera

Fiona Fox- Teixeira

Rosy The Rascal-Gardner


Shawn the Bandicoot (played by Pumpituppartyzone)

Big Buela the Gorilla (played by Pumpituppartyzone)

Bark the Polar Bear (played by anyone, doesn't speak)

Honey the Cat (played by anyone)

Bean the Dynamite (played by anyone)

PoochyPoochy & Hachi the Poochyaena

Rouge the Bat (played by anyone)

Shadow the Hedgehog (played by anyone)

Chaos (played by anyone, doesn't speak)

Jet the Hawk (played by anyone)

Wave the Swallow (played by anyone)

Storm the Albatross (played by anyone)

Shred the Hedgewolf (ITH)

Fist the Echidna (RTH)


Dr. Ivo Robotnik (played by Pumpituppartyzone)

Dr. EggPlankton (Played by Spongebob100)


The Sluggers

Maxie Flippercorn

Fifi the Bear

Sadie the Dog

Desiree the Bandicoot

Ike the Numbat

Allen the Wombat

Big the Cat

Rapid The Hedgehog

Handy The Fox

Gold The Light Energy

Stream the ice

Fire the hedgehog

Freddie The Hedgehog (Luigi52)

Team Gorilla

Jack the Hedgehog (Spongebob100)

Bada the Gorilla

Bing the Gorilla

Shawn the Bandicoot

Big Buela the Gorilla

Rutt the Moose

Tuke the Moose

Shawn the Bandicoot

Bean the Dynamite

Bark the Polar Bear

Phoebe the Wallaby

Razz the Bear

Isaiah The Hedgewolf (ITH)

Mystery The Hedgehog( BunnieRabbot123)

Team Fence

Kaytlin Fence the fox

Gale Fence the cat

Rosa Fence the leopard gecko

Twig Fence the turtle

Bunbuns Fence the rabbit

Pheya Fence the duck

Brandon Fence the fox

Team Darkness








Blaze the hedgecat

Honey the Cat

Fist the Echidna

Chaos Spears

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

E-102 Gamma

Jet the Hawk

Storm the Albatross

Wave the Swallow

Tikal the Echidna

Zangya the bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Team Insanity

Duan the Hedgehog (Captain)

Duan's friend no. 1

Duan's friend no. 2

Duan's friend no. 3

Duan's friend no. 4

Com the Fangirl

Kom the Fangirl

Floyd the Pink Echidna

Italic the Wolf

Bold the Echidna

Underline the Bear

New York Yankees (TailsKid26's Actual Roster) The Most Powerful Team In The RP

Derek Jeter-SS

Mark Teixeira-1B

Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez-3B

Curtis Granderson-CF

Brett Gardner-LF

Nick Swisher-RF

Jorge Posada-DH

Jesus Montero-C


Eduardo Nunez-SS

Andruw Jones-RF

Gurahk's All-Stars

Joseph the Wolf

Brittney the Bat

Jimmy Canvas

Reggie the Bat

Tammy Watercolor

Shine the Hedgehog

Fetalia the Dark

Clyde O'Donnell

Angel Caroso

Kyle Oikonny

Ivy Prower

Susan the Bat

Forming of the Teams

Maxie: *looks up at sign* So this is the dome that Eggman wanted us to go to.

Sadie: Eggman Stadium.

Fifi: This is it.

Maxie: Let's go inside. *the three walk in*

Jack: Come on Bada & Bing this is gonna be fun

Bada: Coming Jack (Follows Jack)

Bing: Yeah we're coming (Follows Jack)

Jack, Bada & Bing: (Walks inside Eggman Stadium)

Jack: I had a feeling that Dr. EggPlankton is with Dr. Eggman

Fifi: *sees Jack, Bing, and Bada* Hi you guys! It's been a while!

Jack: Nice to see you too

Bada: Yeah, it's nice to meet you

Bing: We're gonna play Baseball here

Maxie: Omigosh!

Fifi: Yeah, we're here to play baseball, too!

Maxie: No, look!

Desiree: Maxie?

Maxie: Desiree! Hi! *runs to to Desiree and hugs her*

Desiree: *looks at Jack, Bing, and Bada* Um... who are they?

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & these are my Two Bodyguards: Bada & Bing

Bada: Hi

Bing: Hello

Desiree: Bing and Bada? Phfft - those are pretty weird names.

Sadie: Desiree!

Bada: We do anything...

Bing: Protect you Guys

Rapid: Baseball!!! *trips and rolls towards everyone* Ow... *has a lump on his forhead* You guys play baseball too?

Jack: I wanted to Try it out

Bada: Me too

Bing: Me too

Rapid: I'm Rapid The Hedgehog. I play on my high school team.

Maxie: Fifi and I have teams. Sadie is on mine.

Jack: I'm Jack the Hedgehog & this is Bada & Bing, My two Bodyguards

Bada: Hi

Bing: Hello over here

Rapid: Cool. I wish I had bodyguards. *smiles widely*

Maxie: My boyfriend does.

Jack: Well Bada & Bing can be on My Team called "Team Gorilla"

Bada & Bing: Yeah Team Gorilla

Maxie: Cool. I'd form a team too, but I'm not good with names.

Desiree: I can't help ya there.

Jack: Ok, so what is your Team's name, Maxie?

Maxie: At Baseball Party, it was Flippercorn Allstars, but I don't like that name so much anymore.

Rapid: My team will be...Team K. It means Home Run.

Jack: Nice, (To Maxie) So what is your New Team's Name, Maxie?

Maxie: How about The Sluggers?

Rapid: Nice team name! I should've thought of that. Now all I need for my team is players...

Maxie: Ooh! I call Sadie, Fifi, and Desiree!

Rapid: I call... darn. No one's left...

Jack: Ok who's left?

Desiree: That would be nobody, no one, and nothing. But more people are coming.

Jack: Ok

Bada: I don't know who else is coming...

Bing: But we do know is someone else is coming

Rapid: *takes a bite out of an energy bar* It tastes bad, but they're good for ya.

Bang & Bing: (Eats their Bananas & puts it in the Trash Can) Mmmmmm Bananas

Jack: Bada & Bing sure love Bananas

Ike: *walks in* I hate banannas.

Maxie: I call Ike!

Rapid: I Hate bananas. What?! You got Ike?! I need a teammate.

Jack: What, there Gorillas, Gorillas love Bananas

Maxie: Okay, from now on, no calling people who walk in. Got it?

Ike: Nice to meet you guys.

Jack: My name is Jack the Hedgehog & this Bada & Bing, my two bodyguards

Bada & Bing: Hi

Ike: Hey, Fifi. I saw Phoebe and Razz looking at the sign outside the dome.

Fifi: Oh great. They're here.

Coco: *sigh*

Jack: So who's else is here?

Ike: I'm not sure, but I think I just might have seen a halfbreed-looking thing.

Jack: Who could that be?

Maxie: Who knows? It could be Darkstorm.

Fifi: It could be Xenomorph... or whatever his name is.

Ike: And I might have just been seeing things.

Jack: I wish Blaze the Hedgecat is here

Rapid: Looks like someone's in looooooove! *points at Jack*

Jack: (Blushes) What?

Rapid: You said "I wish Blaze the Hedgecat was here"

Jack: Phew, for a second there I thought you are making me look Bad

Rapid: I don't make friends look bad. *gives you a thumbs up*

Jack: Phew & Yes I amitted I'm in love with Blaze the Hedgecat so there, I said it

Rapid: I have a countless number of love interests, but no one likes me, so........ I'm screwed. I'll be single for YEARS.

Jack: Oh dear, that sounds bad

Rapid: Yup. (Hey, want to join my roleplays Awesome Pool and Crazy Camp?)

Jack: Well I wonder who else is here?

Rapid: I dunno. I can't wait to play some baseball. *takes out a custom made wooden baseball bat*

Bada & Bing: Yeah (Pulls out their Large Baseball Bats)

Jack: This is gonna be fun

Rapid: Oh yeah. *takes out a bucket full of baseballs* Hmm..... *hits one as hard as possible* That's pretty far. *runs towards the ball* That was epic! I didn't know I could hits so far. Here ya guys go. *gives everyone a baseball*

Jack: Thanks

Bada & Bing: Yeah Thanks

Jack: When is it time to play Baseball?

Rapid: I dunno...

Jack: Still no one else is left?

Rapid: Pretty much I guess...DANCE DANCE PARTY TIME!!!!!! *starts moonwalking*

Jack: Do you think anyone else is here?

Rapid: *still dancinng* I dunno. Let's see...

Kaytlin:Hey,Twig,Rosa,and Gale!Wanna form a baseball team!

Twig,Rosa<& Gale:Sure!

Rapid: I lack team members...

Bunbuns:So Brandon do you think Kaytlin and the other three will?

Brandon:I don't know?

Pheya:*Walks back with peanuts*Got the peanuts boys!*to herself*Wish they had bread!

Fifi: Hey, Kaytlin!

Kaytlin:Hi Fifi!Theese are my sisters Twig,Rosa, and Gale!And in the stands are my two brothers Brandon and Bunbuns,plus my sister Pheya!

Rapid: Can't wait to play! *puts one his baseball cap* I don't have a teammate yet...

Bunbuns:Hey Brandon,Pheya!Let's join that guys team!

Brandon & Pheya:OK!

Rapid: Huh? Who's team?


Ike: Guys, I heard that Eggman won't show up until we have at least 5 full teams. That's 9 to 12 people.

Maxie: That's a ton!

Sadie: Well, maybe we could invite some of our friends!

Rapid: I don't have much friends...

(Razz, Phoebe, and Shawn wlak in)

Phoebe: You guys are here too? Cool!

Razz: Oh crud; Fifi's here.

Fifi: *glares at Razz*

Twig:I think you have a crush him!

Fifi: I used too. Then he called me crazy.

Razz: Well, you are!

Phoebe: Razz, quit it! Fifi, you're not crazy!

Rapid: No one's crazy 'cept me.

Razz: Well, you haven't met Fifi.

Phoebe: Razz, zip it! Do you want her to beat you up again?

Desiree and Ike: *snickers*

Twig:I have a crush!

Rapid: I have...OVA 9000!!!!!!! Literally.

Kaytlin:Well,everyone in our family,except Brandon,has crushes!

Bunbuns:I still claim he has a crush on Rouge!

Brandon:I do not!

Desiree: Yeah, uhuh, that's great. *flips hair*

Rapid: ...

Sadie: So are you guys, and Shawn, *glares* gonna join a team?

Rapid: 9 players is a lot. It'll take me YEARS to find a 9th player...

Shawn: Well, then you should get out more.

Rapid: I'm shy.

Phoebe: You want Razz and I to join your team then?

Bunbuns:You don't have to join his team we will!

Brandon & Pheya:Yeah!

Phoebe: Well, I don't want to be on a team with the name "Gorilla" in it.

Razz: And I'm not joining any team Fifi is on.

Phoebe: Let's make our own team! I call captain!

Gale:So our we getting on with this?

Rapid: ...



Maxie: We still need four more full teams.

Rapid: ... DANCE DANCE PARTY TYME! *starts dancing*

Desiree: Well, I can see why he has no friends.

Sadie: Desiree!

Pheya:Wer'e win to win to inpress our crushes!Like Charmy Bee!

Ike: Hey, while we're waiting for more people, how about we practice?

Rosa & Pheya:Practice!!!!!!!!!!*Dancing around*

Ike: Hey, could somebody pitch to me? I'm an awesome pitcher, but a terrible hitter.

Rapid: I will. *gives everyone a baseball*

Ike: *picks up bat* I'm ready when you are. *puts on helmet*

Rapid: Hard or soft?

Desiree: That's what he said.

Ike: *snickers* Um... start easy and then pitch more complicated and stuff.

Jack: Who will on my Team?

Shawn: You want me on your team?

Jack: Sure

Rapid: Okay. *throws the baseball to Ike*

Ike: *swings and misses* Crud.

Rapid: Hm... *throws the ball to Ike a little harder*

Ike: *swings and hits fould ball* Try a really fast fastball. I'm good at hitting those.

Jack: I wonder who else is here?

Rapid: *throws the ball to Ike*

Ike: *swings and hits to left field* Cool!

Bada: Maybe we need to Play Fair

Bing: Yeah we need to play Fair over here

(Pump - Brb)

Jack: Yeah, who else is here?

Rapid: Ha! Awesome! *throws a curveball*

Ike: *swings and hits grounder near 2nd base*

Bada & Bing: (Practicing Hits)

Allen: Hey, guys!

Fifi: Hi, Allen! *runs to Allen and hugs him*

Jack; Hi Allen, wanna Join My Team "Team Gorilla"?

Allen: Sorry, I'm joinin' the team my girlfriend is on. *puts arm around Fifi and kisses her*

Razz: Girlfriend?!

Allen: But I do know somebody who might.

Big Buela: *walks in*

Jack: Oh Hi Big Buela, would you like to Join "Team Gorilla"?

Big Buela: Okay! I love baseball!

Jack: Welcome to "Team Gorilla" (Shakes Big Buela's Hand)

Big Buela: *shakes Jacks hand and accidentaly shakes all of him* Whoops. Sorry.

Phoebe: *giggles*

Jack: (Slurry) That's ok, for my Next Number: "Lady in Spain" (Knocked out)

Bada & Bing: Wow, What a Hunka

Big Buela: Hello! Wh-who are you?

Bada: I'm Bada

Bing: And I'm Bing

Bada: And we're the Bodyguards of...

Bing: Jack the Hedgehog

Big Buela: I'm the bodyguard of Maddie, Max, Freckles, D.W., and Ned.

Bada: You are a Bodyguard too?

Bing: Wow, we are both Bodyguard over here

Big Buela: All three of us are bodyguards! That's wackytime!

Bada & Bing: Yeah Wacky Time! We are all Male!

Big Buela: >80 I'm a girl!! *turns away and starts crying*

Jack: Ouch

Bada & Bing: Oops

Jack: I wish you two hadn't said that

Bada & Bing: Sorry Big Buela, we didn't know

Big Buela: *starts bawling

Bada: We are so Sorry

Big Buela

Big Buela

Bing: Yeah we Didn't know over here

Bada & Bing: Can you ever Forgive Us?*

Coco: Tweet tweet tweet.

Big Buela: Really, Coco? Well, okay. I forgive you.

Bada & Bing: Oh Thank you, Thank you (Hugs Big Buela)


Desiree: Hey, Maxie: I need your help.

Maxie: What is it?

Desiree: Go ask Rapid how old he is. *pushes Maxie to Rapid*

Maxie: Um... hi, Rapid.

Jack: (Appears) Hey Guys

Desiree: Ooh! *runs to Jack* Do you know how old Rapid is?

Jack: No What?

Desiree: You don't know how old he is? Crud!

Jack: What's wrong now?

Desiree: *looks left, looks right* Can you keep a secret?

Jack: Ok

Desiree: *in hushed tone* If Rapid's in my age group... *looks around* I... might ask him out.

Jack: Ok I get the Picture, uh did I?

Desiree: Uh, did you what?

Jack: Huh?

Desiree: (-_-;) Why am I even talking to you?

Jack: What?

Desiree: You said 'Ok I get the Picture, uh did I?'. And I asked what you meant by 'uh, did I?'.

Jack: When?

Desiree: About 11 friggin seconds ago!

Jack: Oh Yeah, wait what are we talking about?

Desiree: OMIGOSH! Never-friggin-mind.

Jack: Sorry

Desiree: *rolls eyes and walks away*

Jack: Huh?

Bada & Bing: Hey Jack

Jack: Hi Bada & Bing

Bada & Bing: How's it going?

Jack: Great?

Phoebe: Why are we all talking in interrogatory over here?

Jack: Interrogatory?

Phoebe: Question form.

Jack: Oooooookay

Big: *walks in* Is there baseball here?

Maxie: OMIGOSH! BIG!?!?!! *runs to Big and hugs him*

Big: Hi, Maxie.

Maxie: You're on my team!! What are you doing here?

Big: I thought maybe Sonic, Amy, and the cute rabbit would be here.

Jack: You mean Cream?

Big: Yep!

Bada: Yeah I guess we can Practice

Bing: Yeah we can Practice for Sonic, Amy & Cream over here

Big: Do you mean they are here?

Jack: Well I guess so, but anyways lets Practice (Practicing hitting the Baseballs)

Bada: Ok (Practicing Hitting the Baseballs)

Bing: Let's do it over here (Practicing hitting the baseballs)

Rapid: *winks at Desiree*

Desiree: *trips and falls, looks around, stands up, and rushes herself off*

Jack: So I wonder where are Sonic, Amy & Cream?

Rapid: I dunno...

Jack: Well, let's find out

Rapid: How?

Jack: By waiting for them to show up, that's how

Rapid: Oh...(gotta go to bed. I'll be on at 3:30 pm tomorrow)

Jack: Ok, well Goodnight

Maxie: I don't think that's the most efficient way to make sure that Sonic, Amy, and Cream are okay. They might not even be coming.

Jack: So where are they now?

Maxie: Well, I heard that Amy's at a party and Cream is at camp, but I don't know where Sonic is. Plus, Amy and Cream could show up any time. In fact, I heard Bark, Bean, and Honey were coming to chek this place out today.

Rapid: Who's Bark, Bean and Honey? I thing I know Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Bear...but Honey doesn't ring a bell.

Sadie: I have a tablet. Look her up on this. *hands Rapid her tablet*

Shawn: She's pretty hot.

Desiree: (under breath, annoyed) But he's too young for you.

Rapid: ...She doesn't look familiar. She looks...funny.

Shawn: But she's hot.

Desiree: Shut it, little brother!

Shawn: You're only older by 3 minutes!

Sadie: *glares at shawn*

Rapid: Wait. Since Shawn just said that...*flashback* Honey: Rapid, you are so stupid. Knuckles: You're hot. Rapid: Knuckles! Shut up! *flashback end*

Sadie: Maybe he just had a vision! Hey, Rapid, are you psycic?

Rapid: Yeah. I could read minds too.

Sadie: Could? Why can't you know?

Desiree: Thank goodness he can't.

Rapid: Well, to do it perfectly, I have to look at someone for a few seconds. I can show you. *looks at a rabbit* The rabbit is hungry.

Maxie: *gives rabbit bowl of food pellets*

Desire: *sweat drop* He's soo cute! Why does he have to be 20?! *gasp* Is he reading my mind. He better not be!

Rapid: (to himself) Desiree is so hot! I just hop she doesn't find out I'm actually 17! (out loud) I have a confession.

Phoebe: Hmm? What is it?

Rapid: I'm actually...well...younger.

Desiree: o_O You're not 20?

Phoebe: Well, then how old are you?

Rapid: I lied. I'm actually 16. I just thought being 20 would be cool, but I hate lying. So, yeah, I'm 16.

Desiree: *wide eyed* Maxie? Conference. NOW. *pulls Maxie aside*

Maxie: Omigosh! he's in the age group! What are you gonna do?

Desiree: You think I should ask him out?

Maxie: Your choice. He seems interested in you. *Maxie and Desiree look back at Rapid*

Rapid: *looking confused*

Desiree: *Maxie and Desiree turn back around* I'll do it.

Maxie: Good luck!

Desiree: So, you're only 16, huh? I wonder if he really likes me. Well, if he doesn't, I can always act like I don't know him and pull the amnesia trick.

Rapid: Yup. Only 16. "Man she's so hot!"

Desiree: Well....

Shawn: She wants to go out with you. You wanna or not?

Desiree: Move it or lose it, skeez.

Shawn: Fine. geez. *walks off*

Rapid: *blushes* Sure. Of course I'd go out with you. *smiles*

Desiree: *blushes and smiles*

Blaze the hedgecat:(Appears behind Jack) Hey Jack.

Maxie: Hi, Miss Blaze! How've ya been?

Blaze the hedgecat: Good (Ears twitch) Darkstorm is gonna be landing soon.

Ike: I told you guys.

Razz: Who the Drumheller is Darkstorm?

Vitani: You haven't heard the legends of Darkstorm?

Shawn: Don't mind that noob. He hasn't even heard of Dimension 10.

Darkstorm:(Over Vitani's com-link) Than he needs a history lesson, Wahoooooo

Rapid: Dimension 10? What the heck is that?

Jack: Hi Blaze the Hedgecat, would you like to Join in my Team, Team Gorilla?

Rapid: (to himself) No. (out loud) When do we play?! It's so boring just standing here. I wanna do something dumb, fight or something. Something exciting has to take place, right?

Jack: Oh yeah your in Team Darkness, sorry

Rapid: *gets a bucket of water* Heh heh heh.... *dumps the water on Jack* HAHAHAHA!!!!!! *starts running*

Jack: Thanks Rapid, it's getting hot in here

Darkstorm:(Lands next to rapid) Boo

Jack: It's nice & Refreshing

Phoebe: You haven't heard of Dimension 10 - Dimension of the Wobbly Men? Geez; I thought everybody knew.

Desiree: hey, Rapid, you think you'd wanna have your team join ours? We'd have a full team!

Xenorahk:Cool with you.

Fifi: Ohai, Xeno! *runs over to Xenorahk* This is my boyfriend, Allen!

Allen: *intimidated* Hello.

Xenorahk:(Holds out his hand) You guys heard of Teniahks birthday?

Rapid: Sure! I'd love to join your team Desiree.

Desiree: Awesome! The team board already changed! But I wonder if the rest of Team K is gonna join too.

Sadie: *trying to be smart* Only then will we have a full team.

Rapid: So, what now?

(sign changes)

Maxie: Hey, look! Only four full teams are required now!

Bean: What's up, playas?

Rapid: *falls down anime style*

Shawn: *snickers and puts foot on Rapid's chest* I have conquered the lying beast.

Bean: Shawn! It's been a while!

Shawn: It sure has! *high 5's Bean*

Rapid: Uh...Can't breathe down here.

Shawn: Quiet, you. *throws knock-out puff rock at Rapid's head to make him pass out*

Bean: Nice!

Desiree: *gasp* Shawn, you skeez! *takes Rapid out from under Shawn's shoe and does CPR on Rapid*

Rapid: *wakes up dazed and confused* What just happened? *tries to get up*

Desiree: My idiot brother made you pass out, so I did CPR and got you to wake up.

Bean: Maybe he wants you to show him exactly what you did.

Desiree: One more crack and I'll get Fifi to pumble you to a pulp.

Rapid: I wish I had a brother...mine is dead.

Desiree: Well, that stinks. My older brother is evil, and Shawn... well, he's a stalker.

Maxie: You got that right he is.

Phoebe: That's so sad! How did he die?

Rapid: My family was murdered when I was 6. I've had no family ever since.

Desiree: That's terrible!

Maxie: That is horrible! At least I'm adopted and still have my two brothers. Ike's family adopted me.

Rapid: I've learned how to live by myself. My planet was destroyed too. The first place I stayed was at Sonic's house.

Darkstorm:I have no realtions with my father other than I hate the guy.

Desiree: What planet are you from?

Phoebe: I'm from Mobius.

Sadie: I'm from Earth.

Maxie: I was born on Nova.

Rapid: I was born on Neo Mobious a.k.a. Neo Hedgehogious. I got these from that planet. *takes out all five Hedgehog Emeralds* These can give you a huge amount of energy.

Darkstorm: Born on Apocalypes Mobius, then Earth, now I live on Mobius.

Maxie: I have one of these. *takes out Harmony Garnet* These are full of energy too.

Eggman Arm: I'll take that! *comes from cieling and takes Hedgehog emeralds and Harmony Garnets*

Sadie: Hey!

(Pumpituppartyzone - I'll bbl)

Rapid: *gets angry* It took me 6 years to find those! *grabs onto the Eggman Arm*

(He can't grab onto it because it's a robot arm and when it took the emeralds, it went back up int he cieling)

Maxie: Hey! What was that for?

Jack: What is going on here?

Dr. EggPlankton: Hello Jack

Jack: Dr. EggPlankton?!

Dr. EggPlankton: Looks like I'll be taking the Gold

Jack: Oh no you don't Dr. EggPlankton, Team Gorilla is gonna beat you & Dr. Eggman

Dr. EggPlankton: We'll see about that

Rapid: I need those emeralds back!

Jack: Yeah & Mine

Dr. EggPlankton: Anyways Whoever Wins gets the Emeralds

Jack: Deal

Dr. Eggman: *over intercom* That was the deal all along!

Rutt: Oh geeze now that's the Dr

Tuke: Yeah never seen him before

Jack: Rutt & Tuke would you like to join Team Gorilla

Rutt & Tuke: Ok

Maxie: I don't wanna be rude, but... who the heckle are you?

Rapid: *sweatdrop* Who says heckle any more?

Desiree: I do. -_-

Sadie: We say heckle 'cuz we're not allowed to say...

Shawn: They're not allowed to say heck. I do 'cuz I'm just that awesome.

Rapid: I say h- *phone rings* Heckleo? I mean! Hello? Hey, Handy! Really? Cool! Awesome! Ok! See ya around! Bye! *hangs up* My friend, Handy, is coming!

Maxie: You think he'll join our team?

Desiree: That's be great!

Rapid: Yeah. He's joining!

Handy: Hey guys!

Sadie: Hi! You're on our team - The Sluggers.

Maxie: And now that we have a full team, let's think of some positions!

Fifi: I nominate Ike for pitcher!

Allen: I second that nomination!

Big: Can you third a nomination?

Rapid: I'm First baseman. I rule at getting people out. I can hit far too.

Maxie: Big, you'll be catcher. Handy, what are you good at?

(Pumpituppartyzone - bbl)

(Rapidthehedgehog- Okay)

Handy: Shortstop.

Rapid: ...

Maxie: Cool. Desiree, you're left field. Sadie, you're right field, and Fifi, you're center field. Allen, you'll be 3rd base, and I'll be second.

Rapid: All we need is a manager.

Desiree: You think you could be the manager?

Fifi: He'd probably be really good at it.

Allen: Yeah, I agree.

Rapid: I suck at managing. I'm better off playing...

Fifi: That settles it. I'm the manager. Somebody get me a half-fat, no foam latte steamed to 102 heat.

Allen: I'll get it. *runs off*

Rapid: ...

Fifi: Don't just stand there like a Cootie Queen! Pitch a ball, make out with Desiree - do something!

Rapid: *blushes*

Maxie: You know, I heard Desiree is a really good kisser.... :3

Desiree: *blushes* Guilty as charged! :3

Rapid: *blushes a deep red*

Allen: *back with latte* Desiree, didn't the last person who kissed you faint 'cuz of how good it was?

Fifi: How do you know that?

Desiree: It was him.

Allen: It was really good.

Fifi: But not as good as mine, right?

Rapid: *blushes a deeper red* U-Uh... *blushes even deeper*

Fifi: Right?

Allen: Let's discuss this later, okay?

Shawn: Are you guys gonna make out or stand there like a lump?

Darkstorm:*Pulls out his Apocalypse Emeralds*

Robot Arm: *comes from ceiling, takes emeralds, and disappears into ceiling again*

Shawn: That wasn't very smart.

Darkstorm:The Apocalypse Emeralds are raw power, only the Storm family can controll them, a mortal will burn if lucky.

Jack: Wow, that's very powerful

Dr. Eggman: (heard from ceiling) YOW! YOU FOOL! *throws emeralds in energy incinerator*DS

Dr. EggPlankton: What are you talking about Dr. Eggman, I will win this Contest with or without your help

(That didn't make any sence....)

(The Emeralds is part of Dark's father's powers)

  • The Emeralds become enraged and return to Darkstorm*

Turahk: I need something to punch!!

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm going to win those Emeralds & over power Dr. Eggman


Dr. EggPlankton: What's so funny?

Jack: Huh?

Rapid: *slowly walks towards Desiree*

Predalien: I think you know what OOMAN.

Dr. EggPlankton: I'm Dr. EggPlankton & I don't need any help

Metal Darkstorm:*In crazy mode* Here's Johnny!!!!

Dr. EggPlankton: See what I mean

Jack: Alright, but sometimes you need to catch the Early Bird

Metal Sonic:*Unplugs Metal Darkstorm*

Jack: Metal Sonic, are you here to play Baseball to get the Chaos Emeralds?

Honey: *walks in* Hey, everybody! Half-fat, no foam, mocha lattes for everybody!

Jack: Would you like to join in Team Gorilla, Honey?

Honey: Well, how-de-doo to you, too.

Bark: *glares at Jack*

Honey: It's okay, Bark.

Jack: (To Bark) What?

Bark: *continues to glare at Jack*

Bean: Honey, you want me to bomb this chump?

Honey: Huys, it's fine. Lay off him for a while, 'kay?

Bean: *sigh* Fine.

Handy: *starts creating some sort of machine*

Maxie: What'cha makin'?

Fifi: It's not gonna be used for cheating, is it?

Handy: It's a robotic baseball bat! It can hit for you!

Rapid: Ok then! *throws a baseball at the Robo Bat*

Robo Bat: *hits the ball to Rapid*

Rapid: *gets hit in the head with baseball and is knocked out*

Handy: Oops...

Maxie: CPR?

Desiree: Oh yeah. *preforms CPR on Rapid*

Jack: Uh

Bada: Are you sure?

Bing: I think that Robo Bat you made is Cheating over here

Handy: It's not. I have the controller for it. I can change it to Little Kid, Teenager, Adult, MLB Rookie, MLB Pro, and MLB Veteran. I have it set to MLB Pro.

Jack: Oh I had a bad felling about this

Rapid: *slowly opens eyes* Ow... *has a red mark on head* What happened?

Desiree: *kisses red mark, it heals* Handy Manny, here, hit you in the head with a baseball.

Jack: Rapid do you had a bad feeling about this?

Rapid: *gets up* What? *gets dizzy* Whoa... *falls down*

Desiree: Are you okay, babe?

Rapid: I don't know... *tries to get up but falls again*

Desiree: Looks like it's that time again. *makes out with Rapid and heals him*

Rapid: *blushes a deep red* U-uh I-I-I uh...

Handy: He's trying to say thanks.

Desiree: Well, you're welcome. I'm just happy you're okay.

Allen: I told you her kisses are powerful.

Fifi: >B| Allen, we need to have a little chat. *drags Allen away*

Rapid: *still blushing*

Desiree: :3 Can somebody get Fifi a half-fat, no-foam latte steamed to 102 heat? She'll need it to cool off. Oh, and get me one and make it a mocha.

Rapid: *still blushing* I'll do it. *goes to get it*

Desiree: *as soon as Rapid leavs, takes out a fan and fans herself heavily*

Maxie: What, is he good too?

Desiree: *nods and fans harder*

Maxie: Aww! You two are perfect for eachother!

Handy: He's cooooooming.

Rapid: *has both the half-fat, no foam latte steamed to 102 heat and the mocha* I back. *still blushing*

Fifi: *walks in sobbing* *takes "Blaineley" latte, drinks some, and continues sobbing* You're still blushing?

Rapid: *blushes a deeper red* I-I am?

Handy: Yep! *laughs*

Fifi: Wow. *sniffle* She *sniffle* must *sniffle* be *sniffle* amazing. *sniffles wice*

Handy: Why are you crying? *starts working on a car*

Fifi: *sniffle* Well, apparently, *sniffle* Allen woke up this morning rocking out to P Diddy! *sobs*

Maxie: Allen, P Diddy, Rock, Rok, Tik Tok, Tik Tok Rok... Tik Tok Rok was Allen's favorite son! Ddi you two break up?

Fifi: *nods and starts bawling*

Shawn: Whoa. Second time this month. Something must be wrong with that girl.

Rapid: *still blushing* So what do we do now?

Maxie: You guys go practice. I'll stay here until Fifi is better.

Jack, Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Ok

Fifi: *when everybody leaves to practice* Girl, you are the best actress on the face of mobius! *high 5's Maxie*

Maxie: Thanks! Hey, Allen, you can come out now!

Allen: *comes out* we did pretty well, huh?

Maxie: Yeah, we did! Rapid's still blushing!

Allen: Well, I guess we can stop acting now. *kisses Fifi*

Fifi: Okay. *the three walk up to the field*

Maxie: Hey, everybody!

Rapid: *still blushing* Why can't I stop blushing?

Maxie: *high 5's Allen and Fifi*

Big: What's going on?

Allen: We set this whole thing up so Desiree and Rapid would finally kiss!

Desiree: Nice!

Handy: *puts a paper bag with 2 holes cut out on Rapid's head* That should help.

Rapid: Thanks man.

Jack: So what should we do?

Rapid: *bag over face and voice muffled* I dunno.

Sadie: Why are you covering your head?

Jack: Well we betta Practice

Rapid: 'Cuz I can't stop blushing.

Desiree: I knew I was good, but I didn't know I was that good. :3

Fifi: Okay, let's start practice.

Handy: *continues working on his contraption* Almost... *screws start flying everywhere*

Ike: *a screw hits Ike's forehead, stomach, and eye* Ah! *falls to the ground*

Maxie: Not again!

Handy: Whoops...

Rapid: *takes bag off head and finally stops blushing* Whoa! Are you ok? *runs towards Ike and gives him a potion*

Ike: *winces and cringes* Not really!

Maxie: The same thing happened to him last week with a basketball, but it also hit his back.

Desiree: Um... Nurse!?

Rapid: *sighs* And I thought I get hurt all the time...

Nurse: You rang?

Desiree: Handy Manny strikes again.

Nurse: Ooh. That must hurt. Put ice on the parts he got hit with for a few minutes then put this on them. *hands Desiree Potion #90*

Rapid: it ghetto style.

Desiree: That won't hurt him, right?

Rapid: Ghetto style is just like this...

Handy: *accidently gets cut* Ow.

Rapid: Perfect timing Handy!

Handy: No!

Rapid: Ghetto style is just a slap and then you say "Get up, or lay there forever!" and then you get up. I was raised like that.

Sadie: He's from suburbia. You're deffinatley not going to slap him.

Maxie: *puts ice on places bags Ike got hit*

Jack: Ohh now that's Freeing Icy Cold, hey Freezing...Icy...Cold, hey I made it funny

Rapid: Suburbia? So what you're saying is that he can't get slapped?

Fifi: No, you can slap him. But then he'll be smackin' you with an aoogah horn like nobody's business until Cairo.

Rapid: I can easily take him on.

Maxie: He'd have Cliff, Ginger, and Starrie attacking you. And boy, are they powerful!

Sadie: *pours potion on Ike*

Ike: *stands up* Thanks, guys.

Rapid: Well, if you want to test your skills on me Ike, join the legal fight for no money or the the illegal fight for lots of money.

Ike: Why would I do that? I have better things to do than fight people for no good reason.

Phoebe: Where's Jack? Razz and I need to talk to him.

Rapid: It's not for no reason, it's to prove your ground as a fighter so you gain respect from gangs or whoever. I'm not street loyal yet. That's why I need to fight. I also need the money to pay Handy's rent.

Ike: The only person I need to prove something to right now is Eggman that our team can beat his. And, anyway, I don't like fighting.

Sadie: Hey, I just realized! We only need two more full teams!

Rapid: Okay, whatever you say then. *shrugs* 2 teams left? All right!

Phoebe: That's why we're looking for Jack, to join his team. But if he's not here right now, we can always join Kaytlin's team.

Rapid: I just can't wait to play baseball. My high school team rocks. Without me we fail.

Maxie: I'm guessing you got MVP in every game then, huh?

Rapid: Yeah, everyone thinks I'm popular. I'm not very popular. Am I popular? I don't remember.

Maxie: Hard to say; we don't go to your highschool.

Rapid: ...

Handy: *finishes his car thing* Ok, done! *has grease and oil all over him*

Rapid: Handy, you changed from red and black to just pitch black.

Handy: I don't have anything to wash off with...

Shawn and Bean: *drop fish heads and mayo on Handy*

Shawn: Haha, nice! *high 5's Bean*

Handy: *gets his wrench* Bring it on losers!

Rapid: Not here Handy! If you guys mess with Handy again, you've gotta go through me.

Shawn: Losers? That's not a nice thing to say to yor best friend's future brother in law. XP

Bean: Besides, if we go thru you, we have Bark and Honey to back us up.

Rapid: Darn your logic...well anyway, I'll still fight you if I have to.

Shawn: Oh yeah, and my sis doesn't like fighting.

Maxie: Would you get off of the ceiling, you two? Come on, Handy. There's a shower over there.

Handy: Thanks.

Rapid: Darn it! You're lucky for today, but mess with my best friend again, I will fight you.

Shawn: Whatever. Hey, Bean, I think I'm gonna start my own team, You guys want to join?

Bean: Sure!

Rapid: You alright Handy?

Handy: Yeah... *sighs*

Allen: Ut's just mayo and fish heads. You'll be fine.

Ike: At least you're not allergic to eggs and fish like I am.

Rapid: He's allergic to anything with nuts.

Ike: So am I.

Handy: I hate getting picked on. I'm always picked on every day.

Ike: I used to be. And now I'm not. I'm not complaining though.

Handy: *gets washed off*

Rapid: Well, what now?

Maxie: Honey, you wanna practice with us? We'll field and you four can bat.

Honey: Sure! Pitch to me when you're ready, Ike.

Ike: *pitches curveball*

Honey: *hits ball between 1st and 2nd base*

Rapid: *sits underneath a tree* I'm just gonna relax.

Handy: Me too. *sits next to a bush*

Fifi: MVP my eye! *picks up ball and throws it at Rapid's head and knocks him out*

Handy: ...

Fifi: What? Too harsh?

Honey: *runs to third base*

Handy: No.

Bark: *growls*

Ike: *pitches Screwball*

Bark: *hits homer*

Desiree and Fifi: *buddy jump and catch ball*

Desiree: Great job!

Fifi: You too!

Handy: Is Rapid still unconscious?

Rapid: *still knocked out*

Allen: Don't worry. He'll get up in a minute or two.

Handy: Oh, ok then.

Rapid: *apple hits him in the head*

Ike: I'm startin' to like this guy.

Big: He gets hurt too much.

Kat: Pathetic.

Handy: He's just accident-prone.

Big: Where did you come from? (to Kat)

Shawn: Who cares? The important thing is - You wanna join my team?

Rapid: *starts to slowly wake up* Ugh...What happened?

Maxie: You decided to take a break and Fifi's the manager. Fill in the blanks.

Rapid: ?

Handy: Smart version-You were hit approximately in the cranium. Short version- You were knocked out by Fifi.

Fifi: Next time, don't take a break in the middle of practice.

Rapid: Fine...let's practice.

Fifi: *nods* Hmm! From the top, Honey!

Ike: *pitches knuckleball*

Honey: *hits between 1st and 2nd base again*

Handy: *runs to the ball but trips* Ow!

Maxie: *gasp* *deep slides and catches ball* Aww! My shirt is ruined!

???: Well boo hoo!

Maxie: It's a designer shirt! Whoe are you anyway?

???: *laughs evily* I am Black the Hedgehog. I killed Rapid's parents.

Rapid: *eyes open wide and has a serious voice* I will defeat you!

Desiree: Don't bother. *yelling* Hey, Eggloser! You forgot to put up the shield!

Eggman: Whoops! Sorry! *puts up Anti-Villain shield, throwing Black right out of the stadium*

Desiree: He's such a spaz.

Rapid: *goes normal and sighs*

Desiree: Rapid, don't worry. They're probably up in heaven, waiting for you to stop mourning over them. Then, you could probably be much stronger!

Rapid: Yeah...I guess you're right...

Desiree: And remember - don't ever let Black get to you.

Bark: *growls*

Ike: *pitches a screwball* Whoops! Not again!

Bark: *hits another potential home run*

Fifi: I can't see it! How can I catch it if I can't see it?

Rapid: *tries to sense the ball*

Sadie: Ooh! There it is! Fifi! Over here!

Fifi: *jumps up, misses, and lands on Sadie* Whoops! Sorry, guys!

Jack: Well Team Gorilla only has 7 Players, I need 2 to 6 more

Rapid: *gets the ball*

Jack: (Gets the Baseball Bat)

Rapid: *sigh* When do we get the emeralds?

Rutt & Tuke: We don't know

Rapid: ...

Big: We get the pretty rocks back when we win and beat everybody in a game of baseball! Right, Maxie?

Maxie: Right!

Rapid: We need to practice harder.

Handy: Hit one to me Rapid!

Rapid: Go waaaaaaaaay over there!

Handy: *very far away*

Rapid: *takes out his wooden bat and hits it 3 miles away* Oops...

Handy: o_e

Maxie: That's what you call an 'oops'?

Rapid: I can hit farther, but the ball would split in two. And if it hits someone they would get really hurt.

Handy: He has extreme strength. He was born with it.

Ike: He's really strong! I'm sort of strong, but I usually miss when I try to hit the ball. I have bad aim too.

Maxie: But you could hit it pretty far and you're good at pitching.

Big: What am I good at?

Desiree: ....

Sadie: ....

Allen: ....

Fifi: ....

Rapid: Let's find out. Big, grab a bat. *picks up a baseball* I'll pitch the ball to you and see if you can at least hit it.

Big: *swings early* Oops! Pitch again!

Rapid: *pitches a fastball*

Big: *swings slow* Aww!

Maxie: Hey, maybe you should try using your umbrella/fishing pole?

Big: Okay. *takes out fishing pole* Pitch, please!

Rapid: *throws another fastball*

Big: *hits to center field* Yippie!

Rapid: Okay, now let's see if you could pitch. *hands Big the baseball and gets a bat* Pitch the ball to me.

Big: *throws a knuckleball (supposed to be a fastball) down the plate and wobbles* Oopsies! I almost fell!

Rapid: *hits it straight in the air* Where'd it g- *hits Rapid in the head* Why do I keep getting hurt?

Sadie: Maybe you're the comic reliefie guy.

Jack: I don't know

Maxie: At least you didn't et knocked out, Rapid.

Rapid: Comic relief?

Sadie: Yeah! You know, all the physical comedy is on you, and sometimes Ike. You're the comic relief!

Rapid: ...So now what do we do?

  • Sharky, Sharka, and Sharkin walk in*

Sharky: Hey, everybody!

Maxie: Hey, Sharky!

Rapid: Sup!

Sadie: This is Sharky, Sharka, and Sharkin. They're part shark, part hedgehog.

Rapid: Cool!

Maxie: He's super fast too. Speaking of which, he just left.

Sadie: He's in and out like that all the time. Oh well. Look at the board! We have three full teams!

Jack: Who else will be in Team Gorilla?

Fifi: Well, I think Team K and Team Gorilla should combine. What about you?

Jack: Good Idea, Team Gorilla & Team K is now Combine into Team Gorilla Kong

Rapid: Uh...that's a weird name.

Ike: How about just the Gorilla Kongs?

Rapid: 'bout Gorilla Kings?

Ike: Better!

Rapid: *stomach growls*

Maxie: You know, we haven't eaten yet!

Shawn: You guys should order take out from that Mongolian Barbeque place. Their food is amazing.

Bean: Better yet, ley the gang and I join your team, Jack!

Honey: You're a little late, Bean.

Rapid: Mongolian Barbeque sounds good. *stomach growls louder*

Ike: Write down what you guys want, everybody. *calls resteraunt* Rapid, when you're done, give the paper to me.

Rapid: Hmm...I'll get barbeque pork. *writes it down and gives it to Ike*

Ike: Okay. *on phone* Yeah, Pizza Hut....

Eggman: *walks in on Egg Walker* That's it! I can't take the wait anymore! Jack's team is gonna have Shawn's team and Phoebe's on it, got it? Now let the darn tournament begin!

Rapid: All right! Let's get ready to play some ball!

Eggman: Splendid! The first game is Team Gorilla vs Team Darkness!

Dr. EggPlankton: Round 1 for Team Gorilla & Team Darkness

Gold: (walks in) Sorry Im late.... Im on rapids team...

Stream:*runs in*OK whos team is the sluggers?

Fire:*Walks in*Stream how did you ever convince me into playing baseball

Stream:i told you you can hit people with the baseball bat..

Game 1 - Team Gorilla vs. Team Darkness

Jack: Ok Guys we're first

Blaze the Hedgecat: Please take this the wrong way Jacky, but Team Darkness is Gonna win!

Honey: Wait, you want him to take it the wrong way?

Jack: Anyways, may the Best Team win

Razz: *cough* Team Gorrila *cough*

Jack: Team Gorilla, Huddle

Big Buela: Wait, do we field or bat?

Phoebe: How am I to know?

Jack: Maybe we can flip a Coin or somthing

Bada & Bing: Good Idea!

Razz: What? No 'Over here'?

Rutt & Tuke: Huh?

Razz: Forget it. *to Darkstorm* Hey, we gotta flip a coin to see which team starts off doing what.

Jack: Whoever guess it Correctly, gets to be up at Bat, got it?

Razz: Guesses what?

Darkstorm: Heads you guys go, tails means we go!

Bean: I'm gonna flip it! *flips and it's tails* Blast!

Honey: Huddle up, guys! So who's pitcher?

Darkstorm: Blaze your First.

Big Buela: I can pitch. *steps up to plate* Are you ready, Darkstorm?

Blaze the Hedgecat:*Steps up to bat*

Big Buela: Okay!

Ump the Umpire: PLAY BALL!

Big Buela: *pitches screwball*

Blaze the Hedgecat:*Swings and misses*

Big Buela: *pitches sinker*

Blaze The Hedgecat*Swings again and barely hit the ball*

(Would that be a foul ball since she just barely hit it?)

(I think so)

Ump: FOUL!

Big Buela: *throws knuckle ball on Blaze's inside*


Darkstorm:Hold (Drags Blaze THC off the feild)

Big Buela: I-I hit her? Oopsies!

Vitani: (Takes bat) Bring it!

Big Buela: [to herself] Please don't let it hit her! *pitches knuckleball on Vitani's outside*

Vitani:(Hits the Ball and makes a run to first base)

Bark: *picks up ball and Laser Beam throws it to first base*

Ump: SAFE!

Big Buela: Where's the next batter?


Big Buela: Why you laughing?

Turahk: You don't remeber me do you (Uses his fear staff for a bat)

Big Buela: Nope. Can't say I do. *pitches curvball in Turahk's inside*

Turahk: I am the guy who punched Max in the face (Hits ball and heads to first base while Vitani takes Second)

Bean: *jumps up and catches the ball*

Big Buela: *gasp* You're the one who hit cute red kitty?!

Turahk: I don't know who that is but yeah!

Big Buela: *sticks tounge out at Turahk* Who's next?

Bakuu: *Turns into a wyvern and Takes bat*

Big Buela: *pitches fastball to upper outisde*

Wyvern Bakuu:(Hits ball, but breaks one of his tails)

Bark: *runs over to ball and catches*

Ump: OUT 2!

Wyvern Bakuu:(Tries to fly but his brocken tail is a handycap)

Phoebe: *runs to WB from 2nd base* Oh my gosh! Are you okay?

Jack: Who's next?

Wyvern Bakuu: I am trained not to feel pain.

Honey: I guess that's me!

Big Buela: *pitches screwball*

Honey: *swings and misses*


Big Buela: *pitchers sinker*

Honey: *barely hits*

Ump: FOUL!

Big Buela: *throws fastball*

Honey: *swings and hits a grounder, makes a mad dash for 1st base while Vitani goes for 3rd*

Bark: *picks up ball and Laser Beam throws it to 1st, getting Honey out*


Jack: Huh?

Bean: That means we're batting now, braniac. Get with the program.

Jack: Oh yeah, Who's first?

Shawn: You can.

Darkstorm:(Steps up to pitch)

Jack: (Steps up to Bat) I'm ready

Darkstorm: (Throws a fast ball)

Jack: (Hits the Ball & Runs to first base)

Honey: *picks up ball and throws it to 1st*

Ump: SAFE!

Shawn: Hit me with ya best shot!

Darkstorm:(Throws a fast Cureball)

Shawn: *swings and misses*


Shawn: Shut up, you stupid horse!

Darkstorm:(Thorws a Fast Ball)

Shawn: *swings and dashes toward first base*

Ump: SAFE!

Razz: *stoms feet* Pitch the ball.

Darkstorm:(Throws Hard Ball)

Razz: *swings and hits to left field, runs toward 1st base while Shawn runs to 2nd*

Jack: (Runs to 3rd base)

Darkstorm:(Yells to Blaze) Your pitching.

Bada: I'm up next (Grabs his Baseball Bat)

Blaze the hedgecat: (Throws a Curve ball)

Bada: (Hits the Ball hard & runs to 1st, 2nd & 3rd while Jack, Razz & Shawn runs to Homebase) Yeah

Blaze the Hedgecat:Whos next?

Bing: My turn

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Throws a Fast fire ball)

Bing: (Hits the Ball & runs to 1st & 2nd Base while Bada runs to Homebase) Yes

Jack: Yeah we got 4 Points (Sees Bing's Baseball bat on Fire) Uh Bing, your Bat is on fire

Bing: Yeow (Drops the Burned Baseball Bat & Grabs a Spare one) I got a Spare, who's next to Bat?

Rutt: I am (Grabs the Baseball Bat) Ok, I'm ready to play

Blaze the Hedgecat: (Throws a hard curve ball)

Rutt: (Swings, but Misses) Rats

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Throws a Hard Fast ball)

Rutt: I think I got it, eh? (Been Hit by a Fast Ball) Ow, maybe not, eh?

Blaze the Hedgecat:Sorry!

Rutt: (Feels Dizzy) That's ok eh? 3rd times the Charm, eh?

Blaze the Hedgecat:It is unless I don't put you in a hospital (Throws a Hard-Curve Ball)

Rutt: (Hits the Ball) I've done it (Runs to 1st Base, while Bing runs to 3rd Base)

Truahk:(Tosses to Honey)

Tuke: Hurry Rutt, Slide

Rutt: Got it (Slides to 1st Base)

Turahk:(Whispers to himself) I think it is time to play my way.

Tuke: It's my turn eh? (Grabs the Baseball Bat)

Truahk:(Blows Fear dust on Tuke)

Tuke: Ahhh My Eyes! I Can't see

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Wipes Tukes eyes) Truahk!

Tuke: Turahk what was that for eh?

Truahk: I have absolutly no Idea what your talking about.

Jack: You are trying to Cheat, don't ya?

Truahk:(Punches Jack in the nose with his robotic arm) Shut up!

Jack: Ow, my nose (Wraps his Nose with Bandages) Don't ever do that again

Truahk:(Gives Jack the Middle finger)

Razz: Ooh! That's cold!

Jack: Hey, what's the Finger?

(Dude, he already changed it to middle finger. Tha'ts the finger, BTW)

Jack: I don't get it

((-_-;) He... put... up... hit... middle... finger! It basicly means "F you".)

Jack: Wait, what is he talking about?

(Oh my goodness. Turahk pretty much said "F*** you" to Jack. Okay?!)

Jack: Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Turahk:(Face Palms)

Phoebe: Forget it! Ugh!

Ump: Cheating! Truahk is out of the rest of the inning!

Turahk:(Throws Fear staff at the Ump)*Roars*

Ump: *ducks under it* Attempting to harm the umpire. What, do you want to get out of the game and disqualify your team?

Darkstorm:I take care of him Ump give me a min.

Ump: Okay. TIME!

Jack: Ok guys let's take a Break

Ump: No breaks! Get back on the field! Darkstorm is just talking some sense into Turahk.

Jack: Oh right, sorry?

Turahk: (Walks back in and bruised and robotic arm all dented)

Darkstorm: We came to an agreement.

Razz: Is that dude okay...?

Jack: I don't know

Turahk:(Bad quitar note)

Jack: Whao, Rough Language


Darkstorm: Ump, I am disqualifying Turahk and replacing him with his sister Guurahk

Ump: That's fine with me.

Honey: It's more fine with me!

Turahk: Hey Honey why don't you quit when you got the chance, it is either play Darkstorm's way or play my way.

Honey: You want me to quit and lose my chance at all these emeralds and garnets? I haven't had them all before, you know!

Turahk:(Lights a ciggerette) Your choice!

Razz: *zaps cigerette and makes it decintegrate* Can't you reads the signs? *points to sign that says "No Smoking"

Turahk:*Spits in Razz's face*

Razz: *whipes spit off* How mature.

Phoebe: *steps up to plate*

Guurahk: I'll take this Blaze (Throws Hard-Curve ball)

Phoebe: *swings way too late*



Phoebe: Don't start with me! Pitch again!

Guurahk:(Throws Hard-Curve ball)

Phoebe: *swings and barely misses*


Phoebe: *has disappointed look on face*

Jack: Keep your Eye on the Ball

Phoebe: I'm trying! It's not as easy as watching the ball and hitting a homreun, you know! Pitch it again!

Guurahk:(Throws a Hard-Fast Ball)

Phoebe: *swings slightly to early*


Phoebe: Oooh! I almost had it! *walks to dougout with head drooping*

Tuke: I'm next, eh?

Rutt: Good Luck Rutt

Bada & Bing: Good luck Tuke

Jack: Keep your Eye on the Ball


Tuke: I'm ready eh? I didn't get a Chance eh? (Grabs his Baseball Bat) I'm ready eh?

Guurahk:(Throws a Hard-Curve Ball)

Tuke: (Swings, but misses) Nuts

Jack: Bing is on 3rd Base & Rutt is on 1st Base

Bada: We're ahead by 4 Points over here

Bing: We're gonna Win

Tuke: Ok, I'll try again eh?

Guurahk:(Throws a Hard-Curve ball)

Tuke: (Swings but misses again) Nuts I missed again, 3rd times the Charm

Shawn: It better be!

Guurahk:(Throws Hard-Curve Ball)

Tuke: (Hits the Ball) I got it (Runs to 1st Base while Bing runs to Homebase & Rutt runs to 2nd Base)

Turahk:(Lights another Ciggerette)

Jack: That's Team Gorilla 5, Team Darkness 0 (To Turahk) What are you doing?

Truahk: What the hell does it look like!

Jack: Didn't you read the Sign? (points to sign that says "No Smoking")

Turahk:(Shoots the Sign) What sign?

Jack: Oh for the Love of Hedgehogs, when will you stop Smoking please?

Turahk: Bite me.

  • random beaver comes out, bites Turahk, and disappears*

Jack: Anyways Team Gorilla is ahead by 5 Points

Shawn: When the heck did we get runs?

Jack: When one of the Players have reached Hombase, we scored a point

Shawn: And the remaining four were from...?

Turahk:(Continues smoking) sweet heart your gonna be the end of me!

Phoebe: You call your cigerette sweatheart?

Jack: Looks like Team Gorilla is gonna win by 5 Points

Shawn: I reiterate - When the heck did we get any runs?!

Jack: Ok guys, who else is next at Bat? Wait a minute, is there anyone else here?

Shawn: Don't ignore me, Father Chuggington! When did we get runs?

Guurahk:(Gets mad)

Jack: Team Gorilla is ahead by 5 Points

Shawn: You're deaf. You're obviously deaf. There's no other explenation. I call the motion for a new team captain! Anybody want to second the motion?

Jack: (Faacepalm)

Ump: I got a better idea. I don't remember those runs either, so if you can't even tell me who scored each run, I'm gonna disqualify Team Gorilla.

Shawn: If Team Gorilla gets disqualified, I'm joining Team Darkness.

Jack: Ok, Ok, I'm sorry

Shawn: So are you gonna tell the guy or just stand there like a lump?

Jack: Uh? What was the Question again?

Ump: You're on thin ice....

Shawn: Who scored those 5 runs you said we have?

Darkstorm:(Losing Pactience)

Honey: Calm down, Darkstorm. Think of it this way - If Jack doesn't fess up in the next 3 minutes, we win automatically!

Phoebe: Ooow, I hope that doesn't happen!

Jack: Ok, Ok I'll never do that again, I'm sorry, Alright, we'll resume playing Baseball & I'm sorry about that Darkstorm, it's just that I'm Curious about the score, ok I said it

Phoebe: Dang it!

Razz: Dang it!

Ump: Then it's settled! Team Darkness won! If you're on Team Gorilla, unless you're Shawn, you need to report to the bleachers to watch the next game.

Honey: Whoo-hoo! Yeah! We won!

Phoebe: Yeah, because Jack kept lying about the score.

Honey: I'll take it!

Jack: I'm just Curious, that's it & I'm sorry about I didn't mean to, I'm just Curious (To Blaze THC) I'm sorry, Go defeat Eggman & EggPlankton for me, I'll be watching you the entire time

Isaiah: WO- Wait, WHAT? We lost?!

Audience/Inactive Players in Game 1

Maxie: Look! The game started!

Rapid: Cool! Which team are you goin' for?

Maxie: Even though Phoebe is on Team Gorilla, I'm gonna say I want Team Darkness to win.

Sadie: Big Buela is a pretty good pitcher, huh?

Darkstorm:(Jumps into the stands and Puts Blaze the Hedgecat in a chair and tends to her injury)

Sadie: Is she okay?

Darkstorm:Her heart still beats, and the childs heart is (Hears the fetus's heart) still going.

Sadie: What child?

Allen: Did you knock that girl up again, Darkstorm?

Darkstorm: If you mean by did the dirty then no (Puts a wet towle on her fore head)

Sadie: Well, is she pregnant?

Darkstorm: Yes she is, but not be my doing.

Sadie: (O.O;) *looks at Allen*

Allen: *looks at Maxie*

Maxie: *looks at Ike*

Ike: So... who's the father?

Rapid: o_e

Fifi: Yeah! Who is it?

Rapid: ...I think Jack's the father.

Blaze The Hedgecat:(Groans)

Darkstorm: Rapids is on the bullet, and he is right.

Fifi: Oh yeah! I forgot! Hey, Blaze, can I call you Ember?

Blaze The Hedgecat: Sure, Is my baby alright.

Darkstorm: Yes it is.

Big Buela: [yelling] SORRY!

Blaze the hedgecat: It is ok.

Maxie: These are some good hitters, huh?

Blaze the Hedgecat:MMMHM... Oh god, I think water just broke.

Jack: I'm coming Blaze

Blaze THC:(Screams in pain)

Jack: Just keep breathing it in slowly

Blaze THC:(Screams and breathes)

Jack: Keep breathing

Rapid: *gets a long towel, some scissors, and some gloves* User the gloves to hold the baby, use the scissors to cut the cord thingy, then use the towel to wrap the baby.

Jack: Oh my, ok

Handy: Eeeeeeeew.

Jack: What is up with you Handy? Blaze is having a Baby here

Handy: I'm only 12!

Jack: Sorry (To Blaze THC) Just Breath deeply my Dear & Relax

Rapid: Blaze, breath in deeply, then exhale deeply. Try not to screeam, it adds pressure and stress on yourself and the baby.

Jack: Calm down & you'll be fine, Blaze

Rapid: Yeah, what he said.

Darkstorm:(See's the childs head and see's 10 demons coming down) Energy Blast Sheild!!!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(See's the demons) Star dust protection!!

Gold: Theres demons here? Oh ****.... (Gets out knife and chops their heads off) Yea baby!

Fire Demon:*Raors*

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Pushes and gives birth to a healthy baby girl)

  • Fifi, Ike, Maxie, Sadie, Desiree Allen, and Big walk back in*

Fifi: Turned out they don't do take out, so we went to the Mongolian place and got everybody meals! O_o

Sadie: Everything happens while we're gone!

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Wraps Jacks and Her baby in the towel after Darkstorm cliped the cord)

Jack: Awww we had a Baby Girl

Fifi: Another one!

Ike: I'm just happy I wasn't here when she had it. *shivvers*

Jack: (To Blaze the Hedgecat) Lets give her a Name, Blaze, my dear

Blaze the hedgecat: Xanku the Hedgehog?

Desiree: How about Angelique?

Maxie: Marina?

Sadie: Lindsay!

Fifi: Dede!

Jack: Hmmmm, how about Emily?

Maxie: I'm still partial to Marina.

Fifi: Oh, how about Shawna?

Blaze the Hedgecat: How about Stardust

Jack: Ok Stardust it is

Stardust the Hedgehog:*Yawns*

Jack: Awww, she is the Cutest little Angel we've ever saw

Stardust:(Sneezes and star dust appears in blue)

Jack: Bless you Stardust

Maxie: She's adorable! :3

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Hands Maxie Stardust) I need to rest.

Maxie: Aww! So cute! ...What do I do with her?

Blaze the Hedgecat: Hold her while I rest.

Stardust:(Baby Giggles and Grabs Maxies finger)

(Jack can't be in the game and the audience)

Maxie: :) *cradles Stardust*

Stardust:(Plays with Maxies hair)

Maxie: Ah! Ah! Let go of my hair! I just brushed it a couple minutes ago!

Stardust:(Puts Star dust in Maxie's Hair and Giggles)

Maxie: Hey! *hands Stardust to Fifi* She's all yours!

Fifi: Hi, baby! *talks in baby talk to Stardust*


Ike: You're good with babies!

Stardust:(Gets scared and star dust appears like crazy)

Fifi: Ike!

Ike: I was here the whole time. I doubt my voice would scare her.

Big: Well, what's going on?

Stardust:(Calms Down and the Star dust subsides)

Fifi: I hope she's not bipolar.


Fifi: You're such a cute baby! Yes, you are! *more baby talk*

Stardust:(Conjures a star dust crown and puts on Fifi)

Fifi: *gasp* Cool! Thanx, Stardust! I'll call you Star for short.


Ike: All babies like you, Fifi.

Fifi: Yeah, I know!

Rapid: It's been 14 years since I've seen a live baby.

Desiree: You haven't seen an alive baby since you were 2?

Stardust:(Conjures Star Dust Crowns)

Desiree: This crown is so cute! How'd that cute baby do this?


Ike: Hey, where's mine!

Rapid: I'm sure you wouldn't want a crown.

Ike: Everybody but Allen, Big, and I have one.

Rapid: I doubt I want one.

Fifi: You have one. Feel your head, dude!

Stardust:(See's Big and Froggy) *Giggles*

Big: Hi, there, baby! *waves*

Froggy: *bounces up and down from Big's shoulder to on Big's head*


Blaze the Hedgecat:(Grogally wakes up)

Big: Your baby is really cute, Blaze!

Fifi: Yea, Ember! She's just adorable!

Blaze the Hedgecat:I know right?

Stardust:*Yawns and falls asleep*

Rapid: Why am I so tired? *yawns and falls asleep too*

Blaze the hedgecat:(Takes Stardust off Fifi's hands)thanks for watching my baby Fifi.

Handy: Babies are awesome!


Blaze the hegdecat:(Hands Darkstorm Stardust and takes his place)

Darkstorm:(Holds Stardust)



Fifi: So cute!

Handy: *looks at Stardust*

Rapid: *wakes up* Babies make me sleepy...

Allen: What? You remember how lazy you are be and fall asleep or something?

Stardust:(Looks at Fifi and holds out her arm as a sign for Fifi to pick her up)

Fifi: *picks up Stardust* Isn't she just the sweetest thing?

Ike: *smiles*


Ike: I don't think I could laugh at such a young age. She must be really smart.

Stardust:(Sneezes and Navy Blue star dust appears)

Ike: Cool! Look at that! She sneezes stardust!

Sadie: That's so ironic!

Stardust:(Conjurse a Star dust crown and puts it on Sadie)

Sadie: I'm a princess! *spins around a few times and takes it off* I don't like things on my head. :P


Sadie: *puts crown on Stardust's head* Isn't that cuter?

Stardust:(Giggles and Conjures Star dust wrist bands and rings and puts them on Sadie and Fifi)

Fifi: I'm the queen of stardust bling!

Sadie: I'm the duchess!

Stardust:(Laughs and claps)

Fifi: *curtsies* Thank you, Princess Starudst!

Stardust:(Falls asleep in Fifi's arms)

Fifi: Isn't she the best?

Darkstorm: That is cute and that Jewlry is awesome.

Ike: O_O

Fifi: Isn't it though?

Blaze THC: (Whispers) How is my little princess?

Fifi: She's doing great! Oh, were you talking to Stardust?

Blaze THC: Mind if I call you Fif?, and I was talking to you, I don't want to wake my daughter.

Fifi: Okay! You call me Fif, I call you Ember.

Stardust:(Grabs Fifi's finger in her sleep)

Fifi: I wonder what she's dreaming about.

Allen: The girl is addicted to your finger.

Blaze the Hedgecat:(Feels Stardust's forehead and Stardust has a fever) She is ill, I'll take her off your hand Fif.

Fifi: I can go with you if you want.

Blaze THC: NO,NO,NO,NO, If she wakes up she's gonna wonder where you are, she likes you in a non-love way.

Fifi: She hates me? D8

Darkstorm: Stardust loves you Fifi but not in a... I think you get the point.

Fifi: Oh. Just like BFF's. I ge it. So, are you gonna take her to a pediatritian or something?

Darkstorm: I am not Stardust's father and it is Jacks decision for me to send Stardust to a Yautjan Boot camp.

Sadie: So we got Vitani and Blaze mixed up! We get it that you're not Stardust's fathe....

Ike: He's not talking about that, Sadie. But why would she have to go to a Yautjan boot camp?

Diana: (Appears next to Sadie)*Howls* Who are you?

Sadie: *flinches* Sadie the Dog. Who are you?

Diana: Diana the grey Wolf.

Sadie: I'm a Black Labrador! I'm part Rotweiler though.

Diana: I half coyote and Half Grey wolf and I am an orphan.

Sadie: *gasp* Me too! We have so much in common! :D

Diana: So who do you hang out with?

Sadie: Well, at the game, Maxie is my best friend. Then, there's Fifi, Desiree, Ike, and sometimes Allen.

Diana: The girl I hang with is Darla the Grey Wolf.

Sadie: Is she here?

Darla: Where else would I be mutt?

Sadie: She's pleasant.

Diana: She is always like that.

Sadie: How can you put up with this?

Diana: Watch this: Oh Darla I hear the Tails doll wants to ask you out!


Sadie: *laughs* It's funny 'cuz Tails Doll can't even talk! :)

Tails Doll: Umm, right..

Sadie: *gasp* You can talk?! Since when?!

Tails Doll: Umm, I will eat your soul..


Eggman: Whoops, sorry! *puts villian shield back up, throwing Tails Doll out of the stadium*


Sadie, Ike, and Maxie: Gesundheit.


(Three wolf pups come into veiw)

Maxie: Hey, more people!

Pup#1:(Cowars away in fear)

Sadie: Look what you did, Maxie! You're giant shopping bag scared him!

Maxie: So I like to shop. Sew me!

Pup#2:(Roll her Eyes)

Pup #3:(Rubs against Sadie)

Sadie: They're fun! They just better not touch my right leg.

Twig:When will our team play?


Allen: *sarcasticly* Well, I know it's not after this game. That's for sure.

Pup#1:(Sniffs Twig in curiosity)

Twig:Huh?A wolf Pup?

Wolf Pup#2:(Rubs against Allen)

Allen: Ha, that's pretty cute.

Fifi: Yeah, it really likes you!

Pup #3:(Tries to Jump into Allen hands)

Allen: *picks up Pup#3* I wonder if these little guys have names.

Maxie: It looks like none of them are anthros.

Diana: They are orphans, parents were killed (Starts crying) by a pysco-killer.

Fifi: An escaped psyco killer with a chainsaw and a hook?

Sadie: Please! It's over! Knock it off, Fifi.

Allen: So does that mean we can keep them or something?

Fifi: That'd be so cool!

Diana: If your willing to adopt them?

Ike: I am!

Allen: Me too!

Stream:Shouldnt we introduce ourselves first?

Fire:No because i like to be a complete stranger infront of evryone.

Stream:Im going to introduce us...Hey everyone The names Stream and thats my brother named Fire.


Fifi: Do you mind? We're in the middle of a puppy adoption! I'll adopt the other one.

Rapid: Puppy? Did someone say puppy?! I want one! I want one! I want one! I want one!

Fifi: Fine, I'll give you the one I was getting. *picks up Puppy#1 and hands it to Rapid* Here.

Rapid: *gives Fifi 100 dollars* Here ya go! I'll name him/her Spark!

Spark: *growls*

Ike: My guess is that it's a girl and it doesn't like the name Spark.

Maxie: *cheks* Yep. It's deffinatley a girl. Maybe Sparka would work.

Rapid: Ok, Sparka is your name.

Sparka: *growls*

Rapid: Sparkly?

Sparkly: *wags tail and rubs against Rapid*

Rapid: Yeah!

Sadie: That's a cute name! Allen, you should name yours Sparkly 2!

Pup#2: *hides behind paws and shakes head*

Fifi: Is it a girl or a guy?

Maxie: I'm not checking this time.

Rapid: I will.

Pup#2: *snaps at Rapid*

Allen: It's my puppy, so I'll check. *looks* It's deffinatley a boy. Maybe I should name him... Moises?

Pup#2: *shaked head, frustrated*

Sparkly: *tries to jump on a chair but hits head and wags tail*

Rapid: *falls to the ground laughing*

Sadie: Hey! That's not funny!

Pup#2: *wags tail*

Allen: What's he so happy about? Does he wanna be named Funny or something?

Pup#2: *shakes head and wags tail*

Ike: Fuddy?

Pup: *wags tail more*

Allen: I shall name him Fuddy! *picks up Fuddy*

Fuddy: *licks Allen's face*

Stream:Eh i like puppies with ice powers better...

Fire:i Like Extra Terrestrial puppies...a 3 headed dog that would be cool...

Fuddy: >_> *holds head*

Allen: That would be cool!

Ike: Now, for me to name mine. Rapid, ur checking again.

Rapid: WHAT?! Why?

Ike: I don't need a reason.

Desiree: Please, Rapid?

Ike: But now have one.

Rapid: Fine...*checks* It's a girl...

Pup#3:(Cowers away)

Allen: She doens't like you! XD

Pup#3:(Tears form)

Ike: Yay. I get the depressed puppy. *starts petting Pup#3*

Pup#3:(Starts Crying) MOMMY!!!

Ike: *jumps* Whoa! She can talk? So much for non-anthro puppies.

Diana:(Craddles Pup #3) SHSHSH

Fifi: *hits Ike* See, now look what you did!

Ike: Diana was keeping her from crying. I had nothing to do with that.

Sadie: Is she gonna be okay?

Diana: Her mother was killed when she was 1, and she pretty tramatized by it.

Fifi: What kind of a monster would kill somebody's mama? *tickles Pup#3's belly*

Ike: Do you really want an answer to that?

Diana: I kill murder's for a living.

Pup #3:(Giggles and consider's Fifi as a new mother)

Fifi: Yay! Everybody loves me! *spins around*

Ike: (-_-;) Great. she's yours now.

Sparkly: *starts to sniff Stardust and falls asleep next to Stardust*

Pup #3:(Goes near Ike and consider him as a father)

Stardust:????(Yawns and falls back to sleep)

Fifi: Hey, Ike! It looks like we're parents!

Ike: [in a fail of a German accent] Vat? Zat pup zinks zat ve are her parentz?

Fifi: At least you gett to keep her too. Now, what should we name her? Shawna?

Ike: No, how about Alake? It means 'One to be cuddled' in Yoruba! :)

Shawna:(Does a backflip)

Ike: *sigh* Shawna it is.

Fifi: Yay!

Bunbuns:I'd think you should call it PoochyPoochy.

Shawna:(Cowers Behind Fifi and Ike)

Bunbuns:Don't worry I won't hurt you,I'm a rabbit.

Ike: She's cowering because that name is so terrible.

Xenorahk/Freddy: Man the Torpedos.

Allen: ...What's going on?

Xenorahk:(Rverts back to normal and turns xeno)

Bunbuns:That names not bad!

Ike and Fifi: Ha! Yeah it is!

Ike: Alake was still better than Shawna.


Sadie: *takes out a random, fluffy bed and lays it down*

Ike: *puts Shawna in the bed*

Shawna:(Falls asleep)

Bunbuns:*To hisself*Mobians are the dumbist race.Except Vanilla..

Stardust:(Starts to wake up)



Fifi: Listen, you annnoying little rabbit. We don't need your opinion on our planitary species, so if you're not gonna be nice and keep your rude-butt opinions to yourself, get the heck out of this stadium!

Ike and Allen: *snickers*

Kaytlin & sisters:*growl*
Hachi &amp; PoochyPoochy


Fifi: Shut your furry little faces with yo growling, sistas!

Kaytlin:Don't tell my sisters what to do!

Fifi: Then don't insult mobians!

Stardust:*See's Kaytlin and wants Kaytlin 'Her Grandma' to pick her up*

Kaytlin:*Picks up Stardust*



Maxie: So cute!

Pod:(Walks in with a brocken arm)

Sadie: What happened?


Twig:*Holding Puppy#1*Look i found a Puppy!

Desiree: Her name is Sparkly and she's Rapids! *takes Sparkly from Twig*

Kaytlin:*Throws out PoochyPoochy & Throws Twig a Poke'ball*

Twig:*throws out Hachi*




Shawna: !

Fuddy: !



Shawna: *hids behind Funny*

Fuddy: *hides behind Shawna*



Ike: I guess they're afraid of them.

twig:It's ok they won't bite!

Fuddy: *peeks and hides again*

Shawna: *jumps on Fuddy, then hides behind him*

Hachi:*Jumps in front of Fuddy*

PoochyPoochy:*Jumps in front of Shawna*

Shawna: *runs to Fifi*

Fifi: *picks her up*

Fuddy: *runs to bed*

Hachi:*Tilts his head*

PoochyPoochy:*Tilts her head*

Allen: *picks up Fuddy* What's their damage?

Twig:I don't know.

Fuddy: *yawns and falls asleep*

Maxie: So cute!

Hachi & PoochyPoochy:*Playing with a ball*

Darkstorm:(Throws out Mightyena and Absol)

PoochyPoochy & Hachi:*Cower away in fear*

Darkstorm: Play nicly.

Hachi & Poochy:Pochy!

Mightyena:(Picks up PoochyPoochy)

Absol:(Pushes ball to Hachi)


Hachi:*Pushes the ball back to Absol*

Absol:(Balences ball on his nose)

Twig:That's so cute!

Maxie: Yeah, really cute.

Mightyena:(Nuzzles PoochyPoochy)


Mightyena:(Picks up PoochyPoochy and Carries PoochyPoochy to the bed)

PoochyPoochy:*starts Sleeping*

Mightyena:(Lies next to PoochyPoochy and falls asleep)


Absol:(Rolls ball to Hachi)

Stardust:(Teleports to Mightyena and falls asleep)

Shawna: *yawns and falls asleep*

Ike: I guess it's nap time.

Hachi:*Rolls the Ball to Absol*

Absol:(Picks up Hachi)

Darkstorm:(Unfolds a sleeping bag to a blanket shape and lays out more blankets)

Hachi:*Makes a puppy noise*

Absol:(Lies down and lies Hachi next to her)

Hachi:*Falls to sleep*

Darkstorm:Absol is about to give birth.


Twig:To an egg?

Absol:(Lays only 5)

Rosa:5 Eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ike: Gross.

Absol:(Protect her eggs)*Growls*

Rapid: Protective.

Ike: What's her deal? There's no way any of us would touch those eggs. Besides; I'm allergic to eggs.

Rosa:It's not gross to Pokemon!

Bunbuns:*Picks up an egg*

Ike: [to self] Gross. Pokemon.

Fifi: Oh, so that's why it was guarding the eggs. Well, she can't attack us; we didn't touch them.

Gale:But your near them that's why she growled!

Absol:(Attacks Bunbuns to retreave her egg)*Growls vicously)

Bunbuns:*Sets the egg down*

Absol:(Retrun her egg with the rest)

Hachi:*Wakes up*

Absol:(Tends to her eggs)

PoochyPoochy:*Wakes up*

Mightyena:(Yawns and wakes up)*Notices Stardust*

PoochyPochy:*Nudges against Stardust*

Stardust:(Wakes up slowly)

Absol:(Tries to keep her eggs warm as possible)

Mightyena: (Howls)

Maxie: What's with the howling?

Mightyena:(Nuzzles Absol)

Absol:(Pushes Mightyena away)

Mightyena:(Still atempts to nuzzle Absol)

Absol:(Snaps at Mightyena)

Mightyena:(Licks Absol and heads back)

Absol:(Blushes, but turns away)

(2 eggs begin to glow)

Fire:So Stream can i hit your head with a baseball bat now?
Stream:uhh i guess so

Fire:*hits Stream head with a baseball bat*Its a Home Run!!!

Stream:OW not too hard!!

Fire:uhh ok *hits Stream heads with a baseball bat*ITS HOME RUNN!!

Stream:OW *holds head*

Diana: (Hugs Fire)

Sparkly: *wags tail and rolls around*

Rapid: I'm so bored...

Stream:(Tries on Baseball Uniform)do i look cool in this?

Fire:Remember that youll never be cool


Stream:(Removes baseball uniform)

Fire:ok if i were the pitcher ill burn the ball so the batter will be scared.

Stream:What if the batter has fire powers too?
Fire:Then ill signal you to freeze the ball on air

Stream:i wont help you with your cheats

Fire:(Holds Stream in neck and chokes him)

Stream:OK OK ill help ya

Fire:(lets go)

Diana:(Hugs Fire)

Fire:(Hugs Diana back)

Sadie: *hugs them both*

Absol:(Nuzzles Sadie)

Sadie: Aww! ...It's not gonna stick me with that knife handing out of it's head, is it?

Absol:(Shakes Head)

Sadie: *sighs of relief* Good.

Allen: You gotta love how Sadie ruined the wholee huggy-happy moment, there.

Sadie: Well, I couldn't help it. Don't judge me.

Game 2 - The Sluggers vs Chaos Spears

Maxie: Sweet! We're finally up!

Tikal: Good luck!

Sadie: Hi, Tikal!

Tikal: Hello, Sadie. I wish you luck.

Sadie: Back at ya!

Shadow: Enough conversing. We will start the stupid game.

Rouge: Loosen up, Shadow. We're gonna start soon enough.

Fifi: Let's do this! Who bats first?

Ump: Chaos Spears, you bat first. PLAY BALL!

Rapid: I'll pitch guys.

Desiree: *folds arms*

Tikal: *steps up to plate* I can do this! Don't hold back, Rapid!

Rapid: Alright. Here I go! *throws a knuckleball*

Tikal: *swings but misses* Oh my!

Maxie: Good one! Do another!

Rapid: *nods* Don't blink Tikal! *throws another knuckleball*

Tikal: *concentrates and hits ball close to 3rd base and takes off running*

Ike: *picks up ball and throws it to Maxie*

Maxie: *catches ball*

Ump: SAFE!

Gamma: *steps up to plate*

Rapid: I can srtike out a robot! It's easy! *throws a forkball*

Gamma: *says out loud, very fast, a bunch of math problems and hits the ball to get an Automatic Double* *walks to 2nd base*

Fifi: Is it fair that they have a robot on their team?

Ump: As long as he doesn't hit any homeruns.

Fifi: How does that make sense?

Rouge: *steps up to plate* I'll show you.

Rapid: This will be an easy out! I'm gonna strike you out easily Rouge! *throws a screwball*

Rouge: *puts her hands on her hips* Well, we'll just see about that, won't we?

(ball passes right plate)


Rouge: Wha...? Ugh. Pitch again.

Rapid: Okay. I guess you want to get a strike again. Heh heh! *throws a splitter*

Rouge: *hits ball to center field and charges for first base*

Gamma: *runs to third base*

Tikal: *runs home*

Handy: Darn!

Rapid: Aw man!

Rouge: Nice job, Tikal!

Blaze: Okay, pitch the ball to me.

Rapid: Okay.

Handy: Dig deep, Rapid! Forget all of your troubles!

Rapid: HYA! *throws a 2-Seam Fastball*

Blaze: *hits pop fly*

Maxie: I got it! I got it! *catches ball*

Ump: OUT!

Maxie: *throws ball to first*

Ike: *catches*

Ump: OUT!

Maxie: I told you I got it. :)

Rapid: Awesome!

Desiree: That was amazing!

Maxie: I know! ^.^

Jet: Yeah, yeah. Just pitch already!

Rapid: Heh heh! Alright then! See if you can handle this! *throws a screwball*

Jet: Grrr *swings at hits the ball behind him*

Ump: Strike!

Jet: Aaargh! Pitch it again!

Rapid: *throws another screwball* Take that!

Jet: *swings and hits a pop fly*

Ike: *catches ball*

Jet: Crud! I'm gonna hit a homerun next time, and then you'll....


Ike: That inning wasn't so bad.

Handy: Who's up to bat first?

Allen: I'll be glad to. *steps up to plate*

Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Allen: *swings and misses* Whoa! Those fastballs of his are fast!

Chaos: *throws a knuckleball*

Allen: *bunts and sprints to 1st base*

Chaos: *laser beams ball to 1st base*

Ump: OUT!

Allen: Pumpernickel bread! *stomps to the dugout*

Handy: Who's turn is it now?

Ike: We're kinda making it as we go. You wanna go next?

Handy: No, Rapid, you go!

Fifi: Yeah, Rapid! Go out there and bat! We're all rootin' for ya!

Rapid: *shrugs* All right. *steps up to the plate* Bring it on!

Chaos: *pitches fastball*

Rapid: *swings the bat hard and it flies straight up in the air*

Handy: It just went up...

Rapid: *ball falls and hits him in the head*

Allen: Wow. He really has suckish luck.

Fifi: Who cares about that?! Was that an auto single?

Ump: He hit the ball, so no. You can replace him if he's not feeling up to batting.

Rapid: *gets up* Pitch again!

Chaos: *pitches a screwball*

Rapid: *swings hard and the ball goes deep in right field*

Shadow: Hmmph! *catches ball*

Ump: OUT!

Fifi: Two outs already? This isn't good.

Sadie: I'll bat then!

Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Sadie: *swings and misses* Whoopsie!

Chaos: *pitches a curveball*

Sadie: *swings and hits a grounder to center field, and makes a mad dash for 1st*

Rouge: *picks up ball and throws ball to 1st base*

Ump: SAFE!

Rapid: Crud! I got out!

Maxie: Hey, Ree, how about you bat?

Desiree: Why not? *walks up to plate*

Chaos: *pitches a splitter*

Desiree: *watches the ball*

Ump: BALL!

Chaos: *pitches a curveball*

Desiree: *hits a grounder deep into left field*

Tikal: Oh! *picks up the ball*

Rouge: Throw it to Wave!!

Tikal: *throws to 2nd*

Wave: *catches ball* What's the call, Ump?

Ump: SAFE!

Fifi: Awesome! Now there's somebody on 2nd and on 3rd! Who's gonna bat now? Handy...?

Handy: ...I guess. *goes to the plate*

Chaos: *pitches a screwball*

Handy: *bunts the ball*

Jet: *picks up ball and tags Handy with it*


Jet: Gee, kid, you're amazing at baseball! Think you can coach me?

Handy: Really? You want me to?

Jet: No way! *rubs Handy's head* Loser! *runs to the dugout*

Rapid: Don't worry, buddy. He's just scared to be trained by a 12 year old.

Jet: *hears and snickers*

Ike: Well, go on, Rapid! You're pitching, remember?

Rapid: Oh yeah! *goes to the pitcher's mound*

Wave: Go ahead! Pitch the best you can! Not that it'll be much....

Rapid: Grrr! *throws a curveball*

Wave: *hits and it bounces off of the back wall behind center field*

Wave: Oh yeah! *runs to 1st*

Fifi: *picks up ball and throws it to 1st* I didn't even know I could throw that far!

Maxie: Yeah, but you still didn't get it to the base on time.

Fifi: Oh, be quiet!

Rapid: Grr! Darn it!

Fifi: I'm sorry that I can't throw fast, but you don't have to keep getting mad! Geez!

Chaos: *steps up to the plate*

Rapid: *pitches a fastball* Take that!

Chaos: *swings very late*


Rapid: Yes! *throws a screwball*

Chaos: *hits a homerun*

Fifi: Aha! I got it! C'mon, Desiree!

Desiree: *runs over to Fifi and throws her up*

Fifi: *catches the ball* Bam!

Ike: Awesome! You caught it!

Rapid: O_o Whoa...that was awesome! ^_^

Shadow: Okay, pitcher. I think it's time you pitched.

Rapid: Shut up Shadow! Take this! *throws a fastball*

Shadow: *hits straight to Sadie*

Sadie: Ooh! *catches the ball*

Ump: OUT!

Sadie: *throws to Maxie*

Maxie: *throws to first*


Shadow: O.O I wasn't trying. Don't get your hopes up.

Maxie: Whatever helps you sleep at night, dude. Now we're in the third inning, but we're still down by one!

Rapid: Hm...if you get me angry enough, I could hit harder and farther.

Desiree: *smiles* Then I'm breaking up with you because you're an annoying slob who always fights people.

Fifi: *drops a bucket of fish, liver, and mayo on Rapid's head*

Ike: *trips Rapid*

Rapid: Grrr!!!!! *walks up to plate* Bring it on pitcher!

Chaos: *pitches a curveball*

Rapid: Grrr!!! *hits ball high and far*

Roue: That looks like a homerun!

Ump: That's because it is a homerun!

Wave: No way!

Sadie: Yay!

Rapid: Okay, so I don't think I'm angry anymore. But, Desiree, are you really breaking up with me?

Desiree: Nope. I mean, come on! We just started dating, like 2 hours ago!

Rapid: Yeah, I know...

Ike: I guess It's my turn to bat.

Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Ike: *hits a grounder to 3rd base and runs to 1st*

Chaos: *reaches out his arm and throws to 1st*

Ump: SAFE!

Maxie: Who's next?

Handy: Me.

Sadie: Okay! Hit and hit well!

Handy: *nods* Uh-huh! *steps up to the plate*

Chaos: *pitches a slider*

Handy: *swings*


Rapid: Aw man...Don't worry Handy! Just keep your eye on the ball!

Desiree: Yeah, you can do it!

Chaos: *pitches a splitter*

Handy: *swings again*


Fifi: You should't have swung! Darn it, Handy!

Chaos: *pitches a screwball*

Handy: *doesn't swing*


Fifi: What are ya doing?! Why didn't you swing?!

Handy: You said not to!

Fifi: Chao's splitters are always a ball, cuz they bounce on the plate, so you don't swing at those. If they're clearly in the air, by all means, SWING!

Handy: Okay okay!

Fifi: No problem. It's my turn to bat, anyway.

Chaos: *pitches a curveball*

Fifi: *hits the ball deep into left field and rushes to 1st*

Tikal: *stops praying* Oh! There's the baseball!

Rouge: Throw it to the infield, already!

Tikal: Sorry! *throws to Chaos*

Fifi: That's how it's done, Handy!

Maxie: Has everybody batted?

Rapid: *shrugs*

Desiree: Maxie, you still haven't batted yet!

Maxie: Oh yeah! *steps up*

Chaos: *pitches a cuurveball*

Maxie: *swings*


Chaos: *pitches a splitter*

Ump: BALL!

Chaos: *pitches 3 more splitters*


Maxie: Sweet! *walks to 1st base*

Fifi: *walks to 2nd base*

Allen: I guess it's my turn again.

Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Allen: *hits a pop fly*

Chaos: *catches, throws to 1st, and tags Fifi*


Allen: Aw, man!

Rapid: *goes up to pitchers mound*

Silver: Bring it!

Rapid: Okay then future boy! *throws a fastball*

Silver: *swings and misses*


Rapid: *pitches a curveball*

Silver: *hits a fly*

Blaze: Huh? Where did it go?

Silver: *the ball hits him in the head* Ow! Pitch again, Rapid!

Rapid: *throws a screwball*

Silver: *swigs and misses* Crud!


Storm: Okay, kid! Toss the birdie!

Rapid: Shut up up you turkey! *throws a screwball*

Storm: Turkey? I'm not a turkey! *forgets to swing*


Storm: What? Argh!

Rapid: C'mon ostrich! Swing! *throws a splitter*

Storm: I'm no turkey either! *forgets to swing again*


Storm: Huh? Grr... stop doing that, kid!

Rapid: Make me you chicken! *throws a 2-Seam Fastball*

Storm: Hey! I'm no chicken! I'm an albatross! Got it? *forgets to swing yet again*


Storm: Huh? Why, you little....

Tikal: Please, no fighting! Let us just enjoy the game and hope for the best.

Rapid: Yeah. *trying to hold his laugher*

Wave: What's so funny, twerp?

Rapid: Nothin'.

Rouge: No, really, kid. I'm sure we'd all love to hear.

Rapid: Yet again, nothin'.

Wave: Fine. Whatever. C'mon, Tikal! Hit it out of the park!

Tikal: I will do my best, Wave! *steps up to plate*

Rapid: *throws a fastball*

Tikal: *hits deep into right field and runs to 1st*

Sadie: *hums nonchalontly*

Tikal: *runs to 2nd*

Fifi: Sadie!

Sadie: *snaps out of it* Huh?

Fifi: Throw the ball! Get Tikal!

Tikal: *runs to 3rd*

Sadie: Oh! *throws to 2nd*

Maxie: *throws to 3rd*

Rapid: ...

(Who's 3rd base person?)

(I think It's Handy, but I don't remember, really! :P But I know that Desiree, Fifi, and Sadie are fielders, Ike is 1st, Maxie is 2nd, Rapid is pitcher. I think Big is catcher, Handy is 3rd base, and Allen is shortstop.)

(Oh, ok.)

Handy: *catches it*


Tikal: Oh dear!

Desiree: Sweet, Handy! That was awwsome!

Handy: *blushes* Thanks. I just didn't want Fifi to yell at me.

Fifi: *yelling* Why would I yell at you?!

Handy: *covers ears* If I messed up you would!

Fifi: So? :3

Maxie: Big! You're up next!

Big: I'll hit a homerun for you guys! :)

Chaos: *pitches a changeup*

Big: *swings*


Chaos: *pitches knuckleball*

Big: *swings*


Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Big: *swings and hits it really high and far*

Maxie: It's going...

Allen: It's going...

Ike: It's gone!

Fifi: Big, you hit a homerun!

Big: Yay! I feel happy!

Maxie: *high 5s Big* Okay, Rapid! Your turn!

Rapid: Alright! *runs but trips and falls and twists his right ankle* Ah! Ow! My ankle!

Handy: Timeout, Ump!

Desiree: Omigosh! Rapid, are you okay?

Allen: Please tell me you can play!

Rapid: *holding ankle* My ankle got twisted. I'll try to play. *limps to the plate* I'm ready.

Ump: You got injured again, Rapid? Are you sure you'll be able to play?

Rapid: I-I'm fine. Pitch!

Ump: *shrugs* TIME IN!

Chaos: *pitches a changeup*

Rapid: *hits it in-between first and second* Yes! *runs to first base but falls and yells in pain* Ah! My ankle! It hurts!

Allen: Uh oh! Time out!

Desiree: Rapid! Are you okay? You shouldn't have gone!

Rapid: I'm fine! *stands up but yells in pain again*

Fifi: Are you insane? Rapid, you need to sit out. We have to make a... um...

Ump: Substitution.

Fifi: Yeah. But who could we put in?

Rapid: I'm fine! *stands up and tries to hold the pain in* I'm fine...Do I hit again Ump?

Ump: Well, you're already on the base. So, if you really want to play, you stay on the base.

Allen: Rapid, are you insane? You twisted your ankle! You can't run!

Rapid: So what? I'll try! So who's up to bat?

Fifi: Yeah. You'll try, and you'll be an easy out. Do you really want to risk Rouge getting the emeralds and garnets just because you twisted your ankle and ruined our chances of winning?

Rapid: *laughs* Who said I have to run? *hovers above the ground*

Maxie: You hover, too? Really? What can't you do?

Rapid: I can't fly.

Allen: You can hover... but you can't fly?

Rapid: I'm using energy to hover. If I try to fly, I'd fall straight to the ground.

Ump: Are you guys done?

Maxie: I guess, but....

Ump: TIME IN! Who's playing on your team?

Sadie: Me!

Chaos: *pitches a changeup*

Sadie: *hits deep into right field*

Shadow: *catches* Hmmph!

Ump: OUT!

Sadie: Drat!

Handy: *sighs*

Sadie: I'm sorry! :(

Desiree: My turn! Wish me luck, guys!

Rapid: Good luck, babe!

Handy: Good luck!

Chaos: *pitches a screwball*

Desiree: *watches ball*

Ump: BALL!



Desiree: Thanks, Chaos! You're sweet, ya know that?

Maxie: M'kay, Handy. Your turn.

Handy: *steps up to plate* Ready!

Chaos: *pitches a slider*

Handy: *hits it in-between 2nd and 3rd*

Chaos: *reaches out to pick up the ball, then throws it to 1st*

Ump: OUT!

Fifi: TIME OUT! Man, Chaos is good! We need to try to hit it in the field....

Ike: But then Shadow and Rouge are gonna get them all. We need a plan, guys.

Handy: Hm... I've got it! If we let all of our hard hitters go first, and our soft hitters not hit at all, we might win!

Rapid: *shakes head* We need full participation. We're a team!

Maxie: Yeah, and besides; they won't let us change our batting line-up.

Sadie: Hmm... do you guys think it would be against the rules to throw something into the field while we're hittting?

Handy: ...I don't think so. I guess we could try. Right?

Rapid: *shrugs*

Ike: Right, then! I'll go! *steps up to plate*

Chaos: *pitches a fastball*

Ike: *hits to 3rd base*

Wave: I got this!

Ike: *throws a marker at Wave*

Wave: *catches the marker* I got it! *the ball lands on her head* Huh? *looks into the glove and throws the marker down* That was a stupid dry erase marker! *picks up ball and throws it to 2nd*

Desiree: *slides into 2nd*

Ump: SAFE!

Fifi: Sweet! Okay, Rapid! You're up!

Rapid: *takes a deep breath and slowly limps to the plate* I'm ready!

Chaos: *pitches a slider*

Rapid: *hits it towards 2nd base*

Jet: *picks up the ball*

Rapid: *runs to 1st base*

Jet: *throws ball to 1st*

Ump: SAFE!

Rapid: Yes! *jumps up in the air* AH GOSH! MY ANKLE! *rolling in pain* I think it's broken!

Desiree: Omigawsh! Rapid!

Fifi: I to-

Desiree: Don't say it!

Fifi: Okay. *walks to Rapid and smacks him* I have told you!

Allen: Are you okay?

Rapid: No...I don't think I can play. When I was 10, I broke this same ankle. The doctor said not to play sports until I'm 18. But I didn't listen...I'll be rootin' for you guys! Hope you all win.

Allen: Not you. I was talking to Fifi! She slapped you really hard!

Fifi: I'm fine, Allen.

Maxie: What do you mean you can't play? Who are we supposed to bring in?

Rapid: *sighs* I don't know...It's been fun...see ya guys later... *hops on one foot out the stadium*

Fifi: You get your derry-ere back over here, Rapid! Until we can substitute, you're gonna be playing! Is that clear? *throws Rapid some random cruches and a cast*

Rapid: Uh...Okay...

Fifi: Don't gimme that! Say, "Yes ma'am!"

Rapid: *sweatdrop* -_- Yes ma'am...

Fifi: Ma'am? I like it! *steps up to plate*

Chaos: *pitches curveball*

Fifi: HIYA! *hits ball deep into left field*

Tikal: *dancing*

Rouge: Pay attention, woman!

Tikal: Pardon? *sees ball* Oh my! *picks up ball*

Fifi: *runs to 2nd base*

Ike: *runs home*

Desiree: *runs to 3rd*

Rapid: ...

Desiree: *runs home*

Fifi: Get your butt to 3rd base, Rapid! GO!

Rapid: *rolls eyes then tries his best to get to 3rd with the crutches and cast*

Tikal: *throws to 3rd*

Ump: OUT!

Fifi: I'm gonna strangle that criple until he's oozing pain!

Rapid: It's just a game! Gosh Fifi!

Fifi: Rapid, if we lose this game, Rouge could end up with the Chaos Emeralds, Sol Emeralds, Hedgehog Emeralds, and Serenity Garnets! Who knows what kind of crazy things she could do with them?

Rapid: ...I found a substitution. Handy, clone me!

Handy: ...Okay.

Maxie: Wait a minute. If you clone Rapid, which I wouldn't reccomend anyway, wouldn't he still be injured and junk?

Handy: Nope! *clones Rapid and a new, healed Rapid appears*

C. Rapid: 'Sup y'all!

Sadie: That's disturbing.

Desiree: *pinches herself* Hmm.

Shawn: *runs onto the field* Are you gonna take advantage of this oppertunity?

Desiree: Shut up, Shawn! You're so gross!

Shawn: *smiles* Yeah. *runs back to the audience*

Rapid: Why is my clone, you know, country styled?

C. Rapid: Shush! You're more annoyed than a cat that can't eat it's fish!

Rapid and Handy: 0_o


Allen: Really? Isn't that being a little over-dramatic?

Ike: *wakes up* Not at all. *passes out again*

Rapid: Make another me and terminate this country one...

Handy: ...Okay. *makes another Rapid clone and the country one explodes*

New Rapid: Let's do this!

Ike: *wakes up* Okay, I'm good.

Allen: Now, where were we?

Jet: In the middle of a game, moron!

New Rapid: Shut up, you jive turkey!

Maxie: Oh no. This guy's, like, 80's now.

Jet: Jive turkey? What, are you from the 70's?

Storm: I think it's the 80's.

Jet: Shut up!

New Rapid: Are we gonna play baseball or what? I gotta get my groove goin'!

Jet: BL Yeah, whatever.


Big: *steps up to plate*

Maxie: You can do it, Big! Hit another homer, buddy!

New Rapid: *nods*

Chaos: *pitches screwball*

Big: *hits ball high up*

Desiree: Where do you think it went?

Rapid: No clue...

New Rapid: *looks around* I don't see the thing-a-ma-jig.

(the ball falls on Rapid's head yet again)

Rapid: *rubbing head* Ow! Stupid ball! *kicks it then it hits Handy*

Handy: Hey! *kicks the ball and it hits Desiree* Oops!

Rapid: Handy! *hops over to Desiree* Are you okay?

Desiree: *cringes* I'm fine. *stands up and throws the ball to Chaos* But it hurt!

Handy: *sweatdrop* Sorry.

Desiree: Not a problem, Handy. Forget about it.

Chaos: *throws a changeup*

Big: Ooh! Tricky! *hits the ball high and far*

Maxie: Yay! Here comes another homerun!

Shadow: Not if I can do anything about it. *throws up Rouge into the air*

Rouge: *flies up and catches the ball* Ha! Serves you right!


Big: Sorry!

Maxie: That's okay, Big. It almost was a homerun.

Rapid: I think I can pitch.

New Rapid: Naw. You just sit back, relax, and watch.

Ike: Can I pitch? *puts on a cute face*

New Rapid: No!

Rapid: *throws a crutch at New Rapid* Yes you can Ike! You are an awesome pitcher! Go for it!

New Rapid: Yeah, go ahead and pitch.

Ike: Okay. *goes to the pitching mound*

Blaze: Okay, Ike. Pitch your hardest.

Ike: *pitches a curveball*

Blaze: *swings*


Ike: *pitches a screwball*

Blaze: *hits straight to 1st base*

Maxie: Clone-man! It's straight to you! Don't drop it!

New Rapid: *rolls eyes* Whatever... *catches ball*

Ump: OUT!

Blaze: Drat! *walks to the dugout disappointed*

Allen: Pfft! What a show off.

Jet: Alright, kid! Toss it!

Ike: *throws a changeup*

Jet: *swings*


Jet: What?! Pitch a fastball!

Ike: Sure. *pitches a fastball*

Jet: *swings* HEH?


Jet: You're supposed to let me hit it!

Shawn: *from the audience* THAT'S WHAT HE SAID!

Jet: *turns around* HAHA! Nice!

Ike: *pitches a fastball*

Jet: *turns around*


Jet: What?! I wasn't ready!

Ike: Tough noodles!

Wave: Whatever! Just pitch the ball!

Ike: Fine. *pitches a slider*

Wave: *hits straight to 3rd base*

Handy: *catches the ball* Yay!

Wave: Oy vey!


Ike: 'Twas a nice inning, don'cha think?

Fifi: Totally!

Rapid: Yup! And I didn't have to move a muscle!

Fifi: *gives Rapid that "I'm not amused" look*

Rapid: Sorry...

Allen: Don't you mean, "Sorry, Admiral Fifi her Hotness?"

Shawn: *laughing* Her hotness? Not even close! Ain't that right, Rapid?


Shawn: Go on! Just say what's on your mind!

Rapid: I...Um...Uh...

Handy: *hits Rapid*

Rapid: I don't know!

Shawn: That's hedgehog for, "Shee's the uglies chick on the face of the earth."

Fifi: Shawn! I am not!

Shawn: Uh, yeah, you kinda are.

Fifi: Fine! Whatever! Who's up to bat?

Rapid: You're not ugly Fifi! Nobody is except for me!

Desiree: *smacks Rapid* Would you shut up with the "I'm ugly" stuff?

Rapid: Sorry, bad habit.

Fifi: Get your behind over to the plate, clone.

New Rapid: SHUT UP LADY!

Rapid: *throws a crutch at New Rapid but misses*

New Rapid: You suck, just like the rust of you on this crappy team!

Handy: I think this is Rapid's negative clone...

Sadie: Such a ruden! We simply ask him to go up to the plate, and he insults the team!

Fifi: Oh, I know how to deal with somebody like this. *glares at New Rapid* Look, you loser. We all know you're just a pathetic copy of an already pathetic hedgehog. (to Rapid) No offence! (back to NR) So why don't you try to be less pathetic with your pathetic self and hit the ball Chaos throws at you!

New Rapid: Pfft! Don't tell me what to do! *goes to the plate*

Rapid: I hate my clone... *throws a baseball to himself* I'm bored...

Shawn: *jumps down next to Rapid in the dugout* Wassup?

Chaos: *pitches a changeup*

New Rapid: *hits it deep in the outfield*

Rapid: Hello.

Shawn: Rapid, you're a very boring person.

Rouge: *catches* That the best you got?

New Rapid: No, I just didn't want to kill ya!

Rapid: I know that, Shawn.

Shawn: You know, girls don't like boring guys. No suprise means so fun.

Rouge: As if you could! You wanna go, clone boy?

New Rapid: Heh heh, bring it on, Batty!

Tikal: Now, now. No need to fight. We are in the middle of an important game.

New Rapid: Whatever...

Sadie: Hooray! My turn! Wish me luck everybody!

Handy: Good luck!

Rapid: How do I become less boring?

Shawn: Well, there're many different ways. But for starters, you could talk a little more.

Chaos: *pitches a splitter*

Sadie: *swings* Whoops! I forgot not to swing! Sorry, guys!


Chaos: *pitches curveball*

Sadie: *hits a grounder near the 3rd base foul line*

Ump: FAIR!

Sadie: *runs to 1st base*

Wave: *runs after the ball, picks it up, and throws to 1st*

Ump: SAFE!

Sadie: Yay! I'm on base!

Rapid: What should I talk about?

Handy: Good job! *gives her a thumbs up*

Shawn: Come with me to the audience. *jumps up to the stands*

Desiree: Okay, my turn!

Chaos: *does the same thing he did the other two times*

Desiree: Thanks, Chaos! Isn't he the best, guys?

Handy: He must be a bad pitcher...

Rapid: *follows Shawn*

Chaos: *gets mad, takes Handy, and gobbles him up*

Sadie: 8O Did... you guys see that?

Rapid: ...What just happened?


Chaos: *gobbles up New Rapid*

Rapid: 0_0 Uh-oh... *climbs back down* Spit 'em out Chaos!

Chaos: *glares at Rapid*

Ump: [in a walke-talke] It seems we have a problem. Chaos has lost control. Can we send in back-up?

Rapid: Are you calling security?

Ump: Shh! Don't let Chaos hear you!

(Sonic comes in and defeats Chaos)

Ump: Alright, kids. Since Chaos freaked out on you and stuff, his team is disqualified. You can move on to the next game.

Rouge: What? That is not acceptable!

Ump: I don't make the rules.

Rapid: ...Well, that was a short game.

Maxie: Yeah. But at least we won!

Fifi: Yeah, but now we're going against Darkstorm's team!

Game 1 Losers/Audience

Jack: I didn't mean to offend anyone, I'm just curious, but we all have fun right?

Bada, Bing, Rutt & Tuke: Yes

Razz: I still don't like you.

Phoebe: Razz, don't be rude. It's okay, Jack. The other teams are good, so there's no way Eggman and EggPlankton are going to keep the emeralds and garnets.

???: Emeralds and garnets? Those are jewels!

Jack: Thanks Phoebe, at least we had fun, it's not when you win or lose, it's about Fun

Phoebe: Actually, I meant that since Eggman didn't have them, he couldn't destory Mobius or Earth or anything. But... that works too!

???: What kind of emeralds and garnets are we talking about, here?

Sadie: Chaos Emeralds, Serenity Garnets, Hedgehog Emeralds, and I think some others like....

Razz: Shut your yap!

Rouge: Come on, Razz. I thought we were friends. You can't even tell me what kind of jewels Eggman is hiding up there?

Rapid: Dr. Eggman owes me my emeralds!

Rouge: I'm sure he does.

Jack: I've asked Blaze the Hedgecat to defeat Dr. Eggman & Dr. EggPlankton for me

Rapid: *eyes open wide* You told her to defeat them alone?!

Ike: That is a pretty dumb idea. And besides, we're supposed to beat them in a baseball game. Beating them down would defeat the whole purpose of this roleplay.

Razz: Fourth wall much?

Ike: Sorry.

Jack: Along with Team Darkness.

Ike: Still defeats the purpose of us being here. Get them back down.

Jack: Sorry

Rapid: -_-"

Jack: Are you ok?

Rapid: *sighs* Yeah...

Jack: Okay?

Rapid: *nods then sits down, holding his head in his hands*

Ike: Yeah, I get that feeling all the time here.

Maxie: It's like it's something in the air.

Fifi: Yeah, something that only hits orange hedgehogs?

Jack: You mean me?

Handy: *takes out a hole bunch of mechanical things* Are you sick Rapid?

Rapid: *sighs* No...

Handy: *aims a mood detector at Rapid* Why are you depressed?

Rapid: Shut up.

Desiree: Depressed? What's making you depressed?

Shawn: The fact that he hasn't done....

Maxie: *covers Shawn's mouth* Not another word, pervert.

Rapid: I'm just...well, to make it easier to describe, I just don't...feel...good.

Allen: You mean like pain? Guilt?

Fifi: Stomach ache?


Rapid: I just...feel not good every way. It feels like a time paradox or something happened.

Darkstorm: There was no Honor during the first game.

Fifi: Isn't there some dude named Paradox in a TV show?

Darkstorm:(Growls in annoyance)

Handy: I'll just read his mind. *reads Rapid's mind* 0_0 Rapid, is that why you're depressed?

Rapid: ! Get over here so I can pound you! *chases Handy*


Darkstorm:(Grabs Rapid)*Growls annoyed*

Rapid: Let go of me or I'll beat you up.

Darkstorm:You really want to pick a fight with Yautja Primes Paya?

Rapid: Bring it on!

Darkstorm:(Ties Rapids arms and legs in a pretzle Knot)

Rapid: *easily unties himself* I'm more flexible than you know! *backflip triple kicks Darkstorm in the face and Screw Kicks Darkstorm*

Shawn: Have you met my sister, Desiree? Blonde, your girlfriend, hates fights?

Rapid: *holds head in pain* AH!!!! *eyes turn pure white and voice changes, fur turns black, and is Demon Rapid*

Demon Rapid: I don't care about that! *punches Darkstorm in the face*

Darkstorm:(Turns Demon, but his is way more worse, and nearly claws Rapid to death)

Demon Rapid: *bleeding to death, tilts head to side and smiles devilishly* Come play with me. Come play with ME!!!

Demon Darkstorm:(Rage Builds to a dangerous level)DIE!!!

Handy: Wait! Don't hurt him too badly! You might accidently kill him!\

Jack: Uh Oh this could be bad

Demon Rapid: *takes out his Demon Sword which is 10 fee long and covered in frresh blood* Have a nice 'DEATH!!!!!!!!' *runs up to Darkstrom with his Demon Sword about to stab him*

Fifi: *takes out giant wooden board and blocks Demon Rapid's attack* Are you trying to get our neam eliminated from the tournament or something?

Maxie: Yeah! You've gone crazy!

Desiree: *stares in total shock*

Sibera:*Bites Demon Rapid*

Jack: What is he doing?


Darkstorm: I found the way my team won dishonorable.

Jack: I know I'm sorry



Handy: Desiree! I need you to hit Rapid in the head in a baseball bat! You're the only one that can snap him out of this! *hands her a baseball bat*

Bada & Bing: (Eating Bananas)

  • Twig's Chineese Crested walks up*

Jinon:*Lays down*

Maxie: Uh oh! *gets bubble wrap and wraps Sadie in it*

Sadie: (muffled barks)

Shawn: That thing is sooo ugly! XD

Jack: Maxie, what are you doing?


Jack: Maxie, why did you wrap Sadie up with Bubble Wrap?

Jinon:*Nudges Jack*

Jack: What is he doing?

Twig:Here Jinon!

Jinon:*runs to Twig*

Jack: Is this your dog?

Twig:He is my dog!Isn't he so cute?

Jack: He sure is

Jinon:*Sits & Yawns*

Jack: Aw, she is getting tierd

Sibera & Sibero:*Sit Next to Jinon*

Maxie: (to Jack) Oh, well, she doesn't really like other dogs much. Kaiko's lucky she didn't attack him.


Jack: Ohhh Ok

Absol:(Resting near her eggs)

Game 3 - Team Darkness vs. The Sluggers

Darkstorm: Honey your up!!!

Honey: Hold your horses, Darkstorm! We gotta make up a lineup and figure out positions and stuff.

Rapid: *leaves then comes back with a good ankle* I'm all healed up! I can play now!

Desiree: *claps* That's great! Same positions as last time?

Fifi: I think so.

Darkstorm: Who ever has a plan I am all ears

(Is it too late to join Team Darkness? Fist wants to be on that team.)


(As in never too late, right? XP)

(Never meaning no, or Never meaning yes?)

(Necer too late and Yes)

Shawn: I don't have a plan. Maybe the dude comin' this way gots one.

Darkstorm:(His dragon like wings turn into Dark Angel Wings)

Honey: Whoa! How'd you do that?

Darkstorm: I don't know.

Honey: You just unconciously changed your wings?

Shawn: Does it matter?

Ump: Is everybody ready?

Darkstorm: No.

Ump: *walks off mumbling to himself*

Honey: Vitani, you got a game plan?

Vitani: No.


Fifi: Yeah!

Big: Yay! Let's win!

Shawn: I have an idea, guys. We just go with the flow. I'm sure we can handle whatever that throw at us. Right, guys?

Rapid: LET'S DO THIS!!!!!

Handy: YEAH!

Ump: Now is everybody ready?

Darkstorm: Since my my chief medical officer told I can't play sports like this, only pitching, Honey your up

Honey: What? You can't-

Rapid: Aaaaaaaaaand here comes Fist!

Fist: I iz heer.

Shawn: What does this guy want?

Darkstorm: If this guy gets Home run, I owe him or someone a gold brick

Fist: Den imma git uh homrun!!111oneoneone!!

Shawn: Can I smack this guy?

Fist: No. Cuz I haz teh powah uv twetouzind!

Darkstorm: English man

Fist: Dis iz inglish!

Darkstorm: I am sorry but that is gibberish

Shawn: That's not Gibberish. It's the language of retards!

Fist: U ish rite!

Honey: Would you please shut up? *kicks Fist in the face with her heel*

Fist: Owch! Dat hert!

Honey: Didn't kick him hard enough. *gets ready to do it again, but much harder*


Honey: Backing off.

Darkstorm:(His Angel Wing light on fire)

Shawn: Darkstorm, your wings are on fire.

Honey: Yeah. How come?

Rapid: Holy crap! Fire! *throws a bucket of water at Darkstrom but it hits him in the head* ...That actually felt good hitting you in the head with a bucket.

Darkstorm: (Growls)

Rapid: *laughs*

Darkstorm:(Grabs Rapid and Kicks him in the groin)

Rapid: AHHH!!!!! *rolling on the ground holding know what* OW! OW! OOOOWWWWW!!!! IT HURTS!!!

Fist: HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!! *gives Darkstorm a High-Five*

Handy: ...

Darkstorm:Never mess with me again Rapid

Rapid: *gets up* Oh! So I can't do THIS! *punches Darkstorm in the face*

Darkstorm:(Grabs the Fist and Crushes Rapids hand)

Rapid: *growls* Take this! *kicks Darkstorm in the side*

Fist: Hey! Leave my teammate alone! *punches Rapid in the face*

Honey: Would you all stop fighting?! This is how the Chaos Spears lost!

Maxie: Yeah! If we both get disqualified, Eggman gets everything!

Fist: *laughs and trips Rapid* See you losers on the field. Let's go team. *heads to the dugout*

Rapid: *gets up* That little, no good, moronic, MOTHERF-

Handy: Rapid, SHUT THE HECK UP!!!! I'M TIRED OF ALL THE STINKIN' FIGHTING!!! If you fight one more time, I'll have to beat you up myself! Now go get your act together! We're playing baseball! Not fighting!

Desiree: Indeed!

Ump: Don't let something like that happen again. Ready yourselves, cuz it's time to PLAY BALL!

Darkstorm:(Meditating in stone)

Ump: Uh... Darkstorm? Time to play ball. Get going.

Rapid: Who's up to bat first?

Darkstorm:(Eyes open) I thought I said Honey Cat goes first

Honey: It's Honey THE at! You're supposed to know your teammate's name. Rapid, go and pitch!

Rapid: *looks at Honey* Don't tell me what to do!

Fist: Shut up Rapid! *throws a pencil at Rapid*

Rapid: *catches the pencil and crushes it in his hand* You're goin' down! *at the mound* You ready little kitty?

Honey: Just pitch the ball, grimlin. *gets ready*

Rapid: Don't blink kitty! *throws a curveball*

Honey: Stop calling me that!*misses*


Honey: I just wasn't ready, is all.

Rapid: You sure kitty? *throws another curveball*

Honey: Boy, you wanna deal with me? *hits deep into center field*

Fifi: Aww! Work! *reaches up*

(The ball looks like it's about to be a home run)

Fifi: Look at that.

Honey: Wow! A homerun! Take that, hedgy! *skips the through the bases*

Rapid: Holy crud! Kitty has skills!

Honey: Would you please stop calling me that? Vitani, you're up.

Rapid: Okay. Sorry for calling you kitty.

Honey: Good!

Rapid: *sweatdrop* Alright Vitani, get ready!

Vitani: (growls and Grabs A bat)

Rapid: What're you growlin' at? *throws a fastball*

Game 1&2 Losers, Game 3 Audience

Phoebe: This looks like it'll be a good game. Right, guys?

Jack: Yeah, sorry about that

Bada: It's ok

Bing: Everyone made mistakes over here

Rutt: Even us eh?

Tuke: Yeah, even us

Razz: Even? Even?! You guys made the most mistakes in the game!

Phoebe: Oh, shut up, Razz. You're being such a jerk.

Razz: *folds arms and acts grumpy*

Jack: What's up with Razz, Phoebe?

Phoebe: He's still really mad at you guys. Don't feel bad; he just has a really bad temper. He'll calm down in about an hour.

Jack: Ok, or maybe 2

Match Ups (Don't edit)

Team Gorilla vs. Team Darkness

The Sluggers vs. Chaos Spears

The Sluggers vs. Team Darkness

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